Strategies To Buy HUD Houses

Kandas & Larry talk about strategies to buy HUD Houses.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. It's time to brag being rich and generous. Rag radio it's hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry go once and co host Kansas. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective way you can be successful real estate. From the WBT studios the flagship station of the break radio network. Here are your host the rock stars of real estate Larry and get this. Lola let's the Volvo. There. Can I write a book home to me like that sound them. You know and the is that you get out this stuff and Annie your name in the tank in the again. Candace is here to. Playing Stan. Funny how that way you know one day one day she came to work and you know how like some of these I think it's Coke. Has like names on the side of the McCain and Dan you know she came into the office one day with one cents at kitco with. Did we get there. It's been even better if I had gotten alignments and legend and the one cent sidekick. The did you specifically like. Pick through them to find a new and a front and it is just on the front and that now they are. And then that's now on I'm again I'm a pitcher Abbott is only doing enough and brag dates. It was one of the Morton's they're gonna hosed people an opposite bragged ads in that stream them on for the Europeans than. And we already talked about it. We talked about it as the the be next court is not all of our congress it indeed your record. I'll. Everything we say it should go on the air were recorded in them that we did. We did. As soon as like your next course. All. Night. This planet that accident and everybody else listening. He is leaning counties like in the popping idea that there is a decline in I mean honestly it's about three of those today I waited about power and I'm not NATO and now. And one added evidence and look at it you about this idea and he goes through and he's talking about you know this. I'm this meet kind of thing. And on how ugly and I did average back act one didn't see how this whole layout they are back now to stop to be able to start this. Now that I'm. Unskilled she thought about it and a and yet at least you can say no so I had a sit so I gave myself an incentive some of them for his list them we can start senate. Right now and our back OK it's there actually. And we'll talk about quarter that's like rush is. A great yet so irrational list. Is collar rash flows buried in line but as southern Yunnan in rats is like relief when every. Poll out. Do it's the rat out a noise that rat enemy. Again thank you doing being a big that there are now count on my action for not at the Pentagon. And don't let this gradually and it doesn't go away. Does the Tylenol strong enough now it doesn't go away and it just keeps getting bigger and more Kmart. And them that's the only that but we have given up a few things. Now we have and it definitely haven't monolith like that does a couple things helps him that in perspective. Com the amount. App honestly we would ease. To put this thing in action in an off. On a camp we're gonna pick one of these things partly in an inning status. Union there hours in the union to be able to incorporate this with everything else that it had gone on in the world wouldn't. Am I think everybody irrational. We have won. A long list via the center of them they've and does that it will encounter that. And he's. We was that the one thing we talked about that. Mentally active. More bullies via the landing. Just land one point in time it's one thing I did this landing at this week so he's now one thing. And there's. A. Tons of outlook. That cam and do this so much focus sum of one thing Obama to do. And you don't need initiate a neighbor or as whining I started a one thing list in my one thing. And fifteen minutes or 30. What the heck is the point. But. I can't help. That's just an extended virgin and actually. That's great so you listen to brag radio leading the world to be rich in generous as more than his real. Let's be real estate investor and that's what we do we teach you how to best admiral state. What you'll be active or passive and then we encourage you go out and be generous and help others as well right. That's right avenue our vehicle. Com for its engineers has been real estate but that thinks that we go through on the show is more than just about real estate. There's you know I'll I'll I'll type this stuff that calls into being a real estate investor whether you can do it. Com. Full time part time or spare time Larry Spinner phrase. A well one of them. Yeah as your look at immediate threat Cutler who's two and the other one is the other let Oliver model all of our model across the board that that. David it is that the toys and I think the depends on which we're talking about the it's. A scene out every way that we acted in a signal that is an these youth and. That could now. Last week on the show. We went through all the different ways are all not ways but all the different reasons we applaud the bit of threats of putted ended writing yeah yeah we and we talked about a lot of different things and you can go back and listened to a amid a lot of things were you know there's no marketing no negotiating that phone calls no direct mail no banners signs that advertising. Most number listed below market the provide a PCR which that's a property condition report so they let you know all the maybe things that are wrong with the house. They've been cleaned out the carpets been removed at their smelly. You know you can bomb at a deep discount and there's no deed restrictions you can literally blind shall hot house the same day you make as much as you