Starbucks, Country Music Awards, Comey Interview and Bad Phone Apps

John Hancock
Monday, April 16th
Hancock talks about the American Misic Awards, the Comey interview, Starbucks and more.

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This is John Hancock. There rather rather Laura's Monday's Lincoln day. Hey before tax day the day after payday for many of you. Lord given the good lord they get away. Art Bell died over the weekend. Theater of the mind you as the master of theater of the mind is not a whole lot of theater of the mind radio that existed longer. It was kind of what radio is built on the premise that radio was built on the old mystery theaters and all that kind of stuff. Mutual it was a mutual or CBS years and years and years ago we use to our running. A mystery theater I'm 'cause I was running boards for a radio stations in Colorado Springs and other places around serve your country Jackson Wyoming and know stuff like that amount and a bit vicious that I worked at is to have those shows on. I've been run the board like from midnight until 6 AM in the morning or so much time. And so those I would run the board for those shows I used to love that shift. Because aid there was not a tied to be found in the building. And B if you get in the studio. And turn all the lights down low and listen to the all the I mean those mystery theaters for they were just that was good does get paid to listen those things. But anyway our boiled Qaeda dominated overnight radio with his syndicated coast to coast for a many years died dough on Friday and and Nevada 72 years old. I don't know that the cause of death has been announced you wouldn't believe it anyway. Served in the air force were to Monterey California. It was so. KE DW in Los Vegas do a local show in 1978. A move that in the sickest syndication is. Coast to coast AM through our chancellor broadcasting which I don't believe it exists and longer. And later premier networks. Which you is I heart now. And broadcasting after 1988 from his so Holman is it pop Rome Nevada. Right outside of biggest. Featured dead focused on the paranormal mirror and paranormal knowing conspiracy theories and. Callers. I don't know way he did suffer fools gladly. They made the show. And he retired and they returned several times under varying circumstances and I think part of that was a first a day due to a threat to his family was the first retirement are remember back in the late nineties. And then in no 2000. Something having to do with the kidnapping of his son one and bizarre stuff. And then now probably called accordent 2007 to spend more time with the sale admit that he returned it. Both Thompson played out promo I guess that he cut for his big return to radio on one of the war WBT I don't have a copy or let her have a copy of this. A minute it says at the end of it he says sub ball a lot returning to the airwaves and I can't you know. After Hancock and Boortz. So I was so I was sick tenants stoked that he'd said my name. And I need that. Mom. He bought and sold. A KE NYE. In his hometown and. Hosted a show on serious accident six weeks. But he was he was very definitely has own individual low person and none so word came down on a Friday night about his death and your point. Art Bell. Friday the thirteenth. And there's a story in there somewhere in there. Do you believe that he's. And and not only. Not only did. Art Bell died over the weekend but sorted Darryl Worley is football career. I had no idea he was from North Philadelphia originally so he got traded to the team. In which she. I and so was probably a fan as he was grown up as a kid went to west Virginia university and so they don't find him passed out in a free in the middle of the freeway. And in possession of a gun in. Just not a good we confer Darryl Worley. No no longer a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Do we go get him. Do we bring him back where it every problem and rocket all of say or the weekend they'll talk about that the AC awards last night I can't handle. What I called showbiz country. I understand there's the most popular music in the land right now there's two radio stations in this city that basically dominate the ratings that are at least on occasion dominate the ratings and they play all that crap. And but it's just not. It's to show biz country as far as I'm concerned but anyway. I'm sure the AC a more celebrity news last night Carrie Underwood are broader new faces and enough. And that that was big and and it was in Las Vegas so I mean that was Jason all dean Norris what entertainer of the year and that's where the big shooting took place and he was headlining act and I mean there's all sorts of story lines. I'm going onto the ACM's last night. My wife called down and said. The our country music awards are on. So Bob. I thought OK well you know of older. I could do it now but what I didn't watch didn't seem to be awash in politics. It's the one award show that's not. That really kind of celebrates music the one thing I did notice about them is when. When somebody's out singing a song most of the people in the crowd are singing along to. And when they're doing acceptance speeches and I'd I'd I didn't watch all of it saw may be dead wrong on this but were they acceptance speeches that I did see. More politically based they were wanna thank god my Purdue is our I think this aura thank you owe or think the fans want to thank you know countries always been really great about second radio. So on it's the one award show that still seems to be about what they are therefore Macon music. As opposed to. Deciding that the rest of the country needs to adopt their ideals. So why anyway Basie awards were around and overall I guess what we're just sit around wait no no Barbara Bush. Which is. Although good gracious people that have passed through our politics. We're to assume that Barbara Bush it'd probably leads back. And that the wife of one president and the mother of another that that's only been one done one time before. But apparently she has been battling congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and she is decided not to seek additional medical treatment. She's home. Surrounded by family. 92 years old been hospitalized several times and know Houston over the past year to be treated for our chronic pulmonary disease congestive heart failure and the quote it came out yesterday was followed a recent series of hospitalizations. And after consulting her family and doctors. This is pushed now 92 was decided not to seek additional medical treatment. And instead will focus on comfort care. A reads the statement released by her husband's office I don't know exactly what that means but I assume that means work on on. I don't watch. No wait and see. Yeah. Comfort carries out hospice. Pretty much. So way anyway. Are our best goes up dirt to video bush family and in a barber abortion. Open to have open. Hope it. Hope it's not a long painful ordeal. Com. Taxes done. The extension form you're looking forest 4868. Gives you an automatic what is a 180 days six months or something like that file something. Now one of the things you gotta do with a 4868. Is estimate your taxes and if you owe the money you're supposed to send money and with the 4868. But the 4868 will give view if you're if you're anticipating getting money back and get that 4868. Filed because you don't file anything. Penalties and fines and all that stuff full add up so fast you'll have no idea. The amount of money that that can end up being in a short period of time James told me not to Donald Tony we'll talk about him today. The Donald got serious with the Syria over the weekend though will talk about that today. I stop me if you've heard this. Two black guys walk into a star. Saturday night George and I were down at the old courthouse in Iraq ill not because we've been arrested earning thing. Although not that we were opposed to that it just didn't know the opportunity and rise. Com. The buddy TJ producer JJ. A year ago. Almost to the day on the fifteenth. Got married. And nobody in jail. I didn't know I don't think his dad Neil I think they just went. Where they go to New Orleans is on like that this got hitched in bend they've been Dayton each other for quite awhile but don't. TJ is the greatest secret keeper ever. And so anyway they got married and then. Late last year we all got a card in the mail that said save the date April 14. And