Septic Tanks and HVAC Questions

Home Improvement
Saturday, April 14th
Zeke Acosta of Acosta Heating & Cooling, and Scott Shelton of Charlotte Comfort Systems join John & Dave to discuss HVAC issues with listeners.

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Well into less John in jail with the answers to your home improvement questions sponsored by The Home Depot. Lennox dealers Charlie Comfort Systems and a College Station the news 1110993. WBT. Good morning everybody welcome them home improvement we've done days I'm John Morton. I'm Dave Goebel. Good morning are you there I'm did may have been. We can't let expire this morning that we do they're they're they're getting set up their kids in. OK well we'll get to those guys is perfect timing welcome everybody hope. You had an awesome week and a hope yourself up for an awesome weekend maybe productive weekend maybe got small improvement projects going on. And you'd like to chat with someone we are here it's 704 or 57 only 1110704571110. We miss job a lot of people seemed to be our little spring break action last week is so on the 31. NGOs the last weekend. We have we are great calls but they were down low bid prompted tell the folks around town so glad you're back. And and and and ready to rock and roll through some. Additional proof questions we will talk to. Does he can Scott we'll talk about. A couple things it's. David I presume is the same up there at the pollen is just in full swing it. And who we we'll talk about the out some things we you do for that. Talk about the air quality maybe air filtration would be the right way insisting that. And then it's time to fire up those verses last week while I thought took some time off our thorough. Our guys showed up to do is you know his. Spring inspection of our system and get everything. You know fired up we talk a little bit off the air about some things I learned. Abouts are not a system stuff and I think and then we'll just take lots of calls not calls 7045. Set I don't know 1110. Taylor what was it was going on your world. News I'm really busy busy busy busy got a lot going on and this just estimates and ever you know people want to tell lots of bathrooms. I used to work people do bathrooms is sending Fiat lots of bathrooms. Test kitchens have been lots of bathrooms. So let's get you know it's it's hard to keep up with all that go work for doing the best we can't flow we were excellent that's the only good option. What are people do that again as is like the tub this hearing that wasn't that was the trend for awhile it still is in the end led us to have one job we're looking at they're trying to decide whether they're gonna put it tub. Back in this this area thumb it's a master master bath. And we'll see what happens with that it's going to be a whole shower roots can be a wet through so the whole room where the bats over the Charlotte well and are now. Are going to be. Up the big shower. Now with a big grin Linear drain and it so it'll be interesting to see who else is with the idea that's cool cool layout and held have a glass store. Going into the room instead of just on the shower so called ruby the shower. I'm and so school so this week you know barbed Aziz. Shutterfly books. You know we won't print pictures to sent together she doesn't want every year for family stuff that's huge hit one called. From the Gordon house the thirty year plan. Do we moved here I'll legal pad of paper report lists of things we want to get done and then the first few years right. And as we look back fifteen years now we're yellow stuff done. Before we joke about being thirty your plan comes as always expresses longs which think. And lomb tennis and she put this book together I have to I have to bring it up to Charlotte sitting take a look candidates everything we have done in this house over the past fifteen years. It's I got tired just looking at the freaking. But the bathrooms have been bathroom miles that there let's talk if we got a question right now from a marvelous talk tomorrow morning marlin Joseph Holland from Regina Dei hurry up mourn. Take out Saddam yet more on end up outlook and out belt not sixty since 65 than there. Architect glitter and I'm not that's earned is in our house voted. Sharply yellow. In the change. James the total are ready I'll watch this sort either. Oh cool little. The other tests that aren't so or get it and it's hurt I guess enamel Pena Y yeah hi I've begun vote like not out here how to hold enough overtime. I think most most ought to give us like a five year warranty on net that finish say you know that your gonna be pretty good with that if you treat it. If if you take care of it properly it'll it'll it'll probably last as long as you needed to. At the right partner to do it also mean yes it's always been doing this stuff for awhile and then have them take a look at a new film that's not a place you wanna cut corners. Or are there is as Jewish or self versions out there that's probably not do it yourself version. Our purchase our project right. Salaam are herded like there's two priests are part process where you go and do ask that watchers saw them did if you're playing read a and then come back in the started mammal and let's say it. It's not a war that relative of one day it's more like as do their job. I don't call the timing and it David if you do break your heart present right it's it's a big chemistry experiment and announces mechanics experiment. They've they've done and it but you're right they have to open things up they've got to get a chemical bond between. He'll surface in the new surface and not. And that way you go but we always are good feedback from David what have press that Charlotte is one that we hear about and from there may be some of the folks out there. Are okay but you're welcome thanks for the call Marlon everyone moved into a much. That was interest in time we talked about pastor miles in this Marlon. So you know. That is the well you know you get into this it's worse it's all proud I mean he wants in my they can apply and and spread the product can make it even and in in pretty Bennett. It none of it none of it matters at that it's not cleaned properly physical bond it'll come right off. They don't it'll flake off yes. Think. All right let's see we're going to be like about forty seconds away from rapists that's a nice break we'll take it will bring are Lennox partners in the top of the next a segment. Then we'll talk home improvement welcome back the silver blue with John and Dave I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot I'm Dave noble. I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte comfort system. He moved. It's gotten seek welcome this morning program things go well as you guys do and Dario breakfast ran over this morning match. Hey first things first. We're here with that. Strategist graduate here this perfect timing we got from. Them. PM may be some steadily warm weather coming up I don't know I guess another cold front actually come through tomorrow. And I'm guessing he has been pretty much the same as us put pollen is everywhere we didn't put the snow shovels away yet thankfully so we can get rid of the pollen. Prom. And broke. It's it's been nasty this year I'll I know Marlon have a problem with that suffer I've not had a rough couple days I'm like man I wish this would go away. But it's a good justice in his etc. get though tags. Hello and you know when you turn your computer geared your thermostat if you below is this thirties all. Show are you going to air quality assurance that the current day is coming week yet when it's read it's not a good sign netstat and it's. This entire year I mean you can you can tell that I can I can sit meetings I I could be in a closed at a concrete cell. And as people come into meetings that I can tell the Fitz