September 11...Never Forget

John Hancock
Monday, September 11th

John plays the many rememberances of that fateful day. I Read The News and Irma.


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I. This is John. Freedom itself was attacked this morning thanks faceless coward. And freedom will be defended I want to reassure the American people for the full resources of the federal government are working to assist local authorities. To save lives. And help the victims. You go. The end. An early age. Prepare for the worst that you don't believe it'll happen. And this morning from. More than she. Okay. I'm sure. Now. The result of our great nation is being tested and make no mistake we will show the world can pass this test. Try it. Oh man. Phone call. You know one out there. Who can sing a song like you. United States of America is. So this is OK she's flames crept into New York city's World Trade Center. Knock them. We'll towers have collapsed another plane crashed into the Pentagon part of that building has collapsed. I heard her. All flights in the United States and around the world. The White House and treasury building on land now. York city underestimated terrorists along. All bridges and tunnels below. Now crashed into the Pentagon. Hi to the Pentagon. And didn't mural live. How her ring on all the way to beat inner ring World Trade Center in New York City has collapsed again I'm building. Yeah smallest. Rock into the green and everything started pouring down and firefighters every window. Running down the street. Lot of injuries on their lots of injuries plus firefighters are injured how many have smoke inhalation problems that many have serious injuries are a lot advantage. I know you're an explosion there was no sign telling us the previous any kind of warning. It was gonna collapse in the morning for us if people just running in our direction and that's why we started to get. A lot of things that. Ask senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska posted a second. 400 a lot of black smoke a lot of its debris. The Pentagon itself could hate him but I'm. Make no mistake the United States. Hunt down. Those responsible. For these cowardly act. A list of victims of thing makes him. There are other. Other way. We have we saved all that stuff. That various radio stations across country or put together. Sixteen years ago did you almost forget with all the attention on Burma and hurricanes and you look at the date today and say well. 9/11. So there are open a couple of missed three or go on because it's this kind of picture baca got the the London Turbo Thompson put together that have features Al Gardiner on our own morning show at the time. And we always get a lot of request to all played the the bench is still America you know that TJ. So horrible play that went kind of clever. Play on words. So so we'll all remember 9/11 and I talked to Mike Love and about a half an hour from the Beach Boys song of the paperback version of his book is out so he's a being forced by his publisher to. You're another round of the well of interviews. Oh with special ops are on the country and around solo or. Where his 335 schlep. And and we got him for a full ten minutes so we should be able to get there are really in depth is to. Carl's mental health problems and none. And reduces. A brush with Karl Manson and it's not Karl Manson. Charles Manson. Carl Manson ringer who Carl Manson is but I bet you he's against he's offended now that I've confused him but the mass murderer. So. The the remnants of our Amal are are upon us. But not to any degree that we talked that they might be upon us when we were hanging out here on Wednesday and Thursday and even Friday. We still I don't want to diminish the fact that we still could do. See winds to the extent that they could downed trees will CO fairly good amount array and inch to three inches. And we can have some power outages as the evening goes on and it'll get worse as the afternoon continues and into the evening an instance are two of our clear up by tomorrow morning and overnight. Is still could be or some rain. In the area tomorrow. And I don't literally calling for a nicer conditions favorable conditions. I think they're calling for less wind less rain by tomorrow but they're not really calling for. Blue skies and an improving. All conditions it's it's cold up there are there and and why I can't say called I don't get cold. But. It's chilly out there today guess is not learn a Tommy bahama shirt today. Went out a couple of times. To get my newspaper. Particularly three of them two of them arrived one hasn't won't tell Wanda doesn't because. They're generally really really really good about getting me the papers there had been some sort of situation but. Walking down to the mailbox and they're gonna myself man it's it it's chilly. So. Mum. Took did not warrant on him all the once you're in. They're black mock turtle. This is actually in honor of Apple's big announcement tomorrow for all of the euros stuff that they're it's. There's as many people know Steve Jobs. Copied me on is dress attire blue jeans and mark turtles. I was doing before he was. Puncher must be. John must've been an inspiration for them. I flood warnings in the region not part of the forecast but we are gonna see a considerable amount arraignment at least a fairly steady rain right now chance of rain is like 80% maybe even a 100%. Oh wind advisory in effect until 4 o'clock tomorrow morning for our general area winds of 45 miles per hour gusts up to forty. Just in case say took everything that might. Be prone to blowing away and metal chairs on the back deck and so on and so forth and no start criminal start him in the garage. The rockers on the front porch or secured and how we go so we'll see some wind and I gusty winds will blow blow blow unsecured objects around another tree limbs could be blown down and so you can see some power outages as a result and I hope it's not you because there's a double header on Monday Night Football tonight. Panthers are undefeated. Big day for apple tomorrow. Bad time to be afraid of clowns. The movie if I think it. They most popular. Scary movie ever. Opening weekend. I think that's true. I'd may be like third. Behind and that I don't have the numbers right in front of me although I will by the time we do our read the news today oh boy it took 430. But. 117. Point two million dollars it took in over the weekend. And the next movie up was like nine million or something like that so if anybody was going to the theaters today they were going to see yet. And if you see a red balloon hanging out of my storm great. Really there's nothing to worry about. Really nothing at all. It's already perspectives that we saved from. And. 911. 