Terror Attack in Barcelona; Steve Bannon Staying in WH; Eclipse Monday

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, August 18th

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Mr. John Hancock is gonna make it into the stadium there this year there's no debate. Last night Bobble head night gentlemen. Apparently did something magical about these. If he's out there with a game didn't see a single play on the field because. He was looking at his own and he was mesmerized. Gift not a quality you Bobble it's. So Charles over there are many thought his eyes were glazed over but may reveal Buick to kicked in and mister Heatley staring at the other John. And god Bobble head to wake up just felt I don't like in my would you like pension. Pension. So we audio clips coming up in it Mo mention and being Greenville and as we make it through the morning here I'm going to be asking for some and prices inch and maybe even some alternative directions so that once again down there. That I don't lose my mind yeah. Hopefully be up putting together a soundtrack for the eclipse. It's not gonna be nearly as long as we soundtrack will be. The light fireworks. We believe we have the sound track is two minutes and 31 seconds 15 of the so we can literally just got together and the words on or sunshine or dark or something along those lines are shadows looted. Move and attack is imminent in front of you know that is sort the other part that we overlook a little receivers can resign but the thing about this on the whole time here. So you have every dark side of the moon. Because it will be the direction of the Monroe when when we actually go through the clubs. So what Scott WBT got comic who would like to ascend recent suggestions as far as what we may be able to do as far as the other central ghost. Haas got XWB two B dot com going to be hot day heat index about a 104. Poll in my all this is one of those days. Where the deodorant gives out. Before the coffee even kicks and they truly. Truly it is. So and another day and another terrorist attack in yesterday when it all began a did not look like it was going to be. Huge scene that as the day goes on and as we make it through today we realized. It is actually a pretty damn big deal yet again ABC's Tom rivers and her Barcelona there reeling. But the standard strong Arctic. For standing strong you have to have me Robin Harris actually sure Harry go. Are they had to be a minute's silence and literally. Thousands of people showed up. Add that the main thoroughfare here where the where the property took place and chanting no we are not a trade me men who are not going to be careful. Panda and clapping and years and so a sign of iams. Stand. Also measured some of the emotions here a lot of tearful eyes as well. It's depressing that. It's almost as if what we need to do at some point in time to sit down. And put together a manual for how we end up putting together the memorial the moment of silence in the gatherings in the get togethers and the flowers and everything. After a terrorist attack because it's like women we used there's a plan that we should just go to every time because unfortunately it's it's happening too often here. It's sad I mean you you name it Manchester and London Brussels Berlin. To name but if you. Hatred it's terrible yes. I don't want to become the new normal. Boy and I just did reduce backup. Yeah it's yeah its intraday it's not an amazing response by the Spanish police I know that here in the United States. We look at some of the European law enforcement that they can all they do they have night sticks and you know that. They ride scooters and that sort of thing before they were they were on the spot and and I don't know down faster than. He had decided to the second attack eight hours after Barcelona. Seventy miles through south and then this is kind of a small little town go. Called camber holes planned it Scrooge it's it's it's something that is quote unquote not on the map. And five individuals and small car. Started mowing people down killing. One pedestrian injuring six others say endangering the policeman the police were there. And they opened fire immediately and then took these are young man down and and killed all of they were all wearing fake explosive belts as well. We don't know that was by design or read probably do the fact that the they make a bomb factory why else. Blew up a debut for the Barcelona attack. One person died. Initially the that fire crews there are thought it was a natural gas explosion the whole place was leveled. But after Barcelona they quickly recheck and they says look this is this was a bomb packed in here guys so maybe. He didn't have a real belts and creative over the day's news through trade and even more dramatic turn. Don't even know human that's out of the world for a long long time now a new volume dealt with the EUU grand on the list of a terrorist attacks and unfortunately became strikingly from your target because usual familiar with the solution how to do the Europeans what what have they said. About what we just went through we've Charlottesville what is or cut would have their comments been like. They aren't you basically. Shaking their heads saying you know why should this crap. Com. You don't have to live like this. And of course is a different kind of a situation here you go. You've got a very very. If you will and strange. Ice is kind of bait ideology that some people ascribe to. And bring it back because we won't name the place which country's going to be yet met him. It's just. It's just sad and they said yes you can beef up security yes the intelligence can be better and asked to be back. And you don't let people fall off the radar which has been the case they're number of these examples over here the past two years. But you know ultimately you cannot stop everything you could beef up security by. In other major thoroughfares and a major. Capitals here in Europe and elsewhere around the world but what happens six blocks away call blocks away a mile away there can't be everywhere. Tom are real quick last question. I don't know and I and I don't remember gonna have there been any major neo Nazi kind of in all right attacks in Europe. Your recollection unity. Not sure I know it is they're they're been noted. Years ago in Germany. I will do all I'm a recovering summarize this was about this will be for reunification so that was not a neo Nazis in the awkward moment. The left wingers they would bill that would spark. And notably so in the middle of it and you try to dodge is. Good dodger player guess but now they've not been. Anything on the scale of of this of this wave of life. Yeah let's hope that they don't get an idea from us from the terrorists there. And and it's time rivers of ABC so sad that we have to get together talk about another example of probably had to be acquired we've got 9/11 is your time your usual of the tonight and I three WV UT the mother of the late killed in Charlottesville. He's got a response to the president we'll talk about a match. So like yesterday we had a quite a few heated conversations interesting conversations in depth conversations about the other history. Javier civil war. What did you learn about. What are your kids learning about. Coming up. At 11:15 this morning spokesman John Locke foundation they'll dig in and out in scarred. And to work in North Carolina kids are learning when it comes to the civil war and end slavery and the war between the states or the war of northern aggression however you like to characterize that so that is a come anyway we'll do acquittal of challenging. Many clips is coming up how the hell I'm gonna get the Greeneville. Even bigger question how they help Clinton get back and it's all over. Hello what did you do they were some sunshine it was the forecast right now Susan good looking pretty good. I feel like he's. Can you rub the essence Greene novel view while eclipses are. But I know if it's going to be sanitation probably haven't had today but while the sun is actually blocked. Shall we go and run and on yeah and I'm gonna may be put it back on again when it's also new ones are just leave like a little circle it shape of the sun. That's a good idea so that when I get here's here's a thought. The emotional it is the same topic is. We'll take their shirts off and then when the the shadow actually hits us on our chest will outline it and chirping marker and then we can all get a tattoo. Of that a little shadow that has eclipsed only seventeen will never forget it missed parliament. Now. And maybe I'll give myself the tattoo so what a prison tattoo. Are in the car on the way back. Is it might take me about nine hours back to me like a 24 hour day from him and I know every single day's 24 hours. But there could be a very very long day but I'm looking forward to a so we'll be broadcasting this program. From Greenville so we'll be down there and I guess garrisons going to be in Colombia and bros gonna be. Michigan is gonna go outside. Medical actually go outside to Nicklaus and I don't think so John here's enough. Now I know it better than I do you work with him for a long time yeah well you know what he probably will because he always gets out in the middle of stuff that's going off Michael we have protests here Charlie got to in the middle take an hour here debt off because there's two hours. But the time that we wanna be out there I'm sure each of us can run out there and who knows maybe bowl broadcast those two minutes up and I think he will go outside because you're a total eclipse yeah there's no way. Because she's got night lights all around his house and home. He doesn't like the director much you know and peers and flashlight from the house to the car and so if it were totally clips. Unless he brought out a flashlight. Can imagine how pissed off the eclipse watchers would be if there's bow out there with a lantern he cannot close to our guests are. Of course I'm making all that he's afraid of the light is actually ordered his cause he's a vampire 122 is your time and and I agree completely with the mother. A video of slain woman Heather here. Her last name is bro. And that I analogy that she's not going to respond of the president not to take his phone calls and I think that's exactly the right thing to do an element of you think and lacked. This came up on a Good Morning America Susan bro. Unloaded. On the president. Juice just. I'm not talking to the president now I'm sorry after what he said about my child. Interest and some are some great quote to came out of the interviewer I have not and now will not. At first I just missed his calls the call the first called lookalike actually came during the funeral. But. You don't think that maybe somebody would you like it wants to be when you think that within that administration there be somebody that was watching TV to go oh. Maybe this is not a good time. So candor and a funeral she says I didn't even see that message there were three more frantic messages from press secretaries throughout the day. And I didn't know why that would have been on Wednesday and I was on recovering from exhaustion of the funeral and so I thought well I'll get him later. And then I had more meetings to establish our foundation. So hadn't really wants to news until last night. And I'm not talking to the president now I'm sorry. After what he said about my child in it's not that I saw