so the old courthouse down in old town rock kill an I don't know that I've been to old town rock kill. But it's his Cusick convict. And so the old courthouse though we ended up there are so we're having a party in a room were people used to get sentenced firm whatever. And it has all the what could two months of the of the courthouse. Except it's now just how big like meeting room. And they had a breakfast for dinner. Which was got a cool and and all TJ is friends or their all of Megan's friends were there in TJ's parents and Megan's parents and sort and so forth and so that's us from a Saturday night noise that ball. And no Wilson was there with his lovely bride and now former producer Ed Nixon was there with his lovely bride and so I got a chance to see people NC for a while. And double ATJ's friends came up and introduce themselves to me you know just as nice as they can be of polite and but he calling me stir. Which which means what translate that. Old guy yeah. Now that they weren't too bad they wouldn't have manners anyway but. Mr. Hancock yes sir ought to what does that say and says yeah your grandfather. Anywhere where a great time and so what TJ is all foot to see the world for aria a couple of weeks. And am I know what they're itinerary areas and know when it comes back volatility of them. But by Elmo open I have are just the time of their lives Sunnis are either dead TJ is a really decent dude. And is is busted his tail for me for a long long time and I appreciate you know end. And Megan has just sweetest she can be and they just seem to be perfect for each other and I hope that's exactly went happily ever for after has in store for them. And then Mike Doyle. He's not here this week either I think he took a week off to procrastinate about mowing his lawn the last I could hear was sent to a he keeps on saying he's gonna mow the lawn but then they doesn't. So while we're not sure exactly want to Mike's doing but I know that. Household stuff is on his itinerary. So while it's like it's like a John Hancock walk out. Norwood got mark Thomas. From the keep Larson Joseph you'll remember oh mark from the acute Larsson general. And and I'm a guy George who basically is just. On the phones to try to hurt. Talks over you people off the cliff when you call. Which bad bad essentially raises his blood pressure. But it doesn't raise mine and so that's a good thing. Mom and and Torre are up for the next a couple of weeks biggest oil back next week. And ninety jays beckoned two weeks he's gonna miss the hometown tour Cabrera coming to Belmont which are really excited about two. Now we haven't done a hometown to work along time government Belmont a week from Friday. And will be at the a string being in Belmont. Broadcasting live all day long from the morning show with both Thompson all the way to Mark Garrison Newark Charlotte has six everybody will be down at. Now the a string bean in Belmont so I'm looking forward to that it's gonna become a sugars I think some of the people I'm gonna have been her competing restaurants. Oh sorry Chad hope. I hope you don't mind if I have a some of the competition then but to now he won't string bean is the first place when we moved to Belmont. Everybody basically said that he could string Britain so I mean it's got that kind of reputation so we're looking forward to that it's like a restaurant. And a meat market and a deli and it's a really at a bar. Our authorities say it's really pretty cool concept bowl will be there throughout the day and we're all going to be down there because of mosquito squad so I appreciate them sponsoring our hometown to work. And if you need more information on all that stuff just go to WBT dot com. But I out. Hey come across the river this twelve it's fourteen miles from downtown. Uptown Charlotte. It's not a it's no big deal so all ahead on don't know Wilkinson boulevard and no week from Friday and and come by and see us in Noah and have dinner in my hometown all. I'll give you half a dozen recommendations on nowhere you can eat. Earlier Friday night right and you're gonna if you're you're gonna. Is gonna be aligned. Restaurants and in Belmont on products. There and had certain act. We need evident. So there you go there all right we'll talk about the a Starbucks fiasco. Next. I'm going to be a lot more noise is an owner. Just taking action against Syria on Friday night. I ended maybe it is because we'd pass news and such a fast cycle these days assuming we you know we just. Just take on the most outstanding. Circumstances and news and and all the sudden. 443648. Hours later we just got out. And gone with our allies say is probably because Thursday it tomorrow away from 9/11 and everything in between. But I was looking over well web sites. I do you can't even find Syria. On notice CNN. You can find it on fox. I founded on NBC. Couldn't find it on CBS or ABC. I mean you goodbye eventually confined to but I mean it's not anywhere near highlighted or towards the top of the news cycle or not you would think that. With everything that's gone on in the ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and her comments yesterday. About new sanctions being. Announced against Russia today and and the Syrian president deny and all that kind of stuff. That there would appeal the review more prominent news but it he wasn't necessarily a Nikki Haley was on FOX News Sunday issues on a couple of shows actually yesterday. So the international community will not allow chemical weapons to come back into our everyday left the fact that. The fact he was making this a more normal and that Russia was covering this up all that has got to stop. Trump defendant is use of the phrase mission accomplished on Saturday not a good and in -- above W use me that's probably when you wanna avoid. I'm guilt by association but are nonetheless. Soledad that they you know I was all over the end of the talk shows yesterday I guess after it hits the cycle of the Sunday talk shows that are kind of falls off the map of in less somehow or another they make news they air. The Sunday talk shows were all abuzz with with talk about Syria. India US and allied attacks on chemical facilities in no war torn nation. I wanna sound nigh eve. But if you're bombing three. Suspected. Gas locations. Why are we not hearing anything about leaking gas or about gas being. I mean is that denying of Missouri residents are doing nude witted. Waited waited incinerate. By the I don't know I've but I seem to me that if you're blowing up the gas facility. There would be the spread of gas. There's Baskin and I just a dead it's just stupid Johnson on his couch old wondered himself. Am I haven't heard about like gas so wasting across the landscape and and people because we haven't heard much of anything about casualties or. Or anything along those lines. Anyway Nikki Haley are enough Fox News the other Sunday yesterday threatened more missile strikes if the idea that he doesn't still have the capability I think it's pretty moot. Russian sanctions. Will be a coming down Hiller said that on face the nation. You know all the people in the truck administration none of us seemingly been able to do their job without a whole lot of friction from the left or the right or mr. trump himself Nikki Haley seems to kind of. They think they she Tennessee instead. They got a single leave her alone. Tori way add that that's that that's the that's that's were all of that has undergone its. There's big news I thought it was huge news. I think I thought that would be dominating our conversation today. There's say bill protecting. I'm Muller. All the stuff that's going on in and Washington address now. The senator Susan Collins on this week she was part of the Sunday they show regime yesterday and which there's a bill protecting Miller that would. Send trumpet very strong message. But still the thing about that is in order for the bill to pass he has to sign it. So that's just theater. And that's not is this any thing you know that's that's. Now that's not a new thing. So why that's where we stand on the Syrian missile strike and I'm just kind of surprised that we haven't that there had been more. About them. The there's a great article. EP just kind of want to breakdown. Of what this is what will all of this is ABC news. Dot go dot com. Has an article called Syrian missile strike. The major players in the region. And it talks about a slide and his major ally