She Conquered the English Channel and He's taking on the PGA

Carolina Focus
Friday, September 8th

Heather Roka swam the English Channel, Darin & Brooke Aldridge: Ten Year Together = Overnight Success; Gastonia's Harold Varner III talks about his PGA career.


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I'm mark Thomas. And this is Carolina focus on who's 11101993. WBT. 10792 win. One of 2.5 610 the fan that's where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolinas and the Charlotte region. Welcome. So glad you could join us here again this morning and it's. Always an adventure to meet and talk to new people that have done very very interesting things. And that's what we're gonna do right now. In continuing our conversations this morning. We're talking to Heather Roca who is a 2008 graduate of Gardner-Webb university. So that makes three bulldogs. And she's joining us now hear from her own home down in Florida. Good morning Heather them. It's so nice to so nice to talk to you now you're you've done something that a lot of people have heard about. And it's one of those things that. It was kind of like it's just like comic thing for athletes to to participate in. You just completed your first successful swim of the English Channel congratulations. On. Now that's night you're obviously been a swimmer for this isn't something you'd you'd decided one day a London ghosts from the English Channel and you do you put. A cap and some goggles and decided you're gonna start swimming pool or something like that which your what your background in swimming. Like the one thing actually right after the ninety excellent text I was hand and completely tired. Fourteen year old that you patent going to be that started my parents bought going to be it's fun. And it adventure into the market bombing and two decades later I'm still as passionate about it at that there. And that club code article team to Atlanta and four iron in Boca at our expense and let let you ask that. No code and then attacked Gartner land. To distance them rent like BS that pretty keen. And that occurred to me and I sent or caught in the years. Gardner-Webb. Brother developing distance learning how to train a little bit harder. And it can't think you went to Atlanta so I can finally get it where the kept pursuing different options. Training aren't eating more into open water management letting it hit a country that probably born out about eighteen but certainly developed into a more. It anyways at how to achieve that about my ears become. Well I I'll be honest with that kind of after agree with your parents you know kids say things a lot of times they see something on TV. Where they say you know I wanna poppy. Something like that amicable pencil Icrc when it becomes a dog or what have you you know. The glamour kind of Wayne's. Rather quick quickly with children sometimes but what was it about the sport that are really motivated you to stay with it. It was kind of pupil I just love that feeling of being in the water right you'll comfortable. At home whether it. Gearing up art training session or at the mountains ocean finally. You and I continue with the water but especially my experience that Gartner land. That back to that team come back and they appeasing people that and that there you know once the in your graduating college. And getting out and let you wanna quote quote the real world at the stat sheet aspect and I have enjoyed so much. And those are looking for other always been money that kind of buying. That Yang keep connected and plumbers everywhere great cook it and personality that makes. At summer and that use a rock others from Asia keep seeing and meeting great people. Then you found that bond with them but you talk about being a distance swimmer. Break that down force what what exactly is that you know because we think of distance running. We think of you know marathons half marathons. Of an acquaintance of mine does twelve hour runs that sort of thing what are we looking at from a swimming standpoint we worsen dividing line and how. How do you define that that distance swimming. College in a pool that Pennsylvania senator you got maybe a 1016. Fit the look that he and twentieth minute based on. Your ability now that I and it had open water swimming world they get their parents aren't open water plumbing. Like anything more than a ten K. You know usually marathon glance at that bar maybe around an island or destination planet like English Channel alert Catalina that it. They don't like arranged by Canada air out of the water something Atlantic getting about that ten K you're looking at. Ideally more than three hours in the water. Now you were. Obviously started in the pool you didn't go out into the Gulf of Mexico and to start swimming. Was there it was the transition from pool open water. Surprising to you or create that new challenges. New challenges that and a great way above water mainly. And background it was really breaking on misty out about. And maybe it senior in high school. And I it's really love the fact you can get out there and I don't have the bad technique for the past turns but it opened fire at a that matters. It might be really AD day instead of the matter how great technique is a pool a about you know managing inspire and changing. Staying at all her other people. And a heat wave that that out of a different side and challenged. And they you can stop focusing on just o'clock or. But it gets them that this primary became