Taxes, Panthers, and Trump

John Hancock
Tuesday, April 17th

Hancock discusses income taxes, more discusson about the Supreme Court decision on immigration, Trump legal maneuvering, and a report by David Newtown on the Panthers.


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This is John Hancock. A lot of people have sleazy lawyers that shouldn't I shouldn't say anything about me very that I haven't. The sleazy lawyer I've on come on I'm in Florida stuff. This. Just make it theater. To no credibility at everything that's in effect my credibility. It's because I'm naked sleeping with a married president really it's just graduated from my. Ability or have a sleazy lawyer shouldn't standing up like her right I don't understand what the problem. Are we on. Hey there hi there held Arizona Tuesday as we can be. April the seventeenth. Anybody out there are sweat that today. Don't have your taxes done I have no plans to do your taxes. Tax protesters any debt tax protest embryos just to hear from tax protesters guys that don't called and said do I haven't filed my taxes for twelve years some tax protestor haven't. I think one of the reasons we don't hear from them us because they may not have the ability to call me longer. Yeah they've been dead down narrow it that about a prison that. Apparently that he would inmates. Down South Carolina where the inmates. The well we'll talk about that a few seconds. I was. Amber's. Just testing myself. For not having more concern for those inmates. When the fight broke out down that prison because apparently. Be guard's 44 album 15100 inmates 44 guards. The guards in the bubbles you know though love secure areas inside the the the dormitories at issue would call them. They called another alert but they didn't come out of that bubble. Not a result. I don't think I've become an out of the bubbly either and then the other part is you know I mean if you're gonna come out of the bubble you you would want a you'd be coming out there are two of save lives right. But there's no reason to save any of those lives. Is that wrong. Now that's what they call it jail. That's why it's punishment. It's not a place you wanna be. So while I don't know I just say it is just hard to raise some sympathy for. Guys in prison and find themselves in a compromising situation now gang violence essentially is probably wanna turned out to be. But I don't know if I just read about too many heinous crimes in my lifetime I've seen too many murders have seen two veneer drug deals gone wrong I've seen too many lives are taken for. Just the stupidest reasons and it's just you just finally get to the point where you say you know off. If you're not capable of somehow or another figuring out how to live in this society. How to stay on this side of the bars. Oh well there's really not all that hard. It's really not. And leisure falsely incarcerated which is that is a few of those tell I'm sure that's and for that guy. The falsely incarcerated guy down there that. On truly is innocent. And they all say they are. But there are there's bound to be a couple under the prodded into what they do we greeted with so much to our regularity too much regularity to inmates that have been no. I approve entered DNA or something along those lines but I don't know I just was having trouble today coming up with a whole lot of sympathy for the inmates that found themselves in a really scary situation. Well while law gang fights broke on all over the years and all the prison guards said the bubbles and and waited for help for to a rough. Terrible and and and so I am so disgusted with myself I just can't see history. Which. Makes it hard read. Well I mean. Among other things yeah. Plus my conscience how alike. We'll also declined around hazards and so I've found it may you don't boo maybe it'll affect my appetite. Active. That would that would be welcome actually don't. Like a. Up till metals and apparently has come into the Wells Fargo we have heard from tiger yet and they've got until the F 27. Two or commit. There's a lot of other of the good golfers are common in no the masters champion Patrick reed will be here Rory McIlroy will be here Rickie Fowler will be here Jason Day will be here Mickelson committed today. Tiger Woods hasn't committed yet but. Seems to be just some. Reason for optimism that tiger would do come back to our Charlotte and play in the Wells Fargo opened so we'll osu rolled that goes that will happen on the Leo last couple days of this month April 30 to may the sixth that took quail hollow called. So that's a good thing. Did you know Harry Anderson was a living enough Asheville. He left dash are you moved to Asheville because apparently he had been living in New Orleans when Katrina hit. And they were not necessarily happy with the recovery effort or the speed of the recovery effort and so they at that point decided that they would leave nor loans and and seek another place in Nashville as what they decided to do. I don't believe that'd be cause of death has been no issued yet so. Heart attack. And that's I am very advocates Avis which open but we've been to a bit basically what you say you know but I you know on this day and age. There's two things that come into mind stroke. And all appeal rights. But. Anyway night court. You play judge Jerry stone on a night court eighty Ford in 92. Back when NBC. Well I heard a guy goes on both show this morning he said this was actually before must see TV. Which had. Courage had 'cause we should be channel lineup of shows on that night did tonight core was so one of them he was on cheers he was on the John lower court show. A letter quote was on night court. That led thirty rocky did a twelve appearances on the tonight show with Johnny Carson because he was a magician by trade used to do a magic in the streets separate Cisco oh you don't Johnny Carson's got a lot of guys that. Does magic 'cause that's cut or Johnny Carson got his start he was a big fan of Mel Torme nasal Mel tore may was on night court a lot. And they found him. Police responded to a call at his home 8 AM on none of yesterday morning in and no found him dead they don't suspect a foul play. And for those of you who know Asheville and I don't necessarily but apparently he lived in the month for historic district in Asheville. On. Point streak. In his wife went up but took a look at three houses about the third when. 570000. Bucks for a home that was built in a 1910. And a survived by his wife and two children born April October the fourteenth 1952. So are you so about five weeks younger than me 65 years old. Makes a 65 year old stove a stop and pause for just a second. Congratulations to fly out buddy of Mike Collins who is one of the people who hired me here about 228 years ago he is celebrating twenty years at that radio station that he works better. Via a land of no voice inflection. And now harness Houston's. Now FAA affiliate the columns has been there for twenty years which is hard to believe because. We want to worry our pretty tumultuous time well one of several of pretty tumultuous times here. But when when no Micah was escorted out of what Julian price place. He ended up but I don't therein. I don't think anybody including him thought that it would have such a great run but he's. He's. He's icon status and Charlotte is a big part of quarter of place for himself and no Charlotte school walks which gives him active in the arts community which she loves dearly unknown. He's part of an ad agency. Call obtains lowly. An agency in town so we sort of got his hands full but he's just good guy and his girlfriend for a long long time and so congratulations on his twenty years or so of the communal Burlington. A little bit earlier today he said they're thrown him a party but it's actually for the donors in the clients into various sources essentially it's