Students Across Country Walk Out One Month After Parkland School Massacre

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, March 14th

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News talking 1110993. WPG. Observing you wearable. I'd fix things what the straight day. I got a good. Power meant self governance and straw. Character are you going. Break here in America. This is the he radio program. And good morning. Welcome to broadcast on this Wednesday. It is really interesting to see the contrast. In news coverage right now. I'll just give your Rendell. Folks who is covering watch Fox News starting out the hour talking about. He Pennsylvania's special election which is too close to call the Democrat is claiming victory fair. And the other networks CNN. And CBS. Are covering the national school walk out now what's interesting about CBS what they normally show in this hour by the way. This is that's not. Normal. For him to have news during this. Block they've actually broken into their programming with this CBS news special report. On the national school walked out this of course. He is in response to the latest school shooting. And these students and and I wanna continue to emphasize this well meeting. Well meaning students. Walking out for a cause. They very much believe it. And we would do well to. Show them a modicum of respect. Don't the same time communicating very clearly. How sadly misguided they are. I wanna play clip from. One of these students this was a student who was interviewed by CNN. Just basically laying out the case for this national school walk outs. I'm here is what he has to say about this actually. Yes there are several students you're speaking let's listen up. I'm here today it is speak out on prop form of love and change because I think that. Our voices have to be heard and the only way that's going to happen is if we scream I am here to talk about gun control. I'm here to talk about what happened and now what we need to do to make sure this doesn't happen and. One thing I'll never forget from that today is the first taken shots that we heard go off first thing Rand today costume and I John empty chair. Turned off all the lanes and she say doll Obama spent a fantastic shooter in question to ask him. Friday June. But drove me to do this I don't understand how someone could it can be so cruel and kill. Innocent minds you know. I hope that you realize we're not going to back down and you have not won. You may have heard us and you may have beaten us down and you may have taken something that we will never replace we are stronger where the survivors. We're lucky to be here. And we're still here for a reason and this. We're here because we need to make a change. My message to lawmakers are some thoughts and prayers are nothing without action little extra pass didn't you're actually there actually heard the gunshots. Because we're feature and we know what we want our feature we need. Schechter gun control laws common sense laws to make sure that. Nothing like this lover happen again we are demanding we aren't asking. Our lives come before. The NRA of interest groups free put your hand on paper and saw until something. Because I watched so many of my friends throughout the Tallahassee. Just that the majority of the people not long making room. Look them in the eyes and and should the bill down right in front of them this generation will not go down without a fight and together we are going to change the world. When you stop seeing this when you shut the TV off the radio off whatever you listen this on. Don't tell someone you love them. Discuss. There a couple of people out psychics say to again then I don't really want anyone else to feel that's just custom anyone. Else. That again is a compilation of a lot of students who are communicating their sentiments. And it's the general message of this is one of dealing with guns. That's why we've been hearing the drumbeat of this for quite some time. Now if the news accounts are to be believed. There'll be nearly 3000. Protests nationwide. And there's some pretty impressive crowds. Very impressive crowds. You know what I find intriguing about this. Is how we have found. So many people out there who. You know that coming about thoughts and prayers for instance and I raise the question what is a walk out accomplish. I am I'm just curious. And and if you think about this for a moment if you really consider the reality of prayer and an understanding what prayer really it is. If she is really in the this is a another slap at religion if you think about it. She isn't part of prayer. Not only reaching out to guide to intervene and touched the hearts of people and provide comfort. The same time it it's also wisdom to know what to do and how to respond in circumstances like this because we so desperately need it. The 12 minutes after 10 o'clock. We get some more perspective on what is going on here we have Joseph Gillespie joining us. From my news talk limited W BT and he's out covering one of the demonstrations. Tell us where you are Joseph. Under Whitewater middle school would you very near the white horse better. And we have to rip. Coal oil. And it didn't work on notice that money. Should do love you can't make that putt it won't win yeah more. And oh this student have marched out and probably our. There's music being played in their marching around and around. The track somewhere holding signs. That big sign that said it's not when another sign that there is no more gun. And it can't talk to a couple of students this morning in their. Cook and server then this does open all their money they worry when they go to school there's going to be something happened at their school. Has he evolved very orderly that's the kind of day we're kind of elected prime or something they call that pretty cool. With what they had to walk out of here with a seventeen minutes and go back inside your music. How many students do you see out there joke yeah. Well. I would. Have I'm not a good detonator how many do you think would be out there walking around now. They didn't he think that is walking around out there. Can be. Yeah a little bit may not order has been a concern of you think. Now I don't think their hundred a couple of upper big. Yeah I'd pick up 100. Would be my guest at the net and just we. Then there's this happening all over the country I guess. Greg show. We only got abatement and we've only got about thirty seconds left here if you could sum up you kind of mentioned it earlier that what are they calling for is everybody uniform and with the calling for. You. Don't not calling it for anything the fifth pick. They get on base enough over the line out here are woven into the bad just dead in. Well. Enough and I think everybody can pretty much agree with a some hope that. That would be the case we would not have any more of these tragedies occur Joseph Gillespie who stalk women tend to be VT thanks a lot for joining us. It's. Condiments broke the radio program fourteen minutes after ten let me get your thoughts and shocked if you have any reports as well perhaps if you're out one of the schools. And you like to provide some perspective on what is happening there. And you just have an opinion would love to hear from you. To