Russia and all of the ins and outs and what fours with that and then I rain eons interest. And participation and most of that is religious. I ran practice the Shiite Islam. Belongs. SI BM president of Syria belongs to a Shiite islam's sacked. Most Syrians are Sunni Muslims. So when you get into the religious tie that's were I rams' greatest interest is in the well being of the aside government. And I ran like Russia is spending billions of dollars in nasseria so all the money that's that's that's the bad thoughts were. It's always follow the money. So why and then on top of their religious motivations I ran has four year you Syria's say a conduit to sit arms and funds to Hezbollah. Which is the Lebanese militant group responsible for the 1980 through Beirut Beirut bombings. Barracks bombings. Well which killed 241 American service members and then it gets really weird because they haven't that the path through Syria was created in that created movements created by the civil war. Hezbollah and Iran boast started thus supporting Asad regime in the fight. But today Hezbollah has thousands of fighters on the ground and they have still sustained significant fatalities. And and then it just gets monkey after that. And then you have Israel. I ran has interest so Israel has interest you can't have one without the other. Com. And then you have terrorist organizations. And that gets too complex to actually be able to understand. And then you have other opposition forces. And that the key force on battlefield. Is. A RRR Sean. Which is an umbrella group of hard line militants there ought to replace aside with they Islamic government. And then you have Turkey in the Kurds and this ABC article Syrian missile strike the major players and. Region kind of covers all of that for I mean our red today and I've been like it it it made me. I'm more educated and what I was when I got up this morning. Which is pretty easy to deal. So what anyway I'll have I have marked post this upon know they hand pick originally VT duct summary confided to an you you can do that area. And can better judge stated it is kind of like up. Serial 101 course. In gonna bring you up to date unknown what's going on there all right. Starbucks. They had down. More protests today. And more protests last night. And the CEO wants to apologize to the two African Americans who were arrested last night while waiting for friend and apparently they've agreed to talk to him and Morgan Indians announced in what was all that next. Well Starbucks is in the center of the eye of the storm but because the way they have treated a couple of African American female Starbucks yesterday. These CEO Kevin Johnson has apologized for the rest of these. Two African American men that went to Mayo Philadelphia location to meet a guy. And down. These CEO Kevin Johnson called what happened reprehensible. Outcome. Said he wants to personally apologize. Two. To these two gentlemen. And apparently they will they'll accept that that that meeting and where and when that takes place not exactly. And assure. Probably should happen at the Starbucks where they were arrested. On and I assume coffee would. Beyond the house. If they want some. They apparently didn't make in order and there are their immunity or third party and in fact if you seen the tape is they're being arrested the third party a white guy. Shows up instead watt. Stupid what do you do what are they arrested for. Until now that's the question that everybody's asking protesters descended on the hill Starbucks last night than they did it again today. On the same day that the company CEO came to a Philadelphia to address the incident. And if you seen the tape the Rory read about it in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Do guys are sitting at a table waiting to meet a third person had not placed in order. Barely got according to us some reports say at best use the restroom they were denied because they had made an order. So they were await none third party and then you can't get into. Where they asked to leave there's a story the says they were asked to leave the mail declined to O two will leave from. But anyway the cops came and not handcuffed some mud and and and and arrest some they spent nine hours in jail. So. You CEO Kevin Johnson Starbucks. All these circumstances surrounding the incident on the outcome of our store reprehensible and he said. Training up around unconscious bias. A winner corps worker with the store managers by the way that store manager. The guy at the manager who called police to fairly no longer working for the company. And they call that a mutual decision so he's probably is happy to get out of there with a all the protesters around as though they are to have him out of there because now they could say. He no longer has a job and and he can say. No I'm not the guy. Protesters back on the scene this morning may have moved inside the stored eighteenth and spruce streets about 7:30 this morning and chanted. Our whole Lotta racism a whole lot of crap Starbucks coffee is anti black. The regional vice president Camille times. Try to do is speak with the protesters she was shouted over. We don't want to Starbucks to make any money today that's our goal said the protest organizer. And the police perspective. And police commissioner is backing of officers and he's an African American. Said as snow sticks up the statement that says says these Starbucks employees who called 911. With the trespassing complaint told officers the two men asked to use arrest from room they were denied for having not ordered any thing then they were asked to leave. But they wouldn't. And Ross said the officers politely asked the men three times ago. But because they were being asked to leave by employees because they were being they're trespassing and after the third request. Officers made the arrest. So and about the time they were being arrested the party there were there to meet. Come Walton in the door Washington Post reports that they were held for nine hours before police released from. Now I don't know which side. Is right or which side is wrong here and unless you were there and heard a conversation and so on and so forth I have no idea. But really we can't handle this kind of stuff to better than they haven't yet national news and have cops command of put handcuffs on guys and Noah and all the way. And and really. They and again that that would follow on all parties. If you're asked a badly for the blazed by the police. Now I don't argue on the other hand I can understand. If you're not indicative what did you not do anything wrong. No not Leven. I'm here to meet somebody I haven't haven't done anything. In fact. That's why you're trying to kick me out is because I haven't done any thing I ever ordered any product I haven't done anything. The testing is the restaurant they wouldn't let me use the restroom I didn't use the restroom. Well it just seems like in this day and age. We're sensitivity as at an all time high. Who would've ever thought that Rodney King. Would have the quote of the new millennium can't we all just get along. And that was twenty years ago. Or more. Money reports the two unnamed black men have said that they will meet with Johnson has requested per Starbucks wrapped the meeting has not yet been scheduled but the company would like it to take place. This week. And quite frankly it probably ought to take place. In that Starbucks. I came going. We forgot to watch. I mean. You can go on till 10 o'clock last night so I did 9 o'clock. I I'm watching something and my wife says. The country music awards are on. And so I turned over to the country music awards. And I watch those sporadically for the next hour because I just can't I'm just not a country to meet these days is what the what I call show biz country it just doesn't. It just doesn't resonate with what I consider to be really great. Country music that's probably the old guy in me but I just don't and it's nothing to a personal lines don't get into. I can't even tell you their names are. You know that I don't wanna say Carrie Underwood because I know she's attended big comeback story and her re emergence on the stage last night was one of the big highlights of the show and but I just don't I just don't get it and I don't get an idea of these singing. The quartets like the group to do dude tribute to Elton John and Bernie topping last night. And I guess I can't remember