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Parent congress. WVG Jeffrey Sachs. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty Stacy you'll weekly guide to everything culinary Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants. Foods and share some recipes and cooking techniques when. Call 70 form. 57 will be 1110. Happy Saturday afternoon and afternoon. And welcome to the WBZ's. Studio kitchen I'm Charles Jenkins might partner and co host. Boomer mine NN broke out of Saturday afternoon terrible event. No it's overcast but it's not raining. But that's a vampire and pocket you go like that's those we've got an in depth any help Jonathan send does that opponent figure. Calls it. And of course Chris Farrell are wonderful technical producer board up. Chief cook bottle washer Chris is the mayor he is. Thanks so much for joining us organize or whether he doesn't have the sharp knives he's in charge of all the pots and pans and other shelf looked. Probably not go to the got to tell Jonathan. That should Tony don't touch that cup pick up O well to take care of that no problems are about that. We are obviously in a WQBT studio kitchen get read the broom. And so we're gonna talk today about about seafood total seafood this hour Teresi from restaurants. And we get your seafood what do you cook at home how would you go fuel efficient chips. I know I've been limited in some of the seafood I've gotten here I've gotten assistance I've gotten to more sushi places. But I wanted to know about that and what some of our truces were growing up boomer yes sir before I do that though I wanna first mention our morning because this is not the first time with the Minnesota Missouri new we'll let you and I would be together now the one time. On a Saturday and and but we were because this morning was a very special day let me go ahead and if you're beauty appropriate scene senate hearings. It was sort of felt that was. Eight to 10 AM this morning on the from. Right John Hancock's annual pace having breakfast when he eighteen that was. Took place this morning on day three of the team benefited the men's shelter at Charlotte does this mean we were there. Apparently my campaign a man has thank god. Do you think big man and hanging. Several years now and Saturday morning in advance of his Father's Day broadcast Joseph his annual show the best thing going on for a long time rookie. And it was great it really was lots of people showed up and they filled up this. Would you participate. Our Jim yes. At a Saturday Sharon's return church if it's a tool and turned roads and I think it's a great fan frenzy around you asked already current tank like sausage bacon. Did he didn't make. It this year next year he got to make it there was even huge piece of host walking around the pictures yeah. I walked up here more Bristol joke everybody's your tires. Yes thank you toaster well that's right famous toaster a bit these thank you to the sponsors who helped put this together this morning cantina 1511. And if you were there you know because you've got a card that says you get a free what a more back. Are you got a free cream and guacamole may table side by the way and that's a pretty good deal have a card like that in your hand. Hockey team pitching eleven Valentine dentistry famous poster he was there. And it was all excellent great coffee great camaraderie. We saw some great people John who has written to us at CJ can at WBT dot com he's listened to the show. You know he was like what do you Saturdays and Sundays what we have heard he was not really pick the arts and hours Saturday at noon and I believe that's where we're stand. For the time being I know that will be your next lieutenant conduct and going forward but yet John and his son showed up from Rock Hill thanks to them I know there are young lady was there who thanked us for the show and she mentioned. Chris is daily on independence hall asking ray is also legendary got to go there dealer yesterday to right are you so her John Hancock spent thank you so much all of the proceeds go to the men's shelter. And it's the cub scouts in the bush got most of the coast doesn't help out and and it's so cool it has to come over to the table. And Idaho all the currently how big a 179. And a total Torino he finished 2010. Yeah and they all just walk around in the grabbed everything cleaned up and we know it's all clean up and those kids worked hard I mean I really worked hard they were just there for shows that tries like John said they try first of all the talent and gonna start it apparently realized that you know knowing that that the kids to do right let the boy scout has it did they get it right way to go guys great job a great job. So let's talk seafood and seafood restaurants. What would you know as as if there's a growing up. In New England we had lots of seafood of course but to seafood restaurants. But that was it doesn't in Connecticut and all you can eat and included lobsters through. And you know back then it was it was inexpensive it's got place your impression but it was always only could be including lobsters. And not not just to tell the whole thing. And you eight could have to draw assuming guys I was tough not to have anything else they have a prime rib and had everything but I remember I remember you know we had lots acog. And we also went fishing my parents would take me in not a family and would have to get a package plus 30 in the morning group. I guess I guess