express that. We will talk more about this and the other news of the day. Right here. 1019 Vince Coakley radio program. As we watch. This walk out taking place across the nation. And these are pretty compelling images of these students. We're very concerned about this issue as we're going to break Charles had a really great observation and recommendation. Charles can you just repeat would you said Ed you're breaking. Very simply if you took the school and split the student body in half and made two lines. Of the students and each student went past each other stopped in front of them looked amending AI shake their hand. And say good morning my name is Charlie Jenkins. What is your name. John it's a pleasure to meet you I'm so glad you're here to school meet and if ever I can be of any help please let me know. Charles that's one of the license things that I've heard on the subject in quite some time. The issue seems to be that we're not in touch with people who are out of touch yes that's touch them. Thank you demand for Charles thank you. I love that I'm serious it that's since chills down my spine to hear that because this is why it's. What's wrong here. And it didn't hear the quote the other day. About this guy basically being in this latest shooter. He was an outcast among outcasts. How do we resolve these issues and and reach these people in advance. It's not reaching the hearts of people see this is. This is what we don't wanna do we don't wanna do the hard work of what we need to engage in. We want to change some law we think somehow in this what progressives always wanna always when did you. If we just change a law it'll change everything it won't. Mary Ann Davidson good morning. I'll be children that are walking out and they mile per month payroll or walk and for those that can't walk. Where are they in a moral issue of abortion. Dealing. Yeah because these babies are being killed by the millions and you know once they're stand up for the and accept that your. In fact are in fact we well ostracize those people and call them trespass here's. And say that they're trying to interfere with women's rights. That's how we respond to people who. Protest against baby killing. Mary you raise a great points ends you know they are closer to being children van. That are being babies they ought to be most sensitive to this issue. Ought to be Gerald out of cal Pickens good morning. Think a large order they've picked. There are no it would almost seem more forward group dropped that pro that war wobbled and they took it apart and allowed for the school. So that's what state or federal. And then chipped it expects seventy minutes and they study it cost. What should they study. All the constitute or my goodness. Why in the world would they wanna study that Gerald. Well so I'm sure he'll go for your pocket and started out oh cool trail that meant that trade apostle. I understand where you're at your door with this Gerald and thanks a lot for your call always very concise. How Willie good morning welcome. Hello rather than a great idea of my child but I want more in the united kind what about parents. You know appearance on militant commander that I am I wanted to know which home and who are these people and among my son's. My son is gonna go visit and that they have any guns so they look around look what's going on allowing two years myself. Political candidate I'm now that I have an onside connecting the big conducting illegal I'll treat you. There's a child a daughter. On the phone with dad on the follow the mom look folk. The other that was who have looked to my son's school I've got to look and I didn't commit the father comes in and he's on the flow whether it can go I almost said something but I you know. They thought they thought that I didn't throw that can go crazy when you think how great it is. Of course not Willie. I mean your your speak in common sense here and. Let's see much like gonna come talking to my son about whatever was going on whoever just connected with an apparent that I connecting with their children so. It children don't have and I climbed out of the conversation on normal stuff with the children these kids don't put it in my home so we gotta get these because it involved as well you aren't so I wanna say. Our come out of reach out and give real hard. Always gonna come over here. You have got your children are irregular I don't think you're going camping AE I was very proud of you for remembering that Willie that's very good good good. I bring you a lot. I celebrating albeit some kind of outcry could drink and I drink. Oh yeah well for a drink really only. Not that he was a decent shot the outcome overlooked and under going to be you. Yeah. Libya in a minute ticket could go back and then I just let and achieve what they feel. Suppose the reason he went to my husband and father has been can't their thought I can make all my friends when I was beautiful Morgan. Get real and it gives them parliament government bigger picture. And you don't know what is their electoral all the way I'm gonna let me. I actually move their typical appeal to me you know remote would not apply there. I think the c'mon you know I'm a bit harder and Google are probably drink your. You do that sent him a click it it a couple of a couple of a that it's hard not to love that guy I mean seriously just has such a such a personality that's so engaging and winsome. A Kimberly out of Morse code good morning. Are you today did you agree well. I ran across your radio they probably about three months ago and I really enjoy it. Thank you I don't know he agreed but it it you really opening up conversation. But the reason I called what is that you know written protests they're Oly. So much effort our new coverage. That protest is up in you know you've got you under any that it quite cool. But at par might have 11100. Students then it went about this you better at the end there are they not. Saying what they believe Hindu and there's no cover Don that. And do you know I'll never hit so many die. Target yet. Add they were completely hit the war is that if there could have been intervention at any time he had gotten what they ever got into it Pena. Ensue would not have been used that's you know that's it's really important point you make their Kimberly had thanks a lot and and that again comes back to. Self examination for all of us because we all have a role in this very important role taught to Tom in Estonia good morning. Your guys and our rights. OK let's. Beckett picked they picked Eric community and to protect the pro won't read for a third. And there have been pivotal. British there will let. And good group of people that this could fit their Batman rip start you on that boat people. And then. That would break the best bet whoever got the hard way. Although only pick one particular group there although. It's like to do. But it will be very mud at all ma organic that are burner Trevor. That it took their elite all there they've been up like they were probably. Outlet be affected that they have them back control over only people. Has been good but it certainly and got very simple he'll be. The there are no doubt. It's time we appreciate your contribution thanks a lot few call this morning it's a try to get to a called real quickly your job and get about thirty seconds here for a mil. Are you yeah I think really chill policemen were told me and I'm bill that his brother's a contingent comical in this same system for years. And over 1000 gang related debts. Murders. This year alone has been 59 and conversion to Kabul only actually then your will be much in Indian cities yet. You're absolutely right side great point there John by the way we played a clip in this. A couple of weeks you'll remember we played the clip from. Dana lash he was talking about hypocrisy here and this is not to diminish the deaths of seventeen people it is to say. At the same time. You know this is going on all the time. And there's a kind of a selective focus for the mainstream media and it's absolutely true. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program quickly we'll take a call from Christopher winning talk like this walkouts. On Christopher out of new Berry got about thirty seconds. All right good morning I'll keep it concise first bringing it to the people who are angry at are students. We want them not to be apathetic about politics so whatever that marching for I'm glad that Marcia and second Jefferson himself said that the constitution should be rewritten every twenty years. To show the change in attitude in the next generation. Maybe not that extreme bow at the thought is there in our foundational Boston and in new one of the site. Christopher appreciate your call boy would have to delve into that one not when I'm familiar with but it's definitely have to talk about this a little bit later on. Wanna take a very sharp turn to talk about something that we discussed this program several times this the Oprah you worried crisis. IE had an interview just few months ago with friend of mine who roster sun under. Just terrible terrible circumstance. That occurred there and she now can be George Bush someone who's. In a high profile position. And he is live this out in public this has been very traumatic experience for him. I'm referring to Eric Bolling former and current Fox News. And he is here to share his story Eric thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast this morning. Well thank you for having me on it in in fact I mean that hard to return because those young people are walking out of schools. And to be the most susceptible to feel good crisis that's sweeping the country right now I'll bite my young son nineteen year old with was it in Russian Colorado just two weeks into software you're all got the devastating news at the call late night one night where. Driving home from dinner and I'm mama my wife is driving me just so nice you know are celebrating next chapter might. My professional where career or just let Fox News. And after dinner on the way home we got a phone call 1030 at night my cellphone rang this young man panic in saying mr. only call K let. I called Kayla. Eating it and number I called Kalin as early he had been dating. Countries aren't we changed opponent I simply went right to an insecure and allied. When she says no. My pop my won't change my world control and who. But an appearance in the electorate listening and she has pulled over the side of the road she fell into the roadway that editor apple says. On the curb and cried for. An hour and in a war it was suspending it nowhere. No idea what's going on and for someone who'd known his next step in maybe next week and next month the uzbeks I just find out everything. Look at that moment. It's been devastating air was not an addict he. Took it up 20 it was a Sony bought on campus of Colorado it's or Sudan expelled at least look sentinel the corner later in this policy at the third likelihood of his that was it go up the shrapnel killed them. Still it's taken with these panics and in an accidental overdose you have one talking until comeuppance dragon in it's true so yes it's devastating. And for this circumstance to occurs and has here which do you. Eat it in the dismissed totally out of the blue for you was it not to do. Was there any idea all the he might have even been in that kind of circumstance. To experiment with something like this. Well can hope went down in June this this happened this September 8 the upped the level this is Obama took six months. In June a couple of months prior to that date. I had been in the universe you Colorado does my wife's one Chu an error in joy that we can't get her Father's Day we can't trust what Colorado is a wonderful weekend all like actual pictures up on my Twitter account and scroll back a little bit. There was no indication of anything fact we could that we had. Dinner we talk I talk about this stuff he said dad got that got it solid so he didn't there's no indication. Now two months later we get that phone call by. We will play in the last week prior to that phone call I did notice what he and I were very we text or date back and forth call he needs something. New money by prison last week or maybe it's maybe five or six days a Soviet. What is his texting changed and he wasn't is open to talking to me right away. The Pope who heard does that look back and does that impact at all clear is. Maybe there's some indication their grip I would tell you I don't know there's anything I could have done maybe it could've but it happened so fast. And county so you know used to sang our you know it's sort of crazed. I gotta tell you. Yeah I look back and say what could have done more I don't know that it got to. I. This this is just heartbreaking and Anna and I've got to say our hearts. Are just broke it with curious. Has since we heard this story is it broke several months ago and along the way. You've received some support from high places including from president Donald Trump. Yeah so the day after it happened indeed it's something account should never got you we would Colorado to talk to the corner. Different cause of death and whatnot and she had accidental over likely overdose which usually the toxicology southern bet date. Who were waiting to talk to the phone rings I'm sitting with our private doctor up there in the Mr. President Lisa I can't imagine how painful this is for you but I'm with Kia. Just wanted to let you know on. I'd been friendly MacDonell pulled from many years I'm. So I was very thankful for that a couple months later we're in the hot in the depths of our grief we're about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner. What effect and we sitting around were pretty depressed who do you gotta future air extra than you what else is down nine though it's going to be our mentioning. In the next couple of minutes turkeys on the table. And the iPhone cell phone rings again and it's Donald Trump saying look. I understand this is as it is the first holiday some I can't imagine how that there are great but I what if anything I can do I mean now. There was really help also asserted that there molested mr. trump. Mr. President next time in I mean DC alone sit down amid talk about this scourge that killing so many appearing on people so that we. Coming in and has subsequently have. That was the president a couple of times one on one in the oval I've been to the White House several times sure various popular things on a really volunteer basis trying. It's going to be awareness out there are so that more pronounced I'll deal with this so. He's on top of it he cares about it yet a lot of empathy compassion core programmers that are dealing with that so that was not good news just to us that there is any. It was certainly years we only have a couple minutes left in this segments Eric Bolling. Can you tell us. What are some the practical things that need to be done to address this issue group. Mean what lawmakers work on the I'm on the supply side uses of ample reason why this comes so prevalent 64000 people died of overdoses. The vast majority of mobile or overdose is the reason why that's happening as. 