Speaker Paul Ryan Announces His Retirement, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Gets Grilled on Capitol Hill

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, April 11th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing it to AC fans into focus still lands so this is so good Stokley radio program. 1006. Adds. We have breaking news for you Paul Ryan. Is not going to seek reelection. I hope you're celebrating right now because I certainly am fifth. It will be interesting go to CEO what happens on the jockeying for position. To figure out who is going to be the next speaker now gonna talk about some of the names that are on the list. And there are some good wins and there are some not so good when it's one of the things you know this happens every single time. They normally just go down the line and the list of succession. You know you got Paula Randy gets. McCarthy. Gets goalies. And you know one person moves out of the way and the others move and I'm gonna tell you why. The top two names should not be speaker. In this is a place where this where the freedom carcass really needs to assert some muscle. They've got to provide some leadership here because if they follow the rest of the Republican caucus you wanna talk about a formula for disaster. You know when your concern about a conservative agenda liberty agenda or the trumpet agenda. You cannot. You cannot allow this thing to just go down the line to the next person or the one person behind that. Just given your warning about this. So we'll talk about this Paul Ryan's situation hopefully. In member of congress will also join us in the next few minutes it's tentative. Which is why am not telling you name also and updates. On our friends. South of the border. Ralph Norman. There were calls for him to be prosecuted how dare he pull a gun outs brandished a gun. There which. We made absolute tab mockery because there's no brandishing a gun he just put it. Down to show that god cannot hurt anybody when a person attached to it. We are a caller techsters said. You know red than sending people off to war. Let's just dump a bunch of weapons. You know since guns and other weapons kill people let's just drop the weapons often let them do their job other road. Such nonsense but we do have an updates the decision. By prosecutors. In South Carolina we'll talk about the nonsense going on with FaceBook can you believe there's testimony again. There's testimony again today. Which is an absolute waste of time did I not tell you that's what this was going to be a waste of time. And we also have. More Saber rattling this time for the president. Do you believe the Russians are actually talking about shooting down missiles if we dared to fire them. We're now the president has responded by saying hey get ready. Get ready because missiles. Were becoming that way. This goes to a broader conversation we need to have about. What is our policy in Syria. Should we be involved there is this an issue for us. By the way. It's tourist source for this right now on talking to John here because. We have someone who is speaking about the situation with Paul Ryan he will be making an announcement this morning officially. If the timing of this works right we're gonna take this life. And does it mention we have a member of congress who speaking right now. About this a situation. In fact at this person for the first time I heard this morning his name has been floated. As a possibility to run for speaker he can kind of interesting. I just give you hint. He's from right here in the Carolinas. Very popular. And he's got a pretty strong and consistent conservative record. So. I think it would PN a grade about above what we have now been. I actually. And may have already dumped out of this but will give this a try any case when Paul rein speaks to a few minutes I first wanna quickly talk about Russia. And Syria and the United States. Because president trumped. Because. At least rhetorically fired a warning shot at Russia. All of this on Twitter saying the country should get ready for missiles fired at Syria. And that should not be partners with big gas killing animal. Give the impression he doesn't have a favorable view of the leader of Syria. Here's what he treated Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired Syria get ready Russia. Because they will be coming nice and new and Smart. You shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animals who kills his people. And enjoys it. What do you think about this Saber rattling. Are you pleased with the idea of the United States. Getting involved in firing missiles this is a response. To the use of chemical weapons just a few days ago. There are a lot of people have been calling for some sort of response. And that the United States needs to leave that response. Are you pleased with this there are others who are very concerned. Very concerned. About the possibility of us getting involved especially. Without input from congress. What is. The appropriate response here. On Monday trump vowed during your cabin meaning of the White House the United States would make some major decisions. Over the next 24. To 48 hours. On how to respond to that suspected chemical attack in Syria over the weekend which he is called atrocious. And as we mentioned Russia. They're vowing. To shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. We've also got prospect. The possibility of troops on the ground Russian troops on the ground in danger. And and I'm just putting on hypotheticals here what happens. If we carry out some sort of military response. And in the process. We have casualties. Happen to be Russians. I'm sure these are things that are being discussed. By the Pentagon they need to be because there's some possibility here. That we. It ends up causing some collateral damage here. That risks broadening this beyond our engagement with Syria. And again we raise the question is this the time the president needs to go to congress and at least consult with them. There are those who thinks that he also needs to get some sort of authorization. For whatever he does in Syria. We'd love to get your thoughts your perspective. Is this what we need to be doing. Is this a job or role for the United States of America. The Eagles advantage stock on number 809 to eleven tend comments sits retirement planning text line. Is 71307. Would love to get your thoughts about what's happened there one of the things some presidents also said. I'm like so many other things. That he is now dealing with serious situation. One of the reasons is because the previous president Barack Obama. Has been pledges say the very least irresponsible. In these dealings with Syria. This had been another crisis another circumstance. Past stock and where we kicked the can down the road and now. We find ourselves in the situation where. I'm Ryan was drawn in the sand several years ago. We did nothing. Nothing of substance. So now you have the reputation of the United States of America it's on the line. So what is the appropriate action we don't give your thoughts and also as we mentioned. Standing by for a live news conference for speaker of the house Paul Ryan is expected to announce. He is spotty here. Good riddance. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Had nineteen with breaking news Paul Ryans announced he. Is going to retire January. January it's gonna fill up the rest of his term let's listen in on what he has to say now. Lasting victories. That will make his country more prosperous and more secure. For decades to come. There are so many other things that we have gotten done of course on their look back proudly on my days of the budget committee of the Ways and Means Committee. I'm an hour I don't wanna be to cinemanow here. I want to be clear I'm not done an antenna runs of the taped to finish the year. Some of you wonder why I can't just do the normal politician things and which is to run and then retire after the election that is what I'm told the politically shrewd thing to do. I considered that. Probably just as my conscience. Is what got me to take this job in the first place. My conscience could not handle going up that way. I pledge to serve the people of Wisconsin the first district. Honorable. In order serve the people might issued honorably I had to show them honestly. And for me. To ask them to vote to reelect me knowing that I wasn't gonna stay. Is not being honest so I simply cannot do that. So that's why I'm announcing this today. Again I am proud of what this converts is achieved and I believe its future is bright. The economy is strong we've given Americans greater confidence their lives and I have every confidence that I'll be handing this gavel on. The next Republican speaker of the house next year. So just to close. I said earlier that I didn't want his job at first and youth most you know this I really actually didn't. But I have to think my colleagues for giving me this off during this honor I'm really grateful for it. I was wanting to do a southern Wisconsin. From placing their trust in me as their representative for the past twenty years. I try to bring as much Wisconsin to Washington as I can and that time. It's been a wild ride. But it's been a journey well worth taking it to be able to do my part to shrinking the American idea. That pursued is never ending much work remains. But I like to think I've done my part my little part in history to set us on a better course. Thank you. Term. Yes. Both. Correct correct. That this. I do. Look on almost beaters don't go to their own terms Tip O'Neill fatherless and do that. Bob and Harry Reid as senate leaders last session did this. You know she would get her arm for Guinea he stayed on his senate leaders so yes that's what that's what I'm gonna do. Taste you have to be. It's important for. The response so anti reform is the one thing that that no one other great thing that I spent most my career working on I'm extremely proud of the fact the house passed. The biggest entitlement reform bill ever consider not servers and it's do I regret the fact. That the senate did not passage yes. But I feel from all the budget that I passed. Normalizing entitlement reform. Pushing the cause of entitled reform in the house passing and how to reform I'm very proud of that fact but yeah of course more work needs to be done and it really is entitlements that's where the work needs to be done. And I'm gonna keep fighting for that. Two over is six. It doesn't. How factor at all no none whatsoever actually. What you all know mean I didn't take this job to get to gavel in the first place I'm not a guy who thinks about it like that on this really was two things. I have accomplished much of what I came here to do you. And my kids are getting any younger and by state they're only gonna know me as we can dad and that's just something accounts they can't do and that's really it right there. Your announcement. That's perhaps that is signaled that out. Yeah I really I I I gave it. Some consideration but I really do not believe. Whether I stay or go in Tony nineteen is gonna affect a person's individual race for congress. I really don't think a person's race for congress is gonna hinge on whether Paul Ryan speaker or not. So I really don't think it affects it look if we do our jobs which we are we're gonna be fine as a majority. I'm I'm grateful for the president to give us this chance actually get this stuff done. I'm grateful that we have unified government the president with his victory gave us so we get all these big things done we're gonna have a great record to run on we have a great economy. Great accomplishments more to do. And I really don't think the the American people are don't want to have the gridlock that Democrats are promising so I'm confident we can run to the tape we can get this done. Fonts. My thoughts and changed I think they should be allowed to do their jobs we have a rule of law on this country and had some principle we all polls. Mom I have no reasonably that's going to happen I have assurances that sank eleven talkative on the White House about fresh off. I have great confidence in his leadership team that's one thing that I'm really proud of obviously I came with a big gulf. In the leadership when I came here. I think we have a fantastic leadership team I have more thoughts on this I think this probably not the right time to get into that but Al Reynolds are sure lets us later. We that elections in November so it's not something which swept right now. Todd caught like is that I'm grateful to the president for giving us is up during that do big things to do this country on the right track so. The fact that he gave us this ability to get all the stuff done. Makes me proud of the accomplishments that I've been a contributor to. I'm actually satisfied that I'd I'd made a big difference and he's given us that chance I'm grateful to him for that and naturally naturally I see it. Thank you very much everybody because. It's a good house Paul Ryan announcing he is done. As of January. What you did I hear he did make the announcement in a lot of this. As you heard him describe his relationship to this family the fact he's been in congress for twenty years to not have children. McCain congress and see what he's described is the reality that he's basically been a the weekend that the entire time. Now all of his kids or teenagers. He's very concerned about its spending some time with them and this is understandable. Before they move on. Twenty years in congress. He did also say that it's he's going to serve out the rest of his term. You heard him talk about the fact that he did not wanna be disingenuous. And run for the office and hold the seats and then stepped down you have to give the guy credit for that because that is. This is what a lot of politicians will do they'll go ahead and say we've got to make sure we preserve the seat. And then they decide later on after they're elected oh I'm gonna retire now. And then you've got to have an election again. So I'm sure there will be all kinds of jockeying not only for. Speaker but also jockeying to determine who is going to serve in the first district of