Southwest Air Accident Details and Hawaiian Pizza

John Hancock
Thursday, April 19th

Hancok talks Pathers minority partners, the Southwest Air Line Accident Details, Hawaiian Pizza, and Free Range Parenting.


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This is John Hancock. Rather or other errors Thursday's Reagan Bayer by again. What has been really nice this week exhibits of wins he has been breezy every day. There's Fitch did. Nikki Haley is getting some are pretty interesting Inca will review of some of those places that she's get netting can now. Understand and up to the White House is so weak may have gotten some people's attention to the point that the New York Times and and actually kind of think that the singles Ludacris so it actually. Marketed out. We're right next to Ed Matt. I think I took notes on today than a road that next to my notes Nash there. Don't talk don't don't don't don't cover this. But at the more I thought about it the more ludicrous that god to other New York Times is reporting that there's a hot rumor in regard Daley's political future. And that is that she and the vice president Mike Pence and he and John tomorrow. He was touting North Carolina today opened a New Hampshire that Sheehan now vice president Mike Pence. Might form a 20/20 ticket. That would be the next election folks I would be the one that. Trump is already pretty much said he's probably gonna rear their run for office again. It's set in the New York Times piece aides to both skull off. As such suggestions. But the slightest hit of such a pairing would be would likely enraged your president too has made clear that he intends to run again for the story. While I think that's a pretty ludicrous angle from the New York Times. I can't imagine that. Well Mike pimps. When you have any conversation whatsoever with anybody at this particular time two years out more than two years out. About two. Running forming a he would do it. Agents say good day he's. He's saying he's too so he's too Smart to that you would not run the risk of jeopardizing your. On yourself this early. So I think that's just typical New York Times Washington Post CNN. Let's see what outlandish lion can we we don't need to have any approved photo we can say sources say. Or people. Requested anonymity because soon you know I mean that's journalism today C don't really have to have any. But once storyline to read hey I've got one how about we have tense and Haley. Thinking about swarming a ticket what makes you think. What makes you think Haley wants to run for vice president. Anyway we'll talk more about some of think it says she's they're getting today. Also in the news today Miguel Diaz can Melbourne roots Burt better mood Dennis. You know that is. Now. Castro was so much easier to turn outs. Prince is in the news they can't figure out there are really exactly. Worried up to drugs that killed him we'll talk about that. South past hair Southwest Airlines people still talking about that. And I took some other airline related stuff today that I command to that story. Apparently people are confused by the use rewards programs the mileage the frequent flyer stuff that. Can't imagine why. There's just a really small print that basically says can't do this kid do this kid do this kid do this kid do this but the problem. And found an article about the best times to book for a cheapest flights for all the all the seasons coming up so we'll throw that did you know that Barbara Bush and Marge Simpson. Corresponded back and forth between nine each other. Barbara Bush said so Mon nasty things about the Simpsons and a Marge Simpson wrote her a letter and Barbara Bush responded. And all have bids it's pretty chill cool actually all law have that for yesterday I was hoping to get to this obligated to a today. Because I think this is one of them. Well that's in the Wall Street Journal. So I would immediately it is gut. Validity. But divided nation asks. Hawaiian pizza yes or no. Apparently the idea of pineapple on pizza news. An unbelievably controversy all. Gordon Ramsay this celebrity chef. Professional jerk. Has called pineapple and ham style and Italian tragedy. Or it may be. But you can't necessarily tell me that what's going on with pizza these days is business they do real Trudeau Italian roots so off. So anyway well low bullet try to get to that too a before we don't wander around here does so well. A free range parity Utah just pass some legislation. Legalizing free range turning if you're wondering what that is do you remember how you are raised. That's free range starting. You're already ride your are your Iran would he say that Diddy remedy. When you rode your bike though you know you got to your bike on a Saturday morning and you're like our oil eroded up to those so. That they may not even head malls that McKenna had malls. Shopping center. Or are you. Your parents would do 10 o'clock in the morning you'd be around sitting there watching cartoons so much had your moment coming voters ahead. Douse. Don't come back tell your dad for dinner. So you would go out and you would know basically I hit the landscape and my we we owe wait my dad always built houses that we lived and so a lot of times we would. You end up like be in the first house out and a subdivision that was just getting started which means that there was still like up. A farmer or ranch on part of the land behind it and so we'd wander over their break into the guy's barn and hang out of there and and then you had like creeks you ever have creeks. And you go to construction sites and you get like breaker boxes and you dig goes into the side of the creek until they were like these little safes you know. Are you can't show garter snakes or box turtles are frauds and you bring him back in tournament did you ever have a window well. They have window wells anymore. Window well was when you had a basement they had those windows that were high you know there word though though what are they 36 inches. Wide by eighteen inches tall. And in order to get lie there or ground level and in order to get light pair. They would dig a hole out around the window and and they would put like galvanized steel or something like that in there and so you had window wells but they were these little container when you can put. Frogs and snakes and and stuff and there are. And now and then keep on. But to do turtles could stay there the frogs generally found a way to get out or may be was the snakes got them I never really thought that. No no wonder the enthralled sort of looks at them terrorized. When I decided to go into the house led all John. I think it's wait a minute they dole ought to leave me with a snake. All that was prearranged rarity that means they do you went out a new glow a new experiment and you got into a memorable there was shed. On our guys house one time and no we got into it. Always remember there's two of them were so terrible about it. And we got into it you're was all sorts of cool stuff in this thing. Until we distributed among ourselves. We have because you know I mean we were generous with one another and this was so no you take that Kenny. I'll take this. And then we found out later on that that that doesn't this guy's personal stuff. And so all he came around all the houses that'd been built in the neighborhood and knocked on all the doors and said. I don't want I can measure kids or anything that might jets been broken into. And awe and a lot of the stuff that as demeaning to me has been taken. And so meticulously our parents. Not just my house but about seven or eight other houses as well. Sat us down and had this conversation with us. And then we. We've fessed up. And then we brought all the stuff that we had to. Out to the living room. And we put it in a box and then at least in my case my parents made me carry that box up to this guy's house. And ring the doorbell. And apologize for breaking into a shed and handed use his stuff back. And he was fairly nice about it. Is nice as the guy probably should have been but does stupid part was. Iowa's the first one that made the effort. And so. He was appreciative for what I had done but he yelled at me because he wanted to know where the rest of his stuff well this is just part of it. Where the rest of it in a little. Prearranged parenting it can get your kids and trouble. But if you had net free range burning. Power and I have kill the last