Special Counsel Robert Mueller Reportedly Investigating Jared Kushner

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, February 20th

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Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman does not lead author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power to the people into the community. This is much you can visit my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. My score together. He's a Vince Coakley radio program. Good morning welcome back to the broadcast here we go again. Yet another developments. Indeed Russia investigation. We start off but what has happened to run very and they are doomed him to wind. This guy is. The latest person to be indicted you know these developments are happening pretty quickly. We had a Russians indicted last week. Now we have this lawyer. Who's been charged with lying in the rusher probe. This attorney actually worked for a prominent law firm. He sheriff of making false statements to federal authorities has spurred a special counsel Robert Lohse probe of Russian collusion. Inventory sixteen presidential election. This guy's name is Alex vendor is one. He's charged with lying to investigators about conversations related to report he helped prepare. On the trial of a Ukrainian politician. Skies charged with a criminal. Information which typically precedes. A guilty plea. Now is should get a fine on his Linkedin page as an associate in the London office. Some law firm. He was questioned regarding the firm's work and Tony twelve on behalf of the Ukrainian ministry of justice. He allegedly lied to investigators about his less communications. With Richard gates. Who was indicted in October with. X trump campaign manager Paul man effort to over their consulting work in Ukraine. So. This is one development in this story today you probably know by now what happened yesterday evening we've learned. That's Robert Mueller is buying. Another trump family member. This time it's Jared Kushner. It's expanded beyond its context for the Russian now includes efforts to secure financing for his company. From foreign investors. During the presidential transition. This is the first indication Muller's exploring commissioners discussions with potential non Russian foreign investors. US officials briefed on the probe. Told CNN back and made that point of focus related to Kerschner. The White House senior advisor and son in law of president Donald Trump included the trump campaigns Torre sixteen data analytics operation. His relationship with former national security advisor Michael Flynn and commissioner's own context with the Russians. Motors investigators have been asking questions including during interviews in January and February about crushed there's conversations. During the transition to shore financing for war. Have you heard about the name of this property by the way anybody would take it without knowing this you guys went to take a wild guess with the address. Of this property is. I mean it was the worst address in the world for any property. AD. Got caught up. Or. Numbers. That big of number 666. Thanks here. I don't know. Why in the world would you want 666. On any property of years. But this is the property in question 6665. Avenue. Shouldn't that be a hit to right away you don't wanna have anything to do with this this is eight Kushner companies backed New York City office building. And they've been having some financial problems. At this point it's not clear what's behind. Mr. Moeller specific interest in the financing discussions. But the team has not contacted Kushner companies for information requested interviews with the executives yet. And that's probably the key word yet. During the presidential transition Kushner was a lead contact for foreign governments speaking to over fifty contacts with people. From over fifteen countries. According to a statement he gave to congressional investigators. Before joining the administration Christian was also working to divest his interest in crushed her company's. The family company founded by his father. In early Tony seventeen pressure also divested from the 6665. Avenue property. This fairways can be purchased in 200741. Point eight. Billion dollars. The interest were sold to a family trust Kirschner is not benefit from according to a spokesman. One line of questioning from polish team involves discussions Kirschner had with Chinese investors during the transition. A week after trump selection Krishna met with the chairman and other executives. Of ending insurance this is the Chinese conglomerate that also owns the Waldorf. Astoria hotel famous hotel there in New York City. At the time. The chairman of that company and crusher were close to finishing a deal for the Chinese insurers to invest in the flagship. Kushner companies property 6665. Avenue talks between the two companies collapsed in March according to the times. Muller's team. Has also asked about commissioners dealings with a qatari investors regarding the same property. According to one of the sources. Kirschner is company were negotiating for financing from a prominent qatari investor former prime minister. But as swift the other company those efforts completely stalled. Now let me just say in terms of commentary on this. Who knows whether there's any thing. That is illegitimate here here's the point that the you have to understand one of the things shift understand very clearly. Robert Mueller is in jury. Aggressive prosecutor. I think we got to see that by now. If there's anything. That is shady. It's going to be found one of the things I wanna make clear here and I said this from the very beginning. From my perspective. I am not aware of any evidence of collusion which is the foundational. Issue that these investigations related to. We need to remember though previous. Special counsel investigations. Rooted Paula Jones. Have to do. With Whitewater. Nothing. What did the White House intern have to do we if right water nothing. I wonder whether some ancillary issue here convinced there. The president and perhaps some of his family members. We don't know about the business dealings. But this could be a potential area of vulnerability. And I'll be very curious to see where this goes. What are your thoughts how concerned are you. About the possibility of something being found again. I suspect. It's not gonna have anything to do with collusion. That's my suspicion here. Do you like to join the conversation with the Eagles have been historically numbers 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. So how do we prevent school shootings we'll talk about an idea edits being advanced right now coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program content ninety have been stroked the radio program over on the tech slighted 713 is your seventh didn't. And then speaking to the indictments on Friday to quote mr. Kerry it's like OJ saying he's