2001 and all play the bench wearing just a couple seconds we're certain age don't we get requests for these fumes Leon I don't wanna with three doors down one. But don't play the bench you. Who was told America we get always circuit request for that blue ridge parkway just told by the way closed at a high winds in western North Carolina chimney rock and mount mashal state parks are also closed until further notice us. The high winds from Burma were felt there early this morning in the in the mountains but 10 o'clock. And that prompted the National Park Service to a close the blue ridge parkway and that's eliminated access to mount Mitchell and chimney rock state parks 'cause those are also closed. So keep that in mind. Tony five to 31 miles per hour. According to be a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration now turned in the Charlotte Observer to get credit where credit is due. I'm 25 to 31 miles per hour winds start too low whistle through the overhead wires 32 to 38 treason motion that risk of falling in saturated soil conditions and where saturating the soil as we speak. Power lines a terrorist from trees and debris and people may start having a trouble walking at 32 to 38 miles per hour. Telus have trouble anyway. Com and 39 Dow up 46 miles per hour that's when you get into the area of car starting to veer and small limbs breaking and fallen tree threat to magnifies in buildings and power lines though that's when you can get sustained no damage there. So while. So just be aware of other whether or not and what's going on out there are you ready for the bench is stole American. Every you don't you feel like US ally but the binge who live Far East and beautiful. The binge he did you list the whole view this way. Don't ask me why for nobody can say. It could be his turban who screwed on to try to discern from the desert had beaten to break. But I think that the most likely reason overall may have been that his heart was two sizes too small. But whatever the reason his heart or his turban and he's two facing huge bill the cartoons urban. They're doing their business he snarl from his perch they're raising their families are going to church do leading the world their empire is driving. I must GPS's and use troops who I. Are we knew all the use of the s's would put on their pants and issues and addresses. They go to their offices playgrounds and schools and applied whether you would ask the values and. And then they do something he'd like least evolved. Every U down did you build the tall and small withstand all united teach you and eat as indeed seeing you do those anthem. God bless us because. All around their twin towers of you building its stand and their voices would drown debrief sound of the land. I must stop that singing big sit with a smirk he had an idea an ideas that might work. The instills some new airplanes and in morning hours or impress him right into the new group. They'll wait to disaster he's advocates of sour and how can you sing and you can find the tower. The lynch cut these years they were tremendously and also to enjoy their U wailing weeping. Instead he heard something that started quite low and build up quite slow and started to. And the big tour the most unpredictable thing and he couldn't believe it he started to see. He stared at W you've built on trust in his eyes what he saw was a shock disgust and surprise it. You don't build the tall in the small we see without even tell who's at all. He hasn't stopped you grew from C news it's on third down deep in the hearts of the old young whose Twin Towers were standing. Called hope and called pride and you can smashed the towers went home defense. So we circled the size square grooves the floor today and each and at the told the small and we mourn for our losses alone doing local. We still had inside that U pride that you hope. True American means a bit more than total power. It means more than welcome political powers it's more than our interviews the yes so only god bless America. Dresses. Do you. Okay. ID 93 WB table talking beach boy Mike Love next 20. Yeah yeah yeah. And you believe this is why that have been out for a while but the the paperback is out this month good vibrations while we tour. My club along with James S Hirsch wrote the book it's money and sting are read especially if you had any association with the band over their. 55 years were happy to talk to my glove on news 1110993. WBT hey Mike are MM. I'm Rick John thank you print and mail program yeah I Don Imus says listen I've been around longer you're thrilled to have two do the radio schlep to her again for the paperback urgent. Not a bad thing to find ourselves going all all kinds of markets that we. Do we end up talking to which is a good thing. Are you in Tahoe and I've is that are you still live right. What EI have placed in Southern California but my main residences in lake so that's where did the who recorded version of the book. And that's probably an inching day adventure in its own right. I'm Ahmed say if I can't take you often account Larry's one thing I thought it might be fun to talk to you about for a second is Glen Campbell because he just passed. January 1965. As you point out in the book Brian walks in and announces he's done with live performances and and I think that you stated in the book that that was from resentment from Phil Spector in the beetles can you can you go into depth on that a little bit. I'm not sure what. Was taken ill and Brian that he was not comfortable on tour any quit the group and the basically the blood group for the most part of sixty ports in Glen Glen Campbell Tilden to them. For him for several months and the thing about Blanton was fatigue played on the I get around Urquhart do you track. The instrumental track of that. Big hits for us I get around and several other songs he played I could use one of the most go to greatest guitar players. Percival ever that's the first certain. And the recording industry in LA he played on so many debts that so many artists. But the thing that I remember. Vomiting that members so much was how funny he would essentially humor was amazing. Kept us laughing all the time so as of almost fun times ever. On the road was and when Glen Campbell as a beach boy. And he thought so too we told Carson onetime best and the most fun year I ever had he left or shortly thereafter 'cause he kind of knew what he wanted to I do. And then you were you then you had to go find somebody else so you talked to a young producer friend of yours. I'm by the name of Bruce Johnson and say hey go find me a replacement and and Bruce Johnson found your replacement any and the replacement was. Bruce this conflict but. I'd rather self serving replacement. Idea. But no Bruce and Terry Meltzer who ended up Kerry was Doris day's son he was a great producer. And he ended up producing. Our biggest single hit record over Kokomo in 1988. And he and I wrote a couple of songs together. On the way bit. But they had a group that Bruce and Terry did summer means fun which is the beach for his style of recording. And so that Bruce is very gifted and in terms of this keyboard and abilities but he learned based at and and saying hi to play with us. We have. The Beatles were certainly aware of you guys and I am I an and you guys were aware of The Beatles. But did tell me a little bit about the relationship there because. They EUN already established yourself as being huge. And then all the sudden they came out of nowhere was that a friendly. Rivalry for a while or for a was it tense for a while. No absolutely we've looked to each other's stuff infected with the neat thing that I ever call in the book is. Is that good