Should the Market Movement Scare Or Encourage Us

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, February 10th

Lots of movements in the market this week. Exciting times, and scary times for a lot of people. Learn how to not only save your capital, but profit when times are like this


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This is the paint program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On my entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm here hosed adamant Cisco's sit back and relax and enjoy and Andre they weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be here. As always wanted to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is higher raise it depending cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to sell direct your portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. That's 8887508723. As always easy the other coast looters. Senior goes behind treaty candy. And entered my brother and I could see jet was not yet. Yes we did it and why don't we get on our kids I mean we had this roller coaster ride being ultimately. Hi guys Lola. As dramatic one of the doubt yes indeed. I think for a lot of people it's scary times. It is yes that would lead you out of certain reserve gets lost and most of what I would profit from our guys because a lot of opportunity. Chaos you don't know well how to. I'm excited to be here because you can see Jay's studio you're always a pleasure to be part of this and have fun with the guys one of the highlights and low there must. Well as he netted backhand down we got a lot of talk about you know. I'll tell you talk about you know the market goes up marvelous tennis that lets elementary Lotta people freaked out. And as we can last week just you know all of a sudden seeing these moves in the market you know what do you start thinking about. Nate when it started. Nate and if you're in the market here that concerns like I. You're missing key points you need to talk about preservation of capital is Paramount in a market like this he said it. Ellsbury and yet they are it's funny because that's something you'd see at what cost it's what causes out of fall thousand. Your day in and close to a thousand below is open and then the next day rally didn't collapse again. And there's not a specific uses no one thing. It's prices in July and get price quote for nine years means 2000. I marched so now. Yes he's not out hope kind of business and we're gonna overvalued status little worse. Mosul before one Kennedy's most stocks mostly are in business that are longer are those who own these instruments you won't forward it you won't be close most of us. They're overvalued. The price too high for too long I mean that I was injured dramatically to let people sit and I don't know night but we've gone on for so long. We're coming into an area where we've when I'm sure it's her record highs we start seeing increased volatility which is typical. After a walk sit and relatives and and people who have. And they should because they are always. There are gonna collapse and being crushed an informant case and is the problem this is there really this. Maybe you learn not in any better situation out of protecting its loss that it we're only eight. And shame on you usually before one case is still just Fuller doesn't classes is not. We called horrible British for a while everything is price who I know treatments in the sky when that happens when that collapse comes. Matt currency phones you can what do you back almost gains usual fuel rods are your early years to accomplish your goals ultimately. So we have definite places protect and preserve has lost its mind you didn't. We've seen this and get people don't know how to respond or react misty prior view we have the does he hotel reservations most poorly we've got to keep continue to grow our power cars look the market soon. And that's not a steal that most people have a facility letting you get just a matter of learning process the great thing is that's we're talking about here is learn that for us. Absolutely and a lot of individuals you know. When case but first and fifteen you'll find more companies are on mutual funds target. What else is the option where can you know he's this he's asking ourselves. Assad has a lot of things you can use it a market. That are built all of us for taxes preservatives loss in his visit our sponsors things like ETS which helps protect its Lawson. This week you probably the market does collapse there's so many things the average person listening to us to do to protect preserve and lost. And I argued that a gross profit from dollar movement in the markets and they're not really prepared for and a beautiful thing about. Understanding the skills of preserving capital most poorly made zero money is that you don't care about what happened are you don't care about the direction is good to his. So for most people that does not holiday things are highly functioning they hit the market collapsed as a bad thing when we got a lot of opportunities to make money on the way down. But foremost need in my capacity however checked against Ross yeah it collapsed in 2000 it was caused by overloaded when they're here. All the letters. While the market is being. But don't buy it ease exchange traded funds ETFs. That track. Indices that are delivered probably the worst new lyrics are so why does cause that is rallying cries on the scene from how to. Moves in price this movement in volatility. Is essentially I'd never seen it's unprecedented as a great opportunity to what to do so a lot of people they pay. Electorate that. I didn't get the talent people 500 as the day people and it. Is an actual message of the market we currently getting down with real values were easy gets. So everything's priced too high to be prepared for coal. That happens we have to protect against love because we've Mini Cooper traces of forward case Lou if you don't that a collapse most people don't use weasel and you learn is skills capital preservation positions and music market. That anybody losing those views that