having time with the pollen or not because he's people look like they're in morning mid may cry and know that mourning the death of a loved ones just like looked terrible. As they wrestle with them from the allergy symptoms you know. Yeah so we'll talk a little bit about that yet with air filtration in and things like that and then. Our guy was out. Last week. Actually before last week I was off on. Do and are. You know systems start up checking everything out for the spring inspection. Is done but here I've actually had discovered that one of our prom returned defense had come loose. And I think was second dirt from. And in between the ceiling in the floor joist has man that filters that I won't electronic filters. It was filthy. It was like really bad. Shown in the one thing I. Think that the average consumer doesn't understand and air conditioners and air conditioner we all just kind of think well no my old rule lasted fifteen years and I didn't have to do a lot to. The new equipment you know since Tony can and now we've been using are fortunate nations like. 19992000. The internal pressure all unit uses the new refrigerator. There's more than double the internal pressure of the old 22 units cannot. So air flow is so critical so you can't lay here filters get dirty your your outdoor or indoor courts get dirty or it'll lead to a much bigger or a lot more expensive. Repair. Yeah. And it's hard to change people's mindset orders if they have metal or twenty years Seattle call could be very your filters can get a little dirty and it would still work just. We know slightly diminished output. It was and it doesn't necessarily taxing the system right that's so because people don't feel. Inefficiency. Typically but. But now it's a matter of more than efficiency it's actually going to be detrimental to the system right there functionality in lifespan so. Having a good air cleaner or making sure that the equipment is clean and service. Regularly. Will make sure you get the life out of the few dole it just turns into a headache were a lot of manufacturers all have problems with evaporator coils. And it's not a problem with coils will mean more times than not it's someone have a dirty filter any slowdown in air flow and that's what created the issue with the refrigerant leak. So but giving the average consumer to accept responsibility for an issue that they shrink is a manufacturing problem when that same clothes pretty much used by everyone in the industry. Fish is changing the way people think about their their service on Larry see ya some people who wouldn't some people. We are pushing a little bit. Yeah. Now as an issue and it's this year it and are you the reason that we like he has come in here is is less about. Com. Coming selling things and more about making sure there we've got as you say the mindset right so people understand what they gotta do and just Sherron. And in just share in good information right. So. Put a so. I'm sure what's our Crocker U organ. What about. What about air air filtration then and and what should you be thinking about it if if he is or something we can add to systems is there's something that we can. Wait to review our system change our house or people think of water filtration threatens our pollen problems. Well I hate the whole house air air filtration systems. Who wanted to go where you end up putting the the filter. And here handling unit. Whether furniture here they are in that we built for all the here we go through the equipment. It can agree that the powerful auto pollen. Can you. It. I'll let me it could be here I'm one of the most prominent with the right guys that I've been telling you a lot of issues with the current policy. I don't who's been nice that they're opening night person I went to any house I went out there. About the fifth inning coaches from lies the more than that of have to go home early. Is it. You know hallway and and the great thing about the lunch products are we input and have a five inch thick whole house air cleaner and we can attach it to the unit in the house so that means instead of changing maybe two or three filters. In the ceiling and wall. If one filter changes you know once a year. And then there's grades of that filter there's the standard which is number eleven which is a great filter and and if you have allergies or asthma there's a Merv sixteen. Which is actually rated higher than any electronic air cleaner made any uses no electricity it's just a carbon coded high efficiency filter. It's consumer reports that decides where a guy named Griffin who hosted conference shows in the seventies. And it's basically a measure of how much it can retain the smaller size of the particles and can take out of the air and do this without slowing down the air flow. I'm kind of and then if you can put in even better is that what's called a pure air which is the UV system that kills. Voters a convert. Whose own back to. Clean fresh air and it also has emerged sixteen filter okay. And I've got them a pass I can't tell you how when I get home in the afternoon that they have a fix than my allergies go away because the air and my house is just so clean. So isn't it better this and this isn't it better to have if you have an older system and talk for wise. And it isn't it better to put that unit right next to the that he XT air exchange so that so if you have like little bits of leaks in the duct. You know you filter if you have a ceiling you know furnace filter and sealing her Waller somewhere. And then you filtered out there but then if you have leaks in the duct work between that filter and and where your change in output you know warmer or cooler. Then you pick and all that stuff up anyway right so is it better to have that right next June. And next in the air handling year's best place to have it. Because we're actually produce thirty any. Our highest finish very high static image created between the filter. Indeed brain whipping up the bill through insulting held its cut it's it's thirty. Static pressure changes as part quote higher. Vacuum among its faith on the unit for any leaks in the duct work you burning outside here. You know. Just from the crawl space again coming in and that the start could filter people haven't had you know his best place to have it. And there's an easy way to tell if when you change your filter at the war that the with the ceiling. When you take a filter out all the new always goes away so in other words. When the filters in even if it's clean year. As soon to pull it out silence meant that means that your returns are marginally size or that filter. Adding. Pressure pressure on that millers can now soaked dirt and dust from everywhere else behind that filter and putting in the hiring ten dollar twelve dollar fifteen dollar filter can actually make. Your house bustier instead of clean. Parent. But when trying to filter at the unit there's nowhere this coming through your new investment or for your furnace or effort coalition cling. Now and our men are literally to have proof positive in in my system when Murray pulled up till truck 'cause I was like there's no way that could be that dirty. Hum that fast sent our written and then I found them return that was loose in the ceiling in the basement. And so boom there you go putt I mean unfortunately caught it before hit my head and feet in the air conditioning was an ounce on the corals were wet right front. Term ones but if it would have been and if it would have been loose like that in the attic your air conditioner would have been something that. And alt keys are just really would have struggled mightily if it's at all it would have been able to keep up. I look we're going to be close soon Greg pierce let's take one. We'll talk about questions you might have relays that cell phone when we come back to home