going to find the real killers yeah a couple of we also have this. I mean to be addressed 666. This person says I always want to be addressed 665. Sort of put a sign out front says neighbor of the beast but. That's pretty clever. Another person saying here Muller is fishing has no evidence in his out of balance so he needs to pack it up. Since the crime is still evident that is for mark. On that these. Shootings. Ecstasy is having the social media addiction with young people these days has a negative psychological effect especially. After being bullied at school and on line. Any kind of wonder how much roll this plays with the circumstance like we have just seen here. Getting some thoughts already on the east to new developments regarding the investigation. That is being conducted by Robert Mueller let's start she first with a rusty in Charlotte good morning. And it also spoken here. The election and I doubt that you're out. Some players are better or. I don't know what difference does that I don't really Hillary Clinton's email sparked an election. Singing and all of that change is never gonna market there that I didn't do it. Trees that are sick at wee bit it'll be a lot they electrical anchors she did it daddy. We are not kill DL what we're queued up. She it they edit the question all the wrong thing. So you're a lot I don't care bill marsh Arabs should fall to the front at a pace showed. We worked ultra. That it formed a population of the United States of America what Hillary Clinton had actually aren't that what that thought she did. And I hear heroes. They slept for your call and I think that this isn't this what really takes us off about so many of these people. It's not about us the truth getting to the truth of the matter it is well this wouldn't have been out there if somebody hadn't stolen this or that if KP in. Get a deal with the core. The core issue here and the way I wasn't planning to go this now. But I IE I came across a story that I did this I that was absolutely refreshing. Before we go to more of your calls here. This is totally against what I just set totally different approach. Did you hear about what happened with the mayor in Nashville. Tennessee. Wall Street Journal most New York Times has the story pretty was Megyn bear. January 31 she called a news conference to announce she had been having an affair with Robert Forrest junior police sergeant. Who's the head of her security detail. Here's what you said. It was wrong we shouldn't have done it. Hello this confession the ending now. In the context of this last caller. Now what was what's Hillary Clinton's message when it how does she approach this whole thing. Well I mean I had didn't. Convicted of anything you know crew. These people exposed this or that all of these records are released they should've done this how terrible. I don't know how this story came out about this fair. It doesn't matter. What happens is the mayor came out and said you know what we did this we shouldn't have done it. Case closed. But there's more. Hello this confession the mayor offer the kind of full throated apology we most almost never get from public officials. I accept full responsibility for the pain I have caused my family and he is. I knew my actions could cause damage to my office and once I loved but I did it anyway. Don't you find this refreshing. Now compare this to what you gotta politicians and none other than Bill Clinton for example. In one breath he's giving a half hearted apology the next thing you know. He's going after the independent counsel. And saying this whole thing is are we chopped what does Hillary saying oh this is a right wing conspiracy. You remember all that nonsense. What does this woman do you know what we should've done this we did it anyway. She into her statement with a pledge. God will forgive me but the people of Nashville don't have to you see. This is somebody who understands repentance. You'll ever demand somebody accept your apology if you demand that. You obviously don't know an apology repent it is. God will forgive me but the people Nashville don't have to you in the weeks and months to come I will work hard to earn a you're word burn your forgiveness. And earn back your trust. I love this I don't know this woman. And maybe she's blowing smoke here. But I say what I don't remember hearing a story like this. Any time India. In the past. Recently. I think the closest to this Maybin Mark Sanford. Mean in terms of transparency. Being former South Carolina governor who's now a congressman. The day there's something genuine about this very earliest. Now that we your pack for my rabbit trail which I think is a good rabbit trail. Let's got a call from Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Good morning band and what a nice red crater wall that blows. It looks like your joy. The idea be it my take on all of this in everybody's. Using Muller at the punch and may get more they have there. They're here in the crawl up out. War. Our current president. I'm looking ahead to articles one from The New Yorker Trump's business so corruption and his blundering business with the new republic article. Article of the money laundering. Trump has been a money launder the thought he was married to eve bomber trial. It is because we know borrow money in Washington money. Isn't real estate properties and watch money and all of that corner come out in his dirty family bit. It is it is because university will look for or is the wind blows the big ball. I mean he just had its hands in he would he would have also contractors do his work. He would walk key in claims something was wrong wouldn't pay him and then he turned whom they want to. But don't small companies Google practically bankrupt trying to get their money from Donald Trump. He the K it from from from decades of growth and all of that did come into forage. You really think they're gonna get the heart of something like this. Oh most definitely book called the International League he's rope too many people the wrong way. And what the Dutch and will other European countries. To they say a man now this network or did he get away from new corruption. They've always know he was the dirty dirty cannot be alert. And Egypt can no not see the Nittany. So like what we do in America when we know somebody's dirty and we just would go to turn on he'd quit may say things and do things. And so now just like these young people and floor. The bad are speaking up to well politicians about what what happened in that tragic situation down there that care respect. The border they're going to bring back the integrity of our politics. You think they will do that are very. Do you think they will bring that back. I certainly do you think you know what you thought of future. Do you think they have the character to do that. Probably young people that are being beaten so far do now you know we always try and your portrait something in the air to mesh so well. A movement and that adds that hockey history. Okay well it's a pretty interesting perspective as to your previous points that you're suggesting about this president. And I know there are people who will go crazy with these shameless and I don't know what's there I really tilts and the truth of the matter is. Most people though. It could be interesting to watch over these coming months. We have nothing to do with Russia but there may be something there and if so Mueller may find this. This is still this Coakley radio program. 