Steven Donaldson Of W. H. Hobbs Plumbing

At Home with Roby
Sunday, January 14th

Steven Donaldson of W.H. Hobbs Plumbing joins Patrick and Trent to discuss how to protect your pipes in the cold weather.


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Good morning welcome at home with ruby Apache. A passage from red services. Rookie electric WH house money in ruby in the main one thing it's. Companies in the money right now. Just think it's funny that that tells them. Joke right or you quit they got through you know lead in your normal. I hope I hope in the latter segments. Are gonna predict economic future normal chipper. You'll really know and. And your life man Baghdad pools these wisdom jokes adams' we you know who I'd I'd just finish my cup coffee propagate the zing. Eagle on hears about about Tennessee team black Alice talking to one of my buddies. Dear friend he's from west Salem he's in the transportation business. And he's gonna come our show and a couple weeks I'll stop until Ramon waited recording this Mora said amassing a double date sneak come on the show. Talk about what's due he self made I mean literally needs to be. It's. May end in Maine and and broke and he was running and medical suppliers. 2 in the morning in his Prius is that really true at long Payer. It was oh. If you letter that it's any started this started this basically he's he's transportation company. And I but the funny thing is he's on he is an old country boy. In he volleys yeah yeah yeah like that ports blocked it it. And an I relate I know that light in he started the man a couple years again and I. Is our means and him and V into the country bullies. And I grew Tony's tree is due back in port so he asked basic I mean I don't radio show going to be. Mr. Squier. I have you on the show and about a month at least thanked him. He's the dad insists on a lot ass face on Hamas a lot of Lola thank is the term of endearment. And to at least some really really really also come home last night. I mean we you know we traveled a deal on the winner holiday holiday. Coming to life life is Google's move Reagan in my family right now last not release him and come home last night. For more rate insane in a meat board sit in the kitchen table. Eight daddy hey did you know and he's kind of been in daddy spears lately. In Reagan's that you know he told me about two errors just out of the blues he Sonoma valley learn to eat Ernst three. He'll be three he turns story on the thirteenth. And I think that it is yesterday was his birthday. When you hear show. But she said he said just out enlisted Betty my he wrote. One thing about act. But I think that's cool I'm not the amendment say some that only ETA in an emotional statement. But these were cool about that is misty tries again to you and your annual bonfire. And you're here it was your dad. And we had annual bonfire. In honor of your dad had a month old friends need Agilent in a bunch of us and it again later in life due to the company. And we we had a bonfire Al Teddy sound that. If that pharmacy at the idea out there at him I tickled the it was with it gets out there are now Bryant road one more time. Elbow would burn Christmas trees I think we learned roughly forty year dead it was. The crowd and I think that's a cool eat cat that traditional Latin whose story is by happenstance and kind of started. Right after right after you eat your father passed the way. I think he says hey guys want to come you have similar apple goodies. Ross opens nobody's at the funeral. And this old school and you get become a tease you you know you're several years it become home foreclosures on the but this but I really try to keep it just really old school school people and ruby people really SS. And and I have dear best friends. The imam modern life. That day. I they don't come because this is so schools. Which is fine and at. It does it mean if we have we have added time is money in you know. We have the camera system. And our entered the office now out on the Indian that bright before his fires this happened on Friday. See this red truck comes agreement do the parking lot with a trailer on it about 48 Al. Twelve Christmas trees the keys. When this if you seen a liar liar and hold Christmas trees down yeah so that's it that's how we recycle. Give it to the guys that's it with our cities such Maldives Cole is is. Who would clean and now mom mom's downstairs basement. Because we're about to move over to redo our round yet and and I'm going to all my stuff such as gay Christian about six or seven old school things to get frame from office Oman member bring you law. In I got. Some old Dean Smith stuff I have I have a JR Reid poster from Chapel Hill this is shot Newt. They are remembered that at who shot JR. And I got old Jordan poster from Chapel Hill like old school and I have the America's team which is the first to dream team he says the American yet. It's got my good to a magnet river 1992. That was big to imagine it was huge for that was the write me in. The Olympic Committee US Olympic Committee allowed produce to play basketball in the wreck or out. That was the dream team and Alice Jordan Johnson. I think young talent ecologist at one college goes Christian like their eyes in eighty Shaquille O'Neal wasn't on the team and