Sexual Harrassment, Wild Words Of News, Big Weekend and More

John Hancock
Friday, November 10th

Hancok reviewed many of the new sexual harrassment allegations, spoke with Erik Spanberg, of The Charlotte Busiess Journal, Big Weekend and more


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This is John Hancock. Somebody got to do is organizing deal or they rebuild that church with donated works labor and materials for the whole nine yards just pull another thousand and construction companies plumbers electricians. Masons and rebuild that thing in about two weeks. On the house. Wonder if that'll be the next step. Hey there hi there are other or is Fridays we can be sort of. He's a good the weather I'll take this weather. Sun's out to one of those days Richard initiated a little chilly and if you're a neo sun it's just as nice is it can be. Our football Friday night playoff action starts tonight cradled chilly but that's perfect for a playoff football. So. All all you are guys out there. Check your pants. Make sure everything's. Appropriately. Closed up what did you. Good lord. Louis CK came out today and says that the allegations of sexual misconduct are true. Any expresses remorse. And I can't even read his stick at it but. I hum. Who would've ever thought that the Harvey Weinstein thing would lead to this avalanche. Of well of uncovering. Let's part of the world market for. I'm. The dirt bags of America. Or the old boy network or the the boys will be boys. Women put their feet put down so I know we'll talk about Brad is second and all of gingerly step around mr. Not CK gay got his career is history. Kevin Spacey is career is history. Harvey Weinstein whose career is history then you see other people that are coming in. Louie CR. Stephenson calls got a allegation against him. Just one so far. But did you I don't know just kind of mounts up amounts up Ben Affleck you know I mean he kind of had to apologize for being they had dirt bag what kind of knew that and we. And then if you couple that story with the allegations that are going on in Alabama against Roy Moore. And really. Questionable. Time. Special elections are about to take place now here's a guy that's been in the headlines because he's defied court orders and it's. He's done all sorts of things as they as a judge. And none of this ever came out pin. But all the sudden now you've got a election and are really mean political atmosphere I am I don't know what the truth has done that don't get me wrong I'm alleging. That this is all a conspiracy don't to smear Roy Moore. But sometimes you just gotta question the timing and now and then atlas and let's face it. If you accuse. Any mail. Other sexual impropriety. Whether it's true or not. It will stick. And it will leave shadows of doubt in people's minds even after that person is exonerated if you wanna take down somebody. Then accuse him of some sexual impropriety. When the young girl or. Multiple you know cheat not his why what are the case may be. So I you know all you just gotta gotta wait for the process to. Into. Did you do go through the process but. Sometimes the timing just sucks that sometimes the timing so what we're worry you six months ago or twelve years ago old five years ago where were you. Always your allegations before. A key election was about to take place in Alabama. And told to you knowledge that that would lead me to have as many questions about the allegations as it would. And the timing thereof says it would about. They alleged. Miss DeDe back when he was thirty in these people were in their teens and including the one girl. Our first one to come forward where was fourteen at the time. So you're just kind of left here to. To do or die I don't know what make your decision I have gotten all sorts of articles from people today. Send me stuff. One of them said hey John I dear reader read this on the year. Well I don't figures. Start with. And second of all your source sucks. Is that the best you can do. And admitted to you know he asked that question these days. What is a good source these days. Washington Post. New York Times CNN. What you NBC ABC CBS. Oh what is a good source these days. So lob. I don't know what a world where it what I tangled web we weave. I Seahawks beat cardinals last night didn't in the in the process lost Richard Sherman for the rest of the season so. Oh. Is that it for the Seahawks they toast now. And now the cardinals are I guess officially toast anyway. And the cowboys won't have Ezekiel Eliot on of the field this week. Because. A a court. His say his so oral arguments on the appeal of the suspension ordered in August by the NFL. Was it denied I'm not sure what stage of court. This was in there's been so many a federal appeals court yesterday refused to let him play while it considers the appeal of the six game suspension which is an appeal of the I mean it's a song Bob lost track of legal process at this point but apparently the next a hearing won't be until December. Early part of December so I'm assuming that. Elliott won't play any games for the month of November for the cowboys he's should be suspended for six. So August all piecemeal this I don't know how that all works. I just wish they'd make up their mind to start to affect my fantasy football teams. Little less serious for a second. Higgins died. Hiro watched the old Magnum PI. John Hillerman. Died. 84 years old Jonathan quail Higgins the third. And I Houston Texas seems on Magnum PIU school's older. 84 years old. At four Emmy nominations for his work on that Tom silica series. Winning for supporting actor in 1987. Took Almonte Golden Globe for the role five years later. He was a lone vote. Crist everybody is career was on the here. On Betty White show murder she wrote to he was in high plains drifter the movie he was in Chinatown he was in blazing saddles. Let's straddled soma. John resident. But anyway Higgins passed away John Hillerman. 84 years old in no Houston. A couple of about veterans day as the day goes on hunger American flags out of me out on the house today. It's pretty nice. At the bit that we go into a veteran has all the figure out how to hang these flags because of those. Comfort because of the post that we have all on the inside and so on over so we found this ingenious way to do that it's analogous to American flags of produce that. White house with the wraparound from porch looks really nice. So are so we want to for a long long time. Louis CK. These latest in the pro. Shares of via allegations of misconduct. Com. Started with Harvey Weinstein a few weeks ago and then Jeremy Piven and and Kevin Spacey and are not necessarily in disorder but it means is there's been a long no list of people whose careers apparently are coming to an end right before your very eyes. Com. None tested and Kevin Spacey. All we CK us pretty close say New York premiere of his I love you daddy was canceled just hours before it was set to take place on Thursday. And that's kind of interesting because this is a movie that he directed and starred in and and it raised a little eyebrows. On its own because of his budding sexual relationship that it depicts between here's characters seventeen year old daughter and a 68 year old filmmaker. So there are also multiple jokes about child rape apparently in this movie. And one of the stars of the movie is Helen Hunt. Been awhile since we've seen her hadn't. Like tornado. Course. Twister area there was. So. Shortly after a bombshell New York Times story alleges multiple cases of sexual misconduct breaks the Hollywood reporter. Our reports that the premiere at the Paris theater was actually headed to New York Times story. And and an appearance that tests Lou CK was gonna make on know with us Stephen cold air was canceled. And there had long been rumors about seek his mistreatment of women. The latest story was published Thursday afternoon in the New York Times five women allege that the comedian cross the line of sexual misconduct. CK is publicist at the time told the times. Louie is not going to answer any questions. But he did. Today. Andy came out and he said that the allegations of sexual misconduct. Are true. Any expressed remorse. And this is where I get to the point that I have to be really. Careful. Because his explanation. Is as vile as his actions. To some extent. It ended ended ended in other words LA he he operates in his. Are expressing remorse. Without the same filter that he uses first company. He has responded to allegations for five women Eddie. Our pleasure himself