1036 of its stroke the radio program and as I suspected to have gotten it stirred up here. Talking about the Muller investigation. Scott took off from David in Charlotte good morning. I don't program good morning. Good morning. It didn't give any details on this sir Richard Kirsch restore. And I pulled up an article from the New York Times that has some significant they tell about it. According to New York Times the person or family. Bought this building in 2000 slept. And by trade more than any other office building has ever sold or in New York. Like pay double the price per square foot. Then any other building had ever sold for. Back to carry out the building was completely at least. But these rental income covered only. Two thirds. Of the Kirsch nursed their tight match on the bill that. I am a bit of recession hit. Cannot smoothed out Korea where I don't know how the building is 30%. And keep. So that's 41 story. Skyscraper. Is way under water. Now the parishioners have been running around according to New York Times. Looking for all kinds of Beatles to try to get out from under this bill. Are turning it into a profit. But that got a lot of complications. Because at one point the last few years but he sold part of the bill. Now they're trying to get other developed first coming out and back with built in. But the people that all part so that our abstained a lot of money. So debt. And huge business ally mr. Trout I like what he's trying to do for the country. I'm don't have a lot of confidence in the wisdom of the sun and well yeah. It's how likely are real estate speculator. And then he made are really really stupid. Deal on this particular built. I thank you mr. Moeller to each day again. They'll probably find some rail. Desperate detail for the coach urged to get out from under the spending. Yep I'm sure. There's there of its real possibility that yes I think I'm I'm sure that's that's what he's gunning for here. And then part of what you've done is you've shared. I count from New York Times story I forgot which. We were sharing from another article was on the same subject this when you described wouldn't have much more detail about the intricacies. Of what happened in the history. Since you don't. I mean any time you do any investment it doesn't matter what it is it's always risky right there's always. Risk associated with that the other thing I think is intriguing about this. If I don't know how much you have followed Steve Bennett who was one of the big can trump supporters from the very beginning. But. Steve Bannon has always had a very strong suspicion. And sell concerned about Jared Kushner. He is eight it seems he's always had concerns that this has been one of the president's vulnerabilities. In terms of his involvement in any enacting key has a lot of questions about mister commissioners. Wisdom. And the fact the president seems to put a lot of trust and confidence in him in matters that that may be way over his head as well. And that would be that's kind of my point is well if you and I don't know a lot about the coach or background or his business success or failure. But there's still in particular some massive. Failure and mass. And that that does lead you to disrespect. His judgment. And if you're one of the problems with this David when you're in the public eye like this. And you're getting involved in government. And then it isn't this the concern that we've had about the clintons and other people. How much intermingling. Do you have between family business and government business. Oh yeah that's a great point and now Gerstner has been used worldwide contact from just being associated with double crop. So there's the story that's breaking now he was trying to negotiate for the Chinese company. To coming on and I all or part of the built. And that Chinese company has. According to the cab article deep deep deep connections to the Chinese Government. Shoppers but intermingling of personal business and government fire yeah it is terrible. Did you tell me if I'm wrong here David I don't care who you are I don't care what political party you're associated with here's what I believe in you need to present. G. Utmost in integrity and how are you engage yourself fans avoid even the up the appearance of impropriety. And I need. I don't think that's been done here I I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes. But I think this whole thing should not have been dealt with the way that it has I don't think having people involved with. Personal dealings like this with the international businesses and then bringing those people within the campaign and within the government. I just that's just not wise at all. Yeah and that of course is deaf poll taken one pellet and Bob keep everything separate you know according to this article. Jarrett Kirchner has sold this interest. In this particular property back through the family company. Now that I work trip from a legal crisis. But from a social and moral basis the family side and you've got to send this mask now. How do you disassociate yourself from a family business. David I appreciate your call and again I mean for those who thinking well the interest just looking for some no I'm not. But again if these vulnerabilities are fair. And they are found in the air discovered what you can do blame Muller for that to gonna blame the Democrats for that. Over on the text line. We have some other interesting perspectives on this. If people believe what is on FaceBook they have a real problem I voted for trump the Russians had nothing to do with it won't great. Let's see how long is the color. Thanks is Obama pure as the driven snow my feeling is. And I want to know what happens if we look back in his dad's background. Probably a terrorist. Okay. Robert Mueller has a long history of prosecutions not often mentioned is equally long history of overturning of its prosecutions due to shady tactics. Used and often go outside the scope of the law this is all smoke in mirrors with him and so. We will see that play on the court system won't wait. Let's see here. And Troy young kids can be forgiven for seeing a lot of dumb things after school shooting adults should know better blaming trump the GOP's. The NRA extender is just stupid. They're been a number of parents exit drew another tragedies have left jobs and careers to pursue the agenda. Of taking away the second member rights of the other 330. Million Americans who've never shot a preschool I've always wondered say. Don't let your grief may accuse stupid Alan there's certainly wisdom there lot of wisdom. Social media is anything but social. That's the problem. Kids are not interacting with each other that. US how we stop school shootings he can't stop it too many people. Too many guns. Mueller investigation Vince there's another residual appointee made the Muller investigations any particular message that there's a price to pay. To run for higher office outside the establishment in the end. So called investigation simply further erosion of America's heritage of freedom and limitless opportunity. We will see it's. More of your thoughts and perspectives coming up. This is still since Coakley radio program. 