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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasting you're own weekly guide to every single and error in Charleston Cooper wanna talk to you about your favorite restaurants and foods and share some recipes and cooking techniques that. Call me in this. Call 704. 57 OV eleven. Tan and happy Sunday afternoon happy Father's Day happy holiday boomer run cannon and I don't think he's there and happy Brothers data Cris Merrill. Yes sir happy Father's Day to all the dads grand dads out there great grand dad's math. You're rated him very hot it's got to get out of there to 89 happy if that. Happy Sunday afternoon and you reach eastern you should to officially open. We have so much to talk about we wanna talk today about New Orleans and all cajun dining destination are yes a plays very close to my wife's heart. Or she's from New Orleans moves gin chilly goods. And I spent several years down there. I who are still need a lot on their amber and restaurant down there and I sold so all the restaurants down in the French Quarter who. From aren't those two got trust core two sisters aren't n.'s Brent what a blast breakfast in the world attain walk in those kitchens. In the morning and smell the trap all learned how well we'll talk about that love to hear where you go for cajun creole or New Orleans food. 7045701110. And out all the talk about a restaurant reviews I did this Lucas Mark Garrison. And go to a travel thing did I gotta gotta tell you about our d.s to route where we talked about. And national culinary days of course are not they're gonna get a recipe. I generals recipe fall so easy you don't have to write it down you're certainly a serious. Okay first of all today is national cherry tart cherry tart cherry tart all of you who don't isn't over the cherry tart your first series of the market and ensure candor Gert yes tell the difference between the tart. And not a heart is it doesn't have a top crest. But art has a shallow crossed and the filling can be sweet or savory but it's not a cherry pie because there's not hop on them technically. Connerly technically technically bingo secretaries are good yes scooby apples sweet fruit they can be savory. But totally do not have any crossed so we can. Did OK also. Maligned but it's neck and it will just as its national Turkey lovers day you'll. I think this job for the contract at. Why hits observe the third Sunday in June I have no idea well immediately back to the pilgrims. And I love Turkey I I make a Turkey. And go all the chemical now because I'm enemy to Turkey that I used the stock and I put them and put every I'm giving I'm a huge. In the stock and I make about 1618 quarts wont to put you know two cups if our courts. For passage whenever into the freezer. So we have improved this 68 months serve and are all gone from the canyon fault and I guess whenever it closer to them raw chicken stock I don't but in Norfolk conditions what's in the freezer as you're gonna want a difference real real Turkey stock yes. And I look great Turkey Kyle sliced Turkey. Ground Turkey I can't salmon the big fan I don't know where it Turkey burgers up or. Am very argument are now brother have took the plane Gregor I guess I'd like Turkey sausage. Did you like we are purse like me aren't you yeah I gentlemen Heather Holmes who got a Turkey's own choosing I don't know the difference has the right to utility. Expect a Turkey bacon Perry got you Olga. You know I just I I have just the real thing less often if I have to North Carolina is a huge produce. Toward yes who have loved Turkey farms here we do it was not registered he's. Sometime growing includes Turkey burger we just centric drums to chair Saul Turkey breast Turkey hot dogs I have not tried dads but I like the real thing let's throw them all beef hot dog very ego. But nevertheless it his national Turkey lovers today. Okay one more for an electric Obama report. It is this is this is one of my favorite foods in all the world to fight in a member to make a list of the my additional write to the top yes. When near the top. It is national. Apple struggled throughout love that isn't that a marine. Maybe the real thing yes I mean the real thing yes not you know god of the frozen things to come and eat microwave we can stick in the toaster oven and and since grossed out in whatever. I'm talking real thing. The barbarian to the real real yes patient no Apple's spices today even seventeenth is national apple struggle day or Apple Store total day. In Germany the worst brutal you know it means. It means whirlpool. Or AD. Hangs know that. I have. I'm so I don't I guess because like the fold over. Makes it look like they'll like Obama and Clinton tied come and I didn't find out just tasty dessert is perfectly describe its German language as the sweet mixture of fruit sugar spices and layers of the window that rolled together and leaked. We have the on again others that the hard core summer