Special Thanksgiving Show

David Chadwick
Sunday, November 26th

David talks about Prayer, Worship, Fasting and how important it is to give Thanks.


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Hi everyone I'm big. 11993. WBZ welcome to show. In case you don't know you're just jumping on board for the first time on this is the face about showed that tries to intersect faith and values. With different things going on in our culture locally and globally it's always a pleasure doing the program in fact I'm doing now for over seventeen. Years. And it's a pleasure being able to tell you different things from my heart to yours regarding what I think we should do in response to culture. Today I wanna talk about something that is obviously important and that's. Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving week in and no idea it was able to travel some with my son and daughter in law and wife had some wonderful experiences. Out of town I'm really into creating family memories snapshots. In your brain that you can remember. For ever so Thanksgiving is one of those special times when friends and family members come together. And we create those special snapshots. In our mind we have the opportunity to remember things like never before and also with the food is fantastic isn't it folks I hope you can gorge. Too much I hope that football. Was fun but I hope mostly family was what was at the center on your life and faith. Being obviously very important to you all in fact I'd like to talk to you about in this program today is the power. Of Thanksgiving that what we just experienced this weekend is great with namely it's great with food is great with football but what it's really all about is faith. When Abraham Lincoln declared the Thanksgiving holiday weight back in the mid eighteen hundreds his purpose was to get America to remember god especially. After the civil war to remember all the numerous blessings we have as a nation when we do so and we become united as a nation. And we can move forward together under god with liberty and justice for all so let's talk a little bit about. Thanksgiving and why it's important you know I played basketball many years ago and I learned that it's simple fundamentals are absolutely essential. For being able to play the game of basketball well you've got to be able alert to dribble and shoot and rebound and passed the ball worked together. Cohesive Lee as a team. There's so many disciplines. In basketball that are relayed a bull to life in general. You just can't play the game of basketball about being fundamentally sound. The same is true in our spiritual walk with god there are certain disciplines that we need to learn how to practice. On a daily basis in order for faith to grow. So this past Thanksgiving weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving it should remind all of us up an important spiritual discipline. It needs to be practiced regularly but I'm afraid to many of us forget to practice regularly and that's the spiritual discipline. Of giving thanks to god the spiritual discipline off Thanksgiving. Not now think about this. If you want your faith like to work you have the discipline for example a prayer you try to spend some time every day just getting quiet. Being alone with god. Reading your holy scriptures letting it feed your heart. And in simply praying what's prayer. It is releasing everything in your heart to god and trusting in faith that God's in perfect control of everything. So prayer is unnecessary. Spiritual discipline for fate to grow another discipline is worship. Corporate worship with other believers there's something powerful. When you come together with other people of like minded faith you pray together use sing together you listen to God's truth together. And when you're together your loving one another caring for one another encouraging one another. And you're growing in your fate. There is a weekly rhythm that god gave all people on his Sabbath one day out of seven that's different than the others when you rest you relaxed. And do you worship god. Another spiritual discipline it's not often talked about his fasting. It is removing yourself from something that you regularly enjoyed doing so that you can concentrate on god now when ever this is taught most people go immediately to food and that is a good thing too fast from occasionally. As you were stomach growls at remind you to pray to trust and give everything to god. There's also though in fasting I think a discipline from social media. You know as we are bombarded with all that information from social media that comes our way. We need sometimes to fast from that and simply get alone with god and let god speak to was not the cultures speak to last. So those are several spiritual disciplines that we need to practice in order for faith to be developed. Here is another one. It's the spiritual discipline of giving thanks to god. The Bible talks about all the time it says in all things give thanks to the award on I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me that. The discipline of Thanksgiving basically says that god is god and I'm not god and god is working through everything in my life and I trust him completely. In every possible place if you your faith to develop this Thanksgiving week and you need to practice