Should The NFL Stop Playing The National Anthem, Regional Foods

John Hancock
Friday, August 3rd
Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to discuss the possibility of MLS Soccer coming to Charlotte. Hancock asks if the NFL should just stop playing the National Anthem. and reviews some regional food items.

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This is John there. There arrest Friday as we can be able to not try don't anybody tell me. Pretty sure it has. Had a test tonight 6 o'clock so Jim's OK Mark Garrison will follow us this XP and from the stadium. That's reflux. Hopefully other weather willow hold off some kind of look at doppler radar right now I don't see anything on necessarily threatening but you've got to three hours and told them to those who will be trial met over the the jets or ravens stuff supposed to dissipate to some extent. We've seen some thunderstorms are developed by into the afternoon today under could still be a stray shower or thunderstorm possible earlier on this evening. But we're not supposed to have these same chances that we've had for instance the last two nights. So low wall head on down to about seventy degrees for tonight and nasty partly cloudy skies tomorrow with a stray shower or thunderstorm possible on a high of 87. And oh. Partly cloudy on Sunday. But no mention of precipitation. There's still a chance for it but I'm not a big chance so we're we're getting out of and after I read that the impact they'll last wave may have been the last really active wave will seek. A drive and another 74 yesterday towards a Belmont. And. Big dark black. Cloud. And with all the trees in the airport news said the other I couldn't see the bottom half I can just see the top half so I was cattle looking to see if you're like a funnel coming out of it to. Because that's exactly what it what it looked like. But I never could get into an area where you can actually see our across the horizon to see the bottom half of all that's too often and next thing I knew what was coming across the bridge. And it was raining to beat the band I mean it was coming down in. In buckets. So low just bring health to rain but. Hopefully will ease up a little bit from VO we can denounce and prepare professed and I don't because get a good night out deter panther testament to it as a Taurus. Always fun five bucks gets you in that goes to a cancer charities and no they used their money. Below wisely and well and benefit a lot of people also want. Should be good tonight. I'm. Here's our columnist. By the name of Colin. Fleming. He is writer for Harper's Rolling Stone salon. He's they are regular guest on NPR's weekend edition. Maybe I shouldn't have given you his credentials before they are told you what is ordeal was. He says the NFL should just don't the National Anthem and get on reported football. Now would solve that would net. We'll share some of sober he had to say you know I imagine Slobodan won't take your calls and see how you feel about that I think there's going to be area of a good majority of people who were gonna say no. Just because there's a problem don't mid doesn't mean I don't mean it doesn't mean you aren't. You don't feel them. But you don't throw that out currency how you feel about that the White House is claiming vast government wide efforts to protect the elections and there's a number of stories Indian news today about that a bipartisan group of senators pushing no for a some sanctions on Russia over the mid term meddling that we've already seen. And intelligence agencies a say Russia is targeting new US elections right now. And then you have the administration wants the ACLU to take the lead on reuniting separated children were deported families. In other words the government would like some volunteers it's a nonprofit groups to take the lead in locating more than 400 immigrant parents who have been separated from their children in a deported so we'll we'll see if you can get to that. And out last night at some point in the evening. The president. Was curious how we would react. Two baucus statements yesterday. And actually. He was exactly right it down. It occurs to me that oh we asked questions someplace along these lines. On our. FaceBook page yesterday Manning. And several people. Wrote in and said. That's not what the president said. And enemy of the people. Debt the actual clarification was that fake news. Is the enemy of the people. On and so bios just and essentially talking about what. With the media had written yesterday and if baucus. A comments to that. We were thrown into the biased piles. That's fine defected you can spend your afternoons. Reading every single update it comes over at 347 or whatever the case may be doesn't mean that I missed and a review of the time mom at the biggest disadvantages when I'm on the error I'm trying to keep up with stuff although we do. But anyway the president clarified his comments about the media wants you to know that not all members of the media are the enemy of the people just a fake news media which is a large percentage of the media. And trump tweet it last night in response to the comments that A Ibaka had made. When she said that she didn't believe that the press is the enemy of the people and he tweets last night says they asked my daughter Varco whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. And she correctly said no. It's not capital letters fake news. Which is a large percentage of the media that is the enemy of the people. So he drops the clarification but he also basically says. Yvonne good and he didn't crushing draws me yesterday. She and disagreement with me yesterday. Now if you add that though to the Sarah Huckabee Sanders. News conference yesterday. With the Costa from CNN. Who should be assigned a different. Beat. Because now he's enjoying too much being the newsroom and covering renews. But Sanders though would not say that the press is not the enemy of the people yesterday it's a shame that she didn't have the same clarification that the president did. I didn't technically if you want I'll throw myself in there with the shares are Huckabee Sanders and say it's a shame that I didn't have the same clarification yesterday. Because we're not trying to throw to buyers out there. Saws glad to see the president's. Clarification on day yesterday and maybe he should have told Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We never said that the news was the enemy of the people we said fake news was the interview people and that would have been easy enough for her to clarify yesterday. And Jeff mr. Acosta. Although he pretty much did that by himself after he walked out of the news golf. Just about standing ovation that. Gotta be willing to give an art show up. No. Well here's they. Here's them. Study from economists that not gonna make you people having. Wave of the future. 77 toll lanes wave of the future. Economists say dynamic tolls. Could ease traffic problems sitting in traffic not good. Team of economists think that they have figured out how to eliminate traffic op Ed that was published in the journal nature. Scientists argue the use of a dynamic pricing or positively influence driving behavior. And alleviate traffic pressures are congested don't roadways. Dynamic proper pricing. Researchers write of the price were set at the right level enough car drivers would choose to drive at a different time. Or taking a different route. Our mode of transportation to cut congestion. Now in essence they're not necessarily talking about. Them that you're talking about paying for all streets. And at some point or another when do we get past the nine to five deal. When do we just become. 24 hours of whatever. Instead of this. Everybody trying to get to work at the same time everybody trying to get out of the same time mentality. Researchers write if the price were set at the right level enough car drivers would choose to drive at a different time. Or take a different route. Or a mode of transportation to cut congestion limited road space would be managed and similar way to air fares and electricity and hotel rooms and train journeys. They also note that they got traffic solution is needed to save money and protect the environment not just to make your community easier. I guess that's a greater good an idea city. They're not going to be fewer people on the road there's gonna be more. More people. And one of those things that ails us right now as we plot our infrastructure crumble. So in order to get things even just back up to snuff would cost you more money than you can. And were already whatever it is nineteen trillion when he trillion bucks in debt. So you have to change people's habits. And so maybe instead of having a two or three or four. Really dynamic times of the day when most people are on the roads you figure out away do somehow or another staggering. So it's got more people showing up for work are maybe you have an equal amount of people were shown up to work at eight and then nine and then ten and eleven and twelve and and so I don't know we'll see role is gonna Sutter was inching articles in the renewed last night. I was read about apple last night as well. A lot of investors are wondering know what comes after the iPhone for apple. And it's inching in a three articles that are written about apple last night I didn't hear any buddy. Address the home pad. The home pods gives me the Smart speaker from apple which was late to the Dale's. And other than the sound quality against the speaker's post big killer. But there's nothing else about it it measures up. And that just stuns me. I can't imagine that a Steve Jobs were alive today. That. Eight they wouldn't of been way ahead on the technology indeed even if they were this far behind what they finally got out. Would have been so dynamic when a blown everybody else away. And instead it's the exact opposite. So then there asking the question because you know apple became the first trillion dollar company yesterday. What comes after the iPhone for apple and apparently the answer is services. And accessories that increasingly rely