Sore Elbows, Sam Mills, and St. Jude's Dream Home Giveaway

John Hancock
Thursday, October 12th

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This is John Hancock. I know you're Alaskan. It is Johns are you sort of he didn't even come up. I'll be dead revolver volunteer work and so. It didn't come up when I had checked into the from the doctor today and number. For. My ninety day deal might do a one C rating my whole nine yards and and knew they were gonna mail me on the flu shot and and actually at check in new you know and or get your cape coping thing. Which is always the worst part of a doctor visit to me. Because there's always crowd of people there and I didn't have my hearing aids and and so I couldn't you know but anyway. She said do a flu shot as I don't know her away and tell them have you decided yet says she's scientists. Since there's so scientists it was a. OK for treatment or order others. So now I'm back there and they took a blood test weighed me. And I'm way down. 190s. With clothes on 198. So much when ninety's for. Which from an all time high for me. A year and a half two years ago to 4245. So much now. When I went in in. April may when I was haven't had digestive thing before the hall of fame deal. First time I ever went to this doctor gazette and have a doctor for like twenty some odd years. It was 230. So 35 pounds since so not met this doctor. But 25 of it from diabetes. To know about why bit bad dude that's were about four or five or. So is it there was a little bit of a blessing to the diabetes they lost weight. And well I was finally diagnosed diabetes type two on July it. Thirteen. I think it was. Because we had our emergency room visit and Estes Park on the ninth that was a Sunday. 101112. Via Thursday the thirteenth. My 81 C rating was twelve point four. That's what made them determine I was diabetic. And today I was six point three. And he said I've only had one other patient and all the time I've been doing medicine that is so gone from a twelve point something to six point. Three. In ninety days so yay me. Losing weight. Eaten well on the treadmill. Feel good about myself. So it's all good who needs a flu shot. But maybe I do but there it never give up there we just has a diversity talk about flu shots against alleged email last night. People who you know it'd take you run the myriad people who swear to god that they got the flu from a people who say no don't don't go by guys you gotta. Now the one lady would say it on hold yesterday forever. And diabetes is autoimmune thing so he gets sicker you feel worse you get a state senator longer you're doing you know adjusted to beg me yet that get to pneumonia and get the shingles get done. I don't know me volunteer and for three shots is. I'd have to be under the influence of something already. But. Anyway there everything was good there I've had this little deal on my forehead kind of I think it just would never clear up by but surely it was melanoma a it wasn't. So they took. That liquid ice. But anyway that's most clear that out. And everything else is is just good so. Well I hear I don't know I'm telling you this except are just so damn proud that I've taken it from my twelve to six Sumter and another nine it is against these strict. And so for all you people ever get diagnosed with diabetes type two don't get depressed and don't go home when raids and amended and went about it. Kick access. Go after it go get it. Go home and take care get all the crap out of the house and unload the fruit loops of nine get rid of the white flower and read up on it and find out what you get eaten. In and then exercise and if you are lucky enough to. Haven't treadmill already in your house good jump on that thing for three and a half Molly don't work your way up toward river as you work your way up to rent. Get on that thing for an hour day and didn't kick its butt. Now a lot of B say in this saved raises in two years say that's the key is whether or not keep it up or not like you need. Think anybody whoever's lost weigh eight. Union are really gain weight back because. At some point or another you come over the excuses why you don't wanna get on the treadmill that day I always guarding come over Bos. That's why get up to 5 o'clock in the morning to get on that damn things ought to start over with by the time before the CBS a morning news comes on I its overweight. And they execute and make some very goaded Johnny's health doc I'll watch all of baseball last night. Cleveland ending innings Indians fans. I heard for a vandalism to the Yankees. But the Yankees move on in Cleveland does not. And so I kept on watching that game us I think and about how long was the streak at Cleveland had near the end of the year when he. But it like 23 games or something like that. So yeah I mean all you have a team upset good and Terry Francona as your manager you just think while I do you know yours yeah you're supposed to be in the World Series. That knowledge work out though there's a final game seven tonight. The cubs. Washington Nationals so upset gave united. Was the last night wasn't so yesterday afternoon having when I got home that game was on. So watch a guy for Mo Washington Nationals had via Grand Slam home run. So and Kevin's got to win tonight or the cubs in going on either. Everybody over WF Lindsay seems to be a cubs sent. Now part of my going to be rooting for the nationals and I don't cardinal failed so I'm not even supposed to. I mean I dived by broke rank last year and rooted for the cubs because I figured it was time that they got rid of the goat curse. They got that they got the rings I got the trophy and are more rooting for the cubs who nationals. So I that's that an owl and there's a football game on tonight and there. Alabama and there's gonna be AN Melian protest outside of the stadium and I'll tell you about the next. I don't the traffic senators big event I've seen boomer today did he commencing right season social and it all. So are you going to have a home office on the other hand over there you know still be angry about today yesterday and put up up early purely traffic every UCL Villone Dalia I only got like 27 gallons a coffee that's dead doctors don't tell our barge traffic I 77 exit 23 in Vermont can and yeah we did we had a payless and I got thinking about this last night. This having early traffic problems and Wilkinson boulevard where we make everybody where we tell everybody stay away from it yes and then resolving that about 515 yes all the ride home was just clear Isabel nobody was getting on Wilkinson yesterday health fantastic yeah I saw that I think we should put that into our roads are scheduled go ahead best item out traffic problems on Wilkens and don't even think about getting on you don't even think healthy and I'm just getting Logan's is wide open as far as I know where are we have probes are memory as a ton of them