1049 on the filter radio program coming up with a few minutes we have a very interesting conversation. Please have an event that's taking place in the upstate. And it's going to address the issue of hazing. Hazy with fraternities. I think kids are subjects that really needs more discussion. And that we will have that coming up in the next hour right here. Let's go to a call from butch in mores bill good morning butch. Or is that our our Acer. I got a question for that and I'd like its elaborate on developed on your screener. You know Donald Trump was a Democrat before changed a Republican I think everybody knows that. Well look behind the scenes and then Robert Moeller are really close friends. Nobody knows about it. And this may be off smoke in here and besides that Buchanan even though they got into Russians who bought them and understand trial welcomed and I have all of that police say. So. This out for me butch what's the in game then. We're here. It now here at let me fill then a possible scenario here if if your idea is a legitimate one. Donald Trump. Functions best with a foil and enemy. So. This entire investigation just energizes his base. That's true. But you got to remember. He's friends with a lot of people are does wonders responsibly are the same between human Muller but nobody knows the. Not to be honest with you bush I doubt this scenario but I think I'm at the point where. If there's something like this would happen nothing would surprise me I mean I really can't. Think. That's what they've got some really notice like I said before it is put commercial who only know. Yep gasoline right. I appreciating these Russians mean not convinced they're not gonna bring them over here thought senator extradite him was a waste of time and money. But since this is kind of funny appreciate your color of their butch. Pork if I hold this whole thing is a circus. And they're all willing participants in it. Makes for great new stores it reminds the conversation had the other night where start to a similar about the news media. It's the drive by media as rush describes here. Just move on from one crisis to another. What would we run. Can all of that's time that's been allotted on these cable networks. It is 51 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock now that we have somebody back from a day off it. I didn't get a day off. But since this is. Someone else did lines though welcome back man. Great to be back fence. Well. Let's us take what the day in history this is the twentieth day of February. Pants some pretty interesting. Items for items are list you beginning in 1792. This presidents signed a law creating the post office. 7092. And I will I give your kids if you likewise. I'm doing that I'm told me. And it's actually Washington did it and my hair was going to be he was the first president. You would have gotten out yeah mining. AT you know and I am. Let's seize this is a definite. Developments. From the Supreme Court. That's. How let's just see. Is he real blow. To a lot of constitutional conservatives about the relationship between the government the federal government and the states. What did they rule exactly. I know this sounds convoluted who what was the ruling. You know considering the hand that you just gave there's no way in a world around him so he is doing and okay health and well the ruling is that. The federal government has more power than any individual states. So. This is a real blow you up the authority of states you know I'm not quite sure how you could award and I know that's tough for and it's a really tough point. All right here's one that may be easier 1962. Who is the first American to orbit the earth tone when you're corrects. How rainy. And 1990 eight's see how well you followed the Olympics. This person won Olympic gold in figure skating and male or female female. 1998. Yes in 1998. From Kristi Yamaguchi. No all not place. And it is Tara Lipinski. My guess if you're if you're perceived as a really actively follow. Everything Olympic cure probably not going to get that so like most Americans not follow the Summer Olympics more. Yes because we windows. This isn't really in areas that we're. Very sharp both Melissa and Norway blues they're covered in snow all the time of course or when we get it snows type stuff. We're chicken blood mixed GameStop though sunken in. Well we we talked I think on Friday. About your movie adventure in the fact that you enjoyed it. What are your thoughts in seeing how well this movie is actually performed did it mean for those who were not familiar. You went to see. The panther movie. What are you black panther what did you think of it. Here's a question I really enjoyed the movie the question is how well will it do in week two. There are a lot of people being bus then to see the movie and things like that and they're really pushing to make this movie. The biggest movie of all time we'll see what happens. Yeah it's pretty significant. I think this is well beyond what anybody was expecting here which is absolutely cool. Law and so much more to talk about but we're. Out of time here ever suffered great day man. And then there's another story I wanted to go into the news. Absolutely hilarious and it's a story that's just crafted perfectly for John. But we don't have enough time for some gonna save it for the next hour. I'm convinced of the radio program. Also can have that very important discussion. About fraternity hazing and how in some cases it can actually be deadly. That story's coming straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real nice. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for guys like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 1106 our average to broadcast we're talking about something really important and those few who really upstate are probably quite familiar with the story but. Especially for those who view north of the upstate new may not be familiar acute heart to beat. Let me share with you. A synopsis of what has happened. It's the story of Tucker hips nineteen year old Clemson University sophomore fraternity pledge. Found dead on lake Hartwell near the south Carolina at 93 bridge September 22 2014. Hours after going on a run. What about thirty members of his fraternity. According to records and investigators the run happened between 530 and 6:30 AM tips for tourney members noticed him missing later at breakfast. The 911 call to reported missing was made several hours later. At 1:45 PM. And one of the student defendants named in the civil suit made that call and said twice during the call. He did not want a police report or missing persons report to be taken. This is as I mentioned the sad story of Tucker hips. What's happening. In the coming days. Is there will be a special gathering parents across the nation to have had a child dies result fraternity hazing. Well join hips family in Greenville discuss ways to prevent any other families. From experiencing the pain and senseless loss that they have. Joining me now for the first time in this program and it's certainly an honor to have on this broadcast Cindy hips good morning thanks for coming on. I bet that rallied today. They are doing very well it's it's great to have you this morning and tell us out what you're doing here and and what motivated you to bring people together. Well I have connected with a lot of the parent over the last couple appeared then. I've been meaning to get together with Dan you know keep our. You know we talk about it together that we really never it says. I just added I would have a little retreat wait to hear the part with the parent that I know is a bailout talk about it on my. And get beat me at it was I how many men out to California I'm not I mean that I'll tell peace. And I was. I'm saying molecular matter and our retreat has turn didn't quite a big big hill. We have a parent coming from California New York bank bear Indiana. Florida. And we have sixteen families represented and well. Coming port eighty now rowdy and better day at downtown medical center and we are going to the gut. I'm David thank you gonna talk about educating. A milk go on high alert we're going to talk about. A legislative effort that player saying that we continue to work together to change. Some of the lollar and South Carolina solid pretty bad and I have got bird. About painting and we all though are going in how was on the college and then strengthens. But as they while waiting their parents gave. This something about campus culture and the culture of hate being a cop America. And I want to emphasize here that there have been no charges filed in connection with your son's death. There was a civil suits as I understand that that was settled. There are. This and and I issue part of your concerns complications. Associate would dealing with this kind of situation. And because I get the impression you've been extremely. Frustrated by the law enforcement process for instance and this is nothing against law enforcement. But this culture that you're describing here. Eat it just makes it very difficult. You're right and that no one really understands the culture I have learned so my. Today you know people and they hate get a cult to believe that thirty believed he'd keep a secret. And I am talent he and I have discovered in there called bear it he that they critter back and says yes they can't keep that they could. And I'm hearing in my press stated. And the fact we met at Wylie out of the double say it is getting their comments in the out. What happened attacker that day we didn't have these great information and then you know we're still trying to work well on Bartlett. Let them permanent and that we have because we Elvis there are crimes committed. Early are aware that that prospect then don't. And you know someone says what happened attacker he's stated that your. Early. I'm entered gut and say you know that it report and then eight for several hours early. But I currently he sat around 6 o'clock AM and that 140. There. Let's see you know they're called meg even 11 call I work out their lips are hammer starting around. We had a point 7731. Started looking pretty big name on it happened in my. I bill I Baird. LA spirit or bullies that marriage act Carla happened overnight written it. And now Telus or for those people are not familiar with this case what was the actual cause of death. I think actual content death bat the Abu Ala get. As we head trauma and drowning you know early on where there aren't indicated that he did not know. And that he probably would not after that but that's not what our forensic specialist a back seat belt I think it. And I want one thing cult earlier how the he did her. He said the art that the aren't they the matter is they Larry went in the water and they let them. We want other parents. Outside. If this group that's meeting this week. We want other parents and especially. I mean you've got. Many parents are considering sending their kids off to college. Some of them are thinking about getting involved in the Greek system what would you say to them. The parent and they did bailout and the cops there say maybe his there is more for right now their now about certain organ bench especially here and said about airliner. Because the attacker hits her parents the act he can ironed out some great about the award in the bank and it very easy and however he still made to date he nabbed a man all of lot going on there did it did the big stink about this and is there. Fear of Freeport me mad about it and I were ever have a big healthy if that's about it as. They're scared and they're great that we're meeting where they actually. Paid he debt because a tractor report. That's another part of the culture you know the one thing to be ready to be part of the brother. The after another partner that wouldn't. You're scared to death recorded a carrot you're gonna get injured. And Darryl. You know there that much about a culture that people who denial or not that's what I'm nick and educate people but they're not. So I'm not a black labor asleep at Matt bush is. Certainly understand where your concern here do you have a moment told I'm with us said during the breakers where one more thing I like to follow up on. Here we're talking with city hips. Hands discussing the issue of fraternity he's seeing. And her concern that in some cases this is actually deadly. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Few minutes after 11 o'clock some breaking news they need to tell you about it gets interesting that's. We've been talking about he Tucker ships. Incidentally the courage. In the upstate South Carolina many of you in North Carolina may map may not be familiar with that story. So we're here in South Carolina may not be familiar with the air car Parsons case. And we have breaking news developing and that's the rowing county sheriff Kevin out and has. Now announced that Casey and sandy Parsons the adoptive parents America persons have been charged with murder in America's death. A row and count aged grand jury has indicted Casey and Cindy on charges of first degree murder felony child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury. Felony concealment of death felony obstruction of justice. This is a breaking news story Christopher's any additional information on this we won't pass to respond to you shortly we've been talking with Cindy hips. And she has been talking about what she believes was the hazing death of her son. Structure and one of the things that went askew in closing. What kinds of things need to take place you as you come together with the other parents who experienced. Similar things. What needs to happen to to change the environment. Reza relates to. The fraternities sororities. And dance law enforcement for that matter so this kind of incident no matter what happened because we don't know exactly what happens. So this doesn't happen again. Well they can't come up big strip town of accountability is so I think it starts on campus I think I'm basically personal accountability for any kind of violations that they. Law enforcement should be involved. Immediately asked by law enforcement need to be trained on handling hazing incidents that they know what to look or because they're such as secretive culture. And I think that the loud they did they each rank than that when someone is. Charged with painting that is not a slap on the wrist missed the mayor with a 500 dollar plan especially at the news about today I think it should be a felon. And those that are out thing is that I want to work on and on that as many of the other parent there's whale. Bonds is decent organizations. Are gonna have to Chang then failed that they want to today. Ballot into the own campuses saying AT change their culture. Do you get the sense that they're they're taking this seriously at all. I'm Dave thank that there has bend com. I did thank them out this bank that they are looking at them belt I think that they are. Making some strides. But it still got to come to the accountability Bagger at bay and say that there are non alcohol fraternity they can say they don't pay. But as we know on the mag Gruber case his fraternity let them know hey no alcohol fraternity in any doubt about Koppel like the thank thank with the Timothy. So you know they they then have to hold themselves accountable and then we need to hold them accountable as well. Cindy hips I so appreciate you coming on this broadcast I've I've had a great deal of admiration for you over the years. Thanks for who you are and what you're doing and our god bless you and your efforts this weekend all the folks to be a meeting with later in the week. Well then back bank is well enjoy listening to your show and. Thanks very much will look forward to talking with you again some time and I would. Again. Just strongly encourage you to take keyed everything that has Cindy Pepsi shares here because. I mean it this is life and death I mean I'm I don't know how many stories I've seen over the years. How they are so similar to this. And so one of the things that strikes me as I think of that. Our idea and ended as a matter where that weird is how much. Evil takes place. And how much evil is covered up as a result of secrecy. Rarely. Is secrecy a good thing. There's a there's a place. For confidentiality. And there's a place for. Not maintaining confidence is I guess that. There are times when it is absolutely positively toxic. One of the things I was just thinking about during the break. ID app I have it's like I couldn't live with myself. I don't know. The circumstances. What happens. With Tucker. And it just kind of blows my mind. I'm thinking surely somebody has it on. His conscience. You know I know exactly what happened. But I can't share this because my fraternity Brothers. They're going to look upon me with disdain. This is. Not healthy any anyway. Not healthy. I'd love to get your thoughts. On how to approach this. What are the things that need to be done in. And for that matter the grow the broader discussion about fraternities and sororities in general. I'm obviously speech or program some weeks ago and interestingly enough they were talking about. The derivation of these groups. Helping get start it. And it was quite fascinating as are a lot of things I was not aware of at all. I'm might make for an interesting program at some point. Ends your input on this would be very good. Undertakes line. One person saying here accountability starts with the parents well that is the truth. You know us using how important it is to have the guidance appearance on these things. Erratic allowed times we have this idea you know we're gonna send our children somewhere and and there's a place. You know obviously you don't want to be helicopter parents she got to let that grow you've got to let them. Explore. And experience things apart from you. And yet the same time. There are still children. They're. Still replaced with they need desperate being our need our guidance our input and our wisdom. And I think this is certainly one of those examples. We've had I believe Jerry's been holding on the line for quite awhile eager to talk this in pines or good morning Gerri. Yeah bridge. I just wanted to say. Why wait a side. Stop putting a price our children's safety in our school band. Will probably be able to start making headway. For example when an actual disaster happens anywhere in this world. This country comes up by eight million dollars to go help those people and take care because. They. Well we stop putting that great out there or boy it could cost the bottom line right. Dam will be able to protect our children yeah you're never going to be able to get rid all the guns don't matter what Gillette this day because. All evil men are going to be able to get gotten better way to stop it oh man is a good man to step up and tried to. Bear beer with bare hands but stop them from doing what they're gonna do it. And I did think this goes to the point Jerry all of the foolishness of any place being a gun free zone. That is you're just basically saying we are here we're defenseless. You've got 56 minutes to do whatever the heck you want before the police we get here. Exactly and they're talking about you know the only way to fight someone with a gun. It is to have a good man trained with the government you can have one resource officer one door. With 3000 students in there they don't want a jail like that. They not to have people around every door has should be secured. And it's not gonna happen because they wanna put a price on the safety of our children it's never gonna happen until they forget about the bright. And do what they have to do to protect our. That I'm there with here in fact there's a Florida sheriff who has a game changing plan. To tackle this problem and again this goes to the question rush was talking about this yesterday he made some really excellent observations. Do we really want to be in the the problem. Of school violence. With the shootings do we really want to get to the root of the problem. Or we just looking for a political issue. Well there's a Florida sheriff who has a plan we're gonna talk about what that plan is and we'll take some of your calls have you already very eager to talk about this. And your imports absolutely welcome. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program a few minutes ago we had a conversation with Cindy. Cindy ships her son. What is the subject. Of. Basically ongoing investigation. Regarding his death. Because these suspicions. That he may have died as a result. Our fraternity hazing. Person Tucker. I'd love to hear your thoughts your perspectives on this. Especially if you've been apart of a fraternity sorority you've experienced hazing or you're paired for that matter this is a subject of concern for you. Maybe there's something you've experienced firsthand. That you liked to share about this this set atmosphere of secrecy. That's. In this case presents all kinds of challenges. In terms of getting to the truth about. Just answering the question of what happens. What happens. It's not. Any more complicated than that eagles' advantage starkly number 809 to 1110 common sense returned planning text line 713 series seven. Scruggs a call from where Lee. In Charlotte good morning. There's skill there's going to listen up. Followed the lead them to impose their purpose or were about personal responsibility. We know about these patients wherever knowledge and colleges there's not just came out yesterday and is not a gun when the kids to college. They have the talked Indy they they sent to the child look it has been going on. And just have a conversation about PI know you question an American so much so that delicately on too long to club. I'm not I'm not gonna do that I am my own views on things and I'm not gonna just not think about a 100000. Beers because I want belong to a a chapter or shortly you can click on the Internet so personal accountant and obedience and not someone out you know what you're drunk when saying. But what do that the current equity office. Now go to an internal development weakness. Below you can fight drug and alcohol and all that ultimately could it and if they don't agree kind of target it happened. Well probably in a dusting come up schools do that and they think it's funny I don't think it's fun whatever. I think don't quote we're not we think. Well you're right about the personal responsibility part all of whom we've got choices to make here's the other thing though because we don't know exactly what happened here really this may be a circumstance. Where Tucker did absolutely. Nothing wrong but there may have been an simply an accident. Where oh where they were unwilling. That at this point nobody's been willing to say I mean and I'm just putting this out there may be you're out somewhere and he simply fell. And nobody wants to just say that's. They know they didn't pit or you can go to college then I have a thinking oh don't be on college. And I mean. Oh you know because well look Kono will work we had a conversation was gonna do not discussed but anyway we just never know when they're out there you can get together the kind of arrogant. And do what should I want to clarify on the committee the body bag in my Taylor hammer for the that we. And they know what you're going to Scott brilliantly internal bleeding if you could take a minute he learned that fascination with the black panther movie and they could to motivate simple black people that go right to be happy to be open up and now and the need to take him out of the day to promote this I think it is not what Hollywood level a bunch of back. Robber baron. Like people that is what control everybody and they wanted to dismantle it and now everybody's happy that it because Williams celebrate because this is the role model to black folks. Kyra let's tell me what's senator away way to say what is it you're objecting to Willie. I don't think that's. Promote some of the non clinical this movie and it could credibly make. What's wrong with a tummy woods foundation went wrong with the movie Willie. There. I'm not in Baltimore but the current player like it's a good bit greater than ever that went just. Everybody rallied behind the movie like this integrated in some pin and be able mother like people are happy about it could connect that's not an African outfit that there. That's what the think for a lot of single. Mom and grandmother dug up every day trying to win you've been in the social inducted into the look at these have been the people celebrating. You know people about him if you are open and definitely not there c'mon you are talking about. I'm not sure I do Willie I'm just hype just IR are you objecting to the idea of this. Being gay black Caster there's a black character this being the highlight. Hawkins no sir I'm talking about people celebrating. And and use in this. Particular movie theater and get back there a wanna be put so that we ought to to send a message that all of a sudden now we know. This equality all the sudden his body just that the present that we have to do what about. Eat eat eat I think and I'm talking back yeah. So let me let me work at all and I don't know I wanna make sure a dime to understand what you're saying. Is it dear concerned that people are finding validation in this is that what you're saying. There are exactly each other look at Hollywood or. For a movie fear or Superman to. It's good to validate myself what a human being would most in any way of treating people I mean yeah look what we would come true. I I began torture saying here fact the other day I saw a post and I I didn't save it for some reason tonight. Where yes there's this mindset in India and and follow this with me for a moment Willie just W understand this. There are a lot of people who let's just say they just believe that debts being black is something that's. Causes a person to be under attack or under assault or worm. Or not fully appreciated and that anything that affirms blackness. Is a good thing gonna give an example of this let's go back to the 2008. Presidential election. What was that about for many people I've talked to many people who said. This was all about. The really the ultimate validation. To have a black man as president of the United States of America. Now we have a president who looks like might my son. You don't that's. You know that for a lot of people is important Willie. I understand that I mean you make your undue comparing them about president who also didn't indicate it was. We've actually got some Clinton had become the president now that is something that. I mean yeah don't so I am so sad that we devoted to was black what not but told different I'm I'm talking. Well it's not different story in the let me explain to why it's not different. There are a lot of people really feel like this culture has very little to offer black people and that Hollywood's. Has been very let's just say negligent. To