little big town or I have no I do they are. But I don't I don't like good today's country. Don't go get me some Merle Haggard in and I knew you got to a younger audience went. And I quite frankly I can only take so much of Reba. Because it's it's just. It's just almost a caricature of country bumpkin. And I understand her talent I mean she stood there toe to toe with whoever that bond girl was Scientology I don't know their names. But I mean he I don't dispute the fact that they got talent I just don't like I just don't like. That's not my kind of country music I just think it's showbiz music so I'd. You can only watch so much of it. I dad I did did notice I think a long enough to watch it debt to. It's the only award show that actually celebrates what you're there to celebrate tonight is the music and the artists. They didn't seem to get overly political. They did acknowledge the shooting in Las Vegas the bid they Jaycee was held last night in Las Vegas so. And Jason all be in the entertainer the air he was the headliner for that concert were all those people died and are got injured so. You know I got an all that but. I've been ice can't watch that for long periods of time. Saw I don't know why did I don't know what I did. I think I went over to the velocity channel deceived Barrett Jackson was still on it. Because I like watch in the cars rolled by thinking to myself god you don't ever win the lottery. I'd outbid that jackass right there and hard. I don't care you know I've got does 367 million dollars you don't care. All of Manny just overpaid big time for that 55 should be a nomad station wagon. Yeah I didn't. I found that. It'll be in my barn out of the farm. So I completely forgot about James combing and I had every intention to watch it so much that I have every intention to watch it. That I. Did even bother to regarded because I knew I'd watch it. 'cause that's my job I'm supposed to watch stuff like that sort and come back well. So why has been a good part of this morning reading up on it and now watching excerpts of it and and I and I'm not so sure that when it's all said and done what if and I am going to be biased on this but when it's all said and done with that this is a gonna be not good for him. That I think he used to some extent. Has set himself up. Two yeah shooting yourself in the foot. He also is writing a book on aid. In some cases. A current investigation xenon. Is there not some questionable ethics about AO former FBI director. Making comment on. Ongoing investigation. Into it seems it is so I I don't know. And then as we learned last week parts of it just seem. Petty. For the former FBI director to come out and talk about a book that disposed to have some sort of credibility to it and and and then talk about. How the president had impressively coiffed hair. It looks like I confess I stared at it pretty closely in my reaction was it must take a lot of time in the morning. His tie was too long has it always says he looks slightly orange up close with small white half moons under resides which I assume are from tanning goggles. Yes. We're all saying that. That's just part of what makes trump trump. He's orange. It's shocking hair. And he does have most red eyes. This is the said this is congratulations FBI director told me what an investigation you've just uncovered. Always saw that during the primaries. Call me makes comparisons to what trump a to a mob boss. I felt this effort to make us all and maybe this wasn't there intentioned but it's the way I felt it felt to me to make us all. AMOCO no struck. We're all part of the messaging were all part of the effort the bosses at the head of the table and we're gonna figure out together how to do this. The Stephanopoulos says how strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss. And other ways Stephanopoulos from what I saw today he was hard hitting on me. And rebellion was he on last night. He sounded like an FM disc jockey he was done. And it would. Anyway how strange it for you to sit here and compare the president to the mall Moscow is is very strange. And I don't do it lightly. And I'm not trying to buy that by the way this suggests that president trump is out breaking legs are shaking down shopkeepers but instead. What I'm talking about is that leadership culture constantly comes back to me when I think about my experience with the trump administration. And that's what you know promise us what congress says about this book it's all about leadership. They asked him why he thought this was important to write this book had to live and with leadership. Call me defended giving a statement critical of a Clinton. When he announced no prosecution would be brought against her and the email server. And Stephanopoulos symbol why not just. Put out a one line statement we declined to prosecute and called me said if you issue all one liner from the Obama Justice Department about the democratic nominee for president of the United States. And say we're done here. Corrosive doubt. Creeps into the system that it's rigged somehow well didn't that happen anyway. And on the Clinton email saga being public that but but no one knew that the FBI had begun a probe of they are troubled campaign. Which figures potentially you know coordinating with Russia. He said the Hillary Clinton email case was public in the counterintelligence investigations trying to figure out whether a small group of people not Donald Trump. We were not investigating Donald Trump whether this small group of Americans was coordinating anything with the Russians. We had just started the investigation. Didn't know whether we had anything so it would have been no brutally unfair to those people to talk about it. And it would have jeopardized the investigation. This would be the investigation that has an uncovered anything yet that we know off. He declared in this hour long ABC news interview last night that president trump is quote morally unfit to be president. And he said he thinks it's possible that the Russians have compromising information on the president. But there's been a couple of accident happened all the let's see Friday night's bombing of Syria. That would kind of tell you that maybe he doesn't have that that they've maybe he's not all that afraid of food. Or maybe that maybe this is all just to collaboration may may be the president calls Vladimir and said hey. I'm gonna have to bomb Syria otherwise people aren't start to doubt my resolve this president so. You can act mad if you want to but. I'm sure that's the way it felt them. Please don't talk about video of Russian prostitutes. Call me cites what he calls the president's constant lying. Any says that it's possible that both that Russia has compromised or you're compromising information. About trump and that these salacious tape of trump with prostitutes in Moscow cited in the steel dossier or Israel. Any also defends his handling of the Clinton email investigation including his remarks critical of Clinton as he announced and we just kind of went through all of that. Salt. Age it's gonna get worse before it gets better you're gonna see a media blitz with James called me a scene out on. Cold air tonight. Now there's a place to build your credibility. Relic. I mean if you go on cold air after you've put yourself is subjecting yourself to the critical questioning. A George Stephanopoulos. Why would people not think that the Euro are just a democratic tools. To continue the onslaught of the sitting president. Any I think you're starting say something this morning about what you would we wanna encourage people to get out and vote. They did. They did. Trump one. I don't think that's breaking news. Please get debt free food for a tax day tomorrow all share those with unit issue. Some tax nugget for you as well. The and a prison brawl that South Carolina seven inmates dead it's just east of Columbia and bishop bill got a little northeast of Columbia. Moore he's the north. It's that the league correctional facility. Control part of the dorm. The they they keep the they keep to pretty bad people down there a toll correctional facility. There was a fight. Actually there were multiple inmate on inmate altercations that broke out in three housing units about 715. Yesterday last night. Guards didn't fully secure the prison until about 3 AM there were no guards issue or injured as far as I know. So. So that was the news out of South Carolina that was coming