in front of them. And said these stories are true. Close quote. And I don't understand that at all. Uttered even understand how you. They think that's a good idea. And then being evaluated approach it. This coming from somebody who had trouble asking somebody at those senior problem of she'd like to dance. That's that would have been a big step for me. Well if you don't wanna dance would you. Would you like to watch me. Yeah that's I know I'd. Lou CK says he had told himself that quote and I can't quote him exactly. That what I did was okay because. I never showed a woman might. I. Your body part here. And without asking first. And says he's learned that when you have the power over another person asking them to look at that body part isn't a question. He said he had powers over his accusers quote and I wielded that power irresponsibly. Close quote and he admits that while he's. Tried to learn. From his actions. He's also run from them. He said that the times story caused him to realize the extent to which he harmed women the hardest regret I live with is that you've done this to hurt somebody. And I can now hardly wrap my head around the scope of hurt that I brought to them any also apologize to others associated with him personally and professionally for bringing on this to them to. He said has been monologue and lucky career talking and saying anything I want and I will now step back and take a long time to listen. We talk about John element does he was Higgins in the although Magnum PI of Tom Selleck TV series 84 years old past week in Houston and ordered soon John WBT hey John. Great job but we'll play them all all you guys don't work for a wide five boat back in the day and I'm the driver bully card you trapped the pick up the actor and actress salute for. Why bother when John Norman before he got it Magnum PI Dick. He did quite puke I'll wipe out those and one of the nicest people as far as an actor I'd say why I just truly enjoyed. I got the pleasure taken into the I had the pleasure taken a back to the hotel. And he would tell me stories about actors and actresses that I was you know just keep my confidence let's. Great storyteller just a great human being and I have truly had the pleasure of need to very very. Decent actor who out of the world. They have and it's good to hear does that mean that was kind of his character on on the show to it as a guide channel automobile likable and and no level headed and stuff like that's our reset my memory was not Magnum PI based in Hawaii as well. Then correct when he went 50 wrapped then Magnum came via okay. And they changed. Portal are important for me the captain director Terkel like he hit me so I got not only to drive or alive but I got division Mac service which was great money back a day. The best money I think did anybody pay Purdue an extra step. And loot and plunder and of course I was broadcasting out there I thought you a couple of times in the past job at that. Truly admire you and your talent surrogate almost they have much I appreciate you because I know who you are what you do hear it that's it that's a lot of talent but lately. Well thank you appreciate that I tried to get jobs in Hawaii back earlier in my career. And I don't remember they were Keizo remember that dictated. Ten PR as to why we're we're back in the day it was Eric KH oh win or something like that at Honolulu. Well that was actually live there that was a TV station had a radio GAAP and KK you Kate Kate UK it was another one. They had comic comic con man. And a couple other different guys back in the day but. 5% when I went with KP you lie I want OK he'll file chew out playing in the club deployment club did you end up. And so that's where you know that's where our program at that you and I have similar stores like here you talk about the club face. And those experiences here in our area. And unfortunately have bailed out of the yard it was a fairly insecure business to be and of course as you know that true. Because but I bailed out and now for race turned Charlotte you have I used to hang out at big boy is back and look at what. Choking boo boo Berry and and US the first. Memory coordinate that comply and had a lot of great good times there are so they can doing what I did. Have hey I appreciate your comment. And got to work on dormant. Yeah thanks very appreciate cause very call and the Marine Corps yes well and and veterans absolutely the veterans veterans day is officially tomorrow world recognize again in a lot of ways today. Veterans day always observed unknown November the eleventh. But. Those schools are off today and so on some work today it's 1110 days she rules you know. Well at 1110. When is 993 day I guess it's all the same thing. Ogden matter what day it falls on veterans day began back in 1919 armistice day. Mark the end mark the date when in Germany and allies signed the 1918 agreement to cease World War I hostilities. It was earlier in 1919. That our president Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11. There's the first commemoration of pharmacist day. Saying quote to us in America the reflections of armistice day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country service and with gratitude. For the victory. Close quote it. It almost it took almost two decades for our sustained become a legal holiday that occurred in 1938. By an act of congress. After World War II cinemas started to grow to make the de L one of observance of all veterans. And in 1954. President Eisenhower signed a law that changed the name to its current form veterans day. On Memorial Day. According to the US department of veterans day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died. In the service of their country veterans day. Is set aside to honor all. Who served honorably in the military whether or no war or in peace and no matter what position or otherwise. And sometimes I think we lose track of that. Tomorrow I I I I know tomorrow FaceBook will be filled with people put their dad's picture up on there. And while to some extent it gets a little tedious. As the day goes on. Into it's and they do do it anyway. Because I think it's an I think it's a really honorable thing midterm of people dude of two. Towed to honor their dads or their sons or their Brothers or there whomever. Somebody asked so why does veterans day. Not have an apostrophe. I never thought of that. And according to the VA the name does not include an apostrophe because it's not a day that belongs to veterans rather it's a day for honoring. Veterans. They punctuation and corrections. I'm an except for some that they are critical functions federal offices are generally closed on veterans day. But the holiday falls on a non work day a Saturday or Sunday offices are closed toe on the adjacent workers so that would be today. Monday if the holiday falls on Sunday Friday if it falls on a Saturday according to the VA state and local governments including schools may determine for themselves whether to close a remain open. Well and likewise non government businesses are freedom. Make their own decisions to to close or remain open for business and in general businesses or remain open. And although they all do it I don't I always kind of get queasy when no we have. Sales. You know. As an added we're honoring veterans so here. But it's you know it's we we we do it anyway quite sales and furniture sales and then there's that the other. So. Anyway happy veterans day due to Walton served and and there you go a little bit of the of the history of the day. There was an article in the paper we were toggle bit earlier Bill Lewis UK he's the latest have his career imploded no go completely downhill on metal continue for the next few days Kevin Spacey is already ruined his Jeremy Piven is in the process of having his. Now ruined because of his acts Harvey Weinstein is where we all started with all of this this has got an awful lot of people some names that I don't necessarily recognize are also being caught openness and now and then and now. And we're finding out the true character of us some of these people or the true privilege that comes with celebrity and money and or deal legends. And power and abuse and end and so on so forth there was an article are those of pretty much Bakken neo Weinstein. Nowadays does George generation determine how you perceived sexual harassment on that's. The article seems asinine today because if you look at Louie CK. The allegations of him. And what he's accused to which he has admitted. On in front