Speed Climbing and Trails

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, June 16th
This week, the #outdoorguys are talking about speed climbing, the Carolina Thread Trail, and we’ll take a trip to Beech Mountain.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Carolina outdoor Chile's brought Cuba the outdoors guys from Jesse Brown. Welcome wants to the Carolina outdoors with the outdoor gas is Jesse grounds. We're glad that you're joint pain and that's listening how ever he may be listening. This program is offered via subscription via podcast just typed in Carolina outdoors wherever podcaster heard. As well as those of you waking up early on Saturday morning via the airwaves of WBT radio. The Carolina outdoors is. Here to encourage and educate you to get out and enjoy. The things we have in the Carolinas and a little bit beyond sometimes there's lights shined on things it many of us never knew about. And I was there people. There's of people over there TJ Boggs is on the other side of the glass good morning I am a people have taken this is still barred. We're glad everyone is here who is not here all the other outdoor guys including Don Yeager. Who is on assignment there all outdoors and they are are outdoors. But we're at one Julian price place. Making outdoor magic occur. Now we cannot run from this if you're listening to us early on a Saturday morning you know one day before Father's Day. Now have you ever wondered how Father's Day began yes. It's one of those things that many times we would we'd maybe have. Retail cynicism yes there's ruin things like hallmark invented. Father's Day all of those sorts of things Mother's Day Valentine's today. Christmas. Yes a lot of things have given to gotten bit bad the retail cynicism bug. And that's coming from a guy who hangs his hat it Jesse Brown look I think it's an outdoor retail establishment right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Were all. Or were all inviting you to come over they are players that visited him but anyway. How did it really began their patents with several different story lines but one of the most. One of the earliest that stands out the most is up lady named Sonora Smart Dodd and she was inspired. I. Church service a sermon at church service that sort of was wrapped around a Mother's Day story or Mother's Day sermon. And received. Her mother had passed away during the birth of one of her siblings. And she wanted to celebrate. Her father. And and part of that and about her holding her father in great esteem. She a purge the Spokane ministerial alliance and that is out there in Spokane Washington. And the alliance she requested it to be jeans fit which was her father's birthday. Her father had thought fought for the union in the first Arkansas light artillery during the civil war his name was William Jackson Smart. It is so. Should he was very important to his daughter so doctor Senora Smart Dodd. She requested that Gene Smith. Her father's birthday they alliance. Chose the third Sunday in Jamie's they had yet to beat him you need to use you Levan. And anyway dad is where. One of the first Father's Day celebrations. Occurred it was June 19 1910. In Spokane Washington which in nineteen can Spokane Washington. Was a long way away from the from the eastern seaboard it was a long way away from Arkansas. Where they had moved from. That is where they early Father's Day beginnings began 1916. That's six years after that Woodrow Wilson Center telegraphed this this to Spokane and praising. The Father's Day recognition. As well as William giants' Brian. William Jennings Bryant. It was another early admire in in 1966. President Lyndon B Johnson signed. A presidential proclamation declaring that third Sunday and did Jane. As Father's Day so it's a relatively. New holiday right yeah so to speak and in celebrating matte it with Jesse browns were inviting needs to share a picture. Or even a story. On our FaceBook page so you can get a Jesse Brown CLC. As the FaceBook page for Jessie Branson if you have an old photo of your dad and you on a fishing trip. Or maybe you have a recollection or a story that you you'd like to share Disco however to our FaceBook page Jesse browns. And share that will will to be glad to take any comments to achieve have on celebrating your dad. Grand dad uncle or anyone like that of importance that too cute on a fishing trip. And it reminds me of fishing that some with my dad some good stories in some of them. Not so good stories one of the good stories is my dad who is on the buy river which is a fantastic Trout stream. Not and it outside of Calgary. Alberta Canada. And my dad you know he's caught this fish and that fish but he's not Ollie and non upon. Phone Trout fishing. And catching any particular. Tom size fish or that sort of thing but he is about fishing he was yet he was just out they'd do and what the guy really told him in the day I've had a special spot so he was efficient with somebody. A professional government has not from Canada. But he had some idea we were there for radios. And at the Calgary stampede but anyway the gad took my dad to a special spot. And he said mr. RT if you cast your ride ever buy that Iraq in just let it drift through. There's a fish in the air that I've been trying to catch for a while maybe woke catching so my dad did just what the dad toting. And that's why drifted right bat that rock just like it was supposed to. My dad may say it was skill some may say it was a lot but he did exactly