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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasty you're weekly guide to everything Colin aryan Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants. Foods and share some recipes and cooking techniques and call me. Call 704. 570. Yea 1110. Happy Sunday afternoon and welcome to the WBT studio my name is Charles taken my wonderful cohost is now back. Tell people Iran can and I'm so glad your back your dad oh my gosh. Welcome back I mr. last my friend rob us there here they are relative. Well I I all of those who had a fantastic happy Mother's Day and and and for weeks that we've had since. That's great. I'm so glad you got to go with him and see her mom for mothers today yes. That's gonna observatory that's an excellent so welcome back to the WAT studio kitchen. Agree to be here Leo like we've. Filtered sunshine a little filters go a little though beam me no rate and little steamy 78 degrees no rain yet now I honestly don't know radar either so we're clear for the next couple of hours that's excellent and all right we're supposed to talk about roaming because you haven't been here and I'm we've talked and so long I wanted to about the places I've reviewed with would Mark Garrison beautiful and we wanted to have a fast casual restaurants today that's as the topic week. Are growing like crazy with fast casual. Restaurants that have arms in the game yeah they really have tested nutrient that's the hottest trend going in harassed casual just on a park where that is a great a couple of great national food days throughout that Ohio and some of the new new restaurants to have just opened. How many opening per month here in Charlotte and knew it I would say between 24. Per month in the Charlotte area home don't get to own easily and this summer fall that number will likely go up yes. I mean I'm seeing wanna know when I do the food for thought would vote Thompson on Chara under BBC's morning news. That's one week and that's a new restaurant that think that I'll talk to you about that today as a matter of fact we're I want last week have grown one NetSuite that is opening tomorrow or are. But me and if its release and come to see them not to market opening grimacing in this week and they'll be in this coming weeks food for thought on the morning news. So yeah it is amazing animal racing one out of two or more that are opening weekly. It is unbelievable it is not as some of the areas like park for a shopping center that is hollow here as Central Park good dining shopping center it really this is a dining destination. Customers turned into. He's amazing and it isn't who'll. And is amazing because it takes a little bit talk more about it. But I just remembered having seen the lion at the shake shack that's not now to talk all dressed casual let's fast fast but it's not fast. As far as lying necessarily I don't know how fast it moves him for takes a lot of cook a big burger that line was wrong you have from that was that was amazing I hadn't seen that in crime and violence are here in Charlotte in the New York City. National food to his let me share coupled with your. One is very close to home because this morning I made. Strawberry waffles all about it I did a lot of ID like cook every week and I either Qaeda inside Israel I'm very typical. And very predictable. That is Saturday morning is scrambled eggs with cheese if there and toast and and and bacon old and and and Sunday is either pancakes or waffles and there was strawberry waffles cause yesterday. My wife a day early. The strawberries together freshman now all my catcher Jorge Paul's farmer down downtime yes sir he gets in Providence Rhode west fantastic place to go. It is net today may twentieth is national pick strawberries day. Yeah I'm sure opened today office side swing by because roaming customers so that yes sir I mean it just in time talk about fresh or you could cure all you can become a monster but you know they just picked up from. Unbelievable slowed anyway every may twentieth is national picks strawberry. Holiday. And as they say it's too late April through stuff throughout the summer. Strawberries are members of the rose family did normal I didn't collided at their road yes. They're also the only fruit with their seeds on the outside. I heard that the of the day. Excellent source of vitamin C low fat low in calories good source of fiber folic acid potassium and who doesn't want. Can help fight bad cholesterol may reduce inflammation the first robbers were grown in France in the late eighteen century. Prior to consensual routes careers were collected and commonly used as a fruit so purse. Good to you go yeah a great case especially now in congress who own a home so we have to get yourself some you know especially in the stores that always have a section with. Locally North Carolina probably north Carolina's frustrating. And we have a budget to reform social cost and look them up and you'll see all the ones that are open under the open now the longer for awhile and many of the farms now as it did they take it our location like for instance there's no harm north of Harrisburg is yeah of course but they bring a truck down to Harrisburg park and a bank park alone on Saturday and Sunday but he said the and you get it right there. And