vibrations went to number one great Britain and we you're voted the number one group. In Great Britain number to be in The Beatles and for The Rolling Stones so. Dallas a remarkable achievement but then. Just a year later in we learn meditation from our ratio and I was invited in India. And spent time with in fact George Harrison eyeballs that are our birthday so in India he uncovered 25 side march 15 two bowl crises but all The Beatles are there when I got threatened other going to be there but once I got there. First of all India is spectacular enough being invited Bob Murray she goaded. To them trimmed their to study meditation. OK. But then when I got there in The Beatles are all there are so much music in so much meditation so many lectures and birthday parties it was a spectacular time. Exactly understand why DeMar he she was at dia YMCA camp but the Iraqis in Estes Park Colorado but that's where I grew up was an Estes Park Colorado and and he was there one time and we went down and saw him. Aunt Hoya yeah and I and that's why I say I know I have no idea why is hanging out the middle rocky mountain national park at the time but we obviously know him because. Of blood of The Beatles and and end your association with him and no soul into what. You talked in the book a couple of occasions spoke briefly about gym gear CO. Some he would give kind of been responsible for you guys going out on tour with Chicago at one point did you know gear CO. He always absolutely in fact he came to meet with us and our office and Hollywood. It when he was just its oldest Cadillac his or her around the Volkswagen he had this group called Chicago. Anyone on this it's time and then again and then and our manager this balloon at the time this. Kind of an eightieth and need to record I'm a bunch of money which he didn't have. But the Chicago ended up being like twenty or 25% of the entire volume of CBS records about a year or two later. You guys never recorded it to a caribou or did you. You know we can't help Casey guide and I know that. I knew gear CO I used to work for Barry Fey a long long time ago a whole lot in fact when you guys and I think this was party you're 19752. Words the eight city tour the you do it with Crosby stills Nash and young. One year locations was a Mile High Stadium is that correct. That is correct I was doing Stephen Stills I was garden Stephen Stills dressing room that night and I you and Al Jardine walked past me and none and none manager hadn't that I know so on and so forth. But there have been bad bad I was said that that was a that was a heck of a show and and I huge crowd of I remember correctly which you guys are or are pretty used to. When you guys went out with Chicago you had ideas that. Maybe Chicago started that show you joined a midway through and then you would wind up the show because you had a tendency. As the book points out to sun times. Upstage. Dimmed the bands that you opened for Chicago when gonna have any of that. You kinda got him for a danger of. Well they looked at. That is they were good headliner and we were in the opening act but the musical part of it can only came out and did these two minutes not three minutes last bundled phone I get around helping Rwanda and assert USA usurped safari you know good vibrations that senator he's he's he's he's exactly. And then they have them more. Jazz kind of oriented way of those low performing a lot of solve a lot of great songs I mean no doubt. That I was trying to. Think of a way to make us. Does the whole evening. Progress in a way that didn't do excitement was there an end that so but anyway it was it was just for mobile tour because where we played prominently placed six shows that the old Chicago stadium where the bulls used to play. And you know which that's a lot of folks are incompetent to garner a 100000 people on them just one down. Be they our name of the buckeye gonna let you go obviously that some whistles you've got to go but it's called my life is a Beach Boys actually called good vibrations Mike Love it's written with the James S Hirsch. And it's it covers everything it did it covers. Dennis is tragic drowning death another Carl's cancer enough gives you all the ins and outs of Brian at any given no time on talk about the Charles Manson no. All right time which actually I thought it was inching used to that kind of signified a change in California culture at the time you were kind of leave in the server error and go on into something a little bit. More serious a part of California the didn't really like at that time. You have quite a bit more serious a matter of fact a lot of those drugs drug induced you know bill ST another thing to do so the other there's some great size of the peaceful and experience but there's some pretty early lows to feel so it's all there on the in the book good vibrations while it is these planets thanks heard from. You know. Give me time to talk about it. Hey thanks for giving us the time I appreciate it's an honor to talk to you and good luck. All right there goes my club name in the book is good vibrations and it's available this month and not paperback. I over the traffic sooner we go and boomer Vaughn can't endeavor that guy I think so probably somewhere that. And we have some shows him he's a good guy he's a good guy is the only constant member. Of the band for the whole 55 years and job amazing so low 55 years I you know I wanted to say as are one song you just say on I don't see that and more confident that it. Argues over his music today it was cool wet weather we have man bring as the sunshine do their job we should have played the warmth of the sun with. That's right man for you brought it did though that's great that was great they agree here that while he's up to and that's good stuff you got good stuff to. Drug administration went back to the Supreme Court today and asked the justices to continue to allow enforcement of that temporary ban on refugees from around the world and now. They had Justice Department's. High Court filing. Monday. Followed they appeals court ruling last week. That would allow up 224000. Refugees in the United States if they are resettlement agency in the United States have agreed to take the men. While the appeals court had also ruled that our grandparents and cousins of people already in the United States can't be excluded from the from the country under the travel bans so this afternoon in a one page ruling by judge justice Anthony's Anthony Kennedy. The S Supreme Court issued a temporary decision to let the trump administration keep. The refugee restrictions in place at least for the time being. Kennedy told the challengers to them. I trump travel ban that they have until noon. Tomorrow to submit written arguments in support of the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling from last week. The drug administration had not challenged the part of the ruling that applies to a temporary ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries. So our High Court is scheduled to hear arguments about the legality of all the travel on the refugee bands on October the tenth. But. By that time the original ninety day travel ban would have lapsed in the 120 day refugee day and willow