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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasty you're weekly guide to every single and error in Charleston Cooper wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants and boots and share some recipes and cooking techniques when. Call me in this. Call 704. 57 will be 1110. Happy Sunday afternoon you are going to be ABC studio kitchen I'm Charles Jenkins. My good friend across from me is her bond Canon joins me each week. WBZ's studio kitchen Charles writes there. Have a good week there are hoping that red chuck fruit are hungry actually I sure am we are here with Chris fairly liquid RS yes technical producer chief cook and bottle sure think that shelf was OK today Q a good. We were always at all week as. That is sure you know it sure it's not raining boomer that's a net happy sunny afternoon we're talking about sunny afternoon and it's not raining and it's supposed to rain to day right. It's beautiful what I'll call filtered sun Chung get a look at that sets a time followed him like I can feel it. I cannot I cannot and I give Hillary I can hear it in my voice. Technology real good. Alan there just the little guy and I met mowed the lawn yesterday morning there mold. Aside boomer and a mask and why it is it's really that it's strong throughout pick this over IA's own tests of this yet save it where it's 66 degrees are running area right in the mid sixties it's not pandas are the Grail OK let's I wanna talk barbecue. Oh boy you you had the pleasure of living here in this oil eyeliner yeah yeah. I didn't have barbecue tour I remember when who knows. Pork barbecue I don't have any barbecue right now because growing up in new England and Bob Huey said in his barbecue and that meant you took out the gassing Grogan and turned it on and you cooked some burgers but Morrison's X. I don't union really good grip necessarily. Went down here prosecutors is here barbecue slaw poking your serve right it is just use a victory and go to have been a long slow low and slow that's probably where that all sides and that's barbecue bash and they do because we've had we've had the contest here moon on the lead up to Kansas City or we just we yes. Yeah hands they're up. All night if so he started midnight. And there's you know to take her into watching it and it's broken in and order a picture of them are just strain and did a big secret is how do you cook the whole hog or just to shoulder then go and order and what an assault steal and a senator bays or tomato base or. Mustard base you wanna talk barbecue give us a call below told you dark and we do accuse him a 704571110. The FAA depletion like to go in town this this city has seen. Or real I'll call a metamorphosis. In barbecue is perhaps because when I get your 23 years ago almost. I don't remember much barbecue it was an ordinance in Charlotte that prevented folks restaurants from cooking barbecue was real word him tax you don't have any sort pollution of wait wait wait wait a bit humane. Port smoke more polar Juba car smoke while AMOCO and that's what happened and if or four years you couldn't cook pork. Has a restaurant outback likely do it yes Lexington or Shelby York. Places like that they could cut back yeah I think the first barbed real barbed Q I had your own Sony's which is fine. But that was I mean that was milligrams only grill and in Delhi and I wasn't I don't that was did that was that Israel is trying to and they're still they're still doing more like Florida or you know they are vote. For me to have seven ressam barbecue I had to go down that Chester move you know who's in Chester man outlook much old Jean you're gonna create a love that place. We were actually in years past driven down for lunch soon to us and that's according to drive an error. This to have all of that managing your genes are conditioning yes he has group for years. He has done just that would that that that's what I remember when I first got here. As being yes do you want real barbecue that's we don't integrate got to his or acknowledging yes. Michigan go to Salisbury there's great I mean there's some great places Salisbury China Grover Gary's Mario you. Gary's sensational been around for years just off I 85 which kind of broke their peppered everywhere are all man you know and stuff has here's we go to Shelby can work China grove or Salisbury you have to go far. There was one there was wind Estonia and remember some of sorrows and our barbecue already have a pay equity if you didn't think puts it won't hot dog rob Bryant Bruce called doll. A we will knock out. A man I saw a dog but if I you know I I feel very for. Shouldn't my my son on one of my sons my oldest and got me a smoker like five years ago or for the English Christmas pros who have lost are you hooked I feel we're out. I'm sure I use it you know 345 maybe six times a year because here. There's we've got 89 months she could use it. I mean got twelve most of them are. But seriously nice days are here now oh yeah this is a perfect 40 gosh man so you know you got a plan for it and you've got to have that movement I only used to hardwood charcoal. The natural hardwood charcoal essar. Great big bags and then I'll have that big