Sharks, Hiking and Basketball

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, January 20th

The #outdoorguys are talking great white sharks in South Carolina, hiking the AT, and we’ll get an update on local basketball, on this week’s Carolina Outdoors.


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Carolina outdo the show is brought Cuba the outdoors guys from Jesse breath just. Good morning and welcome to the Carolina outdoor billboards today from the offense led away the winner is over. Is it over half cocked locked up often when I just thought I'd say it and see how it sounded. But. I'm ready for boring after all laugh ha. Was it ever when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Yeah. It ain't over till it's over there they're not a it's not a river but has ever for now ha what a winter wonderland that we had here in the Carolinas. It it is like the power going out is one little thing that causes. A mini celebration until you start getting cold and run and in the things that the same goes with some know when it comes down it's. It's makes everybody just a little big giddy. That that snow was brought Q by the way by. Your friendly local neighborhood Harris teeter store. Kind of freshen up everything and Aristide restored milk and bread and toilet paper. And you know what else was in short supply. No urgent need everybody in no counsel about emergencies if let me tell you what these birds are god made around this town or butter but now all that food form metal lined up. Look like crack armor or something that the bird feeders. Well it'll listen we'd get nice mild weekend in store for everyone and as we watched the drip drip drip that white stuff the stuff. Going away so we're glad mr. joining the outdoor guys here on the Carolina outdoors the voice ever they are Don Yeager the boys ever here. Bill Bart T what you're waking up early. With us here on a Saturday morning VNA Airways have. 1110993. WBT. Or maybe your join us via podcast you can access that'd Jesse Brown stat comets also access via links over. At our FaceBook page Jesse browns see LT we come in and talk about things to do and things that are happening in our. Carolina out doors and one of the things is happening while a few of the things that are happening over. Pitcher friendly neighborhood outdoor stored Jesse browns is we have big fat world stewards are going to be on hand. It Jesse browns on January 25 so if you have an interest in travel. May be. Seem butcher next big thing may be. It's 6 o'clock the big fat world travel. Company is going to be on hand to present places to go in the world and things to do. With purpose it's not just laying on the beach. For six days it's activity based travel. Groups have come home by January 25 at Jesse browns you say laying on the beach for six days like it's a bad thing I gotta do it. Are doing a lot of that sounds really good right now if you're in Charlotte, North Carolina well speaking of debate I don't know how. Nice is going to be lion on the beach of Charleston because they've also had a bunch cisneros is going to be colder mayor but there are also have some great white sharks that are. Maybe traveling a little closer to shore than previous previously thought. Oh search is a nonprofit research group this doing studies down there tagging charts office Hilton head and in the Charleston area. And we're gonna find out what the south Carolina department of natural resources about apologist. Are learning from this post search research group and what they have going on. What they've learned thus far and also the things that they may learn moving off into the future I know all about great white sharks. Oh believe her go where they want what they want us older is to a that way and that's exactly what I think some of this study is about so we'll find out Brent Frazier it's gonna join us. From the South Carolina being an artist to find out what what he is a biologist in south Carolina's Lauren and about that pay. But their other things that are happening and it Jesse browns Thursday February 1. Arbor Oliver Carolina outdoor listeners are invited over to Jesse brands again storytellers night it Jesse browns. Come here and neighbors adventure. We'd get 32 when he minute stories told by our friends clients customers have Jesse browns. I'm into Africa is gonna kick us off at 6 o'clock that Thursday February 1 night. Told by Jeremy early in fact Jeremy he's been on the program in recent weeks to Canada. Give us a basis of what into Africa and the Jeremy early story is all about. Kim Yoko and other guests here on the Carolina outdoors is gonna. Be on hand on that Thursday night. Fly like a girl has her story we're gonna find out about being a ski racer but also flying airplanes. Tom with Kim miracle and lastly rock fall on Rainier with Brendan peers he's gonna tell us his harrowing. Climb and descent of Mount Rainier out in Washington State he and six other France took on that mound with guides. And now we're gonna learn the the good. The bad and the ugly. That occurred with that story rock follow on Rainier so everyone is invited we'll have thus snacks and drinks that are available. For all the attendees again will kick off about 6 o'clock. And usually with with no sale were out of there before 8 PM. Over it Jesse browns in sharing corners shopping center right here in Charlotte, North Carolina man you've got a big sale going on right now to. So isn't it odd in Adam ironic. That on snow days. That's when the best deals endgame where