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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon great taste in your weekly guide to everything colon area in Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurant foods and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call 704257. OV 1110. Happy Sunday afternoon yes ice said Sunday. The ball over. Sunday. I know people out there saying look at what's going on you've got to I would say what you guys. Well. Who here will we wanted to do do a scientific experiment we wanted to see if the rain would follow us here here. Every self. If we heard Sunday noon. For the foreseeable future and we look forward to talking with you feel free to give us a conflict of gonna talk about food and restaurant used is so much room to talk about today I don't pile of your staff who never get through it all but as much as we can sort you're headed home from church may have we have I hope you were there because we that's right things talk gets you ready to be hungry yes as they say hand so. I try and draw strength and movement on canned my wonderful. Co host a free Charles Crist arrowhead yes carts technical producer chief cook and bottle washer what's that show for their Christmas waffled every asset at. I'm worried about yourself again I want to talk to. Now on to speculate about comfort food. Comfort food saw Grammy and it's really different depending where you live in the country and I'm going to talk you know. A new and it might be in my depend charter down here just nothing not Clinton mine's not for me. But this. We've all known what we grew up with old boy and or restaurants that we. That we go to that we don't find ourselves leaning towards time again to taste what we love as comfort food right. It was a Greek cup yeah Feierabend entries that we'll talk about that we'll talk about what national day of his brother was a couple of neat food is today and tomorrow. I can't tell about Harry's restaurant I only Eric yeah they have in the promotions arsonist check it out crying and we did. A lot of talk about some other great charitable events going on with other to renew restaurant opening. And those that have been here like taco Mac yes and although it's only has so much from the stuff so first of all. National day today what it almost every day is a national food today. And today it is national blazed spiral ham day off well that would be a comfort food for some people. No maps are left over from my Easter the carbon. For the April it was frozen maybe idea because you got a west at five days you know I look at five days in my crew that's that's about it yeah that's about the limit right there yes yeah. Five days from being opened or if it's at past expiration date either way it's gone. Tom McCann to Qatar so I don't you know in the national national glazed spiral ham day observe it yet annually in April 15. The Gorham Maine looking dish often found at a holiday feast or originated in the basement of Harry. LR. Palatial HO ENSE a TER console are. So with you know if you happen to need something at the party tonight and say you know what it's national police spiral handy you'll never guess who lamented that. Harry. 1952. Well OK but not that long ago I wasn't around but it happened in Detroit. And this guy who patented not only has spiraled slicer. But the hand blaze as well all campground going out this device made it possible for the entire bone in him to be sliced in one continuous and even spiral bib was not aware like honey baked yeah. Well did believe it or not in 1957. Hope so. Honey baked ham and bear there you go you've got a better circle foresee that as some good stuff. Our traditional glazed ham is made with a blaze consisting of sure. Honey or orange juice are spices to taste are added. Menendez he built a business or what oh boy you had to handle gosh yeah I'm a location or karma comments and I don't know what got a couple of weekends ago you'd have to get in line to get in the store. Well you know happy and thank Harry console are very you know and he goes and asked today is national and probably spiraling and say OK now tomorrow and one of my favorites. When my wife's favorites to Mother's Day is coming up isn't it and this is a traditional and I managed oh my gosh and how many how many mothers days. But it is tomorrow national eggs Benedict the day. Whole whole whole who's on like that all off all it's made really well yes sir that is to die former. Nationalized and as the day observed annually on April 16. It is the days to decide to enjoy it coach scheduled Holland they saw us and Canadian bacon or ham and English muffin halves million Pam had some Benedict. Eggs and yes in New Orleans that were damaged armored guards. We all made half goodness you can make a really good Honda is a blunder sauce again in the under Tony's best in the Breslin book that I have messed would make it in a London may kuril get. And just in just a warming up. I used to make it in Philadelphia at the holiday house restaurant and it was so funny because. Basically what they told me to do is take a one gallon plastic jar of mayonnaise. Take