State Fair Food, Old Restaraunts, and Christopher Columbus's Favorite Drink?

John Hancock
Friday, October 6th

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Yeah. This is John Hancock. On Friday don't anybody tell me okay. Let me eleven this idea that news. Actually I noticed. Here's pretty sure I'm having a good. Granddaughters tomorrow. Almost say go over the details of. We're going to are going to encourage mode. Tonight about 6 o'clock I understand so world I encourage murder usually takes. Until the next day. I ever asked a lot of questions that if it. I don't think it involves more soups residents and visitors and so but anyway slow sort of doing here we can I'm having a granddaughter. Emails got bigger plans that. Bank of America 500 and Bellamy Brothers and Shelby. Komen race for the cure. Haven't granddaughter. Now. So are very broad forward to them. This will be just Susan my life's first this'll be my third I have a seventeen year old granddaughter on Colorado named Katrina. Who was very upset that the named a bit too damn hurricane after her. She's in though she's a lovely lady not destructive in any way shape perform. And and CJ Clinton grandson of believers forging. And all that goes along with my soon to be 42 year old son who turns 42 on Sunday. So is the grand is there's when I'm taken if the granddaughter would wait until Sunday. There I wouldn't have so many dates to remember in my life. But. I am very little say in us. So I anyway that's that's my plans for the weekend is to hang around a maternity ward. Yes. Although it's just down the street from. Cantina fifty elevenths under can be a taco or you're in my just for substances to it'd be able to survive. May have to go get me talk over ore to. I natives coming this is important because I deteriorated by Alonso on May will bring rain in my nearly all higher rated long numb. So I'm go mall for that. So that's a good thing. The NRA's says it can support me review above stocks. Downtown held their merger Tony nine degrees. And we kick off two big weekend it to 5 o'clock. Au and Cam Newton. Cam Newton who's. Can't name. Through our long national nightmare. Finally over. Signing. So yeah I NS I TE. I. I didn't know. You're guaranteed. So. Movie. And. Hey Lou. Okay. There's room. I. The match. And Sony. So us. So sign me please please stand. You know how many news but I know this song. Love is blind. Blue moon again and the. Okay me. Even scared me. Remains to me. I've so we got the apology on tape last night and nine at. It seemed a sincere and so low. Very don't. TJ I'll put this out on the WBT page yesterday. We talk a little bit about the rock and roll hall of fame nominee is. And TJ put on the Billy VT dot com FaceBook page show what do you think of Cameron's comments to the Cheryl observers senator Jordan Rodrigue yesterday this is before the apology I suppose when you put that up to. Hi and just some selection response we have becoming a nation of vote over sensitive crybaby Wallace's who are looking for reasons to be offended. Dale said people are too thin skinned these days. Mike Wright says unbelievable what this country has become you can take and needed the flag in the media Lohse you make a joke in the media hates you. Stansted if cam wants respect he should also give respect to those along the way his words would not be acceptable in most places of work around the country. Germs and can't stand the guy but. He did capital letters nothing wrong. America has gone softer we have don't we have bigger things to think about all we don't like flight. OK okay so there's still little nuclear problem with with Korea North Korea buried. That's. Don't cable there's twenty trillion dollars in debt but. OK so we have a propensity to like to kill each other with their guns. Stuff. Cars knives. Kindness. Billy Joseph cook said this article offends me. George said I think he meant funny as and weird or strange not ha ha funny. And that was kind of his reaction kind of a funny reaction not. Hah hah funny. But weird strange. And Eric netter said. No more interviews are you. The man. Stern re servicing agent or 85 did name and guest in time. Yeah it is just. Solid good idea and all of us. It's getting gave they're gonna actually screw up traffic court. With road work. They need to figure out exactly did that. Quirk in the road or whatever it is is Tony 726. Or causes so many people director of AD do go ahead just to have serious screw up traffic loads about we fix that. Think had always true midterm room coming down 85 from the mountains or something hours Federer remembered our. Check that out 'cause I'd die take exit Torre seven. And I always forget but I I think he goes from four lanes to three lanes or something in there but it just it's just every. I mean if there's a problem on 85 there's a let us 71%. Chance it's gonna be one of those two intersections. I'm sure new pavement well help. BO smooth Iraq. I'm Nate is on its way actually we got another system besides Nate that is gonna be responsible for some boring you know we're gonna see this weekend and so on. I'm Nate heading towards the Gulf Coast. But he's not the only system that will bring rain to to the Charlotte area natives and already the Gulf of Mexico and he was originally expected to kind of make a beeline for New Orleans after. Cross need to have potential souls or bodies Baird a little bit to the right so at this point I think they're thinking maybe more Biloxi. A Mississippi know only time I ever remember being Robin and blocks a couple times since for the first time I was ever in Biloxi they had some hurricane that went through there. And I was still fresh Colorado boy so be it in Mississippi was. Was it Alabama defense they've tripped. So I and I never bend Alabama or Mississippi or Georgia I don't think. This would have been thirty years ago. But I have stayed at a holiday end right there on the golf in Biloxi Mississippi and right down the road for most they had a twisted bridge gave an old dusty old. Iron bridge. Then had been it twisted by the power of the hurricane. And I am always remembered them. And then we are nighttime signal we've gotten. Calls from Biloxi. That Kennedy Cuba. So Biloxi is might be were Nate decides to come on board but it's only supposed to be a category one I say only a category one. And then you have rain forecast for western North Carolina most of today. But if it's fearing a little bit to the right then that would probably mean more got a little bit more rain than what we have and to some believe anticipated originally. So they think rain could start to pick up in the Charlotte area on Saturday evening and don't you know the folks out there in Charlotte motor speedway are thrilled about all of this because the race there is at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon which is supposed to be. Not a good time for a for decent weather. And you can't just look at the weather forecast and say OK or move in the raced a Saturday. Because it'd you know there's too many people that are coming from zero distances and menus can do that so. I anyway out of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama all kind of on no on alert for this category one hurricane may assume it'll have that status by the time that its landfall sometime early Sunday. And then rain is forecast for us. Throughout the day on Sunday and into Monday and then we got a frontal boundary. That oil absorb name its remnants and so we should probably see some light rain continuing on Tuesday which is actually more rain that I need for the duration but. This speech last year when we air raided and and win nine and a half weeks of nothing. Except nineties. Or eighties. But anyway are your weekend plans. Get him out of the way early nod tomorrow morning here's the decision to dead the komen race for the cure. But they should be fine as far as I can save their zone get started early in the morning and and no Pollard be pretty much wrapped up by the time noon rolls around so while. So they've Beijing should be good they're did you know that Monday is Columbus Day. So what post office will not be delivering mail. On Monday. Your trash pickup will be on a regular schedule your. Libraries will be closed your schools. Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Pretty big TJ and we'll open. Did they not dead decide to keep them open or close among Martin Luther King. Become a few years ago. Well in my remembering that we had them open one of Martin Luther King holiday and frivolity ensued and. You know I'm not to have been underway schools are are open on a Monday for Columbus Day and they should be. Does that we determined that Columbus was. Oh sure there was the Nina the Pinto in the center ribbon of one to Leif Ericsson have basically. It discover New York City. Gay men of Beatles replaying the cavern club. Cavern club was in New York suitor. I'm term treasury gets to restrict. Paul Simon was in Central Park. And Art Garfunkel was so signing autographs a bit bags whether or not your bank will be opener not on Monday a wolf very. So bomb Hillary go on there your today don't know whether Europe today I don't know what's open what's closed unknown Monday federal offices are closed a state offices are open ABC's stores. Okay. Why don't. Why don't liquor stores have liked. Well I'm in Memorial Day itself like that we have like white sales and noticed that the other right. Furniture sales and mattress sales and stuff like that why you it would seem to meet the Columbus Day the most worthless so called holiday of the year a year that done liquor store should have some sort of a you know that would be noted. Liquor store sales kind of become. And a national trend. It didn't think in a lot of very you know I'm indebted to what did does Columbus have a favorite drink. Think you're bigger be around rum and Coke. Basically about Columbus was you I had all those three ships and they were all filled with the animals. Two of every kind I had. Oh you're crazy I must restrict. I'll most Americans think that refusing to stand for the National Anthem is disrespectful to the country. The military. And the American flag and but most also disapprove of the president's calling for NFL players to be a fired for refusing to take a stand yesterday. Walter. And we never got to yesterday I don't orasure parts are with you today because Walter Williams is good is an interest in Ryder. Ended any rate he's also African American he's a professor of economics at George Mason University. And and his take on players protesting. Police shootings he says they've got tunnel vision so we'll share that with you Romeo Communist justice and come back in the second. Problem. This Paul we were just talking about 52% of Americans disapprove of the protest 31% proof. 55%. Disapprove and 31% approve of trump calling four NFL team owners to fire players who refused to stand. And missile stun you African Americans are far more likely to approve the player protests. So I knew that that would be up. And is that the Camden as things over right. I mean surely UK should be. I he's apologized. She's apologized. Your reaction from columnist throughout the nation has been kind of interesting I'll share some of that with whom we come back as well solo. Reaction cam Newton's apology from the rest of the nation. And no Walter. Animals are infusion maybe just animals and one ship maybe that was it. The media the teams and and then no Maria the hallmark. Walter Williams professor of economics George Mason University African American. Columnist. Has his point of view on the players protesting the police shootings will see that again this weekend to what to a degree it was lesser than was sort of last week and there was a weekend before. The weekend before we're following the president's comments weren't we went over 200 protests and in last year was our last week was little bit more manageable and the week before that you had about six. Last year he had. Colin camper American a handful of other players. And and there are protesting. Racial disparity. Racial equality everywhere. Prison. Walter Williams has lost a lot of few numbers so we can put in perspective the NFL players taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem many say the protest against racial discrimination we might ask. A much sense their protest makes. Part of the Washington Post says Walter Williams 737. People have been shot and killed by police to this year in the United States 737. People shot and killed by police. In the United States this year. Oh that number 329. Were white 165. Were black 112 or Hispanics 24 members of other races 107. Whose race was unknown. In Illinois. One of the most dangerous cities in Chicago. Eighteen people have been shot and killed by police this year in the city itself police have shot and killed ten people and shot and wounded ten others. Somebody should ask the kneeling black NFL football players why they are protesting this kind of killing in the windy city and ignoring the other sources of black death and here's the Chicago numbers. For the ignored deaths so far into what he's seventeen there have been 533. Murders in Chicago. 2880. Shootings. And on average a person who shot every two hours and seventeen minutes and murdered every twelve and a half hours. In 2016. When camper next started taking a knee Chicago witnessed 806 murders and 4379. Shootings. Those are numbers that are just hard to fathom. Even for a city the size of Chicago. Most murder victims are black says Walter Williams. And adding to the tragedy is the fact that Chicago has a twelve point 7% murder clearance rate that means when a black person has murdered. His perpetrate or is found and charged with his murder. Less then 13%. Of the time. Similar statistics regarding police killing blacks vs blacks killing black supply and many of our predominately black urban senator she points out Philadelphia Baltimore new moral and Saint Louis and Oakland. He said seeing as these players have made no open protests against the thousands of blacks being murdered and maimed by blacks. They must view it as trivial and compared today compares him with a police killings. Most of the police killings fit into the category of justifiable. Homicide. So while three Williams says NFL players are not by themselves. How much condemnation do plaque Paul black politicians civil rights leaders and liberal whites give to the wanton black homicides in our cities. When have you heard them condemning the very low clearance rate whereby most black murderers get away with murder. And what's to blame for this mayhem and if you ask an intellectual oral leftist