The Spending Bill, Erik Spanberg and Big Weekend

John Hancock
Friday, January 19th

Hancock discusses the potential government shutdown tonight, the Panthers and Amazon with Erik Spanberg, and Big Weekend.


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The. This is John Hancock yeah. Well according to a CN. Then eight hours 54 minutes 45 seconds until the government shutdown. According to a fox eight hours 54 minutes 33 seconds they'll shut down. Who could possibly be right. I'll talk about the government shut down nudge you just heard does the president in no Chuck Schumer got together and not have a conversation and apparently Schumer is on. Has it been quoted as saying we made some progress. But we don't know what that exactly means. So well see about that congress has until midnight to tonight to reach an agreement on a not a bunch of thorny issues. And the talks haven't appeared to be going all that smoothly but will see there are still. Eight hours. 53 minutes. Fifty seconds ago. Countdown clocks. Everywhere. Now eight hours. 53 minutes. Forty cents. House Republicans passed a four week spending bill yesterday that would keep agency doors open nine X gender extend funding through February the sixteenth. So that we can so we can do us all over again that Valentine's Day in and we have another. And we get to countdown clocks back again I have passion you have been. What could be better. Here Valentine in the countdown clocks all over again. Monthly countdown clocks I that would be a white good that would be of course there is monthly countdown clocks on no CNN there's always something something. Some things pending. Sometimes they have countdown clocks before the next countdown clock. Seven hours 45 minutes 53 seconds to the next countdown clock. We are now eight hours 52 minutes 45 seconds. From a government shutdown. Although nobody really gets affected by this and tell what Monday's 7 o'clock 8 o'clock o'clock in the morning America. Talk about who actually does get affected by it. Us senate Democrats some senate Republicans plan to oppose the bill the short term bill there are citing domestic spending and immigration disputes and these are the same. Arguments debates that have been a raging on for months. If we can just get another thirty days we can have it Rajon for another month. Congress is been unable to pass a long term spending plan for government agencies says since last year's budget ran out on September the thirtieth. And so that is keep opting for this a series of a weeklong spending measures to keep the government open. On CNN's not renting the countdown clock hope actually owed it. Republicans have a narrow 5149. Majority senate majority and the a spending bill needs sixty votes and right now I think there's what three Republicans aren't even on board with this thing so. So that's what we can that's rats where we stand. And eight hours 51 minutes. 23 seconds. But foreign government shutdown. It doesn't and oh. And yeah it. I the F trumps your has called off his son Tripp tomorrow log go enough Florida there we're gonna have a big old party down there on a Saturday to celebrate his first year in office. But he's the resolution to keep the government open. And probably get around Dalton. So alone he'll look hang out Washington until. And until the prospects improve where things are Dicey at best in terms of a good deal. Although we don't know what really happened with him and the and the Schumer meeting. It probably went fairly well I don't believe Nancy Pelosi was there. So why impasse in the senate. Now that's sounds like a headline that they are news agencies are used to Laurent. Impasse on the senate. We now have. Eight hours 49 minutes 55 seconds ago. Problem. One huge sticking pat poet is that the Democrats want the spending plan even the temporary well under include protections for the 700000 young dreamer immigrants. But didn't we get a figure from USA today today and late yesterday that there's actually more like 3.5. Million dreamers as opposed to 700000. End up. I think American people I have to be one of them still would like to find some sort of and have. New for the dreamers to remain part of the country are among no I don't but I speak for all of you but. But anyway I it to the senate. Should could take some kind of action today to stave off the shut down even if it's just for the short term I know so Walt. We'll see if the Schumer trump meeting today has any effect on all of that. You'll still get your mail with the government shuts down your still gonna get your check if you're a Social Security recipient. Air traffic controllers in the TSA would stay on the job so air traffic go wouldn't be greatly affected. But services that are deemed nonessential. You know like managers and radio station during a snowstorm. Would joke would suffer for example those if you're awaiting a passport. And have a government shut down you could be. I look. Why can't use that word and we determine last week you can't use that word. You know. I estimated 850000. To nonessential federal workers who would probably be furloughed a military operations national security would not be affected civil us civilian pentagon workers. Would likely be sent home. Our national parks I you'll just have to wait and see on that won the trump administration is working on a plan to keep those open even a funnel limited base and basis of when I think national parks I think our national parks the big ones the Yosemite is the rocky mountain national that this that the other. But you also have to remember that an awful lot of the memorials in Washington and nation's capital. Are part of the National Park Service as well. Obviously were in the blame game stage right now with. Eight hours 47 minutes 38 seconds to go. Mitch McConnell saying that. The Democrats fixation on illegal immigration is to blame for the year shut down all the all the polls say that it probably would be the tribe administration against the bulk of the blame if there's they are government shutdown. No no. No doubt in my mind it would be the figures are reported its president. I polled by ABC news in the Washington Post says 48% said that they would blame my trump and the Republicans for a shut down 28% would blame the Democrats and 18% would blame both sides. And you got three Republicans who were probably in the no camp so I mean already. If you've just got 51 Republicans in the senate. And you need sixty votes to pass. It's gonna take some Democrats to to come over on the on the other side of all about so willow will soon roll that goes 700000 undocumented immigrants who were part of the deferred action for a childhood arrivals although I think that number has increased in the last 24 hours to more like millions. Would be affected. No fix in place yet nine million children who are under the Children's Health Insurance Program are also waiting in the wings to find out what is. What that comes of these negotiations their parents who usually earn too much you'll qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private health insurance would have blessed. A certainty about the future of our health care about one point three million active. Duty military will. Be expected to work protests holy without pay military is currently paid through February the first. 