suspension in town and fall they always bring their helmets brutal by a whole mill when you ask all you get that historically there to look around I you can do that read online they still looked frozen and you can bake it yes. Almost brutal and so what did you Sandra Oh yes it's always if there's a fair that a home fair yes sir no joke yeah yeah if you warm it just before yes off. Are locally I'm sure many bakeries offer that you like Renaissance -- to survey only go from a restaurant standpoint from one place I know that still makes it and that's her father's recipe in that news that the world corn into work well as they say the ball lower and yes mom passed on a kind of that would be the real thing that is the real thing they've been going on for so long I congratulate them yes sir so if you really wanna really great piece of homemade all natural I mean the real from scratch apple struggled made for you. Who can go down to around Walton. I'm old when you make me wanna slap but I'm telling you about that they have the last one here it'll have to do. This one is not a Carla is not technically a culinary food day. But without these folks. We would have we'd be up to here in what we don't eat whom I'm talking about it is global. Garbage mandate oh yes that is. At a well but we do welcome. Had June 17 during global garbage mandate the nation and the world takes time to recognize the dedicated efforts. Of the men and women who keep our communities clean. Isn't that true like Jackie Gleason honeymooners Willett yes illegal garb when you know we drove by us only but it was garbage man are we know it was well hey it was a garbage got a really good problem but plumber than you have. We're not and he was and that you're dead down and this is our sewer yeah so let's just about the same thing he took care of the liquid ways these guys take care of the solid waste. So this as a new editors sanitary specialists or Waste Management professionals we appreciate their arrival on irregularly scheduled basis picnic if we sure do. And I tell him you rash yes all right so. Let's talk about our cajun. Our New Orleans food. Our run comes to mind me and well occasion queens yes seventh have been around forever there's -- regime only house converted into a restaurant are great they are great are fantastic sit upstairs you can let you go into almost every night they have the live music of the musicians are there you are right fallen man premiers in the music match is the food yet matched the atmosphere sir. They did Durham 25 years on yes sir he had a seven it's a little difficult to find a parking space be careful where you do parked there because he car will be toe or do you beat. Read science degree around where you park you're hearing from trafficking expert and they'll come again Greg -- the minute might you find the right parking space you have found the right place for some good food yes there really they are really highly rated yourself and what's great is I mean if you look at from a dollar signs to import they were only. Put two dollar signs on them. It's who's not as not expensive. The barbecue shrimp hello. Pair really hit it had a fried green movement and at the first goal he crawfish scampi all. Oh man these charm good enough. There are this is one place that was mentioned to me earlier this weekend the building and hadn't thought about them for a while having dinner for awhile stamina I'm gonna make a point to get back there. And as the cajun yard dogs cats are Korea yes you know from that yes. That's a great place isn't all bad right down to such an all they are there just around the corner I'd have from a Wal-Mart can grab the backside and a right there on the corner and yes arboretum. Very and a fried catfish. Where is our opinion it harder Obama could use. The menu programs beings rise they have at all it's the real thing. I mean I'm I'm on my wife and we said assistant it is obsolete real thing is she would not only is she would know. I mean from now opinion double dazed crab cakes fried oysters catfish bites barbecue shrimp there you go absorbed regrets beer battered Truman's. How hard column Mari opened Joseph key foam taco fried green tomatoes are great literature all our troop crawfish or chicken creole. Same with a two for Dayton wounded meetings and our school. The chicken to malign a I mean this is all the publicity as you shrimp and I'm do we constant. Oh cool air so I have not seen this blackened meatloaf no I have to try bet I'm a bit on the menu and I need to try to you know that would yet how he should try that as cool indeed working Charl or definitely the summit talk blackened recipes though this is this this hour another reason to go to cajun card go wow. Now and a cushion and grips. You know how good this place is when some of a restaurant managers get together in Italy or maybe I'll have a night off to skip getting ready somewhere other than where we work they go to cajun yard dog. A lot of