vote just a few weeks to run so the administration has yet to. Say whether plans to renew deals exclusions or expand them or make them permanent and anyway that's a a ruling that could just came down. Welcome my two or Charlotte to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Did you know they're in town. They. They fled to a Tampa. Because of the storms so loaded. Chartered five planes relocated a 130 players football business staffers. I immediate family is they open in their opener Miami was postponed it and told what eleventh of until week eleven. And the Panthers apparently have been working with them so the O box came into town and they'll either. Share the Panthers facility to practice or maybe get them set up UNC Charlotte or Wofford or something along those lines because they need to practice site of all there in the Carolinas but don't. And Tampa Bay Bucs are in down. I'm not deploy your Carolina Panthers. So at some point or another. And then Buffalo's coming in this week. John McDermott former defensive coordinator got to get to win yesterday in his debut game open no buffalo would have come take on via the Carolina Panthers who also won yesterday. In the San Francisco. And if you run into my wife try not to mention anything about Oklahoma widgets. Little so it's still. News talk to look the Genevieve BT 852 that tiny planes crashed into the World Trade Center you know starting right now Tommy we're seeing. And I was. Another apparently that was another claim we have witness and just society we just witnessed on CBS. In the BC on television another plane has now crashed into the World Trade Center. I would appear purposeful the magic quickness on. Kind of secondary. All of the explosion on the eve of World Trade Center number two of the water that is Associated Press is reporting that a plane. It was a plane that crash. Pentagon and the Pentagon is being evacuated. Today America has experienced one of the greatest tragedies. Ever witnessed on our soil. We will not tolerate such acts. American Airlines flight eleven. Heart of Boston for Los Angeles hijacked by suspects armed with knives. This plane crashed into the World Trade Center. The United Airlines flight 175. Departed Boston for Los Angeles it was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. American Airlines flight 77 departed Washington Dulles for Los Angeles was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon. United Airlines flight 93. Departed Newark for San Francisco was hijacked and crashed in Shanksville. Pennsylvania thing and what's just. Happen is that one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center folks this is this is quite an amazing development. One of the towers has fallen and has collapsed. I'm looking down at best I don't want you you lead the World Trade Center towers they're both gonna. Mean yeah it's. They've been president was in the US school in Sarasota Florida a top aide in the White House chief of staff Andy card whispered in the presidents here informing him of the incident. It reported that the full resources of the federal government and go to help the victims and their families and the and to conduct a full scale investigation. It down and to find those folks who committed this act of terrorism against our nation will not soon. Pearl Harbor we've been attacked by my way of what we've presumed appeal of foreign. Terrorists. Huge amounts of smoke gun blasting away still pouring out of the Pentagon and I do some time now up to this plane crashed into it. A witness said that the plane crashed in above the ground level he thought about the second or third war went well into the fills us. Freedom itself was attacked this morning. I don't faceless. Freedom of the defendant. The United States. Hunt down. And punish those responsible. For these cowardly acts. You know live to the governor has come and Mike Easley who is speaking in Raleigh in the garage Christians they are no known credible threats. To North Carolina. At this time. We have taken necessary it's. An appropriate security measures in response. To events occurring in Washington DC then New York City. Putting Karen Hughes senior advisor to President Bush now speaking with reporters while some federal buildings have been evacuated for security reasons and for. Our workers. Your federal government continues to function effectively it's. We have big federal emergency response plans. And if President Bush's direction we are implementing it the. As a that he did you actually be changing. Buildings you can appearing before a night for a second time today first one in the world trade Howard now. Seven a World Trade Center gone missed skyline of New York. Anybody we have watched the tragedy of an outrageous act of barbaric terrorism. Terrell not fanatics keep congress stands behind our president. And the president. Speaks it's one voice for this entire nation this is. Indeed the most tragic power. In America's history now's the time for us to come together as a nation to offer our support. For every one of us that has been changed forever by this horrible tragedy we're told between 15200. Passengers were stranded at Charlotte's airport a little bit earlier. Obviously mayor Pat McCrory has taken to W BT and should fly the flag if you possibly can on the monitoring the situation in doing every week everything we can and working with the local state and federal forty's. We've been excellent team continues to work very well together here at the emergency operations center. The Red Cross is actively soliciting blood donations in the wake of today's tragedy Pelletier and lined up in large numbers to your blood in response to terrorist attacks in new York and Washington. And more blood donations are likely to be needed for the rest of this week thousands are dead the worst told a New York. But some survived police sources authorities have come phone calls from people trapped in the Twin Towers. And then it was the construction manager for the trade center where 50000 people worked this in the towers could have withstood a plane crashing into it. The 24000 gallons of aviation fuel melts steel and terms of the people will enforce a couple 100000. Police. Just staggering. We'll leave thousands. Meanwhile residents are putting American flags on front porches and wants to James Brown of Medford acres and he Charlotte says he's put up money flags one for each home in that neighborhood chart and condolences to the families have lost loved ones stand. So the country minimum I'm in terrible terrible. Tragedy has fallen my nation but has fallen all the nations of this region all the nations of the world fast those who believe in the morning. Once again we see. Terrorism we see terrorists people. Don't believe in democracy people who believe that put the destruction of buildings where three murder of people they can somehow achieve a political. They can destroy buildings they can kill people and we will. He's saddened by this tragedy but they will never be allowed to kill the spirit of democracy and they cannot destroy our society they cannot destroy our belief in the democratic way. You can be sure that America will. What this tragedy and the way that brings those risk. Possible