Tariffs, Does Character Matter, And Cars That Last to 200 Thousand Miles

John Hancock
Thursday, March 22nd

Hancock discuss the tariffs on China, the Austin Bomber confession, and cars that last to 200 thousand miles.


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This is John Hancock. I had chased down the field once had my haircut and right outside Cheyenne Wyoming. Believe me they're naked. If they cut off about fourteen inches there. Cars. 71. I just got that I school. Just like it was a scene right out easier Ryder. To Wyoming rednecks and agreeing pick up truck. We were hitch I can my best friend and I try to get to a community up in Vancouver. We knew we graduate only been gone for like seven hours for something like that we just looked at Fort Collins solar right outside of Cheyenne Wyoming. And no then when we work together and really good luck we're getting rides I mean I can seven hours we admitted a hundred miles or whatever was. And these two little boys pulled over to pick up truck and know we thought they're getting ready to give us a ride so we go running towards the back of the truck trigger that area tell us to jump to the back and. And as we got up there they both got out of the car and one of them had a knife and wanna run a pair scissors or Sullivan. So kitty took off in one direction and I took off of the other and I guess they liked me best. Thing you know chased me down the Medimmune Erica. And then we went off to a Vancouver. Went really one of the worst haircuts I've ever had. That story that I just heard on the news got a reminder by that I they're either they're worse Thursday as we can beat everybody a good. I'm the guy NCAA start back up tonight. First game will be Nevada Loyola Chicago in your head that your brackets right. And then starting at almost the same time Michigan and Texas a and M when you're too late games Kentucky Kansas State. And the other one would. He. Florida State and Gonzaga. So big on that one willows hero goes. I won't be making the end of the late games all have to be written about those in the morning suppose. The internally about your car for we get out here today. The White House has already deal China terrorists. The Dow is in a free fall. It out sixty days ago. They shouldn't. If you're David did you get overly excited into my mom's listening don't you get over excited either. But when you weigh when you when you get to 266. In Ned Dowell. And I just got to use that is a litmus quite frankly haven't been in to take a look at my 401K since we dropped 1266. But. I remember one time telling myself that I might says since we had made so much progress during the early part of the trump administration. You member we were just firing through the thousands 230024400245000. 126000. Rocketed right up to about 266. And I can remember thinking to myself when we got to about 265. I ought to stop right here we've already made more progress that I ever what is suspected by the time my retirement age is gonna come along. But then I got to thinking now I'll let it get to 27. And now it's at 24. Were. 44 to 5344187. It. We're down 494. Points today because of the China announcement. So on the one standpoint we got the tax cut and everybody got gleeful and everybody and and we then we had that just unbelievable. We run. And all the markets were way up. And now we suffered this big setback. And that quite frankly it does it just scares the good GB's out of me and anybody that. I always thought to myself that the guy who was 656667. Years old when the recession hit nine years ago or ten years ago. Who's most have been over nine years ago when did it hit it and remember now would have been more like ten or eleven years ago. Eight. Yes so it was ten or eleven years ago. That's the guy who got. Killed. Because. His retirement his numbers is 401K is all of that stuff. He didn't have the time to make it back up again. I did. But Hamas Hampshire hoping that we get back to the 2526. Syria in the next a couple of years 'cause rules would like to. So honored today I'm just really upset with the president for us screw on this all out this terrorist thing us escrow an assault ago. And then you add to that the Fed making their decisions rejection I'm in favor of but you add though that the rate increases and then. The tariffs thing in the steel in the Chinese enough. And and I don't disagree with the president for as much as I know about any of this it is time to level the playing field. But. Buddy. You scroll of my retirement. Which is not today is that tomorrow and is not next year in mid say goes odd but that's fine. But then that that did that's arresting about a mile away upstairs today TJ. This is all about me. And no right now the president is screwing with my. A retirement. Yeah we all just get along. Yeah we just get the Dow back up to about go I don't know 27. And then all shift. What bonds or whatever it is that you do. And then then you can go do would be Mindy go level the playing field. OK but I got them off went just osu really down about all the stuff today so. White House side is ready dead China terrace and the Dow plunged so we'll talk about that in just to have the second the Austin serial killer bomber what to confessional. Didn't explain his motive we'll talk a little bit about that does our per berg is on a media tour the likes of which most politicians don't even know again on I apologize these are really apologizing. He's explained and this major breach your vote trust that there are going through right now and quite frankly the hash tag drop. FaceBook or whatever that stood hash tag was. I is not really. He made a comment just somebody yesterday in one of his interviews that that thinks not really. But they're not really good dude taking effect and we were talked about this little girl or and we talked the India Mark Garrison and no vote Thompson and I talked about this on our podcast which will be out mixed. Like 24 hours. Saying you're gonna drop out of FaceBook can do and dropping out of FaceBook to different the next. You're addicted to FaceBook now all of you. But just said did it to some extent or another. Now that's I'd like I say not all of you because I realize that so have you I don't participate in FaceBook hardly at all and in some cases that's due to age. You just never really got into it. And in some cases that's because you got tired of FaceBook a long long time ago and so now you've gone into your grammar you vote you've you've found a different social media and I think. There will be a good number of people that'll probably take advantage and don't find something else. There is probably I mentioned the other day did this seems like a really all good opportunity. For so long to put Newark to come up with just like Zuckerberg did with FaceBook the replacement MySpace. MySpace was so start nowhere around the edges. People were starting to complain about MySpace there were things that MySpace was doing that people didn't like all the sudden FaceBook shows up everybody migrates over to FaceBook well. Seems like a role opportune time right now to to get. A pretty good sizable group of people that might be able to the might say OK I guess I'll I'll take I'll leave FaceBook. I still wonder what is subscription model would do. I don't know how much it cost to our run an empire like that it. But what if you were asking people to pay three dollars a month five dollars a month so unlike that. I don't know that worker got people like furry. So lob. I was written all these article last night. And I found a couple of them that a power really wrenching week we in fact we we told you about the wonder if you wanna quit FaceBook realized that the you have two options you can delete it for good. But before you do that you might wanna download the content that you posted over the years we took you to the step. I steps of that so that last night I find an article on accused C dot com. I have no idea who they are. But essentially it was saying. Here's how to check out which apps have access to your FaceBook account