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WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bunch and a great taste in your weekly guide to everything colon area in Charleston -- wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurants food and share some recipes and cooking techniques. Call 704. 57 will be eleven attack. Happy Saturday afternoon and welcome to the WBZ's studio picture and if I'm Charles Jenkins across to me as my partner. About Canon lawyers that Charles everything Packard today pass happy Saint Patrick's Day wow what a great Buddha holiday home yeah. We are local we are alive reluctant to talk to him you wanna assure quick story later this week. We wanna talks diligent as well listen Patrick's day we're born so seven. 045% don't know 1110 we'd love to talk to welcome to the WBT. Studio kitchen kick Paul is here. From a 107 only thank you so much Kate and of course Chris Ferrell at the board chief cook and bottle washer. And now we're all here right WBT studio kitchen this later stove get everything ready go. Because we're gonna talk about a colossus up but you know if you've been someplace this week you wanna mention him if he cooked some great this would give you make some tonight you drop a Saint Patrick's Day. Just some corn beef any of those things we welcome to give us a call 7045 seminoles 1110 also wanna talk about and this is Saint Patrick's Day. A tie the topic for food is sandwiches served so we don't they'll lose a lot of rates and a train man we all love. The great sandwich. Well but let me start of course with the national day what they is it nationally and of course we know what Saint Patrick's Day for Barbara which means it has to get asked to be. National corned beef and cabbage day. All right guess so maybe yep I think maybe for me we should bring in the she would mom tell you what Chris bill bringing the ban that would get him out of the whole way. We had the arm Irish republic of. And they're gonna go and play a little bit force them. Yet as national corn. Story about this. I don't you know the really cook food. Are some of the fact and fiction about it is really just think first of all I salute to a foreign looking corn about it there's no like yum yellow corn and corn. Has to do with the great big porn or Marines saw that were used for curing the meat. This was prior to refrigeration of course. So they would cure the beef actually it was salt pork what's known as bacon joint. And they would cure with these great big green tools or Warren's. Old English followed Sox. And that would protect the meat they cover it it would keep it from going rancid and it would last a while. That's how they started he did not use the meat they didn't night you beat that you vacant. Warsaw for so then they came to America you know. And we didn't have that when they got here to New York City. They met some Jewish vote and they pasted your court being. And said you know what this reminds us of the salt pork that we have with the cabbage. On Saint Patrick's Day. And there you go it became corn beef and cabbage. Discuss in Ireland they don't actually eat corn beef. And cabbage it's not an Irish cuisine food. Just like saint Patrick didn't actually take the snakes out of saint how violent that's that's a rumor. There were no snakes and right now there are no. Islands Nicolaus and thoughts what I can tell you but back to corn beef. That's the best the history of it and that's what we love it today. You know so happy Saint Patrick's Day we look parliament and call me I really do making it home. And you know when we come back and implement the media recipe about it but. Sale which is let's talk sandwiches for a minute and I'll Jimmer can always think of stuff growing up as a kid because food connects is so much to what we. You remember as far back as we can and then vigna has not only have food over and over the some of the things that just nuke it's cold comfort foods. According to me as one of those oh yes sir but not as a staff and is a sale which actually yes even when I was very young hiker from hadn't come before you know it really little kid down the best days are in the country club ready placed about my parents would take me from the for lunch if there was a big spread easily had corn beef up there are gonna be pastrami if you are lucky. But we go to the restaurant with the place and not members place and Al can would. That Pennsylvania where our company's on going to learn and guitar com we are considering Bruce that area if there there was talk to chuck wagon. And you go there and you need you get can be sentenced especially since then. And he put on fresh rye bread and steam at the end and you put coleslaw on top of very some Russian dressing and Nationalists such a great can be sandwiches and fresh partners until he answers your frame on a slice or Derek -- men but you'll sandwich is as a kid growing up you sir. Of course what I remember not talked about my mom you know coverage to so she would cook some things and what she cooked she cooked well and one thing she made that. I thought of this morning and was egg salad yet. I had been such a long time a lot of great excels new idea especially during a summer gas salient Kate like Italian it's often. Can't put a