Smart Speakers, and Demograhic Changes In The Country

John Hancock
Thursday, January 11th

Hancock talks about smart speakers like Alexa, and how the demographics in the country are changing and the affect on the country plus more.


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This is John Hancock. Still left we're on the building before. We're came in here a few moments ago. Mean I'm program to look outside the window although that it's good clearing up that a program to look out the window over the last. We did days in see overcast and take cold. It's like sixty degrees out there. Which means that we've surpassed the temperature we were supposed to get valve but throughout the last three days. Does play nice. A pair of with the rains on the way that I don't know if that's good news or bad news for you we need the rain. So. Those who get ready for that. Get rain early. And we did. And in the end. Cloudy. And and we'll see some showers overnight. And you might injure some thunder before the before the morning dawns. And then tomorrow rush hours early end and becoming a steady rain later on in the day and again thunder is in the forecast. Normally see thunder in the forecast to must be tried to warn us that there's going to be a. Frog strangler. And out I have 67 muscle or gets rain in the oval logo American Jew of the deep freeze again no with a low forties mid forties upper forties. Low thirties by the time we get to the middle of next week for your high. So the cold temperatures are coming back again Heather rather other or as. Thursday as so we can be. In the engine but urged him machine. Eric Clapton and I knew I do have all the information go out before us. There's our good article about Eric Clapton. Who were big fans of here. And and he still playing gigs but he's got the same problem I do and that's Tenet just another hearing problem. And he's got a back problem which should affects his hands. So while. He's 72 years old he's gotten noise induced hearing loss. That's causing the ringing in the ears that's the tennis just. And he says the only thing I'm concerned with now is being in my seventies and being able to be proficient. I mean I'm going deaf I got to editors in my hands. Just about work. And that's that's a guy who are his hands are. Slow hand. His hands are pretty much is but you know that's pretty good run for Iraq and rollers Scioscia London. Came up with a ginger baker is a wonder he's even a lot of so you got talent other rock and roll news Bon Jovi he's coming to town that all happened on Saturday April the 21. That's a weak two good days after he's inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. And it's eleven days ten days ten days after the Eagles. Play the same place the spectrum. This is the this house is not for sale Bon Jovi to world which is the name their most recent album which didn't produce any hit singles. But did produce a lot of songs that sound just like the two or three albums before him that. Tickets go on sale starting at 10 AM on Friday January the nineteenth and be a week from Friday. YouTube favorite places to buy tickets live nation and Ticketmaster American Express card members can purchase tickets three days earlier. And I think if you're a member of the Bon Jovi fan club you can even start purchasing sooner than that. So if you remember the fan club you'll have to go find out for yourself let's spectrum are. You know we talked in the past about the spectrum. And its ability to attract other. Well Vince besides just the one of the hornets basketball. You've got to let it already come and in an Andrew butcher Alec lemon in and but shell is given an and February 9. Kid Rock February 10 the Eagles all know April 11 Sam Smith cumin and Rod Stewart city lop Roby either. Alan Jackson and Maroon 5 it's pretty busy year for those guys. So anyway Bon Jovi is committed to our. Like self I don't know that want to get mail. To get up Alexa device. Or Google homer I can remember the names of all of them. But they are Smart speaker over the Christmas anybody apparently one in five people got Smart speaker over the we read yesterday were 89% of online buying went through Amazon which is just unbelievable. And Jeff Bezos is now worth over a hundred billion dollars. That's on paper you know I probably could get his hands on more than fifty billion today if you wanna do. So mom. I can remember I guess it was just about a year or a year and a half ago I was asking on the air hey is anybody have one of these artificial intelligence. Speaker things and people were colonists and now we are don't want that schools saying. And I've got one now I got on got they're gonna go 123. In a dot. Little wouldn't. I have one in the garage so I can go out in the morning when I'm on the treadmill on sale Alexa. Played LE BT on tune in because we're not on my heart. Arm and I've bought Susan one so she's got one up in her room. I hear lots of classical music coming out of there she's a refined member of the family. Then I go on in the living room on and then I've got to go one of the bathroom. So I can say. Alexa played Tom very. But there that they're pretty cool and the more you find out what they can do and what they can't do or how to manipulate them now. Is anybody else experience this the original one that I bought a year year and a half ago. Seems to have less restrictions on has been no new ones and I'm buying right now. Yesterday I said Alexa. As a bathroom. Take a shower and felt a little likes to play The Beatles. And she says editor of The Beatles rebuttal above I couldn't do what she said. It wasn't The Beatles. It was followed Beatles. I said Alexa played The Beatles to the the same thing to me. So that's got to be a licensing deal remember how later was four of the beatles' come on iTunes that's got to be a licensing thing with Apple's. Mama I did said Alexa plays Sargent Pepper's lonely heart club down. Can do it. Today I asked her for. A couple of songs. That there should be no restrictions on. I think waterworld was called. It's votes by Manchester orchestra called the gold. Couldn't play it. She said would you like me just set a preset on. Pandora for. Manchester orchestra said Null. She went mute. I call her back up I said play. Manchester orchestra big gold. Would you like me to set up wave Manchester orchestra. Channel on pandora I said no she. Is she didn't go any farther I thought maybe said no that you would set it up but she played the song she never would play the song. When I specifically asked for played Doug gold by Manchester orchestra. Jim Norton. So then I get into the part that you should almost put on a sitcom on television then I start cholera to caller names. They pandora RS Alexa you shock. I am sorry I don't understand. There are no I bet you don't. So I don't have been the new one seems to have. If I go out in the garage the one they original one I have out of the garage to earn a panther football game and say. Played WBT on to an end. It'll play the football game it'll play the broadcast would Jim's Nokia and in no mic mission in Eugene Robinson if I do it on the one of the bathroom meat comes in and it says due to licensing agreements we can't play. The NFL game on. So I don't get why I can get it on one and why can't get it on the other. But it's I would throw in some trade stuff today. Are one in six Americans now own him a voice activated Smart speaker. You knew all sorts of stuff with a but I haven't done yet that I haven't. Programmed by house yet but you can I mean you can do all sorts of stuff and I guess by by other app for a tie. So that you could say you don't turn on the lighter turn a letter door locked the door to said the other. They ultimately think it'll probably pretty good for radio I use it for radio. I've I'm fascinated that I can walk in the bathroom and say Alexa played BK BC EO. Which is the station that I worked for thirty some odd years ago in boulder very eclectic rock radio station does it's still very eclectic can still rock. And and it says playing 97.3. KB CEO and all sudden here comes KB CEO out of Boulder, Colorado. I mean I'm bad that distressed and it's a heck out of me did you did you convey played you played WC LC in Portland. Why does it say that played WC LC and all the sudden there it is Portland Maine. Another one of my a little stations that I've I've kind of found over the years that I like. Play KG SR and Austin. Hurd comes sawed out from that standpoint I'm fascinated by at all. 4% of Americans got their first Smart speaker during the holiday season. 