Summit Reaction, Interstate Surfing and The Death Penalty

John Hancock
Wednesday, June 13th
Hancock reviews reaction to the North Korean Summit, arrests for internet surfing, and the death penalty.

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This is John Hancock. Wednesday we give me. Wednesday at the thirteen. Not all of them are about what's going on what the the next steps in the trump Kim summit. And does some of the reaction that I was able to our grabs today including and see editorial would be a Wall Street Journal. The one thing that everybody's kind of emphasizing even if that's not what they're saying is that everyone was hoping. That any. Document that was signed nor any agreement that was come to would be complete verifiable and irreversible and that's not what anybody got. And and so that's where the negativity essentially lies. And New York Times also had an analysis today of a trump betting on a quote on quote special bond. I'm to deliver policy shift so wall of we'll talk about that and the interesting thing to me was the marketing. Of Kim Jon and that day of president takes a video with him. And shows it to him on an iPad. And in essence. Says this could be your country. This is what life could be like without sanctions and without. Without your nuclear. Brett. This is. The yellow brick road that you could look forward to. I think that's pretty fascinating. Sometimes you expect these high level talks to be very complex and and then is sometimes they take it right down to the roots. And it's really not all that complex at all it's a really is. Two guys stalking moron and understandable. Import and I I guess with the translators. What we decide their interpreter or their translators there interpret First Lady called yesterday should get a mirror. Figures she wouldn't wait. But GO kind of corrected just I guess to some extent Aaron Paul wasn't too are correct but it was to describe the difference between an interpreter and translator. And and I thought it was good points all try to comply with with your. Counsel. If you're using interpreters. Then you would take things down to to some extent. It's a simpler form. You're not gonna get into a whole lot of complex speech. Or innuendo or. So anyway I got there says some elements they're that I think are pretty interesting and now in mobile talk about that Mark Sanford Dell lost last night in the GOP primary. He was not on board and a totally as they get trounced her in South Carolina noticed that in. The person he was running against Andhra brought that up Katie Arrington on a number of occasions and and does so Mark Sanford lost for the first time in no South Carolina and according to what you read today his political career is probably over. But I would say you know never say never. Mark Sanford. The former governor. Rush made the comment today I think he's still with the woman mainly from Argentina but. He's not. They split up tonight. And all of her FaceBook today people are posting don't cry for me Argentina. Which. They're probably not. Lost his Republican primary yesterday. Following neo. Oh well timed tweet from the president. Mark Sanford has been very own helpful to me in my campaign to MA GA make America great again. He is MIA and nothing but trouble he's better off in Argentina. A fully endorse Katie Arrington for a congress should know South Carolina a state I love. So was Sanford is a toast in KOCO Arcadia Arrington does on that and is that a precursor to what goes on in me a mid term elections have no idea. Be it Jews see what happens by Tommy get to the mid terms where are we are in Korea. Because we'll be sure you know will be fairly warm months down the road how well there have been another meeting between the two public meeting at the White House or Pyongyang are. Disney. Whatever. And where are we on terrorists. Must our relationship with China. And where are we on immigration. And although subject matter that are essentially. Comprises what we read on a daily basis right now. What will those headlines read. When we walked back into the voting Booth for the mid terms. And that will go a long long way to determine whether or not Republicans maintain their majorities or not. And if the president somehow or another has played. Chicken on tariffs. And has come out ahead. And if we are well on our way with North Korea towards. Denuclearization. And a confidence by the American people but that indeed is happening. The lawyers beat. Headlines. We won't know exactly what the headlines will be especially not with this president by the time we roll it in November. But it'll be insane to see if all the sudden we are and stronger footing. From LA. From an economic standpoint DO fed raised the rates again slightly today. I'm bubble that due to stock markets and not torrents over it's also play into what we SE in November and not in Albion seem to see what what transpires as we head that direction. So while. Sanford is has been pretty unrepentant after is a defeat yesterday he was recorded as saying I stand by every one of the good decisions to a disagree with the president. And so he's how to begin gimbal locals who were all that goes. Mark Sanford. Man who helped answer the question that we asked back there are during the Clinton impeachment. Does character count. And obviously the answer is no not really. I know it's. Look at Taco Bell here seven free time. We know 6 o'clock tonight however by any thing. Everybody gets free taco Taco Bell today thanks to the Golden State Warriors and their victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on their home court in game number three. So any time right now between 2 o'clock this afternoon and 6 PM tonight. So for the rest of this show. Go to a Taco Bell and say I want my my free Doritos locust Rocco and now given to you you don't need a coupon you agreed to buy anything. That's just dead is the it's the result of taco Bell's third annual stealing game steal a taco promotion. And was officially triggered when neo warriors defeated the cavs in game three of the NBA finals in Cleveland on June 6 so today's the dead it's huge for talking. Now there are counting on sir that you bio it shall loop or sound like a lawyer there but you don't have to. And what do you figure taco cost them. You think. You got the shell you got to meet. You got to. You got now under after Rios is is of foot and a near the bill on this two. So again don't forget the hot sauce. All right Tom. People still talk and obviously will be four next to lower lobby for sometime now because will be monitoring and seeing what's happened in Pompeo are basically. Now goes in and talked to South Korea and no talks to China no so this is a moving target as we speak. Donald Trump. Try to dose of Hollywood drama. When he met with the king. I think about it Doug supplicant. What if he had gotten into the meeting. And they bring the iPad out. And then just as they're getting ready to play the video. It tells him he doesn't have enough. Space left it. Now. Who brought the 32 gigabyte iPad. Trump and not Kim Jong-un historic summit in a Singapore on a Tuesday. Next steps are kind of unclear. Because the agreement that they signed to work towards denuclearization. When you like your W say this. I remember I used to say and when you say Nucor. It clear. Didn't really that they added that the document generally included timeline or needy jails are. And now that's on everybody's bound and on but does the proof will be in in time we'll see what happens when all this are also questions and uncertainty about is unexpected comments after the summit that he'd end up. Joint US military exercises with South Korea and that's a frivolity is a suit with that. And to those have been going on for decades. North Korea was never really happy about all of those. They always saw them miss a preparation for invasion. So those are on hold but it's not like we're bringing troops out or that we're not capable of Rio firing those things back up again so and the president kind of made that clear. The Pentagon at South Korea. At least according to the news reports you read yesterday appeared to be caught off guard but. I don't know about South Korea but I don't believe far from what I heard on mark Harris and Charles that six last night that the Pentagon was. Caught off guard by this. At least not the us secretary of defense. So Juan. North Korea's state run news agency also contended Wednesday that trump said that he intended to lift sanctions without the north having to. On the White House hasn't responded to that claim. He got phrase