or an academic says Walter Williams in this aside cycle it. Sociological or fellow psychological department. He will tell you that it is caused by poverty discrimination and a lack of opportunities but the black murder rate another crime statistics in the 1940s in the 1950s were not nearly as high as they are now. And we had less black poverty during the earlier periods than we do today. He says some police are crooked. But some don't but not black people are likelier to be victims of violent confrontation with collection police officers then why it simply because blacks commit more violent crimes then why it's per capita. Any concludes by saying something good is about to be done about it. We cannot fall prey to the blame games that black politicians black NFL players. Civil rights leaders and white liberals. A water play if their vision is accepted we can expect a little improvement in the status quo. Now a lot of what Walter. But I never have quite understood why. The black on black crime rates. Are discussed more. When AI I don't care or big big big you know I I guess I keep on telling myself that it's probably just a stereo type or it's probably just. I'm primed to say it it's probably the media. The sensationalized. Television. Stations that we have here. That makes me feel like every time there's seems to be my shooting. 90% of the time it's black. But. Every time there's a shooting. 90% of the time it seems to be blacked. Black on black until you've got assault they you've got a guy address that too. Now I understand that the riots that happened here a year ago last September were bug way of people waving their arms talking about it listen there are neighborhoods here where there is no hope. There are there is mentality here and neighborhoods here. Where the most successful guy in the neighborhood is drug deal or gang member or some along those lines so I mean worse somebody supposed to find a role model in that neighborhood. You look for the guy who's got the most money the nicest car the prettiest girl friend or whatever the case. So I don't I don't have the answer to all of that but until we really start putting out. True statistics like Walter Williams seems to be able to and comfortable with doing. Then we can have all these conversations. That we keep on having every time we have these conversations. But Intel we can actually start sprout the truth. And in deal with the real issues. And lack of fathers. And everything else that goes into the equation and then the conversations are just for conversation sake they're not for. Advancing the narrative. They way I. I like Walter Williams Larry Moe lot and I very rarely you know quarter of stuff but I just founded. Interesting and probably in part because it is an African American writing about African Americans. Well and statistics that we seem to be uncomfortable and bringing up but probably need to be at the forefront of our. Much needed. Conversations. Because I know where they stand first today believe he's a road and on is that Houston Astros over the Boston Red Sox must be pretty happy so far. We'll get him back again nymex Friday 430 I read the news today oh boy 5 o'clock we'll kick off the big weekend lot of stuff going on this week new image and Bank of America 500. And you've got the komen race for the cure. And and I'm sure the people of the bank of red they additional motor speedway or watch in the weather and send now come and but you don't than you do about that. Two Jerry we go on WBT hey Jerry. They're very dead Americans are you did. You. I'll know what they're targeted think you have art the Republican bloc really proud bit flat out Republicans for their rather. Our I read some of what all went up along that almost sold Larry Elder. He does it that you public. The predominant that would have added that the senate that look at baby but no one group got pop up that. Think we ought to it will battered but they'll build up the permit he had poverty and all of the baby you're going to be you. I don't know if you've ever are really didn't hear out state government. I can't think better about my most talented. But the ultimate goal that bothered Auckland and that's what good that you know there are other great patriot get a life people I know my mother. You cannot keep you probably out of it now here are that money. And I'll be delicate. Well I'm an order. And no one of the down falls on and they know what's going on with the national bowling or stuff like that right now as it continues a distrust of the police and I and I get better and I understand than a lot of the whole pry profile shootings we've seen none no TV and stuff like that don't don't help that either. But the silence in the black community is not helping police solve crimes is to serve. Absolutely when not if but we haven't they won't know why it happened or don't do it but it won't cooperate with the police you have to go all of that didn't. It didn't yeah Barney but they're bad man and I don't get it. I went out all of my belt loop about the dollar goes down the person that I need you know I'm The Who and how do come back. I'm supporting market covered it quite good god what the army. We have an exotic. Probably better received from you that it is like somebody for me you don't like this guy in America you know exactly you're you're ignoring the problem. Yeah now it. Today and I didn't come from there you know so I mean what Doyle what the hell can I possibly know. And our political course and I don't know what anybody expect me about that single father of thought. We need to be able to probably keep our daughter. I'll do behave like what do you think black orbit aren't you get back to delegate and nobody would expect you to know that you know there are obviously but thought he didn't. Good people good good Americans get that at this. Let me you know how to who beat Oklahoma and I'll think but Obama. I don't think it'd be deported back therapy and yet if you don't stop it up and deputy. All they thought Nevada got great support from not being ignored who have looked great I think. But then how did a very important role in game didn't import car. I felt bad I've come here today that you've got them. Pretty bad. All right thanks you know I guy's got I don't think you can discount the lack of fatherhood. In an awful lot of fairways. It's amazing what kind of an impact my dad had on me and how much are fought against him. On and how it sold for a good part of the first 181920. Years. How much I thought I hated it. But now look back and now see the foundation. That you old that he set for me. On and the reason I and become an alcoholic. Is because the foundation that he set for me and the reason that I and become a drug addict even though I did drugs is because of the foundation that he set for me and the reason that I have via. The faith. And based. Views that I have is because the foundation that he set for me. And and the reason I have so much respect for him is that. He was able to grow more towards me as I got older. And I was therefore more able to grow towards him as. We grew older. And so by the time that he passed. We had he had gained respect for me and I can gain respect for him and through that process. Com. Solidifies the foundation that he tried to set form. Really we're all all alone. So I there's no