on devices rather than replacing it. I dart Mike garrison talking about yesterday and he's exactly right apple has had this knack of producing things you didn't know you needed. And now you do. And a lot of people fought the the iPhone. Or the iPhone type concept even Samsung falls into that category. But now. It's an integral part of the way that you look communicated merry go about your day a man no way that you won't find things out and and that you consume news and it tubes they keep track of family members and. Keep track of friends. Keep track of friends now better than you ever have been any generation before. Because at places like FaceBook and saw like that. Even if you don't see somebody for 2530 years in keep track album grandchildren that have been born new houses that have been built. New jobs. Whatever it is that that person's doing you you don't have to seal. Dating to keep track of so analysts think that Apple's growth solution is selling existing iPhone users services like apple pay. Which I have on my iPhone. But I've never used. Because. I don't wanna be the guys skated at the front line trying to figure out how they held a pull it up is supposed to be able to hold your. Fingerprint ID. Earl but I've been a big debate continues matter timers on that and don't pops up automatically. I think that's the way it works. Every now and it pops up when I'm trying to turn the damn phone on. But yeah I don't guy that saw it intimidates me right now to the point that I'm not but gosh tell me when I finally figured out and I can just does start flashing the phone. It's stuff and be on my way. And that'll happen sooner than later probably apple music. Right now I'm kind of in between a rock and a hard place because all my hand almost large speakers of the house is Amazon. And so I originally had signed up for Amazon music. And Amazon music doesn't work for me because everything else I have visited apple. So I have apple music which I love. But I haven't converted during the and that's why I'm interested in the home pat. Because of the apple tired to. But the apple sucks. So now may have paid for two services and I'd really just wanna pay for one. So here applauds apple watches us. Right that's it for us tonight into Bank of America Stadium 6 o'clock Jim so he would have done. Aren't personal via joining us it to 6 o'clock to colonel what's your what's going on I think to get to our garrison no fly Enron stadium low so mobile unit so he can talk to people enough. Jim zinc is OK Il anchor the coverage. Via a long time. Color analyst for the F Caroline cancers the only guy I know of that so bend every single panther game ever. He's ever missed one as a I've been part of the broadcasters only a member of the broadcast crew and its been their for the year duration the entire time so oil. Star spangled banner. The guy by the name Colin Fleming. Who writes or number publications. Harper's Rolling Stone and a salon. And dropped Rolling Stone because they couldn't take their commentaries anymore. Star spangled banner should be removed should be reserved for only. Events that matter in life let's keep sports in their place. Should Francis Scott Key is alluded to this country. Even be played before sporting contests. No we talked about this idea this. Or here we go again another season with. The National Anthem controversy. In the first year with Colin camper American Eric Reed Merrill member else. Was one thing. And we wanted to season number two. And then now we're coming and Andrew what's so those soon to be C was number three. And we've got its short attention span in this country anyway and we get tired of stuff really fast and I think we're all kind of tired of us. And I'll give. Pat McCrory is nephew argues that was who has done a few tourists with the united states military US the question one day when he was standing next to the former governor and that was. When do they stand. In other words what would it take quarter word we have to get to in this country. Before. The protests will in the middle stamped. And it's it's perfection and obviously they'll never be standing. On the point has been made. And they unifil has put up a good chunk of change to try to. Was it throwing money at problems is not necessarily ever a solution but but nonetheless they're there has been some. Forward movement and and some progress made in. Ends so maybe now it's time to go to the second step of the protest and none and that's to get it out of the game mom. But to use the notoriety for the players to use their celebrity in her notoriety to. Push more. Solid points then. Just to be miss read. As to what their intentions are they say they're not to protesting against the country or the flag or other. Or the military of the flag. But they want equality. And there's some people that do think that of all the people who are should not be screaming for equality were the guys that have somehow or another managed to reach such a high level of those success and financial successes they have. I'm showing that the country actually is a pretty good pretty fair for people with. Unbelievable talents and now hard don't work ethics and but end up. Nonetheless I I was wanted to take commit to face value and and if equality is what this is all about them how to we as a society make good inroads on that. And I think that this particular mode. Of protest now has lost its message and has been turned into a quagmire now that. I'm doesn't. Doesn't truly. Express the message that they're trying to get across. In a longer. It's been hijacked. So this. Colin Fleming guy writes. You know should done should position better road to the country can be played at sporting contest sport surrendered came but he writes. The National Anthem is not played issue winner though museum. Sit down at the a symphony your stroll into a movie house so which also represents form of entertainment. He says we bowed down before sports so we don't seem to question why the anthem is played before them at all which seems almost un American. We are people who at our best. Peer probe it and ask questions the flag for instance must be treated a certain way. Put up at a certain time in the morning disposed of in a certain way because of what it represents values. That are sacrosanct. But what of the anthem. It is cheaper and within the context of something that is really a form of distraction. In the any right to phrase that I don't know that I totally agree what he says it's not like playing the National Anthem before a game. Makes people reflect upon the democratic ideals of the country more. They do not reflect upon sacrifices. Made in wars. So that's sports could be played and any time. The mail mull over their heroic sacrifices when they go to look horrible. Yet it is aid it is sports alone so far as entertainment goes that is deemed a setting fit for airing of the anthem. While I take a little bit of issue with that. Because I think if you're standing in a crowd of 70000 people. And silence was observed while the National Anthem is played. And 99%. Of the people have removed their hats and have their hand over their heart. Tom I don't think about. Winning the lottery. And being able live in this country and I do think about my father having served in I do think about friends that I lost in Vietnam War. On and and and and we have been gotten we have gotten better since the Vietnam War. And especially recently about thanking our military and paying them proper respect for their service to the country. Until I think that you don't sit there. Collectively. In unison with a stadium with thousands of other people in the stadium. And a moment that is designed to think about. The country I do think it did you do that I do think that that part of the anthem. Does that for many people maybe not all may be not for columnist for Harper's Rolling Stone salon. Are booted it does for me. So he's says what would happen if we dispensed with the anthem before sporting events. It's not that anyone would view what was going on to what transpire as less American after all we're talking games here diversions not recognition. Of taking out a sniper's nest on a hill or helping the impoverished or just giving back to one's community. So what do you think of that. What do you think about just eliminating the anthem entirely from mob football games. You kind of solve those short term problem. I guess. They're the answer to why don't we play the National Anthem before the football games had to do was say. Monetary deal that was signed with the services by the national football licked. That's that's when they started play in the National Anthem at football games. So there was say there was. A commercial marketing aspect to us adopting misses and haven't. Or is it tradition. But that doesn't mean there's. That'd been it's a bad tradition. Says that these Jerry Rice the president should be reserved for matters of greater consequence sports or leisure if you view of them you have for decided to spend some of your downtime on them. Leisure needs no patriotic commendation. And when we kick off a sporting event in the same latter is a graduation ceremony or air force. The air force academy. Perspective is lost. Well I'm not so sure that I believe in his perspective on this entire event. But on the other hand if you want to eliminate the current problem. And maybe we should what's I've played me up. What do you think 70457011. Jen Eric Stanford at the top of the hour. Opinion writer USA today as were supposed prevail opinion writer by the name of a Colin flamingos who writes for Harper's in the stone no Rolling Stone and salon no rights in a pill should just don't the National Anthem and I get on with playing football. We just talked about that ballots talked to you will start off with Kim on WBT take him. They done are you today and I'm great men are you doing. Good good. I mean I guarantee you not see his point about the fact that we you know we don't necessarily play the national and the book or movie either other major brands but. You know my like Dyer PS owners so we won't go to a pair mop centers