managers were and go there. And of course fired him acumen to wanna. They've been they've been around for a oh my gosh fifteen years more than from what he's doing at least that you and a while you. And of course Paul Boyce. All of which you've got to have on the right roll on the right baguette to the Brad has to be just yes it does yes and so you know to meet our member live in New Orleans and I from low with good shrimp or war war is not a debate and I like addressed yes sir that's to inhabit this or is it. So I just I just love kill cajun cooking. You don't go well yeah and are gonna stay in the kitchen group. Well we'll. We knock on the chicken Crocker road I. Ready to run away and it gave you that they you read that bush did you eat more convenient love crew chief. The game trophies men two is really bad so six DD news red meat hopefully I don't know. Chicken sausage hopefully close this sausage cold Floyd crucial under Dave po boys your piece on. Hey alligator poking. This German team appreciate to save the royal roads is the agent. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen. You're listening to this show is good and we Charles and boomer on WB ZO. In the WTV studio. We're talking about New Orleans good. Creole cajun blues now. Well fish off. Ripping their eyes real thing the real thing. You know boomer in about two weeks twosome Wednesday you know to which humans. I mean it's really close support yes. It is it is the Valero it is you're ready Wednesday July 4 now. And you gotta look you know good to sign your schedule inclusion are out of time privilege which tickets yet. Do you have your tickets in the Charlotte knights to take on the Durham bulls on July 4 that me being T ballpark is huge it is you know it is big if you're new to Charlotte. Yeah you are gonna are we so wish is you didn't stay home you didn't do something else man WBT sky show or some mail Tony eighteen. 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Goodness this is incredible I don't know how many US incredible companies would doom I think sky show began somewhere in early seventy's it's amazing yeah. When I first got here the first couple years fifteen years ago in this sixty news and my son my older son helped worked it would for a while a couple of years and I remember seeing him. I was out there and all of a sudden I'm looking in the bell can't come along and this is under a truck that are with the guys in the back at super. I don't regret he remembers those days are very fondly. It was so. Yeah I mean at least 45 years it's really cool credible yes an incredible show so if you don't have plans take a look at to counter market down. WBT sky show 28 mean me and both times will be on the air I wanna say from from 3 PM to 7 PM I'll. Yes and then he'll be there for the firework show. To bring out on. He has grown apart as recommends a news media days per show for sure yes all right so we're talking and we're talking cuisine from. The south who New Orleans cajun creole. Other restaurants. We wouldn't we mentioned occasion your dog which direction. And of course kitchen queen. Ross are you going to replace clips of Pope Boerse have we've been to poor boy's opponent freedom which I need to go have been hearing so much about it would have left a ball in your cemented yes boys. You know superheated if I didn't you know I Riley was 12:30 PM Newcomb in his twelve noon and new leave at 7 PM that's on Monday at the fifth yeah. It up there there was upset hit I would get if I just Saturday but that apple products undergo final maybe I'll making arrangements for lunch and yes we're prepared for much but here it's incredible. But really you know poll boy is low country seafood market I actually do have to get there just search results got for an half stars on Yelp. Not by the way which I would really talking and restaurant inspections here but I have a 98 and hear everything the fresh and everything like to bread yeah who'd ever think yours is extremely fresh I have got a really good prepared for order through 2022 freedom drive home this freedom pretty close to Allegheny up and that there you go and whole boys cajun creole seafood markets sandwiches yes and I have in there is like soon Mao I had no idea when you had that many as I have recommendation yesterday folks talked that much you go to there's something there. There's something there now I have to have to check it out as a word of mouth. I also I've given by several times and I have never been to the French Quarter on an up well yes and their ballpark if you've been no that's no good at their company or to get out there now that he's really research in the harbor area and walked around bear to have lunch OK there's good notorious for the greatest person who. I'd always get to po boy were. Some benefit you wondered it's really good as Carolyn I've got to I've got to get there with our Jim Jim I see that you know lots of people and has been patio I think yes either yes they