Sheriff Elect Garry McFadden, and Builder Jeff Newton

John Hancock
Thursday, July 19th
Garry McFadden, the Sheriff Elect joins Hancock to discuss his latest TV Show,  and his plans for when he becomes Sheriff of Mecklenburg County. Jeff Newton , the buolder of the St Jude's house that is being raffled off joins Hancock to talk about the program.

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This is John Hancock. Diet they're very good. Over correct yeah. Stock market down today. No big deal. Temperature is hanging out in the hello ladies. Staked out. 422. Million dollars are available tonight in the Mega Millions jackpot you got her shot. There were. Three people in Tuesday night's drawing that one a million bucks. Florida New Jersey and Oklahoma. You wouldn't display an analogy of. After Texas what 600000 bucks among them. For me you know if you like my agent here's a good retirement that kind of stuff that 600000 dollars is what you got so far. No work. Now for those of you were my age you have nothing. That that would really help wouldn't it. In as little kitsch appeal anyway. Seventh time that the jackpot for Mega Millions is gone over 400 billion bucks us sixth largest prize in near game's history. 422 million. I have no idea what you did don't pay off on that would be one they're under for no other figure this stuff to eighty some. Have no idea understood. Doing. Idiots math. Because lottery is an idiot stacks. Yes I have a number I'm an idiot. 442 million is yet to win if you don't play. And if you don't play won't win. Am pretty sure that nobody will ever correct me on that. Although I don't know guy hell wants that won a million dollars in the Colorado lottery first time that they ever had a million dollar giveaways this would have been back in the eighties sometime. And he won a million bucks and apply my not mistaken I think he took. The twenty year deals. Which means that. That's been out now for ten years. Or more. And at that time he probably thought a million bucks or a million bucks and 82 was. Eighty threes on like that was. Was pretty good money. I'm sure he saved every penny of it. Problem. Well talk about I had that there was a great article in the paper today about Charlotte you know the last time we hosted they are political convention. The only one we've obviously ever had. Where's the Democratic National Convention that was in 2012. And so a good many of us were here for that. And both Thompson was here I was here after most of our news department was here. So we all remember that remember covering that arm. Would be bred and bred. No would have been here. Who wouldn't have been no I do an afternoon drive I don't remember. What would have been known that so we'd already been passed the Jason Lewis. Vince Coakley first go around terrorists are gracious we have been passed all of that. That's the idea I forget it's been five years this month since we moved afternoons. So that would be 23. Team. And it's about right because bread and river here for a year. I remember I was following numb because. I would sit down there are and talked Gloria all red who was sitting in a Booth one day you across from our Booth because nobody was in that Booth. And I got into a conversation with her and that was interesting. And she said do you wanna put me on air and but it's that simple that. There's visit to be trusted to do people I know that week or Jesse Jackson was the other when I was asked with him stand right there is. Is handler said to me a mister mister Jackson has a whole would you like to have. We Georgia mr. Jackson on the air and I said yeah you know. That's a good idea hypocrite after Monday or not say what I said about him in the past so. And it didn't seem I was really polite to just came on the air and so which are different but Gloria Allred said. OJ you know iron you're here you wanna know you regard category you wanna be you know be up there with you and I said dad dobbs radio. And a I you know I've I've never you you don't have a road record good reputation with the mayor also I think all they don't pass on that I. I can just say one stupid thing in be in the lawsuit in my life. If she looks particularly nice on a given day you know I mean just you know. Nice dress. Nice color for her complexion and I think widget dare teller. But you look nice today. Armed anyway so well loved that I I thought it was interesting to read this article today and see everything that has happened in Charlotte. I and anticipate. A lot of the growth in the building and the apartments and the number of people who will be living uptown you have to remember that in 2012. We were just starting to see. Some of the fruits of our uptown laborers. And. I'm trying to remember was the epicenter there yet. Was there. I remember. Five church. Head almost every celebrity in town Jessica Alba and other people there were came to town seems like five church was the joke was the restaurant. That seemed to get the most celebrity buzz back in those two years. And you couldn't get within block and a half of the spectrum center unless you had the right credentials and can go through the right. But the thing that's dramatically increased now as opposed to what it was in 2012 is the number of people there living uptown. So if there is a problem. If there are massive amounts of demonstrations. And even if there's not. Just the blockage of that circumference around the spectrum center. And I haven't and I have no reason to think that they'll try to do the stadium thing again her. But they well the convention center will be part of the but the pace of. Main bulk of everything will be held Specter. So how many apartments just that inconvenience. To be insinuate a lot of changes in Charlie and noble kind of take a look at a mobile we get back also about soccer tickets to giveaway. Yes I understand there was problem yesterday with the answer. My understanding is the first guy who called in and said six seconds which was the correct answer. They've gotten in touch with him and there are gonna make things right. Saw my apologies for us having the wrong information yesterday on our trivia question for a soccer tickets and now all give away those tickets just vs a couple say. I have double check and check and then double checked and double check the double check. For the trivia question today. For your chance to win enough for tickets. To the 2018 international champions cup presented by Heineken featuring Liverpool FC and Borussia. Dortmund. It is this Sunday at Bank of America Stadium. I had to 4 o'clock and if you're the first one to call in with correct answer and I apologize for the misinformation we had yesterday. But my understanding is that the our first person to call in and saying O six seconds yesterday has been in no contact with our programming department and they will make things right with him. So why your question for today 70457011101. A person do I give George the right answer and field. Is the home. Of which English premiere league. Team. And failed. Is the home of which English premiere league team. And for Friday it's against the fortune gets to the F 22 international champions cup which is being played Sunday 204 PM at the Bank of America Stadium. Triple check that answer. US open. Kevin. Eisner. Is in the clubhouse at five under. In fact almost everybody has a finished. I would still out on the course the last I saw he was even he had been one under par. And then apparently lost stroke like within the last half hour. Meant so what Eric and Roy and Tony Sheehan now. Zander Lombard. And Brandon stone. Ticket wrecked and start all the rest of those of those three it to four under. And just kind of wandered on down near gate to receive liken a sponsor names that to you may be wondering about Rory McIlroy finished for the day he is 200 keep in mind the leader in the clubhouse is 500. Zach Johnson is too wondered Justin Thomas is two under all of these have finished for the day. That that Dell Webb Simpson. Charlotte's own is one under. I'm Matt could richer is one under Rickie Fowler is one under. In Rick Stinson is one under. To see woke him that is still won a tournament came and even. I Charley Hoffman is even Adam Scott is even Jason Day is even and yes finished for the day Tiger Woods. Just finished sixteen he is even for the day. Might think ice. A Jordan's speech is one over. And I hate to his set finished for the day speeches not had a great year this year hasn't. Calcavecchia is a plus two areas ms. Mickelson knows legacy fund a Mickelson because intrusion that it is too over. So just a little bit of an overview of us some of the people whose names you maybe. I'm curious about what Theo British Open. George got a winner. No I winners please we have a collar. Solitary who won me a ticket so. Two via. International champions lookup. At Bank of America Stadium it to 4 PM on Sunday in just a couple of seconds. Larry Fedora I'm gonna get into us over the Charlotte senator the changes that have happened in Charlotte since a 2012 street fascinating. It's one thing depending on when you moved here. To have seen all the changes that have taken place in Charlotte. I've talked numerous occasions about coming here in 1990. And the first time I ever walked into the city would have been November. For a job interview. And they