The Statue of Silent Sam Toppled by Protestors

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, August 21st

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Try not hard. Quarter. I'm proud. Why don't legion. Jesus Christ it's. Hi Mary choice. He is alive. Hopefully rig. And apparently anarchy is alive. Think that is if you look on the campus. Bob you would see. Under unbelievable isn't it's. You know one of the things I think we're increasingly seeing. This atmosphere of lawlessness. Lawlessness. That's when it comes down to you can really put aside the issue. Our of the statue itself. And the lawlessness is another issue. Altogether. So I don't care what you think about statue. Which you think about that we can have a conversation we can have a debate about that. But where oh where did people find the justification. To go on to public property. And just tear something down. You know I was just thinking about this this morning. What are some symbols that I might like to tear down. What are some things that. I have an issue with is it's is it to what is the criteria here if you just have the right mob decides. That police don't wanna bother with if you just skip the critical mass of the right number of people you do whatever and IQ wants. That's apparently the new law now when it works. Along the way in this conversation gonna share some social media purses well some really good ones I came across. One of them from a former North Carolina legislature tour. And I think he really hits it right on the head. In raising some questions but also. Making some pretty emphatic statements about we're we are. I guess my concern is this does not simply go away. This grows this fester speech. And people who do this. Are emboldened to do other things. The other thing that always concerns me whenever you're dealing with symbols and go back to the confederate flag issue in South Carolina. At that continued for those who were not familiar with my positions and what I communicated during this time. I cannot give a crap. About some stupid statue I don't care what the statue is all out. What I care about its people. And relationships. And real life not symbols. Then you know somebody's able to Richard Neer about the cross your what do they doubled in Europe I don't care. Just don't use my taxpayer dollars to pay for that. You wanna do that and call that art golf fort make a total jackass out of yourself I don't care. The problem comes sent. And as they said do you use taxpayer dollars for that. There's a love of toxicity in the year. A lot of it. But there was also intriguing. What got all of this started and we're not sure how much. This particular aspect of the story is out there in the mainstream. And I'm not so much referring to the media. But to provide some understanding and background as to why some people did with they did. You know we can talk about this and there are a lot of permutations of this. I think it's really intriguing the level of selective outrage. So here's some of the background on what took place here. How this started Washington Post did a story on this. And I go back to 1913 Julien car. Who is a prominent industrialists and supporter of the clan. Was invited to speak of the unveiling a statue of confederate soldier on the campus the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. It been placed there by the daughters of the confederacy. Cars limp he addressed made clear the symbolism the statue first he credited confederate soldiers with. Saving the very life from the Anglo Saxon race in the south. Adding today as a consequence the pure strain of the Anglo Saxon. He has to be found in the thirteen southern states print is calm all adults. Yes. That's the perspective now that we just interject here I find this absolutely positively repulsive. I have and I won't find more to be repulsed by and you will. As I share. What was communicated. Now. I just want him. Give you a heads appear. Anyone with sensitive ears. This may be very disturbing. I just wanna give you heads up it's it's pretty graphic. And again the person who's behind this. Is a pretty contemptible. Disgusting individual. This person's dead. Gone. History. So there's nothing that can be done about this two day at all. Persons golf if you remove the statue of you gonna have a conversation. With the school. You have a conversation with the people who are in. You know and decision making process. If there's a consensus here. And there's decision to do this golf fort. When I never support is mob rule and I don't care if it's a Democrat mom or Republican mop. Or just a mob period. But I do wanna give you a heads up the butcher about ready to hear it is disturbing. Here is that personal story. From this car character. I trust I may be pardoned for one Aleutian hobby yet. It is rather personal. 100 yards from where we stand less than ninety days perhaps after my return from app dramatics. I horse whipped a negro winch and tell her skirts hung in shreds. Because of on the streets of this quiet village she publicly insulted and maligned as southern lady. And then rush for protection to these university buildings. Where were stationed garrison of 100 federal soldiers. I performed the pleasing duty in the immediate presence of the entire garrison and for thirty nights afterwards. Slept with a double barreled shotgun under might hit. Pretty disturbing is that. On Monday nights when the statue that he dedicated was pulled from its pedestal by a crowd of protesters. Cars boastful reference to brutally beating a black woman wasn't far from mine. The rally began as a demonstration of solidarity. With Mya little. Was arrested in April after reading aloud from cars speech and covering the statue with red ink and her own blood. The rules are graduate student in history facing charges of defacing a public monument. If she was charged with that. One if anybody's going to be charged. With what happened last night. Early Monday evening. Student activist cover the statue now known as silent Sam with grey fabric banners one red for a world without white supremacy. Another listed victims of racial violence beginning with unnamed black woman beaten by Julien car. We share more about this and what went down. And get your thoughts on where we're going. What's happening with our young people ends. What's next. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back guy in the Vince Coakley radio program. With some breaking news for you. And I'm sure this one's gonna cause some. Pretty significant manifestations. For those who are. Let's just say earth worshippers. The EPA's rolled back some Obama era hole pollution rules. Interestingly enough and comes at a time where the president Donald Trump his normal way to West Virginia. Coincidence. I'd that it. As is Environmental Protection Agency delivered its latest blow to environmental regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions. President Donald Trump heading into the heart of coal country to deliver the good news. There's a rally plans today in Charleston. To celebrates. This proposal to allow states to set their own emission standards. For coal fueled power plants. This reverses the Obama administration's efforts to do to combat climate change. And marks the fulfillment of a campaign promise in the heart of his appeal and coal producing states like West Virginia. So there you go. This involves regulation of coal fired power plants back to the states. The suspect is expected to give a boost to the coal industry and increased carbon emissions nationwide. So. The long wait I'm curious teacher dots we won't get your phone calls on this monument issue after. I tell you the rest of the story what happened last night. Told you abouts. How the statue was defaced. Hours later after darkness fell. The banners ended up providing cover for protesters they tied ropes around the statute topple into the ground. Cheering and shouting they began covering the statue with the mud and church. Duane Dixon said this I watched a grown in shiver and come asunder. I mean it feels beautiful call. It's thundering his starting terrain it's almost like heaven strain to wash away the soiled contaminated remains. These people were so freaked him delusional that's what's so sad about this. These people think they're doing something about racism. They really too. That's the sad thing about it. This morning. The statue was hauled away in a dump truck. So there ego congratulations. Such a wonderful thing has been accomplished here. Now racism is gone forever. All because a statue was pulled down don't you all feel better and I is a black random now free. I'm free now. Because this statues gun integrates. Yes isn't that wonderful Charles. On my illness. Take a few of your calls and also go to our text line let's start off the year with mad Indianapolis to morning net. Earth calling that come in Matt. Going once. Going twice. Quite as did yes sir car. I need to turn that read you down as well as soon. Jerk. I don't product that we really. Coincidences lived out the American ship being pulled away from the 77. Ten the fact that attack could have gotten us out of the deal when he could. Yeah it worked in a weird way. I think that monument has a lot of shifting of a narrative within North Carolina. So you think somebody is is intentionally trying to change the narrative and shifted away from. I 77 onto a statue you. If you can't seem that. Then. Maybe you got blinders. Who's behind that sets my question Matt who is. Don't have I don't have a definitive answer I'm not gonna grow out conjecture. And I do not give yet definitive answer by. I never thought that going on here I didn't feel poll. And the pulpit North Carolina it's not good Ahmet die hard Republican but there are several people who could have got that that is certainly seven. Calling deal. Do they believe we were getting close to have fun and got it sir how. Cash now all. The narrative is being drawn in and I can hit complete different. Caught me as far away from that whole lane is possible. How does that happen in my. I'm not edit Barack conspiracies but there is definitely a reason why this is happening. Okay that's fair enough I appreciate your call they're mad too. Is of the opinion those are you not familiar with the suspicion the upstate we have this project going on here in Charlotte. To expand the lanes and I 77. And this is a private contractor basically. That's going to be collecting tolls. By descriptions I've heard so far some pretty ridiculous. Tolls. To pay for the road. So this private company will be in charge of this. And I think IE would share the perspective of many who believe that government officials sold us out. They sold us out for whatever reason. Now I think if you wanna do it's all road you float some bonds and you let the state. Collect the money you don't Seles out to some sort of private corporation. This going to exact some ridiculous polls out of this for. Four forever is what did it looks like now. And there are people that could've stepped in and put a stop to this and they have not I agree with that part of the perspective. Let's go back to you are are lied cheered Joseph out of your good morning. Good morning you're on the radio yes you are taking away. All I want to go back to what's going on with the monument deep destroyed it another activity has had bad. But in other words like you mentioned is we weren't mob rule mode right right now and that's sad part is the news media is supporting yet. And what they're doing his bit their copy it actually. Nazi Germany. And they actually are. These people that are doing the destruction. And trying to tear this country apart. And it antitrust. An anti action wouldn't stand for. Which you would remember. How silly because they are the sessions. They're doing it and the public employed by the police. Are told to stand down like they were chartered bill. And. Wouldn't you know I'm watching that last stages of my country being destroyed. India every student who had no idea what Oregon totally pull back for this joke. We get. Of people in our league and the constitution. Of the United States of America. You don't allow a little how the child is something like that would happen National Guard would have been called out. And somebody tried even moot. Great end to restore act other app but not the child. I think there are no question you you've got shot you take you to know what it. And there was nobody should be criminal out billion people one man was shot in the leg. And he was gonna break the windows the steal everything. That he could and the National Guard called out and that stop there were no crime in all she did a million people. A lot. Yep there's there's a way to put a stop to this and I AEA and I certainly embrace your position on this Joseph from that vantage point. There are lots of questions here that need to be answered I wanna share a couple of social media pros and we'll get