Senate Passes Bank Deregulation Bill, US, France and Germany Join Britain Blaming Russia

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, March 15th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real nice exaggeration. There are too many young some street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. There's your morning walk from the broadcast give me back which you hope all is well in your world. Always intrigued. When I watch the headlines and who is leaving with what story and the cable networks. Always entertaining. Seen in having a blast from the stormy Daniels case again apparently another trump attorney is involved in that situation. At some point you know we had a caller last week mince I think you're afraid to take this son. One reason is I'm under the poor right don't care. One of the reasons is I'm convinced. A lot of people don't care. But wife Suzanne. I do want to talk about something I care very much about. And that is freedom. That's really the theme of this program it's about freedom. But economic freedom. Also. Political freedom. Spiritual freedom. That team I want to endure everything. That we chart run and do here. Lot of my frustrations for the past few years has been watching Republicans. Which beat me too party. Iran's things that they rail against the Democrats for they do inch. Carry out themselves or at least they don't do anything to disassembled. This huge bureaucratic system and the Democrat party is set up. I have to give him praise for one thing they've done at least they've done something with that. And making reference to Dodd-Frank. Bipartisan legislation passed yesterday to ease bank rules. That were allegedly connected to prevent a relapse of the 2008 financial crisis the cost millions of Americans lose their jobs and homes. 67 to 31. That's pretty sound 67 at 31 of this bill. From Republican senator Mike Cray pro of Idaho that would dial back portions of the law known as Dodd-Frank. It would increase the threshold at which banks are considered so big and plugged into the financial grid that a former to fail it would cause major Havoc. Those banks are subject to stricter capital and planning requirements lawmakers are intent on loosening these restraints. In hopes it will boost lending and the economy. President trump is indicated he will sign the bill once he gets through congress. Dismantling Dodd-Frank one of his campaign pledges. Here's one quote sign this bill provides much needed relief from the Dodd-Frank act for thousands of community banks and credit unions. And we'll spur lending and economic growth without creating a risk to the financial system. There's a statement from the White House. These support from Republicans unanimous which you would certainly hope so under the circumstance. Democrats splintered into two camps a pitch you can guess. Who is in the radical left he camp. One included several senators from rural states. Who worked out a compromise with Craig pro. Once again this show issued the two Americans does it not you've got the rural America where people were focused on reality. And you've got the axis Americans. You know Washington New York California. The folks who really care about big government management. You know who's in that group. Led by none other than. Miss out folks a harness. Herself. Norm referring to their Elizabeth Warren character she. Was one of the leading people try to stop this. They basically said this bill catered to the banks can I just encourage you to consider something here. One of the big problems here to inspect the issue of regulations and this all traces back to 1913 folks. If we did not have the Federal Reserve act. We wouldn't have many of these problems in the first place right we have to bailouts. The banking system. No one of the major reasons is making system owns us is it's really kind of ironic isn't it. So we're bailing out banks that own us. In what universe does that make sense. I don't get it. Nonetheless. Brief story wanna tell you before remove run. During my 2014 campaign and I need to if I wish I need to look and see if I have this in my notes to have loved to talk to these people announce the other doing. One of the things I enjoyed least. About. Running for office anybody here wanna guess what an eye injury leased about running for run for office. Any candidate. The speeches no no that's not bad at all the money spent. Not the spending you know fund raising goal. That was one of the most annoying parts of it but it's essential. So in the midst of my friend race racing calls. I called a particular company. He was a company is involved in. Mortgages. Do you know what this company's failure rate. Was for their loans you gonna take you guess. 30% and zero who'll do you know what happened to them after Dodd-Frank. They went out of business. The regulations were so onerous. And in this happens. This is one of the big problems when your big bank your one of these big banks you can hire all of the lawyers she once. To spend time working through this maze of regulations. So what does it really hurt the big banks. And they'll just pass those costs right on TU anyway. What it hurts other small businesses if I remember correctly this particular company had been in business for over a hundred years. Went out of business. We think about that you survived the depression you survive the great differ the Great. Recession. All kinds of problems worse. What does UN the government's. Which is why I'm pleased to mention the story in the beginning of our broadcast because this is a good start. And ultimately. We need to get to a place where we get out of the banking business altogether it's none. Of our business let these banks stand or fall on their own merits. Period. But one of the problems here. You've got too many people who are looking to these banks for their security. And it's kind of ironic they wanted demonize the banks. But they also won a fine security from the banks which one is it's. The truth of the matter is these banks need to operate just like any other business in our society. And they should stand or fall. On their merits. What's happening right now and you've probably heard the story about Toys 'R' Us. Heading toward liquidation. How're we gonna go in saved Toys 'R' Us. Of course not. So my question is we're not gonna go sort saved Toys 'R' Us why are we concerned about saving banks. This makes no sense whatsoever love to get your thoughts. On this bans these steps. Are baby steps. Towards at least moving away from the kinds of regulations. That ultimately hurt you NI. And damage our freedoms and coming up much more on our broadcast. Including a new economic advisor for the president's. Another person in the entertainment and media industry. That much more as we continued fifteen minutes after ten. This is this Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock on this program. Your