Sole2Soul: Shoes and Socks for the Needy in North Carolina

Carolina Focus
Friday, January 19th

Sole2Soul, started by Kelli & John Fagala from Monroe, is giving shoes to needy children...and much more. Crappie Tournament on Lake Wylie and you're invited! Spencer Lueders, founder of The 24 Hours of Booty, how it got its start, where its headed and how you can sign up.


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I'm mark Thomas and assist Carolina focus on news 1110993. WPP. 1079 going 1025610. WFANZ. Where we look at issues events and happenings that affect the Carolina the Charlotte region and you. Welcome. So glad to join us once again here on the program and we're always looking for. Different ideas in different ways that people are trying to make a difference in the region and in. Individuals lives. And what we're gonna talk about this morning is something that I just became aware of through. Top Haller who is a producer with Bob in cherry. So folks he knows and an organization that they've started call soul two soul. And joining us now here in studio. And her dad John is it for college that fact alone as as you said that a lot. Welcome to Carolina focus and they ravenous. Now this is. I guess the first question is what is sold missile. Insult us so is an organization that we started and we put it knee socks and shoes on underprivileged sentence be so we got to the communities. Locally. And we give out. Prior issues and talks about and love we have for them of that. We have produces. So this is. Somewhat of a faith based effort on your part I guess this started this I guess that's the real question is how. What what prompted you to do this. Did you just wake up one day say Imus are giving up choose to kids not really OK okay. So we had we had actually started back in. 2013 with samaritans the and what we found was that we would plan all these habits and they were the kids. Either didn't comer couldn't come to the events that we would have been in the central location. In really god spoke to us and he said you know we need to go out and we need to. I'm get a trailer and we need to fill it true issues and we need to take this take this on the road so. I ignored him for three years and now which is not good. They're not gonna win that battle it out but in twenty Saddam hard headed I guess but in 2016. We did come take that plunge and and we started to go out into the different com. Housing areas in housing government housing and that kind of stuff and so we set up than and we want secure its feet we pray with them. And his socks and shoes and we talk about Jesus so it's been on. It's been great ride and we've only the donut now less than a year. So that was that was a motivation and so this is essentially called. Yes that is for lack of a better description yet. What. Now Kelly you're still on high school yes so high school and we aren't through a little young to be doing this. A there's no Abe Simon I guess you could say for help and other people lit. Yes some people's I am coming Frankfurt have a passion for helping people well I mean not only that but actually taking it to the level. Because a sense are you a well. A nonprofit organization now. We are we. That then that's another. Kind of small miracle we set our paperwork in and we got it back in twenty days. That never happens you know through the US government in and they are in all there. Maze of all the things yet to go through but we we did we are 501 C three. And we got that back in I guess in July of this past year. So this is an official organization now John are you president Horace Kelly president or how do you. What's what's the pecking order here who I am why hasn't I am the president because she's been big on the college here next year and yes he's the vice president and that we have. We do have a board on the consistent. Several ministers and local folks in the community I like to think on the bossa. She's right if it is likely the Sinai so low these many years ago do you wanna talk to the boss or the woman who knows what's going to sell this. And this certainly has to be. Kelly from a personal standpoint. Used you must've seen in need. That need to be addressed that wasn't being addressed how did how did this commending your sphere of influence. It's logos like he said we senator it was sir it is V and I've been going to a school with kids that are. As privileged or is buses I am so I've seen in the it and not only in elementary schools which is our focus but also on high school. And silence that I said we gotta do something about this like we are very blessed and we have via opportunity give so we have to give. Where do you go to school I go to Piedmont high school and a minor. Okay. And is this. So you've been doing this for what officially about six months now while we started our first mission was last it was last march down and Wade's bird. And in and and we've done. Well that's that's probably fifteen to eighteen different habits now. So wherein. We've we've been to nine different North Carolina counties. And by the end of next week we'll have our second shipment to. A country so we've we've from where in Monterrey Mexico already. And then we're going to Kenya next week or for shipment goes out this in this week in early next week so we found a missionary. That's got an orphanage ever Kenya and so we're Cindy she's with her. And I guess. The other question another question is. How do you how do you get to choose how do you what what are you looking foreign word you know what. What's the process by which. You go through to go into community. So. The issues come from it either Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart dot com mostly we we found that's the the most efficient way to do it. We get donations from either our partner churches or individuals. We've been really blessed with people who have had seen what we're trying to do. And and had just said I'm gonna help so we've we've been really fortunate with that so and in what we. Com really what we've done is we've attached are. Our wagon to another group it's called a kingdom since citizen outreach ministry in their own FaceBook as well. And if you if you go and find them they are very good friends of ours and and basically what they do is they get to the communities. That they identified