to justice none of us will ever forget this day here we go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just. You know world. Thank you and god bless America. I've a bill Friday news. In that little clip that was a produced by boat Thompson back 'cause sixteen years ago features Al Gardiner from mud WBT's morning news of the it was gold Charl morning's news then. And it's always could Urals was again but bill pride bill pride as the bills an old school news guy. And a chance still to come here working WBT. I'm not gonna wanna speak for him gonna figure was Margaret. Try not to use the word pride. But I I think it just it was one of the if enemies of his career ought to be a part of this place at the time men. We used to kill bill because he would start prepping on Saturday morning on newscasts Friday evening I'll be just this guy was. Just a consummate professional. And let me hear his voice again I've tried forgotten how well a great voice he has got deepen. So why he went off toe wasn't Kentucky. Mississippi just spend a terror basically retire and spend time this grandchild beds and as far as I know. Still there we have heard a thing about bill that would. They president of Monty it took part in the commemoration. Today's anniversary of 9/11 no sixteen years ago. They had a moment of silence when the first plane hit 8:46 AM. And they. Then did an observance at the Pentagon site of those second attack. The two planes hit an 846. And again at 937. Not to get back 937 was when the American Airlines flight 77 struck the Pentagon so. They that they acknowledge that today as well. And then obviously a New York thousands of family members and survivors and rescuers and others gathering at the site for the annual memorial ceremony and I don't know if you've been there. Cents but the reflecting pools are just the coolest thing. Ever. Odds Freedom Tower is nice. Spectacular but it's. I don't know the reflecting pools are. And if you had been down their before first time I had ever gone to New York City I was in my twenties. And I guess I gotta cover more ground I wanted to see Macy's I wanted to see Central Park I want Tennessee were killed or Lennon was shot I wanted to see everything. On and I must walked Manhattan from one end to the other got their 10 o'clock in the morning and then caught a bus out two back to Pennsylvania. Two. On 12 o'clock midnight or something like that. Spent all day long walk and a place went down to Battery Park and came back up and none grab a sandwich from a corner cart probably a hot dog. And sat down and wanted to planters outside of the Twin Towers and just kind of watch the world go by for awhile know so when I went back to. Would see their reflecting pawns I remembered having been down there. Years earlier. And reflecting bonds are just very very very cool. And does so they're reading they have read all the names of the victims again this is a year in the bells tolled the moments when The Two Towers were hit by the hijacked planes in the moments were the buildings collapsed another. Well it's just an annual ritual enough. If you if you if you fall into the category. Of thug waking up this morning and kind of having forgot about 9/11 because of all the attention on Obama. And I end and to some extent just because of everything else it's going on in the world. The upheaval of current presidency or non North Korea and you know I mean just all that dead dead I don't have to be. Does it as they always had died to tell the truth it hit me last night. Only smokes tomorrow is the eleventh day of September. I just never really thought of it. And now than I thought tomorrow is nine elevenths. And when you when you say 9/11 and had. A self explanatory it's a date that none of us will ever forget although. Sixteen years. New York Times points out teaching September 11 to students who were born after the attacks has its own challenges especially for public schools are after be. Politically correct you know we'll talk about that next. Nintendo lose track of time. And. I had quick BT in 1999 and came back in 2001 they are brought me back code to do nights because they decided to go live ignites again they were running Lional I think of the time they've tried my church that didn't work out real well forum. Tom and late to return a number of things trying to recapture the audience that to Henry had been built and it just never quite works and they don't know London decided let me come back in the building. And it's hard to believe that it's been sixteen years but they the decision to go live at night again was talk about good timing I came back on September the fourth. And a week later. Nine elevenths. And now we needed be alive at that particular time. So what I read in the New York Times about the challenge that teachers are have having teaching kids about 9/11 because they were born after the attacks I think. All we have a very beat. Well they'd be like sixteen years and younger. So wrenching article bring it to your attention and. It sometime before we wander out here on we go overseas a lot of branded on WB GA brand and. And you can't have it it is thought he had not heard six. Yes sir I remember it they would achieve gay. And I called you that night and I was like let me get this straight they took over the planes with. But starters. On. New had decided that nineteen city over to take more calls. And none that's one of the reasons why you're not I'll say no they're going to be Petri. Now back to curb for that I think I was told to stimulate. But I mean it was probably a mutual decision the station and all radio stations needed to be lives that day as soon as long as possible. Well my girlfriend at the time had listened do you want the end and whatever but as you know she was really enjoy your show and want me to turn you line and I was like oh yeah out like this Garrett. But he stayed there and you know led the country wouldn't say that chaos. All wanted to say is that it takes things like. Hurting army and hurricane Irma. To let go of all these other. Being that we had this angst that we have to bring people together and that's exactly what happened on 9/11. Six seniors. And it's a shame that it takes that kind of tragedy to go to find our collective goodwill or are our love for our neighbor even when we disagree with their politics politics has got to be such a driving divisive. Force. And it says it's always been no. Subject to disapproval or are changeable to our difference of opinion but I itself. Then it's see it's really gotten to be. Opposing sides in ME vs it's just I don't know it's what we need to be better to be each other. Derek correct here yeah I just wanted to say thank you pick seniors where I hate that Humana appreciate golf. Thank you are up because Brandon. Sell out your girlfriend now. I'll just leave their best. And very you know still girlfriend wife. Ex girlfriend. Ex wife. I don't know deliciously that it girlfriend says. A beautiful scenario though. Let's just. 200 employees. I think I'll do I read the news today oh boy coming up next. It nine elevenths. 20s17. Sixteen years. 