three and a half minutes. Observer has they have pretty interesting article in the paper today because you know Jerry rich and owns 48% of the pastor's threat to there's say a group of about a dozen wealthy individuals lot of names that you know. Then on the other 52%. And so those guys. Tend to have a pretty nice payday coming as well collectively. They all bought the team for 200 some odd million bucks and it's. Are gonna sulfur two point. Well I think tomorrow's top bed right now is two point six billion. He beat me Charleston businessman release that are want to. That's the number that it was reported bill last week. Would concede who reported that I policy forums but I don't know if that's. A New York Times and reported it to. And Navarro is believed to have a good two point 60 billion dollars. Anyway they found the observer. Catherine Peralta and Rick rock picker. Are right about. The percentages of the teams and and everybody who will benefit from the sale of that his minority partners and some of those minority partners may. She used to us stay with the new owner if they are. And invited they wouldn't have to be invented because. Better because they've already been. Vetted. And the names or names that you know. The Levine's family former fault for a Family Dollar Stores they own about ten point 4% of the team. Jerry and Steve words with. Words worth excuse me Rocky Mount Brothers food distribution business they own about 17% of the thing. The close Brothers American delegate chase the are close of those springs industries textile family. The belt family has about five point 2% of the team smokey Bissell he's in for about two and a half percent of the team. Cameron Harris got a percentage one point 3% says the Charlotte Observer Johnny Harris. Got one course at 1%. Would you like to have 1% of two point six billion dollars. Erskine Bowles probably has about they percent. Let us say some of those guys may yet choose two stay with the new owner is minority owners. And and and may be welcome on to do so but we'll just have to wait to see who the who via pending onerous that is coming up the note and around the bend so we'll see what happens I know that when I tomorrow is. Fort warning. Which probably doesn't mean a whole lot to many have you. But it means a lot to just about every state on the West Coast in the state of Colorado announced anybody who's legalized marijuana because that's the the do you have. Myriad marijuana enthusiasts around the world will be celebrating tomorrow. Port warning. It just so happens that April 20 four Torre has emerged as marijuana as annual high holiday. Orders by. This very much they. This'll this'll all I I believe was started by five North Carolina are no northern no California guys back in the day. Who I had this special code about they would meet. The day they came up with the Ford one he has a code to smoke marijuana while they were attending the same suburban San Francisco law high school back in 1971. And so the number was code that they would meet. At 4:20 PM. No I didn't go to school in San Francisco but. Attended your school about 330. So that was worse for twenty came from and millions of dollars cents have been known made over the years exploiting the number dozens of well 420 related Torrey are trademarks have been issued. And though that group of five guys they have none of the trademarks that are them amid a dime off of it. Com I think I guess they started to cash in a little bit but they don't have via big stakes to all of that stuff and if you pick up our current copy of our creative loving you'd think the North Carolina with a legalize it because there's all sorts of for twenty events in cities and other stores and around the area Amare all participating enough Ford when he events and so on and so forth but. But there's going to be a whole lot of them. But legally. A whole lot of fortunately action going on in none of the retail stores or book of North Carolina anyway for twenty tomorrow if you lie here all this works when he referenced in euros to. Confusion as to what it all means now you know she's. I'm. So they don't know I'm. They don't know who gave France the counterfeit pills. And they don't have any evidence to charge anybody and so that's the end of the prince investigation. Suffered a fatal overdose in Torre sixteen took fentanyl pills that were disguised as. By Camden. They do a two year investigation. The authorities in Minnesota say they haven't been able to uncover a group provide. Those counterfeit pills and does so there's no criminal I don't know criminal charges to be filed. There's no reliable evidence that shows how. Prince obtained that camera pit by Cuban. That contains fentanyl. And Norris a clear whether or not prince or any of his associates. Even knew that he was taken fentanyl. Bottom line is is that they don't off. They don't have sufficient evidence to charge anybody with a crime then in Los some blood got a new evidence or witnesses a merger or anything like that it's a done deal they don't that that's that. I just before the announcement authorities said that princes doctors and agreed to pay a 30000 dollar settlement announced in a separate allegation. And that was that day he had prescribed painkillers in the name of prince's body guard knowing that they would Debbie used by the entertainer himself is the doctor Michael Todd Shula and bird. Who allegedly wrote the prescription for our Arctic photo and under a false name and they they said that was to protect the singer's privacy though his attorney disputed that assertion begin on a Thursday said do a better client to have settled to avoid legal costs in the non. A certain outcome so. That the investigation into the death of princes say is over. There was an hour. Your article that came out to our earlier this week on prince. On the as we hit the second anniversary of his a death. His heirs have yet to collect pay a dollar from his estimated 200 million dollar state. It in Adelaide and have failed well. And if you do that man you're just leave an area huge headache for Europe. For your family bankers and lawyers and consultants have all learned their millions from a and that's generally what happens. But to. As for settling the estate. I know will. The lawyers. Probably had a big smile on their face from the found that out because they'll always get theirs. The executor of the estate Comerica bank and trust. Can't split the money among them prince's six surviving siblings until the IRS service. And executor or agree on the estate's value when prince died it's not clear when that might happen to spend two years. The IRS in the state of Minnesota are entitled to collect about half. Of that 200 million dollar state. And then the lawyers are gonna get all of theirs in the they're gonna divided by six after that. Salaam. I don't know maybe you're worth 200 million dollars or not. But if you don't have a will you're really gonna headache behind for other people that you'll pull get your baggage stuff. And and the other part of that is that the estate can stretch out those payments over time so how that'll. Irons out by the time it's also and done with I guess we'll just have to wait and see a veteran or so there's latest on prince which in our yards for just chomping at the bit to a to know about this prince's big subject matter here if what difference between. All right here's my favorite story of the day. At one point Barbara Bush was interviewed in the wake of the death of Barbara Bush. The. That one point B First Lady. Actually the Simpsons show runners had a cancer respects by sharing IR a letter that she wrote to Marge Simpson. And they posted a note on a Tuesday an honorable Barbara Bush. The letter exchange stems from an interview that Barbara Bush did in 1990 with People Magazine and in it she referred to the show the Simpson's as the dumbest thing. She's ever since. And on behalf of Marge Simpson. Mrs. bush received a very kind letter expressing both the characters admiration and disappointment. So the cast took it upon themselves on behalf of Marge Simpson to write mrs. bush a letter. And it said in part I recently read your criticism of my family. Heaven knows were far from perfect and if truth be known may be just to weed bit short of normal. But as Dr. Seuss says a person is a person. I try to teach my children Bart and Lisa and even little Maggie always to give somebody