happening at a particular lake Norman right now. The big thirty news the wanna talk about girls and boys goes. And those of you are Boy Scouts or involve. And Boy Scouts are involved and girls go outside it's funny everybody source think about the your Boy Scouts. I started thinking about the Girl Scouts. One of their contentions is that the Boy Scouts are doing this to try to crop up their numbers to increase their financials. Was the first thing you first think when you figure Girl Scouts. Okay here's and yeah all so love. But I am curious as to how you all of feel about this what you think about the inclusion of girls and the Boy Scouts and and into what are you what why do you think it is. That. Boy Scouts and I assume Girl Scouts to were having challenges these days. Hidden numbers. I was a cub scout for about a month and a half phenomenal what happened but I. Not so sure wasn't asked to leave. So I had never aspired to and that was a dead that was a bit but. You know some of the finest people I've known. Attained the rank of eagle step scout. In both Thompson a former eagle scout. I'm. They teach values they cheat. Judeo Christian values they teach your arm. I don't know they too you know did they teach all sorts of stuff they they teach first day they teach. Morality and credibility and accountability. So. I wonder I mean it is that the one point the boy scouts of maids and decisions over the last years that are controversial. In as a regards. Inclusion of homosexuals and and so on and so forth. And then this'll be. Controversial. And even if this is the right decision the early going on writers sure have a dog in the fight but I. Even if this is the right decision. People don't like change. But then on the other hand. There's a lot of foundational things that have always been in our generation and in a lot of cases we got from our parents generation. That's falling by the wayside. Now and I don't think that this is comparable to the Boy Scouts to the Miss America and miss universe pageant million miss USA and stuff like that those used to be unless I Miss America especially used to be a huge big big deals. And I saw I mean then maybe it's because my mama say. Neiman Marcus. Stanley Marcus fashion model. When she was young and went on to stay in the fashion business and no issues vogue cover girl Victoria why don't want time enough. I'm so I was kind of around that barrel and managed Maryland Vander berg was a former Miss America and no shoes acquaintance of mine family in my moment. So you know we always used to watch the Miss America pageant that's something that's fall off to the side nobody cares about to Miss America pageant anymore. I think to some extent. We the award shows I'm gonna be wrong on this from a roll hard core. Liberal standpoint but two of the award shows. You know you had the Oscars she had the Emmys you had the Grammy is those were kind of the bit Tony's those were the four big. Then you started getting things like the American music awards and all the so there so often known MTV and I mean others go on and on. But all of them have cuddle lost their clustered to some extent the Academy Awards the Emmys are still big but. I'm not so sure that they hold quite as much the Oscars do you get best actor here. But but a murderous organizations. Eight or radio. Is certainly had its challenges that this challenge once in no Rush Limbaugh's saved it. Is having its challenges today. Armed. A multi level. And newspapers are obviously so there's a lot of foundational things that used to be. But you just never would have thought would have seen their demise have been over time things change. And an interest diminishes and I don't always there's as much interest in Boy Scouts and cub scouts and Girl Scouts and do they still have brownies. As they as they used to. Obama but Ted the girls and the Boy Scouts I gotta get that also is somewhat representative of a change. And I don't want to sound like come on the wrong side of the tracks but. Is that some division between the sexes still. But we still want that. Don't guys still want be taught by their dads to open open door for a lady in. Mean don't we still wanna kind of have all that in. And I say that and I think about my one of my sons who I don't know ever had a legitimate. Walk up to sidewalk. Knock on the front door. Sit in the living room waiting for Penelope to get ready for a date have to sit there with dad for about five minutes. Type could date I don't think he ever did I think they all kind of just got together in groups and and so on and so forth. And to I had I think that's terrible. Think every guy should have to walk up the sidewalk where the corps sergeant is and and and and have to sit in the living room with the old man. And it and try to carry on the conversation with a guy. Who wants to know what your intentions are what time she's going to be home and why are you driving a station wagon. Does I couldn't get the veil of. Sir. Tom. All talk about girls and the Boy Scouts when we come back and I just to say there's a mile and protesters. Planned for tonight's Panthers Eagles games so if you see it you wanna know what it is. It's being inspired by the recent police shooting in our case Ruben Galindo. Which is the latest video to come out that as many people questioning whether or not the police jumped the gun on that and we haven't talked much about it because I don't want to jump the gun and I don't want to assume things on. On the police department. I I do hope that the promised that the system that the process. Well it gives us an honest answer ultimately about two. I read I mean you look at the tapes and tapes can be deceiving but you look at the tape it's early days it's it can be damning to depends on what. Which you see your what you wanna see hear what you interpret what you want to interpret. Com. But the demonstration outside the stadium tonight it's part of a controversial movement to it's a go into the country. The bishop Kevin long of temple church international Charlotte told the observer. Today not only does our protest include mr. Galindo but it was inspired by the recent discovery of his unfortunate and unnecessary demise. And apparently they're gonna have these throughout some stadiums over the weekend as the football low weekend goes on Robert Dawkins of action North Carolina have been complaining for days on social media that they Galindo case has not drawn the attention it deserves. And maybe it hasn't but I I'm not so sure mr. Dawkins and that's a terrible thing at this point I think people are waiting to. Waiting for the process to get an honest answer to. But to not. Second guess the police department before we have all laid out all the facts that we need June to make an honest assessment. Most people want the truth. Tom high and are willing to wait for the truth. Providing that they have some it. I assure us that that's ultimately what they're gonna get but if you see a protest denied that ultimately is sick kind of what they're protesting and as the weekend goes on. Be a protest which show organizers say will draw participants in our case mainly from the Carolina's. Is highlight ongoing police brutality and social and racial injustice just as the football players are kind of what trying to point out or at least six oval. Yeah grew. Just about LA we had planned and had announced a couple of times or we're gonna be doubted your dog house to talk more dogs custom broadcast today this is game day got a Bank of America Stadium the Eagles are in town tonight. 