program. Kind of intriguing to see. The developments in this story that I wanna delve into we haven't talked about this in depth yet. But I certainly wanna delve into this because. Its its really year. Kind of concerning. What is happening with Russia. I was listening to a segment on this late at night. And see this person. An analyst was just talking about how the Russians one of the things that they are very keen on its sensing weakness in exploiting it. And this particular commentator was. Basically suggesting. They saw this weakness in great Britain and figured. We can pretty much get get away with whatever we want. What I'm referring to is this poisoning incidents. The happening in the United Kingdom. Now and I'm very gratified to see this I was a little concern for awhile. That the brits might be left alone in this now the leaders of the United States Germany and France they've joined together. With United Kingdom and accusing Russia of being behind that nerve agent attack on an ex Russian spy. They've issued a joint statement today president trump French president Emanuel McCraw and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British prime minister threesome day. They said they have poured the attack. Against Sergey script well and is 33 year old daughter yulia. Seven on March 4. A police officer who came to the Jersey was also sickened. News of a military grade nerve agents of its type developed by Russian constitution the first offensive use. I mean nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War that really puts this in perspective. And in I wanna ask you this question is this not an act of war. To do this to. Someone on foreign soil. This is a pretty bold thing to do. I mean think of this put this in the context of the United States of America. Imagine. There's a person who is a former spot. And the Russians decide you know we're gonna kill that person right on the streets of New York City. That's pretty bold. Very bold to do something like that. That's exactly what has happened. In the United Kingdom. For its parts. The statement goes on sale and it's an assault on UK so already any such use spice state parties a clear violation of the chemical weapons convention. And a breach of international law threatens the security of assault no kidding. The courts Edgar's on say there's no plausible alternative explanation to Russian responsibility for the attack on British soil. And the Kremlin's ferry to respond to legitimate request for an explanation. Further underlines its responsibility. What I say about this the other day they're really only two choices. One choices. Or my goodness. Mr. agents. Got out of our hands. It's somehow missed the chain of responsibility. Anne's somebody is used it for nefarious purpose either that happens. Or the Russian government has deliberately poisoned someone. Flagrantly. Without any sense of apology or anything like that those are really the only options if you can think of others please share this with me. And again I would contend here. That one of the tragedies of this entire situation. Is this is really an act of war and I'm not sure that Teresa may is up to the challenge. Over whatever it is that she's going to need to do. To push back on this thing now I'm not a warmonger here I'm not beating the drums for war. But I am suggesting. That unless there are some. Really strong response here. The Russians. Are going to. Chalk this up. As another opportunity to be little one of our allies. And they will conclude they've succeeded here. The statement goes on to say we call on Russia to live up to its responsibilities is a member of the UN security Security Council. To uphold international peace and security. Does this not further affirm the foolishness of the United Nations in the Security Council. Its really nonsense. And the bridge sorority expelled 23. Russian diplomats and suspended high level contacts with Moscow over this incident. And it's likely Russia's going to retaliate in some way. Now the Kremlin spokesperson did not elaborate. On how that retaliation will take place. But the decision is going to come from Vladimir Putin himself. And the quote is there's no doubt he will choose the option that best reflects Russian interest. We're worried about situation will work patiently to express Russia's position on T international stage. Here's what happened British Tories are saying. That's triple oldest daughter there were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent. Called nova chock it was developed by the former Soviet Union back during the end of the Cold War. Believed to be ten times more potent and other nerve agents. Such is DX and Sarah and it's highly undetectable. Which is why I was kind of making reference this the other day but there are saying. They want evidence. There may not be any evidence. On Tuesday in fact the Russian officials were treating the incident with sarcasm contempt and defiance there basically flipping the bird. At the brits. And there are they're mocking them saying what do what do what do you do about this ethic. They're gonna do a darn thing. Teresa may said Russia has shown complete disdain of the gravity of these events. Adding the Kremlin's alleged actions represented an unlawful use of force against the United Kingdom. Overall rushers denying any involvement in this poisoning. By the way. Trip oldest daughter there remain hospitalized there in critical condition. A police officer also exposed. Was hospitalized. Tony just remind you here. The Russians remain a threat. Don't be fooled by the fact that the Soviet Union has disintegrated you had its big. Deal. The truth of the matter is. Even though the unit the Soviet Union is gone. Every part of the apparatus the system and more importantly the people the power structure. That really. Animated best hope what was correctly referred to by Ronald Reagan as the evil empire. It's still there. It just takes different forms. On the text like don't forget now mister Vince it was the US that made the decision. Who made the nerve gas just saying like the Democrats have something to do with this and Hillary Clinton's money. Just to start a war. And and this is scary to you. You really believe this mainstream media you actually fall for us to get into another war your ignorance and go ability is appalling. Nobody said anything about going to war you moron. This is what I get frustrated by with the east peace knicks because we've got people out there. Who want to dismiss facts. Because they're so determined to avoid war seat and I. Remember I told you one of my pet peeves with one of my pet peeves. It's false narratives. Where people say a great you've got to choose this side that side no I don't have to choose either. I don't. We don't have to make a choice here. To beat the war drums. Nor should we sit back and say a home. Whenever the Russians wanted to do I'm sure there's a perfectly innocent. Explanation for this. Now. You have to accept either one of throws. And this and this is where it requires great wisdom. Wisdom. To our president's going to need. Wisdom that threesome may score need and the other European leaders that wade into this so far. How do you addressed this and I'd love to get your thoughts. Because I don't think there's necessarily an easy answer here but I'll say this. There needs to be response of some sort and otherwise the Russians will. Figure out. They can get away with this well what else can we do with impunity. With the idea. That the west. They're so weak. There's so lame. There's nothing they're going to do to respond to this. That's not the message we want to send those were the messages sent during the Obama administration. I'm not interest hitting going back are you. 29 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program soon. