Should Teachers Take Off May 16th to Head to Raleigh for Higher Wages

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Friday, May 11th

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Good Friday morning welcome the broadcast to me and it's a good thing if he is for. Friday. I could see so many things this morning and one day I will be able to tell you some stories and it's just put it that way. Here we go. There are a number of things that I am interest in talking about today and so many of them I think could come down to relationship. George view not familiar with me he. There were I recognize there are people in various stages of awareness of who I am and what my message has bitten. For those. At least familiar. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my eight experience in the last. Ten years kind of in a nutshell. I went through the very significant experience as a related to some church matters. I know some you're probably wondering what does this have to do if news of the day politics it has a lot to do and with those things. One of the turning point for me is around 20082009. He was like any. I got hit upside the head with a break. Here or a number of bricks. And one of the outcomes of that was the realization the importance. Of relationship. The end. Frankly that's the paradigm by which I if you just about everything. It really begins there for me it begins by relationship with god then onto friendly and other relationships beyond that. But you know and probably ten minutes ten minutes ten years into this journey. And are approaching things and a very different way. You're perspective start to change as well abouts. I it's not that your views change but your perspective on the wise and where force. Those definitely changed and you see why things don't work. Because the very thing that's needed to. To address so many of the things that we are facing. Is relationship. And I would daresay the more I'm alive the more I'm convinced it's the things that Vince the thing to keep for the least been interest and then. They wanna fix problems. We wanna address issues but we want to avoid people. So. How is that working out force. How is that working. And so what do we do we yell at each other talk at each other. You're still listening there's no very little relating. And so this gets worse. Especially bring politics into it boy that's a real mess. Along the way. There are people who. I think do a better job than others in transcending. The new voice. My living at their values and their principles. I came across a really cool. Story. This is is actually kind of a test of any. It teacher. Those viewed now familiar and and I hope you'll bear with me in South Carolina and because so far this has not been a huge issue it's becoming one. In North Carolina. You see there's going to be a teacher demonstration of sorts. On May sixteenth. Dance. We've seen school system after school system decide well we're just not gonna have class. And it's eight Beers. All kinds of complaining about working conditions they whatever it is legitimate or lit illegitimate. That's not even the subject here. But it is. The approach how this is addressed. This particular column by Terry McCann. Starts off Durham public school parents do you know where your kids will be on May sixteenth. As you probably know by now there will be a teacher work day that day due to the high number over a thousand. A GPS teachers taking the day after protest what they considered to be poured teaching conditions. In the system. Let me just parenthetically say this is why I encourage you south of the border to listen up because who knows. It may be a matter of time before you face the same issue and ultimately. It's the same issue everywhere. And the question is how is this addressed. I mean at what point and and I'm just seeing here pair parenthetically. How many of us should just you know people who are working to public sector should just walk off the job for a day. Because there's a part of me and and you know this may sound really crass but there's a part of me that just think Scrooge you. And fire every single one of these people. Various. Because I think. There is a myopic kind of perspective. And unfortunately so many people have. There that temptation is to think about me what is in this for me. What about everybody else. What about the students. Denny case. Mr. Ken says that's DPS teacher I'll be in my classroom may sixteenth planning for the next school day and away from medicine rally. I do not support the movement especially on the backs of our students. The DPS school board voted unanimously to have a teacher worked instead of having an early release day is recommended by the superintendent. I don't mark me wrong I've not supported everything the GOP legislature is implemented I did not approve the generous simply not paying future teachers with a masters. Higher pay nor I fully like not giving veteran teachers a race so that newer teachers beginning salaries would be higher. Than they ever were under democratic leadership. One of my students asked me if I was taking may sixteenth off what I told her no she asked why I addressed her issue with a counter question. Why do you think teachers are protesting she said better pay I responded made the following points. This is good stuff. Teachers got a raise last year the average teacher shot salaries risen 12%. Over the past five years from 45000 a year. Since taking control of the state legislature in 2011 Republicans have raised the starting base pay. For new teachers to 35000 dollars and given raises two other teachers the average teacher's salaries over 50000 dollars. I referenced a news story word teacher was complaining that was a lie since she made under fifty by student recent. Did she must have had less experience. Out of the mouth of babes. Teacher raises are likely to again be a hot issue this year with control of the general assembly at stake in the fall elections. Republican lawmakers say they're goals to raise average teacher salaries to 55000. Dollars a year by twenty twice let me just ask you in this audience. How many of you have to guarantee affect kind of increasing your salary by 20/20 I just asking. I'm just asking. We talk about schools being not funded well. Schools and school systems are always asking for more but not showing results. About 39% of the state budget goes toward education. I want you parked there minute before we go to break. 