Tariffs, Newspapers, and Space Junk

John Hancock
Thursday, March 8th

Hancock talks about the ACC Tournament, the Tariffs Signed into law today, how trustworthy are newspapers, and space junk.


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This is John Hancock. There are there other word that says international women's day as we can beat. Back we're flipped our local upside down like McDonald's. Sure sport. A lot of us in nature. Five you just heard from Mike Doyle of Virginia and didn't have a whole lot of problem with Louisville today so that's a done deal and now we've got two or Clemson or Boston College on India stations so we'll look you brought on that enough. Keep you posted this to a bet to score as the afternoon goes on and Evan you've got to later games that will follow us at 6 o'clock. Duke. One news talk 1110 magic entered alleviated. You know we weren't duke station for awhile. Since I've been here we were North Carolina that we were duke and away went we left duke went back to North Carolina. We should be always be North Carolina Nevada no reflection on duke but just. Historic. So I'm. But I will you rise on and so much better and you're all just a dime to know how that America on Colorado Arizona gave much turns out starts just two minutes all certainly keep you posted anonymously or afternoon goes on. Daylight saving. I didn't know. I was led to believe. That. Any state can opt out. A daylight saving time but you can't opt out of standard time. Congress has to approve that. So there are it's not just Florida. Which are you just heard on the news this bill to allow. Florida to remain on daylight saving time year round. Scott signed it I guess today. And so now congress shall have to approve that. And if now that that's passed. That's what Florida residents are hoping is that they get to a more sunshine and a winner by forgoing a deal setting up the clocks back in the fall I'd be all for that. Turn your clocks up Saturday or Sunday morning at 2 o'clock and malicious stay there. Now this is purely I've thought of any of the ramifications are reasoning hurting oil revenues is purely for. TJ is in my convenience. Really don't like the dark thing and no wonder we don't. It would still be darker but it went dark well late pillows over defended the shorter. So mom. May have to remember that did TJ and I go back to I'd do it nights here. And so when we leave here in the dark it makes a seal like were backed in trouble again. Good we're still was suffering the consequences of our. Well life. Ill fated decision making of 1999 when I just said I quit. And is so yeah house so we had we are doing good to do and a number of years punishment announced. Before we were allowed to see the light of day again. And now. We're back to being. I don't know for WB TA's most beloved we are Charlotte's most beloved. There's still going to be some question as to whether or an. Who is running the place now. We know they're do we know the new guys. Don't know it's our Jefferson pilot and mortgage market went. I stayed in Massachusetts is also considering ditching a daytime mud daylight saving time. Altogether for the Atlantic standard time. Joining places like Nova Scotia in Puerto Rico and since a new englanders hundreds of miles farther east than other areas and I eastern standard time he gets darker much earlier. And then there's other states up in the northeast that are considering the move as well. Last year the main house and the senate passed separate bills and no support of ditching daylight saving time. But only if Massachusetts and New Hampshire are doing to. So they want now let me get this straight they want Ed ditch daylight saving time that's a good that's that's what we're getting ready to go into. We wanna keep it. T I was thinking that the whole country would be a no occasions with us but apparently that's not true. I wanna spring forward on Sunday and and judge ordered Burton. The old tradition let's just stay there. What's wrong with being ahead of our time. Now. And then if some happens then you can bet pick up the phone in you can call one of the states that's an hour behind you wouldn't. And warned them. Say all mad. She not gonna believe what's gonna happen near a 58 minutes. That does yeah I mean we would be like. The messengers. North Carolina ahead of our time. So bomb. This all goes back to Benjamin Franklin who created the concept of a daylight saving time invented due to make to best use of a daylight hours and all that kind of stuff any state can opt out of it but. But UA if you love are gonna opt in and then you have to get the approval of congress. So that's a board that's what we want those so we don't we have to get congressional approval. Or get cut possibly the problem there. I mean congress. Get an approval of some in congress. Easy. Just asked the dreamers. And you heard the latest story that resonating on fox today. Dreamers to Democrats. Were tired of your lives. In other words. They've seen the president you know make some promises and and this that the other they're not crazy about his below charade with the doctor not. You know Monday was supposed to be the deadline and all that stuff but they've seen him up put sort of proposals. And now they're basically point the finger at Terry Schumer. And I and it's post policy to go to a degree of and say and you know you guys talk a big game but you would it comes down to actually help and as you ever really done anything. So all the sudden the dreamers are down on the Democrats so we'll share that with you in America they got one of the more compelling stories of the day. And the New York Times. Who along with the Washington Post and CNN. To me have just lost all credibility. So when I start reading stories. For instance there's a story today. About Robert Mueller's Russian investigation. And now they've they got a new focus on this trump ally Erik Prince. Who. Had a meeting with the Russian businessman that took place in seashells. And that day before trumps inauguration. And we've known about the meeting for a long long time. But. He testified to our house panel about it last year and now Democrats think that he may have misled them about the meeting's importance. But the embers of the story comes out of the Washington Post. I. That's all I need to know. New York Times has issued an embarrassing correction after they did this big old long story about the trump tax plan and they used to mythical family. Is there example. But apparently they didn't up date they're tax. Rules and laws. So it showed the family like losing 4000 bucks or something like that on your latest stint in which in fact they wouldn't have they would have saved money. So the Wall Street Journal. Do you have trust the Wall Street Journal. I just recently started subscribing to the Wall Street Journal. Because it just seems that I kept on running and articles that I thought were more accurate in what I was reading elsewhere and it turned out to be Wall Street Journal articles. So look correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to have a lot of credibility I have this and have a lot of confidence right now on the credibility of the Wall Street Journal. I'm but anyway a Wall Street Journal points out to the New York Times eight. That's that's not right. Another New York Times had come out into a correction so all share that with you because I think that's one of the more fascinating stories today as well. Taxes by the mile is being discussed again. To pay for our infrastructure needs. And red light cameras are being discussed in our Charlotte again. And that's interesting 'cause we've already been through that fiasco low wave equity and found out that does the money that was being collected wasn't being distributed word had to go by law that would have been to the Education Department. 