gains in. M like you lying I do feel earned the patriotism when not. You know won the National Anthem is played they uranium and you're a great job honoring the firefighters and especially. You know those from military service you know with a roll on or so or so like you take your job. I do take time to applaud him. Really weren't thank god for normal we have in this country so I'd like seem continuous. But I would like to throw your curve ball I don't know this is something you necessarily brought up by. I've often wondered in yeah I'm born again Christian must say that but I've often wondered why we. Why we have prayer before. Arm the you know many sporting events it's my understanding that dumb. No the Panthers are like one of two NFL teams that still do it arm. How often questioned questioned whether or not it's. It's. We've got honor and beyond what is it that's all mother. He had not damage energy question I'm Christian Jew it's a question I wouldn't. I don't know I think that says it gets interesting especially in this it'd they probably do it done more for image then they do played very solid Christian belief for anything along those wants. Now on our parents Greg question. Yeah I mean in Yemen to get all civil climb but if you look at the Bible Christ didn't just go I would anybody he. I don't Wear those who believe you didn't mess or pray in public and I've you know and I don't give her arm now that they're believers were mean to be crying constantly was you know that the right setting first. Invoke god catalog oh by the way let's throw the well the bottle Jeannie come down nobody's there voice protected and McCain are trying to outcome Balfour remains out on wanna read this earlier knock each other's heads off. Rice arrives let's back to the Tampa I think it's an army some continued I think I think it's time to unify. Folks on the stand even though there's lot of knock out. And maybe and maybe not all folks you know there's just 68% of the votes but it's greater than fifty then it's probably worthwhile can appreciate golf. I'm off he goes here comes a Mike on WBT hey Mike. I garnered a great thank you. So National Anthem. Well I'm aggregate the previous caller in which he's got earlier I think. Lou when they do played asked him I do think about are. The people who gave her a lot of forests to. And this country and they would do then we have to do. Are you tired of the protest. I would I would try to prepare. After we quarry all right so if you're looking for a solution to the protest against the National Anthem. Would it not make sense to load the National Anthem. Now that. That they had come out you think that's a cop out. Yet cop out of play into their hands I mean next thing you know. Though there aren't there won't larger and a lot of American flag pin is still that little perks is that we know we're in America want their father. Lag now. NASA don't eliminate that if you go yet to eliminate the problem which can't necessarily eliminate the problem by eliminating the National Anthem. Now in the air and I think that's minority of people want that anyway I think you're majority of people. Restrict flag respect the country and he did. Got talent though a bunch of small percentage up Mike appreciate all thank you very much limb your on WBT Hank. There's darkness there. Everything he's going to school we played very good National Anthem was played before we started classes. And what you own your station Al Gardner played at every morning at 6 o'clock. And that sometimes may mean I feel very patriotic. And so does that commit the football games imam and we don't need to show list. Respect for our country and we need you really need more. You know they I guess the other question is is they feel if you don't hear it sporting events where are you gonna hear it. Down and it. You you don't you don't do it worked really that. Now and I don't know that they're dark day I got that are they doing it in schools anymore are they doing it in public schools anymore uttered those in just a few years since I've been a public school. Let me clear now Tom yeah. Don't know about that. I certainly don't think it would need to be doing some kind of directed it. While it let it go ahead. You have limb I appreciate the column to go do is it meal or Nell. Nell may now how are you. I'm good are you Greg thank you predict. Well are and why like I met with all the people in lapping him and get my family articles. But other policies throughout Vietnam merit they. Dot com said I'm a firm with the brigadier general. I would have within our that they're left slightly ahead this survey. Are we need to give people the DI Amin that implants accounts say more because I've got their country. Although all. Since taking arm of the ball game or places where we stand. I'll give them some credence to the F carpenter well. When endure it. So when they adopted even though it may have been from a marketing standpoint because of an agreement they made with video services so they adopted at there's actually a better idea. Not even taking the marketing standpoint a new account there was a chance for all of us to stand collectively. In a stadium. Thousands strong and acknowledge the country that we along the lottery to be born in. Well that's the fun and you'll probably get more faithful. The question and I own a ticket to the knife came five. He's gotten to a game here aren't more open whenever the people Myanmar and are getting their fruit and all of a sudden everything gets quiet. Yeah now I appreciate you all very much Richard I got thirty seconds all thirty seconds two years forty thank. Richard I thought I'm sorry column Marine Corps veteran honorable discharge also very disarm and all and since certain years ago. I think they'll equip plain handsome. I think this is just a bunch of malcontent millionaires. Looking for any opportunity to put the rest so I'll. And I well like an award from the hospital like unit sales are a lot to do America. A country it is and for many years quote play and. All right Richard thanks very much appreciated. Says WBD wild. Samberg isn't Dylan Joseph the visual element dress ever. I love that I ever clown but I loved the buffalo wild and you work. Head to head off and they hit it our way up and down throughout that I know from fact that yeah no sorry not a not a thousand dollars. Well we could probably scratch up a couple of bucks. Here are and it's really needed help George says he's got a quarter. All right here we go on me I don't I go yeah yeah it's already started dough gosh we should be up to 38 cents by the time this segment so over how are you being. I'm Barbara Erica. I'm I'm good I doubt your interest in your articles tonight today in Charlotte business journal or uninteresting because as I was going through the last night. Bomb. They inter relate to one another. The spectrum center. The independence. The new owner of the Panthers. I I don't know there's did they just had a right. They they they kind of gives you write a big thing about how the independence is have a lot greater season this year. And they take it to key steps and they do they've got a new owner and you write about him as well are retired Nucor Corp. CEO Dan DiMarco Lewis. The top trade advisor to our Donald Trump. And soul you're talking about the independents two and a lot better this year and they like their new place first full year at sports books in Matthews and so on and so forth. And then you have an article about. The commissioner of Major League soccer saying well yeah we we did kind of hear what does that David tepper dude just has said about the soccer. So I guess my first question on all that is is Jim mixed fill me. And the independents people a little concerned that this soccer thing may become a reality sooner rather than later because of the deep pockets of the new owner of the Panthers. Well they sang that they're not concerned. Get the filming of that urge you know it's been down this road before in fact the independence or almost. I would bet that basically when Marcus Smith with bidding for the MLS cup played in what was going to happen. What you're probably going to tweak it that he doesn't see an MLS team here. In fewer than five years so that the first thing he does believe they will make it into memorial stadium and exactly what they're doing is there I think John they're pinning their hopes. On the possibility. David kept her wanting him to be. Partner error part of an ML let see if that comes about let's say that and Jim until we had this to an extent. David pepper can do this obviously on his own he got immediately help the question will be does he want help because it seems clear from everything he hadn't done that in LA at the very much on his radar and I suspect that it. The possibility of adding another NFL owner cute MLS is going to be hard to resist or Major League soccer. She won a guy who can write to check and he hasn't shown no with his old bond buying at the Carolina Panthers that it really looking for any help at this point that. He'd at least initially. Like to control the show and then if there's say advantages to having some minority partners come in after that. Then that might be good but at this point. He would look at a soccer team as a way to. Opium solidify. These stadium or the next stadium or the revamped stadium. With more dates. Legitimate dates besides just concerts which stadium dates don't do period they're not that many stadium shows roll around anymore anyway. And there are so many pieces at play here John figure right it could speed that he would put an MLS team and league if you Bank of America Stadium more integrated urgent effort or even a new NFL stadium when it comes the past they're also the possibility that he hasn't said what exhorted if there's also the possibility that that's certainly the Panthers built. This is attracting the practice in training camp headquarters that being discussed. Does he put a soccer specific stadium. On that property as part of it development and it can actually because the MLS commissioner that this week as they were having all