why don't mind it now. But I did then. And you know it dry for now some at a Massachusetts and go to with a boat tour and start and rightly have breakfast before we on the boat is an amstel not awake hey army have breakfast. And then got to have some things going on the ship OK so we did and the use of that but we Kessler to flounder. And so her skirts that Phillips the freezer with flounder and yeah my mother would make it should she roll up all kinds of different ways. And that was primarily what she meant for seafood. But there we have lots and lots of shrimp with a lot to swordfish. Which I love cold water fish Cold War I think cold water fish is sweeter. From Maine lobster is sweeter. Then the spiny lobster and the losses come from southern movement warmer waters on my earlier this year and that's just what I've found to be the case so you know of cod flounder. All those good. I really love it or what did you have. The same thing a lot of flounder and a lot of shellfish a lot of oysters and then that shrimp really houses from the sounds area AMOCO and Albemarle sound of North Carolina. And that there's a big area. Just off the South Carolina close a person asks him but McClellan veil OK just south of Myrtle Beach between Myrtle Beach and Charleston McClellan do it may have cost F receive. Because student at the water is the water that. And the sand there and have that quality Dugard might go straight so the bush agenda hmmm did you might go we are god dad would always felt really. In many ways to adjust and you would always do well loved it really ticks and we did that a lot especially in the fall when you're you're oysters in season. The month with our US is beginning September October November Capone. Right now that we got this thing also remembers the Grail we'd like to grew rhetorical yes dead in the neighbors would have grilled oysters. Gyllenhaal Mel gosh man in the shall again and again Sheryl yes sir yes there. Oh gosh anything I'm just just thought you could take him no he just on the ground shortly for every one like out phenomenon probably. The start popping the may have been wow all I. App at a grilled oysters to this but today. I know you're seeing and my wife song she's from New Orleans. And she loves oysters in death as well yes. I don't have him as a child I guess my parents didn't like them and even though went to seafood restaurants how to act. Nobody around me directly had them. I was not encouraged to try them. And to his dad who will be good at that could affect I can remember in summer camp having to look slamming. And that's where you stick your feet down in the mud and you have the you know you just fine in the defeat then you just have reached down with your own hands there. By the end of the day I could barely walk because they're sure. And there's also other things down there are yes sir and there's this scallops. The late razor sharp as sir and beauty come August feeder all caught up in the bottom your thick soles magic oh my gosh you don't this apparent state the summer camp out there and I was like who really. I don't do this I don't even and I maybe that's why but I don't. I clams casino like some of that stuff but now means giving Gloucester. Charles ovary one time we had a friend that had a radio station down and not what's called little Washington north yeah. North eastern north Canada the right there on center gap in the right there is so we did some work for him my voice working things he somewhat put you guys with those two thirds. Wow we brought back this burlap bag full abortion opponent who had they got that morning local went into the show and also with. But yes thirty and you don't agree no I only got like sixty. I couldn't walk for about two or don't like it crown. They're lucky which it started when the right refresh like it was hard to be wow we are just put on charcoal let him go he that you ENS history and fish story UC flu story into fishing story. We're at a seminar war. 704 price I don't eleven to someone did answer about a place or Charlotte we're talk about later they brochure here. Yeah is what matters he's got to go let us know who's our cannot come out of the kitchen. Roy just do what you act. It's news 1110993. W breezy. This happened did you do you have a bass you're trying to find an exciting new way to prepare for dinner guests Christina in the days of troublesome scaling got it and got over here's how it works ketchup mass removal and drop the vast. That's not hold back into the super athletic 76. Now I've just a control guy. It's just the way you. Agent John. Iran has shown. Will pull out there June you're listening to this show is connection with Charles and go work on WPG bad. Best. You can't go there. Valued at up fixing little. I WNBC studio kitchen. I'm told him he has homered on hand and. As a matter of that's one of the best scenes ever 'cause I had the conventional. But that is one of the best ever scenes from Sinai lives from my gosh. OK so now seafood restaurants Chris well I gotta tell you I didn't believe that I made last night boomer yeah. I was inspired I never once in awhile are I don't know why I think it's a conscious I north coming in what tuchman seafood products and lest we commit some tunnels for Lugar and last night I made. Baked stuffed shrimp rule. General a general pattern you know there's a New England specialty and I was inspired because she. Moving up there and my wife has been the with me to a place called twin oaks