the benefit of the doubt and not talk badly about them. Even if they're rich. It's hard to get them to understand this advice win the very when the Burr are very First Lady in the country calls us not only dumb. But the dumbest thing it. She ever saw. And then march concludes by noting that she believes that she in the First Lady probably have a lot in common. And hope to find a way out of this controversy. No insults no harsh language. Just. Tongue in cheek to some extent but was edited and good letter written in the spirit of one mother trying to connect with another. So Barbara Bush got it. And it seems that Barbara Bush recognize the cordial nature of the exchange. And oh wasn't above responding to it and one of the things we talked about what Barbara Bush yesterday obviously I don't know or from Adam I just know what I've seen. But she was so unbelievably loyal to family. And you didn't seem to suffer fools to gladly that if she. I mean I've seen the Barbara Bush glare with people that I don't think she'd totally improved over I don't think he wanted to Barbara Bush cooler. But anyway her answer in part read Al kind of you to write she writes back Marge Simpson fictional character. How kind of you to write. I'm glad you spoke your mind I foolishly didn't even think you had one. She later in the note noted that margin her family actually said a good example for the rest of the country and she even noted that. Homer looks like up handsome Fella. Please forgive my loose tongue is how she. Concluded her lever warmly. Barbara Bush. I just thought those and he'd exchange a Spanish origin the a character off. On the First Lady who we mourn and most say goodbye to on a Saturday. We'll talk about the Southwest Airlines thing next half hour but still one of the things coming at us read about it. People that use the oxygen masks right. And that's one of the instructions that they that we go to we all ignore at the beginning of a flight to. But if you look at the picture that they've that's published that it shows everybody with the oxygen masks up to their face. But they don't cover their nose with that. It's supposed to cover you know that your mouth. They also loves to read a thing or it talks about. How small an opening can beef to suck a large person out of a plane. And when we talked and I'll talk about the so Romeo get into the next half hour but that the idea. Yes you can get sucked out of a plane. But it's not quite what you've seen in the movies. And it would probably happen to one person because that plane would do or depressurized pretty quickly. But it can be a pretty small opening. It to make a person. Small enough to go out like a window and usually your dollar window and an airliner looks like it doesn't look like it's big enough to yeah it. Trust me there's enough power there're. On Vatican do just that I guess what I don't quite understand is that woman started to get sucked out of that are planned dividend they pulled her backing him. Admiral how all that works. So are you we will see early voting starts today so if you're planning on you can now go to under the harm Al Marshall senator today and then there will be other areas that opened. Thus soon but how Marshal on no the 27 you can start casting your ballots at fifteen other sites around the county but to help Marshall center. Why is open it to 8 o'clock as of this morning so early voting on Mecklenburg County sheriff. There are a lot of races that are going on none that the paper highlights the ones little bit technically represent the final election there are three guys that are running for Mecklenburg County sheriff they're all Democrats. So whoever wins the primary is gonna win name is going to be the next sheriff. And many of you. I know Gary McFadden we've had Gary McFadden on the show several times he's the guy who did they show on none. BTU Allenby tee it was. It went the name of the show was. Homicide a teacher de homicides it'd been here in no way and in Charlotte he's been on show a couple of times and we like Gary a lot. And he probably has wondered why I'm not returning his phone calls and Gary if you're listening I'll tell you why. 'cause I'm not doing an hour and a half on the sheriff's race. An equal time as well we tried to get you on before you registered. Equal time is of I have Gary Rex had an era and I do laugh our Gary McFadden that I got to do a half hour with Antawn in easily and I've got into a half hour or the urban DR Michael. And I'm not doing an hour and a half on the sheriff's race. So why am. And and that her when Carmichael. I got to know during the last election. Oh when he was running in no we were certainly in his or window and I'm quite frankly I don't know and one n.'s live from mom from Adam. Solo. And I'm not Democrat. Although. I am unaffiliated so if you do early voting are you decide to two vote in the elections in the primaries. It's one of the reasons I am unaffiliated as you can choose which. Which party to vote on Monday in the primaries you know Republican or Democrat. So I don't know what all do on that one mr. Mecklenburg district attorney is another. Our race. Dead today is in these primaries that whoever wins that will be the Mecklenburg district attorney. County commission number two is Vilma leak and Angela Edwards whoever wins that. Will be the county commissioner doesn't matter what happens in the regular election the primary burden much ask axes via election. Our county commissioner districts three that's George Dunlap. And Angela Ambrose. And did George should Georgie. And opera pronounces them right. And Dick county commissioners district four. Three Democrats vying for the open seat there are O Li Altman. Mark Gerald. Queen Thomson whoever wins that's all those races whoever wins the primary. Wins the election because there is no opposition. Can you say gerrymandering. Yes probably. So why anyway that's all that works an equal love and the open voting is as good as of tonight all stars of today. I also want to 98. We told you about going down at the a deal worth neighborhood grill this afternoon at 630. They're doing the dole you have to see pro football pre draft party all the things the guys down there Chris Kroger and company to be down there's only on air guys are down there and and they got Dray Bly and got Omar Gaither ex NFL football players. And they got a guy named that in a Steve managed from a ESPN's scouts Souza a draft expert. And has sold all be down and Ted gill a deal worth neighborhood grill tonight and you buy a ticket for the thing and you get the ESPN draft guide 2018 ESPN draft guide. And Mayo buff today. And Corona beer and a whole lot more and just go to would get by perks dot com you get tickets for that. And then an 8 o'clock tonight on the NFL network they're gonna announce the 2018 NFL schedule. And we'll find out not only the sequence that the Panthers only playing but whether or not you get no Thursday night games are Monday night games are. All that stuff so it's presented by Verizon 8 o'clock tonight two hours. It takes them two hours to announce. The NFL schedules tonight. They used to release this on eight postcard. Now they've turned it in July 2 hour specials. So it ties hosted by Scott Hanson and will include does Steve Mariucci. And our current order and Maurice Jones-Drew who is the worst vause mock draft her I've ever seen. And it'll break down entire schedule division by division analyzing the top Mac job scenario primetime games and the eighteen game Thursday night football schedule will be announced that will be on fox in the NFL network good this week. And last week we got the unifil pre season schedules so you'll laugh you'll know exactly what the schedule is for Europe Carolina Panthers if you watch that those special tonight ESPN just oh by the way. Milk hyper picked us to have picked a Stanford safety Justin reed with a 24 pick in the he's in the NFL draft. And we can use a safety so maybe that's pretty accurate or mail or get a receiver. Or may be in light of everything that's come down with a great also this week we start looking at tight seemed. I know. First passenger fatal fatality in the the US airline and almost a decade. Flying pretty safe deal. Right up to the point that it's not 43 year old Jennifer Riordan. New Mexico partially sucked out of the Southwest Airlines plane on Tuesday she later died. When the engine exploded. Smashed. A