Spencer Squier

At Home with Roby
Sunday, February 18th

Spencer Squier owner of All State Express stops by to drop some business knowledege, and have a little fun with Trent and Patrick.


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Good morning welcome at home with Brody. Patrick past president of ruby services along with Tripp Easton president and CEO of the ruby family of companies it's Sunday morning it's not a plot. And it's a great day to be law in this server that is to be I'll have to be vertical here right. The trip which got going on today buddy not much I told you I kind of wandered. Tell by a little a little funny thing that I don't know how this is real that it outset you look as I want on the look out. This victory put a FaceBook with you must it's got work in your well. I you know follows all lists a business trip in and we leave. You know this wonderful Lou is a lot PO we get to spent Spencer squires going to be on our show next couple segments he's our guest today we met through watt PO young president's organization that I discipline on the trail last week. We had had Steve Forbes to come talk to listen Alan Mulally. Out amongst others Alan Mulally termed Boeing and in turn Ford around him and you know there's a book for him called American icons gray both yet read it but it's just exciting seed do. You know you do this educational component in being in network with other people and all you do is tell business on the east things. Hints how how Spencer not became such good friends. And here we have good evening zoom way and we have good social. And we had a we had a we had a Day of The Dead party which was pretty cool what we had make up artists come kinda sub dressed up had a wonderful time doesn't cool pictures from that. Mile wide Reagan and you're gorgeous anyway that you look good in the day of the day it costing. But it. We'll do the last night we had a eighties Miami Vice theme party and I had a beard for at least over ten years Patrick's over here shown pictures. Of me. And I had a beer for release ever teen years I never in my life had a mustache. And and quite frankly and I mean I'm trying to practice what operates in on time tonight care how all load. On trying to live and love others and enjoy life. Sought to the RAZR to the beard that I've had forever teen years that you know TJ's got a beard. You know how that feels. And a ticket to edit the mustache lie and it out and it. And an essay that often became. Became an eighty's GAAP. And everybody thought it was really funny and rain is like you look crazy you're shaven and tomorrow. And then after that night of Dolan an asset on my shaven and and almost take you lack. Number one get over year sales OK number twos. The whole decade of the eighties my father had a mustache and long sideburns out as the look and on the ice com number which I don't have as good wife and I take about two inches off my forehead and airline. For the effect now kitten but. But that was my memory of my dead and and when I shave the mustache people sale look older and Reagan says. I don't care Politico did I don't ever in radio and he's dead you mean how we look at his old pictures in and we dowdy little older for his age. And we just all dials a sign of the times now on bag gas. So we come home I'm so excited about seeing my kids we get home Monday night. Really late they're asleep says tees anymore only go in you know all the girls are shared mile bedroom man at my parents' house in the basement and an enroll in and Tatum. Wake up and analyst and mean and and they're so excited to see Reagan and had their wake up to listen Mormon and the first thing goes. What is happening here for peace. Now as well rowand doubled to Rowan AK AT and your heart says that. And s.'s sweetheart let me tell you send your rate when I was eight it was 1986. And pops that I'd love so much and wanna carry on this is how he. Said. He had this look for 3650. Days in the eighties. And you better get used to it because this is what you gonna down the road had sweetheart. We needed that's. IP Gillick like Udinese in the teacher like you were there in an. We also found in a mode cheated as the load a a lucky to that you see Goodell last night with his I complete as a voters to cement he'd been allocated immediately. With the crocodile with a crew a get out of reality delegate with top I don't sell its nominee we didn't you know and need haven't kept up with the is I would deed and somebody couldn't Tia there with a cricket. Idea I didn't I was worried he did not a couldn't believe that dynamic does the emerging have a comb over. That is all about how. I hit a ball that fits well we'll have us believe that many feel it may end Scott east to try to get my dad. Two of them you know only became teenagers or whatever equipment that was so cool we try to do you know and I. When that was back when that ninety's when people aren't shaven or Hayden just saying in the I'm not trying to hot it. And we would mom momma sari on Monday and he she'd make him let us to sixteen year old clause in the kitchen on Friday night. Comb his hair nicely get back into. He wouldn't be gritting his teeth he Olympian who lining his seat let me and Scott column is they're back that's funny. Like Atticus