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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty JC you're weekly guide to everything colon area in Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants food and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call me. Call 70 form. 570. Yea 1110. Happy Sunday after. WBV's video pigeon but crucially opening. Allison into the show's token on WBZ minus don't think I'm here are my good friend former Montana and the our old today happy Sunday at a horse park technical producer and on and only Chris Merrill is here yeah. That was an address. I'm telling you and mark Thomas is in the house doing a great job at a Martin thank you that update on those kids in Thailand. Boy god bless them. And the workers the rescuers and thanks reporting it. Thanks to mark Thomas. Mostly great I mean it's great to be live here in the place it's Sunday. And what a Danny beautiful I went to the back of the WBT a studio or our pantry in on the kitchen pantry. And I grabbed as he sees great huge bottle. And about me and anyone do that Chris stroke into it cause a measured at gonna break if you go outside. And bottles. Final today. Please whether bottle this day or yes off so they can have it back but that's that's not any way to get an idea five and six. What I'm mornings from isn't it gorgeous great for outdoor dining off. Great I'm telling preparers brunch. Lunch group of people that at this as it is is perfect this this and there's a data to use the smoker which project I did on got a government on fourth. And then culinary days of course we just encourages a talk about us so much food updates and to some restaurants. Some travel tips to more than was beating the heat right now you just stay right here for the moment. Cause is not 87. There's not 97. It's 78 unheard of 78. Page I open the windows this morning was 62 degrees mini. Wow. Unbelievable so great weather for cooking out camping out dining out. And I really just enjoying all the all the patio is all the restaurants. And is a great time to be dining out because it is kind of quiet this week for some focus. I'll would you can tell those who are really good and are maintaining a lot of business. I found that out this week and I'll be talking about that as well yes there are there are places that you don't have to if they're really doing it right. They're staying busy now yes sir when it's kind of a lull but it's tough it's yes favorite especially coming out of the force is released you had you have some. About barometer yes about the quiet of acquiring I'm usually like as a friend from college are in town yes you go uptown last night he's had a dad who end up from weather here from Cooper driver yes they didn't get a lot of business yesterday. You're coming out of the holidays yes it's good restaurants and maintain that oh no doubt get in coming out. I mean even the traffic even the fraying in the traffic I don't think was as bad as it normally does not knowing that weather on Thursday group was not that was some women who. We just four inches of rain this sort of cultural that are right Union County about a half and this from what I hear. Through those who got a little time we're we do we would do minus almost too which is now I think we're ahead two inches and it's just all in like four hours yeah. That was only grace Lagarde who really great for the gardens are let's talk food that's enough whether but it really is really gorgeous. I've got for today and some for the sweet people say about I know today in coming summer might be ousted going into the week and I'll remember a market down. Yeah it's easy and we're here to comment. Today July 8 as an aria circuit today is national chocolate with com Wednesday through what do you think a man and a her shock it was all league Hershey bar you go to dollar us until then level I Melo playing Hershey bars yes but next of that issue and almond milk chocolate movements there. You know the almonds obviously they say how a lot of health benefits. Which I've always thought that to be true with all modes. In this case is says they reduce the risk of heart attack lower bad cholesterol protects are you also damaged help build healthy bones teeth but. Provide healthy fats and aid in weight loss lower the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals I didn't know that. Help provide good brain function to northern. And nourished the nervous system and the last one hears is Al localize the body. Does that I don't I'm not sure exactly. Am I too salty. Like there's a reduce the opposite I don't know what equipment and apparel about my PH of our guests for. That's at a salon but I do love almonds and especially with in charge that his mom does a better way. Must have been used to have those ads when one candidate it's only asked California almond growers want can't make. Now I would do you keep your professional valid slash user who took her sessions are really gonna go are coming up this Tuesday. I do like Pina colada. Yes