not a party for him it's been just to work. So. That's the way our. So whether he on now and Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer. Now you're many of you doing exactly what mark's doing right now. Who is Kendrick Lamar. You're not necessarily supposed to know that because. Your old. We Kendrick Lamar is a Iraq for. And you know we kinda watch rap music. Imploded and there along times to sugar hill gang. But Tom. I guess I really came to terms with the impact of rap. On. The music scene really within the last couple of years first place it's the number one genre of music right now. In second place. When you start hearing about Gibson guitars and places like that that are in financial. Having financial problems. Some of that is their own doing so that is being leveraged some very you know some of that is ownership has said it and but. Guitars are not selling at the rate that they used to sell because. Rapist now the number one John rate over our rock and roll. And classical and everything else that you would want to throw into the a list. So all the sudden. If you don't you don't understand wrapped I don't understand wrap. I went and looked at Kendrick Lamar lyrics before I came out today from the album that he just got a Pulitzer forwards is called dale. And it's not the kind that you hold backwater with. And. First place if it had been doing nothing would be worse than a white guy an old white guy or reading the lyrics to a rap song on the radio. Just for beginners. But the other is is that in most cases from what I saw I couldn't anyway. But. The Pulitzer board hands out an award for music every year and it almost always slips under the radar and goes to a jazz or classical musician. But Monday they handed one to Kendrick Lamar for this album called dale. And Washington Post music writer Chris Richards says. Most significant pop idiom of our time the sound of a broken nation struggling to understand itself. And I thought that was a pretty. Good definition. All of our rap music at least as much as I know about it he's at thirty year old Lamar is Compton native. The Pulitzer administrator. Data Canadian. Said afterward that the timing was right in regard to the Lamar honor. And Canadian just by the way happens to be the first woman and the first African American to hold a Pulitzer position. So Kendrick Lamar rapper. Win the Pulitzer Prize yesterday. And and now many of his a fellow rappers can say that so. It is. I guess one of the earliest signs of that was when I was so when I was unknown. A time out status. WBT and I was working out at the end. And I always think it will this'll be interesting because they end as the kind of radio station at my kids would be listening to and at the time they were. Teams are heading towards teens or something like that. But a little younger than teams or maybe Phil was just into his team's. They weren't listen into the end. They were listen PGA they were listening to rap they were listening to. Because that's where the kids rebel and so my kids understand wrap. I know are now 303334. So they you know they were raised in an error beginning absorbent so forth but dove but obviously people in my generation do not but. During give it credit it's the number one John Ray the country. Well not only is is a pain in the blood on tax day but it's also kind of ironic the Irish web sites automatic online payment site is down. Mom and they don't seem to I would assume of this class for a good long while that maybe they'll love. The tendency might right now they're saying you know. Keep going keep dry and you you go to the website you'll see one of two messages one says that the website is unavailable. And the other is that the outage was due group planned maintenance scheduled to end on September the 22 26 team. So I don't know what that means. They're read their system's overall I don't have an idea about speculating here rises notices to more reload hack bad an idea of both messages said note that your tax payment is due although IRS direct pay may not be available. The snapped who has causing problems third party taxpayers. Turbotax. H&R block. Both said that they will hold on customer tax returns filed them as soon as the IRS system are reopens. You already got a little bit of leeway today midnight tonight. So 48 hours from when you're an oral eight. April 15 deadline what have been with emancipation day yesterday and in April 15 falling on Sunday. So why the IRS acting commissioner David Carter testified during the house oversight committee on Tuesday that a number of systems are down at the moment and that the agency is working to resolve the issue but. If you're a last minute filer. We are already kind of running on nervous energy and all of a sudden now you I'd try to file your tax return. After having gone through everything you need to do to get it done including Turbotax and H&R block and all that kind of stuff. And the IRS website to make payments and access for other key services is at least for the time being down agency still expects you to look pay your taxes on time. He IRS did not give an immediate explanation for the failures but said in a statement that to a certain IRS systems are experiencing technical difficulties. And they said the taxpayers should continue filing their tax returns as they normally would the problem is electronic filing is the most popular way to file and the IRS offered no real immediate solution to that. Stunning that the IRS wouldn't be there or it. Helpful advice. I haven't seen this story this year I'm sure it exists but I have not seen the story this year about the people who have called the IRS help line number wrong answer. And by this time next year there are saying that a good many of us will be able to file our taxes on one paper. Because by that time all the full fledged. Trump tax cuts will be in effect. Although. I was corrected by John not too long ago but. The standard deduction is 2800 bucks this year 28000 bucks this year as opposed to 141000 that's part of the new to explain and so there are elements of the new tax plan that are in effect. John. Pages on the IRS website used to view account information make a direct payment or set up the planned not functioning most of the day. Unclear awarded a win and why the failure occurred. Appears based on our message of the site that the online payment system. So while. And in this day and age gender makes you wonder whether or not the iris got hacked or not. One other one of the stories were the recordings stories over though is to file your taxes as fast as you can because. Crooks are now filing. For you and taking your refund yeah. So all the sudden you file your taxes then you get a notice saying all of your game you're you're you're Marty filed. We've we've party's image your refund. So the world is just filled with evil people and there's nothing you can do about it so anyway if you're if you're driving each taxes through O'Keefe Tryon and and good luck to you. Minor done I'm just waiting for the refund. Which is sizable larger than it has been a number of years and I think that's because of that 28000 dollar. Democrat. So. Thank you Donald Trump. I indebtedness and it's only gonna I had another trillion bucks or something like that to the deficit earth there's arts. I mean what's what's twenty trillion won it was nineteen. I mean other than another trillion. So it's kind of like another gallon water. In a flood. Just more war. Supreme Court today did not make. The president happy. And neither did his way to his his appointees to the Supreme Court neo Gore's speech. Supreme Court said Tuesday that part of the federal law that makes it easier to deport immigrants. Who have been convicted of crimes is too big to be enforced. It was a five to four decision and it was the new justice Neil gores are. That joined