star game in Atlanta which it. This property near blatant NFL that he says. Yet it is work terrifically well in Atlanta your shares stadium but it general we still prefer a soccer specific stadium. So when we get through that whole spiel on the answer it. I don't know which way he's going but there are a lot of pieces in motion here and oh by the way there's almost. No way that you could have a US they'll team and an MLS team in the same city I guess the best news for taxpayers is that whatever happens with soccer the county seems to have planned this renovated memorial stadium before. All kinds event not just garlic soccer so they would be able do you continue all the bad bet. I haven't even thought about the practice. Facility being the soccer place. Andrea ultimately is not a what what is the ultimate. Is it twelve to 181000 seats that they catalog for the size of in soccer. Heck yeah and so again beyond you you heard David pepper talk about a real estate project that would obviously be much more just. The practice field and it ended trying center so if you put soccer in the air you have hotel restaurant cure all that we do know how Rick did they get. But it certainly wouldn't be beyond anyone's imagination to do that if he decides that the best bet. The black hole. I cropped up at. I did take good KE. Our daughters Sylvia I don't know I've read read that's that that's a stick. Now the other entities. That I don't know that anybody's talked to lie and maybe you have and and that would be the Smiths. I tried I heard from by virtue is market meant lieutenant on. Saw her as well as one of his executives to eat right. He did not give me much detail just said that Charlotte remains it's good fit for MLS soccer but did not answer my question about whether. There's been any conversation with David pepper all weather. Market admit it still intent on pursuing this so that was a long way because he I don't know focus I didn't get up falling. And we don't know. Officially whether Marcus Smith has ever met David pepper hour ahead had no welcomed or Charlotte. Conversation or anything like that doing. We don't and you tempted to take a look further job we don't know who David tepper has gone out Internet in general and the community in terms of power workers because if you remember he had faith. Sort of a bleak references cute people investing in pieces up projects associated with the Panthers but yet they're really. Put any meal that bone so who has he met with Hugh McCall or Doug let go or I'm just throw it out nanny she got. Has he met with the power players that they who would like to be involved could it be some of the former investors. What are your Richardson former investors although thing. Remain up in the air or at least they remained up in the air to us perhaps not to David cap. Yeah I would think even if you don't get any kind of a business standpoint. That a David tepper would like to meet Hugh McCall just because of his awareness that this is the guy who took in CN being built that in the Bank of America. Yeah absolutely and just to kinda get the lay of the land about a player or we're having a conversation John has technically speaking there to beat the gap first time the Carolina Panthers take it feel that Bank of America Stadium and they're not owned by here that the force with the transfer at the nicest thing. Now well I have since and see the first a couple of days of practice and stuff loses temper was around there those sort of see him on an intermingling and hanging out on the field with Bernie enough. And Rivera announced. I'm merely wondered to myself whether or not hernia and Rivera were thinking there's you know we kind of got so we got a huge and Africa Canada nothing personal but. Did that. I got I got things I got to do. But before I'm not but anyway as AJ you know lawyers gathered Danson and have a good time and the players seem do all like him so I don't know why it's also it's all good so far as far as I could not tell. Five back bears van Bergen just secretarial business journal joins us on Fridays at 4 o'clock when possible. I'm Baghdad are banned her from the show business journal still intrigued by all of this Eric because because of the timeline and you write about the Bob memorial stadium renovation and Jim a fill me in the new owner of the independence. In a roundabout sort of way and then David tepper talking about soccer. And so I'm still kind of intrigued with this in your article about memorial stadium renovation you point out that. In July county commission board voted to those select a local firm. And delegate process ready for construction elect asked of August 21 proposals for perspective a construction firms are due. Design expected to take twelve to eighteen months followed by construction schedule about the same. At some point or another ten Mecklenburg County get out of there are 32 million dollar ideal or the city get out of there three million dollar deal of all the sudden. When big big big big big gave expansion teams to Nashville in Cincinnati Edison not that's supposed to come back around the next year and a half for two years. Yeah idea and I think more quarter I think it's going on here John is that be went with the Canadian account he couldn't agree our building. A new Major League soccer stadium on the memorial stadium site which you remember what dependent on our best getting to achieve what we met all fell apart. Accounting move forward in part because they would. Retain ownership. Memorial stadium they would not have an that they developed plan. And what I've heard of what others hurt jury. The board discussions about that lies. Although the independents are a big part of that they are not essential for vet stadium to succeed going for that seems to be the viewpoint in other words. High school football. You turn events amateurs or concert. All these things that they want to do with it you stadium and did do quite surfer I don't think I don't know this for a fact but I don't think that. If you know that says they're coming in and query for are pretty years. I don't think the county is going to either walk to undo what having a memorial stadium because they viewed it says that an app that it has been over their language she's not doing any good not bringing thing and it they think that it can fix the long term with all but the bit I just mentioned you will have to say. Amateur sports has been talked about today here before and has kind of fallen by the wayside but that does stadium would be excellent for their own issues say high school so. If there were a collision. Between the mix filming group and and I knew. Major League soccer a team that came in here it probably wouldn't affect the memorial stadium renovation plans at all. No but. They wanna be interesting question here though his job what would happen let's just say that plays out in the memorial has renovated it plant that. Then you run in the situation of MLS here yet David tepper doesn't decide to work with the independents what the independents have left as an option means that they're not going to be able to make it here. Share in the city with an ML SU I don't think in there like yet maybe they would look at other markets. I'm speculating here. I think that what happened did. Most people around town bought MLS quiet either dead or not coming back for quite some time of the conversation and all the sudden you have a new printer Federer says you know what I I think that the good idea and all the sudden because very getting moved around a lot better than people had that. Credit and could very well be a big part of his at least for right now rough. Development plan because he says you know if we do develop here. That does new development that keeps people here not just on game day it opens up then that tell you that whole deal that he said they error. When somebody asked him about a new stadium and this that the other end his approach to the city on incentives and how openness that the other. You know us soccer team may play right into his business plan to add further value to the city. Which in return he would expect. Help. And then think about this job here yet another possibility David tepper broken bat prep copper. About that justification for bringing in taxpayer and that unemployment be. Example he used is developing note practiced feel the existing practice field that are here the football stadium what do put soccer stadium for an MLS team became a centerpiece of that in development so they're all kind of thing. That could happen and we just don't know yet which way he's going to try to pick him. I hate to be met filming because guys just busted his tail. To try to Schmidt all these polls also fit and all the sudden the Smith of family kind of comes in a nose sticks their brew mandolin is a spokes and and he gets his bike repair man gets to write off again and and I I don't know they're challenging I you know I had nobody so there was going to be easy. On how to harness feel about the Specter and senator and the air Republican National Convention have they said and then. Yeah I got to have Brett Whitfield this week and he's very optimistic and bullish on the C aren't they got. I would bet game you know what whether there was much debate internally. Even noted the city of Billy now to the hornet's. Operated they make the decisions or boot many of the decisions about. If you and he hit it really want and a long conversation they'd been approved the Democratic National Convention. It was beneficial not only to the city in the region but that the team can't so. They view that economic development and let's move forward it's kind of the attitude of their he had to think he can you appreciate it knowing that you that bit fishy do. Is there here a little bit it had that they had terms allowing other building nearby did take some of those summer concert because you'll have to take the Specter thinner. All lines so to speak while it prepared for the Republican National Convention credit prep work field is not real thrilled about that idea pretty fit overall but he'll make a lot of sense. And