and they put out a thousand fliers and telling people about what we're having an and won or haven't and in. They feed them they cook for them they also give give out groceries. You know her bags of groceries. Closed other issues that they collect and then we do. We did in these socks and shoes for the kids so. Very various ways of finding a matter of fact a lot of people have found us. In his then you know and it's that we try and you know we're really trying to respond to every request. On because. We you know at the end of the day we want to kids to have shoes. You know and we also if you know we get the chance to have to talk when them about Jesus that's great but if they have issues we know that we made a difference. And were talking with John factoid and his daughter Kelly who have started soul to soul. To reach underprivileged children. Who have a need for shoes. You said your first. First event was held over in ways Borough and Anson county this I think that's that's one of those places where. Unless you're really conscientious and go there and seek it out. Then a lot of people insurer probably unfamiliar with Anson county and the need to his right in our own backyard which releases. Absolutely yeah and and we have found with. Anson county is one of the poorest counties in the state but they are one of the most giving counties. As well you know when you reach the churches in that kind of stuff so we have. There's probably six or eight churches in Anson county that have. Taken us has a calls in and they contribute. You know we were. Deep creek Baptist yesterday in. And now part of their church service was they committed 75 pairs issues the bottom of the altar and and and they they offered those so you know when you talk about. We need talk about a faith based. Organization. That that really supports the mission. Those those churches down and wage are just incredible so our first event was we had a hundred and about a 110 kids. It was at the planetarium down and wage Borough and you know we just we've been off and run it since then so. I know and I'm a little bit familiar with weight to growing Anson county I don't know if the town of more than for example yes or. Which she you you you know more than I do know more and there's not much there is there now. Not even the stuff. And when you say that I know I was there are several years ago and there was a for sale sign. In for a little over health clinic. There was no health service in. I mean mrs. Some people. And I really don't think a lot of people are as aware. As to the destitute nature some of their fellow. Carolina residents are in. Because they never really go places and they're not ought there off the beaten path they're not someplace hugest. Oh I'm happy to be driving through here it used don't say yeah so so appraisal and. South Carolina. Albemarle. You know very. Much indeed based. Places well so there's there's a number of places and you know when we talk about missions and you talk about them on going to India are going to. Haiti or whatever that's it's awesome to go and do international missions but you know when your when their kids five miles from your house and achieves that's where focuses. And again were talking with John Farrell and his daughter Kelly. And their. Charity that they started with in the last year household was sold to get to choose to needy children. Where do you see this thing going you say you had about nine come community's youth you've impacted already. What are your plans for Tony eighteen and beyond or are you. In that in that stage right now Kelly. Hard goal when we started was hit all 100 companies within ten years you I think that's angle it's going to show the first year it's been almost and it's been nine. So but our calls for eighteen and to reach as many kids as possible we want to impact their lives and actually the impact our lives is much bigger than we can ever impact their lives week to the smiles on their faces and that's the reason for what we do. But so are golfer to other nineteen is as soon reach as many kids as possible. That's. Do you have any sort of plan is to what kind of what kind ECB has so far do and other Manson. Loves her name we've been to Baptist children's home in Thomasville. We have been to. Oh gosh Richmond. Richmond is in union Mecklenburg. Date it's and why care here so it just point your kind of starting secure based in union can't you kind of having a little bit more east. As opposed to west of this right and taveras we've been there are so everything the kind of touches union right now we've been and then we also went to West Virginia this summer. And we went one another and another on church and and that was really that was really great. And then of course Monterrey Mexico and in Kenya. We have a couple really large events that we both love to 44 people to help with. I'm at their interested we have one that's coming up march 17 think Estonia. Very large need very on. You know a great area for us to hit Imus there are we community. March 17. We have we have an outreach. That. Crusade that will be April 21 down and Anson county. It will be held and sponsored. The school board so there of their openness as well it's that hits and high school football stadium. So you are getting some help from the schools it's not strictly to churches in the community but some of the schools are now starting to step up. Yes as long as as long as we. You know as long as we work with them and they understand that it is they faced. You know so we have some we have some things that we have to work around. With schools and government in that kind of stuff as far as the faith based but that's okay we you know we as long as we get to Houston kids that's all. Now you mentioned you're not only give them shoes and socks but who also wash feet we did. When we did as the plane that's. Well. Biblically speaking. Jesus said that with his friends and he he thought well I'm not too good to. Now washed conference feet so I'm gonna do it and he did it and so. We. We homo ourselves and we get down and be in different these children and say we're not too good to do this. You know where we love you and is on human as Hardin said we get that philosophy. And that's you know that is one of those things. The lowest slave servant. 