can own right. And yeah lots of data available I gave up some web sites weeks ago and get some of that data information as well. And Prius solicitude. For the show that you talked an amount that we don't last week it's Don Bragg radio dot com. Or if you follow sold FaceBook FaceBook dot com for slash later he. The church go in this FaceBook dot com port lastly it's going. Each week we post episodes they receive and watch them or listen to them there's whale male. This week. What we were gonna talk about is we're gonna dive deeper into and we'll show you some of the strategies. That we used to Baja houses the deepest part to added to barter. To our. This sequel. On the there. Yet that the there are a lot of of benefits as as we talked about last week in the should go back and check out the show. But there's also specific strategies that are your students sometimes you know that selenium thinking about getting your book. When I mean think about just give it Kumble even if you buy it in the bookstore world and animals Anthony played 220 bucks but if you listen to the show you can get for free just call candles. It's at its heavily. Anyway you know him thinking about it in your book you talk about because heart healthy is that deep discounts. You know what there's no hot houses in my area. Right well. You know it it it never ceases to amaze me people should live or work or Hialeah Peru won't work based on this or it won't work based Goldman. Million never ceases to amaze you well let's allow her at all how a parent and say I don't think anything link that was in this. But what I wanna do all of this episode is I would go in and show you some specific. Strategies. And techniques we use to be able to buy houses it's 5040. Thirty having the ball houses at 20% of list price now don't get me wrong hunt is not all we do right now we don't hide. We buy in that last properties we bought properties from direct mail. From pay per click advertising from FaceBook marketing we have bird dogs out there we put up and science we do a lot of different things to get deals but when we come back. From the break. You talk about. Some specifics. That you need to look forward to be able to Baja houses of the discount and there's about ten different ones okay. And if for once in Maryland that. Yeah right that I wouldn't go over specifically. So in the meantime call us. Eight cents and Mary go we can get a copy the book as well as the day trader. In. You mean they can we are we have banging it. Investing in real name that they are getting started and it'll stay guarded me and they they ain't getting started telling rules they they trade and and. The heartland and so how's the same day users in your. That that. 877. Larry and I can get that did you know it out see your email address you can also schedule in office work come back and pick up the physical it. So 877 Larry goat will get me on the phone text the word BER eight C 838976063. Have been. Or. You'll look back rag gradient. Investing in real estate the bearded and dinners live from beautiful pair of studios. And when Julian price words. I found from the flagship station. The Panthers. Is that right. Yeah but after Britain and Ireland. And today it's. Not. A it is and hung on it. C does. You had given. His refusal on my god than listen to the radio this and I'll read. Just talk radio nine it and play there and eleventh and me and. The problem. And my. That's a button in the slow. Little do you ruled problem. If you look at crawl sound bit from man. That was later. The the company that's 24 anyway that is really doesn't own 877 Larry go. Thank you for that. Pound you if I'm not the one that speaks few of these an idea in our office she tells let me take a lot of the bride calls because they are. Flooding me. Sam passed and help so if you get a call back from an idea or if she answers the phone she knows work with us now with some inquiring. They ego. And we're talking this week and we talked last week about the benefits of this week who have died in a little deeper and talk about a few of the specific strategies. That we use. The bottom of the you. Can this game get overlooked and that the move Juba. What you call these things dead. Mike flags of my class his look at it look like fly. That's funny. We need service they brag or human bodies. Internet. I don't think we have the right and then that Google knows everything on the. He's quick to not only and then I don't know the I have to ask Julia this technicians. Out we'll ever need. To have Brad. Under the like. Braga. Your rules the girls are we just put a piece of paper and it is but it around during. The we're gonna get some might flights leave the that's. All right slow. We're talking about some strategies about houses the deepest. One of the first things that I won't talk about in the strategies. It is number one look for in consistent number of bedrooms and maps. I can't tell you how many because. Of the house that I have ball beat calls. All Hud's web site in my distant it's a two bedroom but it was really authority. It might have also said it was a one bath and it was really two or maybe has said it was a 32 but it was really. A 43. You know four bedroom three bath four bedroom two bath. So. We have to look for inconsistent number of bedrooms and passed now. We are you going to compare this information to me. What you can do is look couple other web sites like zillow dot com or Or you can even look at. At that tax processors office right to see what it. That is being tax girl. Right so you can look that up and you can look them up at any count me. Tony website Mecklenburg County York county south kill whatever it is right. So you can look it up there to determine and find out the