CIA AA has kind of thrown out. The invitation for bids and nowhere are we in that process. So the bids are due up early in September there will be a decision that ended December it looks as though they'll be at least two or three other cities. That tried do you bring that term that to their talent and the difference here as you know Yonder probably remember talked about this with any in the path these are new rules have been done between Charlotte and he had double it would help any external competition this time there will be. Outside fitting and it's a little bit but the I think probably intentionally so from the BI double layer they have their specifications about venues and has got to think that's clearly been opened in terms of the port side that they didn't have our. Might be provided in that the Smart thing to do that you probably get a better deal that like. And by having their headquarters here is that CNN is an advantage or are really not anything one way or the other. I don't think one way or the other that's going to make a difference I think it's all about the right to the hotel. And how much they think it's C arena tied into the rest the city in terms of giving their plant a good experience. And do you think their fans and as some part of come to them and said hey we love Charlotte but are quite frankly we've been there for a long long time looked so let's get some new stores and some new restaurants to go to. That would be my guess no one help prevent yet job they've been here to 2000. There what that this human nature that. Yeah no change of scenery it's all right. Hey thank you very much for your time OP every weekend are you gonna do up at the fest. I do not want it to pull out the figure that out here on. Now they're gets in other words he don't know who's gonna pass yet or not are very gonna talk about the way the rest works yeah thanks appreciate shrimp thank ya. 215. Days and be here 28 team there are 115. Day is just go. He's 33 August the third Mickey Mouse watch first went on sale two dollars 75 cents I think or at least three bucks now. If you go to the original gods of. They're baseball card storage regular found though no wind today played on National Basketball Association was founded on the state 1946. I 77 after building and testing 25 units RadioShack remember them. Issued a press release introducing BT RS eighty computer within weeks the company had thousands of orders 1977. This wind now RadioShack announced that computer. Well before its time 1971. Paul McCartney announced the formation of a new band. Called wings. Tony Bennett's 92 today NFL quarterback Tom Brady is 41. Of them today. Pregnant Canadian woman ordered a lot JF McDonald's. Given AR coffee containing disinfected from the early morning cleaning crew made a mistake while cleaning out the machine. Probably not a good deal. Actor Patrick Dempsey is warning his fans that someone is impersonating him online and asking now for money. Jamestown, New York are read the news today oh boy opening a fifty million dollar national comedy centers that offer Lucille Ball is from. But I thought if there's actually it's a much needed to build a national comedies that are white as somebody they got that suit. But I think that's Lucille ball's on. And a man in upstate New York tried do all make get away without Wal-Mart electric car. But cops followed him on a very slow chase where you finally came to a stop and it's everything. Yeah when choosing a getaway vehicle. Really it's mean it's. Your ability to control that here's stood up early to decide to back. Wal-Mart target probably not the best job. Pleasure being finished by a turtle. Bullies are Jamie red light runners good enough FaceBook this is down in of Kuwait Florida. Read write girl light runners enough Florida could see themselves on FaceBook who police department there shares they monthly video compilation of the worst red light runners recorded it before city red light cameras. That would just be like they still haven't convenience stores so Glamour Magazine. But I hit the ball at them. My friends had some friends that got odds Glamour Magazine and rather than being deterred and almost made a many celebrities. Hey. G it just me since slammer again this week. In Jimmy's probably not to do real well professionals employed now that he was the start them. The end number one video clip from mud June tips on top ten list shows the drivers speeding through a red light breaking news. When it was too late then T boning a car coming the other way one person injured in the crash and had taken to a hospital. July its first number one video clip shows a driver's landing on. The brakes so hard the car fish tales and the tire smoke. That driver narrowly avoid slamming into a car coming the other way but anyway got him a poor Florida they put these things up on the you have FaceBook page so for all the state. Is that a disincentive or. Or turns out to be wildly great dinner table. Quite a figure eight race. Did you figure eight race. Oh man I hope this makes you wanna work there because so when base when they come to that crossing. You just noted. And sometimes that's exactly what happens somebody gets Tebow moving cars go fly and they're always old beat up cars anyway. But on other occasions they've missed each other you can't figure out how they ever missed each other but I mean like a quarter of an inch they somehow or another and I'll tell you. This is the secret to NASCAR racing there attendance 186 miles an hour out of god NASCAR. Big your eight track. Global boots. New Jersey man found a five Mickey Mantle cards in his old collection. Most people who collect sports cars when they were kids and that's stored on the boxes for years and years in the when they get to college they sell easily go over a hundred bucks for beer. That's what I did. Anyway in this case they staved it. 76 year old man from New Jersey. He saw an ad in the newspaper earlier in the year for a 1952. Mickey Mantle baseball card that was sold by heritage auctions. For an estimated 3.5 million dollars. And at first he thought that the listed price was probably an error but then he began looking through his old baseball card collection that he shared with his brother. That they had from 52 and 53. And when they began looking through the air card collection and they figured they jointly owned videos of his older brother turns out that their collection included five. Mickey Mantle Topps cards from 1952. Similar to the one sold. That card was great today meant nine. By one of the leading sports memorabilia authenticate or is the best that the Brothers collection had was an eight point five. It's been valued at a billion dollars. And I think they've sold some of the other cards for up to 345000. Dollars. It always makes me want to god I had some great cars and I Panama rubber banded by team and all that kind of stuff and no I did I can remember sitting in my dorm room on a freshman at Colorado state university and I had a guy a local guy come by and but the hallmark cards that. He gave me a hundred bucks or a 145 bucks for all. I never thought twice about it. Thinking about it now yeah. Because I have no idea hundred and then I'll see a cardinal think oh my gosh I think I had that car. Lab grown lungs. Successfully transplanted into pigs but this is fascinating to me researchers University of Texas Medical Branch. Sale lab grown up loans. Have been successfully transplanted. Into pigs with no apparent medical complication. Four months after the procedure. This line every search is bio engineered lungs could eventually they say. Leaders to allow more options for people who need a longer transplant. Thought you see. They want to go. I hear somebody say. Wow look at the long run. Edit your quick conversation about the baseball yesterday had a lot of response to that we to talk about two Brothers and save your baseball cards from 52 and 53 and a Sina Mickey Mantle card go to the line for a few million bucks and available very thorough collection that they had saved. They've made a few million themselves. Joseph pay go old friend is on the line right now I've talked to Joseph since they are blue DO quarterback our club a giveaway that you were mad at me. Well that's OK and it got over it John the reason baseball cards are valuable bottle because. Mom threw him away a reporter mar bicycle is that where cops had card they couldn't start any longer they put them in the they'd dump him in the East River New York. If you bet with all those cards that that word pristine condition and then cases in boxes impact etc. Just got thrown away. When I was so work NWA RM in Wilkes-Barre Scranton. I can't remember where the top sector was jury hey maybe. Correctly back radio and they the word would come down from time to time I've learned of the first euros in town word would come down that they had taken the imperfect ones and they were sent out of the dumpsters. And you can almost see the line of traffic there was a note to the tops factory and people would go get those. Because they wouldn't reject a an entire collection in nineteen you know 84 collection if there was a couple of our cards that work perfect but that means you still got. 800 cards that work. So we were. And it looked at the interesting thing about all attitude that some of the imperfect cars today are so much more valuable than the first one yeah probably self and it. Outside Europe they're still out there like fighting a copy of the declaration of independence sort or maybe your first contract in in Colorado in Europe. When you're in radio that must do work at least I don't know. About what happened at about probably worth less than what I made on it. Written earlier which would go to which we dismal listen you know love sports memorabilia if I have a bunch of autographed baseballs. From my teams including the Yankees. In probably be mid to late sixties who would I take goes to unify the value on them. Probably you can we get together and I'll be glad they just threw that first they're going to do is get a authenticated James Spencer out of under jerseys