are not that complicated and difficult just as luncheon Tuesday. If you don't want to be left wants him. A lot of people are focusing on the seat when the market doesn't every person business. Watch your state business we need these people that are not. Up and test it you can really work for 40% correction retired assistant for the next ten years and not yet. A lot of people given us that's the problem is that completes its defense. Nine year run at higher prices ESP higher prices now he's bigger balances in the court cases people who feel good. How are sort of similar problems just like this is literally a set. It's very similar remember I remember the Romans and on our and I remember that dramatic volatility sheets and some of the season off on. I want to do that crashes that sees you can be prepared not seek refuge wilderness skills up for the fish she's not a matter if the Hartford from this matter win. Surely you're probably not so be prepared as we're going to learn the skills got released you know getting you know back. Absolutely not I really can't sponsor listeners Anderson. How are Paramount and is focused on preservation account. Partly because that's another class that teaches kids. The president makes its final and you everytime we give away your uncles and their phones lit up and you. Callers tennis when we come right. I'll call 84 or 51 trade at 84 or 51 trades cost it twenty. You don't pop art classes in the capital preservation from our sponsor. Online treat him. If you're in the market you don't focus you're in the market concern is an opportunity for you when mark Silva you learn out. The capital. 5187. She's 33. 844. Winning 7033. College tennis when he gets hot and outclassed instantly on campus groups. You get your former K and I'm very concerned about Mark Recchi. It's Martin. Lost this is the opportunity for you get in there were shooting eight or forward I don't want to. Trade does that ship bubbles the mayor's. And when. That happens and those I'm. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a little bit the Sanford as side. Nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite guess at Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 if you have a question for the coach call the coach outline. 87790. For trade and outlines of the for any question for senior coach Tony 47877. 90 portrayed we get a question coming up and if you question ends up on air a little the prize pack a unity shared Bulls and Bears teacher which are really hard to get in they're so comfortable there are rare. They are around town though and once you pull one on human more taken up this so comfortable man I loved by unbelievable that out those BTT you know a year where everybody's you don't like about burlap. Seth survivor. You know six thread cabbies would faceoff to see Egyptian gay people want daddy and they want like the soft content I mean this is the style. That's an reality jerseys though yet. CN talking about a right they always have a buddy of Bulls and Bears. But you know one of the bigs that we always address on a weekly basis. You know the market goes up market is down I say that constantly it's simple to elementary. There's people out there champ that knows this but they don't understand how to capitalize in the down market obviously we had a couple days. The past week week and a half that have caught some people's attention is down market is gonna create a lot of opportunity. We need to take a moment to talk about what short selling is in shorts on his capitalizing in downward move with the market. Such as in 2008 when the markets sold off people made money people lost money but the average person lost this take a moment let's talk about how to capitalize. Regardless the direction of the market more poorly in a down market. Well the first you have to do is address the bio. So the market as a whole numb talk about the masses the retail market not the institutions not Goldman Sachs. Battier crib from talk about the person at 41 K. People listen to us right now drive and on the road go to your job Bologna were going where you hadn't. And you've got this money in the market and you believe it up is good and down as bad you've been programmed to think that. It's just part of the culture mean you look it's you know the way the market is set up where Wall Street. Has the masses convinced that you're not Smart enough to make money regardless of direction on the market you know out. You know of the skill set yet sophisticated enough that's the term they use unsophisticated. That's buster bunk. In the market is a goes up it goes out to property the direction and one of the most important aspects of understanding how to make money when price falls is. Realizing that you can't that's available. And it is called shorting a short selling has a lot of ways and make money and a down market we can use options we can use futures this inverse products that we can use to make money. But most importantly is understanding first and foremost set. We talked costing about direction shouldn't matter. Up should be good dash because it and most people don't feel that way they don't think that way and that's why is an opportunity there if you start to learn the skills of the masses don't know. CF to separate itself from the masses financing the masses don't want a collapse or correction in the market. We don't care for falls because it's just a matter of price action and we can profit from it were prepared to. And one of the great things we can do is make money when the market falls but once we learn this. We can't do it that's available to us. Now just a matter of putting some meat behind the processes other words how to leaving money when mark when the market falls how do we make money when the Dow falls with the S&P false. There's a lot of ways to do yet. The most important aspect of understanding how to do that is the concept of shorting was short selling which. From many of the listeners they've never really understood better look heard about it or maybe they heard about but don't get it. Not a concept it's very