out about 13 of it and put in about six eggs. Stir it all up. That was holidays ago where I thought it eat out and is more about not accustomed farm raised extra mile all the other forget that and we English muffin and we use a slight to him for the two poached eggs and and that's sauce and didn't matter when commodity salamander looked really good. And everybody liked the 2 in the morning spoke order for a bloodless that it would that's yeah that's for sure if it is not stuff that's right they're not sure actually two stories on how it came to be as Benedict. First one is an eighteen handy for the stockbroker named limb you'll LeMieux and and that's when a new LE ME UEL does a funny for a new rule noted it. Ordered buttered toast poached eggs crispy bacon inside holidays and at the Waldorf hotel. Was beautiful world for story oriental boy oh boy as Olmsted and once there was so impressed with the addition they put it on the menu substituting him and English muffins in place of the making toast. That's one story. The other is an early eighteen century Pope Benedict the eighth. White and they dish treason Pope Benedict the thirteenth. That's Ericsson three one's choice in this if he won a lot of feeling almost and and 1018 century Pope Benedict the thirteenth light and they did so much. Debt he requested a time and time again it's believed that Pope Benedict the thirteen had an illness which added to his desire for the particular egg dish has been named as amended you can leave Milan. I just know it's a mighty great dish cases and do it to the sauces really easy to make. In the blender and tomorrow's today. Tomorrow which it should be to they would put. You know what save that for a day area because that is one of the best I mean if I mean you've definitely made it may be practice went into listening to remember to put vinegar in the water. And gentle boil to the when he dropped the eggs in gently. Don't hold together and it won't polar handling of you not have a holy day of but here is a refusal that that is the secret it'll keep it together and you don't you go tomorrow. Pushed him so that that's a good comfort food they have had better go my all gosh what a smile to the basement. I think one of my earliest remembrances it would be would be grilled cheese oh yes as comfort to know yes and Dario and and I loved it with tomato. Selections I made it inside and a fresh tomato if you had a camera come may and June yes the tomatoes are here all. Better grilled cheese and some club bread or coal mine all I've illusions butter. I know they're saying manes works I even tried it daughter and I illusions in order to cut a but I don't look at. There's a fact I meant to bring it it's a very small cookbook that I received in the mail and it's it's it's the group she's cookbook a boy and I and our vision find it Kadaziz do you prefer. Our I look good old American via they'll select sharp cheddar man if I put through slices I would put a slush or sharp cheddar American and maybe problem. In fact I've got to there's a guy here. Oh my gosh this was from hoping not to mention the Huffington Post. After announcing Huffington Post FC up. This was enough for twelve so that was just three days ago came out. Huffington Post. Dot com and it's called the best cheeses for grilled cheese according to people who truly know. By Kristin Aiken. And that's why pulled I didn't know I was thinking about my favorite don't grilled cheese from a trough for practice I can remember. They go into all of these and the different these different chefs talk about their favorites. From each medium chatter find Tina. A moderate a Sonoma Jack go to. Comp G is to empty I don't know if we don't necessarily M until grille air. Both showed up outward half torn to full. Our total Europe wide receiver yeah. With the raiders fan you're probably right. Above RT a lot of partying like they make a great Crimean authority with the Dylan at moon that's wonderful. The so the disabled as a whole bunch here it's amazing to be proud Pro Bowl she's. We went over this problem in a program Provo pro VR OV EL approval cheese roll out of Saint Louis oh my gosh really cheddar. Swiss. And prologue you all blended together but that negotiators may may oh my gosh yes man has incredible she's we order we have really shipped here it is incredible is a big job. Specific things seamless I had no idea hopeful cheese its worst it could order. And I've mammary we put it stocking up and who. Folks who tried to go let me get this she's going to win this is incredible monster monster would be I don't own a Wii and there's a very I really love. Public don't have in the south here and I mean comfort foods will be things like Collard greens when they are yeah baby yeah I'll talk about Diego and stay in the kitchen we will. Thanksgiving. And it is I cranberries who might have thought that and much more like throws a robot that. I'm Tammy let you know. Surely be informed 24/7. Muluzi elevenths that 993. WPG. What we need to few good takers for. Ferraro who sold its. OK toes boy who nationalistic administrative lovely big golden. Chips with a nice piece of