71%. Of Smart speaker owners are listening to more audio since getting the Smart speaker. It's not just listening to audio though whatever that though the source. That says the broad picture is that Smart speakers are changing behaviors and forming new habits for one thing. Voice activation in the home is fueling adoption of Smart technology. Broadly. Including Smart hold applications. And we've talked a little bit yesterday and we'll talk some more about it today but the Consumer Electronics Show which is a huge deal. Is going on in Las Vegas and conventions that are. And the Smart speaker. And especially Google and errors which is called homer something like that. Arm. Google spend more money than anybody in Las Vegas right now trying to catch up to Alexis because. Amazon's got the good of the broader share of the market. But when you start reading the statistics about how who has it and who doesn't I mean there's still a lot of growth through to go. One of the questions in this survey that came out is is it time you spend using your Smart speaker replacing any time that you used to spend with. Question mark. And the answer was traditionally AM FM radio 39%. Say that there. There their radio followed by 34% for the Smartphone in other words are spending more time other smarts bigger than they are an area metro radio. But if you're spending time on your Smart speaker listening to a hammer Ethier radio. Those of you weren't gassed and county that can't get WBT at night and have one of those owed the Alexa Smart save its say. It you belong to tune in. And I think were available in other mediums to we're not on my heart. But I get it through tune in assay get play WB Dion tune and you've got it. Clear signal. And the same thing like I say if all the sudden Europe from another part of the country in your Jones and for that to a radio station used to listen to back home. Then doctor you're Smart speaker and and see if she'll play it for you. I'm just fascinated by the technology anybody get a Smart speaker for Christmas 70457. All of a dent. Tunnels under boomer talking about there's going to be fixed soon or that's kennel like they admit. What is soon but our days. We're all speaking in code were all living in code that's the way it that's the way it all goes. All right I got an email right before we came on the air to Citic Jack I don't think I get it I have a we've been through this gerrymandering thing and resolved it already. A few times. Court ruling leaves north Carolina's 28 clean elections in limbo you would you'd think we've gone through this over and over and over again. And to some extent we have but there is one big difference between. This court rulings. And other court rulings symbol the find out when we come back so let us stick around it is nice to have you here on AM Thursday willow tomorrow on CS as well out there are no Vegas. And us State Department overhauling know their travel warning system one of the places on there is all Acapulco Mexico. You can. I got a lot of confusing on this. North Carolina. Court decision on voting. Federal judge's earlier this week and ripped up the districts over gerrymandering. And targeted email that is as a heck I gotta get it have a we've been through this gerrymandering thing and resolved it already a few times Kevin. And now Salisbury and yes and no we've we've been through gerrymandering thing but this is partisan gerrymandering. And the previous cases have been racial. Gerrymandering. Everybody remembers so lots district up there the twelfth. I know that thinks snakes through. I don't know if the center of the state just so they can somehow or another get the numbers they were looking for. So Republican lawmakers in North Carolina have some unexpected work to do before this year's mid terms. Because a federal court ripped up the State's voting map and then ordered the GOP controlled general assembly to draw a new one. And you know obviously a frivolity is in suit everybody's happy everybody's saying OK so you don't like it so you take it to some liberal judges and none. Well maybe that's gays I don't know depends on what's side of them. Of the political argument pitcher wrong but this three judge panel. Ruled unanimously. To Democrats and Republican. That Republicans violated the constitution by drawing the current election districts in to favor their party. It's the first time that a federal court has struck down a congressional map over political gerrymandering. But we have seen racial gerrymandering before. So that's the difference. The accord deciding that the map violated the free speech rights of non Republican voters and I gave lawmakers until January the 29 to. Come up with a new look. And if that one fails to satisfy the court to know issue one of their own. Now in response. The chair of the state Republican Party is accused the court of attempting a hostile take over of the jumbled general assembly's duties. And does so obviously the Republicans will probably go to the Supreme Court to block enforcement. And double SeaWorld that goes it it's a it's likely that North Carolina we'll try to get stale that ruling from the Supreme Court. And those cases go up bond on district appealed the Supreme Court rather than through the normal. Appellate process. So the court has issued stays like this before they did in Wisconsin and in Texas and and another North Carolina matter. So but that's that that's the difference evaded the wording if for those of you were confused. This is this is a partisan gerrymandering. Whereas the other headlines that we have seen have been over racial gerrymandering. Of the US Supreme Court could rule on partisan gerrymandering. By the ended June. Because it's already heard arguments in a Wisconsin case and it's agreed to hear arguments in a similar miss when Maryland case. This spring so the North Carolina case the federal judges have found that politics clearly played too big a role. And one of the things that they point out is that the the house districting chair David Lewis. Once said quote. To the extent that we are going to use political data and drawing this map. It is to gain partisan advantage. Close quote. And then he defended a map that gave Republicans a tender three partisan advantage in these states US house delegation and said. Because I don't know believe it's possible to draw a map with a eleven Republicans and two Democrats. So I mean that's just cannot. And do your laundry out to dry and that. But anyway Kevin if that's that's the explanation