90% of the funds and they couldn't afford to do the program with the with a freelance company that went over on the continent. They waited they it would have been a net loss there what I had to pay that company. And so the fines wouldn't of paid for itself so they are canceled that besides that there was always an argument as to whether or not. That was a safety. Mechanism or whether or not that was a revenue. Enhancer. And of that argument probably still goes on and Peyton Manning's in a bidding war right now for his services. Talks. And. Is it ESPN has Monday Night Football now. They're bidding for him to do either Thursday night football or Monday Night Football and offer him ten million dollars a season to do it. Ten million bucks for a game all week. I get one of those gigs. Initially start by being an all pro quarterback where they pretty uninteresting. Personality and some. Fairly successful. Television commercials. What we're about Eli. Is commercially he's he's got a tagged under some of the commercials with the patent. So when he retires does he get to be part of the team six million bucks. It's. Yeah. Modes lives on Boston College 4336. To pass. The air and Jay had no trouble with a little bit later on in the days 7558. And oh will have voted duke and Notre Dame tonight at just 6 o'clock following our broadcast and then. North Carolina and Miami will follow that you can hear all of that on news talk 1110993. WB two. These guys are methods here get all the time off. Kroger is he worked on all this week. Yeah busy working or is he just don't wandered around. Bird flip flops and if you look outside today it looks like it's beautiful. Right up until the point that you opened the door. In an it was snowing earlier. President when it snows everybody just. Runs to their windows it was one of those deals were it'd become overcast and it was really cold and there were there were snowflakes in the year but it was one of those deals for you see one. And then you wait a couple seconds then you see another one. Saw. I don't think anybody was run out get bread milk but. That probably a few people down there in the offices that business offices. They're making. Put chains on their tires and. So put them but it looks really nice outside but it's actually a really really chilly. So he'll be careful out there the the big team reveal. Is on Sunday. Selection Sunday. After all these tournaments are wrap up. And they're doing little bit differently this year the 68 teams in the NCAA terminal will be revealed in the first ten minutes of the selection show on Sunday off 68 teams. And then the brackets and pairings will be unveiled. One region at a time but you'll know the teams that made it. Within the first ten minutes. They are tweaking the format of the show. And it will be aired on TBS for the first time since CBS and turner sports began partnering on NCAA tournament coverage in note 2011 I guess I don't. Quite understand that why would CBS give up though. In let's say water again is it golf and visited sixty minutes and visit stuff like them. But anyway. Solo watchword on a TV yes. Entire bracket will be revealed within the first 45 minutes so you'll know that all the teams in the first ten minutes and all the brackets by the first 45 minutes. And the new twist comes in the first ten minutes. Wind. We can win first the automatic bids will be announced an alphabetical order by conference and then the at large selections will be revealed in alphabetical order by T middle of the hosted by Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson. And I'll look cohost the show so well there you go and now again it's on no TBS and not CBS. And and the format will be a little bit different. So there you go on balance problems over Boston college at halftime we'll give rise on that other games that are being played this afternoon as well and come back and find out why the dreamers are saying to the Democrats were tired you. Don't do that while you're driving. It's gonna hear about it secondhand. Talk about via tariffs of about 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum and down. And frivolity is ensuing. And factories coming out now Horry said members of his cabinet standing merit and I'm not so sure who the other crew is. They look like workers steelworkers U suppose that no woman workers. But this has been very controversial loss to conversation over the last two a couple of weeks he's lost some of the key people in the White House. It was a budget director or some along those lines so let's say eavesdrop on president. I don't you end people that are very closely related you for a long time you know that. Think it's probably the reason I'm here. So I want to thank you also want to thank. Secretary many urgent. Ambassador light as. Secretary Ross. Peter Navarro. Mike Pence our great vice president they've worked so hard. On getting this going and getting it done. And people are starting to realize how important it is we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries. While the same time showing great flexibility in cooperation. Toward those that are really friends of ours stuff both on a trade basis at a military basis. And a strong steel and aluminum industry have vital to our national security absolutely vital. Steel is steel you don't have steal you don't have a country. Our industries have been targeted for years and years. Two decades in fact by unfair foreign trade practices leading to the shuttered plants and mills. Tell leg off of millions of workers. And the decimation. Of entire communities. And that's going to stop right it's gonna stop. This is not merely an economic disaster but it's a security disaster. We wanna build our ships we want to build our planes we wanna build our military equipment with steel with aluminum from our country. When now we're finally taken action to correct this long overdue problem. It's a travesty. Today I am defending America's national security. By placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel. And aluminum. We will have a 25% tariff on foreign steel. And a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum. When the product comes across our borders. It's a process called dumping. And they dumped more than at any time. When any nation. Anywhere in the world. And they drove our plants out of business and drove off factors at a business. And we ought to look a lot of steel coming into our country but. We wanted to be fair. And we want our workers to be protected and we want frankly our companies to be protected. By contrast we will. Not place by any new tax on product. Made in the USA so there's no attacks have a product is made in the as a you don't wanna pay tax. Bring your plant to the USA it is no tax. Which we will benefit from the massive tax cuts that we have in place. We have passed the largest tax cut plan in the country's history. And that has caused. Really tremendous success between that in regulation cutting and I think maybe regulation. Cutting every bit as much and we have a long way to go and regulations but we've already cut more than any president in history. So merging all companies. To buy American that's who he won by America. The action that I'm taking today follows a nine month investigation. By the Department of Commerce secretary