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Congress. WPG precepts. This show is Cogent and when Charles Jenkins and boomer bond Canon pretty tasting your weekly guide to everything colon area in Charleston boomer wanted to talk to you about your favorite restaurant foods and and share some recipes and cooking techniques new. Call 704 yeah. 57 OV 1110. Happy Sunday afternoon you are the WBT's studio kitchen my name is Charles Jenkins that's fine gentleman is former Montana in the Abel are happy Sunday for another gentleman to my left you're way LB Chris Farrell. Yes these are technical producer so happy he's here you know it's like it's like us like Iraq. Break there it takes care at all he makes a sound very she would you can imagine what has to do that I did that six months when I first got here thank goodness I. Or negative for the first six months and I've tried to do today oh my gosh look at the end because it's changed a lot there's the man you know there mare's been asked if not you when you are right at magic didn't shouldn't you were on the here Sergio after on the board and the board of us are doing all he rotated off almost two at all just a heated here we need to display night. It's an oldies. Running government well welcome to the kitchen. This is the WBT studio kitchen not a bad day it's sunny is bright filtered sunlight you know I think we have some class because it's 85. And it feels like 95 doesn't dab in the middle of some low that's the humidity here wow yes there. Anyway we've got a great show for you we want to talk to you about restaurants that are no longer here. And like you'll. And please I've lived people who say OK we you'd go by you know we're just so and so restaurant used to be like OK I just moved here to kiss her back. We have a lot of those we have a lot of iconic restaurant that we're gonna mention this hour. And if you'd like to join the conversation does when it comes to mind a great experience you had there. In a wonderful meal something of particular and universe or whatever. You know minutes we'd love to know you know if if if like if your girlfriend on June environment that's not what we want we want to talk to another thing about the old barrels that was on the overall gross arrows restaurant very popular chains in North Carolina you know more than I do and their people out there on the move we've been more than most of us so. If you'd like give us call 7045701110. In the meantime we've got international culinary days to talk or rumor. I'll share these with you I had a couple for today in Chicago a couple three for this week to think about two OK that's him on the comes up so we. On this one this one. I don't know but this 100 this well experts at it it is in fact national tapioca pudding day. What do you think a tapioca. Chris likes that pepper ego what do you think I have no idea see if I'm not a tapioca pudding guy either. I am not mean that you know if I had I probably had it in. Summer camp from. Well my take on one and 12 but I just ten quickly tapioca is a starch made from the cassava root but also known as he got. You know Andrea. L many ox ass time cassava cultivated around the world party you for the moment gosh. You four base say your family what he shrugged his native to South America was only grown in Asia and Africa price for the edible root. So once a staple in America early American households tapioca was dehydrated. To survive long seen for ages without spoiling as a long shelf life and minute in his tapioca openings have made the process easier tepee focus founded in. Broke the T the Taiwanese team based drink I don't know that. But national tapioca. Putting their congratulations to them tell us declined one and we'll continue with nationalism a moment but I'm curious group welcome to the WBT studio kitchen. What you first name. Hello when we have an army it's a man finance. The loop. Talking Minnie yeah we're talking huge young lady. What your first and Deborah Deborah welcome addition. I was the first director and I paint guns and I are really really at. It decree idle all we ask you need right went down. I'll eat my fair or Emery special occasions to the birthday party you went amber. What are done to our future but all that. Ask my heartburn for our daughter and merely what are we got there I didn't act is now. I had. Played that. That was apparent as it was it was a long time was in a boomer. With their for a little while yeah yeah it was a good while that's fantastic I'm reviewed their rob missed that as you can thank you so much upon. Sue thank you are that's what agrees placing our it was not a Miley estimate chicken off I have a bunch but it didn't have agreed Kyle's. Desperately because it was nice to state wonder if yes and requested that dorm parking lot that is they have a guard Sydney in this outline in the chair Vincent and watching the car and you walk over again. Greatly loved lawful and Chris that's going into