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Congress. WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasty you're weekly guide to every single and error in Charleston Cooper wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants and fruits and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call me. Call 704 yeah. 570. Yea 1110. Happy Saturday afternoon. Noon and it's Saturday we are local we are alive. We are in the WVD studio kitchen and Charles Jenkins he is bomber on candidate. Or hungry asks. It's lunchtime. We are here where's our good friend Chris curl and our medical producer. And I had shaft geek chief cook and bottle washer because I don't. Welcome happy Saturday afternoon. Yes we are alive and we're local ads and unless we're not gonna would Wear like a great day we are here you know what this it's sunny boomer. Beautiful hands oh my gosh you know we did a few Sundays. At 11 AM and it rained for an and we said OK that's it was certainly on a Saturday Senator Hillary Clinton last Saturday at noon what happened. Saying yes now gorgeous but now cut down hot. Oh beautiful weather does such a fantastic trees and woods who police say that you always say that there. Hi how Donald. That's what wanna talk about today. Yes I'm dogs that get anymore American than avoid the model man hot dogs and chili give me a dull bit hot does it can be hot dogs bit chilly yes I mean just the chilly. Yes but really go for your hot dogs ready go for the chilly you make him at home you bite your home it 704. 57 or eleven to have that one favorite spot you think what I don't know about this a lot that would out there come all this hear about it I would love to go me c'mon I am gonna need help. Because as we talked to before we came on the air boomer I just. I guess you know I still have more to learn about Charlotte food venues I have not been to enough hot dog stands in Europe. I a couple of come up with a couple farther out there I know hold all the talk now the ball got to start with. With with with as you would as a kid from because as I'm thinking about today boomer yeah I'm thinking about. How talks as a kid. And I know. I can remember so vividly there's certain things that you remember food smells where immunity grandfather a cigar yes sir but in this case I remember my father. I was asked to work on a salaried work half they'd take mean whilom. And this is a New England. You're Ireland and he'd taken to a place that had just a stand it was it really it was a little and I understand I would very guard it was nobody really you could have pulled the truck may be peavy had like fifteen little stools and that was the whole thing yeah it's. And you going and we get hot dog. And the hum hot dog what is always grilled butter grilled them many score on an angle you know I'm so that it is opened it up enough off to the border that in there. And not real steamy. And then in New England of course you do shall you know. Did you get new style hot dog rolls. Which are not the same as irregular heart program our days the New England style hot dog role is clean on both sides like a slice of bread. And that means you can Broderick and really. So I was like bread yes or yes side when you order a lobster roll when you go to New England lobster roll yes and it's in other die hopefully in New England style lobster roll. I should we knew was a new style roll and you grow and you grill both sides now Torre says in a buttered roll because if it's if it's a finished you know like a month. You can't grow you can implement the same. So that's that's and we will style hot dog period is an and that buttered New England style bond. And that we have that annual they have on account of how to men but the Russian ketchup and mustard. And as a kid of course just to catch up they have a hot dog and then a piece of pale and coffee milk the most news that they had a coffee milk coffee. And then save room for a piece of lemon meringue pie hole man and are you talk and I know he needed making an offshore. But back then it was made pretty good food and that was lunch and went seven once in awhile. Boy I can remember that like it was yesterday boomer that I Richard Neer I mean that pays off every big if you could just to picture the birdie hot dogs fizzle. And it was so small you could screen smoking intrusion walked in the door there's only 5% of the people there's a welcome the chairs and no my Britain my dad Israel. And I could have been more than 78 maybe nine years old. And that was all I need that experience or a few times and I just don't have a pot doesn't shark had him all other times summer camp you name it I remember on a stick at camp fires. All kinds of ways here's yeah and then grown up. There was a place in Rhode Island called haven Brothers and for those of you who are from that area you know what I'm talking about. Because this place has been open so I just saw a date on it. They were in uptown. Uptown downtown downtown Charlotte they've been open since 1893. Well. That's a long time yes sir that's how long they've been serving hot dogs went out and they just calm their hot dogs. But like you talk and so anyway this is a place that was the trailer and you could go win but he goes five people should inside but the window he stood outside the window there was Carolina five or ten people best places just like I said yes and you go at. Didn't 11 AM midnight morning M 2 AM you know I think that's not a where