inconsistencies in the bedroom two bath now. Why it's important. The reason is I have a feeling you don't know I. I'll think about it what if somebody's house website and it's only want three to that or at least three bedrooms at least two bath. Hulk might have. You know. Have listed it as a two bedroom or lewis' one. So it's noncommercial open their search was all right right. So. You know if you don't really know that you're not a winner of that. Then it's no commercial partners are chiseled and you might missile. Deal that the prices at two bedroom that priced at one. And threw three bedroom were tuba players and the state and especially the victim it right in that we are talking about hook. So that's the first thing look for in consistent number of bedrooms of past the second thing I want to look at right. Is look for inconsistent square footage okay. Look for inconsistent square footage now huddled stored outcome they always list the square footage of the property. However. It's always. I but you can also verify this information on the web sites as well. And you can also verify that the tax assessor office and see what the property is being touched all square footage it's been taxed right. Once again. Once again. If someone is searching and say they want at least fifteen square foot house. Well if hod has. Has listed it is you know 12100 eventually 17100. Wright the 500 square feet all right not commercial and that person sought churches. I actually saw property went that was listed. As 900 square feet and ended up being teen hundred. The ones. Still they let playing cap off their errors the other way where they say like there's three veterans and their two. That's a really really good question Chad and absolutely do that's why it's very. Dan Reeves and me we were on. That view. Verify all the information that way and you can do that through the tax assessor to sources as well. So that's two number one look for inconsistent number of bedrooms of math number two look for inconsistent. Square footage. Number three. More days on the market equal bigger discount generic and I did. The longer that it sits there are more willing and ready to your edit. That's exactly right now with Hud just let it does though with Hud when the hole with a hot house first goes on the market. It's typically and actually typically cause there's exceptions to every rule but typically. A hot house is only available to over occupied by its right no investors can be little house until after the initial. Bidding here record. Now. During that initial bidding period which is typically fifteen days. Are seen anywhere from zero days were available to investors day one right I'll also seen up to thirty days. Now depending on the market conditions. You know how hot the market it is or how cold market is. It might be anywhere from five to thirty days. But right now just about everywhere that I talked to people that are building houses it's fifteen day assortment and as he. Exactly where in three states ourselves plus we talked to a lot of students and help them set up their own bidding business no other state. On the same note I heard Aaron. Corn on the phone. One of one of students says the other day airless ask in the differences. There a specific period for nonprofits. To bidder they inside their window for owner occupied. Well non profits there's nonprofit and government agencies. If I'm not mistaken they can typically did during that exclusive Prius C a bidding a bidding it's called or property. Listing period is called exclusive. During that first fifteen days which means only owner occupied borrowers can be an owner buyers can bid on it. As well as I'm not mistaken. Government agencies and nonprofits Coca. After that the listing of what's called extended. Its an idealistic but. It's not that complicated when you go to Hud web site when you go to Hud web site. You've got to do you look at the properties you gotta do this collector buyer time. As investor right because here's the different mart type store there's over occupant. There's and faster it is non profit there's government agency. There's good neighbor next door which means hot offers some incentives. Small discounts to its first responders like firemen and policemen in TJ and teachers right. There's called good neighbor next door which shipped live in the property right. And then there's what's called dollar holes trust me you don't want dollar hole. They don't there's only about five home in the country at any given time in the in the worst areas that the worst properties and can't even give them more. And you got amendment and you got to the I. And I have got. I've got seven more that we need to go goes through so when we come back we're gonna jump right back him right Candice. And yet he does Kenya called fig kids heart pumps up propped booking doesn't Eddie hill. Hello Monday pelican covered news today 877 Larry go for fixed the word BR a G-8 038. 76063. 877 Larry go we'll hear about. And. There are back. Yeah I think I'm crazy day. With a couple Ayers and musician thing then we will bring some real instruments. He keeps threatening to do that and then right what are you gonna bring in that bongos. Go to the. Let him Pedro. And I. So you listen to brag radio leading the world to be rich in generous we teach out of best and will state. And and encourage you go out there bride be rich and generous help others be a blessing with your blessings that we told you how to make money. In rules state in Destin right now we're talking about. Some specific strategies. That we use to buy hot houses that deep deep discounts the first one was look for in consist of number of bedrooms and bath. Right because sometimes how that might listed as a three bedroom 24. Of them atlases one map that is too. Look for inconsistent square footage. In I have a deal while back they listed as 900 square feet it was actually 19100. Commercial in the search whistled. If you're looking for a house you know. Over 900 square feet right. The next thing we talked about was more days on the market equal bigger discount now we'll tell you this I actually bought a house this in about six months ago. I bought a house. 