of course to farmers markets now are the normal let's throw in these should all be in bloom so to speed move right who and they a lot of that but that's the people. That have grown it and they'll tell you where to where we don't wish reform movement tiny immediately and bring down the road twenty miles away whenever pick your own and like yep and you know that whatever they're offering news from a out of their gardens. You don't you pick your own nearly every now did you have to taste want us to test and make sure that the bulletin your pictures are right absolutely. Also extra bonus here is how here's another here's another one and this is something I love and that is. It is national. Quiche Lorraine day he shall make Torre is dedicated to the food allowing national quiche Lorraine that he but it all these can be found the national calendar. National day calendar dot com injuries resource for the stuff. Quiche Lorraine believed to have originated in the rural Lorraine region of homes. The original quiche Lorraine consisted of an open pie made using a bottom crust with a filling of custard and smoked bacon and yes and cast iron skillet was used to cost the original quiche a lot of focus I use most times for cheers it was added to the recipe at a much later time. I loved occasional realignment initiative you know and they you can just by the the pros and multi opinion go across to us but yeah you can use that you're absolutely makes some great occasion and I you can put almost any broccoli and all kinds of stuff yes but do original new goes so. Pick yourself some strawberry is today. And and make a case where he's a hell of and let me have you make an elbow my strawberry idea of all that's good stuff there you go. So fast casual. I can't get over. You know I've been here enough for twenty. Need. Trying for years. At least and are. No I do remember the painful restaurants that we had do we just sit down and when they were national chain drive throughs. The new agendas was open back then it wants aborting it was opened 770 yeah and had to be. And but there weren't a lot of them here bright and so Charlotte were right when we were. And fast casual I don't even remember. I don't remember a fast casual other than my first onshore Mars right that would be the first one that I remember. Where you you know the actual use we have several items you can choose from music stand there and really you know and the deviate the number in new down at. I think maybe the over the but one of the first anyway if not for me and when they grow. Through something locations. And others ever once running with the idea the it was you know it was clear themed I'll. And that's George to show all right yes sir. What are what are mastermind the genius of man he first owned mr. k's and open as it Concord Concord yes right there against us and still for fried chicken I understand because most cut most changed the recipe for. So they're supposed to usually think that I think and that also is fast casual or you go to the counter and you wait you forgot to bring him back to your table. I guess you could say it doesn't matter if you go sit down with a number and they bring to you or you go back to the counter and get it I even want to me that's fast casual and I think so yeah art Fuzzy. Fuzzy yes exactly yeah. From his position does is there's almost an unbiased and hoping that that taco place I can't think of an off hand to so many parents are right combo yeah. Did chicken. Oh yeah is a bad example right yes yes you absolutely you play shorter you pay almost all of them offer some beer and wine. Most news not most of them now I don't have beer on tap him. Which is very cool sure and even an IP or two I mean how the local brews local craft Beers yes it is. And we are low I think that's really nice some defenders first fully prepared when you order and it doesn't take but a few minutes to. Get your order Veba Juli has done so well there and then because of that concept all of these places and roads and boom mentioned some more. Because there's a lot of them if you know one block from the Carlson you're Jordan recently 70457 or 1110 be happy to welcome you into the kitchen. With less often boomer and thrifts and Christo and Chris Farrell are touch and producer thank you marsh. I think yes sir the better Sunday to Chris. Yeah I you know without attached to the producer we will would be on the air card. And governor Whitman got an unknown don't know for sure that be like a guest over nobody connected against it without caveats the whole nine yards so and so they've had some major changes recently and I have to credit seriously. I mean nobody knows will be you know you listened and it all sounds great. And until year end here but we've been for. Knew something about that you've been here you can win you've been bullish associate with the BB two for eighteen years serve and I mean her fifteen years Chris have been here how long this. Twenty years in beside him to death so that I mean when we are really old time it's. I yeah. Restaurant certainly not obviously is because as a contessa premium placed a deep you sort of people only knew what it took. In this case for technical producing. Of this Tony for a seven. Programming there's a WBT. Horrible torture it's this is just amazing and I credit all of them because you had a major changeover recently and it's just and I just turned pro at the march. I haven't done it for fifteen years I started with John Hancock I was producing for him at the time. And now. This battle has been that long that you know this scares me to death it's like changing to try to stand there oh yeah I changing kitchen equipment yes what happened here all the equipment got it shifted around every Ohio I mean I couldn't I couldn't I just couldn't do that I would be better off saying he's selling bananas you know. But the paper clips daily kitchen. 