Summit with President Trump and Kim Jong Un Leading to Denuclearization of North Korea

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, June 12th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Just Tuesday morning welcome. Broadcast good to be back which you. Bands. Man we have. Some extraordinary history. That is been made here in the last 24 hours. We have an agreement. According to the president's. Like Kim Jong-un. To complete denuclearization. That's how it's characterized here complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. Joint statement science. Alongside president Donald Trump after they held an historic summit in Singapore. The president calling this document very comprehensive. And that denuclearization. Could begin very quickly we certainly hope it does. I would that I hope what we see here. Is the same message communicated by Ronald Reagan in dealing with the Soviets years ago trust. But verify. Let's be honest and keep our eyes wide open about this. You remember it was. Back during the Clinton administration when he boasted we've got to deal. What ended up happening. Ultimately. It really didn't stop the north Koreans from pursuing their nuclear ambitions so the question is now. What really happens. At Diaw. And announcements a summit that's great. Now we'll have to see. Whether they follow through on these promises and commitments that they have made. So. In a news conference the president says. The Kim Jong-un. Has expressed an unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. In the signed document. They were prepared starting new history. We're ready to write a new chapter between our two nations. I believe he's going to live up to that document. Our eyes are wide open. But peace is always worth the effort especially. In this case. So hopefully. This will be the case. I've always elected this from the perspective. Of history. It's not just them the the focus on now. And when I look back to history. Again mentioning Bill Clinton and his alleged deal in the past. Things didn't work out and from my perspective. It's worth giving this a shot. Let's see what develops year and one of the things we have to remember we always have to take the long view. It's not even about these announcements or were these proclamations and signed documents. D.'s. Agreements. Ultimately what we're looking for. Is what we should all look for faithfulness. Over time. So they should be playing out over the course of weeks months and ultimately years. So this is really just beginning. For over two purposes with the same place in many ways. The same place we were after Bill Clinton to steal. We have to wait and see. When in the north Koreans especially follow through on their commitments. The president is actually characterized. He is interaction with Kim Jong-un as a special bond. Five hours of conversation. Five hours. When you loved to have been in that room listening in on that conversation. We talk about for five hours. But that is the outcome. And I'm very curious as to what you think about this how optimistic you are do you think the north Koreans were actually follow through. Will today follow through on their commitments. There are a couple of things have come out of this summit as well. One of the most tangible developments. A commitment to recover the remains of US military personnel missing in action and presumed dead from the Korean War. Countries committed to recovering the remains in the immediate repatriation of those already identified. This is a significant development and we think of how long. We did we have a they've how long. How far back this goes that we've been trying to recover these remains. And north Koreans have not really been met cooperative. And get a ninety of the magnitude of this there are nearly 7800. US troops. Unaccounted for. From this war from 1950. To 1953. Think of this. That's a long time. We're talking about going all the way back this what is it 68 years. And it doesn't. That is amazing. Sixteen years. It's been that long. 15100. Lost in North Korea. So. This will be another. Then to watchman in north Koreans really follow through this commitment. Because I would think this is the kind of thing that we can seem pretty quick results on and I think this will be gave. Clear barometer of how serious they are about their relationship with the United States of America. Because of their faithful follow through here. It's more likely they'll be faithful to follow through on the other commitments related to denuclearization. So we hope. On our side. We also have an important announcement about what we're doing with the South Koreans. One of the things that we've made the commitment to do is to halt the war games with South Korea. No more war games for now. The president said juries do its conference. This was an opportunity lay knew whether to bring his country. As in Kim Germans country back into the community of nations. If he agrees to give up its nuclear program. The president announced he will freeze US military war the war games. With South Korea while these negotiations between McCarron two countries continue. Now trump also. Cast this decision as a cost saving measure. But North Korea's long objected to these two roles and these to these drills as east security threat. This is one of the big issues from the north Koreans. They're concerned about their security this is what they're communicating to us. They have long term concerns and the fact this one of the reasons why they say they're working on nuclear program to protect themselves. From the hostile United States of America. Blood to get your thoughts your perspectives on this story you think this will grow will this be like the other deals or will this be different. Will continue that discussion on the Vince Coakley radio program. At fourteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. Both things the president did not do. Is. Provide a lot of freeze. For Kim Jong-un to worsen complimentary remarks. But at the end of the day in truth the matter is this guy. Is. Well let's just say autocratic. And he's been impressing. His people for decades. And we dare not forgets the loss of American minds people like auto warm beer remember him. Detained in North Korean and one of the things the president said. How to warm beer did not die in vain because his death actually brought about these nuclear talks. Let's hope this all works. This is this Coakley