improvement with John and a. Not a day. I'm Dave noble. I'm Scott shelter Charlotte comforts of guys thanks for being with us is more mail won't take it deep dive into com and today Casey so folks here are some questions now is tough Tom. Throw an ex partners there and so on this is time this it kinda Jumbo mortgage gets questions answered the seriously we were we are talking off the air just about it is is that time of year and what role should go into law a spring checked up. Like I was out here I don't know how I was working in the basement armed men he's probably out here. The better part of two hours. You know doing everything to started up and I mean because this kind of like start a car in the wintertime right I mean you'd you don't get use is like you turn down and away goes and in our climate. Pretty much was set thing has come on it doesn't go off again coming to literally go off I mean the system SARS upn is drying. Pretty much from the first time it kicks in until we circuit the cooler weather again in the fall. So this is really the time before everything gets on so what are you guys look at that win when you when you take of what what should somebody do expect. When when they say hey I'm gonna go ahead and get. My system inspected. Well it's funny you mention him coach me through to check you better be careful when Nixon just those safety chair court. Our because it check it's just not doing anything other than checking it. Socialist opponent to know where it. Our maintenance. Very that tune up this train in the indoor or rollout for oral. Are convinced we're presently caught companies sometimes they do only the outdoor pool in the indoor or is extra. But this you know checking your filter should we leave an impression on the unit kicking electoral connections. Chicken the pressure if I'm sure rides across the unit. And he said you know on the average you're looking about and I at least an hour per unit. Bootcheck. Who. It is not just in and out. But how is it has a district manager was 84 I went into a store in the forklift was weekend like hydraulic fluid badly. He'll win a daily check you know and it just so with a cheque she delivered to -- check and he checked it off I said see this line is this check for leaks. When you checked that doesn't mean yet leaks in these fish and delete each hit a foot or not such fellow speaker. Let's let's get bill and though wanna come back and and do you do while a couple things the people may find if if it's the start up is not good. How bill thanks for cultural moment promote John Dave are you this morning. I'm Greg great like we shot. I we've recently remodeled lay out a little ranch how will happen basement. Code requirements. Required that we didn't like the flow between the score Joyce to the upper level. Mean and beat inflation measures hanging loose there between Google has. We we want you got to the living space. This feeling cool I was about seven war and and recently and we got plumbing and electrical buyer. But is there any. I think he got the idea how to cover that up what we should do to keep those woman's license article from infiltrating dire. Thought you were about five or less just didn't consider your reasons it. Yeah AIL out there. Well I mean that's it for you say this is a basement that. And it's not finished. I just totally open week we wanna use it as. You know we need it to live AM but we don't win I don't got to finish at all. If you gonna use there as far as conditioning heating and cooling. You don't need I don't it's been don't monotony that insulation between the. Yeah. Well lead inspectors. Were required that we inflate the going to vote doors. Right now because I was out outside the basement and got in an ice negotiate not condition affect its fate if physically if it is Satan. None conditioned space shoot you have to insulated. If it is well read. We know advocating an area did there's they're just gonna go down there may be used the space heater or something like that cooler summer time you space heater in the wintertime. So I think. I think. Ability as long as you're not disturbance that Iran and air pass that I did the idea of rival or are airborne fiberglass. Is pretty minimal. But. You do you wanna put some kind of cover over it oh did you. The only we consider taking power today and cutting didn't. Despite no Roland I'll elections and god to rule until right now about eighteen you just collapsed and then stifle that only in about a look forward to what. Ali news five acre plastic or anything it's unbelievable but the you can you can even use like fabric you know and anything that will let air through it. Under will work out what every suitable for that now. What I think is a kind of a one waved crowd barrier right so that allows. That allows moisture to move through but it doesn't typically latter infiltration. Right. It's a return it you would he would turn it. Around is that right we and you actually put the letters toward the installation I think current. One you don't wanna trapped air William new chapter in the air and moisture. He so this early make in the locker and he humidifier pretty strong. Yeah but I'm not even sure that your legally allowed to do that beat I don't think that you want multi track yeah I don't think you'll anytime there I think indeed I think I think they want enough you're going to be using the space to feed you some than. We really should tell you to put anything out of their eye wall the thing comes right down to it what about suspended ceiling tend to is suspended ceiling would work to exploit can do the tiles these are saying it's only seven force are gonna are dropping and yet. But yeah I get that but I mean ha. Seventh floor is the bottom of year arm of the lowest plumbing or dock workers Allard is bill. Not seven portrait Obama does yours look OK and then is all that is there anything lower than that. I would hate the app is there anything lower like doctor plumbing that's lower than that the bottom of the Joyce. And you have a plumbing problem envelope and go OK then CDs to the gym pretty tight. And we did go back and I agree I'll lose and twice and output encapsulated. Well that's not a bad idea if you're gonna leave it open. But. I think go look here's a couple things it is look at the cost of doing this what's the cost of arm. I don't know I do it's a drop you all right I'm just nervous about saying hey put this over there is if it's a different doesn't meet code fire code different things I just don't know home. If you could go out all over you would be kept sliding more straight in there anyway wouldn't. The yeah it's not potentially gab especially since it's not heated and cooled Jim tempered different temperatures that you what you use you create a micro climate you don't wanna do that. Com and so I like your idea of the of the encased insulation is by the best place probably pull it out and then put the insulation that's that's that's encased and I think you've been beat solve your problems and then. If you ever decide the heat and cool that place and you put drywall and ceiling you'll still be good. Okay I'm just gonna come out and different ideas. You know great question. Interest challenge. I thank corporate thank you bill. Is he thinks draw that it might be easier just. Mount I don't know what the cost is going to be sent to redo all that to run duct work and size things correctly. That's expensive let's talk to. Well you're right oh we got take Ricky let's let's take our quick break here and then we're back to answer moral moved home improvement questions. I'm Dave Goebel. Scott Shelton was Charlotte from the system. How fleeting. Thanks for me where this guy's got a couple or talk right now similarly tough bluntly to good morning Yahoo! improve with John and Dave are you this morning. I've been learning