our little what happened during the land finished well how did you handle. You know that ten different things are starting Q at the last minute but the game and get it answered that a lot more. And after that you started doing that you say at eighteen. The English Channel. Began calling your name for lack of a better description I guess. When I first started open waters remained. And I and it looked into it more at English turn on just kept popping up at the accomplishment he thing if you. You can say you on the English Channel that you're a couple other apple and totally like taking on what I think is the hardest challenge and everything I was reading. He might that the going to be some way out of my comfort now. Something that you had a very high. Rent that's failing to by completed at the airport. Actually they're not and that feeling has accepted that much more. Yeah it's it's I guess you'd say it's kind of the Mount Everest of swimming the need and actually right at it like that are hurt. Wolf thank you and let I'd I'm glad I stumbled on the tough tough. Because I'll be honest with the I am not a swimmer. This is not this is not my Bailiwick by a longshot but. When you decided to do this how did what what came about what transform because this is not something you know your your reason for Fort Myers he went to school Gardner-Webb. And we're talking with Heather Roca who just completed her. Conquering of the English Channel. How did how did that come about I mean we often you know people oftentimes have dreams. But sometimes trying to figure out how do you make that come about how do you make that happen how what was your path to get actually to the water to do this. Well I went straight at there was lack I started. About and about five years ago getting in or an aircraft opened wider when I hit the ground at which went. Twelve and half my announcement before that I never meant anything under and three out about her. Experience a big jail her arm. And are things that Merck. Very US open. What we're pretty. That it's part interest that OK what what next and then it was a lot of people have been the highlight at the rate I'm. And actually buy it by somewhat weak. At that worked out Opel plant at how weird it pitching at all on everything we need to attract and at that time for me IA had just graduated. Whit whit my degree at a pair Indian have. Looking at that cost and the expense and just it was a great time and then it was in my head and I. Look at everything. And about two and a half years later. Friends. Fine. She wanted to meet you ironically. I and I didn't wanna do and keep it that you like if you do it with me I'll do that went with you know. They're eating English Channel. And he agreed. That we signed up and not getting the channel with me I'm looking at when it became. All of the training and the expense to weapons on them. They'll buy her kind of push with everything I signed up for and cat eating other people and app and even after I signed up I went to Connecticut attorney for about three months at the water so cold in the aisle and being from Florida. Fear of hypothermia and not be able and it's because of the water temperature kind of trip to Connecticut and that they people Connecticut including. I'm argument on all he meant to clean up question I'll talk to lit up at I'll. So we sent out there she taught me so much Elizabeth I a and other news came in opened on or something and you got an expert. Six degree water plant between. The bank to look where are apparently how to and it's a cold water. During meetings. There are many more but those two really. We're huge factor treatment exceeded its. It sounds like there was a greater force moving in your life to make this happen ultimately. You know as far as I mean I can say this is something another there's a cost involved obviously you have travel expenses you have training cost. It's not you you pretty much have to dedicate your life. For several years to this gold volunteer. Yes and especially in the last the last you're at the last nine months have really and the whole focus has been training and you know every especially I think Connecticut every weekend pardon let that your. Drove an hour went we got a lot and I found that Hitler cute 67 hours and that. Came back and sending them back in it again and at. They went to work Monday if Friday that thing in the morning and it aren't acting career certainly adequate constraints than competence. And as far as the actual of them itself. Getting there. You finally make it your finally standing on the story now let me ask you one question you know you swim from England to France is that generally how it's done. Is that is that kind of like the standard direction. Yeah. And it ran for whatever reason. Politically from France England the only way India France and let that you create you know the wanna do it double. And that you plan from England France and the turnaround and go back England. We hope that's like this sets up also they know that so that's the way you go. What were you feeling you're you're standing there on the shore. You're you know you've you've had you know all these years of preparation the previous nine months is now behind you. And you've got an entire crew to go along with you. Two to follow you and a vote is that correct. Yes you have to get a boat pilot at the high are. So gradient change so rapidly you have to the only time captain or like it when people practice at all. One at that that you bring your own what we Parker with the people important matter that you can't protect the boat during the entire plan. So people arbitrarily food water. You know gasoline. And it's happening like that now I had three other people what I mean they weren't like ticker. What was going through your mind when your when your actually there at that moment and gonna get started on the swim. They would. So many thought because it could happen at the start. 