swordfish. Even you couldn't say no mood Iraq. It's your old carriage. You're listening to this show is gonna get we're Charles and boomer. On WBT. Yes I guess like. Think these are your kitchen and others saw. The weather coming through heat and I'd look at the radar you can see this you see it. Line yellow red. Prices for mortgage than ever Park City down the Spartanburg is headed this way yesterday and so everywhere. How. Things that are outside that might like and move around he's really old yet he might wanna put those society. You take him off the glass table isn't it that seriously got to be careful. There yes if you are smoking out there and just keep a hundred on the poor and there's seriously are not a real battle man that I know why but the smoker I'm good eight hours out there Ole boy pants and west are attending among them on tour execs PM oh. The comfort food okay. Can't whip to a since I can remember MI what can tell you this in a heartbeat if I'm sick from coming out of the hospital from just being able to eat again because and well and when. Ever since I can remember and still to this day and I just simply have to stop the McDonald's and get a cheeseburger. Cheeseburger and smaller furnace but especially the cheeseburger I don't know what is going cheeseburger may be discussed as what I've had since I can remember as long as I can remember actually back then there was a fiscal Kelly's burgers are very much like before before we had a McDonald's thank you remember that I had to say but yeah and they have a system mcdonalds and just a simple cheeseburger simple you get anywhere oh yeah what mean that no matter where this or that. That MI other truly comfort food would be would be Chinese food over I try look Chinese food. Yeah I've actually had people ask want to hear debt mr. than you probably didn't hear because more on Sunday when we do this. I spoke with a Johnny Chan. Who has I'm John Mayer yeah I wish death to me that's. That's just the oven fried southern fried chicken. There's one thing and this is not that is Korean fried chicken in Houston crowd and it is incredible but he has a full menu a full menu of Chinese food and and I got to talk to Johnny Chan about. On June all right do. And John. Personal Donnie let me thank you so much for opening march on in Charlotte to call any time you know. I I I like to fly like a chicken and yes I want to open to. Do you people in sonic they could have something different. It's brutal toward winning chicken is over 320 locations worldwide you can do a great. Restaurant to bring here you really did idea of the you know yeah I love the CD you know this is stuff. I'm from new York and yes I consider him he is sonic is my second hole if someone has not China. Are Bon-Ton fried chicken. Carl what makes it different. It's just because the chicken is stubborn fire. So we coal hey you up on chunk chicken at like eleven tease before yes totally different phone Arthurs chickens. It's what it's Korean style furniture and yes for its international franchise from Korea yes okay. And you can get doing is we have to draw and we've these scripts so yeah yes celebrity style so we've got back and they want to spicy. Johnny in addition. Two with a fantastic fried chicken of the Korean fried chicken that you have the wings and strips to drum sticks to come small medium large would indict Conrad issue. We shot yes that's the box says are you did you dye he can say yes this I'm addicted. More so than that and just as importantly you have entire menu of Asian inspired cuisine yes we have fight something night. Avocado Paul asked the seminar McConnell moment gosh yes we have tackle night poignant sparkle yes and then we have to call will be in the you don't take track. Yes I mean and we have the flu. So assuming you know there's a whole list of appetizers entrees sides. And it's really. It's our call careened fusion from west tasted yes yes the most importantly don't taste great. All of these items all of these items and especially do. The fried chicken is available for catering yes yes we called tailings all ten people. Wanted people are 250 a hundred people wow. It really yes oh. Not just not just the way you do all the manual especially. A lot of people love to get the wings. Or caring for a party for business is you've done business is I'm sure yeah we yet Kate youthful people yell wedding yes it's a potty. At the church altar at the equation. That's always been excellent and so when you're doing catering especially the fried chicken because of the way you make kids these days Christie for a long time yes. Yet we knew we were put into the Caylee and I and then when they people's fear they Steve's sure it's crispy this is not expensive this. This most any budget yes yes you know I Keener and yet we do we do not okay sure and in between two long location and the honeymoon location yes yes you really able to. Accommodate businesses delivered Nigeria yes Angelou like number of people I guess you said fifty people has no problem yes hundred people you be happy to comment and just throughout this year just bubble like we sold more than 4002 doing home