chunk. Hardwood of the Hickory creek to pin there and apple. Get that flavor yes and you know you gotta you gotta take so you don't you know lighted up yet it you know does it go for twenty minutes told all flames gone charcoal it. And then you can put everything in and put the water and in the bath need to Jennifer a couple of Beers and what about Wachovia and this just has to two run rings at that could cost money was sixty dollars in just its cheapest when you can cause you know who knows or use it you know how much. And it's actually it's it's worked great literally five years on I don't know who's made its interests of those and expense of being given people need to cook everything an absolute war parliamentary I believe anything has got two levels one just that's it's above the water and then once it's up towards the top. Procedure actually is as a regular charcoal barbecue Bible in the chuckle at the top so very bottom and but why use it as it came and after the charcoal and in the bottom Harlem and I proposed I soak. The would know the trickery of the apple move and nine put that in then you should see the smoke lasting kimono my gosh. And I wanted to go for good eight hours for chicken and and then emerge after few hours and a wrap open for all of us to lose my out there. But the chicken or beef phones on wood imports we've done Turkey. Never get creative with wholly salsa beat Carolina and Arkansas does do that I'll have to start doctor. A president doctor Kofi. And I certainly have enough cookbooks. I've got a text do you breaks one is great. For barbecue and no I meant for cooking honey grille and of any kind is sort of just talks about every kind that there is in his bargains barbecue Bible. I think it's called a Steve Richland and he's got a great once one has a wonderful set. A different kind of rubs in the back. So I think amusement Memphis for a longer baskets. But he's but Tony from one's. And this just this great toe to experiment they're out there yeah all kinds out there now there's all right we're gonna talk affect. We're gonna talk to the guys from mid wood smoke caused all of us I. I once talked to them move I'm an up. I mean listen this boomer I. These are pit masters and its suit that did this so involved it's such a complex and deep. Subject barbecue their technique is really something else mirrors and societies they went all over the place they tried so many different content they traveled across the Texas yeah. Some years various ways of cooking barbecue exactly more subdued the big names and then the not so big names but yeah they discovered the it's due to the media varieties of cooking barbecue. When they first open that's French of always it was central avenue was the first round and it was only half the size I believe it is now. I'm pretty sure it took over. He doubled the space basically. And then now he's up to four. And do and whales doing really well import beef brisket everything checked and he had everything everything it does really well. And this there's other places in town of course did you know that dude well I know I'm an engine and nicks all of our sister mentioned no matter XP just because one of their respective and I remember when they opened. I don't know what you're that was frozen within the last fifteen the it was a min mile an hour fifteen years ago in early 2000. Yeah but dale press opal Byrd first of course. And I remember they would open at eleven. And if I could I can get out here in time to get there because they would open the door at 1045 that's coming very legitimate and grab a seat in our state cable. Presumably so many and then at 11 AM the place open and within fifteen minutes it was full. And they're good they are all of the very clear they do good job figures. But you got to do you've got to do great job here in Charlotte told last and had a few. But I can I can think of at least three that have come and go on a golf one is modern smoke. They were down in the Ballantine area gone they're gone and Dickey barbecue and they're wrong they were invented a question has teetered down there at downtown commons. And one more. The rib shack that's our own room ever earlier today they're down in Indian they would on Indian lands and they're gone. That says it's going to be up this court how he knows I'm looking sounds like a Mexican yeah. I believe may get at that that's a little spice say I never heard of it. But hey we'll find out you know but the Barbeque businesses rather unique in this way it is it is takes is a lot of work. And knew we are we gonna refined palate here we really love barbecue if they knew what you said barbecue sauce are gonna make some minor league or you got there yes to stay in the kitchen area whoa okay. One go on the list from. How much rock. Tell you they're playing today literally. Barbecues so. Everything tastes better it's. You get the motor you keep your money. And out gave you baby boy are. Know what they did that baby back baby back baby back baby back didn't know what my baby back maybe I'm good good good good defense. It's news 11109930. Yeah. W breezy. I undermine it. I've been trying to get a hold dear are you still there aren't that Big Dig yes. There live and I'm all we all my