'cause there's public supply and in the in the supplies cheeks sew up a people on the street now cost less than five dollars cheating cheaper than marijuana or cocaine so kids are going to that was cheaper. Would it be administrators work on that they are picked up plans in place not a police feel about confident about that but you got attacked the other side it's apparent. Not my kid syndrome is that we. I'm like it's syndrome I can tell you how many parents economies saying I know my son was captain of the baseball team more my daughter was a straight a student lots of friends. Both of those terms on me that the kids are dead from mobile and overdoses and if it's what happens is disparity encompasses. An intentional sometimes it's intentional but it. Not my kid my kid is too Smart much used to athletic. Or really don't care how Smart our athletic how black white Hispanic church it is how. Gay straight rich poor boy girl doesn't matter they're killing indiscriminately so. It could be your kid and the other thing really important is this. Let's remove the stigma Opel unit overdose or OP it's no longer it's so it if you talk to ten people on the street seven of more have a story either independently. So when they're very close to who's been touched I hope you are either yes or or an addiction so. If it touching almost all America at this point I'm certainly from the statements sabres so people. They're calling we appreciate you coming on in fact Stacy is written in to save please tell where we miss him on Fox News. So why would we send our love to amend or one quickly can you hold on to the break we'll talk a little bit more. Raise your they're calling. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 on the Vince coach the radio program. And it's it was. Really quite moving that conversation with Eric Bolling just few minutes here we are hoping that we are being able to continue the conversation with him I think he has. Any bunch of interviews going on today it's not able to call us back. If we're able to talk and again we'll certainly. Appreciate the opportunity to do yourself. I'm the texture here says I so appreciate Eric calling attention to your two or pure crisis and the candidate for state house district 42 this is a big part of my platform. We work for the governor tackle this problem keep up the good work Eric as you Tommy man. Also. Another texture saying your best Minsk shown to date really. That's kind of intriguing. That a person this is not a student walking out but he teacher led walk out I would be curious to find out how much teacher participation we have in this thing. No guns no country. The anti Second Amendment walk out it's just he continued use of our tax dollars. For political purposes by the teachers' union against us. Who are forced to pay them. School vouchers would be in this nonsense. We would drain hole like you monetary about draining the swamp that would be. The draining the swamp. Stop funding public schools exclusively. Let people decide where to send their kids. Very simple. Vince I spoke the superintendent in district one of Anderson canning told them if they open a platform for this kind of protest. They would also in the future have to open one for protests against abortion. I got no response oh my goodness boy with that the interstate. Meantime native American. I've been profiles being pulled over because they thought I was Mexican selling drugs. Or suspicious activities. Yes that's not good. Law enforcement the FBI down to the local meter maid cannot stop crying they can't prevent crime they can only arrest Hugh. When you do the crime to be nice if we had a minority reports you know the movie. We do an advanced than we could stop at a lot of kids get bullied in school they never should have for school or any one else. Yeah and that's why you know you couldn't identify. Someone. Without profiling them those are two different things. Identification is important. And what you do with that information once you identify. There's a potential problem. Other techsters saying here I bet you Willie you ask parents if they've got any guns their house only when she tries to force somebody bust him in the lips you think so. These kids protesting today were learned two very important lessons more and they have the right to free speech. To the government would north them. Yeah that's how free speech works a lot of times. Justice I'm texting you now we've let electronics cause this to be more impersonal. We're getting away from just having a conversation with the each other. Yep your right not been beating that drum for quite some time. Insight to shocked guns that in my closet two years so far they've not killed anyone we need to change a lot of the laws god in prayer back in schools. But since my arch all these agencies turn their heads to keep this man from doing what he's done. Also all the ones. That didn't help. That's what Harden is arch. You know and people reach a point where. They feel like there are many options there's nobody who caters. Ends. There's a desperation in their souls. Desperation. Let's see what else we have here. How that how can these kids to believe deeply in a cause they really know understand nothing about demanding gun control throwing off. On thoughts and prayers a slap at Christians. They're just spouting the wisdom parallel of Stephen cold air Michael Moore Katy Perry are those nasty women. On the women's march eccentric who hate this country hate the constitution. And hate christianity. That is ballot I've Spartanburg. Bits of someone wanted to get inside. A school and do harm. Slipping back in after this stupid walk out would be an excellent opportunity to do so what we would certainly hope not. Vince thanks for giving the snowflakes a voice to take away our rates. Surprise should not cut out there with them. Well I'm surprised that you are working free in society and not know rubber room. 