Steven Donaldson of W.H. Hobbs Plumbing

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 27th

Trent and Patrick are joined in studio by Steven Donaldson from W.H. Hobbs Plumbing. The guys discuss a few reasons why W.H. Hobbs Plumbing is the premiere plumbing specialist in the Charlotte area. The discussion continues into how consistent hard work has come to define both The Roby Family and W.H. Hobbs Plumbing. Steven explains how there is a shortage of workers in the plumbing industry, and discusses why it is so critical for the younger generations to take on more trades as careers. Go check out W.H. Hobbs Plumbing at


Trent and Patrick continue their weekly “Wish Stories” series as they discuss another wish come true. The “Wish Stores” segment is building towards out 10th annual Pitchin’ for Wishes cornhole tournament on September 16th at Freedom Park in Charlotte. You can register to play at


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Good morning welcome at home with. Patrick has president approved electric one thing he's visiting some ridden him company's fitness and impostors on the not only caritas. Outrageous dominant eight there's a flop shot of Adam. Are out of 1980 to beat up truck F 100. If you this'll lash at the can have a elusive podcasts that a dark continent sleeping the night he was not he was paying attention and we had a cleanest and Karl while they reviewed. Really isn't and we don't know who to may we'd do auto mechanic and machinery around here. With a dump truck repeatedly until somebody capture earlier Lucas are lighting in the solar old equipment on this tell you last Saturday we went out incidents at a dirt track at Charlotte motor speedway. For the circle K back to school sponsored Jane Austin and I they have adults. They have a monster truck that is a dump truck now and or four really light it. Now if and that's just crazy it didn't Lian. 44 follows winners. Link units a little bit excess weight problem with them on the back anything yet they it was a fellow jumper. It was a damper. But unedited. That the the monster truck rally was. Really cool it was really. And listen. Yet you get off FaceBook and get off the news. Introduced so we keep rambling. And get out there and go to some like man. Any thing we went to care wins on Friday we did battles Saturday. And some look at the diversity. In get a little McGill serious look at the diversity AM mom I said this late in the month. Look at the diversity around you look how happy people Laura Kelly in Iraq. Is Acela now. The economy's doing good when the monster truck rally is sellout stain and room only only he'll. And you have the diversity in all walks of life route there and it's full of kids and in in Iraq have on me. A wonderful wonderful wonderful family. I'm proud of America. Lest it now you're right I mean hand. I still wanna see pitchers this dump truck monster down after settlement in the game and follow winners. Add to. Saigon salt mine at Ford has the as the the little truck mean he has no relation right. Since then the funny thing is that we had the eclipse. Monday. Public Hitler's birthday did you look at it. The mean I don't understand it as acting as a bunch of Malarkey. God is half of America not on. I don't think anybody can it's really hard stare at the sun for more what to look at the natural tendencies look away and you fall out. But it was kind of weird I mean it lights are common on. And our office and we heard this that this was extricated sorted out Howell there than it was in it was different feel. But if we were talking of which we didn't see totality and it Wii you're in a spot in the united neater. But does it did when the Columbia area in real suck is actually area. So it was like the coolest thing ever seen some wife drove down with a key isn't her father. And they went down in the Greenville area whit whit wit little. Veils. And she showed me pictures of it last night of the Ambien. And how dark allies since she's had a picture up board. And he's ever on the sound lie don't think he was too entity clues he had all as monster Frontline ally podium rates right now do you Monday's rally down a witness act. That he was serious about man. But the funny thing is Sunday Alice messed around never crossed stated it would pound this and we level missile. Skier in in this Clark comes of this young lady in. Term drought. Around across street from my house alike comes out advocate for a plane and in leaves and what was alum now he said. She sold as binoculars to our alumni and close but not so much Seles or at 16 am I posted thirty. A similarly shouldn't. One town want to and animal life like that lol well he can make some money and I'd I'd I'd blunt in the Amazon cinnamon Saturday at eight look at these and some x.s. Malice on he wrote it expect. Hot under a 124 dollars on Amazon and a what's your best tax ID number it's it's ones here as well got to go to broke up a picnic. That idol the councilman taking him away. It was a hot wing among the idea that yeah I understand national story is about a month ago I was at Lowe's one night and stuff that is outside. That'll help build. And a they had Amal Signet direct commercial check galleries mr. And Graham light you know ultimately the Ku guy like my family among white denied it was an eclipse come at once and liked. In the whole list that math highlight of the 2000 dollars in house. Blitzer the days you'll by EU ban posting that's that's the polo order for sale on the bottom. They're a little bit under the jet it was a home. That's OK and now we let's talk about organist and about