occasion now wait. And our hope not it is beyond your team this year yeah. You can. You can. See more humane you. You all a lot older that I thought I could alana I don't know need to name now gonna hand me down as a barrier rural mining saudis now lynch and it here's my granny is and then I'll thank got that a lot of good jolly in the winner's revelers here and obviously his stand up there with the dollar lobbying remained all under the buying arrived I don't know for five years now. Reflect when you rest street Louis seem to be doing it was. The more you think your beer barbecue better and my and I know they. They're never too many cooks in our kitchens and you're listening to this show is good can we Charleston boomer. One WBZ. Don't think any of boomer Montana and think that guy thinks barbecues better than at a guy's apartment. They note that was a big news I didn't know you barbecued Viennese so fast shot. Yes I issued this yeah you can smoke in certain circles a measurement that's how. I thought barbecue. You have been through a lot of barbecue places in fortune now are fortunate I've talked to folks from Lexington. It would just once but that's really or yeah I mean and I was talking to the folks about Lexington is like there's a Lexington yesterday I think that I was talking to him. And there's really fear fifteen at least fifteen it is definitely made me more right there and in this and other big of a town before there's if they're. Covered and barbecues not a fun I don't know you're about an hour from here you make it an hour so that's actually that's a good day drive yeah it really is not a bad drive but Alameda Sonoma and identical. I am not going. I really need to do that and a lot of offers go to Ross called honeymoon. Lexington number two month Lexington barbecue that's been one of the originals stops there you go handled business 85 it's easy to find if used. To stay on business 85 yes and did you arrive via it has sort of been that they're very good SPD's would you just north of town up bone on up in the highway eight. Very good under the door and our guys used to be very relevant time. In this very good very good barbecue there's one called the barbecue. Center here which is real close to Lexington number two here and there have been good to very. And if your own 85 under one more fuel bit yeah business in fact if you go on the main 85 league headed toward high point yes I think it's the high rock lake. Exit but there's a place called Jimmy's there's very eager to it and made it Kirkwood where there's very modern day. So while there's some good traditional places there and very similar to what you get Shelby yeah just bridges and highways symphony for a Alston bridges which is downtown decimate that same technique. But they all learn from mr. steamy. In Greensboro. Warner stain yes Stanley's barbecue run across scenario Greensboro coliseum it's been around for years I mean this is almost bikini. Of north camp and a Barbeque a Piedmont style we're talking to differ style Rick Cooper shoulder OK you go down easily from Raleigh east they could hope pit. And it was a senator star sauce see this so there's difference there's different styles of cooking yes sir there's Dennis and that's styled who relates to the cut yes sir. And then there's also different sauces for different regions Downey's sauls has more resentment of excusing it more Vinocur. Now it. I'm up west Seattle as source Mormon ethic her red sauce but you get to cut combination yes do you come up with a peat moss moss. Election is a combination of tomato and Vinocur. And then it would just the mustard one bit of mustard is South Carolina. OK we shall relieved at karate class over the years as well this it really is good. So we're editor's note. You say can't really say Carolina barbecue because there's different versions of Carolina are yes yes Lexington Downey's south Cadillac it there and western. It's good stuff and then of course that's bash just catch precious Carolina's birth can just Carolina's mark did you go to Georgia or Florida now a different kind of magnitude yeah and of course Texas outlast all NN Kansas City yes sir. Let bush say bush has incredible part well enough Saint Louis is right for the ribs or they have some grass and similar to a greater. I'm sure there's if they have some really good news because variable speed east focus all my goodness there's based fantastic. I guess I'm very glad that that Texas not decided to go brisket. Because I lost I just love I adore brisket. And that's one thing I'm did admit but she didn't he could not mid Tex is barbecue brisket you just have brisket animated in the oven. Which still the meat is a really good yes sir good not trying to take my choice. I didn't oh my gosh. The risk just a real good. Barbecues there's focus has to slow cook Texas stop USDA. Again yes. He asked choice is great prime even better. But I. I love good brisket so when you go to I want you to get I think you missed. At a restaurant twenty Perot if it if I go for Carolina Barbeque at your electorate the people are style yes under that the Downey style is really good to you get doubled pork yes sir I like to report. But to brisket now a fist swinging good beef yes