530 we will make way for a Jim's Nokia and the F pregame shows studio Thursday night football game tonight that you hear on news 1110993. WBT. Not tonight beginning unibody Torii five we didn't make the trip down under the dog house today could rule shorthanded personnel wise. And that involved 01 of our engineers. Who had a little bit of a health issue just so weak. So Bob Hope Jerry Steele and better and we're thinking about him and we understand that is bad back home and and no things are of looking up the nose so. We decided to go with the studio which I'm just as happy to do this soon with anyway put me behind bar filled with Jack Daniels suffering your broadcasts. What could possibly go wrong. Salaam. Tom about a bit anyway. Mode they were happy to get good work on jury and and we're we're anxious to getting back to work on all the. Not before he takes a vacation. Which she never does. And mother wager has some personal stuff for the house a new kicker. Tom let's talk Girl Scouts in the Boy Scouts are you feel about that 704. 57 all of intent. The boy scouts of America announced the girls will be welcome in its ranks for the first time in their 100 year plus year history. Now in doing your mind. And is that just a changing of the times is that just kind of world we're going this. Is there any of them importance to you to keep the division between male and female and if they ignored for other reason and tradition. Starting next year younger girls conjoined cub scouts unit's third downs. Don't each unit will be all girl are all boy. All girl programs for the older girls will be available in net 2019. So that means that girls will be eligible to earn the eagle scout rank. In the eagle scout rank has long been seen as a prestigious honor and it should be you weren't you work it. They don't just hand those out to anybody I mean you really have to put the effort into. Where does it require twenty some odd badges you make you you make a lot more badges and had front have been dead I think there's a strip twenty some odd that you have to have. To get to a qualifier. Now the eagle scout rank has a long been known prestigious honor that brings. Prestige and lasting academic clout and most of the people I've ever met that ever did have. Have gone on to be pretty. Although every now and then you'll find out you know like a Marilyn Manson or did he gets to be a but anyway what do you think about the inclusion of girls and the Boy Scouts. And why and now and I am I guess Marat questions is why do you think that a girl would choose the Boy Scouts over the Girl Scouts. There are some girl scout. Personnel that think that this is no way for the Boy Scouts to increase their numbers and and hope their financials. And it's kind of hard not to discount that to some extent. It is important. Or is it important that. You feel about the girls and eagle scout on her thing. And and what do you think I guess about the segregation and all boy inaugural dunes. Considering that they do camp belts and stuff like that I would assume that that would probably make a little bit assumes. And the paper dress that today and I don't know that I can actually put my finger on. Exactly the explanation that they had their bit to. Find the camping part of their because that it was pretty inching and they. To say broken down into this is under the new plan to cut a girl scout dims the smallest unit will be single gender either all boys are all girls larger cub scout packs will have the option remains single gender. Or welcome both genders to program for older girls is expected to start and torn in nineteen will enable girls who were near eagle scout badge. Surveys conducted by the Boy Scouts showed strong support for the air current change among parents not currently connected with the scouts including Hispanic and Asian families. But the boy scouts of America has a long been trying to attract. They would also designate to me that may be they're not getting the numbers that that they that they use to get. And and so in some ways that would tell me that societal. Where we're talking about this and our weekly podcast today. One of the things that shocked me when I got married to Susan Torre some odd years ago. And ending keep in mind my son's an hour thirty and 34 stuffed those but they were four and seven of the time. Is how books they were. Confirmation class. Like on Tuesday night's. Our baseball practice. Went on Wednesdays and Thursday nights and complete turnaround from when I was in school is I mean we always have a phrase about noise a school night you didn't do anything you can you went Allman did homework. The school nights you just didn't you just were booked and now we book our kids almost to the point of exhaustion. Between sports and extracurricular activities and and missed that the other. An awful lot of kids are already on a full schedule who would have time for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or if you're a Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and your play Little League Baseball. And you're going to confirmation I mean you know all gosh you are booked. Maybe that's one of the reasons that the clubs like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts numbers are aren't just from hours sheer standard led to standpoint. And the other thing that we didn't have back in those days was say if you were in the Boy Scouts you were just taken time away from you being around the backyard playing cowboys and Indians or army or something like that today your take and get away from his video games in his. In his lifeline is telephone news. So I you know I think all that probably plays in the equation but ultimately what do you think about the inclusion of girls and a Boy Scouts will start off with Jim on WB TJ jump. We've done very years ago thank you you know. I was wanted to comment that arson in Europe and scales here in Charlotte. And it was a great experience not only from the sun before the family. I was really you know. They have what they called it help committee which is that organizations with parents. Cheerio. To support the troop. Then there was a good way trust in the pins in some ways be involved better in other ways to keep up farmland business. The board