I do you always lesion on Tuesday is national pinnacle of the day it's too early it is right short heads up on that now it's observed annually on July 10 ego and if you haven't had one or you don't know. It is a sweet rom based cocktail. Yes and run can get to you remember having rum punch on the last cruise my what can attest to it. And see what they did was they put the they put the punch. They put ice on the side. And they put the punch in the great big you know container to to two with a tap and it would be great big bottom Le'Ron next to a good. So you know those tours and that party from the cruise ship. He simply feel John Glass with a nice. Can took some rum from the bottle and and topped off with a punch that's so you would film bartender. Yeah boy yeah. Well was saying three sheets of the when running back at half. That Jimmy Buffett saw a volcano that's where on a whole there's no hard vote drinks at followed drinks let's throw us so anyway this AMP decline uses the room. And there are different claims to be invention the Pina colada beginning in 1952 in San Juan and I good tennis and want to replace and is coming back. This should and it says that you truly started with a pineapple and run together from the beginning. Then they Indy rejoice did not include coconut. Where in the hell there should be that was 1922 rule yet so there you go okay coming up Wednesday. One of my favorite foods mine in my rest assured there's whomever you like blueberries problem. Yeah crucial turnovers I love doesn't write fresh who bears fresh blueberries for amateur habitable or special coming up. Later in the hour. But it is Wednesday on the eleventh national blueberry muffin day all that would be my favorite yeah I mean you guys that we are there any Texas morning yes sir. I make Pincus commodore for awhile from scratch. I don't buy and you always used in Jemima but I don't do this quick whatever I know people do that I don't do any of that you make your own and make my own because you know what. I know exactly what's in it and there's nothing I can't pronounce from the testosterone nexus or book or something. It was champion whoever it is zinc oxide or whatever. The hitch a flower if you make so are you too big and Carter moved to salt. Unless you're drawing mixed and it's not it's a half a cup of milk to a half a cup of flour and and a and a half of its tablespoon each of those are things not to not necessarily exactly that the let's close Friday and then you take. A tablespoon of voting melted he had an engine can be done and in the near the half a cup of milk. And a little bit of no sir and that's a you combine the two night you have exactly enough before nice sized pancakes are films where growth. And astronomy that's why he had the rumors about a half a cup delicious. I can get overextended struck proved blueberries of the guests in there hasn't been the best way to use that griddle panned even if it's nice to stick cannot. As if you want them to brown the first batch to us and sometimes it don't. When the gross hot enough take the statistical butter and just from the bar on the griddle and then take a piece of towel to wipe it off. Off and for whatever reason I learned that from Alton Brown. It means you get most brown you know golden pink it's the first time around well because I'm only making four big ones for us to move us. So was perfect her. National very often they're cutting this July 11. The wild blueberry did you know that it it became domesticated during the early nineteen hundreds it was not to domesticated blue wild. Banks to get observations of Elizabeth Coleman right and the research of doctor Fredric V Kovil. Before their efforts wild blueberries we never successfully transplanted and raised in any farming operation for personal or commercial production. I mean I know they don't yes I remember in summer camp. What north. And there were natural blueberry bushes every where in new England. And new just literally. You know walking along had come off. Needham while he yeah. This is a Hershey's together yes that's true and reluctant to fortune here we get the all the pros who want fresh for albeit great first. Amber's here this regard we do I didn't realize that they're groaned as close as I don't know where but I know what you. Turkey does autumn detriment talk about central north can end up around greens for a million dollars a ton of blueberry farm must be preferred I don't what about best friends growing up as a blueberry. Really how rash or a city girl so our loved blueberries. They're good aren't they. They abundant in potassium vitamin CB six and many other health benefits. Obviously so there you go good stuff there you go. So it look very and the fact they have to separate days of Bloomberg pops who blueberry cheesecake and bring pop over they have their own days yes and July by the way is national blueberry month blueberry they go buddhism government but the OK I got my thrill if they go. I know one more for you coming up on Thursday when