guy who doesn't like exactly how exactly is it because as a kid is that what you get the item you're Kim and have your love and miss it and surely didn't sound senators can make it an accent can make some some fresh eggs. Armories. And it was just fresh just at you know fresh white bread on my gosh there's there's an assault on the multnomah. Anyway and depending on the season yeah summertime you have to have that tomato sandwich discern it got to have a fresh tomatoes they go off a pass it would mean this is always yes that's a bit of a set at a at a back at it. White bread they did so when I do in I had those of two semitism but it that's not a particular. Dylan is is Christina but I enjoy overboard classic yet peanut butter and jelly will declare and the jelly was great Cilic. My NYC yesterday was strawberries with Chris to do mr. Bruno great great great W dot great great yep. And often contentious skeptical community. But Rome was always great and I CDS or strawberry innocent but who started that yet rhetoric and that's fine if that's what you like hey go or network. But adult did to me a true. And then white bread yeah you can kind of got banking and we wait we. I know that that first time of the way K I don't know why it's not picking up but it's not so we'll start with threesome woman talk tourney for a moment great spirit day and she's there your round. Here today we got you. How he adds great tradition great to talk to you. Trademark on the on the cover last week about the lobster terminal. Ask us to make that move would tell you who should tell us would you go you someplace this week. Well yes I did it now warning to give a shout out it's a little sample country restaurant. Because all still Cree caps say it's completely sound Westinghouse boulevard. Com right near the intersection. Shall try and and Westinghouse. And they have trying to play at ninety cents or that's fantastic. And in their favorite example down home they've got colored greens you name. To you spray PGA in. Just a whole variety of everything but I wanted to give a shout out it's still great platform is. I'm so glad you did Steele creek cafe. A lot of health score bud regardless say no here we'll just talk about restaurants that we really love will give folks a break but Steele creek cafe self try and Westinghouse or it. Yeah eight it's actually own way and now I'm missing solved from the map. Auto parts store okay but thank you so much for cooling and an element in outing you're Saint Patrick's Day care. Thank you god bless you here's a kind Greg have a fantastic Saint Patrick's Day anime weekend. Thanks for keeping in touch restaurant truly appreciate your car you know what let's outlets so I had knocked. Give give the kitchen are ready for make some corned beef could that's what I wanna do our share we've been doing this for so many years. That you know it did when you make someone have that that it's you have trouble finding it really really well known than you know you've got on to something Nassau. So anyway. Stay in the kitchen 7045701110. Would love to talk to you let's have a peanut butter and jelly sandwiches those. I love me. And the two to 2000 van full of iron for letters demanding. Anything else. Yet now all you have to do was hold the chicken for immediate toast give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich you haven't broken any rules. We ought Madoff told the chickens now. Nobody someone at work they've my sandwich well what if the police say my Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich I can't. Believe someone just needed Ross is just a sandwich just to see how much that's your which was really good Pringle. Lot of my life because someone acts. All of my girlfriend thought in my mind. You're in the kitchen when Charles and boomer dish Chile's Coke can in the mud WP GO. It's okay. And that anything's really. Tomorrow. Everybody's thing. Like this it's yeah. And the WB feast your kitchen I'm Charles Jenkins he's boomer bunt and then hey you know what we've got an email address. All right yeah. It's easy if you'd like to send a photo I can put it up on our website and they would probably go to WBT dot com click on shows click on this show is coconut. There's no G and the cook and Erica. And you wanna email us anytime you have a question you want a recommendation for you is how often get back at requests for recommendations for restaurants or any time yes I would give back she really quickly. Not cooking. CO OK I N cooking at WBT dot com these deficit that voluntary male. She won assemble organize and he's an email any suggestions whenever. Topic wise you don't want some are an honorable mention some new places openly in the foundry. Hey here's someone shared that outlawed the ego. Cooking cooking at WBT. Dot com who easy. All right look Chris if you bring back Irish pub and I really appreciate that cause. Don't ever go through talk about army I love of performance and a lot of improvement. I'm really high quality got to have a great Formby and Jamaica and re routed or any permissions to. So when you think cabbage. I'm had just put for now I don't wanna say how well I think when it came out came out on July 1 1987. And it's called the complete book overall yes my wife is very familiar