what the guys said. And this great big 25 inch who. Cut bad move. Took it. And it was all. In my bad spot and on this far odd series official with the fire rod he spotted and bought it and thought it. And landed it. And they thought well that was really cool. Meanwhile the guide he'd been after that finished. All summer long is mad was upside down he was celebrating he thought the pettis who wonderful. And my dad was kind of ho hum about it in fact he figured to gag was that excited about it maybe he better get excited about it. So. He celebrated. And that was a good thing which better as a celebration story a wonderful story. But they're also the other stories as well. And one of which come hours with my dad and we were on and the flaming gorge of Utah along the Green River. And we were fishing from about it there's a raft going down these beautiful. Red river canyons. Brock Sony side just beautiful saying. And we were flowing through there in high. Caught a fish. I tested it out in this. In this long drift and let them learn to fly athletic appropriately wrecked and this finished took it. And I thought that finished it was on a firearm to ask you about it and thought it. And as it got. A little bit closer to the Barrett in ruler of the rafter who's getting a little bit tired we again had a dad who was between has given us instructions as we floated down this river. And of course which are holding in your hand is the butt of the rides right so the gadgets it's to Cuba but it dead fish. Where else. I got to have such a turnaround. Instead how about. At the fish. And the guy hasn't had now was Travis David up he very intently was watching no water in the fish. And it that this wasn't getting any closer so he sits that sits secure but. It's a fix and I was at my I've it's a fix but I. This is a true story. Finally Baghdad looks up because he wonders whether fish isn't getting any closer hit missed and he said none of them. The blood of your rod. Stick it at that fish which I then did so in the fish whip right into the net. And come there I tell you deprived of my father she's ahead in the oldest son that day I'm sure she. I think it was nonexistent. A experience. I need to get some in my face and stories posted could just like that on the Jesse browns FaceBook page. We invite you to do the same just had ever to Facebook. I mean if you're under forty governing mr. Graham will take a picture and view in your dad on a fishing trip or story. Either way. We're glad you're listening to the Carolina outdoors with the outdoor gas from Jesse browns available work podcaster hurt. And via the airwaves at WDT. On an early Saturday morning. Suits. Imagine you're climbing up a rock face. Success. Wallis you have known before you know we told you for your hands together in your face to go as well. So you're using minimal at Christmas. A little bit hardware costs are lighter weight rope in if a mistake happens you hope that equipment will catch you. It's something that's going mainstream in the 20/20 Olympic Games are being held in Tokyo. Speed climbing is making its debut but state climbing is also making news out in California right now with records being broken. And crashes occurring. All over the place and who we're gonna bring along curt Smith do groping like. Tahoe California made a name for himself. In the Yosemite valley. Do well regarded videos were distributed Kurt was doing some first this network. And he's gonna come on a talk with the outdoor guys here on Debian BT. About what speed climbing is and what it means for our future. As we move forward Kurt Smith welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Keep. Now Kurt you have moved it since your time out today Yosemite valley doing all of those kinds of course now. Now you're taken on the great plaza of the new river gorge area there in Fayetteville West Virginia. But we're gonna delve back a little bit into your past and I are in contact your opinion on that earned. Speed climbing let down while the mom all the all about it. There are certain sector burst out litmus Cisco integrated into this something that 1970 fat John long. Did a climb and has on el capitan and it took him one full day. Out. Just recently in the past week or so Tommy Caldwell. And and Alex Ronald became the first people to climb the nose route on Al campus and in under two hours. This is a 300 at that 3000 foot hold a granite it took him one hour 58 minutes and seven seconds. From the time they left the valley floor this off falls under the auspices of speed climbing. Tell us what you know in which your experiences been with the sport of speed climbing. It. Should accept it pretty remarkable achievement and I remember there and built upon you know bird the key generation now. I'm yet to think about the person than in the middle of the 1958 with Warren Harding. It take care and a couple of years. To kind of get the thing finally dying. And then later crackdown and. In his seat partners did the first one day it doesn't have the note. And 75 but even at tackle and he's. These routes and tried to do it is quicker and quicker stop for a lot of times you know that that debate team and it. You ARAMARK. Is pretty incredible. You know you're employing some pretty radical techniques appreciate. It out seconds and minutes out of your previous time. Well aimed. Usually it usually I say Saturday at these these times are held. By the the people take kimono on routes that they know. They practice. It practice. Amp practice