power really yes yes. Do you go a bunch Aaron. Our chicken wings but just a really good I love fried rice jacket that would be one of my comfort foods that is there is always Carmelo fright right Nasr has good stuff Johnny was a good job. He really does excellent job relieve us won't you just mentioned to place. You want you might comfort foods like Collard greens you missed that earlier today there's a place near the stadium but there's about well why he got a house of prayer yes house of prayer church they have a fellowship hall or center says. A hall right next in the church. Then they serve lunch every day Monday through Friday. In his home cooked in southern home cook and for some incredible Collard greens yes oh gosh I'd been there once callers I sure remember the attorney that took me I thank you so much for doing so because it was an amazing home. Down home cooking I'm talking really yes sir and it was like three dollars and 49 shares at a very real lot of guys are my the past shock over there walk over it because right nexus stadium really on morehead. On a mix then yes your commander in morehead. It is there's just so many so many very restaurants here to serve that had I mean night I think more of my early experiences was mertz. Mean yeah we're charged Josh yes oh man I mean we're talking maybe yes comfort foods slash soul food however you wanna call a do it. But you wait for that cornbread to come out which are Harvard for home and it's hot. And it's delicious and I think releasing the mayonnaise or sour creams were gives a thick creamy news out the recipe was on paper awhile back I saved it credible. It is incredible and the fried chicken and everything else these are sort results on. It's it's it really is he started a little place up on north trying on that the days again. And expanded at a diverse years ago that is really taken off you know Charles got a lot I mean it's amazing the food scene and everything you children stand occasionally and keep talking about it. Need areas. Managed to. Karzai well. News 1110993. W breezy. All right. Manipulated record while I go to work on my chicken tomorrow. I'm gonna judge you rule with the extra cheese and extras is assaults. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen. You're listening to this show is good it would Charleston boomer. On WBT. Cool. He's his own. The WB. I'm Charles. I love they can turn right at the meat chicken farm. That is comfort me. I love I. Like. You get you can buy it. The supermarket and just use it says right on it pin sliced chicken breasts and just go ahead and and just sixty Ed watched. Stick to chicken breast and as bush to get in the progress so our time and bread crumbs. And and you put in this hot oil in Japan both sides for a couple of minutes it's so thin it cooks immediately. Take it out and try to go is critical in the oven with a piece of parmesan cheese on top or grated cheese loaf and a little homemade sauce and you've got chicken parmesan and give your wrist and former break yet easy out. That's easy yeah let's see we've got on line here room patron Chris yeah. Customer I think so let's welcome this person into the WB TER studio kitchen here on line one good good afternoon. Been happening Charl gay keys how you are. I well you know I'm still tired ultimately that's that a little oil. You do a lot of cooked in fact which interest in I know he's done talks you are in the mornings are blown I don't know if you do you do. Real comfort cooking as in going back to civil war time cooking. The revolutionary revolutionary war I should say. Getting the yeah but Aaron like they're probably you'll cheat their original chicken pot they're say that Kolb the yes. Carolina how what date however they can win. And I EEB Ballard cannot I hit anybody able to download Corey yes that the Virginia how wide the content you have what they grow at between 200 skit but it. But anyway had taken by our culture are stronger. Are you guys that I love alive. Oh yeah and yes seeking an in my own rhetoric like an under its policy or you don't kill about or our human rights. That the original recipe cal Perry can improve on that gives you. Yes he would get fresh onions crisis and the original director arrest they culprit mitnick now you have partially. That the oil you know that made goodness I don't buy a bit parents and instead they were good million. It is critical. Different. But you know. You know I could Euro I doubt very little to collider which are hot now seeing little. Linda is a child come up there would some of them would scrap the plated each grossed and Brandon yeah Edelman. And yeah and and me and she returned in a bit late real great beer and it's give somebody I know that it's strictly start at age you'll look. At the Schumer and already had a pretty you you do a lot of cast iron cook into don't chip I didn't crippling record came in here today yep almost everything a huge difference yes. He's a guy I figured there are cricket she who lives yeah lucas'. I'll get tempered down again now that we're working and that man your ring only have predicted that that this basically she can. We say