declined to welcome what I'm OK welcome back to them and they'll connect us. Lucky gone. That's a great choice yes we can't tell me I only did it once or twice at the most hours for but I remember that development I know that come out right to choose. Obama Cuyahoga and you've just due burning burning that's the appetizer that was wasn't doing. That I've seen on TV a lot of things on the Food Network to loan Greek restaurant or bad. To have two of the usual one guy who want to lose hair on fire either add Chris we look back to line when you look at the WBT studio kitchen. Nearly bit star yes sir which first name and a key eightieth how are you happy Sunday. Therapies on the power. Chris Bernard good job more impediment to back weeks ago. That's. How. About yeah he's been 100 pages with Enron keel with real good it sure yeah you can get. We had because they progress through okay and in Charlotte the great wall or cannot but that's yet another Vista there. Well the one you know the one that we really eager to yeah sort of looked airspace or Medicare or alma marketplace I know there are heroin and and so. Inconvenient it was quick intricate and it and it would. They could could it mean you know yes that we really you know I'd sign holder who Albany election. You know a great little candy you go over and picked up yet that. It is a normal thing I want you would reassert chicken little kids you know it's not at Arlington is excellent it. It's a great at all if that's fantastic. And then later that's a great choice under and apparently Markey thank you so much for listening you are fantastic I didn't have I read the audio lighter take great care thank you Keith. Where would agree listen Craig wall Tony yeah yeah I had. I don't know when he's not listening personally I really don't decision get in the event wants to get an award. For the fact that I thought Hamlet to keep okay it is all my here's here's the one I saw it this morning on TV and GMA Good Morning America. And I had this one ready. It is also. National based index are right now there's nowhere yes sir yes sir they said that I think it was like 60% or more people have ice cream industry should any one time we do 100% of the time you have free ice communion freezing all the time Chris how are you. Always say it's always felt it's those guys' minutes are being announced here. Always sir we usually has little punch him into the Ben Jerry's yes sir there's a great locally made ice oh yeah he's into Estonia yes surveyors cori Murray yes two's group's overall and oh yeah yeah all happier phenomenal there's a lot of Bruins yes sir. Also are made locally I think it is one that's not so far buys at the porch yes sir that's made here on comparison yes. You have no we have grip on onscreen. And so this is the data reservists national ice. Scream day. They say that thousands of years ago people in the Persian empire would put snow in a bowl poor grape juice concentrate over. And that's what to eat his treat so I guess that was the first base screamed to him nice and have cream to add to it. It was believed that I was first introduced into the US by Quaker colonists who brought their ice cream recipes with them. I screwed there freshman so that shops in New York city's. And during colonial era and that's I guess who took off Ben Franklin George Washington mr. and Thomas Jefferson and sort of scream. 1813 First Lady Dolly Madison servers connecting their grew inaugural ball. 1832 African American confection Augustus Jackson created multiple ice cream recipes there's rose is a period technique to manufacture ice cream. 1843 Philadelphia Nancy Johnson received the first US patent for a small scale and crank ice in freezer if how. 1920 Harry Burt Harry Burton. It's the first I've contracts on the streets I don't know if they're in good humor doesn't say. But Thomas Jefferson his ice cream recipe old fashioned Vanilla ice cream is believed to be the older recipe for a screen in the US and see right here. Is a copy of a man. It's handwritten. By Thomas just this is not the original believe me we've got upset a couple of cuts. But if you wanna sit absurd as you wanna see this today and if you wanna see his original ice cream it's really pretty cool. A us then set it in an ice an hour before I mean we don't recipe. At the national calendar national they counted icon which is where we get all that encourages. So is that cool yes sir couple more quick ones coming up on this week on Monday that's tomorrow. National have you had these I've never had these. Our national corn for her day. Contrary to rumors judge of having Chris not. Not have you you know we have and I can remember aware of them returns it was where one can remember him years Noonan yeah. A national conference is tomorrow. And other tasty bytes of fried or baked corn batter them they look like the campaign can asserted break prospectus our own little picture over. Yeah rust surfers yes you had a