somebody else's tweets about it. I saw an actual clip of him at a press cut press coverage is the big one you know the infamous one at this point in time. Equating the protesters like me is higher with the kkk in the white supremacist. So what David writes CNN. So as a Heather hi Heather hires mama I have not spoken to try but now I will not at first I just mr. scholes. Tires mom Susan bro says you can't wash this one away this is a quote to trump. I you can now watch this one away by shaking my hand and saying I'm sorry. On non on Jamaica after statement after registered as a Monday effective. But now you've had a chance to hear his remarks from Tuesday and he's changed and and that is changed your position as far as the president is concerned in wanting to hear from Massachusetts absolutely. Again on line you can't wash this away by shaking my hand saying I'm sorry. And then asking is there something and she says no I'm not forgiving net I am not forgiving for that. Is there something though that you would want to say to the president. And hurt her response to that. It's almost as if it came out of I don't know congress congress people and senators on both sides of the dial. Is there something though that you would want to say to the president. And she says think before you speak. Think before you speak. So I agree if I were her I would take his phone calls his playing time first day yeah would have taken. Second day after the the initial community unit the first initial chemist yes it would that was taken from call after the in the second ones were welcomed back. Actual moving of the third when he walked in button no. No and I think I probably would have been on Twitter and not less than happy. Most unhappy in my whacked on Allen mean. In this country and in this Danish should you always. Tick call from president United States. Seven a 4571110. I don't think so I think she's absolutely. In the right position on this one and I would typically either. There's my mom there's a praise of him on the used to do and the when we missed out on something and it was the other old phrase daily and a dollar short. And I think that's indeed appropriate in this particular situation so called crazy a lot of people do a lot of people. Do if time is good too good to David real Roca David Hyde RW reaching about thirty seconds. I just wanted to say that or sport which they groups there. And try out there a poor job of articulating this when he shed it so good good people on both sides but talk about the Nazis. But they all laughed. We talk about heritage groups. That didn't want it to come down and peaceful protesters self wanted to come out of portfolio which killed was not power although all the while. No no I understand I agree and at the problem I have with a is I didn't see any of the peaceful heritage folks. They didn't make enough noise to to be seen and they were they were how China that's well English but the torches. And nonsense. I'm 33. About it. They eat together and later today so just try to play you have to call us and join in the conversation. Which is a 7045711. To just start via the phone call with. Thirty years. Because what made a little bit lives. A mullah little little bomb we don't have elephants around here and because what wanna like elephants and you're pretty cool. Good to during the eclipse that's coming up on Monday did you know there was going to be an eclipse on Monday followed that I know that I talk about a very few years back clips on Monday. That elephants make a lot of noise trumpeting when things get out of the ordinary so when the sun goes away. If you haven't had an elephant in your backyard you'll know because. After the news. Series and give a swathe that's in New York they get hungry you know I've been feeding frenzy. The more terrifying. Walk feeding frenzy. Gotta love like a lot of good news. Is I I'm terrified slots and not much of a runner and I'm feeling that I could catch me. No horny sloth is not something you wanna mess with a good. I said that just for your edification I don't but that's what I put the question where he talked to a lot of different people look. Know every day every morning about in the news and things that are going on right. I do is there are any of them is weird design and you are among my favorite was. And not actually spent time with blockbuster. Which logged in with slots not none of the morning Allan of them very well behaved. Well maybe it was an up and about maybe it was you. So let's say I don't bring the Mexican prison population. We look at depends in what you Wear I think they're very particulars. Is what I understand. All right let's ask let's move onto another another person that they some people might consider him sloth. Steve Bennett and he did he go rogue. This week with the interview that he didn't know and with prospect there the American prospect that's one of the that Carol talks going around you but I guess in that it was actually. Clearly calculated and things yeah I'm when he got it it was one of the things that people first started. Saying because it seemed so strange that the White House chief strategist. One who had bid. Have been criticized particularly in the wake of Charlottesville. For his work with bright part and and helping heal embolden the all right. That he would give an interview to a left leaning magazine the American prospect. And would seem to undercut the president Saddam and his comment about fire and fury. In North Korea with some evil side would be he must not have known he was talking to a reporter I director had right side. I'm not the case they reported that ban and called him never asked that he that he put any part of it off the record. I'm an affluent spam and continued to governor Rick other spokesman and Medvedev that that everything that it was a good dinner pail and that it helped to draw fire away from the president may be valid part of his strategic thinking. I made part of his repeated thinking adult Internet. To try and sow confusion in the link with North Korea but he didn't seem to get a lot of appreciation. From the secretary of state and the Defense Secretary who both. Don't seem to be restrained in their comment and disagreeing with. Yeah oh yeah I mean even Peerman unison go on not on the made it to obsession with her reaction was there but it was interesting to note. That not just the deflection about the military deal. Via the focus on China and that was calculated as well I'm still trying to figure with that message was any thoughts. Well happily that he is he would certainly giving a message to China and and ban end is is that. Whispering voice in the and the president of beer who has been encouraging him. To be spoken to on the United States can not be intervened. A is in the in the foreign war or or. Even in in free trade so he is his. This proposal that we have a trade war with China or are or go ahead and and take Alex. Not play nine again for the tactic the gloves off when it comes to China and Chinese trade. That's a really bold statement in the and one that Beijing is certainly going to be watching for signs of implementation within within the trump White House. You have posturing on both sides always so if you can't posture and you know there with a one thing that makes Richard this was all calculated is that we've yet to see any defiant response from the president. That that he's upset about this close in the past anybody who tries to take the other limelight has been no confirmed upon. You nailed it's got when the president of unlikely chief today. He's not shy about getting on Twitter and paying back we saw that with Lindsey Graham Lee thought that was when they're done that senator Jeff flake both Republicans and the president when he double language after today he'll call you out even if your Mitch McConnell and his most important ally way and I in. Capitol Hill. Don't know if they did. And he didn't say anything bad about banning an ordeal began and your comments and it's. Didn't. It's also been the case with this administration that. That too when you are on the ropes with the president. Showing them the shelling a bit of loyalty which is arguably with Steve Bannon said he was doing by trying to deflect from the fire from the president. I think that Democrats should be talking about. Identity politics just stuff because that will help them to lose to the mid term election. We don't want the fire being taken by the president so he's actually being successful in doing that by changing the headline away from. I'm from all the. Called the condemnation that we've heard from Republican to Democrat every day Americans. Against president companies canceling a show feels he. And he killing the president that he is a loyal soldier and loyal to him though that may help you out secure his position on the White House her. For much longer. Yeah you never know is that there were rumors and be gone by today and I don't see that happening so Atlanta again White House reporter with the ABC. Slots they like messy but just so you know for next time. It now look at every week and god I'm here to help my thanks so much 940 your time time's gonna come and about Charlottesville when we get to you and your phone call. You can come back genders of the 10993. Defeats me. They're frustrated like you gonna Scott FitzGerald. In case you're wondering. What's a mother animals do your clothes. I don't know how they know this morning. Just so many had a good time please make in the story up armadillos. Might jump three or four feet up in the air during the eclipse. I think the key word there is might mention yeah armadillos might. OK I might as well. But I don't have a kind of vertical leap. About an eighteen inch vertical leap. And maybe push that Tom you gotta come and about Charlottesville faraway. Did not answer but I draw what. Where did well Pacman remember and people that are legislators and and executives let you know deliberately in the present through the program ever have thought the second period. Didn't on the playground. Moylan and fight about who goes up. You have to bet there would there ever reproduce in America get an education. But if you got time I'd like to say you know story. We don't let it happen we're known as civil war happened but I am at the murder the Internet which could very. What that a whole recruiting duty and draw back in 6768. We were walking down on the streets there are no we've been down in the left there that become. You're doing the speech you could tell that there are out there in the winter it's great we were walking down straight that's good recruiter must have been to a recruiter. Under the bus you have black pet food down formula that they know well. All the problems we don't know where it straight straight. They come more of that straight toward that a social movement of people demonstration. And a competitive drug coming into restaurants and Bob Mayo are recruit when we were the result would go to. Integrated into. Modem. And I got had to tell whether you're a moment of over the girl. Talent to weigh in and around. Then that they're out here and Barack Obama son of a tennis ball and get my friend and that hit that rock you and I hit by a friend and hated. Let ever talked to brought food and boasted that the new trucking limited Mildred brought. Ball will go back commitment to restore it was so hard. Then. We never you know where we didn't