Technology And Marketing

Kandas and Larry discuss how to use technology to get properties and buyers.


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It's time to Bragg be rich and generous. Right radio is hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry going to hand co host Kansas. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective ways you can be successful in real estate. For the WBZ studios in beautiful uptown Charlotte. The flagship station of the brag radio network here are your host the rock stars of real estate Larry and Candice. Or are you. I'm I'm excellent I'm outstanding I'm excited. It's Saturday afternoon and hey. Rated two talk about having fun to make your money. And be generous most generous. Right Chad. Certainly if the if they're. As good a load and load it right so. That's a Candice put that foam down. Yeah hang on and brilliantly it's so it's art you know what sometimes hard to get an account. And we got you can't get that help. You can't get that help you can't let him you don't even pay you forget now. Have you don't want you don't want that reminds me like every time offline people sit in the Shively they won't talk to me. It don't mean and and fortunately I measly first class got to fly so much right. Offline. Well let me put it this way the flight attendants fly almost as much as I. I. Hope. They don't. So as that on a plane and somebody will say you know hey you don't what you do for a living. You know just learn there's one thing you can tell that was show them. That it. Minister. Will be opposite a cult leader of the what you do for a living cult leader with a really what felt like. Like everything you can't. So as you get slow my train they'll do them. Oh that's just wrong right there. Especially this Tuesday a family oriented show. But anyway. If you're just now joining us for the first time today brag radio is all about being rich and generous. We are educators mentors have written many books about rules state investment and getting started and rules that they trading hug hold half all about houses for pennies on the power we do it all over the country. And storms and all over the nation but that would be kind. Vote for the day you have it behind it I'm an up and Charlotte actually three days of and unlike a lot of places. Actually of the ones that speak and teacher for three days you know. For the entire three day is right you do. You have an idea. It wears you out there. College questions questioned us questions or any event question at lunch question about pain I question and let us a little bit there. I can't. Tell you the best aren't even sent. To begin and it can be at question I know you did. Been about. And have a VIP bad. And even you know there are a lot of. Acres low light go off and in the I don't know I had been pregnant I predict that I go to their hands they don't socialize they don't interact with people that are at the event. Larry is pretty nice and he it ninth agreement and until late. 830 on Friday night when you're just about the drop dead you do Cutler of ominous and everything. He's always there he's now is available during breaks and didn't we do usually meet there in months so that may be like the only time. This is again a consensus of how the day's gone and what we need to do but none for the rest of the time I mean he's available. And we do a lot a ton of question and answer sessions and even even have to wait for a session to get a question in. This in mean people usually disorder or other hand up and you'd you'd do it right in. And the coastal players. Those are the sessions there we coastal Hillary's downplaying CC can you still leery but sepia. Kamal give me a good one right. So. Anyway. So be out we're here to teach you how to invest in real state that's what we do full we have a team of people in the offices what we do. A we buy and sell a lot of properties over the Carolinas reduction of postal houses in twelve different states right from our office in lake wiley. Should. Right for those of you who aren't from around here right and I always reminds me Ernestine bash. How do you do this is why Ali. And yet to decide that. So all talk a little bit about dom about. Marketing. And about technology. But calls. A lot of people are mean I'm old school and pursue you know whenever you whenever you can't get a deal we need rules state deal does get all the phone pick up the phone. You know go out and drop for dollars looking for vacant houses knock on doors knuckle neighbors' doors and all that stuff. But just so many people out there that are using technology now. And we use it to mean we have we got social web sites. They're happy yeah we have some nonsense. The fact that one time we owned about 300 different domains and we had to cut and that's out you went nuts on buying any and every domain that new had a dream about their pro Wallace aimed. We have Thomas domains so now we're probably down to fifty ish domains but we did have over 301. But but anyway. So we got we got awesome web sites right likely you bounce houses dot com going to be about houses dot com investors rehab is which or properties. And Larry Jones dot com of course but. Anyway. So there's a lot of different technology out there and we'll talk about some of the things that some of the ways that people are using right now one of the things we started doing recently. It is is using FaceBook apps to market for properties and to market. For buyers right. And and Dan who is our sales since say he's the sales guru and marketing guru he's the man the legend in the mail. He's also the guy can sell a house now so open and listen houses are deep deep discounts anyways so you know. Essence that he could use but. But anyway. We started recently running ads on FaceBook marketplace beauty into about face of market. Had you know about FaceBook marketplace. It pop up but I never clicked do you ever since well I do it on the trees and everything it is obvious. Yeah. Exactly. A summary of the