of women. Involving a body part and so on and so forth I'll bet that has nothing to do with perception that is absolutely. Out of line file. But. But I thought it was instant back in the Weinstein days and to some extent. Hurdle of this would do with the Roy Moore scandal or alleged scandal of mobile talk about this article in just couple of seconds. There's also a poll out this has almost half of employed US women have been harassed harassed at work. I don't know if opening the phones for that window would bring goals or not but I imagine many of you have stories to tell 70457. All of intent. You've probably get a dog got into the Louie CK. Admittance saying the allegations of sexual misconduct are true and his explanation of been no soul and so forth and and near Kevin Spacey. And the Jeremy Piven and a moment back Roy were Harvey Weinstein. Not that I guess there was any doubt about the allegations of her way all up for awhile but. At some point in this society and to some extent that's what's going on in Alabama right now Roy Moore. Who robbed. Is the former Alabama Supreme Court justice who became known for his hard line Christian conservative positions got removed from the from a Supreme Court to position twice once for disobeying a federal court order to remove the ten commandments monument from the state judicial building and the second time for. Are urging us state probate judge to defy the US Supreme Court decision that legalized. Gay marriage. He is and a special election. Flood this next month for our US senate seat. From Alabama. And there's a Washington Post story out to its reporting that a woman claims that is in 1979. When he was at 32 year old district attorney. Mom. He. Trying to figure out there I wanna make sure I don't miss characterized and ended in no missed state. This. He accosted her. It's a lack of a better term. I loved. There were there are three other well women who told the post that more. Who is now seventy pursued them when they were teenagers want him on 161718. Where the three ages CO first girl was fourteen. When he was in his thirties they're all grown up now. Hit they said those relationships didn't go beyond kissing. But soy is days campaign has denied the report another very addition of voted they called the very definition of fake news and no intentional defamation and the timing does seem a little question wall up. The so you get as stores like better weather is that he says she said type thing. And there was an article in the paper which shows in the end in light of the Louie CK story sounds ludicrous but or an angle that sounds ludicrous but. Harvey Weinstein and and James stole back and Brett Ratner and Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman and Jerry Piven and Andy Dick and all of these people. Our American women. Especially are paying attention but they're interpreting the news in significantly different ways based on their age in general nation Covert. So does your generation determine how you perceived sexual harassment and that was the crux of this article which I thought was kind of interest in the argument about generational differences. Like this baby boom women those born between 1946 in 1964. More likely to shrug off. Grabbing gross guys in the workplace. As inevitable. Not worth making a big deal out of it when it happens just keep calm and carry on Generation X. those 65 to. The early 1980s they too have mostly kept quiet and just kind of carried on and and and probably you know dead Jason didn't aired early working years. But the blow back said the article by the law professor Anita Hill you'll recall back in 1999 when she accused. They have Supreme Court nominee of past sexual harassment. For the from the boomer generation the generation answers said this USA today article Nash. All data shows surveys showed increasing support for women in the workplace and for gender equality. And leading generations experts. To say yet that did point out to Malloy any else anybody born after 1980. They've grown up in a completely different world. And drinking in notions of women's equality practically from their city cops is assess. So sexual harassment laws are on the books women outnumber men and colleges women are accustomed to seeing female doctors and lawyers or even no more form it is seeing women playing doctors and lawyers. On TV so millennial women they're thinking goes less likely to tolerate this kind of stuff. The kind of stuff that maybe their mothers and their grandmothers had do endure they are more likely to speak up. If they are subjected to a Generation X. Or many millennial would not think it's acceptable. And would not put up with sexual abuse. And that's kind of where we are today Brenda Russell the professor of applied psychology at Penn State Burks an era Redding Pennsylvania. And a baby boomer who has studied women in different generations. Says that her earlier research shows that boomers often declined to report sexual harassment or rape. How many of our generation would have reported it because it's it was a shame thing you question yourself and that is past generations but the new generation don't buy into them. So that's the way that the older generations had been trained afford to feel. And that's probably why guys continue to get away with this kind of stuff. But by the time Generation X. women were in the workforce abuse reports had gone up and that suggest the sense of misplaced shame. It was diminishing. So. We knew and you didn't get to a poll that was out at the end of October. That found nearly half of US women who are employed outside the home say they've experienced harassment in the workplace and 48% say they've been targeted by either sexual. Verbal or physical harassment on the workplace. Wall Street Journal poll released in the wake of dozens of women about the Harvey Weinstein thank those allegations sparked the hash tag me to campaign. Women posting now hash tag if they've ever experienced sexual harassment or assault. So the times Eric change and and guys better get their act together because no longer are people just gonna say it's as the boys being boys. Well they're gonna call for what it is and it's wrong. Head WV VY. They all deserve these the lush palatial offices of the earth relative who. Journal and senior staff writers Sandberg talked about today his contribution to this week's edition which is out today hello mr. Samberg. Harry here are my mom. Freiburg Friday very sun shiny Friday. And cold. Now have you that the name that you share with me it's already not share that publicly yet to let it mentions a little. I believe it's out. Both talked about yesterday on the air green. So are yet I believe people know that they don't have all know alternatives were there. The fact that did that I'm I'm going to be here for awhile despite their oh please. And not a letter Aston management. Well amid the bad news is that not only will you keep going but it's so mean that you don't want me around they'll be stuck. With me ever Friday as well so they're yeah. The outcome although I came to find out this week could do in my opinion on personnel matters doesn't really account for. A whole a whole lot of things so. What my opinion may not really carry much weight in that regard. So. There was some other news this week that I haven't talked about but I don't probably will be for the day is over Nazis to out as well slower but yes I would say the you're pretty you're pretty safe if for no other reason than notices. Half hour that kind of grow greens I don't have to do much except askew stupid questions. Well that's what my way of saying congratulations. Well thank you. It's okay I'll go away and ended this doesn't this this'll probably take me to retirement. Which is not that far away just told by the way but how lucky I have I've been dead could be abroad yesterday and appeared be in a community that supported me for his loners they have that didn't happened up. Not to a lot of broadcasters I got an awful Lotta broadcasting friends that got booted out of the business at 55 and had to kind of figure out how to make ends meet for ten or fifteen years and and I haven't had to do debt so the good lord's taken pretty good cured John. Well good work. Other than York that if I think we have had to change. At the top of the government considered this week you may not. I did got a notice that in fact this was a lady who apparently has dropped into our studios a couple of times where used surprised. In the gap between via Lyles and Kenny