could learn independence and self reliance and many of the things is counting. Stance full. And engines scouting stands are a lot of really important things that we should still instill in our kids but that's not to say there won't still. Including girls do you do you have a problem with the inclusion of girls or do you think maybe that adds to that family focus did you just basically talked about. I think there's a place didn't in this world full of separation of I activities from for the genders have a good Girl Scouts and there's a great outlook for the girls and young women and I think the more scaled some can be a great organization for the boys and young man. Yeah if there's an outcry. For the equivalent of a needle. Scout rank for the girls and then maybe the Girl Scouts should have. Taken some of the elements of what the Boy Scouts have and incorporated that into their organizations so that there would be that in if that includes a lot of them didn't. Redundant things about medical enough first day didn't is that the other so bill what would be the equivalent and and I don't know or would be the equivalent for the Girl Scouts to an eagle scout rank. Yet they I think they're top awarded cull the gold don't coordinate getting involved a lot of folks. Individual work and effort to get to that point been. A lot of know a lot of young women don't vote at Barnes asked them. From that aspect. In this county is such a great. Playing especially for kids growing up in a big city like Charlotte that. It affords me the outdoor opportunities. That he. Marty big self reliant in the just independent and much like get him away from those deadlines games and televisions and send them. Those little problems. Yeah yeah that's exactly right Ed Jim thank you for every start and appreciate it. Thank you are off he goes and over we go do other traffic senator. I talk about Jack girls and a Boy Scouts and predictable or culturally head into the a 4 o'clock news spreads up on WBD hey Fred. Hey you do when John Graham. First ball movement that I borrowing and George Meyer who were in the fours ago. I'm maybe this sport life regret I have regretted grossed moloch not to mention that. Award also decided that they will probably not have this many merit badges certainly women merit badges they hand out. Because I can remember that. The motivation for us to when that Mahler to Mahler was this from across the river or through girl so out of oak river in the are. Yet I know thought of that side of it I did think about the camping outside so I know they'll have to a martyr themselves that are but I'd really thought about the the incentive do I make it over to the girls camp. We don't have that's an. I'd really appreciate what you do and I know this is. Got a lot of moving parts to it end up. I can imagine how other go work out the camp can't contribute what you just distraught. Now they'll figure that out com whether they'll figure that out bill you know and other organizations have been to figure that out to before. Hell when I went to college they had dirt floor worse you know I mean no I really don't governor devote the hall I state don't cholera state was. Twelve stories are so much out west fall hall. And no one floor was all guys in the next war was all girls wonder you know and so they did that well now I understand men and had like a sinner elevator. So you had like two sections of every floor. Then they changed is so there were girls on the one side and boys on the other. And now I understand it's just. You know. Do different. That. Scott you're on WBT Hank. Thank you it's an I think it's important to understand what the mission of the scouting program is that it it's to teach young people that make moral and ethical decisions. By instilling them the values of the twelve points of the outlaw an outside of the United States out against the been coed for years there are six programs within the scouting program. It unites states and four of them are already coed they're the older groups. And their career oriented activity oriented and educate orient it that comes out to the core. Program but Boy Scouts which is the whole truth concept which most people are familiar with is the only one that they have not been coed. This rubio welcomes welcomed change because now it's gonna give girls the same leadership experience. That the young boy that young men have been getting for years and years. MSN messenger saying were behind the curve ion has already. Well it did I wouldn't go behind the curve we give the opportunity. For girls that fourteen or altered or join another scouting program. Which offers the same leadership. Opportunity. That took the traditional gap through which is the camping in the dots and all that stuff. Heretofore has not been poetic. In the United States put everywhere else in the world it is now but I'm not aware of how they run it that way now. And. Yeah okay. Sam mills. It's Sam mills tonight night and keep pounding night. Some. For a guy who are played the bulk of his career with the New Orleans Saints and I came here for three years in an awfully big investors got a statue outside the stadium and as has listened to. Mike toil in the N newsroom. I think before the team and evolution actually been established in May be wrong on them. They head out. Finger at a memorial stadium. And frank Reich was there. First quarterback we got him out of buffalo you'll remember he stayed Davis here in town for some time which seminary here is down about coach. Gosh I think the last time I remember Jimmy may have been offensive coordinator with the Eagles on profits were I don't know worry is now. I and I think Matt Elliott. Set the name of the offensive linemen trying to do this remember. And John Kasay. And Sam mills and and somehow or another. Our sons Matt and fill. Mom and a whole host of other kids were all broken down into groups of like 25. And so they would spend fifteen or twenty minutes with each player. And then they would move on and and they would just basically learn the fundamentals of playing quarterback or the fundamentals of playing the offensive line of their fundamentals of playing the defense of one under the fundamentals. Kissing kicking and special teams and so and so forth. And some art rather I ended up stand and over there. Watch and Sam. Mills. Work with the kids. I don't know why pick Sam moments president undergo load. Stand mr. frank right 'cause I. We knew we was. But I did watch Sam mills were put the kids. And I just always a rumor that ever since many went on to play for three years and just and judges. And just equality dude is sun. Still coaches with the Panthers. Quality guy I mean to you know just a chip off the old block from his down. But dumb. Sam will be featured tonight on the NFL network after the game. In a football life ever seen the Steve Smith football life in fact I think that Steve