won't give me three that a victory forward on the caller. Not all I've had three room. And I'm not I'm not exactly. And that's the tires. About opening in the flour were blown. The mental. And you say I haven't QC. And whatever it is yeah focus HBO at. Attention deficit Lucia and Newton right. So anyway. Let's talk about FaceBook marketing you can go to the FaceBook marketplace. Or carry on their FaceBook account owner full list of button in the middle of the bottom right. So. What you can do is. There's a place for our property for sale. And you can post your property to build your list right even if your brand new and you don't even have a property yet now we're not doing that because we actually have properties to sell but even if your brand new do we have a property. You can go in there. And you can post an ad for property. And I'm telling you your phone or your. FaceBook is gonna blow law. We actually ran an ad for a property that was actually a property that that done. That we reduced price a couple of program a little troubles however and we reduced prices coupled counsel who says let's start with this one and see how it goes right. Let's start with this once again goes so we started with that property. And and we posted they have posted yet have that discussion right okay. He can write. He's doing a job he's doing a phenomenal job the marketing guru anyway so he posted the head. And within 24. Hours campus yet 53. Responses. 52 now in my and that's free right. That's pretty it doesn't cost anything how Tony does FaceBook is the new Craigslist. Craigslist there's way too many Craig's list crazies out there. Right as I mentioned last week who was so briefly. But. FaceBook literally is that Craigslist. It's crazy that when we come back we'll talk about a lot more marketing and ads in different things that we do and you can. It started general state confined to deal negotiate that deal in the turn around sell that deal. Use of FaceBook as well some of the ways right. Yet he has gimme a call and making it through ala baggage you registered for our upcoming three day event we've only got one more week very few seats and three well nine. Estimates Evans and laying out of the union off the slammer. 877 Larry go art gallery of villains flop dot com we'll pare back. On the Mac. Doesn't it here there and let them live with the Eagles who falls. Brag radio this in its. And later in the things if you read in finance dragon and it it really want to serve in the records. Does any dragon dragon dragon bring hats and shirts available in Canada Noah and yet they're gonna say Ab brag on the front and and found that. Info about this Ian I think it night. They found an ankle an iron on the Mac brag radio the logo. 8778. That stuff will be on the. Rich in generous man OK and maybe until about one. Walls were actually so. Much on any. And down through it depends on what I can negotiate with the person Megan. And listen you're good negotiator and that and I know you'd do if you want. It. Go. Look. You can't compliment and I just now we're gonna give you that Horry. You knew what I was that you use organization that. All right so let's talk about the marketing for your business that not get it down if you're just. If you're just getting start minerals stated won't take a business to the next level you've got to be doing FaceBook. Right you've got to be doing pretty you've got to be dual FaceBook marketing consistently as very very simple. Okay. We started out recently you know we've we've done FaceBook ads before and you can route literally market. In aid geo targeted area let's say you have a house. Right. Let's say you have a house in Concord,. North Carolina right outside of Charlotte near Annapolis. Right so let's say have a house in Concord. Concord Concord is at Belize and. The unmanned landing concorde we anger on alert for us this year is from. North. And that's that he that really Concord Concord. Anyway so what was I talking about FaceBook you know toward. So let's say you have a property in Concord, North Carolina. You can literally posted net literally and. And you couldn't it for that property. And you can only have a show. To people within let's. Worked he and fifteen or twenty mile radius. Of the actual property as a greater share. Now when you post that kept up mentor you posted under your name Marty posted your business's name when you idiot and a check ahead. You can do that. Through your either your personal profile which everybody who has an individual Facebook for for the man which is what FaceBook was really pleased that for. Everybody who has that has what's called profile lecture personal profile however. You can also create FaceBook pages on the right and so on a FaceBook he clerical help. Drops down it actually create a plate he can create a page for your business right. And you post to that business and you build followers for that business you post the property all of that page. And then you can do what's called it promoted post right and stared back. Yet you shared on your personal profile you have a lot of Koreans that also weren't rules state you picture back and but I also. So you do what's called promoted post right it's good it's going to go out to the people who are following you were your page. However if you do promote post it'll store having had show other people. That meet the similar profile. All of you world followers that mixing error in that geo targeted at a program. This well you have to pay for what's called promoted post but. Definitely I mean and and guys that rent the rental properties. For literally like five dollars literally literally. They'll spend like a box in a week or so and they'll have their property rented. Crazy butare thing really helps you hit that radius it similar audience. Am. So. So anyway you do the promoted post the happening is there's FaceBook groups anyway another's FaceBook groups for employment. That in Europe there are new rules that investors are looking for people to join