spiritual disciplines like prayer like worship like fasting from different things but also practiced the discipline. A Thanksgiving when you deuce and you are allowed to be all the person that god pre eighty due to be to this program is devoted to giving you some ideas on how to regularly practice Thanksgiving not just. On Thanksgiving weekend but throughout all of your year I'm David Chadwick this is news eleven to 993 WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this year's eleven yeah 993 WET welcome back to the program and I hope. You have had a magnificent. Thanksgiving weekend what a wonderful time to remember. Family remember friends to remember football to remember food but. In the first segment I remind all of you what's most important. Is Thanksgiving. Remembering all the things for which we have to be thankful and and I would suggest that you. That Thanksgiving is a necessary faith discipline like prayer. Like worship like fasting and other spiritual disciplines that we use giving thanks to god is something the scripture commands that we do in. All circumstances. Now. That means that you've got to train your brain need to give thanks I believe you really are what you think you're not necessarily what you eat the Unita. You are what you think and when you think well and you train your brain to think rightly. Health naturally follows one of the necessary. Biblical commands that we receive all the time is to give thanks in all things in all circumstances now that's when things get. A little bit Dicey forces and it let's let's and wrap a little bit of that when when you train your brain to give thanks to god. And everything and by the way I should say this the very idea of Thanksgiving demands a direct object. As you look at giving thanks there must be something to whom you're giving that banks. And for people of faith we believe that Thanksgiving has as its direct object god it must mean if you're giving thanks to. Whatever what kind of Thanksgiving is that it demands a direct object and of course people of faith believe that the Thanksgiving object is. Got himself so as your training your brain. To give thanks to god in everything. That means in good and bad circumstances. So I've asked Ed Billick my friend and producer opened up his microphone as well and it talked to me some. As we engage in this part of understanding how to give thanks to god and all things is really easy when. There's good stuff that happens you just had a wedding that occurred in your life this weekend talk about that for a second. He knows my daughter my only daughter Andrea the family and friends that showed up in the love that was shared the ordering not only the service the ceremony but at the reception was just unbelievable. And a display of love so. So thankful for god for bringing those folks together so thankful for the beautiful. Daughter I have an tend. And just as important so thankful for my new future son in law who's now my son. So he's talking about feel that the and call the mayor when you've got to give up your daughter which I'd dig a mine a couple of few years ago it's hard for that little special lady in your life. It was it was emotional but I attempted to do the but the point is that we just thank god for. Allowing all that's happened and then thanking golfers you know allowing us to have children as we continue the into the cycle life so it was beautiful. Well I've got my son getting married in two months and I'm facing the same thing just in reverse of mice and bring this lovely. Girl into our family and we're so thankful that she's a part of our lives now and they're going to have a wonderful marriage a my point being is really fond of to give thanks to god when things are going well I remember for example last year my son is getting married was in. The short course world championships. In Ontario Canada in swimming. And he was selected to be on team USA. And during the last of it which was the mixed medley relay it's a men and women swimming before swimming strokes. Maryland my wife and higher in the stands and the team USA that force swimmers walk out and we didn't know before then. Is my son Michael. The last swimmer in the last leg of that event will the first thing happens where repairs Cedar Key is have to be in a sporting event where there's a lot of pressure we bite our nails. We gas been hard go all know what happens if he fails well. He is the anchor leg of that relay and as team USA is swimming when Michael jumps in the water. Last he is in seventh. Place all the other countries are way ahead of him and he swims ferociously. And later we watch on TV and rowdy Gaines the commentators going nuts. As Michael catches up to all the other swimmers and out touches everybody else. And wins a gold medal for team USA at the world championships. National television and I said there understands what my wife were gasping and don't like going home and so wonderful in our first response is really the look Kevin work and go thank you god that was so wonderful and it's easy and it and when you're going through winning in yours yet your beautiful daughter getting married all the friends and Stanley are together or. You see your child succeed in something like we saw Michael succeed and to give thanks to go and we did that and we praised god for that