anybody that's form from the Rhode Island area knows of twin oaks. It started with about twelve little storage seats frazzled steak house and now she's about 5600 days ago. And they make it based on shrimp that's to die for and all you do really is just take you decide shrimp. And you don't cause yeah did they can be a 2130s a larger okay and is between attorneys and venues simply take a you know make up a little a ball to put on top of them went to notify them before you make them. And that has rich cracker some butter some chicken broth. So you know some emergencies franchise in great detail paragon some pepper. And a little white line you you make continue to do you buy oppression to put them on top and then in the legal crux you put the shrimp. And you put some Boehner and some white wine and some lemon juice but and you put it at 400. For fifteen minutes home service. And you that makes a shrimp are very ago. Easy easy as salty prep time really to what David Wright evidence about it's a great thing if you have guessed as you know you can become an advance. Like the restaurant we used to do more time especially ballads on buck onto a seafood restaurant used to work in my gosh when I was sixteen. And mix it all up and you know we make creeping pans of it in half by the hundreds of ours it'll auditors yeah just to commend and in the oven and fifty misleading you've got you country. Ultimate finger through did you go off Alba could there's almost a half now can you but I don't web site. I guess I haven't but it's really easy as you'll you'll find it online and is indeed the key is rich cracker crumb there you go and do you just for two people use a half a copper rich cracker crumb and a half a cup of the season. A break from some like progressive. Not you know subject we asked as the new toast grits. Moved only yards and if you give a shot toasted estimate risks military be good with that read I'm sure wouldn't give that charity. I definitely think they have separate Sarah shrimp stuffed shrimp fixed a sharp. If you like swordfish which we love Alice oh yeah I nude on the grill you can also do it on top of the stove in the embassy who stake aside that's right. And but the top thing I learned a stunning New Orleans and all you do is take some mayonnaise. And you can mix and when you won't but I just take a little bit of relish Eden took Britain China as you put an ending you want really just a relish. We just beat Romania's and the chives is going to need room. And you put it on top. And he can put it under the broiler for a couple minutes and a car system bubble up. Just a similar enough to cover it. And it tastes so good really in Mason nice topping. And it won't just work on the swordfish. Maintenance main news fresh chives chopped up little salt and pepper. Old you know and that's it you don't have to about the dilemma people I'm an aside to pump up later a little yes. They don't rate yeah there you go over here to go out and get it. What the seafood the one place I remember I really enjoyed a secret is it drew wrestlers you've got the one up I think it's it is it north like. Over to the camera they'll probably got there and it has to wonder on her midtown yes sir what he has a dish called. Just for the hell of them. And that's really good it's one of the best if you know and I believe it's got crap on top but it's work it's just an excellent seafood dish groups. If I go out and usually have compassion chips. That's what I seem just a textures are likely I love fishing ships are usually do pictured it can be kinda it can be had a concern. And we talked about Abbas skis for something else but when it comes to fishing ships. They do really good job. The best he's owned east but yeah. Actually they use had a and I think it comes out extremely good out. Another place I've had recently talked I got it twice to go the last time was as good or better than the previous time that's the lodge down in. Ballantine right near where those of their bigger diner is Bryce right there and there's one -- a colony to another there's two of them yes exactly other rusty bucket. Off flush. Park yes sir mr. act of Fairview move they do a good job and they make a good fishing ships as does the liberty. Which is over on or south boulevard yeah and recently opened in stone crashed boom boom they have good period we do have good food anyway. Cars and that's why I think of you know I think efficient chips and those in places I go. About four yesterday didn't do occasion queen location kind of tears well we went early on we got here twenty plus years ago. Because my wife is from the Marlon I'm aware of so you know they have they have of course do original. Recipes and when you get to barbecue. Shrimp are all appetizer yes sir I know what you are talking about and you know I may barbecue shrimp once at home. I say wants because it was a lot of work and I haven't made it cents. I'll make sure cocktail all the time barbecues and barbecue shrimp and butter garlic capital beer and it. Trickery Osama. Are true cocktail. Not to make your home. Wanted it's it's easy to always put it a little bit of the crabs vice Nesta SATA rams it's a liquid that comes a bottle not I was mentally twenty gallons so clearly have very few sure this if you don't this. The Pope couldn't know let the period. No no pro like you know you'll play a Joker and Fred put so we're gonna eat cheeseburgers here takes pace this new law. Put it is yes out yet if you have