2000 years ago that was their job. And that's one of those that it to me it's one of those things that. If you're willing to do that it shows where your hardest. More so than here's a check now go away you know in me and I'm sure you you would you'd love to have donations. That not to discourage that but. It shows a little bit more aware where you're coming from as to serving other people. And with a humble heart. Yes and we and we asked the kids. You know we sit down we've we asked for permission to pray with them we never want to force anything on on anybody we asked for permission last defeat in. And we asked them you know do you know while we do this in about half of them will now. And you know we tell me you know human Jesus washes buddies the week keeping on their terms and and and so we you know we love you we don't even know your name but we love you and we wanna. You know we wanna do this for years have feel Alice to be great so there we we've been. Like Kelly said it's just been. We can't put a price tag alone on the blessings that we get from. Helping these kids. John fact hello Kelly fact book a soul to soul how can people get involved and get in touch with few. To help out your program if they're so moved. My phone number is 7042267737. We are all also on a FaceBook hit soul to soul it's SOL the the number two SO UL mission. I'm you'll see a pair feet and that's our logo and you can find listed there Facebook or you can email me your call or text or however you can. Get a touch with a so you we'd love to have the help from we do get on some donations of she's in in. And Sox but you know overall if you know monetary donations help us because we combine bulk. And Kelly your going to Davidson yes this fall I am attending Davidson is and you're gonna take this mission along with Hewitt I am. Old trying to enter the community service organizations that Arnie got there and then trying to partner up maybe. So that's that is one big plans for the coming year well yes actually John give us at FaceBook address one more time. It's SO will eat the number two SO UL mission sole to sole mission. And we'd love to have any on any help for any interest or you know we're also looking for areas to go to. In the you know in this in this coming year so if you nova. Of an area you know housing project with a couple hundred. Houses and keep you know important multitude of kids we'd love to know about that. And we love to partner with local churches in that in that area so that I already have a relationship with us. It. John Kelly. We appreciate you being here North Carolina focus best of luck to. Thank thank you very much. You're listening to Carolina the site needs a look at 10993. WBT. 1079 only. 10256. And the fans also available to podcast at WVT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas it's so glad to be joining us here this morning and I know what salt it's been really cold lately in the idea of getting out on the lakes and have a good time. Is probably in the back of your mind. Little usher out skating perhaps. Hour and it amounts to go skiing. But one of the things and of course fishing is really big around the Charlotte region simply because we do have lake Norman Lake Wylie. And the coast isn't that far away. And I know a lot of people but I've known over the years like you go to the coast and do the bill fishing and go for Marlon and that sort of thing. And moral familiar with the bass tournaments that the company area every now and then in fact they're quite a few local people who are involved in apps professional bass fishing. That I've come to know over the years. It's came to my attention which is a little bit different because. Apparently we are gonna have a crappy tournament here in the Charlotte region coming up first weekend in March. And from property USA. The American crappy association. Darryl van factor welcome to Carolina focus right now. You know everybody who does a little bit of fishing. Knows what crop ER and if you don't do fishing you'll see the wording you'll think it's pronounced crappy but no it's crop be. I guess my first question is oh. Define what a crop he is actually for people who may not be aware I know things like blue you'll for example fall into that category with her few others are there. Oh yes there are others are balloon and French get a court off the dollars the largest of the country. White. All of and probably most popular game this should not all of America was give. And you're really blasted the girl are sort of choked with our people leaks. Some of those some of the guys in your region revert to a scrappy. Instead of crop he. We call crappy out that they have cropping you know that it is yeah it is during the columnist bill press and includes should pitcher Derek you know for the global. Or art tournaments so for the last. Well according something new years have been particularly so are there a way to go rightly struck back to the elected via the way. I guess how to you know bass fishing in competitive bass fishing has been something that's been around for really quite some time. And I know a lot of people are maybe you'll surprise that cropping has its own tournament. What to what was the Genesis was it simply a matter that you know hey we like mission to Edwards just as competitive as the Basque people are or guys who. The marlin fishing or whatever. Just because ours isn't. You know huge doesn't mean it is a lot of fun. Well I think you know in the beginning it was a matter is that most of the property and virtual produce secretive about the location that they were kept. And we're a tournament ordeal. The guys have to be visible to really do have to note it is a market there. In that market has to be willing to put boat. A corneal and its sponsors and things like that so. It was sort of an uphill battle many years ago with the crop at Christmas so. Competitive carpet there's been some natural but announced earlier this property but. In the crop currently business. And of course we've handled it and we one need to birdie. Answered your in different marketing areas throughout the country. And all of those so much or actually qualify and potentially become a couple 125000. Dollar cabello score obviously classic soul. This year that classic won't be a problem what contempt in which is not too far commercial artery. It's