Should I Detox?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, March 17th
Dr. Ernst discusses how to detox your body in this week's show.

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The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seeking qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionized the alpha knows you love most. This past doctor. Here's your host. Doctor Aron hurt us. Well happy Saturday's two year old you're listens gas sector aren't so hey it's a similar path to shed diseases dead where you can be set free from all of your health problems when you activate your head Hal. Abby Saint Patrick's Day because the idea that it's you know they Green Day. We are going to be tight and how to green out your health how to clean out your health how to detox your body. It asked delta question should I detox. It's say atom. Comic common theme today people talk a lot about who I did this detox wrap at a spot or. I did a detoxification. Day I tip my colon cleanse Ayers or. I dated use clans all these claims is clean means successor. Hey it's springtime. Policy to be youthful vibrant alive feeling clean feeling active losing weight all of the above. And detoxification is definitely something making do that so ever gonna sort of that teach you today Hattig careen out your life. Clean out your life and in honor Saint Patrick's Day I am doing something special I'm giving away absolutely 100% free tickets. To my next to dinner seminar which is the first two days of April. That is the third with a brand new restaurant we sort of busted it seems that our previous location. So where are now serving dinner for you and aghast. At the boiling pot it's very similar to the melting pot but it's more of an Asian fusion style type. So the boiling pots which is here in Charlotte. And now I have their entire back half for the restaurant pre reserve. For the third I know today is the seventeenth there are looking about two and a half weeks away but mark your calendars. Grab some free tickets I'm gonna show you how to clean out your body like you've never done it before. And that benefited detoxification. Is massive amounts of energy. Weight loss your skin can clean out your hair can start growing medium or lustrous and more vibrant and Fuller. I mean basically there is this long list of things they can be fixed if you detox. So if you'd like to join me for that pick up the phone right now it's 7049062094. At 7049062094. I'm also going to at each commercial break through that call line now. What you're doing is either asking for more information on how to contact with meat. Or year coming to the dinner April 3 6:30 PM the boiling pot. In Charlotte to learn how to field grade. Get rid of things like aches and pains muscle cramps headaches. You know morning stiffness you know that. My joints hurt in the AM but by lunchtime in the afternoon is gone. The brain fog forgetfulness. You know just the irritation India general sort of sense like cost my life has fallen apart. You know Mike Coates network with a lot of people here locally in the Charlotte area. And I also have somewhat of a virtual practice so I. Have clients all across the United States down in Florida Texas California and I was on the phone the other day with one of my Florida clients. If she's going you know my gosh like I've been to every specialist. Down here in her area. And they've all run tests and nobody can pick herald Mike problems work. And you did this medals panels heavy metal panel we were looking to see if her body had a lot of toxic metals in it. She came back positive for three. I showed her how to get rid of those metals she's lost fourteen pounds her energy is back her husband's and I got my wife back I mean my gosh is is huge. And nick crazy thing is none of this specialists that she went to ever told her. That her condition could be coming from toxic metals. And when you find the cause of your problem and you fix it here's what's so beautiful about your body it can heal by itself. As of today were gonna talk about how do you know if you need to detox Heidi actually detox. What do we detox from what are the tasks associated with detoxification. And were just you know in honor of this special day give it a waste of free tickets to my daughter seminar. And down my gosh this and headed over to FaceBook dot com. I have a camera in the studio right now I'm kind of waited those of you who are watching us on line. But they appear in the world of radio or your stream in the senior car whatever and you've got the opportunity to pull up your FaceBook app or go to dot com for FaceBook. Hit up my page asked doctor Ernst it's AS KD RER. And ST. This live stream exist for several reasons you can like it you can share it with your friends you can directly comment to meet. And you can ask questions he could do whatever I try to stay engaged with the guys during commercial breaks. Already answered phone calls but I'm here for you if you have a health issue I have a health answer. And it's natural it's not gonna be take this medication for the rest of your life. Is going to be or how long is this thing going on have you been tested for aid be your seat are you aware of that cause connections this causes that. Let's go after it right. I just finished a thyroid seminar on non comment off with just immense amounts of energy and excitement we had about fifty people show up to my thyroid event. And I mean I'm answering questions on. Why you have a thyroid problem why it's been their for years why your doctor contested. There was a couple they came out to me afterwards and they way it's you know like we saw this specialist endocrinologist in Charlotte