Sheri Lynch Fills In For Hancock

John Hancock
Thursday, June 7th
Sheri Lynch of  The Bob and Sheri Show fills in for Hancock.The theme of the show is why can't we have civil conversations anymore? Terrie Griffin from Taste of Charlotte joins Sheri to discuss new things at this years Taste Of Charlotte. Maggie Solomon of Queen City Weekend drops by to discuss all the events in Charlotte. Finally Jorge Millares from Queen City Unity stops by to discuss the volunteer organization that was born after the unrest in 2016 to help bring the city together.

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So yeah and this photo. This is that John Hancock show under legendary. 1110 and they're stuck eleven Texas PT I'm not John Hancock they'll share in its. How are going to be VT sister station and 1079 Olympic host so there is based out of Charlotte Carey of fifty markets around the country. And heard worldwide on armed forces radio. John Hancock's one of my favorite people in the radio business and there aren't that many like him he's in the hospital recovering from a procedure. And I'm gonna cover for him today so that he can rest and we're gonna do a couple things together the first thing we're gonna do is not cause mr. John Hancock to flat line. In his hospital vacancies listener right now. So for those of you that are going wait. We eat is not a liberal which on the John Hancock so I want to take a deep breath and sit back. There's a couple of things that we can do together today you not to come in here. And I could pitch a slow softball like hate. What's your favorite thing to cook on the growth and I be easy or I could commute here. And I could deliberately been provocative and say outrageous things and make the phones light up and cause some meals heads to explode. Who have even easier. And that's what passes for programming and so much of our mass media right now but this is the John Hancock's oh man this is Sarah what's most beloved. So we're gonna do something a little bit different today and we're gonna have an experiment. And an askew to participate. We're gonna see if we can talk to each other. Six civilized human beings. For three whole hours. When I'm not on the radio on the social worker and as a social worker really invested in people and communities this community. And in people being empowered to live good. Why it's a major city in people having enough food to eat and being able to go to the doctor when they get sick. A major cities in streets being safe for people across the schools being safe for our kids to learn. And I'm anxious city and the things that make Charlotte uniquely sour. One of the things that we talk a lot about in Charlotte is how beautiful skyline is and we talk about march freeze and we're super proud of our professional sports teams. And we should be. And we should be proud of the explosion of development that we see in her city and we should be proud of the jobs and all of the amazing things and of course the weather and how close we heard the beach and how close we are to the mountains. But would create interest Charlotte teens. One of the things that we really took a lot of pride in is that at a time when people are so divide it. And so angry. And so on able to. Even be in the same room with family members and friends and neighbors. What you create a Charlotte was just a little teeny tiny bit different. What decree. If we knew how to actually talk with each other not Aggie town and listen to each other. Even while we've really really disagree. 57 know 1110. And what she did call until we re known the John Hancock so why we can't do that why can't we. Sit across the table from tiger coming from wildly different parts of life. Wildly different life experiences. Different. Political beliefs different faith beliefs and yet still sit across the table from each other and talk to each other. When human beings what has happened. Where are. Our members. Where's our decency. And our compassion. And what are we showing our kids when were so. Angry. We won't even go to Thanksgiving dinner certain people's house since. What are we showing our kids when we as grownups. She can't stop calling each other many groups. And it in my house might kids get in trouble for that. And yet there's not. A news channel that I can turn on on the TV where somebody is yelling some ugly thing it's somebody else. And that happened. When did it become. Impossible. To communicate with each other. And where are our. Outstanding. An excellent. Sudden bout peace does not born in the south but I've lived all my adult life in Charlotte, North Carolina. And the one thing I love most about the south. I love Meese it's hard to learn manners. I love yes ma'am and no sir I love of please and thank you. And a bless your heart I love the fact there was something bad happens in my family some folks show up at my house with bone cakes a casserole us. I love. That. I don't think that stuff is silly I don't think that's off his own neat. That's stuff is what makes it possible to drag yourself through what is very often. Different coal and we're seeing life. What happened to us. When did it become OK. To be hateful as a hobby. 5701110. Let's go to my Craig now TJ we pump them up I might already know what are you thanks for tuning in to John showed today appreciate it. I'm not doing well listen John every single day in my life. I'll let the freedom we can't get together and talk rationally human beings that look at people have lost their minds in this country. They have replaced. Integrity. And rationally do them with FaceBook and Twitter. Panned out they have forgot how to think for themselves. And it Internet access that if god. There's no intuit. You know I don't disagree Q and as much as the Internet has gone to move the ball forward for the species I think in so many ways set us back we're going. Absolutely but people can't even start a fire on their own anymore. Because they obviously missed the world in law. Change it. You can do it didn't sit back and watch the mediocrity growth is speaking about here talking about it. It is not gonna do and then people just don't care anymore they're morals are out the window. But I guess I guess my question is you know is if the world does loss can the world be redeemed and you know was a social worker Rahman's I'm all about the star fish terrible. You mean like all of us here on Hancock's so we're not gonna save the whole wide world today. But if we can change their hearts and minds of just a few of us to to the point where we can hear each other is that not a good day at the job. A letdown at all and that I think if we allow. The American citizens of the world let's just put it globally. If we allow allow ourselves. To conduct our own lives as we see fit. And raise our children as we see fit and warship the way that we seek it the way we did in 1980. And at seven these. The world will be better but. You know I think he makes some great points my friend and I'm so glad you called love and light TU we're gonna be back 5701110. This is. The BBT 1110 to stop the BBT. Some food and and Sherry are filling in for John Hancock Hardin the legendary news tops eleven kind WDT. Have you just grabbed her head and screamed like your some sort of disobey him nightmare truly. Let me. Know what what were you do for the next couple hours together is working for the long route we're gonna talk to each other look real human beings and we're gonna find some things that we haven't carbon. Because the whole world is out there trying to tear us apart. 57 know 1110 let's go to the phones I wanna say hated David in Charlotte. David what are you at W bta. Are you were involved here it's an honor to be honest legendary radio station my friend and and I wanna hear from you why is it that you think that we just can't talk to each other anymore. Upload the social media were ordered this illusion. That we're communicating out if you each other more than we ever have art history. They hit the law. Air policy of Albany based not at. Blob or the last election on the left leg and actually the most. Allows you try to its controversial Kerry we ever had argued sleep in yet on this server or we're not doing the people's whole. Is it almost look like if they felt like I was on thirteen. Day would help Jimmy. If they get like I'll Lou I guess what their own better feel different hard alleviation. It was dead solid I was just amazed bar this hour's leading up to last election. If I brought up politics. There got while I like I'll bring you up Myanmar's prosecutors opened the flag they would run a way. They did not work well about me yet these same people who don't social media it's all the guts at all. You know you said something that is so wise and such true that it should be burned onto a plaque you said. We're under the illusion because of social media that were talking to each other critics alike has. We're talking we're talking into the great avoid but I'm not talking to each other. Exactly like it relates. Do you live. Think that would be all anybody was all about dirt and you know what let us know very much heavily that election. Good that you would like a dead now we're with the people's help there or bigger or blow it up. That it led to your health and why are you craving is all logic we got well. And did you feel sometimes I'm just wondering David did you feel sometimes that snap judgments were made about which team you were on just based on. What you happened to be wearing that day air your appearance or why it. Probably because it allows service worker they are not clear there and Lou. Now our twelve well are Republicans. If you're looking at that won't go at the hate what we're acting will argue can serve regular livable much you know look. You ask you about a big issue I'll give you mob scene you're. And you know a year in the immediate major we're just what you think Arian wanted her buried in law would issue it is. I think that's true for more people men and then we stopped to consider earning more I think that. Because we're no longer talking to each other we're no longer listening to each other we're no longer aware that. On and it's not black white everything his very nuanced and very very gray and and I know some folks that are extremely fiscally conservative. But fairly liberal socially and and there's no mom there's no easy way to define that because now it's red team blue team. I'm conservative liberal and an even uglier words for that which I'm not gonna engage him because I'm trying to do something here today and that's. Not record call each other names and we're not connect we're not gonna reduce each other down to these cartoon meet two weeks. Right you are if you are due to believe it didn't let all the pre ordered the -- people in this country. In the true category last year demand payment from their best regard. And you are right this inability to arm have political differences it's still relatively new to me I mean I was a little kid I don't. I only know this from family stories I don't have a memory of that let. My