Smith the 59 to 41%. Absolutely. And you don't want entertained John we look at this in this day and the broader sports as well as. If you hurt Kenny Smith and the Republicans were very gung ho very confident that they had mobilize voters it turned out that they had mobilize voters they just had. Mobilized nearly as many as a Democrat didn't tell I think when. You look at this for a Republican perspective. You have to be a little bit shell shocked because. Edward peacock lost 54 or. Seven point few years ago and now any meth. Loses by eighteen points obviously that's not the way you wanna go tribe we had a mayor's race. Why tea. Why the turn out do you suppose 'cause we had talked a little bit about that before the fact. Tom and we were you know that that the poll that had come out that everybody kind of got excited about that data showed the dead Kenny was strong and millennial olds. We were wondering what would get the millennial out. There were in fact some a they're there is a younger face on no on a city government. There were some that'd there's a new faces and there are some. Braxton Winston and tart McCarty meaning these are these are new faces but I think they also represent a little bit younger attitude. Yeah I think you're exactly right I think they're cute really obvious factor in terms. What's going on with the turnout Ordonez slapped with a primary with Jennifer Robert knocked out of the race I think that took a lot of motivation away. From perspective. Voters who would support any bad it's much harder she demonize file while I think we saw that through the rest that the campaign and then the second thing of course is he had the trump factor the trap backlash that a lot of the political people are talking about I think those are two factors. And then I would also mentioned that you know it's always so hard to figure out exactly why people. Do or don't voter who they vote for and most of which are left it tried to kind of pick up the pieces and and and put some logic to what happened in elections. You know if he did he end if you want a doubt the trump factor and I do kinda discounted a lesson from the national level and the message that was sent an this is. How it reflects what's gonna happen in 2810 I think we are along ways to go until 2018 whatever the issues are that to a make or break 2018 probably haven't. Haven't been decided yet but there was one person. Who did get elected at large. And they may not have known exactly her name recognition may not have been that great but double Irish marrow made a big name for herself by talking about trump supporters and how they shouldn't be allowed to whatever it was that she said. There yet it preserving government I you're right and made a big splash in a one I think I wonder about that I think there is no. Question that her recognition stand in large part from that. But I wonder what impact. What if any at all in terms of her winning an endorsement from people call and in doing so trying to make you work our way a little bit back pew sit there although you know that truck comment got a lot more mileage standards you McCall endorsement so. I did they get interstate. Well I am and it helped put her name up there to the point that people and edited and recognize the name. Of first place she was pointed to. And now she's been elected but the other part was even if you vehemently agreed or disagreed with their and I thought it showed a poor understanding of what this country stands for quite frankly. But. I was almost because of the absurdity of her comments to some of us that her name did. All the sudden rise to the top of the recognition level and that never hurts you when your away when your when people are standard and voting Booth. Yeah I mean I think we've seen that over and over election cycle after election cycle and be at least half the battle is getting your anger out here you know that the difficult part about figuring out exactly how much a factor trump was. Start with nipple is rare but also. Remember Jennifer Roberts. Tried to run as an anti throughout candidate. Thought it had camera and of course that bitter no good so. I agree that there is impact obviously. From our president Lee unlike any other I just don't know how much of a factor was we talk about the Charlotte election specifically. I wouldn't want to be mean spirited about it but I would love to sit down more or have somebody sit down with Jennifer Robertson say you your your your leadership was questioned in the world by the county commission and your leadership was questioned does the mayor of the city do you feel about your leadership. Yeah I think it's an entirely fair question how however you feel about mayor Roberts in court she has or hasn't done. That's a fair question because. It's just a terse statement. Now and that's let's say I've got to wanted to be mean spirited about it but this kind of wonder worker had these days is a know whether or not it's. It's bitter or it's I got I got to work on this or are you and what are the what is her next step on that'll be inching down to watch should in Tennessee as well. Armed. What do you expect from vial Lyle's got I don't are now what you expect from -- aisles of it do you expect her to be a dynamic mayor or do you expect her to be a steady enforce. I think he'll be a steady for I think dad you know her background in. Consulting. Her background in city government before that and a performer on the council all show. Very measured thinker. A person who know issues inside and out and someone who is not its pursuit. In the polarizing. Arguments or debates dot not pathetic she won't start controversy ethnic everywhere does that you'll be don't want leading the charge to make matters it can't just. She. Everybody was saying she's timid. But as. Is somebody who was who was involved with you know we had him into the studio here and I said something about the Belmont section of Charlotte one day enough. Hy and she kind of bristled at my comment and and kind of took me to task and said you have abandoned the Belmont part of Charlotte and sometime you need to get back over there and not take a look around and see how far they've come and calm and to some extent I have and to some extent. She's exactly correct and to some extent does the Belmont that I remember is still the Belmont that is and sitting there and in large part. But I mean she looked me straight in the eye and kind of in her own way said to me I told me you know you your uninformed. I didn't finder to be timid I thought honored to be fairly direct I I died I liked it actually. Yeah I don't think she can't let them my bid for while are covered her up scalpel and a little bit when she put it in city government. Is she is someone who is entirely comfortable with herself and sure personnel. It in that doesn't mean that you department politician or per person but she get those who she is. And she can unwavering and I don't see any different than her from room to room for quite the place she is. Yeah I had listen to both Thompson the other day and me had. Braxton Winston on. Braxton was is a guy who are made not a name for himself during the uprising. Armed but I'll tell you when you listen to him talk and articulate. I can't wait to wanted to see what he brings to the table because that's. He that bad that's a bright educated guy that's not just a black guy that stood in front of the cops with the assistant here that guys got some sharp on import. Yeah I think he has quite astute and I think what's going to yet or seen it in the course of a new council member somebody who's ever been in office he got there if her or her. But I think also note that he has a different perspective on a lot of issues and I think unlike Carlyle. What wrecked it would it probably doesn't mind. Pick it up a little bit when it comes huge debate and discussing policy and I would expect to beat them of that fairly grade once he gets settled into the alphabet. Both Braxton and tart Macquarie both said they knew there was a learning curve both have talked about how how much there is to read and know learn of both of them. I mentioned at some of the veteran members of our council would have to probably help and lead them a little bit and show on the way you know I told her the restrooms are new you know sort of don't tell language now there's. But I mean they they seem open to the process but they also seem very aware. All of the work that is before them in order to get themselves up to snuff so that they can be competent. City