just across the mountains there. You can get there are a lot quicker you can the outer banks. Yeah both misinterpreted or Carolina that you all while Marty gets you in Kentucky a sure you. How does one go about setting up a tournament to to qualified to be part of the part of this series. We actually work with tourism groups throughout the concrete. And now we were contacted. The tourism folks well analyst electoral. But we're actually poked it. You wouldn't be outspoken against Sony Dallas area. And that that's that's what my movement that is just. The boat and tourism groups hosted the two bit of common good time. And now this one is going to be Saturday marks the third south points boat landing as were people are gonna launch from. Into Lake Wylie but what to do you have to be professional is there some way if you just a weekend angler can you get involved in this house know. Oh certainly yes tyra. Exporters were certainly oriented anyway that we actually have category for a final preclinical trades. Well for a bill used to between. Scholarship award so for a lot of used a picture of both department itself and to this. Rubio but the details Saturday morning in conjunction with the mind part of the week of but the chemical that we thing. That they we've given up 352000. Dollars. In college scholarships that are non corporate. Up or kids program. But so will look at the of the ball that are like while ago Friday afternoon actually against economic solutions were sort sort of and outlets in California that's a runoff with 321 yeah. You can pop up. And will like registration advantage opened if you want. Most of art car commercial sure it would be sharper I'm sure when you want but just local instrument people that looked a citizen now. They have a good day in and went and some really good dollars so. Complete completely. Well a lot of good guys with Shalala to complete it actually spoke to trouble and finished the upper arm but actually Korea but I don't. You don't most of them they're not familiar which are water. Are so it truly. Well what would refer to his home cooking. And constituted war well. Where you know a lot of the Trevor got itself but they're really that really get these local and urged that no that body of water no it was a fluke I don't know. Share your view of the locals are gonna know where that warm drain pipe is located on the lake Witt somebody from Kentucky isn't a robot. And and certainly they're gonna know just exactly where they can go and times a day and that sort of thing. What and you say there. The registration is on gonna be on Friday afternoon evening. He a been Dallas. What what would have been described force what a typical tournament day would be like you go down you register and I knew how much is registration some of those wanna get involved. Yes that would discovered Tuesday yeah registry should be. It's not mandatory that they would be better by corporate skirt but calling them or about retreat now underway outside crop usaid dot com. I suspected they can do that but forehand it's not mandatory that its ability. But we do a lot of possible prizes are up at the meeting anyway so. Outside 9% of our work will do in those meetings. Occasionally some horrible books script order or vina. As president should not be diplomatic but but if they care about what occurred from the WB. That and register late they're the twin problems that would probably started at. Seven that'll last about our little world rules whereas some talk about some new equipment that. That would have involved our partnership place in the apartment. We allow them to put it in the public access right now and with the water which result like while. But he did billion. I'll vote for 630 disposal. They just can't start between both fortunate sturdy but yet there's a cursory. Sort of an honor system there until we get to the way and and that after the way you and so we brought politics. Each other off all right limited basis so. Just that would have. And so that's while we channels while. The putting in a different ransom by the talk that we don't have shotgun take. We try to do is where the with. What about Ford Motor. On top vote as an equal opportunity like I would want 100 at 250 slipped as he can put in close to it there. And not have to worry about Robin court about that on the way to do it their perks. And we're talking with Darryl van factor who is director of America the American cropping association about their upcoming tournament. I'm going to be held on like wily the first weekend in March and it is open to anybody in the area that might wanna get involved. And you say it's crappy USA's your website. Gerald world. Also ask you about. You know the way in itself now you say it is lives you can do and catch and release so someone has to be careful if they if they catch a fish. Not the harm that fish. That threat they have to take good teacher opened most of our anchors have really it didn't go so well. But here opposite. Of course our permits for bill in the top major order Kruger I don't want to give in summer actually is an appropriate body we do not old apartment RPM until all the good news or typical. To keep control oh lead during the summertime when reporters are. But this horrible but he what used a third group of more troops but he. Good cool water apartments will be treated to treat those as the world will look in Russia but it is a treat. Team can be a two person it can be third personal McCain if they're under sixteen or somebody. It looked at all in complete or that. Just to encourage you to do you go out and it was oh. Our Corbett. Sort of and of course you know we use well obviously you open operative or did come across a state to Britain and there's. But it will be a cover possible by this book. All the way you throw wobble principal consultant will be able to. What from home upon was to want Kamal what went our way of course thousands of dollars will be a approach closely opportunity. To crawl out of that classic go with a hundred corn and about thousand dollar purchase groceries. Now you also mentioned that you've got a crappy kids rodeo it's going to be held in the morning. Of Tulsa little bit about that too. Yes Leo we will hold at Ellis park though weapon and Donald or July and also. And out the cute and come out