there's little hoopla that it was a better players so I have Diana and gain re frames at this that the office and that all these old magazines like highlights. Several Sports Illustrated from Jordan's championship. By Reagan Mamie doling out Omar car magazines because he was. Now we concede yes Estrich. I'm generally not require page Roma law on our Mark McGwire made the aspects. He needed while at the end rhetoric and after it was. I learned that because they you know eats at them in the of the base in the Winter Olympics are just around the quarterly tennis not the same probably is analyst at the end it. At this facility was disarmed always watch it night that is sealant I agree and and Reagan in my. Reagan's gymnastics and accused him Nazis mail. Gymnastics. A US with the Winter Olympics summer with. Note not. It's at ski jumping. The fine to me labs are battling an element out there as we have Stephen Donaldson from Doug Yates house very timely showed today. Talking about frozen pipes and well what they call whether the one you moments with you two types right. Stay tuned. Welcome back man whom the rode a Patrick but I think from the services along kidneys and movement in the company and we are it's. Trent got Stephen Donaldson. In the how. So Patrick got. All house hoping you'd messed up about four more times like it here the whole. Tom Petty in the Hart may name and you know 11 day we knew we could dealer at home with Randy Tate says. No wait hold almost on the end to. So bottom. I don't listen to a halt bacteria that Steve he says he Smoot is cal I'm Paula. Say the full Monty has held out hope Patrick. Little Petri peace messes like. And I and. Now we're out buddies west sides joke grown baseman moved baseline I. It. Wasn't communicated here are agent laughed at this. Do you Wear a baseball had that they were kicked in favorite team uses. And in her I don't know needs inaction NAFTA had down in flipper but there and a half man estimates that are ethnic like. Definitely. David at Providence and east side baseball bat and public seniors know that Georgia he sat on him in Europe from the lesson and will literally soared this. We record this show on T today say two outdoors. Prime I don't I'm Stinson and welcome. Percent ideal man to longer if you don't our show before right. No one of the time came in and talked about a few things and when I say are coming year fire we are at a family mile. You know most org prominent weekly now you you've been you've been a higher than in the radio. Yeah. Its sponsor you're looking man it's looking more radio which he said he does not connected if you wanna see what Stephen looks like him which now like it like intake and our FaceBook page. We easily post a photo of our guests with doesn't. And today. Trent maybe our New Year's resolution should be and we were stepping into the tuning in India or reality into the press get a self the purchases of regular Williams knows stick. There was no SE but we did yeah that's the one well. Tell you out I was watching a little bit of the game last night have one of these commercials for a new apple Biden. And top model the camera nations and how you do all these aches and it is really the scourge that so much crap you like I'm never gonna do not have put the dinosaurs in the picture. I mean I don't wanna learn new things that we might wanna learn at this point in my life is to play guitar. A final hour. In it is nobody's talked about that that. I mean analysts and products risks to bush to come off from me it might be if it went on a fine piece in my head. And that might give the mine and the attempted act as he did goal it's not for especially it's not work related. It's anti India fears that indeed is his music. I always I'm too old to learn a thing I'd always thought if you Iraq's door and when those is true that security now and earn on all of Iraq's dollar. My best thing to be botch rule ill and not on I was in this man's house music promoter. Again racing capital for Nike didn't little M&M junior. Am O Douglas so food. We're keeping with our team as we say in the first segment. Rebbe services come on in the year. We're trying to really dropped this moment in let people know what we do and and talk about Arab prisoners not them better. And to talk about. Plumbing. Stephen and all the issues that people have been have mean. With frozen pipes and busted pipes and all. And we've got a lot of room since last week. Majority of issues is just people coroner plumber improperly. You know though the cold weather and they will bill factor but the main things exposing it to. No 9% of the part we fixed have. For bus echoes of that when this from us and others sunk to an explosion that then. You know we have installed a lot of parts last week and you know we try our best to Covert. They prevent it again but and maintains the keeper caught. So moved when it gets extremely cold relative to this now or anywhere for that matter. The reason why we have all these busted pipes and commonly x.s. If it's gets the below freezing and air for long enough the pipe the water and pipe freezes correct in this and generally in N. Incoming pipe with pressure that's right. And in it'll freeze and somebody doesn't have water entry you know a lot of those cult. And they and but win another