they aren't being handed a first snow boots for fleece for went her way here as so to speak that's right. So come on over to Jesse grounds and enjoy some savings as you can get some snow boots some winner baits some. Some police some winter jackets all available over Jesse browns because. Unbelievably. During this cold time in January that we have going on. We also have the beginnings as spring starting to sprout out of the ground every Jesse Brown so. Shorts and short sleeve shirt Serb Meehan during their way over the years sunglasses and sun hats and all of that. It's beginning. To trickle in for those people Don who do wanna go lay on the beach for six days and do nothing. Where we have some things I'm on hand for them seven weeks away something like that why how is it. Can be much more mapped Wu yet usually mid march is when the collegiate folks who will. Again is another event there where have and it's at the visual light theater the fly fishing film tour is going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina. They travel around all over North America. But on that march 15 bright may be upon a spring break time took Thursday right. Thursday. But have live music at 530 and at the movies will start. Pretty promptly right around 7 PM so you'll have an hour and a half of good live music in cocktail party fund at the vigil life theater right dated 1615 Elizabeth avenue. Right down from no robot hospital. And then at 7 o'clock the move is a peek in and you know it's a good time had by sol with. Destination. Film making in destination angling. All at one time with movies from from places around the world. I'm good time that's for sure it's kind of the social event of the year for the plot fishing community am now a lot of other folks as well like to come down and those films because are well made independent films I am not. It just pitcher in the mood to get traveling. We'll get Chris Hague on here to talk a little bit more about it as we get closer to that bit. But you're so right on it's it's kind of two scratch that it is we say good bad a winner and again this is march 15 as we say good about a winner. And then Tom and you know get people ready to get out there and enjoy. Themselves if your social butterflies something for years in the back of the visualize that you you can say cans visit with friends and if your hard core. Moviegoer and do not want to be interrupted hey they're saving at the front you can just do it your way up there and not talked to a soul if you don't I'm just enjoy. The movies all by your lunch some. Well I'll tell you what does winner seems like a long hard one but you know we quickly forgot about that beautiful long fault that we had oh we did have a great one. We had a really good one. A whole lot better than 1626. Day because all of western North Carolina same to burn down in 2016 so we had a great 2017. Following in winner and hey you know what we have just a little bit a winner here. As we speak but. Springtime will be here before we know on its gonna really help with springtime version and things like that you get that water table up a lot with smoke because it goes and so slowly. So it's all good dying I've you know I'm very happy about what does wonders turned into and I think that we look forward to a really great spring will come. Level find out what maybe that means to the fisheries in South Carolina we're gonna bring Brian Frasier on to the program and learn a little bit about the finish. On the coast of South Carolina and to a swimming close to shore and who has. Swimming far from shore down there later on we're gonna have Dana White AKA black elastic and AKA logo. He's a rapper turned hiker in fact he had finished Appalachian trail last year so we're gonna find out a little bit about Dana why his. Adventures and then lastly there are high school basketball rights to works junior's gonna join us to find out hot teams. In our area in the hot players the first we need to take a break please Don Yeager I'm still barred T this is the Carolina outdoors. That's easy to. I've bell bargain whereby only Carolina outdoors when disclosing Charlotte our usual solution is to have for the coast. Let's do it but didn't work this time I got snowed. Well I. That's. Some as we open with and Jimmy buffet music LA it's 5 o'clock somewhere I play him anyway. If you listen to death via the airwaves in his eleventh and I mean and three WB ET welcome back to our Carolina outdoors. Many people are joining us around the world via podcast you can. Access. It Jesse browns dot com just keep on. Podcast link in we have all four segments broken down for your listening pleasure. And that is around the world except for. Parts of China and North Korea he's Don Yeager and bill artsy and Donna got a little bit of good news I think for years. Here on the Carolina outdoors. Maybe. There's agreed to cut as search. Re search group it's a nonprofit research group it's doing a steady the great white shark in their habits of travel. A specifically to us here on the South Carolina has. The group as I am now that it there are more more sharks. In the South Carolina waters during the summer. That and sound like good news the good news part is they're further offshore. Maybe the bad news is during the winner they're closer to shore with the sharks are just like cockroaches. If you see one to adopt them out there. And act like listen we're gonna bring Brian play Frazier on to the Carolina. And outdoors he's fisheries biologist with the south Carolina