2013 government shut down back. There were what 850000. Government employees that were furloughed each day. And it that would probably be similar this time around similar numbers. One point 87 million civilian government workers could be exempt from furlough that would include workers at the transportation security administration and a foods there at safety inspectors and Border Patrol officers and federal prison guards and hard to let them go. 681000. Residents in Washington DC could potentially not receive basic services like trash pick up because the city budget is tied to the federal budget. Up to 417. National park sites could be closed but the trump administration's gonna work try to allow love for some limited access were possible in that regard. Like you can drive through Rocky Mountain National Park you might not have the guy taking your money at the inference. Problem. And and the nineteen Smithsonian museums would be closed. So if you're if you're needing a passport like ASA paid. That can be affected and if you're in Washington on vacation and you were you were planning on go to one of the Smithsonian museums that might not be possible and if you've ever been to Washington a new you've been to the Smithsonian. I gotta get my wife up there she's never done and I haven't done it twenty years so. But anyway that's that's kind of the breakdown on the government shut down. And and we'll just keep our eye on the countdown clock. Which it would give you right now but no there. There in commercial and so I can't see it on the screen. You've got inside Roland parliament about the Amazon vendors and pretty tipsy stuff in a number of publications. Today what Amazon's headquarter to Rashard Lewis tells us but. Oh what the company is looking for. There's a couple of Inca magazine ink dot com Mon has the five cities that are most likely to host Amazon's second headquarters so they break it down to a what they think will be no deal final five. Forbes does the same thing so all tell you who. Actually Forbes breaks it down to six. And in gives himself some cushion room unless three cities that have the ability to pull off an upset Sybase. They're Poland nine that stood out but tell sure all that with you end. Big article today on a CBS about Amazon's headquarter to winner may have some regrets we talked about that briefly yesterday under the you know you better be careful what you wish for you might just get it. It. That did that headquarters would do. Would change the city that you live in depending on how big you already are it would change Charlotte. I also ordered take a lot of resources that followed could've gone elsewhere or but anyway we'll low will explore all those options. And there's a piece in the air Charlotte Observer today. Are written by Steve Harrison and Eli part TO and Kathleen Peralta. What was in new Charlotte's failed bid. To Amazon for the second quarter. Early. Lengthy article. That. Doesn't tell you because nobody knows what was enough. Proposal what's interesting is to see who has come out on the side of we we we have a right to know. And then who comes out on the side of no I'm not so sure I do think it should be made public one of the people who said they don't think it should be made public is Jim Puckett that surprised me no end but then when you read his reasoning maybe there's some validity to that. So way where we'll talk channels on we come back and not just second patio brief. Text fest back and forth last night with the Ron Rivera hadn't talked to him for a while also hope to get him in the studio soon to know maybe we can get Marty in here as well haven't talked more recent C. Found. Gave full employment again. I try to stay away from my unemployed friends there was one or borrow money and you know hang out. So I'm. Now Ron Rivera and the former titans coach show Michael marquee. And the falcons receiver Andre Roberts are the finalists for the NFL's salute to service award. Which will. You presented by USAA. And revealed that the NFL otters show on February the third the day before the Super Bowl on the Associated Press announces its individual and if all the words that will be televised so ISIS'. A couple of years ago was Winona. Kim won MVP and Rivera got coach of the year that was the year that we're all hanging around San Cisco get ready for that a big victory over the or Denver Broncos. So log congratulations to coach on that and Steve Wilkes interviewed yesterday with the Tennessee Titans was supposed to want Tuesday but whether kept that from happening. But Wilkes slate and also to get a second interview with the Arizona Cardinals so we have kept him yet I think there's some. Hope that may be says he will also be around for another year. I don't think coach seems to whoa worried about it one way or the other things he's got some people that he can plug in already on the staff at which is what he did receive Wilkes. But. But we'll see were all that goes Steve will exes say is actually a great guy. And did a good job with the defense this year so Woolsey were all that goes and a Luke weekly is not going to be and the a Pro Bowl they cited an injury that didn't specify what. I have no idea what all that means either but I would assume that they just assume not have deeply out thereof playing games and risking concussions were doesn't need to be out there of playing games and risking incursions. And. However does not coming here were crushed. Some of those social media. Reaction has been interest in. Just general reaction a newspaper articles today. In and around this area or well huh. All I think. If we are driver apple and they turn us down and we just two or do we just get medically depressed is that it Pekovic totals like we take it personally. Add to your personally there were 238. Cities and applied. And they've broken down to twenty. Well there's some there's some pretty cool places. That that got lost in the mix. Somebody pointed out today that may be maybe Amazon's not our bag maybe Apple's not our bag maybe finance. Technology is our bag. Buying tech. But apple announced a list of finalists and their proposed second headquarters. Yesterday and and we're not on the list. And out so there's. Forbes sort of article that they are about to know what Amazon's HQ to shortlist tells us about what the company is looking for. They clearly. Says Forbes wish to become established in another region of the country Los Angeles was the only contender located on the West Coast. Seven of the finalists are in. The Acela corridor that would be. Gets the train. That runs up and down that line Boston. I'm New York Newark Philadelphia Washington. Montgomery County Maryland or Northern Virginia. Those three right there kind of encompass the whole DC region DC and Montgomery County Maryland and Northern Virginia we talked about that briefly yesterday for the finalists are in the midwest. Two of the Rust Belt Pittsburgh Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis and Chicago. And a sixer in the south Raleigh Atlanta Miami Nashville Dallas and Austin. These surprising finalists according to Forbes. And the surprising. Omissions Columbus and Indianapolis and to a lesser extent Nashville standout as surprises on the short list. And Forbes says surprise a missions include Charlotte. Minneapolis. Detroit Baltimore and say hello us. You were in pretty good company when you think about it Minneapolis. Amazon appears to be looking to be an economic. Compliment to a city not its economic savior I thought this was an interesting angle that for roared about today. It seems that Amazon is resisting the urge to be the singular transfer may be of economic force and its new city. Finalists might be better suited to absorb and Amazon. Than they might assume that's probably less true they say have Detroit. Saint Louis Baltimore. Where Amazon would be viewed as the absolute foundation for future growth. Too much weight on one reporter shoulders. Don't think that what of encompass Charlotte to some extent but I think issue I think Amazon's president certainly would have dominated much like the banks have dominated here for such a long long time. Now we still have the financial sector so. It would've had to share time with the financial sector but the financial sector since that'd recession. Has diminished. Headquarters and placement where are we number two or three now as opposed to I think we're three announced that it do. Forbes says that the cause of the Washington DC area winning the bid have risen tremendously. Without having reviewed the bids themselves the DC area with three on the short list. Has to be considered the front runner for HQ two and while this may have more to do with the quality of the individual beds. It's entirely possible writes Forbes that for example the DC area was able to put. Or are to generate three exceptional bid packages while Minneapolis and Charlotte. Could not generate one that. We just need a bigger box. I it's well known that the DC area has the economic. The economy in the workforce in the amenities and the quality of life characteristics to marry some merit some very serious a consideration. Other loves us senator garrison last night. And and even stand bird to some extent are maybe he was just going along for the ride and we'll talk to him in just about 22 minutes. In our weekly segment from the Charlotte business journal new addition this out we'll talk a little bit about Amazon. But. Marcus right a pretty heavy last night on the box. And rap video. And if the boxes the law that was featured in no Charlotte business journal. They're pretty cool. I don't think that that was the cornerstone of your presentation but we don't know what the cornerstone