put me up at the Radisson hotel. Which is now the omni. It's that building right there at trade and try on it comes to the point. And at the time Bank of America building was seeing are constructed and it was probably about three or four stories. Up. And so my room looked down into the hole that was soon to be Bank of America. This a Bank of America Stadium in new stadium I'm into the back of a better. Well. Data and took great command G Tony's unease boulevard for dinner. Which are no longer exists let's chamber it'll tell you restaurant. And then now Mike Collins and Mary June Rosen a John kill good drop me off of uptown. We're not pay speck of trash was to be found just the cleanest of John you've ever seen in your life. And I thought well I'll go have a drink some place and I couldn't find a place that was open had to go back to the hotel bar. We've come a long way since 1990 but while we've come a long long ways and the DNC was here in 2012 and we'll talk about it next. No it's plus plus even arrived even parson is five shots off fluid. The weather go on now Chris Welch reverse Charlotte Vicks of the enough title of four pack go but tickets to go to the soccer match Torre eighteen international chomping champions cup match it to a Bank of America Stadium it to 4 o'clock on Sunday. So our congratulations to our Chris. And this from also Georgie Jerry. The happened for those who are here in 2012 for the DNC. And by tomorrow will get the official word the Charlotte has been awarded dude the RNC which puts us in some pretty interest and company I think eleven cities of posted both. I saw a list of them last night. Most of armor pretty major cities Cincinnati. Has posted both I thought that was untrue and I don't remember all the other cities that were involved but they're all. We're all world class. But where would Cincinnati be a world class city and if so would that because of the reds. The big red machine is in that July they would be oh world class city because of a Pete Rose and a Joseph Morgan and Johnny Bench and I know. Queen city. A recording cities are other there's always two. Do they have they. Do they have a statue at their airport of their queen that. And looks like the wicked witch of the west. Which does she says she's menacing avenue and actually they need to and I think they are gonna put her back nearer the area this year originally was. Well occupied but right now she's in between those two parking garages. And when I first saw or when I first came to town I thought to and that's just hideous but now I kind of miss her. She. She not to necessarily attractive. But she's hours. I like me. Just now really cute anymore but. I'm yours. Have a lousy dispositions sometimes a quick temperament. It mirrors. Democratic National Convention was here in 2012. Via paper you like port deal are right to point out that we had set up a free speech zone does anybody remember that. And they put it down in the middle of nowhere and I may do it remained and touched. You can't tell people where to protest. I guess you can tell people learned not to protest. But you can't. You set up a little zone that so far away off the beaten path that I mean what's the point. If a tree falls in the forest does anybody here at. If somebody goes to a protest. A free speech zone to protest does anybody you know pay any attention no. All deal about free speech in bend and protesting his. To have somebody noticed. And so Charlotte. I'm sure we'll have some. Unbelievably. As Larson is to say tidy town moments with the RNC. So I've been they were try to keep the protesters you know out of the mainstream. And and it just sat there and now and and did nothing and now that area. It probably will be busy further you are Republican National Convention that's for the whole foods is located now. So all the sprout eaters will be heading down the whole foods. My whole Colorado delegation alone be down there and a whole foods. Looking for their alfalfa sprouts and. Tofu. 459. Luxury apartments are down there are now two hotels under construction. More than 350 rooms more on hotels in just a moment that that's for uninteresting to. There were 7300. Hotel rooms when the DNC. Met here. Now scares me there will be 7300. Hotel rooms that's what they estimate. Armed by 220 when they are and she gets here there were 4400. In 2012. So that's about 3000. More hotel rooms. In the general area south then deal worth uptown. Which means there'll be a lot fewer people little have to love the you know hanging out in Concord however. You've got light rail now to that also is longer than what used to be so where you can going good so far room enough pine bill or you can go reached over remanded to a the university area and jump on light rail and beat down at the convention center and and in pretty good time. So that'll be and that's probably one of the reasons we got to convention. There are about a hundred more bars and restaurants in uptown. And South Bend then their worry and twenties. Twelfth. When their bid then there was about 278. Such establishments today there are 276. Bars and restaurants. No wonder so many come and so that's some pretty heavy competition you better be good. Are you better be some. Talked about the light rail the full length of the light rail now as opposed to the DNC back in note 2012 has doubled in length. UNC. Turned out UNC opened this year. By a 20/20 they think the goal line street car will load will. At which opened in 215 is expected to be your running along real for a mile east west route. Street car. That'll be a strong addition. You go out there and and Gingrich saw her room and where. There will be there are now about a 27000. Of residents in central Charlotte. Which is about 50% increase in what there was in 2012. There's also about a 125000. Workers up there on any given day that's up to 42%. And both those numbers will increase by the time we get to 22 money probably fairly drastically were all we're still an awfully big guy bill a quickly growing city. So I'm. Across the street from the whole foods is now where the free speech zone which was nowhere. In 2012 you now have a 22 stout to Storey tower with hundreds more apartments that are rising you have a 26 story office building. With 300 room hotel that's under construction at the uniform recited the Goodyear auto shop up the street. At the site of the former observer building two blocks away you have a 33 story office tower for a bank of Americans being built. And I don't remember what the requirements were for the RNC but one of the things that they require is office space for what a year a lot of that's the other thing this may be twenty Tony by the time this gets here but by the time we roll into next year you'll start to see people coming into town organizers and so on and so forth and office space will be. Will be taken up the our most recent year for the US census estimates that there when Charlotte's population hit. 859000. People. And by the time the population. Gets to about 20/20 we should be someplace around 900000. Just within the watch that. So. Romero bearden park is new TV and T ballpark is new first word art good next to the UNC Charlotte uptown building that's all new. Lot of new stuff vs a Tori well and I just think it's that thing when you look at it in math and see how much has been done. Mean this is 22 also this was just six years ago. Growth and pay for itself but sure is fun to watch. Yeah this year Kerry McFadden is they're gonna join us after the F 4 o'clock news. Naturally because he's a got a television news shows haven't. But still we would talk through it's he was elected sheriff now he has no law. Position so Leo literally is that are sure open not until November. And apparently. His wife is now letting him talk to us. After the election he just kinda disappeared just. Just I mean disappeared in the no word came down and his wife it's an all right you're dumber go on vacations so why that was that Mallard found out to know. We know runs than the Fed counseled. So I'd better oil talked over like a Gary we could talk to him over the years he had a show on non discovery. Now for a long time by a couple seasons anyway. Investigation discovery I guess was the actual channels. Called I am homicide. And that was so essentially name because so McFadden had been on male homicide beat him no Charlotte for a long long time moderate member I've got a German notes but just thirty some odd years is Charlotte cop. And no when he walks and a certain neighborhoods in town they don't say yeah that's Kerry McFadden they say that's homicide. I don't know what they say now. That's the prisoner toner. We'll talk to your McFadden and his couple seconds Jeff Newton can join us after the 5 o'clock hour via tickets for the saint Jude dream home. Think this is the fourth year that Jeff Newton has built. The dream home he is. He is so dedicated to a saint Jude now. You know I think the first year that he went out and did this it was to publicize his business and nominees got a good heart I've got an annoying pretty well he built my house. But. He's got a special needs daughter and the more he gets involved in saint Jude. And compares that to his own challenges the more dedicated he gets to helping our parents and saint Jude is an unbelievable organization. You for your child needs. The services and the help of saint Jude well and that's it. There's no bills. It's it's a Danny Thomas started in 2000 years ago and it's it's just the no Bob Crawford the bass player for the David Brothers. As a daughter named holly who they ended up at saint Jude. And I remember having a conversation with Bob wonder they were he said you know we had been there for about 24 hours and we were kind of sand on notices. Is not right for justices. And we gotta we gotta go back home to Levine or something like that went to a and it didn't take long before they found out that they were exactly where they needed to be in no if you talk to Bob Crawford now about saint Jude he'll talk to you with the same enthusiasm that to Jeff new windows about saint Jude so. Anyway the house's not compel officially complete yet but. It's pretty much built. And they started selling tickets for today on a channel 3 at 6 o'clock this morning. And so I just said hey if you're in the building come on by and now we disarm walk by asserted focus editor and but five after. 