do it to have excellent health grade ratings I mean this place is top here is really good I mentioned you know a good job. They do. Very good job they're owned or church yes I'm sure ingests it right that area and it's oh deficit near a lot of arcade yeah arcane and archaic and it's right there on the corner and you'll see a line okay is worth the wait it doesn't take all the new. Another check that out the gentleman who owns that or the group the group that owned what they think he didn't think I had no idea real good very loud breakthrough breakthrough. Looking handsome. Others and used I mean there's. A magnolia has problems have not been I'm Elizabeth. I'm not did an anti Africa don't get out I got to two restaurants a week at least. Rats whose cajun cafe and hear her arms up. Concord that's like a compliment Orioles let's I should get up there copper mill so parkway yes. Peppers Louisiana kitchen and all states felt. Not that have been there. Or I had him ample ripping tens I have been their consistently excellent that went out on him. I'll flaming kitchen have you been no sir T this is there's there's not crack crack in crawfish yes university. Crack and then there supported I don't know I have not been seen him and then there to be in numerous big. A big wave of folks have moved here when Katrina struck yes that the golf and many of them now have call this home they settled here and oh yeah he's in her food and some of the family of moved appear with him to open restaurants and so it ever since Katrina yes you know we stand big anyway and could have cajun style food Alina. A lot of folks moved here and never move back out but they didn't they to move back there that's one thing I well I tea I miss I'm I'm I do mr. French court messiah because you. But after I do restaurants for so many years I decided I would sell to restaurants. And that's when I went to work. We improve over a period of years for two different suppliers and not right out of government knew or neurons known as well way out of what's called Liberia which is a good distance away. And they need somebody to get broken into the French Quarter Silva to bask. Or is it yes and yeah you know about it can pick a correct the here's Larry yeah. Yesterday yes and yes exactly you worked there for a while I used to sell a hundred. Fifty pound bags a hundred. Fifty pound bags of rock salt all mail to our nose. Which was one that's on the first restaurants in the French Quarter. And I'd go in this little tiny office off the kitchen was this old guy who did all the food ordering nine commitments and hours in the morning. I say yes what we're doing and can you went to order this week house new kid on the block Zoellick you know I. I was looking at anything announces the Iraq sought pass he completed immediately Iraq's oil content on your bags with the with the purpose of under bags now. Yeah we did that for so many Americans think COLT we you know no you know what he used the I I I didn't I didn't wanna ask them first as I was like I was brand new arsenal and it. Please take your particular room. To put it on the bottom of the oysters it to serve one relief when they grow most most oysters well maybe Rockefeller. We'll and it keeps the body shells hot (%expletive) so he'd coming up through the two divorced her wrist or hear from Jim and Dan are you read it. The kid and has some parents that is but don't oyster shell right on the field they're gonna get arrange them on top of your bracing gonna look really nice to. Now it's pretty cool is they're called the SARS in the middle those so. So there you go. But they don't Gallup tar escorted two sisters all those restaurants and just amazing food and I'm so I didn't get to eat at some of them had 20 so you know I go back and asked him back in the evening. And sensing I would too we checked out some of these places really just a couple of occasions who stayed in the kitchen. So. Did you. Well I espionage worded bill. Those three potato code red beans and rice with sausage fifty red beans and rose. Really using cookies plays here ratings Clijsters just boys prepare these bananas Foster didn't pick Dick CK he's done a good agent. Who dead ball prohibition on unload shrimp Finland credit Big Brother go over so hopefully overjoyed and. Not on me. Away like I was playing catch up as of screwed up decision. Who can moldaschi. Laws brought it make it solid tape and they'll scrap Kamal out shrimp creole. I'm a little. I mean for deep for strip rather die and is trying to close friend. New insurance coconut shrimp and help stroke smooth smooth it's hard to believe free throw it. Shrill include savings slip further this room Faneuil. Don't smoke. Here. Sugarman. You want me away. Cheap film is. Person wants free. You're listening to this show is could get I would Charleston good. WPG that. Is that a dvd studio pitch tonight okay. I'm here I'm human home run king Chris Carlin drove in and walked into the W good. Studio