department of natural resources they're using. Much of the most searched groups. Re searched. To learn more about what these Fisher doing off the South Carolina accustomed must bring brand freighter onto the Carolina outdoors right now Brian. Welcome. Thank you for having me on. Where you get a bunch of Finnish women around out there we all know that here because the estuary system in the post allies system off our South Carolina as we all know it was rich in in in Asian nutrients and and all of that sort of thing. Is this great white shark. Population. In its closeness in population them. It is they are on the has a surprise. To use in biologists dam there. If it's not necessarily a surprise we we know now. He in that sense they sent the seventies and eighties when when commercial fishing really ramp up. That there were white church here however we did think that they were a little more prayer. Then they are we we thought. You know there's bunch of these guys and their offshore and then occasionally they'll come up into these coastal waters now you know actually around in. But they don't stick around long and then they had back offshore. Well what we found out with with these studies that are ongoing is that it's really the opposite you know that the sharks are actually strongly coastal. And spend most of their time anywhere from you know five 220 miles offshore. You during the winner. And then they're making these occasional forays in offshore watched. We can't blame him for not being where the food is and that's certainly where the food is in the wintertime is off our coast business. Aaliyah Aaliyah and you know they're taken advantage. Of multiple resources. You know there's there's been some evidence. There they're eating the the big little red drop there's big aggregation of those in the wintertime. In those coastal waters we know they take advantage. Dolphins and whales when they can't. You know the North Atlantic right whale population has shrunk drastically there's only. You know a few hundred animals left but. They used to Kiev on that food resources and and in the summer most admirable in it back up all the Massachusetts they've got a big seal population that it really been increasing. So there are there a lot more concern because the sharks repeating. Not five miles offshore but they're they're they're feeding on the shore so that the or Massachusetts they got a lot more to worry about that that we do at the moment. Now this guy's a top of the food chain right there's nobody that to predator of him. There has been some evidence of killer whale. Not beating on white sharks have however in our area killer killer whales. You know. Don't really occur they have. Occasional sightings in India. In the Atlantic that for the most part that we don't really have a killer whale populations so and in our area they're there at the top dog for sure. How big are they usually do sharks I mean are most most of our people and listeners are only and cameras are great sure. White shark in through the movie jaws so give us some reality on on the size of these partners. Well there have been pretty big animals on I'm not I am not gonna lie they're born you know about four feet. And and the you know on the chair wore white shark is going to be fourteen or fifteen you know maybe in 1617. Feet. And and waste several thousand pounds up a 4000 now. To these are these are pretty big animals. Upper pressure. But. You know obviously. You know we're not all on the menu for them. You know dabbling in our area. We just don't see them interacting with people at all which is ago attack so we can we can watch in NB fascinated with them without having to. Two Q the jaws music or. Things like that but I thank goodness. Brad Pitt Frazier. A fisheries biologist with the south Carolina department of natural resources is joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. We're talking about Canada travel habits in the living habits of the great white shark. And have Brian you've been down here in Charleston for awhile he went to the College of Charleston. A biology student. Part of asserts the nonprofit research group he's doing and helping with this bad and the studies part of their program. Is tagging. These sharks off of Hilton head. Coming up here in the latter January did you ever have to. Do something like that in your biology studies there at the College of Charleston or. Further along tagging great white shark. You know we I have. Not a account Charleston unfortunately didn't have those opportunities that. Yes since I've worked it that the department natural resources are started and about 2001. And two we probably. Attacked and we and a lot handled in the time Everett 30000 sharks that. The opportunity there to handle white shark is it is a little bit different things. And we've actually. Eugene. Capable action and for all we know you know we've interacted with them before and they've bitten you know sometimes we we you know look at just six which Arkin. And expert shark because it taps you know it's possible or interacting with them but our gear just not really capable landing them. And so you know and until a search you know kind of came around. Now we weren't really having the opportunity to did attack against sampled this guy's. Well what do you look forward is as search continues their steady Saddam and what they give need data lives thus far. What are you look forward to learning more about the great white sharks in May be the habits of other this. Along the coast