got a shout out T knew we talked last catalyst is an electrician an electric who will vary very good one in them. We do we have cool day it was full or ministries we have a couple weeks we don't work day there in. If Scott does Scott came the English side did a bunch or convention ended and it helped him now it was pretty cool if you. Put some brakes I was Gregg had to show they actually break I was in. I got tricks up lastly butted an enemy coming out for decades and decades ahead. But it laid a little very proud Bart noon and runs west boulevard ministries he analysts yeah and we had a war today volunteer. And we had ever not think it was over thirty Roby employees you know the latter on a home given around time on the Saturday. Dallas before I left from my trip so's very heart warmer are warming. Thank you Robie family that's we wanna do more stuff like that I think we have a food drop come enough for for Bart in and west boulevard should expect ticket Mali's and FaceBook page and it worked on a web site west boulevard PL VD and yelled thank god allowed man Barden in as allowing it to opt in and say hello to Barton did he like dead. So come on out we have Spencer squire dear friend. Out of hand hailing from Winston. Runs the company count all state expressed. Welcome back home with Rosie actually got sick from relief services along with him he's been in the ruby family of companies train we are hoax we are we are the hostess with the lace this with the least health plan that just came out that way I guess against hatred. And GM and on and allowed trend haste and president. And CEO of the Robie family companies. And we have a wonderful gas was is ninth. Spencer squire iron I don't know what's real money oh Christian Bale Christian Bale I think he was in bad man. He came down hailed held out of Winston right email out of Winston Winston-Salem where you originally from Winston-Salem advance. Know when to say Winston-Salem and dying. But. And as we talk a little bit about rose set name up on the first segment Spencer is one of my dear friends he is. Wonderful entrepreneur or we've known each other about six years now I think the six years and and we've really become fast friends and and we we'd like to have competitions and who can run a better bid the better business and always lose sue them with now we're just gonna have fun. But he came down to be on TV is these add this release are seeing and but he's. Came to a radiation we Dominic have a chance and it just district and neck. And that the bar some unlucky cleaner between yet again and again that our guys are often blunt. About it he. Pretty extensive welcome to its it's it's good to have you on appreciation enemy. So Winston-Salem. I'm in that area is is is is doing well too that a lot of growth at their Austin right and revitalization of downtown. It is it is. A lot of technology and and you know Wake Forest with meadow the job a lot of it. But it's it's it's coming get the new life mom in Renton reduce the interstate forty. Coming through downtown yeah that's can be about a two to match your project. Pretty excited. You know and it's it's it's it's refreshing to see it. Happens abilities doesn't know last week actually for a at once being and put a crafted downtown LA doctor hardly talk he had it was it was awesome musical I've ever really nice experience here's a watch around afterwards with a guy. And it's amazing to changes really don't like illness and death Spencer or higher murder or vehicle as well as Gaza and try and beyond by me obviously it was Saint Louis going home and a mind that would hustle a deal there. My resume. Bank I got into baseless and you get me speechless dancer is in the transportation. To school. And wasn't aiming your coming come Maceda Allstate express Allstate expresses the name his company he comes in my office before the ship. And assays Spencer house business because I hadn't seen Neiman probably Oman and again is just ball thirteen race. Right 1616. C I know sixteen and is on the says he wanted to hear you say I wanna hear you say sixteenth. So we're talking about a very formidable and legit transportation business what each transport. Well we specialize on and the Tom critical which we support the industry's. Primarily the automotive fob manufacturers. Bomb they have what's called the only manufacturer model. Soon they'll bring their product in from suppliers and it basically can goes straight from the truck to the assembly. Oh I can the can kind of cut down brick and mortar bomb they're not they don't have a lot of news or you're replacing a warehouse. Yeah for say. Pretty much richer panel called that a minute transport yeah yet. Which is ironically we've had this conversation terrorist transactional why it. The businesses Syrian mosque my Reagan's father mile lights bother. Years ago when Al before are really knew Reagan he was in that this same business like that a timely transportation he was in Charlotte. And him and some partners sell that business he does not do that anymore but we tell about that on Thomas yeah. That's how you hit a mile life so to. How she tell you about that oh yeah you don't try to save Seattle really an annual how about transportation. So Spencer has a wonderful story alum boot strap