Council people. You alligators and John in the same way that Brack who went that it did streaky as a democratic member I think are a curry is as a Republican. I would at a committee Pete yesterday at the two of them were sitting next beat the other side and they were at a profit at the end lapping at it and happy just kind of you know. Where they. Had landed but I think cart for car he is also. I'm pretty sharp guy and a guy who's not going to be afraid to view expressed his differences of opinion and I think if you're them all like her very interest the dynamic on the back up. Now well listen nod and this is nothing against Kenny Smith but quite frankly after oh what went on with council and NATO funding out for affordable housing and no bode jingles and sorrows so for the kind of we shed dregs have been the candidate for mayor. Yeah well I headed back on the council though you'll at least being able till they get called on date night so. Wait we go to December foursquare in December Leavitt they get down a bit. Knew I addition of the Charlotte business journal is out Tenet today and air expand berg Izzo with us he writes on the new amateur sports. And no maybe they'll decide on that by next spring we'll talk to about that in just a second. And hitting a reset on the NASCAR hall of fame. Com and that's a really interesting article and we will talk to Eric about that next. All right we're target areas Hamburg the latest edition of the Charlotte business journal which is out today. A talk. Little bit about those bids being in for the amateur sports and made your decision on that by next spring at a location still to be determined. But one of the articles you write about as the NASCAR hall of fame and we know that they changed the way that they announced numbers and and revenue. Tom Maria DSCR VA SC EO did that years ago. The angle now is kind of the way that they changed the representation and its value to the city and that is. You get to mom version not the vision that day in and promote greater Charlotte hospitality and tourism allowance. And they talk about how valuable this ascent is as. As a tool in booking conventions and and and using this for private parties and and get togethers and that's where there make a lot of their money now. Yeah that's exactly right and I think said you know the reason we use the work recently that's exactly what they've done in the past couple years they realize that there are they are going to get the number that they are rippling expected to Turkey can rule I don't think. I fuel efficient ticket buyers and they put. More emphasis on this private event decided aligning with commitment that was always part of the nation but it was not originally touted as a clerk on the books in the network saying. Have really changed since he only took me that you are that they can't really talk about are they haven't talked about throw it out about this. Didn't get very far is look at the sport of NASCAR itself yet is in such a different place than in the mid 2000. We won't Charlotte and other city or the meeting if you want to ruin the whole game which you know sit down with seem comical. Only sure later that NASCAR would follow her and it you know since then they've had to pull out. Elton thousands of feet distracting television. I was writing they've gone down and so that's fortunate to have very different place which affects well thank. The breakdown in revenue is an interest saying they give City Council this week. An update but they don't give them a breakdown in revenue they basically. Say the overall game was seven point 6% over last year's. Whatever was but they're not really talking a strict numbers but they do talk about it certainly its value. I don't know to some extent you would think that the hall of fame even if NASCAR is in its demise would be doing somewhat well. Armed because of the old school all people that wanna go see dale earnhardt's car no and to celebrate Richard Petty and Noah and and celebrate the sport when it was. And that is that is where things got to learn from that this the sort of it's safe effective date thought it would help on. Attraction for NASCAR fans there's is that much different decision to go adult basic say. Thought early ticket and I think there's some merit to that. But are we just throw did you know. I think it's clear that if the sport is. Did most popular paid fairly obviously got off to help Ole same agenda and that's not where this sport is by any. Well I think you got to give him credit to for coming up on an angle it actually makes sense so they can basically get past the member of the numbers that you said this it was gonna bring in it will never bring their idea but right it's still valuable chip in this regard and solo. Come to some extent you. You you're hitting a reset on the people's opinion of the NASCAR hall of fame as well and say OK so maybe it's a little bit of a convention draw or it's say it's one of the things that got us out bring your convention yourself. Hey I have ever have a great weekend and all I'll talk to get their strike. I got a errant child business journal those are spared bird senior staff writer new addition is out today gives you assume. Just take out shoot me when we get to about 460 greater. Only Soledad for the trip for their. Granddaughters who. On the John. These days ago. At 11109893. WBT 314 days in the year 51 days to go forward. Which means we got to get everything done for kids first in my 45 days and we won't even start for another. Two weeks ago. Again. I can feel the stress covenant already. 1958 the hope diamond donated to the Smithsonian institute by New York diamond merchant Harry Winston. 1969. November the tenth Sesame Street paid it's a debut on PBS. And. 1982 Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened to visitors you know Washington DC they're reading all the names off today. You've never been there. Push for somebody in our generation that went through the old Vietnam War thing about a controversy involved in civil rights movement reveals it was sort of a part of that day. It's overpowered we unseal those there's all those things. I can't sub veterans day tomorrow always celebrated today but certainly hope everyone acknowledges that tomorrow and and thanks the best that they know what their life Saturday Night Live this weekend is Tiffany had dish and each. Oh come on you're supposed to be my younger help. You know usual to know who these people are telling us solid to me. Tiffany had each. Posts and Taylor Swift is the musical gift against no she has. And it will arrogant lot have been in an all time zones. The. It's also one up for the time that your doctors expect to get here at 11:30 eastern time. The latest report reveals that at TSA agents at our airports failed tests of their ability to find weapons and explosives seventy to 80% of the time. And you take your shoes off for not isn't gonna help. Movie with Kevin Spacey called all the money in the world is already completed do a filming but the before the controversy surrounding mayor Kevin Spacey became unknown the director is re shooting. All of Spacey scenes and replacing and with Christopher Plummer. Probably realizing that a Kevin Spacey movie right now. It would be a money loser. And you have do you actually probably have a better chance to redo all of that go through all of that expense get a differed actor reissue all those scenes and spirited than you do of taken a risk of having a Kevin Spacey movie out there right now. And Arkansas police department is at the center of controversy after issuing a FaceBook warning that shoplifters are skewed view that shoppers. Could accidentally overdose unfit and all. By touching contaminated shopping cart handles. Now all you use those little. Disposable wipes on your shopping carts. And not tell us. As secretly changed its recipe. I never had until until like three years ago. It's addictive and pulled my goodness. And I'm not evident now but I and where was I was I have what was being I was at being withheld for me all those years. Now you can now have your cake and break at June food NY and record sale limited edition dessert flavor drink from Pepsi actually there's two of them won only available in Japan. Which is called Christmas Scola. Which is a white soda. That is described as a sweet and tart strawberry aroma that is modeled after Japanese. Christmas cakes which are like sponge cakes covered in no white whipped cream and strawberries. So that's one. Cola Pepsi. Christmas Scola with