for the starting on diplomatic dialogue. He got praised for pulling back from some of them. Bellicose statements that he and trim he and Kim had been net trading months ago that every bit spark nuclear fears. He got criticized for the praise that he had for Kim who. Who heads up. Inhumane regime. In the post press conference. He. With. Media interviews after that. They praise included calling him a very talented very funny guy very Smart having a great personality. Kim said that our trump said that Dick Kim loves his people they love him. You always heard the ones you love. You see the F fervor he said they have they have great fervor. He also stated that Kim's leadership in north curly anybody that takes over a situation like he did it 26 years of age and is able to run it. And run it tough. I don't say he was nice or I don't say anything about it but he ran a few people at that age you can take no one out of 101000 could not do that. And then when the president was questioned about how we how Kimbrel eyes is own people he said well all I can now do. Is due. But what can I do. We have to stop the nukes. So that's that's kind of where we are on an hour hello given to some of the other stuff that's been printed. Get the big story yesterday was a federal judge approving 85 billion dollar merger of AT&T and Time Warner. Of which opens the door for a wave of more large mergers in the country the US district judge ruling didn't impose any major conditions on the deal it was kind of a defeat for the trump Justice Department which for the so. Trying to block the merger and that was seen as being a personals this thing with the CNN involved and all that. They had contended that it would hurt competition and no cable or satellite television and increased cost to consumers for. Streaming TV and movies but. Be a judge says that the government had failed to prove that the merger would lead to higher prices and other Armon so the the judge approved AT&T Time Warner's merger. Speculation now lies ahead on know where we're actually headed with North Korea and what does some really meant. Because the details were not really. Detailed. Is that redundant. The task ahead will be to make the agreement. Concrete. And so the secretary of state law from pay Mike Pompeo. And given my they just made a change with the secretary of state and one of the reasons I think they did that was because of North Korea. So tomorrow today I guess he heads for South Korea and you'll talk to other Koreans and we'll talk to the Japanese and any goes to China after that. And the whole reason. Essentially is to talk about Tuesday's agreement. Which gave no particulars on. On how they were all actually come to a speedy. Denuclearization. That was what everybody was looking for complete verifiable and irreversible. We are far. Distance away from that actual reality. And we'll see where it goes from here. And there's no reason to be overly positive or there's no reason to be overly negative about it it is what it is. They American president and a any Korean. Leader. Sat down shook hands and and that's not happened before. So rather Kim said at the end of those meetings the world will see a major change. And we'll see what that means. Trumpets said that the a two men would meet again many times. And we'll see what that means. Said he would invite Kim to the White House some believe Kim yesterday. Accepted that invitation. A terrific relationship. If that's true that would be rarer. That's a sure that he has a terrific relationship with anybody except he bunker. Special word. Special emphasis on terrific. China and Russia were quick to suggest that sanctions on North Korea. Be relaxed as negotiations. Progress. Which could actually ease the economic pressure on North Korea before any tangible product prized progress on. On the denuclearization. As even started. That probably would not be a good thing given they past history that we have with North Korea or vote should not this week. He did it during the history. Of promises made by North Korea not followed through. The agreement raised new and complex questions for all Washington's. Allies chiefly Japan and and South Korea. He Wall Street Journal today. Called it said whether or not this photo all summitry. Achieved anything beyond the demo we saw. Is a lot less clear. Trump gave Kim the legitimacy of equal billing on the world stage but the risk was worth the gamble and has paid off in historic change of heart. That's the words of the our review and outlook of the Wall Street Journal today opinion piece chairman Kevin I just signed a joint agreement. In which he reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization. Of the year condor Korean Peninsula that was sort of a trump told the oppressed at the summit. And I he said we also agreed to vigorous negotiations to implement the agreement as soon as possible and he wants to do that. This isn't the past this is an another administration that never got it started and therefore never got it done close quote. So everything hangs on the details that are detailed. I'm not on promises which North Korea has made in reneged on many times. And various little. India joint communique. To demonstrate that Kim has a committed to do what trump claims. There are no details about timing or process or specific goals. And the danger for trump business that the the bids at this now. He's now committed. As the as the boy is a Wall Street Journal says the danger for trump is that he is now committed. To the same open ended negotiations process that trapped his predecessors. If they say if the past is any guide. All of this will be subject to painful and perhaps endless negotiations. And in a dark and the north will insist on concessions. From the United States at every stage. Trump made the first large. And unilateral concession on Tuesday when he canceled what he called the US south Korean War games. He even adopted the north's language and called them very provocative. But there will be more demands made by North Korea. Trump said US sanctions will remain in place amid out negotiations but lifting them will be a prime negotiating target for the north and you know that's true and China has already been quick. To call for sanctions relief and Russian till. And trump said that Beijing has already eased enforcement over the past couple of months. Pause. But that's okay. To which the Wall Street Journal says does he want the sanctions in place or not. Wall Street Journal points out a nerve opinion piece today. Smiles and handshakes no one should forget that Kim Il rules North Korea. As a vast penal colony. And perhaps guaranteeing Kim survival in power is necessary. To eliminate his nuclear threat to the United States mainland but there is no excuse for a nuclear deal that doesn't entirely eliminate the programmes program. With on demand inspections everywhere. This is what trump was insisting and offer I ran and he can't adopt a lesser standard on North Korea. So the test of this summit says the Wall Street Journal will be whether his gut instinct is right about Kim's commitments. And we hope it is they say the world believe that when Americans are packing and hauling away the missiles and the enriched. Radio uranium. And that's where we are. And there's no reason to be overly optimistic and there's over no reason to be go over openly pessimistic about all of this. May we are where we are. We had an historic meeting the other day. And now we'll just have to see. What happens says the quote unquote. Game progresses. Pre game is over. The beat four hours of pregame programming and speculation. Is over. We have now kicks the ball. And we're just waiting for the guy to catch it and run. I'm wandering the buzzer come. They're 74571110. Genentech in to a Steve we go his Dave. You. Are gonna. And I'm doing pretty good today I agree that that needs to be done but I also agree that we got still be talked. I'm there yet are atrocity. Yeah Pompeo has to work with Japanese. The Chinese and everyone else in the region who have been healthy over the years trying to get them at these companies we got to keep them ultimately. Let it come out on the first day in theory we're gonna hammer out an agreement in three hours it just it's it's unrealistic that Democrats just they don't give them. Obama couldn't do anything with Castro so you know they were OK with that footnote that the it'll baby steps that we we've got into the table. We'll see what happened at the end tropical that you would see what we compete we can kill each other out and I can tell you what the demand bomb