discounting. The presence of a father. A good father. Here in the whole equation either. Wolfpack beat Louisville last night. They candidates Florida's daily lives we prepare last. But Ivan winds and little federal role going on there are good for them. It's about time state better. Process and Benson as I say that they'll be stating he had no and brought me you know it's like LSU did. Blues to Troy your season. Source of the lord but sister. So my first got here in 99. And obviously read predominant answering North Carolina and so I don't know if Summers another rebel proud because David Thompson was from North Carolina State and Thompson became our Denver rocket man may -- came to Denver Nuggets but. So I kind of got to know David Thompson just a little bit out in Denver younger Red Robin hamburger place and I used coming to the station I worked out to do commercials and and I got to know David Thompson hero we should have him on again. He lost his wife fourth in the last year. And no that was one of you know she was she was with him Mo we know. We knew he was one of the top players in the NBA in anywhere on his demise and she Jews within the whole world. And I just always have a lot of respect for that relationship and he's. He's an unbelievably humbled guys. And decent guy. Arm and still probably the best player that the ACC ever has saying. Saw him. But anyway it's summer is another I guess says since I. You did that that was the closest relationship I had to anybody that ever came to the ACC. So I can became a state Fam. But I mean is just say I don't care when where the other is there have been just as a casual observer fan. State hasn't really given your whole reason there. You don't go out by the Jersey's garden. Like they're. Like look though the wolf I like the moniker the but good for them be Louisville last night and that was a Lamar Jackson. What we have three home run our three home runs three. We're eager John. 354. Yards 26 for 47. Passing or who has a like three touchdowns. So he played pretty well. I Cam Newton apologize for his remarks. Which means that not only the people Charlotte learned how to pronounce her last name but sort of the entire nation including the UK I might add does the other side of the pondered Daily Mail was covering the story as well. So last night when he did his salary is apology. You know he pretty much apologize to women everywhere. Everywhere worldwide. And I thought is analogy about raising two daughters was a good run. And I didn't quite understand the next sentence being is loss of sponsors. And he's only lost one Ryan that we know off. But nonetheless I still think it was so and I mean this would all due respect to. Female sports reporters and. And not and and anybody that striving to. Be a legitimate and credible and their careers. And she does and and she works hard and and this didn't turn out to be really very boondoggle it could have for her because one of her and discrepancies comes enough from a few years ago to a so instead of being able to. Totally you wallow in the increased name recognition. If she's if she's got me embarrassed by. Now by her own. Shortcomings as well. Saw others are probably a lot of lessons to be learned a mirror and then one of a ms. Stay pos tour Kirk. I understand why so many people have to gaga how many people get killed and you're on tour. Thank god the president's not on to. So mom. Sally Jenkins. Sportswriter. Journalist. Kind of picks up the Scott Fowler thing Amy yesterday was. Totally. In. Support of vote Jordan regain. Called new and remarks inexcusable and ill informed and and document in her sports journalism background and how she came to be. Interest in sports in Boise straightened her her time in Arizona and above all law. And she is only 25 years old but she's remarkably. Well versed in the game and if you read her this year. You are picked up on now. You can you can tell somebody who does their homework. If you pay attention. Sally Jenkins picks up on the theme. What kind of a sarcasm and feel a sarcastic you're confused or Washington Post op Ed in which is to suggest that they gender culture exchange maybe would take place with the quarterback. She says quote in the name or gender diplomacy I would help Cam Newton with certain feminine concepts of how to use the twist toppled a bottle of beer. And why some men act like football strategy is more complicated than a space flight guidance system. In other words what she's basically saying is Kim. Football isn't rocket science. But. With that said. It's not just. It is pretty intricate. And yeah I mean I not if you understand the game matters like anything else. But I mean I'll listen to Eugene Robinson. Bring up points during the broadcast here on WBT. And he talks about this technique in that technique and so on and so forth and it's not just going out on the field and play in football it is about. Stand in your lanes and and men and good and and and doing what the coaches tell you to do all. On and not swaying away from Ari you're supposed to be an assignment and so it's also there is an art and an intelligence factor to playing the game. But no it's not rocket science and and to do it and and so we cam and everybody else should understand that if he can understand is so can other people. Maybe even a 25 year old female. If if she's dedicated herself to. And attempted to study and learning. So that's what does Sally Jenkins kind of general writes she said issued under a hundred tries so hard to master anger in the next bar she strides quote. We women who cover the NFL have spent years hiding our impatience dealing with the average quarterbacks with below average verbal skills close quote. That's a pretty good shot. New York Daily News Christie accurate. At Kurt. Says Newton quote should have known better. And she said there are days or comments were infuriating but she also accepts his apology and says so we can all learn to be better. Christine Brennan. Hopes there is some good to come out of all of this she says riding in the USA today she notes the dead silence on the panther interview room mostly filled with male reporters she notes. After. Newton's comments the other veteran regain. Followed by all the noise is quote unquote on no social media later and now she said quote the reaction as day heartening. Was as hardening as it was eye popping. And then she continues as says to give props to the NFL and the two companies that do represented including Gannon who dumped him. For their quick response to addressing him down so anyway that's the reaction. They apologies come through. Armed. And I you know I had to some extent I hope for all intents and purposes. That it's done. That would that we move on to something else and I think that for purely selfish reasons because quite frankly we've got out fairly important game against a Detroit. Who I in Detroit. Who's. Whose defense stand to seem to suck as betters the patriots. Although they beat Tampa Bay last night. On the road. So I thought that was so that was good. I hell's apparently frozen over the horrific shooting in Las Vegas put the spotlight on the Second Amendment and now we've talked about that as the week has gone on. I'm more specifically it is placed a spotlight on these. Legal. And devices. Which are in hot demand right now that they're getting