how to find and tell you there is great yeah. I would like to know. We treat can be glad they're in my front yard so that it not that I wrote ordered this step or whoever my. I would prefer to have a quality treat. Diablo the storyline is. There but so are you aware that I got Johnny give proximity I mean any trees that you plant. Initially he's probably not gonna be a problem save may be a weeping willow which tends. Com really drive roots you know fast and furious. Com. Put anything that eventually grossed a significant size is get and this can from there is gonna put out roots how old is your home Lolita. Seventeen year but did not Aviv just mowed into this post six months ago. The typical Florida house had standard of beeping me look three albeit a remote it's Cynthia I knew that. The roads are going to expire in their off to a tonight. So a bit it would that fighting that may not be helped build but under the tree. So David is that houses as you said seventeen years old. So I'm thinking that that's not the old tile pipe and may be less likely or less prone to issues with roots in my right because of them but continues PV CU's. Our David in my in my thinking correctly. Yeah I was just looking up because you can you can you can look this up there's. That's there's a extension I don't know where this is sad but it's talking about sewer safer trees. And under trying to read to destroy a quick see what what was available. Story and I know that like the Bradford pears. Are flowering trees and on their famous for not putting deep roots out because the problem with that is is that once again it's a certain maturity. It they tend to to follow over Christmas don't have the deep roots. Harlem. Well I I think and I think this makes sense really because if you remember that are that a tree the roots go out as far as the can't be right right so what what they're saying obviously is she smaller specimens. That all spread out as wide and you won't you won't have that problem so if you know exactly where that sewer line is and it's mark. On the menu would look at the sizes of those to treat it your choosing in the and you just if if it if I don't growth thirty feet tall and it's probably gonna be have a thirty foot canopy. So you would want a state at least thirty feet away from that sewer line. That makes sense you have to look at them yet like Johnson curler you have to look at the they mature growth of the free. And now I think a dogwood trees tossed something on that order they can there's a flowering tree. Chair calm and it did attends a deal yet tens much less aggressive with the slower growth. And much less aggressive than than the root category the other advantage is you have lonely today's united using the old sort child clay tile. That actually had joint senate did that. Ultimately could be me damaged by by roots poke around it harmed so the odds of probably the roots penetrating a PVC pipe are pretty minimal. From. So so I think that would be that would be kind of orders that I look at what's the website pitcher on David. This is some county extension of Tennessee education extension dot tennesseans patient but but if you just do a search on that trees best to grow besides sewer lines or something of that nature you'll. Leo come up with something that that will be helpful. And it doesn't matter what type of server lines you have really John because. You can who PVC it'll grow into a PVC joint timid join right now you're right through it it's not it's amazing and it'll go through is like a hair than the next thing you know it's not a big mess inside its huge. America's get water right dot com. All right so so I think Alito or saying maybe looking at dogwood Japanese maple something that's that that does flower but Izzo is a little bit slower growing. And then place it far enough away from that or you know that shoreline is. So it you know at its mature height and and size it won't it won't impede the poem the fight. Okay how are prodding our problem. Maybe dull yet I'm not sure you you I had just exhausted my Dick sent to my knowledge about trees. And a single story or two story house. Our body so you feared. Wouldn't get any benefit on the second floor from from a you know fruit tree now and most I think she's just looking for. The aesthetic benefits of right vs chained. Com but I think I think look and see. If you can check out a county extension or. Our web site even a place they talk about septic systems because they're going to be very sensitive to onto roots as well. Presidency would trees that they were recommend for that for work or thinking a slow growing. Prom you know Max you know let's get them Max out hi wise maybe. 1820. Maybe thirty feet so Richard that you're not talking about this massive tree that's gonna put roots you know into the next county. My opinion. Look bad that I've racked backward and. Yeah that'll be one that we would that we talked about you may wanna check it out. Yeah just check out the brits check out how big they get that's what you wanna see how big does he get. Okay little okay. I think a bit but in the moment a bit that I am not. Duped but maybe you an update. Maybe you would address it. I think now that's a warm season grass I think now's the time the planet now on I think once you know the first frost is gone I think to start planning it's a it needs warm weather to germinate. Okay. That can I get them probably knew that people. It's candidate any garden center by this Briggs that Ernie germinate and ready to grow. Our. My would Google your local garden centers that fits where you can quiet we're ready to go on the ground vs trying to waters didn't grow. I'm great thank you very much. Try to get help there. Thank you for your call leader had mandate rob banks. All right we got it's who got Adam up next at a memorial home from which underneath. Are you. I have no oil or three. Pray I'm Colin because. I like that are you read it so are all and we just had a that the inspection. And they inspection is actually fail. The inspector. So that the alliance our top. Troll and it called me and our backyards they're so what we need which I'm not really leave. Back up a draft. Stable or yesterday and they were virtues but. I'm gonna make this work forward and that we are trying to figure out what kind of car we might he would give parents the third of the ballpark figure. And water balloons that might be a step that we bike he could take the result. Backed out or what it. I wanted to hire a plumber they can run a camera through and show you exactly the extent of the of what's the weather's there isn't there yeah and it and it depends what type the system is that a conventional system is a low pressure. Hey hey Adam hang out and do this we're we're gonna run right up against a break is so we'll take a second while were off our fair and anti gun they're fairly or for need to do that. John and Anita wish you guys out there as well ours are put at my whole what did you guys and hold take a little break. And then we'll come back to make sure we answer your questions we do have some additional lines open where several 4571110. Welcome back this is some of them with John and Dave I'm John Gordon. With The Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel okay. Nothing wrong and I'm Scott Shelton with Charlotte Comfort Systems. Thanks me with the skies are do we get the gel with a septic questioned did we would talk deny he's he's gonna call the county because I think that's the next step he's got to figure out if they need to do what's car repair area that they left it usually leave the space on the property to to move a septic field. Found just in case you get a situation like this so. I'm Danny told me he was in Union County so that that a lot of times they have a lot of trouble septic out there this the soils or