window in her role. Rare. Kind of thing has actually happened before. In one case at aloha airlines flight attendant was sucked out of a plane went nail hole opened up in the roofs that happened in April 1988 ST you know you may remember that from the news it was almost like they've got a convertible admitted it to cut. From section now. And then a year later nine passengers were sucked out of a United Airlines flight after an explosive decompression. I took place. Air inside and out playing cabin is pressurized so people can breathe this plane climbs and I hi Al higher altitudes so I don't know when it meets outside here in fail lower pressure because of. Puncture. It creates suction with enough force. To pull a passenger. A retired United Airlines captain by the Amer Ross eight immersed quoted on no CBS news as saying you have an incredible. Amount of pressure trying to rush out of that small opening and it could literally suck a larger person. They could have become so small that they would go through that window. The the picture that as started generate. Shows all of these people with the oxygen mask is obviously those those oxygen masks dropped. And everybody you can see in the picture. But those masks that drop down and emergencies allow passengers to continue breathing. In in and cases of pressure loss. But this picture I saw on USA today. There are several if not most of these southwestern passengers. Who do not have their masks over their noses just over their mouths. And it's supposed to go over your mouth and your nose and this is one of the things that the flight attendants always played out in Naira safety instructions. Now would be your your all of our own worst enemy to some extent if there's if this is the first fatality that happened in a decade. Well then you ignore the flight attendant because. Can't happen to me. Ever happens. But as this points out you probably at least ought to have the basics down now because these people put that thing over their mouth but not over their mouth and nose. That would be ineffective. The firefighter. Ever read about this guy until today Texas firefighter Andrew need army's 34 years old he was one of the passengers who helped pull. Riordan a lady the victim. Back into the plane before she died he said I'm trained for emergency situation that's just exactly what this was I just automatically fill moved act. And his wife Stephanie was praising the pilot who's gonna want to praise Tammy Jo Schultz. Because apparently not only did she. Take control that plane and get it landed safely but she then spoke individually there was many rattled passengers issue could says she's just an amazing person. And and she is getting her. Her new wondered if she'll get. Sully Sullenberger. Attention now I would expect that she probably might that we might see your start to show up on note today shows may be season. And a CBS and so on and so forth. So the investigators trying to figure out what went on there focusing on the blown engines external cover or the howling. According to the Wall Street Journal this morning in one theory is that it's a fan blade. Broke loose inside the engine which in itself they say should not have been a catastrophic a problem. But the list blade and the resulting vibrations that'd cause skin head can cause the engine cover our parts of it to become dislodged and then that would have been what smacked into the plane and broke this window and it's it's. It's unbelievable. I would watch and people talk on none of the TV last night come about this lady who died Jennifer Riordan. And. She's a New Mexico businesswoman. And they were able to pull her back into the jet. But they are she was pronounced dead on the in better Pennsylvania hospital after the that'd be your plane landed in Philadelphia. I mean it's an unbelievable story you're you're on it's got like we're just talked about you've been on. How many times you ever flown I I got I could even count the times I've flown. You don't ever think anything's gonna happen if you think anything you think. In knew you were about the plane going down. You don't think about. Pieces of the engine breaking out a window and so she sent in error window seat she's the vice president of our community relations suffer Wells Fargo. Was a graduate of the University of New Mexico. And mother of two. Marriage you are Michael Riordan. Who served until recently as the chief operating officer for the city of Albuquerque. National Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert some Waltz said that one of the engine's fan blades was separated and missing so that's what their. They're looking at the cowling we just kind of told you about that but when you start to read about the lady that just monitor on business on a flight that. There was no reason to believe that there was going to be a new drama and that. And that was that was her last day on earth. The I saw an article in on fox that said how could a passenger gets sucked out of an airplane. During met to southwest flight with the mid air engine explosion. We keep on reading about this lady being partially sucked out of the airplane so window after this piece of shrapnel parlor broke through the window and label left her dad. And they say while movies often depict exaggerated strains of bed scenes of passengers being sucked out of plain windows. They say in reality doesn't really happened so dramatically and net as a result. And is the southwest incident proves. It is possible. I in fact this isn't the first time something like this is occurred 2016 a passenger was sucked out of a gaping hole after re a possible bomb attack. On an airline flight over Somalia. 198818. Foot section of a law airline cabin knows the roof ripped off flight attendant was ejected from the plane. Three instances by the way the lady on the southwest plane the other day was wearing her seat belt. In instances. Our. Said these this is the current win an explosive decompression. When he pressurized air inside the cabin leaves the cabin at a fast rate but not every instance of explosive decompression bullied to people being sucked out of an airplane. The large scale structural failures can cause disaster dangerous rapid decompression. A small hole in the airplane fuselage won't necessarily have the same disaster is rich rooted results. Jonathan Franklin as a commercial pilot with KLM Dutch airlines royal Dutch airlines. And he said that the air pressure difference inside and outside the planet cruising altitude isn't typically enough to go full vacuum cleaner. When the whole punctures the cabinet been initially there will be a rush of air enough to blow loose papers and items of a clothing around. And about a second later he said the pressure inside and outside equalizers. And you're just left with air rushing past the hole in the and the fuselage. He said it will be noisy. And it'll be called third of my Dinah thermodynamics. Lower air pressure creates lower temperatures. In your oxygen mask will drop but it won't. Beat those images of bodies being sucked into oblivion like. The double O seven. Movies and and stuff like that the Cuba since. Red tides it's an unbelievable story no more you read about it tomorrow it's just. I mean I don't wanna just summon up with a one line bitches go and you discovered I mean you just have to think it was her time don't you. Because it's just such jail freaky thing. That she would you did she would be in that seat at that time for that incident to. It's just bizarre all right Nikki Haley we'll talk about her neck. Nikki Haley glory to order earlier this week here's a putter I think given no lose situation. If she had soft the president any decides to file error and I'm not just say it is a rumor that that's gonna happen but ammunition dead. She can be. Cult hero would gee I don't think getting fired by our Donald Trump is gonna necessarily be a mark against you and in fact. If she does have a higher political aspirations president or vice president owners on the lying about one's. Well then she becomes somebody who was competent while she was a day UN ambassador. I certainly was confident when she was the governor of a South Carolina. And stood up to the Trump's turf instead of the administration and and didn't. End and didn't allow them to. Embarrass her publicly. So should get a lot of attention for her not so subtle rejoinder. To the White House. Which we began