'cause that's. A realist as a person devoid of hope. Can we developed. Hope in today's world where we you know how I would answer that question. Just a sampling of some the items that are on the tech side and we will go to some other items here during the course the broadcast they also talk about the Pennsylvania election. Another piece of evidence how important it is to shore up to approach the margin no matter how this turns out it's going to be close. Johnny you've got to about a minute or so good morning. Good morning sir our pursuit everything that he does your. I understand ilk really they are some of the deal with crap like that our family. All. But the drug not a problem. We need to find out what the kids that wanted to give. I'm a drug. And I honestly the only work come up or it is very. Boredom their heart that you can itself and the other thing that's a big thing in this country that nobody is talking about is the blue ride at six. A lot. Also how white the diplomatic action on the altar where it. But it's it's social media. Addicted to the all of you see these people walk around. They can't function unless it's on the on the kick in the play crisis to default there aren't any interactions. And the reality is the phone whatever the owners according through the camera is there reality. And they'd lose consciousness. All of a reality. Of their family their friends. Their children everything around them and they just are all involved and it's. Something reports that it hurts and Robert. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together because what other people it is something that is growing. I've got to ask you Jenny because we're running out of time in the segment you said you lost your wife what's what's happen exactly. Just flat. Are crazy lost sight of reality here chronicle live in the make believe world. Well Bob I wanted to talk some more about this is we're gonna spend some time on the subject to the future hold on the line Jonny is that like just some information from you. The force something we're going to pursue the future coming up we'll talk about that Pennsylvania race. And much more power number two straight ahead. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real nice. Saturation there are too many young some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for guys like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real. Speaking of OJ Simpson in any of you watch that special the other night. Anybody bothered anybody here. 1106 are number two other wrist broken radio programs and the first hour you heard from. What was going on here in Charlotte with one of the demonstrations. The walkouts the national walk out day. Hence without a degree Teddy get the idea to get some perspective. From the upstate as well joining us on the line sheriff will Lewis from Greenville county good morning welcome sir. More of our age and very well very well I give us a sense of the scope of the demonstrations there. In the area and so what you observe this morning. Yes sir we we had some some. The lower number two what I expected and I'm I'm thankful for it. Just for the kill me I can't speak for the municipalities and right now we're just for the county we had done 58 high school students walk out on seven different campuses. In the middle schools shockingly we had a 190. Students walk out in middle schools. Over nine campuses 120 work for one specific school. Here in Greenville. We took our target peace there were. Not only in progress calls and sent them all the schools this morning along dolby investigators who would normally be in the office investigating cases are things like that we sent all of them out of school books special operations division one out. And as an extra precautionary measure we put up our our helicopter this morning with a whether small contingency of a special operations division operators to medics McCain on. That we set them up just in case we had something really really bad happened to get too quick so that we really you we really were out in force this morning and I'm fully mastery and within two more numbers we did. At this point no incidents to report to know right now and we're very very thankful about what kind of things that you would be concerned about with this. Level of I guess that this kind of activity students walking out so what kind of just kind of security concerns to you potentially have. Got to create all constitute church first did it he's got a guy who may be been planning a shooting for a period Tom. You knew you look at that this is a golden opportunity for them to to take care. Pot shots that people gathered up together and protest. Did it that's concern number one concern number two you. You have someone USA is is completely anti gun don't want to make a statement. You know images on purchases at gun as a as a martyr. For the purpose of going out and and they're just creating more of an anti gun rhetoric. They get up there and start popping off rounds they may be anti gun souls put their proven a point. All of these states. And and get a myriad of others or are always safety concerns especially you're talking about schools and kids. Absolutely. In this is not kind of thing you wanna take chance where at all so again the bottom line here. No problems no issues and you're saying overall. The turn out these demonstrations. Are less than you expected. It is plus and expect especially in our school numbers. That was. You know I was prompted very thankful for that. Our rights sheriff will Lewis screamed for Kenny thanks lot for coming on the broadcast this morning sir thanks. As we continue 9 minutes after 11 o'clock she's gotten a kind of a panoramic view of what's taken place here in the Carolinas. The demonstrations student walking out to. Protest but also call for some type of change whatever that looks like it. Ten minutes after lemon let's delve into the Pennsylvania and special election. Dance it's. Not pretty I mean. Think about this this is an area. This is an area this particular district. Was one that's present Donald Trump won by twenty points. The margin in this thing right now. It's just unbelievably close and get this is one of those reminders why we tell you every single vote counts. Here's a really does. Now the Democrats. Has already claimed victory. Now. One of them wild cards out here. Is the out com. Of the numbers are con men from the absentee votes. There are only separated by a few hundred votes right now. And those absentee ballots to make a world different let me just give you these numbers because it's really absolutely mind boggling. Connor lamb leads by zero point three percentage points. Let me repeat that again zero point three it's 49 point eight to 49 point 6%. In the popular wrote 113 1813. For kind of lamb. Mexico alone has 113 1186. Now we can also throw into the equation. Are we can have a lot of fun with this but I'm not trying to stir anything up I'm just. Telling you the facts. The libertarian. As thirteen 179 votes. One of the issues to be considered here. It is the libertarian. In fact a spoiler in this election where those libertarian voters go if they were not voting for the libertarian. More likely the Republican the Democrats wouldn't you think. Mr. trump won this district by double digits so why does this translate this is one of the problems I've talked with you folks. Ad nauseam about all the way back to the election. This is always concerned me. And I don't care if you talking about Donald Trump you're talking about Barack Obama. One of the big problems when you deal with personality types like this everything is about them. Penis it's not about team. There is no team here none. Which is one of the reasons why you get the results. That you have here where he wins or loses the Republican. It shouldn't be this close. And this is one of the things that I've been calling for for quite some time I was looking for I wanted to see. They