the four liberal justice. This concerns a catch all provision of immigration law that defines what makes a crime violent. And they conviction for a crime of violence makes deportation quote on quote a virtual certainty. For an immigrant no matter how long he has lived in the United States. Elena Kagan. Wrote it'd be abuse billion for the court. Before other conservative justices in dissent. It was. It was the vote of the trop appointee. That's making good news. And most decisive in striking down this provision. Course which did not join. All of Kagan opinion but he did agree with her that the law could not be left in place he wrote that no one should be surprised that the constitution looks on kindly on any law also vague. That reasonable people can not understand its terms and judges do not know where to begin in applying it. So this all comes around a case involving this guy named James to mania. Who was a native of the Philippines who came to the United States legally. As a thirteen year old in 19920. And then after he pleaded no contest to burglary charges and California the government began deportation. Proceedings. With officials relying on a section of immigration law a bit less crimes eligible for deportation well. The category in which de may has convictions fell. Is a crime quote. Debt by its very nature involves a substantial risk. That physical force. May be used in the course of committing this offense. And the Supreme Court ruled today that is too big. And so gore subsided with the liberal justice in the immigration point and trouble point he has agreed that the laws too vague to justify. Deportation of an governor. I'm it'll get caught and played her head she's neighborhoods are pleased this phone call. Willie Anderson dead or alive. Pretty thick. Louie Anderson. For the great odds of all time went to debate played down on if you give 100 convertible. He's on Steve Harvey today is a lot. But we all looked up at Ference had. I thought he was dead I think his mother just died didn't cheat. Yeah I think that's made you aware thank him. But I'd like you mark I Otis if you listen Gloria Anderson dead or alive understood dead. The bigger. All right well over release who is it was filing taxes today even though the IRS online payment side apparently has bin and fail mode on tax day so you got through Lisa. To file through H&R block yeah I got you know the email saying that it band. Demanded that I haven't and the confirmation that it's comparable. But I did get a confirmation that my payment warrants further that I owed this year I'm not looking like it. So that'll Liz so that'll keep you know pretty geeky kid Joseph off the hook they've got the money you don't but don't give a damn about the paperwork. Yeah that's but I think in go to I didn't realize that that's what they problem or lie ahead got that confirmation yet. Now did you go to H&R block this morning today. Now I get it online through their web service OK yeah I got used Turbotax that same thing how long even using online tax prep program prep. About ten years now I haven't been that long rated makes me wonder I used to pave 365. Bucks a year ago attacks repair or not. First time I used Turbotax I just thought to myself gosh what to work what's my problem or why haven't I done this all the way and all the time. I think at the beginning meet the online pet perhaps they weren't as clear that they are these days and now it. Walk through everything else so. And calls attention to any discrepancies or I mean if something doesn't seem quite right it calls your attention do it and I edited and and you put in Marie you put in the right numbers and it downloads your returns four yeah and I it's a man who's the only way to go. Yeah it's not them but the value out like it. I hope that this is cleared up before midnight as they don't come after say well we hit it everything. I got my money I got the group and then. Yeah now they want and and they want I cannot imagine that if this lingers. Until midnight tonight that they wouldn't have some sort of an allowance. That would do voted that which showed that you'd have thrown. 24 hours or something. That did that would you know a because it's their fault it's Ivan Carter made I've made their fault but I mean it's their problem not yours. Quite unlike the other people that I'll wait till the last minute when you I'll not gonna give them money to play were any earlier than. Necessary. Yeah well I guess I kind of believe that too although the return I'm getting this year means that I need to go. And lower my deductions every paycheck because. They've been there. You know I did that did with I'm getting caught up pretty sizable settle return and so that means they've had money and mind that they shouldn't be haven't their hands on. But I should be heaven my hands on. That's chair now I totally Haley so thank you Colin good luck. We welcome thanks and I hope the world's engine of the jail South Carolina. Let's take a tax felons or does have a lot of people that don't want to. They don't want to send their money and until the very last moment yet just marks one of them now. And Indy and it was a what I hear us all that we were detonate. I boys get money back from the state not sure how I. Change that. But we've always tried to you know hit it pretty close with the feds. And we always have I think last year I got 200 dollars back or something like spent. But. I'm get like three grand back this year so that means that it one point. We were that it we were in an area where I had them start taking a hundred dollars more every pay period and we get 24 pay periods a year. So they were taken 2400 bucks or more a year out but I at the time was paying about 4500 bucks a year. In taxes. Soul I mean after they had the filing so I figured well OK I haven't taken that I don't have to worry about it the end of the year. And that worked out fine for couple years all the way until we got to this year when all of a sudden. And I think it was that 2800 dollar. Credit as opposed to a 141000 dollar credit 48000 dollar considerable 141000 dollar credit to probably. Led to all of that. And then next year when all of the implements the new tax plan ran out of the world that'll. How about a workout and I have mixed emotions on that. I like the fact that my taxes are lower are not necessarily thrilled with the fact that we're heading over the next ten years another trillion dollars on the deficit. But there's been no inclination by either party. And apparently not by we the people either. Based on who we send to Washington every year. I cannot leave our kids and grandkids. Strapped with fear and death that we decided to that we can spend so that we can all have what we've wanted to go pretty much gorloks we are where they are. Read the greatest generation had the greatest generation. I want I want I want generation. No to my granddaughter billions. They are bills which was. Retirement nick elite. Saying that she of all the people in the public administration and pentagon know unscathed. Not seem to bring out the ire of the president. Nor. Bend are rumored to be on the firing blocked or anything along those lines of those the ambassador to the United Nations former South Carolina governor. And the other day she. On Sunday. Said that the new sanctions. Against Russia would be announced. Four enabling the government of Syria. The Syrian president Bashar all of sudden. Said that they would be aimed at just sending a message to Russia which she said had blocked UN Security Council six times and tried to make it easier to investigate. The use of a chemical weapons. Energy was on Fox News on Sunday and she said the international community will not allow chemical weapons to come into our every day alive from the fact that he was. Now making this more normal on the Russia was covering this up