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the reds took the radio programs got a call from Javed good morning sir. Bit like the type in the call. Yes I looked just talk you usually show all the time to expose hypocrisy. And the Walt bond and I would rush and bill is so bad news let's just talk a little bit about flip side of that. Well let's talk about the basically just you a couple of administration must go back to the quote unquote the taken out Saddam Hussein and Iraq. By the bush junior administration. Supposedly based on weapons of mass destruction that were never there. But he was taken out publicly we used our military and our country who do have a complete entire. Removal of a head of state. Of the cult quote unquote we've been liking then we did the same thing to the Obama administration. With Hillary Clinton and Obama. With Moammar Qaddafi. And we took a beautiful country Libya again not particularly good guy but I've been around since well before Reagan. And now it's a hell hole. Oh we made another emerging changed and we gave the go back in 1950 story. Before that during the administration lets just say remains well we've basically put the shelf on hand and place. Likely because again this could be a puppet prior interest. In a country so we can just take out an individual we took out a whole country and then we wonder. Why people take you let old Sega of America but those were great they love Americans. How what they pay their government took all the policies like I've just described in the yeah are Smart enough to figure out. I whoever the puppet is we've installed but lately is not reverend Lou mail. I'm there with you David I mean you're gonna get the argument in one of the things you're gonna hear from me is consistency I think you know that by now David. And it doesn't matter just because we're the United States or America that somehow. You know we are justified in doing some of these how I wanna ask you though how do you think. This is not really our director problem this is a problem for the United Kingdom how do you think they should respond. I think they're gonna respond disliked they almost bomb all the time. What they'll never know what happens is they're gonna you verio my six people dislike we use our CIA. Somebody's gonna get knocked off inside Russia. Still be a quid pro quote saying. And no business he'll be business as usual. Do you think the so whatever happens will happen quietly you don't think it'll be a public sort of situation. No I think what we're seeing right now as a public situations of course that's going to be through. The the totally put that you win majority shot which is a bit aloe along time ago they have all this stuff but it puff and blow the house down. Oh good we're gonna put sanctions and so forth and so on. Blood where Putin is his lap and bad you know and I'm not lab and the taxpayer go that note since 1945. How many. Literally trillions of dollars. The American taxpayer our parents and grandparents have put. Into the UN and we've supported debt Communist organization we've been in America and again. If Americans knew the truth they drove a whole outfit in the East River. David you're eager to sell you need to come on tell us what you really think about this. They always get your free David appreciate your call. And AM I'm completely with David you know Isp as disgusted as I am by what has happened here. Police for folks in the United Kingdom. I also have to I have to agree with Dave it. You know where where's our moral authority here and some of the things we've done in the past and heck we're also told you a couple of years ago member operation Friday oh. Some of the things we've been involved in through our CIA. You're setting up I mean stories I remember from childhood about. The bombings that took place in Italy. Our own CIA was connected to that. Just absolutely blows my mind. And I'm sure it's frustrating to many of you Gerald out of cal brings good morning sir. I've been more certain matters how hard the following day but he is stole spoke to anyway our decade grip. We are great grandchildren are more yesterday. But stay at home watching threat to western and had a grip so sure oh yeah final bit walk wherever they're sure elect who we inch. He. He. I paid they subscribe for your call and I think part of what he's saying is some these folks are probably be better off not going into the classroom. Based on some the man since this happened by the wage you hear this story about what happened at a high school in Minnesota. There I'm sure there's some mystery about. The complete details of what's happened here is reported by the daily water. Stinnett high school or Minnesota joined his classmates who were to spitting in the national school walked out. Only problem is he was singled out removed vice principal. He held a different side note it said. Guns don't kill people people kill people. Oops. Run march. There's video of this it was posted to FaceBook by and Kenny McDonald a student at new Prague high school a new Prague Minnesota. We don't know what happened before. Before this video we shots or after the principal singled up student. Now in the post here's the account of what took place. Kids in our school. Walked out in honor of seventeen students killed in Florida. Students held signs that said arm our teachers. They had two sides student walked out without saying a word of peacefully put of this sign which said guns don't kill people people kill people. He was escorted off the property buyer principal and threatened to be put into a police car. Now again this is one of the people who put this video up this violates the First Amendment it makes me sick they can do whatever they want. Please make this go viral. Then a few hours of video and already been viewed over. 300000. Times shared over 171000. Thousands of comments from people who expressed anger or disgust of the sort suppression of free speech. And what amounts to political indoctrination