of the presentation was that we don't know what the economic because we're not. We can't sit in the big kids stable yet we're not we're we're not privy to that information as is Charlotte so apt to. Keep it secret. Don't tell the billions. Don't tell the kids went to Disneyland. So lob Forbes says. I see the winner coming from these six metro areas out of the tornados were announced yesterday. Atlanta. Who won't want to growth who wants can judge who wants all of that. We're not trying to be another Atlanta and now we've always said so we didn't really wanted anyway because I just would remain as Atlanta. This sixes and according to Forbes Atlanta. Boston. Chicago New York Philadelphia and Washington DC area they're going for the big metros are going for the big cities already. Which I guess would play in June the second point that we made and that is. Then Amazon doesn't want to be. Established. As. They wanted to be an economic compliment to a city not its economic savior. Well they wouldn't be the economic savior New York Chicago Boston Atlanta Philadelphia or the DC area. And then of Forbes allows themselves a little leeway you and says Austin Dallas and Denver have the ability to pull off an upset so that's their finals. Our ink dot com has their finalists as well they break it down to five cities who are most likely to host Amazon's second headquarters. And they also listed land up. And Philadelphia. And Washington DC. And Austin, Texas. Which I think just from a culture standpoint. It's Amazon perfectly. But the the best me. So the most important factors to Amazon or housing and talent Austin would be the ideal pick. Texas in general has ample space for building new warehouses and logistical sitters and the ever hip Austin on glare of his. Likely to be attractive to young talented engineering graduates plus the city is home to. Businesses including whole foods which Amazon last year acquired for radio standings thirteen point seven billion dollars. And if you've ever driven it down if you ever driven across Texas. And that would included around that Austin region. You talk about. Land where you could expand. Texas goes on the forever you can wake up in the morning and leave Texas and you can go to bed at night and still not be out of. Favre sent the finalists were. Atlanta Boston Chicago New York Philadelphia in the DC the 3-D C on entries there with Austin Dallas and Denver. Possibly being able to pull off an off off an upset. Ink. The outcome. City Atlanta Philadelphia Washington Austin. And their fifth. Is nowhere and everywhere. And they they'd talked to a guy by the name of our Mac O Wayne. Who they've referenced earlier in the article. And he is with a group called mud drone ventures. And he says that his most provocative opinion is that Amazon doesn't just choose one location. But spreads its bets across multiple new campuses and areas including some of the above some of those listed some of the money. As well as larger metropolitan areas like New York. Quote it's a hypothesis based on knowing executives at Amazon and how the company thinks and works he says. Any teases that he often. Oh on the often talk shop. I informally at least within Amazon staffers that in the us Seattle. At school plays and in sporting events and so on so forth so he says generally speaking he sees the entire headquarter to project. It's partially a way of improving relationships with city government across the country and for many areas he adds quote. There's a lot more hope that there could be a better long term relationship with a Amazon close quote even with the Charlotte yesterday they talked about. Expanding. Bare footprint here. They've already got a cute pretty big huge presence in the area especially that. Fulfillment center that I pass every day. Just before you cross the river in new aghast and county down Wilkinson boulevard seven before. Back away and comes back and he says to be sure the company still needs to bed on infrastructure logistics and top talent to continue growing across the dozens of businesses. It is launched over the past two decades. But if drumming up economic support inattention was indeed the goal to begin with. Then Amazon has already succeeded. One of the other things that they've done and we'll probably got off on this angle because I heard. Eric spam burger joins us just too few months and I've Mark Garrison Charl at a six talking about this yesterday. Is. They may have changed the way that big companies now. Bid for future expansion. I mean I guess CEOs got to be able to download be able to sit back get his in his office. And look at 235. But do it 238 applicants. That wanna see his company expand the air and be able to read all the incentives that are being offered to him if he will do that. Although we don't know what Charl it's entailed because we're not. Tribute to that information yet and maybe never will be. So typically Charlotte. So. There's an article and now a CBS today that says the much hyped contest for Amazon's second headquarters may be a bonanza but it also. May not be all that it's cracked up to be. And they kind of go down the avenue that we talked about before. And that is the risks are the government will overspend for this deal. And actually perhaps creating negative income tax rate for Amazon and he's zero sales tax rate and a zero property tax rate. Even though that much growth will be expensive for wherever ever as Amazon goes. Now holly Sullivan of the Amazon public policy said in a statement Sullivan tried to throw a bone to the 218 localities that didn't make the first cut she said. Through this process we learned about many new communities across North America that will be considered as locations for future infrastructure investment. And job creation. So according to good jobs first area a nonprofit that's critical of government that offer tax incentives to corporations and businesses and individuals in the same region as. A like headquarters to. Would do a bit dead the price you would have to pay. Up for the Amazon deal. State and local governments will be faced with additional expenses for services such as police schools infrastructure. And roads and bridges to accommodate the additional Amazon employees and an addition. Other local employers likely will demand to be treated like the Seattle based company which good jobs first estimates. What has received more than 241. Million dollars in tax breaks since 2015 to build its network of fulfillment centers. So. You better be careful what you wish for you might just get it. And then the companies that you already have. Are going to want similar incentives to its kind of like an NFL owner it's got like a pro sports owner. Yeah you got that came out what are you gonna do you know keep me. When you get there to keep me from moving my team to London or Mexico City York. Back when I was working in Jacksonville Houston. The owner came down they filled the Gator Bowl 5060000. People to welcome the owner Bud Adams of the Houston Oilers. Say may bring your team here he was never figure this team to Jacksonville. He was used in Jacksonville. You get what he wanted there. I don't like the new owner of the act Carolina Panthers will do here soon be a new stadium or I'll move into Poughkeepsie. Head WVV. Every bridge seconds so government shutdown. And reaction from the Internet over my Amazon not coming to Charlotte. It. That's not that's that actually is there expand burned in his office at the palatial Charlotte business journal talking about. I have to write how many stories that next week on this. At first but I think the other way I have a couple of very poor. Development in the Amazon to rewarding without walking her out today and delighted they both have but I would be Charlotte it's probably can't. You're all slushy broke the front of the plot. This tackler of course it'll look at I have been working Columbus, Ohio a total twenty truly were you comfortable. I had dated did you we just kind of went through a few articles are about to. Amazon doesn't want to be the economic engine of somebody they wanna be a compliment but they don't wanna be the savior of another cities that they picked. They would do a fitting end but they wouldn't necessarily be the whole economic recovery of that particular city and I don't think that encompass the Charlotte by any way shape or means. But that may be a reason that a lot of saudis did endless and being in the same company with a summer like Minneapolis doesn't. There's 230. Some