5 o'clock so we'll talk to him about via. But the house. A hundred bucks it ended just got a saying they'll probably say this to us but you know if you spend a hundred bucks on a ticket. And in an essence it's kind of a raffle and there's other tickets as early bird bird tickets and her sister and other you can win a car you can when I mean there's other stuff that goes. The OJ have a chance to win but if you spend a hundred bucks on a ticket. That'll end up going to saint Jude. And dealt bill. End up making one point three million dollars for saint Jude builders do this all over the country this is one of the main. Fundraising. Arms of fellow saint Jude and adjust just one of the many builders across country to build these houses and and they auctioned off the tickets. He gets a lot of his contractors and subcontractors to dedicate their time and material and get it and and does fundraisers all year long and so on and so forth to our pay for as much of the house as they possibly cancel. It's just an unbelievable organization and an unbelievable. Deal. But his days thing is if you spend a hundred bucks. And you win the house. That's the best hundred bucks you ever spent. If you spend a hundred bucks. And you don't win the house. It's still the best hundred bucks you've ever spent. Because of how far it goes and would go word goes and think the survival rate for kids with cancer I've got this in my notes to an honor and have a right in front of me but the survival rate for kids with cancer when no saint Jude first got started was twenty to 50%. And the survival rate now is more than is more like Korea around 80% mark. You know. Things they've discovered and procedures that they've unearthed in sort of report. Their goal is to get to 90% or above. So. It's it's an unbelievable organization. And he got a chance to win a 435000. Dollar house the big question when they get to that every year. That'll be an October sundown October 11 I think it's when they actually award the house. But the question on that is always so whether or not people are gonna take it or whether or not they're gonna move and you know the whether they're gonna move into or other to sell it. And I think it's about a 5050 deal I think because the family last year moved into the we'll find out from mud from Jeff you've anyway he'll be with us and then Gary McFadden. He sheriff elect. And as far as I can tell probably just nothing to do now until November. But come on the edge on NPR radio programs we'll talk to Gary McFadden next on news talk 1110 WVK 993. WB TV show. First I've ever met Gary McFadden name was because of a show. A new show and factor that was such coming on discovery. Investigation Discovery Channel called I am on the side are still have every episode you ever been doing on numb my VCR. And the beautiful thing or whatever they call another fun to watch B and especially if you look if you grave you've lived here for a long long time you remember. 90% of those cases I ask you one day whatever happened to the doctor out there and Carmel and bush on his wife and just heard trash barrel and then you worked on that case has certainly been. Joan I'm certain I congratulations on the sheriff thing but thank you I ran into you in the lobby one day you'll homicide detective for thirty some odd years trying. That is correct so why do you wanna be sheriff. I wanted to change things. Ornament things a little different and USA sheriff and I understand about the whole 287 G stuff and I know you can change that if you want to but. How much change can you instigate is a share off but the U contains a lot if you know what you do you know you change a community community engagement. You know change some things in a courthouse change some things seem to deal migs life's much better for a lot of people. You and I talked about. And and I'm not really sure of facilities for you will be they just had this would have been. A week ago. The fourth death. At the Mecklenburg county jail and this one said this was a Jerome Thompson who jumped from the second floor of a general housing pod. Now would that be out there it also owns ever closed down set that will be here downtown. How do you do and it does that do you jump out of the second story that's a big tall building well we have to take a look at that. You know safety precautions are railing all of that used to be. Looked so this didn't happen he didn't he didn't fall to the outside he filter the inside inside OK I guess that's what I didn't understand and that's where it started to get into a facility problem because I've been in that jail. In fact that while no I was there when you got when they first opened that we took the broadcast down there and somehow or another they managed to. Keep me Mike from the intake center all the way up to the holding cells by the end of the broadcaster was a fascinating. We wandered through the halls and went through all the different departments enough. It was unbelievable there was nobody in the jail yet they were all come in the next day. Well good and one of the things that was going on at about the time that we were touring that if my recollection is right is. Was Henry Louis Wallace. He should have been one of their first our residents that is correct. Back in a knife that would be correct now. But so. You've got a new TV show coming out or at least one that you're involved with the knowledge you don't majors say remember it's called bad Henry and it's about Henry Louis Wallace which was say good technically we finally found out we had a serial killer in town. Yes we didn't mean it is Siri can. That operated from 92 to 95 here in he was an operating. Right under our noses to when the time of the big crack epidemic here in Sharaud. And across the country everybody was doing with crack cocaine bags and it was a war in droves so everybody was due to drugs and the violence in the city and we just had murders customers of these those years were our war. Record number of homicides don't net. But that was almost pre gang. I mean that was I think gangs were starting to BO we restarted become aware of them but we were still as a city kind of in denial that we had a gang. Are the two gangs were here or is correct. We. Two and a time if you remember the movie famous for violence and drugs was new Jack city. And it just came out bomb and then gangs were being informed or you know gangs only been around what we did not recognize a lot of gang activity. Two minute time. So 1990s. That would have been 28 years ago was 92 when so you were what in your forties late thirties. Nor did not know now on and on country against Augusta look here I'm 65 I got here and ninety's so I would have been no forty solo is a became homicide detective a year that you came in 1990. And so two years after that that's when it began but not because I came. Well I don't know and I'm not even talking about it earlier and I mean if if I admit it this far I agree you have Wheeler and talk about it and you know that the food is okay I would never killed anybody I've thought about it. Wanted to talk about that well yes and the I can dig into his office if you watch the epithet at that. We'll take that statement tell me tell me about the bed everything this kid this is also investigation discovery and so I tell me how they came to know about the story and and then that I guess the link to you is obvious well. What happened was you know we sat around and we talked with the I the people and in. My production company black fan and we talked about this story of Henry Louis walk Henry Louis Wallace and so we said if it's ever aired on anybody's channel we would want the families. To tell their story and we want them to be honest and we gonna be honest about some things that we should have done. That we didn't do Baghdad so the contact and victims and victims' families say their work can't afford to arm. And we begin. Film contact victims and some families in here we are this is one of the cases you covered and I am homicide. No none of these cases have been covered or spoken about ever listened to sweep of first time here's what I remember about Henry Louis Waltz. Dee Sumpter. Started Momo. Absolutely correct whatever happened to her she is a wonderful woman who still lives