honor black characters as black characters. And I think this is what a lot of people have been complaining about for years and from eight commercial standpoint. There are people probably made this argument for years if you just do. Some thing. That's actually. You find any good black character and you told a movie around that. It will actually sell will look what's happened here this thing is caught fire. So loud I think that's where a lot of the celebration is Willie and I. Yeah and I were really care about black and white women and to be honest with you earlier I don't. And I agree with you I don't think they do what you know you know what color they love Willie. Green. Less than you know I think it's hypocritical to me and my black friends think and yet another way of slavery and no income to all the people who don't have a wonderful day. And the slogan manipulation of. RA men take great target stitches to me what in the world did this guy do himself this time. Any case I'd love to get your thoughts already people signing up to talk about this and respond to Willie is sitting here I hope I've given it. Good explanation of this but. Like some people's accounts I'm not black enough to answer that question so. If you think you are more sell it you can do a better job than I did story get on the 809 to 1110. 713071144. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Alonso of course she was listening and in that conversation now with Willie abouts. The the story of black panther and see how this is really caught fire what was going through your mind made that you think needs to be clarified here. Well first evolve then this is a little spoil arena I'm sorry it has to be done the bad guy. In this movie is basically. Like a lot of what you hear from the black lives matter crowd. Wanting to rise up one to take things back. Wanting to wage war. And two child of the Dick speaking of what kind of who is black panther. Doesn't wanna do that and I don't give too much of a plot line away but in the end. What kinda is. Its. Hidden away from the rest the world what they have better technology than the entire earth. And instead of Spain secluded in the end they decide to share so did their a lot of underlying message is all good messages. I went into this thing thinking. OK this is going to be a rallying cry for again for for BLM and most concerned about that. First of all coming from. Under perspective I think round one of the things I love comic book movies we reviewed them on the weekend I consider myself a movie reviewer. For a lot of what I do and also an observer of people. Because of one of things if you're on the radio. Why Fisher Oprah so you look around you see what's going on and so I went in whiff. A certain. Expectation and I came out with a toll differ one. Can't I'm not surprised at all not surprised at all. I knew you could provide some perspective on that said thanks a lot Alonso Paul is going to comment about this is well I'd surely good morning Paul. I I have looked. Different background I am from New York. And believe there I went to a college students started a program called black studded. And I didn't and the black panthers' Huey Newton. The leader they're raped Bobby Seale is vice president. There. Prime minister of propaganda and good day this was a lesbian. It the black youth of today knew the black Panthers were almost sexual but I guess you know GB wouldn't be such a bad thing what it. Oh my goodness Paul page thanks for your call I think. I had promised gets this so I better get to this in two important items before we go. I mentioned this game changing plans armed teachers in the end gun free school zones if you heard about this. Polk County sheriff Grady Judd. He's got a program called the sentinel program. It's already been implemented it. Arm teachers with concealed weapons train them to effectively defend students should the need ever arise. Pretty simple isn't it already been put into action its southeastern university in Lakeland Florida which is in judge jurisdiction. It's a very vigorous process. And these teachers having impeccable crime free backgrounds than the teachers undergo rigorous training includes meeting standards beyond those. The Florida law enforcement must maintain. Also intense psychological evaluation. Only after the teachers successfully complete the training they honored a special deputy sheriffs and allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus. Great idea don't you think. If you really are talking about protecting students. That's going to protect student and I'm trying to friend of the specific place where I saw this in the story. Bruce talking about the time period oh here it is here's the basic math the average shooter. He's evil deed is done in two to five minutes in fact in Broward County where the shooting happened it was three minutes. And that's scary three minutes. The average police response. Plus five minutes. Now you tell me. If you're thinking about your own children in that school. Would you rather wait five minutes. Or would you potentially. Prefer to have someone on the campus at least one person. Concealed carry who's ready to respond to anything immediately. We can talk more about this tomorrow look to get your thoughts but our time is winding down and out. I mean I think it's very very possible to get through this idea again this is only if you're looking for solutions. Joseph. The real quickly training at this huge issue. While states like South Carolina very poor training including in the law enforcement prompts people yet but the thing. I'm just gonna train them and there's no budget or time or energy to do that that's almost twice the problem. Step by and stay where you're coming from the training is very very important I wanna do a very sharp turn. To a lighter note here a story that is really specifically designed for one person in the studio. And that is jot. Did you hear about this story this is about the dumbest story effort recently. And it talks about. The occasions were playing travel really stinks. A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to make an emergency landing in Vienna. After a fight broke out because. One of the passengers would not stop. You know at the passenger is doing John. Drinking you know. What's your favorite subject. Music Charles could you help him. Breaking win column. This happened aboard a trance and NCAA via airlines flight two man setting. Next to apparently out very flatulence man raised a stink about his repeated gas attacks. When the alleged perpetrators didn't stop. His seat mates reportedly complained to the airline crew. Who did nothing instead of the captain issued a warning to the to complain it's accusing them of noisy aggressive behavior and making threats. I guess what they end up having to do they had to make an emergency stop. All because this guy and gas and. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.