my favorites as a dessert that my wife makes it really well is he can't party like all right you have Chris cut up the camera away. Paglia Kobe who doesn't right off the rest us sir yes yes sir I'm Tanya. Can't beat a great peaking empire it's observed in who enjoy twelfth. Are you most new corn sheer. And then some and chocolate or how about this on bourbon whiskey or. Ya I hear some regions of the country like in the south. It's often serve you know ice cream or whipped cream. Take them both yes sir and they don't know about the original recipe and Everest be dating back to 1897. Claims made of the pie existing in the early eighteen hundreds and Louisiana we might like this from. And it's not in the cookbooks until like Fannie Farmer and joy of cooking until 1940. The risks that they don't slices every you know. Real thing there that's it going to be every guests of all kinds of grips are about where you buy your food this hour. 07457. Elevens and what do you look for groceries we go for halibut stay in the kitchen. Home to. That's. Even confident. On news. This I was. My very same Poland IA it's my Zynga to run down to the sound. And I knew and I hope it's. Listen to him. I mean. One day wears. And burning man the game is I have a. Rome radio dot com and you. I was leaving knows nothing piece of the financial even enjoying and she's just spent. What they're they're perfectly and also you just as soon a homeless what you don't know each inning. No no we design and it took. Half don't have to ask what do you talk. Don't like the homeless don't have to Idaho. Like yeah. We never got so many complaints over two minutes after the markets. Yeah. Did give up doesn't it does is let. Come on leave the love you man Harry Harry Harry Harry ran as fast as you can. Do you know the mountain and remain among ten men and the mountain man. Do you load them up and commands through twelve cents or maintain. I'm sure in the kitchen with Charles and boomer. This chilly is coach came under WBT. And the muffin man hole yes no amount of spin meant high school well send a maiden name in the WB TV studio Jim. And we're talking very much from hydrogen can even boomer my Canon behind the scenes Kristi Harold I'll have to listen to banned all cued up each time a lot of pain and this is our movement from the numbers man the end sings this or not I'm mentally. Yeah as soon as I tell you saw the ball Ella. Sister yes sir are a lot I like that yeah. She had a voice and she hoped. Yes sir I'm sure I'd probably heard us in the back though Carla mind I was driving somewhere there. Back way back and I have heard this in the past murals are sure absolutely. But let's talk about no where you buy your food I mean I came up with a short list as quickly as I could for today in Charlotte ten. Food ten different stories you can go and you most of your if not all of your groceries or I've met I left when my gosh. Our eleventh. At least that's amazing here. And growing up. I remember one or two W the other 1 central north chronicle food line I know I and then finally they look like him fine guess regional market. Big pair. That is easier big bear stores. And I were involved personality and a big conglomerates that there weren't they were too when I grow up I remember my mother taking me. And for the longest time just just to grocers and blew one by us that we go to that was it. And then I moved down here. The closest one the only one really was a Winn-Dixie. Do gone long gone those of a concrete market yes sir which is no law it's I think it's a Wal-Mart express and it is great it's not and then and then wouldn't then that then I don't it was a buy low and that's still down and so Charlotte the which I'm running and sometimes the daytime and I. Don't know how they stay open some times it seems to slow but maybe now it's getting busier down there are people moved still into the downtown area of Olympic time he and a and then of course we found Harris teeter. And she just plays first and I'm mark croft. And see the outside backs and our grocery store if if there must be a terrible yes like for sort of way too big for grocery store it. And you walk and it's like coal mine fashion. So there are thing yeah. And speaking of which let's talk about July 4 from a menu peeled cooked out to be a little Morency got their pairs tenders never they have a special proper summer caught fire cracker. Prior art or process of peppers and we'll replacing all of your great. I thought I gotta get the whole they do because on the enterprise is just four the next couple yes and this limited. Time and that is really good juicy and lineup after some excellent spices yes. I can't take a brats anymore without thinking Joey chestnut who write we watched on July we'll see that yes we did 74 hot yelled yes you know how many minutes is they have 101010 minutes yes so we ate. So what seven hot dogs a minute I I just don't. I can't picture that much in Chinese to America one time. If I could lead to hot dogs new give me three knob like