with this they couldn't beat us. She went to make something I think it was a meatloaf and sort of mind the ground pork he. Bought a sausage. Yeah I think those are written recipes that somebody given. Big white or not blow it you know what I had for dinner that night at the 18100 no centers and other tobacco. These back I love you honey. So now we make she is so what she's come a long way then I'm Tony this cookbook has gotten perfect gotten more. More use it's the complete cooked by pat jester. You can get used for five dollars and fifty cents on Amazon Mario I guess because it came out 1987 it is 950. Basic recipes. This is how to make corned beef. And it's really very simple and they have and all the stores and the prepackaged. And believe and we don't play how to cook it on that you've. You can use that and come with just tiny little packet of spice mix. You can bet that's like just like making chickened brought by showing the chicken to the wrong. That's nothing. You have to take that an ad for heaping. Tablespoons. Of spice mix to you by the McCormick. Jar spice mix it comes in a plastic little darker drive my books are journalists. And so what you do you by the quantity divide call me if it comes flat. Which is the leader he's weakened by the the point cut which has more fat. We didn't get a bigger piece that has both been there. And either way you wanna put it in a nice big Dutch oven and you wanna put 212. Ounce bottles or cans of beer. Anyone cover would water and then to a potato and onion and put some celery tops. And pat hardy for your by the way yeah all yes pardon I'm not light Beers who come out could be here I used hardy are using aged White Zombie and you're probably Uribe the regular value up old back whenever outside and you cushy as entertainers to get you got a taste it yet. Oh god you're back again you're gonna make sure Michael Barrett so anyway you you put all this and you put all this in the pot. You can add you know I don't lose anything on top a little bit of celery stalks is great. And parsley and then you cook it for three hours. This is what took three to four pounds of meat cook it for three hours on low heat is just enough then you let it sit for an hour in the water covered. And you take it out and you meet real tight in the aluminum foil and Minnesota just just cool enough into the French. Who who didn't and you wanna reach unit you slice it you discussion thin or the threat for denying them put it on nice hot griddle for a minute bring back all the juicy news all the fat. There aren't and that's how you make the best when you slice it in for a sandwich and make a great Reuben well you slice a ticker for corn beef and cabbage sir but that's only got to do to make the best comedy from the world and once you've done that you go to someplace you've been essential say honey. Alec gores better. It takes just a little time to that's right maybe an afternoon they go yeah yeah let's talk to Jimmy Jimmy welcome to the WBT studio kitchen. Thank god it happened to me listen and say yup this morning Matt and not. And I hate to use my restaurant. Not at all. Elisa ever that you do it but around the Charlotte camp Fayette park where it in the Charlotte FAA at the arboretum oh yeah oh sure it's just hey Bob Bennett park where occurred 38 years and now. Here now. We sell a lot of quality content based do you think I haven't heard anybody mention the fact that this corned beef and major bowl potato. Yes but gas you know you why he overdue book ideas new potatoes over used I used every admin but saying mass there you go up better sense so yes I'm with Regis are you serving them both locations today. Yeah I would also served 38 vegetables that are. How many Charlie cafe encore today there are more so like as you can choose between thirty different ones. Yeah we got turned green collared greens spinach hold up. But that they use Mac MC whatever Jimmy you have an incredible things that aren't vegetables that we that's what her. The cabinet level restaurant it is replacing this is a legend the cafes that isolated and yet take a moment and mentioning a soon to Charlotte test and which was the first one opened. 38 years ago the wanna park or up and sent the wrong. Own up near Harris teeter opened the year right now and added and that roster and herbicide right dated battles are sore and that's the Charlotte cafe yes yeah and we have got one out of the arboretum which is some artwork near Providence are out there right and that's also Charlotte Katherine. Yeah and admiral Blair in remote I wanted to. Go ahead you know you've got two choices record rate you can do you into a bottom around guest is Kurt Blaine yes but but the best court papers due and a burst yes. Thank you can back went out heavily as years ago we're used to bring in our corned beef brisket standing cocoa moms yes. And not amused how mixed tickling spot. Pray. Judicial Leo's only Elizabeth right. Yeah that back in the seventies yeah I'll cash and again I'm so glad you called Jimmy as far as thank you so much for calling all of appreciate your time and I of course he'll never not known hey listen you know this is such a vibrant town for food label. They haven't been there and I got it would have to go over there I've not been over