very good and panels are currently in them. We have great Christen you think about it bar can be pretty crystal balls to make great addition to some barbecues Becker gatherings and that was it main ingredients include cornmeal eggs milk and butter. Are they may have originated in the south corn produced these would be charged changed up with peppers onions and urged to get the regional Susan flare. And you appeared vegetables pan fried fish the way. Personal picks can be added to a B toasted bun Freeney fish sandwich with the I have never had the government centrist I don't I don't think there's some frozen kind of I was in the prisoner in on Monday tomorrow have a card for refute the final moment when I'm from Israel socially brownies yeah or the state and trying to. Pretty Monday tomorrow also this is there really won't close to my heart last on. National personal chef de. I think so yes is not cool as personal chef prepare meals and client's home kitchens based on the customer's needs and preferences. And I think we have lots of them around here and I know a lot of people utilize in the have boys in a way too busy would want to kids and there's nothing like having a personal chef. So congratulations to them one more this Thursday have a hot dog its national hot dog day and you talk yes. Has somehow somehow dogs all right it's been amazing this third yeah 120 W hunt official to baseball stadiums each year long. So they go. National culinary days coming up this week if you wanna talk about restaurants that jet that are no longer here would look to talk to you 7045701110. Days ago have a piece of fraudulent but it is a because it's unfortunately if you lose you go. And you know it. He served is handed goal. Yeah. Dream dad since the judge who is she the. Yeah. Yeah yeah games. And sweet day in the I mean you need in Obama and crew they've done since I can. Her maiden. Days machines. Crowned me king some fellow. Yeah. Not your job is to take each piece of candy and correct and how these papers. And then cut back on that I don't understand yes sir yeah. What is it that you really like to. I don't know how he thinks there are no. So good at it. Sam. Steven. Jury in the kitchen with Charles and boomer. This Chile's coast in the bond WPG. And in the northern BC studio picture enough. I'm told Jack he's from Iran and and and he just throw. I played all the music. He's always great songs on. All of whom we like we're. Absolutely. Always have a blackened grouper. Love that our and it's not cheap guys seeing this I mean just like eighteen bucks on our guest this so I don't happen very often but I do love roofer. Restaurants no longer here give me one rumor which commander named on orbit but you have just reached yet we've had a great places like frank he's. And all the blue marlin used to love Franklin Sheryl gosh it was always Sinatra the there's always a doctorate mean and it was a great lighting not to bring in the wrong idea has long bar yes man it was really try to morning Edward him and you which is why is that the is for philanthropy old janitor for oil and others right there may have contributed great rest of of trying keys and a blue marlin blue marlin for seafood. And I'm telling relatives that came to town there oh gosh can. And I underrated they weren't going to be no sport Sparta was down on morehead Picassos was always you're never gonna run reasonably united you'll go way back I mean we're going yeah I'd do slugs real I lot of people talked about the audience man there was that there was no top of one of the building you -- first union building downtown and then he has to borrow one only independents and there was another 100 locations and then expanded under Greensboro had one and wanna say really maybe agree bill but he did expanse fine dining -- Claiborne yeah oh gosh it was scriptures -- are -- hundred Hancock talk about the Holocaust I think he knew him it was the boom it was on your nose and that the there's some other stuff that is one place in particular that you just harbors a talk about early today. It's been a big TDs front porch and got them independence near album more wounded and you know and mostly may be in the mid ninety's early and money's but man they regret and Myron Hawkins. After just a few guys Jacki for that we have to build up fish camps like line Ali. It's big time. And there's some great play only one or two of those left out there and so yes I'm burger something stones from one end to win and links are twin tops. But underline burgers was really popular. I am closest to a strange here I thankfully got change his tee into the coffee cup oh gosh that was. Great wasn't what do we neared the stash all classes all gosh fried chicken all they cooked it in a cast iron skillet seemingly solid grungy to if he'd never had to do think of how greens have to have their hands a note in my house the fist as they utilize our coffee other biscuits and and the waffles what