a minute affluent the first segment. Watch eclipse from their offices Hobbs bombing and we had missed Stephen Donaldson the man out on them says. He is the is the Miami you know why he's the main disease are working and humbled good person that's why he's in any notes on in his it inside of 27 years and he start like. It or. Four years old tan heating of the market that he's got a pipe wrench him man. With his big out by EA. He's been achieved while he's. Added McCain heck of a golfer heck of a guy and or federal happy and the smaller deliberately family companies. We have been talking about it several weeks and mouse and enhance the middle and and after this year once you hear from Stephen and and in here about what legal in the Moodle to the next that. This cops plumbing dot com and we're worried they'll. Indeed it is since nineteen to one tree and says that the and the plumbing the can we can't ago and it and it's exciting. And it's really exciting that there business that we've been to own business would have been part of him with my whole career my dad's career and it's re hearings in Italy. So literally exciting says state with a statement Donaldson's coming up next we're gonna talk about. Hobbs plumbing delegate chops spanky will be right. Welcome back. I had a fantastic but really election. Receive pain. We are you hesitant to Stephen Donaldson in. The CD yeah I've known Steve and things state and not have known each other for close to Tony plus 22 years and has little while. It's been a long time use an you and Canon or used to always give me crap when I was sweet and we're still there. The only person and I still sleepy as he received in the nursery when the other three years old right nominee and I thank Gil allows I'm down five and Stephen. When you start with Paul as plumbing 99. 199 OK so when I was fourteen. We was 99 or ten in the summer you know working in the summer and during Christmas break means that you and you see each other ala Tom. It a little bit older in May but we've bugs but the young green tolerance and it would little duly noted that we'd be in business together and and dear life friends today. Which is good there was still war. Who is kind of funny and now you are one of the first people Stephen that I meant professionally in installer is well I of course I started Ferguson at a school in 2004. And you knew there again your like basic like. In employee. Like an honorary employee of Ferguson as you around so much and as such good friendships with all all the people in and that. I think house Colin taking orders in the warehouse when I first met she has her work as a management training that he was you are. You know give big words he suffered what he did you'd order like give me one for Intel that I'll have won Florence Elden was like when he did from one. We're hopefully we've gotten a lot more efficient and our purchasing inner city Kansas. But I know Stephen it's wonderful to have you. Doing the rugby family and be a brother in the family. That frankly. I mean and I'll get this wrong bit but it every year we have our Christmas party over the years week at times we've invited our. Other family members that are part of the rugby and we are key subs I mean that literally Ewing Kalin hornets players wonder do other people right. Yeah are we going to through my most them around him and he. If it's the I mean you man we tell hopefully they'll electrician and he nag and there are from that holds the full Monty you've Kevin horn. LA horn and sons. He's second generation they do are paying. A lot of our pain of Mary gave gas. But yet been generational. Once again he was pain now asleep and stay news caring imply this. Banana skin suit insisting let's talk a little bit about Hobbs how is coming has been in business since 1920s and says an undershirt that you Wear announces that on the vehicles as well. Aniston and that the U guys really take in the whole hold dear to your hearts and any. Even in this business are pressing 28 years are between seven years if he started 1990. All always study H Dobson and working with mr. Tucker. It in it's it's also love anyone at least a beach house and it will only primarily commercially focused it would presidential. Well terrorists primary jobs or residential service and role models and we dude. Our commercial service also. Small commercial real models. You know we normally do jobs no one else can them and reduce. You know these sort of fixed false as Porsche can't you know rule technical things were rusher this or for smaller companies that. We will Lois AS are. Offer our server shrimpers a guy export some big name companies like color blind lol yeah and okay fuel the product that's fraud. And set so let me get this right for our audience sir. If color as a product break you are one of their authorized service. You know you just call who were repurchased from and they're going to contact the manufacturer in their cola since the great problem. Arming us while we wanted to we are ready our partners but that's only sent to Vietnam on the business. Basically. Ernie I had known each other for equal minus time and I've grown up around her Ernie Tucker and and and we haven't. He has a different personalities new currency in this life that we have have have a difference in rural references to go. The coolest thing about and we talk about my dad my late father Ron hasten on the radio all the time when Alice come on up and started estimating in the late nineties and early 2009 graduating college in May ask sort of sesame. After ending years school. Roger Satterfield. Was who who's a very