or not. Well I'm and then we talked poets I know we talked about. A video of the current. Situation with terrorists and none in Canada and Mexico in the rest of the world in China and so on and so forth by the time we get to November and we get to the mid terms. It will be interesting to see how all this starts to unfold are we on more stable ground from a economic standpoint because of their. Parred stand that we took on terra said we have gotten better deals with these countries by then. Same with North Korea by that point. I'm maybe they've met again at some point or another or at that point we should be able to see. Oh what North Korea's resolve really is or isn't and so while I would assume that all of that by the time we get to November we'll have a lot to say about who controls the house and the senate. Yeah exactly then does it at North Korea the AT&T and we're gonna guarantee the security like he said. He won't have to worry about that we got synthetic governor medical got to come out there. I'll have got to get people that we got in the world with Vietnam or China right order staples are the Korean diet. Included in her pocket pod. Yes and help the humanitarian aid as well and that I'm sure all that was that was discussed. Have although the critics are the critics are right to make sure that they how under this administration for complete verifiable and irreversible because. That's what you that that's essentially go what was asked for and that's. That's essentially what was promised a non that's essentially what should be expected. Yep and can't comprehend all that concept I'm gonna do this I hate and from what I will do XY and pretty low key do XY and see what can agreement hammered out it's fine because the senate after the treaty. Not just some handshake quite like Ireland. And and then go there and I'm sure that treat these modified over the years and I don't know how all works I'm sure that the that the new suit the security. Modernization literature that that's that's where it held up market scale so sure that a lot more in depth that you personally or what reports that the field. In the Arab. I doubt me go back to this a piece in the Wall Street Journal today because I think this is a really interesting line he they say in their opinion piece there is no excuse for a nuclear deal that doesn't entirely eliminate the program. With on demand inspections everywhere that's what trump is insisting for I ran. And he can't adopt a lesser standard for North Korea I I think that's I think that is the point. Let their pets period Wall Street Journal. Boom boom boom period explanation point periods and got to adopt that stand and it you know who. Abide by all that. And he continued ark that held us some bad now what we do with a searchable materials I mean is that under way to destroy its store. We my idol Arnold. And and that's what that meant that unlike you that's above my pay grade but I have wondered. Com what what do you take with what they've already developed. And and how do you ensure that they don't develop and again. I'm they have the knowledge the one thing you'll never not take away from them now is the knowledge that they've gained the notes enough failures and a does that the other so they won't walk out of this with a better knowledge that while they walked in no with back in grand dad's day. But at the equipment I mean I know how to build health I have known to bop or should do it. I'm stock. So we can prevent that from get assistance and Turkey's centrifuges and and whoever takes the process but in a much that the so weapons grade if you get rid of all that and then then. I guess maybe were OK. Yeah what lot they help idea that we do that they're files that make sure you can if you wanna put the dismantled and destroyed. Now you can build a log house Steve. Yeah we're right relaxed there you go it's it's been done before us on on TV just last month. Obviously I'm pretty sure bet I appreciate golf thank you very much Jack you're on WB TI I don't I don't put a good. I wondered you know just a lighter note I wonder if there's any other I about air quality balance. I don't know I knew it brought it up. Are all right maybe it may be a long the maybe the interpreter is and they are quiet moment said. What do you think Gary yours or mine who's got the worst haircut. Yet they had to prepare barber but on on a serious side no more concerned doubt that some of the protocol that we know we talked about there's no doubts that. But in order yours yet North Korea or certainly are it's gonna call that didn't stop. I mean that the that this money alone and in China where are their pain but also in yesterday. I mean they were they know they'll call it a moment that our art any country that gets or given that are gonna get that from now. So I got and that's what all the editorials have pointed out to today is that we gave the first concession and there will be more at every step there will be. There will be more that is asked for and and more things that are that are there wanted so I know we're not even at the end of our giving. It's gonna cost that you billions in May be bigger than dollars you know that. And at the end of the day you got double it or not but now it's like there are. There are a mean they there a movement there were actually there I'll realize that our great approach that are. Because they know that we quite mount much more than make the white vote out. That's true it do we said earlier that these things you always think of these things as being really complex and they are really complex went. I mean if you read about the video that that trump showed do this guy. He's basically saying to him. The course you are on right now pom it has a dead end to it but. You get rid of your nuclear. Capabilities. Well then. What did you think about your walk around Singapore last night and and how would you like to have some of those types of buildings on the beaches of North Korea and how would you like to have a happier population. That's well fed. And economically strong and so he's kind of painting a picture for our Kim that does says listen. Your legacy can be that of another lame dictator that didn't deliver or it can be of one note that took his country to new heights. Well you need our money that bill. Well that's a good negotiator there are so maybe he's may be is a better negotiator than what we give him credit for the president said the other days that is a good negotiator well apparently is good enough negotiator to get on the same stage with the president of the United States. I go horseback not out there right you're always remember their job they're all but one country in this little girl ever the ball. You left. Really you know that was again that says he's scoring a bill ought to go look it up through there are those social politics go to all these other countries where they only want. Look effort dropped water on our. Well let's let's hope that that that facet of his crew remained stable lets slip a little let's hope that that's the end of that story. About the that I can't afford their friends over at where they'll whatever format you know. The great deterrent. Yeah I thought Tyler thanks Jack appreciate of course you've got a lot of crazy people in the world now to and you've got. Terrorism which is it heights we've ever had seen before. And you've got all sorts of missing uranium and things in different parts of the world so who knows what capabilities are have or close to being had by whom. All right did an elevated to a more phone call on the trump North Korea thing goes on and so forth in the know move on to mention. California's may vote on whether to a split PO stated do. Three states. So we'll talk about that and I just couple seconds and I saw things today that says so that good to pull out the says there is more support for the death penalty that the death penalty supporters rising urgent. What he's post that is. You are suppose that's a knee jerk reaction to people getting tired of turning on the news or hearing the news and having no one punk after another punk do this that the other and and just finally deciding. And they say the death penalty is not a deterrent but I as long as it takes you ten to fifteen to twenty years to. In force at all it's not going to be a deterrent. I don't wanna sound bar buried under it went. In in matters where there is no question. About this afternoon. Because if there was a chance that. That the death penalty would end your life in. Reasonably short order. Years not decades. Then maybe it would be more of a deterrent. I