hard to comprehend. It's just something that's different and we just have to get shouldn't make sure the listeners understand that. It has nothing do with how Smart you are has to do list learning the process once you learn it. The corn down on price in the marketing has become the tremendous opportunity it separates you from the masses which really. We need to be. Well that's a key part now a lot of times champ us. Someone can even understand the idea shorting them maybe they don't have the right broker dealer I mean a lot of times people are using retail broker dealers and don't allow it. But the idea of making money in a downward move the market is simple for every buyer there's a seller for every winner there's a loser. The average person loses and a down market there's few people that are winning and there's no reason why the listener out there can't be that guy or their gal that's winning in the downward move the market. Marketed the simple example let's say General Electric for example the G he'd been around forever. Large company blue chip stock large cap stock. Very inexpensive stock at this point trade around 1415 bucks a share. Had some some problems in the price of their stock but still a strong fundamentally sound company and more importantly. A stock is probably not gonna go away so there's opportunities to make money regardless of direction but if you did GE let's just say it was trading at fifteen all this year. He thought I was gonna go to ten. You can profit from that five dollar moved down in price one of the ways you do that is by shorting the stock was short selling the stock that is what this means. We can actually sell shares of GE stock what's at fifteen into the market. Even though we don't only shears to start with in other words the hardest part the people have an understanding shorting is how can I sell something that I don't moan. If I don't own it. I don't have to sell well your broker allows you to sell shares of their inventory. So if you believe General Electric such east up was that fifteen was gonna go to ten. You can go to the market sell your broker's shares at fifteen dolls this year and when you sold those shares that money would come into your count now understand something. You couldn't use that money they came into your account when he sold those shares of GE. Because you sold short the technical term short selling. You couldn't use that money that you took in to buy something else because your now short stop which we you have to. By the shares back you broke with allowing you to sell their inventory into the market at a price. And let you buy it back later to different price and replace it back in the day inventory that's all shorting is as we're using the broker's stock. To profit out of moved down in price so when you sold shares at fifteen in the money came in your guy you couldn't use the trading but what's your gold by what goes to ten. When it goes to ten you buy the shares at ten you replace him back she broke you keep the difference you sold it fifteen. What price military and you bought at ten the moment you bought the shares the meeting went back in your broker's inventory could use their stock. To short in the first place tonight replace in the inventory and he broke his inventory and what's happening is you keep in the five gulf to share. On a hundred changes made 500 bucks on a thousand usually five grand on a five dollar moved down in GE now listen folks. What you don't know what the S&P last week. On a thousand point lord a doubt the diamonds you could assure the Dow and made a move of a thousand points in one day. You could ensure the Dow this so many ways to profit from directional movement in the market regardless up or down. And it's not a complicated process and once you start to understand that. It's a game changer opens a toward a profit regardless direction which is what separates you from the masses and it's what separates Goldman Sachs is what separates you and I. And if we can do that we can now take the money consists wind direction doesn't matter you get to that point. Man and they do you think it's just changes the outlook of your long term future for financially forever so but because you now have a skills that the masses will never give absolute. In online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they know a lot of individuals. Have that ideal learning how to short so they don't know where to get started I don't know where to begin. The unique opportunity is money that's out there in your 41 k.'s and diaries can learn how to protected and grow it in both directions. That's online trading academy as a class specifically on shorting is a 500 dollar value we're gonna give it away right now to do the listeners out there you do not want to miss out on this. Be callers fifteen to thirty. At 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade because fifteen to thirty feet a 500 dollar class on short selling the market. From our sponsor online trading academy at 8445187233. 8445. Point 87 to 33 for callers fifteen to thirty B this 500. Specifically on shorting the market again if you're in the market here concerned about direction get to the point where you don't have to be concerned if it goes up or down capitalize and vote. This opportunity is huge it's a 500 dollar value for caller fifteen to thirty pick of the phone 84451. Trade at 844. 51. To trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears have heroes out of it just it's a blast had a good time in studio always fun. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like get samples of their purity since the bloopers over there eggs in what you look like what I look like. Scary this is scary not like it's the Bulls and Bears radio and of course any time a 24/7 to get a question for the coach college coach allied 877. 