your team this is one of the things that we do week. Promote our. Adds all the FaceBook groups and there's FaceBook job groups like the Charlotte employment Charlotte jobs Charlotte. Whatever work from hole type things there's all kind of groups out their own FaceBook just just to a search of go to FaceBook. And typing and like whatever your area where you're from and in the word jobs with the word employment. Right. And and the and over the leaned back. Well the people concede you know if you. Thicker around man. Eager. So. Anyway. So than you can join the groups. And quite frankly we remember of almost 200 groups admirals. At a lot less for calls we. You know we'd buy houses in multiple states we have people who in Oregon books getting an education comes to advance. You know or buy and sell properties all over. And recruiting people from all over. And and that's sort of things that were members of the lot. All. Right. Yeah we are so I was FaceBook is great great when. To be able to market your business you need to be consistent now. Who do you do. Here's the thing about FaceBook that's. Don't renew your dad embrace that and the Internet on every single day. You wanna let you wanna lettuce for at least a couple of day outlets in the Atlantic faster. But I gotta love. Or nothing. Gotta let it simmer until with a bow and faster. I just suggesting just the fifth. You can do you only now. The boy is actually got to let this summer a little bit and it thing in Boca. And you know you got lettuce that there too with almost dale. They are too. You know when there's somewhere in the area. But anyway. And the in the convenient yet you can also changed the prices you know Michael please bookmark it and in unity waited. Or the prices or whatever the mixer yeah. He got the FaceBook market. You got FaceBook groups you that your own FaceBook page and from post and then promoted post that on different things right these good news for FaceBook. Different things so soon. In addition to FaceBook there's other automation technologies that we use as well we used website we use the word press. Based web site. And and we have a deal just not too long ago that just came in. Organically and what all that means is we didn't pay for any advertising we didn't promote it it's just because our website was out there. Right and had the key words and then they had the best keywords on the web site. Then when people were doing Google search. They were able to find it. And and they opted in and we call probably negotiated the deal made about 121000. And it was a three lead. They don't gain cheaper than that the brain injury. Free is for me so. Went on. The problem is mixed signals around and free is for me is armed who got earth and a warning on act Simon. The natural without any at all animated Alice and we have a Purdue's right. So. In the past. Changed. An Internet radio noise ever on right so anyway. So we have website to their word press based web sites as you know its web sites that we have master account and we do actually students for use in the same website that we do. As well. Astute Tuesday as well as yet as well as us right. What was it about. Many youth that a typhoon now. All right so anyway the but the really good and with them when we come back. When we come back. I'm gonna talk about how to use those web sites and more cattlemen have dropped traffic in generates some real leads for your business. What they're selling or buying there just who started at one Australian businesses and other technology. As well right here in this cure let's lamenting let's let them get a free investment right. Yes skinny 877 mango for a pre masters at the digital version it's an out your email you're close enough city opera. 'cause not sitting. In the opposite come on the physical version and it and it's new and opera's tour. There is a copy of their real estate dates trading but there's the obvious accounts app off. There are some other training in the air with a different model that we've got we can educate you on. Dvds CDs asset protection up on the suffers and there are. You mean 877 lingo expects to brag the 38976. Theorists victory. Father Mac frag radio investing real pleased to be written in essence. We've been far from out front of the dead as typical for that's generally our model. And now we've we've got and if you know they're coming out there much here is leaning. Not a millionaire see and I've scared but here's leaned slots ways. 12 ways flow through its okay and how about the fallout it. So apparently has been on the and so and bin and that the Linear oblique via the baton. They broke off of then the eagle. They bring in enough money from the show that they can give us a couple years. And we'd be PP the flagship station of the bride radio network lineup from uptown Charlotte where almost an hour hundredth episode. And this is the nine in hand before. Don't want. And whatnot it. But what the 1990 next week. It will be 10100. Years ago at Fort Bragg in the next week you are three day event. Now. That's awesome I'm excited. And so we're talking about marketing. New ways to market properties calls Craig's list. Have allowed this crazy. Thing of a Euro SoHo and Craig I'm deal. In fact that's what one of the things encourage people to do we use it commits an earlier and you can too. So. We've we've how critical this post at the bar is Reba houses. You know we thought we we posted with that again be about houses and we also. Oppose it in there and ammonium. Component. That you. Don't go. Went out. This. Union Lee Evelyn. All right so. You can post addled FaceBook the Jiabao properties like we post that vote get rebounds properties. And and that's how often given about. Any of us are already had a tough. Player does and I. Started. Anyway so we also but we also are searching for ads that other people have posted a day properties for sale right and there's many many different ways about properties you know you know when you're paying cast. Use of private