we gave him such joyful Thanksgiving. And then. We realized. That just some months earlier he tried out for the United States Olympic thing. And wanted to be in the Rio games and got out touched by just a couple of seconds and failed to make the team. And it was such a sad moment when that happened he had something that normally doesn't ever happen. An excellent things like that happen how do you thank god that he did it in your heart to give thanks when things don't go to write what you know that's the whole point the Bible says give thanks to god. In all things and it's so easy when things are going well. To give thanks to god when the person score the touchdown pointing to heaven thank you god the World Series last pitch is a strike out and that your team wins the game your. Looking to heaven thanking god but the Bible says again to give thanks in all things. When Michael doesn't make the Olympic teeing it has severe disappointment or he wins a gold medal at the world championships. We're supposed to give thanks in both it and I think it here's my point and you just made it for me. You're supposed to give thanks when the bad stuff happens to so so here's the question. What's got doing when he asked us to give thanks in the bad things is he amassed sick kids Steve is the I'm trying to hurt us in some way or another note that if we believe god is in control of his entire world. And we believe god oversees everything which the Bible makes it clear some 241 earth is the awards. And the fullness there Bob. Bible makes it clear in Romans 828 at all things worked together for good for those who love god and are called according whose purposes. All things means all things means the bad stuff to. So I think in the bad things when we give thanks to god we are releasing it to him and faith again it's a faith discipline were trusting that he's in a the bad stuff as well. And when he is in the bad stuff he's working it in a way. That increases our faith and trust in him. And also gives us the privilege of faith believing that we may not see the results of why this is the way it is for years to come. But we trust that it will work together for good. I know in my life when I've had bad stuff and I had to thank god for I looked back five years later and I see 000 god was strengthening my. Prayer life he wants showing me what faith really is and that's believing and I don't see. On he used that as a way to. Give me more courage to face another situation that was equally problematic. Horry here's the best the ball. That god was saving me from something that I didn't know was going to really be bad for me I know the win. I was a young man I had this girl in my life and I thought she was the one. And she dumped me I know if that's hard for you'd understand why a girl would ever dump a person like me but. She did and you know at the time it was so painful but my dad was a pastor taught me. Give thanks and all things so I tried to give thanks for that well it usually takes about five years I operate by the five year rule in life you look back five years ago alike can kind of see what god is doing and that. Will I net Maryland five years later and now I have three wonderful kids the third being married again this December. For incredible grandkids and we pray for many more to come. And I can look back you'll find marry her I don't know where my life put it on I don't think it would have been what it is today and today there's such a rich blessing because of the painful thing. That happened to me way back then so I give thanks to god not for what happened. But how he's working good out of what happened you know for some people say you wish I give. Thanks to god for cancer but we'll of course not cancers not a part of God's original intent. God is he your god the giver of good gift but god used his cancer to drive people to a deeper faith placing him. To allow them have been good use their cancer to minister other people who have cancer god uses that. For good so therefore we give thanks to god in the good. And the bad circumstances. Now that's a spiritual discipline isn't it we we begin the program talking about spiritual disciplines of prayer. Worship fasting other things. Will the discipline of giving thanks especially when bad things happens is a powerful. Charge from god. That's different for a lot of us give us so give us an example polity yet sale little prayer for us of something bad someone dies in your life for something some tragedy how lucky paddy ask god for thankful for yeah I think the first thing you do is is you say to god. This hurts your real with god I mean weakness on state cried out to god over and over again I mean Jesus himself in the garden gets him and he. Cried out god is there another way please on the cross he said my god my god why have you forsaken me. God loves it when were honest with him we say to him this really hurts this is problematic place in my life got. I'll watch you know. They don't necessarily like this but I thank you for how I believe in fate you're going to work good out of it. I trust you know my feelings and my circumstances. Don't suggest right now that is going to be good. But I trust you and believe that you'll work good out of this and when you do that I'll be able to see how great. A god you really are and I thank you for this