phrases. It had expanded in bless the plight that's right. And in the water Falwell leaks that oniyama. And don't bust ever Tomlin. The pin what part that is than. In the situation. There's a power. Hot chances going bust it will let me ask a question is a matter of it if it's a copper pipe burst of XI is one more brutal in the other yep. Copper is just bridge is important to have any stretch factors flu when they goes straight at grips. Pacts and few other brands them which you know which is a formal Platte yes or plastic aren't what does this. Flexible. Has a stretch factor to a so it has a constriction and go back to a normal form when copper just a region don't know let me ask you. Get a little tangent here. A growing up I'm old school hi Ian construction residential construction. Never use anything but. Drivers. The way to go. And copper bagged me and I know that was when they were trying to I underway with the new Polly pipes and plastic pipes and I don't think they're really Kolb. Eczema on Minko all the Buehrle has I'll be doing man now a little bit known as a great fight right that's the greatest ended. The Fries has the fact that it's if you have great IPO earlier crawl space like ten and reject it I like going in my roles they do on a weekly basis now. But that's a if you have great tie that's something you need to be where I mean in Europe that day yeah. Usually those plastic fittings and I was like the first generation of panics. Corey back in that nineties and 2000 or 2000 from it. As a I'm right there yes okay. So they had a lot of problems I think it fittings they would expand and contract in the innings of pop off. Well and that and some of many are for sure and I think chlorine you know in the water and so on the chemicals and warm which is make of things dry out and. SMS buck so rude that's what the big bullies that it immediately catcher. Episode. They got away from that town passes. And now when they have tanks which is proven to be a great product that. It's a lot more efficient. A lot to install. And right yeah a little bit super Basel and the material is cheaper especially copper prices are still low relative to the last in years. The week the week we gotta be known commodities might rise. And then I have a little more flags and win when you have things like this. I just used to tell people back when I started its own jobs and what I was trying memo bother. In early two thousands was never use anything that opera if money's not an issue. That's right and so we preach as oil Oracle's coming to me. You know almost schools well you know. Did I believe in copper it look better to me to see two straight pipes and in you can make your uniform a look good have ruled much smaller joints and it does look like your plumber and Joseph. And then. When tech's first come out. Ed. It was a spaghetti that was ever worded and have a lot of traps and things whom you put it ended just it looked as good as copper and and back then you know who. No one set don't know looked on paper what part was the best known and copper still doomed hero ball four but. For residential locations some impacts I think has. I will be volatile mound lite is more economical and it's not an inferior product misses is out quality products. Problem and come come about to redo my house and I'm an abuse. Picks and officer it and it's easier to repair team just keep that in mind if you. And not just vanished. It it has while more straps and things now for you to put it in a make it look nice and round and and dual hoc quality jobs and everything. Sort of hopeful for it just didn't look well you know and go to Ohio and job and then you turn around and you go up part fallen on the film that is the widget right. So Lou. Tidbit of information since we're doing good thanks business in my head right now you didn't get in this segment. Don't yeast PVC drops for your waist. That aren't all they're still lit your drains we had a customer complaint this week who won now and the what do Roger we dip below one to her house and live there while and they don't go downstairs room. Based on that much and it was down there and disorder recognized how while the drops war. Yeah when people flush told us. A lot of towns in houses built in the eighties and early ninety's. You know these nice nice houses arts croft and stuff like that but he trying to cut cut a corner. They would yeast BBC because it's more economical in the vertical drops and I you can hear in the now and room and yes there are there restroom pledged that the whole. So cash star drops spin the money on campus RO wrote that laughing. Now Stephen moo man we're dropping a lot of knowledge here restate for a few minutes yes I I wanna talk about what any what you can do. After his call whether he would stick Alice let's listen to this CBS A. So yeah. Welcome back at home with Fred I'm Patrick a cast from Rosie services along with me hasten from the ruby and the company's. Yes we aren't your history it a little bit idea constitute about. Few minutes before we cut to break in Dallas segment at a little. We got a little distracted which is a manual and brag a little bit no I'm just saying that we are people pop analysts like dad. Yet Seattle. But Debbie DT listeners. I'm sure your listen the governor Pat McCrory. I