and delete dubbed. And you go to FaceBook dot com and and you click on little arrow over the top of the right inside your screen and then you go to settings and then you look for the apps button on the menu on the left hand side of the screen and you click that. And so I did all this last night. Odd that page will show you how many other apps have access to all or some of your FaceBook data. And this article the guy said he had a hundred in 92 connected apps I'd have anywhere near that but when you start going through the gaps. And when you wouldn't you put your mouse over the top of it there's an acceding get out of it. But a lot of armor once that you use every day. But a lot of them you don't you have no idea who they are. So why text out of I don't know how much I headless say I had 25 of my X data probably eight or nine of them last night. And then. After you're done with all that. Com there's a set of four gray boxes and you click on the edit button on the apps others use one. Which is kind of a hidden menu that actually controls one apps that your friends install. Can see about you. And know when they install apps with this invasive permissions like the ones that Cambridge analytic and took advantage of and then there's us some settings that you go in there and you take care of all of that so that's what I was doing last night. I was kind of going to all this all the stuff I have read over the last couple it is and and and collected. I was going to end took FaceBook and go through all my settings which four days ago I would've known what any of them met but. There's enough information out there right now. Till I don't know if I did anything that was effective last night. And may be offline to placed on the road that I've eliminated something that I wish I had eliminated but I can't imagine what that total of Alter my life and indeed great and drastic style. So while as far as I can tell I cleaned up a lot of stuff on FaceBook last night I opted out of a lot of stuff on FaceBook last night. I'm not as accessible on FaceBook as I want to let another one thing it says about you is. Eliminate any friends that you don't truly know. Well I never went to a fan page. I don't know I just received kind of high pollution to me we're not we're we're family or not. Radio announcer and fans are wait a month. So. So I can't eliminate sure I mean. I got 5000 I got the Max I got 5000 friends there's probably. 88 a view that if I just had a FaceBook page and have about 88 people. And origami. I can't eliminate you. I'll be able to Sunday. Kind of ironic the founder and. Charles Lazarus. Of Toys 'R' Us just passed away seven years ago he founded Toys 'R' Us. I'd died Thursday. Which. Is a week after the company essentially announced their own. Demise. He had no longer held a stake in neo change. Started the company in 1948 when he was a 25 years old anticipating that there would be a post war baby boom. And that would create a demand for a baby supplies and toys. I was 94 years old when he just Aston. He remained the CEO until 1994. So he's kind of the father of the toy business he started selling baby furniture in Mayo store called Childrens bargain town in Washington DC. And then expanded due selling toys and in 1957. Opened up his serve first store stocked only with toys. And that iconic giraffe mascot Jeffrey. I started as part of his advertisements so for a children's bargain in town. And I guess the name Jeffrey came about and about 1965. You've seen on their trucks and heard mussina for years their signs and our company went public in 1978. And thrived in the years that followed growing from a one billion dollar in early 1990s to an eleven billion dollar business. But kind of inching driving that the founder of all of that I would pass a week after the store announced their own bankruptcy. Charles Lazarus. How long since. Separated from other companies so that was not every Lucado under that was stress in this the other but he was not in charge of the day to day anymore. But passes as the age of a 94 so kind of ironic and it's on where it. I'll White House is ready China terrace of the Dow is plunged we'll talk about that and a couple of seconds more from Boston more from FaceBook. Budgets in lesser dreamers. YouTube is banned gun demo videos frivolity is in sued the Munro bypass will open up in November. It won't help you get to the beach this summer but. Long talked about soon to be reality. So. Was that cared McDougall we just saw on TV the Brunette is that the Playboy model that's now she's alleging. And and so she's going to be talking to CNN if you would. What do we decide backed during the Clinton impeachment does character count or not count. You may remember that conversation. Well on for weeks we had an impeachment remember. Al Gardner Michael Graham sat here for hours at a time we are to hold them thing. And the big question of the time was does character count. And I don't know that there was ever a definitive answer because everybody was afraid to actually commit to character. Because in his day and age. You can't really count on character. Said. Most of our mothers tried to instill character and has spent an awful lot of people really good respectful. Nicely coiffed dressed people. I seemingly but I decided do a blow their mom's advice often. Because really it's say it's about how much money you make how much power you're chief how much influence you. You develop. That a character thing. So overrated. Especially to get a Playboy model stand in front of. Mean c'mon. Sins of the flesh. In Beirut. The picture my mom. At the she says I shouldn't do anything review. I just wasn't very as I don't remember the answer him wherever the answer does character count I think we had a discussion a number of times does character count. I guess we decided character doesn't count. Or character counts if it's they're guy bent out of the Jirga. So eight you did did it mattered to the right. When it was Clinton yeah character counts. But it didn't and now never approved anything against prop let me just say that before all you guys historical maligned sort of annoy your opera and you're gonna know what you do not noted for your phone. Well there are a lot of so I got I I'm just a saying it's alleged. That mr. trump may. But then that's technically that's between him and Lawny anyway rights of our business. And decides that does it really have anything to do with whether or not he's a good president or bad president. And we not had presidents in the past that if. Sure we have. JFK in big character didn't matter where JFK didn't. You know I did if you were a Goldwater Republican back in those days but it doesn't it didn't didn't matter to Kennedy Democrat. And just to try to remember what they what the answer the question was does character count. Always a man of my character. So. Who cares. Which Mondays ago apparent heart as he drives a bigot as house. You wife pretty. But his kids grow up to me. They have character. There were a development on three fronts this last week in neo sex scandal lawsuits. Involving no the president. What's her name is going to be on sixty minutes the so weekend stormy. Stormy. Stormy Daniels. I don't rural areas and know Stephanie Clifford. Stormy Daniels. Sounds like a weather person over at Darren channel 36 cent at Larry sprinkle in stormy Daniels. Whether. Over 38 years of combined meteorological experience. Larry sprinkle started handles. CBS news announced that it's a sixty minutes interview with. Adult film star. Stormy Daniels. Who allegedly. Had an affair with the president will broadcast on a Sunday may the 25. So how will those ratings period. Kind of like an awards show. The left won't watch the right or not. Orwell the right watch but it'll kind of be like Cavanaugh Playboy magazine underneath your you'll hide it. Nor recorded and then you'll watch it when nobody's home. Not been watched. Network says that the official announcement that Daniels talks to Anderson Cooper and a man and inching caring about the relationship. That she SS that