public schools and boy is this a huge surprise indoctrination. Of public schools. She came. Called the media. By the way we have this developing story Treasury Department is slapping some new sanctions on Russia for election meddling and cyber attacks. Again. Treasury Department. Putting some new sanctions in place. Taking action against the Russians. Back to the school story. You know I I just finding kind of entertaining your I'd be glad to be don't. Entertained more information about this story. Is I'm kind of curious as to what really went on here is suggest as simple as the video seems to show this guy standing in line. With protesters. Annie's. Basically. Communicating a message contrary. To the spirit of this entire. Observe inch yesterday. Is that the reason he was in trouble by the way. I need to tell you about another story but I guarantee you is going to be used a great deal by the gun ban people. And this involves. Our ongoing discussion about. Eventual arming teachers unfortunately. Let's just say there was a little incidents that happened in a classroom. Ends Rory is the media having a field there was this one because the last thing they want to do. He is to see anybody harmed in the schools. I mean you could solve a good part of this problem in terms of security and safety issue. Very quickly. By declaring that schools are no longer gun free zones no we're not gonna do that. We're gonna use stories go to Syracuse next. To try to scare people away from the idea of law abiding people with guns in school. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 events took the radio program over the text line. This I can't speak to every case of large bank bailouts for what differentiates a bank bailout and toys or espionage is this the large bank failure. You have contagion ripples and other institutions creating a dangerous situation. It is Paramount. The public's faith in the banking system be protected in underpins our capital society agree with you. Yet the same time going back can somebody explain to me rather than the federal government getting involved why we didn't just allow. Some of these. Bank buyouts to take place Wachovia was going on Dirk. Why not let one or the other banks just take him over without the federal government getting involved. Teaming with the airlines. What we've done this we've inner fear. I don't think that's always been necessary. But it's exterior while I enjoy Art Bell I mean David's calls. What does this person implying. I do is disagree with him this time. You will not be handled overtly meaning the situation between the Russians and Great Britain. This is going to be overtly. Addressed for a big headlines. Bordeaux I wonder what that headline will be. Which has the saying goes. Tit for tat induces. What starts Rio wars. I don't think it's gonna get to that point. My opinion Vince the funny aside I've read no more guns protector or schools with armed officers. No the first would like to know what would Winston Churchill do about Russia for your question. William and travelers rest it for discussing arming teachers can we discuss drug testing them first that would probably be a good idea. And this person trying to giving way the story and can share next the accidental discharge incident in California was no accident. And someone smells conspiracy here. Prince is cinemanow how many didn't go to school yesterday and how many came into lakes. Those are the ones. Protected. For the Second Amendment. Then. And so said this many people who spear getting weighed two giving way too much attention to the shooter. All this does is give some other young person and idea to make a name for themselves. We do need to make our schools safer like pitino had signed guns don't you people people do. That is from Martha. That a text your replying to David's called no WMD's. Linear precursors. 55 gallon drums of pesticides nerve agents found. Nobody looking to stretch then keeping peace. When and where. Did Qaddafi suddenly get he is saying first sought. To. Already. We shall see well let's talk about this incident that occurred. Because it's kind of bizarre. And the timing of this you know like if she were someone couldn't try to making connection here. Thousands of students across the country walking out the classroom yesterday to protest gun violence in school. And to demand congress pass sensible quote sensible gun laws. One California teacher attempting to demonstrate the importance of gun safety. Injured a student. And his weapon accidentally went off groups. Here's what happened. According to UK SPW. Dot com Dennis Alexander reporting his gun at the ceiling at about 11 AM during its administration of justice class. When it fired. Pieces fell to the ground a press release from the seaside police department claims no once suffered serious injuries. 117 year old boy had fragments from the ceiling lodged in his neck. And the bullet ricocheted. Groups. Not good. Students rather told the outlet is some VOK but he's rattled. Furman Gonzales tower which more perturbed no school officials contacted the parents about the incident. Gonzales learned of his son's injury when he returned home from school and sides bloody shirts. That's when he rushed to send the hospital for X rays. By the way this teacher. Put on administrative leave from the high school. As well lies the city police department where he was a reserve police officer for eleven years. Come accidents happen folks. Tim good morning welcome to the broadcast. This. Data is here with the UK. Yes sir. My opinion and I look at this thing in the big picture. This seems very few record schoolyard bully Dave walkway after the biggest. Get news courier who work orders but he. Do you have before. And I guarantee they're going after you gate and they know record throng you do. Food can Enders know it's always good and do. I think it in our case. Your attorneys seek it we will rocker arms are separate separate the UK in you know coalition and less so my friends. I think this week turns. She think this may be more about testing the United States then even United Kingdom. Did this whole movie poking us we're not call ya. I got a tight artists that your story ID a cute nice school he really couldn't beat me hit my younger brother. Yeah but is right. That's pretty clever I'd like that analogy that's that's really good Tim I do appreciate your call and that is kind of interesting you know he's basically saying here all right. We're not gonna pick on you directly. We're gonna do something provocative. Towards your friends. Are right you man enough. To dreaming about this. So to be interesting to see what happens here. On the tax line. Disbursement like to know when the students march out of school against abortions on demand let. Yeah hold your breath and wait for that. We should never walk out to mourn in protest the distraction of the ceiling panel on the whole all the horror. Up up up up up up the argument the accidental shooting. He did miss. Also this. On money big banks are owned by the Federal Reserve Bank which is neither bank. Has nothing reserve. That is not owned by the federal government Greg you are very correct I was gonna go that next step here and talk about to pay in 1913. You can't give away from this folks. If we want real freedom. We've got our own our own currency. And for not even talking about that well we're wasting a good bit of time talking about nothing are we. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing and new era of political leadership. Okay I'm good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character you've. Oakley radio program. However two of the broadcast 6 minutes after 11 o'clock and we've got snubbed. Maybe there's instability going on right now within the Donald Trump administration. Hawks now reporting. There are three others that could be the next ago. By the way this is from Fox News does you're. He admitted he and say these are indeed these. Evil it's that. Kelly yesterday add. I couldn't resist. I wanna start here. In this story that started developing yesterday. The former FBI director Andrew McCain. He was set to officially retire march 18. But according to a source familiar with the matter he could be fired. And here's the twist. You know what happens if he gets fired before then. He loses his pension. This is after two decades. Serving in the bureau. What's all this about. While he stepped down at the end of January spin on leave. CNN has learned FBI's office of professional responsibility has recommended the McCabe be fired. Now the decisions up to the attorney general Jeff Sessions. This is all about findings in an internal investigation. The Justice Department watchdog report that claims he misled investigators about his decision to authorize FBI officials to speak. To the media. About an investigation. Into the Clinton foundation. They represented from McCabe has declined to comment. Now this report has been complete for over a week. This nabbed the release publicly. The office currently examining how investigators. The investigations were handled the department of the FBI in advance of the Tony sixteen presidential election including. They Hillary Clinton email server pro. The statement reads like this the department follows are prescribed process by which employee may be terminated that process includes recommendations from career employees. Ands no termination decision is final. Until the conclusion that process we have no personnel announcements at this time that was a statement from the spokesman. The inspector general's report has taken on increased attention. As the president and his allies. Have basically railed against FBI officials like McCabe of the agency's handling of certain investigations. And claims of political bias. So again this. Recommendation is out there. For this guy to be fired can you imagine. Working over twenty years you just think in while I'm gonna propped my feet up in danger retirement. This guy is not going to sleep very well. Leading up to the eighteenth. I assumed he makes it to the eighteenth he's fine. But if he gets fired. You lose everything. What is Jeff Sessions do. We'll talk more about these other personnel issues coming up scratch remarked in wreck killed. Hi good morning event. Good talent. Do pray do. OK if they think that that's right you pray Minnesota Prague Czech Czech Republic. Is located. Within an hour south southwest of the twenty cities. I want to just talk about major trying to kind of wearing them. What ensued when that schools voluntarily. I'm all for free speech. That's any kind of political speech to influence their government. Now I think this principle pushed the edge of the envelope of big concept called in local protests. All the little too far. And ought not to have a contract his or her contract renewed. Okay this call threatening a minor. Do you really think that that. Should be a charge year. You have days warrior dropped a petition it is their retainer and you go to the school board about you know if you don't. I think there is cellphone video up and it still is indicated that. If spears video me if identified by student then this principled thing to that he had the principle should be arrest. Already well that's pretty strong will see what happens to this I appreciate your call their market. And it will be interesting to hear more of the story here just so far at least from what I've been to deceive the school. Has not issued any comment about this. Not at all. Oh my goodness. An icing when I think they see here. On the sex line. Yes fire McCabe. Sent a loud and clear message to the DC swamp. Also. Someone making reference to. The incident involving Russia Russia would be monuments really stupid to use their own traceable agent. Most likely in false flag. By Britain or American black ops. Point that would be interest and quite intriguing Russia announcer supersonic nuke missile they can be shut down Lincoln reached anywhere in the world. Then takes outs ex Russian double agents you think there's connection there apparently. Ha. Kind of intriguing. Let's talk abouts. More possible shake ups in the truck administration you know it's kind of funny the other day I don't know from stroke himself or spokesperson. Was basically pushing back on this idea there's turmoil in the administration. Really. Now especially in light of what you're about ready to hear the Emmy this. It is really kind of laughable if we're not so serious. Fox News or reporting McMaster showed Kim and Kelly could be the next ago. That's huge. More possible cabinet changes this week now that Rex Tillerson is Scott. These potential changes include the departure of national security visor HR McMaster. And boy are the people who were gonna get worked up about the what do they call these neo cons. Boy they're not gonna like this possible replacement for McMaster. John Bolton. Former US ambassador. Can he can you eat and eat it it it. I'm I'm just they knew I leave them alone for now. Other departures from the administration would include Department of Veterans Affairs secretary David Chilton. And chief of staff John Kelly. No search discussion trouble make the ultimate decision about all staff changes however the departure of McMaster has been described by multiple sources. As imminent. Didn't. Here's what I think will be really intriguing. Pray wish we could talk to him he's back or return my calls I knew we won't. Kelly you take a wild guess as to who could replace Kelly as chief of staff. This is a big when in fact you don't I'm gonna do video. I'm gonna hold you do the break. I won't tell you after the break. The name that is being floated as a possible replacement I think we mentioned this before. For chief of staff Kelly. By the way for Shelton. One of the rumors is energy secretary repairing could be his replacement. So we can have some musical chairs here people just changing positions. Within the administration. So anyway coming up we'll tell you who this person is it's a name that's not quite familiar. