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Congress. WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins pretty JC you're weekly guide to everything culinary Charleston wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurant foods and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call 704 who. 57 OV 1110. In the early BC studio kitchen happy Sunday afternoon. Just WBT studio pitch and it officially open and you listen to the show what's broken and WB changed. Happy Sunday afternoon it's a pretty nice afternoon eighty degrees want to filtered sunshine. And Yahoo! can't complain really it's pretty nice. Thank you so much to my technical producer Chris Farrell who is here it means a Sunday. And I've got to make him a shout out not to him but well yes to him and did the hundred directly it's his daughter's birthday autumn right. Autumn is one of his 500 children. If it is her birthday today happy birthday autumn. Whatever it is you'd like to dine on and I hope you get estimates you know that's the thing when you have a brick face who won't you when he when he when he. Right it's a special occasions when he when he. Food is so much a part of what we do that's why I love doing this and I'm happy to talk to you 70457. Or 1110704571110. I'd love to talk to about a restaurant you've been to recently especially if there's a new one a restaurant that you still miss in fact I got emails from last Sunday Annika thank you. I haven't had a chance to write you back so I'm gonna talk about him and thank you on the air today that's several emails from last week talking about restaurants. That have have gone by the way so there are no longer here that we miss. If he has still have some. Did you haven't talked about this one that you like to get a mention in on. By all means throughout the show 7045701110. Old restaurant new restaurant restaurant there's no longer here. Maybe cook something fantastic this past week amid a pretty nice dinner and I'm sure this recipe from Wolfgang Puck later on. I am really pleased with that are made it a few times. And this time I actually made the sauce from combination are recipes and I'll share that with you so yeah I got a little bearing. However in the meantime of course as we start it Sunday. Coronary coronary. Our celebrations this week. National culinary days there are many every week we could never do them all. But just to highlight a few are ones that come to mind starting with today. Today is national soft ice cream day who doesn't like soft ice cream officially of course we do. And what's so cool well I've got to go back over there again it's been so long right of the road from us. Is probably one of the oldest. Dairy queens a drive ups here in the area. It's still has eskimo on top and you know on talk about if you drive down Wilkinson boulevard. And hopefully that's going to be there are indefinitely. Amid such an iconic figure and it's been there so long that's the true soft serve. It's just to drive up and if you are didn't sit there and you just stand out there and say a lot of folks. Great national soft serve. In 1934. On Memorial Day weekend Tom Carvell you heard that name cargo. Tom Carville had a flat tire on his ice cream truck ice cream try screen truck and hearts they only York. After pulling into a parking lot he began selling the softened ice cream to vacation driving by pretty Smart guy if you ask me he can only eat so much. Anyway a sing about the people loved the soft ice cream he concluded that a fixed locations selling what he called the new found dessert. Was potentially good business idea in 1936. Carville opened his first store. On the original broken down truck site amazing selling his secret formula soft serve ice cream. Distanced dispensed from his patented super low temperature ice cream machines and there you haven't beaten the birth a soft serve ice cream. And we who we have a Carville but still there it's in great village right on Providence Rhode across from the new Waverly. All right room the new rate. Forms is going and and that is a cargo ice cream shop. Living up north I can remember those commercials. Oh my gosh so many years over the decades from Carville especially when it comes to Father's Day. And to have the big whale and the Father's Day special anyway. Happy national soft serve ice cream day and tomorrow. National chocolate pecan day yes not just any pecan. Tied a national title become I don't that is not just any become Friday its national chocolate pecan pie day. They have their own separate agency. So yes if you wanna be hanged if there's a there's one just for pecan pie if I there's one just for chocolate pecan pie bars. But tomorrow national chocolate pecan pie day. I could go for slice of that I don't think he'll be making it put. You know also it may not be food but I've got to mention it this is important to me it's important Chris it's important that everybody that works. At our all three stations WDT 179 the link. And WF Lindsay because tomorrow of all days of the year it is national radio day. Yeah guy it really has its national radio day. A contributor to the radio was American Lee DeForest born in Iowa in 1873. He became the chief scientist. For the US radio from American wireless telephone