she had with a trumpet and a 2006 and 2007 and there that's another one to. Even if character does count. Or nephew or back of a lousy caricature ten years ago twelve years ago but you know you've had a character check. You've cleaned up your character. Now you have high character. But you get don't you get. Points for that. President has denied having me fairly Daniels. This week in New York judge ruled that the former apprentice contestant summer preserve those. Can go forward refer lawsuit against strong. A judge rejected an attempt by Trump's attorneys to use presidential immunity to a blocked a lawsuit while he's in office. Judge cited the precedent set arrive and Paula Jones. Against then President Bill Clinton the president's heart immune from lawsuits related to their and official actions. So don't call that an official actions. I'm not a I've had an official actions with another. The former Playboy model Karen McDoogle August that's who we just saw on TV. She's not. Present and have a whole lot of related is what can people in Playboy. But air brushing I mean you know. If a good air pressure can take hideous and started and a. She sued does she is she's she sued the publisher of The National Enquirer do I get out of a 2016 non disclosure agreement about her alleged affair with the president. She was paid 150000 dollars for the story but the inquirer is chief executive as a friend of trounced ever published and I guess that's what I don't get about the stormy Daniels thing is is isn't there appears nerve. Accord actions right now. Does say she's in violation of though whatever agreement was signed by the G say we haven't the president ever signed it but if it does or does a person have to size I don't know. No lawyer I'm an enemy and play one on TV but if his lawyer side that if his represented assigned to them now would be would not be. They were. That's that that's the latest on O and all that. It's. Stormy Daniels. Whether very sprinkle stormy Daniels. And. He's coast is and just get nailed snow and ice at the fourth major nor'easter in note three weeks. Flights canceled all across the region more than a foot of snow fell in some areas I was falling still this morning no New York City got up to eight inches they got more now. States of emergency declared in no new York and New Jersey 88000. Customers without power in the mid Atlantic New England area. That's the majority of Newark, New Jersey I think was so without power. The the weather's just been nuts. I'm not here to it was called this morning I've got to feel guilty say America's remember eight to ten inches of snow but to have. Went out to get the newspaper's morning and decided yet it's pretty chilly and spoke to be cold again tomorrow night so raw. Down to about 33 degrees or something along those lines anonymous start sear arrives and no sun and sixty degrees but by the time we get to the weekends were had backed down below fifties and upper thirties. Mid thirties furlough on Sunday. White Sox are in town for an exhibition game against the Charlotte knights on Monday. I conditions they're partly cloudy highs in the low fifties lows in the mid thirties I was gumbo and the bad game lost kind of opened a that would be one of those nights. Almost April. 68 degree. Sunshine. This might be more of a hot chocolate or game noted is a a cold beer game she went to happens with a all of them. I YouTube announced a stricter rules for the air gun themed videos and enough frivolity isn't suited this was a a big. Subject on the Internet last night a lot of back and forth a lot of people. Saying the full member of support you do begin video Saito will be a banning instructional videos. On know how to assemble guns it will also banned videos that that promote or link to web sites that sell firearms. The new rules they say are set to go into effect next month although there are some gun bloggers that say that they've already been affected. There's one gun seller of spikes tactical. This says it's channel was suspended and they will be switching to a FaceBook and a hamster Graham instead. There's another gun related channel called in the range TV. Ever heard of that. Says it will be uploading its videos to porn hub. Instead. Is that one of the big important warehouse sites. Or says they're calling the porn site a pro active voice. In the online community. So if you ever get caught on porn hub guys. Tell your shopping for a gun. YouTube spokesperson. Says that the site has long prohibited the sale of firearms talking about today's YouTube. And that they routinely update their guidelines and no policies a web site has been getting a much stricter overcome intended no modernization and all likened the stuff over the yeah. The past year. So there's it's a backlash on that and know we'll just have to see how much back slider back. Flash lash. Per pack splash. They are got a all of that so that's sort of goes their stocks are just tonight. Free fall today because the proper administration. Put forth these restrictions on not. I don't commission go into effect for a week or so there but they prepared the restrictions on Chinese investment in terraced. I'm nearly fifty doll two billion dollars rhythm by Chinese imports and a one point. Earlier today the had Dow had gone down by 500. Points a minute regained about 200 points but. Were moments away from the close and it is down 694. Point 99 sold 695. Points. And is down below 24000. Right now at 23987. Point 320. The NASDAQ down 173 point 77 at just 7171. Point 52. The S&P down 67. Point 19 at 2644. Point seven before. So it has not been they are good day for the stock market. At all. And the China deal is essentially I think what's driving that China is already warning mineral would take all necessary measures to defend itself raising the prospect of a trade war enough swept the stock market I think is. Is reacting to trump signed this memorandum. Which levels a new round of protective terrorists and in tariffs and investment restrictions against China. Abbott said I I view him as a friend I have ten tremendous respect for the Chinese president. But he also said the United States has the largest deficit of any country India history of our world. The new tariffs would amount to thirty what fifty billion dollars not meant to he says punish China but rather. Designed to recover damages from China's unfair trade practices. The investment restrictions. Are Amman to blunt. China's attempts to capture the technology business of the future. How with officials telling Fox News that China's practices of taking over international technical our technology companies. Including those in the United States distorts markets. And destroys the innovation cycle. But thereof will be at least some short term pain nine mercy unit today with the actions so by the president today. Austin serial bomber blew himself up by yesterday. Morning and is today SUV just north of Austin. Let's run round rock. It was armed swat team closed in on him. Left behind a confession. And which she described how he made the bombs didn't reveal is motive. Not so sure he really had what I think he was just trying to he apparently had a apparently left behind and address list. Yeah I he knew. And I he had a target list. Via bombings in Austin, Texas 45 minute long confession to his crimes. They located the recording I described. Creating seven devices including no one video of blew himself up then during the conflict with police. So the recording was made on radio phone which was a found in his possession following the confrontation. He the bomber. Described the bombs with a level of specificity. Including other differences. Did not mention anything about terrorism doesn't seemed out. And many strong hate towards any thing. Come as they described it yesterday just the outcry have a very challenged young man take you talking about challenges to his personal life. Police SAS seven devices have been found so they. They don't think there's any further threat they. They say that whether a little bit of a caviar probe you know. Keep