Republican candidate for president who's going to say let's put together a conservative. Coalition. That's broader than one personality. That's what I've been calling for. And it's falling on deaf ears. Because people seem to want a monarchy. I'm just being honest with you that's what people seem to want it whether it's Barack Obama or Donald Trump. So here we are. Yet another election that should not be this close. Now. From the standpoint of trying to advance. Any semblance of a conservative agenda it's certainly best two Republican wins here. But it's. This is pretty pathetic. This is a Republican this is supposed to be a safe Republican district. Mean heck we lost to Seton Alabama. It. What does this tell you. And I key is keep coming back to this issue in in so many ways. Character. Matters. In fact. And it delve into this. Coming up after the break because there's more about this Tillerson issue it it's kind of interest into several people. Texting and yesterday they were complaining yes men cheerfully to the mainstream media in a version of this event you know Donald Trump talked to Tillerson last week well. Not necessarily true. We don't really know the full story on how this whole firing went down. Yeah but the indications are. Ultimately mr. Tillerson he was blind sided by a tweet. He knew something was coming did not know he was going to be fired. We'll talk about this and why I believe this matters it should matter to all this stimulus. This is this Coakley radio program. On the kind of sits retirement planning tech slide 713 here seven fifths. Those that voted for libertarian threw away their votes enable the treason party to snag another seat. Children of darkness are wiser than those of the lights such an embarrassment that's gone out of conference. On the issue of this Tillerson firing. So you don't all the facts why are you talking about it isn't that tantamount to pour reporting would be best to not say anything until the facts are presenting where there are a lot of facts year. Sir or ma'am this is part of the problem in the trump and media era. Can I repeat what I've said before. I don't trust either side I don't trust Donald Trump and I don't trust the media either. So which one do you pick which account which version. I don't know how many times I've said this folks. Because I know there are people out there. Who orange Kool Aid drinkers no matter what Donald Trump says. Even though he may say one thing today another thing tomorrow or I believe doom true put in recent days. And just because you hate the media you're gonna believe everything this man says it's nonsense. It's nonsense. Just drives me up the wall. Also on the text line. Hopefully our Republican incumbents in congress recognize doubtful. How other ineptitude is yielding repeated unexpected results. As a conservative. Not a Republican. I hope the Gramm Tillis. Types aches Sandra wake up he. Keeps agreement. Penn state of the costs this walkout has caused the big picture your tax dollars these teachers administrators just cause it's my kept at a Virginia. Yeah I kind of wonder about this and again the law enforcement resources expended for this. Kind of intriguing. And I and I appreciate will Lewis when he communicated to us. About recognizing the opportunity we didn't we have a trickster communique that very thing. That's this is a time maybe a potential security risk. On the issue of security. Actually on the at this one's on the north or PR crisis. They're 250 million different opinions on America's problem 250. Different opinions on how to fix it the only solution IC. Well what is the solution. A whole life she would dispersant saying. This person is saying these solution is the event's 24/7 talk show are you up to it. Our god forbids that's not a solution anything. Except for an opportunity for conversation. And collaboration how's that. That can be a good thing Tony for seven note thank you. Since I teach my son of three most important things in life god family country parents need to give back to this values. In our kids. Against gun violence I don't believe banning guns is the answer. So what you're saying is kids might not speaking up pointing out who's doing the bullying and school gets shot up it's on them not to guns. That's good thinking. Mr. vets truth be known. Just a sampling. Of some of the items here oh I also went through this one in. This one is pretty interesting to people saying pretty much same thing thanks for giving the snowflakes of voice. A death constitution gave them that's. I don't like what they have to say but. And this fence I don't always 100% agree with you or really anyone but the text. Accusing you of giving snowflakes of voice or being a stealth like yourself just ignorance. From an ignorant troll ignore the hate man god bless you keep for the good work. I'd just like to drive the prospectus cheered sometimes it's entertaining to read so many items from told the trolls. Rick out of Duncan good morning welcome. They X. Bad but there are brought it back caught on our part on the correct Rick Burt. I'll call got a BE ink then opt out but they can't look at how he blew forty point oh lead com. Not much more than hey aren't you you're belt. My my I'd take it that this guy was polite boy or a terrible candidate and Bart you. Extreme and the couple of obvious thought I heard him talk about yeah well I thought liberals hate god liberals say the country. And needs these are not about his opponent that is the next. I'll Marlene who obviously. Has turned now because these. On the ballot as a Democrat I. I think. Give the very negative image on the average voter that just walked government look at. And I heard that like the guy toast that's exactly why. He is gonna have. Walk twenty points maybe I'll win in the end maybe Matt. I think I terrible and trump can't prop up a candidate that is how circle like that. Yeah process. Whoops. I believe we've lost Rick but I but I get your point in you make good points here. And you can't carry people ultimately you've heard the expression all politics is local. And and we can get away from this this is a local race any local district in Pennsylvania. There's no way around it. So they're all kinds of factors that go into that that may not have anything to do were much to do with the national conversation. Might kick out of surely good morning. They bear so drawn here and it's your. Okay yeah. Today Emporia remote Bassett scored a solid. That supports eat eat eat eat eat this Libyan in my atmosphere and almost didn't just lie shouted people better. The apology to accept help but doubtful Laporte world. Human about a week ago trouble science somewhat. Chinese president which he does she yeah solidify our rights. They are naysayers about people like habitat so low speed some rodeo I don't say yeah. I don't know it Asencio let drop the elect operation system right now. Look what do you mean by that I don't know who just finished a credit to our social. I mean. What you opinion about it. See it's you've. But it Rahal do you see this manifest. Right now. How do you see this tummy so we do your perspective here what is it based on what do you see that causes you to think that way. Let's just. Just what will never played an unprecedented in