here in Charlotte absolutely. A wonderful person and why can say that personally because we. Had a very difficult start. We did not know how to deal would victims' families back fan. And he told us how to deal would victim's family and I learn a lot from the pomp and everybody knows that Meehan. I repeat did not. Get along but after we realize what we had in common. I continued and now these these are very close friend and at the end of my career. Dee Sumpter and Momo are provided. The detectives who were in that era. A small banquet and gave each and every one of us. And a war. And so our honor her for that and our armed organization. Of normal when Judy Williams and David Howard and and all the and Lisa Crawford columns who's taken that on now. So we bridged that gap. Between the problem that we had. And law enforcement. We. I remembered him I didn't homework on it I guided I remember her name because we have her on the air several times during that period and she was learning to she did know what she was doing neither she all the sudden was she had lost a daughter. She was no longer control wilders that she didn't know either she had a vision. Nobody Soledad vision would be. And if you knew. You need to get on that train quick. And now we didn't get on a train efforts and but I tell you she has been a wonderful person a wonderful supporter of and a big advocate for law enforcement community. But if you see here is you still arrested alone because she'll remember me I told you earlier I should do we called her a few times to get her on the air and then it got to the point where she started colonists on us when she was gonna be on the air and out of mom but I lover I thought she was great and every time I hear about Malo. I think about her because I know where the roots of that organization came and she was and it's a great organization still resolutely. Kerry McFadden new sheriff is our guest back images to second. Chairman Ben new sheriff is with us he'll take over in November. These symbol first of December sort of born in December 04 and global you do leading up to that I mean there's there's some ground work that he would do leading up to that and B artist started. Yes a lot of ground work our meeting with the executive staff. Of the Mecklenburg county sheriff's office. Meeting with dom all the entities that deal with the sheriff's department. Sheriff's office and make sure correct that. So it's a lot you know you talk to the federal government talk to probation parole you talked to the citizens you talk to everybody deceit. If we can make it about a jail on talk to. Who's gonna provide. My medical. Part of the deal so mentally ill. Is a big issue in Indy community and reentry is huge so we working also project about reentry as we speak. You talk to go and I'm match in the lobby a couple of months ago I talked about a better utilizing some of those of those facilities. That you already happened you said you've got to. I'm cells in dorms and rooms and stuff that are being utilized and all his is set scenario that you couldn't who do you work to your advantage. Yes we we have a facility up what they called Jill law is probably a 300 bed vacant unit. We going to look at some things that we can and place and we talk about maturing into talking about. After care for tomorrow afternoon leaving. Facilities so is this a lot that we can work with. Tom. Bring back in person jail visits in solitary confinement those a couple of things on your agenda is there. We have to have it. You know solitaire and such confinement is an issue. Someone said that it be one of the persons who died recently was in solitary confinement or would be called edu. Understood or disrespect anybody who's beating you so we've got to take a look at that. If a person can be away from general population for 23000 and out one. That causes a lot of problems in it. I knew Pendergraph pretty well had him on the show a number of times. Mecklenburg county jail you assert your anti 287 G. Is that something that you have to get rid of entirely or is that something you can adjust do you not like the way that it's being used or do you just not like the program. Period. Don't like the program period it was not designed for what is being utilized for now. And I think if you look across the country and he other cities and states and counties I'm everybody's having a problem with it if you're not familiar with that. Some agents nineteen agents who wrote a letter to their supervisor Homeland Security agencies they need to abolish the sting and this. Correct it's always been had a lot of problems if you don't use that database how do you know who you have world we will know who you have because we gonna take their name and an address and everything else is not saying that we won't know we have. You know we and say twenty years ago didn't have we still know who we have. But you know best not I will focus our focus is Mecca for county jail my Comerica on the course the community of Mecklenburg and so. It is a federal. Agreement with the Mecklenburg county sheriff's office. The down. You still have you still don't necessarily know. Legal or illegal status or previous convictions or convictions from home country or anything along those lines to you. Document undocumented immigrants you still can find that out. Isn't that wherever you are here to. Contact ice and not and put it in their cool. I'm document it is their words you use as opposed to illegal yesterday and why is it sounds better. And I know where does that I think to some extent that's a that's a road with some people illegal is illegal I mean you can dress it up all you want to well at best Louise they also the American president to you wanted to to be. It's a choice of words is on document it. And ended and so that's a better word for whom it is been over for everybody. Before crook. If I think about that for say rape or sexual so I have a what's the difference wouldn't it be for a crook. It is that is I would just say in what's the difference between undocumented and illegal you have two words that you use. So you of them extensive undocumented. Doesn't pitted to undocumented to me it sounds like you're trying to avoid illegal Simone and legally is well. A person it is here and not of legal means and he is on document. Well I suppose. Well as it is I'm documented and how to but he broke the law to get here and was long it didn't break a document to guide getting here he broke a law to get here and which laws that. Though the immigration law that says look. They did that says there's a certain process that you have to go through to get here and that is on a federal part of it. I guess so you're saying and we'll say I'm not federal on the sheriff on the drive heads ago. So. But you do do you not work with the feds to get all the information you need to do your job I will have room for a war with the fit we will always have been working relationship me and mr. Mueller are good friends. The united sort of get a bit he Sumter relationship area at. That's nuggets say there's there's never PI know Jim Puckett came out and said man one of my great friends look Gary McFadden Betty and I are on different sides of the fence there and you are on different sides of the fence from an awful lot of people. But I think a awful lot of us. I tend to remember the fight. With Pendergraph to get this and it seemed to make so much sense at the time so I guess I'm having trouble finding out why it didn't originally makes sense. It's because of Pincus originally makes sense because it was supposedly. To be used for gang activities. And for violent crimes but if you look at the statistics. Online. It doesn't make sense the numbers do not support what they're talking about you say you don't like it because it. Creates. A wedge between the communities. And you have people who are being victims of crime who will not report crimes. Because. Of 28070 so then. Can we not investigate. Someone illegal and undocumented if they shot and killed here in Charlotte. Well but did that they need the mistrust would is going to be there or regardless is it not was he beat because nobody has ever sit down and help them understand what it is. But there's there's no I mean there's mistrust today in your area in your own raised says there are blacks don't talk there's there's there's that they you know they don't that they don't share anything there was a murder of a homicide just the other day the whole neighborhood just clammed up task that doesn't come from being illegal or illegal that comes from. That they're not they ain't talking to the topside and that's and it's kind of like everybody Silva besides his lead. It's not happening on our side of the track and so we won't get involved now. Which then but Betemit to that's can't see the forced through the trees that's creating your own dilemma so we well we try to do is build a better breach now but rails on which is kind of what you've done all your career yes that is. And that is exactly right if it ever was. Who was such a great tool. Not from my go on a limb here. Why do you need us to help you with that tool now you know if you can. You have to use our facilities for what do not like it's all about Saddam is still talked anybody in. You know I respect human arms hoped that is the pocono take his daughters away from music off on the we will move. I don't think that I don't think that'll happen is that it is pretty open minded do is so well we'll soon be barbecue at a bubbles up don't sunset the other two that's probably got I don't think he would aid probably of Henry Louis Walsh invited him for barbecue we'd probably go up thirty barbecue. Odd telling about the bad everything that comes up on news at this next Tuesday next Tuesday night I. PM now focus all have to go record that one as well Lisa is an end this'll be Eric kind of in the same mum mold as. I am homicide due I mean the Charlotte shots and all that kind of stuff of course yeah or relievers. I hit the I am homicide came out of you. Going into neighborhoods and they didn't say old. Damn that's Gary McFadden they sit home that's homicide that's right toward they say now food necessary. Yeah that the prisoner tutor if that's. But we're going to be valid rigor we've got to that hey it's oh we the only Lovie you know that you ought to do and a little pleasure congratulations on not a sure thing. It's nice to know that if I ever get thrown Indo American to have no McFadden that's right we got there won't give me anything Willis nothing it will it will hit it. Inmate radio yeah. More salt Peter that's a lot of. I'd who we are. 200 days into the year 165. Days ago. July the nineteenth. 