it's hard to beat. See that's what I said hard and you know what they do is lean and there's fatty and because depending on which cut of the brisket it is very because just like with the corn beef there's there's there's no there's a plot cut and then there's was called the have been on the other car to do it. There has not a fan and it problems it's trying to for the fiscal anyway the nothing and cut anyway. But just like that was the brisket that cut has two different pieces of meat and Aureus or and so most times they cook it take a breather cooking together. And then the separating and you get into the lean on the fatty or new or different way of cooking the gleaned from these fatty I don't get Lucas alone. And mine when I smoked and I've loved it. Two pieces together Aaliyah and Wanamaker corn beef. They usually it's it's. My own piece on the other than mine you know let's make him who who who run and then. Pretty right now getting rid of move to prove yes but that's that's not that's not barbecue of course Barbara he's Hanover and universal vicious and amid embers of a wide range. And certain things go with it you assert that thank you yes they're absolute certain certain besides certain things have to be. Consider like hush puppies are all pouring some good home late hush puppy yeah it did go down east they have what they call corn sticks. Benedict. Is like a pencil and a kind of hard yes we're here to hush puppies like fluffy you're just across. And they are you got a legitimate do we Christmas good welcome mine went on to the ultimate alrighty studio kitchen good moral or good afternoon how are you. Welcome to the WB. The curtain Belmont you don't pay credit commitment ring Victoria. Arbiter of good I am so glad it where Russian. Oh you bet you can't have. People felt Brit here who loses. I know I'll make it. If you go to Revere you're pregnant you know whether come over your broadcast I'll bring you sound all but what. Are the dirt mile well and you. Trademark dark star who really take a beef brisket and refused barbecue sauce. Yeah yeah O Robert trust relic. Yet his with the it will we are we had attorneys say that because this coming Friday at the station will be at the string beans for anything in Belmont from 5 AM to 7 PM all so Brooke you know brook Thompson on Charles mom when WB 2 morning news and the of course Pat McCrory show boat Thompson. And then you've got Vince Coakley will be there though. After she got Bangkok will be to 36 and the mark Harrison for Charlotte that's an extension for giving me an opportunity to promote her. Third patrol and it's all about bigger. Well I doubt I I am not sure he'll he'll be very I may or may not put upon not you can always you know you can always send send out via courier. Bowler someone the cut cut cut cut who who have read it that's gonna come back to you Carol brisket honey do tell yeah. Yeah are you just unit market low blow won't float like checkers go yeah a lot of form yes liberal aura or shoulder. Just stick it low flow. 1810 hours semi then yeah then it got you half to 25. Yeah yeah exactly the exact figure let orbit alike mixture of the gate and apple but you know your your paperwork here smoker and that is good stuff about insults when you apply the saucy kind of as a cook sore afterwards. I apply apply a little bit. After about six hour I'll put some water a little rebel without a war wrap it. Well yes yes yes therefore they're not related to how this marinate and steam and that would get a lot of smoke you don't smoke not long enough would just the driver Brent. Exactly yes yes or else you're. I had no idea they just must I don't via a couple of the have a favorite solace do you see you recommend. To walk what are your favorite big south salt is OK like I bought that ball at the Lincecum barbecue yesterday. That smoke how soft the they have my vote their own and more ibex that would put a little bit you know. Vessels sorry email me hungry you got from Lexington barbecued. Very good morning Tony hawks say oh that's good thank you so much for Cong I really appreciate you have a wonderful weekend. I gave them a spot today in the kitchen and. I'm glad it's cold won't leave them leave right now the bone it's fast. Tulane. He lol yeah you know. There's hundreds maybe help for the Bruins know things Clark don't have one. Flooded home. News 1110993. W breezy. Morning Imus didn't let happen what you and me but you know. Yes I would have got Donovan. You're listening to this show is could get. We Charleston boomer. Plug WPG. Video pictures of the you do that is right break. Yeah. That's like the iconic barbecues on the look I think. Here in Charlotte we've had all kinds of you talk about all kinds of barbecue. What I wanna talk about Charlotte. Barbecue very I think you know we we have the right to have a signature. Right Charlotte barbecue we don't have college Downey is now or Pete moderate and now is that Karl Brandt here and you're one group has been working on this. They have been working on this for years and that's we mentioned before I'm talking about mid wood smoke house frank should belly. The man who takes his crew takes a chefs takes his in this case pit masters takes them out and about. Finds out