435%. Of list price that was on the market for seventeen days I don't know how did it I do know this it never ever ever happens it's the only time it's ever happened and probably never happen again. But I do know this as soon as they except about 35% beauty in the would have only been on the market for seventeen days. I should what do we do make sure we have the paperwork if we get the deposit in the know who recently canceled. Right so typically you you start seeing them. Take bickered discounts at sixty. 75. And even ninety days or more guys even ninety days on the mark right now before thing we look for. Is missed priced properties. Missed priced properties but we talked last week in the back and look bright radio dot com to look at. At at or cop shows. And we talked last week about property that we purchased that it was listed for 44000. Of the 445 we picked them for forty six. 01 and you know we didn't pay much over like a thousand dollars shall overeat but. It repaid forty found something and sold for eight Yunnan and we didn't even touch. It was mostly. Under priced right yeah in fact we had been known that decade and became valuable. To investors right right they became available. You know our guys in the office at the time he called up that listing agent list is that the investors this today. And that's what would it over list to make sure that we got the properties so look for ms. price properties because it's not a usual. For Hud to ms. price of property. And price and a lot lower than it should be okay. Number five number five. Look for. Today. Look for problems. That can be fixed look for problems that can be physics. You know like maybe there's something wrong with with the driveway or something wrong with. You know. She rock or kitchen and or bath you know things that you wanna stay away from would be things like. The neighborhood you can you can fix and they were right not over not and not overnight you can fix a neighbor. The other thing is. Can't fix that neighborhood but you also can't fix it let's say if you if the properties are what we call flag law okay what is a flight might be asked. Let me ask you I'm gonna tell and if so just pitcher a flag on the flagpole okay picture a flag on a flag pole. The law is the flag portion of the flag pole would be the driveway leading to the road. So if you have just a narrow driveway. That you don't own anything on each side of the driveway all you owners the driveway. And then opens up to the flag portion where the house's that's called flag lot people like that in other words somebody could build a house right in front of your house. Right right he can be Atlanta. You can't be landlocked right. So that they build. You mean on either sadly get it was a wooded on either out of your job play you don't own naked bill would doesn't really matter just say the flag pole starts at the road. In goes into law right right right in the you have the bill flag. That is where your house is gonna get it somebody could build that their whole front of their lot isn't funny viewers in that attaches to the wrote right. So they can build and from a okay. So in the orchard going to be behind somebody else's house. So people don't like flag flag law slow you know that's an example of a problem that cannot beat Phoenix. That's an example of a problem that cannot be fixed you also want to make sure that you don't buy a property that's land law occurred. We actually had a hot house won't that it was it was land locked right there and and and we ended up not mine at the calls. And luckily. The guy who got foreclosed no came out and talk to us now whenever we are we we were went to inspect the property we have another country. And he said. How you get to your house. The guy who worked with the systems that will forty talk about he says it will you don't own a drop way down the driveway. You on the house back here off the wrote. Right on the house and whatever they coral and whatever but how old this. And he did not get a mortgage on an FHA mortgage on that other portion right. So he actually at the house was little right. So. We left Hud know about it in the Atlantic Council contract you know deposit. Which is usually. But yeah at any deposit back from his annual exactly but they allowed us to do that. So look for problems that can be Phoenix you know you don't wanna deal with. With major. Foundation issues structural problems of health system camera foundation has cracked around you don't wanna deal with that if you if you have a roof that's caving in or. You know leak in really bad just don't don't deal with that people after there's plenty of other good deals out there right candidate right. That's exactly right so look for problems that can be fixed right. Now problems can't be okay the next thing don't talk about it look up slab of major emissaries. Running. Just for example. We live in the Charlotte, North Carolina in Massa. Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan. Statistical. Area now Charlotte and MS say. Is going to cover not only Charlotte. Right the city limits of Charlotte. But it's gonna cover some of Gaston County some of York county some of Union County. Maybe some of our dale county. But it's it's the city Sharma plush the surrounding bedroom Sweden's Lotta people call the bedroom is slightly beat down his neck you know like where people. You know maybe they live in Roxio and they work and show you guys you know Ian and work and so right that's what that Tennessee so look outside of the major MSAs. I'll tell you this we we we live in the Charlotte them assay. It's been over four years since we have ball a house in shore and answer me yeah in fact that the last three day event. I was showing a luxury home that we ball nestled. Over at Ballantine country club right I was the one had fire damage it was like a two million dollar house rent and had like a million dollar with a far damaged so. We actually picked it up for I think it was 350 it was sold for 39 personal than. You know to somebody that paid cash in the and they were just gonna fix it up their religion in bright but there and probably put another million dollars and that was about. Summer tournament you happen to me in the house. So anyway. So the last one that you're not on I'll ask you about like how sweet ball in the Charlotte area and somebody actually brought it to us. At the Rio Group so join your local rules that investors association right yet there's land right here in Charlotte it snatch on. That's a lot of Rea mentioned on area dot com Brian. Is. Mechel and -- dot com or dot org or close to the end outward that might be might be anywhere and adding we are into it at that cares if there you go. When we come back I've got four more specific strategies that we used about houses at a deep deep discount right. For more look at that it sounded appropriately feeling have one more segment we get through this for. Usually around enough funds you know you know. We'll see how he doesn't that ladies and gentlemen. But in the meantime he does give me a call 877 Larry go. And I can get the Arab investors kid out here email address or you can text the word BER AG. 8038976063. When we get on the phone we can talk about on any schedule in an office tour for you to come in and pick up the physical kit. Talk about our upcoming three day events and where those are going to be around the country and then if people listen in to us all over the country didn't. So we can talk about where their next three days of NBC asking them out and on enjoyment joins from one of those. Can you call 877. Larry again. I yeah. Welcome back frank radios fuses the fact that music don't know what we're left with a while ago but this is the music. Like this is what we're used to rag radio investing in real estate to be rich in generous. We have been talking about this. Money does the verdict need to get tour investor kits parent remember you can think questions that info at Bragg radio dot com as well. And we'll get there isn't in America theme in my name and talk about him on the news. Exactly be proposal FaceBook FaceBook dot com ports last leery. Each go and just for. Leary had acknowledged that. Shirt follows I would love to free and you but I have 5000 for an tolerated at all. FaceBook miles so a bit different but you can follow on force. Unfortunately. But. I'll. Old FaceBook account works closely eight that is a gaggle. That is in the states but not the personal profile. And now I'm at my friend limit of reached my limit of friends K. Urge. He departed the that's funny so we're talking about. We urge strategies. That we use to. Beat the heat this. These town and yes seat time you had for a more or what are the ones that we've been there are already. Well we've been over a look for inconsistent number of bedrooms about look for inconsistent square footage. More days on the market equal bigger discount that typically around 6075. To ninety days. They start warning to take bigger discounts right. Look for missed priced properties properties that. Are already listed well below their actual value right. And look outside of major MSAs like if you live in a metropolitan statistical area like Charlotte or. Denver Colorado. For Jacksonville Florida look outside in the smaller town right. And so the next sort of wanna talk about is uninsured properties equally bigger discount now what do you might be yes. What it is a bunch insured property. And uninsured property is basically a property. Where hugged. Will not allow you to get another FHA loan. About the property unless. It it's what we call it less it is a a rehab alone that they offer for over Cuba marks. Owner occupied by. Correct so while a day it momma they wanted to see an immediate thing. Well it's because you in other words you can't buy this house and get an epic tale. Right for a second town diverted and it lines in Ireland noting uncle's house needs more work. Right and house needs more work. Now some of the properties just do a little bit worse maybe paint maybe a little landscaper and then they'll allowable forward that gets an effigy at all. To ask grow some of that money than they do the work and it's not going to be much is going to be like a thousand or 15100 dollar to work right at bank but. So if you find a property that's uninsured property and it'll say so when the listing on the right hand side when you look at property endlessly insurer and insurer. Uninsured just basically means means the property needs more work than normal. So so that's gonna equal the bigger disk right so in other words you can build more of what's called sweat equity. Right does that make sense campus. Built in sweat equity does. There you go I didn't know that they did that I didn't know that they had uninjured properties. And if that hasn't has that come up with any that we tried about. Talk about it retirement to about houses knowing that and that's Kenya now weird pumpkin. I'm part in the office with to me now past the Tonya. Thing