they never said anything about we talked about. And I actually think now I can fix my thyroid and the secret is it's never usually the diagnosis you have. As the cause he has understand that. If you have thyroid issues it's often not your thyroid that's causing that parity issue. If you have diabetes it's not the diabetes that's causing you to have diabetes it's the underlying cause. And what I love to do is teach you educate you in formula and how your body was made we were made be healed by ourselves. Want to understand how everybody's made you can start then going after cause and effects. So we'd like to say if you can remove the interference is present in your body. That it will heal by itself you can activate your hidden health. You have your health it's hiding someone needs to do is dig it out of view and pull it out of you let your body expressed itself. And you can do that by eight detox inning cleaning out your Mike he can do it beep again in the right testing done. And finding the cause of your health issue needing good seed by joining me at my dinner seminar. It is April 3 Tuesday night's 6:30 PM the boiling pot. All I needed now is are you somebody who's always chronically tired. Do you wake up in the morning you're joint ache but by the afternoon you feel better. Diarrhea constipation abdominal pains memory issues is hard to recall. If you feel like your older than you are. All of those are signs of toxicity it gets down even pain in your joints numbness and tingling we can fix it seven afford 9062094. That's seven afford 906209. Ports gas dock turns show we'll be right back. Welcome back. Happy saint Patrick Saturday afternoon you're listening gas turned sell its December pounder said disease is dead Emery can be set free health problems when you activate your hidden health. I'm has docked Aaron Aaron stand down resisting an endless and I ask I ask one huge favor. Head on to FaceBook hit up asked doctor Ernst so it's FaceBook dot com source asked not turn. And a video stream going right now. I was answering some questions back and forth with people who have been messaging me. Saying my gosh you know like I did this detox what you think about this time I even had a couple people send me some proof that links. This is what I'm taking what he thinks so evidently. We're really excited about today's topic if you're Justine and it is the question should I detox. And down you're gonna learn today all about detoxification. What are the major classifications. Of toxins we have to watch out for how do you know if you toxic. And that if you wanna feel great and lose some weight and you have your life changing no longer be burdened by headaches and memory issues then. You know joint pains numbness tingling. Except trip back pain. Fatigue in tiredness. These are the common symptoms as someone who's overly toxic. And while I talk about is really where all the stuff comes from what the major toxins are. How do we know if we have them and and most importantly of course what can you do to get rid of them. So get a question for me it's FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst I can see you on the live stream a few comments are like it or share it. You can head on over to our website asked doctor Ernst dot com you can type in the phrase detoxification. With tons of videos all kinds of things for you but I'm here today. To do a little detox 101 and talked you about some of the major classifications but more importantly. Let you know that you know in theory. You can detox by yourself. Now that's it everything's healthy and working so we were given. When we were created when our bodies performed we were given the idea. That there was going to be a toxic world and so I'm a Christian I believe god created our bodies you know you can't hear evolution it's great that you understand we. Of all detoxification processes to deal with life's stress though human beings living entities even dogs and cats and stuff like that. Can detox naturally we have built in god given detoxification systems. The problem becomes when those systems are overloaded overburdened or stressed. Because of the onslaught of so much. That they can't keep up so we start to accumulate a toxic load very toxic burden there's something called the bucket theory and it's pretty simple item in a sort of I use an analogy to help you will call it the kitchen sink theory. Can't you put the drain plug in your kitchen sink. You have a slow drip may be ten drips per minute of water but it's consistent all the time it's never gonna stop. And you understand the idea that in the beginning it's not a big deal because the saints can hold let's say a four gallons of water again it's just an analogy. Singh called for a gallon ten drips per minute. You could probably go quite some time about having an issue and that's our human body right we have built and detoxification processes. We have these pockets called cells fat cells lymphatic cells except terror. And and as long as the influx. Is not over burdening. The out flux that everything's fine. But in this kitchen sink analogy the plug is in their so at some point. That thing's gonna overflow. So while it's filling up a you don't feel would be have no on knowledge it's happening see your test will come back normal because you're not in a bird in state. But then all of a sudden like most of us right. I coach with a lot of people here's the classic thing here in a dark it wasn't until I got this car accident that I started having all these issues I could remember people's names. I was haven't numbers into into my arms. I went to my medical doctor they checked everything he says it's all fine I've no