our. Most of that same. Boat. Be not states back sort. Yeah I did Porter very different time like I it going to respect what I've said repeatedly about the entertainment culture. And this is what we're looking for we're looking for entertainment. And so I need it's I don't know where this goes from here to be honest with you Mike I do appreciate your call. And she one of the things I'm concerted doesn't make four is good interaction and discourse and relationships with people like it's usually it's social media to answer that question. A name I can certainly appreciate my daughter hasn't says nickname GG out of hunters who go good morning welcome. I think they're good morning in the morning. Hi I wanted to ask. Do you think. I'll talk Obama and Eric holder's. Thomas program. How easy thing to do well with this sort of issues being. At all. Could it their program people school still reports. Criminal acts and Andy police departments don't either wounded in those cab. You know like and I don't know for sure I know there's been a lot of speculation about this. And it is certainly could have an impact on this because it basically makes two stats the information that supply from the background checks. It makes it meaningless thanks a lot for your call. Whether it had any direct very on this case we don't know that would have to be something discovered by the investigative process. By the way we're watching a live demonstration. And kind of all the people who speak for your cause. Nancy Pelosi. Speaking of one of these nationwide walkouts. You know what if I I don't even if I were part of the walk out and I went outside my classroom and I saw her. I would run back into the school just say 49 minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. On this walkouts like comments about Nancy Pelosi. Taking part in one of these demonstrations. This takes too would like to know did Pelosi have her security leave their guns because schools are gun free zones and that's a very very dude question. It's a stress a special Pennsylvania election be referendum on trump I'm not really trimester but. I say there will be districts all over this country that may have similar results and twenty team Tony Tony because I still believe the twice sixteen. Was more about a referendum on Hillary. Don't to be wrong. I'm rolling in your votes I like a lot of terms policies fueling new wind take the good and pushing ahead. Not taking two steps back with some unnecessary tweets. This year or even near the interest team you can't. That's a great observation here just this really was an anti Hillary vote in many ways that's one of the reasons I voted for trump. As I had you know that I had serious misgivings about disband. But I was not going to vote for Hillary. So and this is this is what happens with our where we are in politics today. I think it can be read as wow look at this resounding victory no it means we import that other person so much. That we showed up in droves to make sure she didn't get anywhere near the Oval Office. Which you do with that is another story. When you move this into something that is. You know really any. A mandate. PS this Dexter says the Greenville county sheriff's sounds like a man I'd like running my local law enforcement agency that is from Mike. Very interesting. About a man who is so I'm being embattled. Yes I am fully aware of that for those who were listening in the upstate. And we'll continue to wait for developments on that particular story. For another day. Let's try to call from Ronnie in Taylor's good morning. And more and then hit banners. Although they all work Christians or that area of sports of the Turk. And they are the opposite pole we're working through the church. And they had a good understanding of what John says and I think tiger third down about the world system. Food incorporated our founding documents. You're on a good start because our chairman got in darkness scream out do not trust. Mahan. Please put your trust we're in an into all but but we are never to trust anyone. Clinical depression he talk like that there are out of the pan out this whole situation going on with the this school. Well are put government run education system has essentially moved the whole system into this. World. God will not be mop. He will be proven right according to his word when he is removed from the picture. It doesn't matter what it's going to be the Soviet destruction. They'll either come through. Some other means nothing done this they take a mile away. Somebody will come up with something else more so continue abortion which is another means of destruction in life so. I guess my net because I think it's rather fascinating to see a comment that got in this. Where he is actually taken it very evil and neck and proving himself to be right and his word to be true and correct in just. All right Ryan hey great observation here you know how many times we talked about the human heart here that's what we're ultimately dealing wish. The human heart a tester has agreed observation here by the way about the election I would say it was equal parts anti establishment if not more as well as anti Hillary. Relating to the presidential election that is spot on if there's one thing I've learned. There's difference between being being anti something and being pro something. And and I did I see this all the time people who are anti liberal but they're not necessarily conservative. I've learned that lesson the hard way. Dick in Simpson bill good morning. Take a morning event this sacred from that out color but part will be right into my point. Dull dull don't shoot the messenger don't kill me I'm kind of push it toward guns on NRA member. But maybe these kids you are on the sum the body may need 67 HER kids know. They can't handle guns maybe in these kids don't need gun just a different type it. There are different these kids get different maybe they know and aren't may lead element maybe they know equal and they can't handle guns didn't and I don't. That's a brilliant observation you know it went through my mind I've been thinking a lot about this in recent weeks Dix and India are tiny howl. And at because can I tell you the dark place this takes me. If we can handle guns we can't handle the constitution. We cannot handle civil society under the constitutional framework. By which this country was formed we can't handle our republic and therefore we can have a good handle democracy either. Are you got to connect all these dots together guns are just the beginning so we if we're society in 2018. That in a way cannot handle guns in the way people in the 1950s. The nineteen. They and in 19100 or 1850 or 18100. Or seventeen. 