254. Days into the year 111 days ago. Coordinated attacks resulted in the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York City the structure of the western port hello portion of the pentagon and Arlington Virginia. And a passenger aircraft. Crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania. 2974. People killed. 9/11 2001 attacks and 1954. At the Miss America pageant paid its TV debut. On ABC. And. Was it miss North Dakota that one last night. Nobody from North Dakota as there once before. Good for her. The Beatles recorded their first single love me do and PSI love you EMI studios in London on this day 19620. And on. 9/11 1985. Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds recorded his 4192. Yet. We job broke Ty cobb's career record Monday Night Football tonight double header as they are prone to do for the kick off for the season. Up first New Orleans Saints that they are Minnesota Vikings. In Minnesota. That game starts at six something or other. Thirty. And the late game 1015 in the Los Angeles chargers. In Denver. To play the Broncos Saturday North Korea celebrated 69 anniversary. Or there's a line there that could ever be used on radio. The latest Guinness world book records released a man entered the Brooks by spending the last forty years. Replying to coats of paint. Per day to a baseball. Force 171900. In 94 coats of paint on a baseball. But what is said you had to be extremely talented again in the Guinness book. Maybe you just gotta be creative. And a new study finds that you'll get a better night's rest if you let your dog sleep in the room with you. And I think they're talking about before but it failed attempt at. And in possession of the gun there either I don't think anything about well anyway here's a boomer that's like robustly so there was made so take a moment the net well and then looked you know you're always awake there you go okay. March Madness that dog drink coffee till now and I yeah but I'm working on a ticket it's been over to don't know maybe gonna work on again this is the dog can make coffee a year ago now you talk about like that idea there you go there's the next door right there it. More babies. Have been born on September 9. Than any other day of the year. DJ didn't teach me that but he told me on a Friday that. September is the most popular months for babies I didn't know that on the summer bird Rome September. And then somebody said something about New Year's Eve but I thought about that a long long time ago and at that time he doesn't work on the January February march April may June July. August September. I don't think it works. Covered try to figure out my cousin was born today after Iowa us. Like within twelve hours. And beer or two sisters always claimed by Marlon Byrd and my hand or is flavors. But c'mon. Somebody called somebody said. But they claim no. He winds have picked up considerably NS lookup video window and turn around we'll have not done. So we're getting guests out there that are pretty healthy leaves a balloon around the green ones are solo. The winds will pick up 45 to 31 miles per hour that's where you start to hear the whistling through the overhead wires 32 to 38 miles per hour treason motion and at risk for appalling enough. Saturated soil conditions in which seem though pretty you steady flow arraigned today so that Tesoro probably is fairly saturated. Power lines at risk from a trees and debris and people could start having trouble walking much again in the 32 to 38 miles per hour and when you get thirty at or above. That's when your car starts to feel the effects of Lyndon so be careful on raw rush hour traffic today because of also and you get it with a gust. Are your car could zero when you don't when you're not suspecting him small limbs start to brake coach fallen trees threat magnifies. Buildings power lines. Could sustain minor damage there was an update that came through a little bit earlier about self Charlotte and somewhat of 151000 people are without power already. Well and win even seen heavy winds yet so there will be power outages already have been in the area and down. I'm we'll see some pretty steady rain normalcy some wind gusts normalcy that through. The morning hours of tomorrow so up. Don't that don't which guard down there's still some mobs to Jones is probably two it is to work with around here. Our Kathy assert calling and I think we're tired about more babies are born on September 9 and any other day of the year we were talking about. New Year's leave now that wouldn't be it because that would be the end of September so what's the answer here Kathy. Well it I basically from Thanksgiving equipment all the parties and could not happen but Larry I now that's what these people get partner. Yeah that's always think it was Christmas and the current the company Christmas party. Well yeah now we're all the sons and daughters of our parents bosses. Yeah I'm. Are you and what a lot about Mary drinking going and. Yeah yeah you think drinking my yeah maybe so record as of the good news. Yeah thanks I appreciate you call. So I was blessed I figure that out of my cousin that I had gone through this and clearly that's always it always figured was New Year's Eve. Because I was I mean where were born within twelve hours of each other. But Allenby and another be more early part of December. So I don't know what I've been specified. It could've been because everybody was under Tony's. And there's just no rhyme or reason to it now conception day is that Tuesday just speaking of I tomorrow. Is not only the primary elections here in Charlotte. Not only the big announcement from apple. But it's day of conception almost old news program creation date in the Russian region of. Well the place where Vladimir Lenin was born. Julio and skip this. Root really Yang. You allude you'll. You really yen are scared. That place. Yeah couples who weather and have a child on June the twelfth. In the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. Are rewarded by the regional government today was thought to open an effort to boost declining birth rates so tomorrow conception date. In Russia I don't think you get any benefits here. Well I think there's lots of benefits which after. Yeah that's a problem. California voters have legalized pot. And now state regulators are adopting distribution rules and a plethora of we'd related laws ahead of the January 1 deadline before. To begin issuing the retail licenses. And one area being left out as the autonomous sector. Shura drone can already deliver a pizza to you in California. Yep the California Borough of Canada's control is forbidding the delivery of marijuana by an autonomous vehicle. Whether the from the sky or the ground. Regulations unveiled last week include the following transportation. May not be done by aircraft water craft rail drones. Human powered vehicles or unmanned vehicles. But just think of the money you could make if you could deliver pot and a pizza on the same drone. That. In the same boxing out and do you know while large pizza and order plot in the brownies are free. Yet. Record breaking 117 point two million dollar weakens Stephen King adaptation shattered records over the weekend not only is it yet. Now the largest ever opening of a horror movie. And the largest September opening of all time but