like they didn't learn. But it wouldn't have been steadily as opposed to a simple demonstration. But do you explain how people really look so yeah clearly you've got a covets. Well no I mean you're you're dealing with a different time then to you know and and it's different but there are some similarities between what's happening now. People's tempers are at a fever pitch and good to know a lot and that group is not necessarily generally known. Two I don't know two wanna woke up to folks and give them back Grubbs it was a just not the case. I was good to ABC's Steve Gomez right now and unfortunately what we saw on Barcelona yesterday Charlottesville. Over the weekend becoming more and more common cars and trucks as weapons. We do a pretty decent handing a pretty decent job. They're gonna people would guns trucks bands it's not so easy to attract good who might want to use them for what is it. Incredibly difficult to it and have the worst part is that I this has message. To their followers and sympathizers. All over the world to use. Vehicles to commit these types of attacks they've also told them they're use knives and rocks throw people off of buildings. Trying to steer them away from guns and explosives which horror. Gonna get them noticed by law enforced because you know people buying guns and appeared. Espousing radical rhetoric then now you're on the radar so to bet that's forty something that's been going off for about a year to. And and it seems to be work in very effectively. So the other pylon in the ad and dean of the kind of thing the barriers that they put up between right now roads and sidewalks and becoming more more prevalent exercise is going to be the wave of the future is this something is just going to have to happen. I really think it's gonna have to happen and so you know we're talking about quote BS in engineering and architectural design exercise. Where. You know city don't want to look like they're you know under military rule they they want to have these static. And the beauty and so it's a matter of designing. Those types of barriers Boller and so want. That far. You know not gonna be so noticeable to the public's and continue on with their business of tourism. I'm going to you know my clothes and restaurant and ended just have that regular heel of course society. Cross walks that would be the issue that the points. How will that figure that he can't really expect. To put barriers effort were people walking which rapid. It just like anything else you have to be strategic as to where you gonna put these type of Beers so. Every city has a location or two or or very many I'm here in Los Angeles. And there are a ton of places. On where there are large crowds a lot of pedestrian traffic. For whatever reason ball games. Nightclubs what whatever. And so you have to do you think about where are those places because those places are targets for terrorist. And those in the places that you have to. Start instituting those types of physical structures but at the back is the terrorists are always looking to commit. Matt casualty they're not look at it one or two people they wanna huge group like we saw in Barcelona. Yes the the right to amass cash missiles hope that they don't ever get the idea that they're great schools are elementary schools or middle schools. Are you a good target because in the end the tragedy would be just that much more difficult is this going to be. I don't know a call to try to usher in self driving and autonomous vehicles that much quicker you think. I don't think so I I think. You know get back kind of you know technology was was brought and then and utilized. A year and the terrorists are always looking for the next step. So we. Put in the measures security measures this press stop what they're doing. And that they do something else so it we just we we have to understand that that mentality that ideology out there and they're gonna continue to try to do. Do these architects and kill people well wherever they are. Yes they do need to get rid of all the cards. And go to golf carts. Stick Gomez with a ABC. Security contributor former specialist with the FBI on. Eleventh tenth anniversary of the two so what we're doing extra special traffic reports on the day of the eclipsed. And they're going to be necessary because from the the understanding is that. I don't it's almost going to be the on the automobile apocalypse when it comes time for. Folks to be in the drive and you know to come here as well as to go to go to South Carolina to to direct him to be right there we're seeing a total eclipse in Jan Thompson will be answered YouTube joins us here today. What are you hearing. Jim first of all Jeff thanks for coming in the studio and he would have the TV station we Graham Jewish you did legally old Grammy out of the hallway and brought me in here he was charged a which you're lucky because he's been practicing with a Larry it and generally. That's how he gets people to come into -- into the studio here yeah so so what are what are the words of wisdom what's the advice that we need to know and then from selfish to standpoint. I'm going to be going to Greenville for the you know for the actual clips yes or B go on there. And hopefully coming back to what to what can we expect to hear anything I can expect to. I think he can expect a lot of company and a lot of people out on the road with you up I didn't sit at any invitation hourly and okay breakup while it's gonna be a big party at thing's gonna last about four days. We have a three pronged approach to this eclipse forum motorist safety because we're expecting about two million plus people to come through North Carolina while either to go through the mountains or to go to South Carolina like where you're headed to see the eclipse so. We have the number one to arrive early. So plan ahead where you wanna go and then make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get their don't don't wait till Monday morning to decide. I think I wanna go see the eclipse and this is where I'm gonna go you're gonna be way behind the curve already. So number she would be to state poet. Because there's going to be a lot of traffic on. 8577402674. Of those smaller secondary roads out in the mountains better wind. On also just as a side thought don't don't be surprised to sell service up there's kinda iffy so bring a map with Ichi that would be helpful. On make sure that if you see any message boards that have omelets and have instructions on the menu GPS tells you something different. They treat follow the directions that are on the message board and also from local law enforcement. Because they're gonna be more of the boots on the ground they're gonna know what's going on correct OK so then the third thing is to leave late. So picture of all the Panthers fans are all the NASCAR fans leaving an event all the same time that's we're trying to avoid. So if you can leave Tuesday and maybe hang out a little bit and you're at your clips viewing spot for a couple of hours that would be great so we can kinda stagger. How many people are going to be on the road at the same time because we're anticipating a lot of congestion. Okay should do. Should ahead of time should we scout out some alternate routes and I'm gonna Greenville you know there's there's one I will take me there. And but there's also an infinite number of routes that I could take action on. Plan on the least known what some of those alternate routes are. That is not a bad idea at all because picture out of state traffic they're gonna stick with the interstates. And I've already had conversations with a few people that are talking about using smaller primary wrote like four lane divided roads so that those could get some spillover definitely but then. You know when you're talking about the secondary roads that don't see a lot of traffic and you have a lot of people from out of town not familiar with the area. That's why we're asking people to really be patient and be aware people can get distracted really easily during this event. You think anybody lake Norman and even attempt to leave their house to hurt him I don't I don't know they can't they want to but not. I know I know that you guys recording very heavily would be at a Highway Patrol right up okay. The important question when I come back. From Greenville. I just have this picture memorandum is going to be comfortable for traffic may be even stop and go from time to time. Our PV four rightly well pleased I will put up but do you think the highway patrols and really gonna crack down on people if you just after stopping movie we've learned some. Oh if you pulled on the shoulder we're not recommending you do that but now if that's an emergency I I can't have a say man. It epithet that's a. That's not an official statement is what it sounds you're not all right Dan tell us sort Hinske DOT I appreciate your insight into thanks for what you do it to prepare us ahead of time so that all else doesn't break loose. Birdie putts are breaking bad news is coming up here and he's 11109 that freedom to beat team B. I saw let's coverage or money we. Talk to Jim Thompson and introduce chief. Another opportunity to remind you that we're gonna have traffic reports we to have them all day long Amanda we're going to be an out all day long. Could tell he was having with a Rhodes. Is. Faced about what you just said. It's not going to be actually made. It is up to the program and the grateful that you know doing the nine dementia. And she suggested that I leave now. If your current pro gay could cook but her mother wait. To tell my boss that that I had to you have to go out. So hey you know sons and wins she's gone Muni just play the song over and over again until yeah. I did rather that wins she's a lean. Moon mission to become eclipse comes on May know sons. And inches guy owns sing it may get hurt his own way is blown to loan ends. She goes to lean. And Vernon the girl in Charlottesville I get a comment about. That won't ask you. Have come out mother didn't pictured out of my other than the go obedience block area. What was I was followed what was what was wrong Libyan and ends of the liked it. Went down there and I'm a better day on the straighten what's wrong with demonstrate burn. But when but it was are you Lloyd Bridges would cure I would go down there with a trailer quicker per Troy and with. If I thought it was a gonna get violent yeah but once I got there. I would realize you know what this is an ugly situation I probably should have gotten on others you know you to have gone out of their doors to provoke to prove our oil and good night. I think it went both ways but yeah I would I would say that this certainly quite a bit to blame. On the if this lay out okay burn the actor out there I'm here. There'll mode demonstrating good but you know employ people whose feeding them. Biotech and terrible. I'm gonna guess as adults that probably take care of themselves. Our when this limited this backup Mobil or a couple of girls who are there today. No I have no idea Vernon that worked and ten didn't work and that's certainly microwave believe it works. But simply you'll always people out here and I Obama blinding present day a guy that's their bowel. She didn't blame the president. We are so I don't have to do it didn't know why should she. Well obviously our kittens she if you can't blame the president for your daughter there America