to more of your calls after the break. Michael said this this is the same group think mob mentality that led innocent black men to be hangs in the middle of the night. Shaking my head it took four years of work to raise money to erect that statue. Is that your present in the history of Chapel Hill the divide in our state experienced. During that horrible war but think about this when your voting this election. Jon plus former legislate sources this. Who gave the order of the police in Chapel Hill last night to stand down and let the mob acting and anarchy. He's got another great post I'm gonna share that after the break stimulus. This is fiscal clean radio program and we're talking about this monuments. Cold down yesterday evening. And we've been talking about this the context of a are you going atmosphere of lawlessness that seems to be cultivated out there I shared with you for the break. They published on social media from John blush. And I have lost it. Because there's another one I wanted to share here before we go to more of your calls John blessed by the way. He is a member of North Carolina legislature. He's in the house in the state house are presenting Guilford Tammy. I wanna read what he posted here. Just a couple of minutes ago you we've already posted are already shared with you approach Torre commented about. You know what's the deal with law and order here. Where. Who made the decision for police to stand down and allow this to happen. Because this this took place over a period of hours hours. Wasn't just an instant that this thing happened hours. Here's what John just posted a few minutes ago I'm ready to organize the resistance to the resistance is anyone interest in. What is your country. And your future worth TU. Here's what he shared a little before that who gave the order for the police in Chapel Hill last night to stand down let the mob acting in an in anarchy. I understand Charles says that's John and I can tell just from reading these social media pros. He is really worked up about this and wants to do something about in fact I think we will have some news that he will break on this program in a few minutes perhaps. To share abouts where he wants to do about this. He's gonna join us in just a few minutes John brushed on this program. Here's one of his other pros tonight's mob action. Please me furious we witnessed in our key I want more facts about whether authorities backed off. Just what action to be taken to identify and punish offenders who this mob rules allowed to stand. And all those who love this country after reevaluate things very carefully this kind of thing can not be allowed to stand. This will not be the last mob action if action is not taken and he's absolutely right. We can have a conversation. About the merits of these statues another time we can have a conversation. But there are folks who clearly don't wanna talk they want a rule. Scrub to Fort Mill and John good morning John. Yeah good morning. You have to do with the the end of the polling memo a statue let mom and also statues in general. Like Glenn around here when this goalie union fell. The people they you know they not done all the statues of Lenin and older to the Communist leaders. For my friend and Seattle so this actually a statue of Lennon. Old Soviet Union leader. In common like that. The journal that he part of the champ the F there's no protests about it and worst night wondering. Yet what makes wind statue offensive to another want to eat eat eat another snag troupe that happens especially Communist leader. And also in Columbus Circle my sister open New York. So there's so there's a move to remove. A second question Christopher Columbus Columbus Circle because. Crowley he's had a shady past so will this. Each year to increase his feet. It's it's ridiculous isn't it's it's just won a degree of nonsense to another I'm gonna share by the way in just few minutes. About another movement a peaceful movement to get rid of another statute that I think does need to be. Get rid up. At today very. High profile place. And the people going about it are going about this the right way. This is treated for media attention effective prime democratically the story I'm gonna share it you. Happened last year. To reach out these folks to find out what's going on with the story and I think most of you were agreed the statue has no place. No place. In the place where new years. Fact. We move on to call. To Brian in Charlotte good morning. I've been paid on them rights they're within I don't I don't even know where to start with this for a law I was 21 year old daughter. Who is trying to figure all the stops out human powered. You know and I had a conversation worker and from what I can gather these college kids. It would be triggered by no cone wishing I mean everything is filled. Yes we idiotic things that make them mad and they don't even know why and I spoke Arab like you're being 90% of your relations group. We about the body of evidence you have for something that yours you know gonna create a mile or than you're an idiot. We kid doesn't know what they're fighting for. You know this whole racism thing I'm grateful that has been around forever. But I I live in the middle class they've I'm a white male with the public enemy number one right now. But it's a culturally diverse neighborhood cooling off that are longer we let them go out of what we're seeing on television. These kids need to remember that were all American. First. Anything other than our will be put aside and dealt with there's no reason I have mob and now this is just the reason that act for a. Yes and this is excuses and it in excuse to act out. And I do appreciate your call here Brian and part of what is going on here in and I think. Fraud of these younger people they are desperate for a sense of significance. We want to feel like we've done something. I really think that's part of the what's driving these groups. I wanna feel like they're making a difference. We have done something about race. There might be too few good. But it's. Really not accomplishing anything of substance anyway. Jacki a good morning welcome the broadcast. I'm Rick Adelman Richard. Hey I just wanted to I think a lot of my questions have been answered with a series it's all but one of the war one of the things I want to talk about it like it's been. Thought about this waiter at a double that's. Are never hurt you know you'll are billionaires lose you know emerged that made