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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty JC you're weekly guide to every single and error in Charleston -- wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants. Fruits and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call 704 yeah. 57 will be eleven attack and pat. A Sunday afternoon. You are in the WBT studio kitchen my name is Charles Jenkins in the gentleman sitting across from me the one and only bummer Montana and and Gerald and listening to their right of him. The one and only Chris barrel. Technical producer asks questions open that. Must and shall we. What a beautiful about it and over the Atlantic and articles Sunday afternoon 85 sunny degrees. Smoke filled Arnett sunshine. And it's really urges you yes it is now. There you go so we are gonna have a fantastic are with you this movie this afternoon it is afternoon. And we'll talk about places you go. What things that you cook that would be considered low country cook in my remote southern low country cook in southern will come talk about it because. You know when you talk about southern low country up soul food. This kind becomes a blend in there there's a little variation especially down here in the show us sir. And we'll talk about that aren't altered to look to get your your input on this 7045701110. If you moved down here and on the south and our near Charleston Charleston Savannah. Helicopter would love to hear which you think about what is low country cooking. How old took over the national called Larry calendar days you've got a few today boomer who. I made I mean Mexican dinner for its arsenal were great friends that live across history lesson don't know about it Brian I did make the cornbread recipe in doctor and talked about emerge cornbread dress me last week yes. I'm just under armour to him because that's that's low country tokens are they doing tea how are you not and when I'm gonna do with it. To change it slightly. Probably was very good and also tell you about a free lunch. Today then like now it's happening today right after this show I asked him if they could schedules so we could undercut the pats I think that there but in South Park. I'm gonna tell you this hour about an absolutely no strings attached free lunch just I don't know clock whoa whoa yeah. Or and so first let's go ahead and start start with international culinary talent there all right this here's a perfect offer today did you know boomer it is national iced tea day no and I loved it doesn't look it doesn't work I do to a really do fresh made nicely yes and it's only way to which put the first two days later marriages and now you have got a little baking soda which is what they do to preserve our studios are making racist is just an idea now. This day is set aside to celebrate last summer's favorite drinks sweetened unsweetened you'll like it would limit without our logo with I do too and real sugar yes. Yes real sugar derailed by absolutely. But flavored. Yeah I ask your Sig ever poor and so mom lemonade and it no I have not gonna take women and and what they call half and half this half he would have to eliminate as an arm at the Palmer you have yeah bush really good man I know China and used to always I would try that but as far as like flavors of our overboard just lemon ice to your peach raspberry or lime passion fruit story Sherry I wouldn't do it doesn't permit but just the half and half is now I would like we're just starting with the real iced and realized he could eliminate half the real thing recipe that happened that yeah hundred stern. Well he wanted to try I know never had that much much that the oak coffee cup that was here for you all we ask you a level head this yes there will really famous for their half and half I'm really hard he could drink a gallon it was great until there's a couple places here won't mention later to do that now. I'm so gonna get to have fried chicken oh yes I was hooked ended and a cast iron skillet yes. Then they go coffee kind of go by drive by still and I go that wind is still are empty and what a shame the could left it there I know it's part of the foundry now but still we could have youth. Cologne lifted it was it was a shrine we're a coffee cup I'll tell you awful and that's what would you ask where have things gone that's a good example yes anyway. Iced tea recipes date back to the 1870s. Moved the buckeye cookbook Jimmy who don't know. Are published an 1876 and house keeping an old Virginia published an 1877 both contain. Iced tea recipes it is believed that I used to started to appear in the states. Around 1860s. Became widespread and 1870s. And we've found that I hotel menus. And it was introduced at the 1904. World's fair in Saint Louis no kidding tip that's where you go choice a long way there's there's they are. So placed near Charleston yes that makes bounty fresh T I'll have to look it up