Special Edition Podcast: Sharon Sanders of Kids First

WBT: The Podcast
Monday, December 11th

Bo Thompson & John Hancock talk to the Founder of Kids First, Sharon Sanders. Details about how you can get involved this year, plus a history of the organization. 


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It is WBT the podcast but it's a very special version this week in place of Mark Garrison we have. The one and only Sharon Sanders from kids first of the careless. Chris phoned this one off. That's appears political legal and podcasts hundred forward to we don't care can actually adds to the podcast is usually one but share and eyes votes out and as John Hancock. And our special guest this week as we've been out kind of talking about on the year leading up to this. The founder of kids first and who better to talk to this time a year should I met chairman Tony four years ago and it's along have been involved with took its first but to a picture and story is pretty extinct. And I'll give you that some old version of it because she receipts to mention names and so Nestle image enhancement. And I sheriff Vern for hospital at the time and one ever does assignments whatever duties was so kids to you know toys collection toys for kids and they dig down a department social services and so and so forth will. If you know share as long as I've known share and she has a way of doing things and she has codes to make sure that the right kids get the right presence and everything's got to be wrapped and everything's gonna have a candy cane. Because apparently her fairly spoiled her immensely when fusion and every president candy cane on it. And so all of our kids get candy canes on all their presence is well. So she took does give us down do the department social services and and then found out shortly thereafter that. They were Caribbean ransacked. And so she. Climbed into a dumpster and found all over wrapping paper codes and Noah at that point she. I decided okay well this is an exactly what I wanna be doing. Wanna continue to help people so you're you're husband Brent that first year team. Decided will help we'll just tell some families on our own and like how many people did you know that for. We only maybe five or ten families are first year and I remember Kat Allen. Her father had a car dealership in town because we they have a Santa suit. So we borrowed his Santa suit and drove from house to house the app just pretty organically you know what it was fine but you literally went from house to house and took presence and and how did you get the presence does beg borrow and steal just. Yeah that it literally yes because come after what happened at DSS I was determined that if I'm gonna go through all the trouble and all the work. At least make sure someone who's supposed to get him gets the. So you grew it become an even before I met you because you had been doing this two or three years or their who bouts before I ever met you. You grew it and finally ended up but Sherron Presbyterian Church show where you were so holding a party for. Homeless to near homeless kids how to how did you how did you go from. Helping some families to kind of becoming a kid's organization. We started out in Lancaster at the church there at the rose hill Baptist Church that we took. Probably around fifty families the first year. And I borrowed help from the church. With help from the church but with help from everyone that I worked with him. And item Marta banned from someone I'm not a good banter arrow one of those big fans and I pack everything in and we would drive down there I. I look back and think I was crazy. Thank god for the energy I have been. Well. Yes that's a tassel what you look like when you have high energy. That I don't know what it is actually in the last seven years nobody it was in. Its not it wasn't me it was all the people around me. That are still with me all these years and still helping all these years because. For some reason everyone wants to come together Christmas and help and make a difference in someone's life but they wanna do it and make sure it gets done and you know we've had our years were Reeve. Were out their delivering their running into other Cherie these delivering to the same families so we try really really really hard to make sure that doesn't happen so we can help as many as we can. But it's often volunteers it's not me it's like all the people around us because I'm just. One human bit like that this Saturday decorating day will see the same 500 people we've seen. And Hammett and we natter store right now I wished I could be there a W could be their 'cause now. Believe they're not ball you're becoming more popular ten. Asked if you play well I think chatting. I had to figure out a few years ago what it's like to be John Hancock got on the his first weekend because I don't know what two or three years ago. I got a call from from John and also from you Sharon and it was going into the kids first weekend he noted that in the auction it happened but Timmy we had a Friday night thing and then the next day was the wrapping day. And I had thought about stopping by there and just kind of get an idea of what was going on and then I got a phone call from you and and Hancock was sick. And I am sick passengers and releasing its I was there that Friday night for the bike drive but