there fault but are saying all that were open breakfast lunch and after seven days. Since that since six days breakfast lunch and dinner there we do breakfast and lunch on some. OK hey Jim Iliescu want to ask them you know out Charlie you know how Charlotte has grown the past 2530. Years you've been here forty or more. How many how many of the business deals do you think of take inflation a restaurant. He. I'll hotline got to let you know like us so well on me today. The governor Dayton then I. Did you contemporary soft in the people and you know the built facility yeah there are a lot of business CO US president Barack were used and let. I've seen many familiar faces they're mad and they're and they're they're doing business and in to have the pleasure beating Brett. Wedge in a lot of lot of good things have happened there you write a book. Rarely have they really have which has some great break on Ellen that plays as you do you'll be sitting there and you just say some professional players a manner disarm a lot of government people and what have you heard ala Ali then the last. We're just thing in common we love good food Diego that's hit not I don't think even a gym in fact my wife is on a mission to get to restaurants that have been open 25 years or more and you fall into that category he's got to go there I thought we were a lot of them so Jimmy I don't lodge called thank you. Let me know when you send me an Enron the harsh the park or at work station. My wife and my daughter revenue one out of arboretum. Fantastic congratulations on your success. Probably by US and I appreciate your your her welcome. Every call and thank you so much for taking the time they borrow your busy man thanks so much. All right we gotta get him you know maybe it did the Gaza legend we really will talk we'll talk to him absolutely the to talk more to him in addition to arm ten Patrick's day and national corn beef and cabbage day. It is also national corn dog data do not know what did not he has national good corn dog hack it really has made very read did you corn dog start out as a sausage or hot dog baked or deep fried in the cornmeal breading. And served quote as a sandwich Bastille. Much Karl baby I didn't know it but some nervous let it roll you was it was code and I was able what you do is branding around yeah. But I just how how people assemble and hot dog world. Are you here I don't know ought to stick Mayweather may put an ugly did late thirties. And in the early forties the senate vehicular convenient fair food when the whole meals put on a stick. Before being deep pride do you go on Charles's hard to beat a good homemade corn belt it says here you grow better right all. Grab corn dog and get back to the game golf and there talking about March Madness to grand isle and you also like I look great potato salad and my sandwich. Pasting in the kitchen alliger returning members. I'm name is small only downside. Island potato salad. That's Lance and if they don't send limbo. Staying up late they're lit up and bring Graham won't. I might have a model dry pet plastic in about it you're lucky it got last line. It's you know it's your last novel Ryan that's right there's none left that's what I say. There's just one place to go for all doors bachelor needs far. My giant warehouses bachelors for every occasion and thousands to choose from in every shape size and color. And because we eliminate the middleman we can sell all our special is factory direct to use. Where do you go what you wanna my name brands bachelor's at a fraction of retail prices by. And this weekend I'll play and take advantage of our special liquidation sale fri nine bachelor's. I wondered just what I. You're listening to this show is good game which Charles and boomer. On WB CNN. So now. The bullpen blew me. As soon return Estonia you have to. And then I. Quite good job. Opponents and Tony's Tony's Tony's I heard Tony's death. You don't even make. Greg had asked that could homey chill on top of Hulu or really get Tony's Tony's always we thank you to Loney home in June. Chris is all over man he grooms got down right in the WBT studio kitchen on Charles chicken he's rumored run canyon can be just. The idea you gauged by email cooking CO OK I am cooking at WDT dot com thank you Mike Schaeffer our program director move to Canada for sure. All right sandwiches a similar 457 or 1110 sell it to Saint Patrick's Day a simply issuance to eat this last week that you really enjoyed. I'm an outcome. A few times is painful past we just so happens boomer. So I mention I guy I talked about a couple of them this week Amare garrison of Charlotte six. And the first one as a sandwich shop. How does to beat which which which which yes have you been their the world Charlotte down avenues. Metallic for theaters around town and a endure great Johnny dealer great they do this one is our north community house moved and they're real busy now because that Valentine that African Union the building where do those two billion buildings right there on north community house and down from comments. And so they're rock and roll and but I like displays which which which were exterior sandwiches and they're opening in that new car huge plays its opening Indian land. The been there. But you