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Congress. WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasting you're own weekly guide to everything colon area in Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants food and share some recipes and cooking techniques that. Call 704257. Will be 1110. Happy Sunday happy mall. Thursday happy Mother's Day everyone what a gorgeous day for Mother's Day. This is such an important day in fact this is such an important day. I've told former yes definitely go whip hand and go see him as a mom I can take care of the show. So happy Sunday happy Mother's Day to all of you moms all you grand mom's. Ought to offer you great grand mom's. You know moms are so important in our life especially when it comes to food my gosh. I don't think we could be here without them. I know I don't think I would be. I mean really they play such an important role in our lives in general. But I know for most of us especially when it comes to food. It was the first person that I can remember making something good idea I can remember things that I used to have as a child. And I'll tell you about that gossip gossip Teixeira do today I really do. Common touch you vote with national days aren't as a national month going on course what's really important. I got a chance to speak with Jennifer Walters Jennifer Walters is the president and CEO of the little river chamber of commerce and visitors center. And coming up next weekend is the 37 annual world famous balloon craft festival its main nineteenth and twentieth. We're gonna talk to her little bully Iran this is this is an amazing festival. And if you would like to call in if you would like to say happy Mother's Day to your mom. Are you welcome to call 7045701110. If you want a recall something that Jamar made for you something she cooked for you. May be taken out today if you're restaurant if you open if you worked in at a restaurant and prairies and if you wanna give a shadow a Mother's Day. By all means let you know 7045701110. Would love to welcome you into the kitchen. In fact Cindy and I who I say happy Mother's Day to. Are we went out this week and of course our mothers are both passed away at impact my mom passed away this month just a few years ago. Cindy's mom passed away several years ago. Our main too many years ago and of course you think about them every day. This is especially good day to think about them. And so we went out Wednesday night and we were out to. And Jimmy and Margaret who has are there of great guy who are known GR. Johnny's country kitchen. Where his dad and his mom worked in his mom still helps him by making the Bok of our that they do serve at the rest he onion. And so I go to I get a little message from I'd Jimmy that I wanna share with you and he's gonna kick off right now. Here odors of the rest daring and I just want to wish my lovely wife. And my wonderful mom. Happy mother's there. There you go thank you Jimmy how he does a great job at the rest union. And if you're melt about a he's open to any of course there's not a place you wanna make sure people know that your open you welcome to call several 457 on 1110. Mom so important in our lives in already historic package Q is no way to end I mean you could go on forever but talking about all the great things and I feel I was very fortunate. My mom was at that time in the end times when new mom could stay at home and she did a lot of cooking. She may do their most evenings in the evening must they went out on the weekends. And that's when I became direction from what McDonald's lows but when I was I can we go back farthest I can remember. Was. Mean made peanut butter and and and grape jelly sandwiches I don't know where strawberry came in but it was always if it was always just plain white bread. I didn't care about the cost being caught off and I know both of you with Chris and by the way Chris Farrell happy Mother's Day to you in your life. You have how many children. I guess he's a yes. Happy Mother's Day five times to your wife I mean that's talk about a lot of work tomorrow defeating a lot of miles. Oh really yes Chris Furl tactical producer. Permissions are such drink I have been here longer than I have. And helps us every week at this time. So but I'm going back and I think about the Jews to make good grilled cheese sandwiches. And then did you know we would have this suffer and others. And instead of sometimes having peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We would have to offer notice Christa Japan suffer for another fluff for another is the same white bread. And I once I do put a creamy peanut butter was always creamy I don't remember they had twenty must have prosecute we have had chunky. We had a creamy peanut butter and then you bite the jar marshmallow cream fluff. And on the other piece of bread you put the marshmallow cream fluff. And then you put together and that is a thought for another and Europe from here from New England it's likely that you heard of it. Maybe