854 Elvis Presley's first single released by sun records and that's all right Obama backed up by a blue moon conducted. Also the date 1969. That Apollo eleven and its astronauts Neil Armstrong Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went into orbit around the moon. Coast got screwed up bad. And stay in the car. You stay in the car we're going to look we're we're going to the moon. Many of you all remember they a kid that used to come in here 1212. And half. Years ago. Name that enable and and now Matt. It was say guy I guess early twenties is the time. Who had a death suits cancer. Knew it. And we had him in here on a couple of occasions to talk about. He had twenty years old. And knowing you're gonna die. And he became a good personal friend I still have a picture of Matt naval and hang in in my office. The same one that his mother goes up on FaceBook from time to time to do with his guitar. And I don't remember exactly what he wrote on that to me but one of it says tell Art Bell. I said hi. He waited up of many nights not being able to sleep. Because of medication or because of cancer or because of whatever. And he listened Art Bell. And anyway it was eleven years ago did it badly though of Natal and died. I wrote his mum on today in a citizen did ten years that you wrote back consent eleventh. And I should in no negative it was 2007. But. Anyway I. One of the more that famous people in here I've had presidents and here I've been doing rock stars and hear a bed soon. Kerry McFadden and here we could. But talking to a torn early twenty year old guy that was wide open about. Knowing that Cantu was gonna getting. He was just one of the more interesting. Hours of film where you hear the future. More witching hour subdued that are Riverhead saw anyway madam. Think about Jim today you think about two there are several walk in my office to see Richard. Eleven years confluence. British Open golf tournament begins today in fact everybody's pretty much India clubhouse. Acacia wondering it tigers five off the lead. I'll leave his five under. But in the clubhouse tiger finished at even par the Mickelson Warner to over. I'm not a whole lot of household names of being out in the top seven great. Well neighbors in the San Francisco area have successfully gotten a ban on giant tour buses pulling up her further house. The house that was used in the opening credits of the sitcoms. Full house and Fuller house. They're down Hollywood to worst of it like there were they full of 2000 you wonder about the people who live there now. After 91 point nine million dollars you can live in the Brady Bunch house if you want. What a real estate agent is a calling no eleven to 22 dealing street in California studio city a city via house that was they used to film the exteriors of the Brady home. I'll be out. The show aired between 1969. Midnight 1974. And house wasn't sold until 1973. Sold 60000 dollars. Two bedroom three bath house features a perfectly preserved 1970s to score per the listing. And as they are perfect postcard of America seventies style what they don't stroll should special culture one point nine million dollars. If you wanna live in. Marcia Marcia Marcia it's. Old house and a woman in Connecticut found a black widow spider in her package of braves. And they're ordering a make over of Air Force One. 4024. It will no longer be though blue white in mid gold but it will be your red white and blue. Holland Paris Hilton called Lindsay Lohan a pathological liar. It's she's who I feel about. The Amazon had a record sales day on prime day. Worldwide purchases more than a hundred million projects products during her prime then making it the biggest sales day in Amazon history. Well. Would you buy it. I haven't bought anything and I'm buy stuff from Amazon all the time. But for some reason or another you know what kind of turned me off I guess and all of that they're not that I'm. Turned off by the Amazon products I've got. We'll watch all over the house. But the fact that they were featuring. Amazon products which led me I guess psychologically to think OK well than some of the stuff that I would be interest and probably not gonna be up. So it kind of wonder if they. Well because they are gonna what are they shot themselves in the foot all that John did you just read they had record sales. I guess maybe they didn't do a shoot themselves in the foot on the survey shows that a sudden will cost spirits 141000 dollars more raised than a daughter. That's just in vandalism by the boy is a load of gadgets and sports and that's a do account for the different so we're in case you're wondering boys. Cost more race. Which means I have to step sons. I'm not I'm just unbelievably in the hole over all of that. Doesn't like and your daughters. I'll and then they went out and have a granddaughter so they're not gonna have to pay all that extra money. And it's on the I will. I cannot wait to spoil that kid. There's a study that is found millions of kids wanna learn more traditional outdoor skills but have parents who lack the knowledge to teach them. You know six in ten parents wish. They were better equipped to teach their kids things like cooking at camp fire or reading a map for roasting a marshmallow we're building a rafter. Putting up attempt. But they don't have than they don't have the knowledge it's. Just they've. They've spent their. All balloons. Early life sit on the couch playing video games. Hanging out on computer terminals. An important. All this stuff well. Russia. The president. Dropped a hint that another prudent summit could be on. On the horizon may be sooner rather than later. Talked about some of the topics terrorism. Security for Israel nuclear arms cyber attacks trade Ukraine Middle East peace North Korea all the stuff could be a put on the table. He said there are many answers some easy some hard to these problems but they can capital letters all. I'll be solved. Did you have an article in the Washington Post are about to. Trump comments fueled confusion over his views of the Russian meddling. Then you have a story on NBC news about the FBI director reaffirms that Russia is still meddling in the US. Then you read our article in New York Times is says trump saw evidence in January of 2017 of prudent ordering the election now hack. Then you have the accused Russian female Russian agent who ordered held then no jail as they are flight risk 29 year old arrested on charges of acting as a illegal foreign agent. Ordered yesterday to be held in jail as a flight risk. Maria Bettina. Obtained a student to student visa and are involved with people. Like Pia National Rifle Association and but all of this to our help Russia's interest and. So it's over. Russia Russia Russia Russia. I can't get staying out of my head. On either side of the politics of the political fence we share the same biology regardless of ideology believing what I say to you I hope the Russians love their children to. Gave every demo the whole Russian thing tigers have had decide over the rescue Russians love their children to going through my head. There's no reason for it. There's no dialogue here there's no editorial. Tom. Just something rent videos has committed TJ about displays is releasing eight new chip flavors inspired by hometown favorites. Now in essence what this all comes down Jewish flavored salts right. I mean now what they get all the taste in their four were. Two readers I guess is a little bit but that that's not necessarily true either and I'll have to do with. So lasers try and do it keep your interest dictator shipped by air releasing a chip line of a flavors called delays case of America. You know if you hated when you go to a restaurant. We've got to Glenn way pub in Belmont a lot and they do their own. And they did they're just killer. And when you have somebody that does their own defense Fries and stuff their own dough chips bigs and their other premises. You can't go back alliance. It is