4 in the morning in England though that pitch black. It was it was when. They re start and went at it from the boat and talent around it I can think of Antarctic kinda lashing out like that where I get into the each. Get up on a rock beats and then. I've felt water where. There's nobody there are many. It that the relief. That being able to start that I come without actually get hot opportunity. Click of the land the first stroke commission apparently. That the water. They're better. And but it it certainly. The first party aren't the first three hours. We're not how I pictured but when the only. Way to. At that I've done stand on a plan I think I'd be happy thrilled and excited and it honestly the first half hours. Remit their ball elated with those dark it. The opposite when wives but those first half hours. The boat rocking so much hot really one night blooming before now frustrating. Making progress top twenty. Currently the main thing and may support it. Is what I expected the first three and half hours. It made it clear I'm finally finished it and pushed it past art art and to be an. And after the first 33 and a half hours did you I I assume this it was starting to get light out did that help you. As far as motivation. Comfort in the water that's sort of thing. Absolutely. I'm one that predawn lights started. It was just that than they're currently I could see what was going on the water content down. To appoint. It probably for about four hours for 86 at 10 AM at the cricket water. And bird ran and it. It was partly I would. In the English Channel a look at that point at. Loved the plan directly tactical probably brought indoor and then I'm happy at that scene in the right back with coming up it was accurate truthful. Four hours and until such that it really helped him complete that landed. Didn't. Regretting that I had decided it. I think. Ed there were talking with Heather Roca who swam the English Channel graduate of Gardner-Webb university in 2008. So you're in you're in now about seven hours. Into this swim. Seven at ten hours. And I imagine you're probably getting you're getting ready to hit a wall at this point. Because of people like ring with physically I say they're ready at the plant. Important what happened in a seeking great market but it that the weather was great how to. It desperately brought me right back to the president and instead not injuring. Three and a half mile from France. But I changed and does that break and by the captain at that night anchor Kabila Allard everything worked great. That they. Pretty much came to a standstill about three and a half I'll opt. But cut their brand and especially. When it means turning and we're about. I'll grant. And Italy. I think he ran went right there it's gonna let out but because that conditions right because it may here and there it is in place. Over at her probably about how it happened. Practically coming in place then. That and I'm actually going to be able to hit it. They'll now closed the year at the practice after a enjoyment of it further for our ballot quite the opposite well frustrating so close. But I talked with so many people in an ailing you know lack then I'm out front brain I did not want to act it out of that statistic. So you're you're a coach from Gardner-Webb Mike Simpson who had called you a tough cookie. At this point the tough cookie took over is that correct. I'm pretty to just came to the plane at that. I had it can't be an option that I and get up and get well quickly but it the back end. I mean how can get mad about this. And looking back. How market panic and it could read it quickly up court or rightly says. You know psyched about that topic that this is what you find out who weren't. Daunted by the NC can get there. I can't count that picket that and Italy eat though just bigger tank it's still a lot of the last eight lap for the. And kept going now you reached the shore that's the good news. The bad news is you're not done yet. I think a lot I I was I was kind of amazed when I when I saw that you just because you reach shore. You're not done that's not that's not completed is that correct. What you just how big an an when he yak it sent you have to get to know what considered. I'm Eric rightly hand. Now I you know and that became a police at a beach. I landed where there with rocks everywhere you can't patent actually had a pretty much water broke off. It's true that no I completely made it is a brand and I think. Little lighter is not helping adding more. That was certainly part when I was picked up and sport I'm all for twelve hours that scientists and nothing gets your pairing it. Get out of the water apparently. A little on the thing I'm sure for people watching her. But I hit but it was bit it was a culmination of a dream. And that's what's most important twelve hours thirteen minutes 53 seconds. That's. That's still pretty fast. I think. Through various circumstances that come. At that bad about it now I appreciate it or. That it actually went at times but