is this is. This is partisan. Gerrymandering. And the cases that you've both seen before and the arguments that you've heard before have been over racial gerrymandering and so that's the big difference in how the salters on I don't have any idea. It does put the dude the process so it above the mid terms. In a state of confusion. And when news is it early February when of pre registration for all that kind of stuff starts believe it is now. The new maps are supposed to be drawn bio the 29. This is. Nothing to do it's not related in anyway but. The president. Gives his State of the Union Address on January the thirtieth. And that could be interest. And it will be interesting in that. We already know that Democrats are probably going to filled. Hall. Are with me to victims. Oh women who have. I mean that's big subject these days obviously. And. Just like these. Golden global awards that just passed this let this last weekend. Wearing all black for the hash tag me to movement. Will probably spread to the State of the Union Address as well there's very a group of democratic women in congress who are planning to follow the example of the actresses and actors and back doors. Dressed in black at the golden global awards. To a show solidarity with victims of sexual misconduct as part of the meat to movement and they plan to Wear black to president Trump's first State of the Union Address. On January the thirtieth and one of those who is spearheading it is this Democrat representative Jackie Speier. About California and she says there's a lot of support for the idea within the democratic women's working group. Which includes all the democratic women in the House of Representatives and that they were inviting both male and female members of congress from both political parties to join him. And she said this is a out cultural change that is sweeping the country. And congress is embracing it. So Bob. Other than the fact that. The Entertainment Tonight Capel probably also air about 97 times because of that. It is a movement it it is a it does seem to be eight a cultural change. Talk a little bit earlier I saw an article but in a New York Post and it doesn't necessarily go down the aisle also are the lane that. That I was. A preacher and a couple of days ago. About a generation of males. Who did not play here to the lessons of the moms. In become the men. Of character. I'd gentleman. That their parents may have wanted them to grow up to be. On but maybe they're. Maybe there are examples worked as a strong as well we had hoped as well I'm not trying to pass blame here but. Surely every time I read about somebody being accused of sexual harassment I think about a wonder whether mom feels about that. My mom would be horrified. My mom would erode legitimately be able to say that's not the way we raised him well it's probably not the raised the way a lot of these people got raised. There's a road article in New York Post today says moms of boy's face different fears after the wave of sexual misconduct scandals and so I started reading got. Wondering if they were headed down the same line is I was and that is. All you dirt bags out there who fall into the sexual massage conduct. What. Your mom's lessons didn't mean anything to you. It's more appearance that it is reality if mom thinks you're a gentleman that naturally. That's that's hit the principal. And this line takes a little bit different the midi American women dismayed by the way of a sexual misconduct scandals there's a sub group with a distinct hope and fear. And that's mothers of boys women or raising boys today. Hoping that they won't grow up to be. There's a lot of cases. The media enough the past voice. And grown up to be. And maybe society needs to settle for a better. I'm a better example to make sure that all that happened. I. Love it comes weeks ago for the the months ago I don't know. Time of all I have no idea. Who have been a couple of years ago. Problem. That we always if you start daydreaming about places you'd like to visit. I love to go to Egypt. Pyramids and all accustomed. Hell I'd love to go to Jerusalem. Just for the historic. My grandparents traveled around all these places North Korea South Korea. The holy lands. China. The State Department yesterday overhauled their travel warning system for Americans abroad for the first time in years in an effort took. Streamline the information make it easier for us to understand the threats overseas and and and give it to us and them ending kind of oh more clear. I'd direct fashion. In 2016 there were over eighty million Americans who went overseas. I watch the news and I see reporters. Obviously Americans. In places that I beat. Intimidated to go to there have been two places that we've traveled to an hour alive since I've been at WB tape. That intimidated me and one shocked me no wind and that was on the beach and all of local Mexico we went down their for the first crew as we ever went on. Flew all day long floated Dallas jump on another plane flew an all couple called out there at night. I mean you know mid evening. Out came out of that airport and all the pool go only to be. Greeted by it had to do have been hundreds of people trying to sell you some Federer would offer your services or. Give me a taxi ride or whatever the case may be academy and it was just bizarre. Well we're scared that I well into getting on a bus and driving down the mountain. And you could see the true shipped out there on the bay and off couple go had a great reputation and noted the fifties and the sixties that was one of those. At optimal. Vacation places and so I was so thrilled to be there are enough in the next days Susan are walking on that crescent beach in all of who go and there was a couple of situations ago I kind of scary. And this was twenty some odd years ago. The other place that I've ever been intimidated was in Tangier Morocco. And you would you you wouldn't catch me dead Morocco right now. But we one of the cruises that we went on took us to ten years. WW BT a listeners the way with us. And they they handed this over to a Moroccan who droves to the top of the mountain and we were to walk down and they they kept nonstop and a softened diesel they'd walking into a room that was the perimeter was lined with benches. And you'd sit down on these pages and then these guys would come in and start rolling out carpets and a leather bags and does that the other and tried to sell you stuff well our group of nine or ten people. And our Moroccan guide we didn't buy anything at the first two or three stops so he bailed on us. And then we were on our own to get down the rest of the ten years is built way up on a hill to almost like San Francisco you could see the cruise ship down there. But you have quite a ways to go what you had to walk through all of these open air markets with chickens hanging by their feet acknowledge it's a problem. There was a couple of situations where he got a little intimidating there were we ran into some. Language barriers or somebody asking us for money and no we were given money and we also got surrounded at one point and it was it was pretty intimidated. So. The the State Department instead of travel warnings and travel alerts as well as country specific pages would details like what. Dangers may await in at a secure visa. Have combined all of that now and two way. 01 country page accompanied by a travel advisory. At one of four levels reached country level one would be exercised normal precautions that's your lowest level of risk. Level