halfway through the third Abiola. Remove the students are still able to talk afterwards he had an interview on season he's unbelievable I don't know how he does and he makes really good money people sooner or read Mariette you know he makes private you make six figures aria. Yes. Because she's done several things he's the top either for everything from much of malls. Who's who brought yet guess how many brought C 870. Yeah. Sending another great and hot dogs right I should have to have the Barnes seventy Brock just brats. Yeah yeah he's Joseph Torre was here last year about this time unbelievable. It really is amazing 74 hot Scioscia so I look I have to get those and you got out of mark's record brought the government hair Steve Harris teeter on just yet that's the place that we get when I wanna get. Our meets. Meats and seafood specifically and I go to Hearst either. I'm doing now for many many years because from a quality and value standpoint. I think there their black Angus beef is Cobbs. And is there's always something on sale every week there is to just not T bones is deploys it's not a full a.'s and we thought we got the couple recently we got the entire. The phrase Delorean. And I was just so so tender my gosh wouldn't we made it a couple Saturdays ago out of this world. The service has been real good to service is really good Guillen knows the yes this recount or who wrote to portray or. It's seafood area they'll look at trees and they do they really are they remember you I know he's I think someday they see him I come now for the source for Stacy would you investigative in the bank's frozen. Casino that's what I like. And usually that's the case I don't know how long it's been the case I know look it's always comes fresh frozen and it's delicious and I can depress it just is nearly five minutes. And really a leveler seafood especially the fact that I can get caught any time swordfish anytime. And the reason and and both to listen ten bucks a barrel right yes I mean it's phenomenal human. You know always glad to be honest way to well don't try that because has been here would try theorists yes especially you know they're they're good so we do W and we said we gonna smoke fragile life before them did you have we we sent us first role that I went the day before I went I went durst here. And I got the this chicken breasts moved and I had a bone in pork but yeah grossed. And then I show's gonna go to write in several times now the new sprouts. Because they had yet they have we got fork. Ribs their last time they were really good. But I noticed at Harris teeter as I was getting dinner items they had I had seen these Neiman ranch. Neiman ranch or knows a really good name here for meets. So they would Neiman ranch. Our pork call natural pork ribs. And I think to a 69 in nine pounds two dollars off a pound which is not cheap for Richard they have I've seen him for two and 99.9. This week obviously for everybody wants to have my outside. And I'm gonna grow or however we smoked him but they were tremendous Neiman. Neiman ranch not Nieminen Marcus couldn't I couldn't even friendship either against the name is that I'm kind of I know that they have good great meets to. So when I saw those I grabbed him. And effective the last two on the shopper told the guys back in the car so I took the last two went on how many more. And tomorrow so make that came I coached. I caught the ridge for a four hours in the wrapped him for a total of two for other hour I'll pay the and the broad import problem for about seven hours. Best as the only girl on camera has worked. OK so let's talk about grocery stores coming up and all kinds of events and oh my gosh this summer to talk about state in the kitchen this too. Age is. You can move through them. I wish. Mean I. Easier said. It's. And who's not and employs ten people only anymore it's. The team. In music. Imus since the boys today it's. And you haven't even touched your flute. Not touched it happy. Do you see eleven dead and 993. WET. Respectfully dissent from. It's. None. Managed. You don't. You're in the kitchen with Charles and boomer. Did she always cocaine on WBT. And knowledge. And WBZ studio pitcher and Barry's love you. Roll fans. There is a festival coming up. Yes but look we're festival on July 14 and LB next Saturday a couple of things about there yeah. Cherokee Jeep Cherokee Indian fairgrounds. In Cherokee North Carolina has the blueberry festival. And in fact I talked about it on Friday with mark Harrison for travel segment yes and I talked to the woman who puts this on the right. Yes it is a major first of all it's free. This is no cost to voters and they have blueberries out there like you won't believe. And and bush in fact she said she's responsible. Four of the school. That they put up and when they put the school up. She made sure they have blueberry bushes go up but who 99. People who every bushes around that school for the kids to tend to harvest. And dine on very possess markers. So they have a blueberry