kind of a strawberry. IP based. And then one available in the United States and other limited run soda. Sultan Terrell bell Pepsi. Just like what we do it everything in society. If something becomes popular. Pink pumpkin spice for instance. Then we try to apply it to everything. Pumpkin spice gas from BP. But yeah I mean it's you know it's got its just ridiculous. So mom now they did despite what the assaulted Kara Mel Pepsi may sound like it has said to have less sugar than the original Pepsi. Pepsi is an hesitating to embrace that holiday spirit you know they don't just don't Pepsi anymore Pepsi PepsiCo. Owns all sorts of things so they're coming out of the red and green version of Captain Crunch cereal. There are coming out with chocolate dipped lays dictatorships. That they don't have that last year. Well somebody has it. My wife from Dayton Ohio there's a candy store there called ester price which is wildly popular in Dayton and I assume Ohio general. And so somebody from up there one of her in laws will send us chocolate. Dictatorships. Inevitably Christmas. And then I'll give them to the kids because I can't eat that anymore. Well I could but tonight after a sacrifice other places. Armed. And there's going to be snowflake shaped Cheerios. Cute idea. Against that are curious was to be around with a hole in the middle of of its lungs away you know what taste. So ago. I AI healthy work life balance is important most workers a survey finds employers are not nearly as concerned with that is you are. It's hard to believe in a that your employer wouldn't take your. And you didn't have that. At the forefront of their concerns. Among male findings of these survey 89% of employees polled believe that they work life balance. Needs such as flex time and telecommuting are important when evaluating a new job yet only half of the HR professionals polled considered that work life balance to be an important initiative vote for the company's self. They probably don't really have to these days lowliest in the past now that the employment unemployment rates down maybe you can start to a cherry pick a little bit better in the past. Unemployment rates were so high you just took whatever you could get. That's so why won't get to the point where people have been in jobs and maybe would Marty started this because a member there was those polls are route three in four years ago the people that were in jobs that they just he tested but nobody was quitting your job until they had another job lined up in the morning new jobs to line up so. Know people were after the recession and everything we're staying in jobs that they didn't really care about. And so may be at this point to assume we get to a point where people will start shedding jobs that they don't. Under the don't really care about. I will kick off the big weekend and not just couple seconds so with the Tom Petty and us territorial bit about what's going on this weekend Renaissance festivals and high school played baseball playoffs. Now on saint motels and downed no play in you know this weekend and a GG Dover and big globe. Have an appearance tonight and Tom Sawyer is in town and college basketball kicks off. Over the next to a few days starting tonight as a matter of fact of the matter of fact starting tonight 6 o'clock and a North Carolina Tar Heels. With the game starting about a 7 o'clock and the Charlotte maxed down Mac and cheese competition and craft beer tasting that we told you about about a month ago. That's this weekend's all remind you about all of them. Armed. It's out. And and it took awhile to get out. And I'm probably not supposed to say anything no but I nobody haven't asked about his oldest apologize for a little bit later on. It's been a word great around WBT this week no one's standpoint I signed a new contract on nearly standpoint we said goodbye to a couple of friends. It's never easy when no people who walk out the building not necessarily of their own record of those are decisions that are made. By a higher power here and we don't get all say so in that nor should we. But. We are without a program director Jason first has been our program director here for the last five years and he's worked hard. And he's done some great things and he was the guy that tired took me often nights and then put me back in note two of the game again and I'll forever be thankful to him. And a Scott FitzGerald who has been doing on nine to noon is no longer with us as well. And I think Scott gave it everything that he had here and I think. Quite frankly I think you deserve a little bit better fate than that but that's radio and no decisions are made. From my economic standpoint it's enough from raiding stem points and assault and so forth and so I don't necessarily know the reasoning behind either one of those. But for those of you have sent us emails all week so long saying hey what happened to Scott FitzGerald Scott and Jason extended to building on Tuesday and dumps you out it it sucks it sucked when Larson had to leave and that sucks now and but that's part of the business of sometimes they traded the third baseman on the team you're playing for enough. Nobody asked you if that was okay or not and that's the way it goes she. Radio program and it's amazing gym gap against southern Christmas college basketball weekend. Think it's going on this weekend as the Charlotte marathon. Pick one nobody fell and all that stuff so there'll be jail a lot of disruptions from Africa and around. Around held various sort of feel where of that Charl my opponents are going on tomorrow Jim gaffe again is in town tonight. Spectrum sinners so traffic around the downtown arena will be a fairly heavy I'm sure. It is his noble 82 were. And that starts bad 8 PM. Yeah African heads back from synergy. PM concert. Com still one of the best. Hit hers. In the business. I'm shocked a lot yeah. It all Erick lobos a guy's name I didn't have time to bring out their but. He had Majid you don't have been together for a long long time ago more words than I can tell you. And he's brought in instruments and here we've had a better on the air. It's not a sit tar I have no idea what that thing was called but that guy can play anything. And I don't just mean kind of I mean. He's he's really really really good anyway the red duct actress tonight. GG Dover in the big love and so while that social and Armando Petra PE TR a S bar Petro is barred dot com need more information on that. Tom Sawyer. Charlotte's own back in town Sam Taylor and I Houston Norris. PM. A couple other bands that are right about from a court in divorce in the observer this morning wanna miss called saint motel there at the Fillmore tonight at 8 o'clock. Familiar. My type. Move and LA outfit. Not familiar with the meter but she makes it sound like so they show it a knack for irresistible ear worms and other words. They got good hooks. I and then tomorrow night out the Fillmore. You have day on. Long Island rapper by the name of Woody Allen. So 8 o'clock tomorrow for Woody Allen scares me that's on Sunday I stand corrected to 8 o'clock on Sunday for Woody Allen. At the Fillmore and 8 o'clock tonight for same motel. And feel Fillmore so things down around day avid music exchange will be busy tonight high school football gets started tonight playoff action. I guess anybody gets to deploy also. With all due respect to my our beloved sabres in the south neck high school would not have a great season their play in Providence tonight. That's a two when nine team against an eight and three team. But anyway our west tired old South Park up there in my neck of the woods and if south point wins their game tonight and Shelby wants their game tonight and they're both heavily favored. The next week Shelby you'll come back to south point. That I say park. Now south point. Which was the game that we had last weekend that is always I mean Shelby and and south Pointe is always a killer game and it was last week to. So low enriched Shelby coming back to south point that quickly. And will be a big time in many and in the old Belmont town tonight so give you some more action and not talk about more big weekend results festival and otherwise a southern Christmas shows on tap. And a veterans day free places that you can eat. Will be a voluntary when we come back in just sick of. Thank you Richard. Here tonight part of high school playoff action Davie county port ridge could be pretty and he gave west Caldwell is their Charlotte Catholic we're kind of pick him cherry pick and here. West