up this morning the New York Times trying to make sure that everybody stays calm has written an anti trump editorial. Takes up an entire page. 14100 worded editorial on the headline the president is not elect is not above the law. And I believe it's written by a CNN guy by the name of O'Brien still to earth. Editors warned that the president may soon fire Robert Mueller. Or the man overseeing the investigation deputy attorney general rod Rosen staying. Lawmakers need to be preparing now says the New York Times for the possibility because if and when it comes to pass they will suddenly find themselves on the edge of an a best. With the constitution and their hands. Peace implored Republican Republicans enough. In particular. Not to fall in line behind the president if he acts. They say the president is not a king but a citizen. And does not above the law the editorial reads we hope mr. trump recognizes this if he doesn't. How Republican lawmakers respond well shaped the future not only of the presidency. And and one of the country's great political parties. But the American experience itself experiment itself. In full page editorial. On me idea. That what they've basically. Have overreacted to. Just. I understand the president very rarely. Is guilty of hyperbole. Very rarely says anything that. Doesn't come to pass. Very rarely does this president throw a bunch of stuff up on the wall just see if anything sticks. But the editor of the editorial page which is separate from the newsroom. Not Juno. Tells a CNN that if they wanted to make it they wanted to make cut clear just how big a constitutional crisis this would be. So they go on the New York Times and on a Saturday. Gun right supporters rallied at dozens of state capitals across the United States embassy in hardly anything on this and maybe they didn't attract the numbers that they were hoping. And you would have to attract a lot of numbers it was a rally in Maine that got more than 800 people. I and there were some rallies that that drew hundreds of supporters. This was old nationwide thing speaking out sport the Second Amendment Rights. I think there were like 45 rallies that were planned nationwide have seen a whole lot of updates on that like I say news is kind of hard -- to find. On this that doesn't surprise me necessarily it's in these are rallies for the Second Amendment. When their rallies against the Second Amendment to then you not only get to our coverage which you get inflated numbers of and who showed up for a solace or get that. And the Wall Street Journal. Who I suppose I've got as much confidence in as any publication it's a printing today on mass media standpoint. Wrote some really interesting editorials in their Saturday Sunday edition. And one was justice for Scooter Libby which gave me a whole new perspective on Scooter Libby and why the president no pardoned him. And kind of gave you a case study and I don't know that I necessarily rule because studied video Scooter Libby thing the first time around but it makes a lot more sense now but it also ties them. To the James Komi. Time is district attorney general. And then they write a peace. Editorial piece about. McCabe. And him and and he being fired Andrew McCabe. And it ties send to mr. combing. It's all try to share that with you sometime in the next hour because. West Columbia all over the news giving his side of things there's a side of colonies time in these big god shot offices that. A pretty questionable on their own right. April the sixteenth day before taxes negatives of that information a second including where you can teach for free on tax days. 106 days into the year 259 days to go. 1867. Will override corn and milk bill Indiana. Don't let the people of Dayton Ohio and when it it came time to dedicate the had to decide in 1903 who would make history's first airplane flight you know the story. No overt and is a brother horrible flipped a coin Wilbur lost. Orval flew. And that's how you make history Michael Jordan played his last NBA game with the Washington Wizards April the sixteenth 2003. Lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 107 to 87 and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Is 71 years old today outbreak of Salmonella has led to a recall of over 200 million eggs. Should there be a congressional committee grilling the chickens to find out what the cause of all of this is. In Wisconsin and alleged white supremacist accidentally blew himself up. Brett hit area. Police and non. China used facial recognition software to spot a fugitive and a pop concert attended by 60000. People. We were talking about this last week. Well there's your proof right there that the technology exists now whether or not it's being used you're wide layer now we don't know. But. FaceBook one of the things FaceBook has. Is the faces of everybody. Justin Bieber being hailed as AI hero at Coachella for punch and a guy in the face after I was joking as a woman. And an FDA. Are the FDA has approved a contact lens it gets darker in the sun. Like Valencia. That debt 200000008. Recall for Salmonella more than 200 million eggs have been recalled say it's from the eggs produced by rose acre farms of Seymour Indiana. And according to the statement from the FDA it rose acre farms is recalling the eggs after officials traced multiple illnesses back to the eggs produced by the company's facility under. North Carolina. 22 people have reported being a sick with Salmonella. Affected eggs were sold under multiple brand names so you should probably Google that to not get the numbers you know a check gigs that your. Have in your position you already know the story about Barbara Bush failing health home. President George W. Bush the oldest living up former president of the United States he's 93 I think Barbara Bush is 92. She is a made the decision to forgo medical treatments enough focus on comfort care and is such consultant whether family and doctors enough. So we're just kind of waiting for the news and metal feel sad day when that happened. Small cars are more likely to be vandalized they say small cars like mini Coopers and and smarts and all that. Most at risk of from vandalism according to research more cars or vandalized in October than the other month partly because of Halloween and related pranks. If you didn't know that either different. Talk about their death of our belt. Radio pioneer. Mile lost Foreman passed away over the weekend is to he was an Oscar winner for once flew over the cuckoo's nest maybe one of my all time favorite movies without a shadow or down. He kind of challenged Hollywood with his serve. With his movies he was 86 years old and he a native of what used to be Czechoslovakia. He has One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 15 foster's including those for best director and best picture. Look at some of the people that were inept or movie I reject miracles and not. His some. Sympathy for the odd man. Was. Was always apparent even as the as the movie's crew and scope. Amadeus was won his 1984. Adaptation of up. Negotiators there Schaefer say a stage play. And I got Oscar show that is well but anyway miles Foreman died due the other night and I'm 48 team. And just a little more of a local loan. Again it was in management. Group bent WB TV here for a good many years has been turned into bigger for undermined over the years because name's Dan Philippine. Son went to a problem for Providence high school. And went on to. I'll play football collagen. And it's on Torre went families I think fairly well known. I'm Dan Philip B wrote me yesterday his wife Jana 65 years old died of a massive coronary. Page you'd had some health issues I guess but. They've been big this was. What it was it was totally unexpected. So my heart goes out to Dan fallopian and that whole family they're just good people Dan went on and managed to television stations in Knoxville Tennessee. For a long time and I'm just too good dude. Had a chance to sit down with him gosh three and a half four weeks ago here in Delhi BT's you just stay in the building and so we're shoot the breeze and alligator in my hand cut bubble hadn't some other stuff and a so are really hurt for the family and those have you a lawyer in the neighborhood and know the facilities. And a new general Philip. But my condolences go out to them she she was. Low lows through this program for a long long time. And all the way back to when we