his leaders I remember because I wasn't that old deck deck there and hit yazoo twenty. Are bound Doleac and so you'd go there. Because back then you can drink at eighteen swept you offer to a couple of Beers and then you go into some hot dogs and it was just that you're talking about you've watched a guy on the inside in the window yesterday and line up the bombs on his arm. On his car fifteen at a time from from wrist but to your show that's all the way all the right and his hand they would hold the whole arm. And then he'd take that long. Wouldn't like let us thus this got a special bustling who's to Iraq and that any Danny with the mustard and slapped and toward a little bit into incentives all a little Muster and then the onions the day long spoon and bowl and all of you might end up now one result Leo and and a forced hot dog chili there Chile had to put the hot dog chili a gap that only leads one of them here and then one last thing he'd take that little you know metal camp with the holes on top guys that are just celery salt senator and he's sprinkled across it. And he'd take three at a time to time after time fourth time and he'd recommend the wax paper faster could see his hands move earth. Amazing if they've put in just a trade up yet she got to wrap them and waxed paper to haven the Brothers dogs and cost a coffee milk are off guard. Oh man. I was dog those within days on 70457011. Tea I hear about more yet sleaze and absolutely give fiscal Jesse easier just commissioners. Think coming in just just have been to about doesn't. I know you gotta love how does or Chris. Now here you want the most popular places downtown yes yours is green I've heard them forever and you know all of a given in there slap my hand all had not to move it both yeah. What we're going to be gotta get there you know you you'll love it greens has been around forever and already walkie an egg smell it Chile and the dog camping and man oh man. Brewer I have not the greens hot dog greens out there and out of the greens launch medicine they're hot dog now claim to fame aren't there on Greta you know there's a list there's a list of the product animal best in Charlotte. The checkers start at home and us not as a kid I loved you so much oh yeah I think I don't think we ever not have hot dogs. I during the freezer because I mean I only have one month always I'm I have two week but I may have you know average one to them up at a marquis but I owes him. Who would you buy in my closet door and let us that we have record with a ballpark beanie bowl party albeit every now and then grab a package of a Nathan's yeses and yeah. Squad but on the grill those and I guess the ones I keep an abuser is the Nathan's albeit hot dogs don't go along with a bed room at least the size of the bond or better I like them to spicy yes sir there actually are yes and make exposure to just pump myself up to Coney Island and then have the real thing right away fresh some breaks my wife has bought. From Omaha steaks back there like. They do a deal with they always have a we have that ordered a reporter right or yeah and you get a very good Uga like fifteen envelopes in the mail every week is hello there everybody that you need to reorder. A I think I got dogs like twelve mailers out to them postcards and they do a very good job to a good jobs steaks everything them everything you've got has been very good of course. They also went to shopping and notes is that it's still down their and weakening but there was a shot Omaha steaks. We get into the mail. But she's got hot dogs from the drug and Jumbo dogs. These are really bigger dogs are they really get data due to visit dinner at the editors Shire how baseball man oh man got shot at big undersized so and it. Throughout let's we've got a couple minutes let's talk to William William welcome to WBT. Studio kitchen good afternoon. Good thing to see how Aureus or added that out yet pat pot no insult those areas are and where. Coming out of the question discern little place about the size of a closet. You can reach broke walls behind try and bottle. Governor about a minute or so little. Number can do little bit further but not bad in Winston-Salem. It's pinging me pay gap SR know exactly where you're talking about yes Arnold born halfway between port side of the top. Absolutely. Great kick it I knew who are had to go to NASA's hospital in Winston you have to go by the first couple about the wisdom we're talking about what what LTR. We have you been to permits. Culbertson and all that and win. That is a little too busy eleven. Rabbit it's a little dew commercial for RK okay like the hole in the wall play very ago. It was his between Williams between you and me and boomer. It's just a trio of us make it it can't read a loose in Winston already getting into an all okay he didn't deserve whatever we're ready get there. Are just go up I 852 up. Lexington and take 52 north. And there's also rounds. When you. It through downtown Winston-Salem and about ten miles. Take the Patterson road big business or Patterson road afternoons are no real until moments is where you order out and if you wanna sit around at the box car sit in the back he negotiated a little type thing going on there. There's not far from where we Wake Forest plays football there's not far at all just around the corner. He just go through it to maybe that's part of it they go always always good underwear is talking about wow Korea and William