Ross. Documenting a growing crisis in our steel and aluminum production. That threatens the security of our nation. And also. Is bad for us economically Edwards jobs. The American steel aluminum industry has been ravaged. By aggressive foreign trade practices. It's really an assault on our country. It's been an assault. They know better than anybody. Other countries have added production capacity that far exceeds demand. That flooded the world market with cheap metal. That is subsidized. By foreign governments. Creating jobs for their country and taken away jobs. From our country I've been talking about this for a long time a lot longer than my political career I've been talking about this for many years for example it takes China. About one month to produce as much steel. As they produce in the United States in an entire year. Because we've closed down so much capacity. Plants closed all over the United States and some plants I see. Massive plants from forty years ago and they're working now on a little corner of the buildings. Well we're gonna get those buildings open again they're producing again. And that's going to be a great thing for our country. And this is only the first stop. Aluminum imports now account for more than 90% of the primary. American demand. Over the last two decades nearly two thirds. I'm American Ross steel companies have gone out of business. More than 13 of the steel jobs have. Disappeared. Six primary aluminum smelter is which is a big deal have permanently shut down. Since just 2012. The actions we're taking today are not a matter of choice. They're a matter of necessity for our security. We're already seeing the national security benefits of this order yesterday and anticipation. That we'd be here today. US steel announced its reopening and mill in Illinois big one and recalling 500 workers immediately. That's going on all over the country and by the way it went on with solar panels which we did. Three months ago and washing machines where they would dumping washing machines all over our country. And now they're expanding plants to make washing machines we put attacks on audio here. As skilled trained workforce and Steele. Is a crucial element. Of America's national security and must be protected. After the signing of this proclamation. Century. Aluminum in Kentucky centuries a great company. Will be investing over 100 million dollars to restart an upgrade there idled military grade. High quality aluminum production. Which is also critically important to our national security. That's 150000. Additional tons of aluminum. And thinking that this is a close plants and and other adorn the 150000. Tons. Production and an additional 300 workers. And ultimately many more hired in the great state of Kentucky. A package of sometimes 90000 dollars per worker hard greatest presidents all understood. From Washington to link him to Jackson. Teddy Roosevelt. That America must have a strong vibrant and independent to Mac manufacturing base has to have. President McKinley who felt very very strongly about this. The country is very very successful. We actually operated out of cash flow if you can believe it. The protective tariff policy of the Republicans he said. Has made the lives of masses of our countrymen sweeter. And brighter and brighter and brighter. It is the best for our citizenship and our civilization. And it opens up higher and better destiny for a people. Many politicians lamented the decline. Of our once proud industries and many countries announced global excess capacity. But no one took action all of our politicians are so what's happening to our country I've seen it for 25 years I've been to. It about it shows president essence saying that is such tariffs on steel and aluminum imports will take effect in fifteen days. He I don't think he's gotten to this point yet but do other word is is that Canada and Mexico indefinitely are excluded from the duties. And he is ordering import tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. These are doing that as we speak. Announcing his new terrorists are raising our trade war fears but he says it's say necessity and as a matter of national security. President's argument on the latest on nine his son planned to impose tariffs on imports of both steel and aluminum. He's announcing. Steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum to address what he calls an assault on our country he said 125 cent tax will apply on steel imports 10%. Will be added to aluminum Moore brought into the United States. He says the access of imported steel and aluminum as say a travesty was the word he used and hurts American workers and industry as an in making all of the announcement to. And it is still a process of making him. He says that the US industry has been ravaged by aggression foreign trading practices and he says are really as an assault on our country there are sources that have said. And we haven't heard his last couple of minutes. But apparently he has. Not only is ordering out of the imports terrace of a Tony 5% on steel and 10% on aluminum. I worry says American manufacturers need to be protected on nine national security grounds. But. Apparently he also is saying that the plans. Say that all countries affected by the terrace. Are being invited to negotiate for exemptions. If they can address the threat that their exports posed to the United States. Com. Apparently the plans say that the exclusion of Canada and Mexico. Could be ended and you if talks stall. June renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement but it does point Canada and and Mexico are excluded from the terrorists. So Juan. That's kind of what we've got. What the president is announcing right now they're worry a group of Republicans yesterday you who. But a hundred of them who signed a letter urging him to back off on the terrorist. And then on the other hand you had some US steel and aluminum makers. Who are restarting idol mills and and know about boosting capacity don't make up for imports that. That face being priced out of the market. If if drugs for post import tariffs take hold. A United States Steel Corp. said yesterday that it would fire off a blast service in a granite city Illinois. Call back 500 workers Century Aluminum. Said that they would restart lines that they'll smelter in a Kentucky that have been no curtailed since 2015 and double their workforce. Are there to about 600. American steel aluminum makers could still lose out to foreign competitors if they can't make enough metal and and debt to meet demand and even at higher prices. Producers have been a struggle for years took compete with the foreign mills a particularly in China. That have ramped up production had to lower prices. But that's what they that's what the president is announcing today and and that's what we gave you were the first half of so just to kind of summarize. What he's done he's. Putting tariffs on steel aluminum imports then should take effect in about fifteen days candidate in Mexico indefinitely excluded from the the duties other countries can now and negotiate. And to see your kind of a deal they can work 25% on steel 10% on aluminum bats all being announced as we speak bodies up on WB Tia Bobby. Hey addict or did I don't. Out of Orlando where Obama but there are out there and knocked on this door and then here how nobody year. You know many here are up for what I had not been talking about where my alma. National unity yeah. Apple Ahmad al-Qaeda been around him and what they're didn't go my way to operate our alma of ARAMARK well won't