channel yesterday or break race. Less than double dip chicken made most of it took in the cast iron skillet and would come out real crunch situation on the space is still there the foundry could lead at this stage there. I mean Aaron they have hundreds of employees feel tentative 1247 and annualized Schmidt and they have video content the homey banana putting hello yes and 11 woman that worked there should come out in the house everything Kate he won more this is coming right out. Because fifteen minutes for the chicken or whatever and gets big glass of half and half. Sweet tea half real women and all our other happening. Just before Arnold Palmer came out I alternatives lets our way back lets take Ryan well we're coming up Chris welcome the WBTs to duke in. Who speaking with. Yes you I would view yes. Cited Doug hey Doug welcome indication. OPEC here. So I'm going way way back yes really aren't restaurants and a better no longer here. Well one was on a little bark of epic period. I still on its view that buildings don't know he's the author Eric bless your ability of guard yes it's great steaks. Really its stake mistakes. Yes and not on morehead there was point quieter though they Yugo really good place to have this sir now and there are a slug also it's South Park. Tell us about it thank you knew where it was it was his South Park hall I don't really adamant is actually in the mall back when restaurant retro located in malls well again with the space pelvic airport I don't know. No yeah. I'm told Anderson that we want our forgot about the Internet security needs are really really like that dig deep space you mentioned earlier you know that that that the Boehner last major they would always make you feel really welcome when he walked in jeopardy. That's really cool distribution rate and what would you member would win given what you had to securian. Dot within minutes OK those are great restaurants discriminatory and now my three mad dog Chris Jeff welcome the WBT studio kitchen which a first name. Barbara Barbara welcome Barbara talked to us. I don't know Trent Lott and but it mover townhouse. What corner of probably. Oh quaint throats and there was like there for years. There are years and years the Harris theaters there and you know. I thought it would be several kind of Russian. That what do you think Mona ice it was real little. That's also like roast chicken Mac in season. Chop the epithet at a excellent account of certain rector of the great Andre what town council any place else comes a month. I'm not I'm not really excellent. But now must bring up thank you so much for calling listening. Now located right next of what used to be Myers our hardware that's already a record that's gonna do it's an excellent Christmas not a minute not even put too we'll take a real quick minute time. Went OK there we go welcome the kitchen with your first name. Billy may Billy talked to us. It's it was a slow drip down own independent. Ages ago yeah the water I'll remember into one bit not probably nobody knows her yes I think that name of it was George's. It was very Greek restaurants it was a hole in the wall we're gonna write this. Mercy also bar across street from mercy hospital and I don't think anybody is Donna and I think one guy could speak English. The food was fantastic. And you most of the time at this stage in. Well that's amazing but they think he's it has some counters to target blacks and Georges was so that's hot dog. Were unreal wow I let you go without saying I don't know when he won a wave but I do remain thanks because it's. Thank you some thank you so much for listening thanks for calling Dick if you like to talk what are restaurant. Then that's no longer here stand aligned give us a call will actually take your calls assumed to get this back after the news or. Tip syndication and Toews one time. You know entry this weekend. For me that. And really right through his chicken nuggets from my best results okay two pieces left to pieces left but boy. OK let's do the math I'm on my third he's had to win this is her second the patient she's ahead of the game she's a two slicer. Maybe in the old man unknown what. Some made up dough and tomato saw lots and lots and lots of cheese. I mean green peppers and mushrooms and hollows and sometimes all of these these new roles the dog flat and toss at Indiana. It's almost always around the sun. I'm square now why does. He's. On Monday. So much money. They're never too many cooks in our kitchen you're listening to this show is taken with Charles and boomer and W beating our cross hall school level we don't know doesn't go with champagne. Yet haven't Politico had a baby in the studio C chair Nancy Reagan. He's. No repeats. Yeah everybody stood. So things are among the you have some bucket of beans and some good some money and you're listening. They show us cooking on WBT here in the WVT studio kitchen Chris that's ahead takeaway moments of patiently