that if I know the routes are well and hopefully they know their partners so well that they know each pounds. Each other's moves and they trust each other. To whatever degree but in the same light. Where these. Where Colin well and Connell made the record. Just prior to that and in fact maybe just less than a week. There were two fatalities with experienced climbers Al player to spell a thousand feet today death. They were going for a record but they were reportedly. Doing something called let's IMO climbing and that's kind of an aspect that state climbing. Can you tell us about Simon climbing and at what they inherent dangers are to that. Yeah absolutely I mean any time you're left him just moved swiftly. Whether it's not a big mountains. For our rock tape do you basically. You're tied to the rare each person's side of the red. And that it that in traditional already. Taken it and writing each other out for blame leaders that crime. You're basically just kept climbing and I think I'm where they. This year a hundred feet of rest between you your place in protection that you get. You know corporate aggregate roughly the same date. And then you're trying to avoid any fault because. If you are you open the people ready jet ski in the way from the person on the other end erected in the soccer ball. This estimate how many outs. Privacy using it as well as anybody these. Trying to be something really really fast it would it be just a lot out in the air press symbol what you contrast. The move which they have no control over its well. And Satan do you currently at doing something better Bernard grew up but made a name for yourself and and still do this as a seasoned athletes. Com it's something far different but motoring where he's really knows. Protection but follows are relatively minor. Usually maybe you'll have a spotter surmise a catchy says. You won't follow. There's something called free climb and as well where they're using data protection. And what the motivations. Of doing something like its lead climbing. More something like. Solo are free climbing. Get sort of costly everything when you're each given. A climb on Iraq based or mountain without roper partner. And I mean that's going to be the estimate. The committee adventure because yeah just youth. On the rock base with no protection and he's got a ball. It doesn't even have the highest crest obviously could use no room for error one. One wrong move where these are lock brakes and it gave over. There in this economy that you're definitely. You have to immerse them let me and that you do it right. It he had good protection than. No you're gonna survive a big fault. When it comes to beat darling there's there's no calling. Well an hour and I guess. Can you angers its founder the assembly climate association. I told climbing magazine that. After the weekend at the face. Fatalities which ironically enough hone other end from Caldwell we're going for the records that same day but because of the incidental they stop their pursuit of that day bit. I'm with state climbing quite you don't have time to public sector systems it's all fun and games until you lose a party like this. It's horrible unquiet. Curt Smith where where is it got a dad is speed climbing is becoming mainstream it's in the 20/20 Olympics the Tokyo games that is in an inside controlled environment. But as you know it's going to. You know be televised more and more people are gonna undertake these things. Do you have an opinion on where it's gonna get as steep climb in their ideas into the future. Yet again. He Embraer competitions economy were continue to grasp especially margins built. There is they're required to. Height and angle and route setting in particular all of us there's the climbing. That's going to be a natural. Growth of the sport that has been for awhile I've been here everything they had some athletes. That that question. Their own personal and various. ESP content can be part of that. I can't good. Be climbing on the big routes of the centerpiece of this without officers why are there other areas will overtake him and a traditional Arab. Approaches but I think you've got we're looks even more people. An absentee more people doing it. Just for personal you know whether they're trying to let the record just like a personal record that the in the we'll continue to grow but. That would become mainstream. On the web to get them to be yet they. Probably did the smaller percentage of girls did it average broke. It's. I guess it could be compared some but maybe to the four minute mile. That was broken and also on the Appalachian trail so many climbers are so many hikers. There were taken at six month endeavor and doing it end of month plus hiking teeth out I had 100. Plus miles. On that again we're talking about Tommy Caldwell and and Alex Arnold you have. Really smashed a record they broke it last four minutes they did these 3000 foot hunk of granite that knows that you cinema these el capitan and in one hour 58 minutes in seven seconds. From leaving the valley floor they broke it down almost four minutes it's 31 pitches. And this thing usually takes three to five days to climb level Curtis pretty amazing isn't it's. Yeah I mean that I read back to earth. And I kinda knows what's required blaze. In 1980 yet. I'm he's the bat and got you know rock climbing we grew up together what I'd pull together. We spent three I don't know law we didn't force base. The Qatar and because he's not to speak all the our