I was so I've never been to secure my life and by the time I woke up Saturday morning I was. There was no way I was coming in so we called blow instability you go to who have. The year you agree he got to pick up the slack and I and you never mr. B he didn't you were amazing well and it was the best thing that could've happened to me as far as you know Andy's Scotty but that wasn't a that and it is my god I get exact crises hanging out with the game at Brothers and many pictures on the phone and what the funny thing about that was his I didn't I didn't know really who he was then that was in the early stages of me figure out who the Davids were angered you you talking about it now again it. The back then that I didn't I didn't know what a big deal it wasn't a member and I took a picture with them on the Sunday at the party in and I've posted it and not my guy out of my phones ever lit up that quickly with people saying oh my god it's Scott but anyway well I think I thought that the flu thing a few years ago it was a blessing to. Willie Nelson has a line about well past my halfway in time. I'm not making any announcements today but I mean you know I've probably just signed my loss contrary to and at the end of that contract and I just won't tell you how long it is. But it and that contract I'll probably caller fifty year career in sales adios. I don't think that that means I won't be involved with kids for Seymour I think they'll become her chief van driver anything along those laws. But at some point we're gonna hand dome open at W BT and an intercom Charlotte and and you blow of practicing up. And and carry on now he's so I was happy to see you kind of learn more about it and see how it works and get a hands on feel for a on so that maybe there's a chance that even when I just appear that two rooms that are that work continues. When you can't say noted that cancer now down nine blocked in the door and one on my honored that you would say that it means a lot and so many different ways but. We're crash timer you know in a yelling out yes. As it just right next week next week is. Thursday the fourteen are scares me Thursday the fifteenth. Is our on air auction for three to 6 PM and Alou key clean Jersey that I'm pretty sure though we guard and acrylic case and it'll go in. Thumb so it he'll be ready to what Mel on all its autograph for a panther blue jerseys incredible its current extra large. I've got Tom Petty signed Tom podium though heartbreaker signed guitar. That showed that we acquired. We Gemma and had a right American looking at it right now by the way. I don't Wachovia. Tickets to a weekly passes two of them to the Wachovia. No we'll have the pony the big pony that comes from Wells Fargo got back again this year so. Slowly but surely we're gonna a lot of the items back in nine a garage door doctors going to be involved and sorrows or so we'll do our on air auction next to Thursday the fifteenth from three to 6 PM. And then Friday is tonight this just taken on a night a day of the so I mean it's just. It's turned into an incredible event so now it's food trucks and its traffic patterns and it's I mean and we do what is south Mecklenburg high school. And last year it's over 700 bikes in three hours. It did just an amazing an amazing night. That kind of came out of one year. When we really weren't doing big Friday night's. We announced that to have fifty bikes that Obama got 75 that we were open to get day here we're not gonna make it because they were on a truck in Kansas and a snowstorm. And synergy can bias and bike. Bring it by Sherron Presbyterian Church for we were doing this at the time and all the sudden we started learning about. Arguments and fights taking place in targets and wal marts and I'll never forget it does one truck that drove into the parking lot and it looked like the Beverly Hillbillies he must ahead fifteen bikes in the vector that thing. And they were stacked way up pot I mean it was just the most ridiculous looking thing you ever saw your life. But we got a 145. Bikes that night and Alice within two hours or something a lot of rumor given for special reasons in honor of someone or because of someone and that's what's so special about it. Is that they're not just given a bike they're giving a bike. For a reason which which in John allows him to do and they love that well and it's just got to be a thing for a lot of families kind of like the volunteer day on Saturday for those who. Can't buy us a biker can't make a monetary donation to a sick kids first of the Carolinas dot org. Come by on Monday are on a Saturday in the sixteenth starting at 1 o'clock to self Mac. And give us some time because we've got thousands of presence to wrap in Christmas trees to put together and decorated. And Santa's workshop to build and get this this place ready for a kid's party that'll be for about 400 kids. And we'll take care of those 400 kids that Sunday the seventeenth and then we're off to take another 400 to 600 kids is the week leading up to Christmas. Not takes place so there's a lot of work to be done and this fall if time is all you can give us what we'd be delighted to have you be a part of it and yes Saturday as they is in its like happy chaos. It is happy chaos and Saturday is when all of Johns folks in your folks Bogut to come out and volunteer and they wanna