ready to probably beer regulated. Both stocks. Used by the shooter to turn a semi automatic weapon into an automatic weapon and the NRA yesterday said that it could support. They review a federal regulations and determine whether that particular devices legal or not. They and then that's seen as a way of by shutting down any more expansive debater or legislation on or on a regulation of some types of weapons but. That's that was as I've pretty interesting. Pretty interesting a comment from the National Rifle Association rare break from its. I traditional opposition to gun related regulations saying that. Actually calling. Yesterday for a Federal Reserve is our federal review on so called bumps stocks. And suggesting that new rules might be needed for the device apparently used in by the shooter India Sunday massacre. And as you might expect as soon as that came out and bumps stocks are in high in demand. And and good luck on I know I get your hands on retailers and manufacturers are seeing an apparent surge. In interest of a bump stocks as congress lies a possible crackdown. Slide fire which makes bump stocks announced on its website its suspending new orders. And our message indicated the company's supply is low on another site that sells that sells the company's products and NAM message on line that the device is out of stock and back ordered. So. Anyway that's that's where we go on now one. The other development that is coming out of Las Vegas is that investigators Centrino trying to piece together the actions that led this. This due due the 32 floor of the Las Vegas hotel on a Sunday. And now they've learned a few things Alaska what is he apparently scouted several other locations we talked about this yesterday in Boston and Chicago law localism and before he chose the Las Vegas concert. He had booked rooms in Chicago that would overlook all the balloons the music festival 100000 people donor. And a four day event that attracts. You know hundreds of thousands and about a 100000 usually at any given time. And then he purchased 33 guns in the last year alone. And investigators say that the killer must have had a motive however twisted better remains a mystery for now report that this. And I again I mean that's what do you think it was. If he's brew if we've pretty much discounted. International terrorism and I think we have. And he didn't leave behind any kind of. This is why I did it. Any doesn't have any past record. And he doesn't seem to have any so called beef with any. Then I don't know is it just. Somebody with no real that this didn't report to any higher power than just wanted to go wanted to have. I mean maybe if you believe that there's nothing more than this is yet. As soon as this life is over there you go and says it done. Then what in all what are what is there are two of motivate you to. Live by any kind of a standard. And in that case. You would want to move somehow or another be remembered. I I don't know I'm just speculating but I mean if god told tell me that we can kill sixty people just so there are a name. Recognition would go up. Good evening Kathleen Ferguson near Charlotte Observer. Wrote about the ten oldest restaurants and Charl Louis school time talking about them. And Nash said they have I missed any let me know. And GA news did you at some people that it's a lot of response. Angie says we also encountered a few debates. Beef and bottle. Didn't make the list because diversion on the south boulevard is not the original location or the original name George fine opened up thousands stakes uptown 1958. And then that location. Had to make way for a discovery place. And so he relocated to south boulevard and changed the name to beef bottle 1978. So was that's why that one didn't make the cut. And the other one is Providence Rhode Sundays which is uninteresting are building was a drug store at one time opened about 1933. Had a soda fountain. Have but nobody is really quite sure when the food arrived 191950s. And then even later when it finally became a full service restaurants and that's why that didn't make the list. She said we did learn that are barely held once had a secret room for a high stakes poker. To be just done nominee a little slow nooks and cronies are out there in northeastern Pennsylvania buildings and to drive by every day have no idea what they are their full fledged nightclubs that. And private clubs and there was part of their deal. Allow him and she said we did find you more restaurants that were adding to the list circle G-8. 4818 rivals ferry road been around since 1954. And taps us. Restaurant after the toward 300 block of north Graham street. No both window made the 1969. Cut. I'm off for that ten oldest restaurant so loved it seems to have her original list is say must go to before you get out of Charlotte type deal. Friday October the sixth. 279. Days in the year Torre seventy and there are 86 days ago. 1996. The London tabloid the people. Reported quote unquote reliable information. That Elvis had faked his death in 1977. And brought off for the secret lover named Maria. Just another girl they've. Maria. Tabloid said Elvis had paid a dying man to have plastic surgery to become his double to dive Graceland and be buried knows this place. Buddy Guy they're failed bid. Hot they. There were making a low budget movie or read the news available on location Indiana but they didn't bother to tell the local police so when they are robbery was a called. Your career are real cops showed up. When Israel gone. And fired up real shot. Any risk. You should probably tell the police if you're gonna do a bank robbery scene in the city before you do a bank robbery scene in a city or read the news today oh boy later this month they hurricane disaster relief concert in Texas will feature all five living ex presidents. I'm pretty sure none of them performing. Hw on base. And FedEx and UPS are worried about their futures now and Amazon is conducting tests of its own package delivery service. And then everything last night name a business that does not. That Amazon doesn't have worried right now. I mean you've got to just seems like errant. Just the one stamp what FedEx and UPS grolier. Overwhelmed with the amount of work very Amazon creates for them of that on the other hand. We wanna do without it on the road read the story about those. Cardboard boxes. We're words were. World were up to our eyeballs in cardboard boxes Amazon. The NFL said that it will band fans who used racial slurs during games are the news available league is investigating claims by the Washington Redskins a receiver Terrelle Pryor. Former Ohio State quarterback who said that a fan called a racial epitaph during the. During a Monday night game against Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City prior then turn around and yelled purse were detailed. NFL spokesman said the league is investigating the incident and add to that fancy use racial shores slower so will have a sword that was so. Will be banned. The oh. Florida Gators. Will page. Gators announced yesterday that they won't play pity. Hit I won't back down at the end of the third quarter read to Florida field. He died as you well know no Monday was 66. He was born and raised in Gainesville we know told you yesterday there's a movement in Gainesville do erect a statue in his honor