standing by. Welcome to WBT studio kitchen gave her restaurant that's no longer hear much first name. What is your first name. I don't just is a user howdy. I'm not I can think that's a program Presbyterian Hospital brain where there I think you can't hurt. Woosnam mean that you're. Clinton bill Chris it is going to be a great play and your Anderson's we've had here you wouldn't have. And Eddie asked him. There was an Emmy and that then stashed in the steffens. Was remember and I was anywhere anywhere Athens pizza was. I don't remember net and beat that OK and learn and you play on eight ball already aboard an engine trouble why we're. That's ablaze just trying to think then why there weren't very many really has to thank you ever thought about that when Susan white horse did you go there quite often. And I get a lot biamby not and a parent would always gory. This loss Africa I'll bet that's the one on the right course like horse he'll play. They're just very cool guys. Pick they listen and just trying to think I hadn't passed the one run away horse I'm. We know why why is it west in on Newport, Rhode Island where I worked in restaurants and hotels. Is called a place called the white horse tavern where we're we're and it's most of bid is known as these first restaurant in the country. For sexual dining restaurant and you white horse tavern. I don't who was named after that but that's I remember that's just it is a very good for you to a bit of migration process and everything you know act of about. Other place I don't let them replace current let's Chris let's go to line two and talked to who is on the star welcome to WB two kitchen with your first name. So this script from Belmont I think Chris hey welcome. So out of what some of the biggest I want you to tell you that oh hole how we're going to. I hope we're pick your players about something yes and so I've heard a rumor or forward a myth or legend. The original owner. I'll bet itself wasn't secret play so my own mom awful awful well there are are these billboards. That we mentioned earlier are all Marlon. The other blue bar I've heard rumored he would that guy that invented the so long once they can really I think he was behind it yeah Z you're all up. It is you'll remember there was no option for a more yeah they're actually ever or corral or wall yes he did a quarter more hated you click. Yeah that long or yesterday sure did pose a guy's name boomer I've I think is mr. Thompson I'm OK Dennis Thompson. All that could be. I don't I'm toting bandit try to moderate long walk and an open though for from the blue marlin now. And of course we're forceful hugely successful and delicious too. He pulled back he brought back a lot of the recipes from the Charleston area in the low compared to go out here is if they still don't do you know he has. I don't think so that blue marlin is phenomenal yes it was. Best seafood. They had two and one half independents are that a Crown Point yet. What I figured you're done with boat so it was excellent. And third and protect my of course thank you so much for calling and listening have a great weekend Disney had that longhorn appear on the east boulevard just just roll out this world of business in the blue marlin just might come. It's supposed to break out of let's let's go see what I've got a couple more here but let's see with these folks have to sue to Ryan one Chris welcome to the studio kitchen much in first name. Senators are done. Yeah welcome what you got for us. Yeah are to be one or wherever your your car will drop or Herbert great these all red river where. Oh crap mole where you're you're you're they are gonna pop art. Yes it did gravy with a tell us how they forgot about that there was it was great. Mirror that perk for a new career yes sir I never heard of them yes are back in the day record time. It got there they had a crowd of about whether that absorbed the record bear creek we have war hurt. Pork are already. Yes so all cars they were there for years it was a landmark. Yeah ladies whose movies have ruined bad URLs like barter trade partner hey you well basically gonna listen I have a fantastic weekend. Abu outlook and you have all your remaining into I have I remember. I've got I've got I think some matches from a place called the silver or postcard was called the silver cricket does that ring any bells a rumor that no doubt that I don't think that some announcement. Anyway and there's a couple other ones though cause we can mention men's Eddie's. Oh my gosh yes Dallas. More what what are we moved here and you only have a doesn't really good restaurants that was one armed voted fed minutes to an Aaron halfway or at least yes or on weekend may easily roll they were unbelievable roles. Yeah our Chris let's take one moron anyone you want to pick up the goal line and we'll take them on and they welcomed the studio kitchen which a first name. Jeff talk to us Gerber recruiter. Fella and he knows. Lewis