very. I'm major while the kind of problem when he birdied I. And world war period when you're a bigger pipe open remarkably had to break out we got app and you're everybody but you know I now wonder where are not just the way the world record by all of my people they. Well I think we've made judges from what I got I've read I think we've made some pretty good inroads on energy and and oil and gas and so on and so forth so I don't know that were I mean we're now one we've up our production of that standpoint and I assume you're probably right when it comes to steel and aluminum and products like that a lot of people are called this tariffs thing jailed war with China. But I mean you're right if we had a problem with China we would be or short handed an awful lot of areas. Well you know where we got a man like Canada and other very much get your hey how they live a you know how much a month low ball notably being there when their black and yellow line Tara. You're MySpace blogger Mike Martin but the monkey work all of whom they're friendly I'm very small number of my iron a little bit. And and but I'm Mary what are we here are just cut out opted that I heard him. But yet Americans you owe me for myself to coordinate and where nodding my own Arie. You have Bobby appreciate golf that you're much ram. I'm Becky go to the gas pump and all we go to the news and then back on the other side no I don't think we'll stay with the terror of story I think we're gonna get through this a story about good dreamers. Our essentially. Saying the two. Did the Democrats saying we're tired your lives. George just every article about Alexa then laughing at you. Which we I had some fun with the other day on our read the news today oh boy which is coming up and about half an hour. But all of us. With the likes of devices. This story of these sinister laughing all the sudden starting and not even in a Lexus. Mean that was more part of the story wasn't wasn't even an Alexis. Vocal range type big right. But this explanation that. Amazon's coming out with today. Says. A day after the viral post reached a fever pitch Amazon produced a statement claiming that the problem. Was the echo devices incorrectly hearing themselves being commanded to laugh. But the left doesn't always sound like Alexa. So they say LA Amazon says we are disabling the short utterance Alexa laugh. And we are also changing Alexis response from simple laughter to shore I can laugh and then followed by laughter. And they say he'll just have to take its explanation of a misheard commands at face value because none of the processing is a done client side. And there is no way for third parties to vote to look at how Alexa devices really work. Or to poke around at the guts and discover. Causes and effects and and all that kind of stuff. Said not that that not a ton of people of experience says but enough to gain some media attention. Largely because it's a fun story the device reliant on artificial intelligence that is. Always listening to you. Developing the capacity to laugh that you to your face. So I guess I knew that but I guess I never really thought about them. When I say Alexa. Then I think she's listening to may have been I didn't necessarily. I guess I just never was. Really thinking about the fact that she's always listening to you. Which makes her a little bit more. Depending on which level of conspiracy. Fear monger you are. You know how much you like your Alexa and that's a sure I want anybody and I mean like you you could listen in on in my house. And not ever learn anything. That I should I do you know you would die from boredom. You know cellular Adobe road governor and Adobe road you know that's the got a conversation that goes on in my house. And then and then sometimes we dog the dog to somebody else. Anyway that's thereof as thorough explanation enough and there are rustic enter. You have this out. The job. Interesting story the data me is that illegal immigrants apparently are turning on Democrats. Illegal immigrants brought to the United States is children dreamers. Say that they have been failed by Democrats who are more interested in blaming president trumpet Republicans than delivering a congressional measure that would protect the young people from deportation is they'll wait a path to legal residency. Dreamers say they are done. Giving the Democrats pass. And in fact. Dreamers are saying to Democrats. In camera and have those eight Bruce may indeed yes. We're tired your lies. Really Arial a play that for you. Hamels and although they may indeed yes which again and had to debt because. If I tried to translated it would probably mean something entirely different. Yes my bicycle rides backwards. Or worse. Com. Cut Iago send pago. That Tiago. Twenty year old dreamer who was brought to you got it's it's from Mexico when she was just eight years old they don't walk their talk. We're tired of it we're tired of believing them when they say that it's the Republicans they make promises when they're in an election. And when it's over they're done and don't do anything close coach talk about Democrats. Monday when a program that temporarily shields. Immigrants from deportation doctor. They you know that Monday was supposed to be that deadline that's what note. Trump could set the deadline for them to come up with a solution. But then the courts got in there and so the deadline became moot. Dreamers held a sit in on Monday at the national headquarters of the democratic Democratic National Committee in Washington DC to shine a spotlight on what. They described as the Democrats beat trail all of them. Quote the Democrats made the calculation to kick the can down the road and allow thousands. To allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented used to live in an insurgency that comes from a Maria Duarte. One of the participants in the senate. And we are anxious and we are scared of being torn away from our homes and our community there are many dreamers who was say that they are urging their supporters to dismiss suspend their affiliations. With the Democratic Party until they see evidence. That members of congress who are portraying themselves as having duo as working on a solution to their undocumented status. Are doing more than just making promises and giving reassurances. Can you hear me Chuck Schumer can you hear me Nancy Pelosi members of the seed project. Which advocates for undocumented immigrants say they are determined. To continue to expose the Democrats false promises. So in the short term. There are many that want an extension of the program that 2012 initiative that was a set by Obama called the deferred action for childhood arrivals daka. But when they bit about what they want most. Is a permanent effects. Something that technically the president offered. Congressional legislation that would give them a way to legalize their status and the only country that many of these young people really truly consider home or have ever known as is anything but home. Last year trump said that he would end the program and give congress six months to come up with a permanent fix. But they haven't had to do that because to federal courts ordered the drug administration to continue accepting Decker renewal applications. And so that took any heat off the Democrats or anybody Republicans or Democrats to come up with a solution many Democrats have blamed. Darcy is in many dreamers have blamed Democrats. And name particularly have Chuck Schumer and our cross hairs. Because he boasts about having plans that will result in legislation