mom was like a big time hippies. But weigh weigh in day Kennedy. And my data was in Nixon Republican and somehow they managed to get together and have three kids are so great draw mean studio the deal. They. It won't be done about Eli. Third base leader are appalled that the people don't look at me like we did you get beyond that why you gotta either be all weird for all well what yelled. I might get you there are pretty regularly beat everybody has. Good quality in backwater we're now are now worried about big impact wall. I think it's so true and David I'm so glad you called today have a wonderful day. Why thank you take care 5711 to number gonna pop real quick to another David in wedding tent David welcome to news talk WBT how you doing. I do it but in truth and protecting not all. I'm a senior citizens and I'll probably go to call for a little bit not all purpose. But god I just wanna bring something out it's implied that we've taken the lord out of our laps I know what I was a young man that went to school. We had I'd devotion every day before the academic based started. There were no law or any offers and in any weighing in now in our school system that I attended. We all had no infractions nobody ever went into anybody else's locker. And it just seemed like that we don't have wish that for anybody whether it's still militarily was this the police also threw her farm alert teachers. How are really have a compassion. Fatigue just because I don't think that there are treated body. Not like just because sure it Google map to. I could not agree with you more I mean I went to parochial schools so I had kind of a different experience as a child. I'm I don't think that we value our teachers I I don't think that we compensate our teachers. I don't think that we placed a kind of value that was shown on education public education overall. And I agree with you that we don't respect each other and I would I would put out there that may be. Our inability to respect each other com's somewhat from our loss of respect for ourselves. I think you're exactly right. And enough I appreciate if you approach in this subject today. The few minutes on that list then you have wonderful conversations. And thank you so much for attempting to do list. And I thank you David for being out there and listening to John show on WB eighteen BM for being willing doing gay ex. Because it is actually kind of uncomfortable. To make yourself vulnerable. When there was so much has tell me what you really think come what you really feel we live in a time now where if you do that you might get called names and threatened. So I appreciate each and everyone knew it's calling today a 571110. Because I think we can do this I think we can talk to each other I think we can show each other respect nor house I think we can disagree with each other. Without it becoming hateful and ugly. I think that people are supposed to disagree with each other if we're all thinking and feeling the same way that is not the United States American I was raised and once upon a time you could feel very strongly. About something that your neighbor fell equally strong rebound in the opposite and you could still hang out together share beer with a sense what the heck has happened. 57 all 1110. We will be right back on news talk 1110 WDT. It. You have stopped eleven and WB eighteen homers Charlotte's most beloved here is recuperating from a medical center in the student greatest Sherry lynch from our sister station wanna seven finally filling in for John. And none were gonna really interest in time over here today because. The current challenging each other to listen to each other and we're not can yell at each other we're not gonna collect other names. And it's the words snowflake comes up it's gonna because of mistaken the weather forecast is we're gonna go there today W VT. 57 know 1110 TJ is pulling together a little something that I wanna play for you. As an illustration. Of why we've lost and how we've lost our minds the first one cigarette say I do George and Monroe. George welcome to WBT. Okay thank you don't hear ownership. Of property or. Or during the bigger form where you at eight we are now is that where you're taking. What most people consider all right and wrong. On behavior or moral. And go placing them we have legal and few people. In botany that. We won't pass play that are apparently people look at there aren't. Well because it's a political. And who you hang your whole paradigm. We dinner with body in early changes it would be in our country all right. 57. And you're wearing that when I grew. All that will clearly all carry it all there are. Almost celebrated. So I think I. I think they're making a really interest in point TT be more specific didn't give me example what you wanna I wanna order. I'll listen WDT sweetie you cannot accept these people. Com's audience broadcasting. Gonna pay more there are a major issues ever worry their group like abortion and I sample. No I'm not debating and bet. Women have a large current body to do they looted. Art when you really break it they don't. We mean today while women. You or almost all right paper and parole it's almost like well I got hurt its second billion. I had a report that we're out of solid core of young and flat out illegal. And not only be legal for anyone immoral. And many people feel like sitting here. But yeah we immediately able to. Aaron. After that we got back and another gentleman meg talk about now. You've got lot still Erica let's say how can respect. When you do it is widget clearly. Based only religion must all be immoral. And wrong. The best example it may not be there for example. But that's a problem. Can you bear the water out there that you can take all. So I could not. I'm probably the only person in turn the microphone today who will say you don't current like you brought up the issue of abortion. Because it is one of the thorniest issues right now that is tearing this country apart. And yes. Once part time not that long ago in this country it was illegal. But that didn't mean it wasn't happening. And women were dying and and they're. And I whenever whenever and it and I don't mean this and that confrontational wake some social worker I'm here to help you know and I'd also like to give you small kitten wearing auriemma sweater. On both people say that there women and you're using abortion as contraceptives. You know I've. I just can't find the data abortion is staggeringly. Complicated choice for women. And and I guess I would say. People are people are haven't Saxon men are involved in it too. And if we're going to have sex. I own and not bring babies into the world and we have to look at all these other issues that are related to we have to look at contraception we have to look at affordable child care we have to look at. On being able to feed and clothing and raise and bring children into the world and and this is why when people start yelling at each other about abortion. We we don't make any progress because we were not willing to dig deep and look at the really complex parts of the issue does that make sense Stewart's. It is doesn't like they have an off and I'll be caught with one last thing and that is. I agree with your honor recipient who standpoint you have to dig deeper into this issue. It's not just all they had an abortion nearly. There's more to it but I think that we and it but it worked almost fly. It doesn't I swear to god in America today we have tweaked for breeds meaning we have replaced thoughtful. Analytical. Discussion. And problem solving with pithy one liners that are Smart he or funny or really aggressive. Our great George I hope you have a wonderful day Monroe and I appreciate your listening to news chocolate Nintendo BBT. I have a little something for you know it's kind of an illustration of what I'm talking about today. And this is gonna love discuss this cannot be more bipartisan. I wanna play a sound way with 530 Giuliani and the and I want to play the response from Michael eleven on each. And to catch up on the cast characters if you've been lucky enough to be you know and NASA ties for the past few weeks. Pretty Giuliani is a legal counsel for the president president trump. My glove and ideas legal counsel for stormy Daniels the adult entertainer who is suing president trump this is what mr. Giuliani had to say. All very very credible source. She's army. Stormy the porn star you every porn person can't be a star. I never heard of before. Not I don't really look at porn could see we should get that out I don't look you. I would say that. The day that's about the same credibility as a lawyer. Who get who basically got thrown out of the case. I don't trust I don't believe storming cannot weaken us and I don't believe we're I don't know what Sumi stormy I don't believe so but if you don't believe how come there was no money paid. To her to keep her silent because I've done that I've done that for clients you you sent a money was repaid by the president's going to lose federal cases. You settle cases. To protect people's reputation whether it's sure not because if she shouted as she has people believe it whether it's true enough. Can I settled I settled cases for companies. When I know. It's not true. But I know if we go the full limit it may cost ten times as much too I like doing that no. Do I do it because it's practically right yes so you can't find that case. Because I was. A situation lawyers haven't done that and that's the part that's hard to explain to people and I would tell it by the amount of money that was paid it tells me it's not true. If she had X. Claimed to be proven. She's got millions of dollars not hundreds not a 14800. I would really doubt that expects. We kick ass just like a nuisance. Things get get rid of it can you tell us. We've seen them a line you're hearing is only little very impressed by her. Are so young mr. Giuliani went on to say that don't stormy Daniels is not good looking not for a president Charles to have had an affair with. So there one of the troubling things that Giuliani said for me was. Just this enormous acknowledgment of how cynical. The system has seen enough guy you know we know people are lie ever just don't pay them off to get him to go I'm sure the founding fathers are spinning in their. Powdered wig graves I want and now played their response that Michael have an idea whose legal counsel for stormy Daniels had listened to that. It's this guy is at discuss this guy's an absolute disgusting pigs. Stepped Lee should be fired immediately. The fact that he is double down on his comments today. I show how in touch out of touch he is with today's society. Shell wouldn't take she truly is shows that he thinks he's above the law and the folks refuse. And it shows that you must believe that this president. Well supported him in fact Kim these outrageous comments. Against. Women in my client I'm not as. You are my daddy was a meth cook and I was brought up not to call people names like that this is in wine news cycle an example of how