Thornton from the New York. Aren't that later he and boom you're always welcome everybody here cradle greet Garrett and that was where first ever trip can't be with the crowd. All my head scan tree and caught up. Valentin loans is always felt welcome there you were the breaks are when you walked in the door who wanted their next career record felt a little like extra. Let's dial back when you dig holes and us. Yeah are they corporate card early twenty year terminate their true open. Over me or are you a little weird the there are few places across from where are perceived to be well. Yeah well that's quite an accused. Alone it airspace in their tip barbecue George. There was Eritrean air through rural prayers ever compete. For your early 2000. The Valentino some independence man now this there was it was sort of about entrepreneurs look recruited Primakov returned to work club or remember call our one. Well the Stork Club under real cool there for now how independents eschewing all night irrational and years. Think mr. thank you for greater worry where her grown older and weird they're very cool thanks so much longer. Thank you every rider Valentino have all that's very very cool right next to the old coliseum. The one I probably missed more than any most recently members comes to mind historian Charles Salma commercial real brokers yes and I love that place is it Rupert dressing they've made it was a really old knows the cocktail sauce or cocktails on the shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce and they would hand. Great there's DR horseradish edit and edit it's all my gosh fit and back and it's packed salads and those parched cables. And the guy I was back there a slice any stake to order hang on 70457. Or 1110 you stood at a restaurant would love to talk to you. You lyrics. Did you know about everything what has songs on all the good birdie every wanna I wanna eat here or not how about Margaret let up. You can see 1110993. WPT. Bagels on the house. First off. And test it felt so good to get my hands Sacramento. Good hands and don't know I didn't make these kids the other day alt. And touch and so we try to pull him by putting a few fresh ones on topic day to day they test and. Don't need him maybe you can win you move all you can continue to bring playing stress away. Stop them now and I give him not to drink some water. We'll Danica well no way. Aubrey Hillary. In the middle. Palin last minute so us now on the Korean Palin. And it's so. And you know news site. You're listening to this deal is cut which Charles and boomer and none WPG. Being an. I don't ABT's New York kitchen and fortitude and play this when rumors are half half I thought. This kid he says that yeah that's that's how you doing this week couple lines I think he struck a nerve. Hang in there we will talk you know whose speed grounder restaurants. But the guy that's fantastic OK so we Google Talk about restaurants and no I'm kidding a couple of and not this is really greatly appreciate your call and and let's go ahead we'll talk the first line Chris welcome to welcome to WBD studio kitchen what is your first name. Yes you blow speak up. Horrible horrible about it they're testing going wants hello welcome them back on hold through Christa would annoying to. Hello welcome the kitchen much a first name. Hi there I didn't think Suzy welcome and he talked to a. Where I did I'd got Ataturk and heard you talk an Internet that this plan that lets beneath the love to get to the dropper in Crawford dropped never heard of it. We wasn't in recent years ago. Drove it shingle forever yeah we would get what they had pewter cup including electric drink well yeah I will call up a little I've seen that. Yet for the drawbridge is really good and I'm that you're not more pale but that's okay little kitchen little kitchen kitchen for saying that the best prom Maria who have ever take his own now. But oh my gosh it was delicious and there was a green apple we it was a drawbridge. Appropriate mop for drop right now from the Wheeling. We have been and I guess in word moose head back and there you are my. Excellent thank you so much for Cohen look at thank you very much have agreed Sunday scuttled let's move along Chris thank you so much. Welcome to the studio kitchen what your first name. But yes that would mean hello Kate and Leo. Welcome what you got forced. They're. Turco but I can also run across Australia straight from WB they got all that oh yeah they're really. Was an imminent and it. Our I organic charcoal myself. You know table also doing they'll realize that aspect rush remember but. There is real popular right Bradstreet Moore did write a DO. Yeah right unveil our welfare and endorse the number one after all well simple art call whining they dealt with failed players. In a build a dome ElBaradei it was a real nice place for year. Yes I've heard that he's always had us on here wanna know Winston-Salem. And I think it was