don't know. Get to bed just a second first we ordered Taylor Chris on WB TA Chris. Great job or use certain goods. Hey our I like what truck bed I watched it on Monday night. Very historical. But the thing is the man has put his foot print on the continent of Asia. What do mean by that is South Korea's fair. A lot of Americans don't mothers put North Korea but so to get China in Russia. They don't want him there. That little move that rocket man. It would be important to our orbit and it's. A label we're gonna try to uncles fought that war. And they said it was the most horrendous thing that ever saying. Well wars always horrendous blow it won't play well and time will tell. I get the feeling that Japan's not exactly. Thrilled that we called off the games because they were kind of hoping we'd stick do all hard line I think China's pretty happy that we are called off the they the games in fact that was one of their suggestions doing it on South Korea I don't know where they stand right now we're not quite sure they knew was that took trump was gonna world in those exercises so they may or may not be happy. I had to you know I don't think there Arnie answers today I think. And I think this summit was what it was it was say it was a great opportunity was there a good photo opportunity it was good cable ratings. No but do the proof will be in in the time forward. Yeah well he he never G-7. We went there and pretty much said look rare and noble rot in. The big eBay. I gotta get me somebody else are now we got killed or would you know what. He's got more. End this year to have than any president. Well Michael Reagan as. This historical. Well your big fan I got that from your conversation day before yesterday so. You know you're you can give him as much credit as you want to that's your prerogative. I I'd I think the the jury's still out on a lot of what he's accomplished and what he hasn't accomplished but I'm I realized I relate to you and the degree that. I kind of like a guy who puts his foot down and is willing to well lose because unless you're willing to lose their chances are you're never gonna win. Absolutely thank you are out there goes. Do you feel about the death penalty. It's a new pew research center of survey. Found that support for the death penalty has such ticked up again after reaching its lowest level in decades in note two years. The poll found 54%. Backing capital punishment up five percentage points from Torrey sixteen when it was 49% to 39% opposed. Down from 42%. Two years ago I think one of the things attention about this. And to me. Is that we've had more and more cases of DNA. Proving people that a bass set on death row for a good long while innocent. Which would bring you into more questions about. The validity in some cases of the death penalty being applied doing innocent people. And police are under the gun these days for their treatment. Whether or not that's justified. Attention or not. So for the polls to find that support for the death penalty is going up. Win at the same time we have seen that questions about. The judicial sees a system and I don't police told the same guys try that to be an adjusting. Contradiction. People point out that with so many other issues as with many other issues there's a partisan split has a partisan split and everything. 77% of Republicans are in favor of the death penalty compared with 35% of other Democrats 52% of independents. Or independence anymore. I'm independence. With a right hand lane. But who are independents I see them group but the whole the whole idea of being independent is to be independent and it. One of the primary reasons I'm independent is because I know vote the primaries whenever waterway I want. Like. I like that being able to play the infield and the outfield. Who are 52% of independents who are independents right now are those strictly people that can't relate to one party or the other. Are those people that like to be Switzerland. Like to kinda hang out they're neutral like tech got to be undefined. Com if the numbers for the Democrats. Are so much higher than those of Republicans and does that mean that most of the independents are Republican or our would be more or Republican leaning. I don't have the answers to these questions and just always makes a got a curious what I see independence. Who are independents why are you independent. Where you are democratic you decided now that you're an independent worry your Republican you've decided you're now independent. Com have you always been an independent since the day you registered to vote. As Roger adultery wants asked who are you. Put up. The recent increase in a parent driven. They are in prisoners support for the rest of dead death penalty is apparently driven by an increase in support for capital punishment among independents. Jumping eight percentage points among this group in two years Weller remained about the same. As in 2016 for Republicans and Democrats. So there the the increase. In support for the death penalty is being driven. In more support. From independence. But nor independence. If you re search area senator. Surveyed. Senator survey you said has found it does support for the death penalty has ticked up again after reaching its lowest level in decades a couple of years ago. And they say the recent increase was apparently driven by an increase in support for capital punishment among independents. And we're still not quite exactly sure who independents are. A little bit of everything I suppose an eclectic mix of disgruntled. Don't wanna be a part of those two parties. Not sure what I am. Or maybe it's just those that are Smart enough to figure out that if you're registered independent in the primaries come along you can play the field. So wind the Democrats are have and are really good election you can go over there and dink around with that. And the Republicans are haven't being go around a dink around with that. Was that would be few and far between because nobody. Votes in the primaries. By the way I'm happy to report that died challenged at TJ yesterday to approve it said he was gonna go by the voting Booth on his way home yesterday. And he did he send me I picture of him with his life voted sticker. Now the fact that it still was dated 1974. And that. TJ look like EO weighed about us 72 pounds less than I've edgier ads edges is caused by a bad camera yet. Without bad times setting. Somewhat bent. Death penalty chips up on WB TK chip. Thank on May go to our. It. I don't buy the trees studies statistics here I I. And they're not open ended in early not a Republican or Democrat I am and top. Capital punishment I. And I'm not gonna make a lot of friends here in my ears and I think it's rather. Hypocritical about it especially those two trying to be pro life. This weird talk and talk about abortion and then in the same breath third cup conversation later as their protest. We asked out art we asked that question is somebody someday a long long time ago and I don't remember who was we had some politician and here. And he was exactly what you just described he was anti abortion and pro death penalty and we asked him how you balance those two and he had a great answer and I don't remember what a loss. I'll I'll always an hour apart with the eight and abuse it and and people might not it's not guilty sentimental vote but I did someone hit a lot if he cute if you. It's someone out to be committed debt and help somebody you like it might if I don't think particularly their candidate took part salvation and then. I'll bet than silicon means they will that person doesn't deserve it but it's such a heinous crime and I'm like look younger Arabic directly do any investor Kirk at. Now when no I men and and that and that's essentially. Depending on what your faith or your denomination has. That's that's essentially why Jesus Christ came here in the first place. Absolutely. And well like what you say about independent lab job because we know you we are in this match our Bible myself constitutional it. Bet you can put that down and he got the dark plot to the dean Beno what you put that down. More unlucky probably a right leaning independents neither party I gave up on the Republican Party along time ago I talked a but it met up on time that. I will concede that the Republican Party it is the Conservative Party if they will concede that conservatism no longer many small government. Now. I give you conscientiously registered independent and not be a member of the Republican Party anymore. Do and expand bombing at it and he let the Democratic Party is way