all of that has got to stop. And so the Al White House followed that up by backtracking on the new bash our Russia sanctions announcement. And I don't know how I don't think there's been any reaction from UN ambassador Nikki Haley on that bench can't be happy to have made your statement on your floor vote UN and and I do our president backtrack on it and a nurse of reports about whether or not president. Expected that to be announced. And know whether or not he's may be a little angry at or upset with the Nikki Haley right now also a day after she announces that the US would be. Hitting Russia with new sanctions due to the a suspected Syrian chemical attack the president walks her but expect her comments. She had said on face the nation that any Russian companies linked to equipment used in the attack would face new economic sanctions and that they would be announced on Monday. By the Treasury Secretary. Stephen Nugent. And instead on Monday the White House and Sarah Huckabee Sanders the white house Press Secretary said in a statement that day additional sanctions against Russia were being considered. End quote a decision will be made in the near future. And the Washington Post. Reports that trump told us national security advisor that he wasn't comfortable officially rolling out the sanctions yet and knows a little upset that an announcement had been made. In fact one. Official. Apparently according to the post said that Haley made an error that needs to be mopped up. We would have we would not have rolled out sanctions through somebody's saving them on a Sunday show one of them told Politico. You know that but they'll fire somebody on Twitter. C'mon. And other officials saying that she's if she's not the type to make a mistake like that and then regularly goes overheard talking points withdraw before doing any interviews. And that sounds like Nikki Haley and that sounds like the Nikki Haley that has kind of skirted any criticism of from the administration or otherwise in her role as the ambassador to the UN. Pretty meticulous about what she says how she says that in making sure that she's on the right page for the president. Has gotten this far. The Kremlin had denounced her remarks. After she made them. And the trouble administration had told the Russian assembly and a DC that no sanctions were actually forthcoming. The administration officials tell the post that the US sanctions. Which were developed three silliest part of they are ready set of measures to be used if needed. Are being seriously considered but. Trump has yet to officially authorized them and he likely will not and less there is a no other quote on quote triggering event. From Russia. Solo bomb no word on no. On whether Nikki Haley feels like god. She had the rug pulled out from underneath her but I would assume she's probably not too happy about. Making an announcement on not on a national television and on a national stage and I'm not having your president essentially. Maker not look good. The US district judge Kimba Wood yesterday rejected a bid by. Prompts attorney to limit investigations. Or investigators access to evidence seized in raids last week in the office and home and hotel room over Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen this was all the talk or not. The television talk shows last night including Sean Hannity. Trump's attorney and Joanna Eden. Said. Head asked that trump and Cohen and get to go through the materials and determine which should be off limits under attorney client privilege. Woods said however that she may appoint a neutral special master. Two help make the decision you know about the seized evidence and then. Fox News host Sean Hannity and no porn star nor stormy Daniels decided they would be part of the big news. Part of the the court day in New York yesterday. Would told their Cullen that. He had to reveal the names of the clients who has he's worked with since the O 2016 election. Who's privileged communications my Debian has files and not Cohen's attorneys say that there were just three trump. Elliott Brady who is the ex Republican National Committee senior figure in and a trump fund raiser. And the third person. Eventually was identified as Sean Hannity. So Hannity said not long after that on his radio show Michael never represented me in any matter I never retained him in any traditional sense I never received an invoice and ever paid a legal feet. I had brief discussions with him about legal questions where I L wanted is employed in perspective. On Benny was being kind of slammed around today you because they they're gonna take any job that you throw in the water anyway. But if he's talking about the the Michael Cohen and the president and all the stuff on on his fox TV show. And he's not divulging that he also has a relationship with the Michael Cohen and so that's so essentially what everybody is unhappy about. And then stormy Daniels yesterday. She has to be part of the whole court proceedings. They they bring her to the courtroom. And day and then there's this in this trauma or there's this media. Cluster. And so you know they have third and you don't bring her in like she's a rock star. And and you know shielding your head and doing all I can list off. She's suing to get out of our pressure agreement that she signed before the 2068 election denying an affair that she allegedly had dealt with the president in a 2006. Which has nothing to do really with the presidency but was it was in the courtroom for the proceedings. And then afterward she said that Cohen has acted like he's above the law and that she and her lawyer or. Committed to making everybody ocean to make sure that everyone learns the truth. She and her lawyer or inadvertent. Whenever there are four I think she's and it tore payday and I think he's in it because eventually it'll turn into a payday because he'll be a household name and he can he can rise in the ranks of immoral attorneys. Program. And get some of those big cases good. Anyway it's. He's amazing now apparently she claims that she was have you seen a sketch she claims that she was threatened by somebody remember that. And so they they have a sketch artist draw a picture of the guy that threatened or have you seen the picture. It looks like Tom Brady. So a lot of off that's what Sean Hannity and not a company will be talking about tonight or not but they'd do it could very well be our Tom Brady threatens. Porn star stormy Daniels. A IRS has been have enough problems with their online payment site all day long odds on their urging you to keep on trying. So we'll see rolled that goes but if you're experiencing difficulties. So is everybody else. This is the final day for our taxes so you know the IRS website to make payments and access other key services is down but the agency says they. Still expect Americans to pay their taxes on time. Our carrier pigeon overall whatever the case may be the that's what that's what they expect you do do. So I keep on try and taxpayers should continue filing their tax returns as they normally would the problem is electronic filing is the most popular way to. File on the IRS offered no immediate solutions so. If we are here of any result the net to regard so we'll let you know just oh by the way the red flags. That are. Said to make you a more. Likely to be audited. Home offices. Excessive contributions. And excessive amounts of. Earned income credits. And you've been reading the press over the last years and is say well there's so shorthanded at the IRS now surely won't get over to me. Famous last words. So now one way that you can avoid absolutely avoid do getting audited is. To file honestly. If I know it's still and so on American really. So I'd tax it. And the next big day after today would be. Friday. Poor Tony. When you can finally X sales. Believe the economy interview