festival on the fourteenth. And it's got fresh boomers of course delicious recipes. Blueberry products anything that's Meguid blueberries people will have them there to sell. And trying nine down from. The family friendly activities entertainment. And industry it's all ahead visit Cherokee NC dot com or write yet you should you had a friend Brenda bit. Is it the North Carolina zoo squirrel creek blueberries and that's. Started out just for a couple plans for a family and it just expanded it expanded over the years now a hobby turned into a big hobby yes and now it's like wow almost more time. Poor guy who's retired from his latest turn into yet and soda blueberries to be have the the outright ground so there's. And go read it I don't really letters that are related content. All right I've revised my list but I actually have a list of thirteen. Supermarkets. Our grocery stores right here in Charlotte deed go to any timing isn't on everything that you need. Not everything but just about all right here's the list and I'm in no particular order just as they came to mind the first one probably the most recent is legal. Him and I mean in the one down and so Charlotte a couple of times. They don't have a lot of bring names other gaining more mostly to slowly increasing. But they have but what they have is very inexpensive. And their brand names are very expensive and it all seems a decent quality of brooding quality. They especially have a great bakery they were they big things themselves. And the prices are broke are causing others like Wal-Mart. I mean to take exempt 36 and thirty cents I know a dozen times in a gallon more for 64 cents right. So that's relatively new to the more chance that they out of Germany here yep. They're gonna they're gonna really dark room till this market towards lower prices for sure leader in legal and I know their busy. The other one. That's been around before them their predecessor almost in the same manner is all the my. These are those around for awhile on her head and there at the same thing low pricing especially no name or their own name brand and limited. Variety of brands I shouldn't say. But low low prices are part of me still charge or quarter to use the a shopping cart essar where they did I found out Australia at a at a at an immediate quarterback is dead now yeah yeah yeah you put it back infineon and with the help each quarter buffer that's a riot. I don't buy low given on violent years ago yeah we used to because by us that was in the Diallo when Harris teeter and of course as was the viral ad that points are Charlotte. That was 145. Individuals enrolled us while ago if they're based out of Greenville yes Caroline yes Mulva probably edits an historic. On the one bug bounce or Charlotte aren't they don't have many people and actually vote line about food lion yes it's been a while but oh my gosh I don't think they've really Rihanna have their stores haven't yes sir I shall be one painful moment and once they've done a lot of work lottery magic check you know because I had that's been for ever. About his birth fair I don't know if there's more than one or two when does the rundown and so Charlotte into Burlington. And I'm in a couple times never had a couple. Vicious with a low scores on inspections and things and even when I bought something wasn't pleased with so I haven't been in their often but that's more of a you know for a store specializing as does. I'm hopeful Jews say you know again it's just a lot of organic yes who do you take home that's it and then sprouts has opened down south Charlotte that's got to be the most recent. And I do like them. Really great produce. They have a lot a huge a selection of organics and then there was huge selection of non organic. And then everything else they've apple deli they have meets they have seafood. They they have you know bakery stuff items they don't do it there but they know they have lots of bakery items and all kinds stuff and I think they have more locations come and around here too I think so -- or expand I like them and they they are very reasonably priced. As a co produce market. Their deficit principal in the food stands to produce stands and sums of they have just gorgeous or we're really pleased. Then you got like our reads Marie by fruit yes sir who lost a lot of resistance has now flourishing there they're doing well they're great. For locally produced food items if you want presence made locally yes sir they probably haven't. This sort of guard take column to get wiser flat bridge oh yeah really good yes and whole foods also is good at an all out. Providing locally. Produced. A food items visit you bringing in their and they like it. They'll put it in their store here locally oh man which is really cool so raids bring a product if they like it and you little labeling everything correct. It's up to speed you can get to their stupor and Reid's head. Maryland crab dip that was cool rebel last summer having power out of a big a lot crap from Ireland and scallions