thank you so much for Gloria. One had it one other place in Winston you're about to mention I believe what was that wish that. Newt you have got a place to mention when. We got only mentioned the red tomatoes are okay call. I'm proud of mother but they just don't. Stack up there are Spitzer began why I'm glad I. The way out of mark says yes even a red hot doll is better than the miss the opportunity for a good one measure. William and I love that idea got the final page thanks for calling have a fantastic weekend. I had a hot dog I Tonya as a kid and its delegates almost warm enough. This is 7045 so I don't know 1110. We're talking hot dogs hot dog with chili or even just chill yeah. He talked about haves and Salisbury girl in his own won't be exploring stay in the kitchen and out. We'll talk again I'm. I don't. Might have made all. What do not at all. Dot back I think it's not talk about their head away and make it right Visio the mustard and then the jets have been about and nobody got a big job for more. She's these are free to leave and take what it. Alibi. Ate hot dogs. And eight hot dog -- to go with but no one felt a hot dog runs they only sell twelve hot dog but I. So I end up paying for four buttons I don't need so I am removing the superfluous bonds are now. This stuff. You're listening to this show is good dinner and we Charles and boomer. On WPG. Welcome good of you because these studio kitchen. Charles Jenkins boomer bond Canon you're common baseball post local and live each Saturday and that's OK phone call 704 days cried seven always. 1110 give us a call quit your favorite contemplation making yourself being a place like to go. Let's welcome Steve Steve into the WBT studio kitchen good afternoon Steve. Geraldo and Bremer says you know right now. I'm doing great. You know I've I would lift does not think it would scare them yes thank you would interview and it's got it and ever and these are grill. In Rock Hill you're probably right and and and so he's stock into the god and that and that. Any and the guy's gonna pick you a hot dog for a week and rebuild it this is rock hill's best hot dog. And and the other says that a guy like him a big audiences don't know any bank's special. Yes making no regular ball all this to come off as some got Matt Burke thought. Ha ha ha ha ha ha I yeah both Eric and prepare and second down that hot dog at a thank thing that you are not happy and just absolutely terrific solid down there. Well I just mark. And I can't you did yeah went down there on that in the hot dogs are great. He's got I don't they've got all crossed on a more medium skillet not just log on the only way to go yes and and and they got an ongoing Bob May be here near poker game that goes on out it's a I. Would never ending poker game now what can be better knack. I think that's Brian I have heard of them. And downtown rocky and I actually trust Mark Garrison and and and I know when you say that somebody said to them don't make it any different than you would otherwise. I know that's Mark Garrison. I thought that at a so hey that's great Ebenezer straight honey you're different you're getting shot or where are they Steve. Owned our imagine this ebony and Iran's talk pop up right there in downtown and all right our 77 obviously. Yeah I you know what you can you can knock you you'll notice them because they've got about. Four foot by eight foot. And drawn hot doll mail fraud that makes it easy. You gotta you gotta have again out there that that on your local. Hey Steve thanks so much recurrence. Love your your god bless you you take good care have a hot dog. Our second Saturdays at Ebenezer 70457011. Took it all the way they'll run sausages Jesse was thankful enough to remind me. That that includes our two bossa and things like that and we'll talk about match a cargo dog you out there. And you have something I had out there. I've also got some interest in factional boomer. Desist from these are what I call frankfurter facts. This is our the national hot dog and sausage council they say hot dogs are their own entities. But Miriam Webster supports support calling does mine gonna accent supports calling a hot dog a sandwich. Based on the fact it is just a piece of split bred with and filling. We think boomer I don't know I think the Fabrice man brought dogs to hot dog there at halftime. Audi and he cuts or credits usually never dates. Three others a place that and yes don't you call our roads are it was barbecue I debts have hundreds indicated they make a hot dog amid a feud just reality that a hot gas they also audio. Serve you weenie only hot dog. Really if you don't people that you serve without bread quotas and an adult a little bit Apolo Shelley everything really the one of those little achieving Florida mark that we're the only men are assured there's so there's more of those few places that do that list shortlist you know there's a list by the way on Yelp best hot dogs. But in Charlotte. And the first but believe it not the first animations better better and more we talk about sale which is I will really talk about them but the but hey this Yelp sane or people are saying they're one of the best. Then please call your pie I don't even know from the I don't know for sure about it and then. JJ is red hat's door or that you talk I remember when they opened I Jesse you would just there. Yeah a bit when we you know their budgets muted Jesse. I was there in the past week I have ever been