Wisconsin. So. We'll talk more about this we're also gonna delve into who some of these candidates are. The names that are being circulated so far. To replace Paul Ryan again this is this election happens if I remember correctly in November the election for speaker. And as I mentioned also we hope to have a member of congress are on to talk about this within a few minutes. I am because of a nice guy we'll take a quick call here firm rose. The only got about thirty seconds rose have got a hard break here can you Ricky quick. I'm not clear. Opt I'm not a little about media I mean look at the map the map these sports content directly to what chapter of Mac do you strictly going to be at war and to look into current. Lately count I guess I can kingdom against kingdom. And it's going to go all the lack ever until the lord comes back. How concerned are you about Syria. Well I play we mentoring connection everybody got to be hit. I'm on your sadly it I don't I appreciate how a medal in all these countries. Let me mpeg here a bit and play out. And yeah. I don't know what the proletariat Debbie Cowell kind of they can against inflation and getting applicants kingdom an outlet that the difficulty. I don't know that in the past. Yes it certainly will rose Goodyear premier. Coming up we're gonna talk about candidates for speaker and stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 events Coakley radio program and let's listen in CFO well actually I think he's done. Well. I I know your terribly disappointed. Blimp can do a reenactment maybe I should do that. I have to say I'm very very excited to some part of my colleague. Paul Ryan has decided to retire. He's helped us to do some wonderful things. And I look forward to working with him the rest of this year because we have so many things on our agenda. That need to be accomplished. By Mitch McConnell. And I hope you continue to support our work. So we can get things done for the American people thank you don't. I was kind of re enactments of Mitch McConnell we're listening through Turkey to break. I wasn't sure how like it was gonna go on at least she finished talking right perform at the commercial break was over with so I have spared you. You know the opportunity to hear from him. And what else sees him he he he used a phrase that just brought. It really started to bring my breakfast back up. Referring to Orion is an important transformational. Conservative leader. I'm gonna be so ill. I really am. And I think meaning if you were unimpressed as well over the text line. We have. This. About Paul Ryan stepping down please take him Mitch with few. Good luck getting that happened. Miss I certainly hope you'll continue to dare to be a day you speak up on the Syrian mess because apparently the rest of talk radio decided it doesn't exist. And I I don't know. Also this. Don't you dare say Gabby for speaker. Well that's certainly am not going to happen Tre Kelley has no interest whatsoever. Question of there's no response from anyone around the world using chemical weapons would proliferate more in usage. Good question. No retaliatory attack on Syria until we know chemical attack occurred and who did it the photos I've seen looks staged. He and I would say about Orion is go home Eddie Munster. And he can hear your mother Lillian colleague for you. Six so crew. Six hit Syria is worse than Vietnam. There are way too many factions involved no clear right or wrong team to support it will be a quagmire best to leave it to the Middle East to figure out. Ryan another Ryan already to hide in the bush is now forget uncle Lindsay to follow and that's not gonna happen. Vince the past hasn't trump criticized past presidents for telegraphing military operations is that would trump is now doing. On the network news they said. The Syrian military is now preparing for Trump's attack so much for the element of surprise yes I had that same thought you ditch big cross my mind as well. He made fun of people signaling what we're gonna do. Not too Smart really has been some 63 years old. Nortel in my life US has been at war or police action and we've kept our news out of others business. I wish. I wish we could have at least one generation that news would pieces like I'm sick and tired of political wars over what is. In the ground or on the ground. And I'm with you I understand where your comment from. Pins I think the big thing we need to folks on this minding your own business. As Paul Ryan's accomplishments he achieved. We couldn't stop he stinks. Okay take the time Esteban trumps Russia tweet about bombing Syria it says 11:57 AM today don't think it's Rio. Well and Israel. Who cares what he has to say referred to polarize and just leave trader. Not one that trump supporter of order should be OK to bring us full circle back to Hillary Clinton planned war footing that she was running. To prop up the military industrial complex. Who'll Paul Ryan be a lobbyist for good question. Drug supporters keep saying trust the plan the plan is to bring world the brink of world war three. Can try and intimidate rushing into accepting a chapter seven UN resolution which will eventually lead to world war three. Concern about its occupying Syria this plan is insane that. I'm glad Brian is stepping down but why scandal scared of Nancy Pelosi ready for US senator Wisconsin governor. Can't work we trumped. What's the reason Vince I think it's what he's described here. I'm sure many blisters or celebrity Bahrain's demise of course it's a real possibility gets replaced by a Democrat. Could happen. You crude happen. Then see just as wanna turn that gavel bank overdue old crazy Nancy had. We can also help these congress people with fairly time by setting term limits yeah and that would be great would match. I was struck by a host declaration trump was ordained by god to be the president's that was followed by listeners agree with that premise. But trumpets the instrument of god ordained to punish the evil Democrats. I don't understand why he is worshipped. Just some of the perspectives. There ever come in here in the last few minutes and we will share more along the way. Butch Adam Moore is real good morning. Until then I'm happy that you timely believe you me pushed terrible one of the worst speaker of ever lived under something are you had a previous caller the lady talked about my property maps here. Another problem is that hasn't come true yet it is so that the Bible's book Damascus Syria will be destroyed. Maybe that's going to be a don't know. You never know boards should I do appreciate your call. They're all kinds of prophecies out there and I think the one always intrigues me if you wanna go read it. An easy Ezekiel 38 and 39 we're talks about this invasion. Of Israel that takes place with Russia and a bunch of other nations. And if you look at those nations that are mentioned. There. All pretty much aligned with Russia now. So be kind of interesting to see if this happens. And text would like to know if Hillary is moving to Wisconsin now. But prison stations say you to think Paul Ryan was almost our vice president