out like that or OSHA come bell. Here's here's where I am on this IDK you know I would ask the question as to why it's there. If today if it serves some sort of historical purpose even through remind us. A run of the season in our history. That was very dark I'm not opposed to that at all I'm not. I think I think we need to be reminded and I think one of the sad things is. If we take our I'd just take away every single one of these things. I don't think it does too dangerous things first off. It's going to be erased from people's memory they're not even gonna think about it the second thing is I think people are under the delusion that because I got rid of a statue. I'm going to change human hearts. And that is 88 profoundly misguided perspective. There's not a single heart has been changed and nor will ever be. I Alvarez stature but I don't I don't think what most people believe that there are like what they're still at economic slump all the senses. And the wallet may not be it's a separate body to its deficits are. Talk about that yet but there are the reason for. They actually respect and it failed at getting rid of the symbol and that's what you have to do that every bet. I understand that did you believe it here's my question though Jackie isn't there are right way to go about this also okay and that. Asset was the best spot right what yeah I would not the right spots. Or are they and as the reasons for wanting it down there are some sort of a free call. I think I agree with you Jackie I am completely there with you. Let's just make sure we do it the right way. And don't turn into a mob and that's what has happened here unfortunately coming up. We'll talk with representative John bluster about this in Maine he's worked up about this. This is still this Coakley radio program. Back in Vince Coakley ran your program were talking about the anarchy. The display of anarchy last night in the UNC campus. All to remove a confederate statute that's what this was all about. And they succeeded to. There are lots of questions that are raised here including what was the role of authorities. The civil authorities who should have been making decisions about security. And the police. Who should have been doing something what were they doing what where their orders. Just a few of the things sets we are curious about one person who's really worked up about this is well. Representative John blast from North Carolina legislature represents Guilford County pay great to talk with you again John. No debate here are you join very while sir. Up first off fight again I'm very curious about your reaction to what you observed yesterday evening. Well I didn't seem much yesterday evening could I went and played basketball and got back pretty Lleyton. You saw them post on FaceBook what was what it happened so I would really furious about it because apparently. Com this thing was well known in advance that it was gonna happen and the police were ordered used to stand by and let it. Are very similar to Durham. So this would have had to come from ordered to do this would have had to come from somebody high up at the university. That's a public organization. On public institution and we are under rule of law. And we're in the higher ups in the university can ignore the law. Then then we have to take some action. By taking action what sort of action are you suggesting here. Well I don't know yet you know one thing that. Jump into the mine last night was. Movie grand arena with. Clint Eastwood and at one point the late in the movie this gang sheets up his neighbor's house the mall brand he had made. And I remember him telling that. The bigger the one guy that wanted to go over there and cheated out with and should know we've got to think this through we've got to be careful week that's what they want us to do choked. Well I'm I'm not exactly sure yet I wanna give it some thought in find out. More facts instead exactly. Who's responsible what went on I will say one thing I've. At least partly hold the governor responsible because. This same thing happened last year in Durham and the response was tepid. And that just encourages more these these big get together with the mob and have other people in your courage gets up. And they know nothing is gonna happen to them. I think deep down side there's no way we can get away with it because they they won't do a thing to us. So who can holds. Any of the people involved in the decision making here accountable and how do you do that. Well it that a public university some somebody responsible somewhere. In government now won a seat. What day what there action were power involves somebody were and what they are going to do. To hold accountable. I don't know what they were all students who did this they probably attract a lot of outsiders to bit. There's a whole lot of video. And and how does I didn't wanna she's gonna be held responsible. Palm. And then seeing how the authorities handle it but again. Somebody gave an order for the police to do nothing. And and that person should at least be fired. If not Al. Charged with something that is it is as. It's encouraging that this quiet. All one of the things I think people would immediately ask a question of touch as a representative of state governments. Is there something is there a role for the legislature. Well I don't know I think we should take a look at it you don't have a full investigation because we did. A few years ago passed this law included a process sought. We're for a look at it this statute and monuments and in the law protecting them and that this can happen now. Second time it can happen outside our law. It's so important we've become. A big day pass laws and nobody backs them up to it not really the law. Thought I didn't think we have that we have to look at this and then see what we certainly what we can do. Now what about the investigation here and because I I'm kind of curious a I've not heard anybody. Stand up and say hey we're responsible we had jurisdiction over. What took place yesterday evening this is the decision we've made I've not heard anything like that. What how we get those answers because I don't think anybody's necessarily gonna step forward and say I'm really proud of what we allowed last night. I I haven't heard yet I guess it's too early to know you are sure I'm church I don't know what the media now what I want them. One of my view is that it. The media is part BK culpable because everyone knows that them most