help. I. It starts at 1 o'clock no we don't have a sign up sheet just shall appoint anyone and will be there all day I know every one. Emails and says I wanna sign up what time to let him either returned or do if my kids have three kids or this agency one announcer. Just come home and incoming go I mean coming to an hour and and if you need to go shopping or select and wanna come back later on come back later on. You you know we have food trucks for in a food trucks out there so you don't and we don't we we have the switch atop their because they're small businesses and our community. Bombs so they're out there today to make a little money over the holidays and we appreciate them they serve food trucks at the radio station that we've worked with here around. So they serve food instead of going out to a restaurant come and buy dinner. From one of the food trucks which Hoffman now we need money we always need money and and this time a year that we're doing this podcast were always. Scare early behind. And it always seems to work itself out but I just can't emphasize enough that if you go to the Hancock bridge WBT dot com or kids first of the Carolinas dot org and there's an easier way to get there just use the initials. KF. OTC. Dot org. You can make a credit card donation PayPal donation and at that website. If you go to the Hancock page WBT dot com if you need to get all the trick kids first there's a post office box that you can send to there's a telephone number that you can no users an email address. So I mean all that information on the Hancock page WBT dot com we need money. You should know that one of the first thing share and asks people that we learn about or that come to loss is. What size clothes you Wear what side issues do you Wear because we try to. Really take care of these kids not only with toys and not only with the bike everybody gets a bike if they've never gotten a bike from us before. But Joseph we also try to make sure that they go home some clothes and shoes and make sure they're well who have been fitted out there. The Christmas trees you'll hear is begging on the air for artificial Christmas trees and decorations. We use that to decorate south Mecklenburg high school though when that party's over for the kids on Sunday. We care all that down and strap it on to the top of cars and send it all with people so they've got a Christmas tree to set up when they get all I mean we literally provide Christmas for people. Com food we get restaurants every hour in the gears than if. Anyone has a restaurant please call and we would that we have we always need food and yes we have too much food because we send food home with me since you don't have people so visit food these children are out of school I don't have food so you on the phone number. 7049955679. Putts and just call that number if your restaurant believe me we can use just about any thing any kind of food. The other cool thing this year was armed. Close all of you moms out there that have middle school drama we got out the most wonderful little girl who goes to a local middle school Ella Ella. A vis the starter and went in and talked to the principle about wanting to that there are so much drama in middle school and they wanted to be able to help other little girls. And they in the principal told her they have other projects that were much bigger and she said okay that's right I'll do the some I don't so Alice gone now with her friends. And they're collecting dresses. For little girls. In middle school. And we have them at the store if anyone out there has addressed that they would like to donate to a middle schooler. I don't mean a sigh Stewart's nice four there are little grocer at that are bigger than that so we do need some bigger sizes. But Alec came up with this idea and we have a little red runway and tight at the we're gonna have an an amazing set up on Sunday for the girls to shop for dresses but. Right now at our store we have Allah and grace's. Dress area and they've thought this these middle schoolers and they're going to implement it is an amazing program. It really is very neat thing and they got a wardrobe rack in which to reel them half to death. So as they got to dresses and from their friends L a apparently gets thirty minutes of cell phone diamond day. And she would use or thirty minutes a cell phone time to contact extra friends and ask if you've got dresses that you don't Wear anymore and are really good shape. Would you donate them to this cause so we can give to people who don't have nice dresses and a sore and so forth. I don't Lauren. Blood Jason TJ but it's kind of like their second hand drawn me in over the against LeBron dresses and saw the idea but Ella came up with this all on her own who. And this is one of that this is one of the magic things that happens at Christmas and one of the magic things that happens with kids first. Yeah her mom wrote to Sheridan said I read your mission statement and I thought to myself oh come on nobody reads a mission statement I forgot about it but. But they did and the mission statement gave them the idea to go do something LO thought this out of the box we know we've never we've never. Now on us it's all her it's our ally and it's her heart. And it's who she is and when you meet for you'll see that but her friends and we ordered them though. Velvet ropes with