utterly. Cynical. And fouled. And rude and dismissive we are to each other 5701110. To we have time TJ to say hated John John welcome to the show. Johnny there. Welcome to the show thank you for listening to I appreciate it. This year I just wanna remind us all that. The very first Tea Party rally were attended by both gay pride people and very conservative people. An issue that brought them together nationwide. Was mortgage scandal. OK you can go to the convention of State's web site right now. And the forty minute video from the very founder of the Tea Party mark McClure and explained the movement start to finish. It's and what happened back then. The Democrats could not afford to have their constituents. Basically going against them and so they. In order to create a burden Loren and to demonize the other side. They basically are made it to people would associate the Tea Party with the Republicans. When it certainly is not. We're basically all anti establishment. When my term limit all of them. But it doesn't matter who they are yeah amen to that and these people. Are kind. So you know time I'm it's interesting that you bring this up because I'm I actually remember the very early early days of the Tea Party before. But for the cable news group picked up on the menu and you began hearing a bus around because of what I do for a living. And I'm constantly being approached by groups that. Our look mean to be interviewed or to get their message out there and and so the very beginning of the Tea Party I was approached and I looked at what they were doing and I thought well this is really interest and I'm maybe this is going to be a viable third party that's gonna break the gridlock of corruption fat cats in Washington. I agree Cuba term limits totally on both sides of the hour. And and I've really played it the whole thing rule that got high jacked go ahead. Yet it's we the people vs condemned the establishment. That's the real battle Lauren were all being played. Well just being played it does still that we sometimes keep below more specific how do you feel play. Around the news people most mainstream news is owned by the left this kind of thing. And they're just chaining up and getting up in jail I mean look. It's gotten crazy you can like you say you can't even talk to anyone I would our next door the apps the other day and I brought up the word criminal alien. OK we got thousands of criminal aliens here they're here illegally. A right outside my neighborhood. I don't know where you live but I've got people shooting guns outside my toe war. Charlotte. It can't say I'm not disagree with your courage center. And my and I just have to say now I am a social worker. And as a social worker I'm about people and I don't think there's any such thing is an illegal human being other are on document not uniting. They and that's that's what's okay now. Okay if you go to Mexico illegally. We know paperwork. You go to jail. You are deported in 48 hours. What I suggest you might do is go read the Mexican constitution. Well they'll put up with any crap that we put up with all of my content my old country ought to. My point being that on as a social worker it's really important to me that we treat each other with humanity and respect. Are there people that are in this country without documentation. Yes I hate to think of any human beings. Even those that I find distasteful as being illegal human beings and. And I know people are gonna go low should she normally does she don't play with your wording and language. Fine I mean I've been certainly called worsen lissouba my own can focus. I just feel it's important. That if we're gonna make progress can go forward together. That we remember that we're all human beings created in God's image. Even when we don't look at all like does that make sense you don't question if you if you break the law. She. You have to pay a consequence. There's nothing. To do with respect that's just. You can defeat for her wherever Britain don't you're gonna follow the law you're not poor health walker we don't. Brother I know that like I said my daddy was a meth cook thanks to this. Jim imprisoned I know how about the law and its consequences and I appreciate your listening and being willing to dive in to talk with us here. Our news talk 1110 WBT will be back. He stopped 1110 WBT Sherri mentioned here for John Hancock who will be back he Charlotte's most beloved on this legendary radio station. On Monday I wanna switch gears ever so slightly before we go back to the fonts. And join Kerry also up talking about taste of Charlotte I love this town this is my favorite favorite weekend of the whole summer welcome to WBT. I hairy Daria I'm hungry and lured some sort of become an awesome food city Carrie what's different this year taste of Charlotte. Well did last year we did get six blocks so we're standing six blocks found France street we've added. I'll blame our restaurants we have 35 restaurants which ever 100 different cute Campo. We you have sports agent and the new thing this year it on Saturday to Sunday daily Sunday. Earning hatfill locker clown and a mascot the creeks and you can get a kid directing and probably fifteen dollars to build a limited his activity. School and for people have never been. He kind of explain how the whole situation works and you get downtown you wanted it tastes are this incredible food how does that work. Yeah and there are some great deep help on tape at Charlotte dot com but basically take the Charlie is free. Until ten that it c'mon now with your family air make it girl flattered date night every Atlantic. And kind of hit the Charlotte and it mentioned free and you're gonna I wanna Arctic cooling a bit. And act accordingly and you can unless you option that the large cup for twenty dollars and you get fifteen clients and that the small cup for ten dollar immediate banning calling. And a clean and he is that 130 by the restaurant. And a restaurant menu item or anywhere from one to explore calling. I'm all of our restaurants Q3 menu item Connecticut variety. And a healthy isn't going on beer and wine and soda and it will keep activity. He know if you've never been a taste of Charlotte. This is a great way to get down there and experience not just. On Charlotte's incredible food scene but also sure looks incredible diversity because people come from all over you see everybody EC grandparents TC little tiny babies. Teenagers everyone is there and it is such a welcoming fine atmosphere. Yet it's really great and I mean in Atlanta but it doesn't really not the cost anything I mean of course going to come down at the bit that. You know Republicans are on them free and fun to do that we can't come down and enjoy a one of the board agent that we have black music. The F groups cheerleaders. Will lock the difference on an excellent stepped on. And it all kicks off tomorrow afternoon. Yeah tomorrow at 11 AM at Friday eleven to eleven Saturday 1111 and then Sunday elite a day from eleven to fix. RE CO heard that taste of Charlotte dot com. We'll take our new skills of talking to each other not calling until earnings Multnomah County it's a great food to meet our neighbors is not last argued at a time. It sounds like our social worker Anke Cary. Let's send you know 1110 we're talking about why it's so hard to talk to each other. And I will go to the phones after the break. You know I was listening to the sound bites we've played lift. We Giuliani and Michael have an idea and just thinking it's necessary. Is necessary. To call each other pig an ugly Ian. Is it necessary to stoop to levels that the why should kids smell that was so if they were talking to other people like fat. Is that who we want to be it's kind of who ERA now. Is that who we wanna be and is it so. Impossible. To turn that tide. Is so difficult. To listen. So some respect. Have a little bit commanders and yes ma'am no ma'am thank you please. I disagree with you but I respect your right to have that opinion because in the United States of America that's one of our greatest freedoms. Has our freedoms to say and do as we please. Provide it we are not causing harm. And inciting violence. Greatest country in the world can conclude wanna keep it that way. Surveillance on W VT. Hi we are back on Charlotte is tops 1110 WBT I am. Sherry lynch filming you for John Hancock just not your worst liberal which nightmare also syndicated radio personality her worldwide armed forces network. Someone of being named by radio magazine one of the most influential women in radio for like the past forever and I really tell you that because. Aren't so walk home teams. And that's not nice that is not which human reached you do one hop over to the WBT faced a 'cause we're having a little experiment here and learning how to talk to listen to each other even when we disagree. And I'm wondering what Steven Harris post it he says okay. Following the opening monologue since she stayed here on that side of the aisle can you explain cherry writing in amassed the vulgarity the insults. The intense over the top hatred by that side towards Donald Trump. Apart from the Jersey cheering the partisan posturing. I'd like to honestly understand why. And you know Steve friend and everybody. NATO. And the only theory I have on it because I find it. Horse trying I am really conflict averse and I don't like when people threaten each other and install it when people. Insult each other and shout each other down XX we don't catch you. I need I think people are entitled to their beliefs and their views even winner wildly different. All I can thinking is is that. Because of the Internet and social media. And 24 hour news. Our extraordinary. Utterly unique in the history human beings are extraordinary political process. Has been reduced to. The kind of entertainment involving gladiators and winds. We've just oversimplified. Betty we just over simplified everything. And in the world are so complicated and scary. Six carries are happening in the world and amazing things to click at the very same time that the world is the scariest sewer ever. You just heard Mike Doyle talk about Tom evidence of organic life on marks. Right so human beings the most extraordinary. Of God's creations the most awful right every single wants. And when things are really super complicated. It's just easier to simplify it and god knows I look at my tax and that way I think it's a human impulse and unfortunately. It's gone to the extreme. Where rich costs so divide it. And we're just so angry. 