gear. Ngo rated night evening I'm alleges. I've been asked me to imagine in 1986. You know what people are Galen on the big though it. That they don't today. You just say is spending the night on the ledges like it's no big deal that seems that I mean I'm sure it is and you can hear of the experienced climber many American. To me when I hear that a Mike. And nine Canada have the nerve. Still. Be able to have us. Restful sleep that night. Cabinet that the new debit you and even when I first got into Iraq comment I was deathly afraid of height and exposure. And I wanted it so bad that you just learned adapting get over it and no need to go grab. He's already spent the night on I'm not. Natural do you bring Puerto Reggie you're tied into the well you're always anchored. Let's give artists on. Ever do really really say that it that it takes you know a certain amount of high end and mental effort to get comfortable out there and break and the temperature comfortable what you're comfortable out there than it opens you up. Just thousands of adventures of a life that you. Salutes. That is the beauty of rock climbing is there is little mastery that you were never. Complete artists out there will always be something harder in any aspect of the sport the challenge you. Well sad part Smith fame climber given us inside on. Speed climbing and it may have better haircuts these days as curt than he did back to may be all right that's for sure and I thought that's who. Look doc TA again say thank you so much every once you're listening to the Carolina outdoors. With the outdoor gas from Jesse grounds. Available where podcast or heard anything about airwaves at WDT. On an early Saturday mornings. We are so awesome exists. What do we know it or not. Stand here in the Charlotte area that has been recognized we have distinct counties to make up the Charlotte metro region. And one of the projects it's ongoing and in existence is one of the coolest things of all it is hooking those fifteen counties together using. Blue ways which are the rivers and connections that way. And trail ways for all of us to be able to get to one another or from one place to another recreational or otherwise. By using something called the Carolina thread trail. And as summertime is upon us we have June July and August and didn't sound to enjoy the Carolina thread trail and the blue ways. And the trail ways that make it up. We're gonna talk a little bit about these things to do in whom we do that we're gonna bring on CNET. McCrory she's a program director for the Carolina thread trail so that we can find a different places in different things that we may see. On the thread trail saying no welcome to the Carolina outdoors. They think about us but we're glad to have you especially when we are listening to the Carolina outdoors with the outdoor gas from Jesse browns. Here in Charlotte the things that we can do in the outdoors in one of the beauties. Across the Carolinas really are the things that we have to do in one at a special. Groupings of places to go is the Carolina thread trails but sainovic here on a thread trail is in a bunch of different places. Give us some your hotspots are your favorite spots that make up the Carolina thread trail. Saturday telling a trek trailer them as a regional network of trailer let's get teeny tiny region and north and South Carolina. Avant and you mentioned we have national service trailer and green wave better paid and also Blu-ray is the lighter weight you can get out and tell. And so we've got trail segment all over the place Adams and the area that we currently have over 264. Miles of trails. Eating get out and and blocker tight car ride. Any any bait you like it and another 170 mile Blu-ray as you can beacon access and bring your boat out we'll try extra. And so I don't I bigger ones an area would be. Probably a little sugar creek green lane bridges right and right in the and some of the other ones says that you're gonna get a little fighter out of the city. My spirits are 70 extra derby trail out in Belmont. It's actually got to preserve. That street there by the avalanche could guarantee out there. And we also have some beautiful trailed out and a Garrett county at the my favorite one would be buffalo creep dirt out there. So cool well. I'm looking across at TJ Boggs right across me Alex can't TJ good deeds and that's an author and but I'm TJ where you hang your hat through the week when you're not here. It debuted BC is down along side the could powder river roster bill. And Ahmet June 29 there is an event they Ewing your wife should sign up for through the Carolina thread trail. And we're gonna we're gonna learn a little bit and batter right now with Serena but Serena tell us about the moonlight paddle. It's being held in partnership would Bailey's outdoor adventures in its along the Qatar about river blew away. In Rock Hill South Carolina. Pray he'll meet cats at about 63 miles of blue whale on the other earth. And at that that would like cattle will be doing an evening program Friday evening program I'd like you said on June 29. Out and daily doctored and isn't going to be providing he acts and titles. I am also going to be our river guides for that evening. Along affectionate river it'll actually be taking out late at these river walk area so people can cattle that river and then get off the river and aren't. You know grab a bite or. Our beverage and right right there next record that should be should be good and. That's Friday June 29 from