concussions Noah can figure out why. I've been this way I'm tired of fatigue that just can't seem to give my life back. You know this is pretty common and it happens all the time. It's usually to meet its an indication boomed overflow has kicked in May be the accidents just pushed icing on the cake and everything overflowed. But using vacations sick analogy at some point water's got to flow everywhere. Now I'm sure you would be aware. That at that stage man it's like red alert to Mike got a big problem. Now would we for example detox the sink would be thrilled milk thistle selenium. You know. In a steel Sistine will be throw spirit arena in the sinking go kinda hope this fixes the issue now we would look in the sinking gul a cult. Two things are happening one that the faucets leaking but giving it fix that that would be removing this source. And two there's this plug blocking the natural detox pathways called the drain. So as long as we unplug it the single do its job and the rest of the systems kicking and I hope you understand my analogy. You're human body is like ink in hates is going to constantly have stuff being thrown an addict. Just welcome to the modern world they've everywhere. Even the air we breathe the water we drink clothing we Wear their stocks. Everywhere you can't avoid them into leaving a find out today there's a costly to the cock and that have been around since the beginning of time called bio toxins. That's things like viruses and bold and Lyme Disease and just you know parasites. Were constantly having things come out less but in our brilliant design. We have a system that's designed to get rid of those so it's only when there's that clock. It's only when there is plugged up so if your body's clogged up because you detox pathways are not open there's the issue. And unfortunately most of us don't deal with this until there's an overflow so in the pocket analogy. Toxins coming in toxins coming out and that's called health. That's called alternate life. Toxins coming in with things plugged and it filling up. That's called creed disease it's like a six states where your body is starting to accumulate things but it. You're not waking up every day going times so tired and slept for like two. I'm weak I'm aching my muscles are locking up in cramping. My back hurts my neck hurts I have headache I you know light is irritated that ears are ringing my sinuses are congested and having a hard time breathing. I've got acid reflux that indigestion. I'm I'm breaking out and reared rashes on my skin. You know my appetite going up and down I'm hungry and I'm not I'm cold all the time I'm hot all the time I'm having night sweats. These fiddler remember reading TU the classic signs of toxic burden in the human body. So you've probably felt these things at certain periods but when their all the time it's a big deal and our medical system is not designed to say a poke. Let's go for the cause of these right instead. We have a medication for every bullet points. OK so when your back hurts you got over the counter pain pills or he could go get something prescriptive when you have a sinus issue it's infected based throw. You know antibiotics that it so that when your brain fog to forget Fuller for teams they might say well you know your little stressed out here's as an actual future impacts all whenever. So I get it right most of us don't want a field this but what if instead of chasing symptoms we go after caucus okay listen this. In the world we live in today it is known that there are over 80000 toxic chemicals in regular commercial use. There are a known at number 500. Different chemicals that the human body can still war. And has a difficult time eliminating because they never should be in this planet on the first place because there 100% synthetic mandate. The biggest use of manmade chemicals falls into the realms of things like pesticides. Herbicides fungicides all of our food borne toxins. And often what happens is they are so sticky that they gave at least they can stay inside the body for up to seven to eight years present in here and there are two studies that help put onto our web site that show how. You can actually be tested for something. Andy can take seven years on average for your body to eliminated by itself so for those seven years where a state of toxic burden. Again what are the issues with being high tech want to play around with every function your body central nervous system starts to have problems so therefore we see brain to organ dis regulation. So we these things like rapid heartbeat high blood pressure. And teeing lean back pain eccentric because toxins are often stored in fat and more toxic you are the more fat your body actually mix. So imagine the person who's going to buy Dobbin trying to lose weight I'm doing everything right I'm working out and eating right and nothing's happening in fact I'm gaining more weight. Man dean dean dean red alert for toxic exposures and door toxic burden. The player out there hormones they elevate estrogens in women and men they lower testosterone in men and women they inflame our joints they make things hurt. So again a classic sign of play. Overly burdened toxic and it is you wake up in the morning. Things are stiff and achy. But by a couple of hours later they start to feel better so like I'm in my knees only bother me in the morning again classic signs of deep of toxic vacation. Irritable bowel constipation bloating gas acid reflux a digested distressed. Which you'll learn in this show is partly because one of your biggest detox organs is your digested system. And of course that we have increased risk for every disease no demand heart disease