odd cities or whatever it is 218 cities that didn't get the bit I I don't know that we necessarily have to be suicidal. Not advocates writing and look ultimately 230 so it these are going to be unhappy at all and all will be happy so. You're right I mean. You try and if you don't get a few few trying to figure out what you could have done better in and you move on units which you're hearing Trout a lot of the business and political leader Google site you know I think. Tedious work you're almost inevitably you're asking. For the DL that would if you insult things people want to know should know any different struck that in terms so think about how mr. Ricci and we look through a lot of these economic development plump up there are so. Hopefully that will be providing itself or if. Future well I agree with you entirely but the last paragraph from an article a near Charlotte Observer today says nobody not everybody agrees with the bad debt being made public can men and one of the had dissenters was Jim pocket which kind of surprised me Republican that he is. And apparently his quote is I fear that giving out the deet tails with nothing to show forward opens so up to settling at. A dispute this setting the from the floor going forward. A position I would not endorse when I'm in a bidding environment with my company I don't want my competitors to know what I proposed. I was blown. Include it must respectfully. Disagree you know I'll let you know if you look at you could debate saying our report doesn't stop but for a bang up. A good look from Singapore and obviously I'm always wanted to be in favor. To order more but it doesn't look and I don't really say that we get a lot for how are I think governments are all well and I don't regret saying how he is the imaging and blow. Thought he offer all of us particularly want or talking about something written authority in the saudis little. Falsely this seems epidemic out. This is so Charlotte. This is that this is so don't you worry your own little pretty heads about it you have done a lot of big kids. Handle this one in. And I'll listen if there's anything left Wilson and on down to secure stable. But up and up the tablet is that the fruit of the important. I think it's just it's just so Charlotte it insisted this is the secrecy thing in Minnesota don't answer questions and don't make yourself vulnerable and don't. I don't know aide today I talk instead of insulting actually. And you think about it and I are what they can it really help her secret England and you know affordability and it's this simple up or pearl Coke hurt a bit. Look we know it's some complications own probably infrastructure. You let that ballpark figure out but it's what he thought about exactly what oracle offer what people fault was 3:0 am but what I don't think it's ignoring them but all the military people about it quite as our thirty saw a panel or a political until now. On the other hand we are pretty predictable and I don't mean you and I mean people Charlotte soul a lot of their incentive program was so great. Got a greater than that no one it would ever imagined certainly not the auto me for manufacturers throughout the world. Oh sure yeah yeah I had and that of course he's opening up a course out there. And that's why I am as those of us so we're not doesn't that always order an analyst Jeff let me look we're being offered and warm in good humor and I don't know. That it hurt if you have a couple of public discussion. Exactly. Or what they offer you know but you're right if there is something. Grandiose self they're maybe desperately explanation that it would be embarrassed I just don't. I think we now upon focus on apple. And if we don't get apple than we focus on Kmart. The thought that. But if that's what the couldn't. Turtle or why you are did you see we get the Sears. Or what party got I don't know if you saw it but already we've had to say calmer. Secretary we've heard so you've had economic developers without accounting and elsewhere. Immediately responding to questions a little getting Amazon at least you are or aren't playing well. Apple's out there and indicate that the state commerce secretary to saint hang in another words the left so I'd be all but ensured that. A lot of city did or your daughter and beyond will be shaking more at 40000 job apple can't. Well and I don't know were eroded today and maybe it was the business journal but I mean to some extent I also know who you are. And no maybe financial tech is more geared it. Towards Charlotte then and then did that than the hip upstart companies like Amazon and apple. Very well could be I think then it. We at Amazon and apple search. So we move on such attention grubbing companies that you really can't. Not put a bidding and it is now quite vital water that if a Ford if you get lucky and their target here that you got a bonanza. Well know why I I definitely think you go after it but I mean don't get your feelings hurt every time rather than a cheerleader says no I'm not going out with the. Yeah yeah I think they're they're entirely healthy and realistic. Well and because someone with experience along those lines. You can you you can't recover I I guarantee it chaos if you're uptown tomorrow there's going to be a women's march now last year this is pretty instinct. And you write about this today India just release Charlotte business journal last year this caught them off guard because they had a huge turnout and primarily I think it was focused on the new president. And tomorrow given all of the I'll meet to movement and everything else what do we expect tomorrow I know they've got 400 speakers lined up. But. But where does the meat to the movement working into the women's march that takes place tomorrow morning in Charlotte. Well I can put your finger pretty clear picture there are secretary baker I think that that's so all right that circle ads or fewer hours of speeches have been the arch for outburst would work on. Court. Last year I think the early estimates or oracle. Itself and people and and well and shell out. I don't know if he had an interview with the pro what are they sure we're the march 1 and she told they had eight federal MP also. So far this week. Europe it's in recent weeks on our FaceBook and so. They are predicting at least what Ernie Els and an F for people who own diluted. He would take par and advance or if there. That big an actual games inserted eighteen last year yours so I think if you are so. I can't just like John. A cute but obviously any huge problems following a historian. Every place in the past year so how does that figure port of big things is. Getting people can vote and participate. In politics and basing my story there was that engine only and that bloody blue route saying that they're not working they are nonpartisan but when you look at the lineup speaker it's obviously very much effort to the left. Same with a lot of Democrats particularly. Him well idol will be it seemed to see not only the turnout tomorrow but also. One has also been done with what the theme turned out too good to be you know whether it turned out to be positive or negative over. Or whatever the case may be so we'll get there. I'll come back and document article you wrote earlier this week are ready Richardson legacy where is that a month after everything hit the fan the Sunday L mall melt down and are you also are right about the hornets and you also write about the Charlotte knights a noble honorable talk sports just a couple of seconds unknown news 1110993. W retail. My parents man burned on the Charlotte business journal's news staff writer a new mission is done every Fridays we try to do gravest fear about a 4 o'clock every Friday that there we can't. Article you wrote earlier this week go before we lost the Amazon bit and have started to dominate the news had to do with what has dominated the news for a the last month and that is the Panthers. And in particular the Richardson legacy. We're a month after the Sunday melt down the last game with Tampa Bay the last time we saw Jerry said and is a Sweden to a Bank of America Stadium. And and we still don't know who's gonna buy it who's been opponent whether or not the bidding process is officially. Started now or or or not come. So there's still more questions than there are answers but Richardson legacy where does that stand a month after the meltdown and and and what was your conclusion in your article. Yeah I'm not Mike according that there were still afford closely