7045 so I don't know 1110 best special. We have no longer now. Does today. That's string bean then I'm news and big juicy Lara many send it all kinds of fruit and he's saying. We've got to go lose fashion. Tomorrow now both. How long have you but found no. Okay. We have no one had. We have no and I. Does Sudan. Stated hatred and that it is blew my apple thought that it much more like prone than robot that. I'm Tammy let you know. The media. Okay. You're listening to this show is because game which Charleston coomer. Fun WP exe. In the WBZ's studio addition its popular rumor I'm talking about. Former Vaughn can't and I'm Charles Jenkins the. I believe what you sort of problem I have. Hole from seventy existence on the right side is okay. Maybe you might. All right a lot of art and he's had a great time element to your home. Exempting new significant risks how about. He can fast casual whole lives we all voted out there put it out there are. Christian pastor who casually act Chris let's welcome went on to the WBT's studio kitchen. Welcome to the BB keys to new kitchen which a first name. For I don't look Vieques but you only I had never called it should I. I had the craziest flank steak he played asylum in again I've never heard it played my whole life. 300 years old Obama didn't end up with new material for my my big east this thing to me oh yes we have no banana and it's over and have never heard the thing. Well see anything that's food related we find that we play it. At this time it was by Louis Prima who would you write the song goes back decades. I'm sure my father played on the radio maybe that's where I heard it. But that would be way back in the fifties as North America. Hello Bill Clinton managed bank NN Belgrade now into your place they jangled got me a biscuit last night I and phrase appropriate local. Market for mobile arm and. I accept them up but to knowing how much put the biscuit and a heated it up with some. As some of the is security goals. Grist bit Irish murdered his god yeah this situation. Room and take better and then I took my child's skull base and that. I think it comes from the topple mountain in North Carolina where they open up where it is only one entry blossom meant that how many years it's wonderful it's great name and and it was just wonderful. Did you split the biscuit when you did all the Scalia knows at this time as a man you are fantastic. You got it down you are man after our own heart and heart and Linda how great theater really good yes he had found a place that does that you won't talk about it if you only tough and I should assertion that way. You are to push you for listening and calling I. So it's so I think you're probably raised at the farmers in California learn more than extra pesticide. On it things get a third crop slew until those. So failing to get your kids know organic strawberry yes I'm locals so local farmers. Also it it has the same effect is present not quite as hard but a lot of people dominoes and. I thought that I did not know that let you go strawberry and what it what don't you show low. No seriously thank you so very much it all right lets you pay a leg that biscuit idea of matter that I had that blouse and could only so much. There was an elderly people start talking like that don't say back home is as shut your mouth at. It just I mean that's what it was good man boy he knows his food he's got six and we do have and some of the best strawberries and blew right here yes right here man locally so I mean you can't find any better I know you go to fort near or to Monroe or Lincoln and Lincoln County has sort of strawberry farms. A compares counting. I'll may need to find him now he can't find any right here immediate Charlotte beat drive about 1520 minutes you'll find a strawberry farm ego and now you want Diyarbakir ASEAN Paula and her current Charles hall man there's nothing like oh man it's hard to go back who don't know any other store bought it is very they're really thankfully we're we're good to the summer now hmm -- I mean they've had more tremendous are almost too much rain actually seduce and that no doers brought to loosen and a little bit vote totals in water water. You ask your local coop could come especially in the senate reforms they have amounts known in northern water yes quickly told to do a great job and you can freeze. You can pushing a home beaten cut him up in recent work they don't use them. But that Alex waffles are there altering shortcake biscuits and strawberry strawberry point where you've got to place that we haven't been home that has biscuits -- it you're speaking of that there's a whereas an affiliate of the gym was told me about the and so let him be tried this over the