that they have a lot of different systems that they use their because of that. And kind of well hardly get fixed up. To deal John's been home forever for a help with the gentleman there that insulation in the and the floor joists above John thanks for weight and I your home improve with John and they. OK fellas thanks for problem in talk to do so thirty more and you have great show and I enjoy listening to it. Thank you idea in my house that my dad bill that I grew up in. This ceiling in the basement was fairly or was this fellow is describing and does some of the typing in Holland Duckworth plan under. And the solution then came up with closed cities used to transferring strips. We we actually took two before some risk among his table saw me and then used makes my peg board. To cover their room four by eight sheets and there wherever he's coping solves the cut around what we needed to make everything fit. And once that was done and then spray painted business and that allowed air flows through Holden peg board and found nothing crazy that's. Pretty healthy body pay Hattie hang your tools out there when there on the ceiling on how. Because I thought I thought vertically special hooks right. Yeah all of it associate head they turned sideways. There you know. It's a great idea. Yeah it did and enslaved all the space in fact we didn't have we didn't even have this sort of improve for that he was talking about but but there was a whole lot easier and it is certainly made it accessible we could feel given those. Places about this stadium has single sheet they only if you need to get up above it and further. That worked out for a number of years and the good at something and am bit kept us. Insulation from drifting down onto explorer does during Spring Hill that really work furlough. Can you all right frail thanks for holding thanks for sharing that weather is appreciated. Jesper your body weight frank thank you John. All right there we go next up is Anita Anita Demorrio improve with John and Dave how are you this morning. Good morning. You mean I got a tour. All I'm told I'm looking approach at home all what are Republicans on the hill. The copy is really a little plaque. It is going to be a problem. If we can't. And no is house only you. The top yeah. Oh yeah I like somehow an hour and a little guilt nor inclined you can. And that's that's the way it is while property is that I'm a little pot you all right hold on. Large scale are yeah they're like some of our our our our things. The other little inclined to get out. She's only she's the one that's up as there is better than them and it's down to economic creek is on the Moshe and yes. Yes so if it's up on the hill their gathers no problem with that then there's not a problem with sewer others you know and it it'll but it rolls downhill so. Your your game with that. Uncle Sam so I don't know the question is. I'm up against some remodeling myself and I've won in hiring a real big problem is that like the difficult task that do. It's sure ceramic tile. Aren't you are Italian background with this heavy done before. Don't we can be a crow and do it technically I just don't know what do you do if you didn't see one of the more consumer friendly. Projects bush it is just got to your point depends on my what's got to happen and prepare for preparation right right to strike if giveaway that saw and. And any good playing. You can deftly doing very good back. Don't ever get back. Yeah. It's just it's it's labor intensive look my my my suggestion would be to. I'm go to Home Depot the next time that they have a tile setting class in the end didn't go see that because you can be hands on pretty much. Com at least if you're not hands on your close enough that she could put your hands on it's it's a little Martha CA when they're doing that and they may have been published online now I can't remember about the do it yourself clinics and they always do one on ceramic tile. Since it's always the one that's most popular because people feel like they're wanna tackle that one. But here's that here's the thing even if you do that you take that class I would start out your first your first areas and make sure your views and a small format tile. Com just start out with because the bigger styles tend to be best that's harder they're harder delay and sat. Com this simply because of the of the amount of love then said digestible and honor him. But once you see what they're doing I think third class and I think you'll you'll make a better decision whether or not you wanna do you do tile work. It is rewarding those very familiar right. I hit it looks nice it's just make sure when you almost drawn out on paper it's the size of the tile. Just they have an idea how you gonna lay it out because you don't want three inch of a trial inside and Sarah ten inches on the other to really make the room look all. Yeah. Our heart and the guy. But I figured I did I just a little resurgence to see if there's something that's really wanna do it's just it's it's it's hard grueling work as a as far as I'm concerned because your. You're constantly lifting in picking up the bags of the book since setter every. I'm miles heavy vineyard on your knees your your your bidding over constantly. Hung it is that it's a lot of physical labor. But this is best and there's an art to a keeping that keeping mess things said moist enough. Yes he gimmicks too much of one's and we don't want talked out of it but there's just a lot that you need to know and he is so I think if you did he do videos in the end maybe you do class I think that'll help you. And welcomes. Good lie with a colony of our. I think just got your point the trick is just laid it out drives. I don't know what's gonna happen and then taken in sections so you don't end and didn't just have a good you know stories border whatever if she has a right tools. And patience if you think you really pay California. Par I would take little breaks your folks don't go away some approval which on a day. William and buddy don't go away we see were coming your way right after this welcome back this is homered group John and Dave I'm done bored with The Home Depot Hyundai gulf. I'm Scott shelter at Charlotte comforts of home. Yeah. Trust thanks for being with us this morning we appreciate the great partnership lots of great information lots of topics. We're gonna jump right over to William who has been patiently waiting William good morning I'm home improvement with John and Dave are you this morning. Great aero two or we are. Yeah I have a question how well. Recent addition you did RO. We turn a law. Had a lot pal. Outing gay Wall Street in the middle at a bed room at all. Guys that are on a great job they are caught there really work. But. Court might have been document. So we're currently wanting to sell our house. But we want to correct what they. Do decide to sell at all. And then. Our question I wanna know. Should I go in or. Upgrade and we also edit and our thoughts are ordered concrete. I go up. When you don't have to report to the mortgage company but. Then you don't have to report the granite to. The inspections department but if you did structural work and wiring or plumbing or air conditioning and heating and you've you've you've you normally would have to permit that. Oh yeah are false. Yeah and you've been worse. Vote so they didn't mover and a single electrical circuit. Or change. The location of any of the HTC ducks they'll. Move a light enough and so yeah noon. And that's that's casing your good well actually no because you have. Did you have to have an out you start have to put electricity in that wall. You still have to put it can be its outlook because what they've. What what does what those are the reasons that they have outlets in in in so many in her room is because they don't want