there for the market. And which want to go to east boulevard or doubted it was oneself. And Blake amusement gals went off east boulevard is what I can't count him out time Ballantine out there after the checkers game. Yes and fortunately checkers loss but my taste buds won that day backpack and wanted to get there I got got to I got abroad and I got a hot dog got Carolina dog and yet also agility and onions on the shark eel yes Sharia house may Chile. Post Majorly flawed diced onions and Norma it is real that's my favorite root out clearly what else did you get a bratwurst abroad I was trying to connect house made. Yep yeah they are JJ bratwurst eating house made white hot. Sauerkraut. And that's what it's called the white hot because it was soccer and only Muster yeah that's a straight up the whole way Hamas or leave at the sauerkraut is great grandma loved JJ lizard race they've done so well they're expanding they're getting outside the city I know that are really faster and faster. Secret. Yes he's not think about what the government yeah. No it really good the other place I'd and they are good Ambien there you were remiss and they've got they got a whole bunch and it got. Personally do a great job anyway. But they've got all kinds of Derrick Rodgers is red hot they're hot dogs that they make right there ready. Preview we as human walking is usually a line. They also make fantastic milk shakes yes they do I had a hot dog emotion there that's my favorite combination was JG yeah. He's not in his article fact for you. The top consumers. And this is both from a mental floss again. The top consumers of hot dogs is Los Angeles where it yes we are you believe it or not think it might be like tomorrow the midwest who knows. They purchased 34 million pounds francs a year. And California's also topped the the the top per capita rankings. As of 2010 users last time they did a census of hot dogs and just San Francisco consume the most hot dogs per person per year room he. So do you don't Los Angeles top of the league yes that's why eager to dodger game they have the Dodgers at all right did you know that the Japanese also love their hot dogs. They have made was called a black hot dog. Dogs how dogs they made compact hot dog and a bunt the bun in the sausage or died of black charcoal ash. And is a picture hundred unlike electric stuff to come off our agree or they had tequila on the grill over and I. We got a minute let's talk to chuck chuck welcome the WB teased at your kitchen how are you this afternoon. Good guys always do my job. They're meant I won't mention you were talking about jury jurors read a gas and they won't be yes. But they only serve Salem hot dog. You are so what are rights and right here on their menu seems SA HL lead and answer your rate. They weren't hot dog come from Buffalo, New York. And I think they're worried that occurred boot and sure I would. Our bar all the people who had no it sure looked from the buffalo area economy. They're churkin borrowed. Eric paper yes cook the cook at Harvard girl they're pure like the world get it straight jet. All right excellent I wanna say excellent also Edmund be being T ballpark for the night's games I think they have to yeah that's exactly right oh good thank you for confirming that you went. To go in Europe burial you know I'm ready to do I gotta tell I didn't I had not seen him minister I don't I guess how look that much I I I hone in on the Nathan's and so sale on there and all of us most of those stores around to Harris Steve Harris teeter. Why go there are bigger there I will get some weird but that's that's my next objective on the fringe management and are gonna pay dividends are Chucky about a really really well. Well it ain't gonna work out oral or how about say about everybody wanted to grill now pitcher that's right thanks John thanks for joining us. Have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for your displeasure artificial hot dog a day. Location today WBT student fishers is not really after the yes sir but I thought Kevin how they're going after all this I'll tell you miss so many places silence are good don't ask are we got to come up back and talk more hot dogs a couple of things most of that talk about pancakes in you're gonna sue panties with a pink hello this is where we gonna talk pancakes and joked. But there's a place up north and around if you did and we feel from an island new York system winners. This is like nothing else I have ever had and thankfully I mean group that area. And they really are something else there at New York's system winners in Ryland. But there at all I did there in in where I am not new York and neither are New York. You don't have New York's system it's a really strange things are tailored to directorial thing is really really strange. Stay in the WBT studio kitchens. Who knows the only show the. My hot dogs live at the golden. Another baby got hot. Okay. Me and Egypt primo seats I could really go. Artists. Shouldn't I volunteered I saw Jan. Today we salute you mr. hot dog eating contest contestant this. What does it take nearly two dozen hot dogs in twelve minutes determination. Fortitude. And a complete disregard what they actually put enough. How many times have we said sure one hot dog is nice run 47 more would really get this fun. There you. You. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is cooking with Charles and boomer on WBT. All the from the communities through your kitchen I like Elvis rumor that he was in Charlotte wasn't. Hello hello. Gotta love it. Hi dolls are less welcome patty into the WBT's studio kitchen caddie you a fan of Elvis. I love bill that I am I'm an Atlanta. Atlanta. Yes and you did talk about Atlanta RON I give this seat didn't I didn't know that we never met before right. Now our petty isn't a place near Georgia Tech we're gonna bring up could be good big that I know where you're going. Get the varsity is set to. Pretty I bet is that they tell us if you want and they read see delete old ass that's where you get. I think that the place is right across from Georgia Tech on I 85 is driving that you can't miss is exactly visited the world's largest drive in. You could say you want to goods can I be the world's biggest walk again. Ha uneasy it's on the History Channel the food channel rather it's 11 of those which one do you gear which hot dog yeah or which well. All the way all I have Corretja. Orders we got a outlaws a walk in the novel way walking at break bread at the garden. Dragging our committee put everything on that. Well you did not ask for right you got to know how to order. Absolutely you bet you can't just I want I don't you don't order and that they yell at the golf course yes they desecrate. Had yet to truth there's assignment is is a good sign reads have your mind made up. Have your money ready or get to the back of the line wow wait a missile could hit it what he's seen and not have. Little ramp and you are right if you've seen him on TVE concede there's probably about a 150 people in line at a time California he's. It is amazing just how across from a university a big one petty how long has it been since you've abandoned the varsity. Unfortunately and Kerala and delta a river it was last week it was still low compared and I don't have it sit and wait to grow and get some onion rings when you're there. I am trying to bark and you guys kill our best and I. Yes. All they bring immense pressure Charles Thomas and I was redundant Georgia they bring in these big bags may Berlet. Sacks of I love onions and the constantly. There's people there all they do is cook Kanye greens and they'll never down never been more of them missed the one and only place it's there and that's where it's only going to be. Well now I have to tell you again at it they had. Satellite in math and cool. Did the University of Georgia. They did it but when admit in Athens since billionaire and Anders a varsity north of how laden. I didn't know that they branched out. Whenever I think if that is a great place if I get down and we are actually older if you don't go there you haven't been to Atlanta patty thank track I think tank thanks so much thank you so much for joining us and thanks guys have a great weekend I've listened hungry I. Oh written have varsity rides guys as you Gorzelanny so what are yeah I didn't you don't tell right away yeah I don't mix. I've seen it you know you don't mess around not and I've seen us how many times uncharted gotta go really arson you got a guy I have I've got it let's articles in the ball park used by the way. Ups more frankfurter packs sausages have been served at baseball games since at least 1890s. Won't yeah. The for a about contest who talking about you know it Newman had a genius. The first hot dog eating contest was held in 1916 to settle a casual bet there are over who was the most patriotic. Yeah. Yep that yep that's right that the first recorded contest was 1972. In that event to win a fourteen hot dogs in twelve minutes. As compared to a twin seventeen. Now ten time Nathan's championed. Joey chestnut set a new event record polishing off seventy true because dogs. Bonds and ten minutes he was here in the building last year UK can you believe it was unreal I'm serious I'm going to go right railed on for just a minute we gotta talk. Pancakes for moment. Because we had a special event come about this very next weekend. As it was not much time next Saturday Kia soul on we needle music theater to ticket consultancy going at Disco and millions. We zoom in all day. Any element of. Pain. To bring me. Okay. We're talking pancakes and we are talking thing kicks because. On Saturday march 10 that is a week from today and that's literally a week from today and thankfully thankfully you. It's on morning news this morning at 8 AM 8 AM to 10 AM John John. Hancock's annual pancake breakfast 2018. We venue and I've been here many many times and it's a world. This is not to be missed seriously if you haven't if I'm sure you've heard about it by now it's coming up it's a week from today. Mark put on you calendar right now brunt of the counter while you're not if you're driving to do that but. Except to keep that in mind tell tell your tell your device march Saturday march 10 Tenet tell tell your Amazon echo. Saturday march 10 8 AM to 10 AM John Hancock's annual pancake breakfast tour money eighteen benefiting the men's shelter of Charlotte. It'll be that Saturday a week from today march 10. Idiom to 10 AM where is it. Sharon Presbyterian. Church you'll know where that is 5201. Sharon road. Charlotte NC just south of south and I said that when I've been here twenty years you -- don't hear it Weathers or sheriff here I yelled I have the right Sharon road just south of Sharon due south of south you can say you've been humans more than twenty around the big purple yes that's the real pancakes and by the way and this has been