particularly when you look at C legacy aspect. You're Richardson. Life and career in Charlotte. What got ate like about this well as you may remember it. Received this echo. Foundation or against indifference or vertigo and I would look at other web site ever since it was there was the ongoing or so I've asked whether he would continue to be among the winner. The salvation ultimately felt that he will quit talking puke walk through UNC Charlotte and other groups to have honored here recoup some. They're one of the pure out of wait and see all the we're not sure so don't think it's changed yet but I think a lot. Will be determined by what the NFL punter but the bailout bill you're you're up that investigation it worked quite misconduct through the theaters are a little bit farther down the road I think. His name is prominent offered in basketball arena it is prominent UN CC. In their own football stadium there's a statue outside a Bank of America Stadium obviously you talked to the sports business consultant mark guests. He believes Richardson's name should be remain in place all those places word is right now and I thought his quote was uninteresting he said. There is no reason or cause to change other than the current media vortex. Which has inflated some pillows gives me legitimately awful actions to those. That are far less so and which have been resolved by mutual agreement we as a society will eventually find the right balance it just takes time in other words. Everybody calmed down. And we'll kind of figure this thing out after the dust has settled in after a weekend better look back and say. Yes he was a great guy with flaws or yes he was a flawed guide not as great as we thought. Yes and communal Glenn Corbett who he really seen a number sanctions because. There are met him a note this topic is. This little white hot right now. Perhaps there are cases that we're. There will be over liking I think it's people who have been. Give them that this kind of behavior will say absolutely not you know this that there has no particular store worker certainly not asking you keep your me about a billion or fellowship all these cases. Our. Different in here and very important I think it's going to be really interesting if seek. How people sort of navigate through this and figure out. All it's appropriate terms and Motorola the bullying and what you absolutely have to go so I think it's early yet to figure out exactly what Jerry Richardson legacy ultimately investing. Richardson is a seated dated a controlled a Tina Becker. I asked you when that happened if you would knew Tina Becker you said you did not. Yuma called has such a complimentary things about Tina Becker. Felix and bought this was asked about Tina backer he said the best of his knowledge he's never met her or had any interaction with her. There is no one in media in this city that's gonna get within 500 yards of being able to ask her a question they observer or the the Panthers are block and interference torrent. She certainly is not accessible under any way shape remains. As she's the perfect replacement for Jerry inject. A health and fitness back. Yeah I hit the best there ever bet I have really accessible hole or even a little bit acceptable when it comes to do. Jeanne if it is certainly got a piece dealership France so. That society is funny there was historic epic certain that this story the last few weeks about Al. They really couldn't find anyone who he knew much about her output port it was that simple stricken though from long record hadn't thought you could cut here since. Don't we that in fact he. He was 32 yes very familiar with her that she is not very highly skilled executive little inlet the pit selection so. I think the answer right and how it's for a look at yourself so that we don't know her. Well she's a great story I would love does sometime get an opportunity just had talked to were about to climb from. Being. A cheerleader to be in charge of the cheerleaders to. To the path that she took two be well respected and no end up in the position that she's ended up and I don't know what happens after the a team cells are where she ends up after that but. I'm more registered and I am and her story that do well yeah under on the Pampers. You know I think you're right it idiot to really compelling story just tear the fate except that if that bill that's not a big help would be really interest saying you know courthouse should learn the business professional profile. Now that's exactly right hey listen thank you appreciate time I'll talk to next week. Thank you don't hear air expand her senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com. 918. Day is the end of the year 28 team there are 346. Days till Christmas tree scares me third 46 days left in the year. 340 ditto for us it's. Justification now Dolly Parton is old and it. 72. I 2001. January the nineteenth President Clinton acknowledged for the first time making false statements under oath about Monica Lewinsky. He also surrendered his law license for five years and they're deals burying him from AO possible indictment. An article on I guess I don't know if it's on CNN or if it's on fox they wanna know why this. Porn star story in president trump isn't getting no more traction. Because the people wanna give it more traction don't have a leg to stand on. Between the meat to generation and their previous president. You can't remain silent on everything and then all of a sudden. Gary the band. Big championship NFL championships. My Brady's hand Tom Brady's hand apparently injured his hand unknown Wednesday in practice. Believe and play yeah you think. You don't think this is somewhat of a little ploy anyway Jacksonville is in New England per game with the patriots to a bigger tax bill or the patriots. Now I'm going patriots didn't. Although I would like this day it is as. It's almost hard to root for the jags even though I've been to drive down there working because there's always kind of been this competitive thing between the Panthers the jags as they came in the league at the same time. On the other hand. They've taken such a beating over the last decade I'd almost like to see above get to the Super Bowl we got. So why anyway but I think compatriots I. You don't have time to O'Donnell and even answer right now. Eagles. Eagles and pick in Minnesota. So I'm picking a patriots Minnesota Super Bowl. First team they'll be able to host in their own home stadium. Their own Super Bowl. Their fans won't be there because that's such a corporate deal that nobody really in the stands really gives a damn about the game they're all there for the party. And that's one of the problems of this Super Bowl as the the ardent fans either get priced out or. Content available to him by a margin. Our number for the day's night. Thousand. 191000. Did daily complaints to the federal trade. It commission from members of the do not call registry. Were contacted by telemarketers and other harassing robo calls the do not call registry is always done it more. There's too many people have come up with the technology to overcome. All of those penalties or anything goes so. I mean I get calls coming your column you are the days when you didn't get anything on your cell phone was always her own line. I mean I get. It crap on my death I don't answer anything that I don't know oil on my cell phone. And then die at one point I had gotten like is that last week I had gotten like eight calls from one number so I didn't answer the call but I tried to call back. You can't get in touch with the. Joseph you're doing all right there that was. I. And hours seven minutes. Two seconds to the government should do. World's longest underwater cave has just been discovered in Mexico. They're gonna need an inflatable walls. Prince William shaved his head. I sighed then that's all the pictures have you seen the pictures you'd hardly know the difference he was so bold anyway that. A woman in Georgia is in the news or requiring her five year old daughter to pay five dollars and ran out of her weekly seven dollar allowance. Utilities free. That charger for those now. Price fifty cents or ride. And authorities working in Spain and Portugal captured 700 kilograms of cocaine hidden and pineapples. Going to be a Jimmy Buffett song and that's a word in their. Oreo donut holes now exist. And you can find them at Arby's. Oreo doughnut holes. Change just added the new dessert by it's to their menu website description reads chocolate doughnut bites