our ratings I've had the ABC our knowledge the New York Post website today. Headline reads called me interviews scores big ratings for ABC. But they weren't all that if you start comparing them. Nine point three million viewers is not terrible so ABC's probably happy about that and after all it doe was just somebody hawking a book. Below the twelve point one a million viewers for the country music awards that were on the other night on CBS remark 811 so CBS beat ABC. Country music awards. Beat James going. Lots conservatives and Republicans are like country music. But he. I didn't come close to the 22 million. Our viewers who tuned in to watch just stormy Daniels on a sixty minutes on March show the 25. Well you don't. Political corruption and or sex. Ritual and. Which one nerve. It but if that was path of electricity which are which are which where you think the electricity would go. Comma is one hour sit down no first part of a media blitz you'll see him all over the place the book is out officially today. A higher loyalty truth lies. And leadership. We'll see role that goes on and for those of you were just can't take anymore politics. Shake shack. Should be open next week. Of British roots queen city debut Parker shopping center 11 AM April the 26 the first 100 people in line will receive a custom shake. Shaq hacked. From the local apparel company 704 shot 3400 square foot restaurant on no would law on the road in part we're shopping center. All natural Angus beef birders flat top beef hot dogs chicken sandwich is critical cut Fries. Bill would dish up their unique selection of a signature frozen custard. Like the shark attack the cookie butter blend her. The ply old lying in a Vanilla Custer boy ended there with euros as a slice of seasonal five from the Suarez bakery also Parker choppers owner. Local brews including their own when he boy to topple apple action growing international presence and one in Charlotte now to shake shack open in Charlotte next week. Tax day yesterday IRS elixir to return there have troubles with the website April 17 2018107. Days into the year 258. Days to go. 1964. Ford Motor Co. unveiled the Ford Mustang New York's world fair based prize. 2368. Dollars. He got a couple of 64 mustangs. Is that I'm not iso plays right now you would do probably get a little bit more than 2368. Dollars. Hey you just don't remember I'm really sure there I was twelve. How revolutionary the mustang was word came up just skews it could be an. Other than the Corvette. Obviously on the fly. 1964. The FBI lab reported that it could not determine the lyrics to the kings and so recording blue really. It's pretty much determined that the word everybody thought was that there is an end their. Horses was before wrapped in which case that birdies early. In everything. And 197. And if they hadn't. We would've had dominates but the thing about them. Today's the final later filed taxes some post office's let's stay open late that I guess still do that government oversight committee says the Environmental Protection Agency though violated the law with its purchase of a 43000 dollar soundproof telephone Booth for its director Scott Pruitt. Why he's still got a gig. According to a study the glow of the firefly that brighten summer evenings is nothing but mail fireflies strutting their stuff to a pick up a female fireflies. Hello guys admitted if you could lighter jail love you don't. You would do the same thing here you know from. I had was a wandered around Amazon yesterday and I found heaven on earth. Serial marshmallows in bulk. You can charity even need though like the serial part of agendas for the marshmallows and a bowl and I'm sure this is good for fellow diabetic or type jurors. He put somebody in your household it's all the tasty marshmallow bits on your Lucky Charms Cereal leaving you with you know just the serial. Com Amazon is now selling a three pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows twenty bucks. Reviewers note that they taste pretty much the same. As the ones that there come in the lucky charms box. And you can no shovel these in by the fistful. Without the. But the idea that that's stupid serial taken be. Space up. I probably would just going to convulsions on the floor. The patrol or what happened on that regard. The. Can't used to make other news Agile person write an article about on Monday Night Football and play Greg Olsen wants to clarify its future with the answers in the last three wanted to new contract couldn't quite get there. Negated some incentives though which would allow him X number of dollars this contract runs out in at 28 team but Denny got injured Soviet centers were open window and so now theory goes and a this so 2018 season. And he'd do like to know what is the future is and whether or not he's got years or this contract and he's cut. But the broadcasting thing on the on the side that seems to have some promissory ms. well. And north there's an imminent offer all Monday Night Football for him but there is at least into consideration in that regard. So. I assume he's probably not to and down on this those who abuse trying to use that as little little leverage right now enough. So all share some of that with you also weigh a piece on ESPN it was renown. I had David Newton about. Ben Navarro. Who was the financial guy down in North Charleston and when you read David Newton's account of who bid to borrow is a got to make sure root for a ms. maybe he being the next owner and this is the guy. Who are has the collection agencies which arrows originally rumored that maybe. That might not sit real well with so other ownership. But that's about 5% of his business 95% of his businesses credit card. And and then when you fire is out start to read more about Ben Navarro and find out who he is and some of the year charitable stuff he's done with schools and stuff down enough Charleston known. So all you Kurdish alike I was introduced till last night from a David Newton's article a too who've been Navarro is just in case he very may go be the front runner for the Panthers. And organized team activities OTA is started yesterday. So all throw that in there and then on a broader sense the NFL's accusing no lawyers. In that one billion dollar cut contention a settlement of fraud. And and I'm sure that all go over real well with fellow players and the players association so below we'll talk unifil Panthers and more broadly beleaguered. When we have come back on the other side of a news tonight to. Couple sort of as a teacher. By the name of Kyle bio war. Eighth grade teacher. Lend castor. Pennsylvania. It would be like history here. Hand it middle school. Citi's students worked their tails off to last week standardized testing so while they were focusing on the Pennsylvania system of school assessment. He plugged in an electric griddle and made each kid in the class. These single whole grain pancaked eat during the test. He'll probably get fired for. They point out that 5% of his students come from a low income families so as for some that whole grain pancake might be the only hot meal they've gotten that day but. Neal Lancaster Pennsylvania education association president Jason mull Lloyd. After the as assistant principal walked into the classroom during the test bottler was told it'd probably be fired for causing a distraction. I guess you're taking the standardized testing your kid your teachers are there making pancakes that would be somewhat of a distraction. But I don't know 38 year old teacher fired. Of in his everything out to a horrible offense these days can you not. Can you not say hey dude. It is candidate disconcerting to be taken testing and avenue over there make it pancakes. Per young for middle school student. Anyways 38 years old is the he teaches a social studies Spence Wilson's Tony thirteen he said I'd I