57 know 1110 let's see if we can talk to each other at least for a couple of hours here. On John Schoen and not call each other names to see if we can understand each other just a little bit let's go to Chris calling from Denver Chris welcome to the south. I'm sure they'd rather let my wife to big fan and I've enjoyed doing as well one of them always cause. Thank you Chris. While they go to into the oneself that nothing personal but I have enjoyed it. I don't really know your tablet enough to know who your political leanings but. My goodness the Democrat party if you go actually represent them. The word you sound you sound very. Much Republican incumbent thing you say probably if I may say I used to be Democrat now an independent and I found myself. Calling because of my really single issue voting. There have been doing for quite some time I would choose which is abortion brought up medical brought up briefly and told me about it. That's what I particularly when you talk about life here and we're right why were kind of degrading our. Our moral located all the data we look at like why are we seem to be going backwards I'm not really evolving here. And that's that's what I put into Brazil who spent. True to its nineteen Doug open pregnant. I would have been just spot. Who lived there my golf what does that I was having an abortion and now I have a son desperately want and it made me accountable. For my actions and made me a man and Matt and Ben we have sixty million. You can million babies have been murdered at the 120 million adults that are accountable for their actions and northern Kurdish area where women are dying due and I've I've done customers or to help look for those numbers and I would find it aluminum and I did thought have a legal abortion was was twelve or extremely bad at the beginning and in the late seventies and eighties. And it I just can't use that. We logic. I think that we've who know we're taking away. The one thing that makes us adult and mature and bend and you know we've we have actually we make choices. And very pro choice. We knew who make those stories that you have to live with the results and and they're not send many of us have avoided those they actual okay. I mean Detroit is now I have the slight I have to I have to improve myself I have to be accountable I have to do the right thing by the child. Then there's a 120 1000000 people central related take command in a moment and then none of the men had anything that any real say legally to do was among the baby with a border Arafat has told what I'd point to. Then I don't involve life that it had the biggest impact on me. Well here's a new look the the truth of it is is I think that this is one of the most complicated. An excruciating. Issues that we face and I'm sitting here talking to you today. Because once upon a time my teenage mother got pregnant. And Don and married the father. Don't know that I'd be here. If she had had access to other choices but I'm talking like my people came right off the boat grandma. Roman Catholic abortion was never going to be an option. And it is a choice. That is so. Difficult and complicated and nurse own many shades of gray. To that choice there at the heart ping an and you know I wouldn't have ever expected to be delighted to be chatting about abortion on WDT by it. The hard thing about it muses when we're just shouting at each other. We're not we're not really. Doing anything but making a week's. More teenage daughter actress I have teenage daughters. Annan on haven't talks with them now you don't start to have those talks in one of the things that I say to my daughter's news. Yeah you have choice but as a choice you've ever want to find yourself in the position to make right. So you also have with choices come responsibilities. The choice to be sexually active carries some responsibilities. To protect yourself from unplanned unwanted pregnancy to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. To protect your heart and soul from all the complications the calm with entering into an adult sexual relationship. These are hard conversations. And I'm happy that we're sitting here having it today you and I are not gonna solve this here today. But I'm going to tell you that I respect. Your feelings about this and how strongly you feel about it. And how deeply thought about it. Woke up to you very much input if I could do know that when you're the social worker when you're gonna the child and spend an unfortunate isn't that convenient in the last resulted in the fourth fifth abortion by one woman. And I called a convenient that that data is then they actually need that we are using it to that extreme at this point. Second I think a lot of had to do the consoling and advise them and lead. The Nobel memorial opera is being switched from long true legal like Georgia earlier caller was we're going to play with. Film I would try to raise my kids and told him I really would prefer they don't have any effect at all until they're married and I thought well in the bigs are gonna go without him out of the hard when I talk to them that's really what I mean. Do the right thing and that's what I try to teach them. The bottom just so that that that era over that les pointed in the right direction another weapon and probably follow the path that we've got to try. We do have to try and here's the aim on people. People make mistakes people fall down you know he can have the best pick your team in the world. And you can make a choice that changes your whole life you can have the worst parenting in the world. And and make a choice or changes your whole life we do the here's my pierced my thing as a human being and a social worker. We're out there I think most of us are doing the best we can some of us don't have a lot of tools some of us have tools that are kind of Boston and don't make a lot of sense. But we're out there were doing the best we can and if we're gonna go forward. It's important. Chris that you and I can sit together in your wife's car. And we don't ABC absolutely I'd I but we're able to look at each other in the eyes and have respect for where we each come from does is that fair. Although there's no very and as you know I don't see where you're preaching today what you're sharing today is there's a 100% I am I am very many. Democrat leanings then consider myself a Democrat a lump on my life so I grew and so many different things you'd be probably very surprised but. At the end of the day and all of this. This news life and death and no one of them want to have these issues and then the biggest impact on society that I can that I can point you might otherwise in this society as a whole so. I really appreciate your time and out going UCLA and shut down anybody that wants to call in and out of the. Don't know I'm not doing that I want askew just one thing you forgot the break in and they took us TJ is given to. On. If you and I could find nothing else to agree on although I think we have a lot of shared values crest. Can we agree that. But for him to bring children into this world we gotta we gotta do right by them once again here. Absolutely 100% and and you'll find that the that the more serious in the more. But act effective. Anti abortion and pro life groups offered sold many solutions to young women. Oh and barely any woman whether babies they don't know they're there are so many different avenues and so many people willing to help. That there were going to save that life and and that that bit out there that's available. And I know it is time I met with an extraordinary group in Muncie Indiana earlier in the year when I was out there for fund raiser. Hum I guess my thing has. Yup let's take care of those babies and when those babies are old enough to go to school let's make sure they have something to eat. Let's make sure those kids of their sick can go to a doctor let's be better as people in taking care of the most vulnerable. Our children our elderly our disabled our vets. Let's do better by the people that are here right now that I think were given the high hard one to. Brother in Bora not being mean to be included in that list Obama vulnerable. Glad that you called what is your wife's name. Could you tell Christiane lover and thank her for listening to the Bobby Cher show and Chris you have a great day. But here I'm your girl I'm glad we Chad are we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk some more because. We aren't getting to know each other we are discovering that we have a lot more common than we ever did thinks. This is a legendary new stock 1110 WDT. Thank you boomer my swing just to share links covering for John Hancock today on the legendary news on 1110 EDT. So glad you're joining me here this probably the only time you'll hear we feel and WDT. After today we're talking about my belief. It's Charlotte can and should be. Our role model to other places. On how to talk to each other how to engage each other's neighbors had a BA community we don't have to be shouting at each other calling each other names just because this whole country feel so. Ugly divider right now. And part of what I wanna do peers gives you guys too who may not be aware of all the cool things that are happening in Charlotte this beautiful June. On a chance of trying to not Sunnis outside best Maggie from queen city weekend upon by. And Chris weekend is sort of like a crash course and how epic Charlotte ecstatic that. Lire we are an online lifestyle brand whose goal is just highlight all the overly fine and cool things to do and the queen city. And I get to meet all those great people that really make Shirley rates and talk about the things that they allot most which may be good business. Or their passion it's so much fine and don't file when you're out there in the community. Then a lot of ugly new ways that immediate kind of dies down nearly easier to scoop people. You know you'd be surprised how pack beat people can get when they're talking about things that they love which is what we focus on. On clean city weekend as we we finds passionate things that people love to do. And we get them to talk about it so maybe one day we're going to take place and we're talking about this this guy who makes cupcakes and why it makes him so happy. Another day we may be going to a restaurant talking to the chef about what makes his job so find creating menus every season I mean. It when you get people to talk about things that they love great things happen. So give us an idea of some really cool fun things that we can be doing right now this month this summer in the Quincy. I try to find things that were diverse so there's something here for everyone if you love comic books may be Europe expand. DC or marvel. Then heroes can't when he eighteen is coming up heroes are hard to find puts it on tapping Jane fifteenth sixteenth and seventeenth at the Charlotte convention center. They have day passes and a weekend passes kids twelve and under get him free and you're gonna find some great comic book writers some artists there. That's really fun we can for people who really like that stuff. Maybe you're more into the outdoor worst than you may want I had to the US national Whitewater center. On June 16 they have sold fast and the pre dash six K trail real tree race trial trail race up for a I just don't pay Maggie Q is there a lot of people are like me a deep into the Whitewater center and they go. That's not really my thing humor through the water you don't have to go rafting to have an unbelievable day you don't clutter so I mean this event and I'm telling you about right now is Peter