then America at that place I say that I got that I want to go to ball games goto was so weird stuff. Oh well I mean that's your choice I would like protest route joy. It's the right choice and that's good ol' ball game because they serve beer. Yes sir you tomorrow what are we better do you do you shop at a grocery store but are you show up at a grocery store. I don't know what you will go to direct connect. Need new mileage and that I don't know quite how they compete live accurately put what they're doing now live. It is their college students for the most part so that's why they're not work it's never enough I do have a problem PC will go to a ball game because they Serbia there than you you can't go to a grocery store. But I won't Arlo I don't know an open market if you go to restaurants learn. No I don't go to restaurant and you and you don't do much indeed I don't know about you just make children how many kids he said you had. But it did a little bit of I understand burn a timeout or let them. Was zero dollar and proudly stand that. Now they're demonstrate notably they chartered ship. I don't have to wrap my mind though it real simple Leo blowout it dude there. I know they know why why go to church on Wednesday like that that's primary and now it's like night. Permit me prayer meet that not every single churches a prayer meet on his left arm or you don't even know how do you know that Vernon. How do you know that Vernon are certainly insularity. You solicit any and by listening to me you can tell that I don't go to church. You have pictures we go to our. Because of her higher. Area that you did you come out you have to do or don't care much higher. You know women women all Alberta I don't understand the Ayers thing. Well I don't know if I hear what you live picture to our I didn't leave church over here I don't know what you spell that word had long did it right they don't kid. Hair in my head I'm not trying to get smaller you argue the Smart money list. Don't think that. Bit. You got it but there's Yugoslav datagrams Sunnis not Apollo look. How that boy that drove that car at the end of act priority but is momma. And have a Dario you sir you did okay. I know that you all boys do. We mean how does my boy do I got good kids don't do it here up until board so more of other guys I did my stepson in he had to go to a residential treatment center. I okay I'm and I had to come round idea million. How did he will. The American appetite did they know we Mon my wife to argument. OK you're so certain about had a camera directly lay there in the past they have some brochure. Thought I got a clearance. They want to work. And we immediately they grow up basically yeah I am. Well that's good I'm glad for that and and that's awesome. What does that have to do it my stepson. Upload Georgia capital. Not know my stepson now he's got metal issues are not exactly sure what it is. Normal person. He's on medicine yes OK there are certain mark rare disorder don't listen to him. Was leeway I think what you say and then Lisa hope which is saying is that there's some help form a boy. I have my hope but they hope that we are very concerned they'd come alone why hello there yeah well that's good database smaller guys on this track gate get to complain words you know I and I understand Byrne I'm just trying to get to a poll yeah I'm OK there's no way to go global some poll is. Most notable are just and I'm not going into the eternal. Priority on the holiday to. Put them and where they take it to replace. Them when they come out to the medal place. I come out and they say nobody's got the power Powell would use. I had opposed to him and they read about it slamming up against a trip everybody had put hey tell us only. I couldn't type in the jail. CNN if he confessed to America. MS board paid about how labor these are matters of my command I'm not turn a very Smart god forbid I would see how would you could argue for definition. Earl now well murder and I think you need to keep your big look at the picture of me here because I do have some hair and hair. If I didn't have any here maybe that would bears we too much that was the pictures show but. You're you're wrong about that. The murder and I do appreciate you listen and then you're concerned the American people special the other so bad weather stand Ted is your time. Nazis and dating. They got some great advice and I'll share with you when we come back. Nice floor. You get this over a hundred. Why is Mark Garrison where in a sweater it's beautiful swept the proposal Cosby sweaters. Sure you have the right due to be where it's going to Nazi dating advice. Come anyway the first Ernst Ernst and earnest. Artist Ernest okay earnest effort should you would join in the conversation your 7457. Or 1110 and you have to talk about Vernon. Yeah I think he makes some good points and you know you've been talk and a lot of bout the eclipse users and even talk a lot about the zone. Yes you have a damn thing about what the moon is doing there in the first place. We mean the with the moon is doing well you keep talking about the why is why the moon even there. Maybe the moon is attracted to the sun commuters are the other single and well our I got eight on and you know what they're doing currently equipped. If you go I'm confused when. That that would not talking about like your kids. Well or they're not even got a lot Canaccord they're going to be working there every word like. Like Vernon's kids yeah Clark even god don't question that they got to work out. But that's a good dude do your kids were quick verdict was kids the well I don't know I'm not going to be Smart but. You know I've just. You know you sound like someone who doesn't even believe in the moon landing. Women have remained the conspiracy. That it wasn't real. Sir no I've not but I really related on the moon morrow. Are now you don't sound markets what. What is what is the dubbing the bird it was tell me that I didn't sound like it for a number of different things that might go to church is my hair. Wish I still don't understand that it was like oh Sampson or something and got cut so they're poor you know I lost my Florida. And I and I couldn't couldn't go to church. So earnest what's your real point here about. About the eclipse on a missing the the real gist of this. Well I think that you keep talking about the sun and no one's it's saying why the moon is even there in the first place loud if if you were an out of space. In the sun wasn't funny you would would you give in front of the sort. I guess it would have been an up close site was a mean word for the set every day as we're here. Walk in the air strike me Merv essentially. Sons were in the sunshine and word in front of the sun right. Sort of I would never put myself in front of the soft okay I never even look at this now. Let's that's a good idea I mean you can go blind doing that you try new literally go. I I don't know I'm not trying to be Smart to do that. So to me there was Vernon rear there was Vernon and he was kind of a smaller island blue corner does that tell you what you know between. You move move and and and burnished you know you've you've got a special place in my heart into it doesn't matter effectively extends the best miss. Lou Dobbs tonight John. The bulls this lawyer who. All thanks to be healers. Enjoy the most is going to be around the sun come Monday when he clubs comes on downs so 704571110. Chuck is called now under I would like to a common on earners and ours was coming on Vernon. So chuck you're ready for somebody to comment on you happy Friday. I think you can give five minutes every day today guy I'm completely baffled to to which one burner earnest. Well earnest if I'm baffled by them to do this with you that but I don't know why believing the moon landing now or not or the moon going pro dishonor. That's a big pie plate I'm not sure he had with apple. He I think he's completely baffled to me and I'm. I don't know about Vernon Vernon obviously sounded like job he's got some experience in a couple of miles on the and we do have you know it's not the a sudden some of them will be we're thrilled to tell our advertisers that that we do have some folks who get up and drink a little Kirk wicked cult and at this. Program I'm not gonna cast aspersions or point fingers but did you never know. Which you warn us before you put him back on so may we can all have a during an image problem is that trigger warning here cherish God's verdict. I ask you I take a shot every time I remember. It all figured out and I have a little have a good eclipsed this thank you record much all right so chuck commented on. Ernest who covenant on Vernon Tim are you gonna come and on chalker either one of the other guys. Are gonna tell chopped a chopped burn burn burn burn. Should they call it started about forty minutes I Colin maneuver Hoover Hoover over. He's if you if he takes your your takes you a juror you know you're the challenge you just threw down. They're sick shot they're born that's very appetites antenna you yet. Are are already figured out but it actually berg and Carol army burns calories hitters are full moon and people get a little bit loopy at times right. I think it's Nixon go to will be met. You know what I think there might be something to that attempt. It did did the eclipse crazy. There are okay when you're out. It could carry your pool. Yeah absolutely aren't yet his execute this attack against skinny dip in better when it's dark. And yeah got so salsa is two minutes and 31 seconds Paula would all do was a leave an egg timer by the pool for you about that. Yes good golf out flip that's flip that sucker over and then. Do you get out. Would you estimate would use the camera forming to Cuba when you get back you back like certain player Friday yeah thank you some people have been sending me directions in their. And I don't know that they're tell me to go the right way because one of them says go through Hickory. Yes that's what I said gem hi chuck commented on dot Ernest Ernest coming on Vernon and they attempt nine who's kind of animal altogether what what's your take on things. Well on the new year having hit our incorrectly. And stuff aren't they are here he would propaganda you've got got. Well I for biological kids into a three step kids. You aren't Burton is Garnett got all the air that's good math their job good man. What Walt. Or Britain they're more important. More important arms hit for a couple and as black Cuban Ramallah pretty familiar I want you will ranked. I'll have your here on the car. Is that is that it on hold on Jim. Skewing the curbs that a euphemism. Well up on the ballot probably June net debt to debt ethical caught Altria. Yeah Perry got their. Shoes curve with. And he's not got real quick. That Matt Murton we're gonna have brought me. This whole thing more powerful than the currently it really happened. Can't understand there's a whole lot. Job or do take what is your moment like this problem all the extra careful. Boy if they can get the child you know child Macon done and in in two and a half minutes of prejudice and divorces after that true gem costs take. Here on WBT would you get real quick. Sorry quick quick comment here outlawed it output but the last department are out there aren't there a direct auto club bought hospital. I heard. Long hair yeah hundreds of yet we we set it up through Jared Kushner and the