Smith one follows. The debut of Sam mills now if you want wanna say you're a DVR. It's on at 9 o'clock tomorrow night too so tonight's start time will be a little iffy because it's gonna be after the panther eagle. But tomorrow night Friday night on Ed not a clock that's what I semi. DVR choose so I could catch the Sam mills thing but it that is someplace and narrow the Steve Smith the one is on to and it's it's killer. I mean it's it's go one and I saw her to get that. To have them pick you don't have that series down about. So rob good for Sam mills and all the real year old there about Sam mills tonight during the broadcast. The other thing about tonight's broadcast is a Tony Romo. I are really paid much attention to him but I've read enough about all of his work so far apparently he's just turned into the master of tell you what's coming up next. In other words he's got a good bill and obviously are a great working knowledge of the gay men so he's called the next play on several occasions on Thursday night football. And he's orderly Jim Nantz. Who are as far as I'm concerned that is the best in the business. Period. So a mom. I'm extra watch the broadcast tonight and then in addition to that. Jameer held again you got early two very hot teams right now Philadelphia's got an unbelievable offensive line. Carolina has got an unbelievable defensive front. Our secondary may be old old square theater great question rule they've got testimony good wide receivers. Their quarterback. Is. Is making some great decisions at the right time. So Roy in his second year palm. So hired should be a great game tonight dollars written everybody's predictions and nine it's about 5050 there's some pretty formal rule people Scott Fowler thinks and it didn't he picked up. Eagles. Speaking did close. So I should be a good game tonight I. And I will tell you are also at the same time over on TBS the cubs and Washington manuals nationals good game five whoever wins that one goes onto the not to the National League go playoff. So bomb. Talk anyway just to kind of bring about sort of pull us a note to us Sam mills. Because that's a guy whose legacy is as strong as any player that we've ever had. There may have been better players that have come through here and there will be players there will be honored enough but he's ease up on that. That that rain water and he's got a statue outside the stadium and Isner is like until. Just by watching him one night it. Memorial stadium. And that's a guy that you just kind of rooted for pure left his mark here and none in the Carolinas. Without Harvey Weinstein was in Europe and. No we heard yesterday. That alchemy was that when they called the cops do his daughter's house last night because he and she were in some kind of an argument. But he regarding gun to your some sort of sex therapy some that are other. And now he's sending out his own messages about when he's well he hopes he gets a second chance or when he's well a year and it. I guess some risk does a guy you you can now. You can always turn. Around I mean you can always. Could be in a dirt bag. Well I've. Some people are just born to play the system. And they just always stick to the smartest guy in the room and men may be in a lot of cases they always have been so there was no reason for them to change that philosophy Harvey Weinstein comes off to me years ago I always thought he was the smartest guys in the room and you look at his resume and you look at his accomplishments and any probably was. And whether or not he can quit trying to be the smartest guy in the room anymore and feel like he's pull it off the scam behind everybody's back. But hey he's obviously had a women when you when you take a. Fall like this it's gonna have a problem on doing pure and no so his daughter calls 911 last night claiming that he was suicidal and depressed. And so the police rushed to the scene and then it says Weinstein was visiting the hall who's 22 year old daughter Remy when the Jews started arguing. She later clarified to cops that her father did not make any suicidal statements. Unclear specifically what they were arguing about. He was said duo shouted you're just making it worse now Harvey couldn't get any worse. Com and he stormed out of the house and flagged down a random vehicle to beg for a ride to convinced to go back inside of the LA police. A arrived. But they waited do we did we have did we had been told that he was out of the country in rehab. And now it's being reported dead he's headed out of the country. To go to rehab. But unclear when and where I'm you know I'm following. It from a we haven't talked about it because I quite frankly I don't care about. Harvey Weinstein and his personal problems or. Ashley general personal problems or anything you do car dash in her age they don't care. Don't thank you god care Paris Hilton they're having to Paris Hilton. Oh waiter at the answer to that I don't care. I don't care you know a Ball State. Mary. I article today about his the F president unraveling. Where do you think that originated from. Vanity Fair. President threatens news networks that was news yesterday. And this is when he does stuff that makes you think well maybe he doesn't exactly understand. He would be like. All I don't know me. Sometimes having to be corrected because just didn't really have a clue as to video Horry was talking about. When he talks about fake news coming out of NBC and the networks and at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license. The national networks are licensed by the government. The affiliates are. So I guess if you had specific. Problem with an affiliate. Are you might. Have some push. But then you get indoor really dangerous territory. Where you start cherry picking who you're gonna allowed us. Exercise the First Amendment and figured out that doesn't work so I thought that's a one way it's supposed to work. So sorry mister president you may not like the coverage that your getting. I and many of us don't necessarily care for the coverage that major getting or the angle that the majority of the press seems to lobby under. But. You've got to improve the product you can't ban the product because that's not what it's all about so this that whole thing yesterday. Should raise some alarms or was and I heard Russia talking about this today and so I just kind of threw the story off to the side because. Rush candidate aided and abetted there was a story don't have an economy where they were saying that rush was second guessing the president. He was uncomfortable with the president telling people what to do this had to do with group commissioner of the unifil on this that the other and rush clarified today and said I knew they'd. Take us out of context and do it and and its allies stood Arctic rushes were for road on that don't know what he said so I had trashed that story. But this story. Is one that rush