so well apparent authority unit British community come between 8:9 o'clock which uttered aboard. They've lived alone as soon as well out there in the center of the but I. From now on in total Obama clock. We don't. This first Pacific's species. Inning then they hit it may be able to deal at this for crop it don't matter. We just count the number of it we don't want you that's what is it strictly on the number of we have to wait for its. And as we were through seven years of ways about it through. And look out prizes for all the youngsters that it isn't the blood flow well my two closets although that did get more loose out to a better. Then of course spoke to talk out there and senator gore scholarship or were completely open up the classic in October. And giveaways and other ships college culture. And those are thousand dollars scholarships that your that your gonna be giving away I noticed grass six of those who and now we're now winning is the big the big final tournament of the year. Per week of October. And like a rude and lucky but coming up here in the Charlotte region if you wanna get involved and it just have a great day of fishing if nothing else and be a little competitive maybe never. Thought about doing something like this but. It might give you chance to to see what it's like to actually be determined because I don't feel like a lot of things you go out and do it for fun but then sometimes if you're you say hey I was in the I was in the the cropping tournament. And I got a trophy. That's that's always a lot more fun when you add that element into admits to becoming a ball march 3 at Lake Wylie. Registration is going to be at the gassing county citizens resource center on Dallas chair of highway in Dallas and that's to be on Friday. The the second of march 5 PM. Darryl van factor any out final thoughts for for the folks this morning and under the just have fun momma likes. Think we just about all it was to come out with retreat choke out true. The Dallas area of support our men coming determined look all be better use of those were probably about like. Thanks for being North Carolina focus. Thank you sir and that website once again it's probably USA dot com. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on who's 1110993. WPP. 1079 lake. 125610. WS Lindsay. It's also available to podcast WNET dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas. Thanks for joining us. You are listening to Carolyn focus on who's 111099. UPQ 1079 away. 10256. And W a frenzy also available for podcast that WDT dot com and host mark Thomas and so let's you can join us here this morning. And Charlotte you know we'll talk about the traditions of the things that have gone on. Year after year whether it's the skating rink in uptown Charlotte over the holidays. Various and sundry activities in NASCAR has been here for a half century. One of the things that a lot of people are familiar with orbit appeared new to Charlotte is with the booty loop. As it is known and the 24 hours of booty is heading into its seventeenth. Annual event. And that's going to be coming up. Later on this year but the registration is opening up now. And we're talking with the the man who started it all the man the legend. Spencer looters welcome the Carolina focus at thank you think Grammy now this is like I guess the first question a time or something like that. This that is going on and has been going on for years. It's one person's idea. They think this is something I wanted to. And and eventually you know decades later you're talking about the tradition. Against the first question is what we think it. Well. I had this desire to to make a difference in the cancer community. And I was a longtime bike rider so is a natural fit for me to try to combine my passion for cycling. And wanna do something the key in the cancer space com. It's I didn't really know to do now is trying to raise some money united had done of a ride with my father down the blue ridge parkway. One year and raise money in some awareness. But out I knew to try to top that I needed to deter a decent the bigger and better try to think of some meter to do it and I was riding around the booty loop here in Charlotte which with the booty look far before. Twenty four's ability happened. And it is kind of came to me has a right in the loop the debate to ride the loop for 24 hours and call 24 of duty. And it was just I I can remember exactly where was on the loop when that happened I came home told my wife she goes crazy. And then decides to do it sir. OK. So what is the booty Lou. For people who may not. Who may not know because you hear that you think that is that yeah certainly the brooding over digital we have over a hundred people a day moving into the Charlotte area. And it's mind boggling at times we think about the growth so but this is something the booting blue is what where and when did when did that sort of. Come writes I attracted back to that question has come a block the video loop is in March park neighborhood come around Queen's University Charlotte. Queens west queen's road so on road. And and it's about three mile loop. And it started around to doubt our around early ninety's so I started twin tours of duty for surest 2002. It was around early ninety's when but basically by two bike riders started riding around it called the British Luke but everybody calls of the loop when I moved to Charlotte in 99. As woman behind that the desk at the Dow was to centralize back then it was called and she said I'll go run around W that's where one goes and in runs and rides and balks. So it's it's now become sort of a proper amount people put on the MLS listings even it's like a known place here in Charlotte. And where exactly is that you say it's around Queen's University what are what are some of the roads that your that your and streets that your sure sure so if you started at the the typical. That there is teeter queens and queens of Providence Providence that corner of their windows about. You go down on queen's road it turns in to sell an inferno Queen's University Charlotte. You take a ride in Queens west. Run that all the way down to the intersection of east boulevard. You take a right that's still queen's road and you take a right on hope they'll avenue which doesn't look up a little hill there at the