and telegraph and his invention of the audition vacuum tube is not so funny it's called a motion audio on audio I think about. Lee DeForest invention of the audio on vacuum tube may lie of broadcasting possible so. If it were to offer him. I wouldn't be sitting here today and you wouldn't be listening live. So to all of you who listen thank you so much for doing so and celebrate tomorrow by duping the same kind national radio day they ago. Tuesday. Nationals the mommy daddy was last time he has the money. Can't remember. It's been so long when I was a kid eagerly tiny restaurant and if you eat my dinner. Yeah he gets testimony. It originated in Naples well first of all as you probably most three different colors and flavors usually has candied fruit small bits of cherries in knots. The flavors are usually cherry pistachio and either chocolate or Vanilla. Some people like it some people don't but it originated Naples Italy introduced to the US in the late eighteen hundreds you don't scoop it. You slice it yeah absolutely but Neapolitan flavors scream was inspired by ice ceremony NetSuite Chua chocolate strong regional. And you can scooted on like strategy can't scoops we wouldn't who's gonna combines and you can't. Wednesday. Again pecans national the contour day I think we celebrate becomes a lot in this country. Because to the contrary is the only nut tree native to North America the unit. I did not know that it is the only nut tree near to this country. And I don't know if I had a pecan tort. So on Wednesday I have to go to great bakery that I can find one that. Like Renaissance disarray. They tort is a wrist as are approved whipped cream butter cream boost but a cream most Jim. And fruits or nuts. In and often be ugly is as well once it's cool since made with little or no flour. Uses ground not to bread crumbs sugar eggs so national pecan. Court date is Wednesday I can definitely go for choice and that Thursday about sponge can ones last time has sponge cake. I don't know but I can remember maybe when I was a kid who knows maybe my mother made it. It as they called the quintessential classical decay world. Mary queen of teams is against him on our national sponge cake day on Thursday the 23. They say is the trickiest Kate for bakers to master maybe that's why don't have a much pitcher who whip cream fresh berries second serve I. To remember the last time I had sponge cake but I certainly heard about it. All right here's one more for you Friday when I fare items national waffled it. Who doesn't level off forced the first US patent for a while flying was issued to Cornelius. Swartz how of Troy, New York on August 24. 1869. He had to wade back I mean there are making way before then of course but that was the first waffle iron patent here. In 1911 the first election waffle line was introduced that was by General Electric as we know as GE. And in 1953 this is funny 1953 frank endorses. They go frozen waffles was so old and supermarkets for the first time yes. And the Belgian waffle which we also love it Ashley didn't make it to this country until 1960 fear that 1964. For the New York. World's fair all right I got one last one for him. And that is for national banana split day that as they this coming Saturday. And a blister on times and to have what I made hundreds of them when I was grown up and working as a teenager serving I screamed. Banana split traditionally served and long dish called a boat a banana is cut in half lengthwise laid an additional scoops of Vanilla chocolate strawberry. And usually covered with and this is true pineapple topping chocolate syrup. And on the Vanilla ice cream strawberry topping. And and I bench crushed nuts whipped cream across smashing a cherry. And my choice would actually do a hot fudge and with the hot butterscotch and strawberry is the thing the for sure in store numbers that were I would have a madness but of all the times I had that. A 23 year old apprentice pharmacist at castles pharmacy in look troll. That's Pennsylvania he created the first banana split in 1904. So many foods we don't know where or how or when. But this one seems to be pretty definitive this guy did it in 1904. David Evans stricker enjoyed inventing Sundays at the store soda fountain. His first banana based triple ice cream sundae sold for. Ten cents. Ten cents double. The cost of all other Sunday's Idaho pundit before Sunday with a year ago. Stay in the kitchen cabinet talked a 7045701110. Who gave doctor Cassell plenty people think. No thank you from all immediately went from. No thank you very much so that. All my team or nothing thank you. Nobody someone at work they've my sandwich well what did the police say my Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich I can't believe someone just needed Ross is just a sandwich just a sandwich and that's your which was really good thing going. And in my life because someone acts. Although I don't print going on in my mind. You're in the kitchen with Charles de Chile is good can in the month WPG. Another dvd studio kitchen and they're about are they telling Ray Allen. Talk with Marcus Harrison this would control a six and mentioned. This because last week when talking about restaurants that have gone by the wayside this woman by the