your eyes open don't and totally relax on this thing. They believe that recording was made between nine and 11 PM on Tuesday night so it would be a pretty much. Four hours five hours six hours before EO perished no reason given for why he selected the affected individuals and the dead kill two people injured four others. And then he blew himself up in a motel parking lot to as the swat team approach. The you have a target list apparently of future locations that he wanted to strike. At least according to the chairman of the house committee on Homeland Security. Said that the authorities have discovered dead. The bomber. It turned out to use these so punks names whenever we don't have to really go you know we're talking about. Had they had target list of a future targets including residences and addresses. I discovered by the authorities saw obviously they went to those addresses. Those future targets on that target list. And just to make sure heard it clear them from any. Suspicious packages or. Anything that might exists there. Not called the representative Republican from Texas told Fox News that authorities are now looking up at those addresses that. Then he pulled the try to final link between them as to why those would be. Oh who he was going do a target. Quote that is what we are looking at right now what is the common denominator between all of these victims or is it just completely random. Law enforcement conducted aerial survey at this kid's home enough Lugar bill spelled with a PF. Located just northeast of Boston right around round rock. Today yesterday and apparently have a lot of computer data and hard drives and and stuff like that. Quote those things will be very telling along with social media about what was motivating him to do this and also. Was there any connectivity between all of these victims or was it just completely random events close quote. Condit be a bomber said that he used exotic and batteries to make the our weapons that terrorized Austin. According to the represented a McCall. He used very unique his phrase battery packs ordered off the Internet from Asia. And authorities were able to see all the other devices so were from that same bomb maker because of those unique batteries. 23 year old also had been used nails purchased at Home Depot did you know that they could. I did a file Home Depot nail vs all those nail vs an ace hardware or nail I've edited I assume again. So I mean that's kind of what that. When you get down to the two investigators now. I mean a surveillance camera of a license plate and Home Depot light and have been through our FedEx and parking lot or something like bad. That's that's pretty elementary about when you get into some of the other ways that they. I mean he was wearing pink gloves. In that video where he was in a disguise with a blonde wig in the FedEx store. And apparently the pink gloves had something to do with them figuring out who he was. Or at least confirming that he was who they were looking for afterwards and catch the connection all that the Texas governor Greg Abbott said deck under its purchase of The Home Depot also included five children at play assigns. One of which was used to rig I got trip wire that was set off by the two men on Sunday in the southwest Austin neighborhood. One of them was walking and the other one was riding a bike. So ability to get children to plays size he's been here almost. Set up a trap for somebody. Which is exactly what we've been. Anyway on that story continues to unfold and is just kind of bizarre nobody really kind of and although that we still have never motive and now maybe you'll really never truly know what the motive is maybe users to have. There's I don't read I don't think anybody would understand why. How. They worry about copycat. And and one of the reasons that they were about copycats is because this kid. Is getting all of this publicity all of this notoriety all of this. It's one of the reasons I don't like saying his name Murray or talking about the shooter any shooters name but as scroll. Indeed huge industry if I say the shooter from. Florida you know a doctor about. Let's say the bomber from Austin you know I'm talking about I don't need to give a minute I don't need to give you their names I don't need to. I still remember one of the kids names from column buying. I wish I didn't. But there's some sort of sickness out there that. Then I guess any famous name. Any notoriety as any you know if you're gonna go down go down famous. And that would be from people with no conscious whatsoever no. No moral back. And it's it is too weird deals today it's that you can't you you can't justify it. I can't justify it. In no in my mind. Over on the other side Zuckerberg was on the media tour yesterday apologizing kind of sort of for his major breach of trust. And first remark since news broke five days or lawyers on CNN last night is all over the place last night. And. He's promising a better protection for users of FaceBook. That's one of the statements he made the CNN interview last night he says I'm not actually I'm actually not sure we shouldn't be regulated that got some attention. Adding that it's more a question of finding the right to regulation. Then in debating whether there should be regulation and all those were the comments that he made on CNN last night he also said that he's open to testifying before congress. But any kind of measured that by saying if it's the right thing to do know. And that almost sounds like alignment though while he was saying he was probably thinking about what is lawyers might council would do off. And they interesting one of the dancing things to me on this. Is that the second in command at FaceBook in my right in and identifying Sheryl Sandberg an ally. Sheryl Sandberg is the lady who wrote the book called lean and she got lots of publicity on that and then she got more when her husband died tragically died. And she's number two widely respected and kind of left icon and but she is she hasn't been friends that are on this thing at all. Nor is anybody demanding that she be front and center and I guess that's Zuckerberg job but a kind of inching their Sheryl Sandberg. Flores widely respected as she is in me a mainstream press. Has been as. Invisible through all of this says so she has been I'm sure that'll change at some point. Zuckerberg is assertion today unite our New York Times that the red delete FaceBook campaign has not resulted in a quote on quote. Meaningful number of people actually doing that. But then he also said but you know that's it's not good. When we talk about that a little bit yesterday. Easier said than done. I'm gonna quit FaceBook paralyze some of you have to turn out the majority. To say your not going to be on FaceBook anymore in some ways this kind of cutting off one eager communication. In its not so much what you won't be have access to go. It's what. People won't have access to you know. I've got at 5000 friends most of number you'll listeners. And I don't mean this to be derogatory towards those are viewed that I don't personally know. I mean you know there's so there's probably a core of about seventy people left their people I went to high school with enough to spark people that I know that are of in the radio business that twenty years before ever got here. In different markets throughout the country Texas and Pennsylvania and Florida and Californians arms over they got. Radio friends all are on the country of people I've known for years ago I used to fly me. I'm in the skies around Denver June morning traffic reports John Bowman who went on to become the head honcho with the red bear in flight to a squadron flew around the United States and yeah I mean people like that. So I hear from them from time to time they post up from time to time all I see what they have to post. Some of its family oriented talk is over so are all the sudden just cut the cord on Matt. It's easier said than done you can. I mean I don't want it push anything in your face but. It kind of reminds me of all the people