Seth Powell Nuclear Plants.


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This story interestingly enough was in the post and courier. A decision by Duke Energy to bow out of running. Out of the running. For the VC summer project. As you know that project was abandoned. And duke was looking at hey we gotta take this son and maybe finish this well they've decided now. What's intriguing about the stories what's buried. Buried. Several paragraphs into the store. Which gets you. So duke says it's not going to help restart construction of the VC summer nuclear station in Fairfield County. This dims hopes for the projects revival. Hours after the power company nixed plans for separate nuclear plants in South Carolina. Duke represented one of the best hopes for restarting the project. Which was canceled last month amid budget overruns construction delays and uncertainties about its contractors future. Duke is south Carolina's largest electric provider. It was one of the three primary utilities governor Henry McMaster initially contacted about buying a stake in the midlands project. And until Friday was the only other power company with plans to develop nuclear plants. The nuclear power in the palmetto State's. The spokesperson said hey we've looked at this from every angle we've concluded this is not feasible for us to take on. South Carolina electric and gas in the state owned power company Santee Cooper pulled the plug in their plans. Dead two new. Nuclear reactors. At VC summer late last month after they determine the project will cost at least 21. Billion dollars. This is double the original price estimate and it came after the two utilities. Had already spent a combined nine. Billion dollars. And it gets more interest. Because buried way down in the story. Duke off for the same explanation to North Carolina regulators on Friday. When it asked for permission to abandon its plans to build the leaky nuclear station near Gaffney. Thirty minutes northeast of Spartanburg and Cherokee county. What is this buried way down in the story. And unfortunately there is more. Unlike the Fairfield County project the lead plant never broke ground. But it of filing with the North Carolina utilities commission Charlotte based duke said it spent. 542. Million dollars to acquire land and design project. And here's where. The information is very pertinent TU. Duke says it's South Carolina customers will be on the hook for about 30% of the abandoned project. But wait before asking regulators in Colombia for permission to charge customers in the palmetto state for the work. They will file first a rate increase eventually but not this year I wonder why. Duke's decision was based in part on the demise of the VC summer expansion. The two projects planned to use the same reactor design. And you told regulators it would have limited opportunity to assess project execution strategies and risk. So all of that to set the table for discussion. With Seth well outreach director of the freedom action network of South Carolina a lot to digest here. Bottom line is there were are a lot of customers year. Who we're going to end up paying for projects that were never completed it that's the bottom line. Well thanks a lot state politicians right. They just pat them on 2000 settle trade this whole mess and panel we're seeing now that has changed a little burst and when you put together a bill that allows utility companies to charge their caused an uproar. For these projects but also reasonable look well if the project in opinion what in and that is there. Critical point where beat duke are scared nursing at the Cooper to actually get these nuclear power grip up in her own. They're not and that's all the thing because at least they politicians. And we're getting paid no matter what. Exactly exactly. And it's worth noting as well we're talking about. The public service commission which is the gulf regulatory body that these utility companies appealed to a greater rate it will appeal to regulatory staff who. I was up it usually testified that those hearings and trot a balanced and teach critical battle the bulk bill rate paying consumers. The our public award and then economic development South Carolina. Both of these people but these beat bureaucrats to a par response system are also appointed. By our state legislature and politicians. So not only for the Pope has passed the wall. Then the people who would post overseeing this project and regulate it. We have been asleep at the wheel perky new years let this thing that I equal weight off the rails. And that I don't know he military it was in the past well we could beat up blue ribbon committee hearings that. Hugh leatherman gave Lucas a reporter from the house and senate. Basically to bring an end. In the public service commission to bring an end executive can be different. Com companies and trying to do Obama that force events and it almost illegal war and all the people who appointed. Marketing campaign donations from huge scandal or. How hopeful that we really feel bad politician to a basically grown up all of the year. The campaign donors how well do you really feel that they're gonna stick up for us and not just kick the can down the road and it into a perch in each. So you believe what we're looking at here. Basically comes down to smoke and mirrors that there will be really not much of any substance coming from these hearings. Well pocket and they wanna hold a hearing and they want it to the bottom of that you do it about five. That is we don't lose the blink in this and that is the state politician that voted for the wall published and without it out. Yes they politicians who will be bureaucrat to oversee the projects. That simply didn't do their job. I'm so if you had a hearing but maybe assurance we will get right to appoint politicians are to blame and they need to pay for this and that's not a and they need to repeal that they would argue that immediately. Protect ratepayers from any future rate hikes for our meters and or do. And it. It is in effect audition now as you think it would do now banning that power plant called upping Gaffney. Now it's that everyone in this state. This could be heard over about this bill. We'll continue to go body politicians and I had Franklin did this and Hugh leatherman take it upon themselves to appoint the blue ribbon committees. And all the senate side you can coach Ayers and the defense learned insane actually when they sent were bought cosponsor debate over you act. Way back when. At opal were it not only role in executive that would stand up act in the way a campaign contribution. Tony is a complete dog and pony show and not don't expect. Much to come out of it all but in all honesty we don't need. The politician to get the bottom of the fourth that it really quite simple as to who the blame is now going to hold MacCallum we your Q level. We only have about a minute left in this segment what can we do because I think a lot of people may feel helpless as they listen to this discussion. What can we do about this. What they right now bopping question that we know that they basically create a no lose proposition for the scope right you're gonna get my able prying it money we're back in. I don't know politicians are personally profiting from that. If they are buying stock in into the hole isn't far from saint speaker Kirk. And that the constituent unit of oh right in the you know you'll open up politicians to make him O'Neal was about president trump had disclosed his investments. It's difficult to the US got a bone up on US federal. The popular politicians do not. So we as opposed to as they are politicians directly or you make it bode well but it does that the first thing that every single well if you listen that messaging though. Just text the word money. 252886. If you get into cinema direct you know at that point blank or you make your money from the pop or not. Either way repeal the law now. That's what we need them clean and they need in the repeal it and we you know they're making baloney. All the solid effort Stanley every single look good right now without garlic or loose at the floor on loose campaign I don't think on the court ruled we don't know. And natural when he changed to text the word money. The five to 86 keep the pressure it got repeal that wall and find that they're making money off all the debacle. Sit well. Outreach director for the freedom action network South Carolina they slapped him on the broadcast this morning.