sampling. So if you like the air. And he liked the outdoors he can go back and this is America we like both of those we do it on my brother has thanks so you can go there from one to six on June 16. Pay seven dollars for sample card get forced samples Cazalot. And there's always music and great people watching and you're outside it's awesome yet so that's a great event for people just like the outside. Nadir and did you ask the queen city Jazz Fest coming up on June 16. You can go check out some they have like hundreds of families all there at intends to press Freeman where is that this summer I you know they are and it hasn't yet but they can't keep to seek and now there's no one will find I now there they're on them date that they did announce that it was going to be racing and then -- the Charlotte new music festivals coming up and of course that's all month on June 19 to thirty F. And it's all around Charlotte so you'll be able to check out some quartets. Ticket prices range from ten dollars on. And before we let you go there's one more thing that we must talk about what is this Rambo road in Rock Hill that's sounds for T. So about a month ago this place called south count wake park at and anti government wake boarding it's where you you. Get on the water with a little like surfboards and things. And you get pulled by a vote wall and Rock Hill they have an overhead cable system that pulls you and you can wake board without the boat and it's a lot of fun. It's and you can go beginner to advanced. I would do so much better and that it's always the boat the trip's not exactly well cables that cables W at cal like. They have a beginner crash course it's not at a center starts at 35 dollars with a lot of fun if you're looking for something -- a great thing for a hot weekend days so how can how can folks listening WT find you queen city's obesity weekend is online is not face the Twitter an answer grand you can find as you just search queen city weekend we have that hash tag. Hash tag clean city daddy kaine. TJ we are we scheduled to break. OK so here's a deal. We're gonna take a break and then bring it back to the only. Radio show in North America that's actually managing to have a civilized conversation. About really hard stuff stuff like abortion so afflicted Tea Party stuff like why do people say such horrible things about the president. I don't think this is happening anywhere else dollar awesome because you're really stepped it up for showing every one. What makes Charlotte such an incredible place to live this talk 1110 WEB team. And we are attacked. On Charlotte's legendary news top 1110 WGT this is shares lips covering for Johnny while he recovers from his medical procedure and so happy to see him doing well. 5701110. We're talking today about. On he was possible to talk to each other without you saying ugly things are shouting at each other. And we had some interesting feedback on one gentleman called he did not want to be on the air. Company called two on suggests that my feminine hygiene was sub par and then to say that he hoped I would die in car crash on my way home tonight so. I just sort of seven I don't pretend to speak for the lure but I hope she is when do and I also wanna shout out thirsty darker on Twitter and tweet it. Social worker what laws do you choose to follow. We're all all of them I mean I have remove that tag off my match this time or two but. Very law abiding citizen leg darker I don't even understand your question. Let's go to the phones can that we talked to each other let's say Heidi Daniel and Charlotte. Where are you I'm good how are you think you to listen today. Goes sure I'm glad we're rating on one thing that we both love Charles Charlotte I have a we're here thirteen years ago and an analytic just as much as you do probably but I I got a couple of quick points. From its core we're trying to. He explained some that simple concept. The fact that somebody crossed the border. Well country because we still have ordered in laws or somebody crosses the property private property line in your house and practices to figure out. There illegally there you agree with that. Yes of someone trespass is in your home there absolutely there. Unlawfully. Okay structure just like you have and you don't have people coming your house. We have the country we have laws in we have ordered. That's as we still stand and speak here therefore. If somebody crosses the border illegally they are legally here now your not forty you're trying to compute a couple of things that I wanted to clarify Lebanon border illegally everybody's bored. What got you it daily noble. Right you know we have we have the rights to. Lot of justice to hold all right that we have and that's that were speaking about or speaking about nobody can cross. Into another country illegally. And then you're telling us that there's no such thing as illegal that means you're subscribing to lawlessness. And who. A little bit took a country without laws maybe that's why that person out there and Twitter if you forward you'll know which one people. Com IC your point and I take your point I'm just I'm calm I'm uncomfortable with calling human beings. You know an ugly turn like that but I agree with you that there is a difference between people that are. On in this country illegally and people that are in this country without documentation the dreamers I think would be an example would you agree with that of undocumented. Individuals. Yes I mean what we can get into that the total that but I think the principle here is. This period have no fear it's fine of course somebody illegal because I think you have a problem quoting somebody that has killed. Somebody are criminals right I don't think you have an issue. Now in an attempt at certain why you have a problem point somebody illegal if they illegally cross the order and they choose to illegally leave you know place. Without asking Obama actually illegal immigrant either piano or vacuum because I got in line I have all of the look of all of laws of the country. And at one point these countries have a lot of people come here legally and so. Our that's supporter trying to make their the other foreign could that order or at school. It is I appreciate you or talk about civility and wanting stability and look we all do. The problem is. That I am on the right and I you adhere to conservative our values everytime I try to open my mouth. And speak like the previous government spoke about protecting the unborn nobody wants respect. Speaking for. Otherwise that we believe we sure are you know personal freedom to you know do things and then have choices you're on track without. Fight the lefty by the Democrats by your fellow Democrats. Like you would imagine on hold all kinds of capable big if I'm a race is over this. We have broken off to straighter but that is we believe we're the conversation go when I'm trying to make a very logical points and I'm trying to get to a your chance to respond to a dead whether they agree or don't. It's fine but at least you can fax article. We powerful device to my point and I went to go anybody that does that but I thought I find it. Figure people that you're associating with a nice state your people right here at record that Democrats. Are not fearful people more justifying. And really standing on the on the critical that they promote and apparently a lot about their just get elect that's what people don't know what they're set for. And then what he tried to talk to them rationally logically when they cannot defend a point. They quickly revert to shut you down with many solid Europe's biggest you're here is to hurt their. That you really are the biggest I think you're a big physical you can't even answer to a neutral court the court's order to prepare into advocating a security. And Daniel you are articulating. The whole point of order I'm saying here today is win and I and I don't think I'm shouting at you or disrespecting you. Org denying you your right to speak I grant you the points that you made I stand corrected. I don't think it's I think some folks are projecting some stuff on to meet. I never I've made nosed political statement of affiliations. Today or he day. I think it's so important that we find ways to listen to sound as. And you and I just did that in our own small. Tiny waves and weather means anything or not who knows I'm glad you faults. It's a little I am so happy to tell you all the time Hancock is we've been very good recovery he'll be back here and his favorite spot com Monday. Right now necessary lynch covering for John Hancock Charlotte's most beloved under stock 1110 WBT. And talk about on what to Tyler I can listen to each other why can't we here's things that we disagree with or even things that we find. Really really provocative. I can't we cheered them. And try to find some common ground with each other why should know 1110 let's go to Vinny from harm personnel any. An area we're I'm kind of I think you so much for cone today. Prop. The problem actually pull the IQ. Idea I I think it's pretty cool that a liberal. A person will look who used it won't go onto its conservative talk show. And not try to bring people together and that's what I think the world which really lifting your efforts right now. That guy to a person who rolled back about you get into an accident it's idiots like that they're gonna just keep book. Contra the body off so we need people that kind of step out of box. Look at a from the other perspective. Not everybody is right not everybody is wrong but it's OK to disagree we all know or appreciate. But the bottom line is better earlier cherries had people it takes call virtual call. And truck to do this and and that pretty sad that it takes courage to just say that. We should all go to war. You know isn't not slick many can you believe you woke up and in America where it's controversial to say to people tank. It's okay if you don't agree with me trade weighted. Com such a shock keen positioned to take. I don't get I don't I don't understand that and the open market equated to the fact that so many people work. And tightrope and they don't even wanna get Machida you know. And it and it's sad that you know it's it's one thing to be against the president and hoping not to support the and I and I don't know why look SATA or what. I think com. I think that we have to greed it the dignity of the office and I'll tell you what man I can Trace that back to the Clinton administration. The dignity of the office has been degraded and no president has ever been perfect morally or in any other way because human beings are flawed. And we're weakened were driven by our appetites and and we're also led around by conflicting agendas and we make mistakes you know we sometimes have poor judgment. I'm I'm a person who I may not agreed. With the gives an elected official. But I was three east. To have respect for the office whether that is for the police officer who took another guy opened some law breaker never pulls me over. To the mirror. Or the president of the United