there. Well you know. Well we really secretly sharks is there's a lot of individual variability. And we and we see that it's it's a matter of you know at that point we need more data so that's. That's really what we're hoping to accomplish is to see you can't get additional dated try to see what patterns we camped out because. And the church are very prolific. Containers. And by by being mean. That's when that this satellite tag that's attached to their dorsal and actually has to come out of the border. And order pressed to get any data. Just some of them tend to be very surface oriented and we can kind of data marry me greatly to you know. Unfortunately. I think her hurt the battery under Pakistan which he was a prolific player gave Zapata data and that some of these other sharks. That have been tagged. You know we have won 100 of the data from them but the data that we do you have this is different. You know which suggest that beating and deeper waters and not necessary surface oriented Peters or you know. You know when they might be swimming in different areas because they're beating differently so. It's really matter. You know the more data we can get the more we can actually trying to tease out the patterns. You know despite that individual variability and really see the broad scale movements of these fish. Brian Frazier thank you for the information I hope we can get you back on the Carolina outdoors is a more data comes in to continue the conversation at the great white shark. Offer South Carolina coast thank you so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. Our thank you haven't. Off again is as Ryan Frazier fisheries biologist was the South Carolina in our we're gonna take a quick break him bring back more. Of the Carolina outsource. Cargo barge they were back on the chair I'm outdoors and it's time they hit the trail let's shift that trail. We're opening up this segment with the song from logo. Dana YA KA the black belt latch and we're gonna bring him on the Carolina outdoors right now with Don Yeager build RT the outdoor gas here on Debian VT. Daniel welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Our program good morning good morning Dana we do we need to get this all out of the way up front right now. Only what to call you because your name is Dana why. Grew up and ash bill now live in Charlotte. But you are rapper. From Asheville and Charlotte who goes by the name logo. Correct but you are also a hiker and Appalachian trail thru hiker. Class of 27 team. And you didn't go by the name logo out there on the hiking trail you went by the name black election. There's. You know local men and there's been a painful. Vulnerable but it Redmond for about four different you to. Well it is it is one of those things but I didn't want it dead on true it would. Alone is going to kind of create a new identity. Cook and you know. Sort of let electable. Well and that's a good way for us to start to taking on a new identity and black collapse and tell us how that kind of celebration of a new identity back taking on an entirely. On different adventure for you came about. Comment I would just. You know well have been a fan and don't you know about those things like that. And I just always want to try to see if it will slow but it would so world. You know one day output at all this book and look at this just legal activity. On. And I started researching them cope more split up I'm also in scoring a door to ultimately. Tough. One step at a time there you go again. Put into India we're gonna talk about that 'cause we wanna. We wanna throw it out what it's like for you at AMOCO. Chemical Lola follows state park there in Georgia AG took that on. But listen. It full disclosure. Daniel Don Yeager over there is why. And how wide city but you are a black dad who took on the Appalachian trail and DL huge glee. Back for several years ago said. That there is a rule if there's a bear in the woods there's not going to be a black man in those woods. My girlfriend had a net income or. Is generosity he weigh in you to do you have an attempt to. Break that mold. Com. Or that stereotype that we have a white people hiking and and black people not hike and white people being in the woods black people not being in the woods. Tool. Where did that take you to the Appalachian trail and you know being not in. The city of Charlotte and be out there on a hiking trail. I don't know the only new experience. Reduce. I mean I didn't look at it like there's a black all of you know this is what. But people don't do from a bit away you know the stereotypes whenever I like that where. All of that one of my motivation you know hard I don't know. It is one of those things the we don't have opportunity to do on this vote for a lot of reasons. Do we got so much stuff we're about auditing you know to the wounds and it is not much awareness about it so it is not growing you know grow up like doing just that. You don't even think about it. Well look the great thing about all that is so would you don't care. Right I mean it just you know you in nature and you know put your feet one from the other up the mountain from spring around them now all the way up apple action for. Being damaged you don't know that. As a non high terror essentially. When you've got all your stats your backpacking you step out of the car and you're starting that high what he's feeling. Oh probably. Why don't Leah do the book laughter that can't agree. All of it and you know I've got turned around my brother who