got for two to three quarts of water put a teaspoon pat Mueller about. And you know you boil the triple X seven minutes to turn it off low boil let it sit for a through foreign minister injuring him from right on ice right in the fridge. And then second your time to make some tartar sauce with some joke just meant potentially so straight hours you just have some prepared horseradish and Leicester shares sauce. Serve him lemon juice salt and pepper. That's it that's in the jerk that that injured. That you cut your social consciousness yeah I got ours ours at about economic tartar such simply take the man in his. And that's we have to relish. Fresh chives. Some pepper their blender fairy tale and a scenario that set for a few others my wife likes it when we use. Do what's it called the umbilical rent vehicles relished having her that no locals whipple's user area Johnson's nodding. WI KE LES local relish your stuff is still a bit of a bright spicy to a Pontiac. Things have been tartar sauce really does go for that and I go for the rest of the year ago arm about now sushi. You know I got a big you know ER not a big sushi and having our attorneys and I know when you talk to John in the afternoon and her and so somehow comes up. I got up got criteria that try but I just can't get a fifth I was no I you know I was not brought up on it there are growing up I don't think there was a restaurant. In our area that serves it. Right we had Chinese restaurants I remember going to Vietnamese restaurant and an end but not Japanese restaurant told. I grew up legitimate need our Philadelphia or something our certainly in the went to as a moved around but here here. It was here when a guy who sushi when I got here. And it's really expanded picturesque. Tremendously so. Oh again mention couple fish taco first. You know Laura gosh you get to this kind of official he favors a yes yes we talked about them for something else like him work but the death in Kabul fish taco of their wonderful that's who I really came to love the beer battered. And with a thick batter. You know bring to possess it looks like as a little bites a efficient chips yes sir in a tackle sir yes sir but the coleslaw and they only that they use all of that stuff that is so good. But but I've gotten to really enjoy it really good sushi is startled when I. Ended up at Enzo uptown. And Simpson's clothes I understand. But they had a built a sushi bar that went the length of one of the sides of the restaurant and they would have up to eight sushi masters at one time there or else going. And they had tremendous issue the depth closed so in the meantime. There are places like Bok who if you haven't been to bock who. Yet they have stake in the seafood but they have great sushi Sharon road south and our guys are talking about oh my gosh I'm really really great sushi. Another one is our Japan 49. That's down still pretty quick from just just off of what would be I would winner and south you're steel croft in that area yes exactly. They're really good or Warren Ballantine. It's called. Asian eighteen actually diesels to this has room it's funny because. Detective would name is ruled nation eighteen which can't see the word rooms so people just call it Asian eighteen Asian making either way it's a good is good. And they've got this sushi bar right there and they do a good job. I haven't been awhile but I've always enjoyed them. As reasonably priced could result different. So you know it all depends there are different prices of sushi yes sir and obviously the more expensive. Fancier. And but still I'd I love decision so if you'd like to talk about who should feel free to give us a call 70457. Or 1110. The cover of sushi. Seafood game. Join us in addition. It's news 1110993. Yeah W breezy. We have got caught she can't have a court pick a little fanfare then what came to the beach. What prompted celebration topic often it was tough days like these. Debate juju. About why Simpson. He even went there and I these desolate flat yeah I was not instead of the land and written. I love thank them all night all night and second let's say truly yeah. She's so nice yeah then I. They're never too many cooks and our kitchen you're listening to this show is cut and what Charles and boomer on WPT I'm. Shootings and facts and then and I eyes and Steve. Admitted that as Padilla pitcher Eddie thank you Chris. RA let's welcome related WB TV studio kitchens. You want to talk seafood that they were named an afternoon. How large for Larry Gilman today it is okay. Okay. Well I just rhetoric. At bat a bat at a thanks a color. Well it got on fantastic. Tootsie a source. And I had gained on the saint Maarten a couple of times and the Korea I've been there you Killen me. And now I am partial to the spiny lobster pork that remains sure and join them. And there. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant OK but it was right across from the the condos. We had and. And they would bring some of those two tank to the guru you'll see that's the way other than that destiny that's lobster period. Oh yes and then there was another little restaurant like it was called Tom that something like that. Then head lobster are my door that would you kill me kids. OR KE YE you talk about. Paradise in amount I'm gonna act and do need to Tug told Bernanke described blood system and or tunes so. It today the lobster and how to cut it out there isn't it like it careened down pass with so much he can yeah. And I mean it can't. So what it's like okay. Com I'm guaranteeing me to have come on John. You take it like stare to the heavens sake cannot get a witness I darling asked him. I he had me a lobster and I had actually had me at saint Maarten I've only been there once and Marc fein cruise and we absolutely loved it. And you know that's there and tentative to sit there and you need to be fantastic. They've got to replicate this here home have you ever try to yourself. Well I'd be trying to make the loss at their door and legitimate. I'll look at the recipe and out like. Our numbers are very. Well you've inspired me I I will try it I will try it. And I don't touch evidence we've put a time issue I will make it. On the garage yeah I don't have been irked about purple opt out I will I let you know during its instruments through listening calling. Did Yankee dollar and debt. You're accurate I should take great care you made us hungry Renee thank you. It was always so nice you know one of the great things we get to do boomer is we get to meet folks. Who won't restaurant's manager restaurants owned restaurants are and are you talk about a bunch on or are as we know often know we've both been there we both enjoyed their fried chicken MSN and the other food it's all over very good at some point but I love it when I get to talk to a restaurant owner. Somebody who you know. Has it hasn't has done this. And find out what they're all about. And you got to listen to that I asked him the my first question to hit certain. And you got to listen to his to his very first answer. President Donnie let me thank you so much for opening march on in Charlotte or any time you know. I I I I like to fly like a chicken and yes I want to open to. Do you people in sonic they could have something different. It's brutal toward winning chicken has over 320 locations worldwide you can do a great. Restaurant to bring here you really did idea of the you know yes I lost the CD you know it's stuff. I'm from new York and yes I 'cause it he is sonic is my second hole if someone has not trying to Bob Bon-Ton fried chicken. Carl what makes it different. It's sort of goes to shake things up to fly. So we call hey you up on chunk chicken at like eleven tease before this is totally different phone Arthurs chickens. It's what is Korean style furniture and yes great city international franchise from Korea yes okay. And you can get doing is we have to drawn weave these scripts so yeah yes celebrity style so we've got to act and there with a spicy. Johnny in addition. Two of the fantastic fried chicken and the Korean free chicken that you have the wings and strips to drum sticks to come small medium large would indict Conrad issue. Which shot yes that's the box says are you addicted IE can say yes this I'm addicted. More so than that and just as importantly you have entire menu of Asian inspired cuisine yes we have fight something right. Avocado ball yes the seminar McConnell lawman gosh yes we have tackle right polian tackle yes and then we have to call will be in the you don't take track. Yes indeed and we have before. So assuming you do there's a whole list of appetizers entrees sides. And it's really. It's our call careened fusion from what has tasted yes yes the Muslim holy orchestrate. All of these items all of these items and especially do. The fried chicken is available for catering yes yes we called tailings for ten people. Wanted people are 250 a hundred people at whopper isn't really yes so. Not just not just the will do all the manual especially. A lot of people love to get the wings. More caring for a party for business is you've done business is I'm sure yeah we yet cater to fool people yell wedding yet but they potty. At the church altar at the equation. That's always been excellent and so when you're doing catering especially the fried chicken because of the way you make kids these days Christie for a long time yes. Yet we knew we were put into the Caylee and I and then when they people's fear they Steve's sure it's crispy. It's not expensive this. This most any budget. Yes yes we know like either and yet we do we do not okay sure and in between two long location and the time location yes yes you really able to. Accommodate businesses delivered Nigeria yes Angelou like number of people yes you said fifty people was no problem yes hundred people you be happy to accommodate and just throughout this year at this bubble like we sold more than 4002 doing home power really yes yes. Can you believe that. They sold 4000. Chicken wings the Super Bowl well I mean they era isn't animal never really are yeah half as they they are if you haven't tried him seriously YouTube you get a check him out. A two locations along the blonde witch of the when I first tried out I just haven't stopped in there. And I thought it was so fantastic and talked about that would Mark Garrison of Charlotte six that's how we ended up. Talking to us and decided to to do some are sponsoring it would on run across party you have Fareed for you do for a traffic it is. But are no listen it's really and that one of the one kind of hope you don't vote. I must say come on let's go ahead and welcome Stephen today ER WBT studio kitchen bench or hands to good afternoon. Hey good afternoon dog got there about those chicken wing does Rhode Island reds resists he. A lot on yet. Florida a whole lot of all of brotherhood gone alma. Thank you I ducks moved onto a pep up a you know maybe I look at all