radio program. VoIP minutes after 10 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio program giving your reaction to what you've been watching the last 24 hours. Kim Jung Hoon saying we decided to leave the past behind is this true. Dizzy really going to do that justice. I'm bound to be turning the page from North Korea. Did some perspective from Gerald out of town opens this morning what do you think Rand. Hey good morning I got wrote I don't trust a man that would wind it'll go low level. How much control steadfastly artwork girl. Evil is pure enable it well wouldn't say it's over thank you or hate music people. So I want pedicure this year I mean do you think. I was so do you think that Donald Trump is being fooled here. Absolutely certain. But we are sure absolutely. And how long do you think you'll take for us to know how serious he is about following through on these commitments. This year. They always hate to talk he'd struggled out of dolphins. He owned this not optimistic about the steal. Already. Over on the Tex lines immensely am waiting to hear the black till this morning events. You know actually. I'm not sure if you don't that on this program. I hope I didn't disappoint you. Unknown following through these commitments this Texas is never going to happen north Koreans aren't stupid to. I don't object. Pins for five hours they talked about who's button was bigger as Jim and obviously. Ward James. I don't think that's an accurate or appropriate label. Joint military exercise is better. Power moon government talk. I'll have to remember that. Joint military exercise us. Trying to use the more appropriate term next time around. Anthony good morning welcome to the broadcast. Good morning sir good. Just wanna make the state Vietnam. As our North Korea are I think it's regret saying he goes so many people aren't going well president. You know. Support the president whether you like c'mon now this is a good thing. You know damage you do barely Udall black squatters say no I don't try out there in the La La La La La. There are a bit of a historic moment that they enjoy your answers so that we get about. I think it's gonna way to look at this Anthony I do appreciate your call and and Disco respect what I said before. That's you know you've got to give. Just in time to work. She how long. T how long it'll take here to begin seeing some tangible evidence no one of the things I talked Rosie remains. Dead the north Koreans certainly have access to be able to provide in get back to America. I would think they would be able to provide some tangible evidence in this very soon. No reason they can't follow through on this. Also on the tech slide events. I'm of that other texture it's been twenty minutes you have to bring out the glass is half empty are you feeling all right today. And and what are the points it's kind of you know it's really interesting. I've been having a FaceBook conversation with a friend of mine. Who is. Let's just say not a big fan of Benjamin Netanyahu. Pretty much thinks the guy is. Well what's the word that he used here. I need to look this up very quickly. Because its strong horse we played few the audio Benjamin Netanyahu. Talking abouts. It is in his message to the Iranian people we wants to help them with their water situation. And I mean it sounds sincere enough I don't have any reason to doubt the veracity of what he's offering. It's amazing to me here on the optimistic guy say oh this is wonderful. And it's this reminds saying I'm convinced this is propaganda pure propaganda. It's got an interest in that. Here I am now in this place somehow cast as the the optimist in that other conversation but somehow here I'm expected to be the skeptic. Parade. Jim good morning welcome to broadcaster. How well we're all there would convert him into a unique angle Korea. And at air somewhat let me keep them in my room shaking hands there and did hugged each other. Why they did it where we're great figures. Yeah this auto workers but the big question mark united. And that the tablet and our career he he impresses me is same kind of ask Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. And dog. You know you ought thank you very liberal and he is playing Domingo like cables to embark that this country for war. So all bad haircut if you have a become bumped the country's. So there's not a whole lot of old by the democratic South Korea and I'll let you may be democratic. Won't have well behaved. Apple Julio. Bit by anybody in what you eat. So I worked out of question marks there doctor arcane yet my hair around it. But random and correct without warning you got a warning Bob billion dollar. Deficit are outlawed Labarca Mercury. You're a bigger bigger cheer up and learn about route number of Victoria who's anymore. Thought you Walcott and apply to all you hear it absorbed and they'll be really you thought it got to put a plug arming and winning it. So armed and well I'm in this country bear are part right near right and toward any parties that that there. Forget that part of the moral we're the guys and all economic power the American. People don't tell me ya. I don't are able to. Don't let you bring up an interesting point nearly fully got about a 25 seconds or so here but. You know what you like to see us move toward withdrawing all of our troops. From South Korea. Well I don't draw that aren't important part of it for pro gun in my opinion wrote it and try to get real our border with Mexico. It meant. They're trying to guard him with Sharon as well the rest of the well. We're up 41 trillion in debt in this country you know why your country got any lawyer player but security Medicare bill we're right back up. Just start champion sport and our. Bert bell ball slipped that far. Yeah we've we've got to do something pretty drastic no question about it Jim McCabe to appreciate your call. 27 minutes after 10 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. And you know again I would love to your perspective. On that what is taking place here. And we all have to remember time you got to give these agreements some time and we've also go back to Ronald Reagan. Any agreements. That were forged with the Soviet Union. You've got to be able to give these time to see how they're gonna work that's so we don't advance. We're pretty stupid and who can look back for instance at this or Ronnie and deal. And stick of those. How it's our money of cash. Gifts that were killed in the runny and it's kind of the underhanded. I mean it kind of share issue. There's something really wrong with that entire thing from the very beginning sometimes we know in advance. This time. Maybe there's some enforcement power behind Wilson. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program. Your calls and text coming in on the subject North Korea gonna talk as well about what's taking place in South Carolina this is primary day. It's very important races including a governor's race. I'd be curious to find out who you're voting for and why today throughout the state of South Carolina tried to rob Robert in rock kill good morning. For more immigrants. Yes sir wondered how I want to their doctor about this Korean thing. All right now. It's a possibility. But there's going to be a rough year review ever seem to get there. I think the bigger rocks are going to be in Washington. And why silk. Well this people don't want a bigger quantities Pinkett contagious all the time. And you know are you you got. Guys are here. Or prior to her little girl down here. Pre injury Lindsey Graham and. Only to miss him. And I think there's a whole lot of them offers same way and no matter what the president does. They will step in his way. Now what can they do about this now mean the deal's already been made. What can they do to obstruct. Targeted and it struck obstructing everything since day one I mean. They they don't. They don't wanna say eight anywhere in the world. All I wanna do is keep us at war as antagonistic. Towards people who don't even deserve it. Empire I think it is pretty unfortunate there are people like that's. You know weathered. I mean let's be honest there's a lot of money and war is to or not. Yes there is answers and they've put a decade ago. And so hopefully he. You know that or not continue in this particular situation I appreciate your call. And part of what we're talking about here. You know we've we've heard this referred to miss the even military industrial complex. You know it's it's PC can make money out of peace. By the way really good message here that I received just a few minutes ago this one. Is from Jennifer. Is I think the Olympics. A lot to do with this referring to Kim Jung route. Maybe got a glimpse of what North Korea could be. And maybe he wants to join the party so to speak. That's the plausible idea. What do you think about this. You know when you have an opportunity. To connect with the leader of the free world I mean in this. Mean there's no question about effect this is a huge opportunity for Kim Jong-un to be on the same stage. To receive the recognition. And if he's able to get the United States working with him and ultimately the right now there's no drop of any sanctions. But of these sanctions start to fall another other countries start following suit. There's an extraordinary opportunity here. And really anybody would be a fool to pass this up. So we'll see. What he's going to take the opportunity and run with it. Here to provide some perspective on this national security expert and also human rights advocate. Our good friend Ryan Mauro good morning welcome man. Eric thank Romeo and well tell me he had just overall your assessment of this deal what you're aware of anyway. Well they're really good deal it's more just an aspiration at this point. But it beat good aspiration and it still is a breakthrough because the North Korean regime. Has that at its ideological foundation for decades now just this year anti American in the extreme to the and it all that propaganda all boot. Worldview that it would create regime appears in order to justify its dictatorship. All kind of went up in smoke over the past 24 hours I mean that you bring him diluted that they're going to be able to cope act that furious. Where you tell the people. And America is so evil that they never be greeted with and you better support me because we're gonna end up a nuclear war that no matter what. They're brainwashed to even the most brainwashed North Korean people are going to look at what happened here and say. Something big it's happening either regime is all putting. And needy all the demonization of the United States more than eight and a fair characterization of that country. Do we really since Ryan of what is being transmitted back to the North Korean people right now about this. Well if you look at North Korean arm outlet. And there are actual actual like Steve Allen our own mind and and I'll report of what they're broadcasting. There's no way they can ignore them. So we look at age now where you can have a new information blockade in the opener detail. But felt indebted to date. And bit brought the brought characterization of what's going on back cannot. Oh from the North Korean people part they are getting foreign news now a good I think about a third. Or half of the population is getting access to foreign leaders through the black market. So you did that they are learning about that at how they respond to a we don't know but we do you know about it is north Kirk is blocked an error. BS. It is basically being exposed right now. And that's a very good thing but for me for development path and the litmus test. For the next stage and there is at a series it has a blunt the thing that we really need to hear right now. Is that North Korea will stop its nuclear trade and other forms of trade. Which I ran but jar at the odd. And any terrorist groups that they have support in the past like Omaha as a law and the Filipino terrorists the moral liberation front on an account or. Withdraw all the technicians from the Iran nuclear side kick out all the your audience technicians from the North Korean site. And if they are not willing to come clean on and all of that is poke that's who we need to demand are now. What is your sense who we have about a minute left in this segment of about the timetable here color is going to be before we're going to know for sure. How serious Kim is about all of this. Well that's the Mets or the potential nuclear disarmament range between ten and fifteen years. I don't ache and my guess it will tighten up. But for me when you're giving let a situation dangers as North Korea even if you heights. Bit of a box at all. That's still a big gain for Erica national security the critic of the present what they. Well you tropical and you should know North Korea cheated you should know that they achieve much you'd debate she. A