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Margaret. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley reading your program on this Thursday over other tech slide. Amidst your ignorance of federal or state pension funds perceived you're thinking. Quick dangling pensions. As if it's some trophy you think you'll catch. It's not possibly a suspension since he has paid into its contractual. I don't know what this techsters trying to say. And ensure a few free to clarify this. Joy out of Grier you're right on the money as to who could become the next. Chief of staff. Or be very interesting to watch. I think this person would do a great job too. A really would be. Intrigued to see this happen. Who might talking about another that they and the a former member of congress. From upstate South Carolina. Rivers inning. Formerly representing part of the Charlotte metro area. I'm referring to make more grainy. Who now heads up the Office of Management and Budget he also is in charge of that consumer protection bureau. This guy's already got enough jobs. Nice talking about taking out another what I assume he'll be ditching these two if this happens. But honestly I think it'll be a great choice make is pretty solid guy. IE. I gotta be honest with you part of me is also thinking for a little concern for me if he takes this. This is. Something no walking into for sure. I mean and in one sense. He's really kind of. Let's just say he's somewhat protected in the position that he's in now. Because it's not really a place where there's a lot of turmoil. I mean it may sound kind of strange based on some of the money issues we're dealing with. But he's in he's really not it's the focus of a lot of attention. Becoming chief of staff that's gonna get very serious very fast. What would you what would appear objective here if you take a position like that knowing which you know. What you watch for the last year and and I'm just be honest I want you guys to think. Like human beings. Think like potential employees. And I want you to ask yourself. How what I feel about taking your position in this administration based on what I know. Based on what I've seen of previous people who've been very loyal to this president. And found themselves bounced out. And finding outs in some cases at least one case. That they're drawn by Twitter. I don't know. I need. I would have to think very long and hard about us an opportunity like this and I would put the word opportunity quotes. And and I'm I'm saying. It really does he matter with the position years. I really think about this the disruption. Do you really want to have. Sink into this thing. Just knowing that it's it can actually ends very poorly. The relationship. Could reach a point where it's never the same again. If you think you've got a pretty good when right now. Love to get your thoughts Ingles advantage talk like number 809 to 1110 common since retirement planning takes line. It is 71307. You know appeared 23 minutes after 11 o'clock that was probably a good time. Well to tell you about this story first before we take a look at the day in history. Thank those really upstate I wanna encourage you to take part in something that's going on in Greenville. A church they're on a mission to provide 300000 meals to hungry children around the world first Presbyterian Church or Greenville holding an event called greens of grace. For. It's a two day event church members and community volunteers are packing meals for starving children around the world. They've partnered with feed my starving children for the past three years to shouldn't be a last place like the Dominican Republic and Africa. Each man attacked feeds six people Tricia looking for thirteen hundred volunteers to reach its goal tracking three. 100000. Meals that's a lot. So they're doing packing events to our sessions. And they will take place tomorrow and Saturday in first presbyterian Jim. Adds 200 west Washington street in green for so those CU in the upstate listening this broadcast now. One is strongly encourage you if you were able to put some time in there. And I think the folks there were certainly appreciate it ends those on the receiving end. Will appreciate this even more it's got to kneel in pine Phil good morning. Good morning. Yes sir what are your thoughts. Well interesting discussion I think. My impression is slightly different than yours. That. Rex Tillerson has been loyal to the president then that he was loyal and that he. Shuttled around the world and was. Being the secretary of state. But. He had he had his own agenda he when he was with Exxon he had his own agenda he was hot dog and inferred god that he was. Not the top dog in the administration and that he did not like. The marching orders that. Trump gave him and I'm not a huge trumpet but maybe didn't like the marching orders he should have resigned himself and when you call your boss. Blanketing blank moron. He should not expect. The respect on the way out the door either I don't think I mean I think that I think we've been poisoned them no well in the relationship bigger. Wouldn't think he here's my question if if if that's a good part of the reason behind this why don't you do it publicly. Just come out and say you know once you go to this the guy's face and say listen Rex. What the heck what are what is this year saying about me. And bounce the guy out when this happened months ago. Right now. I wish I would say that all things have their timing and that he was. But they're they're probably is a reason for that but trump is the top dog and his organization. And I think he probably would. I would say this may be a bigger person might have been anything just. No you don't even matter to me. I'm not thinking but my chief of staff will turn you on Friday before you leave for a trip overseas that you're probably not employed anymore now. And you attacked her twenty lets you know that your up. She says he no longer matter to me I think that's that and that's petty but yeah petty. In this in the is very much. Unfortunately a very typical but I think you you raised a great point here bedside yet that's a great way to send a message to. It certainly has since the message message received a Georgia thinks there's no doubt about that. Also other text line. We're gonna skip this one completely you know sometimes. This texture is just me or is John Bolton look like why at her a straight out of Western Europe. A pop up you know one thing is back when John Bolton believe there should not back in 2016. He was debating whether to run for president. And one of the things people were suggesting to him listen if you're