walk in and unlike anyplace else I know of they have along the wall these bags the bags are lined up and they're all by category of the type to different channel which is that they offer them. And so you wind and like I wanna won the classic sandwich just was I wanted chicken salad. Car and I want in my chicken house in which with the chicken salad not just a toast and so Heidi piper pulled out the back for classics you know just and you get them marker or red marker. And then all these little. Options all the way down a little back. That eventually hold your sandwich. And by the way to stretch out to certify 99 which I think is a very good price or they are an entire sandwich. And so you knew gross to run on my whole wheat or the roll or rap or whatever and then you and the new round thing and I put you know it is has pesto sauce and attrition pesto sauce on it. Try to pasta sauce along with some in his analysts and tomato and red onions and salt pepper. And if they don't like five minutes at the most and trading and in the bag that I marked so if I made a mistake that's my fault that lets you know it's if it's not in there at the that I didn't put on there. If it's a narratives so it's always right emanate they got it obviously great system. And just take you know. Ordinary guy you can dine there now are very good and six bucks. It wasn't that they. It is a spread. That like on a cracker. With my cocktail yeah but don't yes it not in a sandwich. Meanwhile was a kid I don't know but now I like little chunks are like pieces or even better results but we do it sure yet you don't you don't I mean even Geist is okay but didn't not too much of not shred it too much is a show as a smooth red. That's not chicken salad to me that's chicken salad spread them. So this was nice dozens nice chunks and it was a shock it was it was our emotion and it was tender and who have good flavor. And the pesto sauce really had a some OS or just heated it up food so that was which which I went there this week. And Saturday night after the show last week. We had dinner with our two sons and run with his wife and it would his fiancee who's been married to September. We had dinner because they had to have been my wife insisted they had to check out and we went to would be to bottle. Oh yeah yeah I'll. Yeah head coach is pro error course. Superb the place was packed to kick over had a great you know Marissa I said please get us a table in the main dining rooms they have to dining rooms and run the backbone of our yes and they have in front. Dining room yes sir and you can get table before table six even I think you compete in the main now I think if you ask for a and so of course they can't they they do know we need did you need these take a reservation they hold reservation they got a hold reservation I'm not essential going into the rental car. They do they don't they know how to take hesitation. Not hold the resolution and hit a perfect table force a six. And it was dynamite it really was a vet who walked in to go to the bar to order cocktail and before we had time to order g.s and your table ready. And their fair right on time right on time they're they're purr yes oh and it was just it was really excellent and I learned what I thought was a de Monaco. As a New York strip and I that this could do Monica dress on New York. Is actually a cut of revised from a more tender. Are more marble or fatty ear piece of meat massed right yet it was delicious I probably had a front and realize that there was no so I'm still learning. But everything was excellent I thank them. And I'll be modeled what what if that's another great our historic. Restaurant in town to them and now we know. About charred cafe and I will get there and I will report back. Also by the way went to a dinner. At the gallery this was from the media date for tasting at the gallery hotel in the dugout gallery restaurant the mound timeout talking Emmerich. And that was very loose for their spring menu I'm telling you this this place. Talk about James Beard. Award winning type this summer the gallery restaurant yes or in the downtown hotel. That and first for lunch you don't have to go and spend you know I yes second mortgage she can but you don't have to. You can go and just go for lunch and get a great singer Judy got a great burger. Or any anything different is going to be fantastic. Whom they do a wonderful wonderful job they really do. And I want to mention I want to talk talk about going to be your first set console. Me a good hadn't incident at this to give us in the mood for rocket darkened. And for Irish Saint Patrick's Day one because I know what it is today people drink zero little visit every day that's that's just Jim just a little. They had to hear Wright has his say I'm a big fan of green here song ends. This doesn't get us in the mood of course you know the so we'll there. Is that right. Me. There's Leon more. We know everybody want to. Itself. Anyway to persevere recently one is prowler parlor USA ground work we have two locations runs on proper way and one and that's saying here in Charlotte and copper away. And the other is Firestone street in Estonia. Some man this is coming to show you this you can see this if you look at your radio real cushy concedes