insisted there's there's there's just no comparison. Even the stuff in the bags in the stores I wanted to like Russ it's the dart potato chips and of you know just been. Cook to within an inch of their life. Good stuff again that's what to eat that stuff anymore so. But we did did they accidentally brought me those chips the other day. Knowing and ordered tacos and they are actually brought me the chips. Dictatorships. Now there's a guy should have got him for attempted murder. Yes I ate them. We'll worry about that later I don't have a doctor's appointment for ten days. Joel Miller off by then. Anyway here's what lays it do they different flavors inspired by regional specialties from across the United States cajun spice. You'd drive that. Chesapeake Bay crabs spice. I would try them. I'm not a big seafood eater like you know if it's got to offends and ahead. But. Crab lobster shrimp in scallops under scallops. Sam and stuff like that I'm not really crazy about a New England lobster roll they have Cilic in case so you try that. Deep dish pizza hello. Now what kind of deep dish is like pepperoni. Fried pickles with rant. Commando cheers. Candy memento geez there's one and a dairy case and very terrorist leader called I think it's called three Brothers. Every drug that's. And and then the one that. Mark Garrison did about the local guy who makes him and he does a blue cheese memento. Thank you. I tell you put blue she's on July. Sweet tied Chile. Anyway all that stuff coming out to a from a lay institutes of good doctor Jeff Newton. Knew the guy who built my house couple years ago. Without any arguments or fights are gunshots or anything it's amazing. And he's on his core I believe I'm right on that. Saint Jude dream home and they started selling tickets data channel 3 at 6 o'clock this morning somebody don't walk away without house on October the eleventh and I asked him to drop on him so we'll probably Gelman next Sam. Hi guys don't seem nearly as much as they is still. Two years ago simply divided have a conversation on a daily basis with the joke. Newton yeah. It's almost wrong you can build in my house. So while a thousand decisions to make you never really I know how many decisions or are to make her questions are until you start building a house but it was a great process and no we still love the house those in your website last night. And I just saw that model advertised under what your we know what we you can do. You've expanded direct it to love greatly there's there's a bunch but they way this is the fourth year. Or yes for the saint Jude dream home and Jeff nun sister great guy I talked little bit earlier about you with a special needs daughter and a saint Jude's and the more you get into saint Jude's the more you. Not a more dedicated you become to this you've sent out a text message last week. That you had found out that saint Jude was expanding their services and that would include the umbrella under which your daughter would do a fall. That's that's that's not just had to happen stances and that's that's incredible pom I shared with some people. Bum you know that my daughter's is a big motivation Guam wanna do this home because I have. History with a child in the hospital. Hospital bills you know electronic thing and you understand the frustration around enough challenges of a known right and and yet from. As I've been building this this home I'm working with saint Jude. In the back Mombasa mourners this little deal sometimes it pops up like OK am helping these these kids there here when Armando for my own kid near term of and and so I don't know esque kind of silly it's silly because I've seen how much you do for your attitude your family but at same time when when I got that news last week I mean it it stunned me it was like you know I'd I'd really be a war and for her all the time. And and didn't even know what so that was a big deal. You are through this process. It's probably a lousy analogy but I have trouble going to. Humane societies because when I do and I see all the animals to own their own take a mall home. If you have met some incredible kids and seen some really sad stories and some really great success stories and when you are. I was reading about saint Jude last night when they first started when Danny Thomas first started saint Jude. The recovery rate for children with cancer was a tornado 40% or something like that it's it's closer to 80% now the goal is ninety plus percent I mean they're well on their way. If somebody takes their child. Two was a saint Jude's that's it. That's a that's that's what all these fundraisers are that's why builders like you across country build these home. So you can know and dedicate to donate one point someone million dollars to the cause so that. Parents don't ever have to worry about a bill right and it it is it is phenomenal arm how. Out I heard a story. Earlier this week where our child was in icu for a hundred days. Just think about the cost about. Never received a bill not a penny arm and by the way the child is is recovering and is gonna be okay. So how do you put a price start on the mean you can't and to think they do that for free. Uniform from its low cost is amazing. And anybody that's ever gone through any kind of a medical anything I I mean did you even just a check out there right or diabetes type two designation or whatever the case majority. All the stood and finds out. Yes how expensive they are easier insurance bills and you so you see what you pay rent them but did you see what the what what what the overall cost was well then multiply that times a 100000. Or whatever the case may be because this is. Then what they're doing a saint Jude's is some were really serious business. It's there and you know date that that campus has its its all inclusive who has researched they make their own medication. They they they make medications specific to each patient the cost they're able sin. Was some of the research they've done under unified jeans and things like about it needs so. There might be two kids with the same type of cancer but there may be a different cocktail if you will the medication for child warned that there is the top two you don't get that. Everywhere you will sell thirteen thousand tickets two WB TV infect your started selling Amman today and I stole your line and and I won't steal it from you now but you're your your earlier line about spin and a hundred dollars for a ticket on New Year's saint Jude street moment your chance to win that if you. Spend a hundred dollars and win this house will be the hundred the best hundred you've ever spent. If you spend it and don't when their house still the best hundred ever spent because there's it's gonna make a difference is gonna help the kid. Fight from a life. And just desert area as a side note to that so you don't win a house but used a better shot at other things a big joint ticket items cars or and so far so good there's India may be don't win out maybe when something else maybe you don't win anything you say got hundred bucks and you descended to. Not to an organization that so we uses their money you thoughtfully and and thrift Leo and knock. Unbelievable. Talk about the house. The house is very the house Jim my daughter Hayley is our desire this year is on another fantastic job. Both pulling everything together from four bedrooms three bass and just under 3000 square feet. A bomb on an acre roughly an acre in Weddington. But hardly you know the same custom high end features that we get every year custom cabinets. Courts carrot tops. Designer tile custom holdings. Correct. Stone you know the whole nine everything everything you are ruled worst there's great. Yeah he's great and and they are unbelievably appoint and all the way to crown molding a lawyer and all the little details that you would don't hope for. You also over the years have both taken a lot of your contractors subcontractors and vendors. On they've got involved and it's it's it's it's amazing because you do these one day marathons where all the Mason's come out and I do all the brick work in one day or they lay the foundation and a day or and you see these slow motion cameras of this. I've seen a brick. I don't know five or six times on this sound unbelievable I mean it looks like a colony of ants are scrawled on the sling. It's and that is a remarkable day as were my favorite days would do the whole brick veneer for a start at 730 and headed on a 130 in the afternoon the whole whilst I don't want to she remains expensive decision just a front veneer this is a whole is that Matsui jobs you know. It's pretty amazing site just never talk to. All the mourners second Newton CHR dot com is his own website. Or get on overdue WB TV dot com if you want to walk. But I'll buy a ticket online or just go to an end WB TV right now because during their news over the next to a few hours you'll have a multiple choices to us. See all the girls they've got down there on the phone banks and not going to buy your ticket and they always sell out. And that's no hype and in fact last year. They sold out in record time I think they would like a month and a half two months of people want to buy tickets and they couldn't buy 'cause they were all gone already so yes get in early and let's big chips on one and house. And there's no chance you