39%. Of the state budget goes to education. We're gonna finish this. A little bit later on pants I wanna get your thoughts. Because you know overall. There's a place where all of us need to have the mindset we need to have as serpents. In somewhere along the line I think this has gotten lost. You can correct me if I'm wrong. It's fourteen minutes after ten. This is still is Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. I deliberately put the song. On my phone. Just a few weeks ago is I want to listen to this. And I've read you the best place to listen this song is in the air when I'm flying or not. I would have this is part of my collection so it has been had it. Put the break I we share with you. A letter that was published in a newspaper. From a teacher. In this teachers basically explaining why he's not participating. In this demonstration or whatever you wanna call it on the sixteenth. We talked about the funding issue I know there's number if you on the phones already I will get TU. Just be patient here. He goes on to talk abouts how much of the state budget is taken up in that figure is by the way. Refuted by someone on our text line it's actually higher. He continues in Durham for instance so many of our students are not proficient in reading and math this has nothing to do with funding. You know more funding has been allocated to education I stressed to my student the quality education she gets from meat. Her math one teacher. All I request my principal or dry erase board markers and plenty of paper. Instead of all the latest tack. I would ask my DPS colleagues protesting this question are you doing all you can and to teach our students some are. But most are not too. He did not say that. You mean he's thrown all of these teachers under the bust these if that's what he's doing. I would ask my DPS colleagues protesting this question are you doing all you can to teach our students some are but most are not. When teachers set low expectations for students limited learning outcomes are achieved. When you set the bar hi I'm never mace with what I see. Parents knew to German North Carolina. Have been bathed in the progressive rhetoric that North Carolina is a backward state. Being the product advocated twelve education North Carolina I can attest North Carolina from the seventies to the 2010 has been on the low end of the tone important teacher pay. And student expenditures. All under democratic governors. Except for the Jim Martin term. And democratic general assembly's. It was untold. The McCrory administration I received a substantial. Raise having received zilch while pretty was governor. Evil wall Hillary was campaigning in North Carolina and Tony sixteen she referenced that teachers cannot live. On what they make here. The average teacher's salary is more than triple the minimum wage it's also an up to keep a family of nine out of poverty. For more traditional family for it's about double the poverty level. Should teachers be paid more yes some teachers should be paid more but some need to be fired. Up abolish tenure. Reward teachers for excellence the classroom and reward principles for improving the learning outcomes for kids. Additionally. Bringing back vocational programs and our schools and abolishing the common core curriculum. And replacing it with a classical approach can help to my DPS colleagues protesting may sixteenth please don't ever complain about students. Doing another teachers work during your class you were protesting and doing your thing on this student's time. What role. I absolutely love this guy Terry McCann. Telling it like it is. You're doing this on the student's time. And unfortunately these folks very often. They're the ones they are the ones. We're talking about how much they care for the students. And a good part of the time. As a hot topic he pier in priorities the hierarchy of needs and desires it is self fulfillment. That's what genius. But it's up politically correct to say that is it. I'd love to get your thoughts. Already a number of people are on the line ready to talk about this and let's go down to our friend Jean in Greenville good morning. Hi Vince I yacht from watching this or through the country. This phenomenon. And something I've not heard discussed. And that is the role of the teacher this year you do you wouldn't the American future sure we will never call them. You know they are an arm of the Democratic Party Elmore has made a push for issues that I have insect. Peculiar trial test trial to see how much they how many more tax dollars they can. Believe or extort people not. To lecture us substantial portion is then given to polo team Chuck Schumer deal do you have that suspension I'm not sure. Suspicion and this success. Yeah I know. I know a lot of people actually my idea is like but anyway I probably has a reality to that I loved appreciated sports the other aspect of it still. It's the practical aspect is certain. When I went to school we how to PTA and my blood was very very active and that impact your community I want to. I loved the town called hatch bill in New York yep therapy actually. That's. You don't mobility cocaine from his still New York good I checked my generation. An election that it'll stature to an actual New York. And very very active. Community. What. The post World War II look. My younger adults because your race Campbell can nor actively involved throughout much of Long Island. In school district and even week. I timidity and good education public education for women children of course back then good number of allocations were for real time or fuel boosters. And World War II veteran which do just my his efforts. A commanding performance from their students to leave it up themselves to teach. What I wanna bring your attention if parental involvement. I'm I'm noticing that and now contemporary times. And I've heard this all by NPR radio until apparent. Still enjoyed a life goal have you alive don't worry about your children's education. Leaving a cure of the professional. And what do we call that Republicans can tell you what. You're educator. I just get this some sort of higher I believe status to that profession. Yes it that your actually read about that Jeanne we've got to move on to some other college but I've been just to have further magnified the point that you made here this is one concerns I've expressed for quite some time which is. That we have farmed out our responsibility yes there's a place for schools there's a place for education. But there is no replacement for mom and dad and I believe we're in a culture that is more and more determined to get mom and dad out of the home. Busy trying to survive. So the schools can brainwash your children that's really what this comes down to. And this system will never ever ever have enough money in never well. There will always be demands upon your money. That's how this thing works Tim you got less than a minute here what are your thoughts. And start completely understand what people are moon or no. It features I've gone to bet they have answered teach my kids. And named grant that request. Carry it got harder to teacher. If you would need to get our policemen or how to reform and your years servants. Sounds I don't want anybody great Mike it's MBS your game what do you do for a living Aamodt did. They educate my kids need teachers and their most this refugees here hormel morality. And that that's pretty awesome unfortunately that's all the time we've gad year we've got to go to break more of your calls coming up rules. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock we're talking about teachers teachers' salaries. And we SharePoint UA Durham, North Carolina teachers. Comets. Actually sent this since basically letters to the editor saying. This is why I'm not participating in this teacher walk out day whatever you wanna call it I'm actually going to be preparing. To help my students. Much of interest in things on the text line from the beginning of the broadcast some about teachers some otherwise. Good morning Vince can you answer me something Mel Reynolds. Congressman. Ex congressman from Chicago sentenced to six months in jail for tax division why is Al Sharpton still loose. You figure that out you can tell me I'd love to know. Art teacher pay Vince did you ever interviewer accept the job without checking and having knowledge to the pay scale. Raises questions what type education teachers really have economics. Might not have been wise and I don't have that guarantee especially for part time job. Yes a lot of our schools hospitals overcrowded a lot of students whose parents are writer here illegally were just not working. To pay taxes. Set up for failing. And also an adjustment to that number I gave you the teacher that we read the letter from some 39% state budget goes to education. According to representative Craig corner chairs the education committee education related expenses including salaries. To accept 57%. Or the North Carolina budget. That is something to have a conversation about don't you think Christian is where's that money going. Also someone say another example politicians selling out to get that two to 3% vote that determines most elections. Okay we're gonna pay a teacher 55000 dollars a year working half the year their biggest concern. Is did little Johnny color outside the lines. Police officers starting around 29000 a year to put their life on the line for us. I'd love a job with three months off. Lots of other paid vacation days. That's a lot this person says. Unlocked. I'm guaranteed to never get a raise or any kind of vacation time. Ever a contractor in design and make better money as far as cash. Then most people I get six paid holidays nets yet. No tax write offs for any of the miles. That I drive. These teacher protests going on because union membership is way down which means less money for the DNC you watch union dues will grow up in the areas. That win teacher races. In. Percent of our the other night unnamed source told me. Ha ha ha ha but not a the jury feeding lines or answers to questions to position him for a run for president did speak careful. You're feeding the snake he might come back to its Opel a a a that's hilarious loved the sense of humor here let's go out a call from Jim good morning sir. I rarely does the public calls this some more Carolina. And right here are you are sitting government in Charlotte Mayor Bloomberg in my humble opinion. Is there repository. For people they get paid Murray. And yet retirement benefits that they would never get in the open market here in this area or torture or they were never receive that kind of money from any has situation. Providence situation. Even even public. Stock traded you don't get back our retirement money. And people are paying at all in the estimate yet knows that spears and Albert Beckett today all is how they wanna go to sit through Raleigh. And demand even mall. I'll buy two other prominent brands about whether education particularly funeral bureau are. The system was started about 1913. In north Carolina department of public instruction. Here where are hard by appeared lighter now and what are we talking about we're talking about people there aren't getting enough money. I even ordered argues sixty Canadian money out loudly here being in the system about 45 years. Yeah I worked all moll live by about port ballot tomorrow I am seventy years old now are required to take about it and Balata balls out of its this year. That's what I got look forward to after just like it is there's been preparing taxes it is certain l'Alma alive. That the public education that the results boat anchor around the city. And legs that people taxpayers particularly with small children stood above anchor around or play any mole. I'll make one other comment about it via. Worse we've got stranded billions of dollars for an impoverished go infrastructure in this guy. Yes they carried it butted another courtroom they get. For public education facilities in guessing carry what that they immediately side. We need another court perhaps there was well that's all I can get leopard laboratory rat bastard shrimpers started best sales tax break GA in 1960. Well about ten player. We are infrastructure. Poor in this state about how there's so far Guerrero legs. Every parent and all our has gotten massive money in public education it was so big. Why don't we are well laid all that infrastructure. Of risks and flight that morning imported it correctly playing pictures therein brought it. Our. Jimmy raise some very good questions I do appreciate your call ends you know what's interesting about to say and I'm back advocated for this were a point we need to do a massive overall the entire educational system. There's no reason to me why we're doing what we're doing the same thing. For the most part we were doing ten years ago twenty years ago thirty years ago. There are better ways to learn and I would daresay less expensive ways to learn. But you've got people who were depended on the system. For money. And they do not want to change. That people like us are talking about they do not want Sarah good morning welcome. This morning and then how I'm how the purpose of the policy not to fly our teachers are in the pocket except when Serb. A purpose but yet I have category at the I out called the lie lady at the north Carolina department of non public education. To. Because my home school out there are my mind it reminds seven. And I hope the life yes let let me just tell you that out I love my three children. A third 100 via full accounting. For a while North Carolina license or real estate broker. As long as their second year finishing up the fact that your pharmacy dot Corel center. So collected just appreciated what the idea in Raleigh for the crimes cooler. So I'm just come here except for allotment option. Arms we lied to the community college system and I would follow that mark. So don't let them better teachers at central paid lower than they did it to local university. That's why you have to be a perfect that you have to have a purpose I have grown so inviting Maine. I hear yet n.'s Sara mood I salute you. You're in the category with people like my wife who is labored many many hours to educate. Children and it's many ways thankless but thank you for serving as you have. And it's good to hear those wonderful success stories as well look forward and talk with you again some time. And it's think about it that I made this point before you know based on how much money's being spent. What if what if we have more people with the means to be