two would be. Exercise increased precautions. Somewhat of a heightened risk level three is you might wanna reconsider travel. You might wanna avoid travel do some pretty serious risk in level four is don't go there. Do not travel there. Every country and and plenty of non nations now have a page including Antarctic root level too by the way Hong Kong level one Jerusalem. Level two so that's not that bad. But level 4 countries Afghanistan. Central African Republic North Korea and Iran Iraq Libya Mali. Somalia's. South Sudan Syria Yemen. You may go there you could but you don't want to. The department advises the US citizens do not travel of those countries and advise if you are there to leave as soon safe to do so. Anyway you'll see this in the news. How level for designation does not mean that there is a travel. Graham North Korea's the only country currently underage geographic travel restrictions. But if you're going to a level for a country. Probably not a good place to be wearing your American flag. The blue Jean jackets. Then. Man. There's something did you say is extraordinary and I'm not tonight's dodge just think. When I'd be the first one to say that the president Billy Graham by about six months probably. Talk about places that you look at it cannot travel the and the the new warning system mode put up by the a state department's currency a little Mike at 7045711. Did he Mike. But you're here I'm great thank you. You know I still haven't found that there are those that do that you told a starter Kurt could give true ordered. But I mean there are good little theater there a weekly which therapies was. I would probably get there with the or or or yet because you sources and radio. It it should most of the emirate here or should listen to. Let's go Cooley. A lot of American. People with local Bible quote it should. Yeah but. We were talking about. Travel and I was very fortunate in my younger or in their late. To be able treble point Susan talk about. Erin I want to post cold let you know look a little colder. Than one day. In Cairo centered mostly the museum. And he'll stand a good bit. One day is the bottom of spirit and in Cairo. And then you're gonna want to go to the Luxor. Essentially colorectal or. And Ballard McCain has been loaded according to lose and that's really really amazing yeah. That wasn't on the level for area and I haven't looked it up to find out wanted to know it or what it is an underrated but would you go now. I would bet he really in that area of the world are you you'll be able to move anybody would come social we have seen. We put some ammunition that you just don't war PO. Yellow and that's Joseph here to you don't necessarily want your car breakdown a hero if you're a Caucasian you don't necessarily like car break down and he Saint Louis. That's right now we are quicker than if you just keep you would approach it or you'll have a lot of. Somebody else and I had made that comment a couple of months ago somebody else instead they'd all have it all has to do with the tour group you go with. And and who you who you entrusted. Two good to help you get there and and independent state there what hero of their and I had saw what I would do about I would buy that but I also know that. You know what do we ended up the note in Morocco with say whether or very reputable accrues organization and and mentor and so forth and and I've been told to there was about a five minute period there where we were getting surrounded by a Moroccans and it ended June leads his scared the hell out of me. Well anywhere coup in their corporate world sort of erect Reza brokerage. Ed people are gonna come out mesh shirt and she knew that stirred. Donations. Have been going you know now. So do you like so keep your wits about you coached so query Qatar I just do seal or culture that use. People in the United States would have no trouble all just go really appreciate what we have. All every time that every time you go. Doug go I mean we went you know at that one trip we went to Europe where we're Jerome went to Paris went Morocco where went our way there we went to Monaco went to all these great places. Com world renowned places and you get back to America and you say oh my god. It's so much better here my house. The house I was living in then. Would have been a Paulus technically. In 98% of the places we were in Europe. What most employees should you go. He did anybody here either want or apartment. As a panelist compared guru what other people have an example that you don't realize that. It and it's unbelievably eye opening if you if you really want to grow again appreciate your right if you wanna gain an appreciation for America leave it. Yeah exactly so it would go out there are still some good arm he had a Smart person in our. They have all dog died that I Mike appreciate called not I mean I loved that I I wanna see as much of it as I possibly can. Nobody knows it's a different world tune out. May indeed all you don't don't be stupid about it. I don't think I go to Jerusalem right now and I'm not so sure that I go to Egypt and and I guess in some cases I wouldn't go to Egypt because I probably. Be so stressed out I wouldn't have a good time. And there's other places I can go see in the meantime enough hope that to us amount of the world comes down a little bit note. And the other part about me is I just scream American I'm Amal you know I'm I'm just. I'm just a pale white guy. But no my wife her father was Polynesian. So Susan can like ten of the don't lied about car she I mean she's she's done this son for. Three hours she can look like she's from almost any part of the world where in Mexico she looked like she was Mexican she's got dark dark hair. When we were over in no Morocco and stuff like that I mean she could blend right into the population there me. Shortest Scandinavia. I'm not gonna blend in anywhere. Albino village maybe I could stand next to via the Edgar and Johnny winner and got to look like among member of the family. About it. I'm. There's a I started to get to this yesterday and we never got to it. I've found it to be kind of fascinating. Having to do with the democratic demographic trends that are shaping the United States. This came at a pew research. And 88 came out because. Demographers. Had convened in Chicago for what they call the population association of America's annual meeting. And they came up with. Trends. In this particular case it was ten Obama not gone through all ten with you. Recent findings on demographic trends. This show how would demographic forces are driving population change and reshaping the lives of people around the world. They you can't. You he'll hit. Look at the world today and not see. Drastic changes. Maybe I'm more can do that because I've been a year radio. Some newspapers. Don't hold nearly. The importance. That they used to. I'm media in general. Has changed completely. Bands used to travel so you would buy their albums. Now bans put out albums so he'll go see their concerts. Completely different. Behold for the whole scheme of America has changed the way that we television. You no longer have to be either Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock to catch your favorite TV show. You know can get your favorite TV show whenever you want to watch it whenever it's convenient for you. You no longer have to do your several longer a slave to a TV schedule. You're no longer going to find all of your programs in three networks and an independent. You're just as likely to find the best TV