don't understand what I did wrong. There was no infraction whatsoever. There are no rules that say he can't serve food during testing. A rep for the department said that making the pancakes could have hindered his ability to actively monitoring the testing. More than two dozen students staged a two hour protest on Friday. Online reports that the school board is expected to a green light his termination at their meeting tonight. Now I am I don't know. And I don't know what kind of a teacher is otherwise or what his record says otherwise or anything like that but. Surely you can plug I had an office and say body. It is disconcerting to my kids are taking a test center at no time derby. If you wait you wanna you know did you feed them pancakes after the test did. But I admitted but does that fire rubble I mean that's. Winning favor with your kids Agassi don't want that period. It's very uninteresting. The deed when I go back to my class reunions and I've been out of school now for some time. We dual memory a five years 'cause we came from a small but my graduation class was like 59 people. Assuming you people had that they're near locker. But to teachers that we until we're real close not only have my classroom close but I you know I I generally knew everybody's Brothers and sisters are unknown to classes ahead of us at three glasses behind this it was is that kind of a small town in the small school known. And Sears agrees with you grow up ever. But we label we get together start talking about talking teachers we talk about the popular ones and we do remember a couple of albums mr. Campbell. Who are used to break out his guitar renowned minute break into a country song in our class just because. That's what he did during the summer season was to play where they had budget dude ranch guys and chuck wagons supper thing. So why he was a little bit off color and kind of a free spirit memory always liked him but he also was a heck of history teacher and then the other guy was a guy with a naval Whiting. And mr. Wieting. Never picked up a guitar. Are never told a joke mr. Whiting was the most plain straightforward guy your government your life but the white risen everybody talks about him. Is because he was the hardest teacher any of us had he made you work. And inevitably it's kinda strange because you didn't necessarily like. Being in writings class. But you learned and writings class and you learn to work ethic and I'll writings glass and when we start talking about teachers now mr. Whiting who's name comes up. More probably than anybody else's. Because we may not of liked him but we respected him. In the funny how that works. I didn't like the comment on it military school that they simply do when I was a junior colonel Kellogg. But I came to find out years later that it wasn't that I dislike him is that he's scared the hell out of me. And I have a lot of respect for him service to country and everything else. So. I don't know I hope that teacher gonna get fired tonight Monica say I don't know the rest of his Reza babe but. The month telling not a cooking class. You had Dow Jones up 213 59 close. 447663. NASDAQ up 22481. Clothes seven. Seventy to 8110. S&P. 28 point 55 closed it to 2706. The 39 so secretary David the remember how we ended last Thursday and Friday but finished second in this week that the Dow is up and now. And we're within Noelle what about 19100 points soon where we were about three months ago. I don't like 3000 point drops. And make me nervous. Comment but denied it time for the recovery so was everything Sosa was all good I'm hoping this is the recovery. They held a memorial service yesterday I was reading about it in the paper today you for. He's Jackson. It in the Rose Bowl. He passed away in January. 1 of the great. It was Durham all my life I can remember sitting around though with my dad while. Should know football games over Keith Jackson or such Keith Jackson would be a kind of a guy that. That my of my dad would build like he was Keith Jackson that gave the Rose Bowl it's nicknamed the granddaddy of them all. It was key speakers the paper points out in note Tim Brant points out to quote Nelly is is probably the phrase that everybody thinks so but he actually didn't for need and don't. Under that as much as you would think that he dared. He's the guy who came up with the for all of these aligned for offensive lineman big ugly is. The drop all the fault all. Anyway. They talked about a Tim Brant talked about tea time. Remembered a time that Jackson stood up to. Alabama's Bear Bryant coach had kept Jackson waiting for an interview the day before. AS Saturday game enough finally Bryant came over and said do you wanna see me. And Keith Jackson said not anymore coach. We'll try to catch you next time. We've done that when a couple of guests. That one in particular farmer correctly whose name all just those stay silent on board to couldn't make it sound like a bright and but. Supposed to be with us on a Wednesday or Thursday and I never calls and enough. Is agent called us later on that night and apologized and so are reset the interview for 330 here at 335 roller roller the next day and. 345 KM. For a five game 415 he called. And now so we. Homer screener was sent. It's a wide what you under John S and Dotel we'll be right with a so we put him on hold and we just let him rot there until he finally got tired and non help. I even stayed on for a good fifteen minutes. So. Anyway I've I'm glad to see I'm not only. Jerky go the world. Keep Jackson did to disrupt oh GA started yesterday. A key glee and pep. A hundred no David Newton's accountable all of that. They'll do all these on field sessions and and at some point or another oh week from Thursday we'll have the big guy a draft another brings in rookies into it and now we'll see what happens though with the Damir burden his recovery in. There's a lot of healing that the days go on our current Samuel his ankle how's that door no will only be ready for the season. Torrey Smith Roscoe Art Ross cock Roland. Jerious frightened Don serial polo hill with a all the end of these were guys that we signed it through free agency. Cam Newton coming in. I'm healthy. Which you wasn't the case so last year or so he'll get plots of our time throwing Derek Anderson not signed as the back up yet we'll see what happens there are. Story by Joseph person today that's getting lots of play and as I pounded originally on channel three but it's a joke person Charlotte Observer story about a Monday Night Football and play. Greg Olsen may wanna clarify his future with the Panthers. And no we've kind of speculated that when the Panthers though Monday Night Football thing came up that day here's a guy who wanted to new contract last year couldn't get it. Thomas Davis got his but day Greg Olsen couldn't get his if you review. If you base this on output and team and everything else Greg certainly deserves it but it just didn't work out that way and now. And then he got a contract that included a lot of incentives that would allow him to make some money in any got hurt. So I didn't get all the incentives and ninety's in the last year and so he's. Apparently probably are gonna use this Monday Night Football as a little little leverage they haven't talked judges agent Drew Rosenhaus and Marty Murray apparently have not talked yet but. It looks like he's got to set the stage should just say you made. And AJ says nice things he says everything your slows to a safe. He said he's always had good communication with the Panthers according to a joke persons article in the observer and no good communication with Ron Rivera. And he added. That is agent hasn't had any contracts talks with them. But he also is buying this broadcasting future and he said hey if this is my last year in Carolina. All have no ill will they've been more