it yet or critical care are you literally have to learn it don't care it's a ghost. You know as a unit picky about that you can do physically well. If you've got and you had a season that you did this pre season every time it's nice as you know Evan Washington and that to some people that seems very strange but you don't he never wash cast iron cookie to dial into our own it you clean it usually. But occasionally. Yes I'll rule. Are you could. A circular like dole or something like bass and very like this it'll go into low into the into the penalize general you can you can use a scrubbing brush you stones anything you want that makes it takes off the food debris. And then of course she put him back on the stove on under the over the heat. And you had a little bit oil. My wife typically will. Appreciate your knee at. Grover clearly you know we you know meanwhile wrote a real war pretty normal double as a decimal or scratches here Keith you're too kind. That thankless but yes ya Dahlia yeah or your wonderful and I are finally got our key space great I was over or talk all he. And go to the chicken Bobble heads fog in all fields G like a box always good like the swamps we surprised yeah. A particular box that's a truth locked the keys have a great weekend and I thank you venture called bill yeah it is yeah Jessica does get to go that the man at the candidates this it is so let's go ahead welcome Kyle into the kitchen Kyle thanks so much for calling you're in the WB 2 eastern potential calico the very excellent progress. Here are a little quicker yeah. OK. For Gretna man I gotta tell nicest one LCI. Course report it's for your mama or yes or. Got those things about ball up Amazon and it's all right I'll but I but I guess my question we ask. Is it better to use one that's more expensive. And it'll actually be don't be more accurate orders of thirty dollars to monitor economic real. Now on the and I on the stove. Is it that will that work. I think it's their dollar amount should be fine I prefer digital for an end for an instant read thermometer I have a digital thermometer. I probably got from Amazon I made was fifteen books. And I love that because that way I can I know mile I also got one that I can put in the smoker. That was probably 25 bucks but it's a remote ones so I put the line into the meat in the smoker and yet and it sits on the units it's outside of it and I keep the other piece of the unit with me and it transmits the temperature is arises. So there I love that. If you're Carol operationally to bring down over one of those things words just gonna rewrite the first hour. Notably that no you don't ever you should never have to calibrate any of those tomorrow matters to the third one I have that don't use as much is the one that you point at the food it tells you the temperature aria. Jocelyn and I just had no idea I know and for shouldn't like for for steaks and whatnot. I still like to know internally but I I go by time in touch on the state. You depending on the item but I do like to have a to mama especially the chickens as I am I make a check entitlement roast it. And if I wanna how many notes don't need a summit take that digital to mom and her. And nominee check the thickest part of the leg away from the bone. Amateurs the thickest part of the breasts away from the center of the Erica let's let their last night and big moguls go I've got the chart up. Next to me so I know I can't remember at all but I know it's 165 or better for the chicken. I like around 170 musical because I don't wanna cut down into the very heart of the thigh I want that to be white and the Jews to run clear. You don't want to largely don't cut the whole way down. You're a kick out of it. Further away from a vote. Well and there you can see our temperatures a partial thickness yeah exactly how or if except by a pro wanted to parliament trying to all the way through down to me is thickest part where it takes the most independent couldn't chicken or Turkey is down at the Bible yes sir and I I don't want to see pink personally know so. So that's that at bat an eye you guys are geniuses thank you are YouTube you're welcome thanks Kyle knew that they received it there's a ton of I have seen some of the thermometers that Bed, Bath & Beyond don't know sir if black hawk your party has succeeded they have like Tonto. As long as you're within a couple degrees jagr is that you know you're not way off I mean do wanna take the meat off that that's you know. And about a 125 you're at rare for a steak that's fine for burger it's not go do the birds. Knuckle under fire burned up a rare birdie they changed that a few years ago from when 75 to 165 I believe but I like around 17 dom was here so you know but it. Then you know you do just got to make sure but this heat I'd die won't cook something and server and plus I know the temperature no I think I'm so glad Kyl called. It's great call so much more talk about please stay in the kitchen. He's followed and they want me. I smack. They think that paves the Jim might not choose my doctor about your run Archie I don't know priced chips and had no effect should