diabetes and that's parkinson's alzheimer's cancer. It's a massive list. And so it's partly because by definition. A toxin is anything that creates a negative effects. In a humane or an animal. Tank that we could satanic leak is a virus that toxin yes speaking created negative effect you can make you sick is a bacterial toxin yes. Is that a pesticides sprayed onto a food a toxin yes because when it accumulate to creates health issues. Over the last fifty years our environment has been soaked. With will be called us onslaught of various hazardous chemicals heavy metals pollutants and things that generally don't exist in nature. In 98 the US industries were reported for manufacturing six point five trillion pounds of chemicals but again or man made. They are not designed to exist in nature which means our body had a hard time getting rid of manmade toxins. It's been known that we have dumped approximately seven point one billion pounds or sixty different chemicals into our air and our water. And you know I'm not trying this a hold of the topic but down about a week and a half ago there was some news that maybe you heard maybe you didn't. About how there was a coal ash slash. Duke Energy sort of power plants bill. Into some of the surrounding lake water here in lake Norman. As to the EPA came in did some testing in Charlotte and you know the lake supplies and some of the water supplies around the area tested positive for heavy metal toxins. Radioactive toxin yes we do have nuclear plants in our area. And of course that creates big concern of tell us what about our water supplies what about our lakes all I'm trying to stay with this is. We pollute the environments. We pollute the air we pollute everything around us. And that pollution is being put into our bodies because of our data gay life. OK so how do we know if we needed detox a if your living being with a pulse and heart rate and you can breed you need to detox because they're everywhere. Beat if you're somebody who's been chasing down your symptoms for a long time Medicaid into a bit not Keeney answers headaches back pain. Fatigue weakness memory issues concentration problems skin rashes eccentric such if you've been seeing a health issue. With medications it has a fix your problem you need to detox the cat when we come back from this commercial break we're gonna discuss how do you find out what the toxins are did you have. Heidi get rid of them. And again if you're looking for more of a specific one on one answer your if your ready to make a move for your health pick up the phone seven afford 9062094. It's seven afford 9062. That called action an invitation. Free dinner. Tuesday April 3 6:30 PM the boiling pot 7049062094. We got take a quick break and have your back. Love her all of you out there knowing that today's Saint Patrick's Day. Thanks for ten into gas stocks parents show I'm here to answer a question that we get quite often which is should high detox. I don't know if I'm toxic. And in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day and is the fact that where you know it is celebrating mood. I am not offering a chance for any of our listeners. That anybody who's hearing this the right now. So called my called line 7049062094. And to reserve a very special. Dinner seminar for yourself Tuesday April 3 yes it's about two and a half weeks. And the boiling pot here in Charlotte I am taking fifty people out to eat. And this is available only while the tickets remain of course today is the very first day. We party given only twelve tickets I mean I mean you guys have loved this I would be a may like I would love if I leave here empty handed with these tickets. Is free food you get a dinner seminar geared towards answering your health questions help when you come off medications or reduce medication. And to go over what the top causes of all health issues are today the top thirty interference is that prevent your body from healing. By the way one of them is our show topic which is global toxicity in your body. If you're toxic it is one of the of the number one reasons why your body is being interfered. With its natural ability to heal by itself. They're going to be talking about how do you address this toxicity Heidi do it naturally pretty task for its. And that's available to you on the third of April 6:30 PM by picking up the phone call and calling this number seven a four. 9062094. Again who succumb to dissipate somebody who's been dealing with a health issue taking a medication and it's not going away. That would be great one to do another person who might be Santa I'm tired and fatigued. My joints ache I have chronic this pain have chronic back pain I've tried everything. Well that's probably a toxic issue because toxins cause an inflammatory process in your joints. If your if you are toxic lead test positive for that. And you get rid of your toxin boom your body can start to heal itself so again if you wanna join me seven a four. 9062094. Elicit nothing is just free food which often makes the phone ring they're three calls coming in right now I think they said hey it's free food. I'm gonna pay for your meal and you gonna learn how to get healthy. Real simple right seven afford 9062094. Peso in this theme of our topic should I detox I'm gonna answer the question yes. Partly because the idea that toxins are every where. Now should you detox to the degree of keeping your body clean on a natural bases all the time yes we need to encourage natural detoxification. Should they do a more targeted detox well that's gonna be depends upon. If your toxic tests come back positive in the degree of either bio toxins. Or in organic toxins. Case and its two