able to do this. And we weren't. Further cultivating a culture that was encouraging both parents to be outside the home in the workplace. What if we did that do you think we would see an improvement not only in education. But in the character of our children. I would bet on it. Toward your calls coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock cash on the Vince Coakley ran your program. I am trying to nailed down some information on something that is apparently happening out in California. And the severity of this. Is yet to be determined there are reports. Other man with the gun at a high school in Palmdale California this is a few minutes ago. And so you know right now we're not sure whether there's an active shooter or not. One report I saw. Is that one person. Has. Driven him or herself to the hospital. That's all we have right now. But again reports. Other possible shooting in highland high school in Palmdale California. If there's any additional information on this we will bring this to you. We're gonna try to get to as many calls as possible coming up a few minutes as well this is Friday we have faith focus Friday Wayne Jacobson will join us. Right now let's go to or call from Bob good morning welcome sir. Does your morning felt that this would say that Franklin Roosevelt said that public service and police cannot be unionized. I was back in New York City back in New York first the united teachers and you pretend we never had a strike. And teachers should be taught a lesson that just a few years later we had already been on strike police a strike and firepower tried all the same time. So what happened how did we get here. That you started it couldn't they just took it barely an analyst says Franklin Roosevelt said that they couldn't be united because of the power they would have. If I didn't basically when you don't strike they listen to power every parent. This support them because people wanted to get back to school. Right and now it's not just a matter of wanting kids back to school for education now we can't afford for them to be out of school. Because mom and better working and there's nothing else to do with that baby. Yes. Albert Shanker who started the American Federation of Teachers. And believe that United Federation of Teachers. In the period deathbed he said had he known. That the united he should we do what he did. He was not a pork fort. Wow. So very day in New York City they have teachers who don't teach. Who I've been removed from the classroom for various purposes who cannot be fired. If that they sit in in the classroom all day. They call rubber rooms. Boy that could be described. That description didn't go so many places so many directions Bob I do appreciate your call. Led zipped down to Simpson Ville and Allan good morning Allan. OK that's good adultery. Seem year. I think your color or a little bit misguided at least in South Carolina when they talk about your teachers don't a more money. You know my wife's a teacher instructor a lot of Jewish. They have a bachelor's degree or master's degree there probably sixty belt and our current education. And what one year experience she's taken 37 belt out year certainly got our intent to keep up 6080000. Dollars. I sort of problem that it. Where the money being wasted is not a teacher level of money being poised at the administrative. Yet on the district level or you've got people making under and it. Yep bureaucrats is what we're talking about a Allen bureaucrats. Yeah that that's where they need to turn the fat is up there and then also on on the benefit side. In. We take close to 700 dollars a month for health insurance. And it's a little bit less expensive than our market I don't think it's drastically different than the retirement system. Yeah it's it's no different than. Saving your money in a 401K AME. You can make about six or 7% interest on your money so I don't quite understand where they're saying oh they get the greatest benefits in the world I don't agree that either. Yeah I understand where you're coming from Alan I'm part of it is we need to again clarify the disparity that show perhaps exists between north and South Carolina. But also just the fact that the salaries vary from place to place I do appreciate your call. Out of Simpson bill this morning let's try to get an at least one more here with Trisha and guess story good morning. Good morning to open not calling me educators and therefore I am going to peak early education. I mean what can. Well let me clarify something before you go on Trish we are all pro education. Can we agree on mats. That's that's that's educators do not have a monopoly on being pro education but go ahead make your point. Mop. Only thing though is is there it seems government. And improve on that the reason that product so some current tour school. Unless so. So well will remember art art they could do so much like the code when her neck to neck between community. Oh and school. And the parents or their support they're there's got to be some ownership then you're. Absolutely right finger didn't request with the with the right there are not there aren't there. It didn't hit it so calm and I am not cracked when you are and I opened nearly there with what the war. But I cannot even. That we could ebitda may break the coast appeared couldn't that or are you gonna say that I person aren't simple. Fact that they. They're not public servants they're not working with a government salary that's the difference Trish. Well that's true but there's another or to a search or. Now if perfection so great or they are both. I would hope I'm not implement what we have warned more people like the gentleman that set. Her former Marxist it was. The public school system and it just breaks my heart but could you rather something that both staff there but there's also the good people that worked for us. Very long hours for six they're not carpet they. I'm I'm not surprised to dog Trish let me let me thank you for what you do you. And let's stand together to try to. Make this better for everybody can we agree on that is I think that's according hope that sick good starting place we're up against a hard break we got to go to Trish. Let's talk again soon. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. Honored I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Saturation there are too many goes on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 06. Over to our broadcast here on this Friday I want to update you on the breaking news we told you about just few minutes ago Palmdale California. And I am compiling this from two different news sources. This was about a report of shots fired at a school. Here's what we've learned. Authorities say at least one person has surged police in Southern California responding to reports were shooting at highland high school. That score has been placed on lockdown. Here is the additional information that we have on this. Now we have reports. That a male individual is in custody. After reports of shots fired at that school. So to details. One person injured. And the other is one person is in custody a male individual that's all we've got. If we have more on this we certainly will pass that on to you. You're 7 minutes after 11 o'clock. May and the subject of teachers. Has really gotten the started we started off sharing a letter from Durham teacher says hey I'm not a spitting on this event. In this event taking place on the sixteenth. Number if you called and we've also got a lot of texting give to will try to come back to this here in a little while during the course this broadcasting cover some other news. But it is also time for faith focus Friday segment if you want to hold on your free reduce or you can call back a little later on. If you want to address the subject of teachers Wayne Jacobson. As certain extraordinary book is called beyond Sunday's. And I want to grow to. Any particular section that is addressed. In chapter three and even change you don't notice there's been an exodus of people. From the organized church system in recent years these are not back sliders these are people who love god. But there are tired of going through this particular system. In fact one of the chapters that Wayne has written in this book skull why are people leaving and I want to address some of these things and what people can do about these things. Joining me now out of California this morning good friend Wayne Jacobson. Good morning and welcome back brother. I mourned. While I wanna have addressed some of these things that are that are uncovered in a study. And I understand that these numbers are pretty startling when you look at this. 42%. Said they were worn out by the machinery in the need to serve it. Some of that burn out from having to do more than. They had time or energy for but for most of means the cost inexact it wasn't worth the furtive produced rarely does anyone see the congregation was all bad except. In the most abusive cases mostly they say. The demands of the congregation began to displace their passion for Jesus. And just that scared him. That's pretty sobering 42%. In this category. Yes not a quote or random sampling study that just said Meagher and interviewing people at my web site to say why did you leave what was the thing that promoted such. Yep 42% of them just said there was burnout because. How the machinery had just a political issues as well which I think Josh Packard lighters study showed that felt that was a big deal for people that there was so much. Machinery to work there if there's something god put on your heart. They've got tired of fighting that the status quo of of people by a an interest. And what along the way it is the purpose behind this I don't want this to be focus merely on complaints but. How to address these kinds of things because of what I'm trained to do is to it to speak to you where you war and if this is where do you find yourself identify with some of the things that we're. Talking about here. I want you to fuel empowered to do something about what everyday idiots and and that's what I want to talk about as we go through the stingiest. And again this is us as study. You got over hunter responses from people. That's. Responded to these questions 23%. Said they no longer respected the leadership because they were dishonest. Autocratic or manipulative. This didn't result from a bad confrontation or two but a series of experiences that consistently eroded their trust and respect. That's about a quarter of the people surveyed hereby do you weigh in what's this about. Yeah I didn't actually true humble side there's been many pastors that I thought through. But it felt the same thing that the board and others are so manipulative dishonest that there are times saying as well. Edit and I've made up I get the larger problem in the culture that we we we have a entity that the institution. And it takes on a life of its moments suddenly we're serving the needs of the institution to survive more than we're serving people to come to know cries less mature every person. But it struck many of them and the people get tired saying that you're no longer has respect for whoever was in leadership. Often because there is a way to raise issues and concerns. Without being treated suspiciously like we're hoping by your baby not a Christian globally description anymore. She say to someone in this position. I always Wear you know I I think talked to the people that are involved like people are afraid that it wouldn't get a reaction I don't necessarily get. So always if you can talk to the people but it got a consistent pattern. Where people aren't given a voice and people aren't allowed to disagree and set out on a question. They need to look for a more favorable environment we go back where we're free to ask questions and greater explored through discover. And then just part of what an and here's what my frustrations that I think a lot of people I've experienced this Wayne. How many people out there are just suffer in silence. They have these. These concerns and these fears and these problems and they're afraid to talk about it. They are afraid they watch others talk about it and get marginalized. Or or forced out. That that's one concern. The other I think people want it things are religious leaders has done well over 2000 years. Is kinda claim a special knowledge we have from knowing Greek or Hebrew we're going to seminary. So the person in the pew it who might question most think I I haven't had better education so I should just shut up and be quiet and believe what I hear it. I want encourage people trust urged that the holy spirit to open you write that that. Junior who put its spirit about let this thing that we hear that disturb our internal and what do think that spirit here we go PR meter I'm on the got journey just senate. We'll just yet bit feel yucky. We usually it's and we'll find out what order. 20%. Say they simply hunger for more authentic relationships feeling once they had. We're too superficial or governed by pat answers instead of people getting. Really getting to know the mid morning to walk alongside him in their choice and their struggles. What what does that person do in this place. Yeah I think right where they are. Sorry I was just saying right where they are what does a person do about this. Yeah I unite I think we've got to put the relational needs we have and our hearts around the front burner so. I need to find those friendships that are the bad people like you said earlier they just they're quiet they kind of did the back of the capital by the people come to them. I encourage you could very intentional about. Forming relationships and spending time with people are just coming into it services and you're leaving an early conversation is just a few miniature walked in and out of parking lot. We're real relationships are gonna develop from that you've got to invite people overbought so lunch or dinner go for a walk or somebody. Spend some time minutes out of spending time that relationships developed. And this is a key thing we've got to go to break here it's important that you are proactive don't sit around and wait for somebody to come to view. If this is a needed your own life. Then recognize it and be proactive. Don't sit and wait for people to do something you're the one who probably needs to do something. Hot Wayne. We've got a break here and we'll continue our conversation waiting Jacobson author of beyond Sunday's coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I am not ready for this heat arrives early just not ready at all I don't know about you. It's just so many come on. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock rhetorically bring Jacobson author of beyond sending some we're addressing some of the things said people have written about. The routes leaving the church system. And the reasons for that and let me make something clear before I go back to Wayne my purpose is not to try to get you to do anything other than what god is leading you to Q what ever that any issues. What I do not want. And this is political this is personal this spiritual. I don't want you sitting around suffering in silence. One of the things it's really missing. Is communication. Anne's proactive action they're too many people. We just sit and they suffer. Or they sit in the complained for ever never never if something's wrong do something about it. I think that's where trying to go with us I hope this is somewhat helpful. And we continue our conversation with Wayne Jacobson and one the other things. There's addressed here. 12% in these people who center responses to you Wayne. 12% want it more of Jesus and his life then their congregation offered the focus seemed beyond things. Rather than helping people learn to experience the fullness of life in him. How did explained have a little more. Yeah I think that there's a deep hunger in our hearts and -- and we can the gospel god boss have a relationship with us. And sometimes. We get orange orchard systems and our answers and are. Way of approaching life that we think our answers are in the things that we're doing rather than helping people. Develop the inward life with god being able to salute sending him to follow and I'm just what you hear about taking the initiative to follow his like not just. Go along with the pack and do whatever we've been good for 500 years. And so the challenge to help people with that spiritual hunger actually be able to realize a growing relationship with god and you are and there's just so much program that gets in the way that it doubles supplant the need for rather than cure really encourage people to grow and that relationship with god. It seems to be this of one of the things all of us need to do is we need to ask that question. Dell is there a net impact. And influence that is positive on your life. Is is that taking place is that really the question we're asking here as a root a direct result of your sushi patient here. Yeah I think everybody who ever fellowship with the church very long as they're only good thing there bad things about given. Churches and congregations and denominations that I would bet that between the negative forces of it outweighs the good of and it seems like for a lot of people out because our systems have become so entrenched. In the way we've always done things for incensed that people don't have a chance that. Ask the questions to learn what they need to learn and go on their own spiritual journey and find out what is the follow god so. Sadly a lot of people are feeling the need to leave their courage and their many people who stay with intimate and the congregation ships a little bit and help Serb these kind of made some people. A positive outcome well. We're weighed down to 3% reported no dissatisfaction. At all but simply felt led by the spirit to move on. To a different stage of their journey what I liked the student stood out about this is description says as many as are led by the spirit. Are the sons of god and that's in all of this this is the bottom line is that we all need to be led by the spirit. Not led or controlled by guilt. Yeah at or obligations same thing yet we're people tell us what we should be doing instead of helping us learn to listen to the shepherd and followed him and do what he wants us to do I think what underlies that whole thing that there's there's bing. Yes let out of justice. Is that we think church I don't last forever. I've always wondered about it what church was more like university you want students to attend their university all of their life you want to become. Learn how to do whatever it is that they feel are calling it that you like and then what do it a little bit and spend their life doing that. We haven't struck the church isn't there any that the big light wrong place you need to come every Sunday morning looking into the claims sermons saying the same music. Since then what are what are we saw a bit as a place for people came and learned some things. And then we're able to go out in the world and lived it that Jimmy that would that I had a lot of excitement in my heart. Now I'm I'm there with you it resonates completely. Again the book just go beyond Sunday's. Right those are done. We're done with the religious institutions can be a blessing for the church. Win is also written some other wonderful books including the Shaq Q loves me and finding church. And Wayne thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast hopefully something very helpful for people out there this morning. I would enjoy it and going to the harder it is make sure that your relationship with god is growing and vital how ever you need to find. Eight men to that's amen to that thanks for coming on look forward to catch an obscure answer. It. Tony 5 minutes after 11 o'clock and it's probably a good time to venture down I 85. Tour good friend loans though to see what he news about today's questions for a deed in the day in history. Good morning lines ago. Good morning how are you today feel like a snake. I'll crack. This is a referenced earlier we're Simonyi was suggesting I was feeding and so. Answers and if I keep feeding the monster feeding the snake and I would do you know experienced the consequences that convinced. Hi your voices Mubarak goes plans. I. Well no I'm not that anything but that that's at WWB reference in case you didn't pick up on that. Let's go to our questions. And this is the twelfth day if I remember correctly. Of may not smell blood may eleventh. That is wrong with whom I've lost my mind. Let's go to the questions for this particular day women under questions for the eleventh early from the smoke. Well let me think about that I should give you the wrong wins just to mess with your mind I'm just getting. She just kidding he you have me all I lost my place now where did they go. My questions disappear. I don't understand here it is nineteen actually 1858. This state became the 32. In the union thirty seconds. Zinc. Holes in the continental US. Colds. While in the lower 