show on TV and Netflix or. You do bird or you don't sell them along those lines. So at the whole the whole deal is JH mollid meals are changing us. Just the same way that we'd change. The country when we were. Coming into our own. Drastically. Vietnam War protests and music and hair and fashion and politics and everything. Millennial are the United States now largest living generation. In 2016 there were an estimated 79 point eight million millennial that would be people eighteen to 35. That's you TJ. Your generation out numbers mine. 74 point one million baby boomers people between the ages of 52 in seventy years old. So there's about five and a half million more bullet heels than there are baby boomers. And just by the way we're dying. The millennial population is expected to continue growing until 2036. As a result of immigration that would be another well you're do we just going to do. Another eighteen years. Millennial have a very different life than earlier generations did for the first time in more than a 130 years. Young adults are more likely to be living in their parents' home. Now technically. And make sense. It for a lot of reasons. It's inconvenient it is on mom and dad it also gives mom and dad the ability to get out of town for a couple of days you can watch the damn dog. I kind of wish Matt would move back in the house. That way lead you don't have how Sydor is built right on them. Says in fact a larger share of these similar deals are living. With their parents then with a romantic partner and more broadly young adult. Geographic mobility. As is that lowest level in fifty years. That means people are staying closer to the areas that they are raised in an aide. When I was coming up in radio it was just a given that if you wanted to get into it and you wanted to succeed and you're gonna have to leave the community your and I grew up for a technically. In been in my mind nucleus city would have in Denver Colorado. And I guess I always got in the back in my mind thought that if I was going to be a success it was probably gonna be in Denver. But in order to ever become loves that a success in Denver. I was gonna have to go take a job someplace else so I went to Colorado Springs soul. Soya that's I dropped out of college or what down to Dallas Texas which is where my family's roots or failed miserably. Left came back which Fresno California. Got fired went to Phoenix got fired it back to Denver went back to Texas went back to Denver. Then started the to work Joseph Pennsylvania. And then Florida and then North Carolina. I didn't think I'd be staying here for 27 years. I still kind of figured I'd probably end up back in Colorado at some point not the way it worked. Not unhappy about it by the way but the that but the good geographic. Mobility. Has changed completely young adult geographic mobility at its lowest level in fifty years. And they say even though today's young adults are less likely than previous generations of young adults to be married or to own a home or to be parents. All of which are traditional obstacles to moving. So. That in spite of that. American lives at home or changing. Democratic report I'll give you more outage it's the second and some of the stuff is fascinating. I'm just in the way that the world works now which is entirely different that it was. When so many of us took off on our careers. Things change according to this demographic report as American lives are changing get home. We had a decade long trend just half of the United States adults were married in note 2015 that's down from 70%. Back in 1950. Our generation. Baby boomers. With through there. Debate. While living together I suppose that's been a debate but it seemed like ours was the one that. Stockar feet in the water a little bit deeper than no previous generations and I never did that. Because of my mum. But I'm not so sure people think that way anymore by large I guess if you're brought up a religious household maybe you wouldn't. But when you start to look at the numbers marriage has declined the number of co have a date dating relationships. Living more than unmarried partner has risen 29%. That was just between 2007 and 2016. Fourteen million to eighteen million the increase especially large among those ages. Fifty and older. We'll know who is that and that's the group has been married before and his sister I don't know that I do a better again. I love you but I given you have my stuff have been done work out. At the gray divorce rate divorces among those fifty and older. Has roughly doubled. Between 1990. And 2015. And I don't know what is that that's that's kind of an attitude of I'm not gonna go through life unhappy. And I've been to some extent I think people have taken on the same love. The same philosophy about jobs and quite frankly. If you wake up every morning and you just absolutely. Hate what you have to go do that day. Then change. Easier said than done I understand. Especially when you have a mortgage and car payments in kids or go to college. And dog Tom agreed on we understand that you you why you you financially walk your own self and do your own. And your own corner in your own circumstance. No I'm not say and get a divorce but I just say and a Cadillac field. Terrible for those of you wake up every morning and say oh crap I got to go to work today. I mean not every day over here is Great. Britain by and large Quinn. In the end of the day I just gave a cigar and think to myself. Jail term broader great way to make a living and it always has been muted due radioed to me has always been. Great but. Given what I would make him any money plus. So a lot more on the demographics are read the news today is coming up just a few minutes we got vital Clive coming a bit but what do we do that it what we figured TJ yeah. 0505. I'm having got some of the emails eleven TJ but this millennial. This a pew research demographic survey of fund via Hancock page W BT yeah. Not there already will be here soon enough we'll revisit that figure you've. Eleven days into the year 354. Days to go 1991. On this January 11 man walks into a New York City garage NASA mechanic to. Pulled his client for a moment. City be right back a guy never came back. 150 pound line and go wound up at a wildlife preserve. New York City doesn't have exhibited hay out did you all about why Google it I beg your pardon. Federal government is looking for a flight attendant to work aboard a secret airline that carries federal employees to top secret locations and elect. Area 51 until my best. Thieves in Paris at the Ritz Hotel got a way with five point six million dollars in jewels. The new Diet Coke flavors come out this month talk about that if you and a new US travel advisory warned that five states in Mexico we were just talking about travel warnings. Five states in Mexico represented a great danger. And as greater dangerous Syria. I can relate to that. Having been in parts of Mexico that made me feel just a little uncomfortable the author of the other book titled firing furious epi. If you have Michael Walsh firing fury inside the trump White House hottest book in the country right now the camp print enough problem. And that popularity is having some unintended consequences in 2008 there's a historian by the name of Randall Hansen and he published a book about World War II called. Fire and fury. The allied bombing of Germany 1942. To 1945. Nearly ten years later that book is accidentally. On the best seller list together. I wonder how many returns. Think it's halfway through the