of the media will be sympathetic to what they did. There will be the probing questions there won't be an effort to really get at the true. Com and schedule this year how hard they big push for answers that I would think it did there'd be 88 number of media people right spirit I guess it was a campus staying until it was more the campus police in Chapel Hill police that. Com I'm not sure where one jurisdiction and then the other begins there's. I think he's do you stand on Franklin street and C silence I am very closely so. I don't know how they were working together bit I certainly would do not depend on my attorney general had to really. Have you ever forget about that we've got less then I'm a minute here. But I wanna ask you hit it again from the stay import of legislature is there anything you guys can do. I I think there's some level oversight you have all of these universities is that not correct. Yes well I mean we we provide the oversight not funding. Mom so I I think we're in a position to ask some tough questions. And I hope we win. We'll keep us posted on this John blessed I appreciate coming on this program this morning and let us know if you learn anything more. Okay thanks. Straight edge we're gonna talk about another interesting monuments or statue. And it's faded from headlines. Steal this. And this is still Vince Coakley radio program. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty less news updates Coakley radio program. We spend so pretty much the whole first hour talking about this confederate. Monuments. Defector was pulled down. Yesterday. Evening we screw overnight. And it's now been. Overweight it's gone. On the text line. Man is pretty interesting to see all of the. The text here. There's like a minefield the times to. Consider some of these fate certainly would not want to read on air this I value the FCC license. Let's us start this. Which we do after they turn around all the confederate monuments and racism still exists which and we tear down next. Very good question that you promise. Does this remind you of Hillary and various Arab Spring. And there's some similarity isn't. I truly believe what we're seeing now is nothing compared to what these insurgent criminal domestic terrorist revolutionaries who do in the future. Once they are armed. Each. That's pretty scary. Those protestors don't really care about statues either this is about making themselves feel powerful. They have the south African model in monument on my goodness that's pretty scary. Excuse me I've never seen a Republican mob. When they way for the first day of school to do this why didn't they do this last week. Who knows with the timing us. I yes I have seen Republican knobs. They just function differently. And I can go into this right now. Because I don't wanna cause certain people to manifest and they will. When I told him. A that is repulsive to me as just stupid and lazy thinking. Yes there's a lot of that out there. All the Santee for another Marbury is caused by the same people who. Rioted on campuses in the sixties and seventies old hippies sowing the seeds. A future violence. Isn't it wonderful passing it on to another generation. Burned the campus down. UNC land donors. Barbara n.'s Morgan families barber and Morgan Stanley slave owners. Tennessee beat you you can find tentacles. Of some racism somewhere. And if this is the basis of violence and destruction. And of vandalism what everyone MacCulloch. You can find it anywhere. This all comes back again to what the human art. What do you do with. Yeah collect a civilized human being or do you find excuses. To be uncivil. You're racing history does not change it. We have a greater chance of repeating it when we have no knowledge of it. Also this there's a great line from a movie that applies to UNC students you with a darn dumbest Smart kids I know can pick me. So I guess if we don't like a statue which registered down. Really could happen if someone tore down and MLK statue. Or bright. Or that would be ugly. They're actually increases racial tension. That is very true. Phil says a couple of thirty ran clips from a breakup of mob really quickly god forbid. There we go down that direction. And so as protesters are the real racist they won't let the past died actions like bears and others. Leading us to another civil war I'm afraid. Another person saying here sign me up I'm in. Referring to John blessed saying. We need to. Resisters to resist the resisters. And see how crazy this gets at a open. The resistance of the resistance already has the name it's being called the persistence. A. Brother friend here I'm sick and tired of hearing about slavery every race has been discriminated against if you born port Egypt. Then you were a slave Irish immigrant children with a first slaves in America the Indians were discriminated against and against black lives are more important. We learned the history. Learned a history. Blacks were being sold by blacks and that was certainly true. Pricked me from Iran are wean out of people governed by the people if they want to remove statues. When they let the American public vote on. This. That someone wanted to replace them. Sadly America's not far from removing the statue of liberty it would seem. Back in my day when folks wanted to feel accomplished or to make a difference they join the US military. And but I personally like to know what time the book burning is at UNC. Damn there's that they wanna do something about racism. They are they're making it worse. Obviously Julie incarceration she gave that speech the statue was put there by a it's utters the revolution in what was their reason for putting up. Rude question luck Steve we can have conversations about this. But. That's not really interest in is not the sexiest tearing it down and John's comment about the media's also. Important. What have I told you about the media. The media. Is all about the story. The story. This is so. Make a great headline. Man vs man swung the foundational things that you do stories on. Ascribe to Charlotte and Jim good morning. He warned them. Hey first I'm cholera naive. The sign in and out I really haven't had influenced the more I'm out running around on Monday off. Yacht and attacked into that I'm even figure out a graduated thirty years ago I'm just very disgusted with behavior. I'm from people that continue to give us stand and make a five. I heard an interview with somebody that says they got off. Four. No understanding in