too proud I got you let's Goldwater Republican and they do. Hello and welcome to my girl that was that was my dad my in my dead. And I've had no one election I remember from my youth my dad was on the Goldwater bandwagon and I mean big time. Hit a dialogue I'm bred into parts of the conservative they're forcing them especially that the com that aspect it does not really. Who doesn't isn't really relevant today and and really the last chapter of that go blocker but he's completely contradictory to that at the other chapter. But it did other than his aunt dot com understand it's small government. And not think it'll. We the Republican Party can afford to secure more that nowadays. What do you think I just on the surface not necessarily from a personality standpoint on the surface what are you how do you feel about Donald Trump. What a great question got. It's the Democrat operative that led the Democratic Party gives gives us somebody. That's just not not George McGovern 2.0 in just executing the left. It can be tough to make it there aren't you you are you say it better than I I'd ever do it. How they are a lot of war tribe has done and its first year here at that you can't then not as they it get a stop arm ourselves and it worked. Pretty good I think it's a great I'll always say that I'm thankful about it for him that Hillary because the Supreme Court very slowly brink or nomination but. But even more so there's a law that you know the tax cuts I'm. You know. Although that at. Although that adding to the deficit and that yes that is something the politicians should have started to get their hands on 25 years ago. You that Iraq and in that lets its rabid that the tried all that he'd. I can't do that it's that without a step G and a and again as. Anybody you anybody in the I think he's trying to sit here and try to turn him into a more example that we need to follow these hitting himself there the Republican Party be their religion not a. It's like a really nice cupcake with a really bitter inside you'd understand how you like I feel like the cup gig you're not so sure you'll like all of the cup connects that's Bloomberg hey thanks very appreciate golf. John you're doing well now thank you I appreciate that the McGovern's noted TJ real quick hey TJ. I don't you have a good manner you. We already have a cabin on video that could go both good up. Until the lone. Worry about Bennett. I can bark what the Nektar that brought go to boarding table Keogh. They can all look or or capital punishment creator Stew him to go to an organism Burma if instead the death penalty we decision Joakim or area of the adult reader North Korea numbing Kim gets the help but or good evening and people are what I'm white. On the board or prevent North Korea. They might our commitment problems. Yeah although one of the things I guess that they're kind of hoping that all of this brings about his. Better humane treatment for the people of North Korea so we you might almost if you're successful you might almost cut yourself off with the best. But I get your sarcasm. Brian and maybe that's it maybe instead of the death penalty we just send him someplace you really don't going to be. June 13. 164. Days in the year 28 team there are 2101. Man. Days ago. I 97 on this date Michael Jordan scored 39 points to Chicago Bulls beat Utah Jazz ninety to 86 on their fifth. NBA championship in seven years and another one would come. 1990s. The long and winding road became the beatles' last number one song and on night 1984. The world's first roller coaster opened in Coney Island Brooklyn New York. It was called the gravity. Pleasure switch back railway. And the car's 1884 traveled. At six miles per hour. Which ends up here. Yes I'm building your cheeks were. Ball rolling yeah. Had I not those cheeks either. Tomorrow Flag Day. The World Cup begins. And the US open golf begins as well he did more. Computer experts warning that Amazon fire TV and fire TVs sticker vulnerable to a new virus that takes control of your device. 69 year old Pennsylvania man arrested after a road rage incident that ended with him. Deprecating on the other driver. They did just to be shot. And a lawsuit alleges that an assistant principal and high school in Queens gave teachers perks. In exchange for sexual favors. You see the dancing FBI agent who accidentally shot somebody and led Denver. What a moron. Got a gun in the back to into the back of his fans. He has a back flip on him dance floor at the gun falls out and shoot somebody in the leg. They got they got charged second degree assault or something like. Yeah around unintentionally shot somebody while dancing at a Denver bar turned himself into police on Tuesday. Got charged today's 29 year old Chad bishop. Being investigated for second degree assault it's only been charged with that showing off his moves in the center of a dance floor at mile high spirits far. On June the second when he launched into a back hand spring. During the move a fire arm falls out of his waist band upholstery and all under the floor. He moved to pick the weapon up an unintentionally fired one shot one person struck in the lower leg. An attorney for the victims said that the bread and bed that the other bullet hit the victims main artery in India could have bled to death. If not for personal applauded tourniquet to the victim's legs. Buckled unknown. Unbelievable well well well I told you that you're more stressed if you're standing at the front of the line. Waiting in lines annoying anyway new study reveals that we actually feel more stressed rumors standing at the front of the line compared to what we're stuck at the end of it. Researchers found that study participants showed fewer positive emotions and along the line. Far behind down. That they got to be up front rather quickly. They also found out that those who waited a long time feel that they've earned the right to use the service that they waited so long. And as for those who got to the front of the now long line quickly. Often feeling that others are kind of breathing down their next. I don't believe I suffer from this at all. Now do you sometimes feel. Pressured by people behind you in traffic so there are pressuring you. Or else. Okay well me neither for him. You know one handers they certainly hasn't. And we've got busted for yesterday. Or Monday. Had just 77 and arrow would. Never done that JJ. We'll tell you what it is weather go bust in horror when we come back in bed just couple's second Kid Rock. Next to along lot of music stores to open up a bar in Nashville. Did you in this case will be more. Rock and country for story entertainment Mecca and steak house. All project expected to cost about twenty million dollars. To add that I never. Well I'm not a restaurant business everybody thinks they're gonna run a restaurant. But. Twenty million dollars. Mistakes you have to silver that having drinks you have to sell for the same places that. Then open up just beautiful dining rooms my friend John Pressler. I see what they've got the amount of money he puts into a new restaurants and just think to myself. How do you how does that math work on that. Are you ever. Make that back one steak at a time. But they do. Forty million bucks for a new bar restaurant in the national Kid Rock. Aaron it makes me angry any longer of it does sometimes you'll see people get over their only a median strip and very best traffickers. Tom Wilkinson they got that. One lane or the far left hand side unity in use at some point when you get past the airport put away is. Are meant but I actually consider those people to be Smart. And then you and then you can especially when there's lots of traffic up there to fight in all I can remember to get over the left lane I'll do that to abuse them over there. Ardent right Elaine I'll do that but a far more visual or the left hand side. Complaining about the person in front of me doing twenty miles an hour. It's you left lane people would drive me crazy. But there's a traffic operation that has sold. A blanket itself Charlotte. I interstate ramp on Monday. And those of you watched it happen probably were happy and those of you got cracked down on interstate surfing probably are not interstate surfing. This police stopped 42 cars for doing an S son nom Monday interstate 77 and aero would erode. 