now everybody sort of their new don't south boulevard near the new Harris teeter cracked bone near ideal way it's called Holler and dash they have a location oddly they've started an Alabama okay around test of yes and now they're in Charlotte just opened. And here's how leaves a man until a new gates incredible. Big thick biscuits rule very light. And then they stuffed biscuits with different ideas you know like now there's one that has our bacon and hollow Pena. And I mean they have was so once fried chicken permit or cheese on opinion and there's another biscuit unit that has. Sliced bacon. Green tomatoes. Bright green to mess with guacamole and Monaco Holler back soft little Japanese are huge biscuits you know. So I understand his signature sandwich biscuits and you mentioned your strawberries I was look at the picture at and then they aren't strawberry really just get this program totally opened a big basket with how we probe areas with they have a creole cream and she knows who own the basketball and -- are over here it was over the companies often called heart and death you have to get over there you have to try for a date open I had never have been there permanently power holed that looks incredible and their fast casual yes or fast casual while I love it. Yes or no we've been too young folk speaking of dress casual that is really and that they're knocking them dead. I mean we were there and they were out the door and that's because they've got like. I didn't get chicken they've got rotisserie chicken but it's really different this totally different totally and that's what's great that. People serving. Are the same for some of overseeing preparation but it comes entirely differently using different prices different herbs different season different methods sir are a lot of the rotisserie. But the land that they serve. I hope alive in this world goes like barbecue yet has a lot milder flavor of the barbecue but had greatly grant it was incredible. Because. Crap and they do wonderful job and I mean everything from Brussels sprouts to two new name and an annual review issued a judicial up you'll see a lot of people there but don't let that throw you back there are -- respect somebody they are bigger move a crowd quickly they've got it down and yet they do is down to a science fact there's a second location coming in Cameroon where it is but you know yeah off throw you off a kitchen dot com is we'll find them or do well yes everything I went to obtain indoor kitchen I wanna talk about them as well. I talk to Baltimore mark Harrison I'm Charlotte have six pandora he had to endure TA ND and you are and at tender. Tend to work candor and they're right across the street must have protesting the next door across street. Very. Stone's throw away from. Yes so they're both are sharing power to Sharon township right there winnable Barnes & Noble is yes sir corner of Sharon and colony hardback and a Louisville etc. behind. Barnes and exactly. Ten door teeing do you are Indian commission to indoor and has a picture there logo has deal. The elephant because and as an Indian effect and as gospel and on it cold here. Who had half a minute here empowered Christmas Thomas hello. OK to have its overall and 11 in the studio welcome to the BB two kitchens to do which first name. There's session current Ferraro out. That's a that's what kind of the board George Salem. Democrat brought so I don't have no okay the ego he leverage does that grows bigger thank you so much logo and your opinion mountain are. You know what that is. No OK okay thank you so much liberal and you never know we've been here from but you know we we we've been a long after everybody knows us. I get calls and weekday mornings when I'm producing the morning or Democrat or events and they say oh by the way yes double or get back and so this year I'm here. Would stay where stand for this residents whole hour I 'cause Russell headed to go order NATO so NATO stay in the kitchen if you want you to go to some to say it any of us Chris Farrell. I don't corporate it set no eleventh then that's a. Obama that he didn't clue will suit her bedroom. I. Blue moon so you. Good yeah I love the show and yeah probably shaved my OK. Okay. Here come the shrimp boat full to take me losing okay. Economy usually don't bode well. They're doing new. The scene was angry that damn my friends like an old man trying to set backs open daily. And everybody here. Beat him. So much. The game itself. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is good can we Charles and boomer come on WPG. You know they've visited new kitchen piling up boomer you bring. My Bradford available relatively quick hits you like that you're talking to remove him. Fun. We play out there. Every morning. Before 5 AM yeah. And that's left. That you committed to did you get a putt made just didn't advertise the back it up. Keep it that way on the corners it's all good elbow. America WBD studio kitchen I'm Charles I think he is boomer Von Canon hey technical producer Chris Furl is apparent thank goodness. To endure tender Indian kitchen Cindy and I went a couple of weeks ago Pyrenees the brand new this the first one they are out of I wanna say Knoxville he estado Knoxville Tennessee. And these the people who opened that one other names at HP Patel