and she's yes a seasoning it was really good. And then there's fresh market which smell the obvious based on the greens from yes they have really good meats and seafood as well there are no more than they do have rhino is being their cribs fresh from him right there directs them. Behind the Nikkei and they're also we'll have North Carolina shrimp yes from the yes it's usually pretty fresh very fresh to manifest their seafood is outstanding careers there's. I've got an excellent or very whatever it is there are really good stuff and if so they do a good job yeah. Our Wal-Mart. If I'm gonna buy brand name canned goods and products that don't Monty whatever hunts. I don't know how many of them there so there once a week to get the staples yes. And for the most part to produce can be very good it sometimes it's not so great. Would you release good. Our prices are of course are always great that's what drives us down there remains you know. The name's Eric yes exactly major and the things that don't matter and that could run a great value and that's you know even the milk the exam means yes some of the staples. It's fine with me but I don't have any problem with the great value brand name. Of the things that we want that we like to brand name yes then I'll buy it there but it's funny because sometimes a plastic wrap all of a sudden you drop by theirs and you know what. Is better than the other brand name a big hard work I just never know she just keep trying yes right that's all OT Tara but all of those places. Have all the different foods. That's thirteen. Yeah a lot it is. And then if you want other specialty foods. But for instance when we may despite Serbs for those means that we smoked. I'll go to marshall's home goods movement and they'll have. The cans are paprika. Well liked the spicy that they have both especially paprika and the cans of are just sweet paprika. And I didn't realize I depend very expensive I had used a two camps repair pre June Cindy so let me have the but this didn't smoke separate Khatami to corporate she got to make the rub for that. I inadvertently gave her what was the spicy. Path through the smoke spicy smoked paprika thin blue. If baby boy yeah. It was really. Spicy and I apologist but as delicious concern said this so yes but anyway they have that and if you like the peppercorns and want to mix different peppercorns. Sir I'm good that marshall's home goods. So they don't but he's he just he just never know. So okay restaurants food newsletter that when we come back because I get a few things I wanna share a few at the very least I. Stay in the kitchen stay in line will be happy talk to as soon be hit back into the kitchen commercial flight Thai legal for that. I don't know stay in the kitchen hood. Apple's. Then number. I had one little subtle. And his doctor. And in another. While locals out. This is a trip comes off it's crap luck to acquire a taste that won't acknowledge. Do all the rest of the recipe was reported six people I don't multiplier for honored. I guess I can't give you yeah I got no scales again if you like a job I can make great. I. Oh radio dot com station. It's prison dinner was always a big thing. Get across the course and then we had some meat or fish. Surely do the prep work he was doing a year contempt and he had this wonderful system for doing and garlic. They used to raise her niece a slice it's so then revenues from what we're trying to pair with just a little oil. You tomorrow night. Really. Any. Enjoy listening to dish Chile as coaches we Charleston boomer plug WPG. It's short in the kitchen. On Monday against Bloomberg he didn't play designed imagine how we have not seen as an old or renewing our I indictments are. Plug in 2000. It's well past the man. And it's why a good drive Subaru suvs soon as the sandwiches soft hook up with our. Studio and of course until inflation here. Culinary music at least we go to great plans to find these from best color songs. The world has ever heard as a quick pace. SCS cup and thirty states. A hurry they don't what one we got a call. From our Greg and he mentioned I'm so ready did Greg thanks Callan and listening Sam's Club. Yes sir oh gosh yes but I don't go there but I do go to cost Costco oh my gosh CommScope does all the people were eating over to go to shop I love making and selling it's great that there a dollar 49 for a foot long hot dog and soda can be revealed how could no equality amending this slob yes it really is and all their food older meets. I mean an end the prices I mean you go into any grocery store and you want your four ounces of smoked salmon blocks and and it's like 68 bucks a bit. You eagle and then you'd get a pound for twelve dollars and their health same box your house brand yes actually well known national breast. Kirkland and get much of you go by the crippling coffee that Starbucks ensure almost makes deficit and and the other ego and image for example yes so it ended with a carton of name. Is it admit most cases coming from a well known. And