done by a has been done by the boy scouts of the past years and they do a fantastic job I mean you're walking in the got great coffee doesn't donation all the food everything all the help. It's all volunteers. And all the money's going to. The men's shelter of Charlotte so you've got to check it out is one week from today John Hancock's annual pancake breakfast when he eighteen Saturday march 10. If Kenny and Sharon presbyterian church and no benefits demand shelter could benefit cement great calls fifty to one churn out remember that you never know who's gonna pop in Nortel prize a member of your you'll recognize a lot of harm to walk can't remember Ryan Anderson are very well in honor of many times yes he's been and you just a memoir Evernote command there are a gym package usually near each dollar there's yes. So we just aren't you due never know as a great time just those two hours short window. Yet in the rose to pancakes. I think sausage and bacon bust coming years and so scouts do a great job when they do let's welcome rain to the WB tees to your kitchen right thanks for hanging on the. There IAK. Are you doing guys on a man. They'd let me get my friend yes I've got ya I wanna make your group quick comment mr. port city. Numbered years ago went to the bar but it never been there are some guys. From childhood had been there and they so we bet it was banned. At stake cool guy asked that brought there would be channel what do you have what are you all day. So it anyhow a real good friend of mine we went to a doctor Atlantic game. I'd say hey Matt we got to go by the varsity this who has been 2016. Went by there I would tell them how great it was we walked in there. And I have to be honest I was disappointed. That because that gentleman would no longer there. Didn't look at look at. I had a video of a real big mcdonalds you just walked up to the window and ordered you know. I don't know which when you're talking about line. And aren't supported. Oh yeah 'cause of these other EU was around sixty. Yes sir America talk to him one day that are critical period we operate our boat yeah Lucy's pregnant distance charges now thank you so much rain let's read. Yes thanks ray. Payoff. That is what it did. That's the guy. So yeah I said I've seen that. I've seen that guy I I I don't blame an upset that round throw my guys at the had to kind of sit sideways on his head he must have been their hundred year calling card over over so I am so glad that rate called cause I forgotten about that Libya have what you have moon that's fantastic hello connoisseur hello my gosh it's 61 years lousy day you'll clear by. There are sixty UW beat the studio kitchen. I'm at the road grilling rolling North Carolina. Tackling their hot dogs challenge. Hundreds of tried to beat the record of sixteen chili dogs in under an hour but none now. Give him an hour Gil give you the day. Coming up Monday all the day's news and dam plus some of the weird stories you've probably haven't heard about join us at sales. Surely that six week Mark Garrison week nights on news talk to 111099. Pre W. VG when you Sabrina key agencies Horford went through some pretty pretty it's telling you junkies here and Jerry you know. 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A lot of places are jumping on the best Indian wagons a little jingles has been making meat from scratch biscuits for forty years and that's why our biscuits are the best in town. Has to vote jingles and get cute country M biscuit for just three dollars through jingles it's protest. C eleven Jack 993 WET. All the guitar heroes in the. What is also cost us hello and get a little time to make and then we have to charge more soul I think he's doing. Very instead it would cookbooks. Call it. While men. And I don't want to. The sun now. It's. May he's gonna. And is known whom the short in the kitchen we Charles and bill where did she always took it as un WPG. Game. Zone. I doubt. James Taylor and you know this. I didn't need I don't feel so bad I had that they didn't make it happen this problem about vote. I'm sergeant Hasan and the Madonna gave this guy but this guy James Taylor Taylor animals week May Day I like that. Chapel Hill not mean one to grip on the they got a lot of hello my guys all right we're gonna come to a gym and just a minute but before I do I want to mention this plan. It is called get my perks dot com folks get my perks dot com this is really cool. I talked you know hot dogs and beer they go to get a brats and beer go extremely well to gas area where adjusters. Yes so if you go to get my perks dot com you will see an opportunity for eight. First in flight beer card first inflight beer cart. And I get my perch dot com it's a value of 100 dollars pitching 71%. Off. So to price of 29. Dollars and 29 bucks for a hundred dollar deal and basically what it is. Is the first in flight beer card and allows you to try ten or Charlotte's best breweries. Guy in town period you get to go with the first of flight beer beer cart and get one flight not one beer. One flight of beer. From each of the following breweries. You can go to are more artists brewing company bird song blue blaze sugar creek my. Suite. And 26 acres. And when you first use it your purchase comes with a free commemorative. Think the last calls an hour ago so that's a great deal you get a flight from ten popular breweries in the Charlotte area you get a free commemorative pint glass. Yes you gotta be 21 or