57 citations were written. So a 42 people or stopped and 57 were written that means fifteen of them had extracurricular activities going on. And that can be one expired plates are. Expired driver's license or. Open container or. Anyway interstate surfing is the active using an interstate exit ramp. As a bypass. To surf around traffic jams. So you're coming up on aero Lloyd wrote. It and George Rock Hill. And you're in bumper to bumper traffic. So you get off on the exit ramp together Errol good road but instead of going to arrow wood road. You go across arrow wood road and then come down the on entrance ramp. To get back on 77 which means you've just to jump to about what. Thirty cars forty cars up like that. That's what interstate surfing news. It's the act of using an interstate exit ramp as they bypassed to surf around traffic jams drivers who do it. Must illegally use a turn only lane to get back onto the interstate. That's a 238. Dollar fine for violating the proper use of lanes according to the department interstate 77 and arrow wood road is considered these surfing a hot spot. Thousands of cars motorists. Have learned that they can save minutes stuck in traffic by using the exit. As a quick detour. Many people responded by nominating some other intersections that apparently. Are also hot spots. I 85 and aero would road. Yeah I know that area. Interstate 485. At highway 160. That's same general vicinity. I twos 77. At US seven before. An interstate 77 at Gilead road. Now cops have set up there yet but. They match right. They Tanya hill set on FaceBook I don't know if the hold up in court but it will cause people to think twice before they do that move again Charlotte Mecklenburg police edited and ended there oh FaceBook post saying. This will be an ongoing operation. Well we already know they're watching you narrow road and 77 so if your head that direction you might just wanna stay stuck in traffic for awhile. Genius. Brilliant. Mobi. When I went on timeout then to. The end day there was a member of by the that the radio station in. And did the way he rose. That we years. And Moby was one of the guys that came in so I got to have a talked about to sit backstage you know with Moby. I'm shooting the breeze just a really interesting guy nice as he could big. Couldn't believe that this old girl was working for that station. I couldn't believe that because he got a 'cause an old soul to. Anyway he says selling his entire record collection to raise money for charity good for him sale begins on a Thursday at reverb LP is a site. A dedicated to movies or collection which includes rare items from his own catalog as well as hundreds of twelve inch singles. The mobile played while he was a DJ back in the eighties in the ninety's. The money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which is an organization that combines the expertise of more than 121000 physicians. With a dedicated actions of more than a 175000. Members around the world to dramatically change the way that doctors treat chronic diseases. Like diabetes and heart disease and obesity and cancer. So why his collection features over a thousand records includes his so personal copies of just about every record he's ever made. Throughout his extensive career. And you mr. vital oil had just tested over there drooling Susie at least like to see what it is that he's got you AF and be pretty cool. But good for him nice guy area are really that I did bill I just remember sitting Beckett. I guess it was Verizon. At the time. But he was an hour and a half two hours before he was going on and I had already done almost my stage stuff enough. And and then we went to announce the headline band so we have like an hour and a half an asset backed Eric picnic table with him and Avis now what you just shot the breeze enough Cuba over the name of the other band they were wrapping undated. That was a really big at the time. And and and set back there with those guys too and was so amazed that well I have so much in common. Music stuff. Name dropper. Money causes the most stress short couples ally financial are released this today did we on our you know this. And is it not really money that causes distress and that ended the lack of money that causes the stress. Poll of 14100 US adults who were married or a serious relationship are revealed that 38% said money because of the most stress in the relationship. That includes 44% of younger adults polled. And 23% of older adults 55 and up. 17% of married respondents say health is their second biggest stress stress or. And 13% of the respondents say they are serious relationships they family. All right here's the biggest restruct. And family obligations probably. I couple stories that we'll touch on when we come back in just a second in this one ought to give me BB GB's. They say it's only a matter of time until late commercial airliner. Is tapped. And in fact. The NSA has already done it. With things that you can get through security. Into a plane. And so if they can do it can be done. So I'll give the particulars on that story. And then I saw an article about emirates airline. Who says that planes of the future. Will be windowless. And they're already gonna try this all in first class. And it doesn't mean it did they they say it'll save fuel costs. But on the inside of the plate it still appears to have a window but it's not a window it's a 3-D. Representation. Of what outside. The window. I guess that would keep you from feeling claustrophobic. But being stuffed him to win out. Anyway I'll get to that a couple of airline stories in just a second Californians are voting on whether new a split into three states well let's talk about that a few moments. And would you find it a gap ship objectionable. If you found out they your workplace. Was monitoring you. And I guess my other question that would be. Are you sure they're not. So stick around head into the 5 o'clock hour gets you all the news talk 1110993. WB to. No flying anytime sooner. This is a disturbing. They just say it's only a matter of time until a commercial airliner is hacked. Guess we'd thought that they don't know that I've ever. You don't dwell on stuff like that. He drives of crude. Flights in your future. They wanna tune up remember. Researchers at the number of government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security believe that a cyber attack against an airplane is inevitable and could lead to a catastrophic disaster. But I. But. DHS has been looking into potential vulnerabilities in commercial aircraft and they found that most planes lacked necessary cyber security protections. In in tests. Researchers were able to establish actionable. And unauthorized presence on one or more on board systems. Now part of the report noted that the research was unable to penetrate via selective access vector. Leaving it unclear just how successful the simulated attack was and what the research does make clear is the fact that. They view a potential hack of an airplane as a viable threat and one that should be taken seriously. The other thing that was read about last night. Is. The newer planes have. Better technology. It did seeing because the article though was looking at has a picture of it says this private jet belongs to president Donald Trump a Boeing 757. That sits on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport in New York on May 27. 2018. Well I saw that plane when we were in New York on the last that we were in New York we left New York on May the 27. So as we were leave and we were right past that plane device sought an out I was trying to remember. Is trump had an airline right. So I was trying to remember whether or not that was a plane from his airliner whether or not that I thought no because the airlines. Billy up so that was his plane. Anyway it's cyber security experts were. And for the Department of Homeland Security issued this warning that the vulnerability of commercial airlines to hackers is good exists. The same group of hackers experts hacked a Boeing 757. And CBS news learn more about the government's ongoing efforts to learn about the vulnerabilities research in the Pacific northwest national laboratory warned. That is just a matter of time before cyber security breach on an airliner occurs. The assessment came after the Department of Homeland Security a decision to launch nose to nose tests of a Boeing 757 for hacking weak spots. Those tests came after a DHS team that was led by a doctor Robert Hickey took just two days. Due back remotely and do way into the plane while it was parked at a Federal Aviation Administration facility. In Atlantic City are in September. Of 2016. The DHS team gained access through the plane's radio frequency communications using typical stuff that could be brought through airport security. And in response. DHS officials scheduled further