this that in the show them and reiterate about business and Oxford or ship Spitzer story. We joke and laugh about it dispensers and all hair being oh well rocker who I think there's a picture floating around. Now and we are Taiwan air band. 83 Canadians along it is metal airman in Amish or nuclear data that's for Ireland sorry. Any word it at tell the story you would touch it girl quake I mean in a couple menaces a great story. Mean down and down day when we're out of town together last time and I have a look here and welcome news. Yeah I've rewind back the outplayed Jones south three years old that's awesome. Played a bit in high school had a band. Moved. From Fayetteville. Area. We've had relocated to do we tell left by Vietnam where favorite yeah the Vietnam it. They come back to the Piedmont Triad to a Salem com. Got a dual band there. And the area like the miss Nils the world your peers actually had a tattoo crawls from the middle finger. That actually took off myself. On illegal I guess ante on your and he took off yourself yeah that's yeah maybe first got on board just got bored you know in the notices public you know it is a gummy played filled up but it burner for a bandwidth at a yield my parents if that's okay. But it's. Why did you cut your whole thing or off when you took the tattoo. Kamal finger off on air ground and keep bill that is a classic thing about the lay of the Iran and no bits are common so anyway. You know we we we broke up as the bands com. And I cut my hair I guess my Uncle Sam grew up or anything but. But Diana and fast sporting in 1996. I was talking with a a telecommunications company in Winston-Salem. And we were to win business phone systems and thinks like dad senator. It didn't pay very well it was like. Teen and 25 to fifty an hour. And I was actual washing vans and we can't friction money the company bands. My wife she's a nurse by trade and they're officers brought us out of our office. So it. Policy obviously we started talking angle now a little bit common and then when Saturday I was at the office. She come out back you're awash in mania I'll wash advanced and you seek him out back and panic. On they had a couple of deliveries. That they need they needed handled that were stat titan medical deliveries right near you and they deliver to pace at times that that there had obviate their B needs and thinks there actually right. I was coverage at a Chevrolet geo prism of the town not the coolest callers you burn your redhead I did have the aluminum wheels on Ford or I was constantly and they now always and she had abroad can operate orders super. And as she is blond hair Dina say. They're beautiful dance she is she is she's used to great lady. So she came out Bakken and an ass fight could give her hand help out the Korean company that they reasoned one very. Tom reliable at the time. So us this year let me finish up so when knocked them out. And you know little thing kind of led the other. Cherie new lawless columnist bullets phone company what make a great deal of money and Tony. Yeah so right in that it is being played it for radio EU SA says and that can often does dispute that account like 60000 dollar a year or stand for courier services while. So. Say they started pat I'll hold in the dug delivers out to 5 o'clock at night we're not you know fourth and I don't knock them out Saturday. She came into one base of one what you just got it up to the branch manager and output and did more for either forms a slice she and you take a lead out so you that's kind of what happened. Did that on in the GO prison in the geo prism what I can medical deliveries of these and the two of deliver life. Man blood and our. Well now and all that it was just medical supplies and things like dad yeah I'm making before for aids patients cancer bases in body need that and I leave their but I treatment and her own. So rude. Getting involved of that on and then we eventually take over on that was semi crawl still a lot of show Iran's. I got a few other in an account under drivers to help out. On do we to cover pretty must Charest crosses delivery. Runs like Stan delivers that hospitals yet I was living in March 2 atomic daily counting. And watch it from us or Maggie Owings from the root cause critical partner so it wasn't I come from me to get up at 2 o'clock in the morning and don't follow if mocks the Charlotte to make. A fifteen dollar delivery of it Presbyterian Hospital. And get back call that I drivers down here but they had day jobs and report how many nights anyway. Fast forward. That you give to assault Leander carried a story on May save. It was OK in 999. I started seeing in the strait talks ride around with these big sleeper units now. And I thought that was kind of unique look straight truck so I'm stop right there. And wolf we have a clip it anger but that man the story is all some additional Alison you know want so. Hang tight and we return won't be out Spencer choir squire with Allstate express. Welcome back at home and throw the attachment cast it for review services along what could hasten the road the family's company's. Trimming that cliff are we got clear upon he liked the sleeper like Sylvester still sleeper truck and you know that was honestly it is still I got to show