were really active in bone marrow. Which would have been the ninety's. There was earlier after I got here there was somebody called me and told me about a kid and his name would come to being just a second. And he needed bone marrow I didn't know anything about bode girl. And so we get we all kind of got educated on bone Merrill. That week. And then we set a whole bunch of people out towards Cornelius to a church up there. Sammy tender. It just name a Sammy tender. Well. The power WBT I I couldn't have been here for two years. And I started talking about bone marrow and the fact that. That this kid needed marrow and was looking desperately for a match and I bet we sent 400 and some odd people up to this church and Cornelius. To be donors. And then we were associated. In Oregon and kind of roundabout sort of way. Because the lady who had gotten us involved with a originally when Rick Hendrick. Underwent his need for bone marrow. Scotty Lindsay. Went to work for him. And so we had Jeff Gordon on I think once or twice to talk about bone marrow because of the time all his drivers were dedicated to because I know we was so we continue to get involved in no bone marrow and I received an award from a national company of one point two for some work that we did with bone marrow. And general Philippine. Was listening to one of our shows where we are talking about bone marrow. And she went to one of our bone marrow drives. Just to be typed in you know that the sad thing about that was a lot of a scud type none it was a very you know most of us have never gotten called. But out of that I don't know row were the last count was but out of all of the people that we sent to get to typed. We know that we will legitimately know that we've saved eight lives. Through people that went and got typed in general Philip he was one of those who went and got typed. And got called. And she don't did she go donated bone marrow to somebody and she saved their life. And she did it because she was inspired to do it because of this radio show. Which is always humbling to me because we clown around sarcasm no and complained and and this that the other but sometimes you forget that you really have the ability to make a difference. And it's that's not something that you should be patted on the back necessarily it's really more of what radio can be one radios done. All right and when you have a group of people in their opens responding to. And legitimate causes that. When did you bring up. And. So I think everyone Dan told me in his email to me yesterday was that was just one of those things she was most proud of was that she had donated bone marrow and that she had been called and she'd gone to the process. And you'd save somebody's life. And I guess we all this kind of now wish somebody could of saved first so my condolences to damn mouth Philip the end his family and oh by god but its arms around you give your big hug and gets you through all of this. And anybody that knows the Philippine family come. Now please listen to be a person. And hope that are there are better. Times ahead I'm sure there will be a tomorrow is tax day April 17 to get an extra day because tomorrow is emancipation day which is a holiday. And do's and do you know anybody that. Today's emancipation day. Yeah I know George when told us that I think so it you know anybody that's offer emancipation day. Was traffic Lester did your school's in session today. Yeah so. Holiday for who. Taxpayers get out to read day reprieve this year you're supposed to have your taxes done last night at midnight buses to emancipation day is today you don't have to get it done today so tomorrow midnight. But the extra two days are because say April 15 fell on a Sunday and then you got to emancipation day today so what tomorrow. On twelve midnight is when you've got to have your taxes done if you need dual file an extension 4868. I've done that several times in my lifetime so I know the 4868. Form. And but keep in mind you are supposed to estimate your taxes. And how much you willow and send them a check with your 4868. If you anticipate you're gonna get money back file the 4868. Got. Six months underneath it is I think. Like so what is it October or something like that before your files. From. So 4868 to underperform you can find those readily online and a pretty easy to fill out and estimates taxes and you ascend and then and that keeps you from. Incurring fines and penalties and none in and all that stuff so. Covering yourself shower thought solution our thoughts I got some tax nuggets because of tax day. I got to a list of places where you can get free food are not tax day we'll talk about that. We'll talk about teenagers being obsessed with four night. And it's driving kids crazy this is a video game. And a new app that is available that makes looks like a calculator but actually it's a wave for your kids to kind of deceive view. And hides stuff mask pictures and contents on their email and all I tell you about that as well. And if you got to get in the car with you if we can watch him squirm. I'm Barbara can't be saved. Welcome to the happy drive home. John and Margo. Does attend it's nice bright cheery. The online video game four tonight is I guess huge. And no one reason is can be played on PCs and game systems and iphones and ipads and there are some of the teachers that are confiscating phones when the kids are cut plated in class war by it's maker epic games recently added a warning to the game's loading screen. Asking students not to play during class all that and do it. I know whenever all adults requested that we. You know like Ellison the World Series. Wildly with plug in your rear from a transistor radio and we always adhered to that because we were. We work. We just wanted to please. Now as written about this today. A mobile labs that appears to be a calculator that in fact it's just hiding secret pictures. And you enter a four digit code it. Which the kids do and that unlocks a bolt of a bolt of images and videos or whatever else they want a story there but as far as you know mom and dad. It's just a calculator. So there your kid is just trying to figure out the math you know look at him. Work on his homework. He's a good boy. Mobile phone app that appears to be a calculator in fact hides secret pictures you entered the four digit code. And children can unlock this vault of images and videos that they have stored in the gap and that isn't the only one. It's called though the private photos app. Calculator with a percentage signed. Which is rated suitable for those ages four and above can be downloaded by children on their Smartphones or tablets for free. Eight can be upgraded to a full version. For about two dollars and 46 cents at think that would be the translation from the Euro price above 199. So 246 would be the US. Monetary value allows users to take pictures of so called intruders who try to access the app without the correct password. So if they are somehow or another have. Upgraded to the full system taken their allowance and upgraded to the full system. And you try to get an apt than you know they'll get a picture of view and Elmo who. Bombs onto us. And if that's the case then they may abandon that particular rap. And the private photos calculator percentage in parentheses that they may say OK well moms on to that one. So we'll go get the piano pass app. Which does the same thing. Or the secret photos. KYMF's. Free app that lets users hide and encrypt photos and videos. Com for a free app that stores photos and allows users to. I to surf the Internet called calculator. App lock. So there's a couple of Omar Al their. There are that the story was surrounding again that didn't give you much details dead Durham police are warning parents about the gap after confirming that it formed. They're a part of an ongoing investigation. And the air calculator app is essentially a secret photo album that children can use to hide photos or videos from view their parents. And then the photos are hidden for. View behind and I kinda looks like a calculator. But a four. Letter code would unlock that and and then give them mobile stuff that's hidden behind the calculator. And they say it's such apps can be used by children to all Haider trade sexting her way or whatever the case may be. But to have it which it's got a calculator on and on his phone and he seems to be spend some time there you. Now you know. And note