affordable it. And that's the first thing to do it and then went. Of the they'll help us put value editors so are you terrific auction houses. Oh yeah CEO about New York Florida and and the like it has such great reputation and getting good dollars and not to have to refuted should selling out and we can that we can put that together and maybe you're a multimillionaire and don't know. Now I'm not doubt that I'll be a multi millionaire but we were talking the other day about and do ethnic cleansing in other words getting rid of stuff before you go see your kids don't have to you know be encumbered by it so it I get kind of got me to think and and east. These baseball sit and he's acrylic cases that I have up on a bookshelf. Haven't really seen alive today and twenty or thirty years. But I know one album as the Yankees baseball I'm sure has mantle and Mays and our mantle and Maris and others on their arrived at guy and his got a curious more or anything else. Whether I even cash to men or not I if they were worth that much money I might leave them to my kids. Well that issue there is is that it is the dollar surged bendable vs the baseball you never know what's gonna happen through someone. Today the value might be very hide tomorrow for example. AEO Mark McGwire. Card when he was sought. They are doing his thing hit home run record 200 dollars and now they're less than a dollar now though it's unfortunate that cultured bug or sixty group based already seen that. And that era of the early sixties for the Yankees it's that are which should be good. Especially especially your white crow collection of stand mutual stuff. You've got standard to a Jersey I'm sure you got news delusional. I got sixties cardinal games with the musical signature and boy your know Bob Gibson and all of that stuff and I think I got Los Angeles. Angels. Baseball from 68 or something along those lines there was Detroit tiger gain muscle that would be some pretty notable players who were playing for the tigers back in those days so. They wail I may get in touch with you know we'll see what what we can maybe you can start a process of all the. Abbey club but I'd I'd do a speech for charities and so there authorities ignored because there might be worth something some day as. That's why shouldn't nurses in my cute sort of got kept but I look at maybe someday we'll regard or you have a great peril we Kevin and keep technical work on it WPP. All right thanks Joseph good to hear from realty goes Joseph as say. If you ever been to one of the quarterback luncheons he's a guy who always says the memorabilia are around their but he's also been a big contributor to kids first over the years and and just a good guy and he headed up the luncheon the last time I emceed it was win no Stephen A Smith was the speaker. And they kept on going and read this little blue tickets up. And the lighting was thrilled film. And I was supposed to be reading off for the raffles. And I even with my reading glasses like. It's it's those frigate numbers. The save my life and so I would say you know like the last three judges are ready to move horror. And and and then they'd find out that you know there was like nine tickets for the last three digit debate you've got to bed so. I discourage shrewd screwed building up and that's a first of I've talked to Joseph since I figured Georgia's broader written me off as being. Lose or. So anyway the next time they have me MC one of those quarterback things I can do the MC thing but you better have some burials removes him tickets. So they were eleven to people coming up at the same time but the same ticket number and so instead to have him. Six winners they have like three winners. Six people got prizes for a thorough. It was a management who stood at just a nightmare. I endorse 5 o'clock go will kick off the big weekend with us Tom Petty and do all that kind of stuff. Tell you some of the events that are going on all remind you that just south Carolina's gonna tax free weekend coming up for probably should be in effect already. And going through Sunday's soldiers the particulars on map there are some great concerts in town panther fans faster of course and Bank of America Stadium. Mark Pearson my understanding is is going to be out of the stands and mobile so who knows maybe of them pops in my converting your face off. I will cover the a panther fest going on net just 6 o'clock on news talk 1110993. WB GM John Hancock and we're glad you're here. Radio program. At their fans' best Janet Jackson South Carolina tax freely yeah. Well the rain should start to let up a little bit and hopefully that'll hold for panther fan fest tonight but also the Charlotte knights are all along though homestand. Taken on the more food drives and another Durham. Durham start their series tonight north Fulton there's last night Friday night fireworks tonight game starts at 704 tomorrow. A fan could win 50000. Dollars. Give Jimmy Buffett tribute night vs Durham N video game starts at 704 tomorrow as well and then on Sunday. Game at 505 curses Durham and you can meet Joseph Marla hooch. From the movie a league of their own. Charlotte knights dot com if you wanna find tickets nights in town all weekend at deviant people or. Relying. South Carolina sales tax weekend. No middlemen North Carolina any longer. So you want Ronald through the Estee line which is not far at all. Back to be wanting to. It's arrived with first PJ hill and decapitated and trust your thoughts. But it's not real moral purposes. That's why he's gone or they're good. Without having to outpace sales are a local sales taxes weaken the us state sales tax holiday weekend started at 1201. AM 0:1 AM this morning. And I don't throw mud to a midnight on August the fifth. So all weekend long. Some of the busiest shopping days to be up all mental state to retailers besides Black Friday will be the next few days. Accessories and school supplies book bags computers. Without having to pay the State's 6% sales tax on any applicable local taxes already. North Carolina not having a sales tax we can we ever for a few years items exempt from the sales tax include clothing clothing accessories. Footwear school supplies. If you're heading to college are you looking to furnish and dorm room items such as blankets bed linens. Bath towels shower curtains. Bath mats also exempt from mother sales tax. Items not exempt would include jewelry. Cosmetics. Wallets watches furniture puzzles surprised by the furniture aspect of it. Treasure for kids try to fill a dorm rooms and so put them. Any item priced on a lay away rentals or clothing or food work or the a sale of or or lease of an item. For use in a trade or business all that stuff would not be. Tax exempt. It didn't sing we were in target last week in. It's interesting because if you've ever been through the process and at this point most of us probably have. You can tell all the people that have a freshman in college. Get ready go to college. They're the ones with the F carts and and blankets and they're not. Many fridge. And sometimes furniture and I saw one coupled out there and she had she was pushing a cart and men had a mini fridge under him and endure all sorts of bedding and towels in the senate the other event. He had some stuff senator included some of furniture and office is gonna be put together. I'll bet you I key on this weekend is just nuts because you know that's got to be the number one placed or gopher. Or for college dorm rooms exciting diving here. Pretty cool we have one of our interns leave us this weekend back to western Carolina. And I can remember going up there was still to a western Carolina and we and thousands of others unload the cars and trying to get room on the elevators to get up to the seventh Florida. Get all that stuff unloaded two. Today and get the hell out of there. Run back home. Empty house roof. The. Pentagon next. All right in town. Tomorrow PNC music pavilion. They cover everybody from Linda. Bruno Mars Grammy Award winning on a cappella group. They're really really really talented and not so sure I wondered how long I can actually last. Mean it's gotta like hero song or two or three menus there while they are really good. Our they're all a cappella. Really. 8 o'clock tomorrow. NC music pavilion I imagine are probably gonna grow drought Sunday at 2 PMC is Counting Crows are a lot of we just got kind of an interest inside open note I didn't our lives this but endurance and our company's celebrating 25 years and their latest this summer I trek across country that Counting Crows. So that'll be a Sunday 6:30 PM PNC music pavilion. And they are reuniting what with low low alive. And they're back with their original singer after or a bitter break up but the guy who's been the lead singer for them for the last four years. Is George Shinn whose son press. And crash soccer row when I was at the end I don't remember the band that he was in but he played. One of the Christmas concerts or something like that and no Georgian now Caroline Shinn came backstage and and his band was really good in his early talented guy but anyway that's what he's been doing is he's been for the band live. But they've got their front man. Edgar walls are back with the band now until Counting Crows and live at bmg music pavilion 630 on a Sunday physically gym for a for bmg music really more about your big weekend it's a second. Well I went ahead the beginning of this so music over expect the beach boys' voices don't play him. Comedies are not so weekend is a Sam. He was in the building a little bit earlier Russian in my mid Jimmy Kimmel before one of the top ten comics over 2018 according to Variety Magazine and so Comedy Central I know you've seen him all over the place. Sam. Bank of America Stadium five bucks to get in. And done that all goes to. Panther charities. And don't believe me they spend their money wisely done their. Top cats and serve per in per passion and no the black and blue crew and no Jim's Nokia and Mick mix a man Eugene Robinson and our own Mark Garrison road and around though with failed microphone in the stands my