Helm booty Luke. And take you right back into the same corner of their queens and queens problems products. And it's it's something that you know it just it was easy to get to the wasn't probably a lot of car traffic at the time. Maybe there's a bit more now. But it's not like here to drive in morehead street or independents or something like that and in its tonight they. It is and people. Certainly train out their every day I I Britain the bid to put Tom in constant and and any any day of the week there's people out there. And there are a lot of you know pedestrians in car at traffic they all know the people out there are so people kind of an awareness. Out their about the loop on but. Torre tours of duty is unique in that we have road closure for the full 24 hours so there's no cars on the loop rumor hosting the event. And I imagine that's a logistical challenge him and of itself. Which you mentioned. To start off we're talking with Spencer looters who is the founder of the 24 hours of booty coming up in its seventeenth annual event this summer. And we'll get into how you can register here in just a few minutes. But you said he wanted to do something for cancer and I guess when you say that the first thought is Lance Armstrong and his battle with cancer. If you can put that but on the positive side legislature. You know he's obviously when he LC had some issues. But was that part of the motivation or was or something more personal. You're you're right I was third. He motivated by Lance our group and in Dallas Texas Lance group from the town next next door to me. I knew he was in junior high he was an amazing athlete well known in the community back then even. And I've followed his path as a as a as a cycle through his professional career and his cancer journey. And and for sure that motivated me deduced do something in the space because. I didn't have cancer in my family when it when it when I started certainly have been affected by it in my in my family since then like a lot of people have. But I think it's another takes people back that I I didn't have cancer wasn't motivated by personal. Story. In my own family yet but certainly I knew plenty of people and lost friends and and others to the disease so it's something that affects so many people. I feel like what we're doing is says making a large impact and in some much needed community. Now you initially Dudley broke a sponsorship did you have decided how to how did this thing get off the ground was it just you out there for 24 hours dodging traffic or. How did that start he had had literally it was so I had no road closure. Had no permit. I didn't even know if I can make it you know I don't know how to train for that. So I and it was in November actually so was really really really cold that your. And so I I I had my family out there we rented and an RV set for eight Queen's University. And in there was really nobody there. And I serve riding my friends I had a couple buddies there. But what happened during that 24 hours is kind of what can I got this thing rolling is that. People some friends would come out the knew what I was doing they'd run a couple laughs at me and go back. And then also people started coming out and to arrive to me that I didn't know. And they were survivors or they had lost a relative their wife for their sister their parent. Or their child and they wanted to ride with me to shared that story with me and say listen I'm inspired to which are doing. Let me tell you my story so I I basically rode 24 hours. And and listen to people listen to their stories. And by the end between this happened like in the middle of the day in the middle of the night like to eat they came out it whatever was in an inspiring time for them. And by the end of it ourselves we have to do this. This is we have to do this for other for more people this is incredible. So you really didn't have any sponsors it wasn't like now where Levine. Cancer institute is part of it or anything like that you didn't have big banners and arches and vendors and that kind of thing. It's just you out there on a bike yeah it was it was really a grassroots thing was off literally off the kitchen table my wife and our. Do and everything the you know and we wanted to have you know T shirts and we want to have merchandise and we Wanda have sponsors and those came you know we had early sponsors. They were people that were in the communities said I think you know we had a sponsor one sponsor beginning in them more came product donations and it's certainly wasn't at the level that is now is for sure. And again were talking with Spencer looters founder of the 24 hours of booty. I think one of the things that has always kind of impressed me about stuff you hear this you think 24 hours a booty looked at your ripe for 24 hours. What's big deal. But it's like a marathon. It's like you know the 24 hours of Daytona for example was coming up in sports car race where in you have teams going drive a car flat out for 24 hours. There's a certain level of after of the first 678. Hours that it's like. Had a long way to go we're just getting started on this. And from a psychological standpoint. How tough was it. Especially that first year never having done something likes of this before how did you get through that was that the people just coming out and kind of encouraging news or. Did you hit. Wall did you. Just kinda you know doubled down what what was going through your mind can't fool them. I was my challenge to myself was a minute ride the whole time and that the folks that came out Hulu and wrote to me war was the fuel that I needed to get through. Incredible memories from that first drive that stick would mean even today. But. From the right itself. People don't ride 24 hours in the united and occasionally people still do that. But most the most of it is it's really a community event now where people we don't we don't. Doesn't matter to us of your riding or not during the point it's between four of that and people decide some people come on rod blew literally one lap. And that's it. And that's totally fine some people have a goal they wanna hit mileage or hours they have a team that they're riding together and they can structure however they want I would say most people probably ride. Fifty or sixty miles over the 24 hours there