whether Annie being. I didn't have a people I happened to that product that activate it later or caught in a complete the plan. So I needed to be grateful that it advocate time and a. That importantly I got across the. And and do you think this is something has this kind of been a life changing experience for you now that this has happened there is little too soon to. Assess how this is gonna affect you going forward. It's like Cain is the correct word but it certainly. Spark an interest that kid can do you know people are open water marathon plan and I being. Where is that actually frustrating at the plant fired back. You know I think I think I hit something harder at finding the back pain the next talented actress Ali. Keep pushing. But the the company now. Heather Roca congratulations. On conquering the English Channel this is something that. Puts you in an elite category. And enjoyed enjoy the experience and congratulations is something that no one can ever take away from that's for here. Exactly I think you're correct. You are listening to Carolina focus on these 1110993. WDT. 1079 in the blink one of 2.5 six and the fan. Also available to podcast that WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas glad to be join us here this morning and think Shura progress quickly in life and one of the things that has progressed quickly for. Darren Aldridge is in and his wife Brooke has been there out there music career as they've. I've been together in August for quite close to ten years sing and and things are really start to heat up and there is join in this right now good morning there how you do one. Good morning sir it's a beautiful morning here in Carolina and. It's certainly is and the international bluegrass music association. Started having their annual conventions up in Raleigh a few years ago and then they've got a medal coming up in a few weeks. And you guys are going to be big part of this archived. Yeah and we it was a very critical of the I guess. Street band North Carolina that that would have made the awards and going to be that you warships that are. Children Raleigh purpose of the third year yes it's they'll grow. Now you guys you've been playing around in you know your future full originally and Porsche wife Brooke is from up I was at Avery county. Did your credit repair them and of course you've got him up there as well I'm not mistaken yeah also. On the other father was from from Avery Kim cult or move them they'll are. So that's you know I that's a beautiful part of beautiful part of the state up there. But. You guys have been singing together now for is it is going on ten years. It is it is probably a little more than ten years there. And from for an answer you're an overnight success after only ten years at. Thank you very tight but if you are to be an error an art secretive group. But I don't you're you guys right on track and and you've been up nominated for album of the year. For faster and farther your latest CD. Over the years and Brooke that female vocalist of the year and it now did did you get a guitar nomination and mandolin nomination again I. Nominations for. The momentum awards that they do that day for mentor. For all my teacher and then expand coach Sherman does do that as much as I have in the last several years. I do well that'll do it then and now all along peaks and camps across that the cure treat festivals and I guess for you you've been that the young woman in the crowd you know more. You used to be the kid nice here. Might experience but all over the years. That'll go a lot of the year when they're teenagers. Or dislike our way we got hurt which used yesterday see. Him. But so are a lot of groups brought along. In the professional musical world that. It's it's been a good thing and he's also nominated for an image remember instrumentalists. Of the momentum awards. And Porsche talking about Carly air would Hoosier fiddle player now. Our and she's she's won all 22 years old now seem to be wary wrong. Norm Dicks in the B two as I said Dixon a B twenty what and a couple of weeks. But you've got to you were you really virus in young talent out there but you guys have. Really big enough faithful. In your face. As far as your journey goes which is really an inspiration to a lot of people. And it's really paying off right now I think as far as the awards that your gonna be recognized sport and hopeful he'll win some of these awards this time. Maybe we'll bring one home mr. never never can't Taylor or could be nominated as though it's. And but it is a privilege to be American government. Now a year or nominated for song of the year for some day soon. Yeah and how did it come about now that's a that's a song that's been around for awhile and a Susie bog us that are very popular version of that. There was something that you just an added to your repertory in the past year or so isn't it. Yeah we view as a and we are stored and used them in Florida terrible hair it was actually John Allen. Ever do it couple com coaches that are some human. That's what many gritty dirt and a lot of them to outlive their look at. And they came over took Sam checked that day in the income. You know he witnessed some cities have little little ship that night and Brooke stand chicken that day she bestowed on them all. And ask so a living room intra as we say we sit around the beat. Tactic that would negate power and sang in Mercer songs and see what kind of came out that way. They're strong that we liked