48. Cold in the lower. Yes man. Missouri. All come lie and cold Missouri. It's another in him I give you another Montana. Goal that's still midwest Minnesota's when I was looking for I think they recorded they record the lowest temperatures in the country. He confused you with a loan and well days behind playing tenants in the lower part of it was trying to to get you steered away from Alaska. So that was with the Alaska anyway yes you can and in that 1949. This country used to be called so I am. What is its name now. 1949%. Business. Scion and Taiwan. All know it's so close. Try again. You have the first part right. So I am. Anybody in studio and against. And mark says Thailand and that is correct. We've got two more but we've got to go to a break and I'll that you get these. And I have confidence in use we continue our look at the day in history. And it's this. We've also got some more of your text a lot of people really really stood up about this education issue little dig into those coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock. On the ms. Coakley radio program yeah we've taken with the it's funny to bring in front of me now yeah coming up scrolling on the FaceBook feed. I love some of these means. As a picture of humor no matter how big hammer you use. You can't pound common sense into stupid people. Path is really good I love that's good stuff. As we return to lines though no connection to what I just sick and you know or I I knew you get a try to figure out away. To tide is on sale I'd I'd say that about you. I know you're gonna do amber would you use we use the ball peeing on me a sledgehammer. Michael. Let's see I knew you're going to do that so I felt light headed off in the past. 1987. This very significant events. The machines. Started taking over. Jerry Casper. You remember him he was defeated. To a wide net. With three ties and what defeated Garry Kasparov's. Future. Right let's get an F for me I'll take that would it was IBM supercomputer. In the nickname for this was blue. It's beat this chess champ 1980 eight's we had this country join the very exclusive atomic club at nine nations in this. Including North Korea believed to have nuclear warheads. This country now don't quote me on this but I think this is the second most populated country in the world. Join the list which one was it. You first those who go to Japan. I mean China blade release its second most on the yes. We were posting them 1998. Turkeys are. Rule. Up up up up up on which direction that. Like I would go right against south east if I remember correctly. See how patient we are here. Anybody wanna guess in studio Charles marked any takers. It is India. Is the correct answer the question joining the atomic club. You merely got down with the Charles you remember that was actually mark come on Charles and Newsweek opponent I think Charles is very intently. Intensely focused right now and that's what's going on here it's in screening calls and other important things for one so. Great to talk to you before you go. I've got to talk about this story because they saw this and thought. This is. Duck crazy day. If you heard you know what today is. They always have these special days and he seems like there's one on every single minute Russa. 200 now don't say that went. It's national eat what you want day. Final eight the so now you've got licensed garrote eat whatever you want. Tough talk marts at bats every at it. It isn't really true don't we do this pretty much anyway you want to know if we're trying to you know we don't okay. You say so. Just among us at our our you know concerned about how healthy our bodies over and so we can't do that sort of thing. It just doesn't mean we can't wish that we had a really large chocolate. Copper brownie sundae was nuts and. That is study provides no temptation you know its interest in meek I found in recent. Goodyear's. Might change for desserts has really diminished the great deal. So you're not tempting me at all so. Bring on your worst. C announces the taste has diminished with needs to but the fun of it still. You know until you take a couple bite to me like way to manner. I can handle this anymore yeah it's kind of interesting how that happens Mae and we're getting old that's the bottom line here all you are. Not quite there thank you appreciate that Alonso have a great weekend man YouTube. At 41 minutes after 11 o'clock we're talking earlier about teachers and I told to their lot of text we're gonna share a few of those anyway but first let's court shall call from standing close her good morning. I won't tell you George well Cirque. Upbeat I'm learning door to refer to someone but a ripple effect throughout our uniform here. I looked at a some studies of proponents of students in our public schools. And there wasn't some nation I want to be there whenever it different experience like man a short period. In other words in question authority that it only woman in particular moment average can't completely your own grade level. That's what I'm a Republican. Powell and here's another fact you contract that would. This there was an article about the character Erica because the quicker than it went all. Most states. Are way. So I looked out and spending on education. And it will look they're spending. More than what the report. And we got to grill recorded by instruments point 3%. You have to look at it's been worse for recording Chicago and Los Angeles not a regional it was 90% more for their I sit here. Like the best bill that would include the land they won't include buses are on him and they try to put it across all departments and try to actually I think it's. We're trying to make is that not transparent border actually been inside New York's 27000. Dollar per pupil. My goodness. Further result. Do you imagine what you can do with that money. I mean if you could take that money and apply it and use it wisely what did you do and at least in terms of education. Yet not yet been and then the thing about here at the private schools. You know I'll leverage the cultural and educational and controversial public conclude our helicopters about two to two and a half consulate. Oh I'm not surprised at all this is why you've got a complete monopoly. Right now with the educational system. And the truth the matter is if you took the money away if you took the guaranteed money away this whole system would collapse if you gave people a choice. Which is why they don't want people have a choice. There are gonna wander don't want it to you know it is not it is not working. It's important government can do to fix it. Yep and I think what we're talking about is we're not talking about surgical. Solutions here. We're really talking about reaching the whole system and starting over that's what I particularly. Mobile order. Yep I'm there with you stand thank you for your very thoughtful contribution manned good stuff very very good stuff. Chris you got about a minute or so sir welcome. Can government. Chris yes taken away. Our great I'm really