major classification you would want to find out if you have. We can go off symptoms but the problem is the symptoms sound like everything. Fatigue weakness aches and pains muscle cramps. Weird pains and weird areas okay. They call it ice pick pain like this idea like Sony's CNN like an ice pick in in my head my back my knee shortness of breath. Sensitivity to smells lights and sounds. Blurred vision. Ringing in your ears chronic sinus issues memory issues memory fogged brain fog focusing concentration issues. Word recollection issues can Atticus I'm look I'm stomach for that word what's that word. Difficulty remembering new things confusion. Sensitivity. Of your skin. And this is a weird one because usually people say to me stuff Mike I just don't like things touching me like my my shirt is irritating me. Numbness and tingling metallic taste in your mouth tremors are shaking of your hands right I do is keep going on and on you might go yeah I have at least three of those what could be. Global or general toxicity to your body. So what are the two classifications Maine classic case and bio toxins living toxins. And in organic toxins non live in cape bio toxins and hope that you guys will understand this. Viruses bacteria parasites mold. You know things like that. Lime X that your. The nice thing about bio toxins as your body is naturally designed to get rid of them through the strength of your immune system. Because your immune system is designed to be charged against Libyan. Toxins that tank so we have white blood cells of the entire immunological response and the we have our organs of detoxification. Better again designed to work on both. But technically an organ of detoxification can go after living toxins that tank. We have our skin that protects us we have Arnold says to exhale toxins it will protect you from inhaling toxins. We have an emphatic system which is your primary method of cleaning out toxins we need to make here limp systems are clean. Kidneys of course can get rid of water soluble toxins. Your liver can get rid of fat soluble toxins your bile and your colon will help lead to eliminate toxins that case that we have these built in inborn. Methods of detoxification. Think it like this have you ever had like a virus and then all of a sudden your stomach goes south when you. We have sort of loose stools or you have more watery released diarrhea style hit us your body sand pit this stuff out here as fast as we can. Let's not form a solid still let's just open the floodgates boom they'll be natural detoxification. So the problem becomes when you are sick. You're having diarrhea and you take an anti diarrhea agent you prolong. The toxicity because you're not letting it come out. Okay what are the in organic toxins will these are things that are not alive. The not living with but it's everything else right pesticides herbicides heavy metals you name it. PCBs dioxins chemicals and manmade toxins they are everywhere. I mean we could talk for literally an hour if I read the hold this to you but the idea is you can naturally detox from these. But many of us have become sort of clogged stock or bird didn't. So our liver gets congested. Are kidneys start to slow down their function are owls are slowed in the first place. We have a hard time getting rid of them or the toxin itself is so dangerous. That your body says listen I. If I even got rid of this I would destroy. The liver or the kidney so it puts them into these aggressive force OK there's two main Reza Boris for toxins. Fat cells. And fatty organs so your brain can start accumulate toxins. Your pancreas your liver your gallbladder your bones. Like users back inside of our bounds. As to the problem becomes the more toxic we are we certain toxins the more it starts to accumulate inside of us. Or it fills up our fat cells. To imagine this right you can get a blood test run if it's not your blood the blood tests come back normal. But you can be fully loaded with toxins in your bone your brain your liver your swing your pancreas to tetra. Or you could happen inside of your fat cells they're not being released so your doctors test say everything's good but you're going how come I can't lose weight. And then you wanna lose weight with your body's like heck can't do this because we have so many toxins. You gotta get rid of the toxins first in the fat or burn off and automatically. Imagine this you can wake up and be ten or fifteen pounds lighter in just a couple weeks with the toxins gone. That's what's possible if you'll learn more about how to do that at a dinner seminar coming up it's Tuesday April 3 6:30 PM. The boiling pot. I'm looking for somebody who's they who's who's stand. That's Mia wanna lose weight I wanna feel great tons of energy seven afford 9062094. Caller right now I got free tickets for you. 7049062094. Will be rip back. Good afternoon happy Saturday few days definitive answer sticking around. It is Saint Patrick's Day here in the Astec turn sell. We're celebrating how you can careen out your lie yet get it greens about a day and a corneas and it could PI DA is green. Is associated with the idea of clean. We have green products we have you can green out your house can be things this effect so I thought today it would be a great data talk about cleaning out your body. Detoxification. And that's helping you with your health by connecting the dots out toxins. Can create major health issues. And how most of us probably have not gone down the route to finding out am I toxic to the degree that we need to especially those of us who deal with. Chronic symptoms like fatigue weakness muscle aches and pains back pain neck pain. You know ice pick pain