in recent used to vital aspect because they grow it and that area down a little country. And how bad it respect I got our look at appear delivers incredible in a thorn berg freshly brewed men's team that may properly and I obviously is not for everybody to do at all times because they so on offline they see the ads on TV for all kinds of you know iced tea yes sir grocery store. But you they've got to add something to look to preserve them that would be makings were molecular roast yet to look at the label. And Charleston tea plantation hole it's yeah and I learned that there is really good at a big enough. It's all fresh grooves yes there just just inland from Charleston. There's really religion and to get the team and actual be used to be it would abide Harris teeter I don't know they still have and are not the one time because it. I love Charleston I love to got to engines cut tee during the mornings or not don't have I still can't it's also today is national herbs and spices today for a while if you wanna say it to us it reads national herbs. Prices they heard such. Mahesh at at at at its first day. Herb pitcher today national urban spikes this is observed annually engine tent. The season for fresh herbs and spices. And we got it we'd call a few weeks ago from our good buddy Keith yes who calls the show he calls me in the morning sometimes is great I mean he talk about a fan of the station. But he was right. He talked about the growing your own herbs using fresh herbs not buying the cheap stuff on the shelf is sir and I I grew by quality terms of whether it's McCormack earning the name brands. But it was dry it doesn't lesson and now know if you can tell. But fresh. Have a garden out there. And we've got fresh chives fresh Rosemary bright and that was it yeah people yesterday hazard these new or herb gardens that they played an a and planners and you know losses about south of two footballs. And that's nice to splatter do you put on your patio or your house. And nothing is Bonnie plants who makes this Diego by al-Qaeda and you got everything out especially for barbecue you gotta you gotta have Rosemary got to have oregano or that's time that's it that's it they're the three right there and ended up. Parsons kind of tough to a salon treasurer really tough. For me Rosemary. Get a planted in the ground and go anywhere you we plan around we plan submitted to early there's an arena also range saw he had put pulled up room replanted yesterday was pressures. Mean if you can get that taste of what is it you're right when you cook allowed just pick a little and they say it is says unit raising your own herbs can be a former relaxing therapy I agree with that obviously just take a sprig of Rosemary break in happened and sniffer dogs and usually feel better off I think they have yet to find all of the properties and that is the true. Arm. Chemical properties that help the human body. As much as they can pressure rilya that packet they're actually pretty easy to grow that's it Crisco I had let's opened on line one. Welcome you do that somebody there on the line one. Welcome to WBT studio. Kitchen. Not OK welcome back to. Thought so anyway guess grow grow some of your fresh herbs if you can. It's really easy you can get started shouldn't get the seeds. And just had you know the little pops up you know actually they do have departed verses out already set for Hillary growing what's the heat in. Remember it's it's not just it's it's interesting it really is really nothing like my answer this surface olestra Oprah today urged congress to. The epic about it is. National black cow day black I'll be out now. I have not I definitely with that term for this. I'm familiar with having a black and wait a cabinet. My milk chicken which is Vanilla Ice you know you have no question giant circular yep that's because. This is national black how day observed on June 10. And very simply. This is like as has her eyes filling with the root beer float didn't know that it is called a black cop a black cow was originally may have root beer and not a screen. And now it's sometimes known altered. But there's this is it just true story frank. Gets the credit for inventing the black cow back in August of 1893. Com. One night as was an hour. Owner of the Cripple Creek Howell mountain gold mining company was starting out with starter was staring out the window and thinking about the line of Soto waters that was producing. They were producing for the citizens of Cripple Creek he came up when an idea. The police have the full moon that night was shining on the snow capped how mountain reminded him of a scoop on the Nicole ice cream how am I giving it is and I think he. He carried back to his bar. Added a spoonful of the creamy Vanilla goodness to the children's favorite flavor of soda Meyers avenue red root beer well. We tasted it he knew we had to hit. He named the creation black cow mountain and the