think I think he's Roland from non a team and only base. The radio personality. Duel well he's that he's a dear friend of mine and I. Among go have lunch with the NASCAR should do in season I would get Mon says it pop and it shows BA he just. I don't know if you heard that and we'll say that league does open the door plus three are related to say used only look at where to meeting with. Governor pat and I and I hate it gas into doing. Mechanical may we knew we and then he he can grace us with his presence on the and the probation on the grid I think he I think we can set and a but dental it would hear Stephen Donaldson that the the man Emery it WH house plumbing and is it we're talking about. The cold weather that we've had Stephen obviously we we've been busier than. In anything and I imagine those farmers or with with Korea hides leaves things of that nature but the true the true. The biggest danger point is after. Pipe freezes as a melt you don't know if you have some inconsistency maybe there's a hole or break nearby and he may not even be aware of at this point. Because really if this is a small leak that the water pressure in the house isn't gonna change two nights right. But if you do you have a concern if you have pipes are exposed in your cross base. This is something that we can help you out with just have peace of mind used to calling meticulous. If you feel like you have a leak or something of which are c'mon check and make sure. You know one lesson crawl space a lot times you you'll know route lets us a gusher of me you can hear it needs to hear running through your bosses. But the official small league there is a possibility you never know there. Playing in let's talk about dead in the we're not experts in this in this field by any stretch that. What can a small lead you know it's still a small eatery in an in across space or time can do like create the M word that nobody ever wants to their front Israel signaled. Ruin your war bill you know damage or four from their lot can happen week. It's an a little rural house and don't wanna miss a two bedroom one bastard. And the told it was run. And the total is run and I got it similar not even to the point nowhere that Tenet said to tell what. And I. And for three months my bill list triple. You know then got the water we are real talent Belmont allow out of that was told I was gonna say some similar former guests on the show it Kenny Smith comic had the same thing happened in Charlotte and he said listen but atlas in your mind. In my abilities astronomically higher than it's ever been in. Yeah I think we since an editor takes him very quickly easily and when he was paying a month is increase on his bill over two months. Was less in his duel for us to repair that that. A toilet for a week goes to lower commercial places that. Several hall or bills in this fun out there just a lot of tolls in the in the bill Leonard Little run and cause we just don't take care was will's. Some residential places they never Pettit in its tentacles as a war within the people pay the bills calls a pay. A Bill Haas. Well all week of fun as Ronan tolls we fix them and it goes back down. A case of property management says if they did and commercial building. I mean this this is a contest of it that you don't think about is his money is burning at your pocket. Having give us a shout me some and it it it's not an emergency grant money to come out today that. It's on our schedule late in income due to check me don't think to maintain your toilets. But she never would not think to maintain your HTC if it was costing efficiency and money in the your same same thing and fraud water money they'll literally going down drink. Only win coming in this segment Alice what chuckle and them myself because I'm so funny. 888. VA HVA. See people in heat and air people. Get real busy and extreme heat in the extreme cult correct take is that this comfort and systems Freudian stressed. Plumbers did. If we get real busy to earn extreme cold the cut pipes freeze it with him and in and also when there's a bad Mamas and as revenge outbreak in the. That's right at the ethics ethics board that. Let's go to the biggest thing we had this here is a lot of titles Peter implement. And if you power goes out you know those things he Bob Powell and bill freeze on you then and there's a lot of home oil will put in without insulation pipes have to be insulated. Political figures would pipe installation and that cancellation or they will freeze. So we have to go wild we looked out of the problem is as we've fixed a lot of pipes this year but then people war. Gore Hindu what they need to do to really get it ready for next year calls if we font issue like the tank we'll we'll fix that but if there's. Foundation issues or installation issues were you need to get it done I mean he's going get a handle closes this collective. App so you believe in tank was water heaters are sort of I don't think they're in their good there's a threats away Sunday afternoon if Iraq and if you Ronan and has some. We can obviously help you insulate pipes on it taint the sport even if you walk outside covenant this afternoon or today he walked out had a tank was here it's un insulated. Is that something that a homeowner can tackle themselves yeah. You know you're