understanding is. So you can hear all of that in less than an hour here because we'll join them down there are two what 605 Paul good news. A Bank of America Stadium is where you wanna be five bucks go to Panthers duck congress you need more information on that but Panthers fan fest just tonight and then over at PNC music pavilion tonight Janet Jackson. Six grammys in two Emmys in nominations for Golden Globe and an Oscar and now bench pretty much done and to the eighties. And it wasn't just to our ride not know Michael's coattails Jews she did pretty well around. So she's in town PNC music pavilion 8 o'clock tonight. Charlotte music pavilion if you need more information on all that's a pretty busy night Boehner dory festival which I used to host a thousand years ago. And it's had multiple locations but to appeal Wells Fargo atrium mall plaza. From 11 AM till 4 PM. I loved the Wells Fargo atrium I've never been I've been there in years and years and years. Is to be first union entry atrium here have been there. Have been under an event there. Big old huge cavernous. Marble glass. Metal. You can't understand a thing that's going on a merry it is so it's got such reverb and an echo to it. Ethan and I had to do an event down there one night for the end. And it occurred to us that no matter who was talking on the microphone or what you said. Nobody could understand a word of what was being said because it just it's just impossible. And so we just started we just where we were start to go up there and just talk gibberish. Ethan actually started reading Mary had a little lamb at one point. All welcome well whatever we were there for Mary had a little lab it's clear as well as wide as all narrower and narrower rapid and and everybody was just looking up at him like him. Nobody knew overdue. Worst sound ever. But the hole with a bone Adori festival which are very cool deal to us by the way I don't mean to discourage that anyway once leaders who want Japanese dance and T and food and a drum performance Welch. That'll that'll kill that might be a good time to who pitched in pressure. And prizes in martial arts and now crafts and it's all hosted by the Japanese association. And Japanese language school load here in Charlotte and it's a very cool been 11 AM till 4 o'clock takes place tomorrow. In Neil Wells Fargo atrium. Sports. And look to deal leaderboard today but Tiger Woods opened with a 66 yesterday. In Ohio. So Roy you've got the got the golf tournament going on this weekend the PGA tournament who's the WGC. Bridgestone invitational so low we'll see how are. Tiger doesn't that particularly thing the NASCAR boys are up in watts and what can Glenn's watts Watkins. Glen. And I Infiniti race to. Not tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the NASCAR boys are going off at 230 on a Sunday. Martin Truex Vieira junior won that race last year this'll be the last road course before they outcomes of the year Roy able. In late September it Charlotte motor speedway which I still have not quite seem to track her understand how that works from anxious to see it. To what goes on with all that does Saturday night or Sunday night baseball with the Yankees and the Red Sox which will make a lot of people happy. And and like us little bit earlier the nights are in town all weekend long so much things to look forward to. Gordon Lightfoot in concert on Tuesday night 8 o'clock and ovens auditorium. Could be interest in. 311 and offspring. Wednesday at PNC music pavilion that 630. Yes TJ that three elevens are coming to town. That's worth me working at the end for sure predator time paid off. 311. Is playing tonight. And no circus LA. Court tale. Starts next Wednesday at the spectrum senator be Wednesday through Friday 730 show on. 330 at 730 shows all the way you know Wednesday through Friday. And Saturday though there were shown next weekend that one in five and a Sunday as well so there you go. So the events that are coming up and like us at panther fastest tonight. 6 o'clock all the proceeds go to the Carolina Panthers charities. And that's being great on time down there and ground look at all I'm looking into doppler radar and yes there are still storms that are coming through. But they're getting fewer and far between their. Just had a pretty good still come through Belmont a few moments ago through moments ago half an hour ago. But it looks like everything's pretty much even ease so moving east so long mall open you guys get down through the stadium without having to put up with a whole bunch of rain and looks like it may just. I happen like that you'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms as the weekend goes on. But nowadays they weren't near what we've seen over the last couple of days when no we just have to really torrential downpour so well hopefully the weather will love. Willow will play I'm one up to a more silt tomorrow. To have lunch with a guy that I used to work with that KB CEO. In no Boulder, Colorado. Who worked with him from 1980 until 1986. He was our general sales manager just the greatest radio experience say her head. KB CO is a station that literally came from nowhere to be number one in the market. And we do we never had a down book him eight or nine years or something like that. And race commits uses name and he's had a daughter that just had a baby. Oh this last till Monday so he's in no mores and also wanted to get up tomorrow morning and go find him in Morrisville and take him not to luncheon I'm not quite sure I'm taking him. I'd be happy to take your emails into Hancock and only needs he ducked out. I thought about driving in down because this is down the road drive in down into. I Davidson. And seeing if I can figure out a way to get him to kindred for lunch and but today we're looking forward to CMA a guy who wo was very instrumental in the beginning in my career and he had enough. Bob Greeley the Greeley zoo on the radio station and all the people that they're KB CEO the third gave me some of the greatest foundation parade you'll ever solo that's my weekend. I'm due 93 WBJ. Latest numbers from my Nielsen she. Oh that on average American adults and eleven point one hours everyday consumer media consuming media nineteen minutes over the previous quarter. And the breakdown is inching out why mention it. More low tech and you might expect. 92% of adults listened to radio. In an average week. 88% watch TV. 79%. Mess around with a Smartphone 79%. More people want to listen in to radio than mess around Smartphones. When that because of an older demographic. Think. 60% on a computer 15% on game console. We do like our media. Then Affleck will direct Matt Damon will star NA. True crime story. About an ex cop who rigged a McDonald's monopoly game. This movie is getting all sorts of ink allegedly stealing over 24 million dollars and sharing it within unsavory group of co conspirators who. Offered kickbacks. To the mastermind a movie will be based on her recently published article that. Opens in 2001 in Rhode Island. As a million dollar check has delivered to a man who said that he'd won the million dollar grand prize after collecting McDonald are monopoly pieces attached to food products. Defying the one in 250 million dollar odds. Some solid detective work under earth. Jerry Jacobson ahead of a security go firm for a Los Angeles company responsible for generating the game pieces it led to a wide conspiracy that involved mobsters psychics. Strip club owners. Drug traffickers. And a family of mormons. Who falsely claim duo won more than 244 million dollars in cash and prizes. Now what you think about that for a second. Some solid detective work. Ahead of security for an LA company. Mobsters psychics strip club owners drug traffickers and a family of mormons. How could they not make a movie out of us. If you think confine some sex drugs and rock and roll they should be sure fire hit. Pasco. One of the nice things about shopping it costs go. Free samples. Not cool to jump in line for them. Have you heard this story. Greeneville South Carolina. Things got a little crazy among a group of seventy something year olds. After one man and says another man. So one man being men one another man being manned to. Cut in front of him to grab a free sample of changes. Frivolity ensued. Then and another free samples station manned ones spotted man two and told him sarcastically. Then he could get in front of him because he knew he would just cut in line anyway. Man two calls man won a jerk. And clock him on the side of the head knocking off is heading glasses. No arrests have been made regarding the July 26 sensitive as a man to have left Moscow by the time the police arrive a bit later. Admitted to police that he had been involved in the incident. Police are reviewing surveillance footage to determine what really happened since the two men and I have now told both different stories. Seventy year old ever old early mid and South Carolina CommScope physical fight over free samples. George. This is used some day yeah. And I had to say it but I think your man do all the. Just tell you the story rule beard created news so Boynton and George will be there. But I guess I don't think eleven what is in his seventies. And it happens we keep it into the fact that. So there ago there was buzz feed. As they are a thing of fourteen mid western foods that confuse everybody else. Actually they've got something else in the title there but I can't say that word of a radio bit confused they use something a brother out of everybody else. Now having grown up kind of in the midwest. You know for people who on the coast midwest could be a confusing place. If you grew up in the midwest. People feel the truth of the cosic can be confusing. But one of the top confusing. Who jeered jogger fear and unity you know we like our shepherd. People in Los Angeles and an extension record. People have been arrested if you've ever dad Fraser TJ. Yeah now as big big deal amid the midwest. Regional feds can also be a billikens. Like in North Dakota June very firebird that. Chicken. Have bring cash hot dish. A nerd than you poppy