researches scientifically disc did learn sir I mean it's every main top spot you can to learn and then create. Their own unique what they. McCall I wanna call Charlotte barbecue I believe neighborhood smoke house has found something here. And I would had the joy I was speaking to their pit masters but and here's what they had to say little. Let's talk about the drug or if you're seeing machine you weren't mean you're going he's seen I mean yeah so barbecues. Very underrated. Best I think of the scene is kind of developed when I was growing up there's there's that really had missed the barbecue restaurants on the outskirts of town. Rather smoke than outside it wasn't her renting it is more worldly now I think he sees barbecue restaurants popping up in a more urban setting. Jordan to make it easier from the populist if it is to get to them more convenient but I think I still think that one of the things I think many people think about the barbecue they don't think Charlotte I would. Say that to that's the scene and Charlotte is news because of everything that Massa mean things are certainly happened and it's just exciting to be able to find some religions are accused in the city don't want to go out faster way to put it. There's more barbecue than just chopped pork yes and what we've done is we've been at Texas even the Christie can't attack same university which is a great they have the largest meat science department in the country probably went in Kansas City we're trying to protect our hands that we do you have to lose we do more than just port quickly try to branch out. And in and uses it to him going to Texas who remembers its northern Kansas City to learn about her hands again before I came on in the good days worked with the people in North Carolina who are equally as Kansas Texas is the president on how to do the work. What are we here is saying that it didn't smoke house that's elevated barbecue too not just pain or not just chopped pork not just brisket and I think that there's a sense looting. You don't want people want to win our conference room and you mom yes that they're charging is hard to come buys there they are idea barbecued x.'s it's almost like a slight slight case that's huge problems I'm. How many rescues. Aren't you brought Norah O there is. Are usually not real soon here coming down from up north I'm tired I do well great rescue. Knew it makes for a reason why I'm one of my favorite. Experiences that tablet customers is serving customers from Texas through no one really great risk it is and I can tell you how many times they'll say to me man. I haven't found risk is there reminds me of Texas since Texas and people say the same thing about our pork and ribs and everything like man this is just. The way that it should be and that's what we starts Jews is give it. Right here to my favorite food. Risque content and burned tents fans and serious did he just makes them so well and knows I don't have not confirmed. That's just how much however. Yeah like Bernie ends for example I'd you don't earnings were well I didn't I tell all about seventy years ago and start playing with the minimum regular Hollywood Kansas City and we check that we within eight different barbecue restaurants or they might become and they had eight hey did Bernie ends eight different ladies of the burns and I didn't do that then recipe of evolved over the course of you have several years to get to where we are now and I think that's the perfect Bernie and yes you have really no relevant and Charlene. She's suburban you can say that fast lose pass that's how it feels. That sounds great hour ahead and I know why and how it's really I don't on holidays to. Are you doing we've set the bar in Mario he's just because you're right he says that we offer uses standards to which we hold ourselves that we could all would know gas. Tom we try to do things the deal fashioned way we're not sit there trying to take shortcuts or is there there are no short cuts and barbecue. It's. All this into a tremendous amount of education can be quiet here. I'm Sharon this is we're working wood Johnson whales do everything to do some kind of Harvard she symposium to 101000. To kind of like expand the knowledge and kind of share what we are passionate about what we love and other people who are it's just don't know who that person is in my just click for then then. Yeah it's it's it's great to do what you love and be passive about what you do and share that somebody else is actually. Florida one of the most rewarding things about them. Don't barbecue I would you have class because I can you just moving to NASCAR for the last couple years and I can guarantee you I'm not very good. I can come here and I know I'm not that good and I got a little finger press. Now we're approaching a really great month maybe one of your most important months and years. He had Mae's barbecue month nationwide some things you like it day they have national hammered and it's as easy if we get a whole lot closer this. Even Kurt how possibly love that here and we we're running at beach area dealing at knob creek whiskey too lazy baby may agree upon. We're new to the hole long and all of our locations including the communication at all