no wind she declared that the United States would be imposing new sanctions on Russia on the Sunday talk shows. Only to have the president change his mind about them. And then the economics advisor Larry Kudlow. Gets on and says that she must have suffered from momentary confusion. To which she answered with all due respect I don't get confused. And hours the name that tune and then Kudlow apologized for his original remarks. And I don't know that we've heard from mom Nikki Haley sense she's just decided do. But that her point's been made I guess. CNN Jerry diamond found her act of defiance as he calls it stunning. Given that public humiliation is kind of a rite of passage for many top officials in the trouble administration he writes. Any includes Rex Tillerson the former secretary of state. And John Kelly chief of staff who have gone along with the F president's contradictions. In a silence. Haley statement made it clear that she won't tolerate. Being publicly humiliated. Police that's the viewpoint of Politico today. And that story also notes that haley's influence in the administration is generally on the upswing. Given that she routinely clashed with the now ousted Tillerson on foreign policy but has been and is more in sync with his likely successor. Mark from pale Mike Pompeo. So lob. It'll be dancing to watch Nikki Haley and and see where all of this goes for her like I said I think right now she's kind of in a win win situation. If she continues. That's a good thing. If she for servers and another order a fall out of favor with the Donald Trump when he word to urge you were to be wanting his casualties I think you can almost where that is. As a star next to your name. And the fact that she stood up to him. A woman I mean among. Stand and outdo what Donald Trump I believe that we'll herder either. So us some of the trop allies this they're worried that Haley who is only 46 years old is putting together own political brand ahead of them. The president. The hill writes today clearly she has. Machinations for higher office and and will do anything to continue rising even if it eventually means throwing trump and his administration under the bus shouldn't throw anybody under the bus. She got thrown under the bus crawled out from underneath and said hey don't do that. And then the New York Times which I think their story is ludicrous talked about that briefly earlier but they say there's a rumor regarding our she and Mike Pence may be forming a a 20/20 ticket. And and I that to me that's just. That's a typical load these days New York Times Washington Post CNN hey what can we print today without. Any justification and I can't imagine that to Mike Pence would have. Even entertained. A casual discussion about anything having to do with 22 audio longer sees vice president. Under the or the current president. Haley isn't the only cabinet member that that trump crossed up on the foreign policy in recent days he Erica and overruled his defense cheaper John Madden Jim Mattis as well. About getting congressional approval love for the strike on nasseria Mattis wanted to. And and trump overruled him on a and after they ended the Syria attacked. Are vs a scream about it so that's the way the that goes new president down in Cuba. His name's not as easy to pronounce as Castro. He was the vice president there Miguel Diaz canal. Bermudez he's 57 years old he was pretty much the overwhelming favorite. To replace Castro. Although he doesn't really replace Castro Castro may be stepping down but he's not giving up power he remains the head of the F Cuba Communist Party. And that gives it broad authority including oversight on the guidance replacing him sole even as things change. They pretty much remained the same. So they announced the schedule and I've been apparently a week. Fifteen Monday night game. Against New Orleans. I have it would trim longer deployments. I've been may have exposed by their hands full wrap up. 128 in regular season with two games in a three week span against the division rival and their nemesis from all last season. The New Orleans Saints they will host the saints and a Monday night game so it'll be here. Monday night game we fifteen before traveling to a New Orleans to conclude the regular season and we seventy. The Wii got New Orleans. And two times out of the last bit to give the last three games. We'll schedule is released tonight after 8 o'clock two hour special do nothing that they. They don't do on the unifil network. And breakdown all the and all of Thursday night games and all of that stuff so world. It's you know what we know. April 19. 109 days into the year 256 days to go it was on this date 1898. 120 years ago today. My grandmother was born. I know she's no longer resist. But will they was Edna. It's one of those names you don't see a whole lot anymore. She was always Mimi to me it's my moms moms. My mom's mom. And then just this week but April 19 as a birthday and I think she was born 1898 she lived to be a 101 almost a 102 years old. And my mum. Who I think is 92 and now. And she may be. You may be that record this she's still justice. Helping them activists she can be. Good genes are in the realm of odd. 1987 on this date the Simpsons made their television debut and they are short goodnight segment on the Tracey Ullman Show. Who would've thought that that would go on to be the longest one of the longest running show ever. 199351. Days siege of the branch Davidian building outside of Waco Texas ended when a fire broke out 81 people died there. And then 1995. Was read about the last night taken oh my gosh tomorrow could be a day for some nut case there's a kind of got a target this this. Beyond. Oklahoma City bombing. In 1995. Alfred. 168 people I TV personality JoAnne gains. Fixer upper fame and also from Waco Texas forty years old. But today. Huge win and buried parts of Utah and California under tumbleweed you see in this world so they were trapped or one homeowner trapped inside his house for hours. All emergency workers tried to clear a path that tumbleweed Sig couldn't get out of his house. And the country music song in there somewhere and a man wearing a mask carrying a knife was arrested outside the Beverly Hills home of Taylor Swift. If convicted they each and Iceland escaped from prison fled the country on the same plane as the country's prime minister. How does that work. Governor of Missouri is refusing to resign despite being caught stealing from a charity and threatening a woman with the army had had an affair. And along the mosques space X launched a giant space telescope. Into orbit yesterday. Amazon prime now has a hundred million members. Just pays those revealed day yesterday that the CO prime membership service hundred million paid customer's mission rob worldwide. Company hasn't done previously offered a specific number about its prime members instead keeping the size. Although one of its most important businesses are secret there are currently sixteen prime countries in the United States. Is its biggest market. And don't fall for the sake coupons that are promising free Starbucks coffee Enron over all the problems they've had this week. After we go the two African American men arrested did beat Philadelphia Starbucks is an Internet hoax. That is falsely suggesting that people. That the company has issued a coupon that entitles African Americans to free coffee. They're fake. And they followed days of protest of personal apology to the men from the company's CEO and an announcement that the company would close more than 8000 US stores on May the 29 to educate employees about. Racial bias but the coupons. Which are circulating on social media say the holder is entitled to one free drink. Limited to persons of African American Heritage and or identity. Many used that phrase. Or use the phrase the best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee and we'd like to buy your blog. Well it might have been a good idea. Unfortunately. It was at Starbucks idea to their faith pitches off. And gaga really VTR god John you mentioned your grandmother being born in the late 1811898. Which I think god I think that's right a 120 years ago today. Mine was to 1896. To be exact she died in 1979 I'm always amazed. Are always amazed me during her lifetime the technology they went from the Wright Brothers to the man on the mood I'm sure technology is increasing even faster now