situation. Because I know you're working it for good. There's a famous author named Alexander Solzhenitsyn who yours ago was in the grew logs of the Soviet prison camps. And it was there that in his pain he met gone he came into a deep abiding personal faith in Jesus. And when he came out of the prison the first thing he said the people want us. I give thanks to god for the Princeton and people like Bosco are you kidding me how could you give thanks for something so hideously painful like that. But Solzhenitsyn's that I give thanks to god for the prison for there in the prison. When I had nothing else I found gone now I have everything I ever need in life. So again you give thanks for not seeing how it might not that might be used for good by god but. In that faith discipline. You believe that it will be used by god because that's the nature of a good god who uses all things together for good so folks this Thanksgiving weekend would you take some time to practice the spiritual discipline. A Thanksgiving give thanks to god. For the good and the bad the goods obviously easy to do but the bad is more difficult but when you do your. Disciplining yourself to trust god in all things and we need to use of your faith is being developed like never. Before and that's what console about Jesus said himself and Luke 188 when the supplement comes back again will he find faith. On earth I'm David Chadwick will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick this is to use 1110993. WBT welcome back to show. If you like the good the program in its entirety go to WBT dot com scroll down to the weekend shows that. David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end and this is a special. Thanksgiving program as were looking back over this past week in and all the fun we've had with football. And friends. And family. And food I hope your fasting today folks on the college you might need to after. Your Thanksgiving celebration but mostly what I wanted to do today. Was to confront all of you about the need for the spiritual discipline. A Thanksgiving. It's just not talked about like other spiritual disciplines IE prayer. And Bible study and even fasting from food or I mentioned social media the things that bombard your life. That'll allow you to focus on god which should really be our heartbeat during Thanksgiving I think is faith. And have you ever thought about the reality that faith demands a direct object it demands that there be a god as a part of Thanksgiving I mean what. A meaningful this is there in Thanksgiving. If there's not the direct object of god in that Thanksgiving I mean for what argued giving thanks to whom are you giving thanks I mean when my wife Maryland. Does something really nice for me. I want to thank her for that I don't give some generic. You know thanks to whomever out there when Maryland does something nice to me I go to Maryland at the direct object on my thanks I say honey. Thank you for what you did for me Thanksgiving demands a direct object and I continue and regularly with people. That everything in creation is made by god. Some 24 won the earth is the lords and the fullness there off and some New York objecting right now and saying now now wait a minute. I worked hard for what I am. I mean I've given a lot of energy in my job to earn all of them possessions I have all the titles that I have all the success that I have let me remind you of due to Rodney chapter eight for seventeenth. Where god says that he Israel lights when you enter into the promised land. Don't ever get to the point of thinking that these buildings that you've been given this land you've been given these crops that you've been given. Have been given to you by your own strength remember. Who gave you the strength to be able to do these things so I always tell people hate. Paulus for a second. Where did you get the strength to get up this morning and go to your job who gave you the minded that you have to think through everything you thought the root. To gain at the success that you have that gave you your family that you enjoy and love so dearly. Everything comes from the hand ABBA benevolent god who loves us so much so when you realize that everything in the world is a gift from not think about this the air that you breathe. We're that come from. The food that you in jest we're Beckham from the clothes that you put on your back where that come from the shelter over your head. Where that come from and especially for those of us in the United States of America though we complaints about president trump and other things going on in our culture. You need to go to a Third World nation. And you need to see what's going on there Maryland I were in one just a few months ago and every time we go to India or. Nepal. Or some other Third World nation we come back in the first thing we do is we give thanks to god for the glory and bounty of the United States of America. Though a flawed nation it's still the greatest nation on the face of this earth and everything we have here from sea to shining seat is he. Gift from god and when you realize that the first. Emotion that should flow from your heart is Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving demands a direct object gobs the one who gave us everything that we have. Therefore when we realize all is a gift from