it's that you're you're riding in in sharing in and have an inexperience vs like a minute try to ride. 300 miles to some people do that but it's mostly about people of all skill levels coming out there to have an experience together so you don't have to have a 101000 dollar. Bicycle. About Jews you initially feel right I mean there's some people have that we have that we have people on. Beach cruisers we have people on mountain bikes we have people on city bikes. I've seen people out on the is these bikes UCL over Charlotte is the you know these old loner bikes you can have he can rent as the people and you cycles losing you want candles. Rode bikes everything pickle circled to get the pickle circle that you'd it was here in Charlotte or is that was that outside. The federal federal you'll you'll get it during the Democratic National Convention when it was here in uptown Charlotte they had pickle sickle. And creates its sat. Maybe 1215. People. And everybody panel. And it was green hence the pickles and so that's not been a part of what. Euro about now Allen has not been in that and has not although we had we've had a penny farthing them I Wheeler bike of their before. And the guy had mustache in the clothing doodle things that people or you know. Now when you say that you know the penny farthing by. How many of them are there in town as the only one. This guy I think actually came up from Florida and we have people last year we had people from forty states. Com so you know there's there's the people come from all over to do this right because that's the bike that are but he goes from like the lady teen hundreds with a huge front we deal. And tiny back right yeah. A slog reading those in a stroke really you do forty mile an hour. Now I mean it was like holy. And yet there he went yes those have no breaks that's a really counting. Like to yeah. We don't need mistaken breaks and but yet so so it's really it's turned into like you say it's more of a community event. Ban to raise money for cancer in the Levine says. As opposed to be in your mission. You ride as you said 300 miles. Did you write that first year if you don't mind my ass redeemed him. That'd that'd 312 miles so that and I was kind of just riding. Steady. Throughout the day and night you know not united enough I can do that I'd never read them part of my life. But it is kind of came together so people. You know like said people might challenge of never ridden a century ride before they can come out do three lap three miles at a time to put together a rider challenging right if they wanted to do that. But. Yeah people people. They ride. You note to a certain number that makes sense then there's a guide Steve killer hasn't lost a son at a 160 days old and he does a 160 miles and cannons on her. And that's a pretty emotional thing to watch. People had 87 miles for the father they lost 87 years old so that. Those kind of stories of what you're seeing another so it's it's really are but the true mix of cyclists at various levels you have to be. Europe and Europe were spandex. And all that community just come out and ride. I mean it's not there's no requirement that you have a certain skill level or you get those special bicycle license or anything like that. It's really for people who just wanna come out and be part of you that that's right support cancer research that's right. And we we have walker a walker division now to. So people who don't wanna ride can now participate on come on walk the loop during the event and that's pretty fun because they engage with the writers in the writers engage with them. It's it's kind of a big party actually its slump so how many sponsors Levine is the main sponsor that you have this year a lot of they've been with you uh oh gosh. Long time now we've we've been rare very good partners. From the early days of tell me and Kevin Platt tea at the NC just donated ambulances in exchange for donations have kicked off and then. Scott Kerr and his his group that Carol's health Care Foundation have been great partners with us and and we've been able to. Be part of Levine cancer institute from really the the day they put the shovels in the dirt for the first building. And then dismissed recently when the put the shelves that are for the second building. And we're summary here of the sponsors the that Kabul aboard the years. Well LCI here in Charlotte is is our primary beneficiary. And and sponsor we have we have gosh about. Probably about a hundred and over a hundred sponsors and community partners of various levels from cash to product. Even button providing volunteers. And then we put the money back in the communities so we have three events the one in Charlotte obviously whenever the B biggest one. With most of the money going to living cancer institute believe pardon would other organizations in Charlotte nearly DOJ and go. On the other and other Caroline expressed friends and other groups here in Charlotte for. For to receive grants from point four foundation. In Indianapolis we partner with the IU Simon cancer center. And then we have an event in Baltimore as well and we've been partnered up with the on fund. For young adults there. And and we're announcing new partners and when he team as well. So the three cities again Charlotte Indianapolis. And and Baltimore in Baltimore. Do you see this expanding. Yes we have lots of cities contacting us to to do events in their cities. And so it takes a special mix of of of course. And that we can operate on and did community partners to to be with us on the beneficiary side. We we focus our our fundraising around cancer navigation and survivorship. And those are new areas in the cancer space that are very very much needed so weak look for. Potential partners in in those areas. Defined that a little bit if you can't. Sure so. Cancer net cancer now based when you get diagnosed almost everybody has a deer in headlights moment they don't know what to do. And the cancer navigators a person who basically take you by the hand and walks you through. Every step of the way I see no where to be. Who does what what this is what that is you have your transportation figured out hitter insurance figured out. They coach your family members as well what they can do from a caregiver standpoint. It really just takes a lot of pressure