States and I think it's important that we. Practiced that respect for the office by being symbol and it upsets me greatly when. This kind of ugliness. On is being echoed everywhere. It's not just you know lake. And you meet talking to each other over a beer it's. It's everywhere. There's like there's no grown ups left there's no place that. It's sacred anymore there's no place where you mind your manners and I don't understand. How to tap and an even more hours something I don't understand how we're gonna get back to a place of fundamental decency. I don't know how little I mean I agree I actually a lot of 4056. Year old. Oh now. Understanding and become pro Christian with a treat spoke in the social media. And they used that's a I wouldn't just be Erica and and they just say oh look at that as a way of communicating. And what you were saying earlier it's more of a way that's my point of view her body satellite and it's almost like they're trying to sell you on it and like you know affecting the team. And looked at earth is that we got young kids that are 8910. The ball off with this and with that type opened it yet or what eats. What this technology they'll know what more elaborate maybe maybe mark the trip can handle both the light. It would over there. It's sad I was I was out talking on my own radio so I'm not too long ago that. The Internet is remarkable in and FaceBook is remarkable but we maybe weren't ready for a FaceBook what I think about what a powerful tool for empathy and connection could be. I try and and may we may be in a lot of ways you know our technology has outstripped our ability to manage it. And and that's scary because the. Are completely overwhelmed and exhausted by the amount of news that is coming at them every single day seven out of ten. We we are the grown ups we we have to do grownup things we have to listen to each other and we have to govern. And we can't do this on lake at some kinda crazy esteemed sports. This is not a Super Bowl this is a democratic process and it requires more Voss. 57 know 1110. Let's say hi to John emit hill and hey John. They share department of job I got satellite at a cute dumb that Billy your article but it sure that the dipper or dispute about order market share something with you I would love to do with where sports. Sandra yes police CP yes. Okay he wrote a number of books more books surety grow. That I think our people sure I understand it read this to book an 1896. This culprit suppression of the slight perk. Elsewhere in this book goes through the congress the English. All play street can be found out who. Israel owner partnerships that there's this slate trait he argued for you with this book for any checked. I'm very familiar with mr. to blazes ratings yes. Our yes. Okay and that's okay that's about but have under or so ships. There are certain ship in the business. This great big control that bad money they're pro ballot. And they are and 1860. To sixty manned. You have New York Rhode Island Connecticut and all but one that are in the slate this past. And that he would actually punches a hole and what's going off. And also the same thing that happens. Is. C. Do you know who captured all 26 million. Are back at grand South Africa in themselves so witchy documents. And then spoke and other books. That are slow to. Capsules that are rented battery Africans. All of the slate traits. Those rulings are still. Along the African coach that's right everywhere is guilty slavery or thrall no question. That no championship. No southerner as separate document editor Gordon and the Arctic natural. So we may be sure a little bit at all all of our problems. And not be a cut your social opener at this. Preacher teacher turner. I appreciate you John and dom I think that then it legacy of slavery. It is a legacy for all Americans and I think the south does not bear that burden alone I absolutely agree with you on that. 5701110. To we have a we have time for Mike TJ Mike Hsu Charlotte let's say hey hey there Mike. Teddy I really appreciate your doing what you're doing and I try to do good things from not rightwing perspective. Doesn't always get greeted warmly but people people candlelight argue. But my question that are being in a common good for you has done. Several years ago. Some of that and news people I think it's terror reservation has been Vince Coakley I gave that speech in the you know lord gave me. Had a meeting. We talked about how conflict still. And that the media is always going to be. Stop promoting conflict and method you know doing what you're doing is awesome and I wish more people would do it but the reason it's not out there a mirror of the -- lot of yelling and screaming. It because conflict sells. And I want to know Tammy your thoughts on that. I think that is absolutely correct and I think that's why our media is just. A bunch of folks yelling and stirring the pot and propaganda rising. And I'm in the media know I've chosen to do something different with my career and I suspect. This only time you'll hear me under BB eighty. Because I don't want to live my life like that might. I don't want to. I don't want to be someone who causes division and discord in unrest I don't wanna beat the drum for something. One sided. I would I would never get hired on MSNBC or fox. I'm going to some different. With my career and with my life as a person I think you're right I think it is what sells this does say capitalist society. It's all about the market fish that's stuffed didn't drive ratings and sell mostly on the drugs I think at this point. If that's still wasn't salad make good money believe me we'd all be looking to reruns of Gilligan's Island. Like 701110. This isn't you start eleven sand WE BP. This is John Hancock shown his top 1110 WVT note John's medical procedure did not turn him into a lady. So I think that it's filling in for John Hancock. I'm coming up this hour we are going to meet. It's an amount behind queen city unity. So we're gonna talk about what their group is doing on the ground to bring people together Connolly we're trying to do here today. It's just listen to each other with some respect and compassion. Let's go to the phones a 571110. And say Heidi died welcome to WBT got here. Oh thank you Sherrie thank you don't show it yet but Russia. I just wanted to. I try to live but. This girl. Straight to him speak or being understand there. And M wouldn't form where an open heart to the other person and not not sit there and aren't you were the net or your point while they are. Trying to share their car and bought they're passionate about and you may agree or what they're out. But it leaked link in an open heart and your where they're coming up and don't. You know you've got Adam but just don't generally agreed to a current. And it all I care about you about respect due our and we just agreed to integrate and you've dealt with a plan you don't lose Glenn Engel thank. You bail out. And you know. That's certain beat. As hard as it is a muscle grown Catholic school we went to mass Tyson weaken and we always saying this one him it's my favorite hymn of all time. And it it's the day him a Saint Francis and make me a channel of your piece. And it's a mom to be on to under two it understand rather them be understood. It's exactly what you're saying and it. When we think about how you don't really know what another person is doing what. You really know what has driven another person to the choice is gave me door to the position I hold. Half the time we call each other when you're a liberal I've been called a liberal. A bunch of times today and like I should stop someone and ask them what do you mean by that I think when you call me a liberal what is. I mean TU. Because I don't even know what that means on people combat. People will say we pitched only conservatives but I certainly at school doing much true. What does it mean when you say conservative what does it mean when you say liberal what does it mean. To be neighbors in the community. What does it mean to be all people are holed children of god what does that mean tidy. Although there are help. People grow up quite. In a way that makes a big culprits got off a much pat and and their point of view. If you are in their act and that she'd have to meet captain George also on. That you're saying you're the expert here that when you don't really are quite. Never that person in the manner they heard my name and what it's like you've got no person. And made that patent John Mark on someone. For you willing ball. It's so true and it's hard because like I said earlier you know as human beings were flawed I mean I was tired in school. That that the whole point was so low of one another. And I don't mix sometimes when I see all putting miracle whip instead of dukes on a sandwich I just want my head to blow up. But I try to work that died you don't myself maybe. A miracle whip they don't the dukes is better. We have got to fight kind of what you do occur on some things Amare girl. And imagine. You have a wonderful day and I so appreciate you listening and I hope you're back kuril Monday when John comes back. I don't mind your help on the bank you're. Take care. The Montana fan who must have subscribed you would in the way you bring it every single time here in new supplement and WBT. I'm so excited to introduce to you someone that should know a lot more about. Because according to Lars has created. Clean city unity and this is a group it's all about what were all talking about with each other today the this incredible city this town these people this community this legacy. We. Can set the example for how people can come together or are welcome to WBT thank you very much Mary thank you haven't. Tell tell everyone exactly what queen city unity is all about. Sure it's a queen city unity is we're nonprofit organization based right here at a city of Charlotte. And we initially started following the civil unrest happened here in 26 team. And our mission is to bring people together of all races religions genders sexual orientation and political affiliations. In order to create unity. Right here in the Quincy Charlotte. And you'd do that in a number of different ways absolutely so what we've designed is and when we went who first came up with our mission statement we looked at innocent wow. That's a very very broad statement but it is rod and it's intentionally broad because it needs to be all encompassing. So we have four pillars of unity which our core initiatives. Very first one we did was serve the community because the very first and easiest way. To really supplement what a lot of great organizations are doing now here's the spread love writes we truly believe that by doing acts and charitable activities we can create a sense of one's. And it's a volunteer groups anybody anyone listening right now. Could be a part of queen city unity absolutely and and you know. Once it started there we started with a charitable activities and initially when we first started. We didn't really think it would get as as they would win grows fastest