not. But then you'd take it one step further and put in the middle thin slices of banana. So you get the peanut butter the banana. And the thought that the marshmallow fluff. And maybe that's some homage to Elvis Presley and somewhere I don't know because he likely to grow choose with the opponent with peanut butter and anonymity. Menu and then you'd think you'd give me was character remember back then. This court pick his penny out. I think is in the snack food shelf in the store. And what good did she not think I guess the issue knew back then it was it was good to eat unhealthy and she would simply have carrots in the fridge that she had launched an appeal. And I would just protect the should also make great chalked opponent. And I think that's before it came in the little boxes. You know things like baked chicken and tell her it was very simple she would take. Any bottle wishbone Italian dressing. And kind of pour that over the chicken and puts it in the oven until it was done and that was big chicken and no it was really good I really enjoyed that. Should also make this orange chicken which was really cool. It had have orange flavored orange juice and it was wrapped up with some kind of a stuffing in the middle and then she would bacon off. That was really good and the other thing I remember having often. Because she loves it obviously was lamb chops not them not that big expect more and more expensive one but limb loin chops which are not that expensive at all. She would make those once a week she may come under the broiler. And I always lots of food and amid apple jelly. And my youngest son to this day to have you lost lamb and lamb chops and each one he's got a but have a court over the that green moment apple Joey. Chris let's go ahead and welcome lined one into the studio. Into the WBT studio kitchen. Good afternoon paying her credentials per hour you I am fine how we use a cell keys. Yes sir happy Mother's Day kinda low radio we saw as they are it man there. It could me a chocolate chips are among last season against cook one. But chocolate chip. Chocolate chest pints here yet here like you know let us a chance. You mean with a top has the two callers. Yes and Chris Carlson your. Wow you with. And there of course fried chicken rice and gravy butter please comment. She may fried chicken for an. Oh yeah but so their pride chicken malveaux Waco soda bread today which in the old day you know you scratching your game. In the new grid Korean border. In the nerve and rendered good I am broke bread chicken and lettuce green we're about an hour and really keep. It and it literally gives parallel the bone Ukraine are to pick up a lake. So limited vision center of the Baghdad on the court how does it eutectic chicken cut up cut up chicken has to make fried chicken and most the first step. OK we indicate yeah we do you know paglia here it's against analysts currency when you leave. Mean you flowered you know Brad and of course the name when they get they gold in beautiful color yes. Then you put it in a tiny and you know what some aluminum pole in this era and you could that in the and and then you put a panel Warner under. From the moisture and chicken I never heard this isn't yet a new thing Miracle Mile an hour. And he didn't entrenched upstate tuna while it always so and her. And it that you follow all of my own you know has amazing. Yeah and I mean that would true southern fried chicken you know back in the day we didn't act expedient in. And I I needed ally increase speed looks welfare. The united must do this was just it was a Braun did before I was trying to yeah area but no skin. Right you credit you year old and flour salt pepper and that kind of dying in. Community. And then you made milk gravy which used you know you can leave a little hole in the tiny and with a dripping yes and you could the flower and merriment. You know little most well we're pretty your employer Merck. Anchor is turned Greg gold and beautiful Biomet our burns. In particular we can nuclear real into detailed account Gregory. There's some toner for. Come Tony I'm Tony real quick tell me about the party it's coached a chest chocolate hair cut which has a right. We have chocolate chips I it was how I know how to screw this chocolate panic language will be easy ads in the world my little Buddha. Is there. If that's kind of how it worked in the revenues big. Is if you're peaking and I know yes miss my wife make wonderful to Tampa Aaliyah but instead of global. I'm doing this. Wolf without peeking into cold Cheney knew. You could be chopped onion with December part of a crack in the U but he did it puts a little hard Chris Carlin Papa the menu. You say they and it would hit. While. Do it almost display in database service or do you do you make that. I have. I'll oh yeah but I have my if you have a better as they heard them mama I had enough I would sticker remember a couple my he would not that's OK I area. Big thank you thank you unity asks. But the original wish they go or corn