god because of his grace. We should live graciously. Toward one another the healing of our land. But should it happen among people of different skin colors of different ethnicities. A different socio economic background should occur when all of this realized were children. In the hands of an almighty god loving father who created us to enjoy his bounty but also in jewelry. Being one with one another's every thing in life begins with a believing that god created at all. And when we did so then we should point olympians to in nineteen is one of our key verses in life. Paul said in writing 13 of the new testament this specific verse he said do everything. Without grumbling or complaining. I'm everything means. Everything. We art to complain or grumble about anything because complaining and grumbling shows a lack of Thanksgiving. It's the very antithesis. Of Thanksgiving when we grumble and complain were saying god I don't believe your good. I don't believe you're in control and I don't believe you have my best interest at heart. I believe. That god is in control and I believe he's good I believe he is the giver of all good gifts in life and wind we believe that our natural response should be. Thanks giving that's why the Bible says give thanks to god in all things yes even the bad things listen to the previous segment but calls God's working for good even in the bad stuff in ways we can't seat. And I pray when they will be able to see it because it will only increase your Thanksgiving at what do you think you know when you think about Thanksgiving it is a humbling gesture. It is you know thanking god is in a humbling but it's also positive experts. You're complaining as a negative experience so as a positive and we need dimension here that's a great point it that Thanksgiving is synonymous to humility. It really years when you stop and think about giving thanks to god recognizes that god is god and I'm not god in most of my problems come and it goes through things confused. It keeps me in a posh sheer. Humility. I'm believing. That if god is god I can trust him with everything but also I'm in submissive and a submissive posture to him. The loss of one another and care for one another and begin to one another cost. I'm not in control I'm merely a conduit. I'm merely a person through and got lose his blessings may churches in what's called the toxicology. If ever thought about those words. Praise god from whom all blessings flow that is recognizing that god is hot and I'm not god and everything I have. Comes from him humility is such indeed virtue isn't it in our society today we just don't have. Much humility at all it's me culture and it's all about me. And humility for sure. And so one of the things that says the spiritual discipline a Thanksgiving. Is every time we get a chance to whisper to god. In them elongated period of time which people called a quiet time everyday which I try to practice think's important but you can shoot up heroes to gone all day long and give him thanks. In any all situations. And any interaction you're in the store you're you know you're getting great servers from somebody always thank them you know we thanking god for them as well but you know be in a positive. A person and putting on the face of god. In front of all throw two days to me is interactions really distort Namibia person's struggling today saying Loper for you never know. What you were words might do to help somebody else feel inquiry aged and move forward. In life so so Thanksgiving is synonymous to. Humility. It allows us to recognize that god is god it can be done in a quiet time in your date it can also be done throughout your day and you make a great point earlier he would win. You practice Thanksgiving and the discipline of Thanksgiving. You're basically. Creating a positive mental attitude. In and getting even beyond the whole faith perspective just to those self help gurus out there they know the importance of training your brain to discipline your fault life as you discipline what you think. Used in will be come the person that god desires you'd be. Too much of our culture is rooted in feelings and circumstances. People say I am who I am because of what I feel. Or I am who I am because of what's happened to me. What a lie it's just not true you're not who you war because of your feelings you who your WR because of what you believe in your mind. So folks and think in the year. Desire to change their behavior what they need to do is to change their feelings change what I feel and I'll change Allenby hate nothing could be farther from the truth you know have a graduate degree in counseling from the University of Florida. In and I know cognitive therapy the way you change behavior is not by addressing the feelings the way you change behavior is by changing what you think. And in when you change how you think. That will be and determine the changing of your feelings which then changed behaviors so as you train. Your brain. To think like god wants you to think you'll become the person that god wants you to be com. And that he is indeed certainly associated. With Thanksgiving. When you learned to train your brain to give thanks to god in all things the good and the bad that means when bad things happen you don't let your feelings in your circumstances drive you to