don't live up upload from phones and hadn't had any signal to world. Whatsoever on that note download hi group. Do not look kind of record report. What did you learn about yourself during this tight end Appalachian trail for our listeners who don't know. Is in 2017 was essentially 2200. Miles that advances from. Springer mountain in Georgia all the way to America Todd and in Maine. Tom what did you learn about yourself along the way in and about hiking in the long distance hiking and in particular. Are now learned a lot of lessons. Not that I mean it is so many great leader to take which you on the dutrow not even aware of to you does come back home store about equipment. A more political society own. Thing though I was. So. Withdrawal from what was going on in the I was angry at all or the drug out there and then got it would be around. Just piece on you don't understand the bill amount of peace and momma cook. Might you know just just. Just people call that you missed out on being an everyday society. I mean that is if it is there's no comparison for those two more of their so different. You know you kind of straight people do with. Don't comment of politics and everything right now volatile excellent than all of what when you get out there you go out and stand there. Everybody calm back down to even keel. And you are just the life and now. He's got a watering and intellectually. And non economists don't expect and demand because this people that do. Good things for a bit don't expect anything in return you talked and it yeah it would society conduct. Well that's what I was saying when I sent to woods don't care present it really news. Push you in the same level as every other human and every other animal lautner from the standpoint of food and water the most critical playing as them drive players usually so. I mean it's just amazing. How unimportant all the other things become suddenly. True and you can kind of focus on what's really important what the Bible. Two to live like you know six months with everything your on your back a minute break things down you know you can appreciate it was really important. Hey if you're just joining us here on the Carolina outdoors die (%expletive) bill bar to be the out orgasm we've got the black collapse in the Charlotte. Area hiker. Who took on in 2017 and Appalachian trail breaking stereotypes. As an Africa here African American man going into the great equalizer. The Carolina outdoors in the outdoors in general and hey are you now a stereotypical. Long distance hiker or thru hiker. Or you look and to take on some other outside the lines adventures. Oh well you know I can. At Portland about it kind of comfortable to be admitted that point onslaught would basically be ticket also more long distance Alex brought compliment. Step and to slow the Orioles now been doing some research about being. I made it sort of normal and it's done it being something to do by. And so do we try to you know ago that gonna be a totally new experience but I look forward to. Is state and for more on that and that mentioned the LG glee bit Don do you remember seven or eight years ago. Oprah Winfrey when I first I was still on had a big thing about Oprah and her best friend. Gale going out and campaigning Yosemite going to fly fishing. Taking on nom taken on hiking and the outdoors and it was a it was a big deal Dana when all of that went down. On him because they were trying to break stereotypes we think we can get Dana White on to the Oprah Winfrey channel now to talk about your hike. And I don't know even had to ask this but none of your Oprah's up from there victory that it yeah it could. You the black collapse and did it yeah. What you think at Dana McCain did Oprah take on the AT. Follow the. Our public gave their dog don't underestimate anybody because you know once you set your mind to something like yours and put it on FaceBook and everybody or call you out the next thing you know how they're doing it. Back. I did bring that up too because the black collapse in all of this is logged on his social media platforms and it's a pretty fascinating. Channel to watch if you got a black collapse in on YouTube. He's got all of pretty much daily or multi daily postings of his 2017 hikes. And does things that he's got going on remove and into the future the the big things that. One of the things I need to ask about is have you had any heat. It made me laugh out loud have you had any takings on speaking engagements. With the topic. And not do doing in the woods for a 190 days. Not a good leader at one. Are you know that if you and some normal or below productive summer wears a little bit out there were not a when it. The other one is Smart keen coffee and cigarettes. Are you still a smoker or did you did you beat debt habit that addiction along the way. Well I could smoke a cigarette and written often that doesn't speak. I Bob glad to hear that I mean. Oakland police have wiped out about everything Miriam I'm glad there's somebody there in high BHD and still enjoy a cigarette. It is. You've got to do what you gotta do. Plus Dana YA KA black election. Work cement here now electrician here in Charlotte so you're doing all of these undertakings. Ago while you have a job he took us six month leave of absence or so away from work. Today's Appalachian trail meant to go for two months ended up being in six months. Tom can you give us a hint about. 