very good benefactor I have Costco name on I'll get my tires there and they rotate around however Simmons from those around and that's included. And on wall and having that don't know what to the store and I don't always or always look I was something over on the book in the head during your pizza everything at all it's as easy rate if you wanted to yet and it to people take on this huge pizzas. And he's not sure. May go and tasted of open the front page have a slice. In this some. Always in good thing we didn't mention we talked about it off the air my wife reminded me the Harris teeter. Especially the rundown and at that the comments Ballantine commons and do a bar. And I member when they redid the place just to put in a bar yes. We drive tear gas and wind there's one here corner problems and queen yeah the true story Harris teeter you have if you look upstairs who had cornered the B people they're just. Hanging out DJ's. Or band playing and having a great time who. With the incredible edit it that's the thing now. That's the thing go to a group restore faith and you're you're around food and your consuming and have a good time for France and on the way out you may you. Pick up something that they hope I'm astonished I just eloquently put it is. They wanted to Valentine that Thursday Friday and they've got samples all around the place so widely in or beer and then that part is full of people sitting. And having Israel to do it inexpensively as this that and people like kids do it. And I think that's wonderful I did it congratulations to Harris teeter. That's a great look at chart here's a couple of interest in did you talk about charm bar number seven effect we are we're go to call I can remember his name he's gonna tells why it's called that. But they're celebrating seven years. With seven restaurants and yes yes seven restaurants in seven years charm bar. They started at Karl rural location 2011 I was just there yesterday that road where you are by overtly out to friends so there you have a concept focus on our quality food great service. Has opened surge in Matthews Greensboro and national Southern Pines mountain brook. As we know that's Alabama and mint hill. To me go off fool with the most important reason for our success. Are gonna co creator and co owner Tyler Hager says and goes on speak about it on the big ego I think they're doing a great job and I congratulate them. No actually not a place I can graduate. Chef Ron Allen. This is really one of the greatest. 1997. And that is for those who are unemployed underemployed looking to find a new career cannot afford or have the means to do so. Can go to the community culinary school Charlotte. For free won't. And become a full time. Restaurant employees. In the kitchen and worked their way up to. Chef. They have just completed their sixtieth. Class. Sixty. Yes. Sixty classes and has is where their and it is just amazing this is national coney. Culinary arts market that is for July. And they have local chefs that join them now and help teach the classes thanks to everyone who does that under. It and they're not even offering cooking classes to the public which is new rule there on Monroe road by the way really easy to get to. And they're having that sort of cultural cars school. Is offering cooking classes are they had one on Wednesday July even what they have going on Wednesday July 11 knife skills. And thirty minute meals was shocked Alvin Howard and you can register you go online. Thursday July 19. Leading cooking the chef Jeff brag but I know him. Yeah. Then Thursday July 263. Ways to prepare salmon was chef George you pay only pay payroll auctioning pills. And this is all at the community Carter school of Charlotte even go to their website and get all the information is not fantastic program yes. Class from six to 8 PM all levels are welcome sixty dollar special in honor of class sixty bring your talent to the table this July. And they also have a full cafe there will be for breakfast and lunch and to grow and bakery and is tremendous allies and he had chickened out if you had not there is not cool yes or okay. One more thing I norv got time for most probably it and that is the fifth annual eat. Drink and be local festival October county is being held this year from July 14 to 21. Offering several foreign tourist cooking demonstrations near mine so tastings special dishes offered by local restaurants. And of course at the local farm feast of course I do know from that beautiful met you know seeing check this out obviously online. It's what do the North Carolina cooperative extension Qatar the center. And just you know group look up. Via festival is the eat drink can be local festival of Qatar but. County kicks off with savoring summer flavors consisting of cooking demonstrations. At the farmers markets or to create union square and Conover post of July 14 so. What effect next week boomer all right meantime you know to do you keep on cook again. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.