meal in it that I'd prefer not to do the cornmeal route. Not a video but are you doing whatever suits one's taste that's was great recipes. There's add anything on it can be changed any greeting can be changed and any them quantity can be changed our improvement over hovering and so can thank you really think there's so much. Yeah I brother well I hope pure white spin chris' wife and a wonderful mother. Thank you so thank you so much are really appreciate you for listening have a wonderful mothers to have a wonderful weekend. Stay in the kitchen we'll be right back if you like tuition mom happy Mother's Day 7045711. Turned. Bills all this and they it's okay go mom barely wins don't bury jammed my case of voter news. Then table great gap that Hulu. A lot and I that's who. And I can't move. Barney 58 homers and you just say get me that I that. Magnificent dessert isn't chocolate Napoleon and it has all kinds of things live has a chocolate new national whipped cream with ginger admitted poached pears and chocolate CU logo name. Do you think I'm not a bad day. Hey. It's I mean I knew dearly love and that probably. He and Brandon. Not me I imagine. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is cook inlet Charles and boomer on WBT. Having friends and millions and maybe didn't. In the WBZ studio kitchen to blossom and a 457 or 1110 if you would like to this day. Happy Mother's Day to someone by all means I would love to talk to hear this something that she may feel when you can that you remember that's it's going to. In the meantime we've got some stuff I'll share with you. That's that's pretty cool personally you know it's national barbecue month this is may is national barbecue month. And this is that you know it may be used to think about what to do today from evil and what a particular barbecue or. He's going to this is a good month to do it. And I would highly recommend consider mid would smoke house we're gonna get out there acting next week and boomer and I. But in the meantime are there obviously orbit as well today. And I would personally recommend either the beef brisket and I like the fatty you get multi daily you know both. I hate the fact he has more flavor. And if you you know can cook for these people go for the most flavor and the burnt ends I mean if I can have my I would have a little bit of both. And that is the burnt ends that are the from the brisket because they also report burnt ends but in any event. And then got a special baby back Bergman rib going on this month only. My gosh we to a small costs each of their locations that one in park road. That's behind and in the back of apartments shopping center I think that's a really cool location crystalline Ballantine. This is a really good when they have to do spreading out OK other national dais today. If you were nowhere today isn't his national apple pie day he had who know who doesn't love tennis you know what. I mean this is like your Mother's Day it should be national apple pie day. It is observed me I annually on May thirteenth the first apple pie recipe printed. Was in English. In thirteen 81. And the list of ingredients included good how this is good apples. You can use a really good. We just don't whose bad apples include. Good apples. Good spices then you know. Figs raisins pairs saffron I love saffron. Has very expensive in fact I think is one of the most expensive. Or herbs decisions that you can buy it comes in his little tiny threads and a little bottle. And it's really expensive and it but it goes a long way. So they used. Apple spices things reasons pairs saffron. And what's called co CEO FY and Copeland oh call fine and type of pastry crust. So. While the apple pie existed well before the pilgrims landed on the eastern shores of what is now the US Americans wax poetic original about. The American phrase apple pie as it is in as American as apple pie I should say. That's been around for about a hundred years. During the twice censure would hole hosted cereals will be coming to health food fad high gained a bad reputation that at apple pie. Save the day of sorts because a core samples are nutritious. Teddy Roosevelt was impressed to have a taste of home when he was an American when when he had America apple pie while traveling and of all places Africa. And during World War II. The quibble with the quoted for fighting they record for fighting for the soldiers of course for mom and apple part negro. 