nice got a friend of mine as well he was the estimate her and the Dow that I really gotten as we go look at jobs together. Roger in early 2000 I wanted to or somewhere around that time. Had an opportunity win goes into. The corporate side of the plumbing heating and air business. And in our region and and happy Dan Ernie told me this thought and I noticed noted that dollar Ernie instead. I need to look at a daughter Ernie semi come bogged down you know Roger left and trying to handle this doesn't exceed it steam in the meat. And I'll handle it from there and LT Stephen had an estimate out and earning brags he told Patrick as story nice Helmand as through several on. He's real proud of that story and any things that means a lot in in what we've done and over Dolan into the features a wonderful compliment you. There were thank you hear your bills in your man he told me a lot. Specialist Manning those those rookie those days but I think a lot to learn. Somebody I think we knew we talked about on the show quite a bit. Miss it it's younger generation of people it did seed don't see the opportunity potentially in the trades is something that we are very passionate about. On both locally with with the groups that were involved with and nationally and in severe test into the enemies are in this industry when you are obvious and generally were three years old. Time with the type French but never thought he started he started using his form and be seen in playoffs I guess that's another story. But she's already be current college for enemies are now working sweeping floors right off forms and I grown exponentially like is Stephen started out I don't know Lawler and part purchase up I think a lot of flooding shut down right mean just write a story and. I was eighteen years old and and is stuck would and known this memorial the latter but just for a lot of young Disney it'd. Lucy today as you know Coles. Still star shark trade fixing things is done now a lot of people now this will replace things right and our goals to fix. Everything we possibly can move forward go to replacement and bloody joins his rule teaching that and try to keep from around but. Unfortunately a lot of you have different type mentality isn't a lot of people have Buchanon and he's apparently they. You gotta you know try to coach them and we have a few homeless has been more salaam now that work opens you'll stick around and. And I mean a run your business like a family business just like we try to run road beats. You gagged as I know you asked my brother Naji gas ego in fields he sees them a lot morbid I mean. But come the corn hole tournament they participate they root for some Facebook coming their teammates and they're really really good guys and you can tell there. They're happy whether. They're able to support your family. And they go to war with this bound her face every day in and amp for that they're veterans in the industry towels say what's the problem with our. With the plumbing and digging in there and did the services out of our industry today is the young guys. Number one I don't know wondered Dolan they have brought they hadn't met educated and don't have had haven't infield tested. For that they take the easy way out and number two they're trains to art sale and and stick it to the customer which we're the complete opposite we wanna make you go live and on and hierarchy but if something can be repaired. And you can earn your alleyways like exposed to be checking goes them the more logical and economical route for a client. That's what you guys do that's what we do William and we're always looks. Shlomo resource or don't like that yeah and asked to proms are easy way is the hay of this 1950. Tolls broke just changes. Instead has been in a few hours called a few peoples in the pitchers doubtless try to fix of form. No they want this stuff and house with a much is the house yet been known as Tom so we try our best to keep stuff like that. It's the exact same thing in construction ami people all the time and her light. All I want to renovate my kitchen but octane take this wall out causes load bearing in Iger who told her like I have four contractors tell me that I'm right we put a steel beams. Where walls are flush to the sealant. Every day it can be done is just a matter I do is the same thing on match embrace people will replace a win over. Close in a window or some on our house and Iraq are seeking matches break it by Tony came. Yet you can't do a little leg work yet to get old school with a cake right triangle decay that's their thing today. Old school and I don't that the analyst and that's how you spell school led down we will go lifted and dial out like your analogy with the break is that man Isaac coming back here all the time and I got a guy. Cunningham. These custom break him. I'll tell him that story out and you can match that you can make anything Mac lean you can find some anyhow a semi additions in town who did prick just doesn't match I mean it's completely obvious it did someone didn't take an extra time to get through and and master Britain quality. Was Steven Lee stick around another segment you have and then tell the public was going on little more. Sure oil all right we will be right back you listen back home with Herbie showed thank you for joining us this morning. Welcome back at home with proving I'm Patrick and guys like from ruby electrical on Trent hastened from the ruby family you just go ahead in the State's season now also from that Yates costs even dolls and leave me out. WH IV are you are really concerned that we and I am Lisa and I