local kid shortening the black cup. So legal ice cream float is also known what was a first known as as a back out on a black amounts of next time you you know going to a place like up hikes or anywhere and it hasn't always been floats and ice cream and and shakes. Like come through channels so many places now creditors are Hotspur yes yeah Antioch I got a black out yet. And just say no only hot dogs the fact that it got a hug you like orange and black you know. So southern food right southern food low country food. We gotta talk about a 704571110. If you want to join if I don't prison Franco for one of those I solved that fast ego just stay in the kitchen. Okay. Monday and dry air. New C 1110 and 993. WPT. We got a recipe for hash something. This is timely thing. Irish Warner Oriole got bigger lead you sure didn't die as a whole lot lager in a merger catastrophic. Now in fact out of Iran now me and my brother and a cousin of mine was in the process of getting that thing patented. And then shell and the rest are very good news of brotherhood won a mode it's they ensured a restraining official restaurant near interstate and back and it frank. What I want to build there was quit making and that line. I'm not go and they let. You're listening to this show is good game with Charles and go work on WP exe. In the W refused to your kitchen boomer didn't play that song when you're out and nobody cup results I. Our basket a little more help than he left the I mean both loved and I've always right. Have here we are places around here make them yes sir don't week. All right there's a shoreline wanted to welcome them into the WBT studio kitsch. And good afternoon welcome. School. Via channel line there. Were new and ridiculous OK how are what your first name. Our art god John welcome to the WBT studio kitchen are you doing it Alpine out all over the credit traffic report oh go ahead and tell us. Hi 45 enter or exit six people were pretty. The Bible you ask is that there's an accident argued vehicle blocking let ban lying. And then one of the vehicles was carrying a boat and it's talking that you liked and loan. He only got one line coming great. Though the bat that starts about a mile or so behind my ball. Am what you get pat that everything fine. But that is a blow though you're there certainly torn knee in a minute ago that involve. Tell us again is that you were to serve but he knows. Yet. I've already a order. All that. That it or pay us back headed westbound us hi I'm fifty once I write to you Donna Johnson rode our province sure road and you're heading into the city just 177 that is. Anywhere near. Get off set to I go up the highway fifty wanted to on yes so only if you have before Johnson routine over Johnson or does that work bingo Johnston to. Johnson railroad in order for it to wanna rebel province problems like Asia where the yup. Excited I so much for calling I appreciate it be safe out there. Let's go ahead and move on time tutor Chris welcome to WBT studio what your first name. It and hey Stephen welcome how are you human. I'm ordered you guys there under that could heat our congress and that. You know I might move and they connect give bird a post I'm a carbon Monica I'm dead as a low yeah. I would call him yet about capital redneck girl look caught yes entered the item that I like tell us. Well like you've taken an ambulance out did you puritan bacon albeit odd. Yes try to really expanded burden an opinion you blew it would be here who hoppy beer yeah until they Kunstler being. And then you would appear dancing independent spirit that we're shrimp and then YouTube that's going to do it sprinkled about bill won't move. That sounds excellent credit to Taylor. Let it simmer to become have a clear idea. Yeah yeah about the beer boil down until its catalogs Serbia respect because of that if you boil and it you know and a bowl opt out are sure that they're in an almost becomes like a stir up. Do you get a save some of the you're seeing during some of the bureau obviously. Did I really. And it's our our security good shade yeah. So you think you could use you could use argue to judge brown launched. You can live without anybody. Any of that on a meat product among your really cheap shots are so then it happened pop. That's fantastic student right now Johnson you know just for this summer has the spice the assault is like Condoleezza sausage in the week by Yale who in his what when and where this is spicy bears my little girl and right and also. Somersault suggests spicy food and that would be great non hungry Crocker have to happen always to think as they usually are gone. Have a wonderful weekend. And stay away from 45 inner loop into pine belt high repute who need it asks possessed outlook and so there's a vote on the record my gosh yes votes in the highway that does me no that doesn't go well does it. Okay. Let me talk to about a nice email we got boomer. This is