just sitting get those door right pipe insulation. The stuff you normally Bach. Of but the homes the worst isn't code great installation for what they require and then. That's not quite enough insulation you need to put some bad inflation there and you know stuff around just the little correction facility and the answer yeah and Anderson just recently does this sort of stuff what you see in the crawl spaces up paperwork side in this Bible class so there. They're only paying journal parent Pink Panther and that every kid probably had the experience and one of the attic and grants and insulation rabbani's because they won at Pink Panther did I can do it around you it's in four. If you. Lots say he has story least insulate you know and l.s one of our main jobs. Now now the bell our guests of insulation house more fish in the sub out month in general but. They used to be the summer labor helps job in the Christmas labor L. And and our superintendent Kim Delaney got dresses so he's he was my balls man he tell me to go home and take a take a hot shower. And it would open month or so well hot shower closes report that union makes that was it he says. He's you learn life lesson easy go home take a freezing cold shower opens your Portland used glass at a. And yet there's still a roar from me a trial that intensity that it does the and then we're right on right this house. But that's a fitness an excellent point Stephen that you're making about tank this year and a lot of people didn't know that when they haven't Adam insult Italians on the fly. And the just just take a look mean if you're not comfortable put insulation on the pipe yourself give assists out. In that eight it is it is pretty simple I'm not rampant and in in instantly that's all you're doing. That's fraud and and as far as most Palmer for putting that was found a pipe installation Rangel is just. There's just not quite enough farming you know normally don't get cold rush her elected to the last week or so but with that you know several days of that tunnel was there. It it. Her so if you have a tank was water heater that's your house's functioning and power goes out you don't have a generator. Rubio lecture allow it and now I have dollar. Your dog or a fall or know. Go elderly even on a lot of regular Holler your. You don't allow regular home or hitters as well technical theatre you actually can take a battery back from your computer. Plug it up and you could give a little used on road and which won't have again it this surge protectors and that little it just it. It of all it takes is a small sport and the story that's another print. Out. Pretty gutsy yes it does hurt but it is not gonna keep though the glow plugs and things in the from freezing again but to transforming the moral of the story is get a generator. That's right from Kohler in lieu of software. Said. Also wanna say to that had a call went on a Sunday 2000 Turk and mark Lyons had a womanly. It was because of his laundry piping was in his attic on the second floor by the kitchen and he said it was warmer today and I don't know lastly keen now in the deal is if phrases. In you don't really notice it until it starts to fall. And this is to ease today. I think is supposed to get up about faith in the mid fifties today. Yesterday I think it was in the low thirty steel. So so this week tees it wizard were pride just to see a lot of guys come out clauses with this one really we've already on call in the war without a few people cross and then next week. I think explicitly told again yep looks like. Thing is only sixty something Friday just right. I'm going when Doug content in the eastern North Carolina Friday and Saturday says but I'm glad we're a little other forms at a literally the EU didn't do a piece of recorders on Tuesday and the EU considers the forecast if you listen this on Sunday. Hot forty low 21. Poor winds for today in the Youkilis out on Sunday we repair record us or talk about the weather being warmer yet it's gonna get calling in Sydney readiness and. That's right now estimate things and prepare for you know occur over all your also false this with things from and they felt the little covers. He knows all the suppliers and at worst film but if they sell elected who bought every year gets cold. I'll go assignments take old teacher and time around it or something just soaked in the brick dwindle flows going name. Was Stephen thanks for joining us how can people get a hold up it. This calls that the office of a 43321119. 3321119. A statement Donaldson would delegate chops. A Roby services company. Welcome back at home throw the Patrick because for review services along with an hasten from the ruby family of companies. We are your hosed EP missile last decent let's get back and listened. Especially the cold weather that we just had technical whether it's coming in now. We had Stephen Nelson and the leader in Hobbs plumbing is at ruby Ayers has company on the show he was killing innocent it's really it is about what you can do to prepare yourself. 