than gracious they've been margin generous and good to me I would prefer it be due longer. But this team has a lot more than no just my situation so he's saying all the right things and and I hope it does get a new contract he wants to play another three years or so when non and I hope that they can figure out a way to. But I had to make that happen then Navarro. You see the front runner for the for the Panthers the Charleston, South Carolina. Billionaire we'll talk about him and just. David Newton ESPN I got follows the Panthers wrote a deal on maybe the front runner for the Panthers to have been Navarro listen Charleston. On a broad street. Down there all that historic architecture and know everything else but they say nothing privileged or noble about this 54 year old man who grew up in the middle class northeast and described by many used just being a blue collar type guy. Rises spike go to our Sherman financial group sometimes there are rides his bike a 120 miles or more just for recreation. Shows up in board meetings wearing a polo shirt and sports jacket wears khaki shorts and flip flops sometimes one of his meetings streets schools which is a public pride to a project that he launched in 2008. To improve the quality of education in South Carolina and give underprivileged kids a chance to go to college no matter their zip code. This was the guy is that was a football coach frank Navarro was his dad was Leo football coach. And Ben tomorrow's estimated be worth about three billion dollars he is the one that at least a portion of his business a small portion of his business is debt collection. And there was a speculation that maybe the NFL's 32 owners might not like that aspect of his business. But more than 90% of Sherman financial revenue comes from credit one bank one of the nation's largest credit card issuers. There's say a friend of his who's also a friend Jerry Richardson's. Writes David Newton. South Carolina businessman George Gene Johnson. That said bin runs a regulated bank regulated by the US government if he can get through all those regulations and pass it he'll be fine. And his ties to the Carolinas at the mall that Richardson I had when he was awarded the franchise in 1993. He has an appreciation for open air venues like Bank of America Stadium. And seems to align with what Richardson wants from the guy who would carry on his legacy. That doesn't mean Navarro would rule like Richardson writes David Nelson of ESP NN. It's believe that he would create a culture in which it would be much more accessible. To public media and even though also work Wear them. Low profile image for hope for a high profile guy didn't. Just happened by accident they say Navarro wanted it that way even before he put his name in the hat for an NFL ownership because that's the way he was raised. Sam dumber. Is the executive vice president chief marketing officer of credit one bank. And he says he's really an understated guy. Is it one to dominate a business meeting go with his thoughts or ideas relies on his experts. Very active listener. Com says his business management skills are superior he hires capable people and trust them to do the job. Dot Scott is the president of the initially kind of skeptical when her organization decided to give Navarro a a war to end Tony seventeen for his work with the meeting street schools she had questioned whether or not the school truly address the needs of the underprivileged. So she sits in the classrooms and observes. Talks to the students and their parents. And her respect for Navarro on his project she said raced all her concerns it didn't take me long to see what Ben was doing. That it could be one of the best things to happen to these children. It proved to be one of the most successful models in terms of educating these kids that endeared me to him. So he. You just read you read this article by. I'm David Newton in the observer are scares me on ESPN about bill possible front runner. And know that we actually would know who's the front runner and who isn't. But don't bend to borrow. Video Charleston billionaire. He went to the University of Rhode Island I think that's where is originally from created the VIP card to make money while it was in college basically our restaurants and businesses paid Navarro to have there. Name on a discard our discount card that he gave to students to shop with. Some of those practices are in play today credit orders the official credit card of NASCAR and a sponsor for Kyle Larson's number 42 Chip Ganassi racing guard James. Tomorrow and his wife four children oldest daughter Emma may be better known in the Carolinas that are dead fifteen years old was the south's number one junior girls tennis player. And already has committed to duke. And there's a lot of people that think maybe this is the front runner for the Panthers so we'll see what happens or are Richardson has to announce a candidate and in the NFL has to approve it. On and hopefully they want to do that and now Maine so a bit Navarro remember the name maybe that's your new guy. Marriage Arabic Navarro potential owner of the Carolina Panthers and Greg Olsen a dual person's got an article out saying this. I'm Greg Olsen probably would like some clarity on this contracts which are run through the season but doing you'd like to know what he's doing for the next few years got a Monday Night Football gig yeah maybe hanging in the they in the balance so he'd like some clarity and so we've been talking NFL let's talk NFL for a second day on a Friday the NFL filed a motion in US district court. In hopes of having. A special investigator. Appointed to oversee the attorneys and doctors who were representing the Al players. Who agreed to this one billion dollar settlement with the league over confessions. And the motion is alleging that Ferrell has been some deep and widespread fraud it. Committed by lawyers doctors and players in response to complaints that payments have not been made fast enough. I can't imagine. Specifically the league is alleging a law firm representing more than a hundred players is coaching them. On how to answer questions during this Nero physical. Evaluation. And the league is also alleging that a neurologist has submitted 21 medical reports on retired players that featured identical. Vital signs. For all of those examined. In other words they're basically I got a formula on how these players can cash them. Our lease that's the allegation. Quote we want to ensure that players and their families receive the benefits they deserve this is the NFL attorney Brad Karp. Who said in May added it's a statement. Fraud threatens the integrity of the settlement and prompt payment oval legitimate claims. There is significant evidence of fraudulent claims being advanced by unscrupulous doctors lawyers and even now players hard to imagine what it's a billion dollar settlement that there would be. People just hit it further. Cards can he continues the appointment of a special investigator was specifically contemplated. In ending in the agreement and will provide important additional tools to assist the independent court appointed administrators in identifying fraudulent claims and no related misconduct. So the settlement. States that the NFL will pay out a billion dollars to more than 20000 retired players who have experienced cognitive or neurological issues. Sent to stop playing football. The league according to the terms of the agreement. I did not admit any fault. And on Friday Christopher Seger who's the attorney for one of the retired players told the Associated Press that. He agreed with the appointment of the special investigator but emphasized Little League cannot use claims of fraud. To avoid making payments so we're gonna get into this. Well there's a billion dollars involved so you know it's gonna get nasty. Quote unlike