904. Trade that date 7790. Portrayed. Champ talk about a variety of leagues here rumbles of bears always talking about the markets the average person. There's been enough time on the market the average person give somebody else that money. To manage their money. And you know what if floors me that a lot of people want to have better success what comes of mark but they're not do it themselves. Let's talk about what if someone manage their own money you and I called self directed how difficult or actually how simple is it really. Once someone knows what it is. Well it's like any skill over time in practice you're better at it and so I think that anybody listen to us to do a better job of managing your own money then putting an under management I believe that I've seen it. And so for a lot of people that just means we'll how much time what do taker or entail. It tells us that a city some basic principles of understanding supply and demand which is what whose price in all markets and once you start to understand that. Units in virtually every other area of your life we stuck to understand the financial markets it opens the door we talk a little bit earlier about shorting make money when price fall so. Wouldn't say they care about direction of the market we can profit regardless of direction. And if he could spend anywhere from six to ten hours a month. Just managing your money I mean just basic going in and adjusting your position we have many students and on my treat academy that conference come to us that specific reason. They say listen I just don't believe in the 401K or more about a collapse of the I knew better. I've heard about the shorting making money on price falls. I just wanna grow it I don't wanna get caught I don't wanna lose it all collapse or correction in the market. We get that constantly just high quality people that are just coming in sort of realize that. It's not getting done they're really not on track to hit their financial goals and so they commit with the goal of learning the skills of self correcting we teach them some basic stuff just basic. Introductory stuff to keep it simple and as such real amend your own account and then you start to increase their skill over time. It's like any skill set. You know one of the things I learned from all along time ago from one of my first manners in the financial market is that financial success requires me to pay attention to my money. And as many of you right now and I'm gonna push on you'll be here for second you big money uniform in case you have no idea whose mansion it. Some big institution somewhere as your money enemy Andrea Payne fees. You're getting probably 50% of any profit that you do make our movement up in price of the market. Gets eaten up by fees it's well documented to open you'll spend a 155000. Dollars. Over 25 year 401K house whole lifetime. In fees paid some Wall Street institution and all you do is sit in a mutual fund hope in the market doesn't go down. In order record high and we're has seen these dramatic swings in volatility right now you should be concerned. You can learn the skills of self directed that money. Make decisions around that money grower regardless of direction the market protect and preserve against loss of it collapses you can do all that. In you can learn the skills is due in 610 miles a month. It's not complex process is just a learned skill but anybody listening to us to learn it just a matter taken steps to. First understand need to do something and second. Seeking out a system or process penalize you get the result to conform that's as simple as I can make you folks. While you know what you have a lot of people don't think it's simple the reality is is simple. Managing your money you would never give your money to somebody else blindly but yet when it comes to the ball go with individuals well for one k.'s hire days. There blindly handed to somebody else you don't let somebody manager monthly money analysts muscle when manager paychecks by your wealth. Let someone else that you sizzle time nobody cares more about your money and you. That's right need to act as if that a lot of people just don't take the time really own up to. And let me tell you Wall Street doesn't want you channels of they don't want it'll learn what they're doing you can do the exact same things. That Goldman Sachs does to make money in a market like this. In your own account you can. Anything that they can do on Wall Street UN I can do David advantages obviously of size and speed and capacity absolutely. You know I don't need to beat wall you to just need to beat the masses. Think about it rodino and a foreign gains build wealth. In a 41 K he's gotten wealthy in a 41 K. May be one person maybe made a million bucks at a forward gave me be who do you know who make a living and he's worried about are not a money when they before they die that's the ball to the people. And the reality is that if you learn the skills of self correcting prior to getting that point we are worried about run out of money maybe you can stem the side. Turnaround. Gore got the direction most importantly. Understand long term in Europe the pale those fees are the gonna crusher profitability over time and 26101000 mark that's not a part process just a matter of taken steps to Goldman and do. Absolutely that's why online trading academy has a class specifically on self directed and they understand that the average person wants a self directed don't know how to begin they don't know where. To even make a phone call they don't know whatever broker dealer to go to they don't know where to begin when it comes to self directed. That's why they have a class specifically on self directed is a 500 dollar value this classes taught right at the campus of online trading academy. Have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now pick of the Capone because ten to twenty and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade callers to the twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Self directed your portfolio purebred near the market or you have money in the market you don't know how to handle yourself this is the opportunity for you 8445187233. 844518. Seve to 33 for colors tend to twenty in this 500 art class specifically out self directed once again 844. 