am. Dave Dwyer Phil's name one time entry entry is he nervous Wheeler by saying to me takes him talk about our placement cells. Okay our bodies to take must but the problem that the problem was I was in charge of my phone's going off felt bad. So that's now Diane yeah what how do you like. Dust in the wind as the intra actor you Vincent old school if you are seen in the the old school. We Will Ferrell I'm not. I don't know if I'm better in movies or music but I am but I'm. I'm above that both though that Reagan I knew that that's what he would play fifty days console of all things cool. If you didn't if you never seen old schools Luke Wilson. Vince on welfare roll me getting 20003. Let's break it dance yet strike Hamas Owen Wilson fan personally okay because they're by some analysts and that's my nose is object now though the senate has blond hair. And it's thinning so I think in the calendar both. Like we're similar but let's get back on on track to talk about mister mister Popey the Sailor every year Stephen Townsend with his. But his behavior mentioned earlier is his giant four arms that he hits a golf ball off 400 yards off the tee. Well I mean I remember you know I mean the salute that's the main thing is arsonists Maine are likely thousands. He was real close to our superintendent did that tragically passed away in three had been our superintendent for twenty Tony 25 years along those lines also started at Roby when news. Seventeen or eighteen. And and when you started asked the maintenance. Thank in about a Emmy thing about this your final thing about this often that Kim took you under his wing as well tightly under his wing us little whip snapper and he'd take us out of Monroe country club we're going to play golf wouldn't go wondered I'm praising -- hit the ball ma. I Stabile it the ball and haven't I don't know what happened. To me even he is he is a golfer obviously. Even better. Knowledge of the plumbing industry in the plumbing business and Stephen just basically he he run the show it outs coming image. And we'll tough battle last segment is a little bit level of of how you started. And he started sort of like Trent with very humble beginnings it will put your head down learning industry in Haiti are running a company I think assume it's a wonderful lesson for. Any young people or any parents of young people out there listening right now. It that this is possible Stevens living proof of of what can happen so this tranche. Start in wholesale distribution and payment. Let us start working in a warehouse Kansas is so mirrors and put your head then my point is start working that's yeah got his serve I mean dad used to tell me. Where we'd you know I mean. We've evolved from its but we don't socialize with our customers we serve them right now Islam literally wasted an. The the point being if he puts nose down and you work hard in serving you don't at hand and atonement this time. Good things are gonna happen the strike people gonna catch that meant a young I'm like you know war. And don't match. This just this war. You know learn and thus the problem when an all construction is yours is not qualified people out there today. So we have to go are pretty young people try to do some chemicals that Saddam trade what we have going home. And now and we count and you are not licensed plumber and in a house you're not you're not just Allen plumbing that shorthand. You're not going to be able to build that in what they tell those machines that come up bill councils and the three burning machine they keep printing machines are not going to be able to face until with the treaty printing machine had figured out now the us have been he's my Apple iPhone just fix it. It's hit a button that's Immelman didn't gonna let it get there and we won't try them excited and then. That Riley family shows that's it and I heard Staten and essentially from a another electrical contractor was on. More than these stations and earlier in the week. And east of every three electricians that retired. Only one comes in and this comes certain supplements and punish him throwing in cooling. Another set with the average licensed plumber in Mecklenburg County was like in the fifty something I think it's 56 and 56 suit and it just tells you we just don't have. The younger generation that's come into what I tell you is it shows your parents your list and I don't know if you teenage sons or it's dollars listens dollars adjusted dollars I have three of them. Encouraged him for their summer job to go be an assistant on almost serviceman we need that we will if any your child also worry. And and an honestly get paid dean Hutson those large trade in and earn a little keep thinking get into the system and can do whatever it. It was still it assists to say it was an education wanna go some nerve got a lot of home. Like the bill Plummer you gotta be in the filled so many hours you've got to put your comment. To become you know top pay a mean these guys get paid a lot of money these days it did you know in their Tom and effort to be in this business is as panel for you know the skilled they were already great live yeah. I mean oh wonderful live Ambien a woman electrical tray. In any of the trades. Now you right Demi in I think Stephen you put it in on the hedges is not a right now kind of thing and it's a site. Going to college tasteful yet for years some people take six so it will take three and a half. But it takes a time and that commitment to get through Illumina image you're there to learn same thing with the trading piece then two to three years I think there's also another