portal that are a bit right now make the biggest difference. This better than none native he might collapse it's better than none. Right at you what are the recent collapse is one day and then disarming apps they're arsenal is going to really matter. Get all that a salute and perk up on the black market. Yeah that would be quite a scary. Proposition to see this sort of situation developed. And and there's another area that I went to explore with you I hope you'll hold on with this for just a bit because we have a break coming up here. And address this issue of the future of North Korea itself right here in the Vince Coakley radio program. That 44 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. I would've. Tartar one more thing here we only have about thirty seconds left in this particular segment. What is it what are you reading. About it's Kim Jung himself in terms about his motivation for doing this now. I think. That he is that the protocol and there's a lot of other don't know that's been going on I think at the result led you to keep him jogger that we could endanger his life. There is something that needed him. Stop the back and forth with Donald Trump and B and you'll wheat and overpowered. An adult we know about as a the other factor here is I think that there is. This information rankings and order. Korea's leadership that they're not as stable as they thought and the backing of three. There's an indication of that to suppression of sky high but the officials are dying being a lot. Yep and we wanted to are about more of this coming up stay what is. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program we talked with Ryan Moro national security expert and human rights advocates. Didn't really go into the human rights aspect of this in fact remains will grow their first before we talk about the future of the regime itself for our Ryan. Tom do we get a sense of how much this was part of discussion because I think Donald Trump did mention they talked about human rights. Right bill Wrigley you're hearing a human rights and I'll be brought up at all change trump said that. They did mention human right I'm sure it was as mentioned in past and perhaps it was just. Look we we have to speak out that are going to continue to do our immediate albeit separate diplomatic track. Four that sanctions or human rights violations and the lifting of sanctions or decreased violations. But there are that outreach cancers still running the prison camp is still running North Korea is the worst human rights violator on the planet are almost certain of it. And over a 100000 Christians but I'm not met our. Are locked up in North Korea affiliate it's a horrible situation that we need to call for the but I've been nuclear NWR and DHU. Including chemical and biological weapons nipple straight correct and all that bad at become bird. Not because. We eat. That is barely dipped only care about ourselves over the North Korean people but because we get to the point where we can help the North Korean people. We have to idea the route the WMD issue. So what I think this strategy here it is. Is that if we come to some type of agreement and the Korean regime they disarm. It does this go and there's more open to that won't modify the Coulter. And result in the open net that exposes these things and Nate and helps bring the country in modernity and decreases these types. Of abuses that's what I did do the thinking in here. And we can only hope I won't talk about the future Kim Jong Koo and his government how stable. The situation is here and right now politically. I don't think it's stable and although it's only conclusion I can reach from the bits major about face of the art pure junk food. And also would be just how we saw huge amount of oppression people being fired people being shot and killed. Anyone who could possibly pose and during the transition when you take you're cause other and the need to adapt he took over. How it is they're keeping constant relative buying and subject at a late deportees and people being shot anti aircraft guns just over the op stuff. And didn't like at the before three military chiefs were sacked before the summit with something is going up a year. I he did not feel secure out at Roland part of the reason for him getting rid of Israel does because throw those are closer to China. He feared that chop would say. We're going to sideline you and put our own puppet in power you're puppet. But then we have an even better pop it though as it appears possibly get at him diluted looking pew. One quick thing here what happens if Kim Jung who loses control what happens the country. You get the other bloody civil war that is that the cereal because walk in the park. Give all the W indeed a special forces the heavily that horizon box it cited pal. As a competitor it's hell patent it becomes like a gold rush for every terrorist criminal every bag got an earth. Because there are so new weapons and so many poor people banned people willing to sell it I it it's one of those nights at an area but that a lot I'm thinking about. And as up until this summit I was thinking was really ought to put it all out one day would be civil war. Or a direct war with North Korea where all this stuff could go Lusa news be just aren't six. We certainly hope that does not happen that there is a good outcome to all of this Ryan Mauro as usual always appreciate your insight man great talk with you. All right thanks so much event. On the Vince Coakley radio program 53 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock and we have Preston who is very patiently been waiting. And we've only got about a minute or so with you what are your thoughts your man. The target island locking in the mid second let this thing is we need to think about history so. But look at the German dealing with Japanese. We had to destroy the first broken down to what we want to be in but the Marshall plan in effect and that city about sixty years later. We got a traders are also. Well again did you begin to bill but there has to be a Marshal plan put in place to build up the middle class. Tbilisi freedoms Biller writes a constitution. Maybe it's just not Ullman Jennifer. And it happened there. Fred. That part of the world and that that's the big question there always great talking you Preston appreciate your call. You know we've talked about this in terms the idea regime change what we've done in Iraq and Afghanistan