of all people probably should hit on. Because this that there's no agreement in new in what he kind of said casually yesterday. Is really no more different than when the Democrats were stock you're talking about. A stifling. Talk on talk radio. Because it leaned so far right and it was so far skewed. Out of their favorability. And towards the opposition. I didn't floating either. So the president's remarks yesterday on. At what point is an appropriate to challenge their license. Well in your case Mr. President it would not be appropriate ever. Hotter than Travis interleague. All. Do I brought you by commercial for a 77 as Tony three known boomer Montana new work in the the boosted on this error that the oppressed boxes is the voice. Of the Carolina panther a fresh fox every time I you can't cheer or do anything in the press photo sharing there is a voice that comes on and it's. Any. Carrying out for the move to Philadelphia Eagles own the owner of 23. Talk about 58 Davis an up. He sees it either fifteen or 59 just net every time who feeds you your information have you did you basically. To just be really alert me to get yourself go to guys actually doing the work on moderate afraid assist that scrutiny due to Amanda great they're recognized throughout the league has been one of the very best and today they have for years in a manner that premise for that in your ear are they the guy comes up on a monitor note that have sourced and Emanuel PO just beyond just say it out parallel. Around what they have spotters and are you guys to binoculars and you know they spotted in the river they're very good at what they do so its fury if his for an NCAA if you're pronunciation is wrong his furnace he noted was wrong ordinary shares for numbers. Obviously you're in charge here on out is a -- Hagan with the names may that's that's going to be your biggest jealous I think this early but they do all the work really they're they're very good at what they do it now that it has to ask to have your incredible there is when he leaves here at whatever time you leave here on your head down to the stadium on to become the voice of the oppressed fox and affect any Jerry's hot dogs outside as it is it still odd doesn't have time yes sir now hot dogs and barbecue yes sir now. Concerns have been there for a while and soft by scoring all all I've been vetted and have the soft ice cream and as I say mr. Richardson's maybe. They put the so he put the soft ice cream machine in there for everyone to enjoy now math facts is all around the stadium for older workers who have more time works that he probably added that after all of the if that if they didn't even remember everyone he took eliminated the lemon juice through whatever it was that are used to drink you know. Closet it's pink lemonade and yeah. So I'll. From don't hold back that I screens incredible all I'll come back I you know I'm get an attorney general on. But just decided that to you get a better view at home watching on TV set path. So let's go to your own bathroom kitchen. Are you generating goal outside if you go up to a lot of talk about. If I think that's. Neighbors are candidates in particular about minutes or whether I do know the kid's good very different but it's my house very up and saw how we don't traffic less. That I knew beginning on that song JJ yeah. That's what it is the Bruce orange tree edition of read the news to tell what. Couldn't have been. The biggest producer of ball. Hope we never have. I mean a producer. 1890s did the pledge of allegiance first resided in unison by students at US public schools 1997. John Denver judge killed at the age of 52 and a crash of his or privately built aircraft until Monterey bay California. A late bloomer on John Denver. John Denver of course adopted by a state of Colorado. And we always got to resented him the natives. Because he would get on national TV and safe far out and act like you're due. And they just kind of got to be a deal where you just kind of used him as the body years jokes and so on so forth. He played Carol wins one time here I've told the story before. I think I had about a world about a decade in the enough. Came. He played Carol Owens one day and I emceed dead concert. And. I would have done a stage and announced just some of the stuff that was coming and who's coming to Carol Owens that's when Carol once was who want more of our dived into a lot of Christian music Gupta has got a really nice amphitheaters so. So lie as I was. Standing out in the back parking lot waiting to go up to announce John Denver I looked up on the stairs leading up to the stage in their school understood John Denver by himself. And pentagon up and talked to him. And said hey you know I'm from Colorado and we roof Hollywood had a great conversation but I was too cool to go talk and talk to John Denver. And I'd just as one of those stupid things and know that I just regretted ever since because that I became. The the more alert about him tomorrow it and if it's and once Keith Larson introduced muted Jimmy ovitz and Ann Emerson was a big friend of John Denver and I had a couple conversations have that I don't know it just cuddle and middle look at him a little bit closer and find out who we was and they was. So at that point I just you know stupid me just ego stupid egos dumb too cool to go talk to pick I've been making jokes for all those years. John Denver twenty years that's I mean that's hard to believe to me that he's been known dead for a twenty years but twenty years ago today. Sam and Dave Sam Moore Dave Sam and Dave claims 82 today and I just in case you're wondering TJ in November the fifth which is that far away. That's the end of daylight saving time. And it's already getting pretty close to dark when we have Norman ballot to a 6 o'clock so worked up. I'll Thursday night football Philadelphia Eagles are down to play the Carolina Panthers 65 foot wide asteroid passed by earth today. US men's soccer national team failed to qualify for the World Cup after losing this week two to one. Boy Scouts announce a Dell started admitting girls who talked about that a little bit earlier today remember that day Utah officer that handled that nurse and arrested her. Well he's out of again he got fired I read the news today oh boy and Amazon just unveiled the first waterproof Kendall and speaking of technology. Told the bull iPhone. The other one know I just bought the eight. And I think PX two is all glass. Now they're talking about affordable and forget face idea the future the iPhone could be fold able apple is reportedly partnering with L Jeter create fold mobile OLED. Odd displays for an upcoming generation of phones the sources say that the folding phones are said to be in production by 22 Ronnie. We've talked about that folding. Computer users are dead keeping up an anti virus software. And I just got a new computer and I didn't even