hacking attempts on the plane. Including efforts to access flight management life support auto pilot. The plane's electrical and fuel systems as well as its engines. They're conclusion. I think we've come to realize that cyber threats are everywhere. The 757200. Aircraft being tested. In this case is old having reached. End of life and equipped with some older technologies that no longer are widely and service. But and this day and the 757 hasn't been built since 2004. But it is still. It may be aging but it's still the workhorse for American and delta United Airlines. Trump's personal plane is a 757. As is the aircraft that is often used by Mike Pence the vice president sometimes referred to as air force to. Is a 757. Document shall experts wanted to see if the planes in flight entertainment system. Why fly or even the USB charging ports could be used as a way to have your cells and the plane. It's scary enough and she. But right. You. It is still now. Forty eight minutes. To go to our Taco Bell image free taco today. Free Taco Bell today thanks to the Golden State Warriors and their victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on the home court on non game number three in the NBA finals last week. You go to any Taco Bell today between the it started at 2 o'clock all the way up till 6 PM tonight. And they'll give you one free to read those logos taco. That's all you need you don't need a coupon. You don't need to buy anything. It's probably doesn't do real well if you work for the John Hancock radio program you don't get out of the studio until a minute after six. Or in Georgia's case you'll never get a free taco. Ever. Give away as a result of taco Bell's third annual steal a game steal a taco promotion. And was officially triggered when neo warriors defeated the cavs in game three of the NBA finals you know Cleveland so go to Taco Bell. Between now and 6 o'clock. You have 47 minutes. And pick up one Frida readers logos taco no coupon needed no doctor buy anything like that private to the window take. And got sacked have a taco. That and I'll give it to you men and I'll say. Music York. We're going out to California to the Super Bowl everybody was hopefully nail on the head and out burger secret menu which everybody knows but. Well everybody except somebody from North Carolina going out their team and now for the first I desire and greatly appreciated that because I took full advantage of low what you are told me and and and then eight therapy three times. In two days three days. Did you know chick filet has an entire secret manual. And the way this thing is written on not Fox News not even some of the employees. May know so that would make ordering kind of cumbersome and it. And there's no official secret menu but it seems say are the less complicated the special item is the more likely employees will make it for you they say. Like the buffalo chicken salads that is simply a spicy chicken sandwich plus the signatures ST Buffalo's last. You wind up with a crispy buffalo chicken sandwich that is loaded with the dill pickles than they say it is delicious. I bet I've been to their right. These spicy char. Which is a grilled version of the spicy chicken sandwich. Ask for it by its first by its full name spicy char grilled chicken patty. They have a fried chicken club. So the spicy char is the grilled version of a fried sandwich. And the fried chicken club is the fried version of a grilled sandwich. Asked for the fried chicken instead of the grilled chicken patty com. In your usual club sandwich order. Eat chicken egg and cheese biscuit. A regular menu includes a chicken egg and cheese bagel. But you can ask for that on a biscuit. And make it a battery chicken egg and cheese biscuit. Courtney you don't wanna be going to cheerfully during June we learned that yesterday. Does that debt means here did you. Well. You can be confused with a Christian. You would want to. And I have finally and there's more on here but does spicy chicken egg and cheese bagel. If your local chick filet has a spicy chicken. During the breakfast shift. Then the sandwich is well known enough that you can ask for it by name and you can have though what what's on normally on the sale which put on the bagel. So there you go via chick filet. Secret menu and apparently there's more of that stuff as well and do all fast food restaurants I guess have a secret menu because it seems like they all and I did our website or a place where you can go find out about a reached buddy secret menu or something like them. I mean that we talked about that in the past we can find in the next couple of minutes we'll look. Not slapping up and Hancock bridge WBT dot com so you can know. So you can and do the same Kevin Spacey. Is his time out over. Remember the movie the billionaires boys club that was get ready to be released and all the sudden Kevin Spacey became part of the meat to controversy and. Bada bing. Persona non Grata. Movie not released. Now they're saying after spending months the next I'll amid the accusations of sexual misconduct including assault over several decades from the last from at least fifty alleged victims. Stacy returning to the silver screen and next month. According to reports they will love released billionaires boys club. Movie about the members of the Los Angeles Ponzi scheme circa 1980. Anthony Rapp was the first person do accused Stacy of misconduct what he was fourteen. Other allegations that emerged billionaire was initially shelved it is now back on and should be out in July. And in the new trailer space he appears front consider is Ron Levin the con man. They say the film should do a drop about July the nineteenth. Might be a great place to catch a nap I have a Villanova theaters are not gonna be packed. A plane to get hacked. Homeland Security is is that kind of figured out they've they've had to view using stuff that you can get through a security alliance two. So anyway that we read about that scary prospect ought emirate airlines says the planes of the fusion will be windowless. They started read about this one emirates said that there are first class sections were going to be windowless. And I thought to myself I don't want to add it claustrophobic. And looking out the window. I mean that's. You've ever flown in to Seattle. You can look I don't care which side of the plane Iran there's so in Colorado Toobin news specially Seattle. I can remember us in mount saint helens flying into Seattle and then years later flight back into Seattle after helens blew. And the whole side of the mountain was gone I was most powerful thing other than the missing World Trade Center they're ever seen from the seat of an airplane. Travel of the future windowless airplanes. I would help me travel faster soar higher they say that would burn less fuel. Is supported the president emirates airline that you could say 50% of the weight of an aircraft if you're removed the windows. And a windowless plane might tell look odd from the outside. Those and in the cabin could be you know looking at what appears to be a window but instead. Shows vivid scenes projected from an app from the outside of an aircraft using fiber optic cameras so another words. The outside the plane would be windowless. But inside it would still appear to have windows. First class travelers at some of emirates aircraft can expect virtual windows. Now. Technology is now in use on the carriers newest Boeing 777300. ER planes. On the outside there will appear to be no windows on the inside there will be a full display of windows and they use fiber optic camera. Technology. To beam in the images from the outside of those windows. The images are of such high definition that they actually they say offer better views. Then what it can be seen but the natural why. The view that consumers won't readily adapt to is the ideal windowless planes. Has been expressed role as long as technology has been available what one of the editors good to be a travel site the points guy. Flew with emirates and he said the experience was great called it easily the coolest take off I've ever seen. Outside the cockpit. I guess you get used to the idea. And the technology the thirty. Fiber optics. But I AI I mean you yeah. And still wanna see what I wanna see real. Well this Israel won't see it. Clear. One of those things where he said. A lot of the mid terms Californians will be voting in November as to whether to split into three states and they announced yesterday that they have ballot measure to divide the state and a three. Called California and northern California and Southern