Germany were there to support and support their Brothers and sisters in peace while those with the same media Turkey in this statute central piece. You lay out I'm so tired. People substituting emotion and and and intentions. Instead of using reason and respect and rule of law and I'm not one of the Jack booted thugs that. Wouldn't you know we all really in line now and claim that we need to be paid something that we were never do first things that we never didn't. There are people who believe that unfortunately Jim. There are people out there from one to exact some sort of revenge or re payments or. Or reparations or whenever. Well I greatly respect the work that you do and and that you know former governor pat does when he says is that. The people that say that there was no real cost to the riot all of about a half million dollars to bring in the National Guard you know. What about a half million dollars to attempt to supposedly guard this statute. In the greater vicinity of Chapel Hill oh me. This is limited he just got he's been up 405 years is not honor people it's not to bring dishonor. So alive again. The costs to the real cost is human nature is an attempt and we talk about the money. There's something that certainly getting to greeted in the process. I'm. This is some sort of rallying cry for some grad student who took a reporter helped to prick your finger and McKinnon a red blood I'm also consult very. Where they're having the same BS with the statute militant. They're not dishonor ears and honor and remember people who fought for us. Please stay try. All right well maybe we appreciate your brother Jim and again you know there's room for debate. But for a mob scene like this don't need it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back and Vince Coakley ready or burger we're talking about the anarchy displayed. On the campus. Of UNC. I wanna share another story with you. That I think is really intriguing. Also by the way this was dealt with and I'm trying to remember the timeline of this story just be sure I think this was last year you know and all the list monument stuffed kicked up in the first place. Mirror is her black pastors who decided to. Give in on the act in fact this was last fall. This is almost exactly a year ago August 2017. Hidden. Here's the story. The headline in the story. Black pastors demand removal of this monument a bust of this particular person just out of curiosity I'm just gonna put John on the spot here. Who do you think black pastors would like to remove. The bust of keep in mind these are Christian pastors. Is this nationally or a city nationally. Nationally wow from George Washington. Oh no no no these are conservative black press all look at. Or Charles you can get and this is well who would who do you think black pastors would like to remove a bust of from the Smithsonian. These are conservatives. Who would be the most villainous person of the twenty. The twentieth century. Just think of black babies. Margaret Sanger hell out. So. They wanted to have a bust of Margaret singer removed from the Smithsonian. The museum has the singer bust in their struggle for justice exhibit. Think about this for a moment. Here's a woman who eggs who advocated the killing of black babies and other minorities for that matter. And here's AR. Would a bust in their struggle for justice exhibit you know the justices to the injustice. Of we've been. Having to carry babies to term borrowing that's terrible isn't it. My goodness. This is supposed to honor those the past two were champions of justice assigned to meet the sculpture says singer. Was profoundly affected by the physical and mental tall exacted on women by frequent childbirth. Miscarriage. And self. Induced. Abortion. But you nauseous yet. I. So the pastors get involved here. They wrote the institute a letter explaining that singer was far from a champion for their race. Guys are strong ties to the eugenics movement. The black pastors along with the other pro life advocates. Rally outside the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery to demand the removal of the statue. They say sinker supported eugenics to rid the nation of very she deemed defective. And feeble minded. By stopping the growth of their populations. Especially blacks and other minorities. Officials at the Smithsonian have rejected the request. Defending the inclusion of some anger in their exhibit describing her as someone who fought to achieve civil rights. For disenfranchised. Or marginalized. Groups. Isn't an interest in. The pastors say they will not be swayed it. Saying Margaret singer was a racist who wanted to in the black population. Through birth control and abortion. I think that case is pretty clear don't you. Now I just ask you. What what happens if these black pastors and these other pro life people went to the Smithsonian. Broke into the exhibit and grabs. That bust of Margaret Sanger. Threw it to the ground and broken up in pieces. You would have thought they were members of crisis that they itself. So well if they did that where do you think they would be today. They would be in jail. In my right. Not to my knowledge this bust are still there hasn't been removed. So why didn't these pastors do that. Because they believe in something called the rule of law. Unlike. Those two. Carried out their lawless activity on the UNC campus. And I think the case can be made. This woman has far more blood on her hands. When this moron. Who took pleasure. In media are black woman. I was one woman and who knows how many other people but like I can tell you one thing. Margaret sinker. Has connection to nearly sixty. Million. Babies. And a disproportionate number of those babies are black Q. We have cities in this country where there are more black abortions than there are live births did you know that. We see ideas are deadly. Ideas are deadly. And yet. You know here's what's interesting. You can't draw a line. Connecting the statues that statue. In Chapel Hill you cannot draw a line in connect that to anything. Period today. But you don't want you can draw a direct line. For Margaret it's anger advocated for. And death clinics all across this country. Because that's still going on. It's still going on. Today. Now you can't argue that you can make the case that this guy. Who had a statue this silent Sam character he committed a lot of evil in his day. The evil marker it's anger it continues. The legacy of Planned Parenthood. Still going