to benefit them. But then he lets the ball drop. Bio failing to push is certainly a burial according to them for these youths. Or by refusing to compromise for the sake of political optics in other words. We can't let the president have any kind of a victory out of this the DNC maintains that. That is only part of the dreamers it's the only party that the dreamers can count on. The DNC national Press Secretary Michael Tyler told Fox News the Democratic Party is the only party that is standing with and committed to protecting dreamers. Our democratic president Ronald Brock Obama stab Bush Doctrine of to provide relief for dreamers because congress failed to act. The frustration now being directed at Democrats. Critics say. Don't mean that they don't blame Republicans for the year dreamers uncertain future but what they're basically sand has worked. It's the Democrats they say who have gone out of their way to depict themselves as the only hope on immigration efforts that will give them a chance to legalize their status. And I think Obama did the same when he was running forever presidential campaigns but then he ended up presiding over a record number of deportations. So in essence they're feeling used. And it's so it's not just Chuck Schumer that in the cross hairs but they're also point the finger at the Obama administration. And saying you let us down to. So they he told the Democrats from a really important constituency. Conceivably. And I don't level but it's kind of neat to see somebody put their attention to words should be. And that is quit worried about this president having a victory while he's in office and let's get something done they will. Alrighty then now my second favorite story today is the New York Times issuing an embarrassing correction after botching a story that attacked a trumps a tax plan. The New York Times issued an correction. That was called to their attention by the Wall Street Journal. This is pretty lengthy piece February the 23. Get to know the new tax code while filling out this year's 1040. And in the wouldn't be mission of the article was too good detail how the tax plan would hurt middle class families. So they use this hypothetical couple. And that they named it the taxpayers. Sam and felicity taxpayer. And though and it said at the end it showed that they would see their tax bill rise by nearly 4000 dollars according to the store to study. But then they just are recently Alaska what is had their print a correction. Because actually the family would see their taxes go down Wall Street Journal's James Freeman mocked the times called their attention to it. I made some old gray lady jokes. And in fact is set quoted in his article as saying even perennial tax increase advocate Warren Buffett is now acknowledging the economic benefits of the tax. Cuts from Donald Trump. But the New York Times newsroom still won't concede that point. He wrote that on February the 27 he says well criticism for a liberal law professor persuade the times to reconsider well. The times apparently did reconsidered. And they still might not officially understand they've made they've that they've made a correction but there's still not a 100% accurate in their assessment here. Quote an earlier version of this article incorrectly described the probable effect of the new tax law on a hypothetical couple's 2018 tax bill. The Turbotax what if workshop sheet. Degenerated to projection. A further 2018 taxes failed indicate that the couple would probably be entitled to claim a sizable deduction for income earned from consulting. And as a result of that deduction. The amount that they would likely go on taxes. Would decline by 43 dollars not rise by 3896. That was the correction from the New York Times. The accounting error that the times original piece made is pretty significant if you think about it. About 4000 dollar significant. Which reported a combined income of 183911. Dollars and Noah Freeman and video Wall Street Journal wrote in his follow up piece. Noted that a liberal law professor saying the times doesn't still that nabbed the story quiet right. Freeman pointed out to at this university of Chicago tax law professor Daniel Hammel. We said the times editors don't understand Trump's tax cuts. They still don't see why Samuel and felicity taxpayer. Aren't claiming non refundable dependent credits of 500 dollars for their children they had to weigh in this hypothetical family or their parents. For an additional tax savings of 15100. Dollars under the new tax law that time still hasn't figured out they can do that for this mythical couple. The times did not immediately respond apparently according to fox and. Is today when asked if they would issue another correction based on Google's analysis. So it's always nice to see the old gray lady crawl and apparently she's doing and thanks to the Wall Street Journal. Had told you she's great for the last hour that if you want. Did they tell you that. 67. Days into the year 298. Days ago the first the first stock car race was held in the Daytona Beach, Florida on this date in 1936. President Reagan called the Soviet Union and evil empire on this date 1983. Things don't apply. The last to the Circuit City Stores closed their doors 2009. So I guess it was on this day I was Indy circuit city of their in a bit boulevard because I remember we had there that day for some reason none of when sale last day for. RadioShack. There's still at least one of those open and there. Which it lends the monkeys 73 years old today worst interview ever had. And a Lester holt 59. Years old today Lego reported dale fall enough profits for the first time in thirteen years company says that it plans to rebound by devising new way is stuff. Link to Lagos to digital served devices. I have never gotten a Lego thing. When I got a heavy when I was a kid Lego game about you know when you're just. You don't so some stupid. If I house. And now they got. Del Lago thing downstairs that Wilson gave me is that John Hancock building going to be Chicago. But now they do all sorts of stuff. But at what point does it. It's still is headed jedi it doesn't although they did they did they include smooth edges and so no right. Are you marry that guy who is behind the disastrous friar festival music event the Bahamas North Carolina guy bilked investors out of about 26 million dollars. Bailey's office workers. Man in Virginia residents to dale boy in a car chase with a police jumped out of his car to make a run for it but forgot but the car in park and then the car rating down and that resulted is resisting arrest. They still run those TV shows. America's stupidest. Criminals are still in America. Health officials fear that thousands of girls who attended a national cheerleading competition and Dallas were exposed to the mobs that's not a good thing. Herein the loans. Haven't either my understanding is you don't want to win you've become an adult. And I'm not so sure you want them ever but. And a New Mexico woman tried to avoid arrest by telling authorities that her methamphetamine. Was what she called a medical Mecca. Well he's got to give her it's W reports that drives medical Mal. All right it's over a cartoon series and it did and probably not a good run. Everybody is doing this here. Haven't god by McDonald's. Oh today that I know of is that even possible to actually. Travel more than thirteen miles and not pass a McDonald's. But there are mcdonalds that are flipping their arches for a day. Can you do debt. I would that would seem to me like you have to get assigned company