and enjoyed. You know Alan's first time here are singer and actress she's going to be debt and our future well I think of that all the awards to. The bulletin. Leaders there are incidents salute you this you know Seacrest I mean and so they get very good start that night when we did it. In in John interred mr. recorder so that should a difference on the bugger world. And that's not the government way. He attacked McCourt wrote the solvency problem at first you don't think in Italy sixty. Early seventies and in its about a category in the nineties and for the number one for a. And of course it is nominated song of the year and it really is. You really touched your heart especially the way Brooke answer. Particular twist to its it's really beautiful song and we're here a little bit of that here. As we close out this morning. That Daryn we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus. And best of luck to you I know you've got to a I'd I'd like to promote sure. Annual holiday concert your Christmas concert but unfortunately it's already sold out it's sold out about ten minutes than that. Oh. The days that are actually we've added. Matt and I should that day a really OK man. And arm down from coming into this and lose. And not so tell us when his when is that going to be happening. That's going to be at 3:30. Am I believe it is then remember. A thing. Let me give a technical Circuit City and of course people you go to your website. Which you and her ticket and the dot com and get that. So you so you've added another show that's good because I know. We've been going of that for a few years ourselves the family has and I looked at and and went back and it's like that you know is this thing this thing is sold out so that's that's good for you in again Daryn. And what your website Daryn. Do remember ordered our car and that's where people go to get it more information on the concert. Coming up the holiday concert and if you haven't been to this it's at the Joyce theater in kings mountain. Which is a neat little venue. Very intimate. There's not a bad seat in the house that's for. About 300 seats total of Justin did good lieutenant in the. It's certainly is that certainly is there and we wish you well and I hope you have a blessed weekend good look he had he had the game IBM and here it's. A. Okay. And since then the sun. It. And in. The east. Our team is. Some day. It's. And then. I'll see you back. And thirty. Not exactly as you miss Levy. Fat. I. Men it hands. I'm. Ten days. Moments. Eighties the yeah. And now amazing. A man. Since that's CNN just means. Sun may need some. There. Days. For listening Carolina voters so you can look into the 99. BDP 01079 or one point 56 pin and it's also available to podcast and he's gonna. We. You are listening to Carolina focus on who's 1110993. WPP. 1079 the link. One of 2.5 six and the fan also available to podcast at WBT dot com. And your host mark Thomas so glad you could join us here this morning once again. And it's always a pleasure to talk to people from the Carolinas. That have really made an impact in different areas of life and in life has impacted them and various and sundry ways. And at the C people's dreams come true that kind of thing that's always always inspiring. And joining us now to that and is. A fellow from Estonia graduated from force you high school they were herald Varner the third. Some of you may be familiar with him that. Who goes if you weren't you're going to be in the next few minutes. Good morning herald. An area. We are greatly blessed. And I hope you wore this is. This is a visceral pleasure because. You from Estonia. And I guess you had a dream and your living that dream out currently on the PGA tour. I am I am. Are the super fortunate to have via. A great system great people around me and guest in counseling now. You know around the world which is pretty awesome to her fortune who leads. Well I got to ask you you know the story I guess begins your story in Akron Ohio fall places. And was where you were born when did you move to gas stony. Are there to get about six. That they're smooth dammit there are so card down in Charlotte and my mom worked at look also which they still do right now. Great that wrongly you know it. Until I actually played in the WGC in Akron this year and went to Al were and our our lives and to dumb it down. Here and I would like grant can't now just great and see that things that a minute change then you know I got that they can that was almost twenty. What is your what are one years ago yeah. That's that's a good long time and up a big percentage of your life. That's for sure. And of course I don't blame them I'm originally from the Akron area myself and haven't living Gaston County as well. So. I think they made a good move but that's. That's his one man's opinion. But that you went to force you high school. Yeah and and you you did quite well I guess I gotta ask you what inspired you could you have playing golf. Since you were quite young you played in middle school Cramer Tim. What what inspired you what is it about golf because let's face it North Carolina is basketball country. You've got to you know a great football here it is I guess you could say with Clemson and out of Carolina Panthers. American legion baseball. Those are kind those are the sports. And gasping county. Quite frankly doesn't have a lot of golf courses. It's not known for. A golfing heritage is such. What drew you to the game. On so one out there