wayside and came back. And that's cats Delhi Kate eighteen Z cats Delhi. Back at Campillo corners down and so Charlotte next to the bar low. That he's opened today he's open seven days from any M to 3 PM so was open today until 3 PM. And seriously mark's book about his excel which I have to try I didn't even try it yet and I know who's got all good salads. He makes his own corn beef PP cooks at his own roast beef Niko was on Turkey we just saw himself. And then you'd go to breakfast even get a fantastic three egg omelet with Kosher salami or no world locks and onions. And the suspension Fedoruk has a whole list of them. You can just get an end the prices are great by the way is very reasonable it is catering. And all the meat he he makes and cooks he sells about a pound didn't use it as a regular Delhi is going to be a for a case right there. We just sit there. And nine. And have grown to be like but I'm telling you that some of the stuff he can't find elsewhere she's glances stuffed cabbage. The chop liver. Some really great stuff all white meat tuna salad. Really great items that you can make a salad you can make sandwich. Just been some home for an appetizer. And I'm I'm real big on on the place Katz's deli down and came through corners seven days 8 AM to 3 PM. I'll plus catering okay recipes this past week Sunday. Someday I may just have made this before. There's very few cook books that you need any more these days it seems although I love the ones that I have and there are certain ones. That I knew I rotate back to because there are certain recipes. That I love that much. Other things I find online and sometimes our mash the two up together. But in this case. This recipe I pretty much pretty much stick to exactly as it's written and it's because it's by Wolfgang Puck. I think we both print and and I can remember watching him on TV for the longest time years and years. And you don't hear about him much lately he just just some small catering venues are like the Academy Awards. And other things like that for a few thousand people that's what he's doing these days in addition to his restaurant empire. He's doing pretty good. But this particular cook book is called live love eat and it's called the better it's a little love eat the best of Wolfgang Puck. And I was fortunate enough to. I get disarm him and have him signed this back in 2004 speaking restaurants that are no longer here. Down in net the upcoming which is a prominent Schroeder 45. There is a restaurant and was called the Wolfgang Puck cafe. And it was there for awhile and he came from a grand opening. And he was signing pro cookbooks and signed this conforming this was on November 24 of 2004 to Charles happy cooking Wolfgang Puck. And I'll always cherish it for that reason alone but also because there are fantastic recipes and it. That are not difficult to make. That the one I know that my son loves. Hasn't made a copy of is the hearty potato and cheddar soup of vacant that's outstanding. You make that and you're gonna have lots and lots of leftovers or is that or not be twelve people that. For an appetizer. The one I made last Sunday night was Wolfgang pucks bacon wrapped meatloaf. And you may find us online you may find this separately or his website and but it's in the best of Wolfgang Puck. Live love eat and it is called Wolfgang pucks bacon wrapped meatloaf. And there's a few things that make a really special. Our local obviously for the whole recipe Baja California. Are and why I love it so much. We just vote on the ingredients real quick is very simple extra virgin olive oil a large onion and a half a pound of mushrooms garlic. A couple of heavy cream fresh oregano fresh time. Salt pepper. Then a pound of lean ground beef a pound of lean ground pork and a pound of lean ground deal one and and he's just record is a pound of sliced smoked bacon at about thirteen slices. That's right increase it to about a pound. And other than that I don't think I changed anything other than I was may able to put it into two separate. And meatloaf pans vs just one. And make not quite as tall arbor but that's who I get I think I got like sixteen pieces in total really came out excellent as it has before. I knew what to do enjoy most is the bread comes in this. That's that I I've met I've told you all the ingredients. And basically what you do in a large skillet over medium high heat if you heat the olive oil and you sought to the onions for awhile and you do the mushrooms in the garlic. And then Easter in the cream director of the times salt and pepper bring it to borrow reduced heat. And then you simmer until vegetables are all tender that's at. Then you let it cool. If you take all that and you mix it with a three pounds of ground beef and the one and slightly beaten. You put altogether and I go to meatloaf mix. Now you take a bacon that you bought and the best just to get a stint as you can get it and as wide as you can get it mean as long the peace as you can get it. Conditioning related into the into the loaf pan. And then you're gonna put the meat into the pan and then you're gonna wrap the bacon up over the it is a big enough it was not long enough you know just bring up the sides. And then blew a couple of -- three slices of bacon over