think about. Antivirus software so guess where I was Google around last night after reading the story oh sure reviewed just a second first. We'll get off to the WBT go traffic Sydor and traffic brought you by Herschel toward I 77 X 23 so please look my mind did you receive going to find my mind. I think I've lost my mind. Knowing pop up reminders that you update your antivirus software. May not be you were were not paying attention to a and I would think of all the times they've been this would be I'm gadget just got finished watching all these people get hacked and this that the other I think he'd be more aware of and to than ever. Although I did like I said I just bought a new computer and I guess I got so enamored with that this that's the others in trying to figure out how that worked and give this. App on there are no songs over. And even think off. And the other thing is is its Mac. So I didn't for summer is another I guess I didn't think of that either which is one of the reasons I bought a Mac was because. It's got less. Probability of a viruses and stuff but that doesn't mean it's immune. So I was a Google and last night to. Antivirus software for Macs and no. But according to a recent study 87% of computer users say they have anti virus software running on their computer by just under half of them keep an update. Why haven't if you don't keep it updated his all of that it basically changes. What daily. It's old Sargent Jeff Newton just a second. They're given away the saint Jude dream home if you ball one of those tickets and they sold out earlier this year tonight's the night on channel three that does somebody will be awarded at home. Beautiful home. Mint hill area not far from 485440000. Dollar house three bedrooms and reflects room and four baths and we'll talk to Jeff Newton about that and his experience of saint Jude where just got back from. I and justice second. You lose your while though I have built a house complete. You have to know and that Jeff Newton. Custom homes built informing you know we met Jeff. Because we were on me middle of our real estate hell and now he was coming every week get to channel three were my wife works. And so was Susan got to know words Jeff because he was due in I think at the time his second. Maybe assert known as did his second just saint Jude dream home early just finished his or third when. And and it's gonna belonged to somebody tonight because they're given in a way add to go on no channel three and I want times they actual doing. The show's stars to 777 Dario and the house or the house will be you know where I'm Sharon the very end but there's other giveaways and other features are encouraged people watch the show presumably some patients on the parent and bigger Dinara and and it's always good and you just got back from Memphis. With a bunch other builders do but when you first bill your first one this is the fourth one you've built 23 and four when you build for your first one. You you know what you're getting into when you knew what saint Jude was all about what you. You weren't fully you know the more you're around saint Jude the more you say while this is some sort of an organization. Yeah I mean I've been to saint Jude five times now and I was secretary about the next week it's a place that. When you leave there America run through brick all the day after a leave their through those tunes and just say just to see what. The new law in the history of saint Jude I'd love to be blue. And tell everybody and sit then sit down and talk about just the history of how star allowed Danny Thomas started and his vision and additions mentioned you want to the national summarize these women and it was the the first integrated prom hospital's south. It think about news you know from just things like that just boo will blow you away when you find out you know. Everybody noses you know the kids the ball accuse you soon but boy when you really found out about were started what the mission was. And and whether all about it to truly brings an even farther to our well and whether your Bob Crawford who plays bass for the David Brothers or. Our. Your and the. Don't matter who you are. You may need their services and when you walk in there that's. There's never bill there's never there today they that that's and and that's why people like you build his dream homes. You'll load dedicate to well over a million dollars to saint Jude's. Other builders are cross country do the same there's all sorts of fundraising efforts but just the way you just wonder how they do the work that they do and are able to do it without. Never burdening a family with a bill. Yeah it's it's incredible from this I believe it's something like 70% of the people who donate to saint Jude donate 35 dollar from us. And it cost some 2000002 point four million dollars today in a row on the hospital the research facilities and all the stuff they do. Only think about that that's that's phenomenal and you know we've raised. I'm a million dollars this year were 32 dream homes this year across the country raising about 32 million dollars. Thumb and this is a program the dream home program is growing think the first. The reform and markets this year thumb in their look and another new markets for next year there were at the builder summoned there were nine new builders. Thumb so solutions is growing and it's a great way to raise money how many builders to Iran into their bill more than one. Com it was a show had a conversation today there are there were several that were recognized. For Maria believe there were recognized for their tenth. When I was recognized for his fifteenth and then we'll go one bid built the first 127 years ago no number please and actually used the song is bad but the first week. He was thirteen years old. Now you're you're known as legacy plug fires set aside there were non new guys this year. And so you know there were some woman zones I'm sure found. But. You know. It's not easy. It's 505. The our Jeff Newton just seconds we have custom homes is the one who built the SA Jude dream moan don't give away on a channel three tonight. I. Amazing experience. I happened to me last go about your half don't. I built my house. Hi and the builder and I never had cuss words with each other. I know that was possible my dad I think build every house we ever had in always remember that in the last thirty days I learned all new vocabulary. But I don't know but to adjust news in the studio with this the built a hell of a house were still low there couldn't be happier and hours but he also built that saint Jude dream home but do they give awaited it. This is right off not far from 485 on my lawyers road. Which is an area that's growing in fact the neighborhood and it's in his already fairly well stale. Experts will it about this house is somebody Winston well. You know story 500 square feet roughly three bedrooms of