who have called hero over the mini crises season we've had here in the last 28 years and I've been hanging around. I'm never going to listen to your radio station again. But you do. Not uncommon go to Carlo with a 200000 miles plus on the futures. Although I love you got 200000 miles plus on evolve in the car for awhile. And leisure Brittany and over 50000 miles a year our car and some of your salespeople and. But one of the questions is are today's cars as capable as may be some of the older models. To make it to 200000 if you if you buy cars and you keep them until they fall apart. And that's consumer reports. Reports on Adams says that. They have a list of 2018 cars that should get you to 200000. Miles. And beyond. So we'll play around what that little bit do what we heard come out of 430 new result do oil revenues to Lil boy and and at some point two had not been to 5 o'clock or a little bit after 5 o'clock we'll start talking to people about their their cars. I will tell you are dead to the list from consumer reports. A 2018 cars that they think should get you to 200000. Or more. Have what would be considered traditionally one minute American nameplate. Vehicle. And the rest and others are Japanese. Now you've been here and you you know bid did they make some of those cars in America sold. But I'm just saying well Australia don't have to sitar player would. Coming right of games are you doing ones the Ford F 150. That's the only American name plate car I mean minister additionally we our minds would would think. And then there are four Hondas. And five toll at six toyotas. On cars that consumer reports. And listen up most everybody else I believe oh a lot of the information consumer reports is. And paid for it. But job. But nonetheless it is. Was Honda's have been great cars. And a toyotas have been an unbelievable run as well and I area I don't know if that's as true over the last few years is that has its I was there for awhile but. Or for a while there. 'cause we've done what you drive and why now for about fifteen or twenty years periodically. And other was a time there when everybody was calling in with Toyota's. So we will get to that some of the stuff that will do book in the your time that we don't have a left. Today. Charlotte five dot com head. Article yesterday called 31 signs urinating or Charlotte Tia. And and it occurred to me that this is written for those of you who are about to thirty years old. Because when I think of our native Charlotte here and I'm thinking of a guy that's my age that grew up here. But solid this stuff. There's some other stuff would be applicable. To somebody that's. Like you went ice skating at Eastland mall law remember ice skating slowed mall. And I wasn't another navy pier so this was obviously Charlotte five is a candidate a smaller Democrat or younger demographic. Than me. One of them says pizza night with your family involved wolfman pizza at Providence comments or a Vontae at the arboretum. Well there's still wolfman pizzas around wolf mend it don't have many more he said back in town. Love and I don't think the Providence commons wolfman pizza is still there and I may be wrong but I don't think that's one of the ones that just survived. But. When I got here in 1990. At the same time that bearing interest wolfman brought wolf been beaten down because. I'll have myself on the back they would do. He was the advertising we did for wolfman beads on this radio station to put them on the map and got them established as a place that was serving better pizza than anybody. Intel on the time. And don't text and drugs out there right now. Dobbs got stopped. I'm talking neo in the Toyota. Pulled over to talk to. SKY. 7811990s. This day march 22. 81 days in the year 284 days to go 1990 President George Bush shocked the world when he announced. I do not like broccoli I haven't liked it since I was a kid in my mother made me that I'm the president of the United States I'm not going to eat any more broccoli. As Tom Petty once said. Good to be kicked. Trying to teach broccoli. William Shatner is 87 years old today and Bob Costas is 66. Sports Illustrated likely to be soon for sale. Thought could either go get more Sports Illustrated the Carolina Panthers. I have no idea whether or publications like Sports Illustrated would go for but. They're brand name has been smothered over the last year by US starting years over by ESPN and others and a magazine. And I don't know that there web sites particularly. Popular visit. To assure that the Carolina Panthers might not get more than Sports Illustrated new study shows that grilling meat they are raised the risk of high blood pressure. Mark Zuckerberg says he's dedicated to protecting me FaceBook community. A cruise ship company has cut in half a 642. Foot vessel. So that they can put a new section inside it's got a guy like costs a hundred million dollars of written about the washing those thoughts last night. When they literally go into an existing cruise ship and cut it in half. And then not separated and then they'll put this new section in it would cost a billion or so to build a new ship. This'll only cost like a hundred million. I gotta find out which ship it is I'm never getting harder. You ought to find out that silver purchase welder to do his job correctly when you're like below via Indian Ocean you know. So there you go com. And the Federal Reserve are raised their interest rates yesterday. NCAA tournament begins tonight 7 o'clock CBS and TVS sitting TBS cancers about 715. It'll all start off at number eleven Loyola Chicago at number seven Nevada. And now than you got to about two or four more games. Following map so well. So we're back animal do four more games tomorrow. And then by the time we get to Sunday will be down to the final four. And about this time next week will be a heavy in anticipation as to who's gonna win the national championship. If you want to just go check out my bracket. And you can again you can get a long long list fifty some odd games and have no shot of ever winning the national. He got massive Toys 'R' Us going out of business they'll begin so today. Which is kind of ironic in that the Toys 'R' Us founder. Who was completely detached from the business they had public good there were big business Republican. 1978. And so on and so forth. But the founder Charles Lazarus who founded Toys 'R' Us. Actually opened up array of store selling baby furniture right after the war. Called the children's bargained down. And then opened up the first Stalin does stored to stocked with toys in 1957. He passed away today's 94 years old so it's kind of ironic that Toys 'R' Us would announce bankruptcy and in that same general time period to that the founder of all of a do or dies at the age of 94 years old anyway the big in final sale begins today at Toys 'R' Us stores. All remaining Toys 'R' Us locations in the United States will start clearing their inventory with massive price cuts on basically everything in the store with the most locations spending beginning their sales today. And are running through June so global sea were all that goes that was read about accompanied today. That is got 200 million dollars together if they can get a billion together they think they could probably go by Toys 'R' Us locations enough. He just can't imagine another thing that's dogging our Toys 'R' Us as best I understand it is debt. They were just leverage to the hilt. So if you can get past all of that. Not the dead part of it. Can't imagine that. In nationwide. Toy is warehouse type concept would still make it I still think people wanna have hands on experience with toys. Especially older people. Kids know what they want they get they told the commercials and all I kind of stuff and but adults living in our notices from moderate. They're kids first off we see request for stuff I gotta go look it up we're trying to what is that. Tories have changed and very conscious of changed and sometimes you just need to go into a Toys 'R' Us. Put your hands on it to see what it is. FaceBook users