for the Charlotte area that's often times and how sorry. Yes yes or working out that our make your share. You'll more than one do I stop you work dating back story or Jews I wanna I wanna really. The spirits come down from where debate in this cut yes. So there's a higher fat content there's more marveling nearly you Richard Sears and maybe backs him up from where the Moines news. So they're really needy. But it's a leaner kind of meat so Missouri where it is drive okay citizens I don't want preference and the moment. Yes I see you're you're passionate about barbecue. Yes you want people to have the best possible list. Currents it's absolutely that is gonna cheer you when you put it. 121416. Hours that you can give piece of meat yes it is and educate myself just within the sheriff of the people and that's the whole point of this you're invested in my book club book. For me this chefs here and everybody in the kitchen. This thing that excites us the most is that now great students period here and that means nothing if you don't come and how smooth out soon. I was saying we want sheriff this we were hurt and we love it and we take seriously it's truly do it's just. Thank you so much Joan thank you. They go in the pro ever that passion for an Italian malware that was met Barry. Who was in need of Charlotte T and by the way all right Matt. And Michael Wagner. And yes you can tell the passion in their voice yes you can't date you truly care you can hear yes can and they did it they just they're great guys and I this was we met at the young park road location. Because they've got four locations other you know one number they'll village home they've got one in the original course central avenue plaza mid would. Hard Ballantine. Johnson road. The one on park road just that's who we met. If you wanna park what is really cool cause it's around the back. Iran to back just for a shopping centers actually have to bring new line and oh yeah again you looking on your GPS and didn't do that would kind of behind Michaels yes so there with a live you know through the hardware store yes or Michael how we're in the back of it. Analog service areas of the restaurants or the business is back there. And there's abysmal parking which is really nice and that's what we meant the park crude. Location is really cool it has a separate private room. And you can. Pull like I think my endorsement itself around twelve. And 1416 people to good feel back there to have an area. Yeah says again good unique feel it does yeah right so guys it will hopefully that I can't wait tell next month I mean we still have an another week. Because they're gonna have this knob creek whiskey. Baby back ribs special all month I don't know who we've got to check it out former. We gonna wait till next month we need a month for barbecues quote cook process take all it takes a month coupled what exactly so I mean time mid wood smoke house has been kind enough. To give us a fifty dollar gift certificate. All yacht dubbed by some barbecue. So important gray fifty dollar mid wood smoke house. Gift certificate here's the question and you've got three choices number 7045 some don't know 1110. We're 7045701110. To win fifty dollars to whom we Mittal would smoke house. And I wouldn't guessing that's certainly your locations here controller airport where they make breakdowns which I use a first place I had them. And dear to die for because that's that's a brisk at the beef I'll look. They make Burt another Brit and to make it different burn and did they make burnt ends with the smoked pork to smoked chicken or the smoked ribs. Heading make you do that. He knows any of them aren't and you know but there is a 70457. Or 1110. For a fifty dollar gift certificate to mid it would smoke house over to default only get a new Hancock gets there whole content hasn't really got to do is tell me which. Wish they make besides besides the brisket burnt ends. Which are to die for. They make another burnt and is it to smoked ribs smoked chicken or the smoked pork which is it for fifty dollar gift certificate to mid wood smoke house he just. Stay in the kitchen. Lover and futures program. One company who wears the me. News 1110993. WBZ. Are all areas are 250. Little 5800. U debt. When you could really long. Just don't want to rip. You're in the kitchen with Charles and doing this Jolie's co can work. On WBT. Everything to his studio is kids that. This is also a phone call barbecue and have. This ruling by the buzz and plus he's done. It's too. Here saying sorry. All right we're talking about barbecue started out it was smoke house. And they do have some good burn you avoid while I had and it feels like very tentative and a half or intends oh my gosh. You gotta triumph you can get sport more getting pork or beef or. Chicken or privileges that we don't know yet we ask Keith let's bring our teeth into the WBT studio kitchen Keith welcome. Welcome to WBDs to your kitchen can. Boards stand pat. Technical the correct answer to liquid QB that they go trick or easy at all. Yes. Yes on the beat you guys had been banging me on their menu you kind generation in front of me where to go OK and I had never ever heard of that before I had that interview port. And now