we talked very lightly about this last segment if you've ever had the idea where you sort of had this pinpoint pain aside your head. Or as like you know pinpoint pains in certain parts your body to just come out of nowhere like someone's pushing an ice pick in Q they call it ice pick pain classic sign. Of that about toxicity issue often there. Behind this call. On the forehead. Around had eccentric and again it's a sign of toxins inside your brain headaches again toxins in the brain light sensitivity smell sensitivity. Numbness in Ting Li an and the list goes on and on brain fog forgetfulness temperature regulation issues. So pretty much today the answer to the question of should I detox or can I detox is absolutely had yes you must pay. I break it down into two categories there's Dili detoxification. To keep you clean that once your clean maintenance. And there's targeted detoxification based upon conditions specific needs and this is now how we break down the idea of do you ever bio toxins something that's living in a virus a bacteria a bold for example. Parasites. Lions diseases that thinks Byron Keats things that are. Like living organisms or do you have a in organic. Non living toxin like pat a heavy metals. Pesticides herbicides etc. don't give you a list real quick of the five most toxic. In organic toxins were exposed to on a daily basis to Stephen idea of why it's a good idea that you would wanna test for these number one and then cleaned and out of your body number two. So the first is polychlorinated biphenyls rate that's a mouthful and of itself so we we call them PCBs. Polychlorinated. Pipe in all these are things that have technically been banned in the US for decades but it's down. Something that we often find it still being into the environments of polluting things like our air. Our water and other areas and mostly it's going to be anything that lives in the air or lives in the water that then gets the contamination. The main source ready finesse of PCBs is consuming farm raised fish. Because the environments that they raised it is often high in this organic compounds. And that what happens is they are course living in this tank and they start to absorb it. Suddenly get it. I'm there's often the feed that they are fed so any sort of grain fed corn fed or. A call it's any sort of animal that's bad some products. Has been grounds out like a fiend. It's possible that those feed themselves have the PCBs in them by absorbing the from the environment. So even though it's technically been banned to now. Put a PCB into a product it's been used for so long that we contaminated the environments and so it's in the environment. So corn and rice and soy and wheat that have been turned in to feed. Given to chicken in Higgs in goats and cows and everything including fish that are farm raised. They've been absorbent gets inside of them. Main source is farm raised fish indoor grain fed protein sources. The second of course is a big one that we could talk an entire hour on this which is the idea of pesticides. Can listen ready according to the Environmental Protection Agency 60% of herbicides. 90% of fungicides and 30% insecticides are known to be carcinogenic. Mean they create cancer there's an exorbitant amount of pesticide residues that'd been detected in the United States. Somewhere between fifty to 95%. Of commercially. Available foods are toxic with pesticides. I'm gonna give you a real quick way to know if what your eat dean. Is potentially full of a pesticides. And it's all based upon the code. That is placed on to the food products. Now usually we spray things that are fruits vegetables and things like that. So you know they don't have bar codes so high your cash register attendant rings them up as they type in a code. You know 4026. Bananas whatever but can't if it starts with a four. It is a known non organic food product so if you look at your label and you see 4096 for example. That is the code for whatever but that would tell you it's been sprayed OK if you look at that label and it starts with a nine. Nine for a six it's that same food products but raised organically meaning non sprayed with pesticides. A gate the bigger issue is if it starts with number eight like 8906. Which would mean it's a genetically modified food products. Which carries its own risks and dangers to dismember this habits are before. It's more than likely highly highly toxic if it start of the nine at. It's organic and more than likely nontoxic. The risk with pesticides okay is that they don't usually become. Odd excoriated from the human body added natural basis. Because they are man made products a case of we get them from fruits and vegetables commercially raised meets again. The farm raised sort of vegetarian fed food products because what are we feeding or feeding them vegetables that are sprayed. Corn and rice and wheat soy. Bug sprays by the way so like I'm sprain my plants or I'm actually outside heaven forbid with a bottle of roundup which is a direct pesticide in a sprained my guardian with it in my lawn with that except for a okay. What we know is that pesticides regardless of the type having connected to cancer miscarriage nerve damage birth defects. Blocking the absorption of nutrients leaky gut syndrome and even things like cancer and heart disease ex catcher so it did it but whose view. To stop putting pesticides in your body so again at the start of the four. It is conventionally grown. Now they're recognizing that that we're giving these these little guides the way so they're switching and going three. 