to all you parents out there are my happy to be of service and all your kids out there. That's our. We're not gonna try to would you pay per FaceBook. And we were talking like what a buck a month or something like forever. Would you be eighteen dollars and 75 cents annually for ad free FaceBook. Because they figure that's about what they make on you for your information from an advertiser standpoint. Pretend down freeware we have before we get are accurate to a 6 o'clock. I hackers. Speaking of computers. Increasingly targeting unprotected Internet. Devices. Like air conditioning systems and TVs to get in their corporate networks in other words that they can get into part of your network. Then they can choose their way and to the rest your network. So here's a bizarre story the Internet of things refers to devices that are hooked up to the Internet to allow live streams of data to be monitored. And the term covers cash everything from household appliances to widgets in no power plants to. Everything in between Nicole Egan who's the CEO of a cyber security company by the name of dark Trace. If she said her company worked on a case where an unknown named casino. Was hacked. Via the thermometer. In the lobby aquarium. All you have to do is get into the system. And then once you're in the system you can figure out a way to slither your way two reports where you need where you wanna go. The attackers used it to get a foothold on the network and then they found the high roller database. And put that. Back across the network. Out the thermostat. And then up to the cloud. Now this makes no sense to me at all. But it makes perfect sense to actor. You hear about baby monitors and stuff like that getting hacked him. And then the ability to listen in on your on your home and baby video monitors the ability to get hacked and have people see and hear I you don't scary stuff. I don't know if you did computers were supposed to be so much but do you think there is gonna end up be into. The end of assault. Eventually. As we seem order I mean every time you turn around we seemed ill prepared. Do actually stay up with a all the nefarious ways that people can news technology these days to. Defeat us in some way shape form or another medical records. Financial records. Whatever the case may be time. My kids in that kind of a business slash desk here because they're kind of doubts cardboard 'cause on the street. People are oil serious either going to be great to have a boomer got out I think what this. We go out on the road. Played a whole book. Our rock and roll hall of fame or the oh weekend the country words over last night. But the rock and roll hall of fame Mo welcomed there are new to Cleveland's public auditorium Bon Jovi. Was probably the headliner of the whole teal Howard Stern on hand to introduce them he was pretty off color pretty funny in some cases. The cars Nina Simone North Carolina native. Dire straits the knot or Brothers didn't show up. So he had the three guys from that's like bill as like being the other guy and why am. I nobody knows we are. The Moody Blues. Sister Rosetta far. And up Bon Jovi although wind into the hall last night Bon Jovi members. Kind of reunited Richie Sambora and all of the Tico and they had no Bon Jovi and David Brian all of them get back together again stern introduced them. They did they. Tribute to Tom Petty at some point is lobby on HBO on May the fifth I think it is. A penny of course died in October at the age of 66 much of the chagrin of many of us and I think it was the killers who did the who did the tribute to our Tom Petty I'm not sure if that's correct or not. The end Nina Simone all star tribute was very cool. Com Lauren hill was so part of a under a day and the roots. Were on the on the set as well. And he'll kind of walked in I guess mid set he kind of surprised everybody I mean Simone died in 2003 her brother Sam Wayman. Except the trophy on her behalf and now Mary. Moody Blues. Kind of total late for them you would think that they haven't they been eligible for a long long time you would have thought they were gotten in by now but they finally you know made a ceremony didn't end with the group or jam session as it. Did drift the Iraq called tradition that's what they always have done but they didn't do it this time. And the Moody Blues actually ended the whole thing with the knights in white satin which sounds a little sleepy. And I don't know how good the Moody Blues are immoral last time I saw them and a video output to a red rocks. It kind of looked like the people that showed up for a Don Imus show it just was just just. You know and ended I'll look like me that's got a lot of say in understood that is to wannabe stand there with a whole bunch of people would. Look like me. Dire straits the group's frontman mark dropped or declined to attend the event to I guess they did weeks of back and forth. He never really publicly commented on the rock hall induction or why it was skipping it and then his other his younger brother and manmade David doppler. He declined to attend he said in a FaceBook statement that the hall reneged on its promise to pay for his travel Costa Cleveland. Spirit you're gonna put a rock and roll hall of fame. Pitcher so while Gabe did surely did that they've made enough money don't Florida plane tickets at Cleveland. But anyway so the doppler Brothers aren't their dire straits gets put into the rock and roll hall of fame and an awful Brothers aren't there. I. How does that work. And and and and and so for the first time the induction ceremony. Nobody introduce the band. For reasons that are unclear I guess the are jobless left a dire straits bassist John Eisley are ilsley. So he takes the stage with the keyboardist Alan Clark and guy Fletcher. And they announced themselves for the rock and roll hall of fame without the doppler brother I just sounds. Weird. And that's what he's said he's that I know it's a bit odd but it's my honor to welcome dire straits into the hall of fame. And then they didn't perform. Which I guess is another needless to say. Because I. Audio not do you prefer how do you not before idea perform. If you don't have most of the band so it worked. High tax deadline will be midnight tomorrow night so all 4868. If you need day an extension that's the form you'll have to pay taxes just figure which taxes are probably going to be. But if you're anticipating getting money back file that for a monitor not gonna get your taxes filed on time. They'll keep you out of trouble 4868. Finals on one copy it off both get assigned to open I guess that the mail. On and you'll be good this year I did the Tax Foundation says tax freedom day will look come on April the nineteenth. And that is basically all the income that you burn before April the nineteenth will end up going to the government in the form of taxes. Last year's tax freedom day was April 22. So a lot of it's actually better this year you should feel good about them. Not real good bread good Americans pay over 38000. Dollars in federal state and local taxes every second. Every second. During the time of Peter the Great any Russian man who wore a beard was required to pay a special tax on that. Missouri leveled attacks on bachelor's on December the twentieth eighteen point eight what was added incentive to get married. Income tax first imposed during the civil war is a temporary temporary. Revenue raising measure. All taxes put you there all taxes you pay over a lifetime are spent by the government. In less than a second. The amount of paperwork generated by the IRS this year. Put in the end would stretch around the earth 28. Times. How many trees die for that whenever our computers are going to be make us a paperless society and now what are we all oil have printers were probably is ten times as much paper as we used to. The first federal income tax law was signed by Abraham Lincoln the tax was 3% on incomes over 600 dollars. Richard Nixon began the custom of releasing tax returns every president since Carter has done a simple one. Number what his name is Donald somebody. And upon filing the federal tax return the statute of limitations for the IRS to assess additional taxes on you is three years. So I guess technically you can throw all your records away after three years. But I I you know I think I've got mine dating back to our. Heaven only knows how won't. All right we look at frail free meal tomorrow I'll