this didn't take long Maryland woman who was said that she was frequently targeted with political ads while using FaceBook during between sixteen presidential election has filed a lawsuit. She did so yesterday against not only FaceBook but Cambridge analytic up. The the voter profiling company that oh worked on campaigns. And has not come under scrutiny for improperly collecting MM misusing personal information on fifty million FaceBook users so well Lauren prices are name. Price is right she's a suit the company is so over the absolute disregard. With which defendants have chosen to treat played its personal information and with this information know was supposed to be. Protected. Cambridge analytical improperly collected the personal information nearly fifty million FaceBook users. FaceBook. Who's says CEO of Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was all over the press yesterday. Are doing is that I kind of an apology. FaceBook for its part new the some proper data aggregation was occurring enough failed to stop. They have put down some guidelines that does some point two stop a broad term but it didn't. There's an airline Thai Airways has announced that it's going to be up putting certain restrictions on passengers who travel on its Boeing's dreamliner 787. Dash nine blames. They're going to measure received this go over well in this country they're going to measure passengers wastes. And it's the resulting number is over a certain limit you won't be allowed to fly as a passenger. I don't know that means you have to go cargo. You must be at least this skinny. To fly on this play. And they didn't give you what the number as it is because some passengers have complained about the size of their fellow humans. But I Thai Airways says it's not. They claim that the a seats on these airplanes have new seat bolt as seatbelt airbags that can only encompassing certain girth. So if you're over here it is 56 inches around the waist. You'll be declined as that seat belt won't fastened. Well humans are getting bigger. Ties to our guests on. Plane seats or get smaller. In 2016 Hawaiian Airlines won permission to wave passengers in order to optimize weight distribution on their Airbus 330s. Last year thin air. Also weighed passengers in order to see how much heavier they were these days. Well slowed under secure realize what an. Moscow is selling a 6000 dollar doomsday food kit. For I'd doomsday preparers or anybody else who wants Jim Baker illicit then. For a doomsday preparers or anybody who wants to our grocery shop only one time a year costs go has just announced reds perfect tree. Via superstores selling an emergency food get 6000 bucks but it will feed a family of four. For an entire year. Bet you won't feed our fair Leo for a first. I wouldn't feed this control room for a. Mean premium purchase contains 36000. Pounds. Scares me. 36000. Servings of grains. Fruits vegetables and proteins dairy products and more. 600 can package. Includes hard white meat white rice elbow Costa Pinto beans instead milk. Dehydrated potatoes. Beef chicken cordon broccoli Apple's. Butter powder sugar is bananas strawberries. Onions. Salt and much more. Do you. The kid is designed to provide for people with an average of 2000 calories per day. You're great weight loss. And the ice shelf life of via various items ranges from a three to thirty years everything will be shipped in to a six foot. Tall stacks of boxes. So if you wanted to mount. Designed to provide for people with an average of 2000 calories per day so that would be 2000 calories apiece. Okay photographers couple of rounds tuna. Anything in there that qualifies as late night snack. High 5 o'clock news is next we'll see you on the other side. Should. I don't I don't know. I don't know. And. Yeah. Actually got to work. Congratulations on them. He jumped in that car that you honed for how long. And driven tour. How many miles. We've done now what you drive and why before. And just got attention to find out why people end up what kind of cars that they end up with. And inevitably when that because subject comes up people will call and say got. Toyota Corolla and it's got. 235000. Miles on it. And. And it's not uncommon to own a car with 200000 plus miles on it. So you'll love travel a lot of miles on one year's sales people noticed replica. I probably average no vehicles in my group I drive one vehicle Susan drives and other primarily. I don't know 141000 miles a year. Maybe 15162. Mile company more of the unknowns like fifteen. On the truck cry now but then that that's what we use every weekend regarding Bret Ernst and do the stat the other two shields of many and I just. I don't like vehemently rule little tiny car elective. Plus it's got no debts got no power got no love. So some 200000 plus miles on a car is certainly possible today but. It's probably. While today's cars haven't really had a chance to prove it so far. Consumer reports has an issue out and may say these are the 2018 cars that should get view. Up to 200000. Plus smiles. Bibby. American name plate and I understand that. Cars are you know my gum there's a BMW plant in no Spartanburg so. But what is normally considered an American main nameplate just one listing Ford F 150. Which I guess has always been a number one pick offended I mean it certainly seems like a so when I'm done to kind of pick up on driving. Com. The Ford F 150 they say is one of the 2018 models consumer reports that there could do to get you up to 200000 plus miles if you're just gonna drive that car and tell the false part. The other ones listed. Three Honda's. The accord the civic. And the CRV. And then a whole slew it toyotas. And when we have. In the years since we were doing what are you driving why. There was I mean there are people that ever called and told us for years and years and years about toyotas that have gotten two in three and 400000 miles on it and there was a time period there and I don't know if that's still true or not. But there was a time period there are beckon me. 20092010201112. And after area through there that people were. Everybody you know had been owned Toyota was happy. So consumer reports. Apparently says that trend still is there because there are six Toyota's listed in this report that shows that. A 12018 cars it can get you up to 200000 miles or more. Toyota forerunner. Toyota Camry. The corolla. The Highlander. Prius. And a Siena. So the they use the models that consumer reports points out that we should be able new 2018 models that should get you 200000 miles or more. Ford F 150. Honda Accord Honda Civic Honda CRV and Toyota's forerunner Camry corolla. Highlander Prius and Siena. CR says simply put these are the most problem free cars. That have proved to go the distance many other models and our survey have made it to the 200000 mile mark. But they have required significant repairs to get there in the past year. So these are the best bets to get to 200000 miles with the least about a headache. So. How many miles are on your car. But let's start. At 200000. To. 704570. Limited. Literally welcome that I was gonna reduce the weekend. Although you will have although there of the final four games at that point all the night games don't think. So Williams has had to make do. NASCAR golf. Sock drawer. Book. Dog. They're a 704571110. How many miles are on your car we're starting at 200000. Consumer reports out with a new edition is says the Ford F 150. Honda Accord civic and CRV and Toyota's four runner Camry corolla Highlander Prius. And Siena. Are your best bets of cars sold in 2018 to get you to 200000 miles with police about a headaches over the Rick we go on WBJ what are you drive and wrecked. Probably got a 2001. Mercedes ML 430. And and it's been a war the audit and at 98000 miles I had injured and he. Been done big sludge problem. So they had a pretty much rebuild the top intimate it was covered. And they only am I not have to be doing is replacing catalytic and murder. It has edited added is that the diesel or is that not a diesel. No I took a BA in