in that part of the world has not worked very well. Can that be accomplished with North Korea. I think it's a valid open question. On the Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line booming economy ice is dead North Korea backing down. I'm getting so tired of winning. I mean we actually in the Twilight Zone if Obama's made the same deal plus gave Kim a billion dollars cash he'd be killed as a fantastic leader. We know this because that's what Iran was. Also. It's based on when he previous caller suggested North Korean people were brainwashed to see the goodness the United States. When he's really saying is north Koreans. Are smarter than liberals. A that's pretty good I like Ellen and this one great idea maybe we can by the North Korea and South Korean Walt. For Mexico. We've been worth it to being supported that long distance kind of thanks so. This is still Vince Coakley radio program in America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real life. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. 1106 on this Tuesday and this is a very important day in South Carolina. Primary day. Fans might appeal is the same thing that it's always been. Please those of you who believe in conservatism. Crude for the most conservative candidate you can possibly vote for. And I know this is gonna take some people off for me to say this please to not make Donald Trump the measure of your votes. He is not. Vote on values and principles. And as we were discussing the first hour about what is ahead with this deal with North Korea. Well I can use that word deal right. How did Ryan moral characterize this. Know that just some idea it's. My appeal to you. Look for faithfulness. Over time. And who's been faithful to conservative values and principles over the years Donald Trump has just come on the scene the last 23 years. Some of these people been around for ever they've got records. That's what you ought to be voting on. Consistency. Over time. Anybody can come along and say closed there it would Donald Trump who gives a crap. We've got to. Reid is. Our standards. Our ideas our values have to transcend the personalities. And there's a lot of you know as well as I do there's a lot of corruption. But pretty much everywhere in every state. There's a specific type of corruption especially in the legislature. In South Carolina. You need more conservatives in the South Carolina legislature. If you got opportunities. To replace some of the news. On. Trying to be nice here. Some of these Republicans in name only. Take that opportunity. Sometimes it's matter of rolling the dice because you've got somebody who's been so unfaithful he can't get any worse. In other cases you've got some consistent conservatives. And you've got somebody coming along and saying all I am going to be more conservative or more face whatever and they have no record whatsoever. And I've seen I have actually seen examples. Where somebody's come along and said I'm an outsider. I'm gonna go clean up the mess. And they're running against a person with a consistent conservative record. That's not good. And sometimes people take the bait. OK look award at new person we need to clean up the slot and so we'd throw out in the process there are times we've thrown out some good people. Most the time the bad winds in upstate where the longest. We see that evidence all the time. Very important governor's race the polls opened at 7 o'clock they were close at 7 PM if you're in South Carolina. Governor's race at the top of the list. Governor's race. It will be interesting to see how this. Actually NN news. Because there's impossibility mr. McMaster could win this outright. Or he could end up having a runoff. Henry McMaster out of Columbia. Facing Kevin Bryant lieutenant governor Andre Anderson Yancey McGill of king street. Catherine temples and I'm Mount Pleasant Greenville businessmen John Warren. Now if if they don't get enough votes there beer run off in two weeks. The expectation is it could very well between may be between McMaster and Templeton. Or roar and democratic primary. Well who cares. State representative James Smith out of Columbia facing Charleston businessman Phil Noble. Points attorney Marguerite Willis if there's a run out. Again. It's likely between Smith and Willis. So we'll see how that plays out South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson's recent third term despite allegations. He tried to derail public corruption investigation. Into a political consulting firm he had been associated with. Wilson facing Todd Atwater of Lexington William furlong of green from the GOP primary. Also got some congressional races that are going on. Today. So. Whenever you do. Go out and vote show up. How many of these races and we've talked about this before. Kind of coming down to just a few votes and especially when you've got so few people showing up the margin could be very thin. And wouldn't you feel bad. If some loser gets reelected. Just putting them out there. Also on the text line. Someone obviously likes given Bryant. Would like to see him win. No other contests Lee bright I believe he's running. And the congressional race. Other text referring to North Korea Vince now trump could just get Kim Jung. Hard cash Sheehan to give up her stupid TV show. Howland out of step in Turkey. My goodness. That is pretty good. Person asking gear if there's any polling data on the upstate South Carolina racist I'm not familiar with Finney. You know most the time these polls they cost money the candidates. Sometimes will do some internal polls and they may or may not release. But I am not seen any. So. Again just show up in for what you have until 7 o'clock tonight. 