six to 8:30 PM. There could top our river blew away and as we talk about this we're gonna give out the website to the Carolina thread trail. So they teach hate consigned that was seen a McCrory the program at coordinator. For that and you can't participate bit. That sounds like a nice million light friendly cattle. But if we wanna be land base tell us about the bike in bruise that's here in Charlotte at Irwin and Stewart creek Greenway is. In partnership with blue blaze brewing. What does that have been about. Yes so we currently have an ongoing partnerships with blue blaze brewing company they actually brood at Carolina tread trailed pale ale. That can percent of they're profit and that trying to build that beer go towards supporting bead throwing tried trail network which is great. We decided to do an on going here is throughout their summer. And doing a bike ride on hearing and Stewart creek Greenway is which are both part of the Carolina tread trail system. And then we'll go to be sure you retreat a four mile bike ride and then all of and again. Google enough certainly didn't have a beer afterwards. That's that's another great event that we have and many people wanna find out as our look at I have that we don't really have a cap on that Philly welcome everybody to have to come on out. That's definitely a way end. Support. To sit back with a six attracting. And away you get had spent the boys ever there's TJ Boggs. I'm bill Bart's Hayward the outdoor dad's here. On Debian DT you can also join and via podcast each week we have four segments of the Carolina outdoors. It's you can listen to you can subscribe in fact we encourage you to subscribe to the Carolina outdoors. With the outdoor gas from Jesse browns. And then you can listen you can listen per four segments weekly. Or you can listen to all 48 or so minutes if you're not waking up early on a Saturday morning right now our gas CNET McCrory. With the Carolina thread trail we're talking about the different public programs. That the threat trail is a veil lane to the Charlotte community into the surrounding the Charlotte community I don't want to just get stuck on Charlotte. Serena because this really is open for every one. Greatly got programs. All over the place is gallon in Mecklenburg County but also in acting county. I would got to hit street fight coming up and then Angela area and operating Lincoln then. A bike ride it'll be out and it bridge healed our airline on the Alcan trailed. And so really anywhere anywhere you're some little ball have a program in your area. And if not eagle is kinda trailed theater near you by looking at our web site HR Carolina red trail maps that court. We have an interactive map you can cherry tree trails. Bitter bitter cold I ate a bridge or trails or biking for horseback riding even order hiking. And can relate to you know. Goes crazy and went asked that in this summer and add the weather is getting myself better. Says say that your part of the logistics in the planning of all of these different outings that are being provided and again we've they're semi need to talk about in Davidson there's the sunset by cried. We mentioned the bike emperor with blue blaze brewing. The midnight paddle we talked about you just mentioned that history hide there's some fitness walks coming up in July. As a as well as a city bike to work. How do you do this logistically how do you achieves the different places and then. How do you put it together I guess history of course beat you wanna talk about the local history that's occurring. In that location in nick can vary wildly. Widely. From could bears candy to all the way down today York Cammie. Tom how is all of that chosen and piece together before we even hit the trail. Great there're a big part of my job is actually coordinating and partnering with other years with other groups and with expert panel history expert. And the area and so I get used to pick a location and that all identify you know somebody who might be. For example we're getting a history hikes with big acting county museum and that there are actually sending out a couple of their folks. To you give us that although the history background of the area. And obviously I'm not expert in everything and I ate it I have my strength you almost aren't that your common good and everything. Well I I don't know it out. That I am and then we also partner with a lot of groups will provide ears so for a lot of our bike ride. And we my partner with deep cycle or limelight to provide. Free bike rentals are people that don't don't have terabyte. I'm outlook for the cattle trip to provide all the year that's the scary for people come out and enjoy all these based Galina that everybody doesn't. Oh and I'll bear all the equipment that. That I am and other than that I just I bet they get to take a faction trail that I wanna go see it and I say you know I try and spread out. And I am I different areas so we're not all ill but in Mecklenburg County and so we get to he'd been in place let me. Do it knew the nature area open. And that's stepped down. Can out cinema Corey is our guest we're gonna learn a little bit from prospering on the tip top led to a cold drink on the Mecklenburg Greenway. Tom right here in Charlotte. And I guess I was saying I think. Is it or do we need to join the Carolina thread trail to com or don't always have to do is go to the website and register. And then what do we bring you mentioned equipment sand but do we just so what was some sunscreen