money hard money or years gains or funny that's it for you. Or whatever. And then so you won't use Craigslist. Also we able where people sold properties don't even believe. You know ball properties on the day in even sold properties or leave it and meet absolutely canned. And in our web site with our website there's a lot of different ways you can market the website okay. You can market your web site. I mean honest we're now ultraviolet. So. You you can market own you can mark your website with a BO Craig's list or each day or whenever. And also anything printed what you have a web site. Right what you have a web site. You want to make sure. That you put on everything president. Because it gives people. You know website to go to answer that call right now you know they might go to the website about you and website and tell me if you get a 1235%. Opt in rates. That huge. Our web sites to the unity typically you know 2030%. We use and do to show people like about us that they it it makes more sense for some money it'd be more educated when they talked us on the phone so Buhner had just gone and found they want to check on us I. It via email descend and they wanted to check unless I get a feel for what I'd do an end up on the phone. There you go and help save some time. That's cute. That's cute so yet within that site she can market the web sites on Craigslist eBay on FaceBook. You wanna have a page for your business FaceBook page but the business page. And and and your website there is well with the phone number it's always good to have what's called that a T number. Right. There like 1800 flowers. In Horry five Gabby guys. And and that's really that we should use that. All of them Republicans. And about twenty. So. So yeah so you wanna do that and because if you're starting out. You don't Willie how properties to market actually need properties. Way you've got to get properties. And and and there's a lot of different freeways to market and there's also some ways ruler like who can savor. Newspapers. The unity community newspapers. One point at that we look. At. Heard that before really. And Tony a lot like the penny sabres and you can also run those ads through what's called statewide class. So you can Google. Wherever state uranium by this date. And then the word processor solutions like north kill process solutions and every state has a press association right every state. Every state in the in you can run ads through that press association. And one field maybe two under three books. And ran in recent newspaper. In the car story. That is the law that is the three papers. Yeah but now most of them were going to be the weekly's not today write most of we're going to be the weekly. Like the weeklies in ways that the small community papers. And one. And it. So there in the there is the small community papers. You got it there and a and it yeah. He's put together and yeah. I'm Donald. So the last day or war talk about okay on this show this this episode of this segment. For a week at a brighter old right. Is. Is about a CR him. Now you can keep up with two properties and how you don't do you keep opening properly are eager to keep up with you buyers. They don't keep open sellers with your vendors. All that stuff in this. All right I'm vendors understand vendors we mean attorneys. At a company's appraisers. Re hammers things like that little blue realtors be ability user who classify as Anderson last year and. Right right right so. There's a lot of Sheehan aren't out there and NCR and to stand sports guys who were older term for October. Acronym for customer relationship. Management. And so we use one called podium. You video and audio it is. It'll do just about anything. But the thing of dot. Com. And have an all that it shale right it is it's like Al database. It's liked. It's like Microsoft. One that David and blame it Udonis added up and creative and although holdco some analysts Friday. Slow week paid somebody. A lot of money. Two 27 hours put and that's one of our students use same one that we use students' shoes. And I use that demo that Sheen and Shalala with Russian web sites and we talk about marketing. Style so. As you get to where you've got so many leads committee and you can people won't rebuff cards. Are much. It'll post it notes. And Unita CRM UG one. Slow. Come to our America combined meet us at the office at your local. And she is would be off the stories deals helpful to you about that at the meet the human. In or if you wanna order the investors Q that would get your free copy of books. Getting started in the state they training and home town hall. From we'll give you the physical copy was in the digital version. And you also get some other. Audio videos dvds and stuff like that and a unit is enough to be successful our goal is to help you become successful. When you do that we are successful Raikkonen. It's part of this part of our mission with SPN of the brightest up and back we are. Larry is a wealth of information and knowledge and been able to provide that the other people. Sun is is part of his his whole philosophy of people in principle before profits so. And give us a call 877 Larry go leaking it to register for the three day event that's coming up next week. We can talk about the digital investor's kit vs a tour for the physical kid talking to challenge their own work better for you. You can also text to be our aid chief to 8038976063. For a digital kit. And we will be right back with the prior. Welcome back drag radio. The end result that. Could be at risk in Tenerife leads real say you can find here on this here you can get close to us and let us. Let us guide you out with our educate. In real estate to be written dance. There you go. This is your favorite segment of the show I love love love land we have students that are doing stuff and able to. Able to pay it forward and that is that's what's going on when it makes it makes story today so we got meg on the line. What's happening and. Polar air and as