kitchen. I didn't know to Houston. Now. There's not that it's done. I talon international legal Jimmy Jimmy buffet it's your own dog last Sunday afternoon happy sunny happy Father's Day. To all you dads to nurse him freebies out there you can look them up or buy one get loans and stuff like that you know all born there are. Restaurants and become more we wanna mention how to talk about a recipe you have run that you look at and it. Are you know there's one called fresh water yes right kind of more and more I have not only commit the menu it is incredible to have some great things. Well it took very cool they have their blackened catfish. And of course the barbecue shrimp. Normally crab cakes the real warrior who. Garlic shrimp a real audio. Our catfish pecan crusted. You don't that is it looks really good at fort veggies yes red beans and rice. Okra and tomatoes one of hometown papers I love that stuff I have had a number that I got with the huge as millions try to approach we're gonna do it today and today just refresh yesterday you bring up divide and Menem won it how. Brutal who counted differently an hour and a little bit of cornmeal and lightly coat the bottom of the pan was loyal and cook it slow around the country you know broader. All it's originally knew this was great about other search engines when you go when you put down cajun creole restaurant two minute comes up the list from here you me and I. I have mood just tournament this place off the air I have money from the new that I know I've heard the name. There have been them talking about Alexander Michaels in fourth towards fourth war incredible how far I guess from then we'd talk and having a fresh water virtually around the corner yeah they sure our. This place is 35 years old traditional house converted into a restaurant in the U you have to do you going there because as if like you say is it yeah Lance writing and too good to go all the houses that are middle to sign it is great. This isn't one of neighborhood dole has bars and I guess a person just an enemy of an illusion and kind of a place a lot of innovative wave when he first began on there was a great after hours plays fast to work everyone ran there and they stay the effort will live for after that there divers who doing extremely well in any have a great looking menu case and so when I first looked at Eisenhower that's that's is that that's accrual Louisiana restaurant so when and I looked. At the menu. And I'm looking at it house of Massoud blackened catfish that's who fit the bill and then the very next item. Is crawfish. Burrito moon. Have you ever had to have a got a now Cindy M I have to take you there for us. Crawfish burrito crawfish tails mushrooms peppers red onions spicy black beans and pepper Jack she saw attained with creole spices. And garlic wrapped in a flour tortilla and that's how you do does that sound that are who ruined his place until you I don't know that we don't really like that but but but if you go you go back I get a check it out they do have. Are they also have spicy crab soup by the way how cautious that I remember that you know gosh it's good child together I aerial fried pickles. Texas certainly grown barbecuing and making myself starting the front circles fresh practical yes I'm here okay so let's show you not. You wanna cook some some walls for him. Reluctant easy easy easy easy. Would be easiest thing you can make is in the blackened steak but McEnroe by which is very popular down there or a black and seafood. Blackened red fish was the big thing. Actor Paul Prudhomme restaurant. And then they are paid over fished it's so they stopped it is back now I believe. But they went to mine my. And I made blocking mine mine many many times and it's excellent vary every day you can bet yeah very good you can make it with anything to meet. Fish sort of almost by accident where and they just have to be revised can be in New York strip but rabbis are good and not to think is good too this is we don't necessarily want a real fix Dick. And it's so simple he's had a nice big salad bowl. Or shall Bolton thing and Immelt just seem not to butter maybe half a stick it firms don't be like for four stakes I would say more missed it for two. And get melted so it's Bernie and I have the stakes out and about room temperature. Take the stakes in dictum in the Boris are you cope both sides. Before you do that lay out some wax paper and by the Paul Prudhomme state magic he has broken steak magic when you can buy the black and seafood magic. To move the bottles it's really good stuff is an Arab a better way to do it. Laid it laid out employ layer on the wax paper so that when you take the piece of meat out of this fish or chicken. Al Fisher her sore arm. Beef but consider your butter is that you just you just slightly Georgia to the voters so that it's been tough on that it could create a car and then laid down on the wax paper that has displaced on the bottom. Then take the jar