7 o'clock tonight. Also the text line. Laugh all you had been struck us trying to make something work for the good of America and the world can you give term six months. Before saying it was a failure it's an average of Spartanburg. Did you hear any indication or suggestion I was. Indicating this was a failure. Of course she would be optimistic about Israel offering their prime enemy Iran clean water. Can you say smallpox smallpox blankets really you think there's something nefarious about this offer. Protection seeing Andy Kim is more afraid of China's Z. And this marching orders to deal with trump and take his time doing it cause you think there's a lot going on involving the Chinese. At least Kim is willing to save a rate things that shows some intelligence. We will see thirteen minutes after 11 o'clock. Are on the Vince Coakley radio program love to get your perspective on this coming up we're gonna talk about. Passwords. This is an intriguing subject I was amazed. When I saw. I have seen these stories before about passwords. And what people use as passwords. It blows my mind how stupid people are under way I have a hint for you before I go into this coming up in the next segment. You need to know one of the other vulnerabilities people often have. Do you ever router at home. If you have a router for your Internet. The default password I think is password. Did you know millions of people don't even bother to assign a password to their router. That's an open door open door into your entire system that's a freebie we'll talk about the other warnings. This is just Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock on the East Coast premiere program. Lets you touch your perspectives on the primary election going on today. This Dexter says you don't vote in South Carolina primary someone else determines for whom you do vote in November. Very. Important. Please explain questions for Republicans on the ballot they don't make sense to me. We don't need any more laws. And this is one of the problems it's. You know when we get the idea of understanding conservatism. And the idea is. To. Try to avoid putting more burden on people. I don't think some people understand that at all. And shackles when their Democrat shackles or Republican shackles. You know really doesn't make a difference. All ideas freedom. Treat him. Then so I can't make to the post agent might work schedule the race ends up going into runoff. Might be able to vote in the rough I believe so. It is all about truck Vince you spent the last two years calling me and every charm supporter mind numbed robots no I did not it's. He needs to drink the orange cool laid well if you're one of them well. If the drink. Tastes like correlated probably is score late. He was on I mean what the hell else what I base my vote. I'll do whatever the orange haired inferred tells me. Okay very nice. Try to Tim and right kill good morning. They've been you know I wouldn't it would from the Donald Trump when he came down here Barack keel back in January 2016. And I'll tell you what he says he read everything. There were afraid to say. And the only thing stopping him from getting stuff done if congress. She I don't believe that I don't believe that for one moment Tim. And part of your version like question here's my question for you Tim. Sorry what is the trump agenda right now for congress. Propaganda for congress has to give money to build that wall and where is where is a day exactly. Where is that. He why didn't you press for this this is my point Tim why did he sign. Legislation wide he signed an omnibus bill that did not have money for the law. Why did he tell me why didn't he tell these morons. Get back to work and find money for the wall or I will veto this legislation and shut the freaking government down. Well isn't that what you voted for Tim Tim Tim isn't that what she voted for somebody who is gonna say get the work done Morales. Right. Where is that Donald Trump. I'll let you know what let's let's see what happens on the next one come because he'll never sign a bill like. They're watching and again I can tell you are ready Tim they're doing the same crap they did before these people don't changed him. They have they're infect their emboldened. Because we got away with that last time we've got away with that period the entirety of the Obama administration. Passing the same crap the Democrats would have passed. Why would they change now. Maybe come through on the Supreme Court. Guests. Okay well that demands another sergeant Hilary Benn and that's another don't go back Tim local activists got to this Hillary nonsense don't filibuster either or thing. What about this whole North Korea thing. What data are and we're gonna have to the president we're gonna have to wait and see Tim I know right now all we've got. It's trial top talk. That let him know who say this guy is gonna play around. And I think that's what things are getting done but we're told and trump back at this congress. Because these Republicans have the power and the votes he gets things done now truck is trying to defund. Abortion was Planned Parenthood but it got to or around congress could civil support him. See I'd as I don't believe that I don't believe that for one moment how come he's not talking about this publicly instead of getting into fights. With celebrities over Twitter. Okay what is that this is the thing you say you've been talking about how great goal look at the cover of USA today. You're not gonna find one thing about this North Korea summit not one thing that is what he it's fighting a suppressive pork. A Siena Seattle believe this I don't believe it's him or rush Tim I I go I hate I don't doubt what you're saying Tim but what I'm saying is. I'm tired of the freaky and excuses Tim let's talk again another time but I this is part of what frustrates me about this entire thing. Oh the good. Just shut up about this already people we know what the media is I noted is you know what it is. And if you go into this you know what they're going to do. And it doesn't change so you don't go around whining about it you go over their heads that's what Ronald Reagan did this is how he was able to get things done with the republic with a Democrat congress. Did you get done get those tax cuts through. He went over the heads of the media and he talked directly to the American people. Can I just say to you again. And I said this over and over and over again it's not because I don't like the man or I don't want the man's exceed. The frustration is. Police falling short on some of these very important things. Because he's not the person that he campaigned. Acts. He campaigned at his ball buster Obama some balls. Call up Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and tell him I'm not signing any more of your stupid crap. He's not doing that. That's what I'm saying and I knew I would get phones going in the text line is scrolling away. And let's go odds a butch in Morrisville good morning sir. They're barred I guess yeah I think I'm not hear about is. Follow up outside that sell a lot wants or are about the company's stock up about. That was the race until the military fighter equipment and have dinner or go to the doctors that they're curious. Obama Clinton out on the spot. You know what else happened that I said the story the other debris which you know was missing though. Our our our energy you know what's missing from that legislation. Dark comic funding. They didn't funded bridge. This is the kind of people we're dealing with they are treacherous. People. They outsmarted him coming kitty can we just acknowledge that. On the Vince Coakley radio program. 