tired elements in the south point and I didn't beautiful downtown Belmont well about a mile mile and have done a beautiful downtown Belmont. One does that mean so BR restaurant seating available. Now. Newton got over Shelby tonight. They're nine and two was so Shelby's got a little bit of Borough challenge on their hands strategy forwarded to. Maiden tonight remains undefeated so far this series Lincoln at Mount Pleasant. But I doubt in South Carolina Gaffney in northwestern new Yorker Greeneville Chester at Chapman. Not tonight Providence gave back to north Carolina at number fourteen Charlotte Christian. Couple 909 into August tonight in one team north Mac get to Richmond senior I think we mentioned Fayetteville trinity Christian had to Charlotte Latin tonight. Christian is a Tenet know for the season Sun Valley is. Add to a number sixteen Marvin ridge cartridge with just one loss on the season. Newton Conover is set to Michelle Wie when did mention that one in New York agreeing to also some of the high school action it will take place tonight. As the high school playoffs get under way. Mobbed the fiftieth annual us southern Christmas show is going on this weekend as well we'll get to that in just a few seconds. Got Charlotte collier shot at about 7:30 tomorrow morning and the area of our most influence is a roller dirt parking no that's word ends and I think it starts originally down there as well fall but. Meant street and no west boulevard and south trial on in college in new Clint and east park and. Queens. And kings. And children and its chairman and wind over Providence. Cool bill Randolph I mean fifth seventh. Central. The plaza. Opera content 35 north Davidson Caldwell. West fourth street Graham trial all of those are part of the route. So bomb. Urban before noon tomorrow because you got a five K and probably a walk run or something like that down there as well and America on the starts at 730. You're downtown streets will love. Well again through and were you wanna go could be a little bit of a challenge so one just took. Just to be aware part of bureau a big weekend fiftieth at all southern Christmas show is so going on this weekend under new ownership this year I doubt that you notice the difference but. Most to be noted 450. Vendors descending on the park expo and conference center they'll be around for about twelve days. Marty heard people talking about helmets struggle that was just huge when I first got here I think they've kind of I kind of struggle is available bit more of a back in the day and helmets is still still a big part of via. Of the southern Christmas show decorations and sued in a traditional holiday fair and all that kind of stuff good place to knock out your holiday shopping because. They got everything from home to courted toys tell you name it they've got a 10 AM to six Sunday through Tuesday. I 10 AM to nine. Added that that Wednesday through Saturday there 10 AM till nine. So let me get this again 10 AM to six Sunday through Tuesday. Pause. 10 AM to nine Wednesday through Saturday cost 1012 bucks to get in their three dollars for a children six to thirteen fiery young created for free. Pre admission four active or retired military on Saturday because we acknowledge it while actually tomorrow is veterans day were. Most of what technology you're today are rural hills 43 annual sheepdog trials and dogs festival taken place opened hunters hill tomorrow. Earned. Earn to of circumcision of this sheep herding and Charles was talking about this he's got a sheepdog you know a really neat want. So they had to shepherding competitions and agility demonstrations and all that kind of stuff goes 10 AM till 5 o'clock tomorrow up their add to our rural silver cool place. The Daniel still botanical garden has their third annual ferry fast. So fighting pick kids up thereof face painting and crafts and long games and store also for the and then they'll get ready for their annual Christmas stuff which is coming up front around the corner it's the time travelers weekend at the Renaissance festival. Off from now through November the nineteenth so your time to get out to the Renaissance festival is growing and growing at nine. That there is that's an. Arm but this weekend and next weekend and then that will be at Saturdays and Sundays 10 AM till 5 PM a time travelers weekend. Kids twelve and under. Free. With a school supply donation. And around the time travelers costume contest is going on this week and I think it's about 2 at 2 o'clock Sunday hasn't. So brand new fast already in fast info dot com. If you need more information on that and don't forget to to look for our friends. Karen and company who owns these sticks and comes ice cream truck but they also have a Booth out there at the Renaissance festival called a lot of leathers Beth broke belts and bracelets and accessories and sort of so forth got to do is evil right in the middle of the a pathway or just around the corner from the king's kitchen food court. Which judges basically sister he likes to make college basketball gets underway tonight. In fact 6 o'clock tonight will be the pre game to the northern Iowa. North Carolina game from the Smith Center in no Chapel Hill also won your first basketball game of the season on news eleven to 993 WBG. He is about 34. Minutes away. BMI at or Carolina state he lauded number one duke Georgia southern had to Wake Forest. I'm western Carolina is that tech Clemson, South Carolina is that Wofford. Methodist will be add to or Charlotte. Charleston southern as Ted Ted Davidson. Queens takes on Georgia College & State Johnson C Smith will play westar West Virginia staid. Southern Illinois at Winthrop and no garden where have a number thirteen Miami all to kick off the oh season of a college basketball. And of more of your college basketball action and and your college just sports. College football tomorrow. Temple add to no that's a game tonight actually. A temple of Cincinnati. So there's college football on tonight in BA your sort of thread the Boston Celtics tonight start to get some. Michael Kidd Gilchrist is back and ending attitude should be back maybe in my next Wednesday. He was a practicing. In the last couple of days. College football Florida at South Carolina is a noon game tomorrow Michigan State at Ohio State also a noon game tomorrow north Carolina at Boston College also. A noon game tomorrow. Georgia goes to Auburn at 330 on CBS Florida State and Clemson at Clemson 330 on ES BM. And I know you'll be primer on the television set for that southern cal Colorado game. They have some till we were not going to be bowl eligible. The one for a volume weighted mentioned tomorrow night Notre Dame and Miami. Would you think Notre Dame probably gonna win but so how they're pretty good game tomorrow night we'll wait and see Miami fears but then it's in Miami. Colonel George George did pretty well down there in South Florida they've but I might also add that the bulldogs doing pretty well out Margaret do but to have. I did take it ripped. Georgia has. Now we play southern cal Colorado plays southern cal tomorrow and we just lost to Arizona State and also were like. Four and five. And and we play you know southern cal tomorrow and and that's at Colorado. But they'll probably lose that game so that'll make Romo Florence six. Five and six. Anyway we're not going to a bowl game the last game of the season will be Utah and we could do maybe be huge of Utah's pretty good this year to and so. Now we just a half our defense ended up in the unifil this year I think that might be the problem the Panthers play on Monday night. So your Sunday Ferrer is 1 o'clock CBS game Steelers that the colts. 