anyone's worst as a groundskeeper at the University of Florida I didn't know that. As he tried to make it to the music industry so Florida will locally I don't back down not tomorrow after the third quarter I think that's pretty cool. So. She's still on dyslexia. You Wear your original line up. Netflix said yesterday they're raising its streaming video prize from 999 a month to 1099 so from ten to eleven bucks. Three point seven million dvds subscribers. That's not you or is it. That's down 17% from a year ago and ask for their streaming business Netflix has nearly 52 million streaming subscribers in the US. And now I don't know majority are not now that I find out that the petty documentary and everybody was tell me about priority though and I had no idea that Peter Bogdanovich. Running down a dream is that they have I've had that for years. So woke up Wednesday morning or something like that and and it Amazon it's simply one of those. Emails you know. Based on my previous buying. And it had a Tom Petty biography. Listed unit. Which was written by war and somebody or other. And it had. That dude did you did did did the double dvd. And IL lieutenant Michael I think I don't. So I walked back in my office of a student and writer and yet their loss I was thrilled to death all fairway you may volunteer. We'll see if I ordered that biography. I got that too. Wouldn't have a granddaughter tomorrow I'd stay home all weekend long and read the book and know him very much and I still make five times you would do that we'll say. But anyway I dvd is our net fixes so wave and there are others are raising their prices but I if you're paying two bucks a month. I guess they've they're there's doctors had a bit flat so they're obviously they're trying to appease their. Stockholders and sort of some sort. Big weekend kicks off after the 5 o'clock news or stuff going on this weekend. We'll tell you what though a lot of it is for the F 5 o'clock break. We talked about the north Carolina state fair in the true do would be offer the other day. The art complete Thanksgiving dinner inside of one John roll Izzo one of them. And the deep. Fried in duck coloreds. And no cheese. Is another feature that'll be at the north Carolina state fair which I think opens what next weekend. Next week next Thursday. Mom and then they looked at some of the other state fairs. To see what they would be doing this year because every state fair understood. And what they found was according to mark price is article in the Charlotte Observer was. Disgusting. Well I suppose you know there's depends on you. Texas state fair deep fried chicken noodle soup on the stick. Not sure how you do that. But apparently they have deep fried fruit loops. I'm sure that's on the diabetes type two listed things you can have. And funnel. Cake. Bake in the case so birders. I would be willing to try. Minnesota state fair brown ale and onion are good at tipsy Piet. Cheesy not joke corn on the cob. And duck bacon no one tolerance. Wisconsin. Apple pie not showed us. Yeah now what to what I think I can do that. And you can basically write it off as being throat. Virginia state fair chocolate dipped corn on the cob. But walking dogs which is our dog with bacon for. A then go with bacon flavored iced tea. And have no idea. New York State dinner affair barbecue par Faye Gator on a stick. They ought to serve better in Georgia hard to do Jacksonville for the Florida Georgia weekend. Continue to have to do Bulldog gonna stick it to the and and in their barbies and people that would do not like fed. Hot beach Sunday I have no idea. This Sunday mean ice cream. Chips of beef. Over ice cream I Narnia. Oklahoma state fair bacon cheddar meatloaf cupcakes. Most little ones who've relied Internet. South Carolina state fair southern catfish Sunday that's all yours. I don't like Sundays through whiskers he. And Indiana state fair lamb doughnut cheeseburger. Now. Is to meet lamb. And a bonus. Doughnut. With cheese on it. Or is it a lamb what I mean what would be Alam doughnut. There will be no such thing where there. October is national pizza month and I got a problem that. Americans need approximately a hundred acres of pizza each day about 350 slices per second. Pizza is the is 832. Plus billion per year industry. And you wonder why Papa John's and can advertise so much. There are approximately 61269. Pizzeria is in the United States pizza restaurant growth continues to outpace overall restaurant growth. Which I find interesting because I've days due to some extent that you think the pizza novelty is is over. It was a thirty years ago I was in boulder that was when dominoes was really starting to dominate. And no you know I mean and they've been near memory makes their products then better than it is now. And I don't know if that was true or not but it probably wasn't it probably is better now there was that are at least comparable. Although the TV commercials that are playing now makes it look like did that they always made their own crested dominance against. 'cause now they're thrown up there and spin and a new and a whole nine yards so that would tell me that it's not frozen. 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. Each man woman and child in America it's an average of 46 slices of pizza per year. I'm not anymore. We're bringing down America the average down. Approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year. Children between the ages of three and eleven prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner. Which would have included me for a long long time but. Now I'm mature now minority kids who's now I'd just booked on talk shows. Pepperoni America's favorite topping I think that's always been the case and no women are twice as likely as men no order vegetarian topics under featured. Never had banana peppers on nine year vegetarian pizza. Kicks butt. Good stuff anyway happy national pizza month. Radio program. I'll get to the big stuff going on this weekend in just a second well. Remember last year I was telling you about this guy named Charlie Craig out there on new hope road in Estonia and he's got a garage and he's president of the look like an old Sinclair station. He's got the signed today. And the pumps and and all of memorabilia inside and some that kicked butt car red white blue Corvette that drives around Johnny's just great guy. And he's doing his ninth annual Charlie Craig crews in rhythm how long ago. Above. Old antique cars and they got a huge turnout last year it's just over two weeks from tomorrow 4300 block of new South Pole broad. We want to break the record for attendance solo keep that in mind. Now boom shack along the bigwigs didn't. Yeah golf. Bank of America 500. And the weather forecast doesn't look like it's going to cooperate at all but. On the bright side Brad Paisley is playing tomorrow night at Z Max dragway and if you got tickets to the Bank of America 500 you can get in there. He has a headlining the JR nation appreciation. Free she ate eight Jen got it. Concert. Which takes play. Said tomorrow night at C Max driveway concerts free for those with tickets to the Sunday race. The a monster energy NASCAR cup series Bank of America 500 is slated for 2 PM on Sunday but weathered as old black its gonna cooperate if it does. It'll be on the NBC sports network. And last year Jimmie Johnson wanted. And we'll just have to see who wins it this year this is the our first race of the second round of the playoffs. Kasey Kahne Kurt Busch Ryan Newman and Austin Dillon all eliminated last week. Solo will lone wolf we'll see who's who's going there Kyle Busch is probably going to be eighties just about done is I've won the last two races he's a better as hard as you can get right now. So that's one of the big events it's going on this weekend the other really big event that's going on is tomorrow morning. Which use the 2017 komen Charlotte race for the cure. And this always gets spectacular turn out. In fact Molly grant Tim's team. I don't know how many she's got this year. She's got my wife admire a stepson and I know that. But they will all gather uptown Charlotte Ted tomorrow for a five K which is about three point one miles of the got a shorter route option. As well. But it's uptown Charlotte. 