negativism. And have a low self esteem you say god you made me. I'm yours. You're like god I'm your child you love me need your in control of everything. I don't know why you allowed this to happen in clause it happening clause of the cancer union called the in this union calls the problem. But you're in the problem you promised to be and the problem and you're working together for good. For your glory god and for my good and when you'd do that folks when he practiced that spiritual discipline of Thanksgiving giving thanks to god. In all things then you'll see got starting to work more powerful senior alive. You train your brain to think positively. Your feelings will come under control of your thoughts and in your behavior will naturally change and you become the person gods always desired to become rooted. In the powerful discipline of Thanksgiving will come back get some practical tips on how to give thanks David Chadwick will be. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is to use 1110993. WB ET welcome back to the show. I've asked my friend and producer Ed Billick to open up his Mike during this last segment especially. We're going to talk about. Why hate to be thankful and get some practical examples of wage you can be thankful aborting mentioned in the show how you should have. Really a daily quiet time as best you can fifteen to thirty minutes were your alone with god quiet before him. You read a section of scripture you'd hear God's voice speak to you in prayer you speak to god about your concerns and prayer is just a helpful thing to do and in that discipline you should have Thanksgiving be regular part of your life. The spiritual discipline at Thanksgiving along with prayer Bible reading worship at sentry is an important part of your life. But Thanksgiving to take place throughout your day aero prayers as I call them you shoot them to god every single day of your life. And you've given to him saying god I'm thankful for whatever may be happening presently in your life. So let's give some practical aero prayer of Thanksgiving that week could it give our people today and let them have some. Examples of how they can practice the discipline of Thanksgiving as we Ian Thanksgiving weekend here in 27 team. You mentioned that your daughter's wedding earlier today I'm sure it's fresh undermined because it just happened what would be the next thing for which you would get thankful. Thanksgiving to god for that you issued aero prayers to heaven regularly the. You mentioned it earlier with Maryland it's Richard Daley prayer for your for your spouse or your wife for your husband. And they're your union or partners through life and in its thank the lord that. We met way back when and in an arm or life together how many years for use 35 plus not a good you only for your shot forty our next and it really well when when is that they'll be made the twentieth 28 team it's hard to believe that. Forty years have gone by since I met that lovely woman but I mentioned earlier how there was a girl before that that I thought was the one she dumped me it was so painful. But I learned to give thanks for that the cost five years later I met mirror on the real love of my life and I knew god was in control we also set it in a thank god for your life's experiences. I mean he he gave you life to start with and all the experiences that made you the person York today good and bad as you mentioned early again for those of you who are of faith. Look back over your life situation and I bet you you'll see many different ones where now you can look back and go. Concede the sovereign hand of almighty god in that situation moving I couldn't seed at the time that he was bringing me to this place. The joy that I would have not known had I not gone through whatever I went through in the past so I thank you god for those circumstances. That happened in the past. How about some simple things at like god I thank you for my next breath. And so luckily I mean what which ones of us choose to brief you know it's a natural impulse that god has placed in our bodies to be able to live. I'm you know the whole idea of saying grace before a meal that's not supposed to be a roped. Discipline that we go through without any heart beat. It's supposed to be a way to say to god I know that this next morsel of food that I in jest in my mouth and goes and in my body to get mean or shipment. To be able to live is a gift from you mean what I do. Come up with the idea of seeds and rain and sunshine and rain and all the things that grow crops and give me food that I enjoyed so much every single day so the blessing before a meal every day is a discipline. Off Thanksgiving. In our lives you stand by is innocent people say they're nightly prayers thank god mayor have a wonderful sleep mail me I'd be well rested. There when your feet hit the Florida morning. Thank you go for the that the first thing that's going on your mind when I get the morning and a prayer of the cost. There are a lot of people in the world who can't put their feet on the floor who have for whatever reason disease or were maimed in war or whatever they can put their feet on the floor. In a god allows many of us to do so why not let the first career be god thank cute. That I can get up this morning thank you that I can take my first step thank you