out there and do all sorts. Technical. It's. International women's day and so McDonald's is Sig knowledge and celebrating whatever the word would be international women's state today with say a big gleaming W. Company spokesman said that for the first time in our brand history we have flipped. Our iconic arches. Need giant arches have been no physically flipped. I think maybe they're just doing this at one California restaurant. Surely this couldn't you you you can't just go up there and. The thing can't just beat bill crude up there candidates. International women's day upside down arches will replace or right side up marches across McDonald's social media feeds. And apparently one restaurant and a California. McDonald's says it's a flipping its logo in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere. And because they're terrified that if they don't do something. Don't get called out because. Because these days you Google. And it's kind of been one of those years. Be doing all that. So they're not there's a guy that's gonna run the Boston Marathon backwards. And he's joining us as Los Angeles guard. New program directors from Los Angeles so this doesn't surprise me at all. I mean come on at the left coast. In all. The armed. The it's actually not it's the West Coast but it's the left coast if you're standing in front of a map. Obviously. They a Los Angeles man is such training to our run the Boston Marathon the slap them on April the sixteenth. And he's gonna do it backwards in memory of his brother. 26 point two mile race will be Lauren. Zetterberg ski is eight Merrill saudis doing it in the memory of his older brother that he never got a chance to meet Lawrence brother Brian passed away before he was born. For the fastest backward at marathon runs always not the first one to do it. And on race day you'll have a spotter right next to him and he'll be running backwards with a spotter. Will be the eyes. So I assume the spotters going to be running forward. And he'll be running backwards a wondered how they did that I think. Like wearing glasses with rearview mirrors and rumors of an event. But. Command that's that's that's a bully what do you say the video of a Dwyane Wade does showing up that. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school yesterday. Very cool. Very cool calm hours after the education secretary Betty DeVine also stopped by Marcos. Marjorie did a stone Douglass high school. I Dwyane Wade showed up to surprise the students they're with the visit of his own. He's back at the Miami Heat now you know when he arrived at Florida high school around lunchtime on Wednesday and offered up some words of encouragement to all the survivors of the shooting he told the students you guys. Have been amazing from afar I just wanted to come and say I'm inspired by you all and I'm proud to say I'm from the state. He also tweeted about the uplifting experience said he had that it had at the school he said I just had a great conversation with some of the students it to Stoneman Douglas high school. About us some important impact full things. That they have planned. So that that's that's using your celebrity. For what you should use your celebrity for the sort of so a pretty cool. You've ever of that Chinese. Space lab that they say is gonna come crashing back down to earth. Which should happen is it April. They. They announced this in know September. Nine and a half ton space station T young gong one. Will come falling from space soon predicted do ahead in it. The a general direction of well they think they know where it's going to land. But when they issued that when were they think it's going to land thing. It's a here. Or here. Or here. I think it's like the end of march 2. From diamond early April anyway all all tell you what they officially set about that don't we come back in just couple seconds Peyton Manning. Is reportedly being offered up to ten million dollars a year won by fox won by ESPN. Fox wants him to do. Thursday night football. It had ESPN wants him to do Monday Night Football. ESPN apparently has said that if if he'll go with Dell they'll make an attempt to get his friend Mike to Rico. In a deal with the NBC. Able to do Monday Night Football games early Payton and into Rico were pretty good buds. So are bidding war. Not to share before I got your retire from football where you've already made a ton of money and all the sudden now for one game a week announced a strong work involved in the game. Trap and interviews and in pre production and all that's also lets judges don't show up today of the game but nonetheless ten million bucks. Rory for a part time job. You know football season what is it eighteen games with pre season. To ship. Ever looked at a sultry and said your nose looks bigger. Heros is bigger than Celtics. You wonder why your nose has grown since your last sultry Sunday post or if you're just hallucinating got. New research from record New Jersey medical school in Stanford University who apparently were bored. Kemba found that the cell fees themselves to store your photo all because of the way the you're holding your Smartphone and according to the research. Self piece taken from twelve inches away. From the face. A common distance for such photos make your nose look wider and thicker. And at that distance men's noses appear 30% quieter and women's noses 29% quieter than enough actuality. I guess the thing I don't quite understand about the self be as I see people take himself is all the time when there's people standing next to them that could take the camera could take a picture for the for a while I'm standing by news today would you take a picture. I may have my friend yeah I absolutely. Society makes no cents. Here's the deal heads of Spain and Portugal. And maybe France. I am possibly Greece. But the headlines says scientists think they know. Or China's space lab will crash. But then it says could be Spain and Portugal prayer it's. Maybe agrees. Nine and a half ton space station. So what could possibly go wrong. He long Dong won. Willow come falling from space soon predicted to head in that general direction the Spain Portugal France Greece deal. Young gong mile one launched in 2011. China's first space laboratory space laboratory he sent a prototype of what the country hoped would do eventually be a permanent space station. And for about five years it did just that orbiting the earth and acting as a base for a three missions to man and one unmanned. For the Chinese national space administration and then in September of Torrey sixteen. Chinese officials announced that they had lost control of the station. Which is telling a radio station we've had several people after they've dinner a few years announced they've lost control. And and then now they come crashing down to earth and generally we don't ever really know where they where they ended up. And in other words a problem. And it's so at first Chinese scientists. Said that they. And controlled reentry would take place sometime in the latter half of 127 table that window was later pushed back to us sometime between. October 2017. And April 28 team. So in the first place it was supposed to come crashing down in the second place now they say well now we think we know words can become. Bill down in bed but it's. We really narrowed it down the space to Spain Portugal France and Greece. And and then originally they thought latter half of Torre's seventeen but then that didn't quite work out so now that they're saying non dollar target B between October 2017 and April 2018. And then in