76. You know. Yeah if if we in contrast to people and all those years. Cannot handle guns we can't handle constitution or liberty or any of these other things either. Well that's the truth. No matter week you keep saying week that they can't. I Syria. I was let's think about what this lieutenant if this keeps smoke Wallin they eventually they're gonna get what they want. Eventually it's going to be enough problem and they're gonna strap on patrol and get rid of god and eventually that's where we're at it. Debit and there's nothing to stop this stick because. And again you know I IE I keep seeing this you know people thinking that somehow the president or somebody's gonna quote drain the swamp or fix all of our problems. Bitten time and the system are not on our side. Because the school system is pumping out progressive voters every single. Ole Ole Ole let me get to another point my daughter like Pomona high. She's voted in the election year and a half ago if you voted for prop. What interpret schoeneweis she voted for Trout. Not she'd gone to school at Florida Nash's post salami liberal post on the baseball everything's all liberal bubble bath you know they they. They've turned my daughter into a liberal and a year. I. Dick I've heard this story too many times to repeat and in its sat in it really is set I appreciate your call. How to we can practice in this and this is what you have to understand that this stream. We are swimming upstream. Because the stream is a progressive ism. That is the natural way to go because it coincides. With the with the evil of human the human heart. It has a require. The efforts. We've got to do is just go with the flow go with your feelings go it's your emotions. That's what progressive as some. Appeals to all of those things. So if you're talking about being conservative being responsible. Using your mind engaging relating to people loving caring. Self governance. All of those things require work and effort. Texas says people don't know guns don't know the constitution because we don't teach them that is true events good color if you teach kids they evolved from monkeys. And when you die it's over. How would they have the moral capacity to handle guns. My goodness. Great minds out there I so appreciate each and every one of you. Much worse we continue 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. Some good music. Around the text line. Then check out Richard Danny's book. They post on FaceBook actually critical life lesson on how to catch wild pigs. Pigs it's what's happened in the U that's a that sounds hilarious already I got to make him known this. And see you reach. Sir and and the how loans to kill that you wore old pigs. And shape. The son of distribute goods this walk out just an anti gun anti NRA rally period Herat are delivered a little how ironic. There anti gun protests is protected by good men and women we if guidance. All the hypocrisy speaking about it we just few minutes ago during the break we do we see at this Washington anti gun rally. But Bernie Sanders. Isn't that just wonderful boy these people really make me wanna. Buy into their ideology. Also. You counteract it is by not sending your children to public schools in non Christian colleges. Reason nation respect popular media feminism and world witness. Him. You're correct Vince the founding fathers had a deep mistrust of the human heart that's why they framed the constitution. Is exactly as they did. Precisely. Reminds me of a good if there are few good men you want the truth. You can't handle that truth. Yep that's how this thing works. I was play an inch I know. This is. Kind of an inflammatory things shared toward the end of the broadcast when I'm sure their people would love to comment on this if you get in to talk about a great. We can talk about it tomorrow if you like you but there's a story by the way except I want wanted to go to this Tillerson manner matter a little bit. They still has the story Tillerson did not speak to drop before firing. I'm aware of the reason behind his dismissal I'm aware. According to a statement from to push his top deputy by the way did you hear his spokesperson was fired as well forgiving and a different account of what happened in the White House. These folks are really unhinged. And you can say whatever you want about Trump's accomplishments. And we know what he's done none of that matters keep getting out you know we can go off the subject and talk about the wonderful things. But the character issue doesn't go away. The statement contradicted the White House version of events. It says White House chief of staff John Kelly told Tillerson truck was removing him on Friday. The state statement came from undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Steve Goldstein who's reportedly fired a few hours. After its release. I want to share with you a couple of posts after this event. This Twitter operator AG conservative said this trump is such a coward. He's done this repeatedly. These are people who sacrificed a lot to work Foreman showed a lot of loyalty. But that only goes one way with a trip with trump how many times have I said this to you folks. Loyalty works one way with this man. I guess it's just another example why you shouldn't take the snake home. From. Very true Aron posted this love this. Logical fallacy you cannot claim to hire all the best people if you're constantly replacing the old ones. Are your replacement sub par or what the first ones not the best. C'mon people. You're sure logic here. This does not mean you have to hate the president. That's you've got to remain engaged with your minds don't drink the Kool Aid. Erin goes on I feel like people would be less critical of anyone. If there were more humble or less sure of themselves. A man. CF said this is the very beginning what's the core of all of these concerns that have the president pride. That's the core. It's it's it's which wondering if you approach this with with an attitude of humility and he say you know what I try my best. And third time's a fall short. If you're around boasting all the time about how Smart you are how you're smarter than all the experts. Where you kind of setting yourself up aren't you. Just have a little put an ounce of humility in there and many people will be much more forgiving. Much more forgiving when things go wrong. That's all. As you alluded to earlier perhaps Republicans should serve the slow but steady increase in numbers and percentage. Putting for the Libertarian Party candidate. This Dexter says may be Telus should think twice before lecturing Rand Paul. By the way I haven't seen the ship. And I need to look this up. But apparently Rand Paul is not going to support the nominee. For. CIA the CIA person who is moving over to states. I think that's rather interesting. Yes. Rand Paul is vowing to block trumps nominees to run states and the CIA he doesn't like either one of these. He will oppose the nominations of both Mike Pompeo. And Gina Haskell. President trump selective service secretary of state and CIA respectively. Here's Rand Paul said. I'm going to do everything I can to block them. Jews particularly critical of capsule. We said showed court joyful glee when a suspected terrorist was tortured at one of the so called black sites during the Iraq War. Passport served CIA for more than three decades. Currently the deputy director she was in charge of one black site located in Thailand. Paul said he opposes. Pompeo who's now the CIA director because he backs regime change in Iran and was a supporter of the Iraq War. Kind of interesting to see how this thing shapes up. Man we at a time brief cover a lot of grounds and will do so again tomorrow or willing. Thanks lot for joining us on the program today have yourself a great what got bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.