off. Of of the person going through treatment. And then so those are can't cancer navigators and survivorship can be anything from when she come through treatment. The you have your. All these different programs he supports sixty programs that LCI. Did work on everything from your diet to string training. To acupuncture. To meditation and other other types of programs that help people get back on their feet and in worked through survivorship. And again we're talking with Spencer looters who is the creator of the 24 hours of booty. Coming up later this year registration is opening up now however and I guests. Let's talk money for a little bit how much if you raised your years. The first year. 36000 dollars prop up those spree again. One guy one guy. The next year about a hundred people showed up. And that was literally just asking friends and and friends of friends come and they raise 33000. We've raised almost twenty million over this over the course. Charlotte's well over a million dollars every year it sells out. All 12100 spots sellout. And word we're closing in on 120 million will surpass that this year I'm quite confident. And are the other cities coming along at a relatively. Equal pace I imagine that they're starting point is probably a little higher because. You've kind of gotten over all the initial set up hurdles than and that's sort of thing you'd know more which you're doing now uncle. Yeah we've we have the model down really well and know what components we need to be successful. So. You know. Lots of these cities all cities have. Calendars are just full of community events so weird trying to target cities that. We can make a big impact in. And so we're working towards that and so those the energy level at those events. Is phenomenal and people come out and they were they are there for 24 hours in her campaign. And they're sharing their stories of the people. And they take that energy and invite other people next year and so I'm hoping for you know continued growth than in the season and beyond. And what now you say you and you sellout. You fool your available spaces so there is a limited amount of space available for people to get involved in this here. Yes. We've learned over the years and working with seem PD. That twelve underwriters on a three mile course is almost nose to tail. All the way around the lip so we put 12100 people out there. People you know most people ride the first hour or so. And then they'd they go when we have we serve all the meals and we have all a lot of programming going on and in the in the infield more or less. And so and it starts to thin out during the night because people you know we they can stop whenever they if they feel like about it. 12100 as the number and it's partly it's quite a sight at 7 PM on that Friday night to watch the riders go around and survivorship the survivors out front. In the communities out there cheering him on it's pretty it's pretty inspiring. And I guess and the question then becomes how do you sign up. What do wouldn't cost. It says you started with us share so the the web sites toward four foundation dot org. Registration opens of course on the 24 this month in January and and so were the we're gonna do a lot of things on the 24 and and it kicked things off and then team to start signing up. And start fund raising and we provide all the tools and and things that to help people raise funds and they do it a bunch of different ways. From posting their own events to online fund raising their friends and family in and then we're off to. Fund raise until ended July when the event happens. Now of the one thing I do wanna ask you about as you talk about the walkers coming into the event is there a limit there is someone. It doesn't make the 12100 cycles. Is there is something a little walking. Yes they were last year we we had a 160 walkers and we are shooting for Wheatley we said the cap at 200. So that's probably about right we'll see how that goes well we can probably work more in. This year but the event the event staff is working on that number but that's probably there's several hundred spots we could we can put in there on the markers and I'm gonna go out on the limb and guess that you have a website where people can sign. Yes we do. You know 44 foundation dot org says the number two for foundation dot org. And that's where you can get more information and when you can register and the requirements for fundraising and so forth because like you say it has gotten so large. It it would be nice to think that you know come on everybody let's all go out and participate in the 24 hours a booty. But it's really gotten too big to just kind of make it free for all at this point you gotta Buchanan got to manage single bit better. Well that the groups that come out and whether there ciller writers are or with a team that there's a lot of stories to be told and so those stories. Our our our talked about and they raise money around that story. So whether it's like I mentioned Steve killer he he actually is a firefighter Florida and he has a team comes up here in mass and they are all out riding together. On team Camden. So they're there one story of many that people put these teams together they raised money they know where the money is going. They see the impact in the community. And and that gives me energy to health and. Our fundraising and helped us because that the numbers. Spencer looters. The website used what he for the number 24 foundation dot ORG. We appreciate you being here at Carolina focus hopefully you'll have a record setting you want to again thank you so much. We've got a few national phase coming up this week that you really need to be aware of tomorrow. The 42 national high today only 46% of Americans maker pipes from scratch by the way. But on Wednesday the 44 its national peanut butter day. And 69% of Americans prefer smooth over crunchy and the next Saturday it's national chocolate cake day. So you could make a peanut butter pop one day and then you could have a chocolate cake next Saturday the peanut butter icing. Justice suggested I'm here to help. Thanks for listening to Carolina focused on news 1110993. WDT. 1079 link. 10256. MW have been easy also available to podcast WPP dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas. Until next time. Be well.