study out there and it's. The average climbing Contra plumber spends forty years and a learning the trade makes more money than the average college college graduate. I was out now no question and a question. Into and he may give point immediately if we need we need females are industries will mean. At a Bandar delivered a hops plumbing to take up the warehouse now teacher and what do why fitting wasn't what he fitting was. NASA's safety he'd be upon earns his Ike may be. Maybe now she's six so we just a time Oscar she likes fighters and she's another lesser price sort of backed out looking Gator ever that quit the Clinton Era and a funny thing is. Stephen about a month ago told the story yet thing total on the show. I'm out there my middle daughter row win and whose tender sweet but tough as nails workshop and wouldn't she's messing around when me. If she says daddy actually talking or best that I can't wait until your own own own apartment bands. Oh when you're fourteen. And she goes. Yeah really the NASA yelled like you and spend the summer only each one of the trade bans. And now it's. She tells them my wife my life really cool and understands and and always talk about it but then right and comes streaming Gary's. Com. Huge token no role in about a woman Manhasset yeah of course Mullen sees a little while she worked it she politely she's fourteen and asked that Lil baby. We had a little facts. She's filming a plumber. That's what is about. What they're used to very. Our member knows in the film noon hour go to Ferguson done and there were a couple women that were mainly commercial plumbers. But they were licensed plumbers gorilla in the field. And we do give mag things to a sharp another stakes jurors schindler's more we'd the have a little. Or corner about women implement that actual licensed plumbers that brought commercial jobs may likes I have seen many of woman. Residential side but doorway of an author dormant. Wonderful I mean assays on top. Spain and I'm trying and if I find eighty hardworking and alma all women are intelligent. Hard working woman that wants to be in the trader construction industry. I'm a little promote them in cushioning and give them every opportunity we we do that with anybody has are working and humble actually. But I really think that are such an opportunity for females and of our all all forms of diversity in our industry were were looking for that day. Now we are we are seemingly got about. Men and 45 seconds left in this segment. Let's talk about Hobbs Afghanistan about. The source service base right now and which can mean a lot of different things can mean. The drains Claude if you water heaters on function properly in the lottery this leaking calls right away. Let's talk about the different services at that. That we probably all for all surfaces for residential we have you know camera equipment store equipment. We install ought ankles or Peters today we water lines new war lungs. We service tackles for Peter's which a lot of people attend are unique to in Nam they don't have done. Any thing them and we we same thing we're commercial we do all the same thing for commercial things through this is primarily residential. You know our backbone. So commercial in the flesh out these bush loves you know anything in the automatically also is just not work stoppages yeah. You know we would door all I don't like so we do have the camera equipment which. Helps a lot amino if you have a issue would a stoppage in your sword. When he cameraman assures no root there's a bigger problem that we need to remove it or something that's right in. My have to dig your room and make it a permanent fix instead of just temporary thing. We. I think he he calls himself customer and you Merrill and and he said that was wrote Mark Williams the Brothers won out of the mark plans as Koreans it was one that we do we actually had to sell. Think your brother was given to using an easy county had an idea feels that well that they did you put in anyone airline for market and he was real excited about that that there were. Actually current of the day we're known inspector and a neat as a dual thing wound covered and and on a larger and more pressure a lot better today. Yeah he'll be altered yet you'll be thrilled that was Stephen welcome to at a family were so thank you so glad I am blessed to have done BH Hobbs now as part of the Robie family companies since 192 when he and so blessed to have you on the team as a leader. And a brother thank you so much. Stay tuned you're listen now homeless Roby will be right back. Welcome back at home with president patch passing through the electric and WH cops. Functioning arm from a really that's your whole family you are that. Queen of service because I prefer to not help thinking it's our I don't know about that but maybe that maybe the blue orchid. Trent this is a favorite segment of the Senate's vote talked about make it's it is just to say Patrick does he has. Rugby electric has now which was our first services company has now evolved into. The services umbrella and now it is regulation can and for the time being their DH columns pay homage to nineteen money. Ninety money. What to get a copy that invoice and would just that we can show everybody that's pretty cool and they have an actual document. From 1922 will put on the table we were talking about it. Ernie. Tucker I think they got there first it's state license in nineteen winning man Steve insured those in nineteen tornadoes will appease. But it. Ernie you talk about it he he he's real good save an album memorably impair for an a and stuff and