1970s our advertisers use a patriotic connection with a commercial measure remember baseball hot dogs apple pie and Chevrolet. I never see the USA the Chevrolet. Okay. And is also national crew time day crew returns we know of crude tons who doesn't like a salad crew tons. Many of our words for bread related foods come from the French. And for good reason the French bread coupons are no different the French word tea. Means crest went off the times are often made from the day old bread which has been cut into cubes and season with herbs oil or bar as you know. Are the bread is either toasted in the oven our talks and hot pan until crunchy. Nothing like fresh homemade crew tons. And the stores have done a pretty good that you know the dome I should say the manufactures of them have done a really good job of making store bought crude tonnes but. He put next to some homey pretends and there are there's no comparison is usually isn't it's amazing ordered to Wear the differences when you make it fresh at home. It is also national fruit cocktail that that is observed each year on this day. And I think this is so funny because I take a little cup of fruit cocktail to work each day new the solemn they had done Monty or dole or other brand names. And the little four packs and that's right take its observed each day as a says Kemp hit a pandemic ever meeting served as a child. Childhood memories of a dish or fruit cocktail or release served with a meal does is Albright away from the national count day dot com. A great little site. Fruit cocktail consist by the way of various kinds of fruit served in liquid of the speed of its juices which is now preferred or syrup. Are often sold candy as you know in cast staple in cafeterias yes I remember that going to school elementary. But the word cartel in the name does not refer to alcohol the secondary definition of a cocktail news. Quote an appetizer made by combining pieces of food such as fruit or seafood. As a disease seafood cocktail appetizer like crab. That's fantastical even better lobster. So they ago. Our fruit cocktail and fact in the United States the US GA stipulates. That must contain certain percentages of pears grapes cherries peaches in pineapple. To be called fruit cocktail so they don't. Unit cooking today FEM arm. I'll be cooking for my son's mom I'll be cooking for Cindy today my lovely wife to the mother of our two boys are Christopher. And Alexander who are who give her most of the credit for doing so well so far in life to doing fantastic graduated from school wants Marron was about to get married to September. And they are both two really great so I've been asked to make fettuccine Alfredo which I will do. And it's really very easy it only is 21234. It's really only four main ingredients. All you need is an egg noodles about eight ounces eaten by a fresh you can use dry. He wants to go broader which is a tablespoons. Two cups of heavy cream. About a half a cup. Our part I prefer parmesan Reggie Arnold he can you shredded harm from the little tub you can trade your own. You can buy just a parmesan. I liked the real parmesan original wanted to make this because I wanted to taste as good as possible. And you only need about eight ounces to four ounce for four ounces or how one cup. That's equivalent one cup four ounces there's a saying a kind to pound the world around. Salt and pepper and fresh fresh not make that's all of it first nominee is great if you haven't if not he can use it to our little bottle. But you melt the butter in the pants he had a third of the cream he at a third of the grated cheese you repeat two more times until it's all in there yet some salt pepper fresh. Grated Nutmeg and five minutes later. You have some of the best fettuccine Alfredo you have ever tasted. That's why they serve it table cited some of the best restaurants stay in the kitchen will be right back we're gonna talk about the 37 annual world famous bull crap festival. OK maybe. News knows what he was saying and voted on yes you are okay. Let me my mouth water it's moving back news thing. OK we cannot exempt from grandma's proud OK okay grandma I think. And a good down the right hat PG EC in this matter right now. Me being glad or Marines and therein. And here I mean look we were and then in fifty years. Going to be similar it has had and stuck it all up. We have rob caught she bears albacore impeccable sand they've got to do to the beach a couple of movies celebration topic often if you just took place like these coming under supervision. They belong. Zoom. Yeah okay. Sure in the kitchen with Charles and glory days she'll always cut and run WPG. Mom okay he didn't job. Low country boil them WVU studio kitchen yeah. Who doesn't love. I love country music especially seafood. Tremendous just nothing like it I'm so glad to be in the Carolinas. And so hosted this upcoming event next weekend. This is really really cool. I'm talking about. The world famous blue crab festival. In little river South Carolina this takes place our next weekend may nineteenth and may twentieth. This is the 37. Annual world famous blue crab festival. It is just amazing how the sting has grown. And I have ever to needed to speak with Jennifer Walters Jennifer Walters is the president and CEO. On the little river chamber of commerce and visitors center. And she knows all about the world famous blue crab festival. You're down in little river South Carolina right. Dead is correct we're right here ads and northeast corner of Horry county ends on the coast to the north end of the grand your hands on the inner coastal waterway