January a California based nonprofit Aerospace Corp. predicted that T I'm gong one would reenter in mid march. Give or take two weeks. So what this week the European Space Agency. Gave him more specific time frame and now they think between march 29. An April 9. And were in that window right now. And they narrowed the reentry locations to anywhere between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south. Which basically. It into Spain and France Portugal or grace. Well I mean you know it's only had nine and a half ton space station that are probably most of it'll burn up on reentry right. I mean. Equate can be any worse than. Frozen airline and. Blue water. The current estimated window is. Highly variable. And now forecast for the falling space station is being updated weekly. But if we're in the window right now. So what's the next update was. Hey you folks and. Blanche more just stand Spain. It landed on you today. More details as they become available. Popular mechanics and what you feel comfortable knowing that there are involved in this do notes that given the spaces said the station's path in orbit. It could also reenter the atmosphere and the Southern Hemisphere near 43 degrees latitude to magazine reports that are parts of the United States. The Iberian peninsula China. He Middle East South America Australia New Zealand are all pro terror shall reentry locations. So much if not all of the roughly 191000 pound laboratory is expected to disintegrate upon reentry and and then thank goodness. They have some idea what's going to happen after that. They think pretty sure they'll win whatever is left of it of the nine and a half tons of it. When it comes back here and they're pretty sure that it's going to land. On in an area are roughly the size of earth. Think it's a pretty much what we've ever had singled out through so that's got to like boomer given the traffic go report saying. Dollar traffic it's clear as a bell except in Charlotte. On the interstate on the interstates. More details as the become available mom I'm not beating us Sweden's per say anymore. I because of the diabetes type two thing that was diagnosed last July or so are you better know doing all that stuff have an ice cream since July which judges sort of thought would have been impossible Nora Lee Jones and foreign. Deal from time to time I have a handful. Of Eminem's. Our plane. And now like a package of them I'm talking. You know eater Tinto limited time. And like maybe you vote twice a week silica. What I do blocked out the candy aisle at in my local Harris teeter charge shouldn't be admitting this on the air. You know they got the bins. And they got the chocolate covered almonds. And so I go back and hit that lever thing in usually drops but to move in my hand. That's my and that's my big. My big splurge for the week here's is. To joke around I should go to the manager's office and just give him a pounds worth of money and say this is for all the stuff that I am. Either have stolen or will steal. Now far be followed the next time I go under there is tutor which is going to be tonight. Eminem's is that counting on you to choose the next flavor that whilst. Onshore store shelves for a while they're gonna roll out three new flavors and and decide which one will stay on the shelves. And for the company's next flavor vote campaign and they're offering up crunch expresso. Crunchy raspberry. And crunchy meant I guess you've got to go crunchy. So is gonna be meant raspberry or expresso. All the new flavors are made with a dark chocolate covered with the brand's classic a candy shell inside crunchy raspberry you'll find other regular rice Krispy Sydor. While the crunchy expresso on the crunchy meant there rice sitters are Coco. And you can cast your vote four Euro favored via text or social media of the three new flavors are on they just select a shelves now. I'd be available nationwide starting April 1 and you can cast your vote through May the 25 the winning flavor will be announced in August and no will remain on the store shelves. For an eighteen month period so what do what do you think the the crunch expresso the crunchy raspberry or the crunchy meant. I'm thinking expresso to. I earlier today. Virginia had no trouble with Louisville ACC tournament 75 to 58 a game that had just concluded recently. Clemson. I took care of Boston College ninety's to 82. Behind a church and some other games just to there's some being played right now also won't get into all the partial scorers. Couldn't cut that at least I don't pertain to this general area. Colorado lost another sort of know that many of you were. Alabama beat Texas seeing him. And I don't see a whole lot else that would do applied to this particular area. Pumps so good to ACC games for the day are all over enough Clemson and Virginia win when we make way Ed 6 o'clock about 35 minutes from right now. We will join a network which will eventually turn into the duke Notre Dame game. And no then following that North Carolina and Miami so those will be your two ACC games tonight and you'll hear both of them on news talk 11109293. WB team they'll lady who won the powerball lottery but she wanted to remain anonymous but she signed the back of the ticket enough. And so there was this big deal now in the courts finally decided that she can go ahead and collect her money. While the courts decided whether or not she had to go public or or not. And and just the stupidest thing I buy my lottery tickets in South Carolina. So that. When I win. I can stay anonymous. As you wouldn't I would you wouldn't want. First place Estes before. If you want a ton of money like that it would I it would change our relationship it would change solicitor. Mean relationship. And then the other part of that was savior if your really came through and you got 347. Billion dollars or something you know after those who deal. Other than everybody in the world would become entry for help. And that sounds plenty selfish but I think you'll know me well enough to know that. There will be plenty of that would benefit from. Kids first would never have to worry again they had set up an annuity for our kids first so Victor just operate for as long as it ever wanted to. And and just put enough money away from them so they can just live off the interest and never touch the principles. And I'm sure there would be. My kids who do pretty well. I think my house would be completely paid off. Retirement would be good. Retirement would also start. Tomorrow morning. Anyway they are when are they 5559. Point 07 million dollar power jock out hatter a lawyer's claim her winnings and yesterday and in the legal battle to keep her identity secret goes on all. Bring you up to date on more about that and I was almost I don't think ever gain back and ask you all this but did anybody get a home DNA test for Christmas. And if so called me at 7045 so don't know 1110 telly we found out. I the lady who lob. Who won though the big jackpot the 559. Point seven million dollar Jack balled up powerball jackpot. And by the way beyond the numbers on both the games are back up again. Mega Millions is not quite as high as powerball I think that's the way it is for powerball skip back compared to some pretty healthy territory which means we'll probably have a winner semis and she had done this lady that won federal lawyers pick up or winnings on a Wednesday they got to speak legal battle to keep her identity secret. She chose to collect the winnings in a alarmed some social get about 352. Million dollars. Before taxes and then representatives