baked with Oreo Wafer pieces. Filled with Oreo cream and dusted with Oreo sugar blend. If those words in that order don't take delicious to you let's tries to more two more served warm up. I can't. Chris Christie got stopped by the TSA for of creating a security man a checkpoint he says that this has been misconstrued but. I think he's an arrogant. Anyway the a former New Jersey governor. Who just was replaced. Left officer earlier this week. Tempted to apparently bypass the TSA security checkpoint on Thursday he's probably used to it you attempted to go around the TSA checkpoint in Newark Liberty International Airport after. In during the airport to weigh a special access area along with the a state police security detail but it Port Authority officers stopped Christie. Our refused to let him in entry near the the restricted area of the terminal told him he was no longer allowed entry at that access point and the he reportedly cooperated with the officer had little very little choice and no re entered the airport through other your regular entrance and no into the regular and it and stand in line with the rest of the people. To be a big Chris Christie fair and right up until they even today even almost up to but why when they wonder when the trump thing came. He just turned into. I don't. Apple I read the detail boy says users will soon be able to block the slowdowns on their older iphones which has been controversial as of late and it's still warning against the move the company has already dropped the cost of replacement batteries and a and has begun work on mail software update that will improve the settings menu to show more detail about the health of the battery but. The information will also now won't say whether or not the phone has been slowed down. And there will be an option to disable the slowdown. Which would I think can cost you battery life right. Now most of us. No you shouldn't keep leave things in the car laptops phones I'd pay anything really. But later seats. And I'm not talking about child car seats I'm talking about your actual. Car seats. Does this remind you of my Ford Pinto story. Apparently people have been stealing the third row seats out of certain GM suvs. Because he's supposedly isn't that difficult and resale value is good. The thieves have figured out that if you pop the rear window hatch of these suvs. You don't trigger the car alarm. And from there you can simply reach in unhook the seats and pass them through the open hatch. And they seem to be targeting a free 2015 GM SUV is like these suburban or Tahoe the UConn. And the Cadillac Escalade. The reason for the sudden spat a spike in a seat belts is due to the demand for the resale of the seats. Because other people have gotten their received stolen so they're not only stealing the saints but they're created the demand. It then means they can go sell the seats to people that have already lost their seats. It can cost a few thousand dollars to get AS set of seats replaced at a dealer. My story was I was driving a Ford Pinto school bus colored Ford Pinto one point and I was at someone's apartment until wee hours of the morning. And I came out of set apartment and on lock the car door and went you don't check to receive your seats are in a you go but first. You opened the door and you point your buddy O'Meara DL land on the saints. But I didn't I landed on the floor board and fell get a rollback to the backseat. And it took me a couple of seconds to figure out if somebody had stolen my seats in fort Pitt and those were easy you go underneath there's four bolts underneath for each seat. And you open the doors that lift him out they were nice bucket seats and apparently. They were. Liked because people would put them in the back of vans. So I filed insurance claims and this that the other end we waited two and a half three months and I was right around literally. On a box. A Playboy magazines. With no backing you would kind of hold yourself to the steering wheel but I you know is transportation. I finally couldn't get saints. So I hired a couple of guys in Thornton Colorado or two ago. If you Paris saint. I have no idea where the seeds came from I just know that for 300 bucks I got to expect you know black seeds the back of my Pinto. I'm sure they didn't feel I would never be privy to that on Motorola's most devoted. I don't I wasn't necessarily Thornton's most beloved of the diamond my morals may have been a little low lower than they are now that. So I don't know but I've always wondered and suspect that there's probably somebody who once lived in northern Colorado that'd be over radio shows from places the United States. Could tell the story about the time that he left somebody's apartment at 3 o'clock. The morning went out opened up the car door to his. Ford Pinto and sat down and someone had stolen. His team. Well. Radio program is your basic NFC NFL championships NASCAR all of a women's march weekend. You can just. Mayor just. You remember Colin Quinn being on Saturday Night Live I guess I had to do was be a big deal then. He did weekend update but I can't for the life of me. This segment or maybe that's what I was just not thinking I don't know why it was that was before they started getting really political and you had. I don't know anyway he's had the Booth Playhouse tonight 8 o'clock back in town Saturday Night Live he was also all know girls. And 21 man show it's called though one in every crowd and so if you remember him. They never took a big time Colin Quinn and 8 o'clock tonight boot Playhouse 70441250. To 71. Jack a lot of. NASCAR hall of fame class goes in tonight ray ever Hamm was saw no with the governor. Then number oh Thompson no earlier today. He and now Jeff Gordon said just a little bit of history back in the day and our race. Took sentiments to immunity. He shows on. Velocity is there was a velocity that issue was run on bravest. Anyway ray programs could do not met him a couple of times. But does the countdown for the at 4018 NASCAR season officially on with the induction of this year's hall of fame class that happens tonight. Five man class made up of late championship team owner and engine builder Robert Yates who apparently. Recorded. Or wrote is acceptance speech before he passed. A liver cancer he wrote his acceptance speech before you passed away so that should be a pretty emotional moment to engine builder turned team Motorola died last year of liver cancer. So are Robert Gates goes into the NASCAR hall of fame mud tonight the three time champion crew chief worry ever ham goes in tonight broadcaster Ken Squier goes in tonight. Than the four time trucks series champion Ron Hornaday junior goes into and out of happy to see that. And the late driver Robert Red Byron who won NASCAR's first cup series championship. Back in 1949. Goes into the hall tonight so well good luck to Winston Kelley in the whole gang down there are unknown unknown should be a great NASCAR weekend and others autograph sessions with. Well a lot of the inductees going on tomorrow and a whole week and worth of events tied and around the NASCAR hall of fame but tonight's the big induction ceremony enough. And I hope to have Leo their very good turnout Avaya and are meaningful night especially for a Robert Yates but I gave those and Robert Red Byron. That's a big name until I you should be honored to go in with the virus I think that's pretty that's pretty and well I don't watch NASCAR hall of fame induction ceremonies tonight it'll be on NBC. Sports network. Remember what channel it is on us back every fourteen. I to remember and Malia and BCS sports network at 8 o'clock tonight if you wanna watch the induction ceremonies. I'm from the hall of fame here in Charlotte. Charlotte symphony orchestra presenting a couple performance of Mozart's the magic flute alongside Hayden symphonies number 65 and number 45. Featuring soprano Amanda Forsythe under the direction of conductor Christopher Warren agreement. That takes place tonight and tomorrow be down at the at night theater the easy riders bike show rolls and the Charlotte convention Sydor to a showcase custom motorcycles an old school hot rods all have a easy rider magazine that was celebrity a bike builders in me. And the perfect angels dance team. Twenty bucks to get in fifteen if you're active military ten bucks for kids 10 AM till 7 o'clock tomorrow legion brewing. Going all out for the release of its limited oft requested to maple canyon of maple brown AL. With a special maple inspired