on today. My goodness. I don't know about you it's heartbreaking to me. Just to think you know at this moment. In this moment this very moment. They're black babies being killed on the altar of so called choice. Grieves me. And yet we're not concerned about. The news. Three very important values of our constitution life liberty. And the pursuit of happiness merely those. It begins with life. What happened to that what happened to that value what happened to that priority no we're gonna. We're gonna go and ripped down some sort of stupid statue. Because the real thing that nobody wants to address is the human arched. How about the human heart of selfishness. Report sexual pleasure. Above the life. Of an unborn child. You see that something has to be dealt with on the inside and we don't want to curb our desires do week. This is why a lot of men. Either don't take a stand against abortion or don't care. Because we want free sex. Without consequence. That's why were willing to let all that's a woman's right. You wouldn't be talking like that. If you had some virtue. We should revisit this issue would these pastors and find out. Has there been any other discussion. I doubt it. And I'm sure the news media is no longer interest it. It's not interested at all. Because you see Roe vs. Wade and abortion that's a settled issue the Supreme Court settled that right. So there's no reason to even talk about it we can just keep killing babies whatever their inconvenience to us. That's when it comes down to. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back Vince Coakley radio program. Right away on this abortion issue and very interesting and timely story. As reported by lay from On the abortion subject. Senator Rand Paul. Has filed an amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. How many times has this been tried I'm like getting on grant's case here. And it blows my mind. You know people are all the time. Ling and Lee fainting event with the begins when you say things Connecticut ready to go after the Democrats. Has that darn Republicans are worth squat. They really arch. Why is it's people like Rand Paul are in the minority in the Republican Party. Can you explain that to me. Why is. Why is that a majority of the Republicans. They had liberty scores. She or below. Why is that. Senator Rand Paul has filed an amendment through the senate appropriations. Package. Toward offense labor health and human services and education that would defund Planned Parenthood the nation's largest. Abortion provider. In organization founded by guess whom. Margaret singer. Pillow. Seems this is where see symbolism. Forget about symbolism. I don't even mind you know if you wanna even leave that stupid you know bust of Margaret Sanger in the Smithsonian going to do that. June what you do yet take our money away from Planned Parenthood that's substance. You do whatever you want. Private organization. Gulfport. Which you know what. You don't deserve my tax dollars. Let's give you some disturbing numbers. Here's what Rand Paul said by the way one of the top priorities for any Republican congress that professes pro life values on the campaign trail. Should be to stopped taxpayer funding for abortion providers. This is our chance to turn our words into action stand up for the sanctity of life speak opt. For the most innocent among those that have no voice. Orchard just sit and think for a moment okay just think for a moment with me. On this next sentence. And really let this settle into your spirit and your heart and your mind. Not just a number. Planned Parenthood performed 321384. Abortions over this past year. And received. About 4543. Point seven million dollars in federal funding. That's half a billion dollars in federal funding. They killed. 321000. Babies. Last year. Just think about that. You gonna complain about school shootings complain about school shootings. I'm going to highlight the fact. We fund it the killing of 321000. Babies. We did that. Where's the outrage. Where is the Republican Party Mitch. Ditch Mitch McConnell. No I don't wanna have any problems in getting these bills clashed we've got to make sure we have a consensus. Now. We need to work in a bipartisan matter. Get older this. Senator Paul facing an uphill battle within his amendment. As senator Richard Shelby. Republican. The head of the senate Appropriations Committee hopes the senate can pass a spending bill this week without poison pills. Like Paul's amendment that would cause a democratic filibuster and here's the dumb stupid thing about this they don't even made the Democrats do a real filibuster. We only have sixty and really get that gig doing anything it is. May those idiots stand up there and talk and show the nation what idiots they are. Forever. Make him do this for the rest of the year. You know when people talk they show their own stupidity they revealed the depths of their ignorance. And a black this of their hearts what did you let the nation see that. Sure took them. Well known what we've got to leave out African umpire party should matter. We can't do that. Senator Shelby goes on. What we're trying to do is move our bills. Probably more like move our bowels. That would be a spoiler he said. He did not rule lot of photo on the amendment but did say that for now. It was not among the amendments the senate is voting on Tuesday. In spite of the GOP controlled the house and senate Republicans have been unable to stop federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to. And attempted to fund the abortion giant in the obamacare repeal bill last year failed. Due to room. Republicans small majority in the Senate's. You're telling me. You got controlled house the senate and the White House. And you can't defund Planned Parenthood you are absolutely free can worthless. Where are you Thom Tillis. Where are you where are richer voice. Richard where where are you. Lindsey Graham where are you. Tim Scott where are you. All Republicans. From the Carolinas. Where do you stand. I would love to know. Because now's the time to be counted I don't wanna hear you during campaigns. Talk about how free can pro life you are. Because when it really matters. Like now. We can't find you. Where are you. That's why this is why I've made the point that is. We really we were really beating a dead horse. We somehow think that sums it something's gonna change for the better we're gonna make America great again. Come on. Listen to me here. We can't even get