and JT to tell the Brothers. And their shaft. They're chef Hari my jock. NE YA KI he's probably not sing it right but he would not have nor rank as you rock my world of real fast casual and they walked by the table the shuffled by table. I cannot amass I don't remember that yeah that's great about eight in a lot of love their actual walking around you can buy essence of paying that tax cut as. They're mad that they did jacket on or ask for fear the chef's jacket. It was really something. They make something called Oprah Fries. All hat that I haven't told you this right I can yes and I don't I'm not beat and you like Coca low for a Christian like Coca. Most of malveaux and you louder from you know and I moved to Boston likes it oh yeah I'd never been a fan but whatever reason. They take it they shave it since I mean really thin and spice it up and then flash fry it oh my gosh I gotta try this it is to die for really. I know really fan really thin relates slices little length wise I think so yes yes just to do. Real thin almost razor thin while and and and whatever that end they have their own spice from by the way T indoor Indian kitchen that is dance for the tender on him which of these big tall standing up and you'll see. That there outside of ceramic yeah they're they're round yet and they have the open is taller rides in there and none of the food touches anything it's in the heat the heat rises yet. So doesn't touch the sides Donna grill is just in and around the heat debt that rotates around so to speak. I got a process next to that they have their own spice from the agency to the glass being Sid the kid could petition but he can also see despite Truman have these great big glass jars displaces. And that's when they make their own spice in the roast them in the bin improv together route yeah. If it and this is fast casual. So we tried that that was our that was really good touch and go online they can keep seeing this free coupon for those. And Oprah Fries instead watch them prepare your food I did get regular occasion ordered and you can see it. I love that spiced okra Fries we also tried to tandoori wings who have become such a twelfth in moon spicy. Yes who get something cold drink. And then they also make me try this couldn they called non chose the results on four and one half dollars this is you know. Really a big relayed via a instead of not shows they take a non bread which is an Indian grand. And they fry it always so becomes Krispy like champs yet and they make none chose really. And it could put Shawn is there a chicken if you want and different vegetables. Delicious. Also we tasted a seat us and charred to death to come masala and it's committed tomato cream and the new Greek leaves that's the top so that was really good. What I had was do lamp. They put lamb on the skewers in the tender oven on and that was just fantastic it really was. So. I would say I have Selena charm that was the kabob Zack who's a lamp seek to Bob's. How minced minced grass fed lamp with fresh mint roasted garlic. Aromatic Indian spices. 1195 holy cow. The whole it's a full play all the members had dinner that the old or older had a group like that it's really good. Well tender inane kitchen on governor more she got a check them out I'd love to know what you think cause I thought they were truly excellent. Okay. Let me let me I'll give ya wanna I wanna give you one review that I do with Mike garrison he hasn't been that opponents at the scene here for can increase it going get this darkened room. I knew he never played this one before it's. It's not actually called lobster dressed. That's what the song is called this is called the lobster. It's kind of moment. Everybody soon. Evolved. The game right thinking there's. A couple of big. All right good but you'll see what I I played that it's called ATVs and TVs prime seafood that's. ED DI ETV's. Prime seafood has just opened like within the last week and a half. Two weeks maybe at the most at uptown. Trade and try and they're right there right there in the corner of independence square. It is behind what we all called that big gold disc yeah yes sir but now that I've been in this restaurant which is actually meant to present. A gorgeous to die for beautiful. An upscale. I can cause anymore it's called the palm d'or sculptor okay to sculpture so yes it's it's right there with the palm d'or sculptors and people say was The Commodores sculpture no such. Gold district or this could a couple of coin that's right they cannot write a trade in triumph. Only open for dinner okay beautiful big bar is like a big horseshoe bar that must seat about went for people while in a lounge around it to. Every evening every evening. Five piece band. IP space are OK they bring it oh yeah I mean I am humbled and the places drop dead gorgeous to food is to die for. We started with the Maine lobster tacos. Yes house may first two tiers with grilled sweet corn Pico who unbelievable. Lobster tacos and he was having lobster tonight than we try the lobster disk Maine lobster disk fresh Maine lobster with cream and cognac. And what they do is to bring the ball over and it's not just little chopped to pieces of lobster and did the whole claw Altamont yes. If the whole cloth as it takes a whole bottom of the bowl. Does a bit more and