brunch menu maple hail ice cream floats. Live music from the locals. Dave Childers in the serpents. And developer rose from noon to 11 o'clock tomorrow the brunch menu. Will. Feature a may pole canyon waffles. And a chocolate sir up. Well this is just to diabetics during amendment. I'd Chan jelly cream and maple candy bacon. Alcohol free floats will be available for youngsters are brunch is up from 10 AM to 0:1 PM floats the ice cream stuff. At till 4 o'clock that should be good allegiance brewing company. And at the Chippendale or at the Fillmore on Sunday night is that even legal to do this on Sunday night. And does anybody show up for the Chippendale anymore I guess they do. The about last night to her marks the fortieth year for us via mail burlesque revue and Vegas latest during attraction 9 o'clock. That does Fillmore on Sunday. And prevent them given the girl wasted time but. Gagne and who sponsored. Him. And name their kid Chicago that there have been daughter than just five surrogate or something so they have. I don't know what their kids names are now. Or the north is one of momentum the other one is. Something to. It. Obviously. And now this once in Chicago Chicago west. There is critical. I. I like it grows up by voters parents or her parents are. And how much money OK while maybe it's not all that veteran. Are there targets are in town tomorrow night. Play the heat. And a home game against the kings are no Monday. And a home game next Wednesday against pelicans. So that's that's gone and if you all want a head on over to opens tomorrow night at 6 o'clock Rochester and down to play the checkers. And they'll also be go around on Sunday for a matinee Rochester and and and a Charlotte. We have but Georgia Tech and North Carolina on tomorrow at 2 2 o'clock said meanwhile it. 1 o'clock here for for the game. For the pregame. On a news 11109893. WBT. Davidson's on TV denied ESPN 2 at 7 o'clock. And worn by Davidson T shirt that to what we did our hometown tour over to a Davidson a walk down the street to a teacher's job ought to ought to go get my Davidson teacher. The NBA. Thunder in the cavaliers are on tad. On TV tomorrow night at the same one no that's at 330 in the afternoon tomorrow thunder in the calves. And then you have the heat the hornets on TV on the fox were southeast network and then tomorrow night at 830 you got the warriors and rockets. What's the deal with the NBA or these days everybody get their knees. There alternative to tough guys. I East West Shrine Game is for a look at Madrid has died for some college football NFL network good tomorrow at 3 o'clock the other East West Shrine Game which used to be huge. A good luck on ever picking up a newspaper and finding the they rosters for the East West Shrine Game but. It is kind of the first game restarts CEO some of the guys who'll be in the draft and and the National Football League players association collegiate bowl is also what tomorrow at two at 3 PMC got a couple of college should deals going on and of course. The a conference championships on Sunday at 3 PM the AFC championship the jags at the patriots. And 6 PM somebody said that maybe. May be goad. Tom Brady hand problem mauled maybe only just needs is more air pressure. And a 630 the NFC championship. Sector. The vikings. At the Eagles. And just because I know you're dying to know picking the patriots in the vikings. Scott Fowler picked the jags in the vikings. And I don't remember readers picked or reared to. You go to Jack you do do it did you perceive the jags and Eagles. So anyway that's your sports calendar over the weekend Charlie Mars is that the evening news tonight until 730 Mississippi just singer songwriter got pretty good following around here. I look for the tour bus when I was coming down Wilkinson they had arrived yet but 11 PM tonight. Who why has has bigger career I guess now as a DJ as he does say a country music performer but he's. Early had his moments. His latest album is called good old days. And he'll be playing know what he said eight number one singles so I'm sure he'll be playing those but he is a priority Joe's tonight Tracy Lawrence always so when they got a name of us some significance always look over the outside of the building up. You can generally see the tour buses are lined up but there was not there yet and They Might Be Giants Sunday. 8 o'clock at the neighborhood theater and other new album it's called I like fun and if you ever been to what they might be giant joke. You'll find out they do like fun and by the way at the visual light tonight. Unknown handsome. Which would be worth the price of revision visualize BI SQL IA TE dot com unknown handsome. An unknown at great guitar players you just really following walked Jim. In fact he was what Billy Bob Thornton's band for allowing me yeah. And an old old friend to keep Larson's well. Hard every weekend as they is the Charlotte women's march tomorrow. Pretty and she article in the Charlotte Observer today by and Doss Helms talking about. The. Organization of it last year. And all the sudden they were thought maybe you know a hundred people or so which show up they ended up with 101000 people. The a maturity seventeen. About this time all load they had had about 3400 people on lines say that there are coming as vote the same time for this year 7000 people have both said that they are coming. And it's so tomorrow it's going to guide starts at 10 AM at first ward park which is seven the Brevard. And they've got a whole lot no above people to talk seventeen to twenty speakers including the mayor and now and others. And they say you'll need a strategy for a parking. Because they'd starts at first word park seventh or Brevard at 10 AM and with all the speakers and then probably around noon is when they'll march down to a Romero bearden park. Which is not a it has about three quarters of a mile but you we don't want to figure out where you want to park your car close to roll Herbert never a poster first word Parker whatever the case may be. But anyway that's going on tomorrow they don't anticipate street closings but if the crowd is too big gut to walk on the sidewalks as applause last year they say police may clear those streets so there could be some. I closed streets tomorrow because the women's martian that is a taking place and obviously to see last year they approach gonna we're coming out of the woodwork to protest via new president because that was brand new he had just been. It put an office January 20 tomorrow is the actual one year anniversary of Donald Trump well as president of the United States. And dumb. I don't know if they are continue to protest via president tomorrow or if they jump on the meat to bandwagon or odd to what extent the speakers will be talking no or. The crowd will be responding but the Charlotte women's marches tomorrow uptown Charlotte first ward park at 7 AM seventh or Brevard and than they should be marching down a runner bearden park. Someplace are around noon and I just in case you had forgotten and you can't wait to see Jon Bon Jovi. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning to the general public at 10:10 AM live nation dot com and Ticketmaster dot com would be Euro two places to forget that and they announced this week that Howard Stern. Will be. Putting a Bon Jovi into the hall of fame apparently stone a stern and none and Jon Bon Jovi are pretty good friends. So world that's so what's going on that this is exactly one week after Bon Jovi goes into the hall of fame that they will show up but to a play the Specter and senator. And no tickets go on sale tomorrow again live nation dot com or Ticketmaster dot com. Two unbelievably flying out customer oriented whatever they can do to make your experience better get you the proper receipts that you deserve. They'll do they'll bend over backwards to. They'll love did over backwards to. They do do just. Just does so. It's not a dollar cut out wedding a story you have teller but there's a couple that just got married by the Pope did you read this. He had married a flight attendant. Actually flight attendants. I guess I was surprised that the U the Pope is flying with flight attendants is everything else pops Francis a celebrated the first ever airborne people low wedding. On a Thursday marrying to a flight attendants the bride payola had just. Our Podesta I guess that would be a 39 years old and the groom Carlos. Core forty. 