but. The net effect is always amazed me Dave. I've got a broken home. And I'm beverage racking my brain termer where it's called but I think it's called best of times or something along those lines and in essence it's almost like an encyclopedia. Of the twentieth century and it starts in 19100 and ends and no 2000. And it's. And and everything in netbook toy I bought the book everything in that book happened in my grandmother's lifetime. And it's small print and thick and quality have been I mean if it's Saturday I mean you can just open it up and anyplace and it'll say you know 1946. Or whatever it is to tell what's going on. Everything that's happened in that book happened in my grandmother's lifetime by it's just as so I'm kind of the same ways you are if you think of all the things that happen in a century and then you put that into a lifetime. And and and her case it was pretty much can be easily located from 19100 to 2000 the same parameters that that book yet but yeah you look at. You look at I mean I've kind of thought about this and anybody my a majority burial acute that is had kids recently. Aura that has had grandkids. You look at the world a little bit differently or use think about it a little bit differently and I look at two six and a half month old granddaughter remind. And so what world the world be that she grows up in what will that world be when she graduates high school of seven jittery team when she's my age. What what world is she living yeah. You can't predict that you have no ideal you've if I'd a told you that I have been dead term is that the iPad. Still just amazes me no end. Because it no wires to it there's no and it's this magic thing that I can now carry around with me and somebody says. What what was ever have like his middle name. I can tell you about eighteen seconds. Exactly you know I did did technology. Getting that first computer in the house and what was that about 9456. So Micah. Scared to death I was gonna hit the wrong button and race everything. So yeah I'd say it's it's pretty music. Still more tonight bush is in town that was genius in a big Jesus are all not. All Omnia bill tonight Fillmore 745. A a prelude to your big weekend for twenty is tomorrow for those of you who are planned to participate on back come back after the 5 o'clock news gonna talk pizza. As in the Wall Street Journal announced via. It has to be. An issue right. Headline and you don't divided nation asks. Hawaiian pizza yes or no. Celebrities world leaders stake out positions. Pineapple on pizza. TJ is off on is delayed honeymoon. I guess I'd call that he may not all of them. But Darren and it did Georgia admit TJ that so just appalled by the idea of pineapple on pizza. I mentioned a couple of times got he just say just things that most vile thing you can I think it's great. With onion. I could black olives on mine. Am. Maybe. Gordon Ramsey calls it an Italian tragedy. I probably. But. All pizza. It good dude most pizza there's an Italian tragedy that don't follow the guidelines of Italy on that. What to tell you about dominoes. To palliative out there about little Caesars c'mon. Dario talk peace who we come back and many other side. We told you about the fake coupons that are promising free Starbucks coffees to African Americans those are fake. So what are called opens and they ought to be offering bathroom passes. They should. They should've been very little actually there are the ones that should've thought of the free coupons. I'd I think actually that's kind of a cool idea. These coupons that are not. Real so you can't use them but most of them have a phrase on numbness says the best dialogue starts over a cup of coffee we'd like to buy you one. I would have been a perfect antidote for. And you know they get all over charge like they always do the rest of us now what made up for the cost to the free ones that they give to. Anybody else. If you up. They be seen as video of this sick kid did ask the Arab the Pope. Nameless. Emanuel. Wanted to know his father was and have an even though he didn't believe in dowdy asked the Pope that. There's a video. Shows the Pope embracing this kid who's distraught. And many addresses the kid's question a return to the crowd says a boy that inherited the strength of his father also has the courage to cry in front of all of us. Should this man was able to create children like this it's true that he is they have a good man. That man did not have the gift of faith wasn't a believer but he had his children baptized he had a good heart. And he then asked the crowd so what are you think a father's heart god. Has a dad's heart. And with the dead who was not a believer but who baptized his children and gave them brook for a do you think god would be able to leave him move far from himself. And the crowd mostly children jotted back no and the Pope responded to the boy they're a manual that's your answer. I'm not sure fire. Theologically agree with the Pope. But. Well like the story. Hi and quite frankly I guess I hope the pope's right. I don't remember where I first had a pineapple on pizza. Google is doing a morning show in boulder and they had a California style pizza place opened up and they brought us some of peace in the studio. And and there were like there was pineapple on now. And and that would have been no. Eighty solemn. But anyway it didn't take it didn't take me longer as soon as. Discover the reality of our pineapple on a pizza than. The. Big big big big big dilemma. Wall Street Journal article big dilemma. A divided nation asks. Hawaiian pizza. Yes or no. Gordon Ramsay celebrity chef called DO pineapple and ham style pizza. An Italian tragedy. Don Denton to. There's a few issues have drawn such universal higher or impassioned defense as Hawaiian pizza. The polarizing pizza that. Slices families apart and. Now a global symbol of questionable taste. Political leaders celebrities. Would be lovers are judged on the answer to one question does pineapple belonged. On a pizza. On hater which is dating app that matches it's so 100000 users by their mutual dislikes while. What a pleasant. That and a well well. Well it's lets this get as many negative people as we candidacy of we can no promote. Now you look like Kryptonite to look at out. Well I don't normally dig guys as fat as you know but yeah sure. You have money. On hater a dating app that match is a 100000 users by their mutual dislikes Hawaiian pizza was the most widely. He tested food of 2017. Beating out sprayed she is. And overstuffed burritos. Now I guess I would have to agree with Oman spray cheese. Although all kind of like a Q&A cool. Whip that. Nozzle in your mouth and her cheeks full whatever it is had worse. But I read that Torre years so. Arum goofed up who is they are chef turned food writer his theorized that these scorn for Hawaiian pizza. Boils down to a leaked Islam. Good to argued that demonizing. Or scares me did you deal legitimizing. A person's pizza preferences for breaking. With tradition as the foremost snobbery. By the way do today is April Hawaiian pizza guy hip hop artist break. Claimed to enjoy. Inks video games streaming side does like twitch. And musician Nick Jones Jonas. Whose father. Nick senior loan is now always in downtown Belmont we're gonna try to talk to him when no we go out there for the hometown tour week from tomorrow. Nick Jonas. Crew and about Hawaiian pizza in a video imploring fans shall remain open minded. I know I love those Jonas and we feel. We took the 80 brother parents up there one time dual meet Kevin Jonas and I is a sister. So what was the David Brothers or in laws meet me or Jonas Brothers and all's we're grateful and and I think I've been a social liberty that darted to and always ever since. In the April parents now Jim David. I can't get the David Brothers are but in a gym there. Armed. Iceland's president. Play fully proposed a ban on pineapple pizza last year. New Zealand's then prime minister embraced the fruit in AF FaceBook post the Canadian prime minister just entered road tweeted his allegiance to. Hash tag team pineapple. In Washington DC that we the pizza. Near Capitol Hill. Pies topped with honey ham and pizza. Are the best seller. Some Hawaiian pizza lovers have but I tried to experiment and now gone too far. Ms. Johnson the University of Arizona soft moral order dale barbecued chicken pizza foray campus Ron eatery in a Tucson. While stay as