book says he'll never even mentioned tropea or to get to the pro part. Well I have a DN. The Wiener guy. Have settled their divorce out of court. To other won't be any hot gossip coming out of the it'll have a dean Anthony Weiner divorce proceedings because the former couple has agreed to finalize the divorce out of court the the statement from evidence attorneys said they finalized out of court in order to reduce any impact. Of the proceedings under a child. She filed for divorce in May after he pled guilty to a sexting with a minor. In Destin county. Which was his at least second infraction wasn't in her second go around with. He just snake. And she seems to have some pretty enduring qualities to a few us start out. You know get into the politics of at all you know our humble bragging he has. Humble bragging makes people dislike you. To be honest have you ever humble bragged I'm sure are probably health. It's a defined as bragging masked by a complaint or humility and it turns out people hate it when other people do it. But I read the news today oh boy a new study published in the journal of personality and social psychology. Revealed that out of 646. People questioned 70% could recall humble bragged that they had heard 60% of those individuals. Remembered what's called a humility humble brag for example. Why don't I always get asked to work on the most important assignments. Another 40% Reese told they are complete humble brag like. I hate that I look so young even a nineteen year old hit on me. I don't think that's the one that I used. I think I think maybe vector think mine was I hate that I look silly old. And 87 year old hit on me I think that was good because one I used hunter's bill Ford bring you traffic eighty is that not the visiting wrong with 87. Dish yeah. This has steady author on this hopeful bragging this guy by the name of overrule c.s are. And he says your best bet is to go with the Bragg N at least oh when you're. Own self promotion and reap the rewards of being sincere rather than bothering people by a humble breaking and she also adds. That he the best possible thing you can do is say get someone to boast about you. Because then you don't seem to be you know like break and yourself. So go get busy and have forwards DJ and then try to avoid the 87 year old. They went on news to people the same rooms and why. Elijah. The reasons why people cheat my Debbie much more complex than you think. This was in the journal of us sex researcher borrowed to TJ is copied it. Getting cheated on is the worst you've ever had happened to you or you'll love what you were you wonder why. Then you blame yourself and then you think well that can't possibly be. I and that Ford data published by the journal for sex research site disaster 495. Young adults about their cheating habits. And for the most part the result showed people cheat because they're dissatisfied with their relationship or they feel neglected or they're just plain angry. Or they simply get attracted to another person. But some had more complex reasoning some other reasons people gave included I want to enhance my popularity. Well that's mentality of a fourteen year old and it. Now are now with the wife right or no I was not very committed and the take away they say. Say the researchers is it would be a mistake to conclude that all of players similarly if results from deficits in the primary relationships some people say it's not you it's me. Did he could very well just regrouped. Then there's a way that was. Golf Ramsey or the other manager David Brothers just FaceBook doubt probably treated as well that on January the 26. On Megan Kelly today on NBC. The David Brothers and a judge Patel. Happened tell willow would be there the eight. Brothers HBO documentary may it'll last portrait of the David Brothers would show up until now had one night well technically than they expanded that to a few mourners. But was a theater only thing makes its debut on HBO at the end of this month I think it's the 29 I don't have a right in front of me. And they gave it to probably also performing on no Megan Kelly today so that's a Jew or January the 26 such DVRs. They say if you're in the New York area get audience tickets at the a link below I have but that. Link up under Mike FaceBook page John Hancock so up. No longer on over there if you one who all want her under the new York and to be a part of that you can do that but to Megan Kelly today January the 26 David Brothers. And no Judd Apatow who's one of the guys who are produced the things so well. So that should be good we're hoping to talk to one of a mob before they had to do the HBO thing is so well. On I know we'll see if that comes to fruition or not. Tom in New Jersey you can't two you can no longer. Fly your drone drone. Yeah I know. What next. The restrictions that government puts on. Flying drone while drunk or high could soon land you in legal trouble in New Jersey were of state lawmakers just unanimously approved a bill that would make it illegal to operated drone while. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An assembly woman up there by the net of by the name of the net quite hunt oh. Democrat. She sponsored the bill said that the the kind of dangerous incidents that. There are hoping to prevent include near collisions with the aircraft and interference with firefighting. It's unclear if outgoing Republican governor Chris Christie plans to assign the measure before he leaves office why wouldn't you signed the measure. The in Russia wanna go to that you know let's legislation thing. They are blood alcohol limit under the law would be point 08%. Which is the same that they use for a drunk driving and violators can face a thousand dollar fine and up to six months in prison via. The legislation would also ban the use of a a drone that to knowingly endanger someone's life for property harassed wildlife for interfere with the security of a correctional facility. That's where there have been problems is. Drones being flown over. Prisons and stuff being dropped in drugs and otherwise. Those offenses were carrier to eighteen months in jail and a 101000 dollar fine. So long I didn't I thought roads would be a big deal this Christmas I haven't read anything about them in fact I think I saw a thing or it said that actually drones sales have not reached the when we were the Apple Store six months ago Warner laws. Apple has some unbelievable drones. And I was water around looking at their Macs and a stuff that I was in person and I couldn't find Susan and I look over and she's over in the corner of the store she's got some sales guy chorale. And they got out drone out on the table. So I go over there and they're talking drones for summer is another my wife want to drone. I have no desire to have won it all indeed indeed part because. Of the restrictions there's no what you were you fly home. What do you do with the after you vote after you've mastered it in your backyard. All right and you closed traffic going up and down your street. What do you do with that then you can't take it to the airport. You wouldn't want to take you to the airport. You can't. You can't climb a national parks that would be the other players that I would think would be area a natural fund placed her. Wide open spaces and and and maybe be enabled spot big org cheaper and looser so like the Rocky Mountain National Park can't do that. It's just so restrictive on where you can fly element and all that stuff and the once she was looking at which is. At a par for the course for her. You know she can't get though won a National Geographic for 2495. No she was looking at the drone that was 2495. Dollars. Which I don't know what it does it probably calls home if it gets lost. But. Anyway. Just a gizmo wise soliciting. If you ever get that drone. Just keep reminder not going to be able to fly a drunken New Jersey. I'm we're talking about this demographic survey that came out in. From pre pew research. And millennial now are the highest. Number. Largest living generation. More Americans are now living at home. Americans. There are a following a decades long trend. The number of co have a T getting results has risen 29%. The increase especially large among those fifty and older so people living together. Women may never. Make up half of the US labor force according to the demographic information that came out in the study women account for 46 point 8% of the US labor force. That was in 2015 similar to the share of the European Union. Women comprised a much larger share of the labor force into what he fifteen obviously that in 1951. True way it was like 29 point 6% them. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that the share of women in the workforce will probably peak at 47%. And 20/20 five before tapering off. And for those woman who do work the gender pay gap has narrowed. Women earn 83 cents now for every dollar that a man urgent warning fifteen that compares to 64 cents. Which was the rate back in about 1980. Fares are for more on this fascinating stuff. Immigrants are driving overall workforce growth in the United States and more next it's 505. Manchester orchestra. You know. Are changed. It. It's. Are we. Right. You just never know dale. The final five Manchester orchestra from. More on. Basically showed you how the world is changing of the United States is changing times demographic. Changes to the United States and around the world and. I had just trying to manage to. The world that we live in diet. Coke gets a modern make over trying to boost sales to sales are down Diet Coke has got Mayo make over you'll notice all sorts of different kaelin's. They unveiled their update yesterday introduces four new flavors in addition to our regular Diet Coke they now have ginger lime. Twisted mango. Zesty blood orange. And feisty Cherie. It be like cherry Coke right. And a sliver cam with a different colored stripe down the aside for each of the five colors. The a taste of the regular diet. Coke is it changing sales of diet Coca fallen as people switch over to other low calorie drinks. Like the flavored carbonated water and and Coca-Cola hoping to up. To appeal to millennial also with our with a with a revamped if think if the cans are slimmer and taller who's that. Is that guy grown after the energy drinks but yeah it could mean I've got a picture of the Cannes right here in our panel looks like view that there. So they're taking a page out of a somebody else's book I guess that makes all the sense in the world. Demographic study we put on they had WBT. FaceBook page and I'll let Hancock. They did that WBT dot com. Com it's some pew research. And I decided to become an interesting they've had a cell population association of America annual meeting and they become open these numbers Malloy o'neals are now the United States' largest living generation. More than baby boomers. Americans' lives are changing. A US adults. So I'm just half of US adults for married and to 4050 that's down 70% from 1950. The increase especially larger people. Women may never make up about two half of via US labor surveyed. They make for Tora about 46 point 8% of the US labor force now. They are earning more 83 cents for every dollar a man learns it was 64 cents in 1980. Immigrants are driving overall workforce growth in the United States because the baby due boom generation is heading towards retirement so growth in the nation's working age population those ages 25 to 64. Is being driven by immigrants. And by US born children of immigrants. And that should continue at least through 2035 they say. Without immigrants. There would be an estimated eighteen million fewer working age adults in the country in 2035. Because of the dearth of US born children. Two US born parents however. Immigrants do not form a majority of workers and Indian industry or any occupational group though they form large shares of private household workers. Up 45%. And farming fishing and forestry occupations in about 46%. The demographers came up with the United States unauthorized immigrant population falling in 2015 to below recession levels and the share of Mexicans within the population declined at that time. The share of births outside of marriage also has declined for immigrant women. From 2008 and Tony fourteen to held steady for US born women. Globally babies born to Muslim mothers will outnumber babies born to Christian mothers by 2035. And that's largely driven by. Different fertility rates the number of babies born to Christian mothers about 223 million far outnumbered the number of burst a Muslim women 213. Million between 2010 and 2015 but. An aging Christian population especially in Europe in North America. And high fertility rates among Muslim women is rapidly changing the global reason religious landscape. So the number of births to win it Muslim women is projected to exceed births to Christian women. Someplace in the area of 20322035. With the disparity growing to six million. By 2055. To 2060 now that seems like oodles of time away. But it's not for those of us who just ten grandchildren. And the sole legal world they grow up and the USA the US admitted about 84995. Refugees in fiscal year 2016. The most since 1999. And no more than half of resettled in no one of just ten states with the largest number of going to California and Texas. Nebraska North Dakota and Idaho ranked near the top four most refugees resettled per capita up. With rates over two and a half times the national average and they say that almost half 46%. Of the fiscal 2016 refugees were Muslim. By the way. North Carolina finished. Number seven in places for them to us settle it was California Texas. New York Michigan Ohio Arizona. And then North Carolina followed by Washington Pennsylvania. And Illinois it's fascinating study when you actually read it and you see worry millennial czar in regards to baby boomers. Odd and women in the workforce. And how much of women error now and immigrant population and now we just got to touch the surface. And you can find that they Hancock page WBT dot com or it's up on my FaceBook page or it's up on the WBT FaceBook page from pew research ten demographic trends. The shape the United States in the world. It's 407528. I'll see you in a few of them. Retired about the consumer electronic show out there yesterday. Companies are showing off a lot of weird stuff that a power outage yesterday that's not good when you're array of electronic. Show. They've got connected dog collars they've got to Smart litter boxes they've got shoes that can detect when you fall and send alert to our friends or family member phones. But the weeks creepy just an artist Booth. It's for a company called. So I guess that. PS YCH. A SEC. Psycho sect. Bills itself vaguely as technology. That more it's human bodies. And promises a way to keep people alive. Two models at the boot to show off artificial bodies sculpted. To perfect for. The premise is to encourage attendees to sign up for a sleeve. Into which they can transfer their consciousness. An upgrade their body. There are also body