401 south trial on I think Israel actually where they actually I gather. And they'll do registration and packet pick up from a 6 to 7 o'clock. And a team village opens that six and up from six to 730 they're doing a survivor breakfast and pictures. The five K run walk starts at 730. The one mile run walk starts at 8 o'clock. And by the time they get done with this survivor group photo in the closing ceremonies in the kid's fund eurozone and all that kind of stuff and other probably be done by noon. So us starter early and end early at the komen at Charlotte race for the cure tomorrow morning uptown Charlotte and weather for that should be. Spectacular. Over the traffic sooner we go brought you by hunters shall for a 77 X 23 and the brewers can't you keep these people under control our pride it always was doing that people you know enjoying themselves going and all weekend I don't know beautiful weather and all this year man gosh I nugget now in the past we always felt like that Thursday's were worse than it normally they are yeah but through our Friday's recently have Disney and sake board today especially now while I think wow did as much time originated. Ma. Part of your big weekend children's theater Charlotte opens up this morning 1728. Game season. It's seven yes. And they go with the classic Disney musical Mary Poppins and bill loved you run in October the sixth through the 29 the recommended for ages of six and up. And it'll be at the mock called family theater. I had imagined on and you can get information no from a mansion on a roll that prices are pretty reasonable look twelve to 34 dollars. They'll do it 7:30 PM tonight to 11:30 and 3 o'clock tomorrow 130 and 530 on Sunday and like I say that continues. Through our October the 26. So. Some for your kids to do show above Bellamy Brothers coming out to a Shelby way agent Don Gibson theater tomorrow night 8 o'clock. I go see that in a heartbeat. Don Gibson theater dot com for more information. I took a such back about forty bucks 3950 I think they hold the record to the older Brothers for the most do own nominations from the Academy of Country Music. And Country Music Association and they are cut redneck girl and a player. If I send you had a beautiful body and and wild favors all zippy and all hippie June and although old hippie Christmas and Bellamy Brothers for their we've interviewed do one of them. A couple of times I think. From what the occasion once. Pause in the park. No that doesn't mean. That you go to the park and then you pause. It at. Go go still. Know that means and dogs. As in canines as in 9 AM till 1 o'clock tomorrow it's still park in beautiful downtown Belmont my hometown. And if you need more information FaceBook dot com slash pause in dog park Belmont. And they'll have a Halloween pet costume. And if you're rigid and adoption. Griffin canine rescue we'll have our rescue dogs for adoption. And they'll commemorate. Be a day with a photo from the pet friendly photo Booth. And no multiple backdrops available at that and south point animal hospital provides volunteers and our creative solutions is so working to provide a stage. And the gas to bay county police will be down there holding area dog a demonstration at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Are and there's more stuff going on that I cannot tell you but don't come on over. I want over the bridge in and see why we moved to Belmont hang out downtown Belmont tomorrow morning on 9 AM till 1 o'clock four paws. In men. Don park. Nonstick tells points so playing at home tonight to assail a matter of fact did that. It didn't. Remains. I know there are but it just kept finding him. Easter gassed and takes on a south point tonight guest south points so undefeated state champions. Our Renaissance festival I it's our kids free weekend if you'll find they. Ad in the newspaper and I think that includes creative altering as well there is say a small coupon no that'll get your child in for free. So that'll save you fifteen bucks or regardless the Renaissance festival is open and ready for business. And we'll continue to do November the end nineteenth and I would do a call your attention again to our good friend Karen. Who owns this Dixon goes ice cream truck. And by the way there they've got a few umbrella that they're going doing manual I think tonight it'll tell you about that when we come back to give you some more of what's going on this weekend. But they also run rail brew without their head to other results festival which is called the lie it'll let others. LYHTTL. Lee leathers. I and they do a leather belts bracelets and stuff like that she's part of the Renaissance festival but it's about the results social that is truly one of the great annual event. Well we'll run through November the nineteenth then you can find more information and Ren fest info dot com. Chinese lantern festival continues up their Daniel still botanical garden that'll go through by the end of the month October the 29 but I just tell you right now people who have been. Willow rave about it and no long wanna go back DS PG dot org Daniel still botanical garden. Daniels still botanical garden DS PG dot org. And it's Wednesday through Sunday 530 Intel on 9:30 PM and it is well worth your time on to a wander over there Cleveland county sheriff. Somebody was cell in what they're going to be Sunday we were talking about earlier. Which you find that is not before ice cream it's mashed potatoes taking the place of the history amendment to beef over that wanted to accomplish some Microsoft I you have. Colonel they got those of the Cleveland county fair and it is. Going on now Cleveland county fair. Dot com. So that's Ramsey in the race presidency lots of old little beat up cars on the back flatbed trucks and they go to. They must have seen curator something going on out there. Wondered were a little Lucy and of their. They had our body Karen knew why not only is it the Renaissance hustle this weekend but to she's got her to award winning ice cream trucks. And sticks in cones she's actually got two trucks won gold sticks one called comes against. But they will be. Add AF food truck rally in mint hill tonight. And then the Collins truck will be a modern Nissan and lake Norman and the sticks truck will be at the barking duct brewery from 5 to 9 o'clock along with these trucks dragon broad. Cahill food drug Mel's blt kitchen Moroccan cook