gonna run for president. Once she shaved that awful look of it looking thing off for your lips. That mustache is absolutely. Horrendous. And idiots it is horrible. Ends he was adamant bureau this. This is. Something he said for a long time and he was to term and he was not going to change that at all so. There you ago. I decided to wait to deal with a deep history we're gonna do you affect coming up also a couple of huge issues for United Airlines. Folks. You wanna talk about some major screw ups. Yeah we're gonna get to them coming up. Heads they both involve animals. Yeah so you wanna listen especially if you travel with animals. Yeah I need. Some things are just beyond explanation. When you hear what some people have suggested although with one of these stories it's possible. You know maybe there's just a misunderstanding you're gonna find out more about this story and the background behind its. Intel why a lot of people are raising some serious questions about. How united handles animal passengers that much more as we continue to 29 minutes have. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136 on the Vince Coakley radio program. And I've had a reason for wanting to. Saved this day in history. For this segment because there's some things we want to delve into. Beyond the date in history. And east let's do soon now and as we travel down to upstate studio. In new Greeneville. We talked with Alonso good morning man how area could mourning convince the Internet until well. But I'm glad to hear its fury your questions there are four of them. We begin back in the year 44. And no I wasn't alive at that time when I'm 4444. Who can. This person was stabbed by a group of conspirators including Marcus. Junius Brutus. And two from one Bruce who you are correct. 1917. That. Because czar Nicholas forced to abdicate his thrown what country was this. Czar Nicholas. When should you or. 1937. Chicago's Cook County hospitals started this. I something we still continue to do it saves a lot of lives. They set up a drink with what's. One blank yes first brought in 1937. Countries that when I couldn't. Glad to help out and mid 1965. This president asked congress for a law guaranteeing every American's right to vote. What's president was it 1965. Community. Only our whole moon. And. Who came after Kennedy. There would be president Johnson. Hussein. Sorry past my kid's sick. So are the life factor between here and man did unions and sorry about sort of go with and what are you dog liver by the way. I do love Miley she's probably at home listening right now Oak Ridge pillow and be Sid Miley yes smiling hey there. Corpse you do well dog he'll listen ME doesn't mean. That that we must Labrador Retriever. Yeah they yeah. Here's in just a couple stories wanna tell you about we start with this one. A dog brown for Kansas. You're ended up runs though. You were shipped to Japan. By United Airlines knows or right next to each. Except it. May wrongly shipped the chances bound pet dog to Japan the second embarrassment this week for the airline a nightmare. For this family. They're moving from organ of Wichita would their beloved pet ten year old German shepherd named ergo this started Tuesday. Wind terrace when the wind to retrieve ergo NA United Airlines cargo facility in Kansas City her girl was nowhere to be seen in his place. She found a Great Dane. Guess where that dog was supposed to be. Japan. Dogs had been in Denver. Where they were supposed to catch connecting flights. So there's this panic he didn't know where the dog was well bottom line. The dog had been shipped to Japan. What's really cool but this is you be able to see in theaters a year from now thanks to Disney all. Just agree I Giffords. A man. But I mean there is a happy story this is a fact that. This story in swell unfortunately. There's another story. Involving United Airlines and a dog that did not in so well here is he counts as reported by ABC news. In the daughter moms say that they told the flight attendant twice that they had a dog inside the bag before they were told to put it in the overhead compartment. They say that they could hear the dog barking but because of heavy turbulence knowing checked on the dog until the end of the flight. This is done. A family loved their puppy cookie dough like ten month old French Bulldog Catalina and her two young children took Cokie donor family trip to Houston to visit her husband who's working there. There's a member of traveling. During my brother colonel Dietrich ended Monday in nightmare to dog died in his soft kill that. After the family and other passengers on the plane so the flight attendant demanded the puppies carry on case be removed from under the seat in front of him. Into the overhead bin. There have been approved under the C. And then the flight attendants came she said. Ali you have to put him up and because it's gonna about the past and really get to dog it's a dying chizik a dramatic stuff to put in a day. And she'd just cook she hoped to have put it up and she discloses like Hulu baggage. The dog reportedly bark softly during the first part of the flight attendant stopped. When the plane landed at LaGuardia after three hours that this Donna's discovered Cokie Doe's body. And attempted to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation. So it's okay among opener thing and then she. God and gaga who. Sure so. The airline expressed condolences saying in a statement that this never should have occurred pet should never be placed in the overhead bin we assume full responsibility. It's certainly not safe for a dog to be in and then there's not much air and it's Wednesday and Don had no water. Goodness this story's just so sad and as an animal lover. One thing that's ABC also points out the story though. Is the possibility there's a language period thirst may be some miscommunication. Misunderstanding but. Bottom line here it's just you know and the flip side of this and because I had this discussion with someone the other day. If some it flick for you you're not gonna be a plane that runs or refuses to. Why anywhere. If you were in this situation would you Pritchard Darth airlines well. On Noah probably would've got off the flight in in what bothers me said that there's a possibility of a language problem. I think everyone wonders can understand a bar can realize that there's something alive in there. Ash that's just borrow it it's his offense what do you do to the person who made that happen. Do you mean the fire the flight attendants yes goodbye. Well yeah but should there be anything else other than that. Oh you mean in terms of liability. Yes well I mean you you really can't hold that person liable it's actually the company united is gonna get suit. There's no question about that. They won't get sued over this and this combined with that other story. I mean can you imagine the lawyers and are probably lining up right now. To file a lawsuit and on behalf of this woman. In and they've got you know these two stories they can combine together saying this is an airline that does not have. They don't have their act together and dealing with animals. I fully expect quitting your story about a big settlement. And don't think it's. It's not enough when when an animal dies when it's worse when there's a little kid involved and I know what does that just jerked your hearts. She little kids sustained and and then it's and I can assure this upended there's a picture there's a picture of the dog after it died. I mean she. How awful an absolutely awful. Great start to their lie and so we will catch up to begin very soon. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. Some items on the text lines responding to some of the news of the day. That much more the final segment broadcast straight ahead. The 1149 Vince Coakley radio program before we get back to decide the terrible dog story. But the have mishandling the two situations are mishandling dogs and more information about disaffected texture is brought to my attention. Jeanne very much would like to speak to the head trump firings. Get about a minute or so a year Jean take it away. Yeah actually cut Cilic it's not hitting how like you. I'm just very open to decide how you should go to. My to actually do do do that apply to tell you yes you should comply. Nausea and that in your permission you're fired. It's okay electoral political activist. What are the plate side that has impressed me in my spirit about the trumpet that up presidency. Plus the word sick if you do Warwick slash I have worked recession environment. And to research scientist for big pharma. Through a period we were told to do less with more because we had a number of but washing your investigators. Supervisors who took advantage. Of the budget should go on a good number of of Trevor shot to find them to advance by architecture. And also by any I love which equipment that would just checked still in the case things. They wish they had been delivered always try to impress people with with the need to. Increase cell technology commercial technology. So going back to election war. They're already hey haven't it yet can do a lot more. Take over abortion provision why I've. I this much less pay out in terms of but. Salary not a negotiation wonderful you'll like these casual even I have known Charl put him in many many ways maybe you do but I don't. They've been very very well paid an executive service. And I can assure you every year they got top of the line bonuses for doing what I what I would call an Italian who got. Are you sit. We sit at twelve their Jeep they I'm not so much having simply this is not about simply for people to meet. This is a matter of stability in AD counter goes to appoint someone raised on the text lined a couple days ago. When they're bringing up the point okay Trump's gonna hire the best people are right with those the best people. Or are we looking for another round of the best people which is it. I'm just curious. I'm just dog subject. They're both serious and that's a serious. Items here in the text line about this events what's up the United Airlines know Asian people would drag down the aisle so they branched out to being cruel to animals. Wow I will never fly with him again thanks gee that's from Jeff. This Dexter. Bubba said the woman's incompetent she should never leaves you lose your job. But suffer fine or jail time okay. We also have this yet the airline security up also sense like the family. Didn't do a lot to check on the dog. Vince I can understand this woman's language maybe it's the language of the flight attendants or their intelligence or lack thereof to be more precise. Person you're saying woman should be charged with involuntary pets slaughter. Another person saying how stupid can that dog's owners be. And I told you there's a serious not so serious. We have this thank goodness they didn't shoot the dog to create your China. We know what they do with them fair. Oh boy. Will leak. Good morning Willie. That you aren't doing well since then you'll remember right now I'm really not been front and up to become our online I'm meant that in the I couldn't read a guru yeah. I'm not been about it you grab your political announced what all of our group he's been poor people a lot of them yeah all right well the next week. You look at all of that apply American and I'm replied that. All web I was relevant data didn't. I think getting the they are Hispanic descent. Sooner you know I don't know just my opinion I broke earlier Barbara. Obama and you'll call again and I went can't get a chance to Madden talked so without I don't my name out there if you land shelves. All about the dilemma if you let him. All right go work out that best of luck. Obama gives a week seduced by the way. I text or actually brought this to my attention. About its. Apparently in the history of problems united has. This is a story. A story that was put out so today overall US airlines united had the highest rate. Our pet deaths in 2017. And in 2016. And in 2015. That's the headline of story. From pets the skies of United Airlines have not been so friendly. And it talks about the French Bulldog you know figured I was gonna mirror references the effect on the problems of those French cheese. The you know they've got this crunched up face they have difficulty breathing anyway. Conditions. Data from the US Department of Transportation showed three times as many animals died on united flight last year then all of the other US carriers put together. The highest rate of pet deaths of any US airlines for the past three years. In fairness according to this story the airliner recent years has also been the largest transporter of animals mostly dogs and cats. But also more exotic pets birds get ghettos. Our calls according to DOT reports for Tony seventeen sever the animal's head pre existing health issues like heart disease. This report did not specify how many elves were flown in the cargo hold as opposed to the plane's cabin. But when accounting for their larger volume of animal passengers united still leads all other airlines it rates of deaths per 101000. Pets. No official comment from united to. For this particular story but a spokesman. Told CNN on Tuesday the airline is investigating the French bulldogs death. To prevent this from ever happening again. So. There you go by the way they're saying majority of these incidents. Attributed to animals not being acclimated to which create the MO having your pre existing condition or we weren't aware of those conditions so. I would just encourage whatever you do whatever airline you fly be careful if you taking pets you take full responsibility. And don't let somebody over rule you with stupidity and have a great day. This is Vince Coakley radio program.