2018. And EU help and inspiring gay kids out in the woods. Oh yeah problems. Early in the talks with few good organizations. And or trauma. We'll bring it dividend is if you go full reviews we can't trips or anything there on this important and neither. Are kind. I have creative control because sometimes when things did. Caught up organizations stuff like you know that the key is in itself because and so many who is your credit. Stuff going on at this time things got on owner and an acute self and so. Others wanted to make sure situation where the cute though are taking care of them. And I hadn't foreign group a lot of groups accused while not a veterinarian Nevada would have forum because that would sort of a military now. On the pick and they would going to work this. Commodity and as a former go camping have have a good time they would know that pac bell this stuff that I peck on the rookie of bed and get a moneymaker miserable and I don't think that's the way to go where are definitely. In the future wanna I wanna do that this year and maybe you know pull up to some of the true it'd been. I got the Greer then you know because understand now how. Built for that world to me when you get to a world also somebody who bill and fools that don't like it would change and so obviously wanted to provide that this year. Well the black collection is a game changer as well thank you so much for joining in the outdoor guys here on the WBT Carolina outdoor program we encourage everybody to head over to your YouTube channel just tie him black Latin and it will pop. Thank you so much Dana YA KA a black elastic. OK. Liz. Okay. I've billboards they were gonna play in your hands now you're an old basketball ma'am. Not. How old is the V Park City I'm not talk about what joy has been on the court. Hey I don't better than I never was resemble that remark there you ago. As Curtis blow brings back the outdoor dad's here on the Carolina outdoor program Don Yeager bill Barton were glad to cure join in so. The outdoor around goes around and around and it doesn't matter where it lands. Basketball's a sports he can play out door on his goals. I don't know about that snow out there we don't play basketball on snowpack that might be like a plane in the old Boston Garden actually we're switched knock EA has happened I don't know about that but listen let's talk a little bit about some. Area high school basketball and this man has been writing for the Charlotte Observer for a decade or two we'll just leave it at bat in he's good edit. He's gonna inform us of what's hot teams are in our area. And also what hop players to look for in high school basketball in the Charlotte area Langston Woertz junior's gonna join the Carolina out org has. Right now Langston welcome home. I get that are currently doing doing so you have always been. You Arianna a lot of gray hair in this room by a whoever it. Blanks in as a journalist you're going to be a fun one to talk to because not only. The eight your prior basketball prowess but also you're really did it riding about it but Plosser also a parents that we wanna com. Talk do you own cannot all three legs of that stool but let's look at let's kick off talking in nom at TU as a journalist tell us. What are the hot teams in our Charlotte area that we ought to be looking forward to finishing out the year right now. Well we do a poll every week goes sixteen income data due Tuesday and certainly controversial move to the board seeing in the sweet sixteenth what Rick Burke thought that Bloomberg to me is that think among the best in the state there'll from the class would continue to contain what is he sixty ignited this. The current that is that spears and Charl wearing that I assume you know all the better to intellectual history. He currently recognized that a sixty Welker element into play and in local weighing many commander in the little. And the Indians teammate. Trust in Mac Lou rather it is. Played the NBA Europe or in bad back bank will wonderful world champs should be used to Iraqis and these talks very well. I do not shooting guard about six weeks and he's a sophomore. And have a freshman in Chris warden we look forward to first call currently at a freshman at are these challenges and a very big. Christmas term intimacies departure late you know term eighteen years over decades. They have very good team they're very young they exude an even better be remembered that just wondering is great championship. And into the between eighteen and older in the print that the president so loaded seemed to get a really good guard thereby tipping into Mary's Burton into checked out foreign currency you just sort of sketchy where we broke steals everybody. Is the news when you have an unsigned player like that it does his does his time blow up all the time as people tried her recruit contact build a relationship. With a player like that from independents to get him to sign. Are in escrow the case by case they immunity your kid like him Diana lead in Spartanburg Lou Lou you know up streak and this is rational player in you can have a trial big schools or have that one out simpler out there holding forty. Do we actually have not quite as downloadable brochure that allowed lose interest in him just curious your knee last this comeback knee injury and you know control tab is you know schools are focusing on these these big big recruit admit and everybody can't get them. Did that that weighed those who become a leader aren't into really did make doubly to marry. My source gainers join in the outdoor guys here were talking a little bit about some high school