sixteen parts spark plugs so when you get that you know it's not not cheap but a. And that India and among that anything that starts with Mercedes are generally is that are BMW or you have a name player like that you basically your pay at the repair Booth. But what about the rest of the car rather than the mechanic calls interior up bodies so on and so forth I'd like how well how is that interior and I and mechanisms all held up. And all the mechanisms held. The body held up very well. Our did have a problem with the headlights didn't count argue Beijing going that would bug spray fit that bill vol. Other than that. There are a driver's seat of the leather I've been in and out of it so much it's it's it's very warned that all the back seats and that the passengers leader may condition. Now yeah and they get out of that many here uses a 2001. So that seventeen years. Of so shuffling in and out of that thing gets the fact you still got seats at all is probably your own country and I think that that's right I had to put a black cover. I wrote a stairwell 'cause we spirit world Warner RW. Drive this thing geologist absolutely guys. Absolutely that I'm married that very. Yeah this is a guy that's got a schedule are jam packed. Why is quite jam packed to. Ball watch for you. They say that it's at least during the recession they said to degrade the greatest status symbol load to drive during the recession was a drug is paid for. Your. Well let it rip I would call for years now. Think if they're good they are never ever return apparel. Yeah I am I had to do I've moved aghast and county it's a state law yeah I have the right track if you moved against him Johnny. And an obvious that to take the mufflers off of its and I got to stay want to. What Ortega. Canyon. GMC canyon. Are open right now you I know us Steve Moore. Who has the GMC dealership over there on south boulevard so let's go on without. What we had built into it right there are people are out places the no it is absolutely. Hey Rick thank you for get me started manner appreciate your. Are there are so apparently yeah all right all goes Rick and. Consumer reports out with a list of cars 2018 model cars that you get you to 200000 miles or beyond. I'm coming noun a car with a 200 plus thousand plus miles on it to but they're asking you know wolf today's models will the 28 teams have as much of a likelihood is some of the older models and so we. We're not doing or what you drive and why which we've done in the past but don't. They list the 2018 cars that we Euro most likely to get you to 200000 miles with the least amount of hassle. These Ford F 150 years there Honda Accord civic and CRV says there are an analyst at toyotas the forerunner of the Camry the corolla the Highlander the Prius. And this Siena. Com and I'm going over to a Jack and had Jack is about to tell me about a Dodge Caravan and you know for a better rapist dodge gets from time to time there's a ton on caravans out there. Then have to have a ton of miles on him and you've got a lot of all right Jack. I've got a lot of problems that we hear in the driveway between the 324376. Oh yeah that's that's sad that's pretty good on you no vote drew meant for my entire life. My you have Russia are not able to show that you get about a hundred that is not tablet that 200 on myself. Ned do you use it for a passenger better did you originally by air because the kids. Mullahs are still teacher so we've created for transportation. Can't do it tyrant but so you suitably. Cargo vehicle. I am it's so nice combination promote. Well it lingered or wrong with a slip under start because allergic trim those stories certainly that's been around awhile. Now what day and body wise a wise how is in that regard. Oh god so damn children will let. You know where hadn't been here that you great shakes. Credit to some extent even that's an advantage because you don't have to worry about it anymore epic gets a dinner a dinner some like that are you gonna. Throw tools and stuff and that you don't really have to worry about the interior and a and the cosmetics of it. Exact great spinal. You know you're talking about these New Orleans that I got to do as well. Gary it's your brother molecular like they used to and that's true that make a whole lot better coming up in our got quite a few years and you have been driving for a long time and part didn't used last this long while but I can't for a problem. One of the other while I myself so bright 200. I hate and I had a Buick we got all 300. I think it's sensing that the old cars and you bring up Buick the old Buick sealed cadillacs those old great big old iron heaps huge cars that you are figured guy if you ran into a train the train would be in trouble. As you would think that those old four churches would have been safer but actually. Technology and science has taken cars today and helped them on to us survive Braxton and day and collapse the right way and do all that stuff so today's cars are. Are safer and you're right they are better. I say and so I left early members of our cars you could not believe that. Anybody surprise and it cannot in good shape or yeah I'd learned. Technology on the big at all on how they relate to other civil and everything it's phenomenal. I'm not so sure maybe that mighty men may be though did that the part of the bit. Doesn't talk to follow would be the interior plastic parts and and men and stuff like that that may have a tendency to break it. They still ask pretty well yeah that's just aren't they interpret things sixteen years old so don't get it now they have what are. Jack thanks to all men appreciate your. I. All of a number of people that have. Ask for the information we gave yesterday. Regarding. The delete FaceBook go. That's trending right now the hash tag and if you wanna quit FaceBook. You've only got two options we talked about this yesterday you could deactivate your profile meaning it's still there if you decide you want reactivated in the future or you can deleted for good and erase everything that you've ever posted before doing that. You might wanna download the content that you've posted over the years. And does so we gave you all of the go to settings in the general than download in us or until fourth or delete your profile entirely go to settings it's not it where we've put all of that up at the Hancock page at WBT Docomo it's also just now been posted. On another WBT FaceBook page and that several people inquire about it today. It's hard to write that stuff down when you drive and at a car understand that there's a lot of if you Google FaceBook. Settings FaceBook apps so warm and so forth even if you doing today if you go to Google and you do it under the news. Moniker. There's been so many articles that have been part and on this in the last few days that you should be able to find us some articles that will basically walk you through whatever process that you'll wanna do. I went in and out cleaned out my apps. I and the of people that are ability you have the ability to us search or myself yesterday and then also eliminated all the stuff that they can search. And and got that out of an article yesterday but what we shared with you yesterday is on the Hancock page WBT dot com or at WBT. FaceBook page so well for those of you were inquired about that. I should be able to find it there and for some reason or another you don't just email me Bakken well will make sure you get it one way or the other. There's there consumer reports say addition out that talks about cars not uncommon to have a car these days against 200000 miles or more on it. But they ask in today's cars. Make it that far. If you buy cars and keep them until they fall apart consumer reports said that these. Are the 2018 models that should get you to 200000 dollars and beyond the Ford F 150. The Honda Accord civic and CRV. The Toyota forerunner. Camry corolla. Highlander Prius and Siena. And that consumer reports which by the way I don't hold was any kind of biblical truth I think to some extent. They they print information meant