the top the idea is to enclosed meet in the vacant I know it sounds fantastic in this. Then the other thing he does is the technique. He takes the payload pan any passion put it in and other aluminum hand like a roasting pan so that your able to put the the pain that's inside submerged halfway up with a water. Immediate picture that very simply he has you set Ivan and it was a 400. I think it is. And Dubya put the water bath in the air and then very carefully. Put in the meat loaf pan. And you cover the whole thing tight with four oil. It's great if you have a shelf that slides out easy. The good which you can't do sloshing around obviously because you gonna fill that roasting pan so it has water halfway up the side of the meat loaf pan. And you become the whole thing just not to subpoena and not just a middle payment even a couple of whole thing. With aluminum for a nice heavy thick aluminum foil crimp it really nice all aware on the edge so you have to steam staying in the pan. And that's sit. You cook it. For however long it says here to a richer there temperature. And let cool. It's terrorist or 165. And actually cooking at first for awhile and then then you're taking off the foil and a cause for thirty more minutes and finishes it off. And it finishes cooking off the bacon on the top. Sin bacon cooks a lot better than thicker bacon. But I'm telling you this is a great recipe and it comes out so tender. Just sold delectable. And you don't even have to have a the first day that Jamaican instruct in it is nice but even better it's and then take the slices when your to have the next day. Take a hot griddle and put a little bit oil on it takes the slices. Of meatloaf. And put them on the grill. A little bit on each side kind of like as a whole French toast I don't put ending on just the bloom oil. Once side that Syria that foot but over Syria the other side now it's the hot amid most of it never for a few minutes. And that is some of the best leftover meatloaf you'll ever have. The other thing I did was I made a cream gravy I went to the Food Network dot com I looked at one from Tyler Florence. And I like to but it wasn't exactly what I wanted and so I looked at one. That I hadn't been a couple just a regular. One of those you know basic cookbooks. And I simply combine the two Mike when we when we continue stay in the kitchen I'll tell you this a very simple recipe for mushroom cream sauce. It's so easy you won't even have to write it don't you remember how to make it stay in the kitchen. Well. The show can really zone and had better not yeah. It was something like my whole life. I. I'm Jeffrey Tobin of the WBZ news. One person shot after a few begins between tennis at a boarding house of west Charlotte early this morning it happened at the 3100 block. Of Avalon avenue there's no word on the victim's condition or what prompted that dispute. Nashville police are on the hunt for two suspects they're calling cold blooded killers officials believe they can be behind the double homicide and multiple shootings in the city. The worst flooding in a hundred years has left more than 300 dead in southern India. And say more than 300002. Relief camps set up across the region UW beechy weather forecast thunderstorms in the forecast through Tuesday. Some with some heavy rain in some gusty winds. Today's highs expected to be 89 our chance of rain is about 40% to about the same tomorrow except the highs only going to be 87. It continues into Tuesday still a chance for thunderstorms. Right now it's 81 degrees in uptown Charlotte I'm Deborah Tobin news struck 1110. Honey 93 WPT. Tune into the home improvement show her hair on 1110993. WBT. Saturdays from seven denying brought to you by Lennox premier dealers are costing heating and cooling and Charlotte Comfort Systems Linux is a proud sponsor of WBT's home improvement show. This is the time of year when you really notice the aches and pains simple walks on the beach or mountain hikes on your family vacation are too painful. 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Addictive and now maybe we should stop we don't preach we unit clicked the game I didn't I would like to bow my head again and I don't I. And I would like to buy it how mood again if I did. I would like to buy ahead again I really do and the I would like to back and that no I don't. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is to get on WBT. None meet the. In the BBD studio kitchen. Ideologically burger joints and Charlotte area. One of the newest one pretty Freddy's frozen custard and and steak burgers I think they're doing a great job they really are the open in Indian lands. And we we got our shake shack now another one coming down to so Charlotte in the the leaking I believe shopping center headlines this week we have lots and lots of reverse shots on moon roof. Moon who went a couple of Saturdays ago my wife and I I see you a fantastic job of burgers they really do if you have a minimum Bruins central avenue. I would strongly recommend you continue. So murders lots of great place and it cost him. It's nothing national about making your own great burgers not talking about a cream sauce for. The armed meatloaf and Wolfgang pucks meatloaf which is in his book the best of Wolfgang