almost. Stop the Vince your Mitch McConnell sounds more like the Hannibal Lecter character animation burger creeps me out. Let's take great call for marry out of Davidson got about a minute Mary. Yes how landmark time I'll see it more town hall in any other working man. He just like a welfare state that it's free insurance everything stock transact Catholic I'm Catholic lady had. Why no lying Catholic. That's pretty strong stuff but let's go to Max got about 32 tier Max. Then good morning quarterback on the air hey thank you. Just wanted to hear your thoughts that I've not heard or any program including parks he that strong and so president from negotiating style. And and you're the art of the deal either. You need to read it is also got out I got a library cup books it will go to another one called trump style negotiations. What he lays out how he negotiates. But I can't believe the liberal media the Democrats nobody is triggered as well. Commanders three steps ahead of everybody. And he he he boxes the negotiation here to achieve what he wants. For example clearly he's a master negotiator for anyone that's come out about bankruptcy three times it is now multibillionaire. I don't know what to do lists. Are. Max we will see how all of this plays outs immediately in Syria and with the North Korea and for that matter dealing with mr. Mueller. 45 minutes after ten. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So. 1049 Vince Coakley ran your program and I'm reminding myself and reminding the guys in the studio to remind me. And Alonzo you're an on this to make sure I get through speaker candidates a little bit later in this broadcast because I need to talk about this. But we have on the line now one of my favorite people. Congressman Thomas Massey he welcome back to broadcast man. Hey thanks man. So you heard the announcement what do you think. What do I think I I think it's unprecedented really for a speaker to announce he is not running for reelection a full. Six months before the speaker's election if he you know usually these speaker elections are rigged. Big day after the elections let's say November the November elections. The speaker racing dark and then six days ten days later the speaker vote happens. And so usually the establishment is in control of the race. I think it's a real opportunity to have a real race for speaker. You think sell it in a lot of things in the infect would you just started talking about this. I ask her concern here is it possible that one of the things are gonna try to do is to maneuver to very quickly go ahead. And set up somebody like Kevin McCarthy go ahead and become this the speaker yeah. Well that's what you would expect and that's normally what happens right. But in this case speaker Ryan told us this morning he had gone estate through January. Third which is the next yes speaker's election. He won't and that he will remain as speaker. And that's that's. Unprecedented really for anybody to announce that senator. That he's not going to do it again now. Did he announced soon because he's not running for reelection and that part of its gonna be obvious that a lot a lot of times. When the speaker decides they're gonna leave. They'll go ahead and just ahead take and and file to run for reelection. And and run for reelection and been resigned their seat as soon as a result that you have announced they're not going to be speaker. So to have a lame duck speaker. In congress he if he will be a lame duck for about eight months. And there'll be 86 months speaker race I mean it's unprecedented. This is going to be a circus let's talk about candidates. Didn't and I wanna make sure yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my goodness well actually we started. I don't think he'd mind me saying this we started having this discussion. A couple of weeks ago when you were here in Charlotte and I just wanna start off with the obvious names we had a conversation. By Kevin McCarthy yesterday by the way who came on this broadcast we don't have time to play now he told a vote Thompson here yesterday. That's all right was not going anywhere. Why in the world woody tell a big lie like that Thomas. He sure knew BP knew full well yesterday Paul Wright was go. I've been am and giving the benefit of the doubt and say maybe he didn't know. And and look Paul Ryan's not going anywhere they had a part that what do politicians says. All I mean this Infiniti Q if you'd. You know Kevin McCarthy heard him say this quarter and he's not going anywhere till January right though. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well let me let me put it this way let me say this. There were 235. Republicans who just voted on the omnibus bill. A 145. Voted for ninety voted against it. I think there are a 145. Republicans to disqualified themselves from being speaker. If you followed Paul Ryan over the cliff and passed. No one is the biggest betrayal and Americans. Electorate particularly conservative electorate in the history of this country. Dan you are not qualified to lead us to keep us from going over another clip so. There are a 145. You could there's a roll call vote for that who are disqualified in ninety who are qualified. I'm I'm there with you completely their Wii yet and open personal liberties personal I wanna go there liberty scores here quickly Kevin McCarthy has 38. Liberty score. The Fed are. Steve's co lease has a 49. You know people wonder why. We get what we have right now this is the reason this is the reason I didn't I have heard a couple of names circulated I briefly wanna put you on the spot with these names. Sure we get out the roll call and see who voted for the omnibus and did. We've only got to about two minutes left here one names it's been many mentioned. I have several new in North Carolina Mark Walker. I don't know if he voted for the omnibus he might have. That you wouldn't be my first choice asks mark meadows. He did not vote for the omnibus. And I think he would be an interesting candidate. All right. That would be quite intriguing to see are there other names that word you would. They exploded and I hardly had time to tell and other people. Bill draw your line to understand this is a six month straight first speaker this is I mean it's like a NASCAR race they're gonna be Iraq's. This is an easy some go through the fans some go over the wall some are gonna blow their motors. It then it's an endurance race. And there will be guys drafting derby will be somebody read the first speaker promised in the next guy he can beat. Majority leader and somebody can be whipped you know they'll be the all sorts of things so I'm not committing to anybody right now. Is there anybody you like to see run. You know I'm just gonna cannot say I would love to see Jim Jordan piece speaker. He would be remarkable he's got the equality in the attribute say these conservative. Jim Jordan did out there but look bigger our. At least two dozen others who would make a great speaker you know you mentioned mark meadows. There are plenty of qualified candidate has said there were ninety who voted against the omnibus now that's a necessary but not sufficient condition. For being speaker is that you told truth beyond the best. We've only got a minute left here unfortunately. I'm gonna ask you about Syria and there are threats now the president saying hey missiles are coming. What do you think. Well I think missiles probably are coming if the president said that that's the hard thing to back down from. I am planned. People are likely to die. We don't know then that. Applaud did this we've not been provided any evidence hearing congress congress is supposed to authorize use military force. And for anybody that wants to quote the war powers act they better get it out and read it. There's the president can only act unilaterally if there's an imminent threat if somebody has attacked staff and that's not the case here. Freshman Thomas Massie hey thanks a lot for joining some broadcasts this morning keep up your great work for liberty man. Thank you can't. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Whenever you hear what those six. John. Posted this a social media I really like the sound of speaker Jeff don't kid. No would be a really good choice. We talk about people reliably conservative one of the things that Roger was gonna come back to. Our names because I wanna go through the list. There there's a list conservative review actually did. And I think you'll appreciate this. They don't list of the 25 top right knows. This is a devastating lists and really years. And there's some Carolina names on this by the way I'm sure you're not surprised at all. We will I'd get to a couple of your calls let's first go to Craig. Good morning Greg. They're aliens are rights. They come out of this this thing could end up because nobody wants to back down. A serious we. Syria and that we do get into it I'm Russia that Russia is not gonna do it beat its conventional. And as soon as they realized that the new action and start for our from the and that there happens none of our out are gonna back us our ally are a lot of grip wrong and they hate this politically. And they are more a lot of socially and politically with Russia and they are in states. And Canada you England. And Germany France and straighter but the only people who can put up any kind of heart this is not a prophetic and display it. And they're all gonna back down interpreter urban cities. Do you really think this could escalate that far. It is a good governments follow John has gone absolutely back up what Russia they want us all this China. They are because we are with the greatest threat to them and and the it is it could be easily go to four easily. Nobody wanted to do but more important mr. Childers got a bigger balls itself and start. It's not a good thing at all appreciate your call their Craig David in Greenville I'm Ben has some similar perspectives on this stuff. I can't thanks for your time that you don't. Well probably that is. Is it like when they have on the show now if you'll hit pretty that you may or may not be aware well. How that they Mark Sanford a lot of people waiting caucus although all started when Ron Paul still in congress. And they were made with these folks on the regular places. And kind of bring them up the whole idea of freedom all state all in the competition. Tightly up what slowed non intervention look in so called real premarket. Enough. What made America great and the truth about the I'll buy into that helped. And not a product alert that somehow by play our. Money and everything you've been taken over by the Federal Reserve going all the way back in 193 base. And what we needed to do. Below crap that you put it all the time when you're showed up what took. Encourage you played very seriously. Bob follows bill very elusive very much involvement but I actually Solio. At a campaign event probably in 2000 and led. And the wolf bottom out by acting for his service in congress and I picked up the same about an investigation regarding somebody you're going South Carolina. That I knew the cover up and go walk by. People will be back if he's fit if there isn't it funny how we have what we call investigation in congress he's a guy with no more than cover up and he. So well I tell you wrote part about my future career do he did you put your absolute good secretary then. Did you give him on your show maybe once every two month territory about a boy in the moment Thomas Massie. And discussed on the newspaper go to might be able to build a more candid and even when he was in congress but it still love everything is going and go back to this. Death attack. Like public Matthews he's absolutely right so type looked at all chose the proof. Who did it and bill Wolff thought there and decide whether or not this should be your response but it shouldn't be your response to method also correct then more power back. Which again going back to the Bush Administration they've renewed and over and over. The puck past the cup of usable vision of having to go before congress to give a declaration of war sort of agree to martyrs is just the way it is. We need probable all and we need to elect people they're built all the law particularly because be educated. No problem at all look we're playing that go to that happened trump early don't want. Was pleasantly. Losing my boy again. He was the first guy almost won't sit listed give that guy out there go for it to me too much about what the dead bodies were buried and all the games. Oh lead quote unquote both. I didn't do much to the president and president we're coming prominent really is all about is global who do quite frankly the duel with the United States constitution. Yes they are there systematically. Taking this thing apart I'm sure you're not thrilled about the fact who has stepped aboard now to join the national security team. Well not all you are John Bolton. John Bolton is. On the brain deliberately and again. That segment the president. Doesn't. Why didn't sit up and that it wasn't real big blow through good control would trust to this thing. Nobody does quote unquote Dubai government from these folks. So very long critters that he's trying to clear out a lot of film including dump open a hole unquote trying to do it by. Yeah I have I think there's something to that David always appreciate your called thanks very much in fact you mentioning. Ron Paul I would love them back on the broadcast I had him on this on this program several times several times. A back during his last campaign for president. Any track out of all the presidential candidates I think he was one of my most frequent guests. During that primary. Also subject of discussion. Women shouldn't Thomas Massie was here a few weeks ago and we had lunch we were talking about this about. Mr. Paul over the years also what it takes line. Tell your correctly eighty Republican congressman the voter for the omnibus spending bill as a trader that's the case but about the guy who signed it into law. About trump was the greatest dealmaker of all time. He shouldn't get a pass just because he said he didn't like signing it and I don't think he