folks in the inner coastal waterways are playground however were only five minutes from the beach. Excellent you've been doing something down a little river for quite a long time a very special festival I want to talk to you about it this is the blue crab festival the world famous blue crab festival and blue river South Carolina how long has. This been going on predicted that 37 a year ago those of that they came is and kids without parents and grandparents are now to bring in our children and grandchildren Phillies fade that multi generational festival because we didn't I around for so law. That really is a long time vendors are at an amazing testament to the success of this event and we're still growing we get bigger and better every year for Casey just has an overall answer to that people ask what's award is the world famous blue crab festival how would you describe it. Where an all factions southern street festival meaning we block off our road and you vehicular traffic and allowing our patrons then turned to walk freely down the road that the historic little river waterfront undo the last vote could come and visit will add a multitude. Of different types there's vendors we have live music celebrating our beach music irritates Philly speech at the beach music and we have their children's area and children's games. So it hasn't been stumping for everyone in this business and then how it's about 300 benders so it's a mix of arts and crafts until I read the local businesses do it X. The lady can chop that guys can go look at that new car and his boat it's something for everyone literally. This is a really huge event. Yet it is about how many people do you expect to attend this year to about 20000 people come through it throughout. The weekend that doesn't include a number of people they come in as a vendor than those that commented our work in the festival a lot of people and a nice little quaint today and it tape and. Fun for every last so let's talk about the main item and that's obviously the blue crabs they're native to this area I take it. Yes they are native to this area because I'm in our customer LA Leo I'd known as a picketing and let broken people may have heard cal bash may have heard of moral and that we're a little emirates of our panel in Philly guy has this been fishing boat to go out of little river currents and they are now so crab pot out there and flow leaf pattern does there's an acceptable or is that only their local waterfront restaurant and local businesses are allowed to Dell's. They see fit. And the bluegrass that you're not gonna get up frozen products from a commercial entity from inland are somewhere else we reserve that for our local businesses and restaurants they know your kids that depression can be made available now don't forget this year rather than yesterday's favorite we'd like to focus on crab cakes. Steamed crab who knows you like a bit like that yes they think she could add to prevail look I kinda wonderful concoction that we're able to make problems that affect local crafts. Right and as you said these are the local restaurants that are right there are within this there within this festival and a historic little river waterfront and you got quite a few restaurants their little yes treated this is for two days right. Yep Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM both days direct contact open after the festival closes the feasibility attempted to be up for dinner sit down types of a thing and not do that they end up festival food kind of dare you come back that evening ended down and enjoy the pretzels wealthy paid click table service. That's excellent I would say people that are considering planning this trip and if they really should be put minister from from the Charlotte area you got plenty of places to stay if they wanna commend the night before or state you know than I don't. Exactly we are very very close that this city at North Myrtle Beach if you want them beach front accommodations. But of course we're all we did just a hop skip and a jump away the a lot of people's business in Charlotte I know I grew up in China yesterday taped an internal being the we already had played good today without comment that enjoy your Condo or get them then there's condominiums available at hotels and resorts available. There's plenty camping available that's nice Little League and has twenty minute ride guilty it was it because I'm glad and very your heart desires as our current accommodations. And just a little river alone you've got a half a dozen places to study. Yes we do we have quite a few golf course it's a little river to kill all the plays to keep in there may be golf Reynolds yes I'm a golf cart though you know somebody may now wanted to essentially wanted to get it around the golf father here do both there's you can do that job. And this obviously is going to cater to children are fairly should love this right. Yeah absolutely we have faced pain agents still locker assembling an artist and a lot of