as you know we currently have over hundred volunteers or as we call them unity ambassadors. And at this point we actually in a process of creating community programs they're really gonna create financial sustainability. And unity with people of all different backgrounds and races and political affiliations. So we're gonna pause a moment come back and that the phones are open a 571110. When we come back. I wanna talk to you about some of the challenges the UCs being unique to the queen city in as some of the things that are that are on positive they're each of the queen city this. Inspiring us to go forward on news talk let me attend the BB take. And we are back behind new stopped 1110 WBT shirt lynch are covering for John hand while he recuperates will be back on Monday. My guest is horn rim Belarus of queen city unity in this is a nonprofit. That is just trying to bring a solid table so that we can solve some problems and go forward together. Corey left. A long career in the corporate world. To do this work peas and loves this community he feels called. Feels called to bring people together what are some issues Torre that you you think you're kind of maybe a little bit unique to Charlotte and the region. You know I think that there's a lot of history here in Charlotte right and that was one of the things when I first moved can I've underestimated. And I think one of the largest issues that we're seeing here is as the one we continue to hear about which is generational poverty. Com and if you dig in to the particular subset in the pockets of people that that's struggled a generational poverty it's it's minorities. Tom there's no way around it it's statistically proven and I think when you. 96% of the people that are born into poverty and shortly will perish for. And we talk a lot about the progress we've made as a society which we certainly have. But I think here in Charlotte that's one of the and is one of our pillars of unity that we need to tackle which is how to we assist folks with upward mobility. And that's particularly tricky one because the whole. American dream and the whole sort of mythic idea of America is you can come here without a penny. And just some hard work and sweat equity can you can you can become anything you and that's sure to English. You know owned some kids. Is some children are born into families where resources. And tools and com. Throngs on the latter kind of limited. Agreed and 96%. That's a number that I don't think anyone in Charlotte would be proud to talk about. Done and we're certainly not proud of it as as you know an organization and an as a community. But we have to and you said the magic word your Sherry which is more resources. Right so there are many many people that just simply do not have the resources so we are rolling out a program at the end of 2018 called Charlotte forward. And what's this program does is it takes individuals and families and it's it's. It gives them the resource is now there's a lot of different programs in the community that have resources but it's. This one is a one stop shop and it's a lifelong mentor ship of these families that struggle with these resources where we're gonna take them through a path of it right off the bat skills assessment Arab he's born with some innate qualities that is meant and tailored for particular career. So we're gonna that we're gonna work on that. Additionally we're gonna take him down a path of education weathered vocational or tech training whatever they need to look thought he'd leave the job and pursue a career. And when they're done with this lifelong mantra ship which they can be a part of it as long as they want. We're seeing folks go from renting and living in poverty to saving for the future saving for their college funds for their children and breaking that generational property. So that's one of the one of the negatives one of the challenges that we're working on help further some kind of positives that you feel are. Special to Charlotte. Absolutely you know it. So initially when we first started the organization we weren't too sure how he received. And I'll tell you the positive has been that a majority an idea I do say a majority 'cause it's not all. But it's about eighty to 90% of the people we've come in contact with here in a city. Want unity regardless of race regardless of political affiliation. And regardless of sexual orientation. No go ahead yet and to me that has been really the most encouraging thing because when you start something new you're relieved you're really worried about and say wow what a let everybody thinks that. Really putting aside our biases and the things that we've been taught throughout our lives and just coming together and and learning to disagree and agree at times. How will that be received and to see the overwhelming. Responsible gun from the community has been amazing. And and how were you feel that we are as a city innocent as a region. In this time of sites incredible. Division and ugliness. Rethink Charlotte stacks up on that. You know at the moment. I'd say that it that it's. I had to think about. That is are we right at the average with the rest of the nation I wouldn't say it's worse than the rest of the nation. Let's say were on par you know where were average with the rest of the nation. But most of the people I talked to her in Charlotte that doesn't sit well with them they don't wanna be average. Should feel like he don't I get accused of being let my husband's always saying moment. You just so you just see things as better than they are and that's that's good but it's not reality. I want things to be better than me are 'cause I think that we as a people are capable. I'm more mean what is when you talk to people that relocate to Charlotte. And they come here and they're coming in for a job and maybe they think they're going to be here for a few years and then moving on and they get here and there like holy cow never leaving. And you say why are you never leave me they go first of all the city's beautiful but the people are incredible. Isn't that a legacy worth investing in its. Absolutely and and really what keeps me here it makes me one of those people I moved here from Florida about ten years ago is the people. Because I sent C eight a feeling. Progress in the people really truly wanting to treat each other with respect and fortunately. And there's a bunch of other things get in the way it. And that's some of those things beating some of the deep rooted beliefs that some folks have and the inability to. Seek to understand. Because sometimes. Com allowing a person who you disagree with in your life feel scary let's face it into the unknown can be really scary. And now we've only got thirty more minutes left together and are tough for somebody else that's real good news. A bit if you want to talk about unity in the queen city and what you think can have been what you think she needs to be done. An idea you have let's do it F 5701110. And we are let's see about 27 minutes past the hour on WBT's. There is a source Charlotte's most beloved Adobe fax your ears on Monday when he returns. He's got to let content will be guaranteed coverage for mental event today it's me Sherri glance you can hear me on the 107 I believe Bob and Jerry show. Fifty stations around the country and worldwide. Serving the troops on armed forces radio. My guests in the studio is horrible Morris who is the founder of queens city unity and this is like a nonprofit group. This is all about bringing folks from all over the Charlotte region together. To listen to understand each other to move forward. As the city that we know we can be and and I was wondering if you could share. Common experience you've had where you've seen firsthand. Folks coming from real opposite. Points of view and finding a connection. Absolutely serious so we host an annual event called the Charlie unite festival. This year's actually taken place on October on October 6 November and company. And this particular event we did it last it was our very first time doing it so we really don't know what to expect but it's a multi cultural festival where we had. Hip hop we have country music we have Indian music we have that. LG BTQ performing I mean in an assist and a conglomerate of people coming together to celebrate our diversity. And it was a gentleman there are you know older gentleman who you know was just hanging out having a beer we're listening to music and as he. As he's having a conversation with somebody probably in their thirties. The conversation kind of a balls and up to that on talk and you know he does and you do understand as the gentleman said a comment that Matt. Really wasn't in line with you know LG BTQ and he says are you do understand that. I'm gay. And the only gentleman looks adamant says grant. And I'm talking by an ounce on a tough because I knew then that sentiment that's an argument to key member and they certainly an intentional journalist it's chronic. An all rank I see yeah and all gonna cry I'm wondering why am I am trying to understand he says you know my entire life. I've looked to you different I thought or viewed differently yet. I'm really just not agreed to return and I still don't necessarily agree but the one thing I've realizes you're human being and I need to treat you like human. And I was such a breakthrough moment that I get chills and. Just thinking about it and that this sort of thing that doesn't surprise me happening and Charlotte. Because I do feel like when we're able to connect one on one. We find that we are more alike who can then were different. Absolutely I mean united. There's another story can tell you about a young lady and this is there is actually in Charlotte before we started the organization many young lady I knew was dating an African American gentleman. And she knew instead this is like my dad is going to kill. I'm you know he'd he'd be denied and it just didn't agree with interracial marriages. Well ultimately she brings it to him and yet it's been. Almost ten years since that. And he absolutely loves a minute and it goes a show like you said when you put somebody in front of somebody in to see them for who they are. Whether you agree with their beliefs of their background or when they come from. You'll ultimately realize we're all human beings. And we need to treat each other with respect. And think about. What is already exploding in vibrant and amazing community. Is think about what it could be. Absolutely and I think the one thing that has currently specially over the course of the last couple years has really created additional edition that you know we've we were already divided as a nation. And and as a city of times right. It's political affiliations we do have one rule. At at queen city unity which is all unity ambassadors which that's what we call our volunteers we will not discuss our political affiliation. And to watch hundreds of our volunteer unity ambassadors come together. Regardless of their their political affiliation and really just trying to move the ball forward