I know she's got on the menu has burned ends Krispy cars cubes are brisket tossed in their. In our cola barbecue sauce cola yeah and then the pork burnt ends. I know I can until they're sick child support normalized cube pork tossed in our house made cheer wine barbecue sauce and boy Sochi beat myself fifty dollars to mid wood smoke house. I got a quick you vote yes do we could barbecue the way we do around here because we have a lot of time. Not only his lack of monarchy could take on the day you invited all you Korean ever to hit peak healed hollow in the wintertime. You know two quick. So he's stored it could be in the Neitzel. They knew about it and you get very. Great vision and and did not call guy to be that broke about it I think they can live from the action and that kind of thing. Burba EDS. Or compliment. Any new book. We knew it didn't spit on the how acute. No ego won't listen you don't you don't you don't get yourself some us amber and listeners think. He did call and you purchase of a two dollar gift certificate to mid wood smoke house enjoy it. And it wouldn't he get let us know you have a fantastic weekend do you think so much you know your hero a question of whether they ever apartment department squeaks. That's right or Alex Bullard and you started government figure out how to footed and America okay. Order Tylenol. Did you they had they have excellent menu they really do a home fifth fifth fifth sorry way to go cute yeah and enjoy things when you go there. She's about benefit quite well start starlet and make a rep tell opinions on markov now. Real gas real thing Hickory smoked jalapeno Hickory smoked Heller. CDs did not. Bruce you get that big race motel continuous filled the Monterey Jack who wrapped in bacon. If that server buttermilk ranch serious. Or not I've had those but I am also had a barbecue caiso. Polls this is the house may cheese dip served neither am applying the don't get a plane that's what you need to have with chopped pork. Or has I had it with a shredded beef brisket but it's a few chips to die for he knew small plate are largely for how many people you are how book meant a cheese Fries ourselves badly doesn't real permit a yes. Could a cut Fries top with home made Emmental cheese your choice of chopped pork or beef brisket and fined it half and half hour pain in a test that's. That you can they're happier accommodate or are so those are those some fantastic. Appetizers. And then of course they've got all the great sandwiches to get the thing called hot mess that is a custom made chuck and big brisket burger patty. With creamy bacon how appeal spread Monterey Jack and commerce times and Ambon. All there grabbed the napkin when it's who it's and you can make how out of Lincoln had this to make our pal opinions on this team attempting to go to dinner. Group farm the ending in the greens are good they're 200 yes sorry when I'm glad you mentioned that you can have in two ways you can haven't grilled or crispy as they put it. I mean their pursuit of whole mood I have to get over their boomer and report back I think this calls for field trip yes sir I'm hopeful that Texas style barbecue is calling me. I USDA. Choice I had that album musically that was in the back on the Univision. Anyway I think or GM town that was for and I really enjoyed talking of those guys it's so great. To get into the minds of some of the sheriffs yesterday and find what they're all about we're gonna keep doing that when you do not permit has really ever gonna keep going. Breed would that your next Sunday at noon. Will miss a couple weeks I'm sure because we've seen the pin to schedule come out so we'll get a break and get some Panthers game is right. What will will keep moving back here next Sunday we'll talk about small food absolutely. I gonna tell you about my experience at taco Mac right. That was really cool but they've got to cam GM alone on wooded donating. And I wanna talk here about a Harry's Harry's pizzeria in mention them that you went there. And they've got a pizza and then come out with one of the ships. That is doing fantastic team that gap guys in the so I'll tell you more about this next week but the garden. Early this culinary competition in the state much has to be NC. Is is gonna be here this year hole in the queen city yet not Raleigh. In Charlotte so there you go about that. The sound fantastic tale way it's disintegrate even thing that is national restaurant and the issue restaurant and lodging association seeking shifts. Distillery is the esteemed statewide culinary competition and passed yes this says this. Takes places starts with a regionals at New Bern. On May 22 and it culminates here. 127. Showdown and right here in Center City. So hold by the way am I getting it in your sprouts has opened down about time argued in their report back that sprouts farmers market. It looks really good so we gotta think coming out now called the script share well. Yeah new restaurant you worry we've got any we've got to Haiti these comment and should check opens this week straitjacket when you go there. You don't have to until next week you keep on cook again. Chris curl thank you have a great week. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.