51. Trade does that mean Champa Bulls and Bears. Welcome back to bulls the bears are Rios Adam it's his eleventh of last always good time don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that bulls or bears radio. And of course anytime 24/7 if you have a question for the coach call the coach outlined. 87790. For trade and at that time right now as we have a question from a gentleman by the name Adam in Atlanta. I'm calling him got a question for you. I made 45600. Go home and you this came on the market no wind between six. Well the first. Thirty billion basically don't make a lot of money bit the last eight days it's been going bedroom. And I am. Did this if it cashed in I would lose. Almost too good dose of those showed that forty right now. It's really good you're just hold onto it or should which led to us of course and X. And thanks had a for the question and obviously when novel and louder really required to give advice. But you made a comment will you said. You were up 4500685. And if you sold today you'd lose 111000 well I would give from the point. If you sold today you'd make 34000 because that's the price it's above the entry price that you bottom of the 26. So you sitting there hoping that it comes back to 4245000. All proper and might not want things my mentored Tommy is he goes on never go broke taken a profit I don't necessary and how many shares you have of this particular stock. Beebe could sell half of them secure your profits may be keep have to let him run a little higher potentially. I need to look at charter has some sort of process involved would meet detract trying to determine to I think president of corporate down which. Seems to me like he got lucky he got hit by a wave of higher price the market went up dramatically in November and December. They says is a saying in the markets that are rising tide lifts all ships so that helped you make money. On our CNN's dramatic movement volatility in the S&P in the Dow which is the broad market as a whole which traditionally what happens at a ms. Stocks tracked the market as a whole. So because yours went up the market went up and now at the markets following you start to see some profits be given back. No you don't want eternal winner to loser stay too long at the party won an important he's got to realize is this you got lucky. You blossom that one up it could have gone down. You didn't have a target in place in other words I don't believe you had a place where you are getting out in advance knowing if we get to this price some out for profit. You also probably didn't have any kind of risk imagine place where for went down and you gonna get out for a small lost one of the things that we like to talk about your Bulls and Bears is having a plan for everything. I would say that your and a good spot a lot of who would like to be in that spot. But you have to make that decision and it wedded do you believe it's gonna go higher and on if you do. You might wanna maybe sell half of them hold on a half of them there's a lot of things you can do to manage risk in that position but most of portly wanna secure some profits. When the great things about learning the skills of treating for income and you're obviously doing now a year looking to make some money in this position is no wind to get out nowhere and I have a position where. When he hit set price you're out you take your profit you go play somewhere else. And so what I love about treating for income was short term income trading is that there's a lot of great opportunities a market like this information the listeners. This so many things out there kind of like what I'm do we you can utilize and take it major price going higher but out of not a position where if price goes Donnie knows how to profit. He just doesn't wanna give back returns you could profit from this move down as well. There's so many ways that we can approach the financial markets from a trading and investing standpoint and more poorly create an income from the markets train for short term income one the most important aspects. But the market provides for us is you do it makes the money in these days and these days with nice movement in the market's big price movements. We can probably can speculate and make money and what that does that opens a dual a lot of us to be able to utilize the market. First team income that's really a game changer for a lot of people as we understand how to do that so for you case Adam. I am I wanna preserve some profit I am I wanna obviously get out. Where I could at least walk away with some profit intact because of the single back to zero if you stay too long to the party and give all those profits back all those returns are sitting on can be given back. And we don't want that we wanna make some money in the process. What's great about the markets as a whole and trading and investing as a whole is that if you have a plan going into the trade. Where you getting in or getting up for proper warm you know for a lost. And I have all those privileges already built an in my decision now I don't have to worry about how long should stay in because of our to get a pre defined target we're gonna take my money. And if I'm dead wrong and it goes against me I got a small loss that I take. And I get a flesh wound. And I don't get taken off the field and I'm able to utilize the markets consistently for income on an ongoing basis which made you love. About the markets gives you an opportunity and he could do it from your own home and I'm CC that potential so there's a lot of great ways to play in the markets Adam. I would stated your case you're in a good spot. But one pleasurable profit in that position. Won't stay too long at the party and learn the skills going for to make better decisions where you know do we getting out and advance new getting out for a loss and advance. Now the mysteries out of it you have to make these need your decisions that a lot of times are driven by emotion. And not good logical rules based trading. Absolutely Jim and a lot of people are in the market they're similar to Adam there up in a profit another start to see come down. They don't