rides for the kids. And cotton candy and even Canada all other kids we've got it as a mobile escape brand this year or the candidate yet -- could have become more a puzzle that didn't fear at the end there to visit Syria like and the executive mobile it gave them that they did that paid card from Darlington raceway OB I remember in the data Larry king and and they're they're they're truly is and it is it to me a lot to do. And then of course you've got you beat me picked up you wanna beat them dance here you can see they didn't eat a lot of grabbed a lot of wonderful that the whole thing is Domingo they have the cops were. Agree weakened levee to planned to to come down into the night before or leave early that morning so you there for both day stay that evening. Taken all the food taken the music with the kids had a great time in fact he can even take the water taxi to the Spansion. That is correct this seat gray matter which is usually eight often crude and served their boats for the festival that weekend only you can park at Harvard Dayton arena and pay the water taxi which I didn't do that big Hughes. Motor boat that I called like iron sixty people up theater coastal waterway the most beautiful and changed to the festival and arrive in style and enjoy the festival yeah. I think I think that's fantastic I think they know this is something that people need to get on their calendar. It is the world famous blue crab festival. And they don't have once a year out into the weekend after Mother's Day and now we're already planned for next year but a benefit for those of you that are coming down for the first time. Come on now enjoy it we do have satellite parking and free settlements available to don't worry about traffic getting in an added detestable regime and try to accommodate everyone's need and then. Lastly just as soon to emphasize. Lots of blue crabs to be had and all different ways and all the drawn butter you can eat right absolutely and we have not yet at full plays favorites as well I'm sure excellent thank you so much Jennifer thank you. Yeah. So does that sound fantastic that was Jennifer Walters she's the president and CEO of the little river chamber of commerce and visitors center. And as you said this of the 37 annual world famous blue crab festival it's only once a year. It's may nineteenth and may twentieth that is next week and there hours are Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. And as she said you know you can just come down their economic before there's so many places to stay come down for that night. And bought her a bit more about it but stay right in the kitchen. Who gave doctor Cassell plenty people think you. No thank you from all immediately went from. No thank you very much so that. All my team or nothing thank you better. Hardly even. Obviously you have got nothing. But tactical reason. It's there. Crime then. Oh. You're listening to this show is cook dinner with Charles and boomer on WPG. And the WBT studio kitchen I know my wife loves her that's she's from. New Orleans. Happy Mother's Day happy Mother's Day to all the moms. Happy mother in laws to have B Graham Mother's Day happy Mother's Day two of the great grandmothers. Such an important they relate to. Remember enjoy it celebrate. Our moms that are here remember and and in memory our moms that have passed. He really is an important day so and especially from the food standpoint because thankfully my mother may just some of great food for me to be really healthy. And then but stop there's so that I had the desire to go on and make more things than what she cooked. And now I cook all kinds of stuff from the story would probably make. And do fifteen years in restaurants and just keep on token I wasn't here I'd be cooking up I wasn't here every day I think I'd be home cooking. So listen are you the blue crab festival next weekend if you have no plans for next weekend. Consider actually consider the world famous blue crab fest a little reversed 37. Annual that's just amazing. This thing started in 1981. As a small waterfront gathering now. The world famous blue crab festival obviously has grown to a premier event that draws resumes literally from all over the country. And they're gonna have eaten arrive at a lot of light beach music and a lot of bands to get the kids zone that she mentioned. Just a few arts and crafts. That had to choose from through about 300. Different vendors. Our specialty foods business expo vendors. And they're even gonna have a car show and if having their. Third annual world famous blue crab personal car show open to all cars and trucks. That's. That that's pretty cool too when they may have I should say that may have been already on May fifth solemn pact something that's leading up to this. Yes so. Consider this coming weekend again in the 37 in the world famous blue crab festival may nineteenth and twentieth. That sounds like a blast I wanna be here for both days I some upcoming events real quick. Next weekend is a special event I