tell you where you can eat for free in just a second. I've birders bagels tomorrow visit the bakery anytime two through tomorrow you do that day to enough purchasing a big big old bundle thirteen bagels in your choice to tells of a cream cheese. Ten dollars and forty cents. With a downloadable coupon and Chile's. Five dollar acquire gold blue margaritas made with silver tequila you. Pineapple juice all I can still five bucks that it's that's they are free food thing the unknown attacks zero or a discount check PGA's. Children restaurant in no Playhouse will offer free large pizza sauce are served priest three large cheese pizzas Hughes may. With the purchase of any large our regular pizza price priced breach of that's no deal. Buy one get one free. Firehouse subs download the coupon take your friends at the Serb Jane order between. A Tuesday tomorrow and Thursday the nineteenth. And receive a free medium sub with the purchase of any medium or large so these aren't freeze. Is our bodies are blow goes. American cookie company the ones that are in the malls the great American cookie company bakery wants to share the fun of cookies. During this gloomy time taxis and so visit any of the participating stores on net tax day and receive a free limited edition cookie. Hot dog gonna stick to we have those present a mall thing. Stick it to the man known by eating for free visit the F Astrid Jane I don't think we've got those around her doing most of the mall. Think they have been in a mall and along the long time. That special lot skis only when I know about is located in oh what is that about lol. Estonia. Weighed down from a mayor Betty or Lohse left good shots cues but that's only when I know about it more fast food chain offering me a free small original sandwich with the purchase of chips and medium drink. Sonic. Tax day deal take the whole family. Just stopping for yourself half price cheeseburgers all day long tomorrow Sonny's barbecue. Barbecue chain offering half price Sweden smoking your house drive under rubbed it. Rip to dinners road ribbed bidders. With that it Tony romo's sudden we have any of those around her. Yeah I think they're going to quiz knows. Offering me a ten dollar and forty cent percent deduction. Off any purchase including catering. Noodles and companies. Noodles is our running its annual file online order online promotion from oil through the eighteenth. Where you can know use the tax code tax day 18 tax day eighteen on any online order and receive four dollars off. On any upper ten dollar purchase. So there you go. More like conceded surtax day that is free protective as is deceiving all my money back. All right over to the flush air conditioning. Billy VP newsroom we go or mr. garrison is. We're preparing for Charlotte at six which ironically enough comes up the desert so far I think that's what residential attitude of what we don't understand that but. We get voted and neither does that I was watching sixty minutes last night was amazing on end well Allegiant air can't be happy no and they're not in they're still not saying much in debt. Some passengers at Concord where Allegiant air is the only game in town of flying out of Concord jurors said they were a little nervous today but none of them cancel their flights. What is a vex ill Lee I'll just I'll vex allow large yes I say exactly that's what I said. Votes 620 you'll find out because the town of Harrisburg is getting a new town flag thanks to a fourteen year old back so Lila just. It's a it's a flag fanatic there's more to do this. Also he's not like they're so work or no no he's not Betsy Ross is a descendant of Betsy Ross has president of a little look there he's a great kid and he convinced that town they need at a town flying. Well. Toilet paper life's great fortune oh yeah it's got out there could be trouble like all the other fortune girl gets. There are right good we'll see you lo ul seal a lot 6 o'clock aren't of the goes two or get all of his stuff together to bring it in here into a taker of euphoria a full hour. Whichever amusing little bit earlier Huey Lewis and The News of canceled that Tony eighteen shows citing his. I Huey lewis' hearing loss. He apparently mom lost his hearing they show in Dallas. And the doctors believe he has many years disease will look to Oregon that's why I'm. Did death and on my right here I had her for about 38 years in many years is a weird thing because. It affects different people in different ways those of you remember the former TV anchor Billy USOC meg McDonald league is hid her. On and it took her hearing in both years. And it just today it just affects people are no different ways of mine has degraded a little bit in the last few years. In fact I had a set back about three and a half years ago that not only gave me Tenet has so I've got the ringing in the right here which. Sounds crazy but you do get used to. But that's that's been my hearing problem for 38 years as many years. And one of the problems and Huey Lewis would probably tell this to you as well as there's not enough people that have many years for them do and still voted to put it enough money to find out. What causes that are already cures for. I and so it doesn't get much research. And they don't know what causes it and they don't know how to cure it. And so it's just kind of something that you end up having two oil put up with 01 in my little. Nuances these days as having been diagnosed. A diabetes type two last July. You know I every now and then I'll go low blood sugar. And your system starts to reacting in weird ways but this is he your system kind of react the same way is it does. When I have equilibrium problems when my vertigo starts to go your whole system kind of goes crazy to go. So I have trouble sometimes telling whether or not I'm low blood juror one other I'm heaven on a vertigo moment. And I have learned over the years is to have -- what I call era tax I've learned over the years had a hold era tax awful how did not go through the dizziness and go through. There's ignored a bit back in the early days before I kind of figured out how to live with them. Man I would have these just almost violent era tax and lose all my equilibrium and get to a real pale sweaty and it would just sucked the energy out of you need falsely for a couple of our slot figured out. Throughout mind power I guess federal avoid heaven knows pretty Huey Lewis now has meant years syndrome in at stake in his hearing and so they've. They've they've they've canceled his or shows and now I hate to say it but I don't think there's any reason to believe that his say hearing Noah get much better and so. Huey lewis' is probably done enough. I'm and that's a shame because there's still some big fans to Huey Lewis like our own vote on senator as the morning's. And it Charlotte. WTO. In the morning aren't shower thoughts. If you shower. You're all alone no distractions just you and your thoughts. The credit board shower thoughts share what to what things they thought to have in the shower some armor brilliant some of them are not shower thoughts. If you see someone wearing 840000 dollar watch. It's hard to know if they're really good with money. Or really bad with money. Sure votes. It's pretty ironic that. Internet was created to save time. Somebody had that thought in the shower. History classes are just gonna get harder and longer as time goes on. And that's true or net think about it when you weren't schools of you old goats out there when you're in school. Pretty much a lot of Dave Lincoln Mamie Eisenhower. That was that World War II. May well know we were in the Vietnam War when we were in school also will large study in a way you're experiencing it. Now you got to cover all that stuff. Can share our thoughts. Saying you sleep eight hours a day sounds perfectly normal. But saying that you sleep for months a year sounds insane. And apparently that's what you do well think about it. Eight hours is a third of the day a third of the year his robots. So you sleep for once a year and I'd like this starting tomorrow I'll go ahead and take mine now that's okay. And then I'll just come back and go forward Tom. Sunday you're going to say be saying goodbye to someone without realizing it's the last time that your ever gonna see them. You cannot look cool chasing a ping pong ball. Your future self might be remembering you right now. And finally your stomach thinks all potatoes or mashed.