then they then report that the best over it and hook up. I'm serious. We also I tea I had the swordfish which was really great is top with crab Jumbo lump crab avocado so honcho Leonard Cilic who she had the Mediterranean greens you know. Which is a whole roasted sea bass to the outside is real crispy and has the skill and everything while you need to skin yet. With artichokes oven dried. Tomatoes and all of top and on it was out of this world we finish it off with a bananas for Russia to bring it to your table is a little cake in the middle and an and the scoop of ice from the bananas. And any poor's then run over it many nights at the table are dark. A real art yes. So am I ever did. You know bring your checkbook. For a rush or put some extra dollars and you'll want him. But were there especially Asians yes specialty which pay for this or we just go in the bar. And have another beer never have an appetizer and they got oysters by the way off. All came in fresh that day old man flown in daily. And so this is a place to take your or anybody for dinner that should be a the you know make the sale. This'll do it is an anniversary it's a wedding it's a special occasion. We just when I really truly treat yourself that is in via TV yeah bright day trader trial yes. So you know way to go away over an hour as well Michelle absolutely we have so many new restaurants opening will continue to talk about them you've got one more fast cash we have another another minute talk about when we come back where stay stay stay the WBT studio kitchen. They're lower than they should do. Remote. It's cool that it's. Season. Made fun. Decent. Speed on the season. That I mean I've seen them. Mean not easy I'm like yeah I mean underneath. My parent. I'll have what she's having. And inside. You're in the kitchen with Charles and boomer did silly as coach and on WBT. I'm going to be BT's new kids on did you play different rumors. Something about where an Alley and food there he's just such a great job all I thank him every time I you know. Look for his songs for the show us who. Your degree we have played. We got a lot of you know I've also saw Tom Fries biscuit and gone by the way there and Ballantine had done his due creep or rise just kidding don't you. That's fast casual pissed or you can sit there and that was cool especially for the could you consider on the side there's a window at a port hole wouldn't put Z into the kitchen for decision making baskets. Oh cool rule. Get to get a biscuit. But the tragic and and a problem and you beat her. Yet the war and the don't atomic I think I heard where they're located again they are there are headed to Ballantine. And about area there yes right by the publix and that's at OK but probably from west and there's Johnson road is certain is one Steele creek which I mean I measure is down to 49 from new croft. To that area yet you'll creeps feels all right so many hours leaves some Madonna's used to. I know and so he's been by the a couple of times and I've talked to him to go into a hallway got a I've spent a great yes us. Know you've got my other one that we haven't been to the nude checking the drawing great crowds and every now they have eight locations around I'll look at sibor. Latin streak Greer I'm behind the hole avoid man they have flavor mail Salvador Dominican Republic Colombia government of Venezuela. And I mean they have some great foods 300 fell within kind of hi I want to theater list or say and tying bill there improper may McMullen original reason. Here's there you're gonna Marvin where they're located there I'm Matthew Israel would yeah you're probably right right there somewhere can't. But support SAB OR Anders Latin street gruel they have spike wanted to favors here for a yes street food is. They make some Fries. Refer grilled steak. And are movies so block a bully and cheese sour cream is just wanted to favors here and hang out my housing have Marino's Tom Rose. They have for about fish taco dissenters who sloppy at. We swallowed tomato cilantro and lime wedge and a great line made fresh fish taco. And thirteen plays and they amended used to at all. Glimmers of Latin disagree website yes Simpson wore Charlotte don't just harm I assume one dollar tacos on Mon it's a Monday six Tolliver read those classic great these 250 for Mexican Beers two days two dollar domestic Beers OS are great he just isn't even one dollar authentic taco Tuesday. Wolf I messed up and a note not bad at all no doubt that no that's not bad at all that I will not check them out Leo Wednesday kids eat free. Yeah wow I'm guessing this is fast casual fans casual yeah. And again when he right by you'll see there's always people there always the midwest have a Thursday launched a six dollar and Kenyatta and I'll repay an opinion and a dive document the heat to overrule. The whole awful Friday Margarita five dollar a minimum underneath the they just say you lifting over the shore if Elizabeth nodal Wesley chapel Indian trail Steele creek. Pine belt let's assume for a milk and a son Parker had oneself are right our home all right wow are right there Sharon township yes. Here's a here's something to do then dollar may drop dropped by I'm way out of here right now triple seat started at noon. Is DR pints for pans and pandas have talked about just today