Q that's your program. Pursuits are now immediately translated to don't hit me. I listened to you. Half the town. The. We got to move on anymore RAI for the into the show that it got it and number eight gig you're only. And number 818. Strategy for buying houses deep discount is bid on every house every day. Right that's what we'd now. Remember hunt is a daily auction. Okay it's a daily auction and you bid on every home house every single day. Just because you bid on it today doesn't mean you shouldn't bit on that tomorrow right it doesn't and they won't take it tomorrow. Right we actually did or every single hub house every single day in North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia and now. He might be take a moment it was reportedly bidding if I'm if I'm in Charlotte motor Simon rob leader Wilmington or wherever in the Carolinas Georgia. Why should I even bother. Listen we've got acquisition people we have salespeople we have closing of people we have office we have overheads are gonna buy out properties. And probably about fifteen to 20% less than you do. And that if you listen to this I got about property a lot less than you do for me to making ammonium I have a lot of miles trophies right camera just. Rightly got a lot of grand. And I ninety yeah. But that. All right that is not just me but I mean you know I'm Nancy. That's true thing that is true so. So anyway. You wanna Biddle every single house every single day that's very very important. And and key is you won't find an agent that work with you and will put those bids that are allowed you to put the bids for okay. Now. The nice thing. Is look for price reductions. And pack on the market look for price reductions. And back on the market with a price reductions well. With hot houses as well as most of the bank owned properties. If the property hasn't sold. In and around thirty days they're typically others exceptions to every rule and it doesn't work every time just like this but typically. In about thirty days they're gonna drop the price is asleep in the fifteen and then they might drop the 54 that if his list of for a 160 for. They might drop at 26115. PM. So they're gonna drop it. You know five to 101000 dollars itch to ideas and traction right right right and it's gonna show back up at the top of list of people do the search of activity or. Or or whatever right. So look for price reductions. Now and the great thing also is those price reductions happened typically just about every thirty days in cash in on an eyewitness. So by the time the property has been on the market sixty days. It might have had to price reductions. Ninety days it might have had three price reductions. Plus that's the time that if you remember we talked about more days on the market equal bigger discount that was number three. Right so not only have they had a couple price reductions to 390 days. But that's when they also start taking deeper discounts properties again I get rid that's exactly that's exactly and also look at. Remember I said small or else out of major MSAs look outside a major embassies and small towns where the cool thing about that is in the small towns is not as many investors on his me bars so there in this many bids that's the reason that the more flexible. Right. That's the reason that more flexible. So look for price reductions and back on the market what is back on the market may. What is back on the market that means they've accepted someone's bid and they pulled it off the market. But the end that person never close it might have been a week later in May be it was thirty days later when it was on the clothes but they failed to close on the. Just like Elena we just threw back last week or so. My exactly two weeks ago to me you pulled it off because we went under contract we threw it back but is it wasn't as good of a deal as we initially thought so that show back up. That's exactly so look for price reductions in back on the market and the tenth and final strategies that I wanted to cover today and then yeah. Competition all uninsured properties Bremer us at number seven and that your properties equal big discount. However there's also list constitutional. Incher properties because by nature they need more work. Right so they need more work so not as many people going bit. If you wanna get a free copy of my latest book Hud homes half fall how to Baja houses for pennies on the dollar gift Candice a call. 877 there ego she's also gonna give you a copy of getting started in rural state day trading. Proven techniques for buying and selling houses thing they use in the Internet. As well as some other stuff and joke right. Seven don't yet we've got since stepping down in there about asset protection and stuff and don't think it was ever. Our exit strategies both their riches comment ultimate buying machine which as you know that the rich at least options seller financing all of that buying machine. Is on the whole selling so all that stuff is in there as well. You can give me a call 877 Larry goes to get the digital his sin out here email address or text the word BR AG. At 8038976063. We can chat about our upcoming three day events mentoring options. You schedule a tour to come on pick up this physical kid anything and everything off serve them an email info at frag radio dot com with any questions. You hit this putt up the there to begin next Saturday for brag radio. As best selling real estate investing author Larry going to co host Kansas teach you the latest techniques the pros use to make money in real estate. Collect more information about what Larry Candice talked about on today show. Like the free investors get or to schedule a tour of the office call 877 Larry go that's 87752779.