in. And just say to our course you know. Not into crazies out there that think. College student and the all time. We actually again golf courses around grownup in me at lake lahood at Lynnwood. Yeah in the end you know there are you more is that there are now. But. Then he had a deal where you 800 bucks from you in person until September 1 and you can play out there Monday Friday you know long if you walked. And they had like to grill out there and say unique to stay out there all day in the you know be on a plain old guys loses. Just a great opportunity to. You know I would've gotten control while playing I'll let you know there's something productive to do and the like the golf courses model but he says. And that was you know. That's obviously very good deal I know other places I know in my past we had a place that that 250 you can play all day during the week if you walk when you were a kid. So that was that was a way to get kids involved in it. I noticed one of the things she did also ease you do it a little bit to caddie Yang as well. It only when did you start working it big again because well I turned sixteen and a cart boy and no I mean a lot on idea on C still out there ought to. Now. Didn't didn't really. Special or anything like that to. To make money like really. Yeah it is always look around all like you well working. And just enjoyed it you know I gave email chains like about working at yet to control about Britney pursued you know as contractors and still you know take it to him and this is. It's Conakry work now and it's. You know I'm super blessed disabilities. Well now a year your career forest view. You took them almost to their first state title in three day golf. When you were seniors are correct. Yen a blow by G here on that man. Which was share or like me and we hide them off. On the six or they didn't you didn't play ball and then my. It's senior year we are losing Weaver when he about five going into the last day in lost wanna bully. So you. Yeah did not do not finish second individually about this year's intersected com. As routine senators just. I just can't believe we did it and it led to some great things down the road. I think they want me. Or about on the next six years. Now do you see that as you know a lot of guys in that situation. They do come up a little bit short and they'd give up. But she was it a more of a motivation for you to strive for the for the pressuring if you will. All never really cropped up on order. That is one to keep going off my fear out there neo. A money can on an excuse so as. Not outlook impacted browsers ready to give play. At the next level Garnett you know alleging year hurt wayward scrutiny were just over the vesting in the statement to lose. And not you go play at all this is not. That is what the net on but I mean I really don't think about that much. Omelet at night those seeded players coming in afterwards and take care business in I think that made me feel better because it felt like. You know there's a standard yacht to like him made that program better. You kind of you you took it to that next level and showed showed the guys that what you can actually achieve. Yeah yet and I mean we all had been playing all together all our air. Does this is Google thoughtful Israelis. Now you're your career it's east Carolina. You have a couple of notable things happen there as well as far as all conference. Yeah yeah. Now and they get food and played here a year. Or conference manned. Well we're here for sure Mangini year. Not continues. I mean. I dislike playing you know some of the stuff I don't remember. I remember it to be at all to these airlines that are at all and and I did what they achieve that like you know all the there's little doubt that. You know they get Clinton papers cool mundane Veba one that throw and yes like Eddie either never gotten are it force you remember what state title. About organ and Eddie you know what they couldn't believe it never been urgent and and I this'll do you should she I'll bought now the cool experience and early on about. All the want and don't make dinner go there's other programs where there were all urgent it was cool that they're never that never happened and we did make it to master change in my senior year. Glee but it never been tenacity and shipment. And also placed at reveres. I like that team atmosphere or some reason even though golf hasn't changed toward. And we're speaking with Harold as far as a third from Estonia. Who's currently on the PGA tour and is unfortunately just ended his season. On the PGA tour but we're gonna get to that in just a little bit. The your career after. East Carolina you were a pirate now you know you can go on the pro tour and you actually went. With the a Web.Com to work you kind of went more of I guess almost a nontraditional route in some senses. Because all our eyes like you you know I mean Jordan everybody knows about Jordan's beat everybody knows about Tiger Woods democratic house you're right on the PGA tour. But that's not the path that you took. What then do it. Quite burning on there's a couple of guys that nugget does start from the PGA tour had a Polynesian. You know there's more innings Rickie would have been on but college is quite youth but what that you and college did. You know to receive exemptions. I played that many wars right at school. Com. In the first COQ school you can get all it through to the PGA tour which news. You know that ought to think about I. 11 date to