shell. And my wife makes it all the time fish around Christmas. Killer. Kid needed if you're. Diabetic type deal. One of the things my grandmother used to make almost every holiday was Ambrose show. Or should be a big deal about whether or not to issue was making him brochure. Watergate south of I guess is golden something it's a mixture of canned pineapple and canned cheers and mini marshmallows and they're bound together with though. Whipped topping her marshmallow cream served in kind of a vegetable or a side dish. Contains leafy greens and vegetables. Or addressing them. Lot this year were hot dish. Casserole made pro with the stars usually tater tots. Candor frozen vegetables ground meat canned soup like you know cream of chicken works best. I know I educator jobs. Will literally try it it's like a casserole. Minnesota huge in Minnesota. Puppy chow is serial coated in melted peanut butter and chocolate tossed to and as much powdered sugar sickened absorb. And now. And then maybe even more after that for good measure. And it's killer and I don't think goes Susan muses peanut butter that I know of I think it's just chocolate and like corn checks or rice checks are somewhat better and it just all solves that all up and gets. Forgive good. But it what's not to like get a grainy thing covered in chocolate with the powder cheer. And you could ever red rabbit heard. It yourself for pretty good delicacy. Cincinnati chanted Chile I guess everybody knows census Cincinnati chili. A seasoned ground beef served over spaghetti with their shredded cheese and diced onion and oyster crackers and I'm just telling you right now the stuff they sell the freezer case at your local grocery store and even close to what you get in Cincinnati. It might have the same ingredients but it ain't there. Horse shoe Salant. Read more about that some other foods and just take your. I don't know for a fact but I bet territory bugs were talking to learn from and sessions via. You're almost right on that sure if I'm not I'm maybe I'm not of late school. You are I just a trashed a hot dog about thirty seconds ago I got a guy boys gotta eat you know you can't be going through these panther fan fest they were that it Vista look. You know that's the. And I was certain that the big big cook in the hot dogs to smell like all afternoon and I keep going back to guard and I have one yet we got a good note. And have finally told me to quit coming but it's a minute ago I said looking you got to sell off meant the hungry media guy a hot dog now he's in no case. So he finally did clean up. He didn't do they do you know I am thing. No because you have said they didn't can impact that the F food share that. Bank of America Stadium has gotten unbelievably good over the years we'll listen as a super hot dog it was he sheared leaner and of course I'm starving to send an avenue lunch but it was really good and I was only five bucks so banks. One of things maybe you already know I hadn't thought about it until just now but yarder CFO they still have JR's barbecue there. They're there is a barbecue place where I haven't had a chance to check it out I'm not sure this JR it just says Carolina barbecue on the signs well that's right -- I used to be one compliment top level and then they had another wants publicity it was a it was pretty good barbecue actually yeah so well well what's the obviously the gates of open and eight and a half minutes so you don't really have any idea of a crowd size yet but well but I -- look just a second ago there was a big crowd standing outside and waiting to be you know one bidding go through security did and so I think we'll have a big crowd here you guys Oki is up in the Booth iron dome and he'll be joined by Eugene Robinson and -- mix in another's you are what left to your own now with a mobile unit done and then and keep. Look stamps that that I am roaming around here in the lower bowl and just do we'll have some fun talking to answer that is fan fest after all it's kind of a night for the fans and and usually what is interesting about this event these people come from all over the Carolinas a lot of people who never will come to a game here because we can't get to litter it's too expensive or for whatever reason they got the Kansas. Well this is fun. And answers relaxed and very good to see your favorite players and and you'll you know you'll get enough good just enough football to to make good tasting and you could see other rookies run down and catch passes and see how fast Dante Jackson had a bit of back here's a met here in all that stuff and I understand cam just looks like a million bucks in great shape. Yeah so why it is always fun new organ of the stadium back again enough. I and I assume he'll probably keep your eyes open for David tepper as well. That's exactly right now is sit down on the sidelines earlier thought we might get a little look at it but did did not see it but I have a feeling he will be out here tonight. He'll be there and he'll be out on the field I'm I'm assuming but at some point a little later in the deal take a look up there at the other end zone were Richardson so we was in and see who's up there. I have just got to curious as to whether or not there's anybody in their tonight or another and I assume that'll be the owner's suite probably for the next season better at some point. I fully expected to take dad cry real estate of the front of the press box and move that goes some place else does that that's too valuable. Yeah it really is plus hours the owner I wouldn't wanna sit the end zone and Richardson like via. In the end zone view that if I'm I'll misplaced idea I'd have my box on the fifty yard where you have to. And you might not that Terri Richardson the former receiver yeah I write and my PS cells were in the end zone and I grew up in the south stands of a Mile High Stadium and I genitalia. That you get used to watch and games from the end zone and you you learn how to watch past patterns break out and you see the game and actually a better perspective than you do with them from the fifty. See you talk like a guy who knows football me I'm just your average snack filled fan so I've you know pass patterns I sort of understand them. I'd rather talk hot dog has better view is to get through the line nuggets and hot dogs without somebody college taught at a at tackling which you can do as long as you have that headset on and the Mike play and all that stuff you just have basically walk yourself in the fertilizer and I'll press press and that's your big media media media I knew I thought do and you thought our guys and Carlos and have seven great night I'm sure you have a fund our price be the fastest hour of the you've done it alone yeah I mean are exactly right. And I predict he'll come out with somebody who's probably are taking us soles of shoes and turning him into dinner plates are some stories that he'll be using them now for the next six months or so. I'll be looking forward absolutely I've got. So why anyway that's what's going on that. Sort awful lot of people are headed Mark Garrison down narrow with a lot of Mike can understand sort your goal and maybe you'll get a chance to talk to market mill slimy on the radio. And a Jim's OK in the broadcast crew will be done there and I'm sure they got people drop by to us say hi. And then just if you're going down. I it to say just be a great job won't get it doppler radar right now. I don't think you've got nothing to worry about I'm sure the nights are probably somewhat relieved too because they put I had to play with weather for the last couple nights on this homestand. Which it also hurts attendance and around and attendance battled the charter. Stay number one in no minor league attendance figures. But today at least from what I can see and the direction that it's been coming from all afternoon it would appear to me at least at this point yes you might have a pop up storm at some point. But it looks like you're probably gonna go very are pretty good evening out there and hope that's the way that it just days. We were talking about mideast red river western truths that judges confuse the rest of the country no wind and we talked about him brochure and we talked about puppy mix and pot condition. This horseshoe sandwich. Ever heard of that. Piece of toasted bread topped with a beef patty French Fries and cheese sauce interest in. It. Chicago style hot dogs I think you know but people out on the coast and or understand the neon green relation near pickles and on the whole nine yards about a Chicago style is great Saint Louis style pizza. Is ordered cracker then crossed. Even thinner than New York. With they so Lawson and slices of a Provo notes she is and I processed white she's the kind of gives us a piece are unique texture. Dear chi is here red beard jeans which is that it almost like a soup could be just called a dip. Made by a cooking beer and cheese and a handful of spices and a slow cooker until it's a smooth. Supposed to. Not necessarily be great for your stomach before it's pretty good on game day. Who lush. Rush sticks do ground meat veggies served over a cost elect. Well it's not Hamburger Helper but his pretty pretty darn close. Better than Hamburger Helper you know with Hamburger Helper you don't even really need to hamper. Yeah. Deep fried cheese Kurds. Killer. Breaded and fried squeaky and cheese Kurds served with they are dipping sauces. Anything on a stick people don't understand they are coasts and even on a stick for people in the midwest understand and they ought to stick. Could be twinkies. Could be butter your bread deep fried butter it's a thing. That's sounds perfect for the diabetic urgent thing. Toasted ravioli is that a big deal was Saint Louis thing breaded and a fried ravioli served in marinara sauce big thing of Saint Louis shippers. Salty potato chips would give to an milk chocolate. Have they sell those at that candy store. That the shelf price of there and I. Chocolate covered advantages have a great weekend enjoy fan fest on Hancock LCS 3 o'clock Charlotte's most beloved around. And actually say 65.