and by the way you can email us on the show page you can see the envelope right there. And that will take huge tomb umpire you remind you adjust which we share and that's for C Jenkins CJ ENKR editor at WBT dot com. After the show and or just a commercial page this is from and and says Charles and boomer. If you've never been to house of pizza on central avenue here in for a treat yes you can guess really years ago gosh yes. There and I am familiar yeah they're finally reopened after a renovation. Oh good yes. And I've got the article she gave me a link to the article and thank you so much. You're so wonderful Wheeler avenue listen they're good they're. They're very close to the intersection of east way he asks auto central near east way and is very good they've been there for years. I'm very Narnia. This is a really need that just ahead at ten month renovation. And I remember people yeah people wondering who you gonna reopen and reopen. So house of pizza on central avenue. They are back open I gotta check it out or agrees to go on Sunday nights they're going to be kind of America's. I am glad to back open anywhere at stake here. Absolutely mail her nicely yeah so you welcomed anything at all ever trying let's check out he had a food song you want us to plot but it if you don't let us now. I solo country cooking. The lemon would talk about it blends with southern cook then any talking about you know. Merchant they had used to have and it's an enemy of gullah cooking verse and so food is they are so emotional words what it what is so what's slow country. Our no bull. How Taliban actually promote Mozilla's delicate deep fried yeah it was popular right there to Calabasas village which is that the North Carolina South Carolina line I don't know I had a series of restaurants it was all fried seafood. So from sort of probably yeah we're those were going to wimp who gets right down yes and that because Keller bash was. These smaller nothing at restaurants gifts but it restaurants everywhere. It was all deep fried. So I need some boiled yes. And some steam engine at that ahead reputation yeah the question had to boats there you know to builders are to bring in Gloria. Yes and it was good all along the coast North Myrtle Beach on long ground there are lots of places in going to be one restaurant after and yes a phase it just all over the place yes we Walken and I learn a pirate things apparent. There. Don't mind lineman Chris let's look at the I don't know I thought the summit will welcome to the BBD studio kitchen we got here which first name. I people who play and give our Lisa Lisa. How do you agree welcome to the WBTs to Richardson's how to boomer does not. Think armor I'm. According to clean record piano. Are sure. I use it in front I'm sure. It can't you well. We're at and he can't he can't strong hand with the name of it again. We're on the trance when they get web custom kitchen you know we have an Estonian. What they think you're stroke he isn't the only really theater moved. Into an excellent. All we have there. Well I have a house there aren't. Really. Pay off is that would. There aren't traveled like to enact safeguards are all kind of like spring wrong okay needs one. Wonderful salad homemade or. You are saying you are wonderful stay. Some have from the top and relapse there is an epic archer it's a little a little lobster just try Serb. Surfer are appropriate all the name's Kelly yes. But you know it's a really neat experience and very debt. Management and wait staff is great very oil. There's like Estonia and a former movie theater. That's great. And and they only have a minute Decourt about a square off a bit that it strike. Not all these right. Old ladies and out and realized these. Webb's Estonia are burning down that's that's going to be thank you so much. Here we worked out how big how to have a great rest of your weekend. Thank you thank you so much for Conan are not stay in the kitchen we're gonna stay in the kitchen. Blow peanuts post. OK okay. The. Lady. From North Carolina. She reds made Donnie. Here's says it might not the way you stop for the night and not let him finish off in the night couldn't she wiped the night before you stop tears and on the pavement. I always leave a great big like I've Todd yes ma'am I love the united. No it's time for finger of New York hosts. Some nights tonight. Then again it's meatballs and it's nice night it's damaging and Elizabeth Johnson Jason Italian food. I'm Zell and it comes to GNL. The chips truck. I wanna be prepared to meet today are serious ties and I thought I'm having and you look at Kevin Loney greeted Johnny Mac ironic is that. Honey mustard trying to put the genie linguine governor Jeanne routes they get beat green and I think and stuffed pigs would give. You mean bush. I mean. That's Mac. Think because he's menu lead out. He's got a rhythm. Good yeah. It's the let me. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to the issue is connected with Charles and boomer on WPG. Automated computer kicked the puck dedicated to move on can't sit in sorrow that you ask you receive back notable. Happy Sunday afternoon. All right in the WBT studio kitchen boiled peanuts. That's what the last on the phone and. News or you know and they're all over the place who's talking about it. You gotta he had down the beach has a couple intersections and of course that's got to be handwritten roadside sign handwritten list Sorvino. Sort PC this team fresh. If you go to football games or Clemson or South Carolina overweight or east Carolina and everywhere you go born peanuts but I don't get to the game. I do. I don't think there's a back road to go to clinching game to just go from green builder to to clinch in the back with two pounders realize that nothing is highway 8188. Anyway you're not the middle of nowhere and you come up on intersection there's a big truck. Peanuts more penis and or Kokomo right on the spot really everyone going to the game. And my whole over just gravel. Follow up Carolina same way yes and all of this very popular around while all penis specially Downey's I'm essentially. That's that's that's low country and sometimes there's just there's just bringing it to now Chris I have not looked bring online and one welcome the WBT studio kitchen what your first name. And it British Barrow. Hey Chris how are known it's not he's only he's over there by Boone put him back on who not long do we increase shareholder ansari a really I think. A happy birthday is I'm so glad you stayed you called then. I guess his birthdays today 48 today. My business to do with 32. I don't know I haven't played it but that's. I enjoy everything that edited it redundant as they say thank you so much for colon all right thank you listen. Thanks so much Chris he's more content you go by as much I want I'm. In my first four days for us you've got to Diane purse or tape right where it. Thank you dear well there's there a year ago now that umbrella brown thank you then and drop while he's going to be here for a twenty minutes of UN journal that birthday cake. In this one Julian Preston is not just couldn't I. For the actress today. God that's great I love it. I love it all right I gotta tell you about a couple of places but it went to and I talked about a Charlotte at six this past week with the Mark Garrison. Chris I I recommend both of them. And I have an avid I had not been to either 11 has been here awhile with brand new. Have you been boomer to charm bar seven no not right by an all out great room yes not break out our car writer 51 right next to the post office was that we're locked and it's a funny because now we're older to say with a post office used to be because the building still there a block north of 51 yes horrible be exactly like us over there. I used it's been several restaurants. And I didn't realize you know they do have a nice patio and they that it's funny they get a small bar. That's he's maybe twelve and then behind that is like them a big space for the bartenders and as a skeletal Alco thing it's very unusual with the TVs and everything it's it is I enjoyed it. There are seven of them Charlotte mint hill Greensboro Southern Pines Ashley Matthews mountain brook. I don't believe that's why as Qatar bar seven. I don't know why it's called charm bar number seven maybe seven partners are going to pick it up or seven guys are a group casual really nice. The guy that service at the bar Paul he was super nice. And we had what was called what's called a smoke house burgers and cheddar bacon fried onion straws Opel CB seven sauce we'll make obviously lettuce and tomato are here and yeah and you never guessed the price of the burger if the big corporate conduct yeah that was attacked left a couple of bites. The price on the it's not 995. And is not 1095. It's the prices. 1110. Well can you believe that the price of the murders 111010 cent burgers got our number all over. I think it's so cool that the prices on these items these burgers 1155. Eleven dollars and thirty cents 1110. And as a big burgers and everything that comes with a MO yeah. Yeah it was excellent and I highly recommend you get it with a sweet potato hater tops our particular city that they were really really good. Here's another place at open two weeks ago just two weeks ago and has called super recap. Read this UP ER I C a USA super Erica. But it's about re track because its Tex mex 101 west Worthington and headed by Camden which is not a decorated district that are. This is really great Tex mex and that you can take you can buy two friends. You can invite yourself and you closest 165. Best friends and that's how many seat well a big restaurant Stephen got an outdoor seating area that's in the middle of these old buildings as he had they've they've got to of these these beautiful. Old factory type buildings and