you put extension cords because of the extension cords come fires normally because they get overloaded so. If they put up a wall 6128. Foot long however. There should be an outlet on either side of it most likely. Because you've extended public twelve foot rule so. You'll wanna get you wanna talk tear your rub builder. About it and then you know he may wanna come in they're open that ball back up and get the get the proper permits get the I'm the outlets put in it. But if once you do that then it'll be it'll go on record but there's other things too that shift consider fear on a septic system. Can you add another bedroom. You know are your city water city sewer. And if you close that room off Missouri turn and there. To pull heat out. Yeah all. You know there were there. There's a career in the middle room all well Urquhart. My. They were on your goals not in the new all or that Barack I don't there's true. Geared up. Think there were ordered out in my law actually go all out right. So sounds pretty cut dry I don't think it's gonna be a huge deal but. I'm they'll have to get that not to get some power that long since you've extended the circuits all have to be calm don't have to be on our fault that's the arc fault receptacle. And I would just talk here talk to your builder and get him get him back out there in the around. Then just get this ego hadn't and let him all the while back up but didn't get his rough inspections of its electrician in the that it hit that all taking care of otherwise. It'll just wait T sell my house and then. Com that's possible will look to see if there was a permit pulled to have that wall put in there. You know if it looks Yahoo! itself to sop to think about. Printers. Your. Secure border okay say your find their so you don't than that it's not a huge deal to divide that room up other than. Just one makes you get some power that Wallin and and make it free at the code so that it can be used it or call another bedroom. But I think it let's say has its own closet it's not going to be considered bedroom. So think about. Should have had. I showed up at a permit all or golf yes is yes sir. It felt pretty good aren't they are all right. So. I think you are doing can't. I thank you William appreciated having you on. Here comes buddy buddy your home from with John and Dave are you this morning. Fair. Earlier. Question about a leaky toilet fairly at the bottom are under repair before. Phil are truly all been in the began. And were done in the pastor's gondolas and I'm like cool why are pretty they're poised so. Existing are trained. Dancer that you problems or Warren when I install. The bowl that I use. It's it's. Over I didn't do that like pulled the ball out vote. Broad based out of the plane and I didn't do you. The other blanch you need those. What is the slang still but it was still Little League so it just seems like. How much personal Florida titan at number one and then number to. We and what I do you do it on there to look toward the bowl or design so why break came half. Because there is little non dreaded part yes so you can put a little white cap on immaculate and Irish correct but. I lowered down snappy trying to do is cutting it looked. With a assault right ought to know guys had any tricks on how hard you threw Qatar in the morning and then also do you snap that bowl. OK so tell me about the flames as it is a plastic Hearst deal. Are they do so what are your parents aren't. You know while that it'll be. It'll be arraigned it was a piece of lead has held this house. Our crew here is yes so it's got cast iron underneath and you have a piece of lead pipe that comes up that smell ball. I'll bet folds over that green that you're talking about. Also normally that's a brass ring. For that that's in there and you've and you pull through. So what what you have to make sure is this is the best thing for you do is go to the store and find another ring that looks like that and then then buy it bring home and then compare to the one that's on the floor so you can. See if it's in the shape that the one from the store is. So if it is and it's not broken or spread out then what you can do as you put your. Which are bolts back again. And then what you buy an extra set of wash your eye like a bystander washers offender watchers a little bit bigger in diameter it'll fit over the quarter inch folder of the 516 bit voltage you're using. And then put it not so by stainless steel and then tighten them all down to the flange. Then put your wax ring in satcher toilet. And then tighten up your bolts and then if you can't break those vultures should be go to break him at that point but if not the only have to. You only need to run a hacksaw and they're just at a just a couple of cuts and it'll it'll snap off with a pair of pliers. Because I is that it's a slower cap or you should just curious urges so. Just something caught up Ender like PNDER. Tender walker fender Bender. Senator like the guitar. Freddie chandelier in here in the US senator or how he. And you should pardon the ball directly to the plan yes what do not our topic bullet on correctly that type put it not on top of that wash your tight net bolt into the flinch. OK you are not been doing enough yet blocking well that's okay. And then this'll help end. Tom birchard and in the second thing words third or give the the defender watcher. And put. The bowl. On the forehand then put the cinder walk her down and then put a not so on top model are exactly see your client they don't exactly ends right there bullet aren't exactly. You got. Culpable load the car before that read you can buy an orange and make a mark oranges are out of shape yes correct and such as find other players you can always return it if you don't need it. Yeah yeah yeah okay how much harsher al-Qaeda proper place the orange. I'm not much you're gonna fold the the lead over the the malleable lead is just it's folded back over you'll see what I'm talking about it's just beat down over top of that brass flange. For and you can do that you know the other thing he could do as you can call plumber and have a come out the cut that cast iron off underneath the house in the foot of the put a proper connection on there. And they'll run it up they'll put a PVC flange inside it'll be PVC inside and still cast iron under hundreds of at the bottom. Yeah. Spin and that will help you too but that play into supposed to be screwed downer vaulted to the floor. Com and bet bet that way the toilet is not just relying on the bolts so to hold it in the pipe halted a place. Mir. So that aren't the problem and that's why you keep leaking. There you go. Everybody hang tight for a sec will make sure you got it got squared away John's not they can we see you guys out there to take a little break here and we'll be back here to answer your questions on home food stunning day. Welcome back this is home from north Jon and Dave I'm done born with The Home Depot I'm David don't wolf I'm actually the welcome to help. And I'm Scott Shelton would Charlotte comfort system. Gentlemen thank you so much for me with the show us your questions this morning we're gonna jump right back on the phones here and talk to John. John good morning I'll prove we're done and Dave are you this morning. Gloria I'll break how grill. We get our free her preparing and then. What I did you ever heard there's. Colder than a million it there's there's never down but never did join this bed up until the very. I'd rather go to bed and I'd walk down to. Do you just couldn't dress over. Yeah does well yes I remember over there and get the wire like they're great food go help wherever they put. June oh it's great. There's there's not a reason to do you cannot do that is are there is cause a water is run and what's with you what what you wanna make sure you don't do. Not what