and water bottle in a way we get. Right that's about it on the program that we've been talking about. Are all treated opened up publicly to apps that you read here at a time that we don't have too many people signed up and it went so that we have enough equipment. Equipment for everybody out and then dirty during the week before he and you'll get email. You know that'll tell you you know Larry you don't need front greener making bit scared. Or whatever but it for the most part we provided everything you need do you have a big time out on the trail. And I also banned for anybody who. They decided to become a donating member to support that Barrett Carolina tried trail network and I actually lead app state and old programs. Or just remembers. We have special programs like. For example I am mushroom foray coming up in July. And also remember it'll have stayed kayak trip down the south fork river. That will be just remembered itself that is also an option. I argued programs that we've been talking about the fire on August Aldridge street opened the public. But it is code because our membership has its privileges that you can it do some of those things with used. And you can also do these are open to the public as well. Before we leave you will you give us that web site so that we can get register or for whatever interest passed the most. If so you can see that I all of the inflation aren't airliner red hill dot org. And you can register or for any of these programs that by clicking on the events and programs. Out and they'll come up put a hole at camp for the summer and we'll add his staff just got every week. It's all on the air for for everyone and hide some walks paddles by crowds is learning in history all of that it Carolina thread trailed dot ORG. Scene of a Corey program director for the Carolina spread trail thanks for joining the outdoor ads here on the Carolina outdoors. Highest incorporate this town just. East of the Iraqi master exists. Else does not just such an elevation of sap the fastest in six seats seats may sound is. That highest incorporated town east of the Rockies. It's a full time population of 350. People but in the wintertime. They can swell up to as many as 101000. People. And in the summertime. Now in the summertime it can swell up to as many as 5000. People while. And that's what we're gonna delve into right now because it is summertime in our Carolina outdoors. We're glad that your joint and a sound bill Barr take sitting directly across from ES TJ Boggs who everybody else that is an outdoor guy is on assignment said TJ we are left holding the bag here you go work but we're glad everyone is joining in and if you are listening via the airwaves Debian BT early on a Saturday morning we are glad that you are but. We are also available via podcast wherever podcasts are hurt. You can listen to the Carolina outdoors. I'm so we invite you to subscribe it's Carolina outdoors with the outdoor gas from Jesse browns. Invite you to subscribe to listen to our podcast that we invite you to share may be recommended to us for and so that they can talk about the goings and comings and things to do in the Carolinas and beyond. But back to beach ma'am where we began. We've got to swell up 5000 extra people and the only one up I. Find out something to do and when your in beech mountain to place debate is the beach mountain resort and that's directly. Where we're going to right now with Italian Freeman from beech mountain. Welcome to the Carolina outdoors. I I'm happy to be here again what appears to many people may be signed it. Fine in this than usual because we talked to you about the wintertime events we go check the snow reports to find out what runs or open an end to what news no machines or snow blowers that we have on the mountain. But here we are in the warm weather months at least in Charlotte it's warm weather months. But yeah we're talk and use it beech mountain about those things to do says. You have plenty of mountain biking trails play any of hiking trails planning a beautiful scenery. All of that's there in the wintertime but it's also the air right now tell us what we need to be doing when we head out to beach mountain. Well dockets. 364. Degrees today albums sold. At that beautiful. That's duct clamp but hey can enjoy a outdoors appeared. And comfortable atmosphere now which is really nice sound. This government sir opened for mountain biking is that there are main activity we also have a disc golf course. Early February on site and at Skype I rarely do you live music every Saturday at. They think they have on time and we are open every Thursday to Sunday through Labor Day weekend. So we're talking a year from Charlotte and and beach mountain has been a great place for us to come from this area. Because you could pre planned something now coming months in advance in Garrett but it was a place that you could really give up on a Saturday morning. Take off beater and a reasonable reasonable amount of time in the enjoying it enjoyed neither did de. For a long weekend. What's happening up there that we need to plan for and then what's happening out there that we can just come up and enjoy the day. You know every Thursday through Sunday we have mountain biking so we've got a full line of want to know rental bikes. And we opera lesson we do boot camps for kids. Any kind of as a little left center Thomas stood dole. One big thing that we're doing at some areas and actually get construction products that they're putting