older of course and there's other rules that you got chicken out and get my perks dot com up between nine bucks a hundred bucks. I value I like that a lot in short is getting quite a record 100 my gosh liberalism I love some of the birds so long as low as one of my. Favorites for a high draft I had OK okay I. A good deal it has a really good deal list take a moment and welcome Jim into the studio Jim welcome to WBT studio can. Carl will move relatives show that you Jim thank you Machida got an unlikely odds are good murders. The yellow chicken king of the north try on Melo Rosa elsewhere location below those very last game. Yes there were six thing Crowe also evaded of course want screwed over this election is an up near the new two can't lose. Unravels very you know it's there's farther out of OK all right so it's a growth from that drinking and you look different style. Yes well hole in the wall but it near the hole in the ground. I. Asked. They have been around alone apparently used conventional Brit that they have quote Asia Chile quote that go well or I don't know won't look. All of their location was so I think that's the best you would never try it for now I never thought I guess I'm writing it down. Jim thanks so much the only yeah I don't picks. That it. Little bricks anything until you ordered it to win a year ago that's excellent and absorb all prayer Chris cremated and it's the chicken key that you cannot. Try to have about six locations boom there's one in. I have an idea of what Mallard creek mayor in that area Mehmet wanna go through Brazil spares and guess Nelson makes him chicken. Tragic and beyond their particularly good but not are becoming. I. Rather open that I took second hey Jim thanks a mr. Cohen. McGregor and our group thank you had to he'd thank you sort of want to going to suggest come back all right boomer I got some guy to Tony I got a game for a got some part of some food. News food usually knew who you are or are morsel you can you can buy it on and so here's some food news from the week. That came out this week and I got a song. You kinda gas what is about. In eight innings. Notice on their position. Maybe our performance it's cold rainy spread the seeds for my method. This guy. So there you have Kevin OK so that's your loop manager Lou. What's the big news from this week. Include news I had a tiger targeted 321. Hits and three initials. K. Half. The city. I want to upload the F a cup but the kernel the KF CL models the male KFC outlets and the UK. Are reporting. A shortage of check and all yes. For French and can you believe that. They had a short to fried chicken many of their KFC's had to close. Because they had a distribution. Issue they couldn't get the chicken to the KFC's to the dugout prior drug now warn you yet. Well now. The newest problem is they've got a shortage of not just chicken but they've got a shortage of glory may call yes troubled. They ran a coat in some locations throughout a chicken and were forced to close down gravy and chicken unbelievable. And people are. They're they're text and numbers and they're saying that the working as far as return to get this sorted out. They know org and they know we know quote we know our greedy is a big favorite the spokesperson said. So yeah there haven't had their failed to deliver the fast food chain's main menu item in February this was in in the UK open Great Britain. And yes so someone tweeted our first there was no chicken no other grieving has gone. Our KFC there had an office supply chain manager or genius who are being a manager are not sure which has liked and someone else we do what. No no great. Yeah I really do without chicken so they're. Protect. I don't know but they they're not only big on the chicken some parts of the south about Kentucky prime plus I guess they had the national tea it is discomfort but who wants mashed potatoes. Without K okay but a day ago that's it. I can't believe we've done it again government Arabia maybe I'll tell you what that's hit so we'll have to tune in next week my friend yes sir enjoy really will you thank you were the calls thank you have taken our customers and Larry thank you I love duke leading enough time but if you get a chance to by the way we have photos on the website. Are we put up some photos on the WBT dot com click on this show is cook and if you would like to have a photo just search via the web right on the web secretary says CJ get a WBT dot com. You'll see a couple of photos of the only building a system leaders from Rhode Island and those are to die for and even from down here. You can get on the website and you can learn how to make that sauce that wonderful actually saw that juicy slab that on my dogs. Where do you see it all the time line at the only balloon up system we know restaurant to school and but anyway. We thank you so much for joining us we will be back next Saturday at twelve noon who want to let that's what boomer what you want to talk about how would she owed. At all. Always pursue love love seafood or by the way by the way happy national super forwarded them to make some super friend in need. It's also national cold that's today. And national mulled wine a day to take some wind heated up and throw some not meg unit or whatever senate sentiment put a new. I have a fantastic week Carlos CNET taking a boomer youngest go to lunch systems analyst thank you Jesse Nixon thank you Chris Farrell next week we don't know if I'm not.