a great being here today. Are slow and I'm really excited you're on the show. Because meg as one of our inner circle apprentice students right and she is a rock star she's just crushing it when she came to our office and spent. Some time there and our office and and and she just I mean literally right out of the gate she started doing more deals right away. And now I'm just really proud you what you do and and you're just rocket in Roland so took to tell our listeners a little bit about. What is it. A well I mean it. Quite well so I met a lot of you know I hope I'm totally epic. A lot of opportunity. Like you're not in his country elevate. I'm. He hit a corporate job at nightly actually find is dropped in. Op research I was. Really quite different and that. And we just attracted the idea. I'll put up. The ball and I let people I got cutie. A group or cycle. I live treat. Me like I. Am. I I went out or it could have I think it. They are not right arm. I don't say they are now right now they're trying to hide in your star. I don't know what went really well by and I thought why they all needed so much attention and all and I really needed is business and I hate. Let other people I'm very attractive. They fix them for all the way. Where they fix and flips all the way. Will there was your first. Oddly you know I hate rehab right. III. Am a black man and here I. It. Is injury treat it like I figured I didn't really see it. A year. Yeah. I really albeit salary and because then it changed my thinking. What it is and what. And go out and out side with last year I had an eerie. What age I. At. The right way bite you Egypt. It was canceled. Making sure that water. And can be. And not work out brawl on equipment. I'm. So that. And I'd go one contract there. I go out to a paint her uncle and other out to a real. I'm you know I'm. I. Know. Out. And help. And they immediately. It could do their share the page needed life. Are they all. And that might be able is how it a mortgage. Albert helped me and I like. And you know it's kind of what Billy from the end like this means I can work. I've partnered. They're a competitive right. Mort land on our. And to put you out in or out our in house in order to make up. I mean Ernie. That's right and also now you're doing some some lending now some private money lending hard money lending. You're doing some of that as well right. Actually I'd been out and act like about twelve that wind is why you know treat here actually. You know break me and I haven't had a bit of a book or so. Andy yet that I'm in the trying to put that you couldn't get. So. I'd still doing lightning. Now here but his development is. What this is that it planned I actually took a ball fairly. Well. Previously my lips were so efficient that I had been apparently it would've been kept Castro had potentially. I'm. So. Good you good for you that's awesome and I know we've chatted. We don't we don't chat that often anymore but. I know we've chatted quite a bit about some leader deals and you know then didn't talk about Shlomo woman walking you through a couple of these or. When you come up for the challenge or whatever but I'm just really proud million probable that you do it. I'm thank you so much. Black and I am I'm not really glad should have gone to the pro am and I I'd. I try to help people sorry and I I think people appreciate. And you know working in these new buyers who you know they really well and I'll. Having them mortgage become available so people let it. That's right pictured it. That is great that is great would you well you would would you be able to run through wanna your typical deals. You know for just kind of like that it can it's there what she's doing engineers that you. Well actually it didn't typical engine and the people that I sold property to. Asian. And you know eke it. Out and so but he completely. Lie I needed is a big mark up on the property. In order for work company. Totally on so he was one of the first people to really that what mattered what side of the game and the Iger and not the type of mortgage. So. It out pretty well meaning that. Other people. What a great deal he's got he. And how where and why I. So he brought an additional hire and I. Liked the idea and the buyer before. I got on my lap. At 30. Actually it realtor. And the client. On how. The buyer for the program. Though. I like bark at the. I got off and on. That theory tell us a little bit about how you are paying back. I I out. And I. Iggy out to be proud. They're out there Jack nine Carolina. And you know the second and tired out there that I purchased. So. I don't want to do I am and it turns out her plan. Mean so help prevent. Another count because Garrett wanted to buy. Check out. There and acting as he's contractor interior designer. I mean like one. An appearance but the old but the thing is it's totally in our reporter Eric oh. And go. Into view and actions in. And you know why. Would jointly. Here technical thing I could end up advocate and that the houses are so. You know we didn't. For an iPod and I've. Obviously. Are. Spent and infantry in this most recent one tragically. I got to get that don't should act. In prayer and it can happen and in fact they're in trouble. Well so I'm able to. You know I would say that you couldn't. Made my monthly payment for a while to get it doesn't want to hear their family. Meg that is awesome thank you so much for doing that you were a blessing to them and I'm really proud of you we really appreciate all that you do. Thank you Larry and Candice for more information about what Larry Candace discussed on today's brag radio leading the world to be rich in generous got to brag radio dot com you can also call 877 Larry go for free investors get. To schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry Jones and co host Candace features the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money in real estate. It's ranked radio leading the world to be rich in generous and it was 1110993. WBT.