this moment in my kids. A total of six months ago if you never seen a movie over the top. With Sylvester Stallone. Is on the wonderful family movie is a great movie and is one of the best movies ever. It's about he he's an arm wrestler and his son comes in spins this summer with him I thank him becomes a championship armrest treatment fourteen. Wonderful maybe it was him it was me NL west side's favour may be back in the day one of our favor we light. If they had oral source and senator semesters to loan we were down side. Was so Spencer. You cliff congress a cliff and you what you got. You need to get back up now do police will not know an easy listener and radios on or why and what they want to keep we can hand me a OK come on and I feel like that at the K okay. 971999. So. I was son on was in the strait took front and the what they were were freight RFL seventy trucks and they had. It wouldn't what your typical straight truck like a box for a political football truck it was it was it was like a point to you Tony for flip box then had a big. Like a 42 extra style sleeper on it and then you had your camp so it was up calico tractor and away were dark again straight into the super arena Brian. So Hillary. All those kind of unique look straight trucks up and you never we seem well before released a Siemens didn't pay attention to. Do those and around the hands. Thought that my immediate path that. We should take as a company. Iran. Says I went to my wife and you know and that he rewind just a little bit by this time. She left her job in the medical industry can work. For the company from meet me in Paris park on your balls can be mob ball says right Leah. We're always you know there are balls and ride. Correct but but you know she was the one of Doug all the accounting side of things and I was doomed sales operations the other dispatching things like that. So anyway. It the other is scared her leash it's something totally in to come out. Yeah tickle I'm a major Ian. Left on rare talent reiterating your beyond her nor seasons sensible she's right on the organization Brian. So what I did was out a distant chicken and I thought that might be good who get opportunity. So when Allen got a budget straight truck and old Susie cab over straight truck. Went and rented it and to our competitors. Now word my first customers in freight. So lawless run and freight. From North Carolina and wins data Kuwata Michigan. Travel up there and got right back you are doing now isn't it still don't dispatch operations Marcel fine and I think the candidate they think Eminem office soon and I'm Donna took up interstate on the Misch out there run the courier sound of things on it. So we'll it won't they let the other. You know we picked up a couple of owner operators and their own trucks. On. And he got a discount car via rail that 2004. We shut the courier shouted down. Completely. And our last courier business was deep deep hospital their homes. Soon we folly Candace. Went off all the for your business. The money was enough of his or trucks run run next darted straight. So anyway. 2005. Cuts his feet won't sue the company paying David. Issued to my wife and two maker CEO. We did qualify for the women business and browse national council that we Banc certification we are the largest exporter in the country with that or application. Com. That that's just just straight up extradite you know mr. anyway. Tom. So we know we've grown. Just dom be had a had a vision. And just just kept chugging along and were now probably in the scheme of things this forest you know just expedite companies go to. Were probably. Positioned. Now let's say we're probably push a fifth horse in the country again while it in how I mean I guess do you you measure that the men missing them on trucks is a sort trucks trucks trucks trucks and revenue mostly used to say how many new electric trucks the do you all operate at this point right now we'll with the with the new ones you know coming on and we've got me honestly don't belong on yeah yeah and I'm on things like that it. We're probably sit and around. 212. Walk who. From these are three he's very brings honor to see what rigs on site it's arguably our guests present I understand necessarily just Letterman's the tracked its writers to straight trucks now their run around and what and we run all over the country in and out of Mexico to Canada. He says Saarloos Lou. If you see Nina heavy load the name and logo homes out of the truck only moderate. Allstate express and us. No America alone now implement up archer is also expressed so that. The business lesson of today coming from trail we lie if you study warmup that we like businesses that have great brands and have my roots. Which were not good at it that. Above barriers of entry yet and Spencer if you notice he shut down. The courier business in 2004. Because he said the money was in this freight business but basically what he was saying is you have to go around Bob munch their rakes to be capable. To do these rates for corporate clients that needed. But who you listen to his story back in 1996. And nineteen are any yet. You can deliver couriers and a geo prism and have no over. Right yep media indeed you just gotta wanna work your tail off the meal must