that I can brush my teeth. Thank you that I have clean water take a shower and alluded earlier about the numbers of countries I've traveled and around the world. Third World countries where they don't have clean water they can't shower every day they don't have hot water. It's amazing home many benefits we have an America and we just let them go by we failed to remember solve 103 where David cried out. Bless the lord O my soul and all that is within me. Not forgetting all of you or benefits that you've given to me you know you think of for the skills and talents is geared. But we all have every single pars you're an athletic tiles and then you know you ministry tells I mean and how. How do a lot of god please tell me use these talents to make the world like you had extraordinary. Leadership talents when he worked at Frito-Lay now you're using it in the broadcasting business and the question I asked people all the time as. Where to get those talents. What do you do to actually have those talents to begin with that you have. Exercised. And discipline yourself to use those talents well but what do you do to have those talents to begin with meat I'm six feet eight inches tall god made me tall. For whatever reason he may be tall. He gave me some basketball gifts but you're their people who are much shorter than I am and they're wonderful people in the world and god made just called god made its short. But however he made as he made us and it gives us certain gifts and abilities that. We would not have otherwise. How about thanking god for your mom and dad if you had a good mom and dad and a faithful where's my mom and dad were married 63 years before my mom passed away. On my dad lived for five more years after that he was a loving father he gave me a mirror of who the heavenly father truly is. Know a lot of people had bad dads out there but god never intended that that wasn't his purpose why Gregory thank god for my mom and dad you know for your family and friends your family. Becomes your best friends but made time your best friends becoming a fan I'm absolutely. At and people should give thanks for their friends in life they they have people around them to care for them and love them. That's another discipline it we didn't talk about is the discipline of being in a small group a group of men or women or mixed community where. You can simply share your heart beat who you are you know 88 is a whole lots more to the church in some ways they get people around in a circle. And they all say to one another here's where I'm hurting and all welcome that hurt and pain they're not judge their luck and BM. And in that Schering with one another their encouraged. To stay sober for another day or week. It's a Smart thing to do to be apart off community IC all the time that in church world. Never intended us to live solely in roads looking at the back of somebody's hit. We have all these biblical command to love one another care for one another pray for one another encourage one another all those one another passages can't do that looking at the back of somebody's hit. God doesn't intend us just to live in rows he wants is to live in circles. Where we can share our heartbeat with one another that's where friendships developed not encourage every once. To spend some time regularly every day giving thanks to god for friends they're so important in our lives what else comes to your mind. You know this is on a I'm thinking through all of that eyes you know I stead but life's experiences but thanking god for the future experiences you'll have. But a great point over and over that helped me see things and people like do Nazi helped me experience things I would lot of experience endlessly it's that's a fact let's that occurred on form it's also thankful osu you know he's going to be there for. That's a great point because if you really believe God's in control everything and we're to give thanks to god in everything. That means we should thank god for tomorrow's. Because we know that he goes before us and he's waiting for us as we enter our to our. And he has a plan for our tomorrow and if we believe Jeremiah 2911 truths that got him as a future and hope for all of his people that we can give thanks to god for our futures. And our hopes. Or happy Thanksgiving to all of you and I hope you've enjoyed this Thanksgiving program reflecting upon the necessity. Of the spiritual discipline a Thanksgiving. We should have the spiritual disciplines of prayer reading the scripture being in community together like groups small groups of worship. While fasting from all the things our lives especially social media which bombard us every day with things that calls are anxiety levels to rise. We need to fast from that as well but also particularly this weekend remember to practice the spiritual discipline of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks to god for Thanksgiving demands a direct object god is the direct object Thanksgiving. And giving thanks to god in the good and the bad when you do so you know your faith is increased in every. Possible way and let me in this program dear friends in the way that I in every single program every week I'm with you pay love god. And love your neighbor if you just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick I'll talk to you all next week.