book sells roadside eatery in sticks and cones so good self up there. And no take advantage of that. Tomorrow. South Bend. 12 to 5 o'clock. Grilled cheese. Charlotte grilled cheese fest dot com. TJ. Unlimited did. Grilled cheese sampling. Starts tomorrow at noon goes till 5 o'clock in the south and 1441 south trial on. Unique grilled cheese sound which is Beers mode Moses beverages live music activities fund vendors to check out chances to win prizes. And the best grilled cheese. I had the probably have a contest to new all that stuff 1 PM the F festival entry unlimited grilled cheese six beverage tickets. The cost of 35 bucks to get in. Maybe forty dollars for the day. Judas to you did better to talk to a thing last weekend. In about 9000 doc goes. And they gave you cup your door on trial the bruises suffered dead grilled cheese fest there's a place in Cleveland I've always wanted to go never has called belt. Saw it on the triple B. And why don't we have a belt. I could need they're now anyway. But back in the day you know long long ago. Thirteen weeks ago America needs to whatever work. Bill you for your old white water sinners fall finale airs this weekend it's go enough from a 4 o'clock till 8 o'clock. Today. And this they get there earlier maybe don't go with Hoover something along those lines. Activities can talk kickoff all over the grounds on a Saturday morning at 8 o'clock including BB YOB build your own vote. Not competition dirty dozen obstacle adventure race outdoor yoga siders sampling. So they got all sorts of stuff going on river jam. Eric gales band at 6 PM drew Holcomb in the neighbors that 8 o'clock. So a lot of stuff going on for big fall finale at deal Whitewater senator don't forget to Daniel Costin are. That's awesome his pictures because he shot Teddy the last two or three or four times he was in town. And Daniel costs and as the photographer record. And has air show going on at the night gallery that continues. Into November. But if you get a chance go down there it's his first ever show exclusively of concert photos taken in Charlotte over the past 22 years. Well he's been with the David Brothers almost since day one I think and it's it's called the place to be. He also has just put out a a new book. That is the home of the blues a history of the double door and the loss of a great photos and stuff and that is well. But if you get stuff done to spirit square. Go on down and take a look at his photo exhibit. You can learn more about that is his website Daniel Costin DA NI EL CO ST ON Daniel Coston. Dot com. Degree weather for football Friday night. Butler. Takes on Myers park pitched good big game by Meyer's first undefeated. Robbers got one loss should be good game Charlie Catholic number three. Takes on a Sun Valley. Charlotte Catholic undefeated Sun Valley one lost I think there are South Carolina to. Our Charlotte Christian add to Charlotte country day that's a foreign one game against a foreign to team kings mountain in hunter Haas tonight. That's a good I should be a good match up well under house is foreign to. And kings mountain is five and one south point Belmont south point myself warned is taken on at home east gassed and so. Another whole home game for the good guys there's the red raiders Erica central taveras and dale brown. Northwest contreras said Ted Jay M Robinson. Crests and Ashbrook. Could be a pretty uninteresting game. To that that that. Kings mountain at her house tonight we told you about that wanna think independence. Having a down year takes on port ridge maybe this is a year Porter ridge by a builder Jeff Newton. Is a poor rich guy in fact I think you know hopes the coaching staff felt her from time to time. I had I would tell you that judge Jeff Newton saint Jude dream home. The third one he's done the fourth annual. This'll be the last week and you go take a tour that but if you'd like to go do that they'll be open Saturday from 19 to five and Sunday at noon to five. And it's open now amid hill area guarded dream home but dot org and you get some directions to that but if you do for 85 to lawyers road exit that's exit 47. For lawyers road turn left on the lawyers road and then turn right under fox hollow road if you're coming from mid hill. When you get to fox hollow road turn left you'll see the signs say it's the saint Jude dream home it's a beautiful house somebody will win match. Why in just about a week October the twelfth less than a week October the twelfth be announced live on WB TV but my the guy who built my house this is the third dream house saint Jude dream home that he has built. My this will be the final week image you can go on there are no longer threw a no see what is still on the house. He is beautiful south point the South Carolina south point. Oh which is probably the class of the area of the state. Takes on a blog it would west were denied so that's undefeated south point team sickened six and no it don't western which is foreign to so I don't know everything you'll guru for the money. Major League playoffs are all underway last time I saw that the Astros were leading the Red Sox venerable final score on that. But that game has already taken place and in fact the Yankees and the Indians are playing game two as we speak later on denied cubs at the nationals. And the Diamondbacks at the Dodgers for a late game on TVS and about 1030 college football tonight as well. Of course it's a race weekend hopefully the weather will let us do that the extended your races tomorrow at 3 o'clock. The NASCAR infinity drive for the cure. On the same weekend as via komen race for the cure which takes place tomorrow night we've already told you about that some of the college football games tomorrow early game duke and Virginia. As the new game at WB TV. Via a noon game ready ESPN to Wake Forest at Clemson. 330 in the afternoon LSU at Florida that's where they'll do the tribute to a Tom Petty at the end of the third quarter. And LSU recovered awful loss loss to Troy probably news to get their act together. Notre Dame at north Carolina's at 330 game on ABC tomorrow and did they decide they are playing the Miami of Florida State game on ESPN. That's already been called off once due to weather. So all. Don't wait and see what goes on there are 4 o'clock Maryland and Ohio State. So. Bree I don't know if you're listening and but we really need to have that baby by 4 o'clock treasurer here your mother in law needs to get to the game. I'm c'mon priorities. I frankly don't care as long as the baby arrives before 8 o'clock because that's when the CU gave his. So. Related in my opinion you've got till 8 o'clock it's huge it's any consolation. That Baghdad Tulsa Tulane now tomorrow Arkansas South Carolina Marshall at Charlotte that's a ccb game meant 6 o'clock. And I your NFL schedule for Sunday Panthers at the lions are 1 o'clock. Seahawks at the rams at 4 o'clock. Also it's 4 o'clock Packers in the cowboys. An opportunity to possibly see the cowboys lose again talk about a great weekend. And if the weather will just let them. The Bank of America 500 monster energy NASCAR race at 2 o'clock on Sunday from Charlotte motor speedway on him. BC's. Have yourself they are great weekend and I will see you on Monday at 3 o'clock and I'm looking forward to an already. Only view with mark Harrison and Charlotte have six.