deserves a pass. Looks like thome became all the bad actors may be thinking if anyone goes to jail they would be pardoned by the next democratic president what do you think in a but. Yet keep trimming folks. Right retiring yes more police. Told C doesn't pull rubio and decide to run or move to the senate. Republicans are more appropriately conservative candidates. Begin to come forward we hope that's my face is red with a embarrassments over Trump's remarks regarding Syria. Anyone who were approves of this is diluted that is from Ian T. Congress should be knocking down from store right now reading him the riot act. Putting a stop to a missile strikes without any proof. We announce. Informing congress. The world as we know it could in within the next 72 hours the current escalation extremely dangerous trouble tax Syria. Russia will retaliate. Arm and then we have some nice compliments for the host can't believe you have a great art of the deal this confirms my suspicions. You heard ignorant closed minded and arrogant disgrace but god bless you as well. I could probably give you a whole host of a list of books state you have not read that I have. He should see the stack of books that I go through. And you know I don't need to explain that. Another person I was near mr. Vince every day just gotta say your biased over trumped it shows. I think you have a little redneck can you. I really. It's kind of an interest in combination of things. It does not and Charles isn't so sure it's fifty minutes after eleven. This is so is Coakley radio program. According to the news. Kerry are in 19 minutes after 11 o'clock. I need to tell you about this you remember our conversation just the other day whether. Our friend Ralph Norman. Congressman in South Carolina the Arab states. These South. Carolina law enforcement division and the attorney general. They've decided not to prosecute rough dormant after he displayed a loaded weapon in Iraq killed meet and greet I'm so glad. They characterize this in the new story new York herald as displayed. Do not brandished. It's so ridiculous sometimes. Alan Wilson said this some of complained about congressman's actions. However our conclusion must be based upon the law. And sound prosecutorial. Discretion in this case this is not a prosecutable offense of course it isn't. Sixteenth circuit so Lister Tim bracket declined Monday to prosecute Norman saying their did not appear to be any criminal intent doc. Brackets setting his friendship with Norman said Monday he would have to recuse himself from any potential investigation. On Tuesday said he's not surprised. The south Carolina's top prosecutor declined to prosecute Norman as well. Here's what Wilson said in his statements Alan Wilson the attorney general. Other South Carolina law allows the carrying a handgun only in certain authorized circumstances such as compliance with the CWP law. We agree with some mr. bracket there is no prosecutable offense. Under the undisputed circumstances of this incidents. This is not rocket science folks just putting out a guy and and putting it on a table. You hope that's not a crime. In this hasn't. No matter how much. Crazy anti gun snowflakes would like to make itself just doesn't work that way. Before IE distract myself yet again. I've got to tell you about this list I just got to stumbled across this this morning I don't know fervor talked about this. The top Tony five rhinos. And you'll understand why this list is very relevant to now. Good zip through this but his it has some too late familiar names and names you should know about it. Great here in the Carolinas. Tony five who cares Tony for who cares. Tony one. With a 40% a whopping 40% liberty score. Our own Richard Burr from here in North Carolina. Forty. Do we skip up to number eighteen. With a 38. I just want to ask you how many of you poor parents. Would be pleased if your child walked home with the 38. On a test score just asking. And 38. Should you be satisfied with a 38 of course she shouldn't. That is the score of Kevin McCarthy. Who probably is dying right now to be your new house speaker. Run from this guy and to me just add this. Call your member of congress and and you don't don't wait putting out their now. Tell them do not do not vote for Kevin McCarthy for speaker. By the way since we're speaking of Kevin McCarthy John has something to share with us this is a segment that aired. Arm on WBT. With good times and he had an interviewer bully was it was yesterday he would Kevin McCarthy may keep in mind. This was yesterday. Yesterday. You mentioned Nancy Pelosi would like to be speaker again or what what are the chances that I am every talk into. Not not house majority leader but house speaker McCarthy some word on the line. Now you know what. All are into the that cleaned up. And our goal has always should be we've got to keep this country will be important come from California. I would be blended Google could do in California we have I asked him I got whom have any good direction they want to confirm that we've got a little crowded on our I think I'm going to think what we've just been able to do include Amon Carter the PA good and the fact a lot of beating the crew guys build no longer discord between years. You have the right he couldn't even Metallica lifeguard got so many more talented we have and I just think of the queens of the escalator public golf. Malia you know I ask that question with the idea if if speaker Ryan word decides to two to step down as sees it there's been rumors about. I'm pretty sure he knew about this yesterday. And and the word behind the scene is the these two guys Kevin McCarthy Steve's release are jockeying for position here. And they can read that score lease isn't going to run and if Kevin McCarthy is running. So. Just keep in mind when you see Kevin mark McCarthy would you just think of one letter Def. Just think of that staff. We scale up the list shall we. Orrin hatch you remember him he's got a 29. Thom Tillis. First term senator in North Carolina. Has a 39. 39. Other wonderful names on this list won't surprise you John McCain. Fortunately he's not running again. He has a 35. At 27%. Thad Cochran you remember the old coop I talked about Mississippi. I think he's decided not to run again maybe can run off into the sunset with a second wife. But he was running around with before his first when he died I don't mind saying that. These are awful people they really are they're not just awful people. They are held in place by awful people. They really are if you should see these all of these old goats who came together to support this guys campaign. It's it's really reprehensible. General or this. This I would be embarrassed. To get out of bed in the morning if I had a liberty score of nineteen. Lamar. Alexander of Tennessee. Consumer explained to me how you can be in a red states. And send somebody. To the house or the Senate's two it's been not just. The first time this is a repeat offender this guy's been there for fifteen years. As a nineteen. Liberty score why even her. Can somebody explain this to me. At number six on the list. None other than Paul Ryan with his whopping 37%. Score. 