Russians so yeah we do have a direct a direct one and two and Jim appreciate your call. Applaud your guy. Never ends up. A break and back and then I'll get to the Nazi dating tips I promise us on the way next year for WBT. Dog Nazis and dating world. I know and you look up vegan who wonder what Nazis to when they're dating profile right. I mean that I woke up. Startled obviously know the weird dreams. Hot dogs it's changed on us who Lincoln Tunnel that is looking thing was I think I was amazed but that that I should think about Nazis and dating sites. And the reason is I think I read an article about it and you know the Chris -- guy he was the he was again that was featured in the vice. Documentary about Charlottesville that was just such a jerk command. He's one of the most vile people than him ever heard. And then and then he showed his he's human colors. And what he was holed up at a hotel he's crying that the cops are doing them. But anyway he has been kicked off of me up a couple of a dating web sites OK cupid kicked him off. I would say if not at Hui was and what his deal was. Companies is OK cupid has zero tolerance for racism. Make a lot of decisions every day that are tough banning Christopher Cantwell Roy is not one of them. Sorrow pain no longer around to him to be on the island. But he had a blog post. Isn't pretty active duty you know and in addition to you know to the time that he Spence working up all of this hate. Cain Miller did some blog and he did some miles on line podcasts that that's sort of thing. Solicitous similar things dating tips and he has gone on he's as I personally says he's demean women from chat rooms. And no matter how many disasters are run into from the San but I just keep on Tryon. Does admit women with fake photos had false police reports filed against me and sprayed with breast milk you name it. It's a damn miracle my my. Bonnie part hasn't fallen off from an STV. We're coming right there what you're saying dude is that you need to pick on her caliber woman but chances are higher caliber woman Angela I have nothing to do we view. Polish you'd like a high caliber Nazi yeah does that exist I don't know politics to strike a lot this monster. Mile vulnerable amid concern. So what his he's dating tips. Unless you're here for casual sex stopped telling me you're sick of the games. This was up on his. This was that is plenty of fish. Berlin film is really doing so I'm guessing man a fish. So unless you're here for casual sex quotes not telling me that you're sick of the games. This is your boundaries are complete BS. So it wasn't guys to do just remember Riley's down and put these up on year and you're dating profile because this is gonna run you some of the other premiere women on the planet. He says if you're not interested in sex I'm not interested in you know. You resolve that rent it's not holding back. If you think all man's sock this tells me you have a habit of choosing crappy guys. Christian news it was your we're happy that sort. Two gentlemen work for him. He says in a photo review and a friend I assume you're the only one I. Assume out. I feel guilty for laughing at that pass in the left at that. Here and you know you're I think the good. I'm here for you not your ex boy for law. I'm here for you not for your kids. And if all I can see as your face. You're a factor host well. Just like I'm here for meet up front that's right he is a the very sweet loving man. For sure. So my reaction after I read that well is that what he needs to do used to work to learn. He's probably gonna be happier if he follows. The road of though Eudora as Stalin. Tell you why. He he needs to follow and emulate but only a door up the style in just a moment but Johnny got a question about left wing right wing what is that is. Have yet to add ons and the whole paradigm between let's warning light in Seneca nazism. Like cattle and it has had a people get to point world match Islam as a blood forming right wing player I. Problem. Like this I would consider it like not she didn't speak. Lot for me go to look at saint Pierre on the communism. And not tunes seems pretty Lily because communism and state controlled. And that's an under Adolf Hitler Communist we not in the state controlled. And all of communism and nazism good human rights but wouldn't wouldn't not he'd beaten but you would be considered more outlets warning. I mean your opinion really variety come up with what falling right wing radio lucky is more trite warning well. I mean. Nazism is the national socialist. Party Bristol for a slow and socialists would seem to me let for a structure opinion on that. You know I've done a lot of Reading on that and and I still have a hard time. And figuring out which way to go on that went. Where rush talking about it that. You know that that did not Caesar or are actually left wingers that are right wingers come. I I'll be real honest I don't know and even more research on that I know that. That fascism. And the one of the things about fascism is that it it truly benefits. The already established you delete and that it. It's it's such a close time between the government and the big giant to. Businesses to manufacturers. And other treated very very well. When in communism all businesses take it away and essentially run by the state losing used to be so let's. That's all I got on that when right now in the and I don't. To me. I'm kind of tired of the other left wing right wing question when it comes to that because we're deal would would jerks on both sides were dealing would still holes you know. Parliament also not so John maybe do some research need help me figure this out because via the right says that Nazis are left. Nonetheless says that Nazis or right so it's typical situation we're depending on where your position as yours and the other one is it exactly the opposite. So I break him back and I'm gonna tie in why. This nasty old Nazi Crist can tell needs to. Emulate on your door OS style. I don't know that you're gonna want to but he should you'll find out why they sent 46 is your time. So was debut the obviously there's dating ideas. OP white supremacist Christian and tell. There's made the suggestion that you know this plus trying to have a whole lot of luck involved in his world of the of them around sitting. Sort of word harassment don't think so it isn't a set it. So. I'm minister with a well English speaker in his willingness but let let let the you could ever thirteen ready by the leftist judges noticed an ambush. So well so I suggested that maybe what he might want to do is to and emulate. Earlier Dora the style. Earlier borrows Stalin. It's a tough name to say. They should come up with a different name for which we call him. Chuck this is gone chuck the confusion and went to a museum Texas resident. And he he was charged with indecent exposure. Then the Travis county sheriff's office got a phone call so one of the neighbors there was a little disturbed by what she was singing. That. Most of back Elliot oral star literally of the world was doing. She said. And I guess this is all allegedly I don't know that there's been a conviction an indictment in on the tennis stuff just yet if she said that he took off his clothes. And began to perform. Imaginary sexual acts. With great chain link fence pool. With the chain link fence. And I am not about you but I don't know that as far as what you find in your backyard. That the chain link fences there the sexiest thing. I've never thought of a doubt I'd never remain in never you know I've dived bill I was a kid you know I'm a guidebook that fantasies about a lot of and in no ideas it's extremely fast have a pop to the but no fences. And and LO yard gnome would be well. Higher on my analyst at. Places to give it was there alcohol involved not to let you do it you do you do wonders for your opinion you would wonder if if indeed that was a possibility in that is indeed the case. A he was drunk. You know who knew anyone casts aspersions I was curious and that Martin's. I mean don't let's not judge Mahan and and let's not just us we had a as we be judged right but. So he's now Ellie Eudora. I'm not a game finished. You know Vernon went like that kind of behavior with. He would like it even if he had long enough hair to cover at all. So. As so we'll leave it at bad but I do have a follow up on that. When. Jim could talk to Brad milky we've ABC and the reason talking to Brad is that one of the stories have broke yesterday. Was that the president and in a tweet. In response of the terror attack in Spain boom he was referring to. An anecdote about combating Muslim enemies in the Philippines general pershing is part of it Brad Brad finished the story here if you don't mind. That's right president comes just after condemning those attacks in Spain and saying that you know the US stands with Spain also had that that Americans should study what general pershing of the US did people terrorists. When he caught them. This is a legend that that Donald Trump actually told assembled his rally late he'd tell that. General pershing in 1910 lined up for the speed. Muslim terrorists that US forces will be fighting at the time in the Philippines. Wonder if he'll that shot 49 of them with a bullet soaked in pigs blood sort of add insult to injury to the Muslim fighters trained and told the fiftieth I want you know we get out of here and tell tell your friends what you're seeing here. But the president said this study that says sort of a sign of what to do with radical. Terrorist however historians have studied this and indicated that this event never happened described it pitted then nobody told it did this several but the rally crowd. And now they're saying it again. So what visited attributed to that because you know I had to folks calming yesterday and they were they were there passed along this Lincoln quote. That was a you know pretty racist Lincoln quote. And you know they swore up and down and it was real and it turns out that it was actually a quote by quote link Ken. In a fictional book that was written in you know the early nineteen hundreds so would it isn't existed as a Lincoln quote if Lincoln were character in a box award this one come from. He will we have I heard you know early in person and many writing to persons did talk about. I need thereafter and with the with the Muslim but he was fighting against in some cases he talked admiringly of them and said that I don't wanna kill any of these people like you demented. It's my children as much as does my own hate other cases he said you know I think the all the things happen which had to be done he did not mention this exact episode is unclear where this. Sort of folklore. Came from wounded the larger point to Nino could we can talk about the history of it away. The larger point is just that you that you have a president of the said that he wants to wait for the facts whenever he hears about a terrorist attack that is why. Could he waited. Could you describe exactly what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. However you've got this thing that historians have long said it's simply not true and the president keeps repeating which is why his critics say. When the president hears something that jives with his sort of version of reality that he's going to repeat it even if that's not true. So interesting so then I'm guessing it's not true. That he's asked general Mattis to