still more than doubled your earnings in the previous record holders. Before this weekend paranormal activity three had the biggest horror opening. At 52 and a half million dollars but keep in mind a 117. Point two is what hit pulled him. And the highest September debut was hotel Transylvania and that was 48 and a half million a movie cost 35 million dollars to produce. And as AF fresh 86%. Rotten tomatoes score. It is the first of a planned two part series the second scheduled to come out second half of 2019. Someone. W beatified move five. The. I. I. And okay. Okay. And. All ring. And paying. It's. Okay. I. Okay. Good I. Hang on Andrew I'm cavity or just a second I'll get the pronunciation this town and Russia get. Although these are rushing out. And through. Hub. And Bruschi. Our mission tomorrow is conception days in the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. Couples who I have a child on nudge you in the twelfth are rewarded by the regional government via Dei was thought of as an effort to boost declining your birth rates and death. And I can't pronounce. You L. Y a NO VSK. About apparently Andrew can who. According to my nose serious from Russia and no says I butchered the name well yeah you think Andrew aria. No Dario I'm I'm good how can you be for Russian your name's Andrew. Now I'm pretty well Andrei okay. His injured after Matt Merrick and I wanted to go that's as good to good come back and that's a great accent. And out there yeah you say what oniyama. Let's be honest. Yeah yeah I've been under siege if you plan. Lou beyond this there are so the V is like as silent. Soriano. That's a gain on that and yeah. Me up says I says the villas kind of silent you human long almost yeah almost well. Not so and so now what American cities do you have trouble pronouncing. On. I don't know other small article on says ASA the same Missouri for me. Wondering yeah okay Vickers David Americans says in Missouri and there's not a may at the end of its. You know in all collier Molder Lou foreigners. They always ask super Ramallah squirrel. I sold rocky and always when you get it yeah they're doing that I'm what are well aware how long you been here. I wonder why I mean yeah and what brought year. And persecuted baptists underground church now and get in Siberia. And did you have anything to do with the election of Donald Trump. Are. Not much got again it's that. The answer is no comment. And they're gonna do we would you did you vote for Hillary Clinton. Not yet okay again don't come. Hey listen thanks for the correction I appreciate you ma'am. Our climate good guy I've been listening in Carlisle and I know they've been in Charlotte Porter that eight years so we'll listen when I start butcher and things. So we would you Soviet Union or Russia you call and correct me. Bob gates and I think that's all right always listen unaware column I appreciate that meant thank you very much. Out spank it up on the ghost which means they'll be telling often. You guys. All over the news or regular Mike Doyle has today's big stars skeet. Sounded like a young corruption your not doing well here there's this guy like this reference do does swirl. That the. Surely guys. Who's. I. OK. Guerrero cards coupons for her Regina yeah. Now married a couple of kids inland mountain pleasant just checked in with her. They had bad tornadoes and barriers she doesn't live picture of the kids are in the pantry. How was an iPad to keep our minds off what was going on outside which is that everything's good so far. Talked to a few people there are no doubt in no Jacksonville were our live for a long long time I haven't talked to anybody around San Marco. If the saint John's rivers are running out of its banks I assume that that means the old landing area and all through that is probably having some problems downtown Jacksonville is certainly had some are. Thus some flooding but there's little area down there called San Marco. Which is just colossal place ever lost agreeable cafes and no soul and so forth and hired matters I remember correctly it's right there on the reversal runs in the they're probably don't. But I haven't some throws to end beaches when you look at rotation of the storm the beaches. Atlantic beach Jacksonville beach and and very thing about it ponder deedrick. Were although the big houses are the rich houses that's were the the T Boone's live. And all the pro golfer slow sawgrass and that are through there are but Atlantic beach Jacksonville beach Neptune beach that area and through their. With the way that the words were swirling. And you saw what happened in Tampa Bay over the weekend where they wind was such that it pushed all the water back out into the Atlantic Ocean so why Tampa Bay was stay I mean people were walking out there with their dogs that water has struck since come back him. But that was pretty amazing you just have the power of of the storm. We then acknowledging on 9/11 all day long. With excerpts of things that radio. My producers put together about sixteen years ago today. Today we had a national tragedy. Two airplanes. Have crashed. Into the World Trade Center. In an apparent terrorist attack on our country. And actually I know the second building to be a client has attacked to the Pentagon this morning as well seemed to have a three pronged attack didn't. Okay. Exactly what happened when there's another explosion on the right hand side. McDonald's is there are some plane that's been hijacked and need. The United States will hunt down and punish those responsible. For these cowardly acts. Another building has gone up. On the right hand side of the road people are not running down the straights we can only hope that it's over for today but I've heard the official we're taking no chances on all that. And seeing. Bob is right. Red tie it all clueless people who have given none of over forty uses its. Big men Tim. You know longer think this never happens to me and you realized two aircraft. The largest buildings in Manhattan. I've seen at least twelve people jump to either jump forward they had no choice I don't know if it was like for us. Didn't want to get burned or they'd wanna blow up the beaches Jones. Do you date all eat probably 101000 people are now. I was. They casualties are menace. I can't aces. There are many dead. Apparently posted. And you guys played. Bullet early candidates experience handy to passers by. We will make no distinction. When the terrorists who committed these acts. And those who harbor. This is a day when all Americans from every walk of life united in our resolve for justice peace and none of us will ever forget this day. Yet we go forward to defend freedom and and all that is good news just. You know world. Thank you goodnight. And god bless America. Hey Lee Hamilton and I got FaceBook message thank you very much she says Hilton Head Island is supposedly okay just say a total water she sends a message to Facebook's us. John Hancock one of the best things about being evacuated here thanks John. Thank you Amy. Doubleheader tonight for Monday Night Football pictures often via NFL football season. 