I guess I hit the people before him did mr. has ended as well. He has a couple pictures that are black and white from the twenties. Anderson Doug B I don't know Doug Yates are Hobbs or whoever they are but it looked like they got Tommy gun owner and they look lighter about it. Take you down before a clean match pipes. It doesn't really kill is a sign of sound. And we haven't I think they weren't there in full soon mean now they would be haven't lightened chino pants like dirty and it's lay eggs would. Balls hang in office but kept. Ignited every young hit sisters of the Tony Snow and yet okay. So this is our favorite part of the show I think we have about three weeks from today. To our Cornel terminal which is September 16 Saturday September 16 and everybody knows is our tenth annual pay temporal issues. So wanna have our best biggest blow Al Everett freedom park on September the sixteenth please come bring your family enjoy the kids area. So it for the last ten weeks to signify our our our decade of the one man. We've been talent always story's lead not so today. Braylon. Is the story and I don't know if you guys remember in 2015. Braylon story was very popular he he wished to be the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and he was actually. Our wish ambassador for the pitcher for wishes in 2015. Or eight annual he was there and will have will have at least one in and generally sometimes several wish families Arab vans of police come out this really cool. This is really heart and a warm in the making is owed it break you down is could it so. Here we got a Braylon could be described as the panthers' number one fan. When given the opportunity to have a wish granted he knew immediately it would be to coach his favorite football team. The night of his would start about meeting his associate coach Ron Rivera in the locker room to put on his official coaching year. Once he looked the part Braylon went home to his official press conference where he confidently announced the Panthers would be winning the Super Bowl that year at the them right. After making an impassioned speech to retain both coaches handed out to the field to talk strategy and were announced on the big screens. Ron politely smiled. But Braylon took the opportunity shows the crowd his dance missions many of the players quickly joined hands much to Braylon is the life. During practice Braylon alternated between giving interviews hanging out autographs. Giving advice to the players and meeting people on the sidelines. Kids were lining up negate him to sign their roster callers that had Brill as picture in the corner. Braylon even got the meat coach Jack. Who also was to be the Panthers associate hey toast to summer prior. Perot's mind in the with an imitation amount a team to come back. And B they keep pounding drummer for their upcoming game against the saints Braylon and his parents were beyond grateful and main memories to last a lifetime. Be strong be brave stay positive have a car and go cats. Coach being. That is a great story. It is a great story in Indian humid heat I think he talked about this. A lot change in not only is a skated for reform of the health and well being of the child in the Stanley but it also teaches these young guys how to how to beat. You know at. In the spotlight mean instant public's beef in all these different soft skills that Braylon obviously had full sorted and is that the mean kids a local celebrity now I think it McAleese has a big it is and it's and he dance when he was our was she ambassador in 2015. Onstage in. And I think I mean headed up by air I don't buy we have a new video that Syria video that I says vale money's his stiff and advance by the Nokia. It in Britain Braylon came out office I believe it is Stanley that the thank everybody I think demonic cutter Rudd in the offices will. He's got some skills so so if you wanna learn more about our Carmen if you wanted to donate you wanna figure out what I meaning to get out there I think festivities started eleven. Pitch in PST CH sat in for wishes dot com tell are more. And our current missile September 16. Aunt and I got I got a little subsite yesterday yesterday Ellis hanging out when a guard our clients were were remain in his house right now India on. And he's good friends with Phil colossus who. Armed dear friends with the known Phil for close at seniors now often make Alicia Meehan on the board. And India asks me how I got bubble make it was a kind of told him what I didn't tell him why's that it means nothing more to me. Trying to run a family based business stand haven't. To make a wish as the champion cheery and and and me personally had a four kids and love and to employees families with kids. That to be able to teach my family in and have my kids get involved and give back to the community in that away in the seek his light bright enough talk about the solid town. These wish kids they have the opportunity gallon and championed the effort some some do and some don't respectfully both ways but when parents allow their child library let me get out there. They learn life. Lessons that'd. That are. I mean it's just such great opportunities at ninety Braylon what you do it thank you make the woods yet to have a decent check it out pitching for wishes dot com it's kitchen without the G. PI TC HI in four which is dot com you can view for class players its interest in playing. On the very least amount seized September 16 please do and go check it out thank you for joining us today we have B have a wonderful Sunday. You're listened at home what Prodi will be bag next Sunday.