will help states you don't buy your efforts on that. Definite no but didn't custom homes in the studio with me he's got the built my house but more importantly he's the guy who is now on his fourth. Saint Jude dream home and they started selling tickets to this WB TV it 6 o'clock this morning have any idea what. They've those older. I don't know the several thousand are wrong morally I don't. And that was before before clogged restored now so I know silicon note tonight on and ended and seriously go no hype last year I don't remember how long you went to. Twenty days last year not being able to sell tickets at news source twenty days of sales civilian sold on tornado and how many were there last year 121011 Foss. 115613. Thousand this year if that will raise. A 1000003. Run for a saint Jude front the house is in Weddington. You have some other key dates July the 22 is your tickets on sale prize -- at the deadline what does that mean. You know I should know this I know there's certain prizes you have to purchase your ticket. By certain times but to be honest with the I don't know what you get when this sega's SS as we get into September to look at your early bird prized deadlines at some point or another in September do you not start to open up the finished house for a tour so people can see it yet the weekend after Labor Day weekend I'm not sure what that date is but that'll be the first date of the open houses. And so that is September of the whatever that is eight. And then. I believe us the first weekend and then it goes through October. The seventh. And in the giveaway is October 11. The dual oaks is where the house is 4860 Beulah church road Weddington can you give me a rough idea or that is that's kind of your neighborhood that's just inside of the Union County off of our problems road I was sixteen so if you're 45 Providence Rhode go to just inside union count me in your typical afternoon there. I had no lunch if you couple weeks ago. Add to peace and harmony opened and no Belmont big fan. Yeah they do they dual pulled pork through pretty darn good and it goes most obese if you've never been and that by the hush puppies are killer I know you're into my wife played two of them that they actually we talked Asperger's last summer saw a yeah you can't just you're kid just not have they don't RNC did ask if you pay them by the way yeah I know I know because they did they did she thinks ambiance of good and I alma. But I mean c'mon. Yeah they have to Asia they get they put you on the platter you gotta you know you gotta eat a meal would be rude I think not technical the red and I and I can't give me hope is that this is that just kills your guy right right so. What kind of a friend what I via fire were oh do something like that. Or I could save for TJ but. What kind of a friend wanna be if I saved a strategic. Value we've your good friend did to in all how long do you think he'll do this. Loans I can't yeah yeah I mean to builders in the past and this is no or rap on number builders in the past of. Men in and done it that's a good thing in and now and then but I don't know of anybody that's done for builders that you've met throughout the country. You certainly have meant to some builders who have done way more than four. My first year medic it was on your torn off while and actually study assigned seats at the same table which was. Phenomenal because his his dad did the first dream home and now he's taken over the country sunk the company. Thumb so you know that's come out during the you know muscle work from base you know love and my daughter. They Haley does the design on this Brandon your son. Is layered and heavily involved in the business and industry more on this is a family affair. There yet as to thrill us our company is at three of us and now of course my wife is a huge support and which taste her mother daughter and they're down about so. This and we're all that together and you know my dream is to at some point run off into the sunset but for them to carry it all and end there out there Berrian you know they bought and then. And now you know we believe in this whole heartily. You get a little bit more help a little bit more to its participation every year from the community from your contractors or and so forth but your other dream. Is to and I can't remember how you phrase this but is to get to zero cost. Yeah I really wanna get a 00 cost house. The biggest expense we had this year was the door that we're building an on you know when the you know as the old saying goes around making any more of a soon. That is we we do some side fundraisers we have a golf tournament we had some of the things we did we've almost new technologies 'cause they had a vision get a free plugin you can lose there they've been phenomenal matches tavern and Matthews. We've almost raised enough money on our side efforts to pay for the construction cost but we still have the lot cost that we haven't covered yet so we won't be zeroed. Zero heroes they call this year but it may you know next year we get closer and you know that's our goal we all we want as much money or by the saint Jude as we can get so. And if anybody. What has NH girl I half an acre out there are sitting there that would like that tax write off on or whatever the case may be and they like to. You build houses in no Weddington and outside the town but you'd be you'd be wide open July as long as it's so within Charlotte spitting distance you're you're you're up for water. Was going to be in North Carolina came across linemen non you know and I don't want to Belmont a bill house for their own Tom saga about anywhere yeah mark understand the hero build and they a couple of houses stood down there in that area at the woods still also want you to. You know again you're not getting out of that in fact that we think you should come to build Leo saint Jude dream home out there and I guess to become a lot. Well and your own review dis you decide yourself up with in Los suns have now just gotta find you know what what what what do you need an acre after acre it really. They understand we choose a side you know week week and we can work with any thing. You know. Your houses are usually 34000. Square 53 and they've been around three. Now yeah it's not just on a limb massive thousand entries against us house but it's we don't need you know an acre or anything like that when do we got an acre this year when only done. We we talk a little about the marathon so where they come and do all the may stray Monday and so on and so forth but there's one below where they usually the bonus room before they put the floor covering down. You get everybody together and kind of do us signing party and so underneath whatever that flooring is what nature of that house down someday they're gonna find a whole lot of signatures. Home very thus warmup favored in this in this real special this year we're doing a superhero thing human. I think you know the story behind that what mom. So long pass well last year and that's going to be a superhero room which was something big for him the only a collector memorabilia we're gonna use some of his memorabilia there. And son in his memory goes when they're good day. Because you're good man Jeff about Newton his brother. And good still voted LE BTV or go to the Hancock page you'll find information there or call 1805921602. And a sent a hundred bucks or more on the ticket and no like Jeff says if you win mouse best hundred Berkshire ever spent and if you don't win house. It's the best hundred bucks you overspent. Yesterday Mark Garrison had they. Feature on Charlotte at six with a chili meant just there was national hot dog they're. And chili man openly admits that he's not a big breadwinner of the family. And no although he's been posted by Forbes as the number one dog in the country had no room. And he runs that it's a standard Saudi or restaurant. Is pretty amazing guy I've got a beard feature on our Charlotte is six which are follows us in about a half an hour medical talked martyrs and is humans find out what's on tap for today. But down. He's wide open about his. His wife work short of the big banks in town and and she makes more money and he goes. Everything last night. When men earn less than their wives. Both spouses lie about it. No I don't know what do you figure that's over. I know guys that whose wise rank Mormon do they do and an and I think. Got respect forum because I think it is. Society and it tells you. Or most of us were raised in an environment to know where. You know a guy psychologically might not feel like he's picking up his end of the bargain if that's the way the case may be but. Then on the other hand. It has been tickled pink. And who cares. Because I'm in any guy we'll I mean most of you guys out there you don't it's it's not your money in her money it's. It's your money. In Vegas he would say that's what all the partnership that total bill was all about. Anyway it turns out when life doesn't fit gender expectations people get up. Little more uncomfortable and there are two economists who examined. Data. From the US census surveys so that would be between 2003 and 2015. And they compared to income data from the IRS and those for those same couples in the data shows that wives. Out earn husband's in about 22 point 9% of couples. And