into brand new careless. Still we do you have that going on back and and can Holler that they industrialist or shuttling people achieve this summit earlier paradise shuttles are the bikers and all that teaching and they just signed up to that Scott bar. Bob I said that outside you're gonna say you had a work camp out there for people to join hands. This hell I don't they want help without it to death filling. But ELA it's critical lacks the process that this Jalen being. Yeah I imagine you know I think it's it's actually it's a pretty neat emirates a lot going on but it's. Court allowed the process with double Meyer here pretty inner chairlift and you know we're definitely don't try to create that same experience our teacher and just instead that the left right they do and settled says top of the mountain. Hey let's talk a little bit about music because when it's twenty degrees cooler than it is in Charlotte and it you're able to sit outside. And enjoy the view but also some good music and TJ is that an audio file for sure I know he likes good music tell us do you have. Performing updated this summer. Every Saturday afternoon from 238 at 530 Aggie band at that describe our he can edit the very peak at the mountain and taking 500 feet. With a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and got you banned so for example this week and I have to each week playing let's visit do you have. Around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and that companies that Chela and her partner plays the Qatar there meeting. It's got to do it big democratic TV so this Saturday night at debate that they resort at debate that the flow. We have the wood Brothers playing well that's the first of the three part theories so that's a pretty big name act to ferry and you know we're. Really excited about tickets so they're getting baked out many tickets available for. Well maybe that's when the population swells to 5000 when you have a wood Brothers concert taken place and it beats mountains yeah. Yeah I definitely as we've got a web Brothers table biker dog in Yonder mountain stream and plain and. Hello I need to make tests and plans on my calendar I think. Yet there it's it's cool atmosphere mean he can't come mountain bike gang and a we do yoga every Saturday M and I bank debt he could say David yeah that's. Here they and they don't at a very Kevin beard can't ride a bike go hiking and any incident shocking I think one of a conflict. It's a great failing friendly atmosphere and don't let it should perfect here and it's perfect surrogates have from China honestly it's Baghdad at all. Who knows how many people do snake out there are gas tally at Raymond she's speaking to us from beech mountain resort we're learning a little bit about beech mountain. Now when the white staffers following are being made now when you're snowboarding or skiing. But the warm weather months when it's nice to escape the heat of the Piedmont out of Charlotte India scamper up. To beech mountain enjoy twenty degree cooler temperatures and then also be introduced system good music. But also some news sports and you mentioned classes. Mountain bike classes specifically. How does that work and we go to the website sign up for mountain bike classes didn't come up they aired the bikes and helmets are provided. The attic. Absolutely to our not are black and package includes a brand new full suspension mountain bike. Full face helmet. Mean pads and elbow pads and about there and a half hours of instruction and that's just their basic package we also how they used development program here and we do and bound by camps for kids. The last weekend and Guillen and not weekend and July. And they can't only about 300 dollars for port is an instruction and and meals without the pretty good value but he can learn to write about I mean I just planned. How about. Did downtown mountain biking about. He thirteen years ago and tested and they love it honestly I really like at a lot more than ninety snowboarding gets to be honest it's. It's a great sport. Hey Italian I have a question in regards to that end there's a lot of similarities between downhill mountain biking and I think you're damned no scheme. But it is common mountain biking and visitation to the beach mountain. Is it growing that calm compared to compared to the winner months in the summer months is this summer outgrowing the winner. You know it step filling night yet it's it's one of the cool things about summer means eat it you're still not. The idea is key he didn't pilot I can't say it's just NJ on our country I mean if you look at. Only about proper and a nascent population Stevens that word it's a pretty small number and I think site playing at about doubles that. There's a huge enjoy it and we've seen a great increase year after year with people tank a sport and we're really trying to put hands at this time grilling at. Sport by creating affordable packages present on the track. Fantastic well here on the Carolina outdoors it seems like we're talking more and more. About sports and just like mountain biking and I can't thank him a place as good. To go try it out as it beech mountain especially. If I can get a little lesson along the way you considered. Our military is elbow pads and helmets sports is a necessary at today's value of Raymond thank you said that since we're gonna get zapped a web site one more time. It's beech mountain resort dot com thanks for being on the outdoor jazz here on the Carolina outsourcing.