and it doesn't mean we don't have tough conversations. But we speak talk to each other and we figured out and ultimately to see it were a Republican. And a Democrat. Come together. For the sake of progress. It's amazing. And shifting to discover how many shared goals we have strike race along both sides of that we're gonna pars are quaking at the traffic from boomer and then we want some thoughts from you all before we wrap up at 6 PM. I'm not WBT. He boomers we're back on WBT remove our assistant city community how people get involved and and what is really expected to make what what are people bringing. Charts so in order to get involved are you really have to do is go to queens city unity dot org. You fill out form and you get if you know you'll get an email from us and one of our unity ambassadors will give you a call. And really give you an in depth breakdown of our our core initiatives which we call our four pillars of unity. And ultimately will bring out and have a meeting greed and really the expectation is just be yourself. You know there there are no true expectations in terms not give as much time as you can give as. Little as you can you know you can give charitable donation if you can if you can't that's okay to do our but the true expectation is respect each other. Understand each other and let's drive unity here in the queen city. And you left a successful and I'll lucrative career in corporate America because you were so. Called to this yes ascent hit tend you know that's. They don't call it non profit for nothing right. But at the end of the day really was my calling and there was no way that I can walk away and Indian the previous employers I worked for were great. I wasn't about them knows more about. This mission. And the city of Charlotte and the community here in Charlotte and what we can be indeed together 100% so once again it's queen city unity dot ORG and that's have a terrific FaceBook page as well. The folks wanna go there and a whole bunch of events coming up that you find them both the website and the FaceBook so you go kinda check it out see for yourself. And you know maybe if you feel kind of called. Stick a total land and explore a little bit. And see what we can do together as neighbors because that's really what it comes down to dissidents apps and no one is coming to save us we must save ourselves. Thank you. You broke Vernon stopped 1110 WB team I wanna talk to my Bill Maher garrison and I also wanna say on Lebanon radio my whole adult life. I'm very mindful. The WBT. Is a broadcast legend. Com one of the finest radio stations the country has been an absolute privilege to be with you all this afternoon and Don I think everybody really came to play. Don't you think TJ I think everybody. Really came in and they were willing to try to top without who can all learn each other hit their mark I'm here. It's been fun listening to use this afternoon it's been interesting I think Saddam I think we should savor this moment together because you're not post a notice they will not invite me back a oh I don't know I don't think they mind. I can't pucks and kept out of some kind of other bad patch or medical pressing enter. Three months China is having his head in place. And saw killing him or did. Now he may have a gallbladder shooters are they take that out maybe you can fill in this endeavor now that are supporting focuses on. But we're gonna start tonight with the following up on that decision by the state to let small towns compete with C amassed don't look for Matthews to open a charter school anytime soon mayor says now I'm not gonna happen. And then at 635 cherry we have dirty restaurant Thursday it would pay about roaches and an Indian restaurant and are really dirty food truck. Can't you know me you just so bad meat hooks. So we've movies have all kind of things planned for the next hour. What is the best schools in the whole wide world is a man teams and then the Mathews elementary school there and masterpiece. On my daughter dances at a dance studio MacKey sized all of my waking hours there you wanna talk about a talent. That is exploding and in such a cool way it really I love Matthews. They have really done I think and you know what folks Matthews may disagree forgotten as the traffic at all. And my diet I think Matthews is doing a really good job of having its own kind of unique distinctive charm and it's so exciting now to see people. You know out of restaurants in walking on the street that is still so vibrant right now and I love the Saturday morning farmers market there that is totally awesome. First incredible it's like. Thumb what's happened in don't want it yeah exciting is Belmont is a community that's the neat things about. Com be lucky enough to live in Charlotte for such a long time is you see places. Just really come into their own. And I'm thrilled when folks moving in from other parts of the country and can go up firehouse in Belmont a lot of math he's. Some because this you need it's not enough for Charlotte itself as a city center to be vibrant that growth and prosperity. We've it has to extend outward in every direction. Oh absolutely and it has to I mean it's good. It and that what's actually met this areas like I get to kids who live uptown because they're young and they will mom the highrise living but the suburbs are great too I have another married son who has and the suburbs so. You're exactly right you can't just be the Center City. No and I I think one issue when you see this in a lot of places not just Charlotte but sometimes folks in the suburbs feel sort of neglect it. By the attention by the progress by the investment that you see happening in the city senator. And I'm hoping that that isn't the case here long term yeah out we have serious traffic issue. No question and of course that's what the CMS fight at all about. The suburbs feel as though Charlotte Mecklenburg schools have neglected demo in construction segment well. You know I've got kids some kids of they go to CNN schools. Appear to tell you see him as schools neglects its own stuff and economist and I had to. I'm sorry but a lot of people's kids have spent most of their elementary school education in. Kind of shoddy trailers because of you know there's not enough space. And drew about died. Asked and at about 30% of the buildings in Charlotte Mecklenburg have really low scores consistently on their building inspections from the Health Department is nasty bathrooms and all. We've documented that too so yeah of the buildings leave a lot to be desired. So dirty restaurant Thursday that sexy that's really sexy Marc. And tell you where not to eat yeah how bad how bad does like a senator Lincoln helped rating score have to be in order for the I eighteen moved or breast Butler has played a descent. What tough it depends our food critic Charles Jake and he won't eat anywhere that has a good doesn't have a bunt a 95. But dead most of these that we have feature on none dirty restaurant Thursday you're in the eighty. She. Won't you know. I'm my daughter's bedroom is doing better now. You know I will shout out for folks are listening that might be heading up toward Lou nor Morgan Tim under sister little place I found that on Yelp it has a 100. Sanitation score. It's called hunter's chicken and waffles Shaq. And no fried chicken is so good that brings tears to your eyes it is delicious and they 100. Score that's awesome and they look a template they will never be on dirty restaurant setting up. I all right we could remark well it's been a pleasure and Tom were gonna handed over to you in just a minute and of course we're gonna bring John Hancock back. On Monday hopefully feeling all better in a 100% recovered well we don't have time to go to the phones we had some folks that want to talk about. All of what the Republican Party stands for reversal the Democratic Party stands for we have folks it. Wanted to talk about the old Eastland mall site which marked do you know anything about that by the way. How he's gone pretty no I was over that way last Sunday home because I took a drive over there. And you know every count against something flares up there's going to be a movie studio. There's going to be a school there's going to be a farmer's market what do you know about what's happening on the old east we site. Nothing. She Tebow we need to do to. We need to do a better job of being citizens and I guess I'm being informed broadcasters. Put that on myself first. So thank you all so much for tuning in today. 21110. News talk W BT and and for being such good people and for being willing to listen and and for understanding that. Prompting a separate yes there are a lot more things that brings together. Things like how effective period we are but they're adding more apartments to Providence road we can get down there as it is straight. How how aggravate it we are by the fact that their apartments at their building. They all look like. Why do you all have that same sort of lame and boring architecture. We're all frustrated by that we're all infuriated by that. And growing pains are hard you know during a lot of days I live out in town past South Park mall. So I've got. Providence road and got cheered. And I sit bumper to bumper traffic coming and going. And as bothered by it is everybody you know you want to growth. You want people to calm and see what a great town uses we want all of the things that come with being a big city like pro sports and great restaurants that are clean and have at least in 95 top scorer. Tom dot com come other things you know the traffic and the over development and all of that. And how are we can solve those problems if we can you sit down and talk to each other. How are we gonna figure out how the whole we're getting now Providence Rhode if we're so busy yelling at each other. Who got to do better. So TJ I think you so much for your patients because I have not been able to an aunt followed directions and off. And George thank you. For around the people that have called some horrible things about me for scolding them I appreciate that. Mike Doyle boomer vine can and the best name or broadcasting. And marketers and and I'm about to hand the reigns over of this legendary radio station to a guy who really belongs here and thank you again and John Hancock if you're listening right now. I send you hugs and kisses. And I hope you're feeling better and do join us for sky showed 2018 which is going to be Wednesday July 4. At BBT ballpark when Charlotte knights take on the durables we're gonna put on the best fireworks show and the whole southeast brought to you by fox 46 Charlotte. We're gonna air that was soundtrack live on W VT we've got a special free pregame street festival for you starting to its live music and food and stuff for the kids in the WDT mobile kitchen. It's all happening when we say happy birthday for the greatest country under the USA Wednesday July 4 all those details are an information. WBT dot com keyword sky show. You'll be good you'll be safety nice to one another. Can you next time and.