capital to break yet it kept all the great stuff I'll precaution made a restaurant on an. Guacamole can actually come case OK so fund eagle. And Oka and a lot of heat as they even have actually Rihanna which I mean again last night or and all right also I this is what a case of Martha was fantastic I never had this stake for heat a nachos or my gosh. To take big pieces of state and put him on the nachos are grilled steak on dean and she's not just how appears guacamole sour cream. It was really dynamite powers sounds like that is so they're super Rica. I gotta go now we gotta go I gotta go back ago where I got it back it you may have to park I'm Worthington you may have to pat Parker and Camden it's hard to say worked but super Rica I'm westward into is definitely worth it. Not to get where they came out of this is their front first one in North Carolina and I'm so glad they chose Charlotte are gonna try addiction to reinvest in south the end. South and that's exactly right. Over my whip hikes is near Serbia areas for. Okay Chris let's take a couple of corals we grow do you go all right hang welcome WBT studio kitchen what your first name. Who got her on line vote online on premise and give us a name. Okay we'll go to Cuba will go to line two of those online too hello welcome the studio. Hello with are you face guys. Welcome it's almost all I yes I live right now mistreated actually doled out by the guy who started all the secrets ever. Well. That makes sense that wasn't it retirement art seem I had no idea and so on yes it is rarely run happy kind of out of security part of the company's jet oh I'm probably right in oh yeah at Amber's argued yeah ask and they got to meet borrowers who is. Their products and probably went a long road but regardless what you mentioned at just got the other hamburger what would you suggest I'll tell. I'm a meat eater so the state troopers that all they do they do have a whole bunch of states they got a flavor of by the US and Laura got slimming on. Oh yeah oh yeah but yes great place might spur of the atmosphere but I you have very cute real reminds him. I don't know if you know why it's called charm are number seven. Coburn. I would apparently what technical adept at a affect Mickey mantle's number there are meant please rate and says here I didn't even notice until he just mentioned that. Char broiled at 17100. Degrees the moment. Maybe magazine that's part of the number. We probably serve certified Angus beef which consists of only the top. 08% of all grain fed beef. Cattle as the best call my gosh I'm telling you may be hungry are you ever really I could need I could eat some chicken and dumplings right now all big old bowl actually in the kitchen malls group of. Our. Me. You got she can end. I mean. Check your. Okay. Okay. Maybe. Watch out for the particular documents its network you're right. I was Batman. UC 1110 and 99 treaty WPT. You don't remain. Yeah tell me now. I don't know I want you. As you normally credential can remember when I was a boy wouldn't it it's it's just west of the dual zone river. Donaldson we always. Shop and got. The skeleton. Brow beaten but it could be on the bottom off the top. Home. I'm sure in the kitchen what Charles and boomer who did Chile's Cogent. On WPG. But he did latest from. Even hello I. I made and I made. Began work on it I did and I made her heart soul cornbread recipe you find it online discussion board Merck's popular with a core self rising flour self rising corn bread mix there. And mail and news. And daughter and Stan Heath he go and a half half I have a and. It came out really that good I made it in the and that in fact I admit and 1210. Opinion of those sort of a program content can give to parents I didn't I doubt lab what to actually yesterday it was only I want to put to rest and a twelve inch cast iron who pressure's normal little Simpsons. And that was perfect they both came out fine. But it wasn't quite as smooth as I'd like it to be news it wasn't as creamy smooth. I as I'd like it to be because you know corporate can be kind of gritty made from corn corn or maybe a mix yet career. So we usually don't make it again and I'm remembering it in my assignments and editorial like it. Passing this contestant Chris and I'm an add more mean is this next time. But I was watching Alton Brown to the day on goodies some of the reruns on the food channel and they had him talking about he was talking about border and making. He said the reason why the best baker Jews that imported butter. Did you see for twice or three times the price nets in the regular voter is that is causes me differently. It's mean slower. And it makes and told told big difference in when you cook with a man how it reacts to the other ingredients. And so I bought some of the good expensive European Boehner is of course I'm gonna make the combo and again and the sum of money used instead of just one tablespoon of Maine