tour via an. Other business lesson today. The root of all successes hard work and I don't care who you are and I'll tell on that amount dollars this morning. Licences to reached that are richest man and Babylon that's what he says and instant millionaire. But if your card debt. He was. Still right in his carrier business which got in the start was has no amount of data entry bought it got ran and a budget truck and was drab and amazed and every Wednesday. And dispatch and like he was in office and he was doing when it. The man's a hustler. Yet and the business was basically sort of accident. And and you know look not lot people know it is not out here on my share it. But. It you hear a lot of success stores about. New people dropped out of college and things like that wolf I've now got a GD I never graduate from college and high school Allen with too much in college and it's senator. You know Arnold discouraging by medical college obviously write each give an experience out and and and the exposure. For business but it. You know if you got if you got an idea dreamer south and you know I thought I'm on the big believer that. Onto the north are born evil with a fire in the belly the south something you can discount. Pick up in May be suppressed but it would it will basically house. What is the deal I love you Spencer because you confident you war. You have no problem with talk and a bell Canada GD and not even officially finished in high school way school. You talk about your experiences because as the road that you traveled in its main who you Lawler. And you're just a hard worker in pain a neat and it carries across to relationships and how you treat people and how you show love and and hacked IED stuff. And Potomac told my girls a day we wait in line drop them off for school a sit acid acid. That who moved piper just starter readings she reads all the time and raw ones playing the violin like ala Tom walked around my house is playing Malek. And I said you guys are so I'm so proud of yell worked so hard a sit it feels good right message you don't know what they sit. An asset I loved the work that goes good and and groans that you work for money. And a solo in the clearest up I'll work for how makes me feel it in driving success and and how makes me live my life. Money is an after all you're you're friendly residual that comes right. I say you're you're not work can negate an A you know complain about in again and a accolades that come a few pride but your plane and can you like to be the man. Work Sutton. Knew what then you have to have a did. Wife yet so brown a good support system dungy. And Mina and basically. Always feel like they're you know your your basically working yourself out of a job. This column almost nothing else it. But it is good it's good feeling because. You know it allows you to have more Freetown for me that you were bargain or have to have more time with the family he had personal. Yeah hobbies are org or whatever you wanna. Well rounded says problem be chewing golf later today yeah you might was Spencer. What are you wanna tell the audience who lot out of Thomas say what you got for body. Freely use. I'll lord. Oh man Tony you know that is oh gosh we're given that anger or save and after a last second I got a Little John Elway we've got more weight got more known than I mean I mean I'll just leave it. Com. Yeah Dayton. Again you know what moment did entrepreneur thing you know if you've got an idea. And you've got an opportunity. It seize on it you know get get get help billion device talked of the business leaders people who have kind of been there done and that space learn from it. And and just just dry just is just drop drop drop was Spencer thank you for being here how can people find out about your company. Also express dot com also alternate exit I got. Active on the presence of Patrick got sick from review services along with the haste and Merom family companies we only hear those. Trailing in the world did Spencer do it in an analyst and so out of homelessness and yes I think he I think he needs late great Tom Brady was gonna intro to force say that Seattle would jump beat you. I would do it again close up of some sort it. That's that's something that it between your entry and get a job Meehan and Spencer Spencer and I have bonded over in alma media had seriously suspense drama accountable. That memory had been suppressed for probably 25 years of doing that. And you did that a couple years ago of me and honestly. Those memories. Of of joking as they just as well constable bear Fay Lu Lu will growth restore the united sound a sharecropper I write them mainly came back Simien and. But watch give us it won't sing us a little logo which gives us Korda. Acorda accord. No me. When I was little I used you know madame countries will Assad was Zelman a member. Palace for our wasn't. And and this stray dog it had wandered in this this older man's yard. And he come. Commonality in the can route the back of the house. Yeah yeah I can't. Say now let's look at. I guess yeah it is stuff that in light. What's happened cup tech guys say facility at its biggest impact that we're supposed to be elf or rule we hang LE starred Louis art call. Writely is the will be an inmate with 200 people here. And