go try to find the Medusa head so that we can turn our enemies to stone. Yeah Dell admitted that that one is coming got double that was coming the idols. That's gone and again I I get confused sometimes and I can't tell the difference between you know objective through convictions are just. Just making sure ABC's Brett milky thanks so much for being with a few today. With the. Listen listen listen. And you can you please take Delano. Thank. Then flashback. Holy and you know and I've shared. Through numerous times and as program. That that I have dealt with the you know some mental health issues of the pad. Who happened John it sounded like that big purple bands it was it was bargaining agreement yet. Play play play the beginning and beginning to see if I can deal. Barney triggered sticker warning trigger once. He had hit it. I'll I can't do it if that is what a show of a pencil in my guy. My kids had that Monica said true. I hope I get I don't feel so you can I don't either. My first wife and accuse her little we drove to Florida alone and that Tim cassette got stuck. And played over and blue grit or. Not just just easier to play different zug don't have my regular and ever heard of get it out of my regular and they break it up. Out of every. And it isn't powerful not to do it before. It's not. Click on number seven please hurry hurry before I let my life. I just picked up a pencil. Big of a pencil and delivered tens of lumber and you ominous news. I Anglo. That thing. Hello it's like the afterglow. So my cheeks didn't Rosie yeah it's really nice thank you. I've always been about that. So so back to Narnia Dora who so he is the do that they had sex with the abduction like prince. I think that's in the world of inventions. I always wonder how somebody can come up with some of these ideas. Skype that has no legal somehow or illegal I guess these exposure part the exposure part so it should it just makes me they where's my car with the idea for that. I'll go there he has to be. So reminds me of I'm Jimmy. Your recent and the buyer is. Hmmm I got. You see the church over there to that church or saint Patrick's church. I built it to put the foundation I put the cornerstone and they are each in their Beirut every brick and David Mehl and hands gently would love. Do an excellent ordered them to meet the church so they called a Jimmy the church builder. No they don't. Do you see. If you walk over to Tierney street you see the cobblestone road. It's perfectly the most cobblestone roads if you can drive your car ride a bicycle over a desk and give your hemorrhoids and repeal way to open. But not that couples stone wrote it to smooth as the babies brought annihilate each and every one of those cobblestones. Or did that sand in between each one. Lovingly squeezed in together tapped him. To make sure that each one was lined up north and south. In the ones weren't lined up north to south we're going to be east to west perfectly. But do they call me Jimmy the cobblestone road builder. To know they don't. You see the bridge there the bridge that spans the river and irony. It's a beautiful bridge. I laid the cornerstone for that each and every one and I fell off the bridge into the water drowned a most race. Smashed his fingers and some of the larger storms. In the British perfect yeah. Featured in architectural magazines through the years. An economy. Shimmy that bridge builder no they don't. But she escrow just one chain link fence and for there on out you're known as Jimmy that chain link bunker call either good morning or WB two. They've got orange and yellow get a big guy I was trying to galvanize. The relationship what mother nature. Galvanize. I think Gavin there's that there's a complete chapter. About galvanizing in the Kama sutra I do believe I'm gonna look forward during the news here. Go to Monday. The report about. Joy and I'm looking forward to us via the driving we have talked earlier we'll. Jan Thompson we have to BOT and she says oh it's going to be. It. Believe in the book racquet on so we will be too difficult for me to get to Greenville. Community science center and then. Experience eclipse there in an ultimate go a bit and she said five hours. It. Can't Charles you're the left little jerk. Your comment I take anywhere at me like that's what's next that's going to be your punishment. You know I have to pee on the way back. Your hole in the bucket and I but it's the only good up until I got a lousy game. And the book who. That you know I always wonder what via the ins and outs of you. We're laughing guys this series. We're. The world politicians and oil and what they're like in real life you know because when you meet him. Can you meet him in person at some sort of event in other shaking hands and you have a slap in the back and there'll smiley and everything it. Closer to promises of what they're gonna do anything. But if you work for one. Some of them altogether trillions. A representative out of India. There's there's tied rookie him into the greatest story about what it's like to be his chauffeur. Joins us a better show for mechanical. Person gets in the car you drive the car parked the car UA from the come back out he got the car he got a laugh and then you go harmony you. No from the big check that you get right. Sure but not so much for this guy he's a very demanding. High maintenance wash. Maybe not the most I mean what Ted Kennedy his staff used have to walk his dog poop you know poop pickup at all. Former Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson made your mail is carried her purse was not a big deal. That's our top rookie Jeff has got an eight page memo. Eight pages of instructions on how to properly escort him around his district. Mind blowing detail. Including none. Handing mr. repeat a cup of black coffee upon picking them up as his at his home. Acting as a physical barrier between him and trackers looking to capture embarrassing footage of the congressman. And avoiding sudden acceleration or braking while driving. She's somebody treaty mean you know. My good jerk. And I look back in the rearview mirror and I saw them putting a coffee cup up to their looks that's when you got it just a consultant he tapped. So loved the instruction manual says the goal is to provide a smoother ride as possible. You were supposed to transport his toothbrush and toothpaste. And then turn around 820 items supplied box that it is called the football. Charles I think he got inspired by Steve Harvey's memo posted our members on an absolute best. Remember I don't remember the yeah it was a it was to anyone that he had that look worked with him on how they were to properly. Now look at him and not knocking his door. Not bother him and anyway not asking many questions this was a few months and remember John or you know I had ever and ever I never dug into maybe that was inspired this who was fired this could be I don't know if there's if Steve Arby's as long as that is. Now a devil wears Prada globally kind of I mean it is just ridiculous. You you have to provide a hangar for his jacket. You never allow him to be photographed with a drinking missing and and never forget. To remind him to bring the essentials which is when he gets in the car always asking to make sure he's got his phone in his wallet his keys. Clinton was a four year old. Goodness you bring your lunch box. Did you learn to thank you to milk money. Did you do you put on clean and Buick what do you put did you pick. I that you should see the list mean it just goes on and on and on the minister's absolutely pathetic. Beginning the day picking them up at home when using the vehicle when using your own vehicle checklist of materials for the days and it's well into the trash. He should be informed of any turns and sudden stops. But less talking to better. Don't interrupt his prep time with a unnecessary conversation. Conan visits like all. Political folks if you their work for a politician who I would love to get your take. On the ins and outs in the realities of this because. I don't think I'd last day. If I really really you know and really needed a job. I guess I would do it. But. When I left. I think a punch in the nose is that I can't give an ice bag of course to a youth took to admit relieve the swelling but. I'm a lot of people who think that's special. They're they're usually making up for some sort of insecurity. No I mean like some sort of something that's lacking. He probably drive a Corvette because you know things can't. People to fund called veteran. Saudi Arabia until they teaching your kids in school about our history and about the civil war about what happened. The war between the states aware of northern aggression. So many did some digging about it we're gonna dig into it over to parlay it to you shovel and all we're doing we're coming up next take about Judd Phillips who came up Scott FitzGerald. And I'm glad that you would dispute that. I am not going to be fortunate enough. Or maybe enough of a sucker to to drive and a renewal between. Monday's to a few part of your clips curvature of the content. I'm just glad they send me there may there was some discussion they were gonna semi Detroit. Which when you can't see the clips that are so I think we may have had an ulterior motive. Maybe some of these two tires. I don't know. So well one of the things that they had been in the news. Surrounding Charlottesville sort of what got to kicked off before that I guess who would be New Orleans where the there are some monuments take an honest and has been kind of this movement here's to a particular way confederate monuments. And obviously there are two sides of the story and blow to a size two. You know the decision making process some people so no we need to keep them because history other people say we need to take them down because of what they represent. But here in North Carolina in a there's. Very little education when it comes to talking about. Statues and memorials when it comes to study history. And doctor Terry Stoops who's your VP of research and director of education studies at John Locke foundation joins us here. And and he did some digging into this Terri to see just what or what not or what changed as well English enough. You see is taught to our kids and it's just fourth grade that kind of blows me away. Yet it's surprising because the typical fourth graders are really going to understand that these physical objects. Are more than just physical objects they have the meaning it may be embodied values and attitudes toward certain things than. Yeah I've a fifth grader and I asked them you know what do you think about this statue coming down. He could understand why these cookies socialists want to take this statute them because. He just saw that the statute and as I say in a piece that John locked out or you know for kids that statute that statue. But for adult the statute that statement. And so just. Limiting get the requirements to learn about statute the modeling monument the fourth grade. I think really does a disservice to our kids because it's not as if these issues are news that's been going off for some. Well. And entered this is not just a situation where what were looking at is when kids are taught. About statues and memorials and monuments this is overall North Carolina history is that right. That's right the fourth grade it is what zeroed in on North Carolina history now there are opportunities