37. Bob co worker. He's got a 51. Boy that's red hot. Indian we'd we'd get news and Hanley and you know her score is it's a twelve. Old. Hi folks I don't get it I really don't get it. 42%. Belongs to guest room. Rush furniture from. The commonwealth of Kentucky. Mitch McConnell. He's been in DC for a 33 freaking years 33. Probably the most appropriately named member of the US senate's. Comes in at number two. He's we have their 57%. Still and half. Jeff flake. And do you know who wins the prize for the top rhino. Right here in the Carolinas anybody wanna guess who comes and would this whopping 35% liberty score. Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham. Tops the list of rhinos I just thought she might find this entertaining. Can I just tell you again please please. Win you have the opportunity to do not send these people back. I mean I don't know how much more blunt I can get you can. You can listen all the campaign slogans about draining the swamp you want to use and these people back to you get what you freaky and deserves. It's 1120 now. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. OK you can do with this what you would like especially those view is net. North Carolina's ninth congressional district. We have this statement speaker Ryan they true patriot. Who worked with president trump to make America great again together we've accomplished a lot including once in a generation tax reform rebuilding our military. After President Obama shears and neglect in significant year for the save demanding job and speak Orion is making the right decision to go spend time this kid's. While he still can't he can retire knowing key imprisoned trump. And work together to make America stronger that is a statement from. Congressman. Robert Pitt injure. Of the Charlotte area. Do with it what do you like. Let's talk about FaceBook. Before you get to a couple of your calls are what they share couple pieces of audio with you won this conversation with bin sass well I warn you folks repeatedly want my concerns. Is about the definition of hate speech who defines that. It said it's a danger of government defines it it's a danger if big tech defines it here's an exchange with. Between bin SaaS and Mark Zuckerberg was not. I don't know I don't don't don't don't don't. Can you define a hate speech balloons. Senator I think this is a really hard shall. The question. Then I think it's one of the reasons why we struggle with it. There are certain definitions that and that we even there we have around us but. You don't calling for for violence or. My problem. Let's just agree on that if somebody's ultraviolet suite that shouldn't be there. I'm worried about the psychological categories are on speech. Do you do you use language of safety and protection earlier we see this happen and on college campuses all across the country it's dangerous. 40% of Americans under age 35. Tell pollsters they think the First Amendment is dangerous because you might use your freedom to say something that hurt somebody else's feelings. Guess what there are some really passionately held views about the abortion issue on this panel today. Can you imagine a world where you might decide that pro lifers are prohibited from speaking about their abortion views under contest on their platform and I certainly would not want that to be the case and did you might really be unsettling to people who have had an abortion to have an open debate about that would net. Wounded might be but I don't think of that and waited. What should I need a definitions of well what we have. Thanks I wouldn't want you leave here today and think there's sort of a unified view in the congress that you should be moving toward policing more and more and more speech I think violence that has no place on your platform. Sex traffickers and human traffickers have no place on a platform but vigorous debates adults need to engage in vigorous debate. And yes they do this is part of the concern. That I and many others have offered about this subject of free speech. Is it really free if it's restricted by the government or you have big corporations. That are making editorial decisions. And we also have this. Just about the sharing of data. Pens yeah how many times do you find yourself you're putting some sort of software on your computer. And you have those in the end user agreements. How many of you read those come on be honest with me. Do you read that thing. Especially when you're hurt you so all we put this apple my fellow and when it may be order something. I read this thing. And it's discouraged even further by the fact when you if you just set out to read the stuff it's in such legal least you've pretty much need an attorney. To translate this thing for you which is something that senator John Kennedy. Not that one Republican out Louisiana he took Mark Zuckerberg to task for these agreements listen up. He gets whatever bodies have been trying to tell you an idea I say this should gently. But here you assure agreement shocks. What you can you hear your spot may 75 IQ points in fact I figured that you configured haven't been purposely user agreement as to cover the face of contrary and it's not to inform your users about their rights. They're you know that and I go back to. I'm no suggestion he eventually go back home and marine riser that. And tell your 12100 dollar an hour more personal disrespect they're good. But don't tell him you want it written in English in a non issue ideally. So they average American can understand. That would be a star. Would that be a start in plain English. I mean you think Mark Zuckerberg would write. Right the new agreement like this I don't know anything about his intellect. But it's really not even about intellect it's about just putting things in terms that people can understand it. And encouraging people to read it it shouldn't legally used pinpoint just gotta zone out. Going to be in another dimension. Let's get your thoughts on the ongoing faced protesters are you even paying attention. I told you it's gonna be a waste a colossal waste of time I also found an interesting FaceBook has contributed. To members of these committees. Please tell me how this makes any sense whatsoever. They're trying to do anything. Hit in terms of providing oversight. And god forbid regulation. Rod and Taylor's good morning. Favorite this made perfect sense to me. What does that make it simple. Never ever as the founders made clear as door blocking can make clear at my local cycle world war veteran. In very heavy combat made clear never trust the government inserted the word got I mean cut myself. As far as you mentioned doesn't score put up to standard for these. You know whoa what what's hate speech. I don't put myself in that I go to the gospel the gospel we talked about the moral law being a role of faith and like not put salvation. And then like if they are you were unarmed role from a source that's perfectly pure correct. And what that is what is reality is happening before us. With