yup may twentieth at 12 o'clock at triple seem drawing. Which by the way or 77 it's right off of Clinton. Yes sir and you go on but I try announce a triumph a little bit and make a U turn on to Griffith twin 12900. Griffith street. If you have been I haven't triple seem drawing it might have to check them out sir but this is a great opportunity to get to a great cause and for truck ride band silent auction. It is pints for pans mrs. PA NS and pandas PA and DNA test. In fact the friend that works with my wife it's her daughter is one of those who are suffering from this are ridiculous terribly. Disabling childhood. Syndrome and should fact they're highly edited on several of the local channels that this would be going on today so if not doing anything. And you looking for something to do somewhere to go. And have a pint yes he broke pints of hands in hand is right now at triple C Bruins started at noon at the great hero yes. Tony and a hundred Griffin Griffith Griff fifth street that area has really developed Omaha gosh yes really developed well. New restaurant. I want to speak with him I thought we played this on Friday Friday morning as food for thought segment on to be BT morning news. The Stanley has opened the Stanley best and let us Stanley now this is at 1960 when he seventh street it is smack dab on the corner of seventh and pecan oh I don't know what used to be Nash's family bill. Staley they'll. Tell me I -- and oh yeah Stanley real you know what's what I was about something about the history with the old mill village I don't I'm not you don't have all the acrid information from the got there was Stanley real for years camera. And you know why. I didn't already know Stanley that areas calls Stanley. But he was telling me to ship by the way Paul America is the chef and owner talked about some gourmet food this is a beautiful boutique. Gourmet restaurant that opened. Four days ago open on Tuesday I believe yes just opened. Reservations highly recommend ever the pecan yes that's where you buy your kitchen used to be right in that area yet pretty you're near against Andre in that area it is this parking right around there when you're okay and this is fantastic. Arm is an open for dinner and I he described some the items which we talked about and it's not only thirteen here. The segment to the WB's morning news. This team pull varicose. Has done some French Open Michelin restaurants abroad he came back here. It did the talks about him online if you wanna read about him. The Stanley COT dot com is a native of Philadelphia. Augusta do greenhouse harsh from management. And how open do pension. Normal and easy you know mama yet she was the food Merritt director of the historic Tahoe hotel. And our economy commute his history here and he's had a place in wax off for years called heritage food and drink may need more room he opened this. This is still don't not that big so make a reservation he does it's open seating at the bar. But I get a check this out it sounds absolutely fantastic that he's offering really does make a graduation now from the Charlotte actually under all of it welcome another new opening just this week of the Stanley. 1961 east seventh street Iowa after the checkered arm report back to you. Paula America as an American pro America chef and owner where you are. Friday I talk with Mark Garrison as they do each Friday in the 6 o'clock hour do travel segment. And travel is always about getting somewhere enjoying the location and eating and signing somewhere having some either. I talked to the guy who was with tourism board for the land of waterfalls. Of this award frost dot com. And this is for Brevard county and talking about Transylvania beautiful country not they not the one overseas the blue that's not that's Pennsylvania. Not a Dracula on. I don't hear great year. Next weekend there have it was called the white squirrel festival bites world yes I have one in my backyard and you believe it aboard. Destitute and Olazabal like they do because they don't look behind from a circus or some and now there were two and now there's a thousand or more. So they have a it whites choral festival next week in the twentieth and 27. Do you have 200 to two waterfalls all eyes are beautiful countries like yeah border north yeah that's her on the line they've got reform bruised and a one and ten fine dining restaurants often at a place called the pig sick in. I'm gonna go check it out for a couple of nights ours is beautiful country here hunt and a half hours and you go there half. So I'm Tanya that I go check it out the land of wonderful 250. Waterfall believe people I had not used used gorgeous does a bunch restaurants. Has so much to see and do. And taking in and places to stay so amen to check it out. That's Transylvania. At three yes road trip. Visit waterfalls dot com call. Let's say that's an hour boomer. Thank Chris thank you so much to Chris for a technical producer will do it again next week if you're not doing anything troop head over to triple C brewery. It's dog friendly by the way can sit outside with the dog there you go. And when a manager to Transylvania who would act next week with a brand new show and you know what to do it in the meantime I served. She Vaughn cook. At. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.