to best benefits that are financials. But nonetheless just for the your process of our conversations they say simply put these are the most problem free cars. That have approved to go the distance many other models and our survey have mated to a 200000 miles but that requires significant repairs to get there. In the past year or so those are the cars that are best most likely to get to 200000 miles or so we asked his got 200000 miles of their car. Sand to. Slow start what do you drive but let's start at 200000 miles a lot more to Kimberly and just a couple of seconds. Tyler I wonder overdue a Chevrolet target people that have at least 200000 miles of their cars Kimberly what do you drive and. NN I mean and Crown Victoria with 324000. Miles are you a cup. Now. Did you buy it did you buy this new. But what 7181000. On yeah wow so you've put 320 so by a thousand miles on that. Mom and with how much trouble or how much non trouble. Added a couple about a tire. But nothing nothing major no no engine replacements or transmission problems or anything like that. Not on the original draft and what kind of shape visit from an interior and exterior standpoint. The headliner called a little bit loose then. Other Matt is still looks good. Yeah it's in nineteen it's 1819 year old car with 394000. Miles on it if that's all all that's happened to it there you go itself Jim. What's it and had another word I had a nanny or with 700000 won a gold medallist yield dropped last amounts well and that was crown -- do. Yeah manic or while. I need to serve paper out. It has its gonna ask you how do you get so many miles on a car there about 200 mile tonight paper mail were good trio. Called hey listen thank you for calling I appreciate it broke 394000. Miles. Wow what a car with 700000. Yeah well that until my gosh I only have ever heard of a car that anymore and am now about the people that are on her paper route to get their damn paper every day. The most BO real wide open area for 200000 kind of delivered paper yeah that's thanks to deliver papers as a kid it was from like ten blocks. Well I did to overdose when you had the bags over your handlebars to admit you know. And then you had to go collect you could send along beloved yet they go out there knock on the tornado go on to collect you know I didn't do except for a Christmas time now you tip money was their freedom. Pretty darn good putts for. I heard stories his bizarre. I'll go underneath all that. I do wonder if. If they were dead if they were hit. If they were flying over the interstate down under Wilkinson. Is all find out about donors territory torrid five watts. We're done about. Cars consumer reports says a by these 2018 models you got the best shot to get 200000 miles and beyond that. With. With the least amount of problems Ford F 150 Honda Accord civic and CRV. And then six Toyota is the forerunner the Camry the corolla the Highlander the Prius and the Siena so we started talking to people about. Who's got 200000 or more miles on their car. And know what you drive. John writes since as I drive a 2007. CRV with a over towards a 239000. Miles on an. And a 2000 Nissan no frontier with a over 247000. Miles on it and we bought both of a brand new. At some pretty good purchase. To our Teresa we go on nine WBT what do you drive injuries of. Hey how would you be your hat and I'm nineteen nanny lining and that amount yeah did you go on a lot of guys. Three grind it out and our line. Now while we're now luggage. Think he had 300000 years and I'm good I'm did you discover what what made you get rid of it. Now I'll went he'll be you know we hollow I mean actually playing into military. Because it worked well all. Say get over it all and Amy and I I really thought I'd get our board and get poor. Started that you're at an annual even happy. Now that it's. It party caveat they've totaled that if they've legally totaled it how can you get plates and stuff for a. Play well black plaid they actually called I'm yelling they held them back I. And because it let it crush it was him he had a little on the street in an angle where it. I add that kidnapped and I had a clean up our land our panel in the pack and now I can't call in Powell. I've got a look at you got it right where they were rain into a street. At all the lack act birdie at Albert bit. And eight delegate battle that may put 200 dollars. And I thought it may grab me a little and I I'll lay out my brother. Met. Outgun mainland may link you agree hundred. Albin. My out. An act pre hunt it happen and one. So you're well you're insurance coverage page you 200 dollars in future. Sleep in and in essence it's. In all this out. After his ears radar appreciate Colin. She goes there you go mark beat that. Dora the nutrient over your German Silva doesn't have made our mark. I thought god I don't read and you are that's what's up what you drive an hour miles. I'm got a gut it out on Toyota occult blood got the united 88 ballot went a bit hit or on and they're more than that while. Yeah did you use its long term what are you primarily is a lot drop from from your health you're on now every day six fatally. Separates somebody from Belmont Matthews from Belmont the Mac you get there while. You have it already spotted in the morning are automatic clock is it resonate you know it's great band to come home America throughout. Mercy sakes and your thought about just moving to Matthews. I'd rather make myself sick Belmont content and astrologers to. Off badly and everything and nobody out on the first saw Barack got beat all the water that's certainly all opponent all about it its regular made. None of that means you living guest encounters that they got a muffler on that. Yeah the yeah Ed Doug could actually I got it is solo work from my. Catalytic converters coming out there a better job maniac who re back can. 288000. Miles that works they mark extra tall man has talked to you are great aren't part of a ghost. Don't want to Matthews every single Burton I think I moved to show up to Belmont to. There's sound. According to the Kansas lottery. This'll help restore your faith in human kind. A couple of store clerks at a gas station. And Salina Kansas oh saint John's military school it's been done their insulin and discovered a lost Mega Millions ticket. They scanned it to see. If they. Needed to return that they discovered that that little slip of paper was worth a million. Dollars. And not only that but the ticket hadn't been signed and so that meant. Anybody can cash it. The winner. Told lottery officials he was rushing to go watch the NCAA tournament when he decided to stop for gas. And when his brother went into the gas station to check his ticket he apparently dropped the unsigned Mega Millions ticket. The lottery said the de Klerk's reaction upon finding the tickets was to call the store owner and see if they could return it. The store owner's son went in to help find the winner so they can given back and they found they are true owner of the ticket tracked down. In less than two hours. And gave him his ticket for a million bucks but anybody any of them. Or even if they were worried about you know their affiliation with the store they could a unitary anybody and said dear cash is what it's worth a million bucks. But in US vertical but that's what you want human beings too good to be all about so I think that's. I think that's a pretty good now another lottery story in New Hampshire the lottery up there is concern that a bunch of people have dirty mouths so they have decided to replace there. Luck. Yeah now ad campaign. With the wind time over concerns that. I guess there's can you could detect what the problem guys don't anybody do you understand what their doctor about the George. Oh yeah. Well this is your lucky day because Mark Garrison and Charlotte have six is coming up next to watch your language and see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock we'll pick up the big weekend at 5 o'clock talked spam burgers well and I thank you for being here and guard Charles those beloved out here.