go. Paying. Paying paying. I don't know taking. I ask you end up I don't know if I'm doing digging up on a lot of wow like magic. How likely did he bragged to her how proud. You're listening to this Chile's could get. It would Charleston boomer Hun WPG. You can studio kitchen like a pretty good inside. Live in the that's from LA from rush hour and a great move beyond break. I think he's he's won because he wanted to kill the chicken pork and even though. Get out get it or not on the. He's fried. Nearly as welcomed. The WBT studio kitchen the last few minutes so much to share with the U. Here's a restaurant and opened just this week enjoy it I talked about it but. Not the WG morning news with the vote. And under the sun moon food for thought and it's very simply called tacos for life grow from it opened. Just this Tuesday so it was an open just five days foreigners. It opened their Christian very corners that is deride a road decent writer and government all right erode. Concorde. A home a Concord. How a court order concorde that's right that's up north here they just opened this past week I missed the first of five locations he's an open. Of the franchise his name he's at and I talked to him great guy chip letting go he's a former director of operations at the copper sushi burger bar crew which is doing amazing. Now let's talk oh this guy no none of us left them yet and now he has opened a separate. His own and he's a franchisee for this area for. Tacos for life like real and they have rod gets a wide variety likes soft and hard shell and everything else for every taco salad rice spoke case a deal or not shows that you purchased they donate 22 cents to feed my starving children very Garros a nonprofit organization committed to ending childhood hunger. Friends that tremendous guess what fantastic fourteen varieties of tacos all along which should Cochran it is host made caiso. And indeed Goran doc and Korean barbecue steak with cabbage who I mean this is just don't know caveat. So this sounds really really cool. Mixing Cobb salad shouldn't case a deep south of rice bowl ultimate not chose. Talk goes pro life grilled you gotta check him out there before more common soon but do not yet I grew up to rock the right road. And Concord so that's now open which just ran a corner from the outlook from the mall right yes exactly you're exactly right yeah. Also another place I know I don't you love it when when restaurants. Thought he'd do more than just want to be successful us in this case. Their goal is to end help and world hunger but I mean my gosh or talk about a lofty goal yeah. To me be enough just to get a restaurant opened running and beat stay open. No deal with it and only twenty cents and that's not each item basket rattle you. OK here's another one that's doing something really cool. Our taco Mac yeah you don't talk aren't very gorgeous set on us and our team back to back yeah probably yeah have been in nine years now already you can you believe it. The rough and he had a yes it started in Atlanta Piedmont town rural. And they've been there for nine years why is it called taco Mac when there's not a taco place it's because they bought a place that was called taco Mac and they could not afford to change the sign a step aside and bought the placed a little hut. And they said we can all we can that was afford to open the restaurant we can't afford to change to sign in south Atlanta they did not necessarily wanna serve tacos. Let's say it's still wanted to tailings. All of their wings are incredible they do a great job yes sir what's going on on this month at taco Mac that's not fair view and Piedmont Conroe movie is called can jam key ANC's case here. Can JE RC eight and can as an can't bear all boy it can jam 2018 at taco Mac celebrating craft. In the king and and local craft yes or that I love this as the leader in crafting a taco Mac would never miss an opportunity to celebrate that as they called the roots of full beer selections available. In Cannes. From Sam Adams path to ribbon Sweetwater brewing company creature comforts and more. Came James and April April tradition for the restaurant or board. They gives guests the chance to support the juvenile diabetes research found Jake foundation GD RF. You know which out of visited this is really important. And so while you enjoy can't Kraft favorites from preening brewers will be donating money. To this cause you know Charles did you think of canned beer that's been nice down and ask us as cold as we can get yes it is and tastes the same yep it's just as good as tap or bottled or anything cans are made differently now than they did twenty years when he years ago you don't taster can like you just sit. Always a cold one so even though they have the taco Mac has a 10000 Beers undrafted. Offer a 140 Beers that program as well in this case for this event and this is throughout the month of April to April 30. All donations raised in North Carolina will benefit the local greater western Carolina chapter. Of the JD RF way to go to match you go great or Toronto and he. Hours ago. I does not talk pizza for a couple minutes would always have a