44 the cold weather opt that he is story happening on Saturday. Released Friday night and the nine. Not this Friday afternoon tea fire it will talk about that it. I got home Friday in my wife's aunt that recess importantly it laughs at that earned a mess with in the morning McCain town is about 28 degrees outside. Is that 29 degrees mine and mine and mine yet in mountain on the level my house elements were all in house. And cons pros. I wrap it likes the mental institute in last segment in crap and a it says that compensate conference here I am in the industry I know better and so what is economists say. It for my HTC says and it's in my crawl space so it is does drain. Correctness can pump it up is yet again across based Al outside house. If you have a craw space we have with pars or across they say it is if I'll pass the house a white. Generally light by some as a painting or does the cover that dabbling learn from it and so you know we were down there and the HTC contact Iannetta is well that he need he came out in and we were able to decipher with a came right back on his. So. You've been crawl space three weeks and write the AT&T so well that that was that was the project number line. Putt at number two was eyes Hannity and re paying eighty one of the it'll all speakers moment. TV in my living room and we have HDMI cable on the cross basin and the Indian that to dupe them myself. Aberrant that disease the eight the in my cables. So that my daughter is six if we talked about this latches. And the lack whose family affair. We went dropped it would pull it that title line the old bus line to a new line. Drop in the crawl space in that my daughter is down all of actually it but you learn that fish entry from Jeff from it's a champ provenance instantly duct tape and all. Black black let it suited him we rewarded in the race in my Q why my and a little bit respect from me for known at a I'll concede it yeah. You are. The CEOs. Electrical and implement this guy. After the feed my guys come home ale will prove all pop Iran right it's well documented. And the years I am an effort. That is pressures. Latter's talk to you Matt math cold weather and Hillary is have a whale. And it's not an insulated. Is stone veneer and has little little copper rule. Out. And now when it gets really cold it freezes. So lastly don't want more and I. You know get out in the in my in my. You know computers have come cubs copy game Mauritania and again begin this hour. And I that they now no longer on nom like alma outward that is the benefit of having your mother who lives next dole. And heaven and insulated well at her house says. Say anyway sent to we have a little heater we keep and will house. It's wrinkled. And yet it's as simple spicier the fifteen dollar space heater from from maker. And nice room the program and it anyway. So who's the funny thing is that when they sort of salary it was cold it was like fifteen degrees outside Iran nasal must take a shower. Before that my wife site you've got to put a heater in Wales she went pattern ailment but either way but and then taken much our. It hit and then froze so you know it's a separate instances where the ground here. This game at a packed. And it got the gun law back in a room so they mess us up on segment two and now a sellout crowd and development well. I'm a person has no talent whatsoever in fixing things room construction. Pace this year I was very important for me listen to because my wife is given up on the sign need guys like you said. The tell me how to fix things aren't indexed I've and a little chemical aptitude. If I can fix things in government. But I can't fix things in my -- how are you good at bay you have that Willard got and then there have been no that was pretty broken when I became my governor but he hits a lot of I think or you lower your income taxes and you better may have already left that deficit we did some good work but. My wife would say can you fix the run and toilet and it was so we're just talking about my inability to fix things to you in hard times are being the president of it services company and I'm not the canticle entities terrible we you know I've actually known this guy. Before. You actually been in my house before how old were you when you're a mile. Then when I was 98. I. Yeah anyway work in my house anyway out is right is structured policy in my late teens yeah and I thought about was how old. A Nazi route seventy. Yeah. We had a covers and we had a conversation the other day of of Hal Hal and I'll tell her how he's such a young man now Benjamin button you know back when your teenager you're sleeping fluids and they need your sweep of floors of my sedate. Look loaded no client now our clients. Can you I was probably younger that you wore today you thought I was that'll make you definitely words and ideas and become aware that later like a have you become a better sweeper that's all I wanted to. This week on the I am really use sweeper. Yeah we get today you're construction guys are doing your house IE. And that is an island went with my house Vietnam remember all the medals and a fire routes. And keep them so that was that we need to earn far in the city. And now that massacred after night I'll let it. Do you are broke dialogue that when you're mayor right yeah you know recognize the seeds I was mayor and from 952000. Why. I was mayor all your life. What will pass. Thanks for company has got to come back boat to a GAAP pat on the show he's gonna do do do that main segments. Thanks for joining us. Have a wonderful Sunday.