a study of flex from bullish and this incredible. Features kitchen. Course counter tops. Outdoor led outdoor all of this hurdle in space remain as it is definitely. You know I think every year and you better in this is this is just there's a growing. Outs you've got to you you've got this down to a science say you're your foundation people all get together. And they just bring it all sorts of masons in there and they get it done in one day and enough. And one of the neat things that you do at some point or another is you all saw in the floor of what the bonus room or something before they put down carpet all that stuff. But everybody signs the Florida has been involved with the house. So it's pretty cool tradition Hasselhoff favorite events and knew we had a great turnout this year Florida and you know a lot of times you know a brick Mason never seized the finish house you know he puts foundation and it never comes back from the got to do to the footing or whatever. Thumb so it's great to bring him back in at that point the only thing left to do was put the carpet and and so the house is complete and bring him back in love see the finished product literacy what they do they they did. And then have them you have put a note almost lure you know further which is a for the another bill the future or whatever color article on the earnest really cool. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention mood g.s which is a very long night spot out there that you are frequent on a regular basis but that's another group of people that have come to you and no men they do a festival every year enough. And then they die you wouldn't be able to do this without which you said. They they have become great friends from great partners in this mission come there they're for the right reason generally golf and run to Miller are. As good of people losing never won a meet and they've they've raised a ton of money for us this year that warrants also some of the construction cost that we were unable to get fully donated. And and there are the and they already have their dates set for next year and I don't know have another thirty bands out there in the golf tournament and and torturers and whatever else they've got a month to this time. When somebody. Bias. Our wins this house to they move then because they did in some cases a you know you might just sell it meant pocket the cash or. Yeah the first one I did two years ago the people who have been in their living minute right now on the one last year the folks had you know they were from Rock Hill they had mark up. You know a nice place down there in their family was there and so they weren't new look in the move somewhere so this'll have to talk to us were sent us. It's quick 400 tomorrow thousand dollars in your boxer I think that the second jittery Newton custom homes with his. Make way for Jim Hogan company and may have happened pregame show and just say. I think 25 on news 1110993. Million BT Philadelphia Eagles in town Thursday night football Tony Romo and Jim them send a company. Let's Dion and the boys and your tonight tune and so should be a great game and it's Sam mills denied to out there tonight and don't forget on NFL network tonight to they're gonna debut the SM mills of football life and if you wanna record debt is the at start time will be a little erratic since this after the game tonight but if you blow a 9 o'clock. Tomorrow at 9 o'clock Friday 9 PM Friday on an NFL network DVR that and that's that's a hard start time so that cannot take care of that. I Jeff Newton now from a new and custom homes. Newton CHR dot com is in your built my house built saint Jude their dream home. And we were just talking about that I believe you've got a daughter with a birth. They they don't share. Yeah my daughter Emily is Tony three today and she is really the motivation for wanna do this home Torrie two years ago. Today on our first birthday she was laying in an icu bed at duke and we didn't know. If she would make it through that night and so I'm very in touch with a parent to hasn't. Very sick outs and very much understand what it's like to get medical bills pouring him all the time. Thumb so she is definitely a big moderator for Juan I'm sitting here talking Uranus. Do you don't know. To have you commitment to do you think you build though the one next Syria and hit. Just done that but just brought it all a minute until your enemy now aren't you know I mean you know. Tomorrow's not promised but as long summer element be doing arm and your reward is just together AA get it done but be be a big part of the sage you deal. Yeah I mean the the reward is. Warner won reduced to me. Won't go into the whole story of a particular passage don't know about Esther but there's a there's some news in the novel but. There's something in the air base clearly says that. Do you know. Does gonna take care of news and it's not me doing it for them. I'm not saving their lives their site him allies those kids. You know I'm they've they've made huge difference in my life now. Armed everything else good has this this is is very petty. You know we've we love to have some more though. Now but they've got another email us to build a that -- days I think I think I'm the only southern farm house with a wraparound from reports that you build bodies you may want to build Arafat are you really we are where what part of don't in those Sun Valley area in the internal. Union County now you know you've built them all over you primarily are focused out there -- -- stallings on an area through there and watch saw. South Carolina likes are counting. Doctors say you focus you've bill Lake Wylie there's still houses down or never dreamed right off 49 know that to you build the other side of the boys buster Bordick as we look toward those slots right unified and on the cut through which has passed the house I have now on it and now. We have to come on up we'll take you to peace and harmony which is agree Lombardi Lovelace companies Belmont you know our annual eskimo look at our new Harris teeter which opened up but no less than two weeks were pretty damn excited to have Harris teeter opened up again a skirt. They give my best you've challenged based on Brandon and an Alley and everybody and and all us see you soon and good luck tonight the should be funded discriminate Saudi 7 o'clock in general every two minutes is an immigration and I Newton CHR dot com Israel find him if you wanna build that house that we should just talk about another tune into WB TV tonight 730. Presentations of cemeteries and abuse counselor there. It'll be fun there's a car back there there's all sorts of stuff going on so I'd tune in their 7730. And then you can go to the game which should start until about 830 tell us the way that works and I will see you tomorrow as we kick off the big weekend. I had to 5 o'clock get things started about three.