Puck. And talk. This is a mushroom gravy or mushroom cream sauce whoever you wanna look at it. You can use it for the meat loaf you can use it on anything that you wanna have a mushroom gravy for well we made mashed potatoes with that. Which are really easy and there's a bag in the frozen food section with the potatoes are on this and the franchise. And happy who makes about it is simply about a frozen. Cubed potatoes fresh frozen potatoes you steaming in the bag. You mash it up add the butter add together milk you have mashed potatoes the real thing because this not instant it's this not to dried flakes or anything. It's as close you can get to boiling the potatoes yourself without going obtain those yourself. Yeah. Is that it's a bag and it's simply the the national and so do the bull potatoes. At worst or cook potatoes. And they're nice and big big chunks and you just deem it right in the bag in the microwave. And you gonna most of us are so Hedo mushroom gravy very simple. Eight ounces of mushrooms and or any work to that 68 ounces emotions. One tablespoon flour. One cup a heavy cream. Tablespoon butter salt and pepper and if you like to admiral sharing. Simply. Take the about a melted in the little saucepan taker eight ounces of mushrooms and sort tandem down. For a few minutes then you have to tablespoon of flour mix that in and you'll notice it immediately disintegrates and disappears. Take it off the heat slowly add the heavy cream. Until leap tall in there. And then go ahead and put it back on the heat and hit nice and hot to light Boyle a little ball too much you don't want to mess up the cream. And Obama salt pepper and if you like a little bit of Sherry and that's it. You now have a delicious mushroom cream sauce on mushroom gravy for you meat loaf. Or for anything. Turkey whatever you want put it on on a hot dog. I hamburger. Very simple. You just take the eight ounces emotions load throughout tablespoon of butter. We do some down little bit. At a tablespoons flour mix that in and a cup heavy cream little salt and pepper although our dry Sherry if you like for flavor. And that's sent. You've got a wonderful mushroom gravy or mushroom cream sauce for revenues for. Easy easy mushrooms are heavy cream bar some pepper. Okay emails thank you so much by the way for these posse Jenkins at WBT dot com CJ ENK I end. There is no rest we simply go to the show is cooking. RWB to dot com and F for the four of you who sent me these last week I thank you so very much this one from end. She says hi Charles here's an article about a restaurant that I loved as a child I loved it because they served chips and onion dip when you were seated. I think my parents ate there and when they were dating in their fifties. So off from and I've looked up this article and you can find it you have to go online and just put in easy put in the stork. The store drive in. Or aura that the ash and it's a good name and title as the store to store drive and in the end Sharpe told Bruno steak house. And try to bring on as you probably know simply really it's a filet mignon for two. Probably to serve when I worked at the dining galleries at the Fontainebleau Hilton for awhile. For future years and that was a wonderful dish. There was it was excellent because to bring it to the table. The whole shift over on armor under big you know recover and then they would just they would they would have and all the vegetables around it. And the do you wait staff would take an infant and divided into and all the vegetables and played it for you how nice French service. But she was talking about so distort the store drive in and chateau bring our steak house. And thank you so much for the email I really appreciate it. All right here's another one. This is a talking about sandwiches. This from Jack tank Jack thanks so much for the email. So recently you talk about some Sanchez with a named the Ruben comes to mind most easily. So there's a place in our Annapolis and that I believe on assays and in Maryland. Thank you and apple Esther has dozens of names sandwiches are chicken and roofs web sites specialty sandwiches. Russian chick chick and Ruth's. Chicken group's web site specialty sandwiches is a grid of some thirty squares most of which are filled with sandwiches. Nicknamed after someone. Famous at least locally. The likes that particular sandwich I gotta check this out I would assume that each of those people have been. In their status meant these are gonna stretch but I don't blame him they visit the town number of times and usually make it a point to stop in there. If it's anywhere near lunchtime I will keep that in mind as I go up and down the East Coast. At least a once every couple years it seems if not more. Chick and Ruth's specialty Sarah just thank you so much that's from Jack all right here's an email. The source from Geraldine. An assistant mr. Jenkins I don't typically listen Johnson is but thank you for listen. But I heard part today show this could have been from last Sunday a would you be able to email me. List of restaurants that have come and gone I don't have that list but I can tell you if you go online. And search for just Charlotte restaurants no longer open. You'll find. A two or three great articles that list all