you put that in John has raised the ground level to the fourth and it's block and water from some point to hit catch basin. Itself but as you said if you're gonna take the dirt out and you have enough to do that and place aside and there. Where a year where you don't change a lay of the land you should be find the fact it'll it'll it'll be a good thing it'll slow. Com. As you say slow erosion down don't you just catch basins crucial to the politicians keep cleaning up her her. The third bottle throwing the Carter okay you welcome thanks for taking special way to break her. Hi just squared away and here comes sauce on good morning of approval or John or Dave are you this morning. We are telling her how. Each hour. We cannot move that glass the year. Even though it may. The stuff happens glad out of the frame it that Brad PLO and metals group you'd go out and get a because fluid. Sure however. And what kind of money that we're looking ahead and let's put one time restraints that we talked about what you're trying to get it out of market we kept trying to put. You know. Whatever it can move the house forward. Right. Well yeah I'm I'm here are two problems are or two different than the solution and a seamless shower my understanding is different from the probably be described in sun. So you so the issue is is it the appearance of the whole shower or just a glass doors. Did show resident you can just replacing glass doors that would be an option it ever misses something. Where do we go to do that because we went to one of the big stores. And he's the model that's too much of it you're gonna have to I mean April 2000 dollar job factory you know just. Well I that's that's what really could do it for less she just yet is it to change out the shower doors it's it's different if you wanna frame us shower doors vs if you wanna frame to shower framed shower can be done in a day. NA frame less shower they would come out and measure further glass and it would take about seven to ten days because it has to be tempered then then they would common they would take your old doors down. And then they would install the new frame a stores and then you have to wait 24 hours before you can use the shower or let's call Barack. OK see he didn't tell us we have options he just told me you know this is what you need to do. OK so who will I get to prop up the glass and put in new black. Well again we're we're probably not gonna recommend popping the glass out of the frame where they're gonna take the entire framed out and put a new frame up. But. A good remodel or could do that any any decent remodel or could do that bright well an end up I'm got to. Good great customer and end so I value a lot of trouble roared its Larry seltzer with sacks and. The last hour ago. OK cool. So an industry did view. Second. Opinion you can also talk with S and especially these days. Well barefoot two aria that was they're huge than they have glass they have shower doors or. They have framed or free loss. Or semi is semi frivolous because she not just do that the student glass doors there and earn our own roller shouldn't stop those out and take him and hammer price the glass. Beyond that they probably I mean you may be able to but she said that was brass bowl did you tell me it was brass freon as it. Color is just the color you know their style that everybody was using his little brother was beckoning ninety. Yeah I was was the bid was a good though word to use their self assess what you want to change that out correction. Dead you need to change your Scott trap. They both change out the glass to clear if we change out the black and we can paint. This crane because we've we did a spot check in at eight. Did you don't you don't you don't wanna do that leave that was somebody because campaign will come off when they start ease and it's. It's it's for the time in the effort of the money you be better off just or replace the doors of puts something new nickel finish or. You know just chrome. OK good that they're gonna that's gonna sell better people are gonna like that better then you know their faucets are brash she didn't you can buy trim to put over the shower faucets you've changed a handle on the toilet. Then you could replace the book of the the faucet in the in the Minot you have walls on three sides is just willing that you basically just going from the tub. Well and from left right pull strings are just. One all the this big doors. And then about a four foot high. Glass panel. Hadn't. Yeah so that's that's what you need is you need you need one of the glass companies to come out and send help you assess. Okay that's close to the knowledge is power thank you so much because I think it's. It has not been fun trying to get an answer. Yeah didn't get sold to come visit you in your venue so accent glasses when we came up barefoot. What was the other when you guys men contests and especially these this Indian trail there verify it ends as a Nasser out in the indeed drill. Very young matters. Throughout faceoff you learn ever thought that YouTube. All right here comes Betty good morning Betty your home from village on Dave are you this morning show. Very good your show is good. I might have some duck hook Bailey to undermine Hal from her mind he needs in Haywood and get the sixth best. This is probably on his brother's joy. Yeah and well drive pro and drive pro in dry odder both have thumb or repair divisions for crawl space. Of termite or or water water damage usually there's water where there sir myself. I'm it's damp underneath their heavy have you DeDe had he. They're young and you know that's. Termites anymore we've had that taken care that we had error. So that plant beacons for all that so cleaned out under our health. Okay. So now you're just ready for the first for some from repairs so that's probably do they have a they have Obama would bribe or would damage division a both of those companies drive pro. Four. Drier hotter drier hotter. Both both are capable and then of course a general contractor can also. It helped you so if you have a someone that thug does that type of work its structural Sony's should be permitted. Com and all that so a lot of times they'll bring an engineer in that let him tell him what needs to be done and then they'll follow that that recipes. Sobbed I went on marry. And there's a couple of others that are mentioned. Yeah. So there you go you've got you've got all those are both of those guys are married members as well. Okay. Thank you very much. Welcome you're welcome Betty thanks for second but who topped the lights or I were to take a less break your folks at home from Regina Dave welcome back. John I'm done it's. A date to mobile I'm Scott Shelton was Charlotte Comfort Systems. It's. Yeah. All right we guess I always hear from now try and then we're gonna. Wrap up some quick questions on some HVC sucks as well also Hal thanks for calling her home from a John David are you this morning. Thank you answer my question I have a big in my yard at the bell. Twelve years old and and I've tried different things. I. They're so hot that he can't walk on as fast barefoot we have. Grandchildren are very and that would be carried to protect you don't have the shooter on. Are you. I fight hard work it would barefoot different painfully he really. Trump quarry the right and it didn't work pretty hard putting the indoor outdoor carpeting on this probably walk arm strength and. They did not do it's. Her dad does have about the only thing you can do is some. Just put some type of shade. A couple of things that she can do. Inexpensive that she could do today would be simple would be June via a couple of umbrellas. Okay today I put a friend federal I'm. Umbrella of dead fawning gallery in a yours doesn't covered hopes are right I. And then the other thing that you can