Q school so you know this is you know and initial bit flat. As and second stages and is. I'll do a humbling experience where in being the first year. Yeah Kayla Pittman. On dismay towards a state and Florida that January February played figures CA's. He got his pot privately call every week it was. Task it was a lot on you know a lot of driving at it's Monday call bars. All want you know in the summer and never only made one which was great Gavin. In or so it did them only made one shot that shot. And Paul archer says and he ended up in play now. But every other talent shop anywhere from 66 it is 69 and it goes okay and ended up yet into the US open which you know. Also experienced a weathered prepared but it outlined a lot from it and then went back she's going to use. Try cruised through each stage has played real solid and octagon on the web at that security that your went to Q school he couldn't get on the PGA tour surges as a part of it. And then look for your own when I play. He didn't. Do anything great to dailies didn't play early consistent. And ended up finishing like thirtieth in get my card and play at all. Next your own land. We got the job done and I'm playing well just real solid all year. You know on the PGA tour. And of course that you know that's the ultimate goal for any golfer. At any level and it's really been. Quite an experience for your. Playing on of the PGA tour you do have the one win. In the PGA Australia. Which it is coming up that was last December. And what what's interesting about that is you must like Australia. Because the year before you were gonna play a three man playoff and didn't quite make it but. The next last year you did. What is it about what is it about Australia you have a Crocodile Dundee Jeanne and you were something like that are what's the deal. Strange that it may it was for camera Australians which the capital and he would only tell me yeah I mean my G yourself playing well on the biggest. We're just talking to you every dock and you play surely need ago. It do I got. On the PGA tour like I need a set of an elegant Russia and play a bit the first year aren't they aren't you know we are doing saying. Then my second PGA tour card there yet come on. Oh flew down there and I've seen it let me down and we just hung out all week an and a Jian day. Seem to be why the couple weeks there come on social. I really only. Has. My semen and in analogue crazy scene and she's constantly. America and one time in Tokyo and com Australia. Go down there like solid. Actually in that meeting Andy that now down vacations just crave the mean a lot of good things happen down there in. You won't read more oil slick but. To get the job and the following year. Really cool. And you know you don't have one on the actual PGA tour just yet. But you're chipping away at it and this is second year you've been in the playoffs. For the FedEx Cup. Yet for India I honestly my a year into that same. Term but the last few weeks have been pretty. Pretty special facilities had been playing well but I had hit I had to play well aren't done there are plastered on a cruise into an addict rapeseed. And just didn't play well oil but to. To get the job done it in them and doesn't actually. Lot of stress but it. When you do that passed out to you. You get excited. Well you have you have to finish up the season as I were called the top top 145 went to the Wyndham and going into that final week of the season though you were outside of that 145. Award. Played their seat on which. You know obviously helpful that. I'm just playing well before we got that turn and playing well you would need to do that play well everything take care itself than to get. It is out on the side. And of course at the Wyndham you when he and I think you were 143. On the list and are going into the Wyndham and again in order to make the top 100. You had to have a pretty good performance and you actually got the best best finish of the year for it and yet. Yet yet and took my audience that opt in. Yeah I got it done is just. You know then all into the next week then. I learned a lot of them sell. Arms to crazy year. Chu wa. Just a crazy year it has been played well into a lot of things happen. That you know we don't control aren't. I'd try to handle the best picture and that's what that's what edited into do. When it did what I had to think I did get job entry uses momentum for next year which is right around the corner. And of course you were pretty close at the Zell. But like a lot of guys Seattle problem the back nine and I know there were I'm mark Leachman was c.s which is he would have had your 67. I'm sure but. It was it was a tough finishing nine holes this past Sunday. It was it was windy again when I mean it's a tough hold back in and with a win just made it even if you word but. And I just just. Men had a great opportunity yet that tired. I didn't do this any around all week which was the bomber but it at all I just now got to learn from that next round. And of course you know a lot of times it seems in life you learn more from when you don't. Actually. End up on top. Than you do when you win. So you Camille a lot more. A lot more learning experience if you will. To go through some of the trials and tribulations they may not be fun at the moment but. Long term. You seem to be on on a pretty good trajectory I assume you're gonna be going back to Australia in December to defend your title. I am. Am probably. I don't see one I just. A while