everything that happened. It's very clear. Never. Ever. Ever trust the government always struck the word is gray. And seek input Lleyton that we may know and understand. What the moral rectitude that needed to have a proper standard. Poor what is hate speech. Am there with you run they select your call and if you three output. I was just reading the Chester infect now's probably get time to bring this up I'm just putting this out there. Wasn't planning to mention this today putts. Since he brought this up it's a great time to share with you were thought that was circulating yesterday. Because. I think we lose sight of this I think a lot of us so called conservatives. So called conservatives. Actually. Aren't conservative. It's not a matter of limited government or smaller government it's a smaller it's a matter of we trust our people in government. Even if they're just going to preside over big government. Here's the phrase that was going to improve my mind yesterday it's in some 463. You take any more blunt that this I'll even give you several translations. New international version. Do not put your trust in princes. In human beings who cannot save. New living translation. Don't put your confidence in powerful people there is no help for you there. English standard version. Do not put your trust in princes in a son of man in whom there is no salvation. You get the idea here. Don't put your trust there. How many times we have to be told this. But we have to learn this lesson the hard way we put our trust in people and we find out. This person could either turn me do. You know. It's. Nothing really new under the sun folks nothing on new into the side. Coming up. James culminate in an interview. I'll give you a preview of this coming up. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock on events complete reaffirmed we come down to the final stretch. Interesting too I see the Drudge headlines here. If they have a picture here of Paul Ryan looking at his watch. Ryan runs for exit. We'll leave congress after election. And his quote we all know I did not seek this job election in Dallas not actually analysts. Are predicting his seat. His seat could be moving toward the Democrats. Boy wouldn't that be interesting. I keep in mind. Keep in mind what's going on when in Wisconsin. And it it's really. Quite disturbing to see the some of the trends have taken place there to her what I told you earlier. About Kevin McCarthy. I do not trust this guy anymore. And I can throw him in more than I can even reach him. And I'm play for you clip. Of him on this radio station yesterday. Where he was basically saying you know I tried to downplay the idea of being speaker. The next deadline McCarthy campaigns for speaker do you think that just started today. Come on people. We're not stupid. We really art. Thought I would just put that out there. And so we also have the ongoing. Russia investigation. For collusion. In other words translation for this looking for a black cat and a darkroom that isn't there. I wanted to give you a heads up for about something that is taking place this weekend and I'm sure the news media or they're gonna have brass that this. They are just absolutely going to love this so I'm just giving you heads up about this in advance. Because this is 820. Or is here and we sinister anyway. And 20/20. Special. This has been recorded already. In interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos by the way this morning with my wife and I were talking as we were getting kids ready for school. And she. Did something really really unfortunate she turned on one of the news programs the morning news sperm they are insist they were just absolutely horrible. They're awful I won't tell you which she was saying about a particular person on the show. But she just couldn't understand why that person was there and then didn't it led to discussion about George Stephanopoulos. We think of this. That weasel. Designed talking about Donald Trump and this probe. I mean it can issue irony of this. And I say to my wife he was probably talking about you know behind the scenes he's probably saying can you believe these people the term demonstration. Rank amateurs. You know they didn't you know they weren't as effective a covering things up as we were back in the Clinton administration. You know the amazing thing is now we have this guy George Stephanopoulos. Whose masquerading as a journalist. Is nauseating. Seriously Beckham has such a weasel but never have been able to sustain that guy. Nevertheless. He is the person who is interviewed. Interviewed James homey. A source present at this taping. Says this is going to shock the president and his team. Boom. Here is just a preview reported by X years. The source at home these comments in his first interview since being fired by prison truck last may well generate headlines and certainly add more meat. To the charges swirling around trump. Which is rightly did it's. Again don't you find it odd here of all the PP can possibly find to interview James Coleman who isn't. But that weasel George Stephanopoulos. In an ABC promo Stephanopoulos. Says Komi compared trump. 28 mob boss. He should know. Watching the example of someone like Bill Clinton. You talk about corruption. And and again I know you can go all kinds of directions about conspiracy theories and I don't normally like them but I ice I eat even to this day. You're not going to show me anybody. Not and I'm asking you who knew listening to this broadcast right now. I defy you. To point to anybody dying. The number of people dying under mysterious circumstances around you as many as have died or on the clintons. Show that to me anywhere just pick anybody out of a phone book. And find that many people that have died under mayor mysterious circumstances. And now this guy who was working for that guy. Sitting down toward interview with James Komi comparing. Trump to a mob boss. It's just it's riches and it's. According to the source told me interview left people in the room stuns. He told George things that he's never sent a far. Stunning. Some describe the experience as soon read all. The question. Will be how to fit all of this into a one hour show. There's so much great material. And believe me. I'm sure they will be breathless about this. In the run up to it and afterwards. Calmly answered every question. Isn't that wonderful. Anyone wonders of cold we will grow there. He coast. Oh. I'm stunned. What's next comb his book a higher loyalty. It's coming out next Tuesday he taped the interview Monday and his Washington area home. By the way donate I understand correctly this guy's a multi millionaire. I mean the guy has absolutely. Positively. Nothing to lose. Especially. Into the mainstream media which is gonna prop you up and turn you into some sort of folk hero. Just wanted to give you a heads up of what was coming. So lot breach your selves. And hey get out the popcorn. It should be an interest in next few days don't you think. It shows a great day and got bush should take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.