something like this done. Found they shall. Does the idea of protecting life human innocent lives if you can't even do that. Don't come talk to me about anything else. Because it showed she really don't have any any convictions that matter. None. Let's go out to heat you've got about a minute here Pete. From convention Peggy you're a wonderful portable these are what are what are going to kill. 300 something thousand. Paid each and every time I had this discussion about double. They were sub yeah the other side of the argument. They say although I don't remember the punch at him and prevention. That far. And I just started in popped a ball but that's credible anymore with that type of money. And some option clustering their own money can I compare her to keep it well it fortune business. Nothing about Medicare reimbursements. I just wish. Somebody could carry this all been. Can't find a way to prove. Boat just proved conclusively that the amount of that well or Medicare money. That's going to Planned Parenthood say what's up plus the. Or turn around and using applauding efforts for war yeah there you go here you've hit it on the head here peeps. You know and again I hold Republicans responsible they're in charge they've got control. Sure it's how you use that power. The final stretch of our broadcast on this Tuesday. Just some items on the tech slide and bring expense limits. Can make you very much. Ironically the message most lost years it tearing down statues neither changes history there were somehow. Wright's past wrongs. Yeah. Also. Donald Trump's done more to save babies and eighty modern day present by securing our Supreme Court. We will see. All of those Republicans who are not supporting anti abortion legislation or eating lunch with all of this like Democrats who were in favor of abortion. Just making nice to other matters. White girls refused to get pregnant and have babies black girls kill their babies didn't go forth and subtract. And this this throughout history societies have turned to human sacrifice just prior to their demise. God will not allow this to continue anymore and then he allowed the incas are the Roman empire to exist. And this person saying I'm points today events thanks for your. We self affirmation. When we venture down I 85. To our upstate studio and our good friend Alonso. What we do that I also would give you a heads up about a contest one who urge you to take part in. We can win tickets to see the patriots vs the Panthers. How would you like to do that Friday BankAmerica stadium. Those view listening. In Charlotte to listen to John Hancock. Fans vote Thompson on Thursday. Fans and the opportunity to enter into this contest or to register every one within the senate by voice registered WBT dot com slash contests. Yes if you in the upstate listening on that other station you may do so as well. Chronic type that Alonso ready for some questions man. I'm trying to enter into the contest. Ellis. Yeah right 1858. These debates between these people these two individuals. Became very famous. Are you to do is mention one of them although I know a few mentioned one you probably know the other way. And people said hey we need to have these type debates today. What we're okay. This Abdul. Yes the way well wasn't a duel but it was a debate between two famous names. One of them went on to come president by the way. All you have to do is mention one name. In studio any guesses. Won a vote from that John and Charles this after Simpson debate. No rural. All right Lincoln Douglas debate style. Douglas went on by the way to win the senate seats in November. But Lincoln would later he gained national attention which certainly led to his election later on good for him. I would like to speak for the rest of the guys and saying that your prince were horrible I know they were there are always hard. Cut cut cut cut back our rights in Italian waiters stole this. This painting. From the Louvre in Paris it was recovered in 1913. Stolen 1911 Rick coverage. What was the painting. I believe there's a song about this and I think that's Coakley could sing so well I don't know velvety smooth I. Police you're right it was the Mona Lisa. Stolen. Sing that's really funny. 1987. And this movie opens. You wanna say it nobody puts baby in a corner. You know what I'm refusing to answer we'll talk. Does that went. Complied and I've actually seen this movie so you know you've seen it I recuse myself get out of here. I thought come on our guys in here worry it's a thirty day and bad you do that Smart Alec men card please why do you who insist the acknowledging that you saw the movie what's what's rumor that's. Nancy. And you know the next thing you know we're going to be talking about ballet. Well. No we're gonna draw a line there are we doing that. 1959. This statement came the fiftieth in the union. Number fifty. Alaska. Hold its line. Iron. Okay events are always gonna have you meant Puerto Rico. 88 I could be fifty Wyden of some people have their way. Yeah. Hi handsome bizarre stories here but I don't know whether I have any time left to talk about these as dear. There such classics. But I don't know what to do with (%expletive) I should receive this. Move. I think I should save these for tomorrow that's probably smartest thing because we can put some time into this. Our great talking with few months or cancer begin tomorrow hey I have the time in my life times. Jesse that would. No I'm not even gonna try and do it do it. And young man. Not going to do it by the way we need to tell you about developing news story. In the final moments year it and this is in the matter effort case. You kind of wonder whether. What's his face. Who is the guy hey the who's in charge of this probe. So far they're having a difficult time in the manner effort takes. And the judge has communicated to the jury if they cannot reach consensus. The jury can reach a partial verdict this is crazy you think in the mountains of evidence that they've been given in this particular trial. It doesn't see a lot for the prosecution doesn't. Dads they're having trouble coming up with a consensus. This would be in one sense kind of hilarious. If they stinging blows up. In the face of these special prosecutor. Nonetheless we'll continue to follow the story and much more. But you wanna do something. Just love people today. You know don't get caught up in all the nonsense. And have a great when. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.