28 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock time for one more I quit color here. I knew or give people Rondo appeared to let's go to Patrick in Estonia get about 3045 seconds here. I. Outperformed. Or an urban. Are far heard you say again. Oh how consult on the government won't listen to continue funding for the all. I don't move on the bubble ball. That there can be a really big backlash shall form you know how many times have we seen this from the formed in going on their. Well thank you swallow. Look you're actually on the and how about the rat. Oh wait could it could very well backfire Patrick but you gotta take a risk somewhere and you know what I think the American people would be with them on this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after the government. Look like we are gonna talk about passwords. This blows my mind seriously. He password some people actually use. Its and downright scary. I'm looking at this list. It is just some of these are kind of surprising to me it's not really who'd fought to use that for a password. But it looks like boyfriend David is on the line out of Greenville good morning David. Very bad well I'll need strong and pelvic staple that they believe they'll likely. Two off pick up the older collier evidence they'll pick out a circuit U Arkansas we don't agree whatever ultimately juggle everything. Have not stepped up they would get incredible love. No it doesn't I think we're very much in agreement on just about everything David. We're we're we are battered old immigration were a little bit about food part so deeply about our guys they're well they're. They're lucked out without thank you for taking my own well. Well site label just let let let let but he thought or Ronald Reagan. Third spirit it's good president he wants. Leapt out while all won't let it slip away illegal immigration yeah 9086. Because atrial with a double. Well the winding up clarity. Million illegal yeah eight million adult Americans are a whole lot more well Australian. Again I haven't played my mind a bit. Our law if they're saying it's lining the political Apple's their ability good is far superior. Get Hillary button. And but you're right through. So when you say let bite you played all right. Stand up all Ryan. Yes following orbit yes. That's all I'm saying I want the end and when I think people are hearing here is. They think that I am against him. And I'm actually wanting him to do what people elected him to do and a bust these morons in Washington. I ride why aren't deep and I don't know we've talked about this before David what do you think it's holding him back. What I think voting back. All but blocked well our lack liked the bank you don't comply behind this sitting idle idle I don't agree with that. But now maybe maybe yet Lego popular but let's get real problem disliked everybody else. In Bob Holden that certain special interest. Adam. Maybe not as much Islam of people in the past but he ignored it meant that. The military industrial complex you talked about or the federal. And quite frankly. Probably the biggest thing although Mike if you killed motivating thing is this Dorian will. Why everything it will all we lose that America but they're they're an ally but everything I want to do it loud and operate that it's. I wanna talk about this money thing too because warnings are brought up before David. You cannot do what Donald Trump has done without the help from banks. And you wanna talk about are you wanna talk about you holding up being beholden to people. There's no way around the fact that this man has to have. Some very important in tenuous relationships with the banking system. If he wants to have any business dealings whatsoever. Now cripple negated the good news where you say it and it's sort of negotiation. And this is one but I got tapped into a bill that when you fly get a guy like statement letters sent. There's a well lit inside or that any lesser side in the wall straight through the Mac. And yet you've got somebody and he's trying to please isolate the Udall let's try to do this there yet trump is moving more forward. Whereby we will or raw. Bigger tomorrow. Which is much more nationalistic. As far as size it'll get out or what's best for America is sparkle that played agreements are black site. Yep it it certainly is it certainly is. And I hope. You know that that pinned a low certainly swinging more that direction rather then the other direction so. Hey Dave always great to hear from you man and video look forward to talking to you next time. Thanks you're not always. Her they. Seek it. It it amazes me I don't know what else to say about this but anyway. Let's go Hud to a call from pat in Greeneville good morning. Hello Ben how are you doing well. Well in her car parked car and Politico Yorkshire overnight are called to their PO RT or. I won't talk about the open primary system the way up it's in Argentina. How do you don't come on my grandson will fair amount Bible Orange Bowl lineman. He lunatic and my irons you don't really good involvement not confined do you. I don't think it matters but what happened and they were I was semi Owens play at 7:30 in the morning. And I live on well I have I openly call. We pick web site of Greeneville near fairy tale. I went I went there are twelve person to vote Republican. And the lady Laura I don't believe we're the twelfth person to vote. Democrat voted warm the Republican primary influence. How what do you think that does he talk about vote now for Asian. And another word simply want to get a True Blue re probably didn't want to date. I mean you know I know term Democrat from older people here. He will probably Wear light. He had been Strom Thurmond they're they're genuinely conservative but I feel like it Democrats platform. For the most part. Is pro abortion they're anti in their pro open looks there pro. Illegal immigration. How white you are one though people controlling. From Republican