when the wives earned more. Men who filled out their families census survey. Reported earnings that were about 2% higher than they actually worry and knocked about 2% off their pocket sit ago. And in that has got to be. Kind of an insecurity thing I've done it. And I mean every or circumstance would be different but. Don't know that you should feel bad about that none of that's a good relationship been like I say it doesn't come down to. His and hers it comes down to theirs. Now women who earned more and filled out the census survey also lied deflated. Their own earnings by less than 1% and over reported their husbands wages by about 3.5 percent. And they say that can be explained by the results of this 2015 steady from the University of Chicago which found that couples with higher earning wives. Reported greater marital strife. That was more likely the end with the wife quitting work or in divorce. So I get it. Because you're kind of programs. As a guide to think pitcher the breadwinner. And I understand that that's probably outdated tech now aren't terminology you're. Generational BS or. You're you're probably and I don't mean this is a blanket statement that you probably were raised in an environment. We're dad made more than mom and in fact many of you may have been raised an environment where mama dog house wife. Something else that we have demonized. And and dad went out and had done. So I I think it would take a few generations at least to kind of get on an even keel or you didn't see that to be is there exception rather than the rule. It is not the road they exceeded the exception I mean. And most males still earn more than. But like I say who cares. And I just kind of thought that was. The thought that was coming interest rates. They're. And then read does something at some and use when you sent me. From our website called tell what. TE LL WUT. Have you ever been there TJ every heard of that. They ask you kind of dumb questions like how old were you when you've got married. How old are you he got very George. Torre too early. Second time. When he and a half. Yeah it. Now saying I think it Mary just 42. But as many of you know I've got to. Forty. One year old son. And I'm not 83 years old. So you figured out. I think my career just understood I actually I think it's a good lord looking out for me is when it all amounted to because I spent the first what are yours in my career for most 71 actually 1970 to about ninety. Before I got here. Travel and six states. Doing radio to a three years here two years there are three errors there. They had John anchor three years in your route to world that if you're gonna do that. Anyway when I got into radio this is still somewhat the case but it Tobin alligator you started off and small market you worked your way up through the markets. Well you don't wanna be dragon I guarantee you don't want to be dragon why student added you certainly don't want to be dragon a wife and kids through. It was hard enough dragon captured that. So I think a very draws 42. Online poll over 19100 people reveals the age that. People got. Married 38% between the ages eighteen to 24. Now I know. Las does a powerful thing that a but didn't quite frankly eighteen to twenty forward in my opinion. Which counts for nothing in your life. Way too early. If you can hold off hold off. When she got when you've been dating somebody for two years and she comes you and wants to know when their real big question is gonna come and I didn't do you know. The old guy on the radio told me I needed to hold off until after I was tort reform may not be your best defense. Bad but by and large. Wait. 38%. Said they first got married when there were eighteen to 24 years all what I don't have your of the results of those marriages how many of those lasted how many of them are still. And I know there will be people out there are. Better deals on primary round of sixteen and number I never even married now for 72 years to resolve happier content OK well good for your. I 21% said 25 to thirty years old. 10% said 31 to 35 years old. When you get into the thirties or above or get and a 35 that Nagin then you start getting neo pressure from in laws Thanksgiving Christmas you know. Or you know they're whispering behind your back about whether or not you're. Which restroom you would use in North Carolina. 7% at 36 or older at 27%. That I never been married. So there you go. I'm are scarce and get ready to make his way to weigh a studio long walk from. From the newsroom Bolivia palatial studios who won Julian price plays a very restaurant Thursday and goes on the agenda new I'm sure that alone. Lawmakers already for dinner. He's yet ask especially because we'll tell you about one place where the inspector wrote. That they've found roaches in every phase of life from infant to a tropical expect the little roaches in vero is a whole logistics that illegals mayor roaches with a goatee is a bit bitter and that restaurant so long ago at the jets are at an account at that they had little mailboxes address guards Pulitzer Prize winner Larry. If they're at it if it. Com. Russia I bet your precious than your news someplace in you know it's really interesting and now there's more and more focused concern about individual states being hacked and in Georgia today that the there's a group suing the state of Georgia saying look we got hacked by the Russians. Was Cisco all paper for paper ballots then for a paper registration because. 22 states Georgia being one of them got hacked back in 2016 and their voters systems so it's there's a big concern there. Listen this is a little inside baseball don't expect to have people to understand our radio per Sabo we used to play all of our commercials and actually some stuff thing called carts and they were like you need tracks and you're plugged him a new machine. And when you needed to play you pushed a button. And now everything is on computers and quite frankly there's days here or I think to myself maybe we should go back to tape and carts hush clocked in to look at the aspect especially given that its computer keeps crashing yeah I saw not so sure Georgia is are right on the money when they say let's go paper ballots are non yes it'll probably take us about four hours longer to count on mobile probably have a more accurate idea of what was really going on. Never do other things you'll hear it to just for ten after six is the writer of a new book through says intelligence people in the US are worried that what's going to happen is that. The Russians a monkey around with the computer with the voter registration rolls and you go into vote Togo sermon on ever record he came up. Well and and they can steal all of your life savings by computer these days and used to be there after breaking into your house or oh or rob a bank now. So I don't know I'm not so sure that computers won't be the death of us and you have a story about a national tree and this is bizarre. He's very bizarre guy invited to several parties a co workers homes and he put baby monitors under the women's bands of and the question I had was still hasn't been answered is OK a baby monitor that listens for an infant you put it under the bed what's it gonna hear now mean that that. I mean because it's under the bad what's it gonna hear there are a lot of squeaking maybe. Now well more muffled sounds of something it's wont wont let alone. They'll. Minority was probably trying to listen for a bit. Anyway he got caught and arrested tried triarc class and a cheap motel. I think that I'm just say it fat itself or the Internet pretty. I'll have there you go like well yeah you're putting good at doing an all right we'll see you lying or it's a few moments Margaret in Charlotte has sixes are right around the corner. In the world would you wanna be when you grow up. Give me a minister made asked you that question were your five or sixty member what you are probably what is a baseball player 'cause I just knew every. Staten I was a big news Il salmon it was a big cardinal fan and so I suppose I probably would. I don't think ever went to the firemen stage or wanted to be a policeman or. Online poll 17100 online voters reveals what people wanted to be when they were kids 15% said a doctor or nurse. Think amber had a doctor Joon. While because I hated shots so bad if I hated getting a Mighty Ducks couldn't imagine given a. 14% said a teacher. And have a really good to our relationship with teachers. Although several gave me up for a five day weekends from time to time mother that was as of cash. 6% said musician probably later in life I would have a thought about that 5% that a movie star 5% said a police officer or detective 5%. Think McFadden Gary mixed bad news for new sheriff was with us earlier today you think when he was boats fire sixers own a sorority wanted to be big. Boosted police officer cup effect. 4% said happily so that would encompass a lot of different things paid or artist hosted by 4%. 3% wanted to be a superhero. The sad part about that is so for people that break two years old pavement. Pilot 3% dancer 3% firefighter 2% astronaut to persist dentist 1%. Denis make a lot of money. Magician 1%. 17%. Said other 17%. Not applicable. Nobody said radio announcer mind. And emotion here from the interpreter next week go secretary Pompeo willow.