basketball. A number one and number two North American independence both in the sweet sixteen poll. That is put out likes to what about the independent schools that is there's two big got a private school of public schools that are one and two. How do our private schools look in the sweet sixteen. Well a little further battles. What's happening is that they're playing much more of your schedule and the public schools to and that's not the deposed and don't wanna do with their rules Cisco didn't do a little too much traveling in and they have good game and they can't belittle the 24 regular season games that probably wouldn't have been pitching so they're allowed them to play well in meaning more current attitude during the holidays. Lot of talent and things like that. There they're very they do have a few more than the pros and certainly down in the poll out this way about Charlotte Christian. They are doing number. They have they would pin senior probably pressed and just tied comptroller's wrecked rebel structurally militantly in the interest they had a couple ultimately. Waiter in broad scale yet searching for a way turning brown and seven assists six particular seven assists pretty impressed and they did that against current court and cool. Which is the another break apart who did as good as any public school there you didn't throw a little reluctant to their promptly beat up this nuclear. Has that Providence day school in heaven there. This struggle a little bit right now you know there and other chains for the very very aggressive schedule and the trouble here do not just in the state in the southeast and you know for example they've cradle of chart Christine very good seeing last Friday turned around went to New York called Saturday and clean and undefeated team in new York and made America great in New York on Monday. In a debate between may walk and I eleven miles to be so great legs are pretty daunting what it's primarily this year they're just you know there I think they'll look high in the you know Kelly Gibson we get we'll bring you know. Yes I have to drive make a snowman out there take a low break. Full disclosure do you have data highly competitive so I'm way out we never have gotten a data view oh win tray words actually beat his dad in a game of backyard basketball. But I tell us of tigers sent house trailer can have because he. Is looking to continue his education. I am play basketball after he leaves Providence day. Yeah I mean that mean I'm like any other parent I'm proud of my kids you know it is very very fortunate to have him playing in this in this city worker sport and that he'd be you know one of the better players who live there are a million usual complaint with the truth of the matter is you get less than. What I would give somebody joked and look accomplishing what she corruption that is just a very delicate thing become about it. But I am very proud between the players you know he built a Latvian. Fortunately. But it usually it'll really. The thing I'm most proud about get three point shovel probably Cordero who won the debate it's out of England and Carolina. Is very mature. He's animated crowd is legal to Islamic Arab and I'd really like school. Got a chaps in business school which is woody was studying he turned out to Celeste that you're. Maine school student to do and so that was the only problem. His maturity and is watching the willingness to. Deal that he would do it in the the end when he turned into so tablet kind of wonder. Of the about really everything to do that because he just. You exceed every few exceed everything approval. You can give his mom all the credit. Well as you probably there. There's a threatened to split out are as cute as you've covered eighty coverage right you've covered basketball in high school sports. For our air for such a long time but basketball specifically. Mentioned Jalen weather's. Our players plane face to the basket better is the style of ball like that now more so than it is to have a traditional Todd Fuller type senator that was yeah. He stayed inside. In and there there. They're just not very me me being cute anymore in the in the big key is we do being too in the wanna play on the wings need to be guard you when they're brought in I've coached. Heidi that we'll have dental community is. Whenever they're being kids they were peddling. In though they did it just didn't just kind of the evolution of the game is a war NBA it is apparently post but his NBA but certainly Brit that crowd that. Let you do that. Hillary was chips usually get to Egyptian being so I think big and clean title role of people who. They're accused Chara ex date greater amount would be a seven footer and they'll be true back to the basket player in the list I think that because. Everybody kind of abandoned it I think it's still like sorted Basque. It comes and it goes it never know which way we look forward to a fine now have a seasons and in for a high school's basketball teams. Langston marched junior we compile a unit Twitter and it likes to works junior. Thank you so much for joining the outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors. No probably every they get is also a special thanks to Dana White AKA black a latch and for joining us on the Carolina outdoor program as well as Brian Frasier fisheries biologist for the South Carolina DNR fourteen day Boggs he's done Jaeger on bill party saying get outdoors because you're stressed. We'll see you next hour right here on the Carolina outsource.