all of the Dinah. No one and V and own more demanding or go to charter school and I'd be all body and Ali gators all the boat that thing. We don't even have a sports steel market we have a baseball team a dark he Bogut ignored jewel. An orphanage. Down the road and do player all impedance. And it would be great I could be noted any of these people like the all million dollar half a million dollars donated unity. Students or argue against gun violence in spite of bank blood like Viet Tibet. If we could actually looked at individual shoot dependent and give money and resources out market and they're great. The first lubricate it you're you know outweighed static guard coach puts a shot out. And we did it with a bigger sort of the public eye and pretty directly and ever hold all our all the advantage record separate pool. All these things are really important as well they do it over Boston which we have a better perspective and that's why authorities are conquered. Yep I'm there with he and and and one of the things I think you describe things for your car Chris. Let's have more spirit of volunteer ism and involvement community involvement. And it's just contributions that would be great thing. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock the final stretch and Vince Coakley radio program forward this week. Lots of interest in discussion about teaching and teachers and threw the brick or just talking with. Someone here in on this issue of this entire infrastructure built around education. Ends. Well I am temperature of the spot mark mark was just saying hey. These phones. A look I mean that we were talking when they about encyclopedia is I think of the day in history we had. A question about the encyclopedia Britannica it was their first edition or something like that. Now. We've got the world and our fingertips with our phones. We need this huge expensive infrastructure for. And you look at the industries that have been impacted by the Internet and information transfer which that's basically what education is is transferring information from one person to another. And whether it's publishing whether it's broadcasting. What can in any any any area you've seen these tremendous impacts. And the public school systems have been totally impervious to this change other than to say we need computers in the classroom but exactly. And it's it's amazing to me like the con academy for example I don't know if you're familiar with that. It's a start and office of mathematics website and its expanded programming it's totally free. And KH eight and academy dot com I believe. And you can go down there had you can log in right now and you can learn start with basic mathematics. And work for all your way to turn and country. It's incredible and it's cost nothing. Really got that over 20000 tutorial videos on the site. Only can this so it's called Khan academy on academy. And K and making note of this. Academy OK. I will certainly check this out. In part of the foreign no I'm glad you didn't make this comment because. There's no reason why. We should continue doing what we're doing especially when we see the level of failure. I think that's one of the points we've been talking about today let's try to William good morning welcome William. More than. We're just two quick points but you know war we outlined it in in the private school do so what better that the price you know the parents have to pay eight. To go to the governor can go to end their course or shall pay him the the regular contact with or you know for public school Kabul that. And when you're paying for something like you're ordered to go to as a group who you go to school then not actually going to have to be. More more interest more in debt and fast with that. Yes exactly and opening of that also belittling hearing about how much the government spending on. Education but it also one thing that a lot of people are not considering and that is very. The private sector also is kicking in a lot of money on its own tribute to the public and private schools that help lift. Did to defray education costs I know of public supermarket. At least used to I contribute money directly to schools. Live and window like a coach Robert Wood would go in and you know they've let's say you know what he had to donate to. This particular school and public it would do that. And I know Pollack is the only one I'm sure you're there doesn't look other. The companies out there doing that as a that is as true to kostelic. End lenient when like he said be good results just are not worth what we're getting what we're going into. Deb you're actually writes appreciate your caller William a great point. On the text line. It means to problems for the public schools politics and discipline in the classroom boy those are whopper she. Then when the vents from the parents are speaking English. How can they help their children with homework. Boy that's another dimension we haven't even discussed this. And the impact of education by the way to show the fastest growing language is in America right now if I remember this correctly from census data. Do you know what that languages. You. Know. Guess again. Fastest growing language you know. But he said Cantonese and Korean. I'm gonna keep you in suspense until the into the show and make sure I come back to this because. It is it it's kind of surprising you see in some respects it's kind of surprising. Dug in Seneca good morning. Hi Dan thanks for having me on sure I wanted to I wanted to talk about Christian locked away from church are. A walk away from the church about thirty years ago. And I would they get whereas I remember I cycle are soon first on their computers. Nine chapters are wrong we went out and I couldn't go to church anymore because I could sit there and hear their mistakes. And you know. Well you know in this. And in the ministers. Changed the work of the Bible writer Frazier they say it's is this because they've got to Greek lexicon. But hundreds call for each. Eight chip Bible committees. And being. You date it's got everything all of those aren't being in the don't think that. We don't. Stimulated. Our armed rebellion nutrient should be gathering up and not for the false teaching them their rector from a. Why you're really step unit now doesn't. Say it ain't saying it Christian it reduced blue eat your Bible don't beleaguered industry after interchanges so words. He's changing the words to the Bible. And you'd have to make this choice like. You have to decide who you gonna believe you gonna stay with the Bible or just float around we're gonna record of unlike the meaning of something. Oh boy Doug yeah a person were at a time you Kirk. I had no idea you were going to a stir up all kinds of trouble we'll have to have this a conversation another time to appreciate your call by the way the fastest growing language in the United States. It's Arabic. Arabic. Meditate on that one for the weekend have a great when folks got bush should. This is Vince Coakley radio program.