mentioned this last week and I want to give them a shot out again as a triple C brewery. Which by the way is a dog friendly brew pub. It's at 2900 Griffith street in Charlotte. And this is a special benefit it is called pints for pans and pandas and those are the acronyms PA NNS. And PA and DNA tests. Opinions and handers. To benefit pediatric research and attic advocacy initiative if you know someone as we do who has someone in their family a young child. Who has this who has handers. It is a debilitating. Disease that still trying to figure out how how it happens. Oh up from getting the flu but more importantly is how to resolve it. And how to resolve the symptoms. Which are truly life. Changing in a really tragic way so if you didn't you know if you're not going to vote to refer. Festival next week and on Sunday consider coming out to triple C brewery. Our tour and a hundred Griffith street in Charlotte for the PG a pediatric acute and neuro psychiatric syndrome. And associate with strep throat which is pandas pints for pans and pandas may twentieth. And triple C brewery that sounds like I mean that's sort of gratefully. And Drury and help out the charity. Also next weekend may eleventh and twelfth the North Carolina brewers and music festival does have been going on since 2010. 45 different brewers and cider is that sounds really great lots allied music. Gates open at 1130 on Saturday with Arkansas loss. That's going to be a band that sounds like some mean more or campus but it's a bit. And and under oath all kinds of Tony cicada rhythm for Lauren strangers front country. It goes on and on so that's the North Carolina brewers in music festival at the historic world bill which is really cool cause it is a nonprofit. And then got all these two Jacobs to have all these great parties on North Carolina Bruce and music festival that is next weekend. Here's another great thing that's going on to benefit. A charitable cause Dunkin' Donuts will donate fifty cents. To do bring it. For Braylon foundation for each Dunkin' Donuts limited edition Braylon inspired doughnuts sold may thirteenth starting today through the nineteenth. The ring donor which has white icing with a blue facing drizzle is only being sold in the Charlotte metro restaurants. Braylon beam who was nine years old is a survivor or brain tumor. And became well known in the area you may remember toot toot his spirited. Dances post treatment that they aired when he was in the hospital. The Charlotte Duncan dawn started the donor fundraising campaign last year may 2017 in honor Braylon. And during national brain tumor awareness month. They have already garnered almost 101000 dollars for the foundation that is so cool. So if you're running it don't consider Dunkin' Donuts and do not condone its considered. Consider a limited edition Braylon inspired donut being sold today through the 219. Also coming up another great cause this is faster that's highly honor this is going on for many many years. This is happening on Sunday may twentieth it is uptown at the gateway village of common that's a really great location took. Festival a tally on a Charlotte dot org are all benefits pros are all proceeds benefits. Go to those with special needs for the new Evans center. You can learn more at never ends I NC dot org. Are there on all sort FaceBook festival of festivals the test that's how Leon I'll get it right fester tally on a Charlotte. On FaceBook. That is may twentieth and that's a really good cross on by the way let me mention the website for the yes. The web site I got it right here we have certain things from your own. Okay its maximum work right. The 37 annual blue world famous blue crab festival takes place next weekend go to blue crab festival dot org blue crab. Festival dot org to get all the information is if you didn't Lenovo already here but not feed wanna check out even more information you can do with there. Let's see beyond that so a couple of new restaurants I'll talk to with boomer NetSuite that I went to this last week he endured endured Indian kitchen you gotta check them out. Any of these what a beautiful restaurant you gotta check them out I'll talk more about them as well. And there's a couple of more things going on now on the action going on beyond next weekend so. Auto issue all of very happy Mother's Day and I want no I'll make sure that Jimmy Maher jurists. His his his lovely wife and his wonderful mother get to hear this on the take care of us right now. Jimmy margin areas of the rest the onion cut just wanna wish my lovely wife. And my wonderful mom. Happy mother's. Do you go happy Mother's Day to Jimmy's mom and wife and to all of you moms and mothers. Thank you so much for all you do all year long. Quarterback nick who with a brand new show Obama will be here with me and in the meantime you know what to do and by the way thank you so much to Chris Ferrell and happy Mother's Day tea your wife. You know to do you keep on Chretien. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.