bags with people inside them. The Booth is almost as disturbing they say. Probably the most disturbing exhibit its ES ES ES attendees will probably come across. And I saw an image of a last night and it's bizarre. And it's fake. Psycho sect is a boot. It is a promotion. For eight Netflix. Upcoming scifi show. Altered carbon. Which begins streaming in February the show is based on a classic cyberpunk novel by Richard K Morgan. It takes place more than 300 years into the future in the set up. Society has been transformed by new technology. Consciousness can be digital lives it's human bodies are interchangeable. Death. Is no longer permanent. Close quote. Psycho sect and you'll see that on the Entertainment Tonight or not but it is funny creepy and it tell you find out at stake it's really pretty. But you know I mean you're you're all those subjected to because. Don't they did prior gen X and all that stuff where they'll they dictate Williams and they deep freeze him so they can bring him back some days so we I don't. That would make a good rivals. They'll make you go to. Until Vick could be. Tuesday 505. Clapton's in the news. He edited interview he's going deaf he's got a back problem on that affects the or use of his hands he's also planning to do some dates. But he says it's getting harder and harder he's got Tenet just switched the ringing in the ears which I can relate to. He 72 years old I decided no that. Spring of age. Subject drone camp. And gaga WBT dot com a Hancock. I heard you droning on about drones today. You should check out the drone piloting an engineering summer camp that UNC Charlotte. Since real link continuing education dot UN CC. Then goes on and on on. And then it says all but wait. You are too old. Oh well I still enjoy your show. Asher. Now do you figure bashers there relive. Yeah do you think it could just possibly could be are really young millennial. So here's what I say you Asher. Thank you for listening. Thank you for writing thanks for your sister you're. And enjoy the next fifty years of having to go to work. Because I'm out here about five. Couple other things that the Consumer Electronics Show that's getting some attention this a week. Roy Kidd. They say in the near future augmented reality where Robles. Will slide into our lives as seamlessly as iphones and fit bits. Roy kids they are glasses. We you'd we've part of what was though. Over the one that apple came hours. Then nobody. Never really took off. It was a Google glass that's very that's when impediment. This is a Chinese company's prototype. Chunky clunky totally ugly. But even and it's rudimentary form they say we were impressed with what they could do big glass and show information on the corner of the lens. Including surprisingly reliable facial recognition technology. That tells you who's around. It's a compelling proof of concept of what eight. Probably before the resolve. That's what's wrenching about the Consumer Electronics Show is. Most of this stuff doesn't take off or catch. But it starts to show you what the possibilities are. Nokia has a sleep sensing and hold automated pad. For the connected home starts when you slip into bed each night. You can control a lot of your devices. With this new sleep system as soon as you he hit behave. It turns off the lights. It takes the thermostat down a few notches to whatever you set it sets your home security system. It's at your phone to do not disturb mode. Well you snooze it also tracks your sleep cycles heart rate and snoring patterns. Through a thin pad that slips underneath the mattress. Then there's the Smart dog collar which were made reference to a few moments ago. Most connected pet products don't offer any features are of real value. But wags WAG. Easy. Seems to at least be thinking about it more realistically they say developing a set of gadgets that work together to actually help. Out pets and their owners. It's Smart color tracks your pooch anywhere it goes. But it also acts as an ID telling me at the wags Smart feeder how much food just spit out. And when your mutt walks over to the wags Smart door. It'll only open if it's the right dog. And the right time. Not what does that say about re emerging. And anyway it's as you can manage all of your pets schedules on your phone or just open up the feeder if you're going to be home a few minutes late. Or I what is so I don't know how much the feeder holds. Now they are kiss my wife home cooks for the dog so this would never work but I mean if you're if you're reported out of a bag. If it's got a no bigger a cylinder than you can essentially feed your dog while you were out erode bills like owning a cat you know you can leave a cat for two or three. Days. Don't probable. Anyway we'll be hearing more about the products and more about the Consumer Electronics Show but it's always fascinating to see what they vote come up with an. It's especially fascinating because technology moves so fast. That. Some of the stuff just so spacing educating the grandstand but then. It into our Dugard went to my generation the iPad you know you're you know no wires no anything I mean to be able to carry I carry that thing around with me everywhere I can I got Wi-Fi in my truck. Saw a lot of you know I know I was here ten minutes early today you for a photo shoot that I had to do. And I was over an adjoining buildings or just park my truck over there are a note took care of my email and everything else on the iPad I find that to a bit I think that's fascinating that you can do that. I've been doing it now for you know six years that judge should be I'm fascinated. Still fascinated. Find this kind of disturbing for some reason or another news service that offers DU I wore a T an attorney for twenty bucks it's a new service in Oklahoma City. And they promise of free deal why attorney for offenders and exchangeable baseline feet. The deal why were already optioned to advertises his services as they deal why protection plan. Now the best deal why protection plan I guess is now what caught me was the best deal like protection plan is don't be do you why. An and quite frankly your. Willingness. To. Gamble. It's my wife's life in jeopardy. But my kids' lives in jeopardy puts my life in jeopardy puts my friend's life in jeopardy. So I kind of resist the idea I guess but the starting plan of twenty dollars ensures a free attorney for client is arrested for do you watch. The deal I awarding spokesperson said. Quote there are those people out there that are perfectly reasonable responsible people that happened to get themselves in situations where they may be losing their jobs. Driver's licenses. For the ability to work from a deal why issued that day. May not be able to afford. Close quote. Nobody says it does not encourage drunk driving by any means in fact the company lists option number one as not drinking and driving. They recommend that you call for services like number or look. Anyway. Being offered in Oklahoma City from day a company called option two would end I don't know I read that story and I just thought to myself. I don't think I quite like that it encourages in some way or another doesn't. So we'll soon. I hey let's have some great evening wolf pick up the big weaken tomorrow. 5 o'clock we got the final five it'll be big weakened by Tom Petty wolf doing a lot of the stuff that's going on the table talk here expand Bergen 4 o'clock. And will be here at three it will leave you in good hands with Mark Garrison and Charlotte the six on Hancock Charles most beloved out here.