other NFL benefit programs this settlement is overseen by the court. And the league cannot escape its responsibility said seeger we will make sure. That former NFL players and their families receive every benefit that they are entitled to. Under this agreement. So. I imagine there's probably more fireworks to come on that one so updates on your NFL Carolina Panthers some of euros specific panther players and the NFL accusing lawyers. Of of us some fraud in this one billion dollar confession settlement which has already been agreed. Moreover India Delhi Vijay via teletype plus should WT CNN newsroom I keep meaning to find some sound effects from Diana's death may yet. Yeah needs to have some dings in it do it that's the story gets to the end of the a deal this summer driving due back and is rip and read. I was just looked so why do lawyers because that's that's what brought up some of the highlights of radio like a video when it first radio station ever worked out yet. Got off third came in 1 morning guide to read viewed big baby donor was still want to spend a week of two of his girlfriend right. I basically guys signed on the radio station in the mornings did their older won't. Wow lot to tape stuff lots of pre recorded shows instead of sort of said to change real real tapes and then I'd go sleep in the middle lower production room for like 45 minutes of the so anyway the sort of story about a local man who would run off the road and hit a tree but they of that letter to the word hit. And today it wasn't a good letter get a word I hit it she and so I read it just as verbatim and like a real pro I decided you know don't go back don't don't mention it just. Just go past it but the more I thought about it if you run off the road and that's the condition that you very welcome to have that happen to you. And then the more on my mind in my mouth was saying one thing blew my mind I was thinking about it the actual act of having that happen Dario and I just cracked myself up at the so then I got only a controversy because I'm not laughing about the death of a local man in the small town radio station and uttering a dirty word yeah so Obama. They were however admitted this Florida no literally knows I tax day IRS is they've Baylor was it was a down for a while. And down I people surprised that I mean part of that tax trump thing is say an effective of the the credit. Yeah the bulk of it though it kicks in next year so I think a lot of people I've from a tax prepare I talked Tuesday it would hear from. People were thinking oh I'm gonna save big money and no I'm not so much him well I got bit by bit when I was doing mine all of a sudden at 28000 dollar tax credit game open as it helps that I'll take that coup. So I file an extension so I don't know yet know you're a 4868. Am I have been for a long time I prominent I'm just to procrastinators. Dirty restaurant Tuesday absolutely at 635 we got a couple of good ones and our food critics here was something I'm do tell us if he likes it or not. Kinda distracted driving awareness month you've got to Charlotte woman who is on a cruise say she really as she speaks to kids groups because her son died thanks to a looking down and his cell phone had a fatal wreck and she is a really on a mission to get kids to put that thing down when they're behind the week. We just had kind of one of those and Estonia this last week and although not only was CO texting while he was driving you was without a driver's license and he was under the influence zoning and he killed a fifty year old man and it's really sad story. Overall nor Robin wood road due under the one of the terrorist teeters over there guests and counting now we're. That's that all right I'll see you on a few minutes are shining face walks and a video studio indoors into the absolutely Joseph sterling claim. I don't Levy to studios. The germ zone. I believe they are Collins you know when you don't smile. Like for pictures and stuff like that do you do that because you think it makes you look cooler. Contrary to popular belief not smiling doesn't actually make you look cooler research from the University of Arizona. Which had participants judged the coolness of models and print ads sounded emotionally in expressive people it didn't seem cool. But cold. I don't not smile in pictures of stuff like beggars I think of trying to be cool. If I was doing better or Wear sunglasses. I don't do it Israeli goofy were a smile. It's the difference between now people who are photogenic and people are some people can just put on a you don't just put the face on a merit isn't it just under is great and as natural as they can be and then the other people have that kind of paralyzed lips smiling you know or your parents. The big trepidation. So I just assumed. You have Russia. Which several people have suggested over the last twenty years but there were just haven't atlas and got a name of a lady by the name of Jessica are rude and it's on a plane whether to children who she thought. Bush is watchers you're just off dislikes us the flight from Kansas City tour at North Carolina. Action to Charlotte they were onto a Wilmington after that. So she writes on her FaceBook page with two kids losing their minds and moms you've been there before. I was desperately trying to calm the situation. So you're on a plane got two kids and both of them are just going ballistic. And it's got to just be horrifying. And you gave him but the more you try to get a kid under control of the of the more out of control the kid gets. And then the people around June they're all looking at July Kaye is shut that kid up. In where she said it wasn't working on FaceBook page. That's when a stranger sitting next to her step to him to help. He held her four month old Alexander and helped her three year old Caroline. Get her movie started this stuff. And then throughout the flight. The stranger who she only newest Todd. Colored and watched movies with Caroline pointing out what they were flying over through his window seat. And at the time rodent only knew the command was from Kansas. And that he had a son enrolled at the University of Arkansas. And both Rhoden and this stranger named Todd had the same lay over in Charlotte with a final destination of Wilmington. So now you think they get to Charlotte and this Todd guy is saying all right I've done my part I'm out here are good luck to you ladies. He helps her and her kids get off the plane. Leads them through the airport to the gate they need to get. To get to the flight to Wilmington. And if that wasn't enough he changed his seat on the next flight. To sit in their row. On the road next to them silly can help them get to Wilmington. And she gets to Wilmington and she's still just knows this kind and compassionate guy named Todd as just odd she doesn't know anything else about it. And it occurs to her at the end of the flight took to her FaceBook in hopes of re connecting with the guys saying does anybody know this guy she had taken some pictures. And it didn't take long to post went viral. And the guy's name is Todd Walker. And he's been identified. And Todd Walker's so wife has contacted. Gruden. And fairly they're they're tall everything's good they're gonna try to get together at some point sore that's over but that is that is beyond the call of duty. Because I mean I can see helping. I can see helping just to stop the noise. But to but they're not just say hey listen good luck. Com and not bail water when she gets to Charlotte that's and there's a picture of amending its I don't know he's probably in his forty's or something like that but. That's the guy you were looking for right ladies at. The bill. Don't answer that. It's right there on the car was it hi mark Pearson is governor next I will see you tomorrow Kyle Petty joins us say as we get on the air at 3 o'clock won't.