primary yeah I I'm not opposed to a third party but I feel like it's that they and the goal. Is still pretty much. Depend on the tree maker candidate. And I don't I don't want to calling for complete won't need to do it. All Republicans and the Republican primary in an all Democrats in the democratic primary can pretty though. The most conservative normally they'd comparable. And you and he added that we've got about. Well different candidates running. They don't really muddy the water and no there's nothing else but where is ever Bible or even Christian and I do thunderstorm. So the Bible clearly weaker that is the order to put one up and one goal own. And now but I am thankful and at least in Greenville we've had. Trouble conservative Christians running pro and protect my call. Hey what thank you pat makes for bring this up issue up again which is we're gonna discuss this more in the coming days the importance of closing primaries. I mean if this is really had no brainer. And make it really kind of confirms the idea that I believe quite some time but what we have is a unit party. It's a you know a party. It's that. Connection between the Democrats and Republicans. And they eat end up working together with big businesses. And ultimately the American people are screwed. Coming up where in jeopardy this password discussion on the Vince Coakley radio program. 44 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock on that text line pointed this thing gets growing. On this issue. Of the primary I know the Democrats can't be anti abortion Katherine Templeton who's pro life. Voted Jim for Democrats so that's impossible right. This I say this with complete honesty no sarcasm I promise I truly believe your good person good part we need more like you. I really enjoy your show and I'm able to listen thank you. That is for machine thank you very much. Vince Republicans get out get out devotes. Your vote really discount especially these open primaries. Yes that's absolutely vital. And there are others we will have to get you after the break. 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. New. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Sampras to go down I 85 to our good friend log so. And talk about this date in history this is the twelfth day of June 2018. Oh my goodness what does this for a password. Password. Tells them that that's where we were talking about. Earlier sounds very seventies didn't tell me about it my goodness. 1882. Months ago. John Lee Richmond. Did this in a baseball game very first time what did he do. What was Syrians. 1880. He accomplished a first what was it. Home run. Actually no he pitched the first perfect game. Are you probably would help to fight told you what his position was the NFL it well yeah I love all of baseball questions I'll just say the next two and is related. 1939. This hall of fame opened in Cooperstown New York. What is it four. Baseball. 1967. This is something that I think. Yeah I think Kanye West would appreciate. These Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban. This type of marriage what was an interracial. You are correct. 19874. Words president Ronald Reagan said to Mikhail Gorbachev port where that. Mr. Robert job of their down this wall down. And this one's tough nineteen anyway. I've for the first time and 600 years. This erupted in the Philippines. They'll fall Cano obviously. If you want to specific hey yeah this is so severe and not play at all anybody in studio and guess what this was studying Mount Pinatubo. While well John that's pretty impressive you look at oh look it that's how I got a new dad. That's that's pretty impressive on the news he brought all of us believe great pronunciation too violent conflict is. That was very well enunciated I am thoroughly impressed let's talk of let's talk about passwords. Do loaded this this is the number of password these are passwords that have been commonly exposed. In known data breaches. Let's start at this part of the list with more than 200000123. Com all 123. I'm dead serious. People of actually use that. You know the next and is. 1234567890. Prince took Lee's personal favorite. It's exactly. The next 11. To come led 34 or five. Units of and with these. Oh my goodness this is scary. Wonder what the average age of the people or who actually use these as passwords I would be curious to know that as well. Or who we leave off here the next one. 1234567. All of these are in the two million range by the way of knowing data breaches number of times so when used this. Then. Password wine. Poured that really required a lot of thought. Password well. Then we have. AB CE 123. Point gave us the state appalled by it and that would do I'm. To the next what here's a little creativity. Once you come led 345. Common 67 hits. I should it's going to be tough to remove more than commissar you know Dan exactly that's that's difficult. And this one. Nearly three mini two million people use this. 111111. I only get better. Then three million people use simply the word password. It isn't the that's it that's just where are. And here's one you only people got this from QWERTY you know or dentist on June. That's the keyboard the road doorway to keyboardist QWERTY. People actually use that as password. I got to quickly go through this. Number 270000012. To become a 456. Thomas 78 now. And at the top of the list is simply 123456. Early in his and it runs so. Just brilliant. Thanks for joining us the Vince Coakley ran your program. So guys be any view guilty of using any of these passwords. May be early on when I first started having passwords and it didn't take long to figure out what are some money could put this in there yes. Now they're overly complex and I can never remember what they are. Yeah and in a lot of these. Companies now require you to you to have certain parameters in your password like they'll tell you you know one around the letters has to be our cat you have to at least one all cab. Used to have at least one number or one and a symbol. And it kind of complicates its and he gets the point how you remember all these past which by the way. What do you do John I just try to memorize them and if I can't I'll hit suing my password again yeah bills there will sing you Lincoln can reset. Yeah I've got actually got a program that I use. That keeps all of these together otherwise stay away to keep up with the stuff have a good. This is this Coakley radio program.