spice mix and sprinkle it over the top that leave easily covered both sides before Boehner dries. That didn't reach one individual like and then just for himself for a few minutes later heating up. Either your cast iron flat grow on your barbecue girl or. I'm just one of those yeah I love those little propane. And action butane tanks that they self from Coleman for a twenty bucks a Wal-Mart. Because that way you're not gonna mess up you grow you going to be outdoors they're young yeah I think if you want you want that girl to be as hot as you can get it. I know refusing your barbecue really you know make it all the way up my thing is you got your. Cast our stood on don't great slide and if you leave their old too long it's gonna start to have an effect on the great story sir yes so that's why I would I've done that way but I'd prefer to use a separate heating element that you decide element. If it fits or just to separate. There was no butane stoves. The campus just perfect works perfect children here on the back attitude well hey look you know. Not just for so once you've done and you got to steaks or your seafood sitting and it's all blackened with that would it's already with the blackening seasoning mix. And you've gotten that red hot on your grill who believe they do is put it on the grill each side whether it's the steak or the fish for about a minute and a half. Pennies and don't move it yep don't turn don't touch it this way after me and a half flip it over leave it there for me and a half take it off they're both done that's right. And that's it for men or 20 yes yes yes yeah. Those three minutes should give you a nice medium rare written by a perfectly cooked peas affair sure. Does not too thick the 300 senatorial we have time we'll take a real call girl go ahead and open line no more opportune Chris welcome to the WBT studio kitchen good afternoon. Hello I would church comment the first stressed it talked about what it the first one did you glean vision queen. Oh OK well I'm right yeah here's a look at how well. Shoot I colleagues were. When I think of who had never dealt with revelatory. Right RA the ego. What the standard of UB keys to your kitchen we've got a few more things talk about a couple of quick restaurant reviews some food news you know Domino's is gonna fill potholes why yes. Only for the film pepperoni. Advocates and. It's. I. And so they. Sir on this cruise fans wherever. It's really true team. I'm could be more traditional and engage in teachings can only do Chara. Then mobile cute crab. Made from fresh seafood caught undergo a magical pull. On the helix salad. Mohsen Zayed and not a rabbit no I didn't try and so that's good for you. Some are very very sound stewards are you familiar mound there's sure to join. There were branded prove themselves. Try to turn. Here's back home. Do you know earlier than. She brought you these bigger mess there. Care. Overheads yeah. Did that our gators moved to. Never. You're in the kitchen with Charles and boomer did silly as Cogent. On W BT and shouldn't really tee studio kitchen did you feel you should be seen in this. Rumors must know are. You played this a couple times didn't opponent throw Lye yeah. Religions I'm telling you when you do you have the best songs of Zach Berman should they've got to grab don't tell I love it. I just kind of zone. Marrying her. Man I'm so send Saturday. Hey don't work yeah. He's not a hundred sorry Bob Hope. Yeah. We should Smartphones. It's. Robert. Thought our favorite cook some food notes things that think about. Our guys have mentioned the dominoes and I got to tell you about this this is so funny to me I think it's really great. Dominoes is taking on America's crumbling infrastructure one pot hole at a time yes. They are partnering with a 220 towns and cities in the US to fix potholes Pomona the company and I did seen the ads but. They have showed they're showing an ad with a camera in there have been their pot holder box in the car. And when it hits a pothole. The whole pie flies around by now yeah I had thought about that. And you know that's they have insurance and that's if you take it out so now they're taken TU. You wanna be too that's all knocked around. So this Harry giving 5000 bucks. Two twice cities to fix potholes are better of him named tomorrow. But in some city you'll see this miss. Track and it's it's it's it looks like a Domino's Pizza box. But it's a paving chart that's putting up the tar who should the federal apart Apple's. Present marketing finger yes and pretty good market it's an injury that I checked the state has its stuff clean and stepping not. Europe pepperoni. I'll knock have to. I. There using asphalt that's being called the Haywood this week to one of your my favorite places I think. And that is really chicken served as an agreement at all and how boom wanna do no one night and I said an orchard a stop and now police who were who chicken. So she'd never walked in the on the