do our visa you see in the sales that they've put up and come. So it looks like a sale but they put it up in the in the sky and it just it just kind of goes over a decade set. If it's if it's weird how she can attach to the house maybe once or twice in the and you have to sell one post out but. It creates quite a bit of shape you can get different sizes and there and they look pretty cool do so. Here. Is just something or do we have a pool in the yard and a big screen this command was as I'm cool dec. Very old actress there's ten I was wondering what best could use fares on Wharton. I don't I've now I'm not sure may be I'm not sure that would bond you'd have to figure out how to get at the bond your biggest the biggest problem. With with installing something like that is would take some moisture in the and gives it off so the would expands and contracts. So your problem of getting that to hold wood we're about Sani tread and while it does see any trend. Would probably help but I'm not sure that the stays as cool as fullback broke her armpit and it and it may but up what I think it is that he can strip that deck treat it was cedar shields and and stabilize it and then you would be order product that they pulled back on weren't wearing. Does that get rid of that oh that'll that'll make the would so won't take on Watergate that's your biggest problem is expansion and contraction. They're and that's what drives most finishes off anyway. There are currently parents it's gonna it's gonna record the searcher. But we have a war don't get out bathroom. We're in a house that's six years and are prepared from work redone before we move and yeah. It's just think Cindy admits the bathroom and one at home we getting older and have been returned a fourth set on. And we don't use it as much as the other ones but but I I try to turn it on and just to let it run and we get an older. So we had called him a chance to check for order. And that we requirement come in and they said it was rewarding eat so we replaced awarding either. And caught two weeks after that I still get beat the older coming out of the court. And it's true at all cold ordered doesn't matter. You know it's. Definitely it's definitely out of Fossett not out of the sync. No credit report says it's okay. Deserve bathtub in that room that you. Infrequently used. They prepared for the Arab world there is that they that we don't use it are records said it would. Only if you want told you know when we moved and we had the older right from the beginning. And cherish our that we use all the time. Could there combat them have a drive traffic and ended just you could pressure changes in the room in the Fossett his own. It's it's it's possible that's pushing it when their when their push of water through the drain. But you're smelled it right it SAU eight. How right it exports its big you have to be important for us it's like it's definitely happy it's been and I noticed it right away and then if there were reports it runs for about. Two or three minutes you don't smell it anymore. We are well. Not being said he was a check with experts the county and I just wonder if they need to to disinfect this boot the system. Com got something in the line you know that's why I'm wondering. I just wonder Alice eve if it's if the plumber that you had and if they know how to shoot pump chlorine through the house. There's there's a way to do it that they can put some bleach through the system and disinfect the pipes. Okay you. I mean you suggest that he you know was just that one or sit. Well you gotta do to get to that faucet get to that faucet so I guess she can do from under the sink I don't know why you couldn't that would you just don't know where whether where. In line from Cink won the sink to it happens like this right yeah that's what I would be taken but. You know the other thing you could do that would be a fairly easy fixes to change the supply lines and changed the faucet. Insult see if that does it. Tom you know that's a relatively inexpensive fix it and if you're simply if you're if you're a little bit I mean he can do that yourself and you know a couple hours you'll by the time you buy it you don't community you be done. The deep pockets as a group that you were. You're not ticket stub bacteria vets from the sometimes from the water on geeky yes and surprised with the city water has a has. Ammonia and ammonia and chlorine in it together employers that. Or might there anyway so do so now one just warmed 'cause I'm slower and the average bear. Just wood with no water on if you stuck your face down on the ball you don't get the smell correct now rip and I grow market. We're just trying to eliminate that dry trap because everything else you say it sounds a little electric drive trap also so I I think. I think David's right we're always try to start with the least aggressive and work our way up so maybe get in the faucet hum and the supply lines changed out. Would be a step wanna see if that solves problems for you okay and then yeah I am in I would look at the. And the other thing is that you really might be owed this to take that faucet off in the supply lines in in clean them you know run the run the bleach water through it yourself ransom out. And then just reinstall it and rather than buying a new and. Alec do that would Foster and I'll go ahead replace a supply line reality of I think. Felt good or are you let yourself look down questions we appreciate it sir great thanks. So. Just Zeke has got the last few minutes we got left here on it is time for folks start up there air conditioners. And calm and we talked about you know make sure you get out make sure you get to inspection. But really it is there anything tricky about busts are the thing up I mean you're you're going into season you when you hit the thermostat to say run it. Didn't he surround The Who what what should I mean is there anything tricky people need to think about the anger that. Inspection America's really ready go. Now banned in big efforts instead of purely me talking about how. You know systems may dry out over the winner. What do you mean. Well I'm still trying to figure that out that I mean is the cockpit. You know the oil just like the oil in the engine of your car migrates to the lowest point run refrigerator is all based. Some panel. But that's under char I mean it's under pressure whether the system is running not as it is it not it is you know slow you make sure that your outdoor clothes cleaner indoor clothes clean. And your filters are clean. I don't understand this gimmick that disembodied promoting about dwell on it so so but I guess who I'm. You're all kinds of budgets will make sure were sharing good information so. That there's there's enough and there's there's not like a shut down. Process server that would cause you have to have some kind of tricky worked on to to bring it back on line. Nobody I mean just think if you bought a car you drove it for 20000 miles and never did maintenance. The manufacturers not gonna go through dealerships not gonna help you. Same in our industry you have to take your equipment just do your routine maintenance get in the habit of it take care of it and it's gonna last longer than. Tom I just us or make sure there were sharing that information and and then so that that that's good and always wanna say thank you for the awesome job you guessed your first we generally appreciated unaware of what we got to wrap things up for the show so arms so we appreciate everything and you guys you force. And always wanna remind folks. Did you think about home improvement that the most important town home improvement that you can make. Isn't on the make your home happier place to live and don't forget to work on that project this week and we'll see you next week home improvement with John and safe.