it's a huge list. But don't catch the millions of people because this is just the mere contact a 104. That's a lot of hops that's why the cold roller prowler prowler USA which refers to the larger model what pint size 130 drowns his go over because they can't sell to the places with the law and everything they can't sell you pretax beer. Right but they can sell you an empty growing oil that has already ice cap and you pride we buy from them that's not you own that you own the container not bright and whatever's in dig into your dinner right that's right. So don't ask me how that works really works for you the container yes that's right you called the container that's oh this is good and accept the years this is Broward USA. And I discovered you know that's a great drafts local craft drafts. Our cannot discriminate PA is of course we have the fastest what you India pale ale I believe they are yes Mary I know who knows where they got that from two goes way back. But I've discovered something even more now and that's called double. I PA a double IPA. They're getting up there with the alcohol contents felt like the Village People yeah the the black hole or I mean I said as a pro announced like died but they should know it's Douby who it would be different. You're right so the IPA that's I'd like that from but just a double IPA I had here and grows I had bird's song honey pie double. Bridge some honey I was and in the double I really delicious. And the united the lodge. I love the name it's called Laney boy. Let me boy booty call could affect affect let me boy booty call what is the double wide PA RD IPA. Eight point 7%. And they're Smart. Are and we got the name then they say they serve in Russia and a smaller class prepare before they let you know right up about her into a season watch out it was through smoothly delicious and it was heavy it wasn't like a logger it wasn't that she wasn't like molasses. I got hit affairs are Playboy is why they're there Macon at L money boy booty call. I DI PA at the lodge deep Litsch all right Maria now aren't beautiful alas. Stinnett WB cheek tissue what he'd gone 7045701110. And over. Good news. Sarasota mom friend of names and scream so it below the Alpine tunnel home names. Did. And lived in the long. She got through again. Is in sound and look. Let me OK okay. Man and we. Absolutely. That's. There just manage. And that's why you're gonna need it what do you like and I. Bob and David cook's. Please. They. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is good game would Charleston boomer. And WPG. She's got great. In the WGCs for. I know more about it is because you know yeah. Bengie is good looks by the way Bob day it remains home okay. In the definitely pleased to hear pitcher on Joe's take India's former bond Canon. We're gonna talk about eating sandwiches we gonna talk some sandwich is more and some food I keep food news you can use who wanna mention cup. Marcella spots that we are fond of but we understand that there's some sandwich and on on on the highway boomer Aureus was out and not just a triple Decker is the fourth followed most nutritionists or 85 northbound just before exit 41 sugar creek and delays about 77 thanks for the call and yes happy to have if you're 77 north to I 485 to get around this but some pretty big Bob property to build a traffic. I'm back up on 85 northbound exit forty point. Scene and you didn't think you'd have to detract pop up. Thank you so much boomer I've heard of sandwich and thank you Kate she really into me as an honor Clinton can give it to the guy who does the traffic. Okay sales shops when you wanted to mention are different I mean I don't Kelly yeah there's one here right behind the murder come into a more hitters one downtown or uptown yes Ross from the new park yesterday and they're very good if you like Ruben. We're chicken salad and they do it by a great job I have been there they do an excellent job. In debt that is such a great place there there's it's a market yes sir yes it's also a a four seat L Barton creek at. With taps in a really good thereafter it yeah and very good sandwiches very good breakfast as well yes oh gosh you are essentially asserting her. So and if you're down across from Winthrop yes and miraculous placed on ground chips Palmeiro Jose is a little place that serves huge grapefruit is that what what's called a formula. More precise solves. They combine our French. With a thousand again combined two guests special salsa put all of our options cool crowd shows are right. By the way that the the place I go for for corn beef especially sandwiches and Rubin's. That I norm I'm so glad to back open is cats Delhi oh yes look at Lee Katz has reopened Castelli. Down in south Charlotte in camp feel corners and acts of the bi lo Mick I think that by Lewiston is Ronald is staying open which was nearby our business is that the one minute don't know and this is our office and only coming on film. And it becomes our Bryant farms road OK and right there is the Barlow and has a couple of Chinese restaurants and lea Katz Katz deli right there which by the way fantastic fantastic eggs omelets salami Ahmet to die for us but really great corn because he cooks it in house and pastrami. And he makes the very. Tricky Kerry