series and say if I can set the mood here Christmas Eve or get this right this title a year ago watch out now. Miriam. He. And win and I need my team so. About comfort food. News. So much to me that's an Oregon. It's every day come home and it really depends any time of day yes. It's not mentioned damages. The place and Harry's PA RY parsed his carries pizzeria and car. They're doing all of this month and next month. They're giving away to local charities and what they call you wanna pizza me he's a very yes. My wife and I went there Linda and it was excellent I'm Tanya you gotta check this place out. It's in north lake malls it's on the awfully small driving north and it's an awfully small drive Harry's Harry's headaches Syria really casual inviting atmosphere really family friendly. It's not it's not even a thirty minute drive from Ballantine so if you live anywhere from there are your closer. Yeah hunters don't forget your right there Harry's pizzeria. We had this and any of it was a pizzeria be that we had was called big tuna starter sushi grade cereal I eat tuna. Excellent next on the pounds of sauce go with arugula tossed in olive oil lemon juice dressing out of this world. We have the buffalo wings and as a is on the menu media and they were me do a chicken and never frozen. They had that would just delicious really seasoned well we taste and this is New York pizza. They do true New York pizza party you fold when you yes I yeah it only comes in two sizes fourteen inches and small halt all talk and eighteen inch. That's a big pizza that is a lot of things so it is. Which case of one call the five Burroughs pepperoni sausage bacon mushrooms green peppers black dolls and red onions hallmark stuff really great. The crust is like it's supposed to be real just chewy enough. Yes let me cry and ended the Aniston and often the center here that you have to hold up the middle. Just take a bite you if you are gonna we controlled it either way tool malicious. Here's the really is a which is one called the Brooklyn barbecue bird which was fire roasted chicken barbecue sauce red onions from. We have other ones like the so called not yo mama's Margarita oh and I yadda yadda yadda. Which has slices of big but he'll crawl break against such a big potato they can mozzarella cheddar and green onions. I'm gonna try that on next dancing crowd doesn't have got to give that a try and it's not often that I mentioned a server but can Dow. K Ian can Dow was his name not Kendall McCann now. My gosh that's a perfect example of a guy who's in the moment wants to be serving was having a great time. Came back often checked on us wasn't the GE we could tell he wanted to make sure we had a great time you wore his guest yes right. And that is so there's you know if you want it dead Italian he would go to go to go to Paris Paris pizzeria. Check out can now. Haskins and if he can be your server and you'll find somebody whose love and what they're doing at that moment and get eighteen minutes. There you go oh and by the way one lasting Heinz Ketchup today's the last day you can vote. Do you want them to make. A combination of mayonnaise and ketchup and a bottle of yes yes is it work and a with a male catch may may oh chop male child does not sound appetizing to me by a kick catch a break into bays I'd I don't know where you have until today to go to Twitter account that's for Heinz Ketchup. And you can decide where they if you say so. If they get 500000. Votes in favor they're gonna put it on the on the shelf for a right. That's what you talk about that the power of social media. They go if you wanna combined already. You can have it by Simmons said as it does now unjust and it's not thousand of them some anyway we'll be back next week so it twelve noon yeah. You'll watch out for the weather coming out this afternoon thank you so much to Chris Farrell technical producer Chris McMahon yes sir. Boomer on Canon thank you so much for being here with me. It's really great time I'd love to do in his own by the way amateur one more thing the Locke Norman highland games this stork rural he'll present to. Yes this is such a great place it's a nonprofit location did do in the Locke Norman highland games all my gosh. Celtic rock on Kansas stuff. Hearth cooking and see beer and wine whiskey tasting tasting public filtered running event when I got after me. I. With a long blows and blow guns what's out our round. 25 annual Locke Norman highland games. I'm Tonya that does not something drastic they have huge it really does. And oh by the way gallery gallery restaurant that which I wanted to bounce and hotel has their brand new menu for the spring I'll talk about it next week we'll have more time but. And they've got some great items here. Really great porterhouse cease councilman gosh these perpetual I love that song. Okay I'm starving we gonna have to get some to be ready to return movies were Briscoe operating all right you. Have a great week again watch out for the upcoming weather and in the meantime you know what to do you he'd gone Coke again. And is. Okay. It is easy. It is I'm. Or. Yeah. I. Am. Kitchen is now closed.