a bit eon and he'll ball this. The gateway is going to thank you as an hour and it. And it would gladly can make you laugh at least one town owner showed today. But it's real life they're reminds me a run down six one to myrtle but he should look Thea does. I'm a very observer person in this letter about blue peanuts on via our idea of stop multiple times a ball bolted out subculture. Fruit. Whatever on the. We don't I wanna talk about some that it would happen this week with the with our good friend them. Andy Presley any Presley's turn house grill which would those have been there several times through his wonderful he had not been to turn house grill awful at long ago. But any had a leak in the water heater in his this happens at restaurants and hotels and commercial properties. If the water heater it is down to business. So one of the things that we did we offer it Hobbs Farmington if we don't talk about a lot is. Is commercial water heater response repairs has yet to commercial or a year ago is down. We have a couple supply partners to keep a bunch of these things and stock 24 hours day seven days a week. We can get that thing replaced. If you if your business honor code at the hotel owner restaurant owner. Anybody did it did of hot water is vital peace freed operate your business and he had this happen. Call us that it website out plumbing dot com this is something the that we offer we do we just don't talk about I don't know why we don't talk about it. But it's it's a major issue for business and I yazoo one in my church. Month ago like church exactly back in the kitchen saying the same kind of a neat how water for the kids we have an archery. But yes I I think that's a good niche niche business and what he's saying in his were available 24 hours to tell you LC consume keep making your revenue at NASA deal in the we have supply partners are dollars well said Peter keeping these things inside and doesn't mean they have every Weinstein we have the network bills correct. Satellite Allstate express does the united timely share your cereal area so we're we're we're we have a similar philosophy that says thank you Jaime Pressly to have for for your business thank you dear church Tran of course that Steele creek presbyterian. But the events keep that in mind and if he had this team is something we can definitely reform wallop whose tell us a little story about Hobbs plumbing. So I'm talking to one of my dear friends who who we help out with her charity. It is Sally moody one of our class thank renovated their Alice Robie did in the and I won a 2000 project manager. And on our friends been friends with them every since and I particularly. They're deal or Little League over the years Joseph meaty is her husband jet age she says hey Jerry Lawson salty aside yeah okay. A live coverage. Just get some appliances a trend and I just want to you know more -- senior family own FaceBook a market gets to set up for a problem Jarrett and if you're less than. Set up for problem Gilead give them that don't compliment somebody added to gate in Arabic means have a really good friendship. And I then it goes a bottle waited. Did so why are both combined with how army asks that you we did and he said man asks a great brand he said. A big news and Hobbs forever you know when you get our house they did our plumbing he's a bit. Brandon came now and his assistant Mike in and out we had a problem. And he came out and he saw Lou. Cordial nine ace information old. Watney to the problem they have essentially a leak on the city's that I think is. Part of the problem model to help prompt but he said he put them in contact with the city the city. They said of course the city had done their job via movement but it. It was great it really was a good conversation I was proud I have not had a chance to tell you Dallas yesterday. On the and we been busy in a long called brain and tell him that said. This is great service less wonderfully creative Mike was with him Mike is also one of our lead plumbers and a new repellent we have on stats our guys there's also Michael the data as they got double whammy. He did menus at training day. One profitable. I got to be jealous happy that's it gently as an athlete tennis wonderfully here in India that I think it just is Betis were. Was Vince who were sane and Eads and you're saying with the answers treating people right treatment client right now that's what it's all about plus priceless service for fair prices and we run around. Like hair's on fire trying to preset of people and I used to truth is good to hear it. I'm not Omaha mafia don't ground every day anymore so thank you tell me that. Anybody else has great experiences you can come almost cell phone 7044006467. And if you have a bad experience you can call me and I'll grit and take it more Hamlet. That's I like that and that's part of that your enemy you're right that we would get a we'll put a big boy pants on some guys on my everything's perfect and take care. Is the one thing they did it we've always talked about his. It's got to keep your integrity. It's been his colonies. From across the room. I its integrity and ethics assault integrity and at least thank you for joining us today on that home what Kirby show have a wonderful Sunday.