650 I think there's the first game. A New Orleans and no Minnesota. And than me chargers take on the Broncos in Denver. Don all mired died Monday Night Football producer has also the guy that came up with the phrase for NBC must see TV. 72 years old had cancer died at home sixteen Emmys. Lifetime achievement award from the AME. People to Peabody Awards. He came up with must see TV in the 1990s. NBC's ratings soared today had shows like aside filled and friends and ER and Frazier and he was directly responsible for shows like friends and ER and will and grace. He first worked for ABC sports as they go for a while he was studying at Notre Dame became a full time producing our production assistant in 1967. Under Rudolph ardor all our alleged use may have another legend of the videos. Our work our horrible low wide world of sports. And then he became the producer Monday Night Football in 1972. And then later read NBC sports produced the World Series and Super Bowl talk broadcast. And then he left and was running as on old wire communications company and then went back to NBC in 1993. As it's entertainment division president. But a big name in the business did at the age of 71 and Doug excuse me Don Omar whose mean age of 72. Com. Atlanta got its first tropical storm warning in city history. Yesterday. And just got to reminded me of what Charlotte most agog through back in nineteen months he did an 889. 89. Mayor has agreed to are urged her residents prepare for the worst several school districts Georgia State University university Georgia Athens Paula had a no classes today governor Nathan Deal declared an emergency for the state. You heard about the dog owners fleeing Europe. Leaving their pets tied to trees. I hope karma punch you. Often the traffic sooner we go brought you by hunters shall -- 77 exit 23 and a boomer Yvonne Kennedy -- revealed that man then that's an com mail us all that this morning that's make six Houston where it is wrong that day and I understand other people some people workers here about pets and animals and others but to that's the other is just wrong there's a group of firefighters that found the dog us out of our house had been no locked up in the cage and the owners have left. Classic come home man him come home I can you do that out as well as I can you do that to anything living and second of all. That dogs are just put love in yellow back rooms now widget has the greatest singer or a million yes sir man. Man oh man. Playing her game and Irma. Let pets tethered to trees and. Ahead of the Palm Beach County animal care control so the department will be pursuing a criminal charges against the owners who abandon their dogs and left the Montana from places where they. Now where they wouldn't be able to escape the storm. That's just unbelievable. That a man I'm. The FCC won't let you use kind of language that. That. In. Orlando. Not just humans that were bracing for armor more than 2000 alligators hunkered down a Gator land ever been a wildlife preserve and Orlando Florida. Where those gators are gone anywhere of the park director Mike Hillman said they're not our first rodeo a 110 acre theme park row located roughly thirteen miles outside a Disney. Know Walt Disney World park has a detailed hurricane procedure in place like double fences and mail large perimeter fence. And then now they've got other park residents that includes Panthers. And we're not talking about Carolina we're talking about. Cats. And bobcats and goats and birds and records and snakes and all those have to be moved inside. So are no small feat for that joke for that group. Lot of people in Florida trying to flee before they. The hurricane gated over the weekend Tesla. Wanted to help us some of the owners of their electric cars and buy it remotely extending their batteries range. And not everybody is applauding it. Tesla electric cars. And no this. Are sold with two different battery ranges. But since last spring all cars have come with the battery with a higher range but people who paid little lower range had software the electronically limited it. With the option to upgrade at any time for several thousand dollars more. To the tech blog called elect trek. Reported on Saturday that some Tesla drivers in Florida with a lower range found out that there are cars had been upgraded to the higher one. Without them paying for it. Tesla told the blog that they unlocked the batteries capacity remotely via a software update. Which gives them about thirty more miles of driving on a single charge to help those that are trying to get away from Burma. And although many on the social media praised the move there were some critics who said Tesla is wrong. To artificially limit the range of the cars it sells with when the same battery is used and it cost them no more to provide the higher range. Now whether that Christian criticism is justified or not. I don't know. But anyway you try to do a good thing and you get to you get hammered for it's slate notes in tea time. Whenever more machines come with Smart features that their providers can manipulate it will. This episodes or remind us all that we don't sonar devices in quite the way. That we once did so there you go on balance. Com thanks to my clothes for the Beach Boys are given some time this afternoon paperback version of good vibrations. Is out and so well we got some time with the Mike to talk about beach was and so on and so forth. And all see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock we'll make way just a few seconds for a Mark Garrison and our Charlotte that. North panther talked retarded to it's just talk with the Jim's Oki and company. So I'm we have I'd spend some of that time today acknowledging 9/11 and some of the recorded things that came in our. But our view sixteen years ago so I'll leave you with one of those and see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock John Hancock news 1110993. WBT were out of here. And while the entire. Not hard and well you rate and better things. Hello and leave me. And easily yeah. I didn't really moon its inherent in most every win. Yeah. Oh Chang today we had a national tragedy and move and I. Who airplanes. Have crashed. Into the World Trade Center do you not jurors. Sure now. Unless I am. We will see you. Moon forty music. And he could then I'm gonna let us all know that I love you very very much. You know again we're. It was just so's business. Nine this. In the south tower of the World Trade Center buckles. 29 the second trade center tower collapses to. He's in ruins this mass terrorism is and you evil in the world we get pulled together. I stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour. I mean and we like that through the wrist until this people is driven. Civilians who have watched the tragedy of an outrageous I'd help mark hard terrorism. You're almost fanatics against both civilians. Freedom itself was attacked this morning. States. It's possible. And yes. Not only those touched directly by the tragedy who felt the need to show support. Some 150 units of blood work collected at his regional trauma center from people. Mission will end yards and have been have been DR. I brought my. There's been. May have done might well. That's the only thing we. Have moved me. She's do you. All. Okay. Okay. OK okay. Do you okay. Is okay. Okay. Okay.