they're they used to build a restaurant down myrtle is that we always thought was such a treat their troops right on the ocean and I recommend it to anybody she kept. Now it's been there since sixty mile. And they and they and and you know it had it had. It had all this the usual stuff like that happens it would have the front seat bird that I think most of us in the south broke we didn't realize that you could cook up. But this year any other way to be honest when I was a kid out. So but but I don't have. They have they'll always have a alum a chalkboard menu. They always have not been there will be grilled it'll have a nice reasoning could mean and it's just is so wonderful seafood restaurant which you just gotta pick and choose. And get around all the pride there. So that that's that's. A place that I think people would enjoy if they get down to Myrtle Beach but then I got some little cord a go ahead. Crab cakes. Yes or they're like there's a guy in my church and also we've been friends and we work to those what cultural yeah years together. And and he's a Maryland yes means. He has crab cake because you know you ask what is it grew up with his mom saying no you don't do about that reading you use her out. So when he when he retired after a after all of our good career yes because bishop school. And then advise would his brother about this big truck yes for an neuter Charlotte right now dissidents and cryptic company. Yes I'm gonna talk to him. Then you're not going to I haven't. I know exactly is talking about and I looked at their bio you can see you can find online Maryland crab cake company it's a food truck it's a big red truck. BitTorrent and and an attack is brought people up there he brought samples over the church last Sunday. The crab is about is it good great I don't know how much I don't wanna say how thick it is but it thicker than any other cryptic you're gonna. But I can't wait tasted I I I'm I'm gonna taste and I'm gonna talk to him. And learn more about it but yet but you wanna start checking out this new newest food truck to just hit Charlotte last month. It is a Maryland crab cake company you'll find it online you can read about him. And they Steve I'm so glad you called and mentioned that thank you so much. God damn that introductory one he's only got here why don't they also make her perhaps there. Yes don't hesitate to jump ball netbooks probably go things are good all you have to watch Rory stops and I will be talking more about a potential lasting nominal that you go. So I'm sorry unclear lines thank you so much for Colin on Glenn clear all the lines Jonathan Chris because. We wanna give away this gift certificate we've got a gift certificate Johnny Chan who I spoke with the heard that interview. Was nice enough to offer up a fifty dollar gift certificate and I haven't heard here fifty dollar gift certificate that a biological links there at lunch time. Fifty dollar gift certificate call 7045. Some don't know 11107045701110. And you have to answer this one question just got to get right on TV three choices you have to listen and there's delegates attributed to bond shot Charlotte here's the question. According to the company. But on China is a Korean word. Meaning walked what does it mean does that mean my good chicken. Or does it mean my hometown. Or does it mean. My good kitchen. So lead us Sacramento 70457. Know 1110 for fifty dollar gift certificate to bunch on what does bunch on stand for. Mike good chicken. My home town or my good kitchen what do you think. Com and. Disease. And yeah and then me happy and finish. Plus his dancing. Usually if you then go ahead and finish. I've got to won't talk another date. What would you like Fred looking back day dinner just French Fries are pretty good straight drive tighter you have earned drives. Our economic summit summit vegan okay I'm right. Watch the walker human and don't let anyone in without the password. I'm broadens our vision a password you understand all night and well why didn't ask why I'm sorry very sorry. It's just so it would dissolve fish and Zune and again that snap that job. Do you pilot speaks to each flying fish. Out of the it gets done yet bonus that I envisioned and you hear me die. And your money. No matter what they news guy guys. But you're listening to this deal is cooked today we Charleston boomerang on WPT I. Even week. And the WB keys to your kitchen you know that right boomer every day's a school day even weekends. Some have things. At every minute I think terrorists who look at a MVPs on the kitchen that's changed topics but they've talked to put him let's welcome William into the WBT's studio kitchen. Let's say a word job. Good morning organ after an afternoon. And all right William this was a tough question because Sarah. I've got to do their Jesse's tell me that there are a lot of wrong that's it but it's kept up a man ask you the question and the what you read this is for fifty dollar gift certificate. To bond Chon Charlotte who I get some fried chicken and if you want definitely that Tanya that arm that's Sam and avocado. Ball it's a mix of avocado crabmeat cucumber official wrapped in. Seared fresh salmon topped with spicy Mayo. Or not he saw us and crunch attempt permits is really little girl that I'm somehow right now that she's addicted to that I'm addicted to the chicken. But the question is accord bon John that is a Korean word and the company says it means something much on. Does that mean my