011. Well that's also another wants avatars of the four start to the three avoid it start with a nine. Go for it starts at an aids like the pull aid that the genetically modified food product a tank dioxins. Another big deal right. It's a chemical that is south formed when you take things like Cole. Or oil or wood. And make energy out of date by turning Indy heat or combustion okay this is the big deal with like the coal steam plants or the nuclear plants or. You know like a wood burning fire or an oil burning fire anything like that. The waste that's left behind is typically in the form of a dioxin. And of course these things have to be collected. And retains and hopefully not into the environment so again talking about recent news here in the Charlotte area. The duke coal Reza for up in the Marshall steam plant that they got find for Google Vista CDC and I'm making this up. In 2018. January this year they refined because there was a crack that was repaired as have some of the Cole asks leaked into lake Norman. As that we pull a lot of our water from lake Norman so of course we're going costs should be tell everyone that there's a potential toxin. Okay death EPA came in they tested the environment they found radium. They found Valium and I'm sure there's a whole bunch of other things that aren't there were found the the ideas we need to clean this stuff out okay. Dioxins cause cancer reproductive issues. They can cause skin problems skin rashes you know liver damage eccentric. And the majority of dioxin that you would get exposed to us from drinking water or again eating commercial contaminated. Animal products. Like pork. And the facts chicken stature fish and other one that we know about that we talked kind of briefly on. Many shows before me is chlorine. Of course chlorine is in our. Food aren't as our foods by its are water supply it sounds something that we use to sort of clean out the water by killing the bacteria the viruses and a bio toxins. But as a result we get several sort of byproduct of chlorine. So there's Cora means. There's chloroform there's a bunch of stuff because of chlorine the risk of course here is that is being connected to dizziness fatigue headaches. Liver and kidney damage and again where to begin chlorine is directly from drinking water has chlorine in it. You know so like that kind of a Cuban every time I've been a sort of pulled my parents always dugout I don't think the pool water makers were hyper corny that stuff because there's other people swimming around you got the air bio toxins coming out. But then in the drinking water out of Tokyo with the idea. That hey you know drinking down a bleached bad idea. But down low dose bleeds for the rest your life good idea yes he kills things out with we're paying the price for McCain. Chlorine at. Has been documented to aggravate things like asthma especially in kids that have asthma when they go to pools that are heavily chlorinated off to find a hard time breathing. And there are several studies that link chlorine and chlorinated by products like the down. Cor means in the call reforms to things like Blatter pressed bowel and even malignant melanoma there was a study showing that. The amount of chlorinated tap water you have is directly connected to the likelihood of having these forms of cancer bladder breast. And Powell is a big deal. Lastly number five of the biggest in organic compounds were exposed to daily. Are heavy metals Mercury led cat and him arsenic except trip again now William that was part of this Duke Energy issue is a toxic heavy metal. And value miss something that is so toxic your body says if it's in me. Get rid of it immediately. By pushing in here fatty organs like your brain here liver in your bounds. So for example if you drank a glass of water that had value minute. Within a matter of several hours you wouldn't find any item in your blood. Is that your doing blood tests for toxins this is the challenge most people go we don't have any in me. But Kate your blood is not all of you it's just a partial view so if you've got in your fatty tissues there's ways to test for this. Of course the major sources and metals are drinking water fish vaccines. Amalgam fillings pesticides. Would it's been preserved and that person for it even happened and it sometimes building products again like. You know seat rock and of things there is pretty glued together can have heavy metals inside of him so the risk becomes again. Are we needing to detox I'm gonna say the answer is yes yes yes tenfold now we need to test to find out kind toxins we have. If you wanna talk about the best global toxicity test it is a simple urine test that she can do coda mat time oxy. It will turn a color based upon the global amount of toxins that are found near here and to hear urinating in exhort him out toxins and acting turns like save. Blood red wine which should be clear that we go whoops highly toxic. Now we got to get specific should we look for heavy metal so we look for pesticides and pleaded not there are tests that can do that for you. You know I'm reading silent time just for today show so I've really highly encourage you do something hop on over to my FaceBook page right now I'm into a four minute segment. On the task that you can get and how to activate detoxification so it's FaceBook dot com such asked doctor Ernst. And if today's topic has spiked you into DA deity can fix your health naturally wanted to join me from my dinner seminar. He's on April 3 which is Tuesday and a couple weeks 6:30 PM at the boiling pot called right now 704. 9062094. At seven afford 9062. Who 094. And hey don't forget a couple of my FaceBook page. And the forehead senior each and every week here on the gas sector shows Saturday's 3 PM on news 1110. Debbie BT.