for students to learn about monuments and statues. Once they get it's a high school and take the two year American history course. And I think that kind of requirement would probably be better in high school that it is in fourth grade. The learn about statues and monuments. Just in general whether the those in North Carolina those. And those I've watched NBC or elsewhere. But the requirement is very general and I think that the earth people who designed. The standards that teachers used. I did so to allow teachers to talk about statues that are in their local neighborhood and local community so. There isn't any sort of requirements that they focus on certain statues and monuments in fourth grade. It's it's a very general requirement and it's only in fourth grade for the broad numbers did. Yeah now remember and I was grown up in there and infantry unit came back to me as we're talking here. I was taught Ohio history in fourth grade and in the majority when I remember early on you know constantly on and some other dudes and I can't remember their names. And then the Indians the native Americans that were in the area the Miami Indians in the you know about it it did I think it basically ended at the with the underground railroad it was a bit about all that I really really remember that. But I do remember that's when we were taught that history portion. And I remember anything about monuments or statute major memorials or anything along those lines. So. Sounds like what you're saying is it's not very sent covered very much in his education. How important is that I mean are we missing out on an opportunity here or is it further kids not that big of a deal I understand is in the news right now. But prior to. This said the current landscape here in this in this current temperature. Is that we would have been that big of a deal to have to teach kids about this. I think it is a big deal because it illustrates some very key point that it needs to learn about first of all the disagreements between thing. Between people. Over the meaning of things is an interesting thing for kids to learn about. But this is also good opportunity for them to learn about the deliberative process. That. While folks socialists can go to Durham and how toppled statue. And get arrested for a that's not the proper way that are republic work. The way they don't work so that people debate and argue about these things and they have elected officials. They carry out the wishes of the people and those elected officials determined largely what happens with things like memorial so if you wanna look at people. Working through the deliberative process than those trying to subvert it. Other than the fantastic opportunity to do so now I imagine that there are some teachers that are probably using the statues and monuments as an example of that. I'm but it would be goods and know exactly. What they're saying about it because we really don't have a strong sense. But what he'd just they're saying about the monuments and statues we just know that there's one requirement. For them to talk about it and that's important. Great yeah. And again prior to. This this current landscape. I don't things and implement an important thing to talk about. It could've been an important thing to talk about it and explain to me like is I don't I don't get this if if I'm in fourth grade. And my teachers you know is going through the history of assuming at the you know the native Americans coming up on the you know the loss wherever and now here's where the gold mines were here's how we made money here in the famous people. And then we vote a couple of statues there's one because the Wright Brothers were here there's another one thing you know the confederate Sandra Stabile keep doing a capitol building in Raleigh. Well let's move on statues and not maybe art class doesn't seem to me like it's much of it that history issued its more the political that political issue. Now this would fourth grade B the right time to talk to kids about politics. Well put re probably not and I think that is those teachers that are using spot statues and monuments are probably doing so in the later grades where students can kind of understand that. But as a nation we've always had a day imbued physical objects with meaning and value. And there are all have always been disputes over statues and 1841 for example there's the statue made. Toward Washington. In eight soak holding a sword. And there are they huge public outcry over the statue because. The question is do you really wanted the pick they founding father wearing a toga and having the sword in this statuettes sit in the a the history museum and watched in DC. And that real bad debate over that statue of George Washington really revealed the values. That we had as a nation. In the 1840s. Now what we are the people what our identity is. The people really good example may have happened throughout history where we've had these debates over the meaning of physical objects including statues and monuments. And they really reveal the mindset of the people all the time. I agree and the problem has at least one of the problems that I see with a mysterious that. We can't necessarily get into the minds of the people of the time to understand truly. What that symbolism might mean. There that the founding fathers if I remember correctly you men at the time architecture and an art. There's a lot of neo classical stuff going on which would explain in some you know and some degree why they had him on a toga with a sword like that it's it was just the hearken back. To the Romans in the Greeks you know. That's exactly right but there were people that were offended that he was partially enclosed for example. Assured us these are the times yet but a I get that. Yes in day it was and oh yeah Brian I under stand that I guess where I differ we view is that. That before it wasn't that big of a deal because symbolism. I think is way beyond a fourth graders ability to handle. Some mirror and maybe they can get a but now all of a sudden it's it seems like it's more of their folks in Minnesota like you're you're one of them that think it's important to add more in two with the teachers are teaching. So that do we can address the symbolism deal and then also raises the question we have no idea what to teaching her how they do it which I would argue is pretty much the case with everything. That teachers do they're kind of an in a black box and you know community has your kids they don't know what the hell they're talking about yeah how about it's gonna pass tests it was a case. Eight new baby being sued me maybe. A lot John Locke foundation doctor Terry Stoops who's the apt vice president research director of education studies and always a pleasure to have folks from jail reform here on out. WB takes a break him back Pam and ralphie wanna get to you guys genius to. Phone lines are filled up 74570. Elevenths had we'll talk to you wanna come back here on excellence in 993 WBT. Hi two statues. You don't know much about them. Third graduate and they have to get him through North Carolina. Based on what to serious and secretary Stoops and Intel foundation. Essentially what the books say is we need to talk about the memorial confederate Mormeck memorial in front of the of the old courthouse in Raleigh in the middle review right brother's memorial. There in the outer banks as not it can be called seven a 4571110. Good morning. You know you aren't do you have a happy it's Friday. I implore our rob I'd say they're not I don't always meet to which we have all Friday's all the time. And that honor and thank the weekend was coming and I think at the top. You know like you're right I decided to back that statement it was all fine old time you know we never get to Saturday. Well. I'm a war we can't because on the mound they can't not go out and the middleweight. The conversation before. I and that nature our little girl Nortel are all I. I grew that we are hammering me. Leery I'm not hearing me say I'll pop back out in the brain and other things like Graham other than your own that they be what they were out there you know. History of heart it that they are not your right. Our current and Bailey hey you an. We grew at an apparently a lot that the and I understand and I'm not that he she it was achieved then how little I hey I. I think agreement yet and I'm not earlier. Really. Hairy men banging her without a legal right eighth that it is in hi Maria I'm Corey. Can't believe it. A little bit. Here are important for. They're our peer to really mean is like you know where all the yeah it would hurt Gary RID. If you know what's been going on in the pantry. Partly trot it out at it. It was bigger anyway. And you know it didn't he he brought a lot of it you know there are out there because it is. Indeed. I want to let that what I had to say it isn't that what you're saying that it is I you didn't call me you're tired now. And I integrate sports writer cannot understand the meaning a catchy. Well yeah. Yeah I I think thank you understand history and my daughter at his. Yeah it rate at a college absolutely. Love it street until you need to understand particular company really our country is only what 200. Forty year older you see your goal. I want trial will traumatic you know trying to win. And there are a lot of people were pushing back against there. They did throughout the trial and error warning would be I can apply and and I I mean how high. Is it wrong or saying that they say they aren't for the very eager and I'll get it people don't realize that activists have. That NRA Murray. I don't understand what they're locking your thinking or hearing or. Lol no I I agree with the I'm still trying to figure out get a handle on what that phrase the alt left means it's it's a name that has been how to attached. True you know the the real nasty dude it's not the ones that show up and in the way that I should a look at those as Mosul but the professional protesters are sort of how idea. I view those people appreciate your call Ralph behind they're good morning your WBT would you like to be a statute. Thought. Not now mean no I mean I think I'm a legend in my home but this line up. Well what president with a lady on the BP yesterday that an African American lady and she should expect you to Bob Herbert put that she says the hatred. It is it to the people power and so I suggest the boat people. Fall in. Quit you and all that negative energy and go out in your community. And didn't talk that things. That rule change and I'll live it yourself and your fellow Americans. We keep the here's a suggestion that I that I was thinking of yesterday rough intimate what you think about this amendment can have this to the conversation if people are so upset. With a look let's just say it's a statue robbery late. And but then they're people who want to make sure that it stays there what if we created the situation somehow created yeah a mechanism where. We could add something to the memorial but here's from the confederate. You know haired its point of view this is why we want this to remain here but then right next to it. Allow the dissenters. To put up something. Not to deface it but to put up something right next to at this as we understand why they want this year here's why we don't like it so that both sides of their you know both viewpoints can be right next to each other. Our great not