studying for mid terms and no paid extra add pineapple she said the pizza arrived with a message scrawled an add on marker on inside the lid. Along were they a five dollar bill said. Couldn't bring myself to put pineapple on it that's gross sorry if you ever put pineapple on a barbecued chicken pizza. I have. It's killer. Hawaiian pizza has. Has split eaters since the early 1960s. When they Greek restaurant guy by the name of Sam. Put novelists. Began serving and his family diner in southern Ontario Canada so that's the origination. Of Hawaiian pizza. Was in twenty years later that I they're got my first taste of pineapple on a piece of that was about the time that eighties is when I was working that KB CEO in boulder and that's when Domino's was starting to explode dollar Specter in the if you didn't get it in thirty minutes it was free. How old. About this old. And flushing my hands up right now giving the six to put their OK we're done. Mr. Penn topple us who died last year at the age of 83 claimed that he invented the Hawaiian pizza while experimenting with that I can defeats. Which are canned pineapple which was cause can pizza sucks. And it takes such a big Kim. So this guy on the Chinese retro is Chinese are dishes any guess also pizza as well at Torrey discovered all the stuff. So they're big dogs the article in the Wall Street Journal so this is not just light fare this is a pretty serious stuff pineapple on pizza. Yes no comment 7045711. Just. I act any Mallard to your phone call on this ticket two and a female says. I believe if everything goes as far as he's concerned good Domino's or Pizza Hut is as good as they were back in the seventies and eighties I agree with that entirely. In fact there are pizza that's up in northeastern busily when I got out there were the best I ever had. Not the best piece I ever had been to best pizza huts I ever had I don't know of those because they put more garlic and their roster did some but there were just a little greasy or overload you're good stuff. And Domino's. Maybe it's our members are working against us but dominoes in the eighties was very much better than they are now. At least that's what remind tells you says if you haven't tried that you need to check out a men's CEO. I NI ZIOI. Haven't. If my diabetes type two allows me I will. Overdue bill we go on WB don't hold and build up work yeah Billy you're not on you're not old anymore Pritchard complainant. I let that get you. Yeah. While that Butler bubble big. But you know about what probably yeah army public PGA soon. You know we grew up and give. Reagan debate do little little Mario and make them proud Apple's well this. So I thought apple web cam yeah. And yes that would really get. So mad I tell me how do you do that again you do early June 2 days the bread. Yeah and manage. You know. We'll build my little note certain banned. That like a flight and apple pineapple. I remember about Apple's well. I never heard of that I never thought of that now do you ever did you ever put onions on it. All the negative. I know you have to Graham who Andy and I and I am a red onions in pineapple it's also one of the reopened I don't pizza because there's something about onions and pineapples that are kind of the exact opposite to one another but they work. Bob at least they can have onion that ignore it Harlem right now watched got. One time thing to bring to the brim then it's a mustard belt button. I got big ceremony and had to Gordon and mark onions level but I'll. That would got older thought. Now you said you were you just turned 58 how old were you when you called and we pigeon hole. I'm not out now are not quite there yet beyond that you can go on it now all of my friend if there have been a drop side made public but they are widened. And and little wonder what eligibility I wish you may go see your son now and I appreciate all of I thank the work all right all his bill will do the same back on the other side. An hour from now. Good deal or neighborhood girl. Draft preview party WF and C. Looking for something to do our way to avoid traffic guards around there and I just pulled women know join the guys down there should be a good job. Americans can't get through the day without cursing. The bells that all about how we'll find out what that is over comeback may. Wall Street Journal that article about. A divided nation. Hawaiian pizza yes or no as a retirement center a couple of people look on and on and and emails and and we'll move on for -- of pizza in north Lincoln's great Chrysler rock me. David is called in I didn't know that village and had pizza hey David how are you. Are you I'm good thank you protect our our insurer sheriff thank you for college Billy Jin has pizza. How well our. We were prepared their ability and all that really jump they can have it if you like the people that they'll wait they'll cut you to take back in the seventy. I especially that they are crispy friend there's there's are our. Pizza chain called Billy Dan and that's wrestler Rourke and Arctic are close she gets dirtier Morris go. I'm a taste exactly like Pizza Hut there in crispy pizza you. Pay is just wherever it is is like get an a frame. Aren't yeah our look at the bear bit stay barrel or a parent bank where prayer. When in Shelby for awhile and they want no one and Shelby horrid because there was it was Sheldon turner road media concern to bear Eric. Ron did that was just peppering Cornelia but it it went out there are the problem is there a little bit more expensive. I may they are route most we're both straight saying I am. You know when you're you're charging eight or nine parts are bought bay when Eaton got to see each other. Part fifty and made they went out of business Bancorp myriad because it's one of remorse go. And other when I moved here of our courage obvious and had a godfathers those are long I do our drug policy there aren't you can only grew very rarely. Yeah not around here anymore it's got a lunch lots uses only one location and Estonia remember no one of those things did get John I don't know 'cause. They put out great product there and I appreciate comment thank you. Thank you I golfing goes Libya. Do you know I restaurants give your bread before you order the Vieira asked the question you ever thought about done. I never have I saw this the other day. Ought to sit down restaurants. They give your restaurant they they give your bread. What they do that. Because customers or pains and above all are awaiting according to industry experts and Brett essentially helps keep them quiet and patient all the way to third table dozens unpaid. So vague. It's like birds. Meritorious of bread. That basket brighter chips to bread sticks to bidding on the air restaurant helps ward off angry notes. Then we all know how our tempers flare when we're starving so free baskets of bread equal happy not angry customers. Just it's also would be the same thing and Rex good restaurant yourself. Are more restaurants going cash Los refusing to accept cash. And only taking credit cards debit cards and now contact page systems like apple pay. The S salad chains tender greens and sweet green on the we have either one of those are among them. Starbucks and shake shack have been testing it in no one of their location shake checked opens next week. And Doug Parker job picture. Seattle in New York apparently this is fairly common restaurant owners say going Daschle speeds up the order process. USA today notes that restaurants get most of the benefits including less time counting bills. Reduced theft. Not having to pay for armored cars and no worries about armed robberies. It does raise questions about. Whether or cash flows operation discriminates against Cardoso teenagers in the pour about. Massachusetts ransom so does that they don't allow. Having a discrimination against cash buyers law on the books since 1978 USA today says that there are questions in terms of whether it's even a good idea up now pointing to a Bankrate dot com. Data that shows upscale colonials who were sought after customers prefer to pay in cash. And that more than a third of Americans between the ages of eighteen to 37. I don't have a credit card. It to be almost standard joke would you do be replaced and say you know do you dig cash because being an armored Cadillac off. But now there's places them know they're not taking cash. The idea of not having any money on the