from the law firm of Shaheen and Gordon. Accepted the giant check from the our New Hampshire lottery commission on behalf of good karma family trust. Need lawyers announce the winner identified only as Jane doe in court documents with no plans to donate a 150000. Dollars to girls ink and 33000 dollars each. 23 New Hampshire chapters of end at 68 hours of hunger. This woman who purchased the ticket on January the sixth. And she Haynes law firm. Said that the woman made a huge mistake when she saw Ryan and her real name and her hometown to the back of the ticket before seeking to. Legal representation. So she is suing the state of New Hampshire the state lottery commission. To be exempt from New Hampshire or right to know law which intends to provide transparency and assure the public that winners are associated with the lottery. So New Hampshire and New Hampshire judge ruled on February the seventeenth of the jackpot money can go into a temporary trust. While the court decides if you will allow the woman to maintain her privacy and to have the trustee of this designated trust BA public face of the winning ticket. Now if you're way to North Carolina you can't do that she you have to go public. If you win in South Carolina you don't have to go public. So that's why buy my lottery tickets in South Carolina. Even though the I have no chance of ever winning a lot of but just in case. You'll never know. Well again you had no I wouldn't be here tomorrow that would probably differed inside but that's ever before to what it was about we're going to win the lottery. And boomer would be driving a really nice car back to thank you yeah that's page they did TJ would be driving a pretty nice guards. George review driver pretty nice tour. Detect your base of car dealers is a real estate agents march Spain would be a very happy guy I suspect. Paula you know and all of that takes place so. Must say might DNA stuffer maybe tomorrow. And tell I don't do it tomorrow that I but you've heard this 23 and me. DNA tests apparently were wildly popular character Christmas and into busy you're being warned about. The man knows somebody just wrote me an email to lead talked about this to briefly a few seconds ago and both said don't. We're losing home do you know it just comes from John that he said. Pete calendar if one is a talk show host up and Asheville now used to work your good friend of ours. He said dad beat Keller did what announced that he and his wife for not related. It could be out good information don't know. A lot more people whenever. Did these DNA tests that took Christmas from sites like ancestry your DNA and 23 and me and Amazon.com I think has a millions of people have gotten tested down many more expecting these tests. Dead. Birthday presents ever whatever. Some of the people the stories I've read not quite ready for the shocking results that may come from the tests. Some who took the DNA test find out stuff about their ethnic roots some are surprised to learn that they were a donor conceived it. So and the other question I guess comes down to whether or not you trust home DNA companies spread. I want to get into that does the articles funny interesting I've never done it but. That's gonna make your cottage in my life vest the other days is what is your heritage well I don't know. Yeah I think it's German I think my grandfather had some German ending. But and everybody figures for the last day like Hancock. But no nobody nobody was the last name of Hancock is a descendant of John Percy because John had all daughters. Think you've got a better shot of your Smith or Jones than you do if your if your Hancock. So it where we'll talk about that day if not tomorrow soon. In Rhode Island lawmakers want to our residents to pay for free online porn if you're paying part has that a tree. This is Saddam. Well she wouldn't be free in Rhode Island anymore if lessened state lawmakers have their way to democratic state senators francs a Tony. And I Hannah Gallo. Have proposed legislation intended to protect minors from online porn that would require Internet service providers to block porn sites to Rhode Island customers. In lust they pale one time fee of twenty dollars. Then you have to provide proof that you're at least eighteen years old. And you have to make the request to unblock the contents in writing. The money by the way for the tornado dollar fee would go to weigh a state fund that would be used to help fight human trafficking. Free porn and he stayed is probably safe however since it's unlikely that the bill will pass. But if you're legislator how would you like to be the one who votes against that. Mean you know there's others do what does that say. Or what do people surmise. From your. You love many of your in your cars you've just left work. I know that you love love respect your boss. Right. Right. Yeah it sure. The last time your boss got your nerves. I deal with them. Next time they say it happens you may want to take out your frustration on aid. Voodoo doll. NBC and voodoo dolls like for sales of places that is good passing or flea markets and stuff like that. University of Waterloo researchers had 400 participants who were placed into two groups one that would retaliate to abusive be Haley savior the other that would not. They were all asked to are recall a time when they were abused by their boss in their career have visited website within enact interactive voodoo doll security you need a real booted dollar mark they know web sites with them. You go there and and and into our mandate. Interactive voodoo doll. And they were asked to market with their bosses initials are no no harm using pens flyers shall acute upper. There. Well listen you know what I was having trouble with that one program director before I quit 1999. Randall. My kids one year that Christmas gave me a dart board that they had ordered and had his picture. And we took that thing out of the garage and well I finally had to throw that they go way it was annihilated on the there was so that they can take a more darts than you can do. I should a senator and others were just shown they a screen shot of a doll which was labeled as nobody and were told to Trace its outline what they are cursor volunteers and had the perceptions of justice is cellist. And other real results showed that those given the chance to retaliate by attacking the voodoo doll that is significantly higher sense of justice. However when participants were not primed to think about being abused they did does not derive feelings of injustice from abusing me averted also there Rio. You know maybe you should just figure out a way to deal wouldn't. Or. If you hate your job that much. Back in the day and now my beautiful tourist trap city of Estes Park in when I was about a sophomore in high school and no was trying to attract girls I had we in Saint Bernard. Perfectly mark Saint Bernard. Ridley is Saber larger measure your life so why do taker. Famers on that. And I would. They're all leash dove stick around main street no walk up and down the street and and meet. Thousands of girls. This than you wanna look better without changing much about yourself get a dog. Having a dog really says something about Jewish issue here for a creature. That you follow a schedule that you get home defeated that you can walk at that you can Lovett that you can spend time with that. This analysis Celso says women are particularly drawn to a man with a dog as they are looking for a partner who could their share of the load be responsible. Care for them if they're sick and show.