a bad idea. Not a bad I would irons caller congressman's caller representatives who we get your mate Delaware Jeanne you deserve my idea right. Jane. Junior was and irradiated. Turn your radio off welcome back to just the second Tracy hi they're good morning. They've got to say don't know good and happy Friday. I'm happy Friday to you talked yesterday a little bit about Woodrow Wilson. Hillary's surge would grow real and promised to fairness and justice for black for the election. After his election fifteen out of seventeen black and providers immediately. Hired. Reese segregated not only the army. Fired. All black people from the treasury. And the IRS priest segregated postmaster. And then it is. Until. I exit the head of the progressive movement. And that I have no idea how many. Schools schools. Group Wilson school there are across America. If you wanna look at some night it was a true racists and this says about statute that again look for. Rather both sides there of their both sides there were not many people in the air early portion of the sentries who had the courage. Two completely follow through on what they considered to be their quote progressive like yeah. They would do it served. Manipulative purposes. Where they stand by not so much Durham all hell breaking lose there. We say planet. City buildings shutting down my wife worked for the lions it has two branches in downtown they're shut down soup. We'll get an update on that and what could be happening there when we come back here on WBT. Thank you Freddie 1147 is your time item and Amanda Scott FitzGerald. And we've had issues across the country rooted memorials and the amount marches and Connor marches. And right now looks like some things are happening in Durham that looks like Doocy a rumor. That white supremacists and Nazis to march at the let them know that the capital are regular but in the courthouse square. A commitment and called Toms who downtown German corporate is witnessed here today is Somalia city buildings have shut down. My life worse for the lime GA and other to downtown. Locations have decided to shut down wonder what's going on what's the rumble in there. Our understanding is that this sheriff's offices. Looking up a potential of demonstration tapping in downtown. So we're monitoring out. Well as she just my wife to send me a text tennis has all of the businesses are closing in sending employees home so this is not like. I'll I'll light rumor here mrs. there's something to be taken seriously. Why it'd is that it's being discussed I do know that some businesses are choosing to shut down. I'm the sheriff's office has shut down east main street of colonial courthouse. What's what Syria what's environment the like fears since the other statues went down. A couple of days ago and and all the the protesters and the turn themselves in for a rest I've kind of had this feeling in the back of my mind and unfortunately that Durham was going to be. The next sort of tinderbox here is it and feel like it's been building up. I actually it's pretty quiet out there at my butt really. And so that there's not many discussions in town of people saying gee you know we're gonna have some more problems here I'm part of creepy about. Has there been any discussions or have you heard rumblings from people that to perhaps we could be seen having some problems here. Why I think it was always on our our radar yet what happened on Monday and what can happen in the nation column so that we would have been IE tends to think bad. There would not have been a possibility stat. The Raleigh you know I think we we have not seen I mean yeah there's no one gathered in front of the courthouse is that we're aware off so we're operating that is they Raymer. Yeah I mean I love Durham all of downtown Durham and in his say it. An area that has changed so so much. Even since I moved to North Carolina in 2008 we the American tobacco exchange and everything has gone there with the underground into. The development and and indeed happened. Bill performing arts senator Tom. So it's been a city that's certainly been on the ascension here and it is say it is a home of marina Maloney Ailes and it is a very multi cultural city. So I was gonna have this fear that unfortunately some of the bad folks we're gonna look at it well that's kind of what we don't like about America. And and keep you in the targets. You know as an organization in downtown Durham. A year your reason for being used to move. An attempt to help people find their cool we've downtown so woods has got to be. Well how do you react to something like this. Well certainly we don't like deceit and our downtown yet you know they again in this environment we have to be prepared for this to happen this week next week in the future. I'm it's just the way things are going but we are any organization that at work and strive to make sure that we build a positive environment downtown and people want to visit 111 wanna work get. How we work very closely with our. Retail businesses and re told Ellis spent some harm to make sure that they are prepare provided. Information 28 to do the work that they need to do now operate their businesses and a manner that is some beneficial unprofitable I have to working with these Bob. Potential development that is coming into downtown. Gadget and there's planning on it you get to graze on there yet. Come to your knowledge and maybe you mentioned this and and I missed it to do you know if permits were issued by the city. Or by the county for folks to have a demonstration today I can't answer that I'd I don't know tech. Hmmm well I appreciate you joining us on the spur of the moment Nicole Thompson would downtown German corporate if you didn't look good for a cool place to go and some incredible food. I downtown Durham wrecked your birth in the top your list Nicole appreciate it was probably just for some coffee to be some time okay well there and I thank you so much. So yes things could get ugly will will stay on top of this you're Jane we we had just hold your listening to your radio we missed you last time around good morning. Good morning. Good morning when he got course. Well I wanted to get everybody and we need to put this statute have a vote do they expect things when he gets into her wrecked it. Only certain people had a right to vote. Not everybody it was represented to make that decision. No additional to be taken that in their conversation when they bring this up. They are all without everybody. Had a right to bow Ella make it possible for every right to vote if they want it. Well yeah I don't mind they are picked but that the statute. If they have put these buildup then eighteen that any. The very well in 19100. But these things went out in the sixty. We're just slap in the face with the civil right what. I think there's there's there's a variety of dates Jane that things went up I don't think you can you there's no you can't. Use a blanket statement and say all these one of in the sixties someone up in the early nineteen hundreds someone up in the middle of nineteen hundreds and some did go up in the sixties and I do understand that and I don't believe. I don't know this for certain but I don't believe that these statues were were decided upon. By a vote does that make sense. Tony anybody voted to say we need to put this memorial I don't think that it was or put to a vote. Now Brett being Brett executive. And you figure out who are you can't commissioners. They've made a decision to put that up though they represented the people and ever if everybody it did not have a right to vote so they're able to borrow. Yet it didn't matter what they thought I didn't think that they don't like to represent this. It's true. So what is the point and how does that bear today so you are you saying that we need to put these to a vote. I don't know that the ball is what you need because. It's what they've represented. You'd never about it what they Robert really isn't it he made that they import slavery. But he four at this stage right in the stage right to work there were court to hold on to their slate. I don't know if the Capital One how long it would have been before. Rays are strictly what it they would ever set free. Masculine as Jane and Jane and our stage right. What they're fighting for. Nobody gonna tell her that we can't isolate those anecdotes at a beauty saints. Yeah the part that stage right. I'm Jane I understand that Jane I I I understand that part here's a question through this time be out. What is your take on so let's say there is a Robert. OK and there are folks who wanna keep it up. What if the folks who don't like it and don't want to be there. Had the opportunity. Tube somewhere near that not to deface it not to take away from that particular Marmol who memorial but add something to it let's say it's a north four foot by four foot. Stone edifice. That that has a plaque on it that explains why. That dissenters don't like this here why they have a problem with a so that that both sides both bots could be side by side. Would that make you jeweler. Now it but when that rebel flag was spotted on the state traveled a digit Jane did you even hear what I asked gee did you hear when I asked mobile. Or would you say about are the part when he suggested that. And in need capital that dotted all along. But no. You'd still have it huge statues. What we're always out there any small plan BQ put up. OK okay but but but I understand but you have a problem with it being up there there are a lot of people who don't have a problem when it. Being up there so just because you don't have it you don't want it to be there. Does does that mean you trump. And you beat and you get in your your opinion is more important. I don't think so I don't think so I think I get a pretty good idea Cody good morning what do you think. What are uninterested in the last caller disapproval of the idea of taking it to a vote. And went and played that interest you about that is there a lot of polls that have not been undertaken in the last week and published yesterday that show 60% or more of Americans. Whether they agree or disagree with Donald Trump's comments. Disagree with taking these monuments. I have seen action a lot of the polls have seen a lot of those questions and a and I've seen him go both ways but then again I don't really I'm not a big fan of polls right now I don't trust. Other done I can go run a poll and I can get I know what. I can do a poll right now that says that Cody they need to paint your toenails blue incentive to Canada you know if I found the right audience to do that. Then again you might create that Cody. I I don't know and and I didn't judge not lest ye be judged Reitman has cooled I got my toenails done but all the good human fingernails and luckily I gotta run to time is up shall I do I do appreciate your time. Conversation never has does it may yet I wish I could get to all of you and I apologize but do we are at a time. But you can shoot me emails and I'll get back to wanna. Scott at WBT. The cubs got it can be T dot com. So it is drug Dermot you describe and comprehensible the murders so capital to meet North Carolina dangerous rhetoric you're doing on the ignorance. Hold on let me get my belt buckle down here and got no idea you've never been a -- or replace have a great week we'll see if any clips and money to that it was your blue skies and angry like stink here.