1 o'clock fox game is the saints at the bills are about the Buffalo Bills this year. 4 o'clock game is the cowboy is without Ezekiel Elliott at the falcons. And the 820 game is the patriots that the Broncos. No I actually had to make a decision on non defense goes vote on more minor fantasy teams and I picked up the patriots. Who aren't necessarily the greatest. But their plan to bronchos. Brock eyes Weiler is now starting but they are Broncos. I did taken south Mecca high school over there. So anywhere Woolsey were all that goes via NASCAR boys are in Phoenix. And chase Elliott. Ryan Laney. Jimmie Johnson. Brad Kozlowski. And Denny Hamlin. All fighting for the last. Spot for the championship for them for the playoff series. So while there are five drivers one spot. And the race to make it onto a homestead. One last chance race for a championship Kevin Harvick clinched a spot in the final four with a win in a Texas. Martin Truex junior gets in on points. Who's had a great season with the Denver based race team. Kyle Busch won at Martinsville a couple of weeks ago so that qualified him so that means five drivers chase Eliot. Ryan Blaine he Jimmie Johnson Brad Kozlowski and Denny Hamlin all bar for the final spot. And just for. The purposes of fairness. When you're kind of like to see chase Elliott spin Denny Hamlin rounded. And another and I'm not. Denny Hamlin hater in fact. If Ed Nixon is losing right now is probably hitting his radio. Giving him ago. Charlotte's mashed down Mac and cheese competition and craft beer tasting a toll about that just have a shape. So we're proud to Georgia couple weeks ago the smacked down Mac and cheese competition and craft beer tasting is taking place tomorrow. 2 PM. General admittance. 21 plus only. The concussion like 42 bucks to get into this deal include samples of Mac and cheese from. Twenty plus or Charlotte's best restaurants and beer samples from twenty plus of the Charlotte region in a Carolina breweries 42 dollars and 92 and I said ticket. Includes the our cost. Cost includes the North Carolina State seven point seven I have to ask percent tax. It's the second annual Charlotte mat down Mac and geez competition and craft beer tasting. I between DeBoer in the Mac and cheese you can get full pretty quick. Tomorrow 2 PM until 6 PM. Brought you by elevate lifestyle. Good food good drinks good times benefits project halo so that's one of the reasons that take its low price because it goes to a good cause. And there and a new location issue they'll be at rooftop to ten at the epicenter. Which will be tentative. If if colder bad weather but I don't think you've got to worry about to bad weather and in fact it to a tomorrow's could be mainly sunny with a high near fifty so it'll be a little chilly but not what you'd call early cold. So everything should be good tomorrow had to rooftop to dinner at the epicenter of 2 to 6 o'clock. The Charlotte Mac down Mac and cheese competition and craft beer festival. Com. You veterans where you can eat for free tomorrow. And so that really cool that they're doing a city barbecue and I'll tell you about that next. I'm allowed an item thirty curious. Frost frost home. I don't know you have to put the Lola covers on the off bosses tonight or not but judge first time we've seen freezing in the forecast so keep that in mind as you just heard from boomer hive fifty tomorrow. I'd tomorrow night we're down to about 32 again. And then by Sunday low fifties. Lows in the low forties will start after work we could mostly sunny skies mid sixties. So our cool we can but it should be a pretty nice so by and large show veterans day tomorrow city barbecue treating veterans and no troops to a meal tomorrow all day long veterans and military men and women get a free sandwich two sides in a regular beverage. Applicable. Two either dine in or carry out orders and every city barbecue location. And they're doing now ended decision barbecue I I was Renault press release today they supported group called the resurrecting lives foundation. And they. Our they donate to a place called mission 22 which should treats. I do awareness and and treatment of for posttraumatic a stress disorder and and traumatic brain injury so. Citi barbecued and just do this on veterans day they do this throughout the year. But in addition to the free meal for veterans tomorrow. They. They the F city barbecue and hunters hill. Is gonna be giving out letters written by students of pine lake pre K. I threw eight and Rocky River elementary and mores bill elementary and the Ballantine location will be giving out letters written by the students of Ballantine elementary. The marketing coordinator requested that did they get to the schools send letters to veterans have the kids right of these letters through the veterans. Overwhelmed they say by the response and so they will give out these letters to veterans and troops to come in for free meal tomorrow I think that's schools say out of so good thinking elsewhere. If you're a military veteran and no are still serving in the military you got a military ID or proof of your discharge go to Bob Evans get free meal there including breakfast selections and a country fried does steak dinner if you want. Cracker Barrel free serving up by double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake all day long and I never heard about that I walked solemn plea is. Can't have a I Dunkin' Donuts get a free doughnut Hickory tavern half of all half off all food and nonalcoholic beverages all day long you can find their locations online. JJ is red hot anything you want. Except alcoholic beverages. About hot dogs hot dog combos sausage sides of the beverages desserts 11 AM till 9 o'clock tomorrow these boulevard location the John no Delaney drive opened Ballantine location. For veterans Yemen with a veteran I dear proof for your discharge. On the border Mexican grill free combo meal to veterans tomorrow Red Robin free double burger and steak Fries. Texas Roadhouse restaurants free lunch for veterans and active duty military 11 AM until 2 PM. They give me your choice of ten entrees two sides in soft drink. Iced tea coffee whatever the case may be. Tijuana flats 50% off any on trade all locations. Your reply for veterans over there at 2400 south boulevard. A free pizza. Now don't you issued served. And as always kitchen now free entree with at lunch and dinner 11 AM till 9 o'clock that's midtown 1055. Metropolitan avenue there are arbor strive as well. On and they got a location in the 6100 block of Fairview road so those are some of the places that are honoring the veterans tomorrow. Oh with a free food no you should go take advantage of better buddy Daniel Costin now continues to up. Have his photographed the place to be concerts in Charlotte photograph they exhibit. From my 1995. To 2017 I don't know for a fact that he's got Tom Petty pictures of that exhibit and all but she does. And my dad died a day Willis shot every concert in town one of the earlier earlier early people on the David Brothers. But he's got this show going on he's putting a reunion showed together for a of people load that love the double Dorian that'll come up on December the seventeenth will remind you about that. And here's the cover story. They India current edition I believe it is a vote Charl living magazine and so word Daniel Costin dot com CO OST. Oh yeah and if you need more information on that but. If you're around I'm. Night gallery of spirit square gonna learn take a look at his and his work if you've seen his say Charlotte living magazine article. Oh a lot of his work is a featured an error and some of his pictures are just stunning I mean he really is due to what he does enough. So I'd like to sees a lot of people go to their receives exhibit just become familiar with him in a general. I don't necessarily I do Dijjer ranger. Horoscope. A new tune up for the other reason that I think it's as much as superstition and is anything else I read it and I think OK that's interesting and I move on from under penalty of players and her role in my diggers and river. My memory doesn't work long enough to actually tell me wanted to assessed some days it's ironic and Sundays it's. Any age you kind of come to figure out to those things are just written so that they can encompass an awful lot of one Evers. But whether you're an authority of areas or a caring or cancer every zodiac sign. Has its most attractive traits and these astrological measurements they say can even predict everything from your romantic capability to your health. But when it comes to intelligence. Which Simon. Has the most brains. Aquarius in scorpio apparently are the smartest zodiac signs according to a stroller just. But for very two very different reasons those born under the aquarius side have the highest levels of analytical intelligence my dad was in the quarters. Which is measured by cognitive ability and IQ's scorpio is on the other hand have more perceptual smarts. They are best at realistically assessing and understanding the world at large now that's not to say that the other zodiac signs aren't intelligent in their own way in fact. Jim and eyes of believers have plenty of middle smarts as well. Cancer and high seas are the most emotionally intelligent in other words they are they excel recognizing our men and reasoning. Haaretz Virgo. And Capra corn devastate.