these restaurants including the ones that I mentioned here at the store to store drive in. Russia to brio steak house a whole bunch that or mentioned last week. I've got I've got that list somewhere and I and and I simply had printed it off. But there were two or three articles that I found those pages from. And I wanna say. Since at least thirty restaurants in between those lists. That you find online. And now via I mean there's just did agree to compile a list unfortunately keeps growing but the ones that people. You know we remember those the ones that are in that liking Anderson's like the coffee cup. Are those the ones that you find there but here's one more got. And just says so also on east boulevard. Are known for their roast beef sub and all Zhu called the nitty gritty grinder. I have not heard of that Christian you. OK so as a new one on us. The roast beef sub with all Zhu which are who doesn't love that. Call the nitty gritty grinder. They're still in Iraq kill crushing cherry road from Winthrop amid a trip down there for for dinner in the past year it was packed and still delicious that sounds excellent. You have the nitty gritty grinder. And I thank you for the email thank you so much. From. And when courses the culture. The white horse has to be the name of the restaurant and they served in Greece bush meets Saab or shoe. The nitty gritty grinder it's in rock kill so. Check out if you haven't do you go write some more things coming up on a talk about there's some great events coming up. And does some great food things happening for instance. Are bricks bricks wood fired pizza did you know that they're starting to serve our Sunday brunch here. French peaches. They really are uptight about it. It's really cool I don't really know your rich started right here yeah he's boulevard was the first location I didn't know that either I tell you more about it stay in the kitchen. You know please sign up today there. Lean and a lot of big name you don't need them obese ball ground. OK that's it come. We'll let me that Jim Gordon didn't do feel. Trent I don't want no not vote lab bonded did it too. You just double deduction. You want to double dip that you have doubled and that's what we're we're talking about you get chipped it took a bite you did. He's a rise so it is not an investment guru meaning you boxer whose sons because that's an analogy for you having enough thriller. As we get it comes we don't peoples there are no meat balls spinning you know sometimes we get elected you. I don't know. You're in the kitchen which Charles de Chile as coach can. Fun WPG. A lot of it was on yeah. I had to make lasagna and it. I've been making news on every few years back to your original recipe from the media housekeeping cookbook. And I tripled. So now it's like 35 pieces of an excellent time and I use these great big crowd Turkey oven roasting pan. I know it's crazy but I do anyway. Okay bricks bricks would I get some news to share what you all kinds of events coming up some off to really interest and stuff like this. Bricks wood fired pizza has introduced Sunday brunch. Yeah and I'm older or their although their route restaurants and by the way you know I happen to speak with a woman they managing partners and owners of bricks with hard pizza. In fact we highlighted it on the food for thought on WB two's morning news with both Thompson. The week before last. And I have no idea when I sat there that the east boulevard location of Arab or bricks would fared pizza that's the original. That is the very first location. Which is across from where was the effort you're in restaurant. As I recall sitting there speaking with telling north about it we don't have never happen to have gotten in there before. They closed unfortunately but I know a lot of people have some great memories about that place. Anyway bricks wood fired pizza. Is now serving Sunday brunch in Charlotte. And they've got all kinds of new brunch pizza is like a ham and egg pizza. Diesel pesto base but should go scrambled eggs mozzarella and goat cheese. There's a whole aero Rancho pizza with black bean base scrambled eggs bacon mozzarella cheese top with fresh salsa and a drizzle sour cream. Garden eggs pizza olive oil base first Mitch sun dried tomatoes scrambled eggs mushrooms mozzarella and feta cheese. And brunch supreme hope each of our moral bay scrambled eggs spicy Italian sausage bacon a red onions mushrooms mozzarella. And cheddar cheese I think I'll go for around that sounds fantastic brunch supremo pizza scrambled eggs Tynes sausage bacon and no such as bacon and sausage. And is more and then got ate a sandwich are fresh big precaution was scrambled eggs bacon a remote tomato and Basil pesto Mayo. Suicide a fruit salad is not sound great they're also offering bony Marius. Markup could see this echo most us. And sounds really good so. I I think I'm doing great job I really do. Dix pizza and now if you want you can check them out for brunch Sunday brunch. The slowest since Saturday as well. And I'm semi if you wanna check them out bricks pizza BR IA expects a bricks pizza. And I think that's I think they'll do but I don't go very well because. They're pizza is excellent as it is so it deserved they are to put a lot of thought into this