cooks it sold all of the meat to roast beef all those debates that you getting on the same Torre he's full belly it's been cast Delhi is an actual Delhi. You can see all in the deli case you need to abide by the pound you can buy it by the sandwich he's got chopped liver you name and that's this is a real Dolly that's how you do it yes. Very pickles. That's why isn't quick food news you can use during a coming up Tuesday Tuesday is the twentieth moon and that is the first day of spring if I'm not mistaken. And on that day for 26 years now. Readers. A tiny and ice has been given it away all wheel so they're gonna I can't after the new twice which would have been opened to 26 years. And they're giving it away as they have been in previous years. So readers Italian ice and we've got I think four of them right here in the Charlotte area. They're hosting the 26 annual first day of spring celebration. Giving away free Italian ice all day all of Italian ice cautious it's in addition to that they have a contest the winner will get. Free readers for a year who have Hulu also the ultimate. Hooky trip as a playing hooky. The ultimate booking a trip was has had to Miami. We'll play OK go to Miami Jeremy yeah talk about it so it's FaceBook dot com readers a tie an ice company. And then you go wow yes. But if you'd simply go on Tuesday to any of the readers at tiny prices you'll get a freak Italian ice all day the entire time they're open there you go no restrictions that's right. That's good stuff isn't it cool yes sir also are the Charlotte rescue mission we're coming up to really your cool holiday Easter Sunday them which is important to a lot of us for a lot of reasons. And is it time to celebrate a time to reflect the time to help. And one of the places that is known for helping more than any there's much anyplace around in the Charlotte rescue mission. And right now the Charlotte rescue mission is seeking help for two annual Easter Sunday meals for homeless. These are people who are homeless who are enrolled in drug and alcohol recovery programs. At the not private nonprofit center. So each Easter Thanksgiving and Christmas the mission hosts a daylong affair. That mimics the atmosphere of Charlotte's finest restaurants is that great there's lots of and you'd need to sign up in advance he couldn't they're looking for volunteers to help out that day. So for details on the event including voluntary requirements or to sign up. You visit our holiday dot CLT. Rescue dot volunteer dot com message and volunteer have dot com. Obviously go to there's just Google Charlotte rescue mission testing easiest way. Tom Daschle web pages holiday dot CLT rescued dot volunteer hub dot com all volunteers must sign up in advanced. And as you know Easter is April 1. This year this very thing so the ago. How we got lots of places to go for Easter Sunday dinners lunches and for including the gallery restaurant at the downtown hotel always a recommendation of mind. From one of my favorite restaurant Taurus here in town is Augusto can't take. He's going to be having a brunch Easter Easter brunch April 1. 1132 to thirty and two of his restaurants. Actually make reservations and make them early of course if you haven't yet you planning on going anywhere make reservations to cities getting so big that mom. And so popular. Especially South Park. And Brazil. And university an area that head over to distill Chris they're prepared at action central avenue where Valentine and now hasn't it would NRA and that kinda helped. So in that case he's he's opening up now for brunch. In South Park tossed on a restaurant day earlier I talked about the recently remarked I love that place moon. That is of their first ought to replace announced Wednesday as a great romantic restaurant as a great place for Italian food and make some fresh pasta. And so that's approaching golf Easter Sunday brunch 1132 to thirty. Pastrana restaurant today and he's got a brand new place. In Waverly that's at Providence Rhode and are you count yes sir NASA community area via a role ma a restaurant day. You I'm getting does not open it will be free Easter Sunday because it's on December at their money in my email Pomona and zero mark restaurant data they got a 99 I don't number. In Waverly check it out. Diego and one more mention and that is addressed to others they are looking at April for opening in uptown congratulations to dress slit our love them. That's we'd go for just for the halibut there yeah none on lots of other great stops and you know. While we're back next week pending. Basketball basketball there's something going until the end and see any and then there all the over and over are right now yes and Baltimore one guests and members of our Maryland Baltimore so accounting go out and get some crab cakes. Or fish and chips have a green beer enjoy Saint Patrick's Day. And if all things phone plays will be back next week this afternoon on Saturday live of course. And you'll know well in advance if you unite for not. Check out our web page you can get to a sat cooking at WBT dot com thank you so much for joining us thank you to boomer Von candidate for taking care of all Chris Farrell and you all. And until next time you tee bar and caught and. I. Am. Kitchen is now closed.