sooner Torrington and she came home to wow the place is packed. Nice of her now super almost any time all almost any times there all day. Unbelievable you whenever crowd at three in the afternoon you know something's good going on anything that goes tremendous wealth when you can get a half a chicken with two sides to twelve dollars and 95 cents and to feed two people. Disapproves of someone just Asperger's that is really could throw between 39 try to get a whole chick fil a three says besides her ex con of the tried playing teams and so want to race crew who. And they had discrete sauces or four different sausages a green lime light later on. Hadn't of the names but they're all good group to single piece Ginny didn't want to do that another hole. I really is having so god congratulations to the chicken charter one here in Charlotte just a few years ago took to denying that. While and I think one of them is in Utah. Yeah. I anal. Are also went to the rusty bucket yes sir recently served really good sharing rooms yes and hadn't had talked about some nuance of an. They had to they have what's called a bucket O shrimp. You know the hole with a little risotto shrimp. Peel and eat shrimp chilled but am I on ice is so delicious really good this comes with a cocktail sauce in a Romo a lot of sauce from. We really good. Yeah it is for had deficient just the beer battered and an icon which is always dread those spirit that's very good Richard drew had a super solid combo that was good then they do they do a great job when they still busy they're great addition south Charlotte rid of their behind whole foods us or Europe they're really good yes. I checked out a new place that was on this moved this week actually a Friday morning on an odd to me because morning news with boat Thompson. The food for thought segment featured. In piper Glen might by the traitor Joseph oh cool and it's really cool it's a market in so much as they have taken by taken make items like Tuscan those onion. And all cut a whole list of them in different portion sizes from an enormous hassle have fresh pasta fresh sources we don't wines they got all kinds olive oils. It's for it's a timeout right Nixon traitor Jeff you asked two doors down from Trader Joe's. Recently opened hadn't checked them out you I'm gonna check them out all the dollar report back once I've gotten something from them at the chicken parmesan. When the parachute or much or roast a chicken. I'm its tundra and make it off from scratch yeah yes the in Italy that's where she learned to make it from the chef in a tiny kitchen the entire restaurant the real deal that's how you do it. He wouldn't talk about the crystal coast of the day last last week actually and I want to mention this to be out there and yet to Beaufort. As pronouncing this right South Carolina Buford Buford Cecil is installing a borderline you afford or sail boats to you today it was called the Beaufort culinary by tour what. And what to do as a sense you get to pedal pedal not rush and sip your way through. Both for its 300 years of history with hungry town tourist meant the name of the company. Hungry town towards. As you make six coronary stops. Including three restaurants and wine tasting olive oil pairings and chef inspired kitchen store. We have good fruit there isn't hungry as they do have good I'm Tanya towards filter on a three course progressive dining experience includes an appetizer entree dessert you won't be hungry. And but there's so much stare at the crystal coast Atlantic beach Milford. Morehead city near morehead city cape lookout pine no insurance so this Harper's island a less beautiful Salter path. Emerald dial. Yeah him to have these nannies for as a rookie in avenue Lawrence in Indian beach western crystal coast and down east chose you love them here. I want to go to both our forces settled and I went and I wanna take this a bowl for colony bike tour that's offered by hungry contours or board all of the information or crystal coast NC dot com. I think that is so cool it's beautiful isn't it great beautiful country. It is a good particularly after it won't last he is he's the best piece of funny news guess what the best lobster roll. Was found to be at they had the inaugural Downey's lobster roll Fausto and Portland Maine guess who won the award. A shop in Utah. Raw real and he thought he asked. Fresh she's lobster company in park city Utah well don't. Go figure. Anyway. Have a fantastic happy Father's Day happy because of all you fathers out there hope you have a wonderful culinary holiday today may be some mistook him for yet I'm being taken out to dinner in my western muted in a she put. A nice happy Father's Day in the number opens and be ready for 5 o'clock I'm taking out I go to RI public to know NetSuite iron to go in the meantime you have a fantastic we can you all know what to do until then you keep on cook and. News do you. It is time. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.