so for them to offer brunch is a really cool thing. Okay here's a cool event content coming up this Saturday. And it has to do with a friend of mine and a great business colleague. Who has been a wonderful contributed to this station over the years and talk about my days Lee and local attorney. Obviously law offices he works with the veterans in injury victims and the disabled. Mike Easley a really wonderful man and he has been doing this. Particular event back since back in 1988. I'm talking about The Great Gatsby gala. To get great gasping Dallas of this death thirtieth thirtieth anniversary coming up on August 25 between eighteen. It is. At the Hilton Charlotte's Center City. And this is to benefit the MS society national cinema society. Of greater Carolina's chapter. As you may know if you know might be easily you know that he has multiple sclerosis. And he has done extremely well than what I just saw him. While this past week I got to say hello and shake his hand here. In the narrow hallway and I got it today he was looking really dapper. And he used looked really good. He helps put this time and I know it's really great for what he's doing because this has helped raise. In excess of two million dollars to benefit the greater Carolina chapter. Well the national MS society. I think that's fantastic. So this is a gallop a bonus next Saturday August 25 you can find out more by going to gasping gala dot org. You can I don't I'm hoping just to get tickets. And but it says here hundreds of partygoers come in there. I danced to a big band and sample food from Charlotte's top restaurants. I think that's fantastic all to benefit the greater Carolina chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society so. Mike days we thank you so much for what you do. And our. If you'd like to participate a he'll be fantastic goal online. Again it's at Gatsby gala dot org and you can find out everything and get tickets to your. Are coming up. At Ballantine hotel another of my favorite place in the gallery restaurant. I love that place they changed the menu every quarter. On me changed things that hilly with specials but to change a whole menu every quarter. And they make everything from scratch. I mean they make their own daughter compounds to make their own preserves. Russia could very similar to cheeses and their their their meats they do a danger out there on meats it's really amazing what they do their. Because they take special care and to have a strong desire to just do it right and do from scratch. They've got all kinds of things a coming of the downtown hotel itself which I don't usually talk about. But they've got things like this summer stake Haitian coming up we've got what just another week ago. And school starts sourcing amass at least a week from Monday she got one more week. Two I give away even over such a couple days even the locally and feel like you're far away you can check out obviously the downtown hotel. And they've got coming up on Friday September 28 their necks whiskey club at Ballantine. Because he and a September he has national Berman heritage month to have tastings of bourbon originals. If you met Mike Berman this is for you didn't have Baker's base opinions knob creek and maker's mark paired with like a durst. That's the whiskey club at Ballantine that's on Friday September 28. You can get all the information at the Ballantine dot com now okay. Well here's another cool thing coming up and this is on Saturday September 8 two best just around the corner. It is called Saber seventh. To support seventh street public markets non profit mission. And savor as into enjoying my sooner. Set Saturday September 8 desist from seven to 9 PM at the seventh street public market. Celebrate fall and help support to set mystery public market at sabres haven't this is a new event that will highlight the market Jimmy vendors. Ended in the community focused mission. That's a great place if you haven't been to the seventh street public market up town what a great place to go visit it really is. They do a wonderful job is all kind of different or restaurant you can park in the seventh street and shot and I symmetry parking garage for free while you're there. For pretty good period of time. After ninety minutes it was is more than enough time to enjoy a meal. So you wanna check this out Saber seven support to set mystery public markets nonprofit mission Saturday September 8 79. A new restaurant I'm gonna talk about this Luka Mark Garrison Charlotte at six and I tell you more about it next Sunday it is called blue shocked. I talked with I talk with one of the guys they're chefs actually this past week. It's on line if you wanna learn more than currently and it. WBT dot com WBT's morning news for the food for thought segment VULLA. Boo Leon Castro bar has opened in South Park. Check out the website not paying a lot more about it next week in the meantime you know to do you have agree with going back next week with a brand new show. Thank you so much to Chris Farrell happy birthday to his daughter autumn. You have a wonderful week in the meantime you know what to do you keep Iran cook. Well hidden and Israeli. And just laugh and news do you. Is wow. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.