also play Australian Open which is no and we Ford engine posture and service trying to figure out logistics and from the air and I'm excited and sit in a couple weeks studio that are really. Really where they'll. And again we're talking with Harold part of the third from Estonia who's on the PGA tour just turned 27 last month. And I got to ask you about. The future of the game you can use is as a student at Kramer tune in for a few. And east Carolina but mostly I guess I would wanna focus on the forest you kind of took that high school program to another level. And are somewhat of may be an elect a leadership role in youth golf in Gaston County. What do you see how. How can I know the PGA has their first tee program for kids to get kids involved. You do not go through the first tee program. Now what what is your what do you think needs to be done to get more young people involved in golf. As opposed to always playing basketball football baseball. The traditional sports that they didn't sports at all what what what is your take on the. I had every time I get this question and I I think you've got to get a little bit more accessible. Way to courses there. Businesses in general are. We run leader he just kind of look at the bottom dollar are making money or not mine I'm sure that. Yes and this will do not make money. When they were doing under a hundred dollar deal and I think they make money now because those kids go back and play that course for the full prize you know. That threat in excess just. It is hard it'd. You know here. No but it was hard to put that kind of money like twenty auditor Tom Keogh adapted to the golf course. Integral when he induced by membership but why after twenty bucks a month in on saint right. And you can downing and drop them off there as opposed to the municipal courts. Couric and they have way more activity city got to make you where. You can get out there or you don't have to meet story that is just got to be reasonable it. I just think. That all the programs like better and I mean I've never heard a program like that since no one even talked about that but. Pat and away program come back and there is so describe. I'm gonna assignment at Charlotte on low wage you. To make it more successful during their tour. Were called to do if you look summed this make sure you know existing care. Well I know you've made a comment about though earlier when asked about canning you said yeah I didn't do it as a professional. Or as a profession to make a lot of money. That used to be a way that a lot of kids myself included got involved in the game initially. I started getting when I was twelve. I don't think you see that anymore. Would you know the easy go people. Who make the golf carts I sure don't wanna see caddies out there. And I'm sure it's not gonna add to the bottom line of the courses. But. Are you you just don't see that as an avenue for kids especially in the summertime as an option for a job. And a way to get introduced to the game. Yeah it is not. Not air it kind of said it ultimately. But I'm not really sure I would I would point Andy and you don't try to play it much at all possible. And and yet you know when that candidate and I root structures it is our. Hard to get an odd holes but yet. Of port a lot lower. Prestige I guess in Canada so like a lot of kids to get that opportunity I think some program out there where Chad you know it. Scholarship and other. Just hard to view and it's. And get done in the Middle East as it was not courses. And I don't think that people are going to be interested in that but but then shouldn't keep you from get an opportunity got like there's a range. You know an issue yet again like it should be should be so and to that it deters people going. And we're talking with Harold part of the third. PGA pro tour pro from gas stone yet. Here on Carolina focus and I guess. If you had a term and she said you could win. What's your what's your dream tournament and I'm sure it's gonna be one of for the I'm thinking. Well are the Wells Fargo that's not one of the four I was I was well I was thinking PGA masters. US or British Open. Yet as those of you but at the Wells Fargo you you wanna win the hometown tournament. It is hard to all of that they. I think it one that it would be. More gratifying for a lot of people that may and that what. I care about. I thought it would be more now would be winning it right at home would be pseudo. All and then. Settlement to talk about playing on the engine but. Yeah Wells Fargo would be on. Saying any major. The British ship was away like last year are you get the two British India it was really neat experience. Indian it majors would be awesome. Problem. But yet in the majors according to date mentioned were not years. That's only differences that below target but. It would be sent. Home. I don't know what's it about that Gordon. That article trees and. And hopefully you'll have that opportunity this coming match. It would react it would be nice to see that happen and that will be cheering on Carol bark of the third. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus and best wishes to you on your career on the field. Often fake Kraft. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WDT. 1079 going 102 point 56 and the fans. Also available to podcast at WPP dot com. The most people we've hurricane victims and potential hurricane victims and our thoughts and prayers as we go about our lives this week until next time. Be well.