41 years old boast that I do after telling no Pope Francis that they had been married in the civil ceremony. Civil service in note 2010 but had been unable to follow up what they church ceremony because of the February 27. 22 in earthquake that rocked two Chilean. Francis then no offered to marry the flight attendants aboard the aircraft and and it says here and they readily agreed. Yeah you think. In a shot too I get married by the Pope that surrounds. That that's that's that's pretty cool do you think animals get jealous. Domesticated animals are like family members and most proto letters so where they have emotions. And now research is starting to us suggested jealousy is an emotion both people and some animals particularly they say dogs in prime mates. Share scientist defined jealousy as when someone or something threatens a special social relationship. So research from march 2014 found that dogs. Got more jealous when their owners interacted with fake dogs. Then with other non dog objects and research from Tony seventeen found that tell monkeys. Is that TD monkeys. Give more stressed out. Watching their mates interact with stranger males than they did watching stranger females that are wracked with those strangers males from a same time period so there you go it's believed that Dumars resurgent of the social emotions of animals other than no dogs and and prime mates may or may reveal jealousy is more widespread and appears sure does sure they do. And if you've got two dogs in your pay more attention to one of the other the other one will bug for attention and do and I think the third and they're void of emotions like that. I'm not say in the immediate your weighed down. Dog or cat in that case if you're really down in your sit on the couch. Haven't you ever had your dog of open just put his daughter is ahead in your lap or I mean. Embed that that's that's probably not save everything's gonna be all right that probably is sensing that there's something noted in the wrong or something along those lines but. Anyway that's what's so great about animals. I don't judge they just but love and give love back like. Other weekend and apparently here together so so that's a good thing tonight we're down to about 25 degrees for tomorrow sunny skies and high of 57. And should stay above freezing tomorrow night dead about 34 degrees and then wolf and a new us Sunday with a lot of sunshine and no highs in the low sixties. And come back to the work week with a low sixties on a Monday so maybe they can get to temperatures that'll coincide with asphalt laying you get that problem fixed under Wilkinson boulevard so. No but the one that many of you were going around right our target about two animals get jealous another feelings of animals Willie's up unknown news 11109938. Well it. A laundry build a good manners you. I was telling your. Blue screen. How to go about doing your daughter of one year old German shepherd and his or helping you know and among other coast I'm on my travel no enrollment. When they had to go look up look at aren't you went to sleep no up. Are broken and contrite or you look at how old are up and down there and roar. And they're everywhere while Hitler is great and granted dot lookup and how old seat. Many like I mean any over eleven months you know you put them a certain while. Well probably got from Germany actually if you won't we'll see more money Broder. That's a puppy NR yeah you'd look up a moms everywhere up and down the circle or. Later then abandoned the pilot Rebecca apparent that I know local. I think now that's that's the zone that no other explanation is possible. Non UK premiere on me from going inaugural regarding your plan and treat. So called bottom. You have around midnight the night before we are early in the morning that are in the morning bailout and then you woke up before. He woke me up and you cry and then go on around the whole round and ask you went to sleep and I woke up. He went out that they don't really they love you very much so in general wellbeing of its size you don't and that picture. Have known. I remember I told my thanks appreciate it. Gather along via. Our guys I mean they're that'll be great though that word perceive but to have. Via a med Megan RO remaining rusty. Actually had to put to Eric Clapton down a couple of years ago. The other western that we had. Think Megan looks foreign for about two hours and that was that. She says well wait a minute I'm the only one I'm the only dog I get all the attention. Yeah she seemed are good to have gotten over that are pretty quickly but. It's funny because when I'm home if I'm home sick or something like that. Make it a go sit by the door where the garage is about 5 o'clock because of those Susan's coming home someplace between five and six clock. And I can caller back over but does she goes over there there there are other creatures of habit. When you break that habit you as far as with the west if they're sensitive they understood. Center mall there are no more a lot of accusers say exists is that tissues generally upstairs in the morning but when she sees me come down and there you can overlook there. From the youngsters of our new house you could look down into the there's like walkway between two bedrooms and you can look down the living room and when she sees me walk into the living room. 515 some like that a morning you'll hear come fly down those wooden stairs. On when she greets me like I just got drew back from our. Six month deployment or something new. Well how good is that. Approvals. They say if you like gin and tonic here Jenin to monitor. Isn't a general of the tonic. Now I've never been a big agenda right. The say if you like gin and tonic you might be a psychopath. Well the Nat. More psychopaths walk among best thing you might think they say researchers from Australia's ends brook university gave 953. People loyalist to various foods and drinks and had MR rate them on a scale of one to six in the NATO took a air personality assessment this specifically measured their. Quote unquote dark traits. And and it and admitted to what pick all the Big Five factors of Bobo personality. And the data revealed that those who enjoyed bitter or food that I loan largest hello sour not bitter. People who are enjoyed bitter food and drinks consistently had heightened sadistic. Proclivities. And so still there has been no direct reason. Identified to show that there is any correlation between the two things but anyway the study they think if you like gin and tonic you could be. You might be a psychopath. Then say oh what happened soon. Your personality traits do you like Scotch and water. If it was not favorable wouldn't tell you about that anyway given the fact ritual known that I like Scotch and water. They say Charlotte could run are to Charlotte they say chocolate could run out in Euro lifetime. It bell. If you love chocolate you may wanna start stockpiling. By 2050 of climate change continues as predicted. Well they tried to scarier and every other way that they Canada you don't believe them so another threatening with your chocolate they say that the a cocoa plants thrive in rain forest soil that is roughly. The same temperature day after day and most of the world's supply comes from C West Africa. Well which is it's a chocolate whole country and it. And down. Unfortunately by the year 2050 areas that have the ideal conditions for growing the cocoa plants are expected to be much harder and therefore the ideal spots to grow them will be pushed up by the a mountainous settings and to try to fix the situation scientists are experimenting with a gene editing technology unit. Keep the plants are flourishing in environments that aren't exactly ideal for growth so there you go chalker could be our. And could run out in your lifetime. Which which are so what do you do for a Valentine's Day and Easter and hear about these grapes. Stucco work. Flowers against her back from flowers. The author ago. Enjoy here are beautiful weather we can you earned it. And and be careful out there and I'll see you back here at 2 or 3 o'clock on Normandy with 505 heady. Think I told somebody today that the 505 petty song on no Monday was ways to be wicked but I believe that a week from Monday in the 505 petty song coming up on no Monday. And whole week of fun and excitement. Which in fact I'm going to give you some right now we're headed towards or Charlotte detective mark Harrison thought. Enjoy that and I'll see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock John Mack got Charles post below it and we are. Out here.