the red carpets of the little girls could go shop and get address on Sunday it's very very exciting tell. And our store if you would like to drop off a address the metro diners giving 10% off any meal. If you bring out a two way we're going to have our van out there were gonna have them. Bunch of free things out there are so come by and it in the mall there's a lot of stores and buy Tories and by Tori and drop by the kids for store. Soon be sending the tenth McMullen trade market what we have a store. Who's siren is able to find re orders a real orders. Who will give us a storefront and abandoned storefront every year and were McMullen pre market this year over by the dollar store. That's were Burlington Coat Factory is located on final Mathews road by bill side. It's where chili's is and there's a dollar store there and you'll find the kids first store there and if you wanna drop something off. Our if you need help I mean that's a place to go as well and walk in the door and say and we don't make you bigger I promise you we don't make you big. What did its the lady. I was reading the Belmont website and sol lady who was Sam I don't know what to do but times are really tough and our rotor and I said. Contact this lady shall take care of your. That's what we do that's why we collect what we collect we were able last year was so many bicycles to take cures the most of Columbia Indians. And we found out a few years ago that loan the Indians through Christmas party for their kids to. But it consisted of people bringing food and that was about it there was no presence there was no nothing. So we loaded a hundred some mud bikes up on mail truck and so much toys and took him down Columbia Indians and they just to be diamond and they've never seen anything like that. That's that's good that's the beauty of what has happened with kids first is that yes in some cases we get more than we need. But it allows us to share with the other agencies that don't get nearly enough of what they need. So again back to my original point you can see point eight to point B two point easy you know when you. Help this organization. That they're gonna get it where it belongs and they're gonna have. And every year that kind of changes you know yet different needs and different places and isn't it this year. The the interesting thing is we had a quite a few Johns listeners that. Up we've got a call I've gotten calls from that said they kind of lost their way the last couple years and they wanna come back this year and volunteer again because. Doing this which I'm keeps him on the straight and narrow and makes them realize their purpose and we've had a couple dads this year that have lost their wives and their they've got their children and their house is going on the market may be found in January on their loosen their home. And they just don't know what to do they've got a couple kids and they've helped us in the past so that I have to say it's been I believe we've had a lot of Datsyuk churn is hard for them to reach out. This is pretty it seemed as we've had people that are volunteer force in the past citizen had to reach out and ask us for help. But we've also had people and ephedrine reach out and ask us for help could now come back and volunteer forest so I mean it's a lot of cases it's full circle both directions. How cool is all of that you know my now how rewarding has all of them. We're talking about how much energy that Sharon has and then which you had years ago vs now. I would argue that once you arrive at whatever part of this you arrive at whether it's the by drivers the auction are especially the planning data Saturday. Volunteer day. There's an energy a collective energy that takes over everybody any kind of it permeates and our and that's what it's all about our volunteer crew are. Core crew there's probably between eighteen and twenty volunteers we meet every week and they bend. There. The glue and all of this pole and an altogether implement because everyone has a job so. It's a big event but we have so many great volunteers that make it happen and that are there because they care and they wanna be there. If you can help us obviously we need your help I don't want anybody to think that we don't need help because if you say oh my five bucks won't help. Please give as your five bucks because your five bucks does help we make a lot of our money was small donations. That's what I love about kids first is this collective thing. Hundreds if not thousands of people helpless. And all of those donations. Give us the resources that we need. We couldn't do without you so don't go don't with soldier five bucks because you hear that some guy gave me 5000 bucks or something along those lines we need your five bucks as much as. Now we need that 5000 dollar donation that dual get on down the line. Go to the Hancock page WBT dot com or just coated WBT dot com or go to kids first of the Carolinas dot org. And you can make a donation there. And feel freed an email me Hancock UWB T dot com if you get to questions even stupid when says give me a call on our gimme Arabia. An email or text me or something along those lines and and below mortgage involved kids first has done a lot of things over the years but we just finished a first. The first kids first podcast that's exciting and Harrington have in Ontario hey thank you.