one some other location yes they had 33 there are not okay thanks but thank you so much appreciate Colin Farrell good diet but it will take one more. Welcome to this kitchen what your first name. Hello how aria. Yes you that would be welcomed the kitchen put your first name. A big step promote the open back and hold going I want more. Norton go to five. Welcome to WDT studio pitch in which a first name. Hello yes you. Not art that's OK in Cleveland the welcome. In 98 I know I like Indians got a dirt bless you thank you Linda. You're welcome I don't think about Hungary Italy while all that was part of the next village. The owner I ever and we right and let it and married ot wait will be on the leg that was not. What was your preparation we inside or outside did you like the bank. End die hard Sox scoot yeah it's got the right. I don't blame her. Behind me. Up and Roger are you on wind ever call homelessness through running near the troops over there near the proved right the wind over yes I do. Edward and I. We are daring to wreck the bullet went to church this morning was very popular toys very cool and there aren't you got egg. I it's a good flight that flight that I didn't Morton I've an excellent. Thank you so much right. I don't really it was I don't journey glitches here. I grabbed her and I'm so glad WW then okay yeah I let the air Ahmed thank you so much wrong. Absolutely take care I overtaken us alone thank you all right we'll take one more Chris and say welcome to the WBT studio kitchen who must become worth. I know. Just gonna speak. This year are you depart to mind speaking. Hello people who don't kindergarten will put them on hold and I don't sometimes in the morning at a car on the isn't just on the I don't know how it is but they don't hear me or has them we'll try morning and let's see if they're there. Hello welcome to the studio kitchen which a first name. That is Charles I Charles welcome welcome welcome. Don't let go hungry and a particular river due in doubt outlooks from both our rebel. My W total long would have a hard ball yes sooner. Lavrov also bought tried all was last month. But embroiled alone in her home runs you don't boxers step. Yeah very very epic mural concorde routed it to north trying that was weird yes and what was the first one. But it all river I don't know you know here at the the river really the only Wilkinson and him alone. In the second when you mentioned. All long at all all question who was then they steamed hot dogs and beer. Lol not fraud and I thought that. Like one right now what we did warrant a little path we could work we're word today. One after another moment to promote home and wow lobs via a long arms and they served a high school beverage so you limit Islam yes and rob tourists yeah they were they were here for one did huge Mozy mugs and and onion rings do you go back and murders. Hey thanks so much for colon. How are good afternoon YouTube that is gravy. Wow it's a pickup line for real could see there there hello welcome what you first name. Yes you hello alone won't. Speechless. I hear both good is you get ahead what your first name. Could speak. Well hey Iran what restaurant you wanna mention. Close all mentioned several yes and actually the alarms that you just mentioned you have that these gentlemen just mentioned. I was in the same location and later was occupied that they caddies. Let's try to you know get independence there Albemarle and organs around. Tend to clarify some of those other items in the talking about the amber have you that was. Started. But I gentleman by the name was George. Hole or sue moss started to beat bottle beer bottle followed by the units but the how mistakes downtown. Gosh. And we choose is still there now. Jim back to the yes longhorn and a blue marlin. That gentleman was not. Dennis stops there it was built jokes are saying. And building towards say co-founder of the longhorns put broke that restaurant out of fusion OK and started the first one here they started Atlanta number your yes that it co-founder do with the general Carmona who George mr. Caro. You know and then to clarify further yeah the blue marlin was forever about the same gentleman blow my accent yeah so those sold them to Denis Thompson. Soda. It still has operated on was his son. Yes in Columbia everybody's covered told dude is the big pulmonary. Yeah. Hey thank you so much for colon. To dive back disagree downtown new boomer. God not forgotten I had no I you know I Elisa likewise we did mention Anderson's. This supposed to be doing catering so but I remember going to Anderson's ones Gary Anderson and they're long gone again exactly I think there's so many more will have to do this again will definitely. Definitely do this again if I look back next week with a renewed show. So you know I had a fantastic week in the meantime thanks for calling thanks to listen you know what do you people on look at him. I. Knew. Kitchen is now closed.