have a set of rules they don't understand how to manage it themselves. That a lot of preserve the profits that they actually have in place right it's Paramount when you make a decision to try to make money in the market that you have a plan in place for how much you plan on making. And how much you wanna risk in a position if you do dad. He'll keep you safe over time and long term develop that consistency in that compound in growth. But many people look at force not a complicated process. It is following a proven system and trauma tracker and time again exactly and a lot of individuals chant they don't have a plan I don't know where he gets started an online trading academy a school that teaches people how to treat. And invest. Their entire process is based on the set rules and having a plan that's on them a class specifically on. Understanding how to had a sitter rules warm portly a plan in place specifically for trading investing. Which ultimately comes around a self directing capital preservation is a 500 dollar value. This class is very unique at the campus of you don't have a plan such as Adam in the market where you don't understand where exactly when to get him when he get out. This is a huge opportunity for uses a 500 dollar value pick of the phones frantic callers ten to twenty. Call right now 84451. Trait that's 84451. Trade. If you're in the market you don't have a plan you don't have set rules of follow you'd do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity from online trading academy again because ten to 2844518. Seve to 33 that's 8445187233. For colors tend to Tony get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Having it trading plan having a business plan in the financial markets folks in itself directing. Capital preservation that 844. 51. Trade is that a champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back doubles affairs and shows that the Cisco have a good time I think with a thousand studio. Always thought here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike is that bulls or bears radio and of course. 447 if you got a question for the coach called the coach hotline 877904. Treaty. Champ talking about a variety of things a lot of times when it comes down to actually trading investing. There's too many people that are in the market that treat this as obvious meaning you've the one of the words that drives me nuts is when it meets a megawatt dabbled in the market. Let's take a moment let's talk face to delegate math let's talk here is this what is the actual market heavy you'd say all the time the market the business. Did dabble. Mean you know you don't dabble with the family money. You know one of the things I love about the financial markets is that if you're not to turner and I've always been self employed have made a decision Gaza Kyoto wanna run a mile business doesn't construction blew it up. Got back in blue and I've got back in blew up had a bunch of different failures from a financial markets have found a business. Where you can. Write your own ticket I mean literally I mean you just that he's got to know a little more than the masses what's great about the financial markets is the competition is not that severe. It's easy to get wealthy in America that is the make a living can snowboard China's legal trying to get wealthy. And I look at the financial markets and I saw a business where I could have no employees no workers' comp no liability insurance no very low overhead I should say no they've been very low overhead no building at least. No inventory out of the two parties and sell products to my friends of the road home based business. I can do in the cover my home every time I need to buy some. With a beef futures are currencies or stocks or commodities there's millions of people to sell to me right now on fighting to sell some asthma is bewildered by right now it's illiquid market. It's full liquidity I could push a button and get paid think of that. The dream the American dream and what's great about it and I see this when I speak it out like (%expletive) academy events all over the world. I see the beautiful leaves Europe to be Smart to be successful. There's nothing new here IQ. You know if I don't I don't people that he would how to pump gas that made tons of money in this field in the two reasons because. They understand this game they learn the system they learn how to take the money consistently. And anybody listening to us can do that I believe that it might call war I've seen dumber people and you build wells in the markets I promise you no matter who who's listening to us. It has nothing to do your IQ you know of that letter is a deal last name it's truly a level field. And it takes a lot of the traditional headaches a business out of the equation. There's somebody right driver and on the road right now you got latter's on the top via truck you'd chase in the money somewhere trying to finish the job to do some punch list on some construction job Johnny your final payment. I know exactly what you're going through. And what I love about the financial market that I can literally sit at home and anybody can sit home if you have a better system in the masses just know a little bit more. It's not that hard to get over that hurdle you can take the money consistently on this field and think about that. And have all the benefit to be self employed and of all the equity and have no limit on the upside potential profitability think of that. It's the dream it's alive and well and it's the financial markets it is not a new game it's been around for ever. The foot the London Stock Exchange was founded in the fourteen hundreds folks this is not a new game is not fly by night. So you have the opportunity just like anybody else to dive in this arena where in the skills run a business but there's no limit on the brief profit potential. And many of the judicial headaches a traditional businesses are not in the equation think of that. It's the dream and it's alive and well and it's in the financial markets. 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