California got enough signatures to make it on the ballot. Now the initiative which was spearheaded by the Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper. Faces some pretty big hurdles. There was an April poll that found out that it only has 70% support and even if it did pass California's legislature would almost certainly have to. And approve it and I congress would have to do that is well. And both of those are seen as unlikely. Even if all of that happened there was still be legal challenges so I wouldn't get ready for the three California's quite yet but. Be on the ballot in November. Pretty instant stuff. Oh minute early for him I wanted to Vytorin. Let me talk about though here's one period TJ young people are getting dumber. You notice this in yourself. Well you're not young anymore though you're you're like thirty or you're still yesterday your your your old billiard yesterday's news. I kind of way life works older you get stupid are you get. Our researchers for economic research in Oslo while these are Oslo kids. Analyze the ITV at Castel IQ test scores or 730000. Men who reported for our national service streams 1972009. And they find the young people's IQ scores have begun to fall. After a climbing steadily since the World War II way you know what that is torture. Because they don't eat breakfast cereal. Believe the bowl and what was the story read yesterday were they don't wanna do everything as this thing around. Play on the couch. Which would give them time to clean the damn bowl but they don't see that they don't want. I had a brutally beating misery over. Partners and as a pack things up and get ready to. Walk down the along new carpet at all it don't don't don't put your foot near plume. Not to the a palatial WB TS studios and the two talked to us about. Well local soccer people are happy to get a. They really are mean there they are fired up that the World Cup's coming though Charlotte does not on the list of cities I don't know if I could change between now and 20/20 six but we're not on it. They eight and I actually this kind of confusing. Canada is the host but most of the matches will take place in the United States. And I think we host likes sixty of the eighty and the final is at MetLife stadium in New Jersey. That. Are debuted midway through it will definitely get to as soccer fans say excited though it's interesting I'm talking to one soccer coach at six of five who said you know. We got a lot of kids who play it but when they get a little older they get interest at a net other football. We NFL. Yeah and and I and our generation has never never quite understood it. And I keep on weight afford to take off. And there's this close in the new the only new owner of the Panthers is already are kind of floated the idea that maybe he does foot the bill on male soccer team mud to make that stadium. Have more dates. So I don't know Beers into assay Tom. Which are drugs is a little bit earlier but this dance and FBI agent and and in Denver for a moron. Well and he's in trouble and part two because the gun comes flying out when he's dancing he goes to pick it up and shoots a guy and then he just walks away and doesn't even try to help the guy. A lot and they say today and shot him in an art arena and Edmonds was somebody there that really got a tourniquet. The big guy can very well vote expired so I mean. But now that guy who got shot gets free drinks for life for Ted bar but right. That's what they told their Columbine and bars last about five years so good look at a map up. Com and if I heard you talking earlier about you're you're right now to the beach yeah and but there's a place where you stopped off. Yes it is this fabulous. There's 5000. Acre farm day a group peaches and all kinds of Prodi's. It's and it's been a did spend their for a 102. Years of beachgoers and stop there. And I found that in visiting this time they even have a way to control the weather. Now you'll have to understand something about mark gears. He carries a recorder around with him everywhere go to Andrew PC is a guy selling of fried slow exit side of the highway are somehow like got a he'll stop. I don't think at this point his wife has not allowed to have anything sharp with her. Because they're on the way to the beach and also and he say in all a little. I peach farm. We I hope we got and then he gets in the news mode that's true you must just be miserable to travel with a now ot I end up taking people to interesting places though they don't you know that was that was worth the stop I'm not sure the kids always used to think so. Last thing his wife ever said to me was you know they sell peaches in stores. I as I did. Did have another. In fact Joseph oral production and a director used to lumbering and no man at a charity did he shouldn't. Well anyway whatever you gotta do to get to the beach I guess that's what you gonna do see mr. garrison wander into these studios and not just a a couple of minutes. The US open opens tomorrow. Southampton New York shutter cock. A twelve million dollar purse on the line and quack who won last year the US open. Yes Brooks. Kept up. I household name. I next year's team Pebble Beach Tiger Woods playing in the US open for the first time since a 2015 this'll be the final year of woods being eligible or rescued him being exempt. Did the US open as the past champion is last a victory was a ten years ago. Justin Thomas Justin Rose John rom Jordan's speed Rory McIlroy all have a mathematical chance. You'll walk out of the tournament and reached number one this week Dustin Johnson just returned to the number one in the world are rating. Bio winning via FedEx saint Jude classic guard just last weekend so the US open. Disposal ought to be rooting for a tiger obvious internal myself. Normalcy role that goes and in the World Cup. Yet they US open starting tomorrow you have the World Cup opening minute tomorrow and tomorrow is Flag Day. But once every four years the world's most popular sport takes over sitters stage and this year it's the World Cup. It's in Russia. It pits nations against each other as they I'll fight to claim to be the best in the world countries take this play seriously World Cup action starts tomorrow as Russia takes on Saudi Arabia. At a stadium in Moscow this year's official anthem is live it up by Nikki jam featuring will Smith and Ara. Instructing. And I have no idea. When he first ever. I thought he thought he. Fifa World Cup's yet Georgia was a soccer enthusiast. He's qualified for the you know garrison. Yeah okay well see there's two guys in the room are you know more about this and I do. My first soccer match. Fifa more than a billion people watched in 2014 the finale between Argentina and Germany. You do you watch this I mean for those of us who can't riddler relate to it UC I mean countries go down and people just are despondent. And ended people I drove a win Enders side. Dancing in the streets and this is the it's fun to watch it's see it's. It's kind of like the final four I don't watch a lot of college basketball but boy when you get to the tournament you got to turn on the TV and I'll be watching part of this as well and who knows maybe only to learn something about soccer before it's all over with. Iceland displaying in the World Cup for the first time. It is the smallest population nation to do so with 350000. People which is just slightly bigger than Tampa. Brazil has won the most titles. And is the only country to appear in every single World Cup since its inception. This year the United States lost to Trinidad and embargo and their final qualifying round so they're not there that knocked them out of the World Cup for the first time in thirty years. After a total. All 64 matches played in twelve venues across eleven different Russian cities the champions will be crowned on this in the same arena. On July the fifteenth. And with the exception of Russia who qualified automatically as host the other 31 teams have all gone through this rigorous two year qualifying process to make it this far. Fifa has 211. National association affiliate spread across six different confederations across the globe. The usaid Netherlands south American champions chilling. African cup of our nation's winners Cameroon and four time World Cup winners Italy are among the most high profile names to miss out. On qualification for Russia 2018. So it all starts tomorrow along with the US open and its Flag Day as well. Oh and we'll be back. I don't think that's the biggest of the news but we'll see at three John Hancock Charles most beloved we are shouting here.