good chicken my home town or my good kitchen what do you think William. Ma and yes it is my hometown. Linda O'Brien you got my friend you've got yourself a vis a fifty dollar gift certificate. To bond China for you to enjoy at either the wood on location or the pine the location. You check them out and you let me know how that is. We will do all right go away thanks so much for listening for calling or you and enjoy we've got your information should you have fantastic regular really enjoy that you really well on time that's they got just amazing that's her food. There. And I thinking I can we toll expands and he's gonna have more I know. But I'm so thankful that Johnny Chan had to decide desire. To make Charles his second home areas and service here. These full fledged gas into it big time OK sir soul first of all let's talk about some things that are important feel like god get my perks dot com that is still available I'd get my perks dot com for a hundred dollar value for only 29 dollars out of pocket cool. You can get a first inflight veer card and that will give you this pint. Our glass. That is a free commemorative pint glass and also get to a flight from ten popular breweries in the Charlotte area. Not ten Beers ten flights all right yeah. I Martinis bird song blue Blake sugar creek. Dean nine brewing eleven lakes comparison during Lenny boy sweet union 26. He gets Kermit a pint flashy get. Ten popular breweries in the area it is 29 dollars you go to get my perks dot com. It's worked and embarks. I think that's a pretty good deal has agreed to okay now here's some here's some upcoming event food news I'm gonna give you a few. And just to al-Qaeda CD configure what this might be seen if we get to swirl in your. Merry go. Jerry my NGOs. Don't tell me uncle. That was always there yes sir. Okay. Once in my biggest Saint Patrick's Day we'll check points until he had I always the well news I heard. There's a problem place you'd consider it. Going for Saint Patrick's Day on the bank. They're coming up like I got a right here in Saint Patrick's Day dining at gallery restaurant that is Saturday march 17. Oh my gosh they've got corn beef knock horse and black worst. Braised pork belly at the cabin smoke the data's. Gallery bar will have Guinness specials. James Patrick state dining at a gallery restaurant Saturday march 17 that I would read definite definite recommend reservations prizes. Now here's another great one this is heat and eat dinner here firmly with the community caller school or Charlotte if there they are. Fantastic they've been serving for twenty years now nine in east 97 to 2017. Saint Patrick's Day heat and eat. You know it's tough to sort of mask herself never Saint Patrick's Day heat any dinner. Corned beef and cabbage. Boiled potatoes and salad vinaigrette. And Irish soda bread or art serves six. Hoo it's 42 dollars plus tax really that's EF source right well this is a nonprofit school or you can order any time to march 15. And pick up by 2 PM I'm march 16. Karl that's how close you can get yet you yet this coming week great idea. Because the sets that's for Thursday and Friday if I'm not mistaken or you do as a basketball watching all right guys they have that brought a halt. Serves six or 42 dollars a hole. That's according to cabbage Bogut hit a sound would vinaigrette Irish soda bread you just gotta go over to the community college school or Charlotte column up first. Placed an order to 9215. Monroe road since they have been opened they have had 905 graduate from that school and 88% have secured jobs at graduation. They train 675 students annually. To prepare more than 5000 free meals annually. And they hope cook and serve more than 121600 meals in their cafe. Almond really go for breakfast and lunch each year. The cost for students to attend the school. Zero there is no cost and tennis for those who were out of work are under employed. Unemployed. And they wanna find a new are placed a new a new lifestyle and new career a new profession. This is fantastic community curry school of Charlotte. They'll take donations and not take your orders for Saint Patrick's Day heat and made dinner as a great deal Harry added this is a market they do fantastic worth. Did is all shaft driven. Our chef Ron Allen who runs the school and yet a chest that work with them they oversee everything or everything is made to perfection these folks are made to make it right. I mean just a fantastic cafe he'd just step in and have breakfast or lunch and although fresh all made fresh a market so there you go I love that school. One last thing before we go on mentioned this happened this week. This is a woman at a Waffle House. In Texas while marquis Texas album saying that Ryan -- and she was simply helping a man who has having trouble with his hands. Cutting up his pancakes she stopped and helped him to cut up his pancakes and so those two minutes three minutes that she took. She got the 161000. Dollar scholarship. To Texas Southern University. And was awarded. A date with her own name. Williams was awarded her own day from the city of La mark key. Yeah just for helping a man because he needed help cutting his pancakes at the Waffle House. Kindness about how bad it snaps and cover isn't it so hey trying to act of kindness this week. Thank you so much for joining us. Boomer thank you Chris doing note thank you to Chris Carol thank you Jonathan Sims I'm you know what to do more than anything you keep on a bed and. I.