is a used to via. And he's lifts buttermilk. Like folks in the country used to make. Broader like that need to go home churn home churn butter there you go real stunner there are based on the duty and a number of women and and I know I've got enough muffin to and so cornbread yet comrade. All right are good at east you have corn stick yes and they get to get harder as the drumstick you throw that out on a tower bread man that's good stuff I know Father's Day is coming up okay and he had hurt his hairdresser. Richard it's coming up and you may be thinking about dining out there's so many great restaurants I would make reservations the city is just going crazy with. Both the number restaurants but even more number of people here dining out there so consider that and if you wanna hit someplace new brand new and say while Ole. Consider TVs uptown. This is a really cool players have talked about him once before they're not doing this thing called a sparkling sounds. Which is they have a great Bart's a huge big circular type bar with a great big lounge area live music every night. And you're doing the sparkling sounds thing that's going on in the lounge with champagne and music and oysters. C.'s Lester duets. My troop performances. Are paying tribute to the music of various errors of jazz soul full fusion future classics and martini swing. Yes and they're gonna have for his for the man who gave us his impeccable taste of the says and he is celebrate dad with a bone in filet. Oh wow Ohio I need to hardly ever have that a bone in filet. Are are hand cut by the sheriff finish with a morale mushroom crossed and hope book who moved. Eight v.'s prime seafood if you haven't checked them out trade and try down right there at the big gold disc. Which are used to call that a finances are real name of difference for either of them they've who's the big took gold discus and try to put it this is the big went. You know it's really cool we have come into. Ballantine in Kabul to tackle the assets and the news is that going to be here rate. And pot belly sandwich shop which is uptown oh yeah it is also very good those are both coming this fall to Ballantine I cannot wait that is really cool. Of the Brigham building on north community house road that's those are some great additions coming up okay free lunch okay told it is a free lunch today and how serious. If you go to the South Park mall. Now right now starting at 1 o'clock from one to 3 PM a brand new the first in a long time eatery is opening in the food court. It's called post LG UST oh who stole farm to farm to street who's mostly farm to fork most of farm to street. This is their first new one does the first outside of where they are located across Ohio I could be mistaken that is the first one in North Carolina. And their opening tomorrow. The opening tomorrow at the South Park more conservative David doing what they called their street celebration they do each time they open a new one and they're going to offer free lunch from 1 PM to 3:30 PM period no strings attached so view now are driving her on your hungry. I'm here on your way to South Park mall and always sort of just park in South Park mall your head of the game. You go to South Park mall food court. That's over by a from the backside gallegly Dick's Sporting Goods and assert yesterday and that's where the entrance that's right go and that's when the more or Morrison boulevard just what I've across that way and go hang a right into it and you'll be right in this in the food court not gonna miss this. Is right between chipotle and chick filet. Today I engines are just joining us today only from one to 330 not open today. It's free lunch today they're street celebration you can make donations any donations you make will go to friendship gardens which is French ship. Koren gardens dot org. French and dashed center dash cart dot org. Friendship gardens is part of friendship trays and they serve. The world what's known as meals on wheels here in the Charlotte area to hundreds and hundreds of people every day they make those meals and people volunteer their time to go out and deliver them. So if you're looking for free lunch today you can get one. Good who stole the street celebrations today only launch one to 330 it is free you can't pay them that you can make a donation. To friendship gardens is not cool yes there you go where to go welcome yeah welcome boost off. Always great what they're open boost affront to street wants to an embargo it's pizza and salad I guess I should tell you because of pizza and salad it should be excellent yes oh and here's one more player real quick displays want to send 101000 burgers to Kim Jung un. And president trump for the peace treaty yes Stew Leonard's of Connecticut he wants to send them 101000 burgers that are stamped USA. And there you go until next week moving back don't they don't you cheap vodka dead. I am. Kitchen is now closed.