premises and now. And no cutting off your bigger risk of robbery and stuff that's a pretty inching concept led to respond to them. There's a new study. Conducted by nine round kick box fitness. Windy Mollison thinking about you. She's to work here she used to work at the end and she owns a big a couple of those franchises now. Brain endeavor it doesn't walking away you doron and her last time I was in Dallas. Ordered a sidebar also. Done. Or rather shares. I new study finds the average American utter their first curse word of the day about 1054 a him. I guess that would depend on when you get up. I get up and about 515. I generally are trying to. Hold off as long responsible. Six picture of team. Study found financial worry to be the biggest cause of stress and frustration among Americans 56% they also up. I'll follow that up by such time watered stressed contributors is not getting enough sleep. Health concerns. And work. Work. Stressful. There are some Americans that are less stressed and frustrated about things that no one might not expect for instance one in 109%. Boosted the environments. As a source of stress and frustration for them and 4% actually said that the national deficit stresses them out. Why I suppose I worry about that but not to the point that it would do increase my L blood. Pressure or anything like that they got curious 3% to the they've been stressed out about the national deficit within the past week. Slow Wi-Fi is is enough to send 52% of Americans. On into a Tizzy I give you the top ten causes of stress and frustration in not. I want to hear WBT newsroom her remark a Gerson is of putting the finishing touches on Charlotte the six foot Jolo start just about twelve minutes away from our right now hello mr. cirrus how to. Our youth I'm on good day you got to dirty restaurant Thursday. That's a standard goodness that day no day he had coming up at 635 we'll have a restaurant in Fort Mill that bombed on the health inspector showed up and moved and moved and came home on take notes on now and netcom Waco this is an adjusting date because a lot of things happened the Mariah building in Oklahoma City was blown up on this day knock column mine happened on this day didn't know the branch Davidian compound in no way go to places 125 years ago those twentieth. And conspiracy theorists say the FBI said the fire but the FBI says no the Branch Davidians set themselves on fire we'll talk to a reporter who was there and six draw on it. Mom and if I get this correctly. 9/11 was all of blog Jamaica African American people feel guilty I had. Well it's hard to know what a lot of mayfield was really thinking but yet she questions whether the planes are really flew into the into the World Trade Center and we'll talk to wants local lawmaker who. Is that also a Democrat like mayfield but says you know there are way too many politicians are too many crazy ideas rather. But I wrote me any Romero me an email earlier and said well if that's your view that's her view yeah and so Hawaii. Oh why were her first amendment rights fees so much subjected to so much conversation but. Part of that is that she's a representative. That's exactly right she is a City Council member. So when she comes out saying things like well did the planes really hit the building well you've got to make sure she's not speaking for the city and also. It sure raises questions about her judgment when she votes on city issues. And she says. It was a personal email account I have no I hear that's coming from Jersey where is his funky music coming for guilt newsroom. Well you know what I had a computer that's interest. That's about is my fault Garza's sabotaging his own primarily I thought mark the board guy in their assist current arouse something better was this something in my computer not just ordered to wrap up Lana says that was her personal email page RO FaceBook page. But when you're a public figure. No I think genres such thing as a being a private page I have a private FaceBook page two with 5000 friends about 4900. In the in ninety of them I don't know if that. That's what I just you know what I'm not a FaceBook guy just. I am an account but I never go there now where does not interest him. OK well give them those that no really voluptuous women from Colombia are gonna be asking you to be their friend you get their idea so therein. That separation of fact I all of. Take those. I don't know why get all of them I think as I have 5000 friends and some are you guys have already accepted them as friends and so I get the Frenchman anywhere else. Hello all walk and a Susan will be you have to have some all walk over there and assay I didn't Tiffany Bambi here wants to be hard for and she's there you you don't get there he's interviewed she's just to be Bambi there. The boy. So I don't. Just a picture of each. Move on bereavement miserable wife. There you go do you understand rewards programs airline rewards programs. I've got they American Airlines credit card. For the sheer reason that we pay off the balance every month. And and I got sucked Friday and know when I was on a plane when bear and they said you get 50000 no points on draws a good way to start and I wonder and got airline dividend thing it also up. But now we just keep under every guy we put everything on that card. But we pay off every month truce or care what the interest raiders and I've got true Liam cargoes like 9% or something like pretzel I mean if there was but we're don't we're not run and since we paid off all of our bills. We don't run anything on credited more when you can go to your mailbox on a daily basis and not have to sweat what's going to be and it. That's a great riddle of life. Talked to Dave Ramsey tell him as such you know I did senators say it's just it'd just over but anyway there's a guy by the name of John Trammell. Any rights to the New York Post. NE SS today here's something you probably already knew a new study says 54% of Americans fight frequent flier programs confusing and 44%. Say credit card rewards programs. Are dumb founding ball 47%. Think that hotel loyalty programs. Are difficult to understand I don't get into all the hotel stuff and I don't get into the rental car stuff and I don't done. Although all I will go through the American Airlines card that I have and book a hotel. Our book out rental car because I don't sometimes getting extra miles for a doing them. He writes. What's concerning is that many Americans don't even know how many miles rewards or points that they have accumulated. I do. And why does that surprise anyone he says these programs have instructions is complicated is the fine print on your medicine bottles. And if you understood how the program work she probably wouldn't join in the first place. But here's what I know if you accumulate enough miles you can get a free ticket down the line. And and essentially that's got a while we're doing is we're putting everything on this credit card and when I retire in three years or whatever that's going to be among gonna have enough miles to go someplace. And that's what we're doing. Now I have a friend here in town that owns a restaurant actually owns several restaurants and he puts. Everything in I mean all the orders for the restaurants and everything on the news. Credit card. And he's got so many miles that if he wakes up on Saturday morning and says hey behind you wanna go have lunch in New York they jump on a plane and go to new York and have lunch. Ink